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David Lee FPPC Letter

David Lee FPPC Letter

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Published by Erin Sherbert
A warning letter
A warning letter

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Published by: Erin Sherbert on Jan 29, 2013
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428 J Stleet r Suite 62t) r Sacrarncnto, CA 95gl,l-2329 ( 916) 3 2 2 - 5 6 6 0 e F a x ( 9 1 6 ) 3 2 2 _ 0 8 8 6

January 23,2013
David Lee GearyBlvd. -1442 SanFrancisco. 94118 CA Warnine Letter Re: FPPC CaseNo. 121777. David Lee Dear Mr. Lee: The Fair PoliticalPractices ("FPPC")enforces provisions the political Cornmission the of ReformAct ("Act"),r fottndin Government Codesection81000;et seq. This letteris in response to a swom complaintallegingyolr may haveviolatedthe Act's requirement public officials that disclose financialinterests all requiredto be disclosed the Statement Economiclnterests. on of Form 700. The FPPChas completedits investigationof the facts in this caseand found that you violated the Act's requirements all financialinterests that requiringclisclosure disclosed a pLrblic be on official's Statement EconomicInterests, of Form 700. Specifically, Act reqlrires the specified public officialsof stateand local government agencies to periodically file Statements Economic lnterests of disclosingclefinedfinancial inrerests. Officials subjectto this requirement into two categories: officialsholding,or mnning for fall (t) electionto, positionsspecified Gov. Code $ 87200,who are required disclose broaclest in to the rangeof financialinterests (GC $$ 87200- 87210);and (2) officialsholdingagency positions that involve participationin governmentdecisionsthat have financial impacts. Thesi latter positionsare designated the agency'sconflict-of-interest in code and clisclosure requirements are assigned the agency. (GC $$ 87300- 87313.) The conflict of interest by codeyou filed underas

' T heP o l i ti c a l R e fb rmA c ti s c o n ta i nedi nGovernmentcodesecti onsS l 000throughgl 0l A l l sta t ut or y 4. ref'erences to the GovernmentCode, unlessotherwise indicated. The regulationsof the Fair political practices are Commissionare containedin sectionsl8ll0 through 18997of Title 2 of the CaliforniaCode of Regulations.All regulatory ref'erences to Title 2, Division6 of theCalifbrniaCodeof Regulations, are unless otherwise indicated.

FPPCCaseNo. 12/777. David Lee Page2 of 2 Commissioner the SanFrancisco on Recreation ParkComrnission & you reqr-rired to disclose all soLlrces income. of Your actions violated the Act becauseyou tailed to disclose your income from Chinese American Voter EducationCommitteeon multiple Statements Economic Interests of filed for yor"rr positionon the San Francisco Recreation Park Commission. (GC $ 87300.) However, & you disclosed because ChineseAmericanVoter Education Committeeas a sourceof incomeon the CandidateStatement Economic Interestsyou filed when running for electionto the Board of of Supervisors San Franciscoand because, May 2012, you had arnended in in your previously filed Staternents EconomicInterests of filed for San Francisco Recreation Park Commission,' & we are closing your casewith this warning letter. The information in this matter will be retained and may be consideredshor-rld entorcementaction become necessary an based on newly discovered infbrmationor futureconduct. Failureto comply with the provisions the Act in the of futurewill resultin monetary penalties up to $5,000for eachviolation. of A warning letter is an FPPC case resolution without administrative prosecution or fine. However, the warning letter resolutiondoes not provide you with the opportunity for a probable causehearing or hearing before an AdministrativeLaw Judge or the Fair Political Practices Commission. If you wish to avail yourselfof theseproceedings requesting by that your case proceedwith prosecution ratherthan a warning,pleasenotify r"rs within ten (10) days from the date of this letter. Upon this notification, the FPPC will rescindthis warning letter and proceed prosecution this case. If we do not receivesuchnotification,this warning with administrative of letterwill be postedon the FPPC'swebsite (10) daysfrom the dateof this letter. ten Pleasefeel free to contactAdrianne Korchmarosat (916) 322-824I with any questionsyou may have regardingthis letter.


- ' = 7' - - ' "- u .:4-'7 (-/ r ' -'"'-""""- - - "- ' n
\,-/ 2.,-/t/ Gary S. Winuk Chief, EnforcementDivision


GSW:AK:ak cc: Aaron eestin 1"/

" The Act states that "amending incorrect incomplete an or reportor statement may be considered evidence as of goodf ait h. " ( G C $ 8 1 0 0 4 .5 .)

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