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industry review

industry review

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reviews about power industry
reviews about power industry

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Published by: Priyanka Nagulapally on Jan 30, 2013
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1752 Faraday Discovers Electromagnetic Induction – early 1800’s Edison Invents the Light Bulb and Generating Stations in NYC – 1882 Tesla Invents Alternating Current Motor for Westinghouse .1888     .HISTORY  Static Electricity – Ancient Greeks Franklin Invents Lightning Rods .


Electricity in the World and India • India has the fifth largest generation capacity in the world..000 kWh) and China (~1. • The world average stands at 2.800 kWh). Japan.300 kWh . • The average per capita consumption of electricity in India is estimated to be 704 kWh during 2008-09. China and Russia together consume about 49 per cent of the total power generated globally. US. The top four countries. compared to the US (~15. viz.

Quality power .Commercial viability of power industry .Reliability of power .Optimum power cost .Power for all Power for All by 2012 .• The Ministry of Power has set a goal . • A comprehensive Blueprint for Power Sector development has been prepared encompassing an integrated strategy for the sector development with following objectives:.Mission 2012: Power for All.Sufficient power to achieve GDP growth rate of 8% .

11) .02.Power for All by 2012 (as on 28.

a total of 587 projects were sanctioned.18. is an initiative to provide focus and funds to rural distribution.RGGVY • The Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyuthikaran Yojana (RGGVY). • As of 31st March 2011. . at a cost of Rs.349 crores. 26. aimed at rural electrification. electrifying 1.499 un/de-electrified villages.

Power production from all variants .



Careers • • • • • • Electrical engineers Maintenance engineer Electronic engineer Chemical engineer Civil engineer Mechanical engineer .

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