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Start-Up How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 167 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

Start-Up How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 167 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

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Looking for the straight facts on Start-Up? In this clear and highly informative how-to guide the authors give you the latest on Start-Up essentials with 167 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Start-Ups. Discover How to, Sound and Practical Advice on:- Low Start Up Capital Business Options - How Google Can Help You Make Lots of Cash With Zero Start Up- Small Business Start Up Success Story - How to Beat the Odds and Achieve True Small Business Success- Looking For Small Business Start Up Loan? Well, An Angel Can Be A Heavenly Source Of Money For You!- Internet Business Start Up Costs - How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Successful Business?- Career Change, Relocation and Business - Start-Up - Coach Yourself to a Successful Transition- How Do I Get a Business Startup Loan in This Economy? 7 Ways to Squeeze Sugar Out of a Lemon- How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options- Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide - Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing!- Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business - Pay For Start Up Costs- Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure...And Much More...Get up-to-date on the latest trends, Learn from the Experts, and get their Success Secrets now.
Looking for the straight facts on Start-Up? In this clear and highly informative how-to guide the authors give you the latest on Start-Up essentials with 167 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Start-Ups. Discover How to, Sound and Practical Advice on:- Low Start Up Capital Business Options - How Google Can Help You Make Lots of Cash With Zero Start Up- Small Business Start Up Success Story - How to Beat the Odds and Achieve True Small Business Success- Looking For Small Business Start Up Loan? Well, An Angel Can Be A Heavenly Source Of Money For You!- Internet Business Start Up Costs - How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Successful Business?- Career Change, Relocation and Business - Start-Up - Coach Yourself to a Successful Transition- How Do I Get a Business Startup Loan in This Economy? 7 Ways to Squeeze Sugar Out of a Lemon- How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options- Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide - Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing!- Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business - Pay For Start Up Costs- Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure...And Much More...Get up-to-date on the latest trends, Learn from the Experts, and get their Success Secrets now.

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  • 5 Dollar Store Success Secrets
  • 5 Key Internet Business Start Up Secrets
  • 7 Tips for Home Business Start-up Success
  • A Tutorial on Capitalization of a Startup Corporation
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies - Low Cost Start-up
  • After You Start Up, Try a Business Cash Advance
  • Applying For Government Business Loans For Your Start-Up
  • At Home Job Start-Up Costs - What to Expect
  • Become a Private Investigator
  • Business Start Up Basics
  • Business Start Up Ideas - Do it Right the First Time
  • Business Start Up Loans - For Good Business Start Up
  • Business Start-Up - The Finances
  • Business Start-Up Tips
  • Business Startup - Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise
  • Business Startup - Why You Must Get It Right
  • Can Low Start-Up Business Costs Exist?
  • Carpet Cleaning Business Start-Up
  • Cheaper Ways to Market Your Startup Business
  • Child Care Center Books, Business Guides and Startup Kits
  • Choosing a Name For Your Start-Up Business
  • Cleaning Business Advice and Information
  • Cleaning Business Startup Secrets
  • Control Your Dollar Store Start Up Cost
  • Costs Associated With Paintless Dent Repair Startup
  • Create Your Own Stimulus Package - Start Your Own Business
  • Daycare Startup Grants
  • Discover These Five Essential Start Up Business Ideas
  • Faster Computer Startup Begins With a Cleaner Computer
  • Five Internet Business Start-Up Steps
  • Free Ebay Startup Kits - Get The Inside Information
  • Free From Home Startup Work
  • Free Start Up Business Grants
  • Free Start Up Money is Available With Business Grants
  • Fuelling Business Qualities with Small Business Start Up Loans
  • Funds Are The Key Issue-Business Start Up Loan
  • Getting a Small Business Start Up Loan
  • Getting Small Business Startup Loans
  • Home Based Work With Minimal Startup Capital
  • Home Business Start Up: Grocery Shopping Home Business
  • Home-Based Business Start-Up Myths - Fact Or Fiction
  • How to Advertise and Market New Startup Companies
  • How to Start a New Business Without Bank Loans
  • How to Start a Tree Farm - Startup Costs
  • How to Start Up a Baseball Card Collection
  • How To Start Up A Home Business
  • How to Start Up a Teenage Business
  • Ideal Credentials to Be a Startup CEO
  • If I Was Going to Start Up a Day Spa
  • Immigration Lawyer's Notebook - The Startup Visa Act of 2010
  • Independent Pet Store Start Up Costs
  • Inexpensive Advertising For Your Startup Business
  • Internet Business Startup Costs
  • Kick Start Your Business with Startup Business Loans
  • Laundry Mat Startup
  • Low Cost Start Up Business - Tips to Cut Costs
  • Low Rent Start Up
  • Making Money Online Without a Start Up Capital
  • Marketing Tips For a Start-Up Business
  • Marketing Your Startup on a Shoestring Budget
  • Measuring Your Dollar Store Start Up Success
  • No Startup Free Home Jobs - A Few Ideas
  • Online Business Startup Opportunities Can Be Costly
  • Online Faxing and the Small Business Start- Up
  • Operations Management And The Startup Company
  • Projecting a Professional Image For Your Consulting Start Up
  • uick Start-Up, Recession Proof Business Ideas
  • Raise Small Business Start Up Capital Without Borrowing
  • Recession Proof Online Business - No Start Up Fee
  • Restaurant Startup Woes - Restaurant Equipment
  • Review of the Starting a Daycare Centre Start-up Guide Kit
  • Sallie Mae Student Loan Rates - Your Killer Startup Guide
  • Small Business Opportunities - Ideas With Very Little Startup
  • Soap Business Start Up Tricks
  • Some Low Startup Cost Franchise Ideas
  • Some of the Key Ingredients For Your Dollar Store Start Up
  • Start a Dollar Store - Quick Store Start-Up Tactics
  • Start Up a Manicure Or Pedicure Business From Scratch
  • Start Up Advice on a Home Based Business to Ensure Success
  • Start Up an Art Show in Your Neighborhood
  • Start Up Business Finance
  • Start Up Businesses- Set Your Own Schedule
  • Start Up Capital For Your Hot New Business Idea
  • Start Up Costs For a Restaurant Business
  • Start Up Fears
  • Start Up Loans - Start Business With Smooth Finance
  • Start-Up Accounting
  • Start-up Business Checklist - So Much to Do, So Little Time
  • Start-up Costs - How to Deduct Them
  • Start-Up Fees in Network Marketing
  • Start-up Guide to Hair Salon Furniture
  • Start-Up Loan
  • Start-Up Success - How To Find Venture Capital
  • Starting a Business - Tips for a Successful Business Start-Up
  • Starting a Vending Machine Business - Simple Start Up Tips!
  • Startup Business Recruitment Agency
  • Startup Business Team - How to Build Your Team!
  • Startup Costs For International Business
  • Startup Financial Models
  • securities laws
  • Startup Skills - Making Decisions
  • Startup Squander #2 - Startup Consultants
  • Store Appearance is Important to Your Dollar Store Start Up
  • The No Cost, No Effort Business Startup Revealed
  • The Tea Room Business Plan - Start Up
  • Tips For Saving Money During Your New Business Start-Up
  • Top Internet Startup Business Success Secret
  • Website Design Considerations For Startup Businesses
  • What Google Can Do For Your Start Up Business

Start-Up How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 167 World

Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

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Looking for the straight facts on Start-Up? In this clear and highly informative how-to guide the authors give you the latest on Start-Up essentials with 113 of the most current, most actual and beneficial Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice you can find from experts in the field on Start-Ups. Discover How to, Sound and Practical Advice on: Low Start Up Capital Business Options - How Google Can Help You Make Lots of Cash With Zero Start Up Small Business Start Up Success Story - How to Beat the Odds and Achieve True Small Business Success Looking For Small Business Start Up Loan? Well, An Angel Can Be A Heavenly Source Of Money For You! Internet Business Start Up Costs - How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Successful Business? Career Change, Relocation and Business - Start-Up - Coach Yourself to a Successful Transition How Do I Get a Business Startup Loan in This Economy? 7 Ways to Squeeze Sugar Out of a Lemon How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide - Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing! Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business Pay For Start Up Costs Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure

...And Much More... Get up-to-date on the latest trends, Learn from the Experts, and get their Success Secrets now.

........................................................................37 At Home Job Start-Up Costs .............................................................35 Applying For Government Business Loans For Your Start-Up ...................................................................Low Cost Start-up ......................Free Money For Start Up and Expansion........................49 ...................... Try a Business Cash Advance ....................................................26 Affiliate Marketing ........39 Be Selective About Tasks Left Undone During Your Dollar Store Start Up ...........40 Become a Private Investigator ............................................29 Affiliate Marketing Strategies ................48 Business Start Up Basics ............................................................................33 Applying For a Business Startup Grant ..............................................What to Expect .................................................................................Getting the Money You Need Fast .........................................................................Table of Contents 5 Dollar Store Success Secrets ....................The Best Internet Marketing Start-up Business ..............31 After You Start Up..............Calculate the Startup Costs For a Wedding Planning Business ....42 Become a Top Wedding Planner .......................22 A Tutorial on Capitalization of a Startup Corporation ........19 A Simple Plan For Business Start Up Funding Without Creating Debt............................16 7 Tips for Home Business Start-up Success ...............................................................15 5 Key Internet Business Start Up Secrets ............44 Business Grants For Women .............................................................................

.............The Finances ......... 74 Cheaper Ways to Market Your Startup Business ..................................... 68 Can Low Start-Up Business Costs Exist?.. 91 .Business Start Up Ideas ............................Start Your Own Business ................. 52 Business Start Up Loans ...................... 84 Coffee Cup Designs ........................................................................................... Business Guides and Startup Kits ........................................................ 78 Choosing a Name For Your Start-Up Business .........................Coach Yourself to a Successful Transition ..........................For Good Business Start Up . 59 Business Startup ............ 72 Carpet Cleaning Business Start-Up ........................... 63 Business Startup Success .......... 54 Business Start-Up .... 55 Business Start-Up Tips ............................................................... 86 Control Your Dollar Store Start Up Cost ..... 89 Create Your Own Stimulus Package .........Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise.................................................................. 65 Business Startup Success Stories .................... 81 Cleaning Business Startup Secrets ....................................................Why Do So Many New Businesses Fail? ............. 80 Cleaning Business Advice and Information ..............How to Write Your Own With a Simple System ........Start-Up ................ 70 Career Change............ Relocation and Business .......What Should You Be Looking For in Your Coffee Shop Start Up? .........................................Do it Right the First Time .................................................................................Why You Must Get It Right ............ 57 Business Startup ............. 76 Child Care Center Books................................. 87 Costs Associated With Paintless Dent Repair Startup ...........

....................100 Faster Computer Startup Begins With a Cleaner Computer .............................Pay For Start Up Costs...............................................................120 ..110 Free Start Up Business Grants ..............96 Discover These Five Essential Start Up Business Ideas ........................................................................................................112 Free Start Up Money is Available With Business Grants .......................113 Fuelling Business Qualities with Small Business Start Up Loans115 Funds Are The Key Issue-Business Start Up Loan ....116 Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business ................105 Free Ebay Startup Kits .............................................Cut Startup Costs For Your Dollar Store Business With These Winning Tips ......................107 Free From Home Startup Work ......................................118 Getting a Small Business Start Up Loan ....................................................Get The Inside Information ................................103 Focus on Store Appearance From Your Dollar Store Start-Up Onward ..................93 Daycare Startup Grants ................................................................................................................................................102 Five Internet Business Start-Up Steps...............................................................................................................................................108 Free Small Business Manufacturing Ideas That Require Little to No Start-Up Cost ...........94 Define Your Competitive Strategy to Help Your Business Startup Succeed ..............98 Expand Your Home Business Startup by Using Multiple Streams of Income.......................................................................................................119 Getting Small Business Startup Loans ............................................

.............................................................................................................................. 151 How to Make Money Online From Home With No Start-Up Costs ... 154 How to Start a Tree Farm .....................................5 Classic Home Business Start Up Mistakes................................................................................................... 137 Home-Based Business Start-Up Myths ............................................. 147 How to Advertise and Market New Startup Companies ............................... 153 How to Start a New Business Without Bank Loans ........Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing! ........ 142 How Do I Get a Business Startup Loan in This Economy? 7 Ways to Squeeze Sugar Out of a Lemon ................................ 144 How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options . 139 How Discount Coupon Sites Help You Market on a Start-Up Budget.Fact Or Fiction ............... 150 How to Budget Your Business Start-up to Avoid Painful Failure .................................... 130 Home Typing Business .................................................................................................................................................... 156 ... 122 Graduation Stationery to Match Your Start-Up Business Stationery ..... 124 Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide ...............................................................................................................................Government Grants For Small Businesses ....................Startup Costs ..... 129 Home Business Start Up: Grocery Shopping Home Business ................................................................................Grants For a Startup Business ........................................................... 126 Home Based Work With Minimal Startup Capital ...................

................................................................................................196 ...............................158 How To Start Up A Home Business ....................................................................................175 Interested in Making Money? Easy Business Ideas You Can Start Up Today ....................179 Internet Business Startup Costs ................................................................177 Internet Business Start Up Costs ............................160 How to Start Up a Teenage Business .....................................183 Kick Start Your Business with Startup Business Loans ...............................................................................................................................Tips to Cut Costs ...174 Inexpensive Advertising For Your Startup Business ......186 Laundry Mat Startup .......How to Start Up a Baseball Card Collection... An Angel Can Be A Heavenly Source Of Money For You! .........................187 Local Businesses Start-Up Cost Made Easier With Government Grants ...............................163 Ideal Credentials to Be a Startup CEO.....170 Immigration Lawyer's Notebook ..................................................................................................................189 Looking For Small Business Start Up Loan? Well..The Startup Visa Act of 2010 172 Independent Pet Store Start Up Costs ..............193 Low Rent Start Up .........................................................................168 If I Was Going to Start Up a Day Spa .....................................................191 Low Cost Start Up Business ......................181 Is an SBA Small Business Startup Loan Right For Your Business? .................................................................How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Successful Business? .............................

.... 202 Marketing Your Startup on a Shoestring Budget ................................. Recession Proof Business Ideas .............. 238 ..............................................................A Demand You Can Take Advantage Of .......... 227 Real Work From Home Jobs .......................... 229 Recession Proof Online Business ........... 201 Marketing Tips For a Start-Up Business...................... 209 No Startup Free Home Jobs ............. 231 Restaurant Startup Woes ..............What to Watch Out For With Start-Up Funding ............No Start Up Fee .... 223 uick Start-Up.....................................Restaurant Equipment ...................................................Your Killer Startup Guide ... 214 Online Faxing and the Small Business Start-Up........................ Cutting Expenses and Need For Grant Funding ............... 208 Minimize Start Up Business Costs.... 234 Risky New Business .............. 216 Operations Management And The Startup Company .......................How Google Can Help You Make Lots of Cash With Zero Start Up ..................Low Start Up Capital Business Options .......................... 236 Sallie Mae Student Loan Rates ....... 199 Making Money Online Without a Start Up Capital ......................... 225 Raise Small Business Start Up Capital Without Borrowing .................................................................................A Few Ideas ..... 233 Review of the Starting a Daycare Centre Start-up Guide Kit ....................... 218 Projecting a Professional Image For Your Consulting Start Up.......... 204 Measuring Your Dollar Store Start Up Success ...................... 212 Online Business Startup Opportunities Can Be Costly .

..............................................275 ...............................................265 Start Up Business Finance ....240 Self Improvement Ideas For Budding Entrepreneurs ...............................................258 Start Up a Manicure Or Pedicure Business From Scratch ............................................................................250 Some of the Key Ingredients For Your Dollar Store Start Up ...............267 Start Up Business Financing .......................................Get Free Business Start Up Money................................................... Landing your First Clients ....255 Start a Dollar Store ................Ideas With Very Little Startup .....................Search Engine Optimisation: SEO Start Up...............263 Start Up an Art Show in Your Neighborhood ...................................................270 Start Up Capital For Your Hot New Business Idea .....................Part 1 ..................274 Start Up Costs For a Restaurant Business ......................268 Start Up Businesses..................272 Start Up Capital Should Not Prevent Starting a Home Businesses .........................................................................................245 Small Business Start Up Success Story ......How to Beat the Odds and Achieve True Small Business Success .......................254 Stages of a Start Up .......................................................Find Free Money to Start a Business ...................................................What the Entrepreneur Can Expect ..242 Small Business Opportunities .........Set Your Own Schedule ....................................................................249 Some Low Startup Cost Franchise Ideas .........................246 Soap Business Start Up Tricks ......Quick Store Start-Up Tactics ........................................260 Start Up Advice on a Home Based Business to Ensure Success ......

.............. 318 Startup Law 101 Series ...... 302 Startup Costs For International Business ................... 289 Start-Up Loan ............ 279 Start-Up Accounting...................................................................... 277 Start Up Loans ........................................................... 285 Start-Up Fees in Network Marketing..................................................................... So Little Time .....................................Start Up Fears ......... 292 Starting a Business ...........Key Legal Rules For Who Owns the IP Relating to Your Startup ................So Much to Do.........................................How To Find Venture Capital......................................How to Deduct Them ...................................... 324 ..................... 280 Start-up Business Checklist ......Simple Start Up Tips! ..................Mistakes Founders Make .....How to Build Your Team! ................. 304 Startup Financial Models ......................................Distinctive Legal Aspects of Forming a Startup Business With a Founder Team ........... 291 Start-Up Success ........................................................................... 287 Start-up Guide to Hair Salon Furniture ..........................................Tips for a Successful Business Start-Up ............................Start Business With Smooth Finance ...................Misusing Form Contracts ......................... 298 Startup Business Recruitment Agency ............. 283 Start-up Costs .....................Exploring Other Avenues for Building Capital ........ 300 Startup Business Team ...... 294 Starting a Vending Machine Business ................... 297 Startup Business Loans ....... 308 Startup Law 101 Series ..................................................................... 306 Startup Law 101 Series ...............

330 Startup Law 101 Series ........................................................................................Startup Consultants ..................................................................345 Startup Squander #2 ..................359 Tips For Saving Money During Your New Business Start-Up ..370 What Google Can Do For Your Start Up Business .........................Making Decisions .................................334 Startup Law 101 Series .....343 Startup Skills ....When Should I Set Up an Entity For My Startup Business? .............................................................................................................................347 Store Appearance is Important to Your Dollar Store Start Up ...................................372 ............................... No Effort Business Startup Revealed ............................................................................Tips For Planning For the Worst ....................356 Three Ways You Could Be Making Money Online With No Startup Costs ............352 The Tea Room Business Plan ....................361 Top Internet Startup Business Success Secret ...........................................364 Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure .......Neglecting Securities Laws .......................................................351 The No Cost.....Startup Law 101 Series ................................................339 Startup Liability Insurance Guide ......With Tiny Start Up Costs .....................................................Start Up ...........366 Website Design Considerations For Startup Businesses ..Mistakes Founders Make ......................349 The Easiest Way to Start a Home Business .................................What is Restricted Stock and How is it Used in My Startup Business? .......

..................................Getting Start Up Cash You Never Pay Back ................ 380 Womens Business Grants For Your Business Start Up ... 385 ..................................... 378 Women Business Grants ........................... 374 Where Do You Get Startup Capital? .............. 381 Your Business Startup Checklist ..........What is Marketing? Employing the Marketing Mix in Your Small Business Start Up Strategy....................Focus on This One Thing .......................................................................... 383 Your Home Business Start Up .............................................................


In this article I present 5 dollar store success secrets that should always be supported. for many the core success actions that were initiated during the start up soon drop by the wayside. #1) You must continually build sales volume for your business. the few pennies in lower price simply isn't worth the decrease in sales you are likely to face. Then as one sales goal is achieved. Offer a few name brand merchandise items spread throughout your store. new and higher goals need to be established. The first milestones should be established during your dollar store start up. Focus on payroll. Don't allow yourself to fall into the same trap with your business.15 5 Dollar Store Success Secrets One of the challenges faced by those who own a dollar store is staying on track with the proven actions that have resulted in success for their business. Then fill in the rest of the selection with good quality products. #3) Focus on cost reduction from your dollar store start up onward. Actions to achieve each of your sales goals must also be defined and implemented. These actions represent an important part of the entire success formula for your business. Shoppers are looking for good quality at reasonable prices. rent and cost of goods sold first. With all the different aspects of the business tugging at them for time and attention. Maintain the tried and true actions no matter how easy it might be to let them fade away. #2) Offer only quality merchandise in your store. Stay focused on success. When you own a dollar store it is important to establish sales goals for your store. as these typically represent your highest . While inferior merchandise might be available for lower cost of goods. Those who own a dollar store will be challenged to reduce costs for as long as they own their store.

#5) Never allow the quality of customer service to diminish. To your dollar store start up success! Learn how you can Start your own Dollar Store Business . This starts with the shopping atmosphere you create. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. . #4) Keep your shoppers happy. Then recognize and reward those who put their training to work for your business. afraid of making mistakes or have had a bad business experience in the past. When you own a dollar store make customer service the number one focus for every person working in your store. They will return more frequently. They will spend more while visiting.16 spending categories. Bob Hamilton 5 Key Internet Business Start Up Secrets Do not let your online business dreams and aspirations die just because you are uncertain of where to start. In fact the costs associated with merchandise will always be your best opportunity to really impact cost for your store. author. Next enters carrying the exact products your shoppers need and want. business consultant and trainer. Finally comes providing outstanding customer service to each and every person entering your store. That will keep them coming back to your store. writer. Make sure to provide solid orientation and basic training regarding good customer service practices.

Well if you are throwing a few ideas around in your mind or haven't actually come up with a decent concept. 3. . Market research carried out in the early stages of the business could have saved many entrepreneurs a lot of time and money flogging a dead horse of a business that never stood a chance of success. Target Market Having a great idea is one thing but if there is a limited market for your product or service it's going to be tough going trying to turn a buck. finding an appropriately descriptive. knowledge and guidelines to lay a firm foundation upon which to build a solid and sustainable online enterprise. a good idea is to start with a subject that you are very knowledgeable with or have a love of. catchy and memorable name is not that easy and a bad one can doom your business to failure and anonymity. however. Naming your Internet Business What's in a name? A lot you might answer. Finding the 'Perfect' Internet Business Idea Many online entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business will have already thought of and conceptualized their business idea but are struggling with making it a reality for one or other reason.17 The 5 start up internet business tips you'll find below will give you the confidence. Obviously the above have to have some marketable value if you intend making money out of your chosen niche. 2. 1.

remember that failing to plan is akin to planning to fail. ensure that your business has adequate funding not only for growth but also for investment in essential technology that may be required to keep you ahead of your competitors.you absolutely need to reduce the plan you have in your head to writing . 4. . Therefore.18 You need to spend some time researching this as. Often growth exerts huge strain on a business' cash flow and in some cases can bring about the downfall of a good business. don't forget to include a financial aspect to it to ensure that it is based on profitability and can therefore. Funding Your Online Venture Don't let your business falter because it's under funded. To this end.. Well. strategy and plan. 5. that's not good enough . your chosen name needs to be available both as a domain name as well as a company name with the appropriate registrars. Whilst you could use a template on which to develop your vision.because putting your plan down on paper not only helps stimulate your thought process it also provides a basis upon which to measure your business' performance. whilst it should be descriptive. A Business Plan Boring! I have it all worked out in my head you say. be used to measure future performance. a cash flow budget should always be an important part of any successful business' arsenal. It's important to get the best and most appropriate name available as this could impact on the marketability of your business further down the road.. Why?.

is a successful businessman and entrepreneur exploring legitimate and lucrative internet opportunities and innovative ways to make money online Mark Bellinger 7 Tips for Home Business Start-up Success 1) Prepare a realistic business plan.19 Whilst there are many other aspects that go into developing a successful business. a university graduate. 2) Your business plan should encompass the financial considerations of starting your small or home based business:Do you have the capital required? Do you need to raise additional funds? . how you can set up your own profitable Internet Business for as little as $0. the above list of internet business startup tips and secrets are key to the success of your internet business and should be exploited to maximize its profitability and longevity. Think of this as your business road map. Define exactly where you want to get to with your business and then you can effectively map out your path towards achieving your goals! By creating a detailed business plan you should cover all options and eventualities and have a clear future vision that will guide you through the rest of the start-up processes. Mark Bellinger. step by step.00 &raquo. Find out.

20 Who are you going to approach for finance? Who do you trust for advice? And don't forget to open a business bank account. Do they understand the level of commitment you will have to show for on-going and long term success? Their belief in you and continued support of you will work wonders towards your on-going success.even if you're a sole trader. And make sure you are professionally covered with the appropriate business indemnity insurances. God forbid. valued. how would your business survive. If.. 4) Get your family and friends behind you from the get-go. 3) Consider the legal implications of becoming a business owner and proprietor. protect your business. 5) Protect your family. so don't forget to look out for them too. a limited company or are you considering a partnership? Make sure you consider all the angles and protect yourself and your assets personally from the outset. Are you better off as a sole trader.... Anything you bring to the business has to be itemised. something were to happen to your health. Make sure your family and friends are fully understanding and supportive of your ideas to venture into small business startup. how would your family cope? .

when you reach them they will give you the confidence and satisfaction to set new goals and to continue building your business' success. money and heart ache in the long run. . 6) Face those 'taxing' questions from the start. 7) Prepare realistic and achievable goals and targets for your first year.21 Consider insurances . From setting up your own business abroad. Your small or home based business has to consider its taxation situation. Do you need to register your business for sales tax purposes. Starting a business is a life changing undertaking and one you must be patient with.from health. Rhiannon Williamson is a publisher with specialist knowledge covering literally every single aspect of moving & living abroad. The rewards are there. Do not expect to conquer the world with your first year's business returns. offshore investment and offshore banking to international living and buying property abroad. have you informed your tax office of your business's inauguration? Do you have a good tax professional lined up to guide and assist you? The bottom line when it comes to taxation is that from the outset you need to make sure your papers and books are in order.and consider your pension and long term financial security. this will save you time. but make sure you set yourself achievable targets . critical illness and income protection insurance to life insurance .

22 Check out her site Shelter Offshore to find out how you can escape from the rat race. Cut down to part time hours if possible. however. and a realistic expectation of how to turn your ideas into action. relocate overseas. Business start up funding. doesn't need to be a costly exercise. Covering start-up costs Ideally. your introduction to the small business world lies in starting out slowly. business plans. start by operating your business on the side of your day job. and profit from your move! Rhiannon Williamson A Simple Plan For Business Start Up Funding Without Creating Debt Becoming your own boss can be a scary proposition. maxed-out credit cards and countless meetings with your accountant can leave you feeling overwhelmed . What you do need is a plan. but make sure you have a solid. In today's day and age. Starting your own business. .and prompt you to dump plans for launching your own business in the 'too hard' basket. it's not necessary to outlay a large chunk of capital or burden yourself with a new debt to get your idea off the ground. regular income to support you during the early stages. obtaining business start up funding and sinking all of your faith into your new venture. Rather than quitting your job.

you can avoid spending more than a few hundred dollars on these items. Take the pressure off. Instead. The important thing is that you're able to trade. A few other cost-saving techniques include: &bull. and then use your first month's profits to pay for an accountant to professionally set up your books. so at the top of the priority list is get the correct licences and business registrations in place. Setting up correct accounting procedures won't matter until you're making money. There are countless free templates available online. &bull. so don't spend any money here until you have to. Stapler and pens? Definitely. DIY your business cards and letterheads. banking fees.23 Your next step is to then investigate exactly how much it will cost you to get started. legal consultations. If you don't need too much space. Don't over indulge. but you can avoid having to fork over for an expensive business banking account. rather than the things that you want. Also. accountant fees and insurance. Why spend $300 a week to rent an office if you don't have to? &bull. if you're trading online. Shredder and laminator? Not yet. create a simple excel spreadsheet to monitor your costs and income in the beginning stages. basic start-up expenses can include licenses and registration costs. and you can print them yourself for literally pennies. Depending on your business idea. . If you start small. Only buy the office equipment and stationary that you really need. You'll pay a percentage of incoming payments in fees to PayPal. stationary and office expenses. direct your customers to pay via PayPal. work from home in the beginning.

you'll also need to consider virtual business expenses. and continue to nurture the valuable contacts you build along the way. so as you build more traffic.com. and to do that. As more people begin to enjoy the benefits of shopping online. comment on similar blogs. Genuine testimonials build trust. All of the above will help to solidify your online footprint and build your profile as an honest and trustworthy trader. contribute to related forums. as you will be seen to be standing by your product. and actively participate to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Get involved online For most businesses. Setting up a website can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands. and invite gardening questions on your own site. whatever that may be. so your net outlay is simply your time. This doesn't have to cost the earth. they need to trust you. it's more important than ever that you establish an honest and reliable online presence. Research for the best price. Positive feedback scores on eBay build trust. This is because you're essentially trying to persuade complete strangers to make a purchase from you. you can hook up Google AdSense on your blog. and possibly small business start up loans. for example. however. and you need to register your domain name/s and cover ongoing web hosting costs. . shop around for the best prices both online and offline. Blogs can be established and hosted for free on popular sites such as wordpress. As a bonus. If you're launching a gardening business.com and blogger. Before you buy anything. Make sure you leave your blog address as your online footprint when you sign off. Even including your full name or a photo of you somewhere on your website will encourage people to trust you. You should aim to join as may online communities and social networking websites as possible. particularly if you begin with a blog. you'll make money from visit-through on the advertisements.24 &bull.

no matter how large or small the transaction. CVA. Ask for more business Asking for referrals is an often-overlooked method of generating sales. Steven Schlagel .html . Most people can spare 30 seconds to reply to a brief email. Offer them a small discount for their return business as a reward for filling out your short survey. so at the conclusion of your transaction. training and consulting services. Visit http://www.my-small-business-mentor.25 Getting involved online costs very little in upfront cash. wealth creation. You could even offer a 'friends and family discount' to encourage their contacts to try your services. Steve understands business. but requires a solid commitment of your time and energy. and there's truly no better way to save marketing and advertising dollars than by using word-of-mouth. ask for a testimonial. and building successful and valuable enterprises. CFP and attorney with over 30 years experience providing small business owners coaching. If you simply ask for the business.my-small-business-mentor. send your customers a short email with 2-3 succinct questions about their experience with you and your business.com for more articles or to learn more about his services. you'll be surprised at the response you receive. Steve Schlagel is a CPA. When you have a satisfied customer. Sign up for our newsletter at http://www. and ask if they know anyone else who might need your product or service.com/Howto-Buy-a-Business.

or Delaware. with a par value of $0.00001 (depending on the State you are incorporating in). Venture Capitalist.26 A Tutorial on Capitalization of a Startup Corporation When you create your corporation and make it a legal entity in the principal State of Business.000.000 for tax purposes. At this point. First. giving the CTO control. Second. This level of stock does a few things for you. with the CTO being the predominate person behind the company and the CFO and CEO are past business associates of the CTO. What this means is to create a number of shares (stock) in the company and give it a "par value" (which may be no par value). etc. Nevada. at start up at 10. 10. with no other shares . CFO and CTO (three people). The CTO takes 20% of the total value of the company. Let's break down a new company startup : The company is being created and started by a CEO. it gives you a somewhat large pool of stock to work with in issuing stock to key players.000 shares.000. and in getting Friends/Family and Angel Investors involved.0001 valuates your company at a net worth of $1.000 shares at a par value of $0. You are taxed based on this value until you start making revenue. one of the requirements is to Capitalize your company to give it value. We recommend that you Capitalize your company. and with time. which is 2.0001 or $0.000.000 shares. CTO wants controlling interest in the company and the other two both want equal shares to each other. it allows for realistic prices per share growth as each new person comes on board and buys stock.

The DAY you close the last part of that money.000. giving you 5.000.00/share to . You now go to your friends.000.000. You now have 1.000 in Friends/Family and Angel money to get the Proof of Concept completed and to get ready to for your first (and if you listen to us. the CTO owns 100% controlling interest in the company. Angels and offer them shares at a dollar per share. (Another 10% of the company. The CEO and CFO each get 750. start up cash put into opening the company for business.000. you have taken the value of the company from $1. Let us say that will be $5. These shares can be issued on the basis of work done to date. and the release of IP to the company.27 being issued yet. You have 50% of the company Capitalization that is allocated. taking the total allocated position to 50% of the Capitalization of the company.000. and 35% is actually issued.000 shares put aside for you Friends/Family/Angel's. you begin courting your Venture Capitalist for what you feel will take you to cash positive revenue. You sell 1. Your goal is to give away no more than 20% of the company for that $5. last) Venture Capital Round that will take you to revenue and positive cash flow. We have now allocated 40% of the Capitalization of the company to be issued. 500. with 45% (plus what ever stock you have issued to new employees since you raised the Angel Funding) being issued.2% controlling interest in the company.000 (2.) It is felt by your Executive Team that you need to raise $1. pocket.000.500.000 shares and have your money to get the product developed and proved. At this point. the CTO now owns 57.5% of the company Capitalization each).000 shares are put aside for bringing in new employees.000 (or 7. If you are able to do that.000 shares).000 shares available for you to barter with the Venture Capitalist. family.

77% control of the company CEO = 750.000 shares/20% of the Capitalization of the company or 30. assuming that they have a good relationship with the Friends.54% control of the company Friends/Family/Angels = 1. Venture Capitalist = 2. Remember. assuming no shares are issued to any other employees at this time: CTO = 2.000.50/share.000.000.000 shares/7. (This of course assumes that what they want to do isn't against the best welfare of the company and stock holders and the stock holders agree with them.77% control of the company Often the concern of the Founder (CTO in this case) is that they will not have "ownership" of the company. the 1. you should be able to get them down below the 50% level. but several peoples hands.) .000 shares/20% of the Capitalization of the company or 30. Let us say you get them to invest the $5. and leaving room for future sales if need be.000 shares/10% of the Capitalization of the company or 15. The ownership of the company is as follows.000 shares/7. making your initial investors happy. Family and Executive Staff.000. In that you are coming to them from a position of power (you still have money in the bank.54% control of the company CFO = 750.39% control of the company. they have control of the controlling interest in the company by pooling the shares of those loyal to them. and it looks like it here.000.000 shares in the Friends/Family/Angel round is typically not in one person's hands.000 at 20% (2.000 for 51% of the company or more. their stock went up in value already. and are able to work on the product).5% of the Capitalization of the company or 11.5% of the Capitalization of the company or 11.28 $2. In fact though.000 shares).000. The Venture Capital is probably going to come to you offering you $5.000.

http://www.000 (and you still have about $2. Good Venture Capitalist will be looking at total Capitalization and not "outstanding shares" for their percentage of the company.html His company also consults start up companies on business plan development and start up strategies. potentially at $4. but base their offerings based on "outstanding shares" versus Capitalization of the company.tdbellenterprises.tdbellenterprises.000 shares left over to raise capital with. giving equal rights to all shares. and reducing the amount of share that go out for each round. Information on his fund can be found at http://www.000 in the "bank") and you are going to need another round of Venture Capital.000. This also assumes that only Common Stock will be issued in the company. which is what we recommend.000.5 plus per share.The Best Internet Marketing Start-up Business The first consideration when you are starting your own internet business is to decide what business or industry you want to be in. Are you the sort of person who wants to have the store .com Don Bell Affiliate Marketing . again making everyone happy. Many companies do not follow this plan.29 If your calculations were off mid way through the spending of the $5. you have 3.com/fund. Don is a Venture Capitalist with over 15 years of successfully funding early stage Ventures.500.

. Merchants bear the costs of processing all of the payments for their programs and all communications with the customer. This is often a complex and time-consuming part of the sales process that you are spared as an affiliate marketer. the merchant bears the cost of storage and shipping.Affiliate marketing programs will often have the pay system already set up to accept credit cards. Low ongoing costs .30 front or are you the sort that wants to sit at your place and work in your pajamas? The best thing about starting up in affiliate marketing on the internet is that you can work in your pajamas if you want to. pay pal and other forms of payment available. Affiliate programs are usually free to join. No need for a merchant account . Free domain names . if you choose to sell a physical product. teach you how to sell their products and often give you sales material to sell it.Starting up you can always shop around for some free domain names to get started. If you join a forum like Wealthy Affiliate University who host your domain name for free you can keep your costs even lower. if you have a desk. word processing software and an internet connection you are up and running.Affiliate marketing requires minimal resources. Your role is to specify in which form you would like to be paid. sell proven to be successful products. It couldn't get much easier than that. a computer. Customers want immediate gratification.Generally affiliate marketing businesses deal in information products. Here are the more concrete reasons why affiliate marketing is the best internet business to start: Low start up costs . Affiliate products can be easily downloadable and instantly available. Also.

31 Thousands of choices . Affiliate Marketing is an exceptionally good way to get started making money on the .OnlineBusiness-Achiever. this can be one of the most confusing aspects of getting started online. With some help from affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate you learn as you earn.As an internet newbie. Take your time to shop for an affiliate product that you like and feel comfortable endorsing. None of that is necessary with affiliate marketing.com/blog Continue to learn and keep up to date and stay ahead of your competitors by visiting her site today for your free resources http://www.Low Cost Start-up Affiliate Marketers are independent commission salesmen who help market other peoples' products. Technical glitches can often be what prevents success online as people will give up rather than work out the problem. Affiliate programs are the best way to get started because they allow an ease of entry into the internet marketing industry without too many headaches.com/blog Tania Halpin Affiliate Marketing Strategies . No need to deal with HTML code and web site development .Online-Business-Achiever. Visit my site today to start learning and earning. Good affiliate programs will provide fantastic support tools to help you to succeed.The amount of online products available is astronomical. Tania Halpin encourages you to take action towards developing your own internet marketing business at http://www.

You can promote your products by article-writing (submitting your articles for publication is free). . You don't need to get set up to accept credit cards. the list goes on and on. Just sign up and get your affiliate link. solicit testimonials. 40 to 50% is common. Let's focus on the low start-up cost aspect. so that the promotion.. You are free to choose and promote those products that sell and drop those that don't. Commissions for information products run higher. You have very little risk. Affiliate marketers can do well... or do any of the many things necessary to set up a good a sales page that converts well. pay-per-visit.. What exactly do we mean by low start-up cost? Becoming an affiliate. This is all done by the product vendor. This means you are not dependent on the success (or failure) of your own product.32 Internet. once again. placing ads. by the vendor. All you need to do is get prospects to visit on your links! You do not have to hire copy writers to generate the text. Almost all affiliate programs are free to join. All of this is done. Anyone who visits on that link and buys will generate a commission for you! You do not need a website. There are many no-cost and low costs ways to promote and sell your products. only your time and cost to promote. Practically nowhere else is there such a high ratio of low start-up cost to high income potential! And the market is huge! Practically every vendor of information products (products that can be downloaded. sale and delivery is made online) depends on affiliates to bring in sales. You spend nothing on product development. You have no "back-end" cost of product delivery and customer support. handle customer complaints or any of those time-consuming and costly details. That's all done for you by the vendor. building a list and sending out e-mails.

Learning affiliate marketing strategies and techniques would be an excellent place to start. working in affiliate marketing will teach you a great deal about how to select the best products to develop and how to sell them once you have them developed. you should consider Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing you can start to earn money right away.33 Furthermore... text for e-mail promotions. see: Learning to be a Super Affiliate Marketer Jorge Chavez is an experienced. Even if you eventually want to sell your own products. For a free 12-part e-course on Affiliate Marketing. pay-per-visit ads. Try a Business Cash Advance . for placing classified ads and many other sales aids are usually provided free of charge for the affiliates to use. If you are really serious about wanting to be your own boss.com Jorge Chavez After You Start Up. banner ads. To learn more about Affiliate Marketing. while you learn about sales and marketing. most vendors supply sales aids for their affiliates to use. independent Internet entrepreneur at http://netincome123. visit: Free Course in Affiliate Marketing To learn more about Affiliate Marketing and various approaches to it. just follow the links below. Sample sales letters.

but looking back on all of the trouble you went through attempting to secure start-up funds. Now. The business cash advance can provide all of the things that you want from a business financing method. acquiring the funds for your start-up was difficult. Expedited Services Small business owners who choose to finance their businesses with a business cash advance can have their applications approved in 48 hours and they can have their accounts funded in as little as seven business days after approval. when it comes to the business financing process. it's time to take the next step . .expansion. But you have to admit. You realize that you'll need some extra cash to finance your expansion. without forcing you to endure the things that you don't want to. and you may have even felt like giving up at one point or another. You don't want to gather extensive personal financial documentation from years past. you don't want to be unsure of what is to come and you don't want to wait longer than you feel is necessary to get the funds you need. Since you've already done everything it takes to secure business funds one time. Most lenders also offer borrowers the opportunity to renew their funds about every three months. However. Fast forward .you opened your business's doors and it is doing steady sales. you do want expedited service. you know exactly what you want and what you don't want.34 Owning a business has always been a dream of yours and you've always been willing to do any and everything it takes to turn that dream into a reality. you're wary of going the bank loan route again and you're looking to find an acceptable alternative. Renewals are usually processed and funded in 24 hours. minimal requirements and easily accessible funds.

Gaston Castro Applying For a Business Startup Grant Getting the Money You Need Fast . as well. For some. Usually. writes articles about Business Cash Advances for Merchant Resources International. To qualify for a business cash advance. small business owners who meet these requirements are eligible to receive $5. and those credit card sales must reach at least $5. Gaston C. The merchant must have owned the business for at least six months.35 Minimal Requirements The requirements for business cash advance eligibility are much simpler than most other methods of business financing.000 in business funds.000 to $500. Easily Accessible Funds The expedited service and minimal requirements of the business cash advance make it very easily accessible for most small business owners.000 each month. This innovative alternative is perfect for the small business owner who has gone the bank loan route and is looking for a new way to get business cash. one must own a business that processes daily credit card sales. it may seem that traditional methods of business financing are becoming more difficult to come across.

access the Business Startup Grant and potentially get your first check in as little as 7 days. First you need a well thought out plan. and by investing business startup grant money in your venture. the best employees and the best clientele. To begin. That's why business startup grant is made available to entrepreneurs.. your business is dead. you still need financing. have no credit or collateral. You could have the best product in the world. but even then you could be short a lot of cash. Because these grants are not only provided by your local government. That could mean more jobs. To the government. but also many private foundations across the country. It's in the country's best interest to see you succeed.36 Are you thinking about making the move from employee to entrepreneur. Once you find the funds available. The first step to applying for business startup grant money is to search an up-to-date database of available funding. but without cashflow. You might have to source products or find valuable employers. access to a complete and current database is an essential tool to the new business owner. simply follow the steps to quickly get the cash you need in the shortest amount of time. Regardless if this is your first business. . That's the number one reason businesses fail. venture capitalists and angels. There are small business loans available. shortage of cash. and then you need to figure out how quickly you can turn a profit.000 in grant money that never has to be paid back. there could be a real win-win scenario. but need cash? A business startup grant can quickly provide you with government funding to help finance your new business. and attracting more businesses to your local community. you could be eligible to receive as much as $50. more competition.. Starting a business is by no means easy work. Once that is all said and done. that all means more tax revenue to them.

However. No matter how promising your well thought out business plan may appear to be on paper. A majority of banks and credit unions will require some form of collateral as a condition of financing.37 =>> Available Grant Sources See how to obtain free government money to pay off credit card debt. In many cases. or they may charge additional interest in lieu of material security deposits. the government will award low interest cash loans directly to the qualified applicants. go back to school or even buy your new home. a government business loan will most likely be a much more attractive option when investigating investment options. David Sklonic Applying For Government Business Loans For Your Start-Up Those who plan to embark upon new business ventures and are in the process of pooling financial resources are urged to call upon the US government for assistance. it is not always as easy to convince lenders of your capabilities. The start up costs and overhead expenses alone can be financially exhausting to any new businessperson struggling to get up and running. This method of financing . and how much hope and faith you may have in your potential success. or small business grant may be exactly the preliminary financial boost that you need to get your plan into action. and the government is willing to help. should you choose to look to the United States government for financial assistance. A government business loan.

govfunds.info/personal-grants-for-individuals] and see how much money you qualify to receive today. a whole lot easier. the government may not be so willing to hand over the money. or willing to allow you the government business loan that you need out of their funds. they are still willing to assist you in acquiring it. The government sometimes will back the loan of a promising business proposition up to one hundred percent. A simple procedure to create a simple business is ultimately the way it works. ->> Get Government Funding [http://www. that if you become unable to repay your loan. In instances where the applicant is embarking on a much larger and expensive endeavor. The government is willing to help American citizens much more than most people realize. they will be willing to guarantee an outside lender. and not having to provide any form of collateral. eliminating the middle man and enabling a direct payment plan between Uncle Sam and the new business owner or proprietor. What this means is that even though the United States government may not be able. and stresses. So look to the US government when embarking on any new business ventures. they will back you. Get governement business loans [http://www.govfunds.38 is generally practiced among the small to moderate sized establishments who request small business loans. before signing your life away to high interest lenders. support American economy. Particularly those who show promise to succeed in the business community because they provide jobs to community members.info/personal-grants-for-individuals] . A government business loan can make your start up costs. For establishments and corporations that require exorbitant amounts of start up funding. the government is often willing to provide government secured bank loans. creating the opportunity for the borrow to achieve the very lowest interest fees possible. Access the government grant and loan database. and increase tax revenue. but.

most companies will require applicants to have a modern computer. required software installed and a high-speed Internet connection. Clutter takes up valuable office space and is a fire hazard.39 Sarah Beckham At Home Job Start-Up Costs . Before any kind of resume can be submitted to a company. While it may cost more to invest in a laptop with battery. firewall. undisturbed location and is free from clutter. anti-virus. especially with local. This includes having the right home office or business equipment. shrinking job markets. generator. Depending on the type of job applying to. you will need to make sure your home offices are properly equipped and conform to company requirements. and pre-employment costs. this could mean the difference . battery-operated light or other job-related disaster supplies. training and education. Quiet office areas are also a requirement for many at home jobs including: customer service professionals. At home job costs also include preparing for a disaster.What to Expect Virtual or online employment is becoming increasingly popular. many at-home jobs and businesses require start-up costs. If looking to work at home. companies are able to foster a global economy and see well-qualified candidates from all over the world. English language tutors and client-contact positions. Due to the Internet. make sure your home office is in a quiet. After technical home office requirements have been met. medical transcriptionists. alternate Internet connection.

This will show your dedication to the job and allow for any last-minute replacements or coverage areas. At the very least. it is imperative to contact your supervisor or try to trade shifts with a fellow coworker. if experiencing an illness or family crisis.homebusiness. right? . Always prepare for the worst. Dustin Heath recommends that you visit http://www. and make sure your home office is capable of handling any natural disasters. Just as with natural disasters or losses of power. All of the tasks are falling into place one after the other. After all. Additionally.Complete Money Making Site Setup FREE! Dustin Heath Be Selective About Tasks Left Undone During Your Dollar Store Start Up So you are in the middle of a dollar store start up. especially in a coveted position where there are many job applications and few positions. you should have a cell phone to telephone their company if any emergency should occur.us to learn how you can start your own home-based business earning multiple streams of income with a Plug-In Profit Site . it is showing the company that you are a responsible employee who cares about his or her job and the welfare of the company. there will be time later.40 between losing or keeping an at home job. In an attempt to move forward and meet your planned opening date you may have decided to leave some tasks hanging incomplete until your store is open and operating. But there is still so much work left to do that you are beginning to wonder if you will meet your planned grand opening date.

completing all store sales area improvements and many other tasks must be done. Failing to complete an early task in the process can result in not being able to properly complete tasks that come later in the process. Make sure your receiving area and stock room are prepared to support your business. Understand the exact consequences of every task and what delay will mean in the short term and in the long term for your business. Then as display fixtures arrive they can be installed in their proper location. An entire store's worth of merchandise.41 Wrong. equipment and supplies will be flowing through this area before you even conduct your grand opening event. Be very careful in your choices for delaying tasks. You also create a poor impression on shoppers if there aren't displays and fixtures for the merchandise in-stock for the grand opening. It is important to know which tasks are critical to the start up your business and which can be delayed. Those who know how to open a dollar store know just how important it is to complete the layout for your dollar store early in the process. There are many other critical tasks that simply cannot be delayed. Be selective in the tasks you leave incomplete. Recruiting. failing to order all merchandise required for your dollar store start up can result in an almost empty appearance. You risk losing sales during the grand opening event. For those who don't know how to open a dollar store mistakes can be made. Do not leave the installation of store fixtures and equipment to be handled later. which is the last thing you want during your grand opening event. In other cases tasks build one on the next. There will be even more critical tasks to perform each day following your dollar store start up. You also risk losing shoppers who don't return for a second visit. . Those who know how to open a dollar store know the truth. For example. interviewing and training new employees. As a result your receiving and stock room areas must be ready. You will be busier than ever once your store is open and operating. This can be a difficult task. requiring lots of room to work if delayed until later.

42 To your success as you discover how to open a dollar store! Find out how you can open your own dollar store business . business consultant and trainer. Either option has its pros and . and so many. to find a missing person. author. you will take on any cases that you want. and many other issues are making the careers of private investigator's very lucrative. and rising infidelity. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. the career of private investigation has become very popular.to uncover bank or credit card fraud. When you work for yourself. you will be assigned cases as they come in and according to your specialized niche. Identity theft. many more reasons. privacy policies. The Concept If you want to become a private investigator. to catch cheating spouses. Bob Hamilton Become a Private Investigator In today's day and age of technology. If you are considering entering this field. writer. you are doing so at an excellent time as the market is huge and in high demand for more private investigators. People hire private investigators for a myriad of reasons . You can choose to either work for yourself or through a licensed private investigations company. and with an organized agency. you more than likely are very aware of what the job entails. online fraud. to reunite with an estranged relative.

If you want to become a private investigator. and any additional surveillance or investigative software or equipment that you will need to do your job. as this will often be the first place prospective clients look. however.43 cons. Be sure to include your licensing information and any specializations in your advertising when you market. as many of your clients will be concerned about anonymity. Training will also be an invaluable investment and costs will vary from agency to agency. You may choose alternative means of marketing or advertising. as you will not get any better training than from the experts that have been there and done that. but these are excellent ways to begin your marketing plan. How to Market It Marketing your business will be very easy as when people are looking for a private investigator. being licensed will give you credibility with your clients and is a wise investment. The training and licensing will take a little bit of time. Today may just well be the most exciting time to start this fascinating career! . Startup Costs Licensing and training will be your largest start up costs. but specific job training will take you a long way in your career. and however you choose to go will depend on what you want out of your career. any additional costs will be regulated according to whether you work for yourself or for an agency. office operation costs. and if you are working for yourself. they often look directly to advertising. Agencies generally do not have additional costs. so you will want to check regulations before you obtain a costly license. but hanging up your own shingle will require rent. Establishing a website with email contact is also a great way to market yourself. Not all states require a license. Advertise in the Yellow Pages will be an excellent start. but in the end. your hard work will pay off. Outside of that. operation costs will also be involved. it is very easy to do so. Look for academies or programs developed from PI's themselves.

you have to know what you need to purchase. Actual costs will be determined by things such as the fees associated with starting a business in your area and the office equipment and supplies you already own and don't need to buy.Calculate the Startup Costs For a Wedding Planning Business Do you want to start a wedding planning business but are not sure how much money you would need to get stared? To calculate your costs. Business Insurance Talk to an insurance broker or agent to find out how much it will cost you to get liability insurance for your business.44 Mommy Empire is dedicated to helping moms succeed with their work at home business . Be sure to check us out on the Web for more internet business ideas and other home business topics! Lisa Paredes Become a Top Wedding Planner . Administrative Costs Bank Fees You will incur a monthly fee for a business checking account and you will need to purchase checks. Here is a list of the expenses you might incur. Business License .

printer stand or table. Check with your County Clerk's office to find out the rates. Technology Computer . If you operate out of your home. Office Space and Furniture Space Office space can be leased space in a commercial building or you can just work out of your home.45 Check with your local government offices to find out the cost of a license for running a business in your area. you may be able to get away with less furniture if you also have some closet space with shelving. chair. you will need a desk. you won't have to pay rent and you may be able to get some tax write-offs. there may be some additional fees you will need to pay to your city government. Professional Services You will need to speak to an accountant or attorney to decide on the best entity for your business. Check with your accountant for information. Furniture Whether your office is in your home or a leased space. If you decide to have a home office when you first start your business. Business Name Registration County government offices charge a fee for registering your business name. They can tell you about additional fees if you decide to incorporate or form an LLC. filing cabinets and shelves. as many people do. For your home.

Printer You will want to be able to print documents and perhaps some marketing material. Dropped calls will make it frustrating for people to do business with you. You may also want to get bookkeeping software. most wedding planners use Microsoft Office. You need to be able to keep client information private and you don't want the possibility of someone accidently erasing your documents.46 You will need a computer that you can dedicate to your business. Many people use cell phones but the reception is not always reliable. Check the cost of replacing ink cartridges before you invest in a printer. If you intend to create or update your website. There are both laser and ink jet printers available. you will need a web design program. An inexpensive printer may have very expensive cartridges. and create a spreadsheet. Internet Service High speed Internet access from the phone company or a cable company is best since you will be researching venues and vendors on the web and want to be able to do it quickly. keep a calendar. get voice mail for your line and record a professional business greeting for people to hear when you are away. Software Purchase software that allows you to write documents. Cell Phone . Phone Line with Voice Mail It is best to have a land based phone line dedicated to your business. There is also special software for wedding and event planners to use when planning events. such as QuickBooks. Also.

You will also need a web hosting company. And now I would like to invite you to learn more about becoming a top wedding planner by claiming your Free Instant Access to my Special Report "7 Steps to Becoming a Top Wedding . you will need to hire designers and printers. or design your cards yourself. Again. Marketing Material Some wedding planners also invest in printed brochures and other marketing material. If you do. and a printing company which can be found in your local area or on the Internet. An alternative might be a printer that is also a scanner and has the ability to fax documents. Fax Machine Contracts need signatures and are typically faxed between vendors and clients so it is helpful to have an actual fax machine. You will need to pay for the services of a web designer. You will want professional looking cards so stay away from the ones that you print yourself on your computer. unless you can design a professional-looking site. Marketing Website You must have a presence on the web. Business Cards You will need to hire a designer. stay away from doing them yourself at home unless you have the talent and equipment to make them look professionally done.47 Get a cell phone for access when you are out of the office working on weddings.

With the growing number of successful women and minorities in the business world. Government grant funds for small businesses can provide the cash needed to start or expand a business. without having to worry about paying the money back. Sharon Hill visit Business Grants For Women . Business grants for women can be used to: . there are other organizations and resources that should not be overlooked.48 Planner" when you http://www. As a result. By accessing a grant database that includes grants provided by private foundations.HowToBecomeaTopWeddingPlanner. there may be more opportunities and less competition when it comes to requesting and obtaining some of these grant funds. there also is a growing number of special interest groups who want to help these individuals succeed.Free Money For Start Up and Expansion Women entrepreneurs who are having a hard timing finding the money they need for their business start up can turn to business grants for women to help them finance their new venture.com . While business grants for women are commonly provided by local government agencies. women business owners and those whoa are making the transition to business owners can access millions of dollars that many people overlook.

=>> Get Government Grants Austin Warty Business Start Up Basics In the HBS Digest.49 *Help start a home business *Provide money to hire employees *Make a down payment on real estate *Purchase new equipment and furniture With the various business grants for women that are available. remember you want to do this in a years' time so for now let's break your goals down into things to . you need to define your short term goals. We took a couple of steps a month and by the end of the year we had our grand opening for our business. First. you need to make up a plan and then pick out a couple of things to accomplish each month. That is what is allowing more and more people to launch their business successfully while lowering their financial risk. Second. Get the financing you need by obtaining a cash grant that never has to be paid back. individuals can uncover the cash they need to take their business to the next level. Apply for business grants for women to help you quickly get the money you need for your start-up or expansion. they never have to be paid back. As long as the funds are used appropriately. Just bey searching a current database. however. In this article we will discuss nine succinct steps to put you on the path to success with your own business start up. there is money for virtually everything. Yes long term goals are important too. we discussed getting a business up and running.

vacation. be sure to reward yourself with something you like to do. I want to lose 80 lbs in 4 months. Dieters are very familiar with this type of sabotage! Instead. you name it. So be sure you use this visualization technique to picture yourself at the end of the year. Third. which will eventually lead tofailure. Also. For many weight watchers they pick out a piece of clothing they want to fit into. whatever makes you happy. which is certainly not something you need. Not going to happen. this is a very powerful tool for people who quit smoking and those who are trying to lose weight. Remember. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and going strong is to visualize what your life will be like once your business is up and running. Whatever is important to you. Shopping. car. Why? Because you make them look bad. To picture yourself in the future with a new home. you will overwhelm yourself. Picture yourself in your dream office. e. with yourself at the helm. as we discussed when setting up our mock business. making a difference. hiking. But YOU have to WORK at it! Next is to be sure that you surround yourself with support. movies. Make it a part of your life. Family is only good as a support system if they are in favor of what you are trying to do. It is very important that you reinforce to yourself on a daily basis what you are trying to do. or a special present for themselves with all themoney they saved. making money. Again. It is also very powerful for long term goals also. take days off. be sure to reward yourself. and they have negative karma.g. A great analogy here is losing weight. and most important is to write your goals down on 3 x 5 cards and place them prominently where you will see them every day.50 do each week and by the end of each month. make decisions without . our motto. So many people set themselves up for failure bysetting unrealistic weight goals. and I don't mean family. however. "YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN". you must be sure that your goals are realistic. For many of us who run our own business it is FREEDOM to come and go as we please. If you take on too many things to do each month. etc. when you accomplish your goals for the month. Remember. We have found over the years that most family members will try to talk you out of it. and get help and support from people who are working towards the same goals as you are. So be sure you don't do the same with your business. Or smokers will reward themselves with a trip. go to on-line forums/boards which concentrate on new business start ups.

energy and motivation to do a couple of things each month. I don't have enough time. Educate yourself. read.com for the latest FREE tips and tricks. If you do. Step number eight is "NO EXCUSES". So be sure you keep doing the fun things you like. Which is why we suggest getting on boards and forums. so why am I even bothering to try. ask for help! Go buy some educational materials on the subject. This is too much work. When you feel you can't do it. but just another thing on your "To Do" list.51 goingthrough channels. There is no reason why you can't find time. doing this is sometimes hard and you will need someone to push you. keep up to date with what is going on in your business. and that is not going to keep you motivated towards success. It just becomes another job to you. I don't have the money. pat on the back. read. To do business with whom we want and don't do business with those we don't want to. No time to visit the . and need some encouragement. The list goes on and on. educational products and coaching in creative real estate investing and home based businesses. Also. You certainly deserve KUDOS from all! Copyright 2004 DeFiore Enterprises Interested in having your own successful. but do something. Last but not least is finally realizing your dream. and read some more. home based creative real estate investing business? Chuck and Sue have been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 19 years. It won't work for me. Or for yourself and your family. There should be no excuses made. getting the business up and running is no longer fun and exciting. Give yourself a big hug. This is to make a better life for yourself. None of the following excuses and any others you come up with are allowed: I am tired. and this is something Chuck and I have emphasized on too many occasions to count. If there is something you don't know how to do. Also. visit http://www. and whatever else you have decided on when you got to the end of the road. and we can help you too! To see how. be sure that just because you are trying to get a business up and running you don't forego doing the other things you love. This is not going to work. So for every excuse you come up with do your visualization and keep that dream strong. Not having someone to answer to! Yes.homebusinesssolutions. take a class. get on the boards and ask for help.

I'd like to share a few personal tips that can take you out of the rut.Do it Right the First Time Business start up ideas that you can do online can be a number of things. it's like having your own personal coach: mailto:subscribeHBS@homebusinesssolutions. not all information you get is exactly accurate. But there are only a chosen few who can really say that they're earning a considerable amount of income doing it full time.52 site? Subscribe to our "how to" Home Business Solutions Digest. If you're one of those. The rest. So before embarking on that dream online job . an internet connection. However.com Sue And Chuck DeFiore Business Start Up Ideas . webmaster. eBay power seller. virtual assistant. SEO specialist. You can be a writer. a nominal startup capital. Doing it right the first time can greatly influence your chances for success or failure. blogger. artist. a freelance entrepreneur. All you need is a pc or mac. shall we say are just running around in circles trying desperately to find that magic wand and the next big thing that will catapult them to super star status. Entrepreneur home businesses have flourished these past couple of years due to the fact that it is very easy to set up one in your own home or garage. programmer. purchase a few e-books or CDs that teach you about internet marketing and you're good to go. etc. designer.

You can beg. know your market and competition. First. you can then proceed to the next factor. .53 journey. Executing the right strategies the first time when implementing your ideas into profit can spell the difference between success and failure. Profitable ideas that are close to your passion are just the essentials of starting a business online. Second is Traffic. If you do this right. Last is conversion. After choosing the right keywords to use. While we're on the subject of traffic. here are several factors you might need to consider before plunging in head on. use PPC (pay per visit) to send traffic to your site. Use Web 2. And to the more tech savvy. It's best to know a thing or two about writing good copy. Find the right keyword(s) to use in targeting your niche market (a hungry crowd) for your product or service. This is your last chance to make a difference between getting a sale or not. Also make sure that there only a few competitors doing the same. You can beg other high ranking sites in your niche and ask to post an original article that you made and have it published to their site with a link back to yours.0 like Squidoo or HubPages to help you borrow quality back links to your site like. borrow or pay for traffic. learning and applying SEO to your site can greatly enhance organic search from Google. What's the use of finding a niche market. Just ask the site owner nicely and have an original and worthy article ready. There are several places you can do keyword research online but try starting with Google's AdWord external keyword tool. otherwise you'll end up wondering why you're not making anything at all. sending traffic to your site would be your next objective. sending traffic but not getting enough conversion that translates into profit? Learn to use the right copy that will lead your visitors to visit on your product or service.

They have low interest rates and carry flexible conditions .For Good Business Start Up Business is a dream of many people but fulfilling it is definitely not possible for everyone.54 Find more internet marketing ideas to help you in your online marketing journey at http://www. Secured business start up loans can be procured by placing your valuable asset as security. For those who want to start up business of their own but lack sufficient finances they can rely on business start up loans. Business start up loans can be easily entailed for meeting various business obligations such as: o Construction of office building o Buying raw material o Asset purchase o Tools and equipment o Hiring personnel These business loans can be acquired in secured and unsecured form.50000-&pound.4000000 depending on the value of asset.pilecentral.com/ Romy Sacro Business Start Up Loans . You can easily get required financial support to kick start your business. Lack of adequate finances definitely acts a big huddle that might not allow you to fulfill this dream. You can offer your property or real estate as security. The repayment term is longer and varies from 5-25 years. A higher loan amount can be raised which varies from &pound.

The loan application must have the type and size of business that you are planning to start with the loan amount required to initiate it. late payments. To grab these loans quickly and conveniently you must have a business plan with you. His articles provide you useful knowledge to find the right financial product at the right price. You can borrow anything that you can repay back conveniently. What matters is actually your capital investment.100000. defaults. CCJs. Your bad credit will no more be a reason for distress now. Shaun Smith has been associated with Business Start up Loans.55 On the contrary if you can not provide collateral then applying for unsecured business start up loans would be a great option. IVA. business loans and start up business loans . The loan amount is small varying from &pound.The Finances When you're just starting. Bad credit will not be a hurdle as anyone can apply for these loans. especially if you start out as with residential cleaning services doesn't really require much capital as . how to run a cleaning business is not as much of a concern to you nor are cleaning business opportunities. Shaun C Smith Business Start-Up .25000&pound. The house cleaning business. Those holding bad credit records such as arrears. The term of repayment varies from 1-10 years. Please visit here for more information on business start up loans . bankruptcy and missed payments can easily apply.

credit unions.but not all loans are approved. So treat it as you would treat a child that you value and love so much. the point still remains that no matter how small it may be. credit card companies. which includes loans. A cleaning business is simply like any other businesses out there. there are actually two types of financing: equity financing and debt financing. It needs your care. This is the kind of debt wherein you pay interest in order to finance the original amount that you borrowed. doesn't entail you to borrow money. on the other hand. area of expertise. and so on.56 compared to if you're going to offer commercial services. In order to avail of this. For certain. it needs your attention. This kind of financing involves you. but you will still need a capital investment for your business. Equity Financing Equity financing. You can avail of this kind of financing through banks. and basing everything on that. and it needs your support. even suppliers. the owner. Debt financing includes you and the money lender having an agreement on the terms of payment . Thus. and also opens more cleaning business opportunities with that person's skills. that portion of the business' capital is provided by a partner or a stockholder of the business.how much to pay every due date. Instead. and pool of prospective clients. lending companies. to borrow money. debt financing means applying for a loan . So it is not only the finance that a partner helps you out with. Now when it comes to the financing of your business. a lease. Having a partner takes care of the portion of the capital. the financial institution first asks to see your house cleaning business plan. it is also with other aspects on how to run a cleaning business. only the bankable ones. and the likes. and every when is your due date. However. they will decide if you are a good investment for them or not. that kind of dedication would make . Debt Financing Debt financing is the most common type of financing when it comes to starting a new business. a line of credit.

Ensure adequate finances to outfit manually and start promoting prior to taking the plunge. never ever stain your business' name or credibility .com Janice Fowler Business Start-Up Tips Freedom from dominating bosses and the likeliness to make one's own resolutions is one of the lures to jumpstart a business. But remember. Know more about Janice and her work at http://www. Prior to marching with any business plan. yet very few achieve success in commercial management. Janice is an expert in cleaning services. It is better to set aside adequate funds to gratify certain personal and family chores during the preliminary start-up tenure .cleaningbusinessstarterkit. Her experiences have given her insights to share to those who want to get into the business of servicing people's houses and establishments. Do not anticipate making huge money in the primary stages of any commerce.57 your business grow and rise to success.pay well. it is vital for all the budding entrepreneurs to gaze closely and ask themselves certain crucial business related concerns. even if it is only a home business. and it is up to the person to exert the efforts to make it work. Start-up capital and back-up funds: Money makes money. As fascinating as it appears. She believes that everyone deserves to learn.

a person operating a business carries. Hence. If entrepreneurs admire what they are doing. as there are plenty of hazards involved in a commercial venture. Conversely. as their emotional and morale back-up and apprehension are of great use to propel the commerce to new heights. Enthusiasm: . Endless Desire: The employee works for someone else. A person lacking self-moving factor may find it difficult to launch any commerce. However. and at the end of the day. then they may not hesitate to put in those extra and stretchy working hours. Self-moving is the key factor that distinguishes an employee from an entrepreneur. Yet again. can often get out of the office forgetting the job hassles and can just unwind at home. which ends in working for stretching hours than a usual employee. Further. Discuss with other analogous tradespersons and explore how long it took them to become a workable businessperson. colleagues. loads of accountabilities. there is no "wrong" or "right" here. and if their commerce is financially gratifying them. instead it is merely a question of looking profoundly into the endurance and confident factor. may surely thrive in a business venture. administrating commerce and possessing many responsibilities both personally and professionally may turn out very hectic. See if the family is ready to support or not before starting a business. a person who is capable to deem of a concept and can execute it successfully without prodding from someone else.58 of any business. it is vital for family members. and friends to share the same point of views.

because a standard business is that wherein entrepreneur possesses some prior knowledge regarding that commerce." Jon Elton Business Startup . just like any other business startup . However.net] website to help other investors with their stock decisions. as there are many benefits in terms of job security. He also operates a Home Based Business earn money online site to help entrepreneurs gain experience and wealth.Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise Many people who want to go into a business consider whether buying a business franchise is the right choice for them. if a person possesses the qualities of a good entrepreneur with a solid back up by sufficient proficiency and funds along with great morale back up from family and associates. One important thing is that.59 Individuals who are not enthusiastic concerning their enterprises may find it difficult to get the required motivation and force to attain success. Select an interested commerce plan or commotion. a franchise . Jon Elton owns and operates a Best Penny Stocks Picks [http://thequarry. reliable income and ideal working hours. there is nothing wrong with being an employee and working for some other firm. Alternatively. then initiating a business may be the finest thing that an individual can ever think.

there are several disadvantages too. Franchises are built on the concept that the consumer must have a uniform experience no matter which location they go to. and yet. training. the product offerings. policies. your return on investment is much faster. There are undeniably distinct advantages of buying a franchise business opportunity.60 business has its advantages and disadvantages and you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before you take such an important decision about your life and profession and step into a franchise business. for first-time business owners it is the safest option to choose. Though franchising is a comparatively new business concept. Are you a good manager? . To earn a lot of money you will have to become a multi-unit owner. Moreover. monetary success follows only after years of patience and hard work. a franchise environment will stifle you as there will be no room for your creativity and ideas. Therefore. If you are a highly creative person. In fact. It offers instant brand awareness as you are associated with a recognized brand and your franchisor will offer you organizational and technical support. Are you okay with hard work? Franchising is not a get-rich-quick scheme. it enjoys a greater success rate than conventional independent businesses. and operations and the overall consumer experience need to be predefined and uniform across all franchisee outlets. and that will take you a considerable amount of time. Before you consider a franchise business ask yourself some simple questions to see if you are really suited for a franchisee business. Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Can you adhere to set rules and regulations? Franchising is all about following set rules and procedures which are well defined by your franchisor. For most franchisees. and a network of other franchisees and associations committed to supporting franchisees.

. Therefore. You should now consider all the advantages and disadvantages of a franchise business before you make your decision about going into a franchisee business. with the idea of managing a labour force which will largely comprise of blue-collar workers? Do you have the background. training. Proven system: A franchise system is an established and tested system for operating the business and making profits.61 How compatible are you. then maybe a franchise opportunity is the right choice for you. the probability for success is much higher due to the established support system. Better Staff Recruitment: A franchise business with a renowned name will have more recruiting pull compared to an unknown business enterprise. Brand Name: The more established franchises offer an existing market awareness & brand name to franchisees. Lower Inventory Prices: The collective buying power of a franchise group permits lower costs while purchasing inventory and equipment. Customers become loyal to a particular franchise brand and therefore increase the business for franchise owners in all locations. Buying a franchise offers the benefit that entrepreneurs do not have to start from a scratch and that they can take advantage of the available resources and established systems. Support: Small business owners usually have very little support or business acumen for managing a business. Benefits of Buying a Franchise There are several benefits of getting into a franchisee business. or temperament for it? If your answer to all the above questions is yes.

Cost factor: Buying a high-end brand name franchise is often beyond the means of many potential buyers. their governments have ensured policies related to . purchasing a franchise is a better option than starting a traditional business. Experience: The experience of the franchising greatly benefits the franchisee by helping them evade common mistakes and by providing them with proven systems of business operation. Less Freedom: Franchisees have to share all financial information and adhere to uniform operating procedures. In the light of the facts. Drawbacks of a Franchise Business While there are several benefits of getting into a franchisee business. there are many disadvantages as well. Moreover. For many. one can conclude that buying a franchise option works best for businessmen who can work well in a team environment and have limited business and industry background.62 Training and Support: Franchisors provide training programs at new franchise outlets. Royalty Payments: Each year franchisees have to make royalty payments in return for the assistance in operations and advertising. Broken Promises: Some franchisers may not deliver the kind of support that was promised earlier. Limited resources: Some franchisers may not offer all the required resources for the success of your business. Countries with a thriving retail sector like Singapore and Hong Kong provide many opportunities for Franchisee startups. Discuss the level of support with other franchisees before making your decision. They are also involved in the promotion of the new outlets.

So investing in a business startup offers a golden opportunity for venture capitalists (VC's) and bankers. refer to Singapore company registration and Hong Kong company registration guides. simply because the entity is a startup . It is also often the case that these companies are owned by people who have been working as senior executives themselves. and so have adequate experience in running a show. Roger Lee is a Singapore-based freelance writer who writes on a wide range of topics on doing business in various jurisdictions. In the first phase they come in when the new business just has an idea . or comes out with a new way of doing something old. regulations and taxation that promotes the growth of entrepreneurship and therefore starting a new enterprise is simpler and faster in these countries. These companies are typically research driven and bring out something new that has a big demand.Why You Must Get It Right A business startup is a risk but it always provides a new opportunity too. It has been seen often that startups companies that have their domain as 'new technology' comes out with huge returns. there are many who think twice before doing so. But sadly. Roger J Lee Business Startup .63 laws. For more information on topics discussed in this article. Business Startup and VC Venture capitalists usually come in at two stages.

Or it can be a new transport or a travel company where the new entrepreneurs think that they have adequate knowledge and experience and can sustain on their own. financing is always a problem. For a new business. Business Startup . It can be a restaurant or a boutique shop where a previous employee or a group of them come out and open their own business. Business Startup and Failures When it works it looks really great. So this is one reason new entrepreneurs should constantly worry about. If you have . In such a case the business startup needs the additional funding because it now needs to spread its wings and grow. 'failures are the pillars of success'. Their example is inspiring others to come out and open their own startup ventures. and so if the VC is happy with the prospect of the new business proposal and what it has the potential to achieve.64 and nothing much. But that is no reason why they should not open business startups. the maximum number of them being in the Silicon Valley in California. After all. But in technology and the Internet it has been seen that the number of startups are usually much more. Startups' failing is one reason why the dotcom bubble burst at the end of the last century. then it can finance the business startup . the failure rate of business startups is much higher.Where Do We Come Across The Most? The truth is. In fact according to statistics. But often it doesn't and this is what worries most people and makes them stay where they are and not go in for it themselves. business startups can be found almost everywhere. In the next phase in which the VC comes in is where the startup already has been in business for a few years and has a few Case Studies and Testimonials to show. Some of these business startups have been hugely successful and today have become big businesses themselves. Many of these companies have gone public and today have a large customer base with clients from across the world. And today IT startups are to be seen everywhere.

In fact. owning their own business is the only possible outcome--they simply refuse to work for someone else. James Copper http://www. then it is more likely that you will be successful. as the economy worsened. and even more so in today's economy. from the comfort and status of their prestigious corporate jobs. They might have snubbed their noses at it before. . but now that they are unemployed with no remaining severance package.65 the confidence and have a practical plan. this group should be considered the Core Entrepreneur. They have a certain passion and fire in their belly that propels them forward. they have become more enthusiastic about going out on their own and starting a business. In good economic times or bad. a new class emerged of "reluctant" Entrepreneurs who have been forced to conclude that they now want to own their own business. they work 80 hours per week to avoid a 40-hour per work job. and as the social "contract" with large corporations disappeared.marketinglinx.com business startup James Copper is a writer for where you can find out about Business Startup Success . Interestingly.Why Do So Many New Businesses Fail? There's certainly no shortage of people wanting to start their own business. and for them. as the saying goes. There have always been a certain group of people that wanted to "go out on their own" and be their own boss.

and the caption: "Belief fuels passion. but these same Entrepreneurs didn't last long in business. One of my favorite sayings is that "Just because you want to be an Entrepreneur doesn't free you from the laws of business. All impressive beliefs. they simply cannot fail. Let me be very clear-passion is a wonderful human emotion: it drives us. it's more than awesome. So what does make a business successful. and it doesn't mean the business will succeed. It's funny (not in a laughing sort of way). Take it from me--someone who has "been there and done that"--just because you want to be an Entrepreneur and start your own business doesn't mean you should. or a ship at sea.66 Well guess what? Starting a new business is awesome! In fact. Many of them have a framed print on their wall that usually depicts some inspiring image like a bald eagle. passion." You are subject to the same laws of supply and demand. it does not guarantee success. . but I've met so many would-be or aspiring Entrepreneurs who believe that because they are so passionate about what they want to do. and passion rarely fails. and why do so many businesses fail in the first 12 months of existence? While there certainly isn't one magical thing that you can do to guarantee that your business will succeed. They believe they can overcome any obstacle through the shear strength of their will." Well guess what? Passion does fail. but in and of itself. and enthusiasm to their endeavors. It could be considered one of the great adventures of a lifetime. then there are certain rules that must be obeyed. I've met many Entrepreneurs who bring the most incredible energy. and fuels us. But just because it's awesome doesn't mean it's easy. as the big companies. there are many things you could do (or not do) to virtually ensure your business will fail. of economics and pricing. and if you do. It can be a great catalyst or enabler of business success. Perhaps a part of the American Dream. and has been the cause of many great accomplishments throughout history. etc. But passion DOES NOT make a business successful.

and this short article can't address them all. The Entrepreneur Training Company. just identifying these 3 steps is enough to get them to change their thinking and get them heading in the right direction. the strategic foundation I'm talking about here should happen BEFORE the business plan. this work needs to be done FIRST. So many Entrepreneurs get an exciting idea in their head. invites you to . or foundation. and they immediately start executing against this idea. And while I believe business plans are critically important. Others may need a bit more help and guidance. and I'll write more about each specific step later. For some. most Entrepreneurs do not have a written (let along well thought out) business plan. that it must be a great idea. specifically for the Target Customer? Testing the idea as a concept with the Target Customer to determine viability of the idea. but the bottom line is that these steps form the foundation of a strategic framework from which a successful business can be developed that can minimize the risks of failure. to evaluate the idea within an established framework that determines: Who is the Target Customer for this idea? What problem is being solved and what unmet need is being addressed by this idea. They conclude that because they like their idea. and that everyone will like it and pay for it. Of course that are many other steps to do. Master Entrepreneur and Owner of Why Go West. In other words. But they are skipping the most critical strategic steps in the process--steps that are tried and true and established as the best practices of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. Sadly. And that is.67 The number one thing you can do to ensure that your business has a chance to succeed is to start with a solid strategic framework. About the Author John Tree. Many would-be Entrepreneurs believe that I'm talking about a business plan.

available at http://www. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.68 download their free eBook on The Top 5 Ways to Fail-Proof Your Business. Download our free eBook today and begin to Change Your Thinking. Lets look at how.whygowest. John Tree Business Startup Success Stories . online or offline. many people are opening home based businesses and creating amazing results. John Tree http://www. complicated business plan to present to banks so you can get a loan? Do you need to present the plan to tons of investors and give up shares and control of the energy and work you commit? Possibly you have to have a lot of property and equipment and a lot of employees to manage who produce your products? Or you need to negotiate with many vendors and the stress linked with paying them on time? .entrepreneurtrainingcompany.com Copyright 2009.How to Write Your Own With a Simple System Business startup success stories abound! Particularly in this economy.com John says: "You need to create and execute winning strategies for your business. What do you require to start a business? Do you need a giant. and Beat the Odds! " Regards. no matter what business you're in.

You need a mindset focused on providing exceptional value to others and you need to start and keep going until you make it.I started my initial corporation that way. She sold many books that night and even collected email addresses of her customers to place them on the mailing list for the announcement of her upcoming book. We live in the best country the world has seen. The writer got the story from her own personal experiences.com ! It was so inspiring to watch this girl selling hundreds of books to admiring adults who couldn't hand her cash quickly enough. Many have died trying to get here with the aim of creating the life of their dreams. It is a children's story regarding the challenges a young schoolgirl faces when she moves to a new community where she doesn't know anyone. Here's the catch . Creating your own business startup success story is easy and can be accomplished from the comfort of your home office in your extra time. Ever! The United States of America is beyond doubt the Land of Opportunity. How did this young young person generate a business startup success story from her own home? She followed a few important steps: .she is ELEVEN years old! Don't believe me? Check out her website at http://www. You just require inspiration and an idea.69 Do you actually yearn for all those headaches? No? Great! You really don't need any of those things. My local newspaper recently wrote a story about a book signing to be held one evening. The novelist is local and she was selling autographed copies of her first published book. It is a remarkable book.peanutbutterpatty.S? Anyone with a passion for business success can start a home based business and be successful. I should know . Did you know immigrants are FOUR times more likely to become millionaires than those born in the U. Here is a great example.

etc. Before you attempt your own business startup success story and head into a nightmare of frustration and failure.000. advertising. Formulate an idea around your strengths and develop a plan to deliver as much value to as many people as you possibly can. The average cost of a franchise is $20. you might want to take a look at what it is going to take to achieve success. websites.000 and that isn't counting additions like marketing.000-30. To accelerate your success. . Jeff Sheiner Can Low Start-Up Business Costs Exist? A low-ball figure for starting up a new business is $5. what is stopping you? Imagine the talents and gifts you have to offer others.70 * She had an inspiration and developed a strategy to turn that inspiraton into reality * She sought the help of a mentor * She obtained technical skills in others that she does not have (publishing. learn from an adviser who has realized what you plan to achieve. A talented coach will help you prevent common mistakes and serve as an accountability partner to keep you on target. personnel costs.) * She took ACTION daily and she didn't give up! If a young school girl can produce a business startup success story. Visit Jeff Sheiner's Financial Freedom Guide now and learn the simple process to success by marketing your business online and generating leads and customers for FREE.

but you gain opportunities to take FAM or familiarization trips. and you're up and running immediately. flowers/gifts. But one of the coolest things about the site is that. even a year or more. they'll give you a free cruise to you and a partner! You have a plethora of options. Would you like to know how to start a business with a solid track record. This money gives you a website on which you can buy and sell almost anything for cash back and commissions. earn commissions. If they fill out information to get a quote. you and others can shop at 700 retail stores online. I earn a bit on airline flights. Then it can take months.71 etc. On top of that. and less money? I was recently laid off a job of 14 years and I have a feeling some of you might have had a similar experience. you can receive a check. even if your contact doesn't buy the insurance. The site sells everything from cars. I can introduce you to a bona fide opportunity to own your own business for about $1. The site also offers what they call Great Escapes which are reduced fare trips for agents. Not only that. friends. Or folks can sign up on your site to buy online from the 700 retailers. car rentals and such. You can immediately sell travel off your site for profit as a referring travel agent. As an agent. and services such as insurance. . tours. Let's say all you want to do for a while is offer family and friends an opportunity to find insurance for less. but the biggest money is in selling things like cruises. and write it all off your taxes. on top of all that. And if you sell so many cabins on a group cruise. good earning potential. you will not only earn commission but you can qualify to go for free. hotels. to event tickets. you can travel like a pro. And here's a little secret: if you take some classes with Princess Cruise Line. and acquaintances to book travel on your user-friendly site and you earn money every time they book a trip. just to get a storefront up and begin building a small clientele. it is a professional travel site. and adventure packages.000 for the first year. You can invite family. These are reduced-cost trips companies offer travel agents in hopes that the agents may recommend that trip to others.

I place magnetic signs on my car. Personally. The author.com Debra Fortosis site is: Career Change. Exactly how do I do it? I tell friends.Coach Yourself to a Successful Transition . I've bought totally into the travel business. Especially in this economy. and acquaintances about it. She will even help individuals set up their own travel business for a tiny fraction of what might be expected. is a travel agent. and I'm selling lots of travel. She owns a travel business named MnD Getaways and she loves helping people book travel.com Contact her: mndgetaways@comcast.72 They earn cash back on every purchase.mndgetaways. Almost everyone would love owning their own business without a nasty boss breathing down their necks. and you earn commissions. Debra Fortosis.babyboomertravelwhiz.net One group she caters to is baby boomers. And I'm loving what I do. Book travel at: http://www. Relocation and Business Start-Up . I leave leaflets and brochures in prominent places. There are lots of methods I have found effective. relatives. I will be doing self-prepared seminars for the retired. jobs are scarce and good jobs are even scarcer. Her baby boomer travel http://www.

3. rather than what you want to leave. 2. You can't prevent all surprises. but you can make contingency plans and create safety nets. or any other move? Most people standing at the crossroads will ask. Sometimes the results bring surprising rewards. "Will I be happy?" But if you remember the old Doris Day song. 5. starting a new business.73 Are you considering a career change. When you analyze what you want. begin to explore strategies to regain your power before you begin your move. city and business. "Whatever will be" may not be the answer you're looking for. "Am I moving to or moving from?" We've all been tempted to take a big leap and just leave whatever we'd like to escape. When you feel you have few or no options. "Did I choose to make this move or am I being pressured?" When you feel in control. You move for a company . relocation. "Does my happiness depend on another person or organization?" You move to be closer to your grandchildren .and they're all grown up. "What choices will be open to me three years after I make the move?" Will you have more opportunities than you do now or will you feel trapped? . Many chose the most rural areas of the county. 1. retirement. If you have an urban soul. you won't be happy in a small rural town (even if the cost of living is low).and your job disappears due to a policy change. 4. you are most likely to be happy after you make a move. assuming they would find nirvana when they've left city life behind. you can coach yourself so you can anticipate how much you will benefit from a major life change. And many were miserable because they did not take time to analyze what they really wanted. There are no simple guidelines. But with these 5 questions. you can make more effective decisions about your next career. "Can I still be me?" I used to live in a town where many residents had moved specifically for retirement.

Ph. Ph. your marketing plan is one of the most . Immediate access from http://www. You'll be different. 10 Secrets of Mastering a Major Mid-Life Change. But the odds are something will change in three to five years. And now I invite you to download my free report. Your professional field will be different. and many of these people will fail. The plan should include your mission statement and your vision of the future. Starting a carpet cleaning business is one such venture that can quench the entrepreneurial thirst in many. Starting a carpet cleaning business can be as easy as following these simple tips. Carpet Cleaning Business Start-Up Starting your own business can be a rewarding experience. And you'll probably be ready to make another move.74 There is no way to predict what will happen. Many individuals attempt to enter the business world every year. Cathy Goodwin. The first thing you need to do when starting any business is to write a business plan. for those with the passion and determination to succeed.com From Cathy Goodwin.D. Finally. This will include things like your balance sheet. you will need to include your financial statements and break even analysis. the experience can be a thrill ride that creates a solid income and an investment for the future. The vision will guide you in your future business decisions and make sure you keep on track to meet your goals.D. However. Next.midlifecareerstrategy. Your workplace will be different. whether you turn left or right at the fork in the road.

Many people do not think of the sale of their business until unfortunate circumstances force the matter. the cost to start up will be lower and you will enjoy more freedom in your decisions. These are just a few of the basic steps involved in a carpet cleaning business start-up .75 important pieces of your business plan. Successful cleaners start by dominating a niche market. One you have your business plan written it is time to determine if you would like to be a franchise of an independent cleaner. Determine the best ways to get in front of your ideal customer. It is easier to be an expert in one small area rather than spreading yourself thinly over many different markets. however. Also. This section will help you to determine how to reach your customers. In addition. or any number of segments. Franchises will cost more to open and operate. however. you will receive training in all aspects of the business. It could be commercial carpet cleaning. As an independent you will have to learn everything on your own. Once you determine your first niche you can further hone your marketing plan. another often overlooked aspect of business is the exit strategy. There is any number of marketing ideas for specific segments. In other words. Next. For high end residential customers you could offer one free room of cleaning to try your service out. you should always be preparing for your eventual carpet cleaning business sale . high rise apartments. If it is commercial accounts then you could send letters introducing yourself and offer a free. Jeff Klingworth . Find a market that is underserved in your area and become an expert. then moving on to another. the type of carpet cleaning business software you choose to utilize can have a great effect on the success of your business. The important thing is to try out several ideas on a small scale before launching a large campaign. no obligation quote or blanket the businesses in your area with postcards every two months. you will determine a niche. Both have there good and bad points.

In bigger companies. For this reason. considering that marketing is absent and the public does not know anything about the product being sold. It is the tool. which will make your product closer to your customers. . For this reason. budget for marketing will depend on the success of the initial operation of one's startup business. that would probably the marketing part. and at the same time. publicity is very important that companies gave more budgets in promoting their goods. Marketing is your bridge between your customers and your product. it is always a disadvantage in your part as you are just starting to establish your business and you do not have that enough budget to fund your publicity. which is more of a gamble than gaining. One hindsight decision about startup business is that most businesspersons failed to consider marketing in their capital portfolios. your customers will be closer to your product. For this reason. in startup business. However.76 Cheaper Ways to Market Your Startup Business If there is one task that you should not be ignoring for your startup business. The main reason for this is that exposing their product to public awareness will pay off in the form of higher sales. most startup business ignores the marketing aspect of their business and instead resorts to that desperate move of settling and waiting until their customers will come to them. it is more risky to put this kind of business which does not have the chances of gaining.

) Price Gimmicks Another way of marketing your product is to sell your product at the introductory price. they will be motivated to refer some customers for you. which most startup business is facing. In this way. it will really pay off considering the number of customers who will be referred by them. In return.) Informational Material The other cheaper way to sell your product is to circulate some free informational materials. For this reason. you should be treasuring it for quite some time. In this way. they will be getting more on more of them without. it is always wise to connect with these people. they will feel satisfied with it and feel their worth for you. it is not always the cost that hinders startup business to market their product. you will have the advantage of helping your customer. which will be loyal to you.) Internet Marketing If you want to target the global market for your product. In reality. It is the lack of knowledge on some creative ways to make marketing with startup business not only effective but also cheaper as well. it is very easy to do so. . you have a customer.77 1. With millions of people being hooked in the Internet. With the advent of search marketing like in Goggle. which can only be bridged through the Internet 4. you can slowly adjust your price until you arrived at your targeted market price. For startup business. you will have to make some sacrifices in your profit in its initial operation. In this way. Making your product known is one of the Herculean tasks. Which means. In this way. you can pay less with your marketing. While it might cost you a lot when having the reward. You need to give them rewards like in every customer they can get. nevertheless.) Referral Rewards A cheaper way to establish your customer base is the referral rewards. which might help them know something about your product and how it can help them in their lives. you have already established your market awareness without spending too much on publicity 3. 2. customers are usually rare and once you will get one. Once people will get used to your product.

78 Article From: Eric Taylor You may use this article as long as my author info and website info stays. If you are to be successful then you will also need top notch information on business marketing and management and how they relate specifically to the child care industry. That is why I highly recommend that you purchase some of the great child care business startup guides that are available on . http://goodstartmemberships. Let's examine some of the information sources that are open to you as well as some of the factors that you should consider before buying these products. Limited time offer. One great way to fully inform yourself is to buy some of the great child care business guides startup kits and e-books that are on the market.com/ Eric E Taylor Child Care Center Books. For more info visit the website below. How would you like to be able to fast track your way to the mindset of an experienced child care center owner? It would be awesome to be able to shorten the learning curve and to get some guidance and advice from those who know what they are talking about. Business Guides and Startup Kits Before you take the plunge and start up your own child care center it is important to know if the business is right for you.

even though they have no first hand experience in the business. The really great thing about buying a business startup kit online is that they usually come with a variety of free resources. While it may be nice to have a bookshelf full of books it is now becoming more popular for entrepreneurs to have a hard drive full of e-books.79 the market. e-book or guide to purchase for your business you should take one thing into account. Others realize that they can make a little money by sharing their knowledge. It is much better to read the perspectives of people who have actually been in the business themselves. In addition to an e-book. When deciding on which book. agreements and even sample business plans. These products have usually been prepared by those with experience in the child care business and they are designed to guide you to success. If they don't do it then there will be numerous others who are willing to share daycare business secrets with others via the Internet and make money while they do it. Some books or products have been put together by writers who have carried out research and interviews and published a book. Digital products like e-books and special reports are now often the most up to date and easily accessible source of information on a given topic. buyers usually also get business letters. Why would somebody who has been successful in the child care business want to pass on their knowledge to a complete stranger? Some have moved into other fields or they have retired and enjoy sharing the industry wisdom that they have built up over the years. Refunds are not so easy with paper books and you . child care center forms. It is great if you can buy some real books on the daycare business specifically as well as on business management and marketing in general. One other advantage of purchasing digital information on the Internet is that you are often entitled to get a refund if you feel that the product failed to live up to its promises and you want your money back.

One thing I have learned regarding choosing a business name for your company is. it is best pick a name you can grow with. For more information on the daycare business and some of the great guide books and startup kits that are available to get you going in the right direction visit StartaDaycareService. Two better . The name you choose will determine how you are perceived in your particular market place. The name I'm referring to is the name you choose to give to your start-up business. if you choose Brown & Sons Plumbing and say later on your sons want nothing to do with plumbing but your daughter Becky loves the idea of working with her dear old Dad.80 have the added hassle of shipping them back to the supplier if you really want to push for a refund. You would most likely have to change your name to please your daughter and also to not confuse your customers. Jump from the dreaming phase into the research stage today and start working on your business plan. For example.com Sienna Brown Choosing a Name For Your Start-Up Business What's in a name? Quite a great deal when you think about it. Start planning your child care center startup today by buying and downloading an e-book or startup kit.

south. Make it a memorable one that your potential customers won't soon forget. etc. it happens often. Contact me today. If you have named your business Harv's Southside Window Cleaners and you move to the north side of town you would have to change your name so as not to cause confusion with potential customers. The end result is reaching your target audience and you gaining more customers.coaching line http://eastlakethemarketingspot. Have fun with choosing your business name. letterheads. 916. doing so conveys uniqueness. Goes without saying your thinking? Not always.com Donna Cephas Cleaning Business Advice and Information .main line 916. east or west part of town. Another scenario is naming your business based on where your address is located. You can also look into making your business name trademark registered.81 choices for a name would be Brown's Plumbing or Brown's Waterworks. Such as: north.wordpress.548. folks still put their cart before their horse.6328 . A name that describes what your business does or playing on words as well as being a bit clever is a good thing.730.4542 . If you are planning on having a web site or blog using your business name make sure you secure it before you create any cards. brochures. EastLake Marketing Group creates marketing solutions online and offline.

cleaning methods and the industry in general. even just from a casual conversation. Equipment suppliers may offer you advice and information on the local industry. Learn from Experienced Operators The best way to learn about the cleaning business is to get some first-hand advice from experienced cleaning business operators. even if just for a few months will also give you a chance to observe how things are done in an established operation. Look Online The Internet is a good place to start searching for cleaning business information but it can take a lot of time to search through and find some of the better resources that are available. Talk to People You can also try talking to other people that may be able to give you an insight into the business. Most forums have members who are helpful and will happily answer your questions if you post a polite request. Forums such as CleaningTalk. It is unlikely that they will tell you all their secrets but if you can get close enough to them you may be surprised what you may learn. Below we mention a few good sources of cleaning business advice and information.82 To be successful in cleaning it is important that you do some thorough research before deciding on the direction that you want to proceed in. Working for a cleaning business. If you get a chance to talk to some people who have used the services of a cleaning company then they may also have some interesting things to tell you. They will be years ahead of you in terms of their knowledge on the local market.com are a good place to network with other entrepreneurs who are already in business as cleaners or looking to start up new businesses. There are many sources of information available and it makes good sense to look into all of them to make sure that you are fully informed before you put your startup capital on the line. .

Conferences and Trade Shows There are also a number of cleaning industry conferences and trade shows held annually throughout the US and they are usually worth attending. Some of these guides also come with business plan samples and common cleaning business forms and templates that you are able to customize and use. Get your cleaning business off to the best possible start by making sure that you have accessed all the information available to you.83 There is also a variety of cleaning business guides and startup kits available online that are reasonably priced and able to be downloaded immediately. By being fully informed you will know how to run your business well. Books There is also a good number of cleaning business startup books that have been published by experts and these are available from some of the larger online book sellers. . Industry Publications Due to the size of the cleaning industry in the US it is able to support a number of monthly publications. Subscribing to one of these monthly magazines can ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments in the industry. In these courses they share their experiences and secrets to help newcomers to the business get started off in the right direction. how to become profitable and how to avoid the mistakes that others have made. Look for those that have been written be experienced cleaning service operators rather than just researchers or writers who compile information without having first hand experience. By reading online forums and industry publications you will be able to stay up to date with these events. These products are usually put together by cleaning business owners who have been highly successful.

Meeting the demands of your company is indeed crucial and you need to live up to this! You need to take this decision with utmost case and make sure that you do justice with it. you need to work hard and be dedicated to make this come true. Your profession demands patience and make sure you have this virtue in you. why not take look at the needed information. you need to know a couple of things related to it. To make this turn into a reality you can go in for a variety of options starting from industry trade magazines to ebooks. To be more specific. you need to buy these tools from janitorial cleaning ... after you have stepped into this business. Apart from these.. But then going in for a cleaning business startup is not an overnight's affair. you need to also take into consideration a couple of other necessary factors that helps in a cleaning business start up. After you have obtained information about these tools. You may go in for an online search so as to obtain the latest details about the cleaning equipments.Starting a Cleaning Business Steven Sutherland Cleaning Business Startup Secrets Hello folks....84 To learn more about cleaning business flyers and some of the other ways that you can promote your cleaning service check out the startup guides that we review at .wanna go in for some cleaning business startup secrets? If that's the case then this article may help you to a certain extent. Here we go.isn't it so? So. You need to keep yourself up to date on the latest equipments as well as tools related to cleaning.

Clients appreciate dedication and punctuality. Now that you have read this piece of information. why stay behind while other walk off with a lucrative business. houses. to name a few. you too can do the same. You can face tough challenge from different cleaning companies. You are sure to reap the benefits of your hard work if you carry out your job consistently. industrial. So friends. You need to also carry out an adequate research work so as to get an idea about what your competitors are charging from clients. Each of these purposes has their own set of requirements and frames.85 services. By going in for a cleaning business start up you can reap benefits like discounted rates or may be other such benefits. hence you need to showcase these merits to your customers. The greatest advantage of going in for the updated tools is that they lead to quality result. Need a Business Startup Secrets ? Discover the easy clientgetting method for your janitorial business and plan your janitorial service business plan to perfection. you need to also decide which sort of business you plan to start off with like full time cleaners. Make BIG money in your own janitorial business using my quick start janitorial . You can save yourself from paying taxes by going in for a cleaning business start up. You may be asked to perform anything that the client wants to and that too within a specified deadline. Flexibility is yet another prerequisite that an individual needs to showcase on his part. hence make sure you work on the ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd. 24/7 offices. I guess the cleaning business start up ideas is crystal clear in your mind. Have patience and be confident and I am sure you'll succeed.

It is almost certainly in your interests to have something strong and durable.StartYourCleaningBusiness. The other thing you can want to consider when it comes to coffee cup design is whether or not to put a logo on your cups. You might pay a little more for these durable coffee cup designs up front but in the long run they will pay for themselves in re-use and durability. sturdy and long lasting. One is the fact these cups will survive both washing and handling by your customers much better.86 cleaning business client-getting formula http://www. as well as the obvious one of cost. for two reasons. It is nice to have that feel of something solid. Some companies also offer cups which can be used for both cappuccino and latte. is the look and feel of the cups. another saving.com Jared D.What Should You Be Looking For in Your Coffee Shop Start Up? If you are looking at coffee cup designs and plan to open a coffee shop. Ingram now at: Coffee Cup Designs . what should you be thinking about? There are a number of factors to throw in. This . By far and away the most important though. something that takes you out of the feeling you have every time you make some instant coffee in your kitchen. The second is the fact are the coffee cup designs are all part of the coffee shop experience.

If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop this guide offers top quality insider advice on money saving tips.87 will help with brand identity and it also opens up the possibility of being able to sell cups at your shop as a profitable little sideline. furniture and fixtures. They don't know exactly how long it will be until profits start rolling in. or even speak with existing dollar store owners for ideas. as these will be useful free advertising when your customers heads out into the big wide world. consult with a dollar store expert. coffee cup designs and much more! Rupert C Trubshaw Control Your Dollar Store Start Up Cost Many who are thinking about the idea of becoming a dollar retailer are concerned about dollar store start up cost. so choose carefully. Often locating gently used can . Fortunately there are many great methods for gaining this information. especially when they know the dollar/discount business world. Coffee cup designs are definitely a big part of the feel of things if you are opening a coffee shop. Of course having an accountant and attorney on your side also helps. One of the strategies for reducing the start up costs for your new business is associated with buying used rather than new equipment. It's certainly worth making sure you have logos on your takeaway paper or plastic cups. They don't know exactly how much it will take to get their store opened and operating. You can read books. And of course there are concerns if some major expense is forgotten along the way.

To your dollar store start up success! Are you interested in starting a dollar store ? Visit http://www. Gently used cash registers. Don't forget to look for used hand baskets and shopping carts as well. I will also provide some ideas about lowering the investment in dollar store merchandise for your start up. and followthrough to locate the best deals. or relocating. The list is long. In this article I will examine some examples of equipment to consider purchasing used. Here are some great cost saving ideas to consider: · Used fixtures and counters.88 significantly reduce the investment in these items.com for more information. Then follow-up and see if there might be a great buy just waiting. Then continue by examining general supplier sales. pallet jacks. · Used store equipment. But don't forget to include the shelving in your backroom. and sorting equipment for the merchandise receiving area. Cut dollar store merchandise costs right from the start. Finally attend one or two industry trade show and take advantage of the event special pricing on merchandise. While you may be lucky enough to find an ad for the perfect store fixtures and display counters. POS system and even your telephones should be a consideration. Look to liquidators. Establish realistic plans and funding for those plans. and other tables. closeout companies and overstock companies. Look for announcements of stores going out of business. Bob Hamilton . Then go to work on the dollar store start up costs associated with your initial product orders. hand trucks. · Used stockroom equipment.openingadollarstore. credit card machines. and ladders are a start. Your company forklift. often the best deals require more work. It takes time.

00 Marketing materials.00 As you can see the cost for starting a PDR business ranges from $2.00 Cost of training.00-$10.00 Lost income during training. TRAINING: Travel to and from school of choice. ON A SIDE NOTE: Research the snot out of training schools before you go anywhere to train.$750. $950.00 Business Registration.000. Not bad at $2. I will show you later in this article how to save thousands of dollars in tool costs at the beginning of your career. I can show you how to cut that cost even lower.00.00. Varies Lodging and expenses during training. $250.00-$300.00. as this will be one of the largest upfront costs and if you end up going to the wrong school. Your most expensive investment at the beginning will be the tools and training.500. $750. you .00 Cost of tools. you will have flushed however much you spent down the drain.89 Costs Associated With Paintless Dent Repair Startup Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a relatively cost effective business to start. $100.000. $250.00-$750. $100. ie: We have the best tools.00-$2.500.00 up to $15. PDR SCHOOLS AND TOOLS Most schools want to sell you on whatever they believe will sell you into their training session.500.

com Duane Langenfeld . tell them you do not want to purchase a toolset until you have completed training. you must choose your school based on what you can afford. http://www.000 dollars! Do it.00 each week you are with them. If you follow the instructions posted here you could save yourself 15. etc etc. Practice the thing the PDR tech showed you and you will see within a week whether or not you should follow through with PDR training. So if your deadset on training. 2-3 tools and a tapdown. You need a PDR light.com]. Save money. buy additional tools. But I was committed to becoming great at PDR. because you believe you can learn PDR. As you progress in PDR skill.intro2pdr. NOT TRUE! You will be a good PDR tech based on several variables. So they will get you to believe that it is what THEY have to offer that will make you a good PDR tech. Why spend that money until you can see your improvement. The key to saving money on tools is this: DON'T BUY THEM! You need to be sure that after you train you can genuinely see you have what it takes to learn PDR. ask him/her if you can shadow them for a week. Duane A Langenfeld [http://www.90 need two weeks hands on training. Learn that way first. what techniques taught them the quickest. The key to saving money here is find a PDR tech in your area. That's it. Tell them you will pay them $500. If you go to a school. Then ask them a ton of questions as you are out and about with them.paintless-dent-repair-info. I personally had less than 12 hours of over the shoulder instruction. the instructor is everything. how they learned. Ask them about their training. Then buy the beginners set. and did so. but the most important is you.

These naysayers believe that the current package as presented contains "hundreds of billions of dollars" in non-stimulus spending and interest payments. it does not require waiting on the government or waiting like a herd of cattle as they gawk at the hay maker throwing out a few bales of hay. So while everyone is waiting around for the government to "do something". More and more people are thinking about starting their own business..Start Your Own Business President Obama says "The time for action is now. . Then others try to "read" the economy to see what trends might be worthy of exploiting for starting a new business. insecurity in an unstable economy will either drive people to cling more diligently to what they have . Even those clinging to what they have may be clinging to a thread.91 Create Your Own Stimulus Package .. Opponents reply that "Doing something wrong quickly does not make it right". Many people will look to a hobby or some passion they possess to see if these can be developed into a full-fledged business worthy of supporting a family.or they will simply strike out on their own. And. After all." as he tries to turn our financial system around with his new stimulus package. other Americans are creating their own stimulus package.

There are thousands of opportunities such as these but some are more realistic than others. There is unlimited income potential. While these indeed are realistic opportunities. there is less pressure to "make it" fast and the business can progress in a steady fashion. or (3) professions.(1) manufacturing. Don't always fall for the get-rich-quick schemes or those that are promising something that sounds too good to be true. Services. The key to start with a bare-bones situation is to find a realistic home based business that does not require employees or inventory or any other huge start up costs. For professions. John is a certified public accountant by profession with over 25 years' experience working with small business startups. Most have been moved by either a freight broker or broker agent. you will want to have some capital to carry you until you get established. In this way. can be expensive depending upon the equipment and facilities required. He trains individuals over the telephone and Internet to become fully self-employed freight brokers or broker agents. (2) services. Author Bio: John is the sole owner and president of Atex Freight Broker Training. many require licenses that establish credibility for entering the field. But are these real? Just look out your window and count how many trucks you see moving along the interstate. Working as a freight broker or broker agent are two such opportunities that can be started right off of a kitchen table. Manufacturing is normally fraught with heavy start-up costs. Another income in the family is ideal. . Inc. the alternatives boil down to about three types of businesses .92 Regardless of which method to find sustainable selfemployment. as well.

Thomas Cut Startup Costs For Your Dollar Store Business With These Winning Tips Those who open a dollar store soon come to the realization that this is a business with costs. Fortunately there are some start-up costs that can be reduced. In this article I present 4 great tips for reducing your store start-up costs. This is especially true if you have the skills and training to handle these tasks yourself. Tip #2) Buy used store fixtures. If money is tight or you want to save on start-up costs. And then there are even more funds required to grow your dollar store business growth. Ask friends and family to donate a little time to help with painting.93 To learn more about the freight broker industry.com/ You may also view John's Broker Agent Training website at http://www.com John D. don't make the mistake of paying a start-up company thousands of dollars that could have gone toward store equipment. assembling store fixtures. However will anyone really notice a big . you may download John's free eBook "Introduction to Freight Brokering" from his website at: http://www. and stocking the shelves prior to opening. It takes start-up funds. merchandise inventory and cash reserves when you open a dollar store.atexbrokeragenttraining. It just takes focused effort and a little time to make them happen.atexbrokeragenttraining. Tip #1) Do it yourself. And of course there are cash reserves required to handle the unexpected emergency faced by most new businesses. Your dollar store business deserves the very best.

Look for companies closing down. business consultant and trainer. For example. writer. Pallet jacks and forklifts are two great examples of places to start your saving. It does mean delaying some actions until your store is open. This is an especially good tactic in today's retail business environment with so many businesses reducing their size or even closing down entirely. operating and making a profit. Once again there is the opportunity to save big time money by locating and purchasing used equipment for your dollar store business. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. This doesn't mean to use your credit and delay making payments on everything required to start your business. To your success when you open a dollar store! Learn how you can Start your own Dollar Store Business .94 difference between gondola fixtures that are brand new or those that have been lightly used for a few months by some other retailer? In most cases the answer is 'no' and it just takes a little elbow grease to make them look clean as new. or to closeout and liquidation companies for some great buys. Bob Hamilton Daycare Startup Grants . why not defer purchasing the extra cash registers you planned to add in anticipation of future growth? You can always add them as store sales require. author. Tip #3) Buy used equipment when you open a dollar store business. Tip #4) Intelligently defer start-up expenses.

You see. you can still obtain it from other state. there are vast choices. However. Here are four essential steps to follow to consider when putting up a daycare business. and private which offer grants for a variety of causes. you need to find suitable grants. If you want to put up business that concerns with education. Learn How To Start http://www. After reading them.com . no matter how mindful you are in following these basic steps. federal. this is a great choice since its reward is more than just a worth of money. A daycare startup grant is worth giving to you when you are sure that it can perform well.95 The government of the United States is yearly giving away million dollars to grant money for various endeavors: educational programs. When it's done. To start a new daycare center or expand an existing one. you need to write a good application. a daycare is an ideal venture to start with. local. one of the rich sources of daycare startup grants is the government. new business setup as well as the development of existing ones. research. John F Smith A Daycare . take time to read the application packages to know about the grants that you're applying and to ensure your application stands out.ownadaycare. Sometimes. So don't give up. First. Now. Just remember to repeat the whole process until you successful quality for daycare startup grants. it's possible that your grant will be rejected. This requires patience and hard work since it needs time. visit . Ensure to give the necessary information and make sure that you carefully specify your plans with grant funds. Just explore your horizons where to look. institution.

hopefully. There are five primary areas in which your company can stand out from the others and various decisions to make within each one. 2. and competition. smarter -. the factor that gains your venture a sufficient market share. For example. With the rapid growth of the internet.whatever the hook. 3. mobile car detailers do well because they bring their service to your car. Be creative in considering your distribution alternatives. stronger. more and more delivery options are available for many types of businesses. better. Pricing . 1. Faster. Product differentiation requires indepth knowledge of what your competitors offer and what is important to your market. developing a clear competitive strategy is an important element of the planning process. target market.96 Define Your Competitive Strategy to Help Your Business Startup Succeed Whether your startup is entering a crowded field or will stand alone (for now). The right decisions for your startup strategy must take into account all of your research on your industry. be sure that the feature you base your advantage on is one that your target market will value. saving the customer valuable time and offering an important convenience. The unique selling proposition of your product will be the central theme of your marketing message and. Product Basing your competitive advantage on product differentiation requires that your offerings feature attributes that make choosing your product a better option than any of the alternatives. but be sure to conduct research to be sure your target will value your choice. Distribution How your get your product into the hands of your customer can be a significant advantage.

especially your first one. (FYI -. Advertising If your competitive strategy is based on your advertising methods or message. be sure you include a substantial marketing budget in your startup plan.. using middleaged sports heroes to entice men to join the meal plans.. If you plan to compete on price.this is a case of the best ideas sometimes being the most obvious. Avoid going overboard with guarantees or refunds -a too lenient policy will cut into your bottom line. After years of targeting middle-class. competing on price is difficult. Had a startup competitor in that industry had the budget to try that out. 5. Customer Satisfaction Competing on the basis of satisfying your customers can be very effective in the right industries. so if there are any large competitors in your industry. be sure you can control expenses enough to turn a reasonable profit on a consistent basis. Nutri-System's newest marketing campaign revolves around men. Major corporations across the board have moved away from customer service as a priority. they may well have garnered a significant portion of the market share themselves. Commodity products (where price is the deciding factor) are not a great option for a startup . Be sure you have a clear understanding of the policies of your competitors. The volume discounts go to the biggest buyers. Pay close attention throughout your competition research to what the . and many consumers are willing to pay premium prices to be treated well.yet nobody picked up the ball and ran with it!) Conclusion As you are developing your business idea. keep your potential marketing advantages in the back of your mind. it will be tough to beat them on price. A good example of an existing company taking this tack is Nutri-System. 4. Some startups have been very successful in picking up market share by targeting different market segments for common products.97 As a startup . overweight housewives.

Second.K. Most new business fail. you will want to insure that the product has high profitability that will not be threatened by competition. Training is not only something to desire its mandatory. About the Author. is founder of LaunchX and authors a blog focused on starting a business . K.com for a free Business Readiness Assessment and get on the road to owning a business today. The LaunchX System includes step-by-step startup procedures for researching your competition and developing your competitive strategy before you start a business. MacKillop Discover These Five Essential Start Up Business Ideas There are five start up business ideas that you need to consider before you begin. Anything you can do to stand out from the crowd will be an advantage. The first idea is to have ample training on your business from experienced entrepreneurs. but the biggest differences come from meeting your target market's needs.D. MacKillop. Use the LaunchX System to jump-start your business startup . Starting from scratch is not the best way to . Third. The fourth start up business idea is to implement duplication into the business system that you use.98 others in your industry are doing within each of these factors. Visit LaunchX. Also pay attention to the priorities of your target market. you need to use proven business systems backed by an effective business plan. a serial entrepreneur with a J. from Duke University. your start up costs should be kept to a minimum. Fifth.

Be careful not to choose products that can easily be discounted by competition. High profitability is achieved by having enough margin to cover the cost of your advertising and operating expenses. . This is where most franchises fall short. You need to keep your initial costs to a minimum. Using proven business systems not only keeps your employee's on task it will serve to keep you on task as well. These start up business ideas will help you get off on the right foot. By keeping the beginning costs low and coupling that with high profitability. They will keep you on track for profit by insuring you have the support and systems you need. Using a training platform to teach your employees insures that you can keep a trained staff doing the things that bring you profit. One of the reason franchises are so successful is they enable the business owner to start with a proven model that works. This new found freedom will transform you from operator to owner.99 begin. Choosing high end products will allow you to become profitable quickly. Following your system will keep you profitable by insuring that your company is doing the tasks that bring in cash. Most franchises do this for you. Many cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the franchise. With these additional expenses it will be years before you see any profit. you will be in profit sooner. Finding products with reasonably high mark-ups is not only wanted its needed. You still have to buy/build a building and cover the cost of operation. Duplication will reduce the amount of time you have to dedicate to the business. Duplication can be achieved by linking a training platform with the business system that you are using. This can lead to a price war that will dry up your profitability. This training can be made available for both the systems that the business uses and the owner of the business. Being able to network with other business owners that are doing the same business greatly improves your chances of success.

Robert Allen popularized the phrase. an Internet home business startup is an excellent choice. Tim Bransford Expand Your Home Business Startup by Using Multiple Streams of Income In his best selling book which came out a few years ago. Let's say. First of all. Internet businesses go bankrupt frequently so you need to be prepared for this possibility. For anyone who is interested in implementing these streams.100 Tim Bransford Yorktown. then it would be disastrous for you if this business ran into financial trouble. I was a prisoner. If you are relying on only one online business for all of your income. that allowed me to have the freedom to make money using the Internet from anywhere on the planet. This article outlines why your Internet business strategy should include multiple income streams. multiple streams of income. . Go to Lead Edge Life and discover our powerful business for yourself. I discovered a system. you will be in a very vulnerable position these days if you place all of your eggs in one basket. This system implements all five of these essential start up business ideas. VA Online Marketing Expert I spent years working 80+ hours/week. created by my friend Jay. for instance. that you are selling affiliate products for a company that appears totally stable. Just keep in mind that the affiliate organization which sends you monthly cheques could at any time go out of business.

You can create these streams either by selling many products in different niches or by being involved in different programs within the same niche. Now I am not trying to paint a picture of doom and gloom. Once you are set up with multiple income streams. I am doing exactly the opposite. Getting traffic to your sites is not as hard as it used to be. you will be way more effective and productive. as a group. In this way. Internet marketers are in a better position than just about everyone else to create multiple income streams. you will be well protected against unforeseen events. each member can work on the part they enjoy the most and. then this alone should be a major warning sign for you. Once you get multiple streams of income set up with your Internet home business startup .101 When you consider the fact that many major corporations such as General Motors. Consider this: wouldn't it be better to earn $100 per month from 20 different programs than $2000 per month from a single program? This fact is particularly true in today's struggling economy. It is relatively easy to do this as blogs and websites can be created quickly and easily these days. In this day and age. Learn more about creating your own Internet home business startup at Work From Home Opportunity and sign up . The bottom line is that you need to have cheques coming in from multiple different companies. There are endless ways to add Internet income streams and here is one example. it is fairly easy to maintain. In summary. Microsoft and Google are less profitable that before. Search out other online marketers who are in your niche and group together your different expertise levels by starting a joint venture. in fact. you should definitely incorporate multiple income streams into your Internet home business start up.

For example. your hard drive was like a baby . be careful not to disable startup items necessary for windows to load. However. as your hard drive ages. Some computer users. On the startup tab. The more of these you can disable. you may have installed Adobe reader on your computer but that doesn't mean that you need it to run right after startup . maybe even yourself. it becomes more sluggish. . check out John Baril's online training blog at: Online Marketing Promotion John Baril Faster Computer Startup Begins With a Cleaner Computer Disable unnecessary startup programs This is probably the easiest way to achieve a faster computer startup . Defragment and check your hard drive When you first bought your computer. the faster your computer will startup . You can instead disable this from starting up automatically by visiting on the start button and typing msconfig. Then visit on properties.young and full of energy. may have a lot of programs that run at startup that really don't need.102 for the free newsletter course. and then the tools tab and finally visit on defragment now. Also. be sure to uncheck the program you do not want to run at startup . This can hamper system performance as well as the time your computer takes to start up. However. You can defragment your hard drive to make it run faster by double visiting the my computer icon and then right visiting your local disk drive location. Be patient.

Download RegistryEasy to experience faster computer startup . just getting to this stage is a challenge. However. For others. Today. Computer users. There are ways to edit the registry yourself. It is also the most common reason computer users experience slow startup problems. . Let's get right into the steps. I will present you with ten steps you need to take to get your small business off the ground right. For some. Just because you are starting up an Internet business doesn't mean you should jump in without thinking first. The uncertainty and optimism of a brand-new business can be intoxicating. the sheer number of entries make it a daunting task at best. A faster computer startup depends on a tidy registry. Most Importantly: Clean the registry The registry is the brains of the Microsoft operating system.103 defragmenting may take a few hours depending on the size and fragmentation of your hard drive. RegistryEasy can clean your registry and make your computer startup faster in just a few easy visits. this is the best part of the business' life. both novice and advanced are better off using registry cleaning software. Alex Garay Five Internet Business Start-Up Steps Starting a new business can be very fun.

Many new business owners are tempted to skip these steps-especially those doing business on the Internet. and you shouldn't need much money to open one. Step Two: Get a business phone number. After completing these five steps. If you are going to run a business. Take your business entity paperwork. If you were going to build a mansion. Your business needs a place--that's not your home--to receive mail and look a little more professional. The purpose of these steps goes beyond limiting personal liability and setting up a proper business. Yes. Look out for my next article "Five More Internet Business Start-Up Tips. Step Five: It's time to get a bank account. you should set it up as a corporation or LLC to limit your personal liability. get an EIN number. You can visit the website for the IRS to do this online. Your EIN number is like a SS# for your business. Your bank will be happy to help. Step Four: If you are in the USA.104 Step One: Set up a business entity--preferably a corporation or LLC. You will use it for tax purposes. Some banks allow as little as $100 for the required first deposit. It also puts you in the mindset of a real business. In other articles. I'll talk about where to go from here. you will have a legitimate business that's ready for the future. I'm aware that you probably have a phone number already. Step Three: Set up a business address. set up an address at your closest mailbox place (not the post office)." which was released with this one. but you should give your new business its own phone number--even if it's just a virtual number tied to your home phone. If an office or virtual office is too expensive or just not possible. EIN number and other information down to the bank of your choice and setup a business checking account. you wouldn't buy a piece of land that could only fit a mobile home on it would you? Building a .

For more business articles. Of greatest concern should be the saleable merchandise that is not on display on the sales floor. In fact your sales and profits depend on many of the tasks being completed precisely as scheduled. Martin Focus on Store Appearance From Your Dollar Store Start-Up Onward Those who have gone through a dollar store start up know the relief they felt as their grand opening event came to a close. Yet there are other areas that require ongoing attention when you open a dollar store. The least of your concerns will be the lost space taken over by clutter.com] at InternetBusinessEntrepreneur. Yet you do pay rent for that lost space no matter how large or small it might be. Jason A. The sales floor probably gets enough attention. visit Internet Business Entrepreneur [http://www.105 successful business is not just about results.com. The site also features travel news .com. Not only do . When you open a dollar store you will soon discover there are costs as the clutter is allowed to collect around your store. The bottom line is when you open a dollar store there is always a great deal of work to be done. Author runs a travel portal at TourismJunction.internetbusinessentrepreneur. But things didn't get any easier. That often leaves little time to handle the less exciting tasks such as taking care of store cleanliness in places others than those seen by shoppers. it's about the state of mind that helps produce those results.

Concerns about poor housekeeping lead to negative conclusions about the quality of everything associated with your business. The list goes on from there. The potential for the collapse of poorly stacked 'stuff' presents a risk. To your success when you open a dollar store! Find out how you can open your own dollar store business . or even store supplies without a home. In this case most times the feedback means sales drop. shoppers and all others you deal with. business consultant and trainer. author. The list goes on from there. Bob Hamilton . Look for ways to manage these items. Start this practice from the very beginning of your dollar store start up and beyond. Other merchandise isn't saleable and should be recycled or thrown away. lack of confidence in your motives for being in business. but also the lost sales and profits when merchandise is not available for customers to buy. This might include product quality. Use that money to purchase merchandise that will result in your sales. A disorganized store can lead to store safety being compromised. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. As a dollar store start up you must be concerned about the safety of your employees. Shoppers form opinions about how you do business when things are allowed to be in disarray. unused display racks or gondola fixtures. but to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Some excess items can be liquidated for cash. not to provide great bargains. Unexpected trip hazards appear.106 you lose the money that's tied up in the merchandise. Manage everything in your store. They telegraph their feedback in the sales you achieve. writer. It doesn't matter whether it is extra merchandise.

Auction Cruise Control .95 to $59. This system offers a website that is eBay ready as well as product sources. eBay and the suppliers. This is a little more expensive than other companies but the integration between website.95 per month if you decide to join. If you upgrade to a paid membership you will have access to Doba which is one of the largest drop ship companies. There is a membership fee of 39. selling. There are many other free eBay startup kits on the market.This is one of the oldest free startup kits available. Read our reviews of the top free eBay startup kits.107 Free Ebay Startup Kits . Most of the programs range from $29. and complete auction training and an eBook library. You will get savvy buying.87). Most of the services offer a free trial membership and all offer free startup kits. There are many advantages to being a member such as online access to thousands of items to list and sell on eBay. How to get the highest bids and maximize profits. Most are offering the same services as above. This company promises to show you how you can start selling in less than 10 minutes.87 for shipping and handling. The startup kits are normally $1. How over 25 successful Powersellers have generated easy profits from eBay. eBay For Beginners . Auction Listing Wizard to enhance your eBay listings.95 per month. and business advice from eBay Experts and numerous verified and proven tips to faster eBay profits! There is a lot more to this kit and it is definitely worth the $1.95 per month if you decide to join the program.Get The Inside Information If you are thinking about selling on eBay or opening an eBay store you might want to consider ordering an eBay starter kit.This system offers a free kit (just pay shipping and handling of 1. The best part of this plan is the integration between your website. The system cost $59. eBay and supplier is really nice. Most of the difficult parts of eBay are taken care of for you. .87 you need to pay for shipping and handling.

your creative idea for home based work can make you financially successful even when you have only skill. He or she does not need to spend money for it.108 Bottom line. good organization and the general infrastructure of a home. Thinking of setting up a free home startup business? Keep reading and you would find useful information on this topic: . Today where creative and lucrative ideas matter a lot. if you plan on selling on eBay you need to learn as much as you can as fast as you can.com/ebay kits. These eBay kits seem to offer ease of use and help lower the entry barriers.website-for-free. finesse and the basic infrastructure.htm startup Download my exclusive FREE list of Free eBay Startup Kits Max Suther Free From Home Startup Work From the very term "free from home startup work" we can understand that any person can do this work by their thoughts. ability. websites and suppliers. A free from home startup work is an ideal business for the weak hearted people having frail funds. Download my exclusive FREE list of wholesalers and drop shippers Or Visit http://www. These eBay kits offer total turnkey solutions from listings. as the risks are the least.

If it is feasible then you can move a step forward otherwise you have to think of another idea. 4. You should also get a high speed internet connection to reach the cyber world. An idea can crop up in your mind all of a sudden regarding a free home business and you need to consider various things before going ahead with your idea. Determine the goals or objectives .Without proper furniture. Any spare room in your home would do. Select a room . What kind of business would you incorporate? How are you going to start it? Ask yourself questions like these and you would know what you want.109 1. Check for feasibility . You will at least need a desk and a chair where you can keep your things and sit respectively. Furniture . Goals will keep you focused and this will make your business flourish.You need to choose a room which you would use as your office. Generation of idea .Computers and telephones are very important in every business. Stay connected . If you don't have a spare room then you can even make your living room your office.Most of the free home businesses have websites of their businesses where clients can check out their products.Regardless of the kind of business. 6. Create a website for your business where you can display . Make sure that you have these equipments properly connected in your home so that you can communicate with your clients as well as your suppliers. you will not be able to conduct your business. Create a website . You need to find out whether your idea is feasible or not.Simply having an idea is not enough. it is vital that all business have goals or objectives.Like all kinds of business. A business without goals will not be able to survive for long and it can also have a negative impact on the profit. 5. It is simply not possible to conduct your business while standing. 2. 3. you need to have a basic idea for you business. 7.

You can attract potential clients when you advertise. you can always ask members of your family to help you out or you can even employ a person a two to help you with work.You can enhance your business by advertising locally as well as online. check out http://www.SmartEntrepreneur. In such a case. Advertising on the web is not only cheap but effective too. Hi.It may so happen that working alone can become too hectic and tiresome.smartentrepreneur. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www. Also add your contact information in the website where your clients can contact you. If you like to work smart.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully. Make a budget and stick to it. 10. 9. There are many reasons why.html Akhil Shahani Free Small Business Manufacturing Ideas That Require Little to No Start-Up Cost Each year. a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. but the top two seem to be . Advertisement . Additional help . but just do not follow through with it. I'm Akhil Shahani.You may not have to incur any amount to start your business but you sure will incur some amount of money when your business is rolling. Budgeting . 8.net/freebie-of-the-month. there are millions of people who will consider starting their own small business.110 the product(s) that you intend to sell.

you need to put a lot of money up to get it started. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. in the link below. It is sad that so many people give up on their dreams because of misconceptions such as these. and the belief that in order to start a successful small business. and sometimes no start-up costs at all! This is especially true if you already have a hobby making something. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was.111 the fear that they will not succeed. Maybe you like to dry all of your own herbs from your garden to use in your cooking. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. . but you do not have to be one of those people. try what I did. like I mean in the next hour. Another great idea is an herb business. your own shop. Why not package them and sell them? For just the cost of a few packets of seeds and some potting soil. true story. read the amazing. and ones that do not require very much of an investment from you. or just given items as gifts. For example. There are lots of small business opportunities that you CAN succeed at. If you already have the know-how to manufacture a product. then you really are halfway towards living the life you have always dreamt of. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too. and have always enjoyed making furniture as a hobby. If you need money now. You could be selling those items to consignment shops. let's say you work well with your hands. Visit the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program. Maybe you have sold some to friends and neighbors. you could quadruple your money. or even just a stall in the local flea market. because herbs can become quite expensive.

In other cases. Far too many brilliant minds. and enough of a stress to convince a potential business owner to give up before getting started. and progressive ideas go unexercised simply due to a lack of initial funding. and us and the benefits these individuals stand to bring us. where the business has already been established.112 Quickest-way-to-make-money-on-earth. There are virtually billions of dollars in free government money made available to taxpaying citizens each year who qualify. It is a shame that the only thing standing between them and their dreams. business grants are more often than not still available to the business owner who wishes to . This type of financial aid is a fabulous and relatively easy way for potential new businesspersons to acquire enough non-repayable "seed money" to put their ideas to work and get their establishments up and running. There are thousands of business minded taxpaying American citizens with fabulous ideas or inventions that could benefit their communities. A great portion of that funding is allocated into small business grant programs.com Perry Webbing Free Start Up Business Grants The start up costs to establish a new business can be quite costly. However. is a monetary deficiency. while a more than sufficient amount of free grant money that could have aided in their endeavors remains unclaimed each year. if not society as a whole. small business grants provided by the United States government may be enough to change their minds.

info/personal-grants-for-individuals] and see how much money you qualify to receive today and never pay back. and never have to pay it back. What exactly is a small business grants? Free money! .info/personal-grants-for-individuals]. and business is one of the most enterprising ways to take advantage of this free money. have fortune 500 aspirations in mind. or upgrade equipment. Whether you are interested in establishing a small home based online business.govfunds.113 expand their company.govfunds. Claim your Personal Grants [http://www. Get Grants for Individuals [http://www. retrain staff members. there may be small business grant that can finance your start up expenses.. or anything in between. but if you qualify for small business grants. Sarah Beckham Free Start Up Money is Available With Business Grants There are many costly expenses associated with starting your own new business. you can get free government money to do it. Find out before you let your great ideas go to waste.. There are hundreds of extremely beneficial grant programs available to American taxpayers.

not a loan. Where do you apply for free government business grants? By following the links provided below. the American taxpayer. or few hundred thousands to open a strip mall. Most ideas.114 The United States government has over eight five billion dollars per year in free government money that is in part provided by you. The government has a fiscal responsibility to allocate generous portions of that money in business grants to qualified applicants who wish to establish new businesses. in every tax dollar you spend or earn. and possibilities are endless. The award sums. you can search the grant database to find the government grant agencies in your area. and all small business grants that you may be eligible to qualify for and be off to independence and self employment without spending a dime on start up costs. and are quite often able to fully finance the start up costs of their new businesses. Get Grants for Individuals [http://www. as long as you have a good idea and solid detailed business plan.govfunds. Since this is an investment gift. . will be approved for this type of funding no matter what size or genre of business is being pursued.info/personal-grants-for-individuals] and see how much money you qualify to receive today and never pay back. What type of businesses qualify for free government money? Any type of company or enterprise may be found qualified to receive free government business grants. You may be able to acquire a few hundred dollars to assist you in starting an online business based in your home. approved recipients will never be required to pay back any of the free money. Once you have found this information you will then be able to complete a government grant application to any. if they appear profitable and enterprising.

Sarah Beckham Fuelling Business Qualities with Small Business Start Up Loans Small business start up loans are available through many lending sources that offer funding to owners. but personally. not only work wise. These lending sources basically require a company to have reached a place in its development that it is no longer a risk. These lending sources' policies not only extend to small business owners who have good credit.. making bad credit small business start up loans the last resort.115 ->> Claim your Apply for Personal Grants [http://www.. since they have lost everything. . will need help in restoring or rebuilding businesses.info/personal-grants-for-individuals]. An owner may have tapped out all financial lending sources as well as run the limit of personal finances. but also to owners who need a bad credit small business loan. Many times a company runs into a few developmental snags along the way or is hit with unforeseen financial circumstances causing a need for assistance. Many will face difficult odds in getting the help they need. even though they may be in poor financial standing. That is why it is necessary for start-up businesses or businesses that need funds for further development to step outside of the typical bank lending situation and apply for assistance through companies that supply special assistance for those companies in poor financial standing. making it virtually impossible for anyone to receive a small business start up loan.govfunds. Victims of natural disasters for example.

To find Personal loan UK. if an owner has tenacity and personal dedication. An individual should take the initiative when trying to improve their financial standing for a business.116 For someone in such drastic situations.unsecured loans visit http://www. Many lenders offer small business start up loans that are secured and unsecured.He writes on loans.secured loans. live better and breathe better by giving you tips to improve your finances. Small business start up loans are always by their side for help. Finding this assistance is possible through the financial companies available on Internet sites. unsecured agreements can be assumed provided an owner meets certain criteria that will lower the lender's risk factor. His ideas can help you rejuvenate your money. It can be difficult but not impossible to receive approval for small business start up loans. It is more difficult to receive approval without collateral because usually unsecured loans are approved for those with good financial records. help from small business start up loan may be the only chance in attempting to start over. However. Many lenders offer an abundance of information for consumers through online sites and local branches. There are many options for creative owners if he or she will thoroughly check with several lenders and personal options.uk . Obviously. secured loans for small business start up are easier to assume because of the collateral involved.co. Steve Clark can tell you how to look better. Steve C Clark Funds Are The Key Issue-Business Start Up Loan .ezpersonalloansuk.


Most people have some dreams that they aspire to accomplish in their lifetime. These can be becoming a successful business man, having a flourishing business and many more. But sometimes lack of funds shatters their long cherished dreams. Yes, for any kind of business, big or small, you need to have ample funds. Finances come prior to any effective business plan, strategy etc. Now, there is not much to worry, as, there is business start up loan, offered by a large number of lenders. These loans are specifically designed for those people, who need funds to start a new business. Earlier business start up loan was issued only to people, who had capital or the credit. However, with a change in the needs of the customers, financial policies also witnessed a change. And these days, business start up loan is accessible for all, irrespective of their credit record. Banks and other lending institutions like to lend money and charge a nominal interest for the money and then rotate the money over again. But they are more prone to risk. They don't like taking risk with money and most of them see a business start up loan as very risky. The stark reality is several businesses open and close permanently every year. Some fail due to the business idea not implemented well; some fail due to negligence or inexperience. The banks are vigilant of these activities. Thus, it is advisable to present your business plan to the lender, so as to assure him of its effective implementation and profitability. This plan must contain a survey of existing businesses in the specific segment, which can prove that you have done enough search and you are confident of your idea. You can search various online sources for business start up loan, compare and contrast the quotes, offered by different lenders. Michael T. Brian is the author of this article. He is Masters in Business Administration and expert in finance. He writes about various finance related topics. To find business start up loan ,


Business loans, Secured business loans, Small business loan, Flexible business loans visit http://www.find-businessloans.co.uk/ Michael Brian

Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business - Pay For Start Up Costs
Government grants for small business can help you start or expand your endeavor and help you pursue your dream. Applying for these grants can be a long process, but they can also provide you with $50,000 or more to spend on your business. However, the government grants for small business are not the only sources for free money and cheap loans. There are various organizations and private foundations that also provide funding for soon to be business owners in order to help them succeed. This includes grant programs for your specific business that you have in mind, as well as small business grants and loans for women and minority entrepreneurs. The best thing to do is search through a grant database, find the most suitable grant programs that pertain to you and your business, and read the eligibility requirements carefully. Before you apply, make sure you get all of your paperwork together to provide the best possible presentation of your business grant request. The reviewer will need some confidence that you are well organized and likely to succeed with their help. The approval process will vary from grant to grant, but government grants for small business tend to be the most


rigorous. These sources may be able to provide the most money though, so it is not worth overlooking. Once obtained, you won't have to pay taxes on these funds and you will not have to repay the money, so long you use the funds in the appropriate manner and according to the grant terms. Access to the database and find grants for small business . Get Free Grant Money . Austin Warty

Getting a Small Business Start Up Loan
Loans for starting a venture are easy to come by, but only if one has the right information. Business owners seek for funds through loans for different purposes. Loans for starting up a small business require a lot of scrutiny from the borrower because there are many lenders willing to give them out, but the cost of acquiring them differs from one lender to the other. If one borrows more than they can repay, the venture may be headed for the rocks. To apply for a small venture start up loan, one needs to do a proper analysis of just how much will be required, so that you do not borrow too much or too less either. The most approved way through which one can determine how much will be needed is to come up with a business plan. This layout clearly shows what your dream is as far as the enterprise is concerned, and how you plan to turn it into reality. The process definitely calls for funds and this has to be captured in the plan. The total amount should include a

Most of us are unable to start a business on our own due to insufficient funds.120 miscellaneous amount which caters for any unforeseen eventualities. Peter Gitundu Getting Small Business Startup Loans Everyone likes to behave as a boss and dominate the rest. Once you have your budget in place. You can borrow loans to kick start your small enterprise. This said. Read More Of His Articles Here: SMALL BUSINESS LOAN . There is a solution to this problem. Be informed that there are many types of loans that one can apply for. If you do not have collateral to provide. you can be successful in a business only if you have the business acumen along with substantial amount of money to start the business. However. Peter Gitundu Creates Interesting And Thought Provoking Content on Small Business. a borrower is highly advised to get all the relevant information and details about the loans. Make Sure You Read My Most Recent Posts Here: WHAT DEFINES OUR LIFE . For More Information. it is time to approach lenders and present your proposal to them. Being able to show how you plan to repay the amount you plan to borrow will be an added advantage. . then a secured loan may not be the best for you. If You Enjoyed This Article. Find out which loan best suits your enterprise in terms of repayment costs and period as well as the requirements like collateral.

The small business start up loans has thrown open doors for the residents of UK to transform their wishes into concrete reality. You will be required to fill a lot of forms and is quite strenuous.000 to 500. You may plan to use your savings. A credit score of 650 or more can get you many good offers but a credit score of less than 620 may be problematic in . Your borrowing power will be based on the lender you choose. but there may be procedural delays. You should have an aspiration to win. you will need to provide some amount in lieu of loan. You can get your credit rating from a well known credit rating agency. you need not provide security and hence pay more by way of interest. Conventional creditors too give this loan. to be used in case of emergency. You will be saved of the paper work and stress.121 There are ample prospects. and then apply for a loan.000 for tenure of 1 to 25 years. You will need to go to the creditors physically.secured and unsecured small business start loan. There are two types of loans. You may even think of asking your friends and family to lend you some money. as it should be kept for future. However. Small business start up loan can lend you the money at comparatively less interest. You can borrow the small business start up loan from any one. You can get the best small business start up loan. you may borrow any amount from 10. Your credit rating is the primary key that a lender will see. but that isn't a good option either. In case of unsecured loans. there is a better choice to seek a loan. Lenders will keep an eye on few points before they give you a loan. Generally. You can opt for online lenders. If you opt for a secured business loan. The application form is available online. You can get the rates of interest offered by various lenders and evaluate taking into consideration the charges and the tenure of the loan. it is unwise to use savings. plus your credit rating. wait for your turn to come. Any enterprise would need a good amount of money as initial capital. However.

Second point is the type of business and the potential of your business. Small business start up loan can be a vital element for the success of your business. Many people don't know about the advantages of the government grants. With a good credit score. you can avail of small business start up loan at low interest cost and in no time. But yes government grants are available so that entrepreneurs can get to have an experience and training so that they can know about starting up of the business and growing of the business. So a question may arise that whether government grants are available for small businesses? Many think that the grants for business development are almost non-existent. opportunities and threats of the business.122 getting you a loan. . You can better your credit score by clearing your old payments and loans. Joe Daley CEO and Logo Designer at Logomyway. With this analysis you will be able to get cheaper loans. You need to do proper survey and plan properly. You need to look at Strength. weakness.com Joe Daley Government Grants For Small Businesses Grants For a Startup Business Government grants are the most suitable way of receiving help form the government so that various sectors can get help from monitory point of view.

You can apply for the government but you have to follow the report requirements and the auditing requirements that are strictly to be followed. The grants try to help the industrialists from various aspects. These are like those of 'Free Money from the Government Giveaways for Entrepreneurs' by Lesko. 'SBA Loans: A . 'Grants. To know more about the categories of the grants you can go through the programs published.123 You can get a varied knowledge about the matter from the official directory of the types of federal grants known as Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance -CFDA which have been developed and published by the US General Services Administration. Apart from the websites you can also consult scholarly books from where you can get information for Government grants for small business. Laurie.gov' by 'Federal Interagency Collaboration' or 'State Grants Team' by 'Texas Governor's Office'. It is not purely true that governments are solely available for the business set up and growth purpose. Matthew. The online information those are available are absolutely free and you don't have to pay anything against the view. For additional information you can look for the 'Small Business Guide to Government Grants and Loans' section. 'Federal Government for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs' by Blum. You can also know more about the business funding at the 'business and commerce' and 'small businesses' segment. 'Government Assistance Almanac'. Other than 'Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance' by the 'US General Services Administration' you can also take the help of other websites of 'Federal Register' by 'GPO Access'. You must know some facts about the government grants. There are almost fifteen or more types of government loans that are available. Sometimes the site appears to be a bit slow but patience is required if you need to know more about Government grants.

'Free Money to Change Your Life' by Lesko. consider choosing graduation stationery that matches your business stationery for a budget-friendly and cohesive "branding" strategy.124 Step-by-Step Guide'. although often the invitation performs double duty acting as the announcement as well. invitations. If you are planning to open your own business after you receive your diploma. In . Brian I Park Graduation Stationery to Match Your StartUp Business Stationery Graduation is an exciting time . Is it Possible to get Grant Money from Government? Answer is Yes. and thank you cards. Learn Apply Government Grants and Download Government Grant . There is legitimate kit that will provide you with Step by Step Instruction and Forms to receive free government grant money. There are different programs like those of the 'Small Business Innovation Research' or SBIR or the programs of Small Business Technology Transfer or SBTT which assist business plans but are not any help to start up of the business.and an opportunity to promote your related start-up business endeavor. Elements of Graduation and Business Stationery Graduation stationery typically includes announcements. Matthew.

For example. if you plan to start your own accounting service and just received your finance degree. and business cards. you can often save money by ordering multiple items in one stationery package . coordinating envelopes. . even if it's just an introductory letter printed on your new business stationery for people to pick up and take with them. you'll have your new business cards displayed along with any promotional material. At the party. the look will be cohesive and people will recognize the "brand" that is you. You can celebrate both accomplishments at once. while giving attendees a preview of your new business. and when the ceremony will take place.and even better. Why Choose Matching Stationery Graduation stationery functions to inform friends and family of your academic achievements.125 contrast. By choosing the same paper and general layout. with details of the event. you have a way to connect people visually to your graduation and business without seeming pushy. How to Use Matching Graduation and Business Stationery One of the best ways to advertise your business and announce an achievement is to celebrate with a party. If you plan to start a business related directly to your degree. then you might want to keep this in mind when shopping for graduation and business stationery. You can use your graduation stationery to announce the party. business stationery typically consists of a letterhead. An easy way to announce your graduation and business venture simultaneously is to invite friends and family to a graduation celebration at your new place of business. By matching the graduation invitation to your business stationery. Both types of stationery are important and can be a vital part of your new business venture. what degree you are earning. you might host your graduation party at your new office.

Perhaps you choose white bond paper with a black border and a modern swirl header. You might get your first clients as a result of combining your graduation and business stationery packages! Your graduation invitations should reflect your accomplishment and personality. you have a great chance to let your friends and family preview your business venture and give them the opportunity to tell others. Your graduation stationery could easily incorporate this elegant design without seeming too corporate. perhaps a school color. browse through inspiring party theme invitations . then choose wisely. Instead. Try to avoid outrageous color schemes and colored paper. while your business stationery could likewise feature this design without seeming unprofessional. As long as you can link the two types of stationery together. For ideas on how to celebrate your new degree and introduce your start-up business. insert color in the form of a border or monogram to preserve a professional appearance without staying too neutral.Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing! .126 Tips on Choosing Stationery Designs Simple and professional deigns are always the best choice. Grace W Chen Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide . If you want to incorporate color.

join forces with a company which . Here are a few dot com contest sites: StartUpNation .000 Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant opportunity offered by Idea Cafe (BusinessOwnersIdeaCafe."What Works for Business Contest" Ideablob . The funding sources reviewed here are not intended to act as a comprehensive listing. If you have specialized skills or expertise in your field. For a more comprehensive listing. recognition and free publicity. specializing in alternative financing strategies and cost reduction methods. developed to help you find the start up money you need to finance your home based business.com). Form a Strategic Alliance Formulating a mutually beneficial strategic alliance. Start Up Contests Start up contests may be worth your time. to get you on the road to start up funding success. Some don't even require a completed business plan just a great idea. or valuable business services. but there are some private sector grant opportunities available to new businesses. with a non-competing business in your industry or field of expertise. can save you thousands of dollars. please seek the guidance of a Certified Start Up Business Consultant. This will require diligent research. You can potentially win start up cash to fund your business. but rather a quick start reference guide."Business Idea Contest" Start Up Grants Although it may be somewhat challenging to qualify for a government grant to start your business."Leading Moms in Business Contest" Business .127 This Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide is a free resource. consider private sector start up grants. Check out the $1. to assist you in your quest for home based business start up funding.

You can find the money you need to start your business TODAY .128 compliments your business. to assist you in your bootstrap financing plan. Or. if you plan to start a bookkeeping service from your home. Permission to reprint this article is granted strictly on the condition that it be reprinted in its entirety. seminars and coaching services. Visit her website at http://www. you may want to connect up with a certified public accountant. These relationships benefit you greatly by reducing a large chunk of your operating costs. ©2009 Kimberly Kelly .com . Are you desperately searching for start up money to finally realize your dream of successful business ownership? Are bank loans just not an option for you? There are hundreds of absolutely free resources that you can take advantage of. to help your home based business obtain the all important start up funding it needs to succeed. Start by claiming your free copy of " The Bootstrapper's Start Up Business Planner ".even if you have poor credit or don't own a home.All Rights Reserved Worldwide. I talk with people everyday who just didn't think that they had enough money to start a business. by visiting my website. thereby lowering your home based business start up funding requirements. if you are a Certified Start Up Business Consultant like myself. She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership. with all live links and author bio intact. Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks. For example.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. you may have strategic alliances with an attorney and accountant. Bootstrap Financing Methods All of the ideas we've discussed are free sources of funding.

After signing up for this program. Almost all the network marketing company do not charge outrageous amount of fee. some will even allow you to join their team for free. Network marketing business is a low cost business for the layman. you can start selling ad space. This survey site even offers a list of a few free survey site for those who do not have money to accumulate money and use it to buy membership from them. Blogging is a great home based work with minimal startup capital. we are going to quickly take a look at some home based work with minimal startup capital. You can create a blog without any out of pocket except if you are looking to build a self hosted blog. Paid survey is one way to begin for almost free. promoting affiliate product or monetize it with Google ad sense program and get paid for visits. Find this site yourself could be a daunting task. Once your blog is up and running. you will need to do massive advertising in order to make lots of sales as well as money. In this article. To get the best out of paid survey you need to sign up as a registered member of a survey site that will furnish you with several other free paid survey site. .129 Kimberly Kelly Home Based Work With Minimal Startup Capital Many people like the idea of been in business for themselves but are often hindered by lack of funds.

130 Article writing is another low cost job. You can also sign up with a freelance company and start offering them your service. There are many ways to start a home based work with minimal startup capital. Articles are in demand at the moment.$2000 (advertising costs) High . To Your Success. a lot of individuals.$20. Sick and tired of all the home business schemes? Want one that deliver on it promise? Go to Online Money Making for a home business of substance. John Benjamin Home Business Start Up: Grocery Shopping Home Business Vital Information: Start-up Investment: Low . John Benjamin John Benjamin is the author of Home Business Ideas . bloggers and companies earnestly seeking for fresh content to use in marketing their site. site owners.000 (includes a van) . Ensure you do a proper research and find out what it takes to profit from a business before venturing into any home business.

The result? . They simply don't have the time to go to the grocery store and carefully choose healthy foods. With technology advancing as rapidly as it is. Also. people are consuming substantial amounts of "empty calories". As the number of frozen meals and fast food restaurants multiply. . executives are increasingly required to produce more projects given the same amount of time.131 Break-even time Two weeks to one year Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit: Revenue $15.000 $1 million (solo at low end. but executives use them also.$500. Often. Another? Children with behavioral problems...000 Food for Thought (and Profit) In this age of two-income families. Many Senior's as well as others who are physically challenged require "Grocery Shopping" services. obesity. it is a rarity to find a woman who has time to manage both her career and her home with the finesse that she would like. people are becoming more aware of the value of "whole foods" as opposed to prepackaged. consider Adult Family Homes and Foster Homes. it is difficult for care providers to schedule in time to grocery shop. Don't forget about the elderly and those with physical challenges. families are becoming increasingly dependent on them... On the flip side. Consequently.000 . Not only families with busy parents use "Personal Grocery Shoppers. with employees at high end) Profit (Pre-tax ) $12.

a hidden cost. Can be performed. Benefits To Owning A Home Based Grocery Business -. At the other end of the spectrum are homemakers... -. a division of the parent company or someone leasing space as a concession. that the care provider's are required to have a liscenced person remain with clients in the event that the care provider needs to leave the home. Contrary to popular thought. most of these homes are small operations. Keep in mind that there are NUMEROUS Adult Family Homes and Foster Homes that are run by couples as well as singles. Low start up .132 I've learned that with both Adult Family Homes as well as with Foster Homes.. A Home Based Grocery Business allows for a flexable work schedule.even if you have young children. Some are attached to large supermarket chains. Opportunity to meet people -. Where. singles. What. -.Obviously. You can contract with Foster Homes and Adult Family Homes and do the shopping for them... There are many different types of grocery-shopping services popping up all over the country. How can you Cash in on the Grocery Shopping Business? Grocery shopping is one of the newest and potentially lucrative services now being offered to the American consumer. and college students who Earn a living by doing the grocery shopping for others.. Why not capitalize on this ever increasing industry? Who.

Keep in mind. Since there are so few grocery shopping companies around. Simple -.. Investing in flyers and peppering the neighborhoods you choose may be the place to start. You can use word of mouth advertising to start. until supermarket chains catch on. Once more supermarkets catch on.. the distance for delivery and whether you can handle several orders at the same time. you will have to decide for yourself what the market will be when setting your prices. . Lucrative No matter what form the service takes. By contracting your services with a grocery store chain. it's likely that you will have employees doing the shopping for you. Of course.. Low overhead -. the bottom line in this business is volume. at that point. Start-Up Costs For your Grocery Shopping Business All you really need to start a shopping service is customers. the opportunities can be mind-boggling. Even the single enterprising shopper can make a good living for the next dozen years or so. it may be possible to present your existing service to the supermarket chain as an established service. you can cash in. (For example: $10 for a $50 order within a 5 mile radius).133 -. the more lucrative your business will be. if money is seriously tight. The more orders you can fill at one time and the fewer miles you have to travel. You will probably want to break down your prices to reflect the dollar amount of the order..

Keep it light. Neighborhood newspapers and pennysavers are often an economical place to advertise. you can look up addresses within it. Pay kids to deliver them. Computer programmers. Choosing Customers for your Grocery Shopping Business You will want to target your potential area carefully. Once you've developed trust. Look for affluent neighborhoods where both spouses are working. Often. You might want to speak with the management at the supermarket you plan to utilize to see if you can post a notice in the store on the bulletin board or pass out brochures or flyers in the parking lot or at the door of the sore. Don't become their psychologist.. You can design a referral program too. Advertising your Home Based Grocery Business You can either hire kids to hand deliver the flyers in the specified neighborhoods or utilize bulk mail to send your flyers to a particular zip code.134 Note: Use card sized flyers for low cost advertising. neighborhoods populated by executives. Anyhow. Note: Get your hands on a Cole's Directory. you'll find them in your local Library. Continue to be warm and friendly but don't confuse this with friendship development. warm and professional. You can also lease them directly from Cole's. within the Cole's Directory. don't make it a habit to hang around too long after your job is done. ask for referrals.. I've paid kids . The Beauty is that Cole's lists the average income for the particular neighborhood.Foster/Adult care Homes. In other words.05 cents per door.. .

Of course you don't have to concern yourself with auto repair hassles. turn your baseme or extra bedroom into warehouse so you can stock high profit bulky items like sodas or disposable diapers. This way you can purchase in quantity from a wholesaler or food warehouse. consider adding coolers to keep perishables on ice so that you can lengthen your delivery route.by leasing. . increasing your profits. Another thought. It's also common that customers are requested to check off their items on a pre-printed shopping list. one each week or every ten days. "Meats" in another..135 Other than advertising costs. If you lease an automobile under your business name. you can explore the possibility of leasing one.. you can write the monthly payments off. This method maybe harder to schedule but could pull in more business because of increased frequency or impulse buying. the only start-up cost you will really need is a vehicle (a roomy station wagon or van) that can accommodate your orders. Other Business Considerations If you don't have such a vehicle and money is tight. As business picks up.. This method guarantees a minimum number of orders per week and allows for long range scheduling. and so on. Other services are more flexible by allowing customers to "call in" to order on as-needed basis.. You can design the list so that "Produce" is in one section. Designing your Grocery Shopping Business Some shopping services ask their customers to place orders on a regimented schedule.

So. charge accordingly. the time you spend is going to be greatly increased. you can really move through the supermarket. meats. Time Is Money If you are only shopping for prepackaged food. Bridging the Gap between Opportunity and Success. but you can become familiar with the store's personnel. deli or carry-out. may be the little boost you need to be able to get the best cuts of beef from the butcher or the best produce from the produce manager. Organizational ability is the key to a successful grocery shopping service. it may be a good idea for your company to pay for the order as you purchase them and then collect a check from your customers upon delivery. the more expensive price tags at those specialty stores will make it worthwhile to make the extra stops. but if you have to inspect produce. It is a challenge to keep orders straight since you will probably be shopping for several accounts at once. You may wish to increase your fees for this additional service or charge the same as you do for groceries. You may also want to consider shopping in stores other than supermarkets. Note: if you base your pricing on the dollar volume for the delivery. It's up to you. or fish. You will probably want to choose one particular supermarket in which to do all your shopping.136 Because it is not a very good idea to carry a lot of cash around with you.com Shawn Price Copyright 2005 OwnABizToday. Customers may want you to stop by the liquor store. Not only do you become familiar with the location of all the items you need. A friendly "hello" how are you".com . OwnABizToday.

Author of OwnABizToday's Ezine.xml subscribe@ownabiztoday. you don't need to buy a brand new computer with bells and whistles. regularly evaluate home business start up 's as well as small business resources and tools.ownabiztoday.5 Classic Home Business Start Up Mistakes Starting a work at home typing business can be achieved smoothly if you avoid the following mistakes. 1.com Shawn Price Home Typing Business . Bridging the GAP between Opportunity and Success http://www. become financially independent.OwnABizToday.com/ownabiztoday. Shawn and her partners. The basic equipment you need to start a home typing business is a computer. a printer and a small amount of stationery.137 Shawn Price. Experience has taught Shawn that one can NEVER predict future circumstances and thus one should if at all possible . Overspending on start up Don't make the mistake of spending large sums of money on equipment before your typing business is up and running.com RSS: http://www. due to her son's severe medical needs was forced to leave the job market and enter into the world of self employment. In an effort to lead people toward self employment. . The major part of your budget should be reserved for advertising expenses. If you don't already have a computer and printer at home.

To make a reasonable profit from your typing and word processing. Picking an appropriate business name is important for two reasons. You have to keep on advertising so that your business is always there in front . you want to attract attention of prospective clients with an eye-catching name. you won't attract clients. you will have to learn a whole new skill in order to market your secretarial business effectively.138 Check out local warehouses for clearance bargains. your choice of name will affect your position in the search engine when you advertise online. word processor. 4. Failing to advertise effectively If you have always worked as a secretary. and "accurate" are also good to use in a typing business name. Charging too much or too little Working out a pricing scale is always tricky for home based typing or virtual assistance services. Charging less that your competition won't necessarily mean you will get more work. and don't forget eBay is a good source of bargains. but it does mean you will have to work harder to make money. Not choosing a good business name You need to pick a business name that reflects the kind of secretarial services you are offering. If you pitch your rate too high. Firstly. Secondly. can put prospective clients off. 3. or typist and never done any marketing. "speed". For instance. Offering secretarial services on a fee scale too far below the going rate. 2. The key to effective advertising is repetition. if you are offering a medical transcription service. you must charge a realistic fee. data entry processor. by creating a suspicion that the work will be sub-standard because it is being offered so cheaply. the word "medical" should appear in your business name. Words such as "fast".

A home typing business or home secretarial service is very easy to set up provided you don't overlook the small details.139 of prospective clients. There is an art and science to business success that's critical for home-based business owners to know. and they remember the name because they have seen it advertised so many times. Why do you think none of the established businesses were using that strategy? The answer is that they have found out it doesn't work and have given it up. Elaine Currie Home-Based Business Start-Up Myths Fact Or Fiction What's the big deal about starting up a home-based business? Isn't it enough that you've put up a website. or they had figured out it wouldn't work and didn't waste their time on trying it. Visit secretarial business help for more help with your home typing business set up. it seems like a good idea. and utilize if they want to achieve sustainable. and finds it doesn't work. long-term results. are passionate about your product. so the new business owner decides to try it out. understand. . no. and been on Oprah? In short. Failing to copy success This is a mistake many new business owners make. 5. They often notice that there is a strategy established businesses are not using.

Make it business. Truth: It can take up to three years before your business sees a profit. quick. Truth: It's not about wanting everyone to love your product. Don't make it personal.140 Where do you begin? How can you possibly know whom to trust or what to believe with so much information out there on starting up a home-based business? Can you expect to see a profit in the first year or not? Do you market to the masses or narrow your field? Do banks lend money for start-ups or don't they? Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on product development and get all starry-eyed about bringing in the big bucks. Debunked: Starting-up business will not make you rich. Create a unique product. o A professionally done website will drive traffic to your site. "telling people about your company and your product before you can claim any sort of foothold on your market share. specify your niche." o I love it. "It takes years of working hard. It's about wanting your specific niche group to love your product and for them to tell all their friends about it. you need to know the facts. the entire world will love it. Therefore. Your family and friends love it. Here are four popular home-based start-up myths to ignore and four to buy into: Debunking Four Popular Home-Based Start-up Myths o You'll make a profit in your first year. . so will you. That's three years of hard work and sustained effort. Debunked: You think you have the next big "it." according to Leslie Haywood of Grill Charms. The start-up stage is not for the timid." You love it. and market directly to them. too.

"John Q Public has a very short memory and attention span." Four Myths to Buy Into o Banks will lend money to start-ups. make it easy for them to take action by giving them buy-in options at several price points. or Oprah means you've made it. Indeed it certainly can be if your boss is organized. but you can never sit back and rest. it doesn't mean you've made it." says Haywood. Once traffic is on your site. Learn from all the things you didn't like about people you've previously worked for to create an ideal boss relationship with yourself. Debunked: Sure. you can take out a personal loan using your house or existing business for collateral. While it is true that banks won't give you a business loan without a business plan. Truth: Home-based business owners who have had national coverage cannot afford the luxury of being lulled into the kind of false security that national attention brings. So. Martha Stewart.141 Debunked: Not unless it's optimized with your niche market in mind and for how they are searching for your product or service on the Internet. However. do the research. making your home page and product pages keyword rich. It is your job to constantly stay in the minds of your target market. Don't become your own worst boss. has good communication skills. If you don't know how to write copy for the web. "You're one big hit might generate great sales in the short term. and take it to the bank. write your plan. o Being your own boss is a good thing. Market research goes hand-on-hand with writing a business plan. hire a professional copywriter to do it for you. . o Being interviewed by CNBC. this kind of exposure will net you an increase in sales. Truth: Figure out what keyword phrases your niche market is using when searching for your product. and knows how to prioritize.

142 o You can save money by starting-up from home. Instead. Yep. Reid helps entrepreneurial women worldwide become home-based business owners. a full-set of power-plug adaptors. carve out a market niche and then dominate it. Even with very promising starts. While this is indeed true. Make sure you have an actual home office for your business. Get a jump on figuring out what business would be perfect for you to live and work anywhere in the world with "Doing What You Love: Multiple Streams of Passion" free PDF at http://www. No one starts up alone. Just about. And you have a good wireless laptop. preferably with a door. use Internet banking. Dr. many go belly-up within the first three years. don't skimp on the essentials for home-based business success. research your market. o You'll be able to live and work anywhere in the world. You never really know if a new home business will succeed or fail. Susan L. or be seduced by national attention.com Susan L Reid How Discount Coupon Sites Help You Market on a Start-Up Budget . so hire a business coach or mentor to guide you through the start-up process and beyond. Decide what your business hours will be and stick to them. As long as your business is not locationdependent. Don't be swayed into thinking that everyone will love and want your product. and Skype for your Internet phone. PayPal.SuccessfulSmallBizOwners. Avoid the lure of making money fast.

you get to have more promotional items without spending extra. Here are ways discount coupons can help you market even with small budget: You can find great deals on printing your marketing materials Coupon websites typically aggregate coupon codes from various brands and stores. Luckily. there are affordable methods that you can use in promoting. you print 1000 copies of business cards instead of 500 copies. You can print flyers. To make your printing more cost-efficient. there are discount coupon sites where you can get coupon codes for instant savings on printing your marketing materials. Add up the savings that you can get from the promo coupons and you have extra money for another printing job. For example. which will save you as much as $5 compared to printing 2 batches of 500 copies on separate print runs. $5 off. however. you will not get enough customers and sales. you can order other prints like flyers. When you combine the $5 savings you got with the additional 20% savings. business cards. free shipping to rebates and reward points. With . Then. you found business card printing discounts of 20% from a coupon site. or even posters. it is essential to promote and let people know that you exist. So you definitely need advertising. brochures. you can find the best printing discount to suit your needs as well as the money at hand. is the budget constraints that you are facing since you still don't have enough profits. So for your business marketing. Otherwise. With that.from 10% discount. Online shoppers like you can find discount coupons with varying promo offers . No need to for other expenses like papers and inks Some discount promo coupons will need you to print them on paper and present them during your purchase or order.143 For start-up a business. The problem here. You get more promotional materials without added costs Online printing companies already offer low price guarantee for bulk printing.

posters and business cards or free shipping for your orders. Squeezing out a drop or two of sweetner for your business presents unusual challenges. postcards. yeeesh. There are various discount coupon sites online where you can find discounts for various printing needs.com Merlina Palencia How Do I Get a Business Startup Loan in This Economy? 7 Ways to Squeeze Sugar Out of a Lemon Getting a business startup loan is never a cakewalk. Other online printing companies like Vista Print. The same goes for other coupons that you need to use to save on your office supplies. you don't need to spend extra on papers and inks . brochures. there is no need for any printing at all. All you need is to get the codes and use them when you pay your transactions on the website of the printing company. you can visit UprintingPromotions. "Challenging" doesn't quite describe it.. The economy is one big lemon right now..which mean extra savings for your company. If you want to know more about U Printing promo coupon codes . U Printing promo coupon codes are among the printing specials that you can find within these sites. You can even find promo specials for free shipping. The codes can either get you a minimum of 10% off on print items like flyers.144 online coupon codes. And in this economy . With that. . Printing for Less and PS Print also offers promos and specials like these.

to the answers.145 Ironically. It is relatively easy to give a sales pitch to a banker. Ask for their help before you begin. Lenders just got too enamored of sexy sounding internet ideas. WRITE IT DOWN. Have a firm grasp on how other companies in your sector are doing. LISTEN. but they are still being made. Really know how much money it is going to take. There is nothing worse than having a banker ask. Solid business plans are once again a standard part of doing business. 3. Maybe not as many as a couple of years ago. they will. 2. They will sit there and listen. What types of startup businesses are they interested in funding? . Your first job is to ensure that yours is in a market sector that has real potential. It is back to basics in a very real way for getting a business startup loan. "Duh?" Slews of businesses are going to tumble in the coming months and years. Some of that funding can be yours. Well. Go in with a solid set of questions. business startup loans are still being made. There are steps that creative entrepreneurs can take to get that funding. Determine that you can compete with your top competition. Determine that your client base is there. then toss your business plan in the "next quarter" file when you leave. Odds are. Tackle this "banker business" a whole different way.really listen -. and which ones are going to make it. no more. Then listen -. wherever and whatever that business is. Know which ones are going out. Invite them to open up a bit and share with you. "So how come your competition is failing?" and not be able to respond with more than. even if your business is a startup . DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Creating a strong written business plan went out of style for a while. 1. There is an amazing amount of information sitting in those skulls.

for a business startup loan. can your company be a presenter? Banks are not all created equal. PICK UP YOUR OPTIONS. like leasing or angel investors? What companies/ideas have they backed lately? Are they part of the SBA network? (If not. MAKE CONNECTIONS. Really get a grasp on what all your options are. so go for it. Nor are bankers. Follow this same process for two or three or even four institutions in your area. you may need to get out of there in a hurry. I can almost guarantee that a bank is not the best source of funding about 75% of the time. yours could even be generating income for you. Get your website up and running. Is there a business in existence that does not have a website? Most likely. This really impresses the daylights out of lenders and investors. and mix and match them to get to where you want to go. Connect with them and find out how they did it.) What industry norms do they use to judge your financials? Can they provide you with a copy of those norms? Do the financials need to be constructed by an accountant. Now. see what you can do to bring in some money from your website.146 How much security do they require? How strong does your personal credit need to be? Can they recommend alternative funding sources. If your product/service has any type of national or international application. 5. Banks are not venture capitalists are not angel investors are not corporate partners. In fact. and if so. . STRUT YOUR STUFF IN FULL COLOR. You will be amazed at the different answers you get. can he recommend 2-3 good ones? Do they have their own venture fairs. 4. Other companies are getting funding. 6. There is a whole lot more that banks are not. A bank may not be your best source of funding. and if so.

It means you can negotiate. Doing just this much will put your business plan on the top of the pile. with clients in place. those businesses that are nearly always difficult to fund. And that makes all the difference in getting a startup business loan in this economy . Service businesses. Good luck on your venture. All you need is a touch of sweetner. It really demonstrates your ability as an entrepreneur. will find sweetening assistance at Service Business Plans . Getting a startup business loan is a Big Deal. you are not looking for a pitcher of lemonade. which is no small accomplishment. you can find solutions. Being able to get the business started. you can resolve small issues before they become big issues. Take the business as far as you can under your own steam. not just "starting up". MaryAnn Shank How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options . But I do guarantee that you will get noticed. You can make the pitcher of lemonade yourself. Remember. BOOTLEG AND FORGE AHEAD. You are truly then in a position of "expanding". It will not guarantee funding. means a lot to lenders. Find her best suggestions for getting a startup business loan now at Basic Business Plans . MaryAnn Shank has helped thousands of business obtain financing over a 20 year career with entrepreneurs and lenders/investors of all ilk.147 7.

There are many companies.leases and loans. Many companies even finance individuals working from home. so you will find finance options even if you work from your home office. Loans: . You may not be able to fund a business from your savings or friends' help alone. Many companies are dedicated to leasing for businesses in specific industries. With a little patient research. Startups may face some initial difficulty in getting a business lease since most leasing companies prefer to work with established businesses. you will be able to locate some lease-purchase companies willing to finance your business. Leasing: Many small businesses and startups prefer to lease property and equipment rather than purchase it. venture capitalists and government organizations provide funds to businesses that have the potential to turn into something big. To that end. is how to raise funds for projects. many organizations. However. Apart from providing leasing and mortgages. who specialize in financing startup enterprises.148 One of the most difficult issues for any business. finance companies also provide startups with information on other sources of funds. with the advent of the Internet. there is no reason to lose hope. agriculture or manufacturing business. you can access information on many different types of funding with the visit of a mouse. since it is cheaper and less risky in case the business fails. This article discusses two of the most important sources of funds for startups -. especially a small business or startup . there is a lease-purchase firm out there ready to finance your business. banks. In fact. Therefore. Professional firms help startups hire or lease equipment and provide funds for the purpose. whether you have an IT business.

or for business expansion.149 You can opt for short-term or long-term loans depending on your business needs. a long-term loan might be your best option. The principal amount of a term loan is based either on the collateral of what is being purchased or on the profits the business anticipates earning during the duration of the term. this is a highly desirable factor for the small business. all using his patent-pending system to build corporate credit separate from your personal credit. the company will pay the same rate of interest on the loan principal. There are many flexible financing options available for startups today. The term period may be anywhere from 1 to 10 years. No matter what the financial situation of the company or the interest rate market. It will share with you how more than 10. then short-term loans are ideal. lease. Before you sign with any financing institution for a loan. however. it is best to consult a business advisor who can tell you the pros and cons of each kind of loan. Receive the booklet How to Build Business Credit by David Gass – President and Founder of Business Credit Services.000 businesses across the nation have achieved over $175 million in combined financing in their business name only. and other lines of credit without the use of a personal credit check or guarantee. grant or investment. and entrepreneurs need not give up on their dreams or ideas because of a shortage of funds. In a market where interest rates are rising. One of the major advantages of term loans is that the interest rate is fixed. You will also learn the first steps required to getting a business loan . David Gass . If you wish to finance short-term projects. For acquiring assets.

which gives visibility in all of these major search sources. like newspapers or book sources. There are a lot of ways to start marketing a company. For these startup companies. The first thing companies must do is a demographic research about the people in the area they service. some find it difficult because they might not have the experience to do it themselves. Now once you gain customers through online search sources and any other print sources you may advertise in. and advertising that website in search engines and directories. to adults ranging in there 40's or 50's who rely more on feedback and referrals. through a website. This marketing can be done in many different ways and formats that can make an effective campaign.150 How to Advertise and Market New Startup Companies A good advertising campaign is what separates a successful startup company from a company doomed to failure. However. which are THE MOST USED sources for finding a company or service. More and more technology is being produced that gives people access to these sources. it is up to you as a company to keep that individual interested in your services. or it might be too expensive for them. The main market for the party rental and inflatable moonwalk rental industry are small children and teenagers who are into the media and computers. A new company MUST market themselves and make themselves visible to customers searching for their services or products. One of the fastest ways to gain customers and start making sales is to advertise online. The cheapest advertising any company can do is to their own customers and . and looking forward to the future of marketing and advertising we begin to see print sources being depleted while internet advertising keeps growing and growing. online advertising through a source like Party Jump USA and it's party rental directory. or older and more used to paper sources and newspapers. Find out if they are young and into computers and media. is one of the fastest ways to market a company and gain business.

through emails. Arthur has over 7 years of experience in the inflatable industry.php http://www. But since these statistics are based solely on the number of business license . Arthur is currently managing a inflatable rental company in Southern California and also handling the law related matters for a manufacturing company in Southern California. http://partyjumpusa. or even by hanging banners on top of their inflatables to make their company name visible to guests and onlookers. According to more recent Dun and Bradstreet data. For a small business this is all the advertising they will need to grow their business and become successful.partyjumpusa.com Arthur Bagumyan How to Budget Your Business Start-up to Avoid Painful Failure The myth that nine out of ten small businesses close in their first year may or may not be completely true. from manufacturing to rentals to advertising. By Arthur Bagumyan President and founder of Party Jump USA a nationally listed inflatable rental directory and advertisement company. This may be done by handing out business cards.com/advertise-with-us. 76 percent of new companies were still in business after two years.151 their guests. the rest is up to them to keep their customers through quality products and great customer service. promotional flyers. post cards.

Other survival factors include the owner's age. Reports show that only 27 percent of business owners have borrowed the money they needed to start their business and 36 percent of owners used their savings for their business start-up . It is always better to save the money you need up front if you are able. The number one cause of small business failure is "lack of planning. a "small" business. So if it's that easy. he managed to excel above all of the world's top computer manufacturers. and other household expenses. In fact." and the most common mistake in planning falls with making poor financial choices right from the start. Many business owners don't immediately contact their licensing office. Starting a small business should be looked at as just that. They will still have rent or mortgage. . Most people believe that to have a successful business you need to start with a large sum of money and acquire those start-up funds by taking risky business loans or mortgaging your home. 25 percent of business owners needed no dollar amount to start up . One in three computers sold today is a Dell. A total of 69 percent of new businesses were started or acquired without any need to borrow money. A new business just can't support home life for an estimated need of 1-2 years. Studies show businesses that do survive longer had more cash up front to invest. they may not be entirely accurate. This is where we fail to plan. Many don't calculate into the equation how their personal financial responsibilities will be met while their new business is growing legs. and previous experience in their field. electric bills. Starting small out of his garage. why do so many businesses fail? It may be that new business owners spend more time planning a vacation than they do their new business venture. phone bills. That's simply not true. some never do. higher education. The founder of Dell Computers was a college dropout.152 applications forfeited.

. Spend the time needed to plan your business idea and do the research needed to ensure you have all your ducks in a row before you open up the pond for customers. If you have a business idea. There's always a way to work out your idea without exceeding your means. Instead of building a $400.000 to start or acquire their business.html at Carol Denbow is a business start-up expert and the author of several on-line publications and books including "Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?" See more about Carol at http://www. There is something that is called affiliate marketing that is the perfect home business to start that is absolutely free of cost. Learn more about starting a business http://booksbydenbow.com Carol Denbow How to Make Money Online From Home With No Start-Up Costs It's not hard to learn how to make money online from home with no start-up costs. Successful businesses are started with proper planning.weebly. Businesses opening without a huge financial debt show a much greater chance for success.153 Just over 32 percent of new business owners needed less than $5. you might need to look at buying a $15.weebly.000 franchise store.booksbydenbow.000 coffee cart that you can drive around to local events. you need to keep it in proportion to the amount of money you have to pursue it.com/business-books.

You can also read the original post by visiting here . The act of affiliate marketing is selling other peoples things online for commissions. Most of these commissions are usually very high. You can get more information on how to make money online for free by checking out Successful Affiliate Marketer . There are a lot of free resources online that can help you to do this. you just need to find them. The real trick to making this business works is learning how to do it properly. you might get $150 commission (I used to do this so yes it is possible). That's the beauty of this business. There are those who want to use the free methods and build it slowly. Once you find these free resources be sure to use them to their full advantage. and the select few who will only use free methods but will work harder than most to grow it rapidly. Scott B Price How to Start a New Business Without Bank Loans . The great thing about it is that it can all be done online. you can put money into your affiliate marketing business and it will help it to grow more rapidly.154 Like any other business. it allows to work at your own pace. This means that if you sell a $250 product. This is what is making the affiliate marketing business grow so rapidly. but you can also grow it perfectly fine using only free methods. those who want to put a lot into it and get a lot out of it. anywhere from 40-75%.

You may even be overextended. there is still hope. Make an honest assessment of where you are right now financially. begin researching strategies which will . Before you can get started with a bootstrapped business plan. If these situations represent where you are right now. you may need to make some lifestyle changes. Seek Out Free Sources of Business Start Up Funding Look for creative start up business financing solutions which will enable you to greatly reduce your initial cash outlay for business start up costs and ongoing operating expenses. and how you got there.155 If you've been searching for information on how to start a new business without bank loans. Once you have your list completed. The Secret is Bootstrapping You just need the know-how. The secret ingredient for learning how to start a new business without bank loans is bootstrapping. goal orientated steps. you're in great company. This is the first step to getting out. A large part of this process is determining your reasons for wanting to start a business. Create a Bootstrapped Business Plan This is essentially a life plan which defines your passions and dreams and breaks them down into realistic. You can achieve your dreams of owning your own business without borrowing money. Millions of budding entrepreneurs just like you are frustrated because they just can't seem to qualify for traditional sources of start up business financing. I have personally seen this dream come true for many of my clients. Before getting in too deep. I have seen too many people desire to start a business for some of the wrong reasons. with a mountain of debts you just can't seem to tunnel your way through. This will require you to make a list of all of these estimated costs. Perhaps you have less than perfect credit or don't own a home. make sure your motives are sound and that you have the support of your family and friends.

She is the author of the popular selling ebook: the Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership.156 enable you to reduce or eliminate these expenses.Startup Costs Opening a tree farm. I'm living proof! Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks. Calculate these to determine your startup costs and your needs for fundraising through debt or equity investment. whether to produce sustainable lumber. The difficultly is the discipline required to get your finances in order. small trees for selling. seminars and coaching services.com Kimberly Kelly How to Start a Tree Farm .even if you have little or no money.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. Starting a business on a shoestring is possible! It's easy to learn how to start a new business without bank loans or borrowing from loved ones. Land . but it will prove invaluable when you realize the money you won't spend to get your business off the ground. You can make your dreams of owning your own business a reality . or Christmas trees requires specific expenses. This is a time consuming process. Visit her website at http://www.

but the cost of brokers. While a mortgage may be available to spread the cost over time. . Buy equipment based on your capacity. and preparation of the land for planting should be included. water quality projects. Not only will the land itself be a significant cost. a significant down payment on the land will probably be necessary. you'll need to create a cash flow worksheet and adjust the cash reserves amount until your cash balance shows that it will remain positive at all times and keep a cushion of at least thousands of dollars. or at least a stand of some sort. If your tree farm's goal is to sell Christmas trees or other trees directly to consumers. saving interest expense in the long-run. that this expense can perhaps be put off. Buildings The need for facilities to store and process the trees you cut will depend on the type of wood and fiber you will produce. and additional services you may offer at your tree farm. Cash Reserves Cash reserves should cover the operating expenses of your company and the shortfall between your revenues and your costs until the company becomes cash flow positive. To know that you have enough cash reserves within your request for funding. land appraisal. but recognize that if you will not be able to start producing for some time. and wildlife habitat projects. then you may need facilities on the property to make them more comfortable. legal fees. such as those to support recreation facilities. as you may need upwards of hundreds of acres of land. Equipment Machinery and tools needed to cut and process lumber will be another large expense.157 Purchasing land for your tree farm will be one of the largest initial costs.

The very first thing you'll need to have before you can build a successful collection is interest. Just going out and purchasing any single card. because picking up collectible cards is something that takes a little time to be gratifying. The players who have the very best upside are the more . It's smart to look at the rookies or young players on various teams. If a player retires after a successful career. The only way to understand what you need is to analyze the cards and the industry's perceived values. his card will not lessen in worth. or perhaps a box isn't the best concept. The sole difference is the value of cards only falls if a player fails during his career. Make sure you understand the game of baseball and then choose a few teams and players that you like. Another key is thinking of a collection as an investment. Eric Powers How to Start Up a Baseball Card Collection In only minutes you'll have the tips and secrets for starting a successful sports card collection. a pack.158 Are you looking for more tips on starting a farm or advice on developing a farm business plan ? Call 877-BIZ-PLAN to learn how Growthink can help you build your farm business. You are investing cash now into a player's card that you suspect will rise in the future and you can sell. and in only a short while you may have a great collection started. it'll rise eventually. It's a great pastime to become involved in. The more interest you've got the better your collection will be.

The most effective way to speculate in a card collection is as formerly stated-through rookie cards. Baseball sports cards and memorabilia are collectibles that have become a passion and business for sports enthusiasts and collectors around the world. those cards seem to always demand a higher book price as compared to other brands. you can buy Bowman Best or Bowman's Chrome. and you can get started by purchasing several packs and buying a guide with price lists from any card dealer. because their cards can be acquired inexpensively and sold later on when the players thrive as major leaguers. but a collection is more desirable when it has complete sets. and that's when you'll want to buy them before they're sold and not available. and see which packs have the rarer and more expensive cards. and as it turns out. Then just study the book. Topps also manufactures good cards. target the cards you want. Some cards that are collectible items you will come across accidently. each company offers you one more chance of getting money back on your investment. Collecting all of the rookies in a certain class or year is troublesome due to the unforeseen chances.159 youthful prospects. Your goal should be to have fun with your collection. A successful collection also has many cards that are purchased individually. . You cannot have enough of cards in a collection. It's not smart to spend ten bucks on some packs expecting to get one card when it costs only five dollars to purchase. The best brand as far as picking up prospects is Bowman since they produce a lot of rookie cards. If you would like to upgrade with Bowman as in most other makes of cards to go for a higher risk or reward.

What we had to do was think of our .com/about.html known for their physical store and their online business. and passions. personality.160 It should be a great pastime that you'll enjoy spending time with. objectives. Richard Budnick How To Start Up A Home Business My husband and I dreamed of having a home business for years. http://www. . There are many choices out there to choose from. What I came to realize was that very few people do when they first begin. purchases of leads.americaspastime. and whenever you travel. We didn't know the first thing about how to get started. current skills. ticket stubs. For the latest in mint condition baseball cards. What we did realize after checking into some 25 to 50 home business opportunities was that the most lucrative and legitimate businesses have some type of start up cost. you can always find a sports card shop to wander into. for those who are interested in running their own home business or ones interested in the product you may be selling. such as America's Pastime. be sure to shop at stores that you can trust. That initial investment cost into the business can include such things as expenses to run your website. I'm continually reminded that the most successful . autographs. Maybe you'll see just the card you've always wanted. and gifts.

This can save you some problems later. other financial and budgeting expenses per month. You may have a great talent for something and the skills that enable you to express it. For each home based business idea. I have been taught by some excellent directors to make those plans and goals for two to five years down the road. I work from a 90 day blueprint at a time and reevaluate it every 90 days. When you have your own home business be prepared for the taxes to be due. Get advice from professionals if you need to. Doing this will keep you out of deep water. I strongly believe you have to have a business plan. but if people aren't willing to pay you for the product or service. Part of my blueprint will included my marketing and advertising expenses. city. Especially when April 15th comes around for those living in the United States. or state laws as they may pertain. It's impossible to do any job well without the proper tools. Make sure also there is no laws or regulations against you having a home businesses where you reside. I checked into after doing my due diligence of investigating the opportunity. I stopped and asked myself three questions. and of course ladies and gentlemen how I will achieve this. You need to stop and Figure out the profit angle. Make plans for how you'll pay them.161 home businesses are the ones people are truly passionate about and willing to work hard at. rest his sole. Purchase any necessary business licenses that you are required to have by county. my growth objectives and potentials. I can see where my strengths and weaknesses are and make the needed changes and adjustments to accomplish my goals. Always told me in his drafting experience that "You can't get anywhere unless you know where you're going". In essence my dear friends you can't build a hospital unless you have blueprints. Purchase the essentials for your home business. it won't work as a business. My late stepfather. How .

Ultimately you are the one who decides how much income is enough. Business is about profit. I'm only able to make 1. I'm an artist so I'll use that as an example. This can be a part-time home-based businesses that supplements your income.00. as there will be expenses related to painting products. For more on creating a business that actually produces income. let alone generate wealth. see [http://www.successbeyondmeasure. My . If you are planning to start a homebased business that will provide all of your income please. to deduct from this amount. I sold a 3' x 4' painting for $ 1.00.00. I beseech you to research the profit-making ability of your business idea very strongly. In my home there only resides my husband and I. The majority of my paintings are 18" x 24" and they sell for about $125.00 to $200.000.162 much are people willing to pay me for this product or service? Can I make a sufficient income from that? Is this a product that is requested Worldwide? Suppose that you have a talent you wanted to market. The supplies ran me $250.00 per month for 1 painting. isn't it? Many home-based businesses are started without considering the profit angle. And double that for 2 paintings per month. I strongly recommend having support from your family and friends.) A poor example. sometimes 2 paintings per month. My average time to do each painting is 2 to 3 weeks.00 to $200. you'll never have enough income to even pay the bills. (Actually less. The math says that I would have an income of $125. if the answer to either of the three questions above isn't satisfactory. Cross that idea for starting a home-based business off your list. and without sufficient profit.info]. Depending on whether it's a watercolor and ink or an acrylic painting. Assess the profit-making potential of each home business on your list.

until we cross paths again. but if hey are just looking to set up business for business sake they can also follow a simple 7 step method. And for those with children. An industry growing at a 23% rate annually. And how does a teenager with school. You may also visit my website at: [http://www. If you have any feedback feel free to reach me at. I have my own home business in the 7 trillion dollar travel industry. It's also my husband's home. and friends demanding time. I have had to remember my business is in our home.info] You may also email me at: abundantriches4u@gmail. Good Day. 888-323-8916 option 101. . chores. you need to keep this in mind as well. It has helped me immensely to have the support of friends and other family members because it's kept me motivated and excited about starting and running my own home business. do this? In many cases its quite simple and particularly if the a teenager chooses to work with something they are passionate about.163 children are grown and on their own.successbeyondmeasure.com Joletta Mckliget How to Start Up a Teenage Business You'll find there are many articles advising people to start a business or get into a business but just how do you do that. I have to remember the home business will affect him as well as myself. But first and foremost my home is my home. One thing I'm sure of is that I enjoy what I'm doing. weekend sport. I am a 51 year old women residing in Central Washington State.

. I can not stress how important they all are. It is important to invoke some control into some of your activities of questionable value. and following these 7 items will help considerably. 6. Naturally have some flexibility so you do not lose your friends. 7-Delegate. Including texting and emailing. You could have one night for DVD's and maybe another night for 2 of your favorite programmes. You are far more productive in the morning and imagine what you can achieve between 5. Urgent things are often not important and add no value to your business. With these you can. Follow religiously and tweak at the end of every week. and offload your unimportant urgent things. 2-Keep telephone time to minimum.Keep TV to a minimum. and more importantly the things you need to do in your business.. Learn to do important things first .Prioritize.30 and 8. You decide what works for you.not urgent things. . It is crucial that you set up the discipline necessary to ensure your ongoing success. 4-Wake up earlier. If you can offload chores do so.. or cut out completely. 3-If you are not working on your business go to bed early or earlier. but to have some control so that they are a lesser priority than your business. Even if it costs you $5. Break this in to days. 1. 5-Set up a weekly plan. Schedule a time when you will read emails and tell friends when you are available for communication.164 Now there are some details that need to tidied before anyone starts into any business. So here is a list of 7 items which should be included into your routine.30. after all whats your time worth? Now that we have cleared those items. The intention here is not to cease these activities.

Again if you . Follow these steps and you will have a business started in a very short space of time. Many people have become extremely successful and naturally wealthy just by following their passion. Believe it or not this could be a 7 DAY plan. Once you have done this find and confirm a way that you can easily reach that market. or niche Have a look at your market and find a product or niche that the market is clearly looking for. but thats up to you. Step 2 Set up financial and business necessities. If you commit to one chances are they will have some software to help you track income and expenses . Also talk to an accountant (your parents may have one). Some laws require your company number or your tax number to appear on marketing. There are different laws regarding this in different countries.at no cost to you. You will also need to have this sorted for your marketing. Decide on a company name and register your company. If you start with your passion then you will be making the best decision you could ever make. Set up your accounting system so that you are not messing with this down the track. or what might interest you. And I also recommend you talk to an "open minded" business person to get an independent opinion. but in most cases you will need to do this to set up you tax accounts.165 Next are the 7 key steps to getting your business started. Prepare your finances and set up bank accounts for your business. Talk it over with parents and get there input on how they see it working. product. Step1: Work out what your passion is. You may even wish to talk to the bank manager and let him/her know what you are doing. Step 3: Choose your key topic. However if you have a problem working out what this is pick something you may be interested in as a business topic.

You unique service is a free trimming along footpaths. . As an example you may set up a lawn mowing round. Step 4: Design your unique selling point. how to spread to other potential customers. it will make the whole task a lot easier and a lot more fun. It will make your product the best out of all products available. Marketing consists of a number of elements and may include advertising (next step). and determine what their needs and wants are. Its important to distinguish your product from the competition and offer something truly desired by the customers. and so on. Spend some time doing some creative thinking. If you can. Do some research on your typical customer. free offering. This way you can get a good understanding of their needs and tailor your offer to them. how to get the next sale after the first one.maybe to both the referee and the referrer. and by creating your unique offering. and that they know why your product is different from the others.166 pick something you are really passionate about. In some cases you may even be able to leave a sign on a clients garden etc. This increases the chances of coming to market with the right product. you can stand out from the crowd with your business. Get together with friends to help brainstorm. Step 5: Set up your marketing campaign Determine how you will bring your product to your customer. and a guarantee of service quality. You also offer half price for a referral . Your aim is to make your product visible to your market so that they know its there. product formulation. find a way to interview some. Try to come up with 3 or 4 products or variations of the theme. I promise you your competition is unlikely to have interviewed any body.

first week in business..first sale. Get started. You are now in Business! So there is a 7 step program to launch your teenage business. put your selling cap on and "walk the talk". and lap up the experience that business brings you. Have a look at what others are doing and seems work. Even if everything is not 100%. Naturally advertising can be expensive so you need to do some research to seek the most cost effective method.167 Step 6: Decide on your best method of advertising.successfulteenageentrepreneur. Remember to keep your chin up at all times. It does not cover everything but that's the nature of business anyway.. Once you decide how to market campaign.. You will get some knocks and you must look beyond these. This is important. Reward yourself for little achievements . Depending on your strike rate you will adopt one or the other. Its an amazing feeling just to do this.an ad in the paper may cost $150 but you may be able to get 1000 flyers made for $20. And make millions! Discover the secrets to becoming a teenage millionaire and read about real teenagers making millions right now! I invite you to further your knowledge with what is possible at http://www. and once you have experienced you first exposure to each you can learn to deal with them in your own unique way. You could even call your competition. you will need to get the advertising materials prepared..com/ . Using the lawn mowing example. You will find there are lots of items which require your attention on a regular basis. Be sure to have fun. first $1000 profit. so you can get them out working for you. And remember. tell them your a student(which you are). and ask them some questions about what advertising works! Step 7: Start up your business. and then pay a student to deliver them all for another $20.

. especially the CEO? Been there. Often I find that experienced investors flip to the management page of a business plan.168 And look out for my the extra Free e-books to download. You may have great credentials as a fire-fighter in your home town. rather than an unknown in his first race? The size of the race is also important. or start a software company. and won. Experience and expertise in this business area.stuart-harris. but probably not enough to qualify you as CEO of a new company in that area. Fortune 1000 CEOs usually don't make good startup CEOs. even before they read the product description. but wouldn't you choose to bet on a horse that has been in races before. Some really useful material I know will help you to get started as a Teen Entrepreneur Stuart G Harris http://www. but that won't get you money to build a job board on the Internet. and won. and vice versa. This may not seem fair to all you first-time entrepreneurs.net Stuart G Harris Ideal Credentials to Be a Startup CEO Every investor is looking for the "dream team" of executives to put his money on. That's how important the people are. You can learn a lot about a new technology from Wikipedia and scouring the Internet. What are investors looking for in the management team. done that.

at least to the point that your "traction" is evident (you have a product. The CEO is expected to make the presentations to investors. " The CEO has to be confident and clearly the final decision maker. optimism. "The buck stops here. family pairs in top positions. lobbying (begging) for money. You could be the next one. or worse yet. and fools. Introverts and loners need not apply. looks and sounds like he can weather the storm. and convincing other executives to help you or join you. Bundles of energy. and never gives up. Martin Zwilling .169 Network of followers and business associates. you have revenue). called friends. will always see the bright side despite adversity. But don't let that discourage you. Founder & CEO. Investors look for someone who is able and willing to put "skin in the game". What if you can't convince Jim Clark (of Netscape fame) to run your startup ? The most common solution is that you "bootstrap" your business. Your job as CEO involves heavy doses of selling the merits of your company. Inc. and proved he could beat the odds. and answer questions decisively. and money. Even Jim Clark started as a dark horse. Another alternative is to rely on that famous first tier of investors. but very few people will bet on him up front. Startup Professionals. The startup road is guaranteed to be long and hard. Investors don't like "equal partner" situations. Marty Zwilling. or fund it yourself. Everyone loves that dark horse who comes from the rear to lead the pack and win the race. you have customers. family.

how they view "what makes them special" what type of service they give to prospective new clients and whether they ever call me again to try to get me to come in again. I would do these things to create the best marketing strategy and plan: I would visit every competitor -. I would spend hours in my 10x10 cubicle planning the service menu. and hotel spa -..in a 15 mile radius of my target location. dealing with plumbing issues. medical spas. is really best spent doing more strategic things that only you can do. my dream is about a fairly large spa.. but the key is that you don't get stuck doing everything yourself. in reality we all have to make tradeoffs with startup costs and which trusted advisor is the most critical to your success. solo practitioner. bookkeeping. they do not help attracting new clients in a startup -. inquire about "what are you known for" with the front desk.day spas. This would give me a wonderful view of my competition on the inside. a spa consultant and a publicist to advise me on the best way to achieve my goals. While creating a website or designing your logo yourself can be done. I'd get their brochures.the time it takes you figure out the applications.170 If I Was Going to Start Up a Day Spa For several years. BUT if I was going to start up a spa. the marketing theme.they do have a team of trusted advisor's in place. the decor. I dreamt of opening my day spa. And you can make shortcuts with college interns or new businesses getting started. Granted. etc. If you look at the most successful spas -. an accountant. a lawyer.. fiddle with things.is mainly it the external view of your business that attracts new clients. change your mind again. web designer. a general contractor. salons with spas. . the perfect location. I would use professional help. interior designer. I spent zero hours thinking of managing staff. So I would definitely get a graphic artist. While the service treatments are highly important. schedule an appointment and go home and cancel my appointment..

in colors. I want to have a unique angle. I would have a website and service menu that sell for me. my technical training. giving something of value at no cost deepens your relationship with existing and prospective clients. online scheduling. words. .all good things. [Notice I said staff. Even if I did 80% of this list I'd still be ahead of the pack in terms of having a fighting chance to reserve a spot in my clients mind.] Marketing is not just ads and post cards. Whether in free informational classes. or maybe more than.171 I would write my marketing plan for the year even before I opened. Using my competitive research I would make sure my business stood apart -. teleseminars or online tips or e-mail newsletters. it is also a part of the daily protocols. tone. Automation is my friend. I did say it was a dream. Automated email capture. Publicity has the added value of creating credibility and the intangible "buzz. Not unique to the world. online gift certificates and product sales. Those are the things that keep clients coming back. they are the things that clients remember about their experience and how they felt.. I would train my staff in customer service and referral building as much. Those are all things controlled by the staff. Then I would determine what marketing and publicity activities I'd do every month to communicate that uniqueness over and over again. service levels. concept and services. I don't want to have to be there in person to be the reason someone schedules an appointment. I would rather make a splash in the press than pay for passive advertising. just unique to my local competition. I would partner with a nearby business or charity for joint publicity. attitude and emotional feel of the spa. automated website tracking and reports. I would not hire independent contractors in my dream spa." I would give away information.

Brown Immigration Lawyer's Notebook . A bi-partisan bill. She is an award winning business woman and a sought-after speaker with appearances at many state. This isn't a simple open door policy. Felicia is passionate about inspiring others both in and out of the spa industry. national and international conferences and conventions in the massage and spa industries. I'm interested in how immigration policy may help or hurt the struggling economy.The Startup Visa Act of 2010 Working as a San Francisco immigration lawyer. a firm that provides training. Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and NCBTMB Approved Provider.172 So. has been introduced by Senator John Kerry (D. The Startup Visa Act of 2010. A foreign entrepreneur may be granted a temporary . Felicia is also a licensed massage therapist. continuing education. Her personal philosophy is to share her knowledge and experience with others freely. visas.Mass) and Senator Richard Luger (R-Ind). business consulting and marketing solutions for massage and spa professionals. Felicia E. You can find more articles and information from Felicia at her Spa Clientele Marketing Tips blog .S. so that they may be successful in all of their endeavors. The bill is intended to assist global entrepreneurs in obtaining U. do you think I'm just dreaming? Would it be possible to do all this in your experience? Felicia Brown is the owner of Spalutions !.

S. European countries have been working to create better business conditions such as tax incentive to encourage entrepreneurs.173 two-year visa (presently designated as an EB-6 visa) if they are able and willing to invest $250. • Managed to raise $1 million in additional investment cash. It's hoped that the U. European countries have been focusing on encouraging more high-growth entrepreneurship. To be eligible for a permanent legal status. I expect to see this law debated as is always the case with any change in immigration policy. • Generated $1 million in revenue. This may lead to a permanent visa. the entrepreneur must have achieved one of the following after two years: • Have created five full time jobs in the U. This bill is designed to bring innovators and job creators to the country. have an impact on the economy in the San Francisco area as well as my practice as an immigration lawyer. This could really have an impact on immigration from China. economy. of course.S. Over the past five years.com reported that a MIT study found that China has a higher rate of entrepreneurship than Europe and the U. It has been endorsed by over 160 venture capitalists from around the world. workers and consumers will benefit from The Startup Visa Act of 2010.000 in a business that they are going to startup . . In recent years. At this point it's difficult to estimate how many entrepreneurs may take advantage of this opportunity.S. They also have a high rate of business founders that are focused on high-growth. As an immigration lawyer in San Francisco. Those working in the high-growth area are starting companies that have at least 20 employees. This bill can. A recent article on Newsweek.

you . The first thing that you need to do when you are looking at independent pet store start up costs is to make sure that you know how to tally them in the right way. looking at independent pet store start up costs is very important.com Kaushik Ranchod Independent Pet Store Start Up Costs No matter how well the business is going to do. or living in America. Remember that you will need to be able to have the space to rent so that your store can make money . The best thing to do is to make a list of all of the things you would like and then make an estimate about the costs of these things. Also. your business will not work. Next. and what types of supplies. Therefore. So be sure that you count this as well. This should include the space that you want to rent.ranchodlaw. So be sure you add them all into your costs. Website: http://www. you want to look at other parts of the independent pet stores costs.without space. You want to be sure that as you start to look at the start up costs you are doing it right and you are not going to be having too many or too little. Remember that when you open your store you want to have all of the animals and the products ready. working. you need to have the start up costs before you can begin to make any money.174 Kaushik Ranchod is an Immigration Attorney who has committed his legal practice and career to helping people from around the world fulfill their dream of visiting. The first thing that you should do is think about what types of animals you want to have in your pet store.

Think "advertising" and most business people think of spots on television.175 want to count in any utilities or things that you need to buy on a monthly basis for your place. or the whole tri-media channels. "When business is good. You will also know how much money you can expect to spend over the first year or so that you are in business. One choice spot could run into thousands of dollars. advertising can be really expensive.com Sandra Reynolds Inexpensive Advertising For Your Startup Business A business expert said. http://www. Sandra Reynolds is a therapist in Chicago. it pays to advertise. Unfortunately. you've got to advertise. Be sure that this is something that you count as well. you pretty much need to make a budget to figure your opening up costs. From branding to giveaways. However this can be good because then you will have a good idea about how much money you need to spend to get your pet store up and running. print. as modeled by big companies and multinational corporations. radio. when business is bad. Your independent pet store start up costs is all going to be part of this. Check out these great Pets Advice Online articles and guides.petsadviceonline. a big budget is allocated for full marketing campaigns. . When it comes down to it." Startup entrepreneurs and beginning small business owners must take advertising seriously and they should come up with a good plan at the onset of the business.

176 But for startup entrepreneurs and small business owners. Australia's preferred short term lender. Here are several inexpensive but effective ways to promote the fledgling business. such as Facebook or Twitter. shares his insights on money matters. generate positive conversations about a product or service through networking sites. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the advantage to fully utilize word-of-mouth marketing. they could join community bazaars and trade fairs. publish price lists. Having one is a big plus because a website is a simple tool to present products. Joining these events would need more money for membership fees or booth rentals but this particularly method is good for product displays and on-thespot order placements. Sean Teahan co-founder of Cash Doctors . Founded in 2005 Cash Doctors has helped thousands of Australians with their fast cash loans but that's just the short term . and other kinds of information. But they don't have to worry because there are inexpensive ways to advertise. * Speaking of free social networking sites in the Internet. an internet connection. A number of advertising strategies can be used by entrepreneurs and biz owners to make their businesses known without spending lots of cash. most of them only have cash loans or payday loans for their initial capital. Entrepreneurs and biz owners must be in the right place and in the right time. They should be active in blogging and twittering about their business and try to incorporate these activities in their work schedule. The primary thing to remember before picking the best advertising tool or method is to know which is the best one for the target clients or market. business people can also set up their own websites. they just have to invest on a computer. * For people who are in the outdoors business or who would want to take a hands-on personal approach. * Nothing beats personal referrals. and a website hosting service. Aside from recommendations from friends and family. They could easily put together these things with one online payday loan and they are good to go. For those who are starting their home-based businesses.

Cash Doctors also help people in the long run by providing budgeting tools. music and work-related skills. you can teach online or offline or a combination of both.177 solution. Depending on the subject. you could become a tutor. either for adults or children. But there are many other subjects which can be taught. You need to be able to get on well with people and have the ability to explain information or demonstrate skills clearly. Tutoring If you have knowledge in an area which is in demand. Sean Teahan Interested in Making Money? Easy Business Ideas You Can Start Up Today If you are looking for information on making money. easy business ideas like the following can help make your life easier. e-books and individually researched articles on money matters and financial tips. Here are some easy business ideas which can be set up without a huge amount of capital. The aim is to assist people in achieving instant and long term financial freedom. including hobbies. but that doesn't have to be the case. So you . Starting a business can be difficult and it can cost a great deal of money. sports. especially if your students get good results. If you are teaching exam subjects you charge competitive rates.

you can write for other people. . Halloween. These crafts can be sold in local markets or craft fairs and also marketed online. feed it.178 don't need to worry if you didn't get good grades in school subjects! Pet Feeding Looking after other people's animals while they are on holiday is an easy way to make some extra cash. In the past. Or you could have several product lines meeting the demand for holidays such as Easter. House Sitting This is another service which can be offered when people are on holiday. giving you the possibility of a much broader customer base. or you might have to exercise it and groom it. However nowadays many web site publishers are on the lookout for good writers and will pay for many different types of writing. Ghostwriter If you enjoy writing. according to the number of animals and the level of care required. clean up after it. Again. You can visit the animal's home. Crafts If you are good at crafts you can make things and sell them. which is usually all that is required for animals like cats. In some cases you will have very little to do. for example making Christmas decorations or a range of products which are popular at all times of the year. You can charge different fees. You can have a seasonal business. as you would with dogs. Those with large houses often prefer to have their property occupied when they are away. in others you'll be expected to look after pets and plants. ghostwriters generally wrote novels or autobiographies for writers or celebrities. Valentine's Day and so on. you can charge according to the amount of work you do.

watch this 26 part video course free. and jumped into running an internet business full time..no sign up required! http://www.com/how-to-onlinebusiness. That was personal money put into the business to get it going. And if it's the idea of an online business gets your creative juices flowing. but the investment in my business was only $800.How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Successful Business? The costs of starting an internet business are tiny.html Waller Jamison Internet Business Start Up Costs .. but was not expert by a long shot back then. And this may surprise you. . if you really want to start making money stop sitting on the fence and learn how you can set yourself up in one of these businesses today. How about this example from my own business: Several years ago I left a job.that $800 has compounded into an awful lot more.businessblueprint101. and I've never had to put any more of my personal money in . compared to a business in the 'real world'. I'd had some experience running a part time internet business.179 So.

180 So what did I spend that $800 on to start the business? Here's a few of the items: Getting set up with a payment processor.SevenFigureBlueprints.perhaps $20 a month to start with. The cost of this did increase as my websites became more popular. and require consistent commitment to get the results you want. A service for managing my email list.if you're not prepared to spend money on advertising initially. So internet business start up costs can be surprisingly low. And with hard work.more expensive a few years ago. or existing. I used WorldPay at the time which cost several hundred dollars to get an account with. have turned that initial $800 investment into over seven figures in sales. Visit the following site to claim your FREE Membership and discover exactly how people just like you are making small investments into their own new. As little as $20 a month. costs have come down over the years . business and turning it into six or even seven figures in income: http://www. and those take time and effort.com . Buying domain names . but you can get set up for free with PayPal now. but now as little as $8 a year each. But be aware . especially compared to starting a 'real world' business like a Dominos Pizza franchise for example. but you can probably achieve the same for $200 now.I spent $800 getting my business going. then you need to grow your business using free marketing tactics (like writing articles). And as mentioned in this article. A web host of course . Louis Allport helps current and aspiring business owners greatly maximize their chance of success and significant profits. Those are the main services I needed to get up and running. Or a service like 2CheckOut only costs around $50 in set up fees at the moment.

Compared to the startup costs of a retail or franchise business where you might need to invest thousands. where you earn money both from selling a product or service and recruit others to do the same. However. Shop around and find something that has a product that interests you. There are many internet businesses to choose from. setting up with an affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing company can be done for less than $50. If you do not already have a computer. If you are looking for a multi-level marketing company. These companies can be extremely lucrative in the long term because you can often earn several levels deep. 2. You may find that it is a lot less expensive than you thought. Many of them are free to join. there will normally be a membership fee. this will be your first expense but if this is not affordable right now you could consider using your local library or internet cafe. Obviously you will need a computer and access to the internet. and many have extremely low membership fees. With affiliate marketing companies. 1. you will . you can often join for free and then earn commissions by selling the companies products. You can find these very easily by doing a search on Google. 3. Below I set out the kinds of expenditures you need to consider before you start so you can set up a realistic budget.181 Louis Allport Internet Business Startup Costs Sometimes people delay starting an online home business because they are worried about what the business startup costs will be.

Marketing costs do not have to be as expensive as you might think. such as GetResponse. Most effective marketing can be done for free using article marketing and blogging. However. Another good investment is an automatic article submitter such as Article Marketer. An autoresponder service.182 need to weigh up whether you can afford the membership fee until you start making any profit. 5. there are certain tools that you really do need to consider if you are going to run a serious business. In this case you might want to consider paying someone to set them up initially until you are more experienced. Taking everything above into consideration. 6. Internet business startup costs are probably the lowest of any business startup ! As long as you are prepared to give it lots of . or even sell your own ebooks and services. or submitting to free directories. Of course you will need to take into account the cost of hosting a website. you can run your online business for under $100 per month very effectively. Setting up a website and/or blog is very important. some of the most effective marketing techniques are completely free. so you can get your articles out to hundreds of online directories and ezines without spending all your time doing it by hand. As mentioned above. which can usually be done for around $10 or less per month. Make sure you blog regularly to get good results and to build traffic. On the other hand. 4. that sends out automatic emails to a list of leads is essential if you are short of time. It is up to you to decide what you can afford and then you will be able to work out what you can pay for and what you will need to spend time doing manually. You can set up a blog account with WordPress or Blogger for free and then monetize it with your affiliate marketing products. you could consider spending some time learning about website maintenance and blogging so that you can do it yourself. but can be daunting if you are not skilled in this. Most of these services have several packages so you can pick and choose what will suit your budget.

Ros runs her own online business and is also a successful writer and life coach. SHOULD YOU SEEK A SBA LOAN? Because there is one more organization involved.183 time and work. it can take longer to get an SBA small business startup loan than it does using a traditional lender. they back a portion of a loan made by SBA partners to eliminate some of the risk. As your profit grows. Even in the current financial climate. instead it guarantees small business startup loans made by private institutions. Partners agree to structure their loans by SBA requirements in order to participate in the programs. and the amount of backing that partners receive can vary based on the federal government fiscal policies. you can then expect and unlimited amount of income in years to come. you can feed it back into the business to pay for more tools and services that will help it to grow even more. In other words. it is therefore possible for most people to start up an online business and make it work for them. But if . Online Find opportunities at her website at Financial Freedom Ros's coaching site is at Career and Home Business Coaching Rosamunde Bott Is an SBA Small Business Startup Loan Right For Your Business? The SBA is not primarily a direct lending institution.

However. and the owner’s equity contribution are also taken into consideration. Even if the SBA decides to offer a guarantee. character. The business borrowing money however. equipment. land.” . buildings. Management capability. ELIGIBILITY To become eligible for a basic 7(a) loan guarantee. LOAN PROGRAM GUARANTEE OPTIONS BASIC 7(a) LOAN The 7(a) loan program is the most popular and most basic program offered by the SBA. be a for-profit company.184 you have been unsuccessful in getting a small business startup loan traditionally. you must meet the size restrictions. refinancing existing debt that have no other good refinancing options. If the bank thinks the small business startup loan would be high risk. the lender is not obligated to give you the loan. collateral. not have other sources of financing available for the use of funds needed. This means loans may be used for working capital. and have the ability to repay the loan under the terms agreed upon. would still be obligated to pay the debt. they submit it for consideration in the SBA program. CONDITIONS Repayment ability from the cash flow of the business is the most important consideration in the decision of the SBA to approve or reject a loan. or to purchase an existing business. assist in the operation or expansion of a current business. Some variations of the 7(a) program may require other things. it is still up to the lender to determine whether a loan will be granted. Most banks and sometimes other lending institutions participate in the program. The process begins with a typical application to a bank. realize that even if the SBA backs the loan you want. an SBA loan may be your best choice. or to acquire a business. PURPOSE The SBA 7(a) loan proceeds may be used to start a business. The SBA can guarantee a portion of the small business startup loan if the lender would not get paid.

The CDC works with the SBA and other lenders from the community to finance small businesses. Ryan Mapes . The following link provides a list of Microloan Intermediaries by state.5 million or an average net income of $2.000) to startup businesses or growing small businesses. and not be a real estate investment or speculation based company. business owners. and consolidating or repaying debt. The funding is not available for working capital.5 million. and small business owners obtaining a small business startup loan or other forms of funding. [http://www.sba. The SBA directly gives the local community lenders who disburse the money according to their own eligibility requirements.000. PURPOSE In general a company must create or retain one job for every $50.com He helps facilitate startups. such as land and buildings. ELIGIBILITY A business must be for-profit. refinancing.185 504 LOAN PROGRAM FOR A CERTIFIED DEVELOPMENT COMPANY The CDC/504 loan program provides long term fixed rate financing for major fixed assets.GoBIGnetwork. A certified development company (CDC) must be non-profit company designed to contribute to the economic development of the community. MICROLOANS— A 7(m) LOAN PROGRAM This program provides smaller small business startup loans (up to $35. A personal guarantee by the principal owner is required along with the project assets being financed as collateral.gov/idc/groups/public/documents/sba homepage?serv fa microloan.pdf] Ryan Mapes is currently the General Manager for the http://www. except for small manufacturers where the number is $100. not exceed a tangible net worth of $7.000 provided by the SBA.

you can go for a personal loan that can be secured or unsecured.apply-4-loans. then you will be able to borrow an amount between &#8356. For a start-up business loan. the amount that you can borrow depends upon a lot of things like: your credit history your debt to income ratio or DTI any defaults. Now However. CCJs. This way you can determine whether it is best to go for a secured start up business loans [http://www. the amount for which you want the loan etc. Again. 5000 to &#8356. . it’s time you get the fuel to run your business. Start-up business loans are available at highly attractive rates that will give your business the much deserved boost. With a wide variety of options in start-up business loans available today. bankruptcy. You can repay the amount in a time period of 3-25 years. Usually. late payments and IVAs in the last 2 years For example: 1. these amounts depend upon the lenders' policies and terms and conditions at which they provide loans. 2. If you have a good credit history which is usually above 750.186 Kick Start Your Business with Startup Business Loans Now that you have started off on a great note.uk/businessloans. including property or house that can act as a security. you will surely get a loan that would not just meet all your requirements but also provide you some benefits. The decision to go for a secured or unsecured personal loan relies on a number of criteria. arrears.co.100000.html] or an unsecured one. lenders require personal security on any borrowings in case of start-up business.

co. He has done his masters in Business Administration as a finance specialist.uk/business-loans. therefore. Find the Right Location One of the most important decisions to make with your laundry mat startup is the decision of where your business should . The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. everyone has need of laundry services. For more information on business start up loans [http://www. however.uk] Braden Fred Laundry Mat Startup If you are interested in owning your own business. and provides you with maximum amount and as many benefits as possible. Why Laundry? Everybody needs to have clean clothes. if done properly it can be a very successful business ventures. If done properly. A laundry mat business may not be a business idea that you had previously thought of doing. you should consider a laundry mat startup .apply-4-loans.187 You can check with various online lenders and look for a deal that best meets your requirements.html] please visit Apply for loans [http://www.co. a laundry mat business can draw in a lot of business.apply-4loans.

so you will have to weigh the costs and benefits of the location. Also. The Internet has an abundance of knowledge on all topics. Get In the Know About Laundry If you are going to be in the laundry business. you may be able to find other laundry mat owners and will be able to discuss with them various aspects of the business. It will be likely that more desirable locations will be more expensive. The Small Business Administration can even help you obtain loans at a lower interest rate. in an area with no other laundry mats. Get Financing If you do not have enough spare cash to pay for your laundry mat startup . When trying to get financing. You will want to find a location where there is a strong demand for a laundry mat. you will need to obtain some financing. as different banks will offer different interest rates and different loan terms. Do a search and see what information you can find. good locations could include by an apartment complex with laundry facilities. You can check with your local banks to see what loan options are available for small businesses in your area. This federal agency specializes in helping owners of small businesses. Subscribe to periodicals and magazines dedicated to this topic. or near college apartments. For example. Advertise . You will want to research your possible locations before making a commitment. One good place to start is the Internet.188 be located. You will want to shop around for your loan. You will need to take time to learn about all the different types of equipment that you will need. you should learn as much as you can about that business. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when figuring out your possible location. you will want to contact your local Small Business Administration branch.

but they may not grant you a loan or the amount that they are willing to provide may not be sufficient. you can advertise at local colleges and community centers. You need to have money. Edward Dean Local Businesses Start-Up Cost Made Easier With Government Grants It can be very stressful to start up a small business. Edward Dean is an accomplished website developer and author. do not forget about flyers.startup visit Janitorial Franchising for current articles and discussions. Also. Many aren't aware that grants are available in towns all over the . However.189 Once your laundry mat startup is organized and ready to go. a foolproof business plan. you will find it to be a rewarding experience. Also. if you work hard and endure through the tough times. You will need to advertise. and a good sense of how businesses run. you will need to make sure that people are aware of your business. Check with local newspapers and magazines and see how much it will cost to place and advertisement in their publication. you can expect you share of bumps in the road. these can be a great way to spread the word about your business. Get to Work Owning your own laundry mat business is hard work. Of course you can always apply at a local bank for a small business loan. To learn more about laundry-mat.

The funds are used to offer low interest loans to local companies. Typically there is a stipulation that the business must hire people from the area.medium businesses. You shouldn't take the task of getting the initial money for your small business lightly. the interest rate will be considerably less than that of a regular small business loan. which helps them to get up and running. Even in areas that are less populated. Derrick Anderston recommends outsourcing appointment setting and lead generation services for small . boosting the local economy. Your local Chamber of Commerce should be your first stop when seeking a grant for establishing a business. and this is another way to get start-up funds for a small business.190 country to help local businesses. It creates jobs in the area. Derrick Anderston . As a business consultant. There is a grant program funded by the Federal Government called the Community Development Block Grant Loan Program that provides cash for small community grants. Using lead generation companies allows sales resources to be more productive and concentrate on closing deals. this is important for the economic climate. Although the money you receive through the grant may actually be a loan that must be repaid. Your county can obtain the money necessary for these programs by applying to the government for a grant. If grants are not available in your area. This organization along with the Better Business Bureau provides grants to assist local companies. your Chamber of Commerce should be able to aid you in finding other types of grants that offer assistance to local businesses. in turn. when small businesses open and hire employees.

or stock brokers.almost overnight if they like your firm or your business idea. And. they are private people interested in expanding their money by investing in growing firms.191 Looking For Small Business Start Up Loan? Well. or venture capitalists with strict lending guidelines. Many . Angels can supply you with quick money -. Instead. but of late e-business has become a favorite niche. All this is possible through the use of "angels. angels are not like banks. when reviewing small business start up loans. Instead. The good news is that.fast. what is so great about these guys? Glad you asked. And. the money an angel supplies is technically not a loan -. They do invest in a wide variety of businesses. An angel investor can be a real life saver when the amount of small business start up loan you need is higher than what banks will loan and lower than what venture capitalists give. An Angel Can Be A Heavenly Source Of Money For You! Good! I'm going to talk about small business start up loans in this article and introduce you to an explosive financial breakthrough that could literally catapult your ability to raise or borrow start up loans -." And who are these angels ? Angels are private investors who provide small business start up loans and put money into new or expanding companies which they believe will grow swiftly and increase the value of their money.small business start up loan -.and does not have to be repaid . they tend to be more flexible. Though. the angel investor becomes part owner of your company and is entitled to certain privileges as the firm grows.

Thus. 6.000 in a start up or growing business they feel has promise. To get angel capital you must be prepared to make a superb presentation about your company and its future prospects.000 in your business. newsletter. prepare an ongoing business plan showing the firm's growth. 4. competitor details. be specific and typed throughout. They are all potential places to find them. full of financial predictions with concise executive summary and wellwritten throughout. Many angels invest in the same type of business they once owned. It should provide data on markets. State exactly how much loan you need for your small business -. 2.) serving your field and appropriate for your small business loan needs.angels like exact numbers. poorly prepared description of your company. Emphasize the business you're in and show why it will 3.192 angels typically take less ownership of your firm (around 10%) -whereas venture capitalists will usually take a lot more. Contact an angel through potential channels. And. finally it should be neatly bounded. illustrated where appropriate. Look in publications (magazines. For a going business. etc. Don't try to shortchange yourself with a sloppy. etc. Talk to people in associations or societies serving your business like the Chamber of Commerce. The plan should be comprehensive. Even attend trade shows. 5. Take these key steps to help bring an angel into your business life : 1. . Prepare a business plan if you seek funds for a new business. a group of 10 angels will typically invest about $50.000 to $100. Look for an angel to put anywhere from $5. grow.000 to $1.000. conventions and club meeting in your field.

easyloansforbadcredit. and the Internet has made possible the virtual office. and 2) a cell phone. go to his website NOW: http://www.com Peter Forkuo Low Cost Start Up Business . and this failure has to do with not being able to cover expenses for one reason or another. you'll have in your hands the needed small business start up loan. . strategies and unusual sources of funding. You just need all of your employees to have two things: 1) a computer with high-speed Internet access. Forget about a land line. This is the age of the Internet.193 Do I need to say more? Go ahead and follow the steps as outlined above. Before you know it. And the one thing that might give you pause is the cost involved.Tips to Cut Costs If you dream of starting your own business. Most start-up businesses fail within their first three years (out of those that get beyond that point the vast majority of them succeed). Peter Forkuo. The vast majority of start-up businesses today don't need the traditional bricks-and-mortar office(s). you're surely looking into the costs of opening up that first office. To learn more about small business start up loans and his current techniques. the author of this article specializes in what you might call "high-risk" loans for people and small business ideas that banks and other traditional lending institutions are simply unwilling to lend money to.

Just set aside one private room in your home. Wisconsin. consider paying a small base salary but offer a very generous performance bonus. and you're in business. instead give them money to open their own MSA account if they choose as a "hiring bonus". If you want to offer health benefits. They won't . the Carolinas. as their best interests align with yours and they grow a sense of loyalty. They have fewer IT problems. This method of compensation means you are paying mostly for performance but you retain employees at the same time. If you live in an expensive area like the Northeast or California. You'll find that the majority of your employees already have most of the stuff they need. This will enable you to easily ferret out those who don't love their jobs. try to hire people who live in the South or the Midwest. Re-think the usual compensation plans for your employees. You can use a good webinar service company to hold meetings. throw in a free meeting with a financial planner to everyone when they get their bonus checks. Instead of offering retirement plans. etc. etc. All of your employees can work from home (or the local coffee shop). anyway. and when you do be quick to fire them. a webcam and microphone if they don't have them. If you still want to use PCs. the first thing you can do to save yourself substantial amounts of money is to forget about opening an office at all. like people from Iowa. Even for people like your secretary. too.194 So. so they can allocate their own retirement savings. You just saved a big fat pile of money on office overhead and commute costs. Only provide it to those who don't have it. For your top performers you could even offer to pay for their car for them. All you need to pay for here is outfitting any of your employees with the software they'll need. And what more can you do? Plenty: Consider using MacIntosh computers instead of Windowsbased. and maybe offer profit sharing in the company. check into the less-expensive-than-Windows Linux OS.

which is a money saving website that offers tips and advice on saving with grocery coupons. meet with your vendors and try to work a discount deal. Always--anything that you can possibly do online. starting a small start up such as a food business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. and much more. You can find outsourcing companies online after doing a Google search. Article Video Robot. long way in a nation with a rather low standard of living. Use cheap/free Internet methods of marketing and advertising as much as possible: articles. Email or call them for more information. either: $100 a month goes a long. Aaton Maston writes family money saving tips for Cheapspenders . Outsource your mundane tasks like book-keeping (other than your personal secretary) to foreigners who can work very cheaply. do online.. Find a couple of people who are good at this and make them part of your staff--forget the PR firms or multimedia marketing companies. People today have so many cheap/unlimited long distance phone plans that they won't care if they call you on a regular long distance call. You will not be ripping them off with cheap wages. PPC advertising. podcasts. and the like. Aaton Maston . Don't sign up for a toll-free number. It's the way to go if you're a new start-up business. Every two or three business quarters. opt-in e-newsletters. YouTube videos. The savings benefits of the virtual office are staggering. They will look forward to working with you and your business.195 care about a bigger base pay because they don't have the huge living expenses.

frozen-ass winter? With a ramshackle Rambler needing a couple hundred bucks worth of transmission work. Rooting around in the attic. This was the good stuff. I romanticized the used. icy. Under no circumstances are you to buy a used Rambler American. The good news is that chances are real slim there days of running into said vehicle. if not thousands. but I figured I'd think of something. was I wrong. Boy. the real deal. one solution to the hopelessness of trying to score a six week job in the middle of the winter. my beloved Rambler in pathetic condition. narrow New England roads. at least I could round up my pals. and little prospect of employment. and drive around drinking on slippery. you will. by definition. I ferreted out my collection of hundreds. and you need a car. this was not the case for me. even if the alleged car actually worked? I hit on a plan to fix the Green Duck. Well. in the middle of a recession. winding. metal-on-metal fervor. It groaned with an industrial. barely running. I needed cheap wheels. Let me stop here and proffer a key bit of advice: When you are a near penniless college student. and through some quixotic lack of logic. get a few six packs. So there I was six months later. industrial green Rambler with the threeon-the-tree transmission as quite a cool set of wheels.196 Low Rent Start Up The Green Duck needed a new transmission--BAD! Like last week. . What is a college student supposed to do at Mom and Dad's house for six weeks in the middle of the snowy. at the beginning of the six week semester break inflicted on UMass students by dint of some institutional lack of vision. be buying at the low end of the market. formerly owned by the telephone company. of Marvel comics I'd collected between the ages of ten and fifteen. Sadly. It was December 1977. In the summer of '77. I had no idea what would happen once my car was fixed.

How was I going to sell t-shirts to UMass students over winter break? Good question.00 in ramsom for these mags that had been the cornerstone of my adolescence. .00. by the age of twenty I'd had a radical shift in priorities. I'd solved the problem of what to do about work over the too-long winter break. and my mood markedly improved.197 The Jack Kirby run of Fantastic Four. I knew it was a raw deal. and more. I stopped in to see my pal Steve Beaupre at Strawberry Records. By the time I was driving off with these new tunes to play on mom and dad's giant console stereo. I was going to print t-shirts of my cartoon characters and sell them! I had a popular daily strip in the UMass college paper entitled "Aluminum Foil". giving me $212. so I determined to pawn my Marvel collection and fix my damn car. Shrugging off the sellers' remorse. Retail on these books at the time would have been well in excess of $1500. by the Grateful Dead. on the way home in Framingham. Between Christmas and New Years. zen-scarecrow. The prospect of wrestling with one of my bevy of home town girl friends in the back seat of the Green Duck easily trumped the glory of re-reading even Jack (the King) Kirby. and the infamous double live LP know as "Skullf*ck". The John Romita (senior) Spiderman. but my business & negotiating acumen was far off in my future in 1977. featuring Gerald. Big Picture thinking was not my forte either. where some pale. I grimly piloted my ramshackle Rambler to the shop in Brockton. The fascinations of my adolescence had faded. Thor. but I needed the bucks. The complete 24 issue run of Conan the Barbarian drawn by Barry Smith. Although these had been sacred objects to me for years. I picked up Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat. fat idiot. just south of Boston. The Gene Colan Daredevil. at the tender age of twenty. where he worked. Heaving with what seemed like it's death throes. Still. scrawny pathetic geek with a limp hank of greasy black hair ripped me off blind. a foil head. on a "warm" and sunny day of forty degrees or so. and Benb. I set out on the perilous journey to a comic shop some thirty miles form my parents house in Sudbury (twenty miles west of Boston) that expressed an interest in buying the books. and of course. a sort of smiling.

about thirty three bucks. A mainstream daily strip. but I quickly (and unexpectedly) found myself in demand as a wholesale screen printer. As for the Green Duck and the new transmission. Ditto political cartooning. Spoiled college kid! When I got back to school at the end of January. whether funny or adventure. the way was clear. and my mom and dad bailed me out. For years. And although I enjoyed superhero stuff as a kid. a nice drawing of Gerald the foilhead. It was great to make enough money to have a car. asking that I print their shirts. an exacto knife. a squeegee. I stumbled through the basics. I stopped in at the local art supply store and bought some water based speedball t-shirt ink. several dorms. I actually did find one small shirt job over the break. The odd thing about my experience is that I truly followed the path of least resistance in order to make a living. paying for the new tranny. doing a couple dozen shirts for a friends' band. take out girls. I would see people wearing my "Amherst Smoke In" T-Shirts. which was hand cut laquer based screen printing film. and a roll of "nu-film". the appeal to me has always been the exhilarating freedom of having no boss. a cheesy speedball "hobbyist" screen printing kit that included a small screen. I spent my way through my small stake in no time. student clubs and the like descended on me. The student credit union. in a Crumb inspired "truckin" pose. I did indeed manage to move a few shirts each week adorned with my characters. This has served me as an artist also. I was not drawn to animation. was too commercial a beast for my sensibilities. I had. making more money faster than I ever had. and printed my first t-shirt in my parents basement. but first and foremost. I began to bootleg shirts for everything from concerts to track meets. I was in business! That evening. Total outlay. go to concerts and all that good stuff. .198 In any case. I never truly desired to follow in any of the well worn cartoon career paths. Although I am a cartoonist. It worked.

or genre stuff. Tips for making Money Online . It's a low start up capital business option and can be started from anywhere.blogspot. to grant myself the freedom to commune with my own peculiar muse. a vehicle to express your own vision. in the small world of "art" comics. and indeed my plan. You just need to have a website or a blog for starting this extremely interesting business.com Steve Lafler Low Start Up Capital Business Options How Google Can Help You Make Lots of Cash With Zero Start Up Google's AdSense and AdWords enable you to make plenty of money online. I am without interference from the demands of the commercial marketplace. His most recent graphic novel is SCALAWAG.199 and have. Having a solid commercial self-employment base in screenprinting literally set me free to be the artist I have wanted to be. no interest in doing kid stuff. The original underground cartoonists provided a clue: Use cartooning as a formal art form. or even the ebbs and flows of fashion. manifesting the odd and wonderful as I see fit.bohoworker. from Top Shelf Productions http://www. It has been my good fortune. Steve Lafler is a self employed cartoonist and screen printer. and trend.

Try the free trial for Google Cash Kit & learn the secret for earning thousands of dollars per month online. AdSense is a program operated by Google which enables website and blog owners to earn revenue. Whenever someone comes to your site and visits onto the ads. The content of your site is the most important factor for generating cash. Visit --> Google Cash Free Trial Follow this two step program & get started with earning money online. If your site satisfies your reader's expectation then they ought to visit again. You should be able to attract traffic to your site through your electrifying content. You should invest your time for molding your website into an informative platform. * Advertising is the main idea behind this whole program. You can easily monetize your site with this program. location and money are the main benefits of this business. which will not only give you creative satisfaction but also provide you a handsome revenue. Your website should have authentic and keyword friendly articles for attracting more traffic. * Reader's loyalty is extremely important for earning lots of revenue. Most people are hungry for authentic and flawless content. * You AdSense enabled website will generate cash on a double visit basis. which are displayed in your site through AdSense. They are constantly searching for information. . will earn you money. You can increase the traffic to your blog or website by promoting your own site through AdWords.200 * Flexibility of time. * Rich content can pull crowds. You should choose advertising friendly subjects for earning a hefty amount. AdSense enables advertisers to display their ads in your site through AdWords.

I was lucky for he already knew the best online business opportunities. I am from the school of thought that once believed one must have a huge capital to start up a successful business. So I didn't have to go around probing which business to invest in. so get yours today. I settled for some casual jobs that never seemed to pay enough. He introduced me to an internet business and within a short time it totally revolutionized my line of thinking. instead the companies I work with would provide the products. But with white collar jobs becoming hard to come by. To my amazement he informed me I did not require such capital to initiate this kind of business. I went ahead and enrolled . All I needed was a good internet connection and determination to make money. It's during this period that I met a friend who caused a complete turn around in my life. Andy Willliams Making Money Online Without a Start Up Capital After clearing my college education I moved home and started a frenetic search for employment. I learnt that this business did not require one to get a premise and buy stocks. For a whole year I did several things that never seemed to make ends meet.201 Visit --> Google Cash Free Trial FREE Trials are for a limited time only. This business concept is known as affiliate marketing. I considered myself ambitious and started doing small business here and there.

most small businesses have little or no funds to pay for big campaigns. The reason for writing this article is because many claim they don't have a start up capital. advertising.202 in two programs that ensured I had more than one stream of income. One small business owner told me he decided to purchase a full-page advertisement in a national magazine to promote his business. Marketing is an umbrella term that covers a lot of areas including sales. the one-time ad produced fewer than . direct mail. branding. He was convinced the ad would drive lots of business his way and put him on the road to profitability. Stephen Kavita Marketing Tips For a Start-Up Business Q. With so many different opportunities from which to choose. I'm just starting a business and wondered what you think is the best way to get my marketing going. Website: Online Business Secrets for money making tips. He researches and studies on small business strategies . Join an affiliate program now and start making money online. In addition to not knowing what type of marketing strategies to utilize. Unfortunately. online. and so on. it's challenging for a new business owner to determine what's best for their business so you're not alone. Stephen is an online business expert. yet there are several online business programs that require no capital at all.

People do business with people they know and trust. . It's a win-win for both businesses because you are rewarding your customers with a little something extra.203 a dozen inquiries and the cost nearly put him out of business. you'll find hundreds of marketing opportunities. but if you try using good old common sense. To get you started. make sure you have a professional looking web site. if you have a hair salon you could give your clients a 10% off coupon from a nearby clothing store and the clothing store could do the same for you. Good marketing decisions require MACS . however.Massive Amounts of Common Sense. Cross promotions with synergistic businesses are another inexpensive way to market your business. let me give you some examples. you are missing business opportunities. but explained they didn't work for her. The moral of this story is that sometimes the simplest marketing approaches are not only less expensive. "I handed out lots of cards but I didn't get any business. If you don't have an Internet presence. For example. but also more effective in building your business. Finally. When was the last time you picked up a printed phone book to find a particular type of business? I never use phone books anymore because I search for a business via the Internet. not hounding people for business. Networking is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start marketing your business. Don't expect a sale every time you hand out your business card. An SBTV. they may be able to recommend you or open a door with someone who is. Get out of your office and get involved in organizations and events where you can meet your potential customers. I don't know what type of business you have or who your customers are." Good networking takes time because it's about building relationships. Not everyone you meet is going to be a potential customer. When I inquired as to why she said. however.com viewer recently wrote she had attended a couple of networking events.

PLus. Good luck. It's the only media source with a daily news broadcast produced for just for small business.com contributors by uploading video. information and social networking. Susan Wilson Solovic Marketing Your Startup on a Shoestring Budget Starting your own business can be a wonderful feeling. Solovic has authored several best-selling books including "The Girls' Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business" and "Reinvent Your Career: Attain the Success You Deserve and Desire. community members can become SBTV. let me say I am aware that a business .com -.com is the place where small business owners and employees congregate for small business news. It's all about real people. Known as the "Small Business Diva". Marketing can take up a lot of money if you let it.com offers free daily success tips: 35350 with Biz in the subject line. SBTV. they are entrepreneurs too. SBTV. esq. I am writing this article based on my experience starting my own company with very little money to invest.com understands small business is as much about a way of living as making a living. real ideas and real businesses. Susan Wilson Solovic. but there are some excellent free marketing ideas that were passed along to me that I will pass down to you. Before we begin. is the CEO and co-founder of SBTV. That's why SBTV's journalists and experts aren't just reporters. It can also be one of the most stressful things you ever do.204 Hopefully these ideas will get you started with your marketing efforts.small business television." SBTV. audio and text.

including equipment purchases. So. Navigate over to Google's addurl page and fill out the form. be sure your domain is eye-catching and relevant. by the way. There is a similar process with Yahoo! at their "Suggest a Site" page. The name of your business is typically a good idea. Also worth looking into is Google's Local Business Center which will literally "put you on the map. you will likely get fined much more than the fee of the business license itself. makes sense and is. they actually offer a very good service for web hosting. This is certainly worth looking into. That. that doesn't mean you can forgo this expense. Honesty will get you a long way in the business world. Just because this is the case. You aren't and neither am I. but they are Microsoft. I have found nowhere else that will offer this." Yahoo! has a similar service with . People go to places like Google and Yahoo! all the time to find what they need. we have taken care of an inexpensive web site and email domain. If you get caught practicing without a license (assuming you need one). possibly. It can also tell a potential client how dedicated you are. Also. For instance. but the can vary from state to state or county to county. was the most expensive thing I purchased when I was starting out. Speaking of Microsoft. get a personalized domain (not subdomain). Design the site (or have the site designed for you) in a way that is easy to navigate. A business license runs about $150/year where I live. Let's get started: Web Sites and Email Addresses A web site can say a lot about your company. and 100 email addresses for $35/year at the time of this writing.205 license typically isn't inexpensive. You can use their custom site builder. let's move on. Getting Listed Now to the meat of it all. It is through a service called Office Live. Why not put yourself there? Getting listed is a simple and quick process. honest. That is not to mention the marketing benefits you can gain later (more near the end of this article). above all. would Microsoft have made it as big if their web site was buried under 20 subdomains? Well.

Just be sure to watch your content and reviews closely. Print advertisements could be an option as well. but I am focusing on free and very low-cost solutions in this article. Facebook. Writing an editorial and submitting it can show your presence and expertise if it is published. Yellowbook. I was perfectly fine with doing that. You might also want to look into other search engines like Bing. If you don't have a good printer. I didn't have a business card on me. Ask and whatever else you might use to find a business. Twitter. though and as a result. You will pay nothing out-of-pocket to get listed here. the first week I was even in business I was at the local Staples. You can print your own at home if you have a good printer and some business card paper (I get mine for under $4 for 100 cards at Wal-Mart). LinkedIn and any other social networking site. The best part of all this? It's all free. you might want to look at VistaPrint's website. As a personal example. These can be very powerful tools. Go to their website to get more information on this service. MySpace.206 Yahoo! local. so be careful and treat everyone with respect). he didn't take me seriously when I offered. Business Cards Never underestimate the networking potential brought about by business cards. These handy little things should always be kept around because you never know when you'll need one. They offer some pretty good deals as does Staples. Word-of-Mouth is also a very good way for news about your new operation to travel (and it can just as easily make you as destroy you. and SuperPages. . This is a very good (and inexpensive) investment. A Staples associate was telling a customer his system was too old for them to add a USB card. Another good source is the free online listing you can get at the websites of Yellow Pages. Other good free listings (though some may disagree on the "good" part) are Craigslist. Local Marketing The local newspaper can be a great source for you to help advertise your business or services.

right?). He is based in Carrollton. Rotary Club or just about any other organization like this. Any single interaction could make or break a potential business relationship. I've even seen people fly their banner behind a plane during rush hour traffic (a bit too showy for my taste. and large signs are pretty common. which can be located on the web at http://meigsit. your imagination is your only limitation. there are some excellent networking opportunities. anyone could know a person who will give you a lot of business. People care about people who care about them. May your venture be a successful one.207 Networking with anyone and everyone is a very helpful tool. but different strokes for different folks. Once you are well-established. security solutions and has partners who excel with data recovery and off-site backup services. virus removal. this might be a good time to look into optimizing your SEO professionally (this can be a huge internet presence boost). Further resources can be found at the Small Business Administration. such as your local Chamber of Commerce. Remember. If you follow the leads laid out in this article. respect! Once You Are Established With a business license and a little money to play with. Working manly with home-users and small businesses. Drew Meigs has years of computer repair and maintenance experience and is the owner of Meigs IT Services. you can have your business marketing underway in around a week or two. he specializes in computer repair. respect. don't use it only as a networking opportunity. GA. In short: Respect. Billboards. Just remember. Also. Getting out in the community and networking helps a lot.com . which is an excellent resource. Be genuine. Drew Meigs . That gives you time to get those last-minute additions and difficulties straightened out.

Since many shoppers will check things out before spending any money. you have a good indicator that you are on-track. #2) Dollar store sales during the grand opening event Your grand opening isn't really about making massive sales or profits. Did they find everything they want and need? What items should you add? Were there other changes they would like to see? While you might not make every change that is mentioned. this feedback is a great way to discover exactly what your shoppers expect from your business in the future.208 Measuring Your Dollar Store Start Up Success Those who are in the midst of a dollar store start up have likely discovered the many. the greater the potential future sales. Then measure your success at achieving your goal. It is more about introducing your business to the community. #1) Traffic during the grand opening event One of the best indicators of success is the number of people who actually attend your grand opening event. Soon they expect the sales to start rolling in. If sales fall short. Their store is about to open. Start building traffic and sales. #3) Shopper feedback Be sure to ask shoppers for their feedback about your store. the greater the number of visitors entering your store during the grand opening. your staff and the products you carry. develop a plan to get the word out about your store. Set sales goals for your grand opening. Take specific actions to generate traffic and sales. Yet sales are a good indicator of whether you have made a hit with shoppers. With a great deal of planning and effort they have pulled it off. Just make sure everything is right so everyone is impressed with your store. If sales exceed expectations. . And soon after that there will be the profits they seek. But how can they know if their grand opening was a success or not? How can they know their dollar store start up is on-track for success? Read on as I present 3 start-up indicators. many tasks required to go from investigating a business idea to actually conducting a grand opening event.

com . One of the critical indicators will be sale levels. This is a goal that will continually increase. buying all the initial equipment. furniture. higher target. . after analyzing the market. and tools necessary for the business to operate. you come to the conclusion that your idea will sell like hotcakes. Once you grow sales to meet the current goal. you must continue to manage your business to indictors. To your dollar store start up success! Want the best ideas to earn from your dollar store business? Check out "Tactics to Add Streams of Income to Your Dollar Store Business" at http://www. continue to grow the profits for your business. writer. author. Cutting Expenses and Need For Grant Funding So let's say that. Achieving profits is another crucial goal. Staffing and cost reduction goals as well as many other goals are also very important to monitor. Bob Hamilton Minimize Start Up Business Costs. Startup costs include things like paying for a place to work out of.209 Whether your grand opening event was a super success or not. adjust upward to a new. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. Set goals for each indicator and then put actions in-place to achieve them. And once you have achieved profitability. But perhaps one factor that is standing in your way is high start-up costs. possibly legal fees and consultation fees. business consultant and trainer.OpeningADollarStore. Work with your accountant to develop a complete list as well as targets for your new business.

Be certain to keep an open mind during the business planning and start-up cost phase. because you will want to know every aspect of how your business runs. Another method you can try is to figure out a way to do the work by yourself in the beginning. and marketing your new business venture. You might not ever need a brick and mortar office if you start an online business or store. (Not to mention that people pay big money for creative ideas that lead to solutions to problems--that can be a business in and of itself. improve productivity and increase the amount of money you can make. because you will have worked them all yourself. and where you can improve on any weak areas. One way to cut costs is to start small. communication fees for telephone and Internet services. but if you have a lack of funds. buying raw materials if you plan to manufacture a product. Anyone who is rich can throw money at a problem. Can you work out of a room in your home. When you start adding it all up. by thinking along these lines from the start. This is when creativity will come into play. yet cut some of the initial costs to start. when you start making money you can hire some employees to help you. At this point you might need to ask yourself if there is some way that you can maintain the quality of your potential service or product. It will also make it easier when you have to train employees. it can become a little daunting. because you will understand all the requirements of every job your business must perform to stay in business and how they interact with each other. or a garage? You can avoid renting an office or workspace for a while until you start making money. you will be helping yourself greatly in the process. so you will want to work every job yourself to see where all the strengths are. this will be the impetus you will need to get creative and find other solutions. This can give you vital information you will need to potentially lower costs. taxes. which can help lower initial costs. So. if you have a talent for it!) All viable businesses provide a solution to a client or customer's problems.210 licensing fees. This is not a bad way to start. Keep talking to other small . Then. Get creative and consider as many possibilities and options as you can so your business idea will work.

grants. where to find start up business grants.Local Grants . step by step guides and online business training articles. and federal--gives away millions of dollars to people just like you for business ideas..211 business people or a mentor who might have suggestions for starting small and less expensively. reviews. know how to avoid scams. Local grants. budge. State . Learn online step by step How To Write A Grant Application including how to write a business proposal. setting up a business steps at his website http://www. Free Training Newsletter at Leons Home Business Website http://www. outsourcing if needed. start up costs. know your business needs. business license. Leon Edward shares information on government funding. grant sources. grant programs. grow legitimate Internet Based home business income with business structure. Every year. Our onsite free information will walk you through step by step setting up a business as research required . Federal assistance.gov and Development Offices. business types.homebusinessit. State grants . the summary. Learn the Business Grants Step Management and 'know how' to spend your time. proposed business clarity. Federal. Also remember that the startup costs will be offset by the revenue that your business will generate. with legitimate business ideas and opportunities as top BBB rated home businesses. the government--local.com Learn where to find money for funding starting a business.business-idea-grants. business plan. grant justification. grant management step by step tips. sources. a 3 . marketing blog and newsletter. so over time you will break even and then begin to make money from the business.com Leon Edward Helps people to start. state. Internet Business Ideas and Free Internet Business Library with Online Business Ideas. how best to fill out applications. small business legal service information. Grant Programs and sources include Government Grant Money as Federal grants. funding. qualification proof. taxes. project description.. turnkey internet business. Get A Free Legitimate Home Based Business Report .

This is perhaps one of the simplest jobs which you can do at home. There are many firms that will con people by offering them 'opportunities'. even a start free work at home program Leon Edward No Startup Free Home Jobs . there are more organizations that offer genuine and lawful opportunities to you. The WWW or the World Wide Web provides you the opportunity of having your own home-based business in online marketing which is becoming popular nowadays because there often is no startup fee.212 steps to internet income business proven mlms. Home jobs like this are lucrative enough. If the website is good then it will have many visitors and this will shoot up the sales. You can find out about their genuineness if you would check them out carefully and thoroughly. Net auction. 2. You can take the assistance of the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau for this purpose. If you are fascinated by this kind of no startup fee home jobs that allow you to stay at home and work then you will need to have some knowledge regarding creating websites and about internet marketing in general. Affiliate marketing.A Few Ideas So you are looking for some ideas on no startup fee home jobs. Given below are few ideas for no start up fees home jobs: 1.Have you ever heard of net auction? If you look for it then you would find a lot of . Have you every heard of this before? You would need to market and sell the products services produced or provided by a firm. However.

All you need to do is find out what you like to do and what you excel at.smartentrepreneur. 7.Do you have a flair for writing? If yes then you can think of writing for magazines. Buy and sell goods. 5.213 information on this type of business. It is one easy way to earn money and you don't need any start up fee. 8.html Akhil Shahani . web content writers are very much in demand. Tutoring. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www. Needlework.You can also purchase and sell goods on auction sites like QXL.Just like a freelance writer.So you know different languages? If so then you can think of doing a translation job. eBay or Amazon. check out http://www.Do you have good knowledge in any academic subjects? If so then you can think of giving tuitions to students. If you like to work smart. Freelancer. Web content writer.It is not necessary that you have to be an expert in matters connecting to the web on order to run a website. The goods can be any thing which you have knowledge about. This way you can earn money and do what you like doing as well. I'm Akhil Shahani. 10. With the increase in websites.If you have knowledge about needle work and making clothes then you can think of giving this type of service to people for a fee. Cooking. a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. 9. There are a number of magazines that are looking out for freelance writers to provide them with good articles. Run a website. you can even write for websites as a web content writer.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully. 6. Hi. You can even employ a person to do the work for you! 4. 3.net/freebie-of-the-month. Translation.If you are a great cook and you like cooking then consider giving cooking lessons to people. There are many firms that require documents to be translated from one language to the other.SmartEntrepreneur.

. This means the best affiliate programs give you a wide array of marketing materials including your own website. text link ads. marketing articles. and so on. This makes sense because so many people join affiliate programs every day without any idea of exactly what they are getting into. They also provide this for free which may explain why most affiliates do not pay any attention to it. Let me give you a few thoughts on how costly it can really be! I would like to use the affiliate marketing business model as an example in this article. What can be confusing to the average person is the actual cost of online business startup opportunities.214 Online Business Startup Opportunities Can Be Costly There are numerous ways to start a business on the Internet today. So now what? This to me is where this type of business startup can become costly. There are a million of these all over the Internet and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete an application and get approved. Most people are not qualified to attempt to build an affiliate marketing business. 2. The first point I want to make is you can join affiliate programs for free. So far so good. Another benefit of affiliate marketing is the materials you need to promote online are provided too. At this point you really have not spent any money or time and you have everything you need to get started with your own online affiliate marketing business. In reality this can be a problem as well. 3. banner ads. Most affiliate programs offer excellent training on how to promote their products. 1.

Doing this helps online business startup opportunities turn a profit much faster. If you don't have the skills this is going to take you longer which means the time invest will go up. If you are not using business automation tools such as article submitters. Suzanne Morrison is the owner of a Plug-in Profit Site website that teaches average people how to make money with affiliate programs. In reality this costs you and your business. online directory submitters. they will mostly look at free or nearly free marketing methods such as free classified ads. you will have to invest your time. Most affiliate marketers will at least try to drive traffic to their affiliate website. Learning the marketing skills you need takes time.215 What happens is they know they must get traffic to their affiliate websites so they begin to attempt to do that. and so on. Just because these methods are free does not mean there is not a skill to it. Most Internet marketers do not have the skills initially and will waste a tremendous amount of time through trial and error which can be very costly. and so on. article marketing. This is the main point I want to make in terms of how online business startups can be expensive. However. To view her Plug-in Profit Site Offer visit it today! Suzanne E Morrison . A better approach is to seek out a mentor or go where people who know how to do affiliate marketing can help you.

Since everything is done through the web and with your computer. Setting Up a business fax number is almost immediate and in most cases the set-up is free.216 Online Faxing and the Small Business StartUp Online fax does play a significant role in the start-up of many small businesses and companies. However. if you need extra fax numbers. another main reason many individuals and companies are turning to web or email faxing is because the whole actual "set-up" can be easily done. Web or email faxing also ties your company into today's business environment. less if you shop around and find a good deal. there are many more reasons why many business start-ups are using Internet or online fax. Online fax is completely scalable for your business or company. you can get them immediately. 4. it's the modern way to fax! Perhaps. Online fax is completely mobile and available 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access. You are also given an online interface or site where you can check and send your faxes. . and of course. 5. 3. mainly because it is a cheap alternative to the traditional fax machine. there is no need to have an extra phone fax line. Chief among then are the following: 1. Monthly fax services on average are only around $10 a month. You choose an Internet fax service provider where you're given a local or Toll-Free number which you send out to all your contacts. 2. which makes your business more competitive. no need to purchase a fax machine. no need for messy inks and toners or even paper for that matter.

For the home business it can be a very beneficial and effective business model to follow and use. Titus Hoskins . For more information on Internet Fax Services use this handy online Comparison Guide to get your own: online fax Or if you want more detailed information PBX Full Voice Mail services try here: RingCentral virtual phone & fax .217 Keep in mind.. faxes and phone calls.your faxes are sent as email attachments. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. usually in TIFF or PDF formats. online faxing uses your computer and your email system to do all your faxing . is farmed out to a virtual service which handles all your messages. For the small business start-up . Titus Hoskins Copyright 2010. where faxing is just one component. Actually. With these fully loaded systems all your faxing.. In addition. using such a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) can be a real time and money saver since costs are significantly cheaper than going the traditional route. especially if funds and/or space is a problem. Should you need a hard-copy of a certain fax. phone calls. voice mail. online fax may just be the ideal business service whose time has come. but it is also one of the least expensive ways of setting up a new business.. receptionist calls. This is a popular form of "cloud computing" which you hear so much about in business circles these days. you can just print it out.. what seems so popular with many small business start-ups is the whole PBX system. Getting your faxes is as easy as reading your email. So are you or your company using it? .

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the day-to-day details of running a business. and if so. what is the role? As we look into the role of Operations Management in the startup firm. we need to realize the truth that Operations might not play an important or significant role in a startup firm. This is where the entrepreneur or owners come in. It depends on the type of product or service the company is producing and the stage of development that the company is at. the entrepreneur and the operations management professional. Operations might play a vital role. and rightly so. It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to understand the needs of the organization at any given time and the skills and experience that need to be brought on board at different stages of development. to adapt their skills and knowledge to the entrepreneurial environment and to develop the systems and day-to-day operations that will help guide the organization to long term success. First. These entrepreneurs need to understand the skills that operations management professionals bring to the table and where and how they fit in to the startup organization (and when). Does Operations Management play a role in the startup firm. but what about an Operations Plan? If Operations is mentioned at all. and many have no formal operations management education or experience. who is at home in the details. and tend to be creative "idea people" who see the big picture and can visualize the future of the business. The business plan typically addresses these and other related questions in some detail. It is the responsibility of the operations management professional. and when it does operations management professionals need to be prepared. Entrepreneurs are often experts in their fields.218 Operations Management And The Startup Company What's the product? Is there a market? Where is the initial funding coming from? How experienced is the management team? These are some of the first questions investors and lenders want answered when investigating a startup company. we need to address the roles and responsibilities of two key players. . But then again. details are likely to be sketchy at best.

a continuous stream of new products. There must be formal integration even if all of these functions fall under one or just a few people. and back of the envelope calculations often rule the day. Detailed analysis and lengthy planning are luxuries that few entrepreneurs or managers of startups can afford. including strategic planning. you'll fail. and have the confidence to act without the detail and support that they're often used to. established organization and a startup company. and plenty of cash. The . Experience. Operations Management concerns the processes and procedures that an organization uses to produce their product or provide their service. Delivering the product or service is in the realm of Operations. Operations management professionals need to be able to adapt to this environment. You can have a wonderful product. You have to have a viable product or service. For the organization to be successful.219 There are significant differences between a mature. you need a good marketing strategy. with the highest level of service. marketing and sales. the first thing that must be done is understand just what we're talking about when we talk about Operations and Operations Management. and many operations management professionals might not have the skills and experience required to help guide the startup on it's way to success. The speed at which decisions can be made and changes in direction can occur in a small or startup company can be mind boggling for those used to bureaucracy. well established. you might be ill prepared for life in an entrepreneurial organization. In a nutshell. As for the entrepreneur. an exciting marketing campaign. Quality and customer service are important components that fall under the operations umbrella. and you need to be able to deliver the product or service. but if you can't satisfy your customers by delivering the product or service with the highest quality. bureaucratic organizations. you need funds. and how do you go about developing an Operations Plan? Well. gut feelings. If you've spent your career working in large. Operations must have well integrated linkages with all the other functional areas. how do you determine when and if you should consider a larger role for Operations. and accounting and finance.

entrepreneurs don't come from an Operations background. If you wait. Even if it will take several years to get to the full production mode. rather than waiting until you're ready to ramp up production. it may already be too late. as I stated earlier. through to the delivery of the . but the new line of business will have an advantage by beginning this planning at the earliest stages of development.220 role of Operations will vary. so what should be considered in the Operations Plan? Operations encompasses everything from the procurement of the materials and resources needed to produce the product or provide the service. A software development company in the initial stages of writing code will not need to pay much attention to Operations. The device manufacturer that is at the stage of transitioning from R&D and prototyping to full production must have a highly developed and highly detailed operations plan in place if they expect to compete in today's global marketplace. The Operations Management profession as a whole has a largely untapped market in startup companies in almost any industry. of course. The owner approached me to help him with his business plan for a new line of business. he understands the value that Operations Management and how it can help improve his existing business and help get the new line of business off on the right foot. The device manufacturer should have an operations strategy and plan in place from day one. The existing business would have benefited from Operations planning and management at earlier stages. you should begin to develop your operations plan in the early stages of the company. Although I have no knowledge of or experience in his industry. You'll have an advantage over any competition if you've developed your operations plan and strategy as you grow. if not most. it's probably a pretty safe bet to say that many. Also. since operations is such an important component of their future success. The firm that is in the R&D stage of integrating that software into components for original equipment manufacturers needs a well-developed operations strategy. Operations management professionals need to adapt their knowledge and skills to this audience. I've been working recently with a small contracting company. depending on the nature of the business and the life stage of the firm.


product or service to the customer or final consumer. The Operations Plan must address how the organization will perform these tasks. The field of Operations Management is littered with buzzwords (value stream, process mapping), various systems and techniques (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma), and three letter acronyms (ERP, for Enterprise Resource Planning, generally meaning a computer system, and SCM for Supply Chain Management). The Operations Plan has to cut through the clutter and simply state how the organization will satisfy their customers and drive profitability. Some elements of the Operations Plan to look for are: o Sourcing strategy - including vendor selection criteria and supplier evaluations o Quality system - how will processes be monitored and controlled? How will authority and responsibility for quality be assigned and dispersed throughout the organization? What results are expected? o Production and Inventory Management (applies to products and services) - where will you meet the customer - will you build to order, build to stock, or what? What is the production and production control methodology? What are the materials and information flows? o Logistics and delivery - will warehousing and delivery services be performed in-house or outsourced? What are the delivery channels? o Customer service - how much authority will be granted to customer service personnel? Will there be dedicated customer service personnel or will it be the responsibility of operations, sales & marketing, or who? What are the expectations for customer satisfaction? o Integration - How will operations be integrated with the other areas of the organization?


Operations is a vital component of every organization. The role and responsibilities of Operations will vary depending on the organization, the industry, and the life stage of the organization, but the importance will not. Every organization, product manufacturer or service provider, for-profit or non-profit, government or private, must effectively produce and deliver their product or service to satisfy their customers and investors. Operations plays a key role in every business and should be given the commitment that is needed to ensure success. Every business plan should include a detailed and well developed Operations Plan, and every business owner should have an understanding of the role of Operations in their organization. Steve Novak is the founder and President of PPR Management Services. An independant consultant specializing in Business Operations and Strategic Planning, Steve helps organizations improve their performance by improving their operations. Working in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to non-profit, Steve helpls organizations define their goals, develop plans to reach those goals, and execute their plans and measure their progress. Find out more at http://www.pprmanagementservices.com Steve is the author of the book The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit, and is a frequent speaker and seminar leader in a variety of Business Operations and Strategic Planning related topics. Steve is the host of the Let's Talk Business! podcast and Let's Talk Business! blog, which can be found on his website http://www.pprmanagementservices.com Steve Novak


Projecting a Professional Image For Your Consulting Start Up
Yes, here it is... another article about the recession. It seems we can't get away from people telling us that we are in difficult financial times. It is very apparent to every one that earns their living from selling, buying, trading, making, and serving the things that people need and want. I believe that would be just about everyone in the US. So while you don't need to hear from me that we are in a tough economy, I can tell you some things that will help you though them. The biggest side effect of the recession is the number of layoffs we are seeing across the US. According to The Bureau of Labor, 43% of the layoffs last year were due to a loss in business demand. Simple economics says a reduction in demand means a reduction in profits which in turn results in a reduction of employees. So the unemployment rate rising up to 6% is no surprise. Because so many have lost their jobs, over 200,000 in the third quarter, there are a lot of people trying to reinvent themselves as consultants in the fields that they were previously employed in. Most of those people were probably not laid off because they didn't know enough about their jobs. They still have all the same knowledge they had when they were employed, just no where to put it to good use. That is why becoming a consultant is attractive to many that have been laid off. If you are thinking about becoming a consultant there are a few things that you need to ask yourself: Do you have something to offer? Are you a self starter? Are you comfortable marketing yourself? Are you able to go from your regular 9-5 hours to something more flexible - including nights and weekends?

or sometimes even free.224 Once you have decided if you have what it takes to become a consultant. While you can find business card offers for 1000 for $2. So make sure you get a chance to show them by presenting the professional image of someone they would like to work with. Consider a virtual PBX with an auto attendant that will greet your callers professionally. However in order to present yourself as a serious professional. consider dolling out a few more bucks for a nice professional card. Office meeting space. Some may require a nice suit while slacks and a button down may be appropriate for others. If you left on good terms with your old employer. consider renting a conference room on an as needed basis instead of leasing an office. . get them to write a testimonial on your skills and knowledge. You don't have to spend a ton of money having a site made but something nice and professional looking is required. Have testimonials. There are a lot of inexpensive. A website. you will need to consider what you will need besides your knowledge and ambition. A good place to start is TemplateMonster. Even though you can forward those calls to your home or cell phone. This will be determined by the field you are consulting for. It is so important to be able to be found on the Internet. When you first meet someone they cannot see all the knowledge you have in your head that can help them. your callers will feel like they are dealing with a professional with an established business. a consulting business can be started with a business card with your name and number on it. If there are people from your previous job that you worked with on a consistent basis. Appropriate clothing. Most times the first thing people do is search the Internet for someone they are thinking about doing business with. Here are some inexpensive things you can do to project a professional image: Quality business card. templates that you can use. ask them to say something about your character. In many cases. A professional phone system. If you need space where you can meet with clients besides your home office. a little more will be required.com.

Here are some quick start-up recession proof business ideas you can begin to explore: 1) Hair Salon Despite the financial problems people are facing. even though it means spending some money on an intangible thing. everyone has been wondering if there are any recession proof business ideas.225 Brandi Cummings. and help aid the current financial burdens many are battling. Couples are sure to disregard their financial standing. they never forget to make themselves look good. Brandi Armstrong uick Start-Up. People will be most likely not sacrifice their appearance.com a leading provider of virtual PBX solutions . Wedding is about love. Job stability is at its lowest today. just to ensure that they get their dream wedding. This is why running a Hair Salon is sure to make money. They are . Recession Proof Business Ideas With the current economic challenges the whole word is facing. Let the spirit of entrepreneurship lead you to success. 2) Wedding Planning Wedding is a very profitable industry.Freedom800. Starting a recession proof business will come in very handy. an expert author on the unique issues facing small and home based businesses. They surely want to look good. recommends checking out http://www. therefore priceless for the soon to wed couples. Don't let the stress of recession bring you down. Everyone has vanity within.

more than the money. Everyone will have their picture as a souvenir to the event they go to. Hard work. Neal Brown . you will no longer need to have a place to rent for this. Offer the best service to your fellow customers. so that they'll come to you for help all the time. 3) Nail Spa Similar to the hair salon business. This can be perfect as souvenirs for birthdays. People will surely enjoy having their pictures taken. some might be out of their expertness. determination. You will only truly succeed if you put your heart and mind into it. especially women care to have clean nails. Getting into this industry is sure to make a lot of money recession periods or not. 5) Computer Services & Repair Not everyone is technically gifted to fix the hardware or software troubles of your computer. This way. and have these pictures quickly developed. and every year. People. flat panel LCD monitors .226 more into the memory the wedding will make. weddings and other parties. Neal has an MBA in financial management. and have a photo booth business. You can even have a home service nail spa business. and sure to have clients every month. 4) Photo Booth Business Remember the photo booth stand you go to have your picture taken? Do you notice how people go crazy when cameras are out during parties? You can combine these two. You will never run out of couples. nail spa is another business on vanity. there is really no business that will guarantee tremendous sales. He also researches technical trends and writes about LCD computer monitors . they will be spending. Though some issues could be fixed by themselves. But always remember that recession or not. There will always be a demand for this kind of service. and flat screen computer monitors. trust and confidence matters to drive success in your business deal and venture.

227 Raise Small Business Start Up Capital Without Borrowing Did you know that you can find small business start up capital without borrowing from banks. In my own family.read on! Let me introduce you to the only method for successfully starting and growing a small business without BIG bank loans. A member of my family started a retail store by borrowing from 3 other immediate family members. To make a long story short . family or friends? If you've been dreaming of the financial freedom that comes with being your own boss -. This caused a major rift in our family. bootstrap financing! There are many shoestring financing tactics being touted by business experts as being the best way of financing a bootstrapped business. . In many cases. this method of start up financing doesn't work for everyone.the business went "belly up" and the loans were never repaid.only to have your hopes and dreams dashed by the harsh realities of finding the business start up funding you need -. when one of the three members that loaned some of the money became very angry about not being repaid. allow me to help you sift through all of the methods that simply do not work! Let's examine them here: Loans from Family and Friends Although this may have worked successfully for Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. As a Start Up Business Efficiency Expert. it causes "bad blood" between family members and broken ties for old friends. I have seen the devastation that unpaid start up loans can have on family relationships.

is key to your success.research! The importance of planning and being well prepared with a bootstrap financing system that actually works. I implore you not to trust the advice of any start up expert that would suggest credit cards as a means of business start up funding. Research.and with disastrous results. I take my clients by the hand and guide them step-by-step through this process. as it is foundational for any business desiring to start up without borrowing. Raising the Business Start Up Capital You Need Let's be real. Understand this: there will be a time lag in between the period in which you start your business . The problem arises when you don't adequately plan for cash flow fluctuations. Don't risk your life's savings because you've taken the wrong advice.228 This kind of damage is not easily repaired.html Savings and Investments Using your savings is only wise if you have first created a financial plan for your start up .wsj. Kim is a prime example of why you owe it to yourself to do thorough research when considering some "so called" bootstrap financing options.caught in the credit card crunch. your new business just isn't going to make it. some have ignored this advice . research -. " Credit Woes Hit Home ". My advice? Don't borrow from family and friends to raise small business start up capital! It just isn't worth the pain. Read the article without buying the newspaper! Check it out for free online by copying and pasting this address in your browser: http://online. If you skip this vital step. Please don't just take my word for it! Read the true life stories of three small business owners .com/article/SB123879980211788403. by Jane J. all businesses need a continuous inflow of cash to succeed. Credit Card Financing Caution: This is a big mistake! Although I have advised many of my clients not to go down this road.and again I'll say it -.

without borrowing. To survive and conquer this time period requires realistic and well conceived planning. Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks. Did you know that there are literally hundreds of free resources that can help you fund your start up business? The trick is knowing how and where to find them.All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Visit her website at http://www. seminars and coaching services. You simply must have a proven and effective system in place to keep cash flowing through your business.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. To raise the business start up funding you need requires an expert crash course in bootstrapping.com Kimberly Kelly Real Work From Home Jobs . Permission is granted to reprint this article on the condition that it may only be reprinted in its entirety with all live links and author bio in tact. Get started on the road to start up success today . Find free sources of funding and bootstrap your way to start up success! © Kimberly Kelly 2009 . She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership .A Demand You Can Take Advantage Of .229 and when you can expect your business to start earning a profit.

to no work at all. who find at home workers to be more reliable than their traditional call-center workers. then arrive at work late and have their boss scold them. You can also start an Ebay business. true story. you will come across online ads. be stuck in traffic. in the link below. Be confident. and with it. don't be discouraged. If you are one of these people. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. Zero effort is never rewarded with success. Successful Ebay Power-Sellers often find that they are able to support themselves simply with their Ebay incomes. reasonable pay. If you need money now. The demand for at home workers has skyrocketed over the years. If you want to work at home. so has your potential for big success. a great way to start is to look for online companies who are in need of at home workers. because they are scams. but so can the consequences of falling for scams. the benefits can be great. then a Real Work From Home Job is what you may be looking for. read the amazing. try what I did. and if you intend to work online as an at home worker. and you can spend more quality time with your family. As an at home worker you can enjoy the luxuries of determining your own hours. Scams are everywhere. beware. When you come across these ads. There has been a growth in home-based call-center workers who work for companies. As an aspiring at home worker. like I mean in the next hour. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. which claim to be able to make you successful with almost little.230 Not everyone is satisfied with having to get up early in the morning. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too. Visit the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital . but also do not expect to be successful right off the bat.

.. I'm not talking putting their hard earned Dollars or Euro's or Pounds under the mattress either.No Start Up Fee Times are tough. anything that can help a person feel . folks just like you and me are still making money because people just like you and me are still spending it! Perhaps what they are spending it on has shifted but as long as you shift with them you can make an incredibly decent living online.. there is no doubt about it! With so many people losing their jobs you begin to wonder. you ask? With Affiliate Marketing of course! Let me explain how this works. Quickest-way-to-make-money-on-earth. you name it.. can you get into this business with none of your own money.231 towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program. no start up fees so to speak? The Internet is actually the one place the downward economy has not affected all that much. What people want and will pay for is information on how to do things they would have otherwise paid experts to do when the money was not so tight.. In today's troubled world people are trying to not only make money but save it as well.com Perry Webbing Recession Proof Online Business . How.. is there a recession proof "online" business and if there is. saving on their energy bills. personal growth and development. Things like fixing up their homes... is there such a thing as a recession proof business? And since you are reading this on the Internet we could ask the question.

If there is an answer or solution to a person's problems. Please visit http://www. Get a jump start towards your success by following a Money Making Blueprint that will eliminate the frustrating. sometimes as much as 75%! You need to know the right way to find these people and the product owners to bring them together so it results in a sale.com to see what everyone is talking about!  Alice Byers . What is so great about the Internet is that these books are in digital format and when the person makes a payment they have access to the material instantly. trial and error process often associated with online programs. you do not need experience.4daymoneymakingblueprint. people are lining up to pay for.. you can get your own online business making money without spending any of your own! So friend. time consuming. You can be the one that sends these people to what they are looking for and get paid to do it.. but once you have a system in place it will make you money even while you are asleep! Talk about a recession proof online business! And best of all. It's free to check it out. there is most likely a book on how to take care of it. or a website and there are no start up fees. and financial blessings. most of the money from these purchases are pure profit and the owners can pay you crazy commissions.232 better during this awful recession and save them money. Easy to follow videos are included that will guide new marketer's and technically challenged individual's step by step towards success. what is a recession proof online business ? It is the key to your future prosperity. And since there is no huge costs involved like printing or shipping.

For example. There is a pre-written recipe to be followed to ensure that you get the most out of minimum inputs. dish washers. Yes. ice machines. a Chinese restaurant will need different kind of equipment when compared to a Mexican restaurant. A bakery will have different equipment when compared to Pizzeria and so on. If you have a lavish budget to spend. It will also bring your budget into the picture.233 Restaurant Startup Woes . I have spoken to almost twenty people regarding this subject and most of them were of the opinion. dining area and furniture are some of the common ones that you can start with. You need to plan out each step with meticulous detail.Restaurant Equipment Starting a restaurant is not about getting a few cooks into a kitchen and starting to make food. that pricing is the predominant factor that will determine what kind they buy. This is not just about buying the cheapest equipment that comes your way. But this is one of the most wrong things that I have ever heard. Restaurant Pagers One of the latest equipment that is guaranteed to enhance your customer relationship is a restaurant pager. ovens. steam equipment. What kind of equipment? What kind of Equipment are you looking for? This will depend on what kind of a restaurant you are planning to open. One of the most important steps is getting your restaurant Equipment and supplies. Bar equipment. refrigeration. It is an investment that will give you tremendous returns if you plan it well. that's correct. then you can use the best and the most advanced technology as well. .

Daycare offers entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to get into a business with good profit potential and a rewarding working environment for those that like to be around children. In her well written guide Rasmussen sets out to give those that are interested in starting up their own businesses in this industry comprehensive information about how to go about it the right way. While a lot of the content seems fairly unoriginal and covers the same material that other daycare start-up books do Vanessa does share some unique insights and tips that allow this guide to stand out from others in the market. For more info visit : [http://www. . I felt that the guide was strong on both the business side of starting a child care center as well as the practical side.accelerantgroup.com] Rama Krishna Restaurant Equipment Review of the Starting a Daycare Centre Start-up Guide Kit I just finished reading the Starting a Daycare Centre Startup Guide Kit by Vanessa Rasmussen and the following report is a review on this guide and the resources that it comes with. When a seat is vacant. the pager will beep or blink depending on the type of pager used.234 It is a small device that will ensure that your guests do not have to listen to their name being hollered over a megaphone.

All aspects of the planning and start-up phase of a daycare business are covered in detail as well as the ongoing management. allowing you to skip the learning curve and get started right with minimal mistakes.95 for the entire kit it also offers entrepreneurs great value. The kit also includes a complete business plan example that will come in extremely useful when it comes to putting your own plan together. marketing and day-to-day considerations. To see how Starting a Daycare Centre Start-up Guide Kit compares with some of the other daycare business guides visit http://www. Having read a few books on the subject while doing research for my own business I would say that Starting a Daycare Centre Start-up Guide Kit is definitely one of the better resources available to you.235 This is a guide that can definitely help to fast-track you from the mindset of a beginner to that of an experienced professional. Practical considerations are also covered in sections of the guide relating to policy planning and curriculum development. One of the highlights of the package is that it comes with a package of relevant.com Sienna Brown . Priced at only $29. commonly used business forms and templates that can be adjusted for your own child care business so that you don't have to develop them yourself from scratch.StartaDayCareService.

Using a personal credit card for your business start-up funding is easy . Hanging on by your bootstrapping The disadvantage of bootstrapping is a lack of capital . in addition to having to pay taxes on the amount used. especially if you are late on just a single payment. 401K is not always o.k. If credit card debt continues to build and you're late on payments. you're facing trouble. making it hard to climb out of that financial pit. There is a downside to removing funds from a 401K or similar type of account. first-time bootstrappers seem to under-estimate what things will cost so they misjudge their business start-up funding needs.unless you're already rich! That lack of capital can be a significant constraint and if you can't afford to keep the business moving forward. Using your 401K for your business start-up funding is a serious consideration and one that you really need to weigh all of the pros and cons and how they will impact you long term. If you want to cover your new business interests and "assets" then you need to know the disadvantages that come with different borrowing options.What to Watch Out For With Start-Up Funding Starting your own business can be a dream come true . introductory rate can quickly rise. Be warned.but sometimes that dream can become a nightmare if you do not know the risks associated with business start-up funding. adding new business credit card accounts will be encouraged (we all get those in the mail) and can be opened to cover the ongoing financing challenges. That's because it often carries penalties for early withdrawal and it's not uncommon to lose a portion of that money as part of the withdrawal penalty.but easy does it! Later. No rewards for extra credit. varying interest rates and high credit limits can cause your debt to pile up. Even credit cards that promise a low. Unfortunately.236 Risky New Business . it will negatively impact your personal .

Again. Home not-so-sweet home. this type of loan comes with a floating interest rate and a large balloon payment. and a plan for repayment. whether or not there will be interest charges. Don't' bank on it.richschefren. Should the housing market suddenly shift and interest rates soar. you may be unable to make the rising mortgage payments. Remember the old saying "neither a borrower nor lender be?" To avoid any family feuds.or lack thereof .net Reed Slidell . Friend.237 credit rating.you must keep up with your regularly scheduled payments.very closely. When using your Home Equity. Keeping the peace is far more important than losing peace-of-mind when it comes to our family and friends. you risk losing your home. family or Foe? Borrowing business start-up funding from family or friends can have its downside. which will make it more difficult to secure other funding options in the future. you should weigh the pros and cons and long term impact on you and your family if you are considering this option to gain business start-up funding. Since small businesses and considered "high risk" by most financial institutions. Thinking about Making Money With An Online Business? Discover Your Strengths And Transform Your Online Business To Generate Huge Income Streams! Visit: http://www. they will monitor your business progress . like the 401K. it's advisable to draw up an amicable loan agreement that clearly states the amount loaned. If this happens.in addition to needing a solid credit history to even get the loan . The downside of bank loans and credit lines are .

there are complicated aspects that should be known while borrowing a loan.238 Sallie Mae Student Loan Rates . . but it also educates the borrower with the necessary information about different repaying plans. which urge students to opt for student loans even when they have only reached have the term of their course. These Sallie Mae loans are highly beneficial as this program offers considerably low rates compared to other private credit programs. This is because this program does not only offer a helping hand to students. In addition. This will prove to be useful with the monthly payments and the interest rates too. It also provides convenience to the borrower by providing a flexible payment pattern. What makes Sallie Mae a sensible option to consider? It is widely noticed that academic fees is extensively high. it is better to opt for Sallie Mae student loan consolidation. What is my precious tip for you here? Most people consider taking Sallie Mae colleges loans over other financial aid schemes. So to avoid any hassles. This program is considered as one of the ideal options for students to meet their educational requirements.Your Killer Startup Guide What can you expect from Sallie Mae loans? Sallie Mae loans are highly coveted plans as they offer considerably low rates of interest. Besides. this financial aid scheme provides private and federal student loan consolidation. these financial aid schemes are offered to undergraduates as well as graduates in addition to parents of students taking these credit. In this context. which makes it one of the most preferred financial aid schemes in the market.

000 with the help of Sallie Mae to meet any increase in the educational expenses. students will be able to return the complete amount on time. Is there a limit on this program? With this smart plan. Did you know this interesting fact about this program? Another noticeable feature of this program is that Sallie Mae rates of interest are reduced for consecutive monthly payments. .000. Sallie Mae student loan can prove to be very helpful when federal loans and grants are not able to cover your educational needs.25 % point rate of interest reduction is easily available when the loan payments are done on time and without any problems from your side. Also. students can build and establish their credit by giving the interests in their school even after 6 months of their graduation. federal loans. providers of online student loans may ask you to introduce a guarantor in order to avail an educational credit that exceeds the amount of $275. and scholarships are outstanding strategies for financing your education. students need to have $5. In this manner. To your information.239 Consequently. As a matter of fact. if the payment is done regularly and with auto debit features.000 minimum for private college loan consolidation. Even more. it is useful to know that grants. the 0. one can borrow even $1.In this manner. Indeed. irrespective of the borrower's credit status. it does not consolidate defaulted credits and does not charge a premium cost. In this manner. it is nice to know that there is no processing or application fee charged by Sallie Mae for federal loans.

Establishing contacts and connections can also be extremely time consuming if you have no prior marketing and sales knowledge. Remember. Search engine optimisation marketing and offline selling tips: 1. i. please keep in mind that "word-of-mouth" is king. your clients. Below is a useful guide to help you get your first clients and to get your SEO / SEM business off the ground. whenever and wherever. talk and mention your business to whomever. . Before I begin.com/finance/ Asem Eltaher Search Engine Optimisation: SEO Start Up. and know the terms. travel websites.240 Are you dreaming of the moment to join a college using student loans ? Cheer up! You are just 1 visit far away from revealing what the top rated experts say. especially if it is your first time. Get it your FREE guide at: http://www. do some background research. Landing your First Clients Starting a search engine optimisation business from scratch can be an extremely overwhelming and daunting task. get the word out. It helps to initially concentrate on one industry.e. the more chances you will have landing that first deal.your-online-info. their line of work and their competition. the more exposure you offer your business.g. Target your market and know your customers. e.

referrals. d. f. Radio is also not a bad way of reaching out to people. b.they create great advertising on the street or wherever you go. referrals and partnerships. c. Join your local chamber of commerce. Also. Meet with them. choose an eye catching slogan.241 2. Try not to tackle too much at first. form a partnership and more personal relationships. many of who may happen to be company executives looking to increase their online sales. Remember "you are a local" and share similarities. Speak to web design / web development and ISP companies. consider using the following advertising tools: a. Offer them a FREE brief website analysis / proposal on their website and show them how you can increase their online traffic and sales. trust me professionalism and great design go a long way. form partnerships. meet business people and discuss your SEO business. Business cards . Taxi advertising: Taxis can be seen all over town by motorists.choose an appealing and aesthetically pleasing design. focus and concentrate on local businesses and gain their trust. however this can be costly. 6. concentrate on a local area. Localise yourself. 5. e. Referrals. . Billboard and brochure advertising for those that have the financial means. 3. offer them commission if they refer companies to you. Assess your advertising options (depending on your budget). T-shirts .place a catchy add. 4. Local newspapers .

a team of search engine optimisation specialists. as in tip #5.com. your relationships and your finances? You can take charge of your life today. Deals and contracts may not rush in overnight. Follow these steps and you can be sure that you'll be on your way. Ilan Touri Self Improvement Ideas For Budding Entrepreneurs .seosydney. Again. You can achieve your life-long dreams and aspirations. just stick to your guns and persevere. For further information. offer a FREE SEO website analysis. Go straight to your source. and head straight for the decision maker. Best of luck! About the Author: Ilan Touri works for SEO Sydney.au/contact seo sydney. Get started by finding free business start up money to start your own business from home.au/about seo sydney.com. Last but not least: There is nothing like cold calling.242 7.html]. however you can be sure sales and new clients will come about in a short period of time.html] services to companies in Australia. He has worked on many projects and offers search engine marketing [http://www. do not collect $200. . please contact SEO Sydney [http://www. So why should you consider starting a new business? Consider the facts.Get Free Business Start Up Money Have you been seeking out self improvement ideas to better manage your life.seosydney. bypass the marketing manager.

html Step 2: Estimate Your Ongoing Operating Expenses.Training Tip #4: Finding Free Business Start Up Money Now. Greatly increase your financial standing by paying yourself what you deserve? Getting Started This is the fourth of five training articles in the series: "Self Improvement Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs". refer to a start up checklist to make sure that you don't miss anything. by checking back here for the issues you may have missed. Step 1: Determine Your Start Up Costs. Improve your relationships by enjoying more free time to spend with loved ones. Make sure that you benefit from the entire series.243 Did you know that entrepreneurship can help you to be empowered to: Feel better about yourself by accomplishing life-long goals. Don't miss a single issue. How much money will it take to run your business? Start by estimating your ongoing operating expenses for managing the . Your Lesson for Today . Access a free start up business checklist at: sba. If you're not sure.gov/smallbusinessplanner/start/financestartup/index. let's discuss three simple steps for finding sources of free business start up funding. How much money will it take to get your home based business started? Make a comprehensive listing of all the expenses you are likely to incur in the start up phase of your business.

Even if you have little money. Now that you know how much business start up money it will cost to start and operate your home business. It can change your life. you can find the money you need to get your business started TODAY. How you ask? Invest in a consultation with a Start Up Efficiency Expert. You can learn a great deal from others who have successfully walked this path before you. with all live links and author bio in tact.244 day-to-day running of your business. Step 3: Find Free Money. Begin by claiming your free copy of "The Bootstrapper's Start-Up Business Planner". As a budding entrepreneur. The key to successful bootstrapping is to reduce and/or eliminate as many of these expenses as possible. Don't Allow Anything to Stop You! The journey to finding the self improvement ideas that could change your life. Kimberly Kelly is a Certified Start Up Business Consultant. She teaches new . consider a self improvement plan that will further advance your skills and education.All Rights Reserved Worldwide. I talk with people everyday who just didn't think that they had enough money to start a business. ©2009 Kimberly Kelly . ongoing operating expenses will differ from your initial start up costs. poor credit. let's work on reducing these costs by finding free sources of business start up funding. Keep in mind. by visiting my website. Permission to reprint this article is granted strictly on the condition that it be reprinted in its entirety. specializing in bootstrap start up financing. or don't own a home. always begins with a first step.

She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership . . Visit her website at http://www.You can get into pressure washing .Pressure washing equipment is not terribly expensive. .245 entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks.com Kimberly Kelly Small Business Opportunities .All you need is a few basic tools and you can be on your way to cleaning the windows of homes and businesses.Teach how to play a musical instrument . so you can buy the equipment and begin your pressure washing tasks immediately. that is a great trade to get into. or a guitar teacher. You can be a violin teacher.If you know how to play a musical instrument.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. There is good news. The possibilities go on and on. though. a piano teacher.A window washing business . and that good news is that there are opportunities out there with very little in the way of startup costs. seminars and coaching services. You don't need to do skyscrapers or anything like that.Ideas With Very Little Startup One reason why individuals do not take advantage of small business opportunities is because they have a problem with the amount of money that they need to start up their business. Those opportunities include: . You can do basic cleaning and be fine. .

try what I did. read the amazing. If you need money now. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Don't be afraid to go forth with your ideas. true story. Quickest-way-to-make-money-on-earth. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. Visit the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program. If you can do it well and people like the results. you can go for it. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too. you can do virtually anything.com Perry Webbing Small Business Start Up Success Story How to Beat the Odds and Achieve True Small Business Success . like I mean in the next hour. they will pay you good money to do what they want. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. This is because it is ideas that become so profitable and that is definitely something you want to be.246 So there you have three opportunities to become selfemployed. in the link below. If you have any other ideas that involve very little startup costs. As you can see.

or ultimate shut down and failure. The Secret to Success is Bootstrapping The true secret to success is Bootstrapping. So how can you reduce these costs and give your new venture a better chance of survival? My answer is bootstrapping. start up success story. If you've done your research.and still counting! Chris Faulkner of CI Host is the perfect example of a bootstrapped. Texas. you understand that a new business has about a 56% chance of surviving beyond four years. Reduce Your Small Business Start Up Costs Learning how to reduce start up costs. Chris is a 41 year old successful entrepreneur who started his now $50+ Million company from his apartment. A common. . but fatal mistake that many new business owner's face is underestimating the amount of time it takes to turn a profit.if you know the true secret to small business start up success. Today the company has over 250. could mean the difference between small business success. Consider This Case Study Meet Chris Faulkner. This is especially troublesome if your start up and operating costs are sky high.247 Do you have what it takes to become the next small business start up success? Most of us have read about "rags to riches" small business success stories in the headlines.000 customers . What's even more amazing is that Chris' company is completely debt free. He bootstrapped his business by choosing to operate from home. Los Angeles and Bedford. Chris operates a web hosting company. The primary cause of failure is lack of operating capital.but thrive in this current economic downturn? The answer is yes -. but are any of these stories true? Is it really possible to beat the start up failure rate odds? Can your new start up business not only survive . with offices in Chicago.

start up funding plan.and even eliminate some of these business start up costs. There are literally hundreds of free resources that new entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Permission is granted to reprint this article on the condition that it may only be reprinted in its entirety with all live links and author bio in tact. He or she will be able to guide you in the development of a sound.All Rights Reserved Worldwide. seminars and coaching services.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. This is especially important if you have very limited financial resources. Take the necessary measures to ensure your success by finding free resources to help you greatly reduce your start up costs. She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership . You can have true small business success if you understand why so many businesses fail. These proven strategies provide valuable sources of free start up funding. while unlocking much needed operating capital for long term sustainability. ©2009 Kimberly Kelly .com Kimberly Kelly . Take the Next Step! So what should you do right now? Get advice from a certified small business start up efficiency expert. I often see small businesses struggle to successfully manage cash flow. Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks. Visit her website at http://www.248 As a Start Up Business Consultant specializing in cost reduction strategies. to greatly lower -. Keeping your new start up in "ship shape" requires proven cost reduction strategies. Another option is to take the time required to research the best small business to start on a shoestring budget.

I can make 100 bars of soap in an hour . The first thing you need to do is to learn how to make good soap and how to sell it.. your potential is limited. As far as I know. It'll take you longer to start with.249 Soap Business Start Up Tricks Look. So it's first things first. I package that soap and it's ready to go. So don't let anyone distract you with all that stuff. I only handle the soap three different times: mix it. Four weeks later. OK. there is a big demand for handcrafted soap. 3 hours. so that's 100 bars. Two days later that soap comes out of the molds and gets trimmed and put on a shelf to dry.. Now if you just want to work out of your kitchen.3 hours to make and package.. take it from the molds and cut and finally package it. you'll never get started. a soap business can make money. . Many people make several hundred dollars a month working out of their homes. our soap business had all the permits and licenses we needed and it wasn't difficult to do. with a few tools worth about $200. My total time in making and packaging that 100 bars of soap .. OK. Now if you get all distracted about all the licenses and regulations you might have to deal with. But maybe not as limited as you might think. Especially during the fall holiday buying season. That's start to finish.

.$6 per bar. And I can make three batches like that per week with my cheap set-up. Al Bullington Some Low Startup Cost Franchise Ideas . That's at least $400 worth of soap you can make in three hours total and then you go sell the stuff. Now think about that.250 Handmade soap will sell for $4 . And this stuff almost sells itself if you get in the right places..000 bars of soap worth about $4 per bar! To get the insider soap making instructions and details about starting a soap business go to The Soap Business Kit Al Bullington and his family have made and marketed natural soap for years. I like craft shows with follow-up sales to those who buy at the shows. That's 35. If you're still with me . Let's see . depending on where you are. But at a small scale.. We sold over 35. a soap business can make good business sense. Can you see the potential of a soap business ? The right places can include many possibilities. Now if you decide to do a large volume with small equipment this can turn into a lot of work in a hurry.. 3 times $400. Al has captured all their soap making instructions and marketing tricks in his writings.. do the arithmetic.. You can develop a mail order soap business just starting with your sales at the craft shows.000 bars of soap in about four years just working part-time making soap in the kitchen sink.

there's a gap in the time before your business begins growing and another gap before it starts making enough profit to cover your expenses. the first stop on your capital hunt should be at the franchiser. o Check if the franchise you're interested in allows "silent" partnerships. always ask about system innovations. such as 7-Eleven's work-to-own program. to reach break even. o Low franchising doesn't only mean franchising for less. . The dream of owning a business is becoming further accessible than it was in past with prospects in low startup cost franchise becoming increasingly available. making it difficult for countless entrepreneurs wanting to discover the world of growing franchising. even those with prior management or industry experience. o Always plan for the longest time it would take. o Many franchises can be started for less than $50. where a person with know-how and another with the money can form partnerships.251 A heavy price tag follows many of the well-liked franchises.000. so you're safe in every way. A banker won't necessarily see a project as less risky just because it's a franchise. o When it comes to bargaining for a franchise price. o After becoming a franchisee. o For first-time business owners. o Prospective franchisees face the same hurdles that come across all startups while raising capital. as major assets required to spend for such franchises are unavailable to them. it also means it's possible to build your very own empire. o Try out franchisers which team up with local government and redevelopment agencies to open stores in urban inner city markets.

was the range it represented. are the following: Training Tech Businesses Business Services Retail Maintenance Health Care Recreation Home-Improvement Products and Services Automotive Financial Services Service Businesses Person-Care Businesses Food/Retail Food Sales Food/Full-Service Restaurant Food/Quick Service Children's Products & Services Along with the estimated cost for a startup and a short product description. gives franchise training for providing consultation services about business to medium and . recently for the year 2007. A less than $50. the most surprising fact possibly.000 are available. you'll have to make provision for additional money to pay your bills. in which business franchises under $50. which needs a capital investment of only $9. in total. ranked till 100. where the idea is to simply cover the windows. Plan beforehand for this. Among the 100 top business interests.$14. a franchise with unique opportunity. a short listing is done here about few of the numerous choices available.252 o Till the time you grow enough to cover most expenses.000 entry option was offered to the entrepreneurs to make to the list.com has released a list showing the low-cost franchise opportunities. The industries.500. Made in the Shade Blinds One of the most affordable low startup cost franchise options is 'Made in the Shade Blinds'.500 . Entrepreneur. training and startup inventory in this business. Franchises are provided with training manual. 360 Solutions Would you like to get the support as an owner of a low startup cost franchise because you love the professional management and business growth's world? At 360 Solutions.

as you are aware by now.000 to $30.253 small businesses. "360 University" and marketing action plans.SmartEntrepreneur. So.000.500 for a SeaMaster Cruises franchise. the variety of franchise opportunities of low-cost. which is always in demand but basically of low-cost then is there anything better than the franchise of dry-cleaning and laundry? Can anything be better than CD One Price Cleaners? Entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to begin at no cost. range from luxury cruises to business services and home improvement. even though this industry has such incredible potential of income. the correct low startup cost franchise.html Akhil Shahani . their individual CD One Price Cleaners business by this franchise from Chicago area! Franchise opportunities of low-cost thrive in different industries. CD One Price Cleaners Incase you want a low startup cost franchise. It is extremely unbelievable to know that the total investment capital is just $9. check out http://www. a coaching. Hi.smartentrepreneur.net/freebie-of-the-month. Training from 360 Solutions include business growth specialist's network. try SeaMaster Cruises. for a total capital investment of $10. If you like to work smart. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www. a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. I'm Akhil Shahani. You just need a little research and determination and undoubtedly you will succeed in finding for yourself. SeaMaster Cruises For starting a low startup cost franchise of cruising business of your own.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully.

Yet those who know how to start a dollar store will always take the time to find those strong performers who can really help your build your store. Always seek input regarding what customer like most about your store. Carry exactly the merchandise they need and want. They also enhance the jobs of those who are ready to assume more responsibility to keep everyone challenged. money and an understanding of what it takes to achieve success. In fact they know that successfully completing the dollar store start up process requires patience. In this article I present some of the core requirements to help your business stand above the crowd. Every dollar store start up focused on achieving success must become uncompromising in its customer oriented focus. Focus on your customer. There must be a business plan. energy. It is sometimes a challenge to locate the right members to add to your team. The must be specific unwavering areas of focus for the life of your business. Then implement the winning ideas. Create a memorable shopping experience. Offer to help shoppers locate items they seek. You must do everything possible to make a positive impression on every person . -. Your store must stand out from the crowd. Be willing to take a moment to chat with your regular shoppers. -. throwing open the doors and then instantly making profits are gone. Once they have solid team members they offer development opportunities. There must be a business vision. Test the best feedback. In today's economic environment every business is competing for every possible dollar in sales. Build a strong performing team. They know compromising in the staffing process can really hurt their business.254 Some of the Key Ingredients For Your Dollar Store Start Up Those who know how to start a dollar store recognize the days of buying a little merchandise. Request input about changes you can make to create a better shopping experience. Welcome shoppers with a smile as they enter your store. -.

They learn the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. but not one that will draw shoppers back to your store. Understand you competitors. Lighting is poor. This effort starts even before their dollar store start up and continues as a priority from that point forward. No-one welcomes shoppers. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. They position their store as the obvious choice for shoppers. While these are very basic and would almost not even require mentioning. author. They build in specific actions to meet competitor strength and to establish a competitive advantage against competitor weaknesses. business consultant and trainer. Everything must be clean. many stores fail to successfully achieve this requirement. You must create a warm inviting environment.255 who enters your store. As a result they thoroughly examine the competition before opening a dollar store. well-organized and in its place. writer. In fact build this effort into your dollar store start up efforts.What the Entrepreneur Can Expect . Bob Hamilton Stages of a Start Up .Part 1 . Merchandise is allowed to become scattered and out of place. All of these create a memorable experience. -. Aisles are allowed to become cluttered and disorganized. To your success as you learn how to start a dollar store! Learn how you can Start your own Dollar Store Business . Those who know how to start a dollar store recognize the powerful impact competitors can have on their business. There is no music.

Learning to be patient is essential during this phase because you are likely doing a lot and not getting much in return in the way of income. You are the person with the "big idea" and you begin to recognize that you might be able to make money at it. at times a jungle. You may need to save 6 to 12 months of living expenses to augment your income when you leave the safety net of your day job. It can be a rough pathway. So you begin to experiment with company names. your start up budget. but it gets the point across. depending on whether you'll have partners or go it alone. Throughout the years I have noticed a distinct " start up path" with my coaching clients. based on your skills as an entrepreneur. You investigate legal entities for your business. You are learning who you are. but it will do for now.Getting Your Name Out There At this stage you are an infant business owner. did they? That's because no one really knows how much time it takes to become financially successful in a new business venture. You may decide to keep your "day job" for the first year to provide income while you are building the business.256 When you were starting out in business. but getting there is half the fun. It's a bit shaky. But that's ok. In this article. we are going to investigate the stages of a start up entrepreneur. You print your first business card. what you are good at. Your home computer becomes your business computer. You start the networking circuit . You begin to develop your 30 second commercial. It tends to be different for everyone. We'll take a look at what a hypothetical entrepreneur can expect and what to watch out for. It's not the best example of a cohesive brand. Year One . no one told you it would take two to four years to become an "overnight success". You use your cell phone as your business phone number. and your willingness to take risks. We'll examine some "what ifs" and lay out an entrepreneurial path that you may or may not chose to follow.

You are getting better at what you do and the word is getting out. You redesign your website and re-create your marketing materials based on your newfound knowledge and you get out there again to sell yourself. though. you keep going. but it's all starting to make sense. Eventually. You land a few clients. You want to hit the ground running and you're a little disappointed that the revenue doesn't roll in as fast as you thought. Year Two . You are elated. flowers on the vines will bloom. Don't get greedy though. but it wears off quickly. Keep your lifestyle modest with an eye to the future. In time. You are building a business empire but you'll need to reinvest your profits for quite some time. How can someone who works so much make so little? Oh well. so if you are smart you hire a professional designer and do a brand overhaul. When it's time to get a paycheck. You are undercharging and working long hours. You come up with a great benefit driven tagline and excellent copy to market yourself. but you may not recognize it at this point. You re-work your 30 second commercial and it starts to sound more like you. You recognize that you'll need a better Brand if you're going to attract better clients. Some vines may take longer to bloom than others and may need additional fertilizer and loving care.Growing the Garden At this stage you have grown up a little to become a teenager business owner. you'll need to determine a reasonable salary for someone in a similar position. . many vines bloom with elaborate intricate flowers yielding strong business relationships that benefit your company for many years. You begin to realize that growing your business is a bit like being a gardener. You are building relationships that plant seeds which grow into vines. You are still working like mad. You keep going.257 to build awareness.

All Rights Reserved Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long the article is printed in its entirety including the about the author information. and you do not edit the article in any way. ©Copyright 2007. You may lose a client or two.biz Suzanne Muusers Start a Dollar Store . and include the copyright statement. it is important that every task associated with preparing and opening your business be completed on time.Suzanne Muusers . Make your own Success Plan today by visiting her website: http://www. One of the best ways to handle this challenge is to manage the start-up of your store as if it . The Business Planning System utilizes My Success Booka Daily Action Planner that ensures marketing actions that lead to income and success.Quick Store Start-Up Tactics If you are about to start a dollar store business. you leave all the links active.prosperitycoaching.258 At the end of this stage you raise your fees which has a big impact on your profitability. About the Author: Suzanne Muusers is the creator of a Business Success System called The Two Page Mini Business Plan for business owners and independent professionals who are ready to maximize their business income and live the lifestyle they have always wanted. but you'll have more cash in the bank and more free time to enjoy your personal life. You realize it's better to charge at the higher end of the market.

For example. and completing and submitting all initial merchandise orders for example. and be sure to include each and every action. Major omissions could even delay the grand opening of your business. List each step in chronological order. move on to create a complete project plan that you will use to start a dollar store business. Other tasks such as repainting the entire store may take much longer. you are ready to move on to the next. Once everything has been documented. Actions build on each other. Often one task must be completed before the next task can be started. Think of your start-up project plan as a blueprint for you as you start a dollar store. Start by documenting each every one of the critical steps involved in preparing for and opening your new business. you will lose valuable time in the start-up process. floor coverings must be installed before store display fixtures can be installed. Devote the time and effort to identify and classify every one of the critical tasks required to successfully start a dollar store business. Your plan needs to note each action from the beginning to the end of the start-up process. If . Your project plan and the associated actions need to commence immediately after a location has been identified and all paperwork related to the lease has been completed and signed. completing your leasehold improvements. Be sure that every step remains on-track for completion. As one action is competed. ordering store display fixtures and equipment. Next assign a timeframe for completion of each action.259 were a project. If you forget even one. It is important that you monitor your project plan on a daily basis. Double check. Some start-up tasks such as notifying the electric company that you are now the tenant may take minutes to complete. When you start a dollar store the actual signing of a lease agreement sets off the preliminary actions such as turning on the utilities. Following that process ensures that as one step is completed you can successfully begin the next action.

marketingsuccesscenter. Follow up with vendors and others to insure they are delivering as promised. Other than that just a . author.260 any are falling behind make course corrections to get everything back in-line and on-schedule. when you are about to start a dollar store even one delayed action can create havoc with your targeted grand opening date. writer. Remember. www. The qualifications needed can be completed within a week to a few months depending on the type of course you take.com Bob Hamilton Start Up a Manicure Or Pedicure Business From Scratch Every City. Town and Village has a manicure or pedicure specialist. but the demand goes on for more in this ever-busy world. It can be done on a full time or part-time basis if you already work. Ever thought about doing this yourself? It is a safe and sociable business. To Your dollar store business success! Are you interested in opening you own dollar store? Check out "A Beginner's Guide to Opening a Dollar Store at www.OpeningADollarStore. People just need their hand and feet to be pampered just as they need to go to the hairdresser regularly. business consultant and trainer.com Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. there always work around and you don't need much to set it yourself up.

Complete course fees are on average around &pound. it really depends on which area you wish to focus on. With the marketing in place they would have had secure regular profits within six weeks of qualifying. maintenance and removal. It pays well they have a regular customers and they love the work. For some it has taken a few years to establish their business. being mobile or in a salon you will need a validated certificate to practice your work. there are cheaper one but usually don't cover all aspects so watch out. what they have to offer and whether you feel that it is for you. Nail Structure and Growth Prevention and Repair of damage. The best advice is to see what course are around.500&pound.600. There are many different certificates and qualification you can work towards. I know many women who work door-to-door giving manicure or pedicure services. you need no formal entry qualifications needed to join most courses. that in the main was because they just knew how to manicure and not market their services. Whether you want to work from home. This will also be necessary to get you insurance. ask yourself why? Some further education establishments also provide the following alongside the courses: * Childcare provision * Support for physical disabilities . Most just use word of mouth and don't really push themselves outside their circle of friends and family.261 small table and two chairs and your manicure/pedicure tools and you have a business. Health and Safety. If it it seems too much of a bargain. Theoretical content will be included covering. Some Manicure and Pedicure course give training for acrylic and sculptured nails. essential for any work done by a Nail Technician on human hands.

The time and effort you put in marketing yourself will be rewarded. Once you have qualified the work really begins with the marketing that was touched on before. advertising in shop windows and supermarket ads. they may offer you a corner of their shop to work in! Push yourself and don't forget the word of mouth to friends and family.com http://doshforu. The list is seemingly endless. There are hundreds of courses you can take up not only in the UK but also in other countries. If you play your cards right.com Martin Miller-Yianni . Don't ever think that this is just women's work. there is a demand for men to practice this and there should be no discrimination if a man wants to take up this work. Business cards. If you check out the interent with a search under manicure courses you will have hundreds to choose from. this is also part of the networking system. an Internet site. Good luck! http://bulgarianslivatree. local newspaper all need to be worked on. networking. Get to know every single hairdressing shop in the area. With these courses you normally get a qualification at the end of it. there is bound to be one near you.262 * Support for hearing impairment * Support for visual impairment * Support for learning difficulties * Support for people whose main language is not English * Free Guidance and advice service Whatever your circumstance there is room for you.

Starting a home based business would require you to do a lot of research via internet and in person. The stress of working late and fixed hours will be gone. Do what you love to do: If you have decided to step out of your career and devote your massive time and energy to build a successful enterprise. I have listed some valuable points required for starting a home based business . Like infants who crawl before they walk. you'll need to love what you are doing and you will need to completely believe in the product or service which you provide. After sifting through many helpful words of advice and information through trail and error. You are able to wake up in the morning without the alarm clock ringing and work without commuting. but getting a straight forward. . The rising cost of fuel also makes sense working from home these days.263 Start Up Advice on a Home Based Business to Ensure Success What does it take to start a home based business? Freedom from existing job? Financial independence? Extra income? Freedom to call you own shots and to be a successful entrepreneur? Well. you need to be slow in the beginning. a business provides a sense of independence. direct and clear idea is what may prove to be helpful.

it would be better for you to sit and write your business plan with your objectives. You'll need to be an expert in your field and if you can't do that. Get professional help and support: You'll need support while you are starting a business and experienced guidance is the best support system among them all. website. This will help you to eliminate all the plans which would otherwise be a waste of your time. Get the finances lined up: Save up all that you have to if you want to start the business on your own. Treat people in professional and courteous manner. .264 Set your realistic goals: If you have not taken a business course. Get items like your business cards. Do research and networking: You will need to do research of your business before you implement them. joining hands with related industries would be a good idea. and telephone numbers developed before technically starting your operations. emails. it needs to be done before you take a plunge. Be professional from the start: Let the people know that you are a professional who means business. Get all the information related to legal taxes: Taxation will be significant factor at one stage of your business and it would be wise for you to be equipped to handle it. However. Building relationships and contacts will help you in networking your business to get more clients and customers. money and energy. You can even approach potential lenders. You could get acquainted with the business consultant experts to check the feasibility of your business plans. banks and investors with a proper home based business plan for finances. You can gather information about your local business laws or consult an accountant for legal help.

If you start up a good sized art show you will probably qualify for some city funding. Darrell Lischka Start Up an Art Show in Your Neighborhood If you are new to an attractive older neighborhood you may have noticed the need for more culture. They will lay it all . Learn the real truth about how to make money online and why you should stop wasting time with the get rich quick programs that are only designed to take your money. Discover Why 95% of the people never make money online in a business opportunity . You do get a lot of artists moving into these cool old areas of town.Business Coach outlines specific home based business techniques and strategies to help you succeed. There are several issues to look into before diving in. By starting new activities that will bring people together on a project you are helping with that. An art show could be just the ticket for your neighborhood. These inner city areas are being refurbished all over the country right now. There are ways of returning some distinction to an area that lost it because of neglect over the years. There is money that can be made from this and some of that can go straight back into the area. It could become one of your cities attractions to pull in tourist money. That can be as easy as contacting the city. These can be very attractive for community events that are open to the public. An old. established neighborhood that is returning from ruin has some very good aspects to it. That is a great gene pool to get help and ideas from. One thing that needs to be addressed is the return of a community feeling. You always want to check the legal points before you do something new.265 Darrell Lischka .

You could have wine companies donate wine that you will give out as samples. You can use gobs of different promotional items to give credit to your art show sponsors. Whatever permits and safety concerns that they have will probably be in writing. Each neighborhood generally has a city park. These can be where you give your sponsors some official credit and they will help remind people to look for next years event. Kris A Ann . keychains. That does not mean there will not be paying positions available at some point though. Other areas in town will use what you come up with as a model. One thing that you want for sure are some promotional items. You will be the first to come up with one of many new grass roots ways to improve the overall feel of a neighborhood. A corporate sponsor will give money and supplies to something of this type. and that open green space would be perfect. Once you have it planned out and have addressed all the issues you will be ready to roll with it. or whatever you want.266 out for you. The possibilities are endless. You can get money to help with advertising and other expenses. You will also need to attract sponsors. Some of this will depend on where you want to have the show. It may be something that you need to apply for on a yearly basis. Shirts. Any type of quality promotional clothing will sell and help people remember to come again next year. You can also ask about some funding from the city. What an exciting prospect. A team of volunteers is helpful for this to work. You are not doing it for profit. hats.

Every business decision. Exercising proper management of resources used is necessary to attain the objective of getting maximum benefit. the commonly used word for joint stock companies. since it influences all other resources. . money or finance is the most important. materials. This requires planning. A business concern makes use of many resources like men. are the major form of business organizations. Besides. purchasing raw materials or merchandise. It includes information at both micro and macro levels like population. the resources. money. The financial operations are more complex and require more attention. etc. will have a financial implication. All information related to economic. implementing a scheme. So management of money or finance is imperative. paying the workers. raising. In simple terms. controlling and administering of funds. business finance refers to the management of money and monetary claims within an individual business firm.267 Start Up Business Finance For executing a project. Finances are the roots of every business activity. The business needs funds for acquiring assets. Corporations. personnel or marketing. So management of finances assumes as much significance as does an enterprise. The final criterion for the selection of any alternative course is its financial viability. commercial and industrial activities are termed financial information. machine. the suppliers and for meeting various other obligations. there is a general need for finances to start and endeavor and to further develop it. Every business requires financing to carry out its activities. or for undertaking an operation. methods. All these activities can be termed start up business finance. markets. whether it relates to production. The study of all the monetary operations of a business is generally termed business finance.

You can also start up a service business relatively quickly. What's even better? You can do it without BIG bank loans. Learn how to find free money to start a business by following this simple. money supply. Business Finance Software and more. Business To Business Finance. Small Business Finance. foreign trade.Find Free Money to Start a Business Finding the start up business financing you need to get your business up and running is possible. Step One: Find Profitable. Business Finance provides detailed information on Business Finance. These businesses require very little money to start. Kristy Annely Start Up Business Financing . getting the word out and the supplies needed to get you going. If you find that you have very limited finances. Consider a service orientated business. inflation. four step formula. Step Two: Create a Financing Strategy .268 employment. the first place to start is finding a shoestring start up business idea. Shoestring Start Up Business Opportunities Not all business opportunities are created equal. Business Finance is affiliated with Auto Financing . stock market details and performance of individual business units. It simply requires a bit of training. like a janitorial company or auto detailing concierge business.

In doing so. you'll need to create a start up business financing strategy. These items alone can unlock additional cash each month to help you finance your business. Be sure to do thorough research and create a sound start up business financing strategy. Step Four: Get Help from a Certified Start Up Business Efficiency Expert Consider consulting with a Start Up Efficiency Expert or finding free information online. This will require you to first get a handle on your personal finances. consider purchasing an eBook on start up business survival. not all information floating out in cyberspace will prove useful.269 Next. look for ways to save on the things you do need. Research ways of saving on expenses that you cannot do without. After cutting back on the things you don't need. reliable source. you'll unlock the secrets for finding free money to start a business. Perhaps consider downsizing an expensive sports car or moving into a smaller home. Also. Step Three: Find Free Sources of Start Up Business Financing Once you have a handle on your personal finances. Keep in mind. Make sure that any information or advice you decide to take comes from an experienced. it's time to tackle those initial start up costs and overheads. you are investing so much of your valuable time and hard earned resources. Be ruthless here. After all. Don't put yourself at risk! Take the necessary steps to protect your long term success. Starting a new business is not a small task. Make a list of all of the expenses you will incur to get your business up and running. like telephone service. . Look for items that are just plain unnecessary and eliminate them from your list. Make a list of all of your monthly expenses and start looking for areas where you can cut back.

too. Because of the freedom and extra free time that work at home business offer to business owners. your start up business will become more like a job rather than something you enjoy doing. She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership . Other than increased income potential. seminars and coaching services. The first step in creating a start up business is to find something that you will be interested in doing. The best . Without these qualities. this is a growing trend in America. Visit her website at http://www. Many people have noticed the benefits and decided to reap those benefits themselves.Set Your Own Schedule Many people have chosen start up businesses as a way to either increase their income or as a supplement to their current income. whatever you base your small business on should be something that you are knowledgeable and passionate about.com Kimberly Kelly Start Up Businesses.270 You can make your dreams of owning your own business a reality .even if you have little or no money.StartUpBusinessSurvivalGuide. It can either be a product or a service. small business start up also provide you with the option of setting your own schedule and spending more time with your family. I'm living proof! Kimberly Kelly teaches new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks.

They will want to know exactly what your service offers them and if the cost will be worth what it provides. Also. for instance. make sure that your new business has staying power and will generate income for you and your family for many years to come. Find out if there is a demand for what you plan to offer. but be sure that the price is something that others will pay. if you decide to market them in places like southern Alabama. Mittens and snow boots would not be a profitable business. Then decide where you will sell the product or service. try to decide how to make your product or service even better than your initial idea before you begin. but do something to make it different in order to gain a competitive edge against other businesses. you can be sure that your startup businesses will be a profitable venture. Now that you have came this far with your small business startup. Try to look at your product or service from the view of outsiders and even ask others if they think your idea is useful and helpful. You can base your new business on something that is already being offered. Your best startup business idea includes a unique commodity that will often make life easier for people and will be in high demand. Then. Start by narrowing down your home based business into specific ideas. Coming up with a price point for your chosen product is next and be sure that it will not only be profitable for you. Finally. When you begin your new startup business. With the proper research and small business startup information. but the rewards make them worth it. decide if you are going to offer either a product or a service. Start up businesses can be a lot of work at the outset. information is the next thing you need to focus on. This means that you have to know your market and know who you should target in order to create the largest profit. once you .271 startup business begins with a hobby that you decide to turn into something profitable. Be sure that there are customers in the area that will be interested in your product. Another thing to look at when striving for your best work at home internet business possibilities is how others will view your product or service.

you may already have done a feasibility study which is the first step and essential to the presentation you will eventually make to these private investors. Once you have gone out into the street and physically asked and questioned potential market participants about your concept.272 have established a clientele and strong customer base. If you are looking for start up capital. You will enjoy this home based business plan as you learn how to become successful! John Stidolph Start Up Capital For Your Hot New Business Idea Start up capital for your hot new business idea may be the best way to go about taking on a new project. you can manage your business from home and enjoy the revenue that it brings. you may want to approach the organization of statistics and other reputable and credible sources of data that will back up and support your findings and hopefully indicate a positive picture about your assumptions of the market demand and particularly the aggregate potential size and dollar value of the potential market. they often bring some quality business experience and insight to your idea that will make it even more likely to succeed. The first step is to actually have the idea.. And now I'd like you to download my free 15 page start up businesses report.. Apart from the fact that you defer all the financial risk or at least most of it to your venture capitalist. .

I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. This presentation is the place where you get to "pitch" your idea and hopefully generate the interest you seek. try what I did. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too. like I mean in the next hour. Visit the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program. This is where you can set up appointments to invite these investors to a presentation. If you need money now.com Terry Hart . Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you.273 Once you have all this information you may need to contact lawyers and accountants and other professionals in your area that typically have many clients on their books who are always looking for slightly higher risk but higher return investments. read about Martin Thomas in the link below. http://www. The main point to remember is to offer credible and realistic projections and supporting statistics that paint the picture. Essentially you are doing the research and presenting your findings but doing it with a little showmanship that demonstrates your management personality and company culture.easycorporatemoney.

some trips and vacations can be deducted if part can be related to your business. People that truly want to start their own home business should not let the initial expense hold them back. but are not limited to. the main thing that holds them back is this up front cost. this expense really is paid for by the government. These expenses are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. they can be written off. Congress encourages us to have our own home business by giving tax breaks for many things that we pay for already. The first deduction that should be made is the start up cost for the business. cell phones. Those who are concerned with putting up the money and then waiting for the deduction should consult their tax professional to help understand how they can change their deductions on their paycheck to put more money in their hands for their business. If there is a room in your house that you use to conduct your business. consult a tax professional. The part relates to the percentage of the house that is used for your business activity. While many people would like to have their own business. and find out what you really can afford to do. Along the same lines. These include. as long as a portion of your trip is business related. Before deciding that you cannot afford to start a home business. etc. When driving anywhere.274 Start Up Capital Should Not Prevent Starting a Home Businesses Most legitimate home businesses require some capitol for start up . computers. Even your vehicle can be deducted. This includes the cost of joining the opportunity as well as any items purchased associated with it. If you are just making ends . If you are using these items for your business. Fortunately. do some research. you can deduct your gas mileage. business cards. There are many examples of this and there are many books available to help the home business owner decide what can be deducted and what cannot. part of the mortgage or rent can be written off as well.

How2BuildWealthOnline.com/?t=article Maryjean Howe Start Up Costs For a Restaurant Business Start up costs for a restaurant are considerable when compared to other businesses and it can be difficult to start up for under $100. Set out a budgeting schedule for buying only what you need as your business grows and look into used options for better value. She works with individuals who are looking to start a home business or improve on one. buy or even build your own place from scratch.000. a home business may be something that you can't afford not to do. One of the main reasons for restaurant failure is lack of capital six months to a year down the track. Then you . The fact is that for most businesses revenue growth will be slower than expected and you therefore must keep capital in reserve to support yourself until you become established. go to http://www. Let's look at some of the start up costs that you could be facing as you plan to open your restaurant and how you should go about carefully budgeting to make the most of your start up funds. Maryjean Howe is a business owner and former teacher/educator. Costs can vary dramatically here depending on whether you rent. For more information on automated marketing. The main expense are to do with getting set up in a suitable location.275 meet and working paycheck to paycheck.

to security systems. freezers. . advertising options and signage for your building and what they will cost you. plates and cutlery just to name a few items. You will also require several insurance policies. Visit a few restaurants and make some notes of all the little things that you see that you may have overlooked. linen. From toilet paper to staff uniforms. Compliance costs can be surprisingly high so it is important to do some preliminary research so that you know how much it will costs to get the licenses and permits that local authorities require. refrigerators and other kitchen supplies. If you are looking to lease a space for your business then now is a great time to do so and you should be able to negotiate a good deal. health and safety equipment and you may need the services of a number of professionals and consultants. Marketing costs can be considerable if you want to hit the ground running. From payment collection and processing.276 will have decorating costs as well as ongoing utility expenses to think about. your list of expected restaurant startup costs will depend on the size of your operation. your theme. Think about brand development. menu design. you should anticipate costs in advance. seating capacity and your target market. The list of equipment requirements for a restaurant is extensive and ranges from commercial cooking and ventilation equipment. Outside of the kitchen you will need to kit out a full dining room with tables. Profitable restaurants usually implement computer systems that maintain efficiency and owner control.

payroll and advertising expenses. These costs will be incurred whether your tables are full or not so you need to have capital set aside to cover them if cash takings are lower than expected. rent. Fear of failure. of trusting a system or the people behind that system. Look into a range of financing options and make sure that you have secured lines of credit well in advance for when you need them. and for some fear of success. not know the business. Get you business off to a great start by ensuring that you are fully aware of all the restaurant startup costs that you will be facing and by making sure that you have a plan in place to budget for them.277 Calculating startup costs is one thing but you should also think about the ongoing operating costs which involve purchases of food and supplies. . It can be fear of many things. spending the money to get started. For another article on how to prepare a Restaurant Business Plan and to compare some of the top guides that are helping newcomers get started in the restaurant industry visit Start a Restaurant Business Patrick Sutherland Start Up Fears Fear can be a major hurdle for one to overcome when starting a home based business.

or are you just tired of spending hours and hours of your time at a job you hate. technical and mental. do you want more time with your family. Starting out it is good to have a system that can host your websites. Let's talk about the fear of failure. that's where the system comes in to play. Scott Mellott . Working with a group of people with a proven system dedicated to your success will put you in the best position to build a very successful online business and a life time income for you and your family. I was told something one day that changed my life. Step outside your comfort zone challenge your self. With top self support you will succeed. you have to do something you have never done before". You will need support of all kinds. We can't help but have this fear we are told that only one third of all new businesses will succeed and only 5% of those will last longer than 5 years. Ok knowing the business. "To have something you never had before. Help you to keep track of you stats. Education is the key it never ends with online marketing things change daily. Don't let fear hold you back use it to drive your dreams. Those numbers have been proven wrong by the small business association it is closer to only one third will fail in the first 2 years and 50% of those will make past that 5 year mark. If you would like to learn more about a great program that will take you by the hand and show step by step how to build a great online business then go to http://workwithscottonline. A good system keeps you informed of the changes what's hot what's not. Think of why you want to start you own business. auto responders.278 Fear can hold you back or drive you forward.com/?t=google+work+from+home&v 1=make+money+online&v2=homebuiness . You will need a system that will educate you on how to build your business how to market that business. Do you want the money.

payment defaults.Start Business With Smooth Finance Do you want to start up a business and require loan for it. Unsecured start loans will provide smaller amount for your business without collateral. So you must go well prepared to a lender. you must be prepared with all your business records as lender would like to go through them.279 Start Up Loans . you can opt for a loan that is especially made to business people for a new business. Starts up loans are such loans. Value of collateral determines the loan amount. In taking start up loans for your business. These are easier loans to get a business started as these lenders understand your business and its requirements well. Before you make application for start up loans. CCJs and IVAs also are given secured or unsecured start up loans once their repayment ability is confirmed. The repayment plan should include your income from a business or from any other source. Interest rate on the loan however goes higher. making these risk free loans for business people. This makes the loan repayment fairly easier. You must also have a convincing repayment plan in place. you have secured or unsecured options. The lender wants to ensure that your repaying ability is good as you would be using start up loan amount in business. Bad credit business people with late payments. arrears. Repayment duration ranges 5 t o 15 years. Though banks and financial companies are source of start up loans but you should prefer online lenders for lower interest . Main advantage of secured start up business loan is its lower interest rate and larger repayment duration of 5 to 30 years. Well. Secured start up loans should be opted for greater amount of loans as these are given against your home or any commercial property as collateral.

Online lenders approve loans fast without many hurdles. Support functions like accounting. all their focus is geared towards the core activities of a business. He is Masters in Business Administration and expert in finance. new technology and exciting products and services. Michael T. Good Accounting is the means to a greater end.how assets can be utilized. bad credit.co.280 rates. IT. Information gleaned from a good set of books can give valuable insights into. loans. bad credit loan UK visit http://www. Compare online lenders to locate a suitable deal for your circumstances.Brian is the author of this article.badcreditsmallbusinessloan. And pay off the loan in time to avoid debts and to improve credit score. They contribute significantly (disproportionate to their size) towards new idea creation. how sales can be analyzed and how expenses can be managed and inventory be streamlined better. business loans. This could be either sales or marketing or research and development. and HR are usually make-shift arrangements or ignored completely. To find Start Up Loans . However accounting is one function that can be ignored at one's own peril. Since Start-ups work in an environment of low resources and limited funding (generally).uk/ Michael Brian Start-Up Accounting Start-ups are an integral part of a vibrant economy.informed decision making and better controls. .

2. These strategies can back-fire frequently and substantially! I have handled many such assignments where the expenses are all messed up and entered in hundreds of different accounts. right from the early days. The perceived simplicity of popular accounting software further owners use semi-qualified bookkeeping help. only to spend much more money doing a tedious migration to a larger software after some-time. its' important that an entrepreneur always works towards establishing better accounting systems in his/her company . See your accounting costs as an investment.buy a accounting software which is one version higher than the version that just meets your current needs. Similarly. Accounting system can give you more information that just how much money your firm makes! Given the importance of accounting systems in decision making. an accounting system of an equipment manufacturing company that generates revenue trends for different income streams can lead to useful insights like service revenues are growing faster(though on a smaller base). Hence the company can work towards selling more service contracts (and subsidize the equipment sales). it can probably also show that service revenues are far more profitable than product sales. The . Thumb-rule. not as an expense Most start-ups use a semi-qualified internal member or an over-worked part-time bookkeeper to keep their books.281 For example. Buy for the near-future rather than the present Choose an accounting package that can not only meet your immediate needs but also handle the expected growth in near future. I have seen many companies use a basic version of accounting software. assets are booked as expenses and owner's personal expenses are mixed with business expenses. I have listed below the five guidelines for start-up accounting: 1.

282 effort and costs of this post-mortem correction is substantially greater then the time taken to create a new set of books. This hurried processing . A good set of books from the initial days goes a long way towards managing things when the big growth happens. You may have to go through a few iterations before you arrive at a good fit. disbursements and expense reimbursement procedures. do you want to track sub-contractor expense separately or under direct costs. Spend time with your accountant to chart out a good accounting system Areas include creating a structured chart of accounts.its cash-flows!! The increased popularity of outsourcing accounting provides start-ups with a cost-effective and valuable tool to have their cake and eat it too-great accounting at an economical price. establishing important internal sales. Setting up a chart of accounts is a very important accounting activity for a start-up . and handling of credit card and merchant account transactions clearly. do you need to track freight along with cost of goods sold(a direct cost) or as a general expense(indirect cost). expense items and accounts(and sub accounts). Don't do yesterday's accounting the day after! Many start-ups handle accounting on a rewind/flash-back mode. Plan out the revenue items and accounts. For e. Poorly created chart of accounts with insufficient/duplicate/multiple expense accounts create a big head-ache (and a costly accounting prescription to fix it).g. do you want to book rep commissions under sales or as expenses. They realize a few weeks/month before the tax-deadline that their books are only a set of papers and bank statements that have not been touched for quite some-time. purchase. 4. It helps to create a checklist and ask a lot of questions. 3. This results in a last minute dash to book everything and somehow create a set of financials for the tax-preparer to work on. They also help a start-up keep tab of its most precious asset.

A Cash-flow report like a fuel gauge indicates when cash is running out. He helps businesses set-up accounting systems.So Much to Do. So have a good dashboard and look at it regularly as you drive along the business highway. So Little Time . Priyankar Baid is an experienced accountant who has consulted small businesses in US.g. His firm specializes in providing accounting and reporting services to small medium businesses in North America. 5. For e. expenses are hurriedly dumped in some general accounts with little memo/additional information keyed in.com specializing in online accounting. Establish reporting signage in your business highway Reports are like a dashboard in a car. They can serve multiple purposes. He is very likely to miss them in the maze of the general/dumping grounds(accounts). clean-up existing books and implement outsourcing agreements. Cananda and UK over the last few years.283 can result in costly omissions and errors. Many of these expenses could be tax-deductible but your tax-preparer wouldn't know till he sees them!!.. income statement like the speedometer tells us whether there is momentum in the business and balance sheet is like an odometer tells us the complete story so far!. Priyankar Baid Start-up Business Checklist . He also runs a firm http://outsourcinghubindia.

What is the first thing that one does to start a business? What are the important issues that you would need to address right at the beginning? If these are the questions that have stumped you . a sole proprietorship or a partnership. so strike off the ones that are not for you and then start work on completing the applicable tasks.284 As you are getting ready to start a new venture. * Check with your local and state licensing agencies to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. * Research and purchase computer software. * Purchase/lease computer equipment.have no fear! Here we are with a checklist of the most common issues that founders are confronted with. and invoice or statement forms. These will vary from state to state and also within a state. * Open a business checking account. assuming you will have employees. stationary. if incorporated. * Decide on business hours. * Research the funding options. * Choose a business name and verify that the name is available for use in your state and at the federal level. * Hire payroll services. you will be inundated with so much of information and advice that you will soon get confused. * Decide the business structure you want your new business to have . * Choose a bookkeeping system and establish a record keeping . Remember.a corporation. all the items may not be applicable to your business. We recommend that you use this checklist like a to-do list. * Purchase/lease copier or arrange for an account at a local copy shop. * Obtain a Federal Tax Identification Number. * Set up a business telephone line. * Register your business with your county (if required). * Decide on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a host for your website. Work on obtaining loans or any other financing. * Prepare a detailed marketing plan for your product or service. * Find a place to conduct your business. * Print business cards. The result? You will not know where or how to begin. * Write out your business plan. * Order office furniture. * Research and buy business insurance. * Join your local Chamber of Commerce and other appropriate business associations. Research cost of leasing an office and/or tax deductions available if you are starting a home-based business.

a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. start-up costs are costs the taxpayer incurs to investigate the creation or acquisition of a business or in creating a business.How to Deduct Them A new business owner incurs start-up costs before beginning the business. The costs must be costs that would be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense if the taxpayer was actively conducting the business. Starting a new business could be a very stressful and laborious endeavor. we have a number of detailed articles on each of the above issues on Aykya. The key is to make sure that you have taken care of all essential details before opening your doors to customers. Under Section 195(c)(1). a taxpayer may elect to deduct start-up costs to the . * Order office supplies. 2004. Check them out.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully. check out http://www.285 system. a taxpayer may not deduct start-up costs until the taxpayer sells the business. In general. * Hire an attorney and CPA. DHL or UPS account. While we hope that the above checklist will serve as a useful guide. However. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www. * Sign up for a Federal Express.smartentrepreneur. I'm Akhil Shahani. If you like to work smart.net/freebie-of-the-month. That is the default rule of Section 195(a).html Akhil Shahani Start-up Costs . if possible.SmartEntrepreneur. Hi. for start-up costs paid or incurred after October 22.

($52. A taxpayer claims an . However.286 extent allowed by Section 195(b)(1)(A). For example. In addition.000) / 180]. For example. For example assume that a taxpayer's start-up costs were $23.000 .000 of startup costs in the year the taxpayer begins the active conduct of the business.000 of start-up costs at the rate of $100 a month [($23. a taxpayer who is a sole proprietor would claim the deduction on Schedule C of Form 1040. If the taxpayer elects to deduct start-up costs. including extensions. the taxpayer may not deduct any of the start-up costs in the year the taxpayer begins the active conduct of the business except as an amortization deduction as explained below. The taxpayer may deduct $5.000 or more. if the start-up costs exceed $50. the taxpayer has six months to file an amended return and make the election under Regulations Section 301.000 limit on the deduction for startup costs is reduced by the amount by which start-up costs exceed $50.$5. Under Section 195(d)(1).000 .000)]. the taxpayer may deduct up to $5. A taxpayer makes the election by claiming the deduction on the appropriate form. If the start-up costs are $55.000. The taxpayer may claim an immediate deduction of $3. The IRS has no authority for allowing any other late elections. The taxpayer should attach a statement to the form showing the start-up costs for which the taxpayer is making the election.000. assume that the start-up costs are $52. a taxpayer has until the due date of the tax return. If a taxpayer failed to make the election when the taxpayer filed a timely tax return. the $5. to make the election.000 .000.000 [$5. the taxpayer deducts the remaining $18.$50.000 immediately. The taxpayer may deduct the remaining start-up costs ratably over 180 months beginning in the month in which the taxpayer begins the active conduct of the business under Section 195(b)(2). The ratable deduction of start-up costs over 180 months is called an amortization deduction.9100-2(b).000.

He is the co-author of the book Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed and the revision editor of CCH Financial and Estate Planning Guide.com Alan D Campbell Start-Up Fees in Network Marketing Getting into direct sales is both fun and also a bit scary if direct sales are new to you. the taxpayer may deduct the remaining start-up costs as a loss as allowed by Sections 165 and 195(b)(2). Alan D. please see his blog: http://taxsavingsstrategies. Campbell is a CPA in Arkansas and Florida and is self-employed primarily as an author of tax publications. a taxpayer should be sure to make the election in a timely manner. He earned a Ph.287 amortization deduction on Form 4562 and then carries the total deductions on Form 4562 to the appropriate form. He has published numerous articles on tax topics in professional journals. One of the most common questions I'm asked about is start-up fees. If the taxpayer sells the business before deducting all of the start-up costs.D. in accounting with an emphasis in taxation from the University of North Texas. Because the time for making the election is quite limited. . He is also admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court. For more tax savings strategies.blogspot. A taxpayer should take advantage of these rules to ensure the highest possible tax deductions. 15th edition.

one sale of $35 at 30% commission will pay for this site. you can use just a last name. This is a company website with a company URL. For most distributors. Most network marketing companies offer cookie cutter websites. Some companies will also offer deluxe starting kits. business flyers. Usually the small starter kits are under $100. Almost always. Don't worry. There are some sites where you can get fifty free business cards. Starter kits usually come with catalogs. updating of products and order entry. you'll also receive several more products to display. These can range in cost from $200 to $500 depending on the supplies included in the kit. this fee includes the shopping cart. You can also make . I believe it's one of the best investments you'll make into your business. Depending on your marketing strategy there might be a few additional start-up costs you'll encounter. There is only one other start-up cost I suggest you consider when just beginning and that's business cards. The average fee will be about $10 per month. if you don't want your full first and last name. the retail value of these kits is much higher than the fee charged. These kits are designed for those who want to do demonstrations and shows.288 Each company offers a starter kit specifically designed to help the new distributor begin their business. Each company charges a different fee for these websites. samples. demonstration products and assorted other business supplies. What makes your site unique is the end of the URL where your name will be inserted. I suggest you speak with the person sponsoring you and make a decision about which kit will be best for the marketing you plan to do. In addition to the basic supplies in the small kit. The retail cost of the supplies in the kit is almost always far higher than the fee charged for the kit. just a first name or possibly your first name and last initial. Once again.

In almost all cases. This is critical in giving a pleasant experience to the customers of your salon. you can almost always be in business for just over $100 at the time of signing up. Hair salon furniture includes styling chairs.com or you can Become a Tupperware Consultant Audrey Okaneko Start-up Guide to Hair Salon Furniture Hair salon furniture is one of the major expense when starting a hair salon business. massage table and other items such as rolling carts and cabinets. When you add it all up. You might even ask your sponsor to give you a hundred business cards to start you off in exchange for getting your first sale. The salon furniture should be selected to attract customers since properly chosen furniture will give a touch of professionalism to the salon. Any other costs associated with a network marketing business are costs I suggest you wait on until you are more established and getting consistent sales. The furniture can be selected in accordance to interior look of the salon. You can read more of her articles at http://mydirectsales. Audrey Okaneko has been in direct sales since 1983. facial steamers. you'll have well over $100 worth of products and the opportunity to build a business of your own. shampoo chairs. .289 your own business cards at home.

coordinating mirrors. blow dryer and clipper pockets. A comfortably designed one should be selected for a more positive experience by your customers. Hair styling stations could consist of extension drawers. Reception Desk Is also an important piece of furniture that may bring a distinctive appeal to your hair salon. holder for curling irons.290 Hair Styling Stations Can be available as single station or space saving setup which can accommodate two. Massage Tables Used for massaging face as well as head. Head massage is also critical in hair treatment as it increases the blood circulation. it must let the customer feel the success and excellent grade of services provided by the salon. Shampoo Chairs Used for shampooing hair with a specially designed head rest. three or even four stylists. glass retail shelves. If you have a limited budget. It should however be done by trained massage therapist. fluorescent lights. What is importance is getting the right blend of your equipment in terms of the ambiance it provides to the customers without sacrificing the functionality. The styling chair also adds fantastic ambiance to the salon's atmosphere. efficiency and class. They can be adjusted according to the height of the customer. there are discount stores or online auctions in which you can get them for reasonable price. It may have power strips. Choosing the right furniture is very important in this regards. Hydraulic chairs are also available and worth looking at. The reception desk is the initial furniture that the customer sees when entering the hair salon Thus. and storage cabinet. The environment displayed and provided by the hair salon to it's customers must be in such a way that it relays the attractiveness. This chair should be comfortable in terms of posture so that customers can sit comfortably while waiting to be serviced. .

291 Want to start your own salon [http://www. the money you've invested will carry a lot of weight in the decision making process. you'll need to raise enough money to show your confidence in and commitment to the business. downsizing their homes or selling a second home. They want to know how you arrived at the figure you're asking for. Other than that. They want to know how you got the money you've already spent and how you spent it. and get you through that long.com] Bryan J Start-Up Loan Before you start your search for a start up loan you need to have some evidence of business management ability and generously invested personal assets.com] business? Find more information at Hair Salon Academy [http://www. common sources of money include selling cars. Where will you spend . They want data. And. tough period before you're ready for a start up loan. as hard as it is to acquire a start up loan. artwork. jewelry-anything to bring in cash and as much of it as possible.hairsalonacademy. They don't want to have a chat.hairsalonacademy. The second element to a successful start up loan application is having a loan package that tells bankers what they want to know. When the time comes to request a start up loan from the bank. Banks don't want to hear a pitch. Most business owners provide their own start up loan by raising cash from the equity in their homes.

So. how will you pay it back? A recent survey of senior loan officers conducted my the Federal Reserve indicates banks aren't yet loosening up business lending standards.How To Find Venture Capital Have you ever wondered how some companies find funding while others. Venture capital is funding provided to budding new. and some are still tightening them. Start-Up Success . barely hold their head above water? Often. the key to success during the delicate start-up years is having the right amount of capital to launch development and marketing efforts. Once a company's well established. possibly yours. Christine C. Venture capital acquisition can help. But all banks are lending.com has been a trusted loan and credit leader since 1999. funding can support even stronger growth and expansion initiatives. put in all the money you can without going broke and prepare a loan package that speaks for you and speaks well of you. . they're just lending less money to fewer businesses. AmOne. America One Funding has helped millions of consumers receive the financing they needed. fast-track companies by other professional investors.292 the money? How will you pay it back? And if that repayment plan doesn't work. to be among the 60% of business owners who acquire the start up loan they need.


Venture capitalists review several companies, choosing just a few to invest in based on management credibility, long-term growth potential and business integrity, among other things. These venture capitalists may use funds from high net worth individuals, foundations, corporations, pension funds or their own personal capital equity to help support the success of new business ventures. Their various investments in start-up companies collectively represent an investment portfolio, thus reducing overall risk. These investors focus on acquiring a high rate of return in a five to seven year period. While many venture capitalists are generalists, or supply funding alone to a broad range of specialized sectors, others offering expertise in one or more key roles within the company. Seed investing refers to funding provided before a real product or business is even created, or when a company is at the very early, ground-floor development stages. Venture capital sponsored fairs, panel discussions and seminars are great vehicles for venture capital relationship building. Attorneys, consultants, business brokers and accountants also offer contacts with venture capitalists. When seeking funding, relationships are key and competition is high. First, identify a small number of companies or individuals holding similar goals to your company's. Make sure you agree when it comes to business growth, geographic positioning and investment scope. Venture capital assessment demands a great deal of time and energy, from presenting a well-developed business plan and executive summary, to educating your investors about your goals, budget, industry and growth potential. Remember to communicate with your contacts on a regular basis, nurturing the relationship and keeping them informed of progress and news. Above all, stay optimistic, learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategy. The following organizations can provide a wealth of information for those researching venture capital avenues and sources:


The National http://www.nvca.org




- The Center for Venture Education, kauffmanfellows.org - Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, empea.net - Venture Capital Task Force, vctaskforce.com - Private Equity Central, privateequitycentral.net Wall Street Journal's Start-up startupjournal.com/partners/kennedy.html Journal,

Clinton Douglas IV, writes articles on internet business [http://www.clintondouglasiv.com]. In one week you could have hundreds of people coming your site "making you hundreds of dollars" while you sleep. Visit his site now; Learn the insider secrets to Building an Online Empire ==> Learn How to Make Money Fast Clinton Douglas IV

Starting a Business - Tips for a Successful Business Start-Up
Starting a business may sound glamorous but, in reality, it requires an amazing amount of hard work and unwavering commitment. Starting one could entail building one from the ground up, buying an existing business, acquiring a franchise, or taking over a family business.


Following are a few tips for launching a successful business start-up : Solidify the product or idea. Have a good product or service idea you think you can monetize? Now is the time to move your thinking beyond the cocktail napkin. Start typing. Typing it out will help you think finalize the product or service concept. Conduct market analysis. This is the research phase. The purpose is to determine if there is a market need for your product or idea. This also involves a "competitive analysis" to identify potential competitors. Taking a look at what other companies are doing can help you differentiate your product or service. Consider who your target market (customers) will be, as well as potential collaborators. Name your business. Naming your business will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Finding the right name can distinguish your business. Avoid vague or misleading names, as well as names that are hard to spell or difficult to remember. Think of one that spells out what you are offering. Once you've narrowed your choices down, check for available web site domain names for your company. Be sure to register your name with the Secretary of State and register your web site domain with a domain name registrar online. When registering your business name, you will need to determine the best business organization structure (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation). If you are unsure which one to select, consult an accountant or lawyer to help you determine the best organization structure for your needs. Develop the business plan. A detailed business plan will help identify roadblocks and obstacles so that you can avoid them and establish alternatives

296 prior to launching your business. Being an entrepreneur is a learning process. Although risky. people will sometimes fund their new venture via their credit cards. A comprehensive plan shows whether or not a business has the potential to make a profit. management team. you will find valuable tips and resources for handling life's major events. buying your first home. product/service description. Key components of the plan include: executive summary. The biggest mistake new business owners make is giving up after a failure. contending with a divorce. Build your support structure. exit strategy and appendices. marketing plan. Starting a business can be a tough undertaking. or from people who may help bring your idea to reality. financial plan. this can be a cost-effective way to launch a business if you can find a credit card with a low introductory rate. market analysis.com . table of contents. Identify small business resources and organizations in your area. anxiously awaiting the birth of a child. be prepared to discuss collateral and bring your plan. Enlist support from family and friends. If you plan on approaching a bank. operations plan. Many colleges and universities will provide assistance for it through a small business assistance center. Use your plan to map out timelines and milestones. Secure the necessary funds. Finding funds to start your business can be challenging.myguidesusa. Whether you're planning a wedding. Keep in mind that it may take several trials before perfecting your business. Hilary Basile is a writer for MyGuidesUSA. Some banks will not be receptive unless the business can provide collateral to secure the loan. In lieu of banks.com http://www. searching for a new .

and information for those considering a career change at http://jobs. interviewing skills. Well I did just that and here I am 11 years later and my Bus driving job is long gone. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the vending business and I quickly realized after setting up my first machine that while I was only selling 3 cases of pop per week my profits were still around $50 bucks per week. or planning for your retirement. Think about what I just said there. . such as resume and cover letter development. Why do I say this? Well I used to be a Bus Driver and I worked 40 hours a week.com.297 job.00 per week from each machine then I would match my take home income at my full time job.myguidesusa. Find employment tips and resources. Isn't that crazy. If I was to just get 10 more locations and make $50.com Hilary Basile Starting a Vending Machine Business Simple Start Up Tips! Interested in starting in the vending business? I will tell you that there is a very real opportunity for you to start making money in your local area in this incredible business. I simply thought to myself well what if I duplicate this 10 times over then I can replace my income working for the bus company. you'll find answers to your questions at MyGuidesUSA.

Unfortunately they are sometimes the hardest to get from lending institutions.com . food and coffee vending services to various businesses in the GTA. He can be found at http://www.com . If you are considering starting your own vending business in your own local area my advice to you is to do your homework and conduct some proper research before buying your first vending machine. He has also written a vending e book which giving precision detail about how to start and operate a vending business. http://www.toronto-vendingservices. Consider starting out with pop and snack machines because in my opinion they are the most profitable.myvendingsecret.Exploring Other Avenues for Building Capital Startup business loans are a great way to launch a successful business. Living in Ontario Canada he provides beverage. They are easy to find for a good price and your profits will soar. Startup business loans are one of the few areas that even the Small Business Administration do not offer to assist in and this becomes a major impediment to banks and credit unions making this type of loan available. snack. Chris Robertson has been a successful vending operator for over 11 years.298 The vending business is by far the easiest and most simple business to start and the profit potential is huge. . Chris J Robertson Startup Business Loans .

The best way is get startup business loans is probably not through banks or credit unions at all. Another avenue for startup business loans is to bring in partners or investors who believe that the business makes sense and want to share in the revenues that will be created.299 The Small Business Administration is an agency of the federal government with a specific mandate to assist small business in America. If a borrowing business defaults on a business loan or goes bankrupt the Small Business Administration will step in to cover the bank's costs. Meeting those conditions will only get a business to first base with the banks in terms of startup business loans. A third place to look for startup business loans is in the local business community. the agency tells banks and small businesses that they are on their own. There are often successful business people who want to assist new businesses to get started and they may be a source for startup business loans or they may be able to provide references or . It provides much of the funding for business loans made by banks in the form of guarantees for these loans. In addition they will likely review the personal credit history and records of the business owner to ensure that their credit history does not show any potential danger signs. In order to get approval for startup business loans the banks will normally require a personal guarantee from the business owner or a pledge of a collateral asset to secure the loan. But when it comes to startup business loans. It is much easier to borrow money from friends or family if they have the financial capacity to assist. After this initial review the banks will closely examine the business plan of the prospective business borrower and want to be convinced that the business has an excellent chance to succeed before provide funding in the form of startup business loans. That of course does nothing to reassure the banks who are nervous enough about lending fledging businesses any of their hoarded gold and it supports the banks' own inclination to not provide startup business loans.

His company publishes a weekly e-newsletter on Starting and Growing a Small Business at http://www.com . . Many companies find it a good idea to turn to a startup business recruitment agency that specializes in finding the right people for the right job. In an attempt to control the situation then. There's no harm or loss of face in asking for help from these people.smallbusinessconsulting. If the wrong person is hired then one is forced to settle with something that is less than the best. You can sign up for their free newsletter by visiting http://www. David Gass Startup Business Recruitment Agency If you are a new business owner. Inc. it is a good idea to look around and inspect the services offered by a good startup business recruitment agency during your hiring process. Not doing so could adversely affect the company's growth potential because of wrong hiring. David Gass is President of Business Credit Services. with the personnel that it has employed. the business ends up paying more to get something which it cannot. executive or marketing positions.smallbusinessconsulting.300 referrals to people who can.com . No matter what position the company is looking forpeople for top-level sales. Even the most successful amongst them has probably been turned down for startup business loans in the past and many of them are willing to give a little back to help the newcomer on the block get started in the business world.

who can wear many hats and hit the ground running upon joining your organization. Keeping in mind the nature of the recruit is also an important factor. o Retain a clear picture of what you are looking for. For a startup business recruitment agency the job becomes a little simpler. By doing so the business will conserve valuable resources in the form of time and manpower. it does not have to go into the details of hiring while it simultaneously tries to set itself up. for serious growth and income in your business o Online recruitments could save a lot of physical running around and unnecessary paper work. Trusting a startup business recruitment agency can also solve the headache of wondering whether the candidate hired is the best person for the job or not. o Agencies are focused on the job given to them and try to achieve it within a defined time. seize the opportunities that they offer. Also this will allow it to focus on other aspects of starting up. o Recruit capable people.301 o If you recruit the right people. o Help agencies deliver better results for you by being clear in your brief about what you want. as this will go a long way in suitably filling in the required positions. like consulting financial models and choosing appropriate modes of carrying forward the business. instead of feeling wary. It is important to remember that recruits can be often found in rather unlikely places where you did not consider looking for them. you don't have to keep rebuilding your business strategies again and again. o There are of course worries of allowing the agency to recruit on your behalf but. o You could try online recruiting agencies too. since it's their career and livelihood you're taking responsibility for and you need to justify your choice too. As it is their task to find suitable candidates for various kinds of jobs. Finding people suitable for highly specialized posts can often be a difficult and hassle-filled process. it is . For one thing. For small businesses this is a crucial factor as outsourcing an important job rids the business of a lot of problems.

If you like to work smart. The team that you need to build will depend on the needs of the business. o Agencies have the necessary staff and resources to filter the gross from the class kind of candidates. especially for higher posts.302 likelier that specially trained people would be known to them. and hence available to the business. a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. skills. experience and contacts. These agencies would also be in a position to compare pay rates current in the market because of their dealings with various companies.html Akhil Shahani Startup Business Team . This team of people are going to be your go to team. I'm Akhil Shahani.net/freebie-of-the-month. information. Hi.SmartEntrepreneur.smartentrepreneur. They will provide support. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www. o Their extensive database and watch over market buzz helps in a proper recruitment.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully. check out http://www. I like to break down my team into different genres. . Hence the business that is starting up will have the benefit of having all such vital information taken care of.How to Build Your Team! When you are building a startup business you will want to have a team of people.

These will include Legal. They may do you accounts monthly or just help you set up your company. Industry specific These team members are going to be key to the success of your business because they will have contacts and knowledge of the industry you are going into. Motivational team members may be family members. He may be able to help you find the generic and industry specific team members that you need to build your startup business. When it comes to hiring people your industry specific team members will be able to help you find the best people for the job.303 -Generic -Industry specific -Motivational Generic Generic team members are members that will have skills that are transferable across industries. Motivational These team members are the people who support you. Later when you have some success you should search out and pay for the best advice available. You can use these in different industries and you will probably develop a relationship with these people and make use of their skills sporadically. These contacts will help you identify opportunities and also help you avoid pitfalls in your industry. You may need a lawyer to check new contracts with suppliers or partners. When you first start out try and find team members who will give you their time for free. friends and most importantly people who have build a business and know how to guide you through growing your business. These will be some of the most important relationships you have. They come in all shapes and sizes. A mentor is a great person to have on your team especially if they are a successful multimillionaire who can introduce you to other contacts. Accounting. .

etc. Though every business has its own specific cash requirements throughout the various stages of development. There are other expenses of course. which are a part of the ongoing process. for unforeseen expenditure especially in case of international business. I have yet to retire but I will one day and it will be before I am too old to enjoy it. Last year I decided I would take an idea and expand on it until it was the right one. for example the fee for incorporating your business and the expenditure of putting up a sign on your building. insurance fees. Visit Ive always wanted to start my own business. Some of the startup costs for international business of course will be one-time. such as the cost of utilities.304 If you would like to fin out more about Startup Business success. o Every business has its own nature of start up costs. which are . o An effective way of calculating your startup costs is to use a worksheet that lists all the various categories of costs. Now Im living my dream. inventory. Paul Peter Nel Startup Costs For International Business Building up a business from scratch needs great amount of patience apart from a good financial back up. it is wise to keep aside an additional expense account. most businesses go through almost similar set up costs.

. This is in fact one of the many reasons why these days there are so many multinational companies. o Even a posh locality in an underdeveloped country would be much cheaper than an average location nearer home. This would be very important for you if you were thinking of manufacturing or importing the basic materials. o Expanding your business abroad. The cost of daily wages per laborer is incredibly low. India and China. o One must of course counter local problems and politics and involve more of local administration in order to be successful. o Basic infrastructure development is easier and much cheaper as a result one can afford the best equipment and top grade man power for running operations. especially in some of the developing nations is a great idea. The presence of a large number of unskilled labor. An international business in some of these countries would mean saving on a lot of money in basic raw materials. o The business opportunities are tremendous but the cost of setting it up is much less as compared to developed European nations.305 needed to be understood before starting your business. contributes to the low startup costs for international business. which have opened up factories in developing countries like Indonesia. while it is easier and less expensive to do your business in most countries around the rest of the world. resulting in overall growth in profit percentage. Also production facilities are much cheaper than what it might have cost you for a local set up. Cheap transportation is another reason why setting up your business abroad could mean better business sense from every angle. expenses incurred on day to day living and personal expenditure are much lower. Apart from that. A general survey will tell us that prices in most parts of Europe and some of the south east Asian countries would be equally or at times even more expensive than in North America. o Many entrepreneurs today prefer setting up business abroad keeping in mind the large profit margins.

the amount of which can often be of such a nature as to make it unpredictable. If you like to work smart.net/freebie-of-the-month. check out http://www.306 o Apart for the basic start up costs that are to be incurred in most international business one might have to keep aside funds for local rehabilitation and stabilizing of the local political factors.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully. such as investment companies. that though the overall cost of living in these countries may be lower than in the States. Financial institutions. we first need to know what exactly it is that the financial sector involves itself in. o Commuting from the base at home. Hi.SmartEntrepreneur. as in equity or bonds. I'm Akhil Shahani. might be costly an done could make a cut in such costs by incorporating more of locals for overall running of the business instead of a long distance management team. . a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed. banks and security firms handle the flow of cash. A word of caution though.smartentrepreneur. the possibility of hidden startup costs for international business could loom large on you. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www.html Akhil Shahani Startup Financial Models To understand the need and importance of startup financial models. This makes the very nature of financial transactions uncertain and unstable. In some cases this amount is dependent on certain future conditions.

These are necessary to regulate minimum capital investment. To understand fully the nature of all the forms of risk that the business might be exposed to. months and maybe even years. the way that the two sides of a balance sheet interact would be shown up clearly. is a profound understanding of the case that requires this model. In such a case. Which models are good? While the large number of uncontrollable factors make it difficult for most startup financial models to work as focused tools for predictions. but reality can often be vastly different from the theory that is to be followed. Some startup financial models . The approach is partially fulfilled by those startup financial models that contain parts of market behavior. These dependencies can be seen between different kinds of activities and between consecutive time periods. However. It is also helpful if the model explains the relationship between asset types and types of business. capital allocation and measuring performance. the financial model should clearly reveal the possible areas of dependencies. This decision or context depends on the horizon within which it has to be located.307 Choosing the right model A particular context or decision should go in the actual realization of practical startup financial models. while others operate within horizons that may stretch for weeks. Many businesses and other financial activities require a limited horizon. The best place to start a financial model from. these models can be used for various other purposes such as risk and profit assessment. and various forms of sensitivity analysis. projecting the values of assumptions that are made based on existing market conditions. calculating the margins that are needed to avoid adverse situations. Models that have been designed to work with continually and frequently changing data and processes would not be applicable in instances which are gradual and remain static for longer periods of time. Hence the need to choose the right type of financial model is a crucial one.

check out http://www. If you like to work smart. Some of the more general financial models are.smartentrepreneur. These models look to setting up the best methods of controlling the cash that comes in and goes out. comparative financial analysis. Hi.SmartEntrepreneur.net/freebie-of-the-month. .Distinctive Legal Aspects of Forming a Startup Business With a Founder Team Introduction A startup with a founding team requires a special kind of company formation that differs from that used by a conventional small business in several key ways. Please visit us & download our special "Freebie of The Month" at http://www.html Akhil Shahani Startup Law 101 Series . I'm Akhil Shahani. cash flow forecasting and business plan models. a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed.308 There are a number of startup financial models available for various businesses and the particular situations that they encounter. these are only very few of the models that are available and there are a number of business specific startup financial models in the market to choose from. This article alerts founders to those differences so that they can avoid mistakes in doing their setup. However.net It's full of articles and resources to help you start and grow your business successfully.

It will often have valuable intangible IP that the team has developed in concept and likely will soon bring to the prototype stage. who typically defer/skip salary. initially perhaps from "friends and family" but most often from angel investors and possibly VCs. and its founders want to make substantial and long-term profits just as any small business does. and with no expectation of any extraordinary return on investment in the short term. Unlike a small business. . It will typically want to contribute little or no cash to the venture. The blueprint here differs from that of a conventional small business. Perhaps some of the empty "concept companies" of the bubble era did not ever intend to build for longterm value but that era is over. The venture will then be make-or-break over the next few years with a comparatively nearterm exit strategy always in view for the founding team as the hope of a successful outcome.309 Attributes of a Typical Startup Business A startup is a type of small business. without emphasis on intellectual property rights. a startup that is anything other than a solo effort does differ strikingly from a conventional small business. The team will often want stock incentives that are generally forfeitable until earned as sweat equity. a startup founding team will adopt a business model designed to afford the founders a near-term exit (typically 3-5 years) with an exceptionally high return to them if the venture is successful. It frequently encounters tricky tax issues because the team members will often contribute services to the venture in order to earn their stock. with their sights fixed primarily on making immediate operating profits. Today's startups need to build value in a sustainable market or fail. It seeks to use equity incentives to compensate what is often a loose group of consultants or initial employees. Why? Not because the enterprise itself has any different goal other than that of building long-term and sustainable value but because of how its founders view their short-term goals in the venture. of course. which is often established by its founders with substantial initial capital contributions. just like any other business. And it will seek outside funding to get things going. Nonetheless.

A small business setup can often be simple. but why strain to adapt a partnership-style legal format to goals for which the corporate format is already ideally suited? There is normally no reason to do so. What happens to that simplicity when the LLC is adapted to the distinctive needs of a startup ? When restricted units are issued to members with vesting-style provisions? When options to buy membership units are issued to employees? When a preferred class of membership units is defined and issued to investors? Of course.310 Given these attributes. VCs will not invest in LLCs owing to the adverse tax hit that results to their LP investors. In other cases. a key investor in the venture will want special tax allocations that do not track the investors percentage ownership in the venture.e. and this is why the corporate format is usually best for most founding teams deploying their startup .. A startup setup is much more complex. which is attainable through an LLC but . Sometimes founders adopt a strategy of setting up in an LLC format to get the advantages of having a tax pass-through entity in situations where such tax treatment suits the needs of their investors. This difference has legal implications affecting choice of entity as well as structural choices made in the setup. in addition. the simplicity is gone. A couple of other clinkers inject themselves as well: with an LLC. It is great for those who want to run their business by consensus or under the direction of a managing member. LLCs are sometimes used for startup ventures for special cases. company formation for a startup differs significantly from that of a small business. Startups Generally Need a Corporate as Opposed to an LLC Setup An LLC is a simple and low-maintenance vehicle for small business owners. you can't get tax-advantaged treatment for options under current federal tax laws (i. In such cases. the LLC can do pretty much everything a corporation can do. nothing comparable to incentive stock options).

This is the norm for a small business. Note that a conventional small business usually does not face this risk with anywhere near the acuity of a startup . Coowners in a conventional small business will often have made significant capital contributions to the business. It may not be worth much in the end. Sometimes the venture will be wellcapitalized at inception and a founder who is contributing valuable talents but no cash would get hit with a prohibitive tax on taking significant equity in the company -. the corporate format is overwhelmingly favored for startups because it is robust. however. such an owner may well be severely prejudiced from not being on the inside of the . the grant of a profits-only interest to such a founder will help solve the founder's tax problem while giving that founder a rough equivalent of ownership via a continuing share of operating profits. In spite of such exceptional cases. If three founders (for example) form a startup and plan to make it successful through their personal efforts over a severalyear period. keep his or her equity interest." Much of the value in such businesses may lie in the ability to draw current monies from it. I turn to some of those issues now. flexible. Thus.311 not through a corporation. indeed. and have the remaining founders effectively working hard for a success to which the departing founder will contribute little or nothing. possibly subject to a buy-back right at fair market value. the chance for a walk-away owner to get a windfall is much diminished. They also will typically pay themselves salaries for "working the business. indeed. it is perhaps the major privilege one gets for being an entrepreneur. Restricted Stock Grants .Are the Norm for Startups with Founding Teams An unrestricted stock grant empowers the recipient of such stock to pay for it once and keep it forever. but you definitely will own it! Unrestricted grants can be problematic in a startup .Rare for Small Business .in such cases. and well-suited to dealing with the special issues startups face. any one of them who gets an unrestricted grant can simply walk off.

or 80 percent. Thus. and keeps it.312 business. In a typical case. Founders need to earn their stock. With restricted stock. if no part of that founder's stock will be immediately vested. Thereafter. or any other percentage. Such a person will occupy the no-man's land of an outside minority shareholder in a closely held corporation. x equals 100 percent. as the founder continues to work for the company. This risk is precisely what necessitates the use of so-called "restricted" stock for most startups.e. If a founder gets a large piece of stock. with the remaining percentage deemed immediately vested (i. The insiders will have use of his capital contribution and will be able to manipulate the profit distributions and other company affairs pretty much at will. The repurchase right applies to x percent of a founder's stock as of the date of grant. This means that the right applies to less and less of the founder's stock as time passes and the stock progressively vests. with x being a number negotiated among the founders. this repurchase right lapses progressively over time. not subject to a risk of forfeiture). the dynamic is different because the main contribution typically made by each founder consists of sweat equity. The Risk of Forfeiture Is the Defining Element of Restricted Stock The essence of restricted stock is that it can be repurchased at cost from a recipient if that person ceases to continue in a service relationship with the startup . that founder has gotten a windfall.. the founders get their grants and own their stock but potentially can forfeit all or part of their equity interest unless they remain with the startup as service providers as their equity interest vests progressively over time. In a startup . walks away. if 20% will be immediately vested. a company may make a restricted stock grant to a founder with monthly pro rata vesting over a four-year . It can be 100 percent.

two years down the line when the shares might be worth $1. worth $500. the latter being most often used in the small business context.000. different forms of restricted stock grants can be made to reflect the risk/reward calculations applying to each founder..313 period. If the founder's service should terminate.001) for each of your restricted shares as a founder.000. Thus.00 each. for $500. Now let us say that half of your shares are repurchased. Restricted Stock Can Be Mixed and Matched to Meet the Needs of a Startup Restricted stock need not be done all-or-nothing with respect to founder grants. If Founder A has developed the core IP while Founder B and Founder C are just joining the effort at the time the company is formed. At that time. and get one million shares. the repurchase at cost will result in a forfeiture of your interest. you pay $1.e. Founder B might get a grant of x shares that vest ratably over a 48-month period (at 1/48th per month). the company will normally have the option to buy back your entire interest for that same $1. "At cost" means just that. the company can buy up to 500. upon termination of your service relationship with the company. If you pay a tenth of a penny ($. at the price paid for them by the founder. This forfeiture risk is what distinguishes a restricted-stock buy-back from a buy-back at fair market value. Likewise for .000. At the beginning. this may not matter much. say. meaning that the entire interest can be forfeited at inception and less-and-less so as the repurchase right of the company lapses progressively over time while Founder B performs services for the company. If you walk away from the startup immediately after making the purchase. In such a case. the company can exercise an option to buy back any of that founder's unvested shares at cost. i.000 shares from you. This means that the company's repurchase right applies initially to all the founder's stock and thereafter lapses as to 1/48th of it with every month of continuing service by that founder.

whatever the founders may decide among themselves. with two years left to go for the remainder. he might. Of course. later investors may and often do require that all founders have their vesting provisions wholly or partially reset as a condition to making their investment. . if an equity grant made in a startup context is subject to potential forfeiture (as restricted stock would be). the founder would likely have to pay tax on nearly $500. With an 83(b) election in place. The basic point is that.or perhaps a large percentage immediately vested with only the balance subject to forfeiture.314 Founder C. Tax issues such as this can get complex and should be reviewed with a good business lawyer or CPA. Founder A. I spoke of a $500 stock interest being worth $500. though if he is regarded as more valuable than Founder B. Restricted Stock Requires an 83(b) Election in Most Cases In an example above. say. no tax of any kind would be due as a result of such vesting (of course. Investors most definitely will not want to watch their investments go into a company that thereafter has key founders walking away with large pieces of unearned equity.000 of income as the remaining stock vests over the last two years of the cycle.is not properly filed by a recipient of restricted stock within 30 days of the date of his or her initial stock grant. highly adverse tax consequences can result to that recipient. The point is that founders have great freedom to mix and match such grants to reflect varying situations among themselves and other key people within the company. without an 83(b) election in place. If a special tax election -known as an 83(b) election -. having developed the core technology. capital gains taxes would apply on sale).000 two years into the vesting cycle of a founder. 83(b) elections should be made in most cases to avoid tax problems to the recipients. In the example just cited. might get a 100% unrestricted grant with no part of his stock subject to forfeiture -. have 20% of his grant immediately vested and have only the remainder subject to a risk of forfeiture.

This is why the LLC normally does not work well as a vehicle for startup businesses. however. For this purpose. NQOs can be used for W-2 employees or for 1099 . Equity incentive plans usually authorize a board of directors to grant restricted stock. Again. by all means consider using the LLC as a vehicle.315 Restricted Stock Grants Are Complex and Do Not Lend Themselves to Legal Self-Help Restricted stock grants are not simple and almost always need the help of a lawyer who is skilled in the startup business field. ISOs can be used for W-2 employees only. an equity incentive plan is often adopted at inception and a certain number of shares reserved to it for future issuance by the board of directors. If. In general. The value of the LLC in the small business context lies in its simplicity. incentive stock options (ISOs). complex decisions need to be made and a qualified lawyer should be used in determining which incentives are best used for which recipients. there likely is no special benefit in using the LLC. it is usually best to use a corporate format and a good business lawyer to assist in implementing the setup. a typical business startup will want to offer other equity incentives to a broad range of people. In such cases. Entrepreneurs can often adapt it to their ends without a lot of fuss and without a lot of legal expense. With restricted stock. restricted stock is normally used for founders and very key people only. and non-qualified stock options (NQOs). complex documentation is needed to deal with complex issues. forfeiture risks will be in play and hence restricted stock will be used (among other tools). not just to founders. But the LLC is ill-suited for use with restricted grants without a lot of custom drafting. Startups Also Use Other Equity Incentives Besides Restricted Stock Unlike a conventional small business. If your startup is not going to impose forfeiture risks on founders or others. though.

Lots of issues (including securities law issues) arise with equity incentives -. Similarly.don't try to handle them without proper guidance. IP issues need to be cleaned up properly at the beginning. but an important one. Nothing is worse than having IP claims against the company pop up during the due diligence phase of a funding or an acquisition.316 contractors. Again. Don't Forget the Tax Risks Startups have very special tax considerations at inception owing to the way they typically are capitalized -. provision needs to be made to ensure that post-formation services for the company are structured so as to keep all IP rights in the company. Tax complications may arise if the founders attempt to combine their stock grants of this type along with cash investments made by others. with potentially valuable IP rights being assigned. In any setup of a startup . Make Sure to Capture the IP for the Company All too many startups form their companies only after efforts have been well under way to develop some of the key IP. What happens in such cases is that a good number of individuals may hold rights in aspects of the intellectual property that should properly belong to the company. to the company by founders in exchange for large amounts of founders' stock. it is normally imperative that such IP rights be captured for the benefit of the company. Let's assume that two people set up a company in which they each own 50% of the stock. Founders don't want to focus too much on structure until they know they have a potentially viable opportunity. This is neither good nor bad . this is complex area. and only nominal cash being contributed.that is.it is simply human nature. and they make simultaneous .

There are various workarounds for this type of problem. If you are a founder.000 (the value of the cash contributed) and the founder assigning the IP rights would potentially be subject to tax on income of $125.000 for half of a company. the IRS could conceivably argue that. The founder who received half of that company in exchange for a "service" contribution would then realize taxable income of $250.000 (half the value of the company. In such a case. then the company is worth $500. Another argument might be that the IP rights really didn't have value as yet. The issues touched upon here illustrate some of the important differences. it will treat the grant made to the founder contributing such rights as a grant made in exchange for services. though. Conclusion All in all then. don't make the mistake of thinking you can use a do-it- . Because the IRS does not consider IP rights of this type to be "property" in a tax sense. With a business startup . the grant itself becomes taxable and the only question is what value it has for determining the amount of taxable income earned by the founder as a result of the transaction. if an investor were willing to pay $250. They can come at you from surprising directions. but in that case the company would still be worth $250. The point.000.000 cash. There are others as well. It typically differs significantly from a conventional small business in the way it is set up. owing to his receipt of half the stock). watch out for tax traps.317 contributions. is this: this again is a complex area and should be handled with the help of a qualified startup business lawyer. the main one being that founders should not time their stock grants to coincide in time with significant cash contributions made by investors. one of not-yet-commercialized IP rights and the other of $250.000 (half the value of the company). In our example. a startup has very distinctive setup features from forfeiture incentives to IP issues to tax traps.

unfair competition .commercial deals of all types. About the Author George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. trademark.licensing. Take care to get a good startup business lawyer and do the setup right. Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case. .fund them .corporate . The article sets forth general educational principles only.sell their assets . Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.contract . employment work.trade secret . and IP work . you need to understand work-for-hire. leases.fraud . contracts. The firm helps form companies . The firm also does litigation: business .sell or merge or acquire them . The article in its original context (and others like it in the Startup Law 101 Series) may be found at the startup business lawyer advice section of the firm's website.founder and equity incentive structures .Key Legal Rules For Who Owns the IP Relating to Your Startup As a founder.318 yourself kit to handle this type of setup.business break-ups commercial litigation generally. Why? Because it determines who owns key IP in your startup . and standard terms .employment . Copyright © 2009 George Grellas. George Grellas Startup Law 101 Series . He founded and heads a startup business firm that has helped entrepreneurs and their companies in Silicon Valley and throughout the world since 1984 several thousand in all.do their corporate work.

the default rule kicks in to provide that . the work-for-hire idea affects who owns it.the IP belongs to your employer. No contract. Thus. All IP relating to such work automatically belongs to your employer. This is a classic work for hire. Contractor work is a work for hire only if there is a contract identifying it as such and. You develop IP for your startup as its employee -. No contract. in addition. How does it work? Here are some guidelines: 1. no assignment. There are gray areas but. Why? Because the default rule under copyright is that the creator of a work owns the copyright unless (a) it is done as a work for hire or (b) it is expressly assigned under a contract to the other party. Pretty basic. You develop IP for your startup as a consultant and are paid for that work. When you develop IP for others . 2. no work for hire.it might surprise you to learn that the IP here would belong to you and not to your startup . including IP that you develop. the work falls within certain specified categories of types of work that qualify as works made for hire.319 Copyright laws protect creative works. whether or not you signed any agreement relating to it. there is no ambiguity. with no contract specifying that it is a work for hire and with no assignment. but have no agreement in place relating to the IP rights -. if you create IP while doing employment duties for which you are paid.

that of the contractor who develops IP for a startup . 3. and does the work under a work-for-hire agreement that characterizes the work as one made for hire and that assigns all IP rights to the startup -in that case. the startup owns the IP rights free and clear and you retain no rights to the IP. perhaps surprisingly. Ergo. just in case it isn't." 4. the contractor agrees to assign all IP rights anyway. What are potential problem situations by which the startup could face claims from founders or others that parts of the company IP belong to them separately. Which brings us logically to our last case. "this is a work made for hire but. you still would own that IP if it involved a software development effort. There is no entity.again. see a good business lawyer. Why? Because software development does not fall within the specified categories that would allow it to qualify as a work made for hire in the contractor situation. in effect. Thus. How might these guidelines play out in practice for you as a founder? We can assume that you would want your startup to own all its IP. you will routinely find language in work-for-hire agreements that says. there is no employment . to ensure that IP rights to software are transferred from the contractor to the startup . You develop IP for your startup as a contractor and are paid and have a work-for-hire agreement that contains no express assignment provisions in it -.320 you own the copyright to the IP you created even if you were paid for your work. You and your buddies are developing IP for a startup you hope to launch. gets paid. with at best only a license to use it extending to the company? Let's look at some cases to see how the guidelines might apply when we strictly consider work-for-hire (for your specific case.

even if you got paid. . the ownership rights stay put with you as the developer . Now let's take the same case and assume you are a developer working offshore. Hence.S. that's right. No assignment. For the rights to transfer. you. and if the IP rights are not expressly assigned. No work-for-hire agreement. That agreement has a statement of work. You comply with all this and deliver the work to the startup . own it. Quick quiz: who owns the IP rights to your work under work-for-hire principles? Answer: you do. law. if it is not done as a work for hire. You have a software development agreement with a startup in the U. the default rule applies and the person who created the work keeps all rights to it. and a price. The mere fact of payment changes nothing. between you and any other person) relating to your development work. say in India. Let's assume your buddies paid you for your work in the case just cited. specifying that it is governed by U. Without an agreement providing for either of these. No employment. a development timetable. you need a work made for hire or an IP assignment. Who owns the IP now under work-for-hire principles? You would still own it. typically. The agreement is silent on all other points. defines deliverables. Payment or no payment. the offshore developer. the startup gets only an implied use license and not ownership of the IP. Now who owns the IP under work-for-hire principles? Yes.S.321 relationship and there is no contract between you and any entity (nor.

322 Let's shift a little. there is plenty wrong. You and your co-founders form your startup . Then. Your startup has core IP that it uses in all its consulting projects." Anything wrong with that? Yes. at least if you don't want to compromise your startup 's rights to its core IP. work? Who owns the IP rights to the post-formation development Yes. Why so? No employment relationship. No work-for-hire agreement. the one where your startup does a work-for-hire development project for a customer. you agree to assign all IP rights relating to the deliverables to the customer. in the spirit of keeping things loose. So if one of you bolts. Default rule kicks in and the rest follows. No assignment. "this is a work made for hire and. you continue to work on the IP development after company formation without contracts of any kind and without setting up an employment relationship between the company and its cofounders. along with what is intended by the parties. That form says. the core IP that your startup uses for all its projects. It contracts with Big Company X to do some custom development work. the founders do. In such cases. . by the way. individually that is. the boilerplate language (which seeks to assign to the customer who is paying for it any IP that does not otherwise qualify as a work-for-hire) may have an unintended consequence: it potentially sweeps in. the company may have a problem with its IP or may need to do a workaround. It signs the customer's standard form. Let's look at one last case. You assign all IP rights into the company. if it isn't.

Just follow this link showing this article in its original context . The author's entire Startup Law 101 Series of tutorials for founders and entrepreneurs is found at the author's website. When it comes to your IP. Don't be slack on this. Gray areas and exceptions to the rules abound. Don't neglect this vital piece.323 Oops. work with a good lawyer to do things right. time to get that situation fixed. You might have to pay a high price if something goes wrong. you need to be alert to the effect of such language. There are some obvious lessons here: if you as a founding team are drifting along without your IP rights buttoned down.com . assuming you catch it up front. He founded and heads a boutique startup business law firm whose website may be found at http://www. in all cases. As a founder. About the Author George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. a work-for-hire agreement or an express assignment needs to be accompanied by some payment of consideration to the person doing the work. Copyright 2009 George Grellas. A simple carve-out solves the problem. By the way.grellas. in order for the contract to stick. That wraps up our quick tour of some key legal rules for understanding who owns the IP relating to your startup . This can be cash or stock or anything else of value. A final caution: General guidelines will help you spot problem areas but you will need a good business lawyer to help you evaluate them.

as capable of simplification as is the process of selling widgets.324 http://www. no need for those middlemen lawyers who charge a lot for pulling the identical widget out of their drawer and handing it to you with their bill. There are some partial truths here.grellas.html and you can link from there to the entire Series.com/faq business startup 015a. You use it. Some contract situations are utterly routine. You buy it for a cheap price. This is a mistake. Hence. however. George Grellas Startup Law 101 Series . Disclaimer This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The article sets forth general educational principles only.Mistakes Founders Make . The thinking goes something like this: You find a widget on the web. It does not follow. And lawyers sometimes have abused entrepreneurs by keeping them in the dark while running up billings in simple situations. Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case.Misusing Form Contracts Ours is an era in which legal forms proliferate and many entrepreneurs are tempted to use them without much thought given to customizing them for the specifics of their deal. that . The unthinking use of legal templates assumes that the law is a mechanical process.

each of which has a . you may be familiar. Or with what an "implied warranty of merchantability" means. The most educated men of that era consciously set about to take all of California's laws and make them so simple that even the least educated person could understand them. And securities law. And all other forms of contract and commercial law. But take such terms. and -voila! -. like it or not. And distribution law. business and corporate law is complicated. This is why judges decide issues case by case.California emerged with the most complex set of laws in the nation. like it or not. So too is intellectual property law. David Dudley Field made a famous effort to simplify California's laws in the 1870s. Again. wove them into a complex system of legal interpretation. And licensing law. with what FOB means as a commercial shipping term. from your practical experience. beautifully drafted though it may be.325 contracts are merely widget-like and interchangeable units that anybody can use in plug-and-play fashion. the law is a slippery beast. multiply them by the thousands. one that seems to defy simplification. In reality. put them in an unfamiliar context. will ill serve the parties who adopt it without thinking through its implications. The judges took the simplified new layer of laws embodied in the Field Codes. and what do you get? You get a web of legal terms of art. Why does this happen? Why does law so stubbornly defy being reduced to a system of unthinking application that is easy to understand and administer? Because. And tax law.a world-class belly flop. And property law. It is why law has so many localized variations. law is designed to regulate human affairs that are themselves complex. The result -. It is why a canned contract. Have you ever tried to deal with an unsecured debenture? Or a revisionary interest? Or with any other of thousands of bizarresounding legal concepts that seem to float in and about the law that surrounds businesses and corporations? Yes. And it cannot do this effectively unless it is customized to the situations at hand.

fill in the names. Perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent hashing and rehashing ad nauseam what they intended when they "agreed" to badly-worded boilerplate. Such a boilerplate form may have nothing to do with the nature of the business being set up by the parties. uncertainty. you will never again resort to such corner-cutting in documenting the affairs of your startup business or small business. Such a contract is an open invitation to litigation should anything go wrong in the deal between such parties. many .there is always a cost-benefit component to any such effort. If it were only a matter of filling in the names. and it has a cost attached to it . for example. it will not expressly set forth the nature of their deal to make clear what they intend in their contract. All but the simplest of contracts need to be reviewed carefully by someone with a discerning eye and also need to be understood in their full legal context. Therefore. This is normally an unwise way to form a company. on a partnership agreement. buy a canned partnership agreement. can be done by a smart lay person using self-help resources. and doubt" in an illegitimate manner. It may have language in it that has no bearing on their deal and that will only confuse them and everyone else concerning what was intended by their deal. A contract review. If you have ever had the misfortune to suffer this fate. But it is a burden.326 specific meaning only when understood within a complex legal context. contract and commercial law is highly complicated and does not lend itself to thoughtless application. of course. Worse. then anyone starting a business could go to a stationery store (the old way) or go to a forms download site (the new). This is much more than the case of a lawyer trying to spread so-called "fear. and be done with it. What is worse. This is the reality of law trying to comprehend and regulate complex affairs that do not lend themselves to simplification when considered as a whole. And some people are inclined to invest time and effort for that purpose in a way that helps them manage their legal budgets more carefully because they pick up a lot of the burden themselves.

Or that your deal violated someone else's rights in the company that restricted such sales.wildly unpredictable and sometimes dangerous results can follow. For every case where entrepreneurs either can or do get away with it. can you as an entrepreneur use boilerplate forms with impunity without fully understanding them and without understanding their context? In some cases. even when there are potential technical problems with the documents you are using. context is critical.327 people do not do a good job of thinking through the issues and wind up cutting corners. Moreover. though. you find you did not comply with securities laws. Fine. yes. Otherwise. Flying blind does have its limits. you need to see beyond its apparently simple boundaries to understand how it functions legally in its broader context. Sell stock to investors with a simple purchase agreement. I sell. and the generic one fits your needs without too many risks of getting legally blind-sided in a simple transaction. This can work for you and. When you use a boilerplate form. Bad business lawyers are lawyers that simply take forms and switch the names without giving thought to the nature of the deal before them. So. You need a canned nda for your employees and you have a form you had used in a prior company -. Yes. What seems placid on the surface can hide legal turbulence beneath. at least such lawyers have a . But such issues can and do exist in many cases. You need a simple promissory note. lawyers can and do sometimes spin such issues out needlessly. the problems may never arise in your particular situation. You buy. you might step into trouble without having the slightest idea that you are doing so. Or that your buyer gets a large taxable gain for having contributed intangible assets for his stock. later. after all. Bad as this may be. A contract in their hands can be like a loaded gun in the hands of a six-year old -. Then. there are all too many situations in which their attempts to do so prove ill-advised.the type of form that has remained pretty constant over many years of use.

such persons will attest that they ultimately need their deals reviewed by a skilled business attorney. why it is ill-advised for an entrepreneur to try to do business by using legal forms unthinkingly. The issue gets confused when the entrepreneur will have had significant exposure to certain types of legal documentation. the skilled contract manager. This only confirms. While all this is true. may not be business lawyers but do have the vast experience to be able to think their way carefully through a complex contract. someone who has had a lot of practical experience with a particular class of contracts is often far more aware of their ins and outs than are non-specialist lawyers who have not dealt much with such contracts. as for example in the case of one who managed the contracts of a large company in an executive capacity while working under the guidance of skilled lawyers. it simply means that law has a practical side as well as a theoretical one. Though they may be able to drive a deal more efficiently owing to their experience. Serial entrepreneurs. contract managers. they themselves know this is no substitute for using the services of a lawyer who is an expert in their field. and others with like experience fit this mold. . The same cannot be said for an entrepreneur trying to do the same thing but without the benefit of a legal education or legal training. This then is the worst of all cases. In such cases. and any smart person who has worked through complex legal deals often enough will come away from that experience with some excellent skills applicable to such deals.328 modicum of legal education and experience to be able to spot some of the legal issues and some of the potential traps. etc. however. Don't put yourself in this situation. This is true as well of the seasoned entrepreneur who has developed such a strong working knowledge of business deals as to be able to run rings around certainly any green business lawyer who attempts to work on such deals. Even then. The seasoned entrepreneur.

html and you can link from there to the entire Series. The article sets forth general educational principles only. Copyright 2009 George Grellas. Use of boilerplate forms without the requisite training. In the end. Just follow this link showing this article in its original context http://www.329 The operative word is "think. Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case. and education does not give an entrepreneur any basis for thinking through a deal to spot the issues and potential trouble spots. Disclaimer This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. it may cost you dearly.com/faq small business 004. It is the unthinking use of boilerplate forms that does not cut it.grellas." A good business lawyer will think carefully about any given deal and will customize any contract for the commercial situation at hand. A seasoned entrepreneur will do the same within the limits of a layman's knowledge in a technical field. About the Author George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. experience.com . An entrepreneur using good legal self-help resources will similarly think through the issues carefully within the limits that such resources enable. George Grellas . Don't use boilerplate forms mindlessly.grellas. The author's entire Startup Law 101 Series of tutorials for founders and entrepreneurs is found at the author's website. He founded and heads a boutique startup business law firm whose website may be found at http://www.

330 Startup Law 101 Series . the former of which is subject to murky legal . Yet founders are sometimes careless in complying with securities laws. The broad rule is this: either you register the shares to be offered or you find an exemption from registration for the type of offering your company will make. if you violate them. 2. the question is fundamentally whether your offering is a private placement under either Section 4(2) or under Regulation D. Here are some very high-level guidelines for complying: 1. At the state level. but you must find an exemption that applies to each purchase and sale of the stock that is made under the offering. You must not only find an exemption under which you can make the offering. Registration at the federal level is a public offering. You will need a federal (SEC) exemption.Neglecting Securities Laws Securities laws are not to be trifled with. Few early-stage startups do that either. your investors can ask for their money back from your company and from those who control the company. Among other things. the key securities law concern for any stock issuance by an early-stage startup is to make sure that the offering fits within an exemption to the registration requirements. The easy one is the intra-state offering exemption. It has to be one or the other. registration is still a formal and expensive process. Therefore. No early-stage startup does that. Beyond that.Mistakes Founders Make . which applies where all purchasers in the offering reside in your company's home state.

which is basically an offering and sale of stock to a limited number of people who have a pre-existing relationship with the company or its founders. Where founders get into trouble is where they thereafter assume they have learned the blueprint for an offering and do the next one themselves. Another way that founders get into trouble is by getting ensnared by the doctrine of "integration. So where do founders go wrong in this area? Founders will sometimes use counsel for an initial offering and will complete that offering with proper securities law compliance owing to counsel's guidance. So far so good. . Use a good business lawyer to guide you through the process. without attorney help and without bothering with securities law compliance. With skilled guidance. The securities laws of each of the respective 50 states are known as "blue sky" laws." Most states have some variation on what California calls a limited-offering exemption. Rule 701 exempts qualified issuances under employee incentive plans. Focusing solely on the buy-sell aspect of the stock sales. As long as the offering is limited to the number of purchasers authorized by the exemption. Federal and state securities law exemptions are tricky and complex. Whenever your company sells stock. Finally.331 standards and the latter of which defines "safe harbors" that essentially take away the murkiness. This will normally not happen when they inform counsel of their plans. they forget the accompanying details that make those sales legal in the first place. there normally is no problem. the process is neither too involved nor too expensive for most early-stage offerings. It happens when they don't bother with that step. you need to do "blue sky compliance" for each state involved in the offering. You will also need a state exemption for each state in which any of your purchasers resides. 3.

If stock is sold that is neither properly registered nor exempt. then each purchaser can rescind the sale and get his money back either from the issuer or from those who control the issuer. They then run wild and unsupervised in making their stock sales. It is personal liability. A very dangerous and potentially expensive remedy for founders who play too loosely with securities laws. no one cares if such earlystage purchasers rescind and ask that their trivial cash purchase price be returned.332 Problems arise when founders complete their offering and then later have second and third offerings of a similar type within comparatively short time periods. This is not just corporate liability. then a sale of stock to 25 persons in one offering can be combined with another sale to 15 other persons. Of course. If the applicable exemption says that. What are the penalties? The main one is rescission. And they get themselves into trouble. This is what I call the rollingoffering problem. The rescission remedy can also be problematic if stock issued initially to founders or other key people is issued in violation of securities laws. the offering must be limited to 35 persons. But what if the purchase price included assignments of IP into the company? Rescission enables such purchasers to rescind and to demand that all items of value transferred into the company be returned to them. Under securities laws. i. with the result being that the company is deemed to have sold stock to 40 persons in a single offering. then integration will blow the exemption.. .e. treated as if they were not separate offerings but rather one continuous offering. a very dangerous and potentially expensive problem for your startup if it results in a cloud hanging over the company's key IP. in order to be exempt. Again. The common problem in both these examples is that founders assume they don't need to consult with their business attorney once they think they know the "blueprint" for a stock offering. If they are so integrated. such offerings can be "integrated" with one another.

angel investors. etc. you will normally have a much easier time generally complying with disclosure and other requirements that are part of the exemption process than you will have in dealing with less sophisticated investors. as if they were items of candy that you can simply hand out to any willing recipient. bridge or seed investors. In such a case. whether to founders. you would not have a problem with the offerings being integrated if your investors were all accredited. it is either high-income individuals or those having a net worth of at least $1 million. stock options. Don't be pennywise and pound-foolish in this important area. limit your stock sales to "accredited" investors. In general. (2) do use competent securities law counsel to assist with your stock offerings. Thus. If you don't. Accredited investors can be individuals or entities and there are detailed rules defining who they are. Copyright 2009 George Grellas. in our example above of the rolling offering. Why is it important to deal with accredited investors only. In addition. or VC investors. About the Author . with accredited investors. ever -don't ever treat stock. if at all possible? Because they normally don't count toward the number of purchasers to whom you may sell stock in qualifying for most exemptions.333 How to prevent these problems? Three key things to keep in mind: (1) remember that no equity can be issued without securities law compliance. warrants. for individuals. Work closely with a good business lawyer to ensure compliance. it will likely cost you far more to untangle problems than any money you might have saved in trying to skimp on the lawyer costs. and (3) whenever possible. See your business attorney for details. Don't trifle with securities laws. you would not exceed the numerical limit because the accredited investors wouldn't count toward that number.

grellas. The author's entire Startup Law 101 Series of tutorials for founders and entrepreneurs is found at the author's website. Just follow this link showing this article in its original context http://www.334 George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. George Grellas Startup Law 101 Series .grellas. Let's see what it is. The article sets forth general educational principles only.com/faq business startup 012. Restricted stock is stock that is owned but can be forfeited if a founder leaves a company before it has vested.html and you can link from there to the entire Series. Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case. Disclaimer This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.com . He founded and heads a boutique startup business law firm whose website may be found at http://www. it is worth understanding. . Being fundamental to startups.What is Restricted Stock and How is it Used in My Startup Business? What Is Restricted Stock? Restricted stock is the main mechanism by which a founding team will make sure that its members earn their sweat equity.

the buy-back right would lapse as to 1/48th of the shares (i. If Founder A ceased working for the startup the day after getting the grant. With a typical restricted stock grant. this is not strictly the same as "vesting. If Founder A left at that time. Founder A is granted 1 million shares of restricted stock at $.001 per share.000 total. the company can buy it back at $. the startup can normally exercise its option to buy back any shares that are unvested as of the date of termination. with the startup retaining a buy-back right at $. And so on with each month of service tenure until the 1 million shares are fully vested at the end of 48 months of service. the company could buy back all but the 20.e.001 per share. After one month of service by Founder A. Or be forced to quit. The founder might be fired. the startup could buy all the stock back at $. But not forever. or $1.833 vested shares. The buy-back right lapses progressively over time.335 The startup will typically grant such stock to a founder and retain the right to buy it back at cost if the service relationship between the company and the founder should end.001 per share that lapses as to 1/48th of the shares for every month of Founder A's service tenure. Whatever the cause (depending.833 shares). Or die." Technically. the stock is owned but can be forfeited by what is called a "repurchase option" held by the company. The repurchase option can be triggered by any event that causes the service relationship between the founder and the company to end. if a founder pays $.001 per share. on the wording of the stock purchase agreement).000 total. of course. Or quit. For example. This arrangement can be used whether the founder is an employee or contractor in relation to services performed. In technical legal terms.001 per share for restricted stock. The buy-back right initially applies to 100% of the shares made in the grant. .. or $1. as to 20.

Vesting need not necessarily be over a 4-year period. and so on. For a team of founders. All this is negotiable among founders. Restricted stock usually makes no sense for a solo founder unless a team will shortly be brought in. . this of course is not an issue. though. Normally. 20% immediately vested with the remaining 80% subject to vesting. Even if founders do not use restricted stock.336 When stock tied to a continuing service relationship can potentially be forfeited in this manner. If founders bypass the VCs. Why? Because anyone who gets restricted stock (in contrast to a stock option grant) immediately becomes a shareholder and has all the rights of a shareholder. 5. There is no legal rule that says each founder must have the same vesting requirements. an 83(b) election normally needs to be filed to avoid adverse tax consequences down the road for the founder. Restricted stock can be used as to some founders and not others. startups reserve such grants for founders and very key people. another can be granted stock that is. 3. perhaps not as to all their stock but as to most. How Is Restricted Stock Used in a Startup ? We have been using the term "founder" to refer to the recipient of restricted stock. One can be granted stock without restrictions of any kind (100% vested). It can be 2. Startups should not be too loose about giving people this status. Investors can't legally force this on founders but will insist on it as a condition to funding. Such stock grants can be made to any person. say. whether or not a founder. VCs will impose vesting on them at first funding. or any other number that makes sense to the founders. it is the rule as to which there are only occasional exceptions.

annually. Otherwise. and also for startups in the right cases. whether or not a no-cause termination triggers a stock acceleration. but tends to be a clumsy vehicle for handling the rights of a founding team that wants to put strings on equity grants. quarterly.337 The rate of vesting can vary as well. Founders can also attempt to negotiate acceleration provisions if termination of their service relationship is without cause or if they resign for good reason. again. "cause" normally should be defined to apply to reasonable cases where a founder is not performing proper duties. If they do include such clauses in their documentation. this is all negotiable and arrangements will vary. All service relationships in a startup context should normally be terminable at will. The LLC is an excellent vehicle for many small company purposes. restricted stock grants differ significantly from stock option grants. It can be monthly. VCs will normally resist acceleration provisions. Restricted stock is normally used by startups organized as corporations. it will likely be in a narrower form than founders would prefer. as for example by saying that a founder will get accelerated vesting only if a founder is fired within a stated period after a change of control ("double-trigger" acceleration). Conclusion . which often have longer vesting gaps or initial "cliffs. In this sense. it is normally best to use the corporate format. or any other increment. Annual vesting for founders is comparatively rare as most founders will not want a one-year delay between vesting points as they build value in the company. it becomes nearly impossible to get rid of a non-performing founder without running the risk of a lawsuit." But. It can be done in an LLC but only by injecting into them the very complexity that most people who flock to an LLC seek to avoid. If they agree to them in any form. It can be done via "restricted units" in an LLC membership context but this is more unusual. If it is going to be complex anyway.

employment work. The firm also does litigation: business . He founded and heads a firm of startup business lawyers that has helped entrepreneurs and their companies in Silicon Valley and throughout the world since 1984 . Copyright © 2009 George Grellas. restricted stock is a valuable tool for startups to use in setting up important founder incentives. The article sets forth general educational principles only.employment . About the Author George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. contracts.sell their assets .founder and equity incentive structures commercial deals of all types.several thousand in all.do their corporate work. leases. Disclaimer This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Founders should use this tool wisely under the guidance of a good business lawyer. and standard terms . and IP work .licensing. George Grellas .commercial litigation generally. The firm helps form companies .contract . trademark.corporate .338 All in all.fraud .trade secret .fund them . Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case. The article in its original context (and others like it in the Startup Law 101 Series) may be found at the startup business attorney advice section of the firm's website.business break-ups .sell or merge or acquire them .unfair competition .

It will give you a means of offering equity participation to a wider circle of people beyond the founder group. If you have a co-founder or two. Basic Guidelines The guidelines are straight-forward. applying them less so. It will let you capture IP for the benefit of the company. There is no hard-and-fast rule to follow but some basic guidelines will help you decide. ask yourselves. wait (but see #5 below). It will let you more easily talk up the company with other key people you hope to attract. You should work with a good business lawyer to help with your individual case. . 2. 1. It will focus you on building your company profile. wait. 3. set up an entity.When Should I Set Up an Entity For My Startup Business? Introduction Every founding team needs to decide when to set up a limited-liability entity (corporation or LLC) for their startup . and are still in the garage stage. It will help you avoid tax problems that may otherwise arise if you try to form the structure and issue equity at the same time you bring in funding. "is what we have worth anything?" If you have any significant doubts.339 Startup Law 101 Series . It will eliminate claims of the I-was-promised-a-big-part-of-the-company variety that can arise from ill-documented alliances. It will let you set your deal terms among yourselves. If you have something you believe is good (or may become so). If you are a sole founder and have no business activities as yet. It will give you credibility in entering into contracts and alliances that will help you establish the business. Let's see what they are. and there are two or more of you.

Limited liability also will not help you with the obligations you may need to personally guarantee. For example. Usually. and this is an important point. There is no added "protection" here. Whether alone or with others. as for example if a corporate officer aids and abets a company violation of securities laws (see a business lawyer about these types of risks). and the like. Only if the disaster case happens (such as an overwhelming judgment) does the limited-liability entity help you by keeping your personal assets away from the flak. set up an entity. Remember. if you are actively doing business that creates liability risks. If you merely encounter normal liabilities. Nor will it help with obligations you might incur personally within a company context. If there is any doubt at all. though. but only where any given liability or an aggregate of them proves overwhelming for your company. with tort risks. though. Out of the blue. you have an unanticipated disaster case. You need to use good sense here in deciding when the level of activity creates serious enough risks to warrant setting up an entity for this reason. you pay your people as contractors and then find out in a disaster audit three years later that they are re-classified as employees and your company is stuck with huge added taxes and penalties.340 4. that "limited liability" is mostly about disaster risks. You often hear about the wisdom of shielding your personal assets from business risks through limited-liability protection. This is an item to discuss with a good business lawyer. Why? Because. you will defend the suit and pay any normal judgment and it will cost you the same as if you didn't have a limited-liability entity. even when it looks safe to you. this would warrant having a structure. If you have a good company and get sued. It does help with normal contractual dealings. set up the entity. . you pay them with or without a limited-liability entity unless you are prepared to fold your company over a comparatively small matter. such as a lease for office space or equipment leases or a bank credit line. you might easily get blind-sided. if you have any extensive activities going with a lot of people.

If you have a situation that legitimately needs a proper structure. Don't assume that the LLC is a panacea for costs. If cash is tight. If you wait. To sum up the limited-liability point: having a limitedliability entity is like having disaster insurance -. see if your business lawyer will do a deferred-fee deal with you. The rule of thumb here is that the earlier you do your founder equity grants. where restricted stock is used. delays in setting up the structure will likely cause problems. better safe than sorry. For a founding team. If you are attempting to raise funds. don't delay just because of costs. Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. though. the costs will be far greater. this can potentially work well for a sole-member LLC (including husband-wife). Factors to Consider Relating to the Costs of Setting Up a Limited-Liability Entity In every one of the above cases. It takes money to set up and maintain a limited-liability structure. In such cases. set up an entity as early as possible or you may bump into potentially serious tax risks at the time you issue stock to the founders. The most noteworthy situation with a startup is where you have a founding team and a viable model. Here are some guidelines to factor in about costs: 1. 2. costs need to be considered in relation to timing. in relation to funding. With startups. . In such cases. the better.it will cost you something but it will generally shield you against the big risks by keeping the damage localized to your company. 5. and problems do arise.341 A limited-liability entity should shield you here. A quickie LLC can sometimes be set up inexpensively using either a lawyer or an online service. the LLC will be just as complex as a corporate setup and no cost savings will likely result from use of the LLC format.

even if an LLC is the best vehicle for your startup . all the normal issues that need to be negotiated in a partnership still need to be negotiated and built into a properly drafted operating agreement. Copyright © 2009 George Grellas.several thousand in all. you won't save much on setup costs if you do it right. 3. With multiple members. use a seasoned startup business lawyer for any but ultra-simple setups that you can do yourself. Review the guidelines above. Thus. and work with a knowledgeable business lawyer to make the right choice as to timing. Make sure to ask the right questions to confirm that your lawyer is indeed experienced with early-stage startups. The . For startups with founding teams. a corporate set up is normally best. but don't let the tail wag the dog by choosing a less suitable vehicle simply to save on some initial costs. About the Author George Grellas is a Silicon Valley business and corporate lawyer specializing in early-stage tech startups. Check with a good startup business lawyer to make this assessment. With startups. Conclusion Founders often make the mistake of waiting too long to set up their limited-liability entity. Who owns what? Who contributes what? Who manages what? Who gets paid what? Who gets to buy out whom and at what price? And many other issues. This will save you costs because of the lawyer's efficiency. get your questions straight. You can skip paying attention to this detail but you will invite all kinds of trouble in doing so. He founded and heads a firm of startup business attorneys that has helped entrepreneurs and their companies in Silicon Valley and throughout the world since 1984 .342 Don't forget either that an LLC is basically an old-style general partnership with a limited-liability cap on it.

leases. The firm also does litigation: business .sell their assets .do their corporate work. employment work. It's important for new operations to know how to plan for the worst and avoid major losses that could result in serious setbacks for the organization. and IP work . George Grellas Startup Liability Insurance Guide . contracts.sell or merge or acquire them . The article sets forth general educational principles only. it could mean the end of a new idea and could ultimately result in a dead-end for the founders. The article in its original context (and others like it in the Startup Law 101 Series) may be found at the startup business attorney advice section of the firm's website.Tips For Planning For the Worst Business startups need to make all the right decisions early on in the beginning stages of their new life as a successful business! Liability insurance is no exception.343 firm helps form companies . and standard terms . trademark.commercial litigation generally.fund them .contract . Disclaimer This article does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If a new entrepreneurial endeavor encounters a liability issue early on in the business.business break-ups .fraud .unfair competition .trade secret .employment . Consult with a local lawyer in your area about your particular case.corporate .founder and equity incentive structures commercial deals of all types. Liability .licensing.

Believe it or not. As a founding entrepreneur. the type of business you are in will make a major difference in the final choice. when a business gets started you can generally identify the primary type of liability insurance that would be a best bet for your company. and general liability insurance. new services. The very best liability coverage plans will help you avoid this situation by offering a blanket of security. many new companies start out on their road to success with one idea and eventually end up switching tracks and taking a new route. an accident or a lawsuit should be the last thing you need to deal with. you should investigate all of the available options before making a decision. employment liability protection. or even a complete reworking of the business purpose and business system. Again. These are just a few of the options for covering your bases and protecting your assets. you will have way too much on your plate to have to address complicated legal matters or threats to your business assets. When the worst of times do fall upon your business. you should be able to hand matters over to a team of professionals who are prepared to help you recover and make the most of a bad situation.com today to read . Some insurance companies will offer different combinations of these policies or different liability package plans to reduce costs or group together different coverage benefits in your favor. Still. This could mean new products. Still. When you are starting a new business. So how should a startup determine whether or not it needs liability insurance? That question is easy to answer if you know what kind of business you are creating and what your plans are for building a future. What more do you need to know about liability insurance for business startups? Visit the http://www.344 insurance can help prevent those unexpected and unwanted catastrophes. The major types of liability insurance include product liability coverage.BusinessLiabilityInsuranceGuide.

find links to discount insurance rates. Identify the problem As specifically as possible. and keeps your startup on track. the weight of having to make the right choice at every turn can be overwhelming and stressful. For many first-time entrepreneurs. determine where you are now versus where you need to be. the trick is to make it a habit. it can be developed and honed over time and experience. . but necessary all the same. of small decisions. every decision that you make is logical and informed. grows into a sprawling company or remains a solo operation. While working through the process step-by-step seems tedious. if not thousands. The basic decision-making (or problem-solving) process includes five steps: 1. especially for smaller decisions. Like any other skill.345 more informative articles. This way.Making Decisions The process of planning and launching a new business is essentially a series of hundreds. Good decision-making simply requires doing your homework and applying a basic strategy. The culmination of all these choices will be the reason your startup succeeds or fails. and much more! Jason Clegg Startup Skills . Though successful entrepreneurship encompasses a number of critical skills. good decision-making is certainly among the top few.

Formulate possible solutions Eliminate the unfeasible and narrow your options down to those that bring you closest to the stated goal. 3.346 2. Evaluate the options Weigh each possible solution against the others.. the faster and easier it will become. 5. be aware that much of the free information on the internet is worth what you pay for it.even a professional. even for minor decisions. Avoid relying only on the advice of another. 4. and the practicality of implementation and enforcement. For problems involving topics that you are unfamiliar with.one key to entrepreneurship is the incorporation of innovative processes. big and small.. Conflicting . consider the advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of short-term and long-term outcomes.so be sure to consult different sources when building your knowledge base. do your own homework. Make the decision The final choice should be balanced in terms of reaching the stated goal... the risk involved.. Look for innovative solutions and question all "customary" or "standard" solutions. Analyze the problem Learn as much as you can about the alternative solutions to the issue. Following these steps. can help build the habit of doing your homework and weighing the options before deciding on a final answer. If your advisor can't explain to you what the alternatives are or why their recommendation is best. take the time to find out the various options and perspectives for yourself. Try to look at it from different perspectives and brainstorm creative options. The more you follow the process. Also..

It takes you step-by-step through the business startup process. Take in as much data as possible. there will be plenty of other decisions to spend your limited time dealing with! About the Author. commit to it. Many times. If you get stuck. MacKillop. a serial entrepreneur with a J. knee-jerk decisions or settling for lessthan-ideal options have the opposite of the desired effect and actually cause bigger problems down the road. software and tools you need to make good decisions and get your business on the road to success. The LaunchX System is a complete business startup kit . Once you have reached a considered. providing all the information. Be willing to walk away from a decision if no good solution presents itself. networking contact. or other trusted advisor.D. it may be necessary to schedule time for conducting research and mulling over the information.they allow you to draw your own conclusions based on an even broader base of data. Visit LaunchX. is founder of LaunchX and blogs about starting a business .com to find out more. justifiable answer to your problem.347 ideas and opinions are good -. For bigger decisions. a bit of distance from a problem (especially a stressful one) can provide a fresh perspective. Spend some time on difficult issues. Don't waste time second-guessing yourself. consider talking over the issue with a key employee.Startup Consultants . Often. K.K. MacKillop Startup Squander #2 . then give it time to percolate in your brain. from Duke University.

If your intention is to grow your business idea into a thriving company. The business of all small business is. first and foremost. you are again far better off spending your time than your money to get the work done. your best bet is to work through your startup one step at a time. it is critically important for entrepreneurs to learn all they can about how each factor of the business works and how they all work together. And. Some entrepreneurs consider the consultant route because they are more concerned about the operations of the business and just don't want to deal with the details. The reality is that no matter what type of business you want to start. well. If you have no previous small business experience. Therefore. While some provide legitimate services for particular circumstances. Unfortunately. those fees can add up fast! There are also consultants to help you choose a business name. one way or another.you might as well work for someone else.348 Another creative industry designed to separate the entrepreneur from his money are the startup consultants. the industry is expanding rapidly with ridiculously expensive consultants. you will need to understand the hows and whys of all business decisions. evaluate your marketing plan. Given that even the most basic startup requires a couple hundred steps to do it right. that is a recipe for disaster. most charging $150 or more to tell you the next few steps to take in your startup . write your business plan. absorbing as much information as possible. During the startup stages. the fundamentals are the same. shouldn't you maintain control over these aspects? Turning over every detail of your business to an outsider makes no sense. As the owner of your business.. The keys to focus on . business. Not knowing the details of all aspects of your own business will come back to bite you. taking the easy route of outsourcing every aspect of your business that you don't like will likely spiral out of control to the point that you won't know what is going on with the bulk of your actual business.. pick your branding colors. and review your financial statements.

Save your money and spend your time working on your startup . Visit LaunchX. and how to evaluate the efficiency of each. MacKillop. timely financial management. Outside consultants do not have the same stake in your business as you do. they lose track of some of the most important responsibilities they have to their business. Traffic numbers are no longer growing. MacKillop Store Appearance is Important to Your Dollar Store Start Up Those who want to know how to start a dollar store often receive excellent information during the dollar store start up phases. . effective marketing. their business is in trouble.349 are thorough planning. so no matter how good they are at their job they can't be as vested in the outcome as you are.K. Yet once their grand opening event is held and all the daily tasks of managing a growing business start to stack up one upon the next. or sales might even begin to decline. Sales growth slows. Soon there are signs their business is beginning to turn a corner they don't want to enter. The LaunchX System is designed to help entrepreneurs start a business based on their business idea. About the Author . K. In a word. is founder of LaunchX and authors a small business startup blog.com to learn more about this revolutionary way to become an entrepreneur and for more startup squanders to avoid. a serial entrepreneur with a JD from Duke University.

business consultant and trainer. Bob Hamilton . Ultimately your sales depend on it. Make sure there is no debris lying about.350 Don't allow this to happen to you. Make sure the front of your store is clean and organized. To your success as you learn how to start a dollar store! Find out how you can open your own dollar store business . Make sure their first words after stepping into your store are 'WOW'. writer. Make sure there is good signage that informs shoppers about your store. With the risk of losing prospective shoppers running so high. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur. Those who know how to start a dollar store realize store appearance starts to have an impact even before shoppers enter your store. It continues as prospective shoppers decide to stop and see what business is inside your storefront. or to abandon the effort and move on with other activities. That action is to maintain a store appearance that draws shoppers in and keeps them happily shopping in your dollar store. After all each one is an opportunity to either come closer to actually entering and then shopping. If you want to know how to start a dollar store. And it continues to have even more impact as prospective shoppers actually step inside your store and then make the decision to either turn around and leave or to explore further. Read on for one of the most important actions to take during and after your start up . During your start up implement practices that will entice every prospective shopper to move through all those steps. author. It starts as prospective shoppers drive by your store. start by taking a weekly walk outside your store. you must establish routines focused on moving each and every prospective one step closer to making the purchase of their selections. Stay on top of the growth curve by implementing key actions into the daily operation of your business even after the start up period is complete.

351 The Easiest Way to Start a Home Business With Tiny Start Up Costs Many people nurture dreams of working from home and packing in the daily grind of 9 to 5 in a job they are apathetic about at best. Creating and selling your own products which can be sold online. . Building an authority blog or website around an area that you have an expertise or passion in which will lead to all sorts of opportunities such as advertising. 4.. providing a secretarial and payroll service for local professionals. All you need is a computer. mp3 recordings of valuable information of interest to the visitors to your site. The opportunity to work from home doing something that you are passionate about could be sitting right in front of your nose. 3. There are a huge number of ways to start a home business which include setting up an ebay shop. 2. They could also include full scale downloadable ebooks which again help people with some problem that they have or fill in the blanks in an area of passionate interest to them. an internet connection and a burning desire to succeed. You have a number of choices which include 1 Affiliate marketing-the generation of revenue and profits by selling other peoples products on a website or blog. These products could include short reports showing people how to solve a problem.Building multiple blogs in micro niches which will derive their income from Google Adsense programs. But the easiest way by a country mile is to set up an online business with your computer.the opportunities are endless. providing an accounts service for local business.

Terry Gorry The No Cost.and presents an enormous opportunity for you to quit your job. With a little imagination. Stop by his latest site at http://LeftHandGolfClubsShop.. and work from home. Brisbane or London and all with the visit of a mouse and a computer is simply mind blowing. a good deal of hard work and a commitment to learn you can succeed. And remember that you can test the market. No Effort Business Startup Revealed . and test again. before you quit your job and fully commit on a full time basis to your online business. What more could you ask for? No other business offers you the opportunity to start a business at practically no cost and assess fully whether you are happy enough to quit your regular job except an online business that you can work on in your spare time initially. Terry Gorry has been involved in online business for a number of years now. eventually.352 The starting point for these and other opportunities is your burning commitment to succeed and your access to a computer and a modem.com where he reviews the best deals in left hand golf clubs and helps you find the best deals on the net in left hand golf clubs. But you must agree that the ability to source a product in the Far East and sell it to somebody with a problem in Florida. New York.

. nearly every minute you aren't asleep. While there is no well-defined minimum cost (in fact it varies greatly depending on your business idea. then your first step to entrepreneurship is to evaluate your personal budget and begin saving for your startup today. Even if you plan on outside investors funding the bulk of your idea. If the problem is that you don't have any cash to invest right now . get ready to commit every extra penny you can scrounge up. Most first-time entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that a successful startup is all about coming up with a good business idea. and useful planning tools are not free. If you are serious about owning your own business. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the idea is just a first step -. It isn't easy. Any legitimate entrepreneur will tell you that the road to independence takes more than posting a website or buying in to a "proven" million-dollar scheme. rather they just haven't figured out how yet. you will find a way to get the cash together to get started. and every brain cell you can spare.they rarely believe they can't . Every state requires fees for properly licensing your business. either. but it sure is worthwhile! Money It is not possible to start a legitimate. One thing about successful entrepreneurs -. just properly planning your business will require some expenses. you will need to invest time and money to learn not only what to do. To build a viable business. you have probably read hundreds of ads and articles about how to get rich with little money and even less effort.353 If you are spending any time surfing the web for ideas and advice about starting your own business. Hold a garage sale. and business model). successful business without some level of cash investment. they will expect you to show your willingness to risk your own assets as well. but how to do it right.running a profitable startup is far more about the business side of things. whatever it takes to gather up some seed money to get your idea started. If you are serious about taking control of your work and financial future. location. Too good to be true? Absolutely. do some side jobs.

They figure they can just leave these professional tasks to the professionals and not worry about them -. A good startup road map will prepare you for this gap. you can keep your job (or get one) while building the foundation for your startup . Learn.354 Time Even the most basic business ideas require time to plan and more time to build sales. poor marketing management.earning enough profit to keep you in ramen noodles while you continue to build your business. and financing. be prepared for several months (at least) without income. but regardless it will take time to get your venture off the ground. can be significant as well. and market as well as detailed. which we call the Pit of Despair. This way. Many good business ideas can be planned and launched on a micro-level -. It is your business. If you decide to commit full-time to your startup . thus it . Depending on your distribution channel (how your product gets to your customers). They are not interested in learning about and working on the basics of business ownership such as planning.part time or during your spare time. accurate estimates of financial projections (both income and expense. The gap of time between being ready to make sales and actually making sales. the delay can be anything from weeks to months. Good business planning results in a virtual road map of your venture's development. the easier it will be to grow your enterprise. Learn. It requires research into your industry. Learn Some first-time entrepreneurs are interested only in the operations side of their business idea.but the more you know before you launch. and inappropriate boilerplate legal content in contracts and operating agreements that they signed. marketing. From there.generally a very bad idea. Horror stories abound of business owners caught off guard by accounting method errors. but had no idea about. competition.) Learning the right way to work through each aspect of planning takes time -. your goal will be ramen-profitability -.

but nearly all agree that the pain was worth the outcome. you can't build a successful business on no money. K. True independence in your work and financial life requires knowledge. a serial entrepreneur with a JD from Duke University. MacKillop. Be prepared to dive into unfamiliar territory and wield the control that successful entrepreneurship offers. but none is too difficult for the average person to master. Smart entrepreneurs use the planning stage to familiarize themselves with the tools they will need to effectively manage a growing business. Some enjoy every minute of it. Feeling overwhelmed? The LaunchX System includes step-by-step startup procedures. But a little determination and a lot of perseverance will grant you the personal and economic freedom you can never find working for someone else. No Cost. and no effort. About the Author . Turning over critical aspects of your startup to those with far less stake in the outcome makes no logical sense. some barely suffer through. There is a lot of information to learn and apply. No Effort? Successful entrepreneurs tell war stories of their startups akin to soldiers talking about boot camp.355 is critical that you understand every detail before you delegate the work. is founder of LaunchX and authors a small business startup blog. MacKillop . no time. No. coaching & more -.everything you need to start your business .K. small business software.


The Tea Room Business Plan - Start Up
Although there are many opportunities for tea rooms as successful businesses, success requires planning. But before the planning process starts the budding entrepreneur needs to evaluate their personal psychological, emotional and financial preparation for the task ahead. Start Up Are You Ready? Starting and running a business is not easy. If it were, because of the rewards, many would do it. And it takes more than a dream and planning skills. The individual entrepreneur must have the psychological profile to undertake the effort and make it a success. There are many elements in the profile and below are a list of questions that must be considered before the entrepreneur devote time, resources and money to a new venture. What are the similarities of successful entrepreneurs? o persistence o desire for immediate feedback o inquisitiveness o strong drive to achieve o high energy level o goal oriented behavior o independent o demanding


o self-confident o calculated risk taker o creative o innovative o vision o commitment o problem solving skills o tolerance for ambiguity o strong integrity o highly reliable o personal initiative o ability to consolidate resources o strong management and organizational skills o competitive o change agent o tolerance for failure o desire to work hard o luck Entrepreneurs are made, not born and these skills can be acquired over time. The financial and social benefits to the successful entrepreneur are many but perhaps the greatest benefit


is the psychic rewards of being your own boss and accomplishing the goals of the business, Are you ready? Is Entrepreneurship For You? In business, there are no guarantees. There is simply no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business - but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, and insight. Start by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as a potential owner and manager of a small business. Carefully consider each of the following questions. Are you a self-starter? It will be entirely up to you to develop projects, organize your time, and follow through on details. How well do you get along with different personalities? Business owners need to develop working relationships with a variety of people including customers, vendors, staff, bankers, and professionals such as lawyers, accountants or consultants. Can you deal with a demanding client, an unreliable vendor, or a cranky receptionist if your business interests demand it? How good are you at making decisions? Small business owners are required to make decisions constantly - often quickly, independently, and under pressure. Do you have the physical and emotional stamina to run a business? Business ownership can be exciting, but it's also a lot of work. Can you face six or seven 12-hour work days every week? How well do you plan and organize? Research indicates that poor planning is responsible for most business failures. Good organization of financials, inventory, schedules, and production can help you avoid many pitfalls.

Some business owners burn out quickly from having to carry all the responsibility for the success of their business on their own shoulders. Jon Stout is Chairman of the Golden Moon Tea Company. Proper planning is the best way to improve your chances of success. green tea and wholesale tea go to goldenmoontea. There also may be financial difficulties until the business becomes profitable.com Jon Stout Three Ways You Could Be Making Money Online With No Startup Costs . It's important for family members to know what to expect and for you to be able to trust that they will support you during this time. Not everyone can or should be an entrepreneur and it is hard to imagine a society with total entrepreneurship all of the time. Strong motivation will help you survive slowdowns and periods of burnout.359 Is your drive strong enough? Running a business can wear you down emotionally. You may have to adjust to a lower standard of living or put family assets at risk in the shortterm. For more information about tea . Nevertheless. those who elect to start a business can reap many psychological and financial benefits. which could take months or years. How will the business affect your family? The first few years of business startup can be hard on family life.

Writing web content can be a great way to earn an income. Maybe you have looked into a few businesses. Before you know it. Customer service agents. Whatever your reason is. 3. Fear of not having a "secure" job or fear that you won't succeed are just a few reasons that more people aren't earning income online. . You can easily find items at garage sales or even thrift stores for good prices.360 There are many people making money online every day. That's why when you first start you should put that money into more things to sell. eventually you will run out of items to sell. There are numerous legit companies that will hire employees to work from home. if you really want to make money working online it can be done and it can be done for free. There are no fees to pay. Companies are always looking for good freelance writers to write for them. Whatever you reason for not making money online is currently. Fear keeps people from pursuing their dreams every day. but decided against it. whether you take advantage of them or not is up to you. but didn't have money for startup costs. Selling items on eBay is a great way to start earning income online. With a little determination and research writing is a easy way to start earning income online. you should learn to overcome it. An online job isn't any different than a job you would work outside the home. all you need is your computer and an Internet connection. 1. It's free to register for an eBay account and you can get started by selling stuff around your home that you don't use or need anymore. right? If it does that job is probably a scam and you should keep looking. You are an employee of someone else and it doesn't cost money to get a job. You can easily be one of these people. 2. and even sales people are making money online every day. administrative assistants. Yes. You can also get a work at home job. The Internet gives you so many new possibilities. you have your own eBay business going and you didn't have to pay a dime up front. You've probably considered it many times.

computers. many people right now are having trouble paying their mortgages and need to get out from under piles of debt quickly. 1. and researching diligently.com] to learn how you can start your own home-based business earning multiple streams of income with a Plug-In Profit Site . Instead.Complete Money Making Site Setup FREE! Dustin Heath Tips For Saving Money During Your New Business Start-Up Don't let falling market shares. Don't plan (too far) ahead.361 Dustin Heath recommends that you visit [http://www. 2. Procrastination can actually be helpful when it comes to starting up a business in tough economic times. and a gloomy economy put a damper on your new business start-up . and other large line items. bank bailouts. You can save money while helping out those who need to liquidate items for cash by buying many things for your . fax machines. thinking outside the box when purchasing office equipment and supplies. Unfortunately. and competition for your dollars becomes fierce. When the flow of money slows. Go to estate and garage sales.edollarprofitmachine. save money by steering clear of financially-draining investments. inventory piles up. Now is the time to shop around for bargains on office furniture.

too. Business start-up is sure to be both economical and fun using this brand new concept. With banks being bought up and changing hands.com for a comparison of cards and their fees for ATM withdrawals. During an office swap meet. 6. 5.362 home office at estate and garage sales.com not your own attorney. Look for bookcases. paper. there's plenty to choose from. . staplers. lamps. people from different offices come together to trade their unwanted or surplus office items for items they need. as well as many independent hotels. credit card purchases and cash advances. Be card smart. savings. Some companies are offering cards with no transaction fees. 4. Armed with a free gas card. filing cabinets. 3. Organize an office swap meet. See Bankrate. desks. you can easily travel to distant locations to purchase your home office supplies at big discount warehouses. and other home office items. now is the time to shop aggressively for the best deals in business checking. Two words: Free Gas! Hotels offering gas cards as a bonus for booking are all the rage.com for countrywide gas bargains. Look for the best business debit and credit card deals. Look for this valuable bonus at chains such as Marriott. be aware of varying charges and transaction fees when you use ATM and credit cards. With banks in flux. The atmosphere is congenial. Hire LegalZoom. Sheraton and Best Western. Check out GasBuddy. and anything unwanted at the end of the day can be donated to charity. desk pads. paper cutters. and high-yield money market accounts.

Get a professional logo for $45. By utilizing these eight tips. LegalZoom helps you create reliable legal documents from your home or office. you can take advantage of their great low rates and fees by setting up a merchant account to accept MasterCard or Visa through your Internet business. or getting your EIN and trademark though LegalZoom.com will do it for you for $45? This company will design a professional. Plus. and your documents will be prepared within 48 hours for about half the cost of hiring an attorney. Turn around is fast. you need a way to accept credit cards over the Internet. If you're a home-business owner. Want to know a secret to starting up your business when the economy is so unstable? Make sure you are passionate about what you are starting up. 7. incorporating. At Costco.363 Save time and money on forming your DBA. Consider Costco for your Merchant Account. bank bailouts. get creative. Want to know more about starting up a business from a place of strength and passion? Get instant access to your own free PDF copy of "Doing What You . you can start up your business in tough economic times and be wellpositioned and ready to go when the economy improves. if you're already a Costco Executive Member. mail. customized logo for you if you have a pretty good idea of what you'd like it to look like. Look for ways to start up your business outside the traditional way of doing things. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a logo design when 45DollarLogoDesign. 8. Don't let falling market shares. and a gloomy economy put a damper on your new business start-up . your application fee and monthly statement fee will be waived. They'll have your logo samples to you within 24 hours. phone. or retail. Created by top attorneys. LLC.com. because you will need that passion to sustain you when times get tough. Instead. Simply answer a few questions online.

The internet business income opportunity is so wide and varied.com Susan L Reid Passion" at Top Internet Startup Business Success Secret Top Internet Startup Business Success is not a myth.SuccessfulSmallBizOwners. . The good news is with the internet business model unlike a traditional offline business it is easy to duplicate your success in multiple different markets or niches at a very small cost and in a very short space of time. The Open Secret is simply FOCUS! The old adage "Jack of all trades and master of none" is still true even in today's information age. That is the recipe for disaster and bankruptcy. it is not an impossibility and it does not happen by chance. small businesses or companies alike who know the open secret. The ingredients or principles necessary to develop an internet home based business is only a secret to the people who do not know what they are or the people who have not yet been able to achieve top Internet startup business success. each having the potential and promise to make you rich.364 Love: Multiple Streams of http://www. If you are not careful you will want to get involved in very aspect all at the same time. Top internet businesses status can be achieved by individuals.

Keep finding new markets and sub-markets once you have achieved your targets in your chosen market or sub-market.365 To achieve a top 10 internet businesses ranking it is important therefore to define your strategy. at affordable cost. You can test the success of every aspect of your business if you want to. If you do this you are bound to achieve top internet startup business success in record time. That can be achieved very easily and quickly with internet marketing for online businesses unlike a traditional business. Focus is paying attention to what is working and quickly dropping what is not.No you do not! You can put most of your internet marketing for online businesses on auto pilot and outsource the rest if you so choose. Your focus therefore should be to find what works for you and keep doing more of what works. As soon as you have achieved tangible results roll out your model or models across many different sub-markets and markets. Document what works for you and what does not.that you can make money from right away then . You can also have an army of affiliates promoting your products or services online using the internet or offline methods. With website marketing internet business you can measure everything. choose your market and focus till you achieve success.Visit: Simple Internet Business . Focus does not mean sticking to a strategy or a market irrespective of whether it is working or not. Your success will just explode. That success blueprint in itself will make you lots of money as people will pay you to mentor them based on that same blueprint. You may be wondering whether you need an army of staff to achieve all this success . If you would like instant acces to Simple Easy Internet Business Opportunities No Scams .

No matter how great a business idea is. Mavis Amouzou-Akue Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure Many startup ideas fail to ever be launched and many. The problem is that many first-time entrepreneurs fail to actually plan the business before sinking cash into the startup . many fail within the first year or two. Eventually this failure to comply with legal .Visit: Affiliate Marketing Tips Mavis Amouzou-Akue is an online author and internet marketer. Insufficient Startup Idea Development: Most startups do not fail because the business idea is bad. Not only will you have a better grasp of how far your business can go. Take the time to work through every angle of your business idea. ignore them altogether. then operations (what your business actually does). it can't succeed without detailed planning. The Top Ten startup mistakes that lead to ultimate failure are: 1. you will also reduce your risk and prepare yourself to make the best decisions as you go.366 For Affiliate Training For Turnkey Marketing guaranteed to put you ahead of your competition . 2. worse. but how the business side is handled. In most cases. the failure has nothing to do with the business idea. Failure to Understand and Comply with Legal Obligations: An unbelievable number of entrepreneurs leave the legal aspects of business startup to someone else or. The business of entrepreneurship is business first.

While optimism is an excellent entrepreneurial trait. Keeping the books correctly is half the battle. figure out how to best reach them. and federal government. Do your homework before you launch to identify your target markets. Cash flow issues are also major financial management problem for many startups in the earliest stages. .equals business failure. an overly optimistic sales forecast will leave you with serious cash flow problems and even greater difficulty in securing financing. Good planning before launching a startup will clarify how much cash on hand your business idea will need to succeed. Sales Forecast Errors: Establishing your initial sales forecast can be difficult. as a business owner it is critical that you take responsibility for learning and applying basic financial management skills if you want to succeed. 4. rather than what they are likely to sell. Poor (or no) Financial Management: Success in business is all about the bottom line -... Whether you consider yourself a numbers person or not. but there are procedures you can follow to make it as realistic and accurate as possible. 3. Reviewing and analyzing the financial reports is the other half. and set up compliance systems for taxes and fees due the local. no business..367 obligations will come back to bite you.and the outcome can be devastating. and it is more than business cards and a yellow pages ad. Every entrepreneur must understand and secure all necessary licenses and permits.a dangerous decision that very often leads to business failure. 5. Too many first-time entrepreneurs are willing to turn over complete responsibility for the books to someone else -..no profit. All too often would-be entrepreneurs build a sales forecast around what they would like to sell. and establish clear objectives and evaluations to ensure your marketing efforts are paying off. Poor (or no) Marketing Planning: Marketing is the lifeblood of every business startup . state. Poor or no marketing equals no sales. It is critical for every business owner to understand what the financial reports mean and how a change in one area affects all the others. A significant portion of your time and expense budget should be dedicated to marketing.

It won't. In fact. including working capital to keep yourself in ramen noodles until your business takes off. For some. these choices backfire. Many recent startups have crashed and burned because the entrepreneur thought that simply posting a website to the internet would drive sales. like marketing and accounting. Any competent investor will look for these errors. whether public (banks) or private (family and friends). Simply posting a website is not enough. you will know how much capital you need to cover while you build your customer base. 7. If you don't know how the money works.if your target market doesn't see it. It's your business. so they opt to turn over critical startup tasks. uploading a website without marketing it is like posting ad copy only in your own living room -. you can't make the best decisions for your business. If you are not aware of the outcomes of your marketing efforts. Under-Capitalization: Not starting with enough capital to support the business through the initial stages is a common error. 6. Leaving Critical Tasks "To the Professionals": Many entrepreneurs believe that a good idea and solid operations are enough to build a successful business. Assuming that each customer will purchase an average of 19 items each time they visit is unrealistic. 300 days per year. Another retail business showed average total purchases at $230 each. so they choose to forgo learning the details of financial and marketing management. you . However. Good planning will also increase the chance of securing investors. Poor Web Presence: An effective web presence is an absolute must for any modern business.368 For example. By thoroughly planning your idea. the business side of business just doesn't interest them. 8. you can't accurately forecast sales and thus can't plan for the future. the sales forecast reflected sales that required every member of the staff to bill out 19 hours per day. even though the average price of their products is only $12. to outsourced professionals. one business plan we recently reviewed appeared well-written and professionally laid out. it might as well not exist. Eventually.

to help entrepreneurs start a business based on their idea and avoid these top ten startup mistakes. Every aspect of a company should be reviewed periodically. Startups don't generally succeed overnight. Don't let the inevitable delay destroy your chances of success -. work through free internet marketing techniques (participate in relevant forums. Pay attention to the details from the beginning. is founder of LaunchX and authors a small business startup blog. it's impossible to know where you are going. . it is very easy to overlook the critical tasks of reviewing and planning.K. write and publish articles. build website content). and don't let anything get in the way of building your business into the thriving company it can be. and plan for the future of the business. and financial management) will overcome most of the common reasons for business failure.369 need to know and understand every facet from the beginning.plan for it. If you don't know where you are or where you have been. 9. 10. For the most part. or you might as well be working for someone else. We call this gap the Pit of Despair because the entrepreneur is left wondering if they have made the right decisions and whether the business is ever going to work. a serial entrepreneur with a JD from Duke University. The LaunchX System includes stepby-step business startup procedures . Lack of Patience . a strong focus on the three keys of startup success (planning.Pit of Despair: Every startup experiences a period of time between being ready to sell and actually building the sales. The Pit of Despair should be used to refine internal systems. and use the time wisely. particularly the financial statements and marketing plan. No Ongoing Planning & Review: As the actual operations of a startup take up more and more of an entrepreneur's time. small business software & more. marketing. Many startups hit this point and the entrepreneur quits in frustration. MacKillop. About the Author . learn all you can about running your own business. expect it.

You are going to have to first spend money on promoting your website before you are going to see any return on investment. But before your website can become a well-oiled marketing machine you will need to invest time. and YOUR website will be exposed to this community from the day that it goes live. 2. or whether you pay for it. or money. Direct cost of marketing your website. It is a sign that you are focused on your business and determined to make it a success. the Internet is a very global community. into it. or both.370 K. You therefore set up your website with the idea that you will attract customers to your new business. There will be no feet visiting that shop! You need to get your website out of its dark alley and into the light and that will cost money! . Direct cost of creating the website. After all. The following aspects are all costs that go into setting up and running of a business website: 1. Your website will NOT just start generating traffic all on its own. not so. MacKillop Website Design Considerations For Startup Businesses Setting up a website for the first time is an extremely thrilling step to take. Setting up a new website with no promotion behind it is like setting up a shop in a dark alley with no advertising. Whether you do it yourself. you have to remember that your time is also worth money.

it is a very appealing thought to spend as little as possible on your site. you will probably find it quite expensive to extricate yourself from these design decisions. It is absolutely essential to update your website with new and regular content. and you should think carefully whether you want to invest your time in this activity. The way that your website looks is extremely important with regards to the first impression that you make on your visitor. What do we mean by this? I have often seen websites that have clearly been done on the cheap. Indirect or direct costs of updating your website with fresh content. since you probably do not have lots of cash to throw around. or one that screams: "I did not have enough money so my neighbour's kid did my website for me". or cheap option. At the minimum you will have to update new contact information. A badly designed website can be extremely detrimental to the image of your company. prices and special offers. This can often be seen from the bad quality of the graphics. That is understandable. ugly page elements such as cheap animated gifs and poor navigation structures . and if the technology choices that you might inadvertently tie yourself into due to opting for a low cost. . 3. glaring and clashing colours. or rather spend it on other aspects of your business. But it is far better to update your site with additional information about your company and industry to capture more visitors who might be looking for the very information that you are providing. A site filled with lots of information about your industry also establishes you as the expert in the field and builds trust in your visitors and potential customers. So how much SHOULD you spend on your website? If you are a start-up business. Do you want to project a professional image.all of this gives a bad impression of your company.371 Even if you do the majority of this work yourself. you once again have to consider the fact that your time is worth money. but be careful of being penny-wise and pound-foolish. are the wrong choices.

This makes the site inaccessible for search engines.372 Also. and time equals money. this means that you are probably very unlikely to ever get lots of traffic to your website from the search engines and the whole reason why you wanted to have the website in the first place is now negated. Read more about our hosting packages for small business websites owners here: http://www.co. by all means try and go for a lower cost option. Christine Anderssen is the owner of Tailormade4you and specializes in Hosting and WebSite Design services for businesses in South Africa. But Google offers a lot more than a quick way to find a great place for lunch and many of the tools available from the Colorado based . In real terms. it is as simple as that). go for the best value website that your money can buy . and even more importantly. and if you can.the almighty Google. Websites can be very costly (quality takes time. thereby rendering the site completely useless from a search engine perspective. so if you are just starting out with your first website and your company is cash strapped. but educate yourself first of all the options. inexperienced web designers often create web sites using frames or javascript for navigation.za/hosting-packages/ Christine Anderssen What Google Can Do For Your Start Up Business In the world of internet search there really is only one player of note in the 21st century .it will save you in the long term.internet-webhosting.

Google Docs . PDF. Google Website Optimizer . There are other similar cloud computing solutions out there. Documents. Open documents are automatically saved to prevent data loss.There are a number of good paid analytic software on the market but why spend money when the free Google version provides quite enough tools and tricks for the average start up business's needs? It lets you monitor site traffic in great detail. especially since the vast majority of them are free. Text. That feature alone has saved the skin of many a small business owner. HTML. and a revision history is automatically kept. but the best thing about Google Docs is the price .Your company's website likely plays an integral role (or you want it to) in the day to day success of your start up business.$0. allowing you to see in real time how well every aspect of your website is performing and you can also compare your results to those of your competitors. Word). The Google Website optimizer is free to use and uncomplicated enough that anyone can pick up the basics of its use in a very short time.Google Docs is a fantastically under rated tool that can really help a startup business. Another great feature of Google Docs is the ability for multiple users to view and edit the same document at the same time. But why should you be using it? Google have a 5 minute video tutorial that explains all you need to know. or sent via email. potentially giving you a real edge. RTF. Google Docs is Google's "software as a service" version of an office suite. forms and presentations can be created within the application itself. Every small business owner wants to be ranked as high as possible on a Google search and actually the company itself is willing to do that. By default. . they are saved to the Google servers. spreadsheets. They can also be saved to the user's computer in a variety of formats (ODF.373 giant can be extremely useful to startup businesses. Google Analytics . imported through the web interface.

trys. you still have to spend money to make money in the 21st century but anything you can get for less is certainly always a bonus For all your start up and small business needs visit http://www. This .ready. Melanie J Rivera What is Marketing? Employing the Marketing Mix in Your Small Business Start Up Strategy As a Start Up Business Consultant. Here goes. Marketing encompasses the entire planning process (from conception to delivery) of taking your product.1stopstartup.and what it isn't. service or idea to a targeted audience -. I would like to begin by explaining what marketing is . these are just a few of the must . that a startup business can use to help their everyday productivity. What is Marketing Anyway? To understand marketing. willing and able to make a buying decision. Not everything that your start up business needs to succeed is going to be free.374 There are many other free tools. I am often asked the question: "What is marketing and how do I employ the marketing mix in my small business start up strategy?" In answer to this frequently asked question. you need to grasp the "big picture" of what marketing really is. no matter the niche. not all of them from Google.com/ . the best resource for all small businesses.

that marketing is advertising or promoting your small business start up 's products or services . because every business decision you'll ever make will have a direct impact on some form of your overall marketing activities. What is the Marketing Mix? The combination of your product or service.375 exchange between buyer and seller satisfies the mutual needs of both parties. pricing structure. The most common piece of misinformation is.. and the promotional activities required to satisfy your target are essentially the marketing mix. . . What Isn't Marketing? Now that we've discussed what marketing is. This explanation is far too limiting and does not give you the full picture of what marketing really is. Satisfying customers and meeting their needs is at the heart of the successful marketing concept.and understand! marketing concept : The business philosophy of your company's management team that expresses your sole purpose for being in business and achieving your sales goals.. the delivery system for getting your product or service into the hands of potential buyers.your product or service for my hard earned cash. and therefore defines the ultimate purpose and goal of marketing -. marketing strategy : Your goals for satisfying the needs of your target market through the planning and implementation of the marketing mix.. let's take a look at what it's NOT. Marketing Terms that Every Small Business Start Up Should Know.. Many of us have heard the term marketing used to describe a number of activities related to promoting your small business start up . You owe it to yourself to learn all that you can about marketing.

your marketing strategy and marketing mix. for satisfying the needs of your target market. (3) your delivery system for getting the product or service to its intended target. marketing campaign : A coordinated plan of action for promoting your product or service to a targeted market. let's move on to looking at the development of a marketing mix. based on your start up 's goals and objectives. and the promotional activities required to satisfy your target.376 marketing mix : The combination of your product or service. sales promotions and personal selling . publicity. pricing structure. which ties in all aspects of the marketing concept. which are necessary to satisfy your intended target. . target market : A segment of the market that a company selects in which to direct its marketing efforts. Employing the marketing mix in your small business start up strategy requires a recipe of four ingredients. and (4) all of the promotional activities involved in attracting new customers. Employing the Marketing Mix in Your Small Business Start Up Strategy Now that we've successfully answered the "what is marketing?" question. such as advertising. (2) your pricing structure. These ingredients are: (1) your product or service. the delivery system for getting your product or service into the hands of potential buyers.

Did You Find This Article Helpful? If so. Your feedback is very important to me!:-) Looking for more free tools to help you succeed as a small business owner? Join the National Association of Small Business Professionals today. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kimberly Kelly is a Certified Start Up Business Consultant and the founder of the National Association of Small Business Professionals .377 Coupled together. your target market and marketing mix are what make up the marketing strategy for your small business startup. with all live links and author bio in tact.StartUpBusinessSuccess. She is the author of the popular selling ebook: The Start-Up Business Survival Guide: 101 FREE Products and Services to Help Finance Your Dream of Successful Business Ownership .com Kimberly Kelly . seminars and coaching services. ©2009 Kimberly Kelly .All Rights Reserved Worldwide. She specializes in teaching new entrepreneurs the secrets for finding free sources of business start up funding through her ebooks. You'll also receive 5 free business start up ebooks when you join. Permission to reprint this article is granted strictly on the condition that it be reprinted in its entirety. Membership is absolutely free. please post a comment. Visit her website at http://www.

and then how you will apply the money you obtain.90% of most capital is made up in equal parts of owner equity and bank/financed debt. Before going after startup capital make sure you know how much money you need. Financing or raising enough money is often the biggest challenge in making your new company a reality. Start Up Decisions Usually money is needed to begin any business. found that 80 .000 small businesses. and other activities involved in starting the business. purchasing equipment and inventories. Probably the most overlooked aspect of getting startup money is not paying any attention to the importance of personal credit scores. Entrepreneurs can solve this problem. While banks will give loans to help raise small business . most financial institutions require a personal guarantee and if your FICO scores are poor. and it is the number one reason most new entrepreneurs fail to get their new business off the ground. which sampled more than 4. A recent study. a second mortgage on your home.378 Where Do You Get Startup Capital? Startup capital is necessary to start your business. you will be unlikely to obtain the money that you need. but they must follow certain steps in order to obtain any money that is considered "business funding" versus "personal" funding. Small business startup costs can do more than just discourage an entrepreneur from starting a business. In this tough economy where so many people have been laid off. Startup capital is mainly used for renting an office. Even though startup money is absolutely necessary for a new business. the ability to start your own business without a large amount of startup capital is very important. When a business first starts up. it is important that you don't bind up your new business before it even starts by getting the wrong kind of capital. family and friends. The majority of startup capital is obtained through personal savings.

their restrictions are often so tight that inexperienced entrepreneurs can't get a business loan.379 startup money. Business credit is reported under the Employer Identification Number (EIN). Sometimes. ACT NOW !!! http://www. but business credit is not reported on an individual's credit report under their social security number. Conclusion That is why it is very important to set up your business correctly with the State in which you are planning to do business. business line of credit. or startup capital. and raising startup capital is one that can be full of frustration if the owner does not understand how to choose their legal entity structure or how to build their credit profile. Personal credit is reported to the credit bureaus as FICO scores. This is a limited time offer. but they are not the same. When you purchase my new eBook you will get a 21 page Free Credit Restoration Guide that contains 13 specific letters that clearly state the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) rules.com Go to my website . The creditworthiness of a business is critical to a company if they want to continue to have access to funding for their day to day operations such as payroll. etc. entrepreneurs seek out investment partners to help them with their small business startup costs. Personal versus Business Credit Personal credit and business credit are very similar. Begin to use the laws that are already there to protect you and to clean up your personal credit if you have issues.susansbooks. so don't wait. There are several other legal considerations every entrepreneur must face when starting a new business. better known as the "tax ID #". inventory restocking.

Susan Carter Women Business Grants . but it's the nonprofit groups and . as it helps with community development and the success of women-owned businesses as a whole. What's important to note is that women government grants for small businesses are no longer only being offered by government agencies. people and places can help you get the money you need. The most unusual organizations. Placing a bet on a new business seems to be a good investment. Women government grant for your start up may be provided by your local and state government. The government grant money that is available for women business owners is only becoming more and more popular. D.Getting Start Up Cash You Never Pay Back By accessing women government grants for small business owners. those who want to make the leap from employee or stay at home mom to business owner can do so with limited financial risk. take the time to access grant databases that provide access to the funding you need. Many private foundations and private interest groups are providing funding to help women business owners get off the ground running and pursue their dreams.380 Get your business "creditworthy" and get the funds you need NOW. As you search for start up financing. When searching for start up capital it is critical to cast a wide net and seek many alternative financing options. but with that comes more competition.

=>> Available Grant Sources See how to obtain free government money to pay off credit card debt. while others may be used to purchase office space. be sure to thoroughly review the terms of the grants. and how you are allowed to spend the money. Once you find women business grants that seem most applicable to you. go back to school or even buy your new home. or even source products for your retail store.381 private foundations that can provide serious money and can be difficult to find without the appropriate resources. law firms. access the Women Government Grants potentially get your first check in as little as 7 days. opening stock brokerage corporations. equipment and furniture. Some small business grants for women are strictly for payroll. . and other high end professional businesses. and have heard the stories of sharp and savvy ladies acquiring women business grants to get started in fabulous new careers. To begin. the qualification requirements. real estate investment or marketing companies. David Sklonic and Womens Business Grants For Your Business Start Up We have all been witness to the boom in women's businesses being created in recent years.

While many do pursue high finance and professional ventures. medical center. and receiving a lot of free government money to do it. day care center. The government is equally as willing to hand over a few thousand dollars for you to start a family restaurant. dance studio. who have had the privilege of a college education. large or small. Each year the government awards thousands of women. a great portion of the female applicants are striving for smaller "mom and pop" types of businesses.govfunds. bakery. with generous cash funds through small business grants to establish various types of businesses. or corner tavern as they are to finance a law firm. as we have nearly double the success rate in business than men. American women. particularly. But what about some of the simpler gals? You don not necessarily have to be a social genius or corporate ladder climber to advantage the benefits of women business grants though. Nor do are you required to pursue any business in what is generally considered the "professional" field. who are eligible to qualify. Business is business and the United States economy depends on every single business. these are naturally bright and enterprising. Statistics have also proven to Uncle Sam that investing in the ladies is more often than not a sure bet. or realty company.info/personal-grants-for-individuals] and see how much money you qualify to receive today and never pay back. Get Grants for Individuals [http://www. or business degree. neighborhood grocery store. .382 Obviously. and are likely to be at an advantage to navigating their way round the legal mumbo jumbo of the government grant application. business-minded young women. Any American taxpaying citizen over the age of eighteen of common intelligence could acquire free government money to open a hot dog stand if they wanted to.

383 Claim your Personal Grants [http://www. . your business startup may never find the business financing required to get your feet off the ground. but it is what you will give investors in order to gain access to business financing for your big launch. it is best to use a checklist that has already been created. Remember that your business plan will become the bible for your business. The business startup checklist can offer exceptional value for any new business owner. It will remind you of the different sections that need to be included in your document.info/personal-grants-for-individuals].. that is only the very first step towards successful business ownership. as a business owner you may not always have the time to sit down and create a thorough checklist. In order to ensure that you do not miss any of the essential tasks that must get done before launching your business startup . Sarah Beckham Your Business Startup Checklist Having a business startup checklist can help any new business owners properly prepare for the launch of their enterprise. If you have a good idea for a business startup . Without a solidly produced business plan..govfunds. there are many things that need to get done in order for a business to thrive. The checklist will guide you through the basics of putting together your business plan. However. Not only will it be your reference guide for the first five years. Before any grand opening. What you do with your idea is what will determine just how well you will be able to establish yourself and your company within your area of expertise.

you can walk away earning a lot of money. you will save yourself time and energy that can be put to better use. business startup checklist . Not only will you have to find out what the market conditions are like in your planned launch site for your product or service. Instead of wasting time creating a document that has already been created for you.the best online collection of checklists. but you also have to find out how people will respond to your business. wedding checklist and many more. There are so many sub-points to cover when it comes to market research that it can be easy to forget to include a couple of points.384 Another area in which a business startup checklist can prove very useful is in the market research section. You can always make up your own checklist. The only way in which this is possible is to conduct surveys to gauge your target audience's response. all you have to do is choose a business startup checklist. but as a busy executive. Your business startup checklist will make sure that you do not forget to include these very important steps. Get your own moving checklist. Revise it according to your personal needs and get things done! Mike Barlow . Instead of worrying that you might have forgotten some crucial element on your checklist. By using the checklist. if done well. you will be able to proceed with confidence knowing that the comprehensive business checklist contains everything you need for your business to succeed. Not only will you get to see an idea of yours blossom and grow but. Mike Barlow writes for Checklist site . Creating a business startup can be a very rewarding experience. you have so many other pressing issues that require your attention.

These skills are actually not very difficult to learn and anyone is full capable of doing it. There are many ways that you can receive training these days.Focus on This One Thing A home business start up will take up a lot of your time as there are several tasks to complete. You can make a lot of money online once you learn these skills. watch online videos. buy e-courses. You should make it a goal to learn as much as possible about promoting your home business start up . Quite frequently. read ebooks or participate in discussion forums and social networking sites. you can narrow down the focus of your promotions even more. For instance. you can attend webinars.385 Your Home Business Start Up . The majority of your time should be spent on promoting and generating traffic to your website. You can even purchase physical training packages that come with CD's and work books. The number one skill that you need to focus on when you have a home business start up is learning and implementing Internet marketing skills. You will make more and more sales as you continue to add different types of inbound traffic. There are countless ways available for you to educate yourself on how to market online. it is easy to develop bad habits due to all of the distractions. There is essentially no reason why you can't promote your home business start up . you simply need to get working on it. . listen to audio training clips. Once you start to become comfortable with the basic concepts. the owners of new online businesses waste a lot of precious time by not working on the steps which are the most important. In this scenario.

visit John Baril's online training blog at: Online Marketing Promotion John Baril . and build an extra income stream by doing so. One of the reasons that this works so well is that you can constantly do follow ups with your subscribers. In this way. With this strategy. people will be exposed to your email marketing list before they see your website. Also. Targeted traffic means that the people who land on your website or squeeze page expect to be there. however. you still need to create traffic that is pointed to your squeeze page. Spend the majority of your time driving targeted traffic to your website and you will succeed for sure. a home business start up will succeed once it receives lots of targeted traffic.386 A great strategy to use is to build an email list by promoting a squeeze page. Do you want to know more about promoting your Internet home business start up ? Just go to Work From Home Opportunity and sign up for the free course. Once again. your chances for success are greatly increased. This is way better than having lots of visitors who land on your website purely by accident. Once you realize that you will need some education on how to promote your home business start up .

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