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DIVE Into Nursing - Toronto 2012 Ainsley McQueen & Catherine Davy

CNSA is guided by the following underlying principles and objectives:
• To be the primary resource for nursing students. • Influence and advance innovation in nursing curriculum and research. • Strengthening linkages and creating new partnerships.

These objectives provide guidance to CNSA yet are flexible enough to allow the association to respond to current issues and events. In addition to this, there is a vision for the association which includes the concepts/goals of Professionalism, Leadership, Visibility, Education and Advocacy. Activities of the Association have a relationship in some way to either the objectives of the Association or its vision. This allows for a wide variety of activities within CNSA.

 Keynote


• Dr. Josephine Pui-Hing Wong – Advancing Health

Equity for All: Nurses as Game Changers in the 21st Century • Dr. Judith MacDonnell – Creating Positive Space: Working Across Domains of Nursing Practice to Foster Inviting Workplaces and Care Environments for Diverse LGBTQ People • LGBTTIQQ2SA Topics in Health Panelists – Jake Mossop RN, Matt Francino, 519 Church Street

Population health status across the globe has improved drastically over the last 50-100 years. Advances in science and technology contributed to increased food production, clean water supply, and better sanitation for many populations. They also resulted in vaccine, antibiotics, and other treatments that have reduced the incidents of illness and death. In this presentation, Dr. Wong highlighted the roots of health inequity and addressed how nurses are game changers at this critical juncture of retrenchment and possibilities.

The term positive space has been used to describe programs and initiatives that aim to create welcoming environments for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and queer (LBGTQ), people in a range of settings, given the barriers to access many encounter. Dr. Judith MacDonnell considered ways in which nurses have been working with LGBTQ communities across domains of practice – clinical, education, administration, research and policy settings – to work towards creating inviting workplaces and care environments for LGBTQ people.

 In

Ontario, nurses started their own union less than 40 years ago  In this presentation, discussion was related to
• The history of nurses in the labour movement • The ramifications of the new austerity agenda for

soon-to-be nurses • Discussion about ways nursing students can take action to maintain and improve their career opportunities while strengthening profession and focusing on patient care

 Nursing

students today may learn about Facebook and Twitter before ever hearing the name Florence Nightingale. This workshop focuses on the implications and new opportunities the social media creates for your nursing career, our profession and our global health. Case studies will be used to illustrate risks and opportunities created by the use of digital tools. It will also include reccommendations on how to avoid self and patient harm and ideas on how to use them to your advantage.

 Attend

the National Conference!  National Conference will be held in Halifax January 23rd-26th  Registration for conference is $150 (early bird ending on November 7th) or $170  Nursing conferences are a great opportunity to network, learn new skills and information and have a lot of fun!  Hope to see some of you there!

 There

will be an award for 2 students from the CNSA. The student who receives this award will get their hotel and registration paid for. Please refer to the CNSA Awards page for more information  LUSU is also willing to pay for some students to attend conference – fill out their application form (found on LUSU website).