3-D, APOKON, TAGUM CITY The Campus Director serves as the Senior Administrative Official of International Grace Bible Institute. In a cooperative environment with the Board of Directors of Things to Come Mission, Phil., Campus’ Local School Board and the Campus Administrative staff, the Campus Director is responsible for achieving Campus objectives as provide for in the Mission and Vision of IGBI. Primary responsibilities of this position include campus-level management, campus financial sustainability, students and personnel development, student services, academic and extracurricular activities of the students, and the overall appearance and administrative operations of the campus. ESSENTIAL DUTIES OF THE CAMPUS DIRECTOR: 1. Implement the guidelines and policies set and determined by the Board of Directors of Things to Come Mission, Phil. Inc. for IGBI Campuses. 2. Works with the Local School Board in overseeing the material and financial condition of the school. 3. With the administrative staff, he shares overall management responsibility of the campus to create an environment supportive of a quality educational experience. 4. With the Campus Registrar, he directs the overall enrollment management activities at a campus including new student recruitment activities and functions associated with the enrollment of continuing students. 5. Assists in the development of an annual student enrollment and operations budget. 6. Promotes the programs and needs of the school to churches and individuals. 7. Ensures that all administrative functions operate within the Campus established policies and procedures. 8. Presides over campus academic and non-academic staff meetings and generates correspondence as needed. 9. Approves campus related purchase orders and invoices that exceed prearranged amounts. 10. Coordinate the needs of physical plant with the campus’ Local School Board. 11. Interacts with other IGBI administrators and member. 12. Attends Leadership development trainings or other related meetings as required. 13. Initiates faculty and staff development trainings 14. Represents the campus in community activities relating to social involvement. 15. Screens, interviews, hire and evaluate non-academic campus-level management staff. 16. Ensures that each non-academic campus personnel is aware of performance expectations in his/her area of responsibility. 17. Ensures that the Campus established Mission and Standards of Ethical Conduct are fully upheld. 18. Participates in faculty and other school committee activities. 19. Represents institutions at community and campus events, in meetings with other institution personnel. 20. Promote the campus by participating in community, regional and national events or meetings, by developing partnerships with other institutions.

21. Direct, coordinate, and evaluate the activities of the students and personnel, including support staff, engaged in planning and administering 22. With the administrative staff, he establishes operational policies and procedures and makes any necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations, demographics, and other research information. 23. Formulate strategic plans for the institution. 24. Provides assistance to faculty and staff in duties such as teaching classes, conducting orientation programs, issuing transcripts, and scheduling events. 25. Recommends to The board of Trustees of Things to Come Mission, curricula revisions and additions. 26. With the administrative Staff, he formulates or amends Administrative, Student manuals. 27. Recommends to the Dean of Students disciplinary actions against erring students. 28. With the Dean of Students he reviews student misconduct reports requiring disciplinary action, and counsel students regarding such reports. 29. Direct and participate in institutional fundraising activities, and encourage alumni participation in such activities. 30. Determine course schedules, and coordinate teaching assignments and room assignments to ensure optimum use of buildings and equipment. 31. Appoint individuals to faculty positions, and evaluate their performance. 32. Plan and promote sporting events and social, cultural, and recreational activities. 33. Coordinate the production and dissemination of campus publications such school paper. 34. With the Local School Board Chairman, he oversees facilities management for the school, including construction, repair, and maintenance projects.

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IGBI TAGUM CITY Campus Director

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