Established in the late 50’s, TTK Prestige Ltd., pioneered the pressure-cooking concept in India. Subsequent innovations and introductions like the revolutionary GRS (Gasket Release System) have established the brand as the leader for over three decades. Over time, enthused by the growth of the category, many players entered the fray. With no new developments in the category, a whole lot of local clones made their appearance.

The last few years saw marginal growth in the category placing immense pressure on market shares. TTK Prestige therefore decided to enter newer categories, retaining their focus on the kitchen. This would enable them to expand both depth of usage as also newer consumers. In turn, it would propel future growth. Even as it started to offer other products like gas stoves, non-stick cookware and knives, consumers continued to see it as a ‘Pressure Cooker’ Company. Consumers were transacting with a host of new brands, which had virtually invaded their life, in the kitchen and outside the kitchen as well. With a whole lot of new kitchen aids, objects for the home were beginning to look smarter.
Consumer Insight: The woman of today makes her own decisions, unlike the woman of yesteryears. She looks for smarter products because she sees them as a reflection of her personality.


due to a lack of communication. in form and function. Today’s woman is different. • Drive the change in imagery through new aggressive communication for these new ‘smart’ products. • Insights • The core Prestige consumer saying ‘How I wish my Prestige would change and give me new things’. – Being conservative to being modern even while retaining her traditional linkages. This was in contrast to today’s smart looking kitchens. The brand was not seen or actively felt. The category was taken for granted. These new products have to be anchored in today’s technology – Cookers would still drive the core of the brand: making it essential to have a superior cooker. Her key concern: How to make the kitchen look smarter? 47 • • • Brand strategy • Drive the new smart kitchen with the brand Prestige: – Through a host of ‘new’ products. Therefore. Prestige remains where it was years ago. • Target audience Housewives in the age group 25 – 44 years in SEC AB households residing in metros and mini metros. either in feature or form. Establish the new Prestige as the complete kitchen brand. To create a clear. Task on hand • • • Launch the new products in different categories. the brand was seen as old-fashioned. • In her mind. Key issues facing the brand • Consumer decision-making had become product-based. • • . The product was considered and bought as commodity.Launch Marketing objective • • • To be the No 1 kitchen small appliance brand in India. She has changed from: – Living with her man’s decisions to taking her own decisions. to be within the top 3 brands. – Believing that the kitchen is a forgettable corner to the kitchen is an extension of her ‘Smart’ personality. woh Prestige se kaise kare inkar?’ The new thought needs to reflect her changed status. positive shift in imagery from being known merely as a pressure cooker company to being a complete kitchen appliance brand. Garner significant market share in each product group. While the equity of the brand was derived from the Pressure Cooker. – From a mere user of products to a buyer of products. the need to move away from the existing tagline ‘Jo biwi se kare pyar. with no newness to the products. The consumer’s awareness of other products in the range was low. Create a positive and modern imagery. Appropriate the high ground of a complete kitchen appliance brand. Transport the current brand equity of trust and reliability to the complete new kitchen appliances range.

Recognise that a kitchen appliance could solve the problem. Pick up a product from the Prestige range. By establishing product features through demonstrations. Search for that smart product from Prestige. To highlight the underlying link across the brand’s offerings: Prestige: kitchen products for today’s smart woman.Desired Shift: Before Recognise a problem in the kitchen. Identifying a product that caters to/solves the need and works efficiently. helping position Prestige as ‘smart’. Recognise that brand Prestige could have a smart product to solve the problem. Recognise that a kitchen appliance could solve the problem. Communication and creative strategy • To drive the brand through individual creative units for different new products. After Recognise a problem in the kitchen. • • • 48 . To communicate the differentiated lead product. summed up creatively as: Prestige: Are you ready for a smarter kitchen? To ensure a stylish and sleek execution to make the brand modern and aspirational. Search for the product/ label. Pick up a product/label influenced by current salience. Clearly a need to shift the decision points towards Prestige.

Retail excitement was at its highest level in recent times.Media strategy The media strategy aimed at a high impact launch. which positioned the brand Prestige as a deliverer of ‘today’s smart kitchen’ The high impact burst was planned during the festival season. The combination was used to drive two critical aspects: • • The fact of the new product launch (whichever category). Increase in the number of dealers who wanted to join the Prestige network. Each market was kicked off with press followed by an intensive television effort. The brand could not cope with the initial demand and this response effectively blocked competition out of key markets. Launch effect • Markets responded with consumers asking for Prestige Smart. Competition gets active and the category itself sees more excitement. The new line ‘Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?’. as the purchases seemed to peak during the season. 49 • • • Press ad .

. Cut to batter being poured on a non-stick tava. But she is stopped short by the new mixer in the house and exclaims. aaja Tries to check out the new mixer. ‘ A new mixer? Have you replaced that which I gave you as a wedding present?’ Aunty. It’s ten times easier. see. Aunty: ‘Renu.. ‘ What’s this?’ Aunty.40 secs. Aunty. ‘The Prestige Mixer Grinder. The Prestige Omega. Renu locks the jar without turning it. ‘These are flow breakers for easy grinding’. Cut back to record getting stuck. Product shot.’ begins. Renu guess what happened?’ Renu switches it off and declares.’ Cut to a lady trying to remove the dosa stuck to the tava. Amazed. It’s got an instalock. Which lasts. Marathon Mixer Grinder . so easy!’. ‘It’s done’.. ‘Aunty this is the way. Camera opens to a hand placing the needle on a record.30 secs. MVO. Renu. Renu. ‘Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?’ Cut to product window.’ even if you use a metal spoon. ‘Yes!’ and lasts. ‘So quickly?’ Renu. 50 . With its 3 layer Scratch Guard coating The films opens to a neighbouring ‘Aunty’ who rings the bell and walks into the house... And the song ‘Mera dil ye pukaare aaja…..Omega Non-Stick . aaja. Music:…aaja. The new Prestige Omega The jar becomes transparent and we see the ingredients turning in the mixer. ‘ Tell everybody that this is what I gave you. Aunty switches it on MVO: ‘Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?’ MVO. As the woman struggles on in vain with the metal spoon MVO : “Are you still stuck with ordinary non-stick pans?” The woman agrees sadly.

‘Smart’ As the lady looks on stunned. she opens the cooker and says. ‘Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?’ She turns the knob to the right. The super reads “Smart”.Smart Pressure Cooker . The smartest Pressure Cooker!’ …and dissolve into her head. letters start to come out of the Prestige Smart cooker. the old pressure cooker morphs into the new Prestige Smart. She continues. She exclaims. Letters come out of the Smart Control knob and dissolve into her head. it’s simple!’ MVO. Prestige Today • • • • Research indicates that consumers believe that Prestige has more innovative kitchen products than just pressure cookers. ‘And if you want to open it quickly. As she turns away. 51 . She lights the gas and watches as the steam is released in one direction and says. MVO. Letters come out of her head and form a super on the screen. Market gains in the North. ‘Prestige Smart? It’s smart of course…!’ She turns off the gas and as letters float out and dissolve into her head. wonder what it means?’ The rice pulao inside the cooker is perfectly cooked. which was traditionally a weak market for Prestige. ‘And it lets out steam in one direction only!’. There was a favourable shift in the perception of Prestige as a modern brand.’ She looks at the camera. ‘It locks perfectly so it should be safe.45 secs. The film opens to a lady putting the ingredients into her old-fashioned cooker. There were gains in the new product categories as well. ‘And perfect to serve!’. She says. She locks the cooker and says. ‘Wow it’s so easy to close! Smart Control Knob. Lady voices over. Pack shot. ‘Prestige Smart.