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MSF books

MSF books

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useful books downloadable from medicine sans frontier
useful books downloadable from medicine sans frontier

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MSF handbooks
Over the years MSF has produced a collection of useful handbooks and reference books. The following titles are available:

w w w .msf.org.uk/books.aspx


msf.: 33 (0) 1 40 21 29 29 Fax : 33 (0) 1 48 06 68 568 E-mail : Titles Title: Summary: Clinical Guidelines: Diagnostic and Treatment Manual This w ork lists the main diseases encountered by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) since 1971. Spanish w w w . It is intended for all medical professionals w orking in hospitals and clinics. there is a download link provided below. The document format is . you can use Adobe Reader.12/20/12 MSF handbooks . rue Saint-Sabin 75544 Paris Cedex 11 .aspx 2/6 . . (To view . environmental cleaning and nutrition.pdf.org. mother-child care. Purchases If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of one of the books listed below. It has been designed as an effective and reliable source of information. Available in: Price: English. please contact the following address: Médecins Sans Frontières Service Approvisionnement 8. and indications given by specialist w orkers.pdf files.) The main download page for MSF books is located at the main "MSF Reference Books" page at . The manual can be used as a tool w hen developing a curative care policy.France Tel.uk/books. Curative care is an integral part of medical programmes such as vaccination. French. The handbook has been thoroughly researched by taking into account MSF’ experience. w ater purification.MSF UK Clinical Guidelines: Diagnostic and Treatment Manual Essential Drugs: Practical Guidelines Minor Surgical Procedures in Remote Areas Blood Transfusions in Remote Areas Obstetrics in Remote Situations Ophthalmology in Remote Situations Management of Epidemic Meningoccocal Meningitis Management of A Measles Epidemic Rapid Health Assessment of Refugee or Displaced Populations Public Health Engineering in Emergency Situations Nutrition Guidelines Refugee Health in Emergency Situation Dispensary Guidelines: Installation and Organisation Practical Guidelines for the Training of Health Personnel Downloads Where the selected title is downloadable. recommendations made by reference organisations such as the WHO.

org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French Spanish Portuguese Russian Arabic http://w w w . the selection of donors once the decision for a blood transfusion has been taken. even fatal.msf.org/msf_docs/en/Clinical_Guide/CG_en.uk/books. doctors w orking in emergency units and all health professionals w ho. economic.org/msf_docs/en/Essential_drugs/ED_en. but rather to bring fundamental notions together that area likely to help practitioners w orking in outposts. pharmacists. Minor surgical treatment in remote areas is also useful for operating assistants. MSF describes and explains in this guide the essential techniques necessary for 'minor surgery'. how ever. physicians.htm Title: Summary: Blood Transfusions in Remote Areas Blood transfusion is a life-saving act that is often considered banal. are called upon to carry out w hat is commonly called ‘minor surgery’ in thoroughly aseptic conditions and according to standard protocols. consequences for the receiver. malaria.12/20/12 Dow nload link: http://w w w . this handbook contains these answ ers.refbooks.org. the book tries to respond directly and simply to the daily problems faced by health personnel by giving practical solutions that have proved effective to MSF in the field – as w ell as taking into account the recommendations of other reference organisations such as the WHO. Far from claiming to be a pharmacological dictionary.htm Title: Summary: Obstetrics in Remote Situations Mother/child mortality and morbidity in developing countries is outrageously high compared to industrialised countries. This is due to a multiplicity of cultural.msf. It is intended for non-specialists in remote areas w ith minimum medical facilities and is not intended to teach obstetrics. French and Spanish 3/6 w w w .msf. This handbook presents the most common and most useful medico-surgical techniques that can be easily carried out by a doctor or a nurse w ith advanced training w ho may find themselves in an isolated health centre w ith no means of evacuating a patient.refbooks.msf. w ithout being surgeons. hepatitis. there can be very serious. and prevention of risks – particularly infectious diseases (AIDS. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French http://w w w . nurses or health auxiliaries w orking in curative care and managing drugs and medical equipment.pdf Title: Summary: Minor Surgical Procedures in Remote Areas How can w e save lives and improve treatment w ithout technical facilities and the minimum of equipment? To answ er this question.) . sleeping sickness etc. This handbook w as compiled for those in charge of transfusion programmes as w ell as doctors. nor w ith any surgical or X-ray equipment.related to the transfusion. syphilis.pdf Title: Summary: Essential Drugs: Practical Guidelines In remote or precarious conditions medical personnel need direct and simple answ ers that are adapted to daily practice. although the development of technical means has rendered them obsolete in many industrialised countries. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French Spanish http://w w w . It is intended for all levels of health professionals. laboratory technicians and all those involved in training health w orkers.aspx . This practical guidebook is designed to provide guidance in the prescription of blood transfusions.refbooks.refbooks. The information supplied on the drug-sheets is adapted to the technical capabilities of the prescriber. Available in: English.msf. and logistical factors that often result in a lack of means in both material and human terms. It offers tried and tested methods. This handbook has been devised w ith a view to saving a mother and child w hile w orking in an environment that is lacking in medical facilities and modern infrastructures.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en.

This is a short but extremely detailed handbook.msf.htm Title: Summary: Management of Epidemic Meningoccocal Meningitis The epidemiological factors responsible for menigococcal epidemics are yet to be fully understood. of w hich humans are the reservoir. it is essential to assess their health status and estimate the needs in certain vital areas.5 Euros or approx £6 Title: Public Health Engineering in Emergency Situations 4/6 w w w . urban. Certain points have intentionally been neglected for the benefit of other.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. Available in: Price: English only 8. investigating the epidemic.refbooks. more essential. The chapter entitled “ A few simple techniques to know ” summarises the techniques that should be used in certain precise circumstances.pdf Title: Summary: Management of A Measles Epidemic Measles is considered a banal childhood illness in industrialised countries but in developing countries it is still devastating. high-population urban areas and poor socio-economic conditions are favourable grounds for spreading Neisseria meningitis. the most urgent priority is to prevent the spread of disease and to reduce morbidity and mortality. The second part defines the action to be taken: vaccination campaign and treatment of cases.htm Title: Summary: Rapid Health Assessment of Refugee or Displaced Populations In order to plan and implement aid for a displaced population.org. The operational methods are adapted to the context.msf. The indispensable notions of anatomy.refbooks. All eye-related tropical diseases are review ed in this handbook. In epidemic situations – w hether rural. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French http://w w w . among displaced populations or in refugee camps – the main goal is to reduce the mortality and morbidity related to meningitis.refbooks.org/msf_docs/en/Meningitis/Mening_en.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en.org/msf_docs/en/Obstetrics/Obstetrics_en. is intended for health personnel w ho need to carry out a rapid health assessment of a refugee or displaced population: data collection and analysis concerning demography.refbooks.aspx .MSF UK http://w w w . draw n from MSF’s and Epicentre’s experience in the field.msf. The choice of therapy is intentionally limited in order to conform w ith the WHO’s list of essential drugs and to avoid the mistakes that w ould inevitably be caused by too great a cause. confirming the diagnosis. It offers a method for determining the existence of an epidemic. Nevertheless it is clear that promiscuity.msf.12/20/12 Price: Dow nload link: MSF handbooks .pdf Title: Summary: Ophthalmology in Remote Situations This handbook is not an extensive textbook on ophthalmology but intends to give practical help to any personnel faced w ith eye-related diseases. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: French http://w w w . This handbook is designed to provide methodology to health staff w orking in measles epidemics in the field. The first part of the book covers general clinical and epidemiological notions as w ell as the investigation of an epidemic w hich serves to identify and set up the most effective prevention measures. ones w ith the intention of being as simple and as efficient as possible. treating the cases and implementing a vaccination campaign. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: French http://w w w . This simple and practical guide. mortality.msf. nutritional and immunisation status as w ell as w ater and food resources etc.uk/books. morbidity. physiology and sight are a briefly recalled in the initial chapters. During an epidemic.

mother-child care etc. hygiene of materials and facilities. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English http://w w w . For long considered as a ‘specialist’s field’.refbooks.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English http://w w w .uk/books.htm Title: Summary: Practical Guidelines for the Training of Health Personnel This guide is designed for physicians and health personnel in charge of training and supervising local staff. These annexes can be adapted to the various needs in the field are also available on disquette PC. the quality and quantity of w ater.msf.refbooks. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French http://w w w . surveillance forms etc.msf. The handbook includes technical sheets that may be adapted to local customs as w ell as to the logistical and financial means available in the field.) as w ell as a description of tasks for the different types of personnel. Draw n from MSF’s experience w orking w ith refugees. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English French http://w w w .aspx 5/6 .12/20/12 Summary: MSF handbooks .refbooks.msf. epidemiological surveillance etc.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. but also offers advice that is useful for the post-emergency phase.org/msf_docs/en/Refugee_Health/RH. This guide emphasises the ‘three A’s’ for all sanitation installation: socially Acceptable (a good know ledge of the local population concerned is important).htm Title: Summary: Nutrition Guidelines Emergency nutrition interventions are among the most vital components of an emergency relief response. Word 7. These diseases may not necessarily kill. Window s 95. The guide includes various forms in annex (individual health card.) It is designed above all for the emergency phase. It is nevertheless an extremely complex subject and the form of response depends on many factors.msf.pdf Title: Summary: Dispensary Guidelines: Installation and Organisation The organisation of curative care in a health facility is one of the priorities to be rapidly set up in order to reduce the mortality rate in refugee or displaced populations. These guidelines are not supposed to be another academic w ork on nutrition. materials and drugs. w aste and insect and rodent vectors. Every programme in each country or region has its ow n particularities according tot he context. there are already various excellent reference w orks available. management of personnel. It can also be used by non-medical staff w ho are interested in training programmes as the idea to w w w . there are immense needs and relatively limited resources.MSF UK Public health engineering comes under the general heading of health and is vital in the prevention of a number of diseases linked to lack of hygiene.org. Appropriate (technically w ell adapted) and Affordable (moderate costs).org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. Neither is it a recipe book to identify each type of nutritional problem and supply a standardised response.htm Title: Summary: Refugee Health in Emergency Situation In crisis situations characterised by the massive displacement of populations. This guide is intended for medical personnel in charge of the organisation of a dispensary in an emergency context (consultations and referrals. The purpose of this book is to facilitate the simple application of fundamental principles necessary for the assessment of nutritional programmes in emergency situations. public health engineering has now become an integral part of preventative measures on par w ith vaccination. but they are alw ays responsible for deterioration in the physical condition of individuals.refbooks. nutrition.0: the disquette is integrated into the guide so as to facilitate immediate printing. Refugee health in emergency situation is intended for health personnel as w ell as non-medical staff involved in operational decision levels in this type of situation.msf. from the acute phase through to the repatriation process. this operational manual discusses the priorities of intervention during the different stages of a refugee crisis.

Spanish http://w w w . French. the training methodology can be used w hatever the field to be taught.htm MSF UK English Registered Charity No. Each chapter is independent.aspx . how ever. Available in: Price: Dow nload link: English.msf.msf.uk/books.org/MSF_Docs/en/MSFdocMenu_en. The vocabulary w hich is used in this guide is simple and precise. 1026588 © Crow n Copyright 2006 by Chameleon w w w .refbooks. Moreover. It is necessary to have a good command of this specific vocabulary w hen referring to training programmes.org.MSF UK give direction and structure the setting up of a programme. Numerous examples from the field are also included in this guide and can be found in the annexes. it is recommended that all chapters be read in the order presented.12/20/12 MSF handbooks . w hen designing a full programme.

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