and distributing products through wholesalers and retailers. They may work with specialist firms to carry out many marketing activities. employing advertising agencies to develop advertising campaigns. . Examples include hiring marketing research firms to perform marketing studies.• Few firms can themselves perform all the necessary marketing activities productively and profitably.

all the necessary marketing activities is to enhance your productivity and profitability.Explanation: • Organizational partnership is to reach out to different kind of markets you perform. .

c) Banking Institutions that provide ATM services such as Banco De Oro. Metro Bank. d) Milo & Zesto they tied up with school. universities into activities such as Olympics/sports. They tied up or put up an organizational partnership in order to buy and incur credit from the bank. b) PLDT they partner with smart cell phone Co. PS Bank. .a) Digitel they partner with Sun cell Co.


No one individual or function performs effectively as an independent entity.• The day when marketing managers operated in isolation from other business functions is over. . Cooperation and teamwork are necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex and changing business environment. Success in the current business environment requires that all company members work as a team toward common objectives.

Cooperation and teamwork are necessary to succeed.Explanation: There's a common sat that no man is an island the same way in business. No business stands alone. . All departments work hand in hand to achieve their objectives.

Management Finance department Marketing Department Purchasing Department They work hand in hand to achieve company's goal/objectives. .

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