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User Manual for Tablet

User Manual for Tablet

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Published by Vladimir Tkachenko

UM for 10" tablet PocketBook A 10". Fitted to its screen size.

UM for 10" tablet PocketBook A 10". Fitted to its screen size.

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Published by: Vladimir Tkachenko on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this chapter you will learn about basic multimedia features

of the Device.



6. Search – opens search textbox.

To move, copy, or delete several fles/folders at once, check

checkboxes in front of their names, bring up context menu

and select required action. After Copy or Move selection in

each folder Copy/Move here button will appear, respectively.

Also you can add selected items to .zip archive: select the

correponding context menu item, and Zipper will open. Press

Menu button, then select Create Archive, select destination

and specify archive name.

To rename fle or folder, bring up the context menu without

checking a checkbox and select appropriate function.

To open folder in new tab, select the appropriate function in

context menu.

To add folder to Favorites, open it in new tab and select ap-

propriate function in tab context menu.

In quick menu you can open Favorites, close current tab, open

search textbox, create new folder or set visibility for hidden




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