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case study on K&N

case study on K&N

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Its very detailed case study done on K&n its large pakistani ferozon chicken andOprocessed food brands. So this case study has everything in it pls
Its very detailed case study done on K&n its large pakistani ferozon chicken andOprocessed food brands. So this case study has everything in it pls

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Published by: Fahad Mushtaq on Jan 29, 2013
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The year 1964; Pakistan a young independent nation forging ahead towards a dream; self sufficiency in food production. Malnutrition remained a major problem and one out of four children died before attaining the age of five. 80% of the ailing children were affected with diseases caused by protein, vitamins and minerals deficiency. Poultry production, the quickest and least expensive way of filling the protein gap was planned to overcome malnutrition. Backyard poultry farming has to graduate to a more professional level. January 1964, a young man, Khalil Sattar, still a collage student, had a vision to foresee a need to establish a poultry farm. his interest led him to start a broiler farm of 1, 000 chicks.littlte had he known this flock was to become the foundation stone of K& N'S . This was the simple, inspired and nationalistic beginning of K&N's with a single minded objective of providing a better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation.

K&N’s is the founding pillar and beacon for Pakistan poultry industry- started in 1964 with a single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of the nation. Building on years of poultry expertise, and a commitment to food-safety, K&N’s integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella to ensure quality and food-safety by managing and controlling all stages of production.


Our mission based on four basic values of Absolute Integrity, Enthusiastic Diligence, Continuous Improvement and High Quality are at the core of all operations which provide an impelling urge for attaining perfection.

K&N’s has a strict plan to follow in terms of target orientation. Each of product is based on the rule that it should be healthy to eat and according to the taste of consumers. In this regard no compromise is solicited on hygiene and quality. Making K&N’s the leading producer and a company with huge demand for its products is the aim of K&N’s.

From very past the tradition of having heavy breakfasts along with spices and flavors including chicken have been the delight of Pakistani Cuisine. Majority of the local consumers prefers chicken to meat and desi food over fast food in Pakistan . Paratthas are a most famous item in the desi cuisine of the country with a trend based on centuries. Our product would be a perfect one enjoying highly profitable sales and customer relationships as it would be providing the very desi look and an absolute desi taste desired by the local consumers. In this regard, we can say that Jhatpat would not face any difficulty in order to convince the local consumers hence the probability for increasing sales margin is expected.

In order to gather useful information about its position in the market and commercial viability, K&N’s use SWOT analysis to determine various factors which may improvise the overall standard, quality and brand equity while growing in competition to other production units in Pakistan.

In its quality assurance cell, the company maintains a check and balance on methods of sales distribution, new business ideas and strategic options, such as entering a new market or launching a new product in its product line, changing its suppliers and outsourcing its services. A few points necessary to be included in this section are given in coming sections.

 Along with the developed brand identity and trust reposed by customers,

K&N’s has established its name in international market as well.  The company is now a producer of its own unique type which produces

various categories of products segmented for different chunks of population while remaining in lowest costs.  This is driven by a factor of self production plants which are self sufficient to produce ingredients and helping materials by themselves for K&N’s finished products.  Another factor is the strong supply chain through its distribution channels.

These factors are the basic strengths of our product inherited from the company setup.  The unique taste and first time introduction in the markets have a vast scope in the product line of its nature.

THREATS Threats are always there in poultry oriented firms so K&N’s keeps an eye on new competitors in dealing with different products related to chicken and poultry.  By improving their Distribution channels as well as pricing strategies for .  The comparison of the prices of chicken parathas produced at “tandoors” cannot be done if hygiene is kept in view.  At present the only threat is the diseases spread amongst broiler chickens which can be prevented by establishing medic control at breeding premises of company. We can use appropriate and differentiated pricing strategy to avoid this weakness of OPPERTUNITIES  As K&N’s majorly operates in Pakistan. STRATEGIC PLANNING .WEAKNESS  Though no company is a perfect in business activity performances yet pricing strategies have been the pinching element in company’s market positioning.  Though the products are cost effective as we take quality under consideration yet most of the products are targeted for the upper class of society.  In case of the introduction of firms producing frozen chicken paratha might be a threat which could be considered well before the start of production. can give a robust increase in brand equity and can promote their product demand overall in the market. a country where distribution of products is limited to specific areas within an urban sector hence grooming their product of under such circumstances has always been an opportunity for K&N’s.

COMPANY MISSION . which eventually forms the business portfolio. The long-term missions are to be achieved through setting short-term objectives. These for steps are Planning Marketing Strategies Designing the business portfolio Setting company goals & objectives Defining the company mission STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 In these steps we aim to provide with the basics for functioning throughout the companies production process. The products are characterized and allotted weights according to demand and necessity basis.There are four steps which basically form the plan for our company which could derive results in form of long term company survival.

COMPANY GOALS AND OBJECTIVES K&Ns has set a single minded objective for providing better health and nutrition for the nation. In order to achieve this objective K&N’ Built on years of poultry expertise. continuous improvement and high quality maintenance are at the core of all operations which provide an impelling urge for attaining perfection. and a commitment to food-safety. K&N's is committed to have superior product and unmatched service through devoted people and consistent development. We prefer what our customer does as we value the healthy needs and desires of the locals portraying them into what we at our best. PRODUCT ORIENTED MISSION Creating ease for the local consumers keeping in view the dead busy lives and preparing ready to cook food with a home made taste.Driven by its basic values in pursuit of perfection. . our promises are getting through our valuable customers. enthusiastic diligence. appreciated on hygienic basis. Four basic objectives of absolute integrity. Driven by its basic objectives in pursuit of perfection. The increasing demand of our products all over the country explains the worth. K&N’s is committed to have superior products and unmatched service through devoted people and consistent development. K&N’s integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella to ensure quality and food-safety managing and controlling all stages of production. MARKET ORIENTED MISSION Providing the best hygiene and nutrition for the health and happiness of the nation being our very first promised makes us remain stick to our commitment to the customers rather look for what one may call better for one’s self.

}  Boneless meat:  Breast fillet {skinless boneless breast fillets}  Boneless handi {breast fillets cut into small cubes}  Qeema {mixed chicken meat} . Ideal for making qorma and other everyday curries. suitable for roasting}  Whole chicken w/o giblets {skin-less. Suitable for making Chicken karahi and other curries}  Boti cut { combination of skinless drumsticks and breast pcs}  Qorma cut { skin-less whole chicken cut into 15 pcs. without neck and giblets}  Designer cuts:  Karahi cut {skin-less whole chicken cut into 15-17 pcs.BUSINESS PORTFOLIO The K&N’s business includes the chicken products as follows:  Whole chicken:  Whole chicken roaster {skin-on.

 Qeema extra lean {extra lean mixed chicken meat}  Easy cook {ready to cook}:  Nuggets  Chappli kabab  Burger patties  Chicken tempura  Kofta  Combo wings  Croquettes  Haray bharay nuggets .

The paratha is a much known eatable item in Pakistan that would now be available in a very new ready to cook. Introduction: . chicken form. its objective of providing better health and nutrition for the nation. The company is ready to put its cost for the product. Hot tenders  Fun nuggets  Fully cooked:  Seekh kabab  Chunks:  Chicken tikka chunks  Green chilli chunks PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Product development: K&N’s has developed a new pro product that is “jhatpat chicken paratha” keeping in view.

the would be further introduced nationwide and its presence in every outlet would be assured so that there is no complaint regarding the availability of the very new product. Peshawar and Quetta } in all the outlets. introducing new ingredients or items in the same etc. Certain advertisements have been prepared in order to catch the customer’s eye. Growth: While keeping in view the response of the customers. Maturity: With the passage of time when our product reaches its maximum growth point and the sales slowdown so we are going to apply different strategies like reducing prices.K&N’s being launched for the very first time in Pakistan will firstly be introduced in the federal capital { Islamabad } and provincial capitals { Lahore . . The following graph shows various combinations of products in different phases of different products. Karachi .

Time Jhatpat Chicken Paratha Fun Nuggets Burger patties. Karahi cut Whole Chicken Roaster BCG MATRIX High . whole chicken roaster Seekh Kebab.

” We have a plan of using the marketing strategies that have been discussed below: Product concept: This concept says that “consumer will favor products that offer the most quality performance and features and that the organization should therefore devote its energy to making continuous product improvements.” K&N’s from the very beginning has focused on providing better nutrition for the health and happiness of the nation and we will be keeping the words as they were before. and market hold and consumer response to our products. MARKETING STRATEGY K&N’s is using the marketing concept as its current marketing technique stating that “the organization should be aware of the needs and wants of the target markets and should be delivering the desired satisfaction better then the competitors do in order to achieve the organizational goals. Selling concept: . strength. Quality is our very first priority that will make us build strong and profitable customer relationships. We will be managing and controlling all stages of production of the “jhatpat chicken paratha” as done for the rest of K&N’s products in order to ensure 100% safe and healthy production of our product.Low High RELATIVE MARKET SHARE This famous approach introduced by the Boston Consulting Group helps us position the different products of our business into four different strategic business units that let us know the position.

Other than these promotional strategies we will ensure the availability of our product in access at all K&N’s outlets and the departmental stores and bakeries. The marketing process comprises of three stages given as follows:  Market segmentation  Target marketing  Positioning . To make our valuable consumers aware of our newly launched product we have decided to use this concept.” We are launching an unsought consumer product as none of our competitors or the rest has launched a product similar to ours. Television and radio ads are at the first priority. billboards at the best locations or different areas. MARKETING PROCESS It is the process of analyzing marketing opportunities.This concept states that “consumers will not buy enough of the firm’s products unless it undertakes a large scale selling and promoting effort. selecting target markets. We will create awareness among our customers on a large scale utilizing all he best promotional means available. developing the marketing mix and managing the marketing effort. newspaper ads and door to door awareness programs are at the second.

occupation. demography. characteristics or behaviors who might require separate products or marketing mix. From the four very basis of segmentation i. incomes. Geography. gender. race.MARKET SEGMENTATION Market Segmentation is the process that companies use to divide large heterogeneous markets into small markets based on distinct needs. family size. While dividing the market segments psycho-graphically we used the following: • Doctors . family lifecycles. generation etc.e. religions. psychographic and behavioral we divided the market into two of them given as follows:  Demographic: Dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables such as age. We while dividing the market segments demographically considered the following variables as the basis: • • • Gender (male or female) Family size (in order to get an idea regarding pieces per pack) Occupation (as our main focus is those related to tough jobs or studies or don’t have much time for cooking or most probably the break fasts)  Psychographic: Dividing the market segments into groups based on social class. lifestyle or personality characteristics.

This is called market targeting.• • • • • Engineers Business class Govt officials Bankers Students etc  Both the psychographic and demographic market segments can be accessed.  Serving these segments can result highly profitable  Can be attracted through easily designing of effective programs to serve them. MARKET TARGETTING Every organization selects a set of buyers based on same needs and characteristics in order to serve them. Two important steps regarding market targeting are:  Evaluating market segments The factors. basing on which we evaluated the target market segments are discussed below briefly: • Segment size and growth: .

• Segment structural attractiveness: This is an important section where we had a sharp search over the market to find out if there was any substitute product.In this section we made an analyzed check of the probability of the current segment sales and that expected for our product and whether we are able to generate the desired profitability.  Selecting target market segments The target market comprises of a set of buyers having common needs and sharing common characteristics selected by a company to serve. and if there was any competitor of ours with the chances of market diversion but we found none. . • Undifferentiated (mass) Marketing: it is a market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to ignore market segment differences and go after the whole market with one offer. the buying power of suppliers and buyers. We also analyzed the resources of the company with which company is highly able to serve its customers. • Company’s objective and resources: In this section we implemented a check over the relation between the company’s objective and the customers and we found an absolute positive relation between both.

It is of two types • Local Marketing: tailoring brands and promotions to the needs and wants of local customer groups-cities neighborhoods and even specific stores.  Competitive Advantages .• Differentiated (segmented) Marketing: it is a market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to target several market segments and designs separate offers for each. We have decided hostilities students. • Micro Marketing: the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and wants of the specific individuals and local customer groups. job oriented men and women and teenagers. PRODUCT POSITIONING It is the evaluation of a company’s product’s position that what place it occupies in the market and how customers differentiate it from other products. These are the segments that can be called the time savers and our product will make them have a refreshing breakfast without time consumption. • Individual marketing: tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customer’s also known as one-to-one marketing CHOOSING A TARGET MARKET STRATEGY We analyzed the data gathered through the survey reports and decided to go after the concentrated marketing. Choosing positioning strategy To position the product different companies use different positioning strategies. • Concentrated (niche) marketing: it is a market coverage in which a firm goes after a large share of one or a few segments or niches.

combined packed in sealed plastic bags that are safe for health. Channel differentiation: In Pakistan K&N’s is operating in more than 35 cities. hence will automatically be recognized as a quality product. and then finally packed in the box. People differentiation: Technology is highly involved in the production so we will hire trained staff. . There is very diversity in its distribution.In Islamabad there are many stores as well as retailers in every sector. We also hire qualified staff in order to guarantee healthy relationship between customers and retailers. They have there own breading and poultry forms. and only in I-8 there is one K&N’s store and 17 retailer’s shops. Service Differentiation: Our product will be accessible and will be available at every outlet of K&N’s. those who knows how to operate the machines. Each separately wrapped in butter paper. from where they get there raw material for their product. Product Chain K&NS are enjoying there own product chain. Also K&N’s is a symbol of quality. We take the example of Islamabad city . Image differentiation: Since our product comes under K&N’s brand name hence a good image will be casted over the consumers.Product Differentiation: We offer a pack of four.

equipment and procedures to gather. we offer . Preemptive: competitor needs a lot and lot of hard work to match our standard else it is not possible. taste. will offer more quality at less price range and we will focus on the needs and wants of target customers in order to give high customer value and satisfaction. MARKETTING RESEARCH PROCESS . Profitable: the difference is profitable both for the company and the customers.e. hygiene and prices that are communicable. Distinctive: we have no strong competitor and enjoy distinctiveness in the market. • • • • • •  Selecting an overall positioning strategy Our overall positioning strategy will be focused on More for Less winning value proposition i. Choosing the right competitive advantage • Important: we deliver highly valued benefits to our target customers in our products. with high quality. affordability and accessibility. timely and accurate information to the marketing decision makers. POSITIONING STATEMENT To target the teenagers. hostilities and bachelors. sort analyze evaluate and distribute needed. working women. Marketing Information System: People. Superior: we are providing pure hygienic food in at comparable prices. a ready to eat hot and spicy paratha. Affordable: buyer can afford to pay for the difference. Communicable: the consumers can feel the difference in our quality.

DEVELOPING THE RESEARCH PLAN: Our research plan was based only on the information collected from the questionnaires and the general observation on the peoples taste requirements .1. Exploratory research: In exploratory research we gathered information from the people that whether they liked the idea of K&N’s introducing and if they want any type of changes in the product like people gave the feedback that they would like to buy in cheese flavor as well. Initially the company believed that as chicken paratha is a very traditional type of ready to serve food according to the taste of Pakistani people so this will earn a lot of revenue for the company Descriptive Research: People respond in a very positive way to the products of K&N’s. DEFINING THE PROBLEM AND THE RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: PROBLEM STATEMENT The main reason for the research was to get the feedback from the targeted customers about introducing the new product of K&N’s if the customers were ready to buy the product and if there were any suggestions from the customers about the quality of K&N’s chicken. Their is a very high market potential for the products of K&N’s. There are various factors involved that the target customers were looking for like the type of packaging. pricing 2. through research it was found that pricing was an issue that needed to be considered Causal Research: We did research and collected primary data from people to find out that what the things that can affect the sales of .

Asking about the feedback from the people related to the new introducing this includes Contact Method: Personal interviewing was used as the contact method as it has excellent flexibility and excellent quantity of data can be collected through personal interviewing and as the cost factor involved was very less and the data can be collected very accurately.the data was collected from students. business oriented and job oriented people. We distributed 50 questionnaires among different age groups or segments 20 among the students 10 among the teachers 14 among the job oriented people and 6 among the business class DATA SOURCE The data was collected from the people directly i. Primary Data Collection: As the company was introducing a new product so the data was to be collected from the people directly. Business class and job oriented people.e. . teachers.SAMPLE PLAN The sample plan used was cluster sample the total population was divided into mutually exclusive groups such as students. teachers. it was primary data . It was convenience sample as well as the divided mutually exclusive groups were approached as convenient.

Research Approaches The research approaches we used to evaluate our products were the observation research and the survey research . packaging. And then further decide about the distribution of the product or if any changes required and then we will increase production. Observation Research: It was observed that the Pakistani people preferred spicy and traditional food they responded in a very positively to the previous K&N’s product such as the seikh kabab and the chapel kabab. But in the beginning we will distribute a small amount of the and then do research on the peoples behavior experimentally by observing the peoples behavior after using the product. experiences 3. You can mold your questionnaire as you want and in any way to gather your required information. businessman and job oriented people related to the pricing. preferences and the buying behavior. quality. A survey among the students. Survey Research: A survey research was conducted about the about their attitude.we didn’t use experimental research. . It was observed that introducing in Pakistan would generate high sales. Implementing the Research Plan: After defining the problems and developing a research plan we implement the research plan and our research and development department will we handling the affairs and interpreter the findings.Research Instrument Questionnaire was used as the research instrument as they are very flexible.

e. CONCLUSION OF THE RESEARCH: We have got a positive feed back and good response by our targeted market segments and now we are ready to launch our new product i.Most of the people was willing to buy with a packaging in butter paper and boxes.4. A very positive behavior of the target customers was observed. with the increase in the business in the schedules of people the trend to ready to serve meals is also increasing so A product of K&N’s has a scope in market as K&N’s has the largest market share in ready to cook and ready to serve products. PRICING. People liked a combination of spicy and cheesy flavors . As now a day’s time is money even ladies are working in offices so they are in search of products that are a complete meals for their family and are time saving. PROMOTION AND DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES PRICING STRATEGIES As we know that there are two types of new product pricing strategies • • Market skimming pricing Market penetration pricing For our product we have selected the market penetration pricing strategy. . We apply this strategy to keep our product prices lower so that by doing this we attract a large numbers of buyers and also to gain large market shares.We made a comparison of with the paratha if offered by Rahat Bakers the customers are keen to buy and about the packaging mostly people were willing to buy pack of six . (The K&N’s Jhatpat Chicken Paratha).

Psychological pricing.The reason for not using market skimming strategy is that as our product is an eatable product and there no sense of keeping high prices for an eatable product. Segmented pricing. We will also give discount to those customers who will buy in bulk or in large quantity. Basically these adjustment strategies are according to the taste. Promotional pricing. DISCOUNT AND ALLOWANCE PRICING We will apply this strategy by giving quantity discount to our customers. Time pricing strategy: . We segmented our product price in the following ways.       Discount and Allowance pricing. Segmented pricing: We launched our product in almost all the parts of the country with almost the same prices. Quantity Discount: We will give quantity discount by offering “buy one get one free” offers. Geographical pricing. we will adopt adjustment strategies in order to increase our sales and attract more customers. Following are the price adjustment strategies. PRICE ADJUSTMENT STRATEGIES After penetrating into the market. culture and the changing situation of the market. because as we know that skimming strategies are for luxury products. International pricing.

K&N’s is only serving nation wide so we set prices of our product nationally. as our focus is to capture more customers.In time pricing we will lower our prices according to different seasons. Price change could be a price cut or price increase. Initiating a Price Cut: We already set a low price for our product but we cut price of our product if our sales will not increase accordingly. . in that situation we will cut the price in order to increase sales and to capture market shares. We will reduce prices in Ramadan season. To compete with them we also lower our product price so that we can retain our market shares. Promotional pricing: This strategy involves temporary lowering of the prices of the product below the cost to increase the short run sales. International pricing: As K&N’s is not yet internationally recognized so we do not set international prices for . as its demand is more in that season. We apply this strategy when any one of our competitor lower its product price in order to grab market shares. Geographic pricing: In Geographic pricing we adopt freight absorption strategy. PRICE CHANGES: Some time companies have to initiate price change after developing pricing strategies because of different reasons. Freight absorption strategy: We do not add freight charges to our product price in order to keep our product price lower.

They think that there should be some problem with the product so the company is decreasing its product price or the customers may interpret it as the company is closing its business and they will not offer this product in future.Initiating a Price increase: Once our product achieved a position in a market and we set a good image in the consumers mind and we have a large number of potential buyers then we might increase our product price. giving discounts or improving quality of our product. We can also initiate our product price when our product demand increases and we can not supply according to the demand but INSHALLAH this situation will never come because K&N’s has its own poultry and breeding farms. They also think that the company is greedy and they are charging more prices for their product. Like if they low their price it will decrease our sales so we should adopt strategies to increase it by lowering our price. Responding to Price Change: If our competitors Changes the prices it affects our sales. On the other hand price increase also affects the buyers in a way that they think that this product is unobtainable unless they buy it soon. . Buyer’s Reaction to Price Changes: Changing in price has a great effect on the consumers mind. But our aim is to give good quality product in an affordable price. So we should also keep our competitors into consideration before lowering or increasing our product prices. Competitor’s Reaction to Price Changes: We should be aggressive while changing our product price and we have to change our product price according to the competitor’s product price. So we should analyze the change and react to it accordingly.

Direct Marketing: . because in personal selling there is a direct contact with the buyers. Through personal communication it is easy to persuade someone to buy your product. personal selling and direct marketing. Sales Promotions: In sales promotions we will use different discount strategies. giving short term incentives in order to increase our sales. These tools include advertisements. like wishing happy Eid or wishing any other special event to our customers. Advertisements: We will use informative advertising because it is mostly used when introducing a new product. The objective of it is to build primary demand. Through Public relations it also creates a good word of mouth for our product which is the most efficient way of promoting a product. sale promotions. To Promote we use different promotional tools.Promotion Strategies: Promotion is the activity in which the company has a chance to interact with its customers. We develop our public relation by doing the work of social responsibility. Personal Selling: We will also promote our product through personal selling. Personal selling is more effective then any other promotion strategy. We also introduce sponsorships and discount coupons. Public Relations: To increase our sales we will also ties good public relations. public relations. We will use the persuasive advertising when we have a competition in the market.

In direct marketing we will target our customers through internet. that why are we promoting our product? After that we determine different tasks to accomplish those objectives and at the end we estimate the cost utilize in performing these tasks. telephone. print media and electronic media (television and radio). Other then the print and electronic media the cheapest way to promote our product is through short messaging service. through which our customers can contact us and also give feedback about the product. . We have a contract with different cellular companies that they will send our promotional messages to their special numbers. To make our product information more convenient and easy we will provide our website and 24 hours toll free numbers. Other then advertising in newspapers and in magazines we will also advertise our product on bill boards and banners. DISTRIBUTION OF OUR PRODUCT After the development of our product our product should be distributed into the market for the satisfaction and attraction of our consumers. Electronic Media: To promote our product through electronic media we will advertise our product on different television channels and on radio stations. Print Media: We will promote our product through print media by advertising our product in newspapers and in different magazines. Our product plays a vital role in the availability of our services to attract the customers. We will adopt this type of advertising when we want to introduce some new discount packages or sales offers. Promotion Budget: To allocate budget for our promotion strategies we will use objective and task method. According to this method first we define our promotion objectives.

Channel Behavior Conflict . Distribution Channel of our Product The distribution channel of our product is indirect marketing channel because this channel contains one or more intermediary levels.How to Distribute our Product to Retailers • Sell Directly to Retailers • Sell through distributors. Cost of Development of our Product The price of our product is based on cost of all ingredient used because of its low price our product is very popular among customers. • Sell through distributors. attention to satisfy desire or need in the market Level of Product • • • Core Benefit: providing the good taste. which sell a broad range of products to one chain of retailers. which sell to your targeted customers. Pricing of our Product The price of our product is at low of cost and easily affordable as compared to our competitors. which sell a broad range of products to many retailers • Sell through captive distributors. Actual Product: our product includes all ingredients in packaging Augmented Product: our product may provide some benefits which are according to the core benefit. so that our product will remain more attractive in the eyes of people and this may help to increase our customers. related to our product. Product Our product offers consumptions.

TV advertisements. So that one channel member owns the others. has contracts with them. wholesalers. customers Receiver: the targeted customers are the receivers. newspaper Decoding: this is done by the consumers. but through the size and power of the parties. not through common ownership or contractual ties. Response: if our product satisfies the needs and wants of our customer then in response they will approach towards our product . unified system. is even more common Marketing System Our product may consist of vertical marketing system (VMS) because it is such type of distribution channel in which producers.The conflict of channel behavior of our product is vertical conflict. Type of VMS Our product lies in the administered VMS in the vertical marketing system because this type of VMS coordinates successive stages of production and distribution. Because in this conflict. retailers act as . conflict lies between different levels of the same product. or has so much power that they all cooperate. INTEGRATED MARKET COMMUNICATION Communication Process: Sender: K&N’s Encoder: The advertising agency and the Creative department Message: that now ready t cook proper meal is available for the hostilities and the working women Channel of message: through broachers.

Designing a message: Using the AIDA formula we have designed our message that converts the desires of the people for the product into the actions of purchasing it .they can even mail there feedback to the customer relation manager through our website DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 1. Identifying the target Audience: K&N’s has targeted mainly the hostilities and the working women who do not find time to cook food sometimes so they can avail the facilities of a wide range of products provided by K&N’s and they can remain free of tension when they don’t have time and they have to serve a complete diet to their children that is safe and healthy as well 2. 3. Determining the communication Objectives: We go through the six buyer-readiness stages K&N’s objective is to give knowledge about their new product the as the consumers are already aware of the brand K&N’s giving them knowledge that how their needs and out products qualities are connected so that this is a part of their liking how our product is differentiating in the market by providing 100% safe chicken items why to prefer K&N’s and then comes the conviction that K&N’s is the fastest growing chicken product dealers in Pakistan so they have come up with a new tasty and healthy product and then motivating them to the extent of purchasing the product.Feedback: as a feedback the customer can go to any outlet of K&N’s .

Selecting the message source: We will use any female celebrity that will demonstrate that in her busy routine she gives time to her family as well and when she has to serve food within no time she prefers K&N’s because she has trust on the quality of products of K&N’s 7. cooking magazines.e. Collecting Feedback: . 6. and billboards. Choosing the media: Non-personal communication channels: We will be selecting non-personal means of promotion and communication .we will use media like the newspapers.Message Content We will be using the rational appeal for producing the desire to purchase the . radio. Order of Argument: We are going to mention the most important part first the give the extra information in the middle and then end with attracting the customers that our product is what you need 5. This will exclude the risks that can be caused by personal selling i. Their is the personal interest of our targeted customers in purchasing ready to cook food that has both safety and health 4. Message Structure: One sided Argument: We will use one sided argument by mentioning the strength of the as it is ready in minutes and tastes like homemade and when you have nothing on your mind to cook you can go for K&N’s near your door steps. the image of the company can be affected if a bad word of mouth is spread.

afterwards the taste and quality of K&N’s will make the buyer purchase the product again and again. This is a factor which creates hurdles in decision making of consumers to adapt a product according to their needs.We will use personal selling strategies form collecting the feedback about the promotion of the product like Word of mouth and by conducting surveys . Another factor which contributes towards social setup for behaving in more specific purchases is the health of general public. Our product is mainly focusing on the working women and the hostilities.so our product provides them the solution t their problems . Pull Strategy: We are using the pull promotion strategy by reading the minds of the customers and providing them with their needs so that the customer itself goes for buying our product and at least trying it for once. CONTROL AND SUGGESTIONS In today’s fast moving the major issues related to society is the TIME. According to a survey conducted by our group more people were found to be cautious about contents and taste of products they consume. They prefer easy to use and quick to serve products in their meals. The hostilities require something that is ready to serve in minutes that is less time consuming but still full of taste and nutritious as they miss the taste of home made food and the working women cannot get time to prepare meals like chicken paratha that is very time consuming if completely prepared at home .

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