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v=5 SUk9Vm611_ Coconut Oil making safety precautions:

1. Materials should properly clean to avoid microorganism contamination 2. Handle with care and avoid spillage on the floor, it should be coated in steel drums, plastic container or glass bottles. 3. Store in cool dry place and consider normal working hygiene. Keep away from sources of ignition. 4. Efficient mechanical exhaust system is recommended 5. Use protective gloves and apron for hand and skin protection. 6. Watch out for slippery condition when spillage. Wear protective equipment. Avoid contact with eyes. 7. Spill should be taken up with suitable absorbent and place in container. Spill area can be wash with water. 8. Ventilate area and wash spill site after material pickup is complete. 9. Wash hands with soap and water after the procedure.