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copa document

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copa document
copa document

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Published by: akakarla on Jan 30, 2013
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COPA Implementation for NSL SEEDS

NSL SEEDS PVT LTD has already implemented SAP long back, now they would like to go for COPA in existing system. In SAP CO they have cost center accounting, profit center accounting and internal order, now they would like to close the usage internal order from this fiscal year 2012. Operating concern has already available in existing system with some characteristics and value fields those value fields and characteristics not sufficient for present requirement. From SD Actual flow of values – All Discount values assigned to one value field and they have some orders did not maintain VPRS condition type in pricing procedure. Client Requirement: NSL SEEDS would like to see the profitability report s each division wise one report and consolidation report with all the divisions. They want to analysis profitability each ZONE and Crop Wise.

Old Settings: 1) Maintain operating concern

2) Data Structure

3) Segment level characteristics .


4) User defined characteristics No values has been maintained here 5) Define Characteristic derivation No derivation rules are maintained .

6) Transfer of billing documents .


7) Assign Quantity Field 8) Reset value/Quantity fields 9) COPA Assessment cycles No cycles available .

New Changes Define characteristics .

Some Characteristics has been created with some table references  From Table: KNA1  Sales Employee .

From Table: PAPARTNER .

 Variety From MARA table .

 Region from KNA1 Table .

 User Defined Characteristics .

Value Fields changed .


All the new characteristics and value fields need to be add to data structure Segment level characteristics .

I changed only one characteristic for my requirement We need to change button .

Enter Click on Change button .


Then we can add value fields and characteristics what we required These are cross client settings. When we change operating concern it will be change mode in all clients in that server .

Maintain characteristic values Business Group: Variety type: .Master data 1.

Zone: .

Derivations  Zone values to copa .

Then we need to maintain derivation values in KEDE From customer zone will be derived based on this settings  Business group for COPA .

Based on table lookup we can get the values to business group  Variety type to COPA .

Then we should maintain Derivation Rules in KEDE .

 Flow of actual values to COPA Transfer of billing documents to COPA Double click on Maintain Assignment of SD Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields .




Transfer of overhead Double click on Create Actual Assessment Corporate cost to COPA .

Click on attach segment .




Marketing expenses to COPA .





Likewise we have below 750 segments for marketing assessment cycle .

R&D Expenses TO COPA .





 Report painter Reports NSL Cotton Report .





The above all are configuration and execution part in COPA

For this client go live happen long back we have to do some more steps  Billing documents regenerated in copa

In KE4S we supposed to check the existing records flow to copa from sd

Delete the original COPA document from the KE4S00

Need to check in test run

If you check in KE4S COPA document will not available For this billing document 90267723 zone is not updated and so many line items in copa side so we can delete all the copa documents and realignment for zone update .

For this above document zone is not derived .

By using realignment we can derive the zone values in COPA document for billing type S1 Enter .

Click on realignment run Click on accept button Keep on above line item and click request button .


Back and save .

We can test our request Click on test realignment run We can get the test result .


Click on accept button We can check job overview from here or SM37 Click on execute button .

Select the job and click on release button Click on immediate tab and click on check and save .

We can check the spool results .

Do the same way once request job has done do the restore .

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