Section 1.
The Quantum Cookbook includes all the information to help you get started manifesting your desires right away. Let's get started by asking ourselves "What exactly is manifesting”, well manifesting means to create something or to bring something into existence, but it doesn't mean to make trees pop up in the middle of the street or have a beautiful man or woman appear in your front room, however nice that might be. When we talk about manifesting we're talking about bringing something into existence by manipulating the energy of the universe, we know we can do this because thanks to Quantum physics we understand the nature of the universe better than ever before. According to Quantum theory we know that everything in the universe is made up of the same stuff "energy" every object, every person, everything, whether animate or inanimate is made up of energy, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, these are all things as well and since they exist in the real world they're made of energy too. All this energy exist together in the universe at the same time and every bit of this energy is capable of interacting with every other bit, this is the theory of entanglement, in other words, everything in the universe is connected, everything we do has an effect on the energy around us, every thought emotion and action has an impact and that's where the fun begins, if we can interact with the energy around us just by thinking about it, that means our thoughts have the power to influence our reality, in other words just by thinking about something we can shape our own reality and that's exactly what we all do on a daily basis. You actually create your own reality every single day, you may not think about it like that but that's what's happening. The problem is you might be creating the same old reality day after day without making any changes or getting any further ahead and that's where perception enters the picture. If your perception is that you can't make your life any better or that you don't deserve to have things you want then that's the reality you're creating but if you think that everything happens in your life because you want it, then you'll start to see changes taking place on a regular basis. Your perception plays an important role in how you see your life unfolding, if change is happening all around you but you don't ever seem to change then you have to ask yourself why? after all someone is making these changes take place, so if it's not you it must be somebody else and if they can do it so can you. Change is not as difficult to achieve as you might think like everything it starts with a single step, you might get up to half an hour early, walk to work instead of taking the car or take an evening stroll in the opposite direction to the one you usually travel, even such a simple change to bring dramatic results and when you get used to the idea of change you will feel as inhibited to try even bigger changes and then life gets interesting but back to Quantum theory again, have you ever wondered what a thought is, what happens when you think a thought, suppose you're sitting in your favourite chair and start thinking about

baseball, all of a sudden images of ballplayers, diamonds, ballparks, baseballs and hundreds of other scenes flood into your mind, you can't help it ! once you start the thoughts seem to takeover almost with a life of their own or have you ever tried sitting in a dark corner of a quiet room and think about nothing, if you have you'll realize that it's impossible matter how hard you try. You're always thinking about something that's because your brain is always switched on, it never stops working, even while you sleep you're thinking about something and because your brain is always switched on, it gives you a power that you may not be aware of. Have you ever had a job that you didn't like, one that you wanted to quit so bad that every day became more and more of a grind, a job that wasn't the least bit fulfilling rewarding or challenging? Unfortunately most of us have been there but what happens to you when you're in a situation like this? You spend your days thinking, thinking about what it would be like get out of this boring situation, to have a job that interests you, to work in a place where you feel appreciated, to come home from work feeling good or to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work and all this thinking makes you take action. You get so fed up with that boring old job that you start looking out for new ones, you ask around in case your friends have hear of any openings, you update your resume, you apply for any good jobs that come along and who you thank for all this ? Your brain! And all the thinking it's making you do. Your thoughts can make things happen, sometimes they force you to make changes by almost driving you to distraction but imagine what you could achieve if you use these thoughts to purposely make changes to your life, to create your own reality and what if instead of just thinking about making changes, you actually made a commitment to yourself to make those changes!. If you were able to imagine yourself in a new situation and experience it firsthand, how much more effective would that be. Let's answer those questions with another question; can you remember the best sex you ever had? Sorry we didn't mean to startle you but the truth is most of us can remember a time when we had great sex and the reason we can remember these experiences so well is all down to one thing emotion. Human beings are unique in that they possess and are capable of showing emotion, not just a few emotions but a complete range of them including happiness, sadness, joy, despair, delight, anger, frustration, euphoria, ecstasy, surprise and a dozen others, so why are emotions so important, well they put the fire into your thoughts. Emotions bring the world alive and make it less boring, after all how dull would life be without emotions, to never smile or laugh or cry or look angry or get nervous or feel excited !, can you imagine anything worse. Emotions are a crucial part of what makes us what we are, an essential element in what we think of as our reality and that's why they need to be included in the manifesting method because any new reality you create will also be full of emotions and you can use emotions to help create the reality you want. Think about when you fall in love, you feel special, excited like your heart’s going to burst out of your chest. Every time you see the object of your affections a thrill goes through your whole body, when you're apart you can't wait to get together, when you're together you don't want the time to come when you'll have to separate or think about how it feels to win a competition, first you're surprised and then you're delighted that you actually won something, then you feel

privileged at getting something valuable without having to pay for it, you also feel lucky and blessed that good fortune seemed to smile on you or think about how it feels when you've done some work or received praise, maybe it was just a pat on the back or a recommendation to other businesses. You feel proud as if your work was worth all the effort, if you can imagine these feelings you'll have no trouble coming up with a strong emotion regarding the things you want to manifest, just put yourself in a situation you want to be in whether that's winning the jackpot or driving that new car and you'll be able to attach a suitable and potent emotion to whatever you want. Before we examine the quantum cookbook manifesting method in detail let's remind ourselves about the 10 principles of manifesting, the golden rules that everything else is based on. • Principle 1: Be definite about what you want. • Principle 2: Trust in the universe. • Principle 3: Get emotional. • Principle 4: Calm your mind. • Principle 5: • Principle 6: • Principle 7: • Principle 8: • Principle 9: Belief and perception. Focus and let go. Let it happen. Make your intentions clear. Remember the boomerang effect.

• Principle 10: Say "Thank you" and relax. Those are the 10 principles of manifesting. The whole process starts with knowing what you want but how do you know what you want? Is there a way to find out the most important things you want in life? Take a few moments and consider what areas of your life are most important to you. Most people want to be happy and healthy, to be financially secure, and to have a close circle of friends as well as healthy relationships with their parents and families. Knowing that most people want the same things we can devise a top 10 list to help you make up your mind. • 1. Everybody wants to be happy but what makes you happy, is it money, friends, recognition? • 2. Most people want to stay healthy, that makes sense because hard to be happy when you don't feel well. • 3. Next comes financial security and although money isn't everything it helps to make life less stressful and more enjoyable.

• 4. If you're happy, healthy and have enough money to get by, what more do you need, the answer is love of course. People need other people. • 5. The next is respect, getting praise and encouragement for a job well done. We need to know that the work we do is appreciated. • 6. And that leads on to the next topic "self-esteem" if you do a good job and received praise for it you're going to feel good and your confidence will grow. • 7. We all want more time, time for ourselves or time to spend with loved ones, friends and family. • 8. Then there's self-fulfilment, those things like hobbies we all have a talent for but never seem to get around to doing. • 9. We all want to live our dream. We know that dreams can come true because they have for lots of people. • 10. Finally we will live in a brighter and better future, a future full of promise, hope and potential. Manifesting teaches you how to live in the present, in the here and now, that's because the past is gone while the future is yet to be so the only time you can actually exist is in this very moment, right now and that means you do have the power to create the future you want just by taking control of your life and acting now, in the present!. Now it's time to look at the Quantum cookbook manifesting method and put all these aspects together in our manifesting recipe. The six basic ingredients needed for successful manifesting are:• 1. Know what you want. • 2. Know what you don't want. • 3. Keep focused on what you want. • 4. Keep your emotion in mind. • 5. Kick-start your goal by taking action. • 6. Keep going until you get what you want. The first step in the manifesting process is always the same; you have to know what you want. Give some thought to what you want and be as clear and definite about it as you can. We call this the main ingredient and it’s what the manifesting process is all about, getting what you want! Make a list of all the things you'd like to have, write down everything you can think of no matter how silly or unrealistic it seems. Your list can be as long as you like and include as much or as little detail as you want. Once you've made

your list, look it over and see if you can identify any common threads running through it, for example if your list contains a lot of possessions that you need more money to purchase then more money is a common thread or if your list includes references to a better job, better pay, shorter hours, better working conditions then the common thread there is probably a new job. These common threads will help you discover and pick out the main ingredients from your list, put these main ingredients on another sheet of paper and then decide which is the most important, the one thing you'd like to have in your life right now! When you've decided on the one thing you want, write it into the main ingredient section on the manifesting recipe sheet then you're ready to move on to the next part of the process:Stating your intention, But are you sure you know what you want or are you still thinking about what you don't want. Lots of people ask for what they don't want, for instance if they want to be healthy they write "I don't want to be sick" or if they're fed up with their job they might write "I don't want to do this job anymore" but these are negative, they're telling us what that person doesn't want and not what he or she does want but the universe has no way of making these subtle distinctions, it only wants to bring you what you ask for. It works on the Law of attraction, according to the law of attraction, like attracts like, positive energy attracts positive energy and negative of course attracts negative. If the message you're sending to the cosmos is negative then you'll get negative energy right back. We call this "the boomerang effect" because whatever you send out comes straight back at you, so be sure that what you ask for is what you really want because whatever you ask for you'll get. If you say you want to get out of your job, you might simply end up getting fired or made redundant. You need to be clear and definite about what you want and then turn that into a positive statement in your intention. Another way to find out what you really want is to ask yourself questions. Questions force you to supply an answer and if you're looking for answers you need to ask the right questions. If you want more money in your life? you might ask yourself "why you want that money ?", is it to make you or your family more secure ?, is it to take some of the stress and worry out of your life ?, is it to be able to afford some luxury item that you've always wanted ?. We know that money can't buy you love and neither can it buy you happiness but it can certainly make your life easier and bring you some personal satisfaction and those are both positive things. By asking the right questions you'll discover why you want more money in your life. When you know the reason why, it will be easier for you to attach an emotion to your intention and help you envision what having more money will be like. The second part of the manifesting recipe sheet is where you write in your intention, a definite well-defined purpose or goal that you mean to accomplish, it's more than a wish because it requires lots of thought and consideration, it's better than a daydream because it's about what you're going to do right now and not something in the distant future. Intention tells you what you intend to do rather than what you wish you could, for instance, if you were to say that you want a new car, that's not as powerful as saying “You intend to get a new car”. As soon as you make your desire an intention you're giving it importance and demonstrating your commitment to get what you want. Intentions are

always positive and always phrased in the present tense that's because the present, the here and now is the only time in which you can exist, the only time you can make any real changes in your life. In the overall scheme of things, time is meaningless and where the universe is concerned, time is only an illusion. In a practical sense time helps us to get on with lives. If you have to be at work at 9 a.m. then you'd better make sure you are but humans have the ability to think about the past and to look ahead to the future. This is a blessing and a curse all at the same time for although it gives us pleasure to do so it can also prevent us from living in the present. When you think about the past it brings up fond memories of the people you've known and the places you've been, the best bits of your childhood or school days but you might think you could have done something differently or regret the way your life has progressed and as you know, regrets are negative, so is thinking about the future any healthier, well not really. How can you predict what lies ahead and what if your thoughts are negative ones, if you see yourself in an even worse situation than you are now? The reason the present is so vital in manifesting is because it's the only time when you can manifest. The past is gone and it's never coming back. The best thing you can do is remember it fondly and let it go, likewise the future is yet to be but that's a good thing because if you want to make a brighter future for yourself, you can! By taking control of your life in the present right now! Your intention should be as detailed as you can make it, if you want a new car say that you want a new car, if you want particular type of car, write it down. The more detailed and specific you are the easier it is for the universe to figure out exactly what you want. The third ingredient in manifesting process concerns focus but that doesn't mean sitting at home in a darkened room thinking only about the one thing and waiting for something to happen, simply focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Focus on selecting the common threads from the variety of things you want and focus on stating your intention so it is clear and precise as you can make it, stick to one thing you really want until you get it. To help you do this you should write out a fresh manifesting recipe sheet every day, even if you write the same things on it from one day to the next, just filling in a sheet every day will reinforce your intention to get what you want and help you remain focused on it. Once you've chosen your main ingredient and written your intention, you need to think about how having this thing in your life will make you feel, a new relationship might make you feel loved and admired, a new house might make you feel proud or blessed with abundance, a better job might make you feel less stressful and more able to make a valuable contribution. When you've got your emotion in mind, write it in the space provided on manifesting recipe sheet. Whenever you fill a new sheet, remind yourself how having that new thing in your life will make you feel. Emotions help to spice up images of things you want, making them easier to envision but some people find it difficult to nail down particular emotions, if you're one of those might find inspiration in your favourite piece of music. Music comes in a variety of styles and covers the complete range of emotions. Film directors use music to make audiences react in a certain way knowing that emotions are more easily expressed through music than almost any other way. What kind of music you like? Does music help you relax or does it get you going in the morning? You

can use music to help you nail down a particular emotion or you might simply choose to play music while doing a manifesting ritual. Once you know what you want, have stated your intention and attached a strong emotion to it, it's time to take action. Action refers to anything you do, any physical activity you pursue in respect to manifesting method but it doesn't have to be a grand gesture anything you do is an action and any action you take will help move the process along. Action includes filling in your recipe sheet, it could mean buying a newspaper if you're looking for a job or buying a lottery ticket if you want more money. The best way to know when to take action is to follow your instincts, if you get a gut feeling about something go for it! If your intuition tells you to phone someone do it! Or if there's something you've been meaning to do but kept putting it off, get on with it! Action also includes the area of coincidences, if you're thinking of buying a new car and you suddenly get piles of junk mail about the latest offers consider a visit your local showroom, if you run into someone you haven't seen for a while have a quick chat and find out what they're up to, if you get invited to a social event, it could be the very best place where you meet a good friend or start a new relationship. The important thing is to pay attention and look for the signs then if it feels right to do so, take action! Often the most difficult part of manifesting can be to keep going, if you've asked for a better job but there's no sign of anything happening you might be tempted to give up and that's why so many people fail to get what they want in life. The secret of creating your own reality is to never give up !, that's why so many people get what they want while others just end up wishing for it, if you really want to make things happen you got to be determined, stick with the same goal day after day after day until you get it, then move on to the next and the next and the next after that. There may be times when the universe doesn't bring you what you've asked for, if that happens you need to ask yourself why ?, there's usually a reason so you need to go back through your manifesting recipe sheet and try to discover it, if manifesting isn't working examine what you're asking for. Is your main ingredient really what you want ?, are you focused on what you want rather than on what you don't want ?, is your intention written in the present tense ?, is it is clear and detailed ?, can you feel what your life will be like when you've achieved your goal ?, is the emotion as big and bold as you can make it ?, are your actions taking a natural course ?, are you listening to your inner voice, following your gut instincts ?. If things are still not working out then you might be letting doubts cloud your judgment. Remember that manifesting is all about getting what you want not what other people think you need, you have a right to these things just like anybody else does, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want and to believe that you deserve those things. Your needs are just as important as another persons, you deserve to have the things you want, your worth it !. Believe in yourself and have faith. Think positive and the things you want will be yours! The final two ingredients on the manifesting recipe sheet are two of the most often overlooked. The first and probably most crucial is the concept of letting go. Letting go has two different meanings, it refers to being able to exist without the thing you asked for, it also refers to having faith that the other thing you asked for will be delivered to you by the universe. Once you've selected your main ingredient, stated your intention and attached

an emotion, you've done your job. You can let go and leave it to the cosmos to bring you what you want, you can get on with your life knowing your desires will be taking care of. The other side of letting go concerns your faith in the cosmos. Once you've done your manifesting sheet that's it, your work is done. You need to trust that the universe will take care of it's side of the bargain and deliver what you’ve asked for, if you're unable to do this then it means that you really don't believe that it will happen or that you don't think you deserve it to happen, either way you're sending out negative signals and that means you'll get negative results. Finally we come to an area of personal responsibility. Manifesting always works best when you keep your intentions to yourself, that's because they're your manifestations, they concern you and nobody else, they're personal and private and don't need anybody else's approval. Then there's the law of attraction, other people might not be as convinced as you are that manifesting works, they might have doubts or ridicule the idea and that brings negative energy, so don't risk it !. Don't tell anyone until you get what you've asked for, by then it won't matter and when you do get what you asked for despite the fact you haven't told anyone, you'll feel great. So you can't lose! so now let’s put everything we've learned in the manifesting ritual that you can perform every day. Your ritual doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy. We call it a ritual to give it some importance but you can just think of it as a routine. Be consistent and make it an important part of your day. Perform your ritual when it suits you, either first thing in the morning or the last thing at night whichever you prefer. Choose a spot where you can find some peace and quiet, where you know you won't be disturbed and where you can perform your ritual at the same time every day. For the early risers try to include as many of the following items in your ritual as you can. Take 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time to reflect and calm your mind. Visualize what you want in as much detail as possible to get your thought energy moving. Finish off by filling in your manifesting recipe sheet, if you prefer, do your thinking while taking a walk with or without music. For those of you who like to stay up late the ritual can include most of these items, although the walk is not compulsory. Other options might include doing some meditation if you like that kind of thing or you might find a spot of yoga helps get you relaxed and in the right frame of mind. The important thing is to be consistent and perform your ritual every day then you won't be surprised when all your dreams start coming true! Manifesting works every single time but don't take our word for it read through the success stories in the main course. Find out how Mel got more money and a new place to live or how Mark manifested the best friend he's ever had within only seven days or how Jay's fantasy to live in a castle was realized. if it works for them it'll work for you !. All you need to do is follow our manifesting recipe, stick to your guns, have faith and be patient, if you can do these things, everything you've ever wanted is within your grasp. Get started today by deciding on whatever it is you want and remember to put some thought into it because after all thoughts really do create reality.

Section 2.


This Section contains a complete session using the Quantum Cookbook manifestation method, including step-by-step instructions to guide you through your very own manifesting routine. Before you began the session itself, make sure you have the following materials available, the items you'll need for this session are:•1. A pen or pencil, •2. A writing pad or a few sheets of paper, •3. Somewhere to work where you won't be disturbed, •4. 20 to 30 minutes of time to complete the session, •5. Your manifesting recipe sheet which you'll find ready to print off in your Quantum Cookbook main course.

Okay let's get started, Part 1. The first part of the manifesting recipe sheet is all about finding your main ingredient. There are a number of different ways you can do this and each method has its own unique advantages. Your goal in finding his main ingredient is to discover what you want, the thing you'd most like to have in your life right now. But how do you know what you want? To find out what you want begin by making a list on your pad or paper. Write down everything and anything you think you'd like to have, no matter how big or small it might be. Now to help you get started, here are the main categories you should consider when making your list:•1. Is there something you want that will make you happier than you are right now? If so put on your list. It could be anything from a new washing machine to a luxury holiday, more time to spend with your family, or simply to stay fit and healthy. Whatever comes to mind, get it down on paper. Now ask yourself this question, •2. Is the one thing you want above anything else right now, to have more money? If so be sure to include that in your list. If there's a specific amount you have in mind, maybe to purchase a particular item then write that down as well. •3. Would your life be better with a new relationship in it? Maybe you have wonderful relationships with friends and family, but there's no special someone that makes your heart beat little faster. Or it could be that your love life is great, but you'd really like to have a really good friend to gossip with or share your interests. The more specific you can be the easier you make it for your dreams to become a reality. Write down your relationship needs.

What about your job? •4. Does it give you satisfaction and pride in what you do or do you think is time to move on, would you prefer job that was less stressful or would you be happier doing a job with the pressure of deadlines and the bigger salary that usually goes with it. Or perhaps you're considering starting your own business, working from home or doing some freelance work on the side. Whatever situation you're in, be brave and write down exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to ask for a better job with better pay. If you don't ask, you certainly won't get it !. Write it down if you need to. Of course you may already have a great job that pays well and that you enjoy doing. If that's the case then maybe what you need in your life is more time. If you work long hours and have to commute back and forth then you'll be pretty tired when you finally get home at the end of your long day, people in those situations usually need the weekends to recover, which doesn't leave much time for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Remember that you are the most important person in your life. If you need time to do the things that inspire you or refresh you or simply help you relax then write that down on your list. It could be that you're owed some time off from work. Or perhaps there's a new group starting your local area that specializes in your favourite hobby. Ask for more time and let the universe worry about where the time comes from. If more time is something you could benefit from, write it down. Many of us have dreams that we keep locked up inside, afraid to verbalize them or go after them, because we're not sure that they can be achieved. But every dream starts out as a thought and you should know by now that thought can help you change your life. What is your dream? •5. Is it to live in your ideal destination? To travel the world, to be an actor or a model, to write books, to work from home, to sell cars, to grow your own food, to be an astronaut? It doesn't matter what your dreaming is. Remember the dream is only a dream until it's been realized. Then it's part of your life. Write your dream down in as much detail as you can before moving on to the next topic, and that brings us to the future. You'll recall that manifesting is all about doing things in the present, in the here and now some! So if you want to make a better future for yourself, you have to do it now! As we keep saying throughout the course "now is the only time you can". •6. What would your ideal future include ?, more money, living in a particular place, being surrounded by family and friends, whatever you think you'd like to see in the future, write it down, then you can start to make it happen. Part 2.

Once you get to this stage, you should have quite a good list of things you want. Now you need to narrow your list down. You can do this by having a look at what you've written and seeing if there are any common threads. For example, if your list includes a new car, a house, a new washing machine, a luxury vacation or things like then the common thread is probably more money. If your list includes being able to pursue a leisure

activity or visiting friends and relatives more regularly then the common thread there is probably more time. Find as many common threads as you can and make a new list with only these items on it. Then choose the one thing on this new list that's most important, the thing you'd like to have in your life right now more than all the others. This is your main ingredient. Now simply write your main ingredient into the space on your manifesting recipe sheet. If you've been following a course and paying attention then you'll be able to answer this next question very quickly. The question is, how can you create your own reality? And the answer is:- Just by thinking about it !. But you already know that, don't you and you also know that when you discover the thing you want to have in your life, the main ingredient, You have to put a lot of thought into it, but sometimes we're tempted to choose things not because we want them because we feel that asking for what we really want is pushing our luck. We don't want to tempt fate, and maybe deep down we don't think we deserve it. Well you can get around those feelings by asking yourself why you want the thing you really want. In other words, once you've chosen your main ingredient, then you need to quiz yourself and make certain that what you ask for is what you really want.

Part 3.

Take a look at that main ingredient you've written on the manifesting recipe sheet. Keep in mind and ask yourself these questions. Why you want it ?, how will it benefit you ?, will it benefit others as well ?, how will having it make you feel ?, is it something you can do without ?. If you don't get it will you still be relatively happy and secure? Would you be happy with something even better? Is it something you deserve to have? Are you able to focus on it until you get it? Do you have faith that the universe will bring it to you? If your answers to these questions are all positive then you know you’re onto a winner. And that means you're ready to move on to the next stage of the process, which is declaring your intention. Part 4.

The idea is to take your main ingredient and turn it into a statement of intent. It’s no longer something you want, something you wish you could have; now it'll becomes something that you intend to get. And that's a very big difference indeed; you see intentions are always positive and full of purpose. Saying you intend to get something means that you're actually going to do something, right now! To bring that thing in your life. You do this by taking your main ingredient and phrasing it in the present, remaining positive and with as much detail as you think you need. For instance, if your main ingredient is to have more time to relax and socialize then you need to make it clear, definite and precise. If the universe doesn't know what you want, it won't be able to bring it to you, so use as much positive information as you can to make your intention perfectly

clear and unambiguous. Let's take the idea of wanting more time as an example. If that was what you really wanted then you might write your intention out as follows:- "It my intention to spend more time doing the things I enjoy with the people I love." That's all it takes. All the important information is contained in this positive statement which focuses on the present and on the aspect of having more time in your life. Just by writing it down in this way you're giving it more importance and putting your thought energy to work. Take some time right now to formulate it into an intention then write that intention down on manifesting recipe sheet in space provided. Don't worry if it takes a few tries to get the wording right. You can always modify it later if you want to.

Part 5.

Now that you have your main ingredient and your intention it's time to think about the next ingredient in the manifesting recipe, emotion. How will having the thing you want in your life make you feel? Will make you more relaxed or more excited? Will you feel overjoyed or blessed with abundance, will you simply be happier or feel that your life is more complete now. To help you find the right emotion imagine how having that new thing in your life will feel. See yourself in that new job with new colleagues that respect and admire you, see yourself driving that new car out of the dealer's lot. The feeling you get driving down the highway or pulling into your driveway with all the neighbours watching, imagine the things you can get done with more time on your hands, see yourself making sketches or paintings, learning to play the violin or just digging up the weeds in your garden. Picture yourself taking an afternoon off to visit a museum or do some research in your local library. Whatever your main ingredient is, once you get it, you'll feel something. Find out what that something is by putting yourself in the situation. If you can see yourself in that new job or new car. Then you can just as easily imagine how you'll feel. Write that feeling or emotion down in the space provided on your manifesting recipe sheet. Ok, you're already halfway through the manifesting recipe sheet and most of the hard work's been done. Now we come to the section about taking action, which is where many people suddenly go wrong.

Part 6.

Everything on your manifesting recipe sheet should flow naturally from one thing to the next. You can't write a good intention until you found the main ingredient. And you can attach an emotion to your intention until you've written your intention. The same thing applies to taking action. Now remember that taking action means acting when it feels right to act, not doing something to try and speed up the process. If your main ingredient concerns trying to lose a bit of weight and get in better shape then you'll probably refuse

an invitation to go out for coffee and cake's. If on the other hand, your main ingredient concerns meeting someone special then you might be more likely to accept an invitation to a dinner party or social event. Taking action doesn't have to be a grand gesture. It could be as simple as filling in your manifesting sheet every day, or it might just mean that you'll become more alert to coincidences that happen in your life. The important thing is to follow your hunches and do what you think you should do. If it makes you feel better, stick a picture of the thing you want on the fridge or on the side of your computer monitor. Then let your instincts guide you to do what seems natural. The next logical step in your manifesting process. All of which brings us nicely to the next item on manifesting sheet, which is letting go.

Part 7.

Once you know what it is you want, you have to be able to let go of your desires and trust in the universe to deliver. So when you find your main ingredient, write your intention, attach your emotion and get ready to take action, you do all these things in the faith that whatever you've asked for is already on its way. Remember that your thoughts are the things that create your reality. Once you think about having a new car. The new car is already on its way. Do your bit by completing your manifesting sheet every day. And then relax, knowing that the universe will take care of its end of the bargain. But letting go also has another meaning. It means not feeling like your life will be over, unless you get that thing you asked for. It means being happy with what you already have by being open to even better things. It means wanting more things in life without necessarily needing them. For instance, you might want to be able to fly by helicopter to work every morning, but you don't need to. Your work will still be interesting and eventful even if you walk there. Or you might want to win some money in a competition you've entered, but you don't need to winning as a bonus, but even if you don't win your life will still be as worthwhile. Many courses don't even mention the idea of letting go, but in terms of manifesting, letting go is crucial. That's why it has its own section on the manifesting sheet. Until you can truly let go of the thing you've asked for. You'll never be free, and you'll never be open enough to receive what could so easily be yours. Completing the letting go section of the manifesting sheet is easy. Simply put your main ingredient in the blank space, and then read through the whole letting go section and couple of times. This helps to remind you that you don't actually need which of asked for to survive. But that you would be thankful if you received it. Go ahead and fill in the section right now. Part 8.

The final part of the manifesting recipe sheet is all about your personal responsibility. Once you completed your manifesting recipe sheet. Your job is done. You've made your desires known to the universe and can relax and let things happen naturally. You know

that if you trust in the universe to bring what you asked for, then that's exactly what will happen, so you need to believe, have faith and be patient. You'll notice that all these things are positive, trusting, believing and being patient are all positive things. But what happens if doubt starts to creep into your mind. You'll be trying your best to stay focused on your goals, wanting them but doing so without actually needing them. But what happens if you tell other people about your intentions and these other people don't have faith or don't believe in the process of manifesting. Is it possible that their negative attitudes will rub off on you and interfere with your positive way of thinking, well our take on the subject is this, you don't have to keep your intentions to yourself, but why take the chance. If you don't tell anyone and your dreams come true that's good isn't it? So why risk contaminating your thought processes with other people's doubts and misgivings, just because they aren't brave enough to try for themselves. And yes there is a selfish element to it as well but is more a question of trust than being selfish. If you believe that the universe will bring you the things you want, then that's what will happen. Telling other people about it won't make it happen any faster or bring you anything better. So why bother? This brings us to the end of the manifesting recipe sheet. You should now have your first complete sheet in front of you with everything filled in. Take a moment to look it over and remind yourself that you're well on your way to achieving everything that you've ever wanted to achieve. Finally remember that you might want to include some music in the manifesting ritual, either as a calming background influence or to help you recapture an emotion. You can purchase meditative CDs specially made for that purpose, or you might prefer to listen to your favourite composer, whether that might be Mozart or Mancini. And that's all you need to know. You now have all the information you need to find what you want, to write your intention, attach an emotion, taken an action and let go. Manifesting is easy, manifesting if fun, manifesting works every single time, we hope you've had lots of fun working with the Quantum Cookbook manifesting method and that helps you to get all the things you've ever wanted in your life. Thank you for taking the time to work through the course with us and we wish you the very best of luck with all your manifesting. Whatever you want, you can have it, just by taking control and it all starts with a single thought.


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