Cream of Mushroom Soup 5
Purée of mushrooms, cream, sage oil, herb crouton Seared foie gras, pork tenderloin, poached quail egg, brown butter hollandaise, brioche toast

Hummus 5
Roasted leeks, fried pita, pickles

Trout 11
Grilled, French lentils, cauliflower, walnut cream

Marrow On Toast 7
Roasted beef marrow, white port pear butter, spiced soda bread

Beef Short Rib 12
Braised collard greens, parsnip tahini purée, jus

Roasted Vegetables 6
Seasonal selections

Smoked Oysters 10
Sautéed kale, raisins, paprika sherry vinegar

Mixed Greens Salad 7 Brussels Sprouts 8
Pan-roasted, smoked apples, cider vinegar, nutmeg cream Fennel, apple, rosemary goat cheese fritters, fennelyogurt vinaigrette

Baby Kale Salad 7
Pistachios, sunchokes, blood orange, parsnip vinaigrette

Macaroni & Cheese 10
Smoked mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled scallions, taleggio, white cheddar

Charcuterie Delights 12
Daily selections, cheeses, crostini, pickles, mustard

Foie Gras Benedict 17
Add house bacon to any item 1

Side of Bread 2

French Fries 4
House-cut, herb peppercorn aioli fennel sausage, turkey cracklins

Shrimp on Brioche 7
Poached pink shrimp, creamy dill mayo, roe, chili oil

Squash Risotto 8
Winter squashes, neufchatel, Grana Padano, sage, lamb bacon

Pig in a Blanket 9
Braised pork belly, dried cherries, leek pancake, curried maple jus

Coq au Vin 11
Braised chicken leg, white wine, mushrooms, bacon, onion, whipped potatoes

Egg en Cocotte 10
Soft egg, braised radicchio, garlic confit, wild rice, creamed spinach, rutabaga, crispy shell

Cassoulet 13
Duck confit, white bean stew, braised pork,

Add house bacon to any item 1

Side of Bread 2

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