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case study
case study

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Published by: Abhishek Agarwal on Jan 30, 2013
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Sanaa stood in her balcony, the cold wind in her face, her hands wrapped around her morning

cup of coffee. Looking out beyond her building, she could see construction underway in every direction. She was amazed at the rapid pace at which the city was expanding. ‘Expansion’ – every time she heard that word, she thought about Teach For India and her work.

“Dear All, It gives us great pleasure to welcome on board Sanaa Sharma! She has joined as Expansion Manager in Delhi! Coming up straight from her: "Hi everyone!! I am the newest member of the Teach For India family!! I'm so excited to be in Delhi working on the expansion team. I have loved meeting students and Fellows in classrooms the past few days. I believe in the vision of the organization and I wish to play my part in realizing it. If you have an appreciation for reality television, mainstream pop music or Thai food, you and I will get along quite nicely. I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon."

Sanaa re-read the email that had been sent out on her first day of work, introducing her to what would so quickly become her new family, on the new Staff Board that HR had put up. With a fast growing organisation, this was a new necessity. Sanaa began getting ready for her day as she thought back over the 3 months she had been part of Teach For India; it was 9.30am on Monday and she had a long list of action items that had to be completed within the week. In the short time that she had been working here, Sanaa had learned about every aspect of the organization from Admin to Program Development and Fellow Recruitment and she continued to learn more with each passing day. With each new learning, Sanaa had also met a new person from a different part of the world. “This is such an interesting place to work at!” she thought for the hundredth time with a smile. All these people were working towards one vision – One day all children will attain an excellent education. It was the word ‘all’ that brought Sanaa into the picture. As part of the Expansion team, Sanaa led the design and execution of Teach For India’s growth and expansion strategy with the purpose to expand nationwide. She also led the Expansion efforts to set up and launch operations in new cities. Her role enabled Teach For India to move into new cities and impact more children in need of quality education.

There were a number of factors that needed to be kept in mind. The site must be equipped to place 50 Fellows at least. number of Fellows from the city in previous years. keeping in mind operating costs. Hyderabad. Mumbai and Pune. Government and private schools 3. Delhi. city infrastructure. While the above questions needed a lot of thought and assessment. corporate presence. Could Teach For India look forward to local support in the city such as partner NGOs. 3 more sites to move into in the next few years. Teach For India must partner with both. The question she faced was.which placed would those be? Selecting a new site was no easy task. You may use statistics from DISE. which three Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities would you choose for Teach For India to move to next? Please provide qualitative and quantitative data to back your decision. possibility of local fundraising activities? 3. The organization had committed to being in 8 sites by 2016.In 2012. Could Teach For India look forward to government support? 2. Teach For India was based out of 5 cities . corporate funding. Please cite any other source that you use. .Chennai. student/teacher ratio? 4. If you were in place of Sanaa. The site must have English medium schools 2. talent pool for potential hires. How easy/difficult would it be to operate from the city. A few of those were: 1. Presence of Teach For India in the city – campus presence. there were certain points that were non-negotiable for any new site: 1.

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