Chatham  Business  Association,  Small  Business  Development  Inc.

  8441  South  Cottage  Grove  Avenue,  Chicago  IL  60619  

Chatham SBA Community Lending Initiative

Loan Micro-lending Day

2013 Workshop Calendar
9:00am – 3:00pm QBG Foundation Building, 800 E. 78th St., Chicago, IL 60619
Workshops held the fourth Thursday of the month (Except for November and December – See Below)

January 24, 2013 February 28, 2013 March 28, 2013 April 25, 2013 May 23, 2013 June 27, 2013 July 25. 2013 August 22, 2013 September 26, 2013 October 24, 2013 NO WORKSHOP IN NOVEMBER December 5, 2013
  Chatham  Business  Association  was  be  chosen  and  trained  as  an  Affiliate  Micro-­‐lender  by  the   City  of  Chicago  Micro-­‐lending  Institute  and  will  now  be  able  to  offer  our  business   community  microloans  of  up  to  $25,000.00.    If  you  are  a  business  owner  who  may  have   been  turned  down  by  a  bank,  you  should  come  and  learn  more  about  the  micro  lending   initiative.    This  is  a  bank  supported  BUT  NOT  A  BANK  RUN  INITIATIVE.       Quick  Application  process  and  turn-­‐a-­‐around!     Light  Breakfast  and  Lunch  will  be  provided.   For  questions  or  to  confirm  attendance  contact  Richard  Willis.    Email:  or  Phone:    773-­‐994-­‐5006  x  1007    


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