Where is the entrance? Is it far from here? Just a few minutes on foot. Thank you anyway..into ………. . How can I get to……. You can’t miss it. Turn left past the Town Hall.• • • • • • • • • • • • Excuse me. Go through the ………. I’m a stranger here myself. I don’t know.? I’m sorry. You’ll see post office in front of you. That’s the biggest/smallest building on the left.Street.

The chemist’s is on the right. The bank is on the left. can you tell me the way to………? . Next to the car park. Between the post office and the cafe. near the police station. In front of the shopping centre. Behind the taxi rank.• • • • • • • • • • Excuse me. Where is the bus stop? Is there a post office near here? Over there. Excuse me.

First on the right. / Go up the street. Turn left at the roundabout. Turn right at the traffic lights. Go down the street. Take the second turning on the right. 10 minutes by car/on foot. Go straight on. It’s no distance at all. Turn right / turn left. 5 minutes walk. . It’s the second street on the left.• • • • • • • • • • • • Go along Oxford Street.

. please. . 4 How can ….. 6 Is the underground…. near here? on the map... I get there? the bus stop? from here? can I get to the centre? 5 Excuse me.EXERCISES: Match the halves to make sentences 1 Excuse me.. Where is …. 2 Is it far …. 3 Show me …. How …..

Is it far from here? …. …. then take the second street on the left.Oh...Go down this road.First on the left.Excuse me! …. then the second on the right. …. please? ..Rearrange the sentences to make the dialogues A. …. …. ….... .. no. second on the right. ….. …. please? ….Thank you very much …..Certainly..Yes? B.Thanks a lot...Excuse me. How can I get to the railway station.That's right. It's just five minutes' walk.. ….Can you tell me the way to the post office. Take the first street on the left..

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