[UNIT 8: CHARACTER - 10 WAVES] October 25, 2012

Unit 8: Character - Hero, Villain & Sidekick Theme: Robots & Pirates Project Name: "10 Waves"

Setting EXT. The Ocean - Somewhere off the coast of France. INT. Le Rêve Lucide (ship name)

Character Names Hero - Clare Read Female Human/Robot Villain - Peter Creek Male Robot/Human Sidekick - Banner Animal/Dog

Synopsis 10 Waves is a story about the 10th Voyage of French fishing vessel "Le Rêve Lucide" (the Lucid Dream). After a month at sea the mammoth fishing vessel was returning home with fresh gain, a storm suddenly hit pulling the ship from its path. In an attempt to locate landmarks the ship's Captain took to his telescope, which is when he noticed something extraordinary. A young woman and a wolf clutching a floating barrel being cascaded over the life sized waves. The ship's Captain ordered his men to retrieve the floating refugees unaware of the dangers that would come to pass. The woman was unconscious for days, the wolf did not shut its eyes watching her like a hawk, fending off the crews attempts to check on her. In the early hours of the 9th day, the woman awoke petrified insisting that the ship return to land immediately. When questioned the dazed woman identified herself as "Clare Read" - an amateur treasure hunter and her trusty wolf companion as "Banner". Details became more sinister when Clare went on to recant a horror story of epic proportions, about a seemingly profitable "cursed" object which had been discovered by her and her love - the monstrous "Peter Creek". What she does not know is that "she has the curse as well", if she were to embrace it she could become a monster too, which is the only thing the transformed Peter wants. CG Arts & Animation | David John Vandepeer (Stitch) 2