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Metro Hi-Tech Company

Metro Hi-Tech Company

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Complete Internship Report on it

Complete Internship Report on it

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Published by: Zeeshan Asghar on Jan 30, 2013
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Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

University of Gujrat
(Hafiz Hayat Campus)

Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences

Course Title: Internship (Report based on Internship) Course Code: MGT -403

Submitted by

Zeeshan Asghar

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Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

In The Name of ALLAH The Most Gracious The Most Merciful


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Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

I am highly grateful of ALLAH Almighty who gave me power to complete the internship and this report. . I am also thankful to my teachers of UOG for their guidance and support. I am also thankful to my parents and brother for giving me support to complete my Degree without their support I would not able to complete my studies. Universities are scared places, where noble work of learning and teaching is carried out. Students enter in universities to learn and leave it to serve and that learning process is done through our spiritual fathers (teacher/professors).

I am also appreciative to the management of Metro Hi-Tech (pvt.) Ltd. for giving me a chance to complete my internship there. I am also thankful to staff of the Metro who gave me full support to learn.

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2 Overview of the organization Main offices 5.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.4 Introduction of all departments 5.3.5 Comments on the organizational structure Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 4 .2 Number of employees 5.5 PESTL analysis (political environmental stability logistic) 5.2. reward honors & success stories 5.2.2 Nature of the organization 5.1 Organizational Hierarchy chart 5.1 Introduction 7-11 5.2.6 Contribution of organization toward economic 12-26 development 5.3 Business volume. Organizational structure 27-35 5. Table of Content: Content Part-I Page # 5.4 Product/service lines 5.2.1 Brief history 5.

4.4.4 Internee 5.4.1 Brief Introduction of internee’s office/branch 5.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.3 Weekly timetables 5.5 Detail description of the operations/activities of the department you worked in. Recommendations 8.4.4 Detailed description of the departments you worked in during your internship.2 Details of Supervisors 5. References 62-63 64 Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 5 . Part-II 5.6 Detail description of the project assigned during your internship.7 Summary of learning 36-55 6. 5. Conclusions of the report 56-62 7.4. 5. 5.4.4.

This report reveals the organizational structure especially HR department and its functions.e. I have also mentioned competitors of Metro Hi-tech Gujarat. I have discussed its brief history its mission & vision statement and nature of the organization. Executive Summary This is about Metro Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd. production department etc. Stabilizer and Electric Iron etc. Electric &Gas Geysers. in 2007-2008b its sale in units was around 17000 and in 2008-2009 its sale in units is almost is 22000. This report includes my experiences and practices that I have gain during my internship in the organization. It is a well known name in motor cycle and home appliances manufacturing companies especially in Ceiling Fans. Room Cooler. Our extra sociable behavior keep our members and dealers cheerful and. It also contains the references which I have used to collect the relative data. 4. ready to provide a supportive solutions.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Metro desire to stay in the business at any Conditions. SWOT and Critical analysis of organization and its HR department. Company wants to meet the customer satisfaction as well as the number one motorcycle company of the Pakistan in the near future. Its main are motorbikes MR-70 and MR-125. I also briefly discussed other departments of the organization like sales & marketing. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 6 . Table Fans. Metro has adopt some unique strategies like METRO believe in providing best services to its customers with honest information. This report also includes the duties I have performed and experience I have gained during my internship with in the organization. I also make suggestions and recommendations on how they can improve their management system to gain competitive edge in the market. It also includes PESTL. Rapid Growth Company business with a good ratio each year i.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. As a corporate guiding principle. designs and sizes. Double Action Bracket Fans and Table Fans. in Various Styles. Gas. In short time he approach different markets and gain high market share. Their extra friendly activities keep the members and dealers cheerful and always ready to provide a helping hand. Main Body of Report 5. Vast range of Metro Fans includes special varieties of Ceiling.1 INTRODUCTION METRO GROUP OF COMPANIES: METRO Hi-TECH (PVT) LTD is a sub part of the Yunas Fan Metal industries Gujrat.and Motor Cycles Air Coolers and Geysers in beautiful original designs. That include Washing Machine. Established by YUNAS Group of Industries in 1973 and incorporated as a Private Limited concern on 7th October 1985. Company started its manufacturing of Electric Fans in Pakistan under the brand name Which is METRO Group Of Companies. and Electric heaters . Pedestal. The METRO Group Of Companies has also started a new setup of manufacturing of Automotives & Household Appliances. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 7 . METRO believes in providing best of services to our clients with authentic information. Exhaust.

Electrical Fans and in Household Appliances Manufacturing. MISSION: The main objective of METRO Group of Companies is to improve the level of customer service in Motor Bikes. building a one to one Co-relation with each individual customer and tailoring our service according to your requirements. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 8 . professionally handled by the experienced staff.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Our mission is to set our operations around your needs. Thus the operation of the delivery services and distribution Is. All these things are our back-up power to achieve our targets and goals. We consider in providing top and efficient services to our customers back by the State of Art Manufacturing equipment and modern quality control systems.

 To assumes leadership role in the technological advancement of the industry and to achieve the highest level of quantitative indigenization.  To offer high value.  To be a totally customer oriented company and to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction. which motivates. recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels of the organization.1 automobile company in Pakistan.  To seek long –term and good relations with our suppliers and dealers with fair. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 9 . economical and qualitative solutions to address the commuting needs of a diverse range of customers.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. and to exhibit a socially responsible behavior.  To create a work environment.  To produce environment friendly vehicles. Metro’s Targets:  To be the No. honest and mutually profitable dealings.  To be a contributing corporate citizen for the betterment of society.

No. Government of Pakistan. Q-SC-5755 DT 5/4/2000 by DET Norske Veritas (DNV). 7.B.E. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 10 .Also Registered with E in C’s Branch. 5.D. Rawalpindi (M. We have met all the above quality certifications criteria due to our highly qualified. · METRO Quality Products have been awarded Certification ISO9002:1994. Certificate 2. experienced and devoted operational staff under the supervision of professionals.) Ministry of Industry. "The first Pakistani fan which is registered with Government of Kuwait". WE INNOVATE NOT IMMITATE. Standard Development Centre (PSI-1). Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) under International Conformity. General Headquarters. Programme by Intertek Testing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd. VISION: MEETING YOUR DREAMS… Quality is everything what we execute. 4. Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. 3.) 6. We being quality conscious are approved by following quality institutions:- 1.S. on time. every time. We are producing environmental friendly and energy saving products. Enlisted as Manufacturers/Exporters in Engineering Development Board (E. Right first time. supervisors & inspectors under secure working environments.

We are proud to say that the key to our success is an unfailingly kept promise to our clientele by providing excellent customer service.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. established over 29 years ago with the prime objective to offer a comfortable and reliable products to all our highly valued clients. Geysers . Chief Executive Message On behalf of METRO Group of Companies formally Known as YUNIS Industries (Pvt. or simply need more information and want to contact us. Washing Machines. Being the pioneers of this business here.) Ltd. State-of-Art & leading Industrial State of Motorbikes. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serve you. Our goal is to provide you useful information about our company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us. Tube Lights Fittings and many other house-hold appliances Manufacturer in Asia. we have the great pleasure in presenting ourselves as the pioneers in Group of Companies. If you have comments or questions about our products or services. Electrical Fans. as well as our courteous and resourceful staff. At this site. click on the Feedback button on any page within this site. you will discover all about our products. Feel free to browse around this site. competitive pricing plus total customer satisfaction by our highly trained staff who shares a genuine commitment to professionalism. Mohammad Imtiaz Ahmed Chief Executive Metro Group of Companies Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 11 .

2 Overview of the Organization: 5.000 ordinary shares of Rs.Gujrat is renowned name among the Fans and Motor cycle manufacturing at Pakistan for the last decades and serving its esteemed clients by supplying quality under the popular brand name ―Metro H-Tech‖. where two or more persons hold one or more shares in the Company jointly. Metro Quality Products have been awarded Certification ISO9002:1Certified NO. they shall be treated as a single member. and the right to transfer the shares of the Company is restricted in mannered to the extent herein appearing. 100 each. 4.1 Brief History: Metro H-Tech (PVT) Ltd . and accordingly. The Company is a Private Company within the meaning of Section 2(1) (28) of the Ordinance. on such terms and conditions.The initial capital of the Company is Rs. The shares shall be under the control of the Directors who may allot or otherwise dispose of the same to such persons. The right to transfer the shares of the Company is restricted in manner and to the extent herein appearing.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. provided that purpose of this provision. 5. 5. and at such times.2 Nature of the organization: It is an automobile manufacturing company.000/ 45.2. as the Directors think fit. No invitation shall issue to the public to subscribe for any shares of the Company.500.2. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 12 . The number of the members of the Company (exclusive of persons in the employment of the Company) shall be limited to fifty. Q-SC-5755 DT 5/ 4/ 2000 by DET Norske Veritas (DNV).

the results of its operations. component parts. accessories. prepared by the management of the Metro company. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 13 . Group Systems & Technology Committee The Group System and Technology Committee are responsible to provide an insight towards the various technological aspects of information systems. providing recommendations relating to the business and other corporate affairs. The company has maintained proper books of account. Once at least in every year the account of the Company shall be examined and the correctness of the profit and loss account and balance sheet ascertained by Auditors and the provisions of the Ordinance in regard to audit and the appointment and qualification of auditors shall be observed. repair. equipment and fittings of all electrical and other mechanical equipment. The committee is also responsible for maintaining healthy environment within and outside the company through its environment friendly products. fairly present its state of affairs. Code of Corporate Governance The financial statements. capital and expense Budget development and stewardship of business plans. The objective of the Committee is to introduce leading edge technology and IT initiative to automate information delivery and accessibility of data for enhancement of time and cost efficiency. To buy. sell.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. manufacture let on hire. cash flows and changes in equity. To invite investment from local and foreign sources and to promote the establishment of new industries in Pakistan or any part of the world. Management Committee The Management Committee acts at the operating level in an advisory capacity to the CEO. service. The Committee has responsibility for reviewing and forwarding long-term plans. overhaul alter any machinery.

Appropriate accounting policies have been consistently applied. reward honors & success stories: Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 14 .The preparation of financial statements and accounting are according to the International Standards of Accounting.2. 5. as detailed in the listing regulations.The system of internal control is sound in design and has been effectively implemented and monitored.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. A summary of key operating and financial data of the company is annex. The Company operates a contributory provident fund scheme for all employees and defined benefit gratuity fund scheme for its management/non-management employees on behalf of the Board of Directors.3 Business volume. Information about taxes is given in notes to the accounts. which is also applicable in Pakistan. except for change as explained in note to the accounts. The process of monitoring internal controls will continue as an ongoing process with the objective to further strengthen the controls and bring improvements in the system. The Metro Group of Company’s ability to continue as a going concern. There has been no material departure from the best practices of corporate governance.

2. Offices and Display Centre.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. The Industry operates from 25 Acres facility incorporating Factory. Chromatic Fans 8. Total workforce = 300 Labor=232 Office Staff = 60 International Marketing Coordinators =77 International Dealers =41 Board of Directors =5 Distributors in Pakistan =110 Fixed Assets Value = US $ 5 m Stock Value = US $ Metro has achieved its target of manufacturing and selling almost 22000 motor bikes within 6 months.4 Product and service line: 1. Louver Fans 7. Stores. Electric &Gas Geysers 11. Electric Iron 9. Stabilizer Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 15 . Ceiling Fans 3. Motor CYCLE 2. Table Fans 4. Room Cooler 10. 5. Exhaust Fans 6. Pedestal Fans 5.

Almost 80% of sale is consisted of this bike. Metro MR 70-Blue 4. The complete list with picture of the Metro Motorcycle of the Metro Company is given below: 1. 2. Metro MR 70-Black 3. Metro MR 125-Red 6. The most demanding product of Metro.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Metro MR 70-Red. Metro-125’s Back Light and Front Light Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 16 . Metro MR 70-Blue 5. Metro MR 125-Black 7.

8. Some other are given in this poster: Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 17 .Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Petrol Tank 9. Mobil Oil for Motorcycle 10.

PESTL assesses a market. In which it’s included with sum of the PESTL.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. In fact. e.5 PESTL Analysis: Environmental Scan / External Analysis / Macro environment \ Internal Analysis \ Microenvironment | PESTL PESTL analysis means to get the external information and find out the important factors that can affect the entire organization. Technological. Environmental. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 18 . PESTL vary in significance depending on the type of business. PESTL analysis is consider as important in every organization different environmental Analysis before beginning the marketing process.2. Social. social factors are more related to consumer businesses or a Business to Business close to the consumer-end of the supply chain. 5. PESTL analysis stands for Political.g. environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning. including competitors. from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business. whereas political factors are more clearly relevant to a global munitions supplier or manufacturer. Legal forces that can effect the environment of an organization.

Inflation rates 4. Company business strongly affected by the political instability and terrorist activities in our country. For-example due to assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Governer Salman Taseer Metro factory was remaining closed. Because if any misshapen occurs production and working of factory and office is effected due to strikes. changes its policies of trade and tariffs. 1. So there are some example of the economical factors that affect the firm’s cost and profit. Exchange rates 3. For example.  Economical Factors: This factor is affecting the rate of the purchase that some potential people have relatively decreased the cost of the capital of the firm.  Legal/Political factors: Political factors include the government rules and regulation that a firm has to follow and also have the formal and informal rules that an organization must be operate. Metro get affected due to the change in the regulations. If the govt. Tax policy & environment regulation Metro Hi-Tech is effected a lot due to political instability of the country.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Interest rate Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 19 . Economic growth 2. Trade restrictions and tariffs 4. tax etc. 1. Political stability 2. So factory will remain closed. Law of workers 3.

 Social factors: This factor includes the cultural aspects and age and experiments of the external Microenvironment. Some of these factors affect the organization internally that are. Changing consumer-spending patterns 7. The high interest rates prevailing in the economy effect our payments but we have to survive in the economy in the same conditions. Changes in income 6. Environment safety Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 20 . Population growth rate 2. 4. The inflation rate in our country is increasing day by day though this is the big factor which can affect the business. Age distribution 3. This factor affects the customer needs and their taste and their potential to buy the product. Another big problem is the load shedding and also the non availability of electricity but we have to make the extra arrangement to cope with the situation. 5. Too many fluctuations in exchange rates will effect the import and export of the company. The extra cost we have to bear due to electricity can be compensated by the supply of sue gas for our generators at a talkatively low price than available to the other manufactures due to our good selection of location. 1. Emphasis on safety. Uncertain economical situation Set of factors including the business cycle inflation and interest rate that affect the marketing activities of an organization.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

Metro should be focused on doing good not doing well. Automation 3.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Some of the main factor it has that can affect the entire organization wholly is. Social factors in the country are favorable for the industry. Society’s basic values. 1. preferences and behaviors are known as the cultural forces As the product is being launched in Pakistan and in the province of Punjab therefore all the values. Attitudes to foreign products and services of the customers are improving day by day so. Another social factor which is very important is the purchasing power of the people. Technology rate of change 2.  Technological factors: Technology is vital for competitive advantage. Incentive to technology 4. And this factors is also reduces the low production level. Research and Development activity. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 21 . We Should provide the quality product at a reasonable price keeping in mind the purchasing power of the people so that people at level can have our product. these types of improvement in taste and attitude is affect the industry a lot. Also the employees of this organization will be treated as internal customer. and is major drivers of globalization. perceptions have been taken in accordance to the cultural of Pakistan. perceptions. Technological factors are also favorable for the industry because the technological advancement is possible for every industry. Social and Cultural Forces includes a wide range of social and demographic and cultural factors that shape the environment of business. and influence of outsourcing decisions. This factor has low power of Barrier to entry.

They are strongly committed with the adaptation of the new technology. The major goal of METRO is to improve the intensity of customer service in Metro Motor Bikes. Job creation 2. Malaysia and Singapore by which foreign currency comes to Pakistan. Metro imports different parts from vendors of China and Malaysia and having good relations with them. One other factor which has a negative effect is that the technology is so much rapidly changing in this sector so business has to face challenges day by day. This factor is quite unfavorable for as this technology is not available easily in Pakistan. However by making research this can give competitive advantage. Metro is a Pakistan based firm it is not only a source of foreign income for company but also creates goodwill of Pakistan in other countries of the world. 4. so metro is now known as Metro Group of Companies. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 22 .Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Electrical Fans and in Household Appliances Manufacturing which can never be achieved without making use of latest technology.6 Contribution of organization toward economic development: Metro Hi-Tech contribute a lot towards economic development of the country. Increased capital investment. Vendors. Metro involves not only in import of different parts of motor bikes like engines etc…but also in export of bike to Bangladesh. Metro motor bike generate profit for the company which helps the company to invest money into different projects. 5. Metro has contributed in following sectors for the development of economy: 1. Rise Earning of labor 3. High tax revenue for Govt.2. distributor. So they have to face such problem related to this factor. and sales agencies play an important role in circulation of money. It not only provides employment to almost 300 workers but also develop a market product for the customers.

Decrease in unequal distribution of wealth. Management policy:  Good working environment that encourage open communications. 8. Gujrat Corporate philosophy:  In Maintaining a international viewpoint. FMAS 23 Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar .e. Increase in import and export of country 7.  struggle constantly for a pleasant flow of work. methods and materials. small.e. machines. Foreign earnings.  Management Follow 3S spirit i. Technological advancement.  Always encourage for innovation and help in R&D  Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness.  Dynamic manufacturing and marketing of impressive products According to the entire satisfaction of customers. and make the most effective use of time. The Business values Metro Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd. 10. 5. 9.  Encourage in developing new ideas.  Provide sufficient return to share holders and fulfill corporate civic Liabilities.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.  Effective Man controlling over i. smart and speed.  Creating suitable working environment for continuous development of product and workforce. Respect for all – man has priority over others.  Give Respect. Increase in GNP. Metro is devoted to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Training and development of unskilled labor 6.

r Policy or Human Resource Policy is the process to choose or hire young.e. Marketing & Planning. Metro is committed to supplying the products which are in highest quality through its smart team work defined by the rigid parameters & TQM total quality management continually improving its strategies and goals for better performance. Quality policy: To achieve the customer satisfaction. Production. active and best suitable peoples to meet the existing and future workforce requirements and providing its associates maximum opportunities for inner mobility through personal training and development to enable them to take higher positions. Finance. Logistics & Imports and Human Resource & Administration etc.1 customer satisfaction.  Each Person play its effective and responsible role in its working field. Human Resource Division also have succession plan for each key job/area to make sure the continuity of operations in the relevant division and to fill the temporary/permanent whenever the position is vacant. fresh. Human resource and succession plan: The H.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. After Sales Service. Metro is devoted to supply the impressive products of its highest quality. energetic. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 24 . Priority standards of conduct:  Safety measures are always first priority of production without safety.  Productivity: With combination of safety and quality it will leads to shine the performance in all fields of its activities i. to its customer through its efficient team work.  Quality: To achieve the No.

Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 25 . being responsible member of the society considers the protection of the global environment as a essential concern. products and services.  Metro Group of Companies Create environment friendly attitude among associates.  Metro Group of Companies Operate in compliance with relevant environmental laws. Environment policy:  Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd Gujrat.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.  Metro Group of Companies Commitment to total quality management continual improvement of the environmental performance and review of the environmental management system to ensure its suitability.  Metro Group of Companies objectives and targets to control the effects of activities on local environment as for as technically feasible. Metro’s environmental philosophy is firmly based on the following guidelines:  Metro Group of Companies Recognize the impacts of the significant aspects on the environment resulting from activities. regulations and other requirements that apply to its activities.

health and environment. Operating Principles:  Always keep the deadline.  Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd Gujrat conducts its business responsibly and in a way to make sure Health. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 26 . safety and environmental protection information to potentially affected persons. Metro implements and maintains the programs that provide reasonable assurance that the business will do the following:  Design facilities and conduct operations in a way that avoids risk to human health.  To examine and communicate the known hazards of operations with relevant health. safety and the environment.  Teamwork. Safety.  Never make excuses.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Safety and protection from Environmental aspects of its associates and the society.

3 Organizational structure: 5. determine which individuals get to take part in which decisionmaking processes. authorities and relations organized in such a way as to enable the organization to perform its functions. It can be defined as responsibilities. it provides the foundation on that whom standard working procedures and routines rest are followed.3. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 27 . 2.1 Organizational Hierarchy chart: Organizational structure is a proper system of job Correlations that coordinates employees to achieve a company's goals. and thus to what degree their views shape the organization’s actions. First. Organizational structure affects organizational action in two big ways.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. 5. 1. Secondly.

Senior Labour Officer. Grading Criteria: Grade “M” Grade ―M‖ is used for managers. Senior Account Officer. Incharge Buying (Purchase). Personnel Officer. Area Sales Officer. Engineer. Coordination Officer. Development Engineer. Account Officer. Computer Programmer. Testing Engineer. Personal Secretary. There are 5 categories in ―M‖ Grade. There are 3 categories in ―E‖ Grade. Sales Officer. Senior Sales Officer. Grade “E2” (Executive): Engineer. Senior HR Officer. Senior Sales. Shift Engineer. Production Designer.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Executive Assistant. Designations in ―M‖ grades are as follows. Import Officer. Grade M5 M4 M3 M2 M1 Grade “E” Designation General Manager Senior Manager Manager Deputy Manager Assistant Manager Grade ―E‖ is used for Executives. Advertising Officer. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 28 . Commercial Officer. Senior Admin Officer. Designations in ―E‖ grades are as follows. Grade “E3” (Senior Executive): Senior Engineer.

Foreman. There are 3 categories in ―S‖ Grade. Accountant. Grade “E1” (Junior Executive): Mechanical Designer. Grade “S” Grade ―S‖ is used for Supervisors. Store Supervisor. Grade “S2” (Supervisor): Assistant Supervisor. Assistant Accountant.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Designer. Personal Assistant. Assistant Import Officer. Assistant Officer. Grade “S3” (Senior Supervisor): Assistant Designer. Sr. Security Incharge. Liaison Officer. Data Controller. Data Entry Operator. Designations in ―S‖ grades are as follows. Office Assistant. Security Incharge. Assistant Engineer. Shop Incharge Grade “S1” (Junior Supervisor): Draughtsman Mechanical. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 29 . Line Supervisor. Assistant Cashier. Computer Operator. SubEngineer. Supervisor. Part Assistant. After Sales Supervisor. Store Keeper. Buying Assistant. Personal Secretary. Assistant Purchase Officer. Data Controller. Assistant Designer. Sales Assistant. Accountant.

They must be capable of troubleshoot all problems arsis in their specific job. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 30 . Rawalpindi and Gujarat.2 Number of employees: Total current employees in the Metro H-Tech (PVT) Ltd are almost 300 which involve almost 232 workers and 60 office staff. Semi Skilled Worker: Workers having more than two to three years experience of relevant field is designated Semi Skilled Workers. Karachi. 5. Other offices situated in Multan. They may troubleshoot most but not all problems arsis in their specific job. 5.3.3 Offices: Metro main office is situated in Lahore city.3. Designations in Non Graded Workers are as follow:- Skilled Worker: Workers having more than five years experience of relevant field is designated Skilled Workers. Non Graded Worker There are three categories in Non Graded workers. Helper: Workers or trainees without any experience of relevant field are designated as Helpers.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

Engine Assembly 3.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. every employee wear proper dresses. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 31 . 5. The production of the company is very essential for the company to run its business smoothly.3. mask and gloves. The manager of production department is Mr. Different chemicals are used in paint section. The different parts are assembled in different positions in assembly line and finally a quality check is done to assure the quality of engine and after check engine number is assigned. Paint Shop 2.4 Introduction of all departments Production department: Production is the section of a company which deals with the physical manufacture of the company’s products. In Metro we have divided production department into different sections which are as fallows: 1.  Engine Assembly: In the engine section assemble different parts of engine and determine its quality. The paint section checks quality and fuel tanks and side covers according to standard. Pre-delivery Inspection  Paint Shop: In paint shop body of the bike is painted and stickers with Metro monogram are pasted on the fuel tanks and this process is called Striping. Malik Imtiaz. Frame Assembly 4. If Production fails to meet its target output monthly income is down and customers are likely to complain about late delivery.

Spare Parts.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. The presence of the Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 32 . The Dealers Development program. The assembling is done through electronic screw drivers by which screws are tighten. if any problem occur it return back else deliver to Distributors and sales center. This means that the company now has more dealerships that provide full range of services like Sales. Multan. the dealership concept is successfully generating the extra brand equity that differentiates Metro's products from the copy makers to create a distinct value premium. Karachi. but quality level is excellent. News Papers. and internet etc.When work start all parts of the Motor cycle merged in Assembly line. Metro's marketing strength over the years has been the ability of its team and the different functions to act in union. When demand of motor cycle increased then profitability ratio increase company gain more grip over competitors.  Pre-delivery Inspection: Next section it goes to PDI (pre delivering Inspection) and perceive it fully.  Frame Assembly: All parts were placed near assembly line . Company has almost matured with 300 dealerships.V. Sale & Marketing Department: Companies advertise their bikes through different channels like T. With time Company start making improvement in all areas of marketing. As expected. Service. that currently forms the backbone of the marketing effort. Sales departments are in Lahore. and also have distributors in different cities. Special Sales (Credit Sales) and Second Hand Exchange than the traditional dealerships that offer only selected services. There are almost seventeen points where different parts of Motor cycle are assembled and resulting to end product. They give same bikes with lower price rate.

Identifying the needs of customers and suppliers. It is expected that this media campaign will provide the base to launch Metro's next push for market growth. the recall value of the ads has been so powerful that all over the country customers are willing to wait for the company's product rather than purchase an inferior one. Newspapers and radio will play a distinct role in projecting the company's message. In times of excess demand. As Metro prepares to shift another gear to fulfill its dream of "class to mass" . 2. Metro has always been at the front position in promoting Customer Care activities. Issues in procurement include: 1. The company also re-initiated and started advertising campaign on the electronic media. The advertisements were instrumental in reinforcing Metro's quality and brand in the consumer mind through the very popular ―DHOOM MACHAY SARAKOON PAR” & “METRO KA VADAH PETROL KAM SAFAR ZIYADAH”slogan. Decision criteria Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 33 . Metro’s procurement department has contract with different vendors in Pakistan and China. Metro is reinforcing efforts to serve its loyal customers even at the cost of lower margins. Metro has always promoted environment awareness and safety-riding activities through its Customer Education Programs. dealerships has resulted in improved sales in relatively weak or unfocused areas. The purpose of the Procurement Department is to identify the requirements of production and other departments and make things available to them so that they can work efficiently.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. media advertisements on TV. Procurement department: Procurement is the sourcing and purchasing of goods and services for business use. Vendor Management 3.

company determines their profit or loss . Setting policies for evaluating proposals.  Prepare the bank reconciliation statement.  Prepare the financial statement on monthly basis.  Keep the record for all the types of payments. quotes and suppliers.  Prepare the production Report.  Budgeting  Maintain in minimum level of cash to meet the daily transaction. quarterly basis and annually basis. 6.What is their actual cost and what prices recommend. Preparing requests for proposals and requests for quotations. 5. Finance and Accounts department: In Finance Department Company determine total cost of the product. Choosing and preparing tools and processes to communicate with suppliers. negotiates their assets and liabilities.  Maintain the debit and debit credit balance of the customers  Deal with the sales tax and income tax. balance sheet and cash flow statement. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 34 .  Prepare the facility report.  Prepare the projected income statement.  Calculate the working capital requirements. 4.  Analyzing the financial statement. Few Functions of the Finance Department: These are the following main function of the finance department.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

e. Each department works independently but still there are dependencies on each other. products or hierarchy. There are different types of organization structures that companies follow depending on a variety of things. The structure of the Metro is Functional.3. Important information send and receive under the custody of IT department .This department develop Web sites for company and issues e-mail dresses to employees.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Production department is dependent on the Purchase department and imports department. 5. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 35 . It’s the kind of structure that determine the hierarchy and reporting structure in any Company. Metro has a straight and well defined organizational structure . In Metro Centralized Organizational Structure is fallowed. Also the work of Finance and Accounts department is interlinked. Which is also named as organizational chart. IT department: In this section every department communicate to main office through different channels.g. The payroll system is the hands of HR but the entries of salaries are done by the Accounts department. Finance department has keen link with the sale and purchase departments. it can be based on geographical regions. In Metro a well defined grading system is followed and employees are designated according to their position in the organization.5 Comments on organizational structure: Every effective organization must have an organizational structure.

Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 36 . 5.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.4. I have done my internship from 1st August. It is the only factory of Metro where motor cycles are assembled and the only office where HR department of the company exists. I have completed my 6 weeks internship in Human Resource and Administration Office in Metro Hi-tech Gujrat.Hassan Rashid who is the Executive H.1 Brief Introduction of internee’s office/branch: I have done my internship in Metro Hi-tech (Pvt) Ltd.4 Internee work Part II 5.4.2 Details of Supervisor: My supervisor was Mr. Gujrat. G.T road. He has Professional degree of Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. 2011 to 17th September. 5.R Manager of Metro Hi-tech (Pvt) Ltd and working here since last 1 year. 2011.

people to get their 6 HRM viewpoint on recommendations and their ideas about practicability of recommendations. 3 HRM Re-write the Job Descriptions in a prescribed form of the production department To understand HR Process like recruitment.4.3 Weekly timetables: Week Department Work Done Introduction.Orientation. Studying each aspect of the assigned work. 5 HRM Finding gaps. performance appraisal. Working Meeting on informed recommendations.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. shortcomings etc based on academic background. 4 HRM selection. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses. training and development. recommendations & alternate plan Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 37 . Visit different departments Job Analysis as getting all relevant written Supervisor Signature 1 HRM 2 HRM materials. orientation. 5.

sick leave pay plans. Providing Employment by number of procedures (recruitment. human behavior. and working conditions of a particular job. These include: 1. job analysis is done by HR Executive officer (Hassan Rashid). He asks the questions such as Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 38 . Human Resource Processes Job analysis: Job analysis is used to know the work activities. 5. He asks questions about the job and other job related questions. evaluation).4. Performance Management (performance appraisal. pensions. In Metro. HR manager want to know the machines and tools which are used to perform that job.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. He collects all the information by using interview technique. feedback) 3. loan funds) 4. In this.4 HR department: The Human Resource Department at Metro Group Of Companies is accountable for a number of actions to Human Resource Management & Development. maintaining attendance records. He also collects the information about the human skills which are required for the job. He may also want the information about the job’s performance standards. Training and Development (coaching. insurance programs. job rotation . performance appraisal. selection and introduction into the organization) 2. Compensation and Benefits (pay structure.

information about what a worker actually does. What is your education? 6. What is the job’s physical demand? 9. In which activities do you participate? These were some questions by which he collects information about job from employee. What are the working conditions? 4. What is the job being performed? 2. This information about job is then used in two ways: 1) Job description 2) job specification Job description: In job description. job duties. What are the health and safety conditions? 10. What are the other skills you posses? 8. the job descriptions are written by using the information collected from job analysis. 1. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 39 . How many years of experience you got? 7. how he does it. and what the working conditions are is written. he prepares a complete job analysis. job function.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. limit of authority and skills required for the job in job description. Using this information. They write job name. What are the job duties and responsibilities? 5. This enables them to know the duties of that particular job and use this information at the time of recruitment for that job. What are the major duties? 3. In Metro. Job specification: Job specification consists of the information about the human traits and experience which are needed to perform a particular job.

This is all helpful for them while creating a pool of candidates. In metro. They write all the human traits which are required to perform a job successfully. It is the process of identifying the gap between what is the current business situation or current manpower and what is the future business situation or manpower need and developing a plan to fill the gap with numbers of additional workers/staff /managers etc skills of different levels flexibility in job handling achieving equal employment opportunities experience-lifting the experience levels capabilities—improving capabilities for performance increase potential of people training. 5. They don’t use any of the forecasting technique. Forecasting future manpower requirements. Planning and forecasting is not properly done. In metro. where we use mathematical projections to project trends in the economic environment and development of the industry. They Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 40 . They don’t plan their future manpower needs. Job specification is used for launching a recruitment campaign.5 Functions of HR Department STEPS OF HR PROCESS: The steps of HR process which are performed in METRO are: HR PLANNING: HR planning in Hr management is a process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number & kind of people at the right place and at the right time.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.4. job specifications are also derived from job analysis. capable of effectively and efficiently completing those tasks that help the organization achieve its overall objectives.

candidates are recruited from different sources.  Internal sources 1. as they know the organization’s culture style ant style. the head of that department will send their need to HR department and the post name for which they need a new employee. Then. If one of the in departments needs a new employee. Former employees are rehired for the benefit of the organization. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 41 . the HR department starts the recruitment campaign. In metro.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Company always have qualified person available when a high level of job is vacant . don’t predict their future human resource needs and how they will fill these needs. This recruiting technique is very efficient for executive jobs. 2. Succession Planning: Metro company also emphasis on succession planning for high level jobs. by using the job description and job specification information. An unskilled or incompetent employee can cause a big loss for the company. Recruitment: Recruitment is a main part of any organization. These are internal as well as external. and ways of doing things. Rehiring: Employees are rehired according to needs of the job. They start their recruiting and selection procedure only when there is demand of the new employee for any of their department.They develop the skills of their employees’ for their higher jobs. If an organization cannot hire a competent employee for a specific job then they cannot improve their services.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Advertising: Metro company also recruits the people by advertising their job needs through media. JAZBA etc Employment Agency: Metro company also has an agreement with an employment agency named GREENLAND AGENCY with provides the recruiting services to metro. and sometimes they just don’t want to. WWW.PK They post their job ads on this website and the eligible candidates access them via this website and submit their C. They advertise on daily local and national newspapers like JUNG. they use newspaper for this purpose. So they have to use different external sources for recruitment.COM. They have registered their organization on the website. Which are? Via internet: Metro companies recruit the candidates via internet. They recruit and select the employees on behalf of metro.ROZZEE. College recruiting: Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 42 .  External Resources: Metro company can’t get all the employees they need from their current staff. then the agency select the best suitable employee for metro and gets the commission from metro. Metro provides their manpower needs to the agency with their required human needs. Mostly.Vs through internet and get the job. For this purpose.

Employees usually only refer people that they are confident would be a good match for the position and organization. They hire the technical students. The existing employees used to give references of further employees if company needs. People tend to recommend others with similar backgrounds. People recruited by your staff usually have some understanding of the work of the organization Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 43 . As far as working staff concerns the workers in Metro are employed on referral basis.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. For this purpose. Metro is also involved in college recruiting. they go to SWEDISH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (GRT) FARAN INSTITUTE OF TECHONOLOGY (GRT) Employee referrals: Metro company hires their low level workers purely on the basis of the referrals of the employees already working there. All they need is commitment of employees for their work. The company basically needs the hard working workers. Employees are asked to recommend a person for the job opening. They recruit and select the fresh students from colleges. There is no need of any type of qualification. Therefore it is important to ensure that the practice of employee referrals does not lead to a decrease in diversity within your organization. And the references of the workers with good background history and fine output records are given preferences over others Considerations: The quality of employee referrals is usually high.

If Human Resource Managers select an imperfect employee for the job based on some favoritism or biasness. experience 3.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. the org will have to pay the price because that employee will not be able to perform his duties efficiently and also the reputation of the organization will be bad in the minds of public. So it is necessary for a Human resource Manager to hire the best candidate available to them.V. Selection Policy: 1. Preference to internal source 4. also a right person selected for the job can take some affective decisions that will help an organization in growing quickly. Selection: Selecting the right employee for any organization is very important.s are collected of the candidates that apply in Metro for a particular job. skills. It helps organization in meeting its goals and objectives because only a suitable employee will be able to perform his duties efficiently. Receive C. The head of the department who needs the a new employee makes the final decision SELECTION PROCESS 1. Main focus is on the qualification. Human Resource Managers should make sure that they select only that person that has best qualifications.Vs: First of all in selection process C. EEO 2. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 44 . skills and experience available which matches to job specification of a job.

That’s how the best supply of the candidates is got by Metro. and candidates are completely provided with chance to speak. That’s how by providing candidate with proper time to speak and asking the relative analysis. They also give time to candidate to speak.Vs.Vs and after best candidates are separated from the others. they do not rush in the interviews. the best suitable candidate is selected. Both Human Resource Manager and concerning Manager are present at the interview. Comfortable environment is provided to interviewee. Final Selection: By the combine decision of the HR manager and concerning manager. 3. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 45 . They notice the body language of the interviewee as well whether he is nervous or confident.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Interviews: After short listing the candidates. 4. Before concluding the interview they explain the job to interviewee also and then they close the interview in a very friendly manner. As concerning manager knows all about the job for which they are selecting the employee so he asks technical questions related to job to see how a candidate reacts. one of them even opens the door for the candidate to leave. candidates are called for a interview. short list the candidates also on the basis of C. they analyze that whether he is suitable for the job or not. 2. Short listing of Candidates: First Human Resource Manager short lists the candidates on the basis of their C. The line manager of the department in which the job is vacant. Technical Interview is taken In Metro.

6. if he haven't already met. Orientation: After a person is hired in an organization then the first thing to do is to introduce him with the organization. the payroll person and any others he feels are key to the operation. He talks briefly about important contacts he will want to remember. The HR manager introduces the fresh employee with the colleagues. and its people. Conditional Job Offer: After checking out the references. subordinates. He Introduces the new employee to the supervisor he will be reporting to. In this way the fresh employee can easily come to know about the system of the department as well as the company. its processes. He shows him his work station and where to get any supplies he might need. such as the person responsible for ordering supplies. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 46 . references of that employee are contacted to get information about the previous reputation of the candidate. 5.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. candidate joins the organization after one month notice. and the systems of that company. When a new employee joins the organization then the company organized a small party called orientation in the department in which he is being hired. 7. This helps Human Resource Manager to analyze the past life of the candidate. Metro also do that when they hire a new employee. Reference Check: After the selection. its objectives.

Training holds a lot of significance in any organization. it depends on the nature and kind of job. By providing the training to its employees. Training & Development: Training is a process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform heir jobs. in which they assign a coach on the employee. Firstly. If his performance is up to the mark then. which guides the employee that how to work in different situations. Development refers to the teachings which will lead the employee for future efficiency. Metro company also uses the tool of training to increase the performance level of their employees. he will not be trained. they mostly apply coaching method. technological or economical change. They mostly use two training methods. If the job is entirely new. training will be depending on the performance of the employee. This is a very effective source of training and its results are very fruitful. otherwise he will be trained. After that. Then they implement the suggested training program on those employees. then he will need immediate training after being employed. otherwise.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Training step starts immediately after the orientation of the employee. they see that is there any need to train the employees. an organization can adapt to any kind of changes no matter whether it is a legal. they identify the employees which are lacking in performance and need to be trained. Which are as Fallows?  On the job training: (OJT) They use on the job training to train their lacked employees. For this purpose. and the employee does not have any previous experience about the activities of the job.  Lecture type training: Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 47 . Sometimes.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. In this way. Metro just does that. Employees who have contributed the most in the achievement of the organization’s strategic business objectives receive greatest rewards. Compensation & benefits: Compensation is one the most important human resource management functions for the Metro’s HRM department. A supervisor of specific department is assigned the obligations of the instructor and the employees who are to be trained are asked to attend the lecture in the demonstration hall at predefined timings by the HR department. That’s also the way they motivate their employees. junior employees acquire the exposure of senior experienced employees. To encourage performance it is obvious that it must be rewarded. whereas all the employees working at same position are given the same benefits regardless of their merit. Level of the designation decides the level of benefits. It helps to reinforce the organization’s culture and the key values and to facilitate the achievement of its strategic business objectives. Another way to train which is applied in Metro is conducting lectures. performance and duties Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 48 . Benefits: The receipt of the benefit is determined on the bases of level rather than on the basis of position.

1. health and safety training to all its employees and other relevant persons to enable them to carry out their duties safely without causing harm to themselves. Provident Fund: All permanent employees are entitled to become its member. an equal amount is contributed by the member 2. Work place security: Metro ensures that all its present and future activities are conducted safely.50. This is a good tool to motivate the employee and him become motivated and loyal towards the organization. 4. 000 for the management and the non-management staff respectively. Group Life Insurance: All permanent employees are covered against death and disability up to 200. Therefore it develops plans and procedures and provide resources to successfully implement this policy and for dealing effectively with any emergency. The employee can get the loan up to 70% of his provident fund. Loan facility: Metro offers loan facility to their employees. its customers and the public. without endangering the health of its employees. It provides environmental.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.000 and Rs. to other individuals and to the environment. They can get the loan from the company and use that to build and buy houses. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 49 . 3. The company contributes eleven percent of the basic salary to the fund.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

5. Housing facility:

Metro company also offers free housing facility to the employees which have come from far areas. This is very helpful and motivating activity for the employees.

6. Working environment:

Metro is committed to running their business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. They set goals for continuous improvement in their development, sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation activities. As part of that commitment, they take a long term and life cycle view, continually improving environmental performance, communicating openly with their stakeholders and reporting regularly on the company’s performance. Every manager and supervisor is responsible to see that there is no violation of laws within his / her area of responsibility which proper supervision could have prevented. The manager and supervisor are held responsible if he / she delegates particular tasks.

7. Leaves or annual Vacations:

Leaves are the legal right of the employees. Metro provides 25 annual leaves to all its employees. It is a company policy to encourage employees to take time off from work to reduce stress level and break out from the day to day routine in order to spend some quality time away from work. Accumulating compensated absences Provisions are made annually to cover the obligation for accumulating compensated absences and are charged to profit.

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Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.

Employee retirement benefits:
The main feature of the schemes operated by the company for its employees is as follows: 

All the executive staff members participate in an approved funded defined benefit pension plan. In addition, there is an approved funded defined benefit gratuity plan for all employees. Monthly contributions are made by both employer and employee and at the end the total amount is paid to employee with addition of 7% profit on net amount

As we all know that the short fall in production of any company is a very serious matter, especially for the companies whose ultimate aim is to earn profit. A company continuously tries to find ways to increase its sale day by day. So the sales will enhance only when then there is an adequate amount of product is producing in the factory or any other production area. Any fault on the production side can influence the sale badly. Unfortunately the same problem is also present in our scenario and we have to find the possible solutions.

In Metro, evaluation on the basis of performance of every employee is been done, once every year. In Metro, performance evaluation of an employee is been done at the start of every fiscal year i.e. June. At first, line managers evaluates employees, while having an eye on their performance throughout the year afterwards their performance form is sent to the executives and then they evaluate the employee by themselves too. Various techniques and skills used in the  WHO ARE THE RATERS?

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Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Line manager rates the employee by keeping in view his performance of the specific time period through performance appraisal form After complete assessment, annual confidential report is prepared and sent to departmental head who decides how to compensate the employee for his satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance 


The feedback is given in the written form to the employee whose evaluation has been taken before. Any sort of ambiguities of the employees are tried to be solved out after the feedback is taken.

5.4.6 Task performed in HR & A:                 

Job analysis Preparation of Job description Issuance Appointment letters Prepare induction details up date employee strength and status To fill employment forms Prepare resignee detail Policy making CV SUMMARY (keeping C.V record up to date) Gate intimation of new employees Up date replacement record Employee requisition forms Prepare termination letters Preparation of evaluation forms Attendance of the workers Maintain Over time record Revising the JD’s of supervisory grades. FMAS 52

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4.7. make termination letters. In this section I have describe what I have learned? How internship helps me to develop my future path? What qualities I develop during internship? I have gone through the practical experience of recruitment & selection process and also learn the core practices of HR department.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. During my internship in Metro I have formulated four policies which are as fallows:     Group Insurance Multitasking Internship program for students Pre-employment Medical examination 5. Skills.7 Summary of Learning: This portion consists of Knowledge. Internship has helped me a lot to improve my interpersonal and communication skills. Abilities and Other competencies which I have learnt and gain through my internship. I have learnt how work is done in office and how it changes the behaviour of an individual.4. I Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 53 .1 Q: What skills and qualifications you think that you have gained from the internship? Ans: I gain professional skills and work independently. It has boost up my confidence level and enable me to explore more knowledge about my field of specialization I work in different task like pay roll. Following description will tell you about the qualities and skills which I have gained through this opportunity. employments form. make requisition form. I have gone through that how recruitment and selection takes place. 5.

3 Q: How do you think the internship will influence your future career plans? Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 54 .Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. I have performed my job with different situation. staff and negotiate their issues and suggest solution to my senior and sub-ordinates.4. 5.7. have learnt about the decorum and what rules and regulations should be followed in offices. It enables me to discuss different matters with management of the organization.2 Q: What kind of responsibilities you have undertaken during the internship period? Ans: Following are the responsibilities that I have under taken during my internship program:                Recruitment & selection process Update company’s current strength & status Comparison of TA/DA policy Letters of appointment Termination Letters Employee requisition forms Preparation of Job description Daily attendance record Up date over time of workers Make Gate passes Issuance of Warning Letters Up dating dependants detail Policy making Preparation of evaluation forms Issuance of Confirmation letters 5. It helps me to communicate with workers. ultimately my confidence level boost up.7.4.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. I think internship is the first step of a student towards his practical field or practical life. Because it is my first practical experience and I got a lot of knowledge and skills through it. 5. I know how to behave with in an organizational how to follow rules and regulations and how to communicate and negotiate with workers and management. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 55 . Before entering into practical field he must go through the internship which we can call the door to practical life. Internship has worthwhile benefits for the students and it not only help them to improve their KSAO’s but also boost up their confidence level and improve their interpersonal and communication skills which will help a lot in future.7. Because in classroom I have the theoretical view of all my studies but during internship I gone through the practical of that theory.. training and development etc and get a chance to have their practical experience which was very informative and knowledge sharing activity for me. During my internship I went through the practical of each head of Human Resource Management which I have studied theoretically.4. It was a good experience and it motivates a lot to explore more and more in the field of specialization. Ans: Its influence on my personality is very strong. The procedure that I have studied in classroom regarding recruitment and selection.4 Q: How do you think the internship activities that you carried out are correlated with your classroom knowledge? Ans: I think the internship activities that I carried out correlated a lot with classroom knowledge.

Metro prefers internal source of recruitment a lot. as job analysis has an ultimate effect on recruitment and selection.1 A summary of key conclusions derived from the internship experience:   No proper future planning. 6. Conclusion of Report During my internship in Metro I have analyzed the internal and external analysis of the organization. and it is obvious that references which candidates have provided will only talk about the goodness of a candidate. I have done the PESTL.  They don’t take any kind of test while selecting a new employee that can be a good tool of evaluating the skills of the people.  The job analysis is done through interview which can be misleading because of distortion of information. Metro has Strengths as well as weaknesses and by overcoming these weaknesses and availing the opportunities available in the market can gain competitive advantage in the Motor cycle industry. Metro does not investigate about the past of their selected employee and this can be harmful to them in future. SWOT and Critical analysis of the organization and concluded that Metro Hi-Tech Gujrat is doing a wonderful job in providing employment to the dwellers of Gujrat and its allied ares.    There is not any concept of job enlargement. They only contact to a candidate’s references. job enrichment which are the main stream of modern day HRM and very fruitful for the organization. The employee can give false information as well which will be harmful for the organization. 6. They outsource of executive level persons from other companies which violates the law of EEO. FMAS 56 Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar .Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. They should give priority to promotion from within and job posting over external sources of recruitment.

The productivity of employees is not satisfactory because the company is not giving proper attention in training and development. every one does his own work and that work is not related to the work of other persons. Necessary activities are organized by the company for this purpose.  For the sake of performance Appraisal Company is currently using performance appraisal form which is not enough for sufficiently measuring the performance level.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. employees do not learn any thing from their leaders which raises the chance of conflict between them.  The bonus strategies are in accord with the ranks. They take one-on-one interview from the candidate which is lesser efficient tool as compared to panel interview. In this case. By formulating recommended training and development strategies company can generate proficient workforce. Every person does his work individually. The executives of HR&A department are not dependent on one another. This means that leaders in Metro have such an attitude or they perform in such a way that does not attract or impress their subordinates. there is a possibility of neglecting the question that must be asked to the candidate.    They conduct only constructed interviews.  Company is lacking in formulating any strategy regarding employee relations building. which can demotivate the deserving employees.  Leaders in Metro are not positive role models. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 57 .  In metro there is no teamwork in HR&A department i.e. Employees in Metro do not take their leaders as positive role models. So company should reestablish the bonus strategy so that the deserving employees are properly compensated according to their worth.

2 General observations about the sector in which your internship company/institution operates. Metro deals in:             Ceiling Fan Table Fans Pedestal Fans Exhaust Fans Louver Fans Chromatic Fans Electric Iron Room Cooler Electric &Gas Geysers Stabilizer Motor CYCLE Following are the competitors of Metro:        Dyl Motor cycle Blue Star Motor cycle Super Power Motor cycle Pak Fans G.F. 6.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Basically Metro deals not only in motor bike industry but it also deals in Fans and Home Appliances.C Fans Yunas Fans Royal Fans Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 58 . I have done my internship in HR department of Motor Cycle section.

Now a day the price of its 70cc motorcycle is Rs. it has its regional offices in Multan. 6.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.  It is the great strength of metro that it always concentrates on its consumer benefits and tries to give them quality products at as much low prices as possible.   Metro provides fastest and efficient services to its clients. The workforce uses the raw material and all other material very efficiently and effectively. The customers can know about the price of the motorcycle through its Website without going to dealers. Rawalpindi. The workforce of metro motorcycle is working 24 hours and is trying to achieve its goals and objectives.1 Strengths:- Strengths are those qualities which distinguish or give an edge to the metro over other motor bikes manufacturing companies.43. Weekly meeting of all the Heads of Departments is held at metro’s main office in Lahore in which all the Heads of Departments are required to be present and give their opinions about the better working. so that its customers as well as officials can know about the working of the organization. the management remains in touch with the dealers and attempts to know the market situation every time.3 SWOT Analysis:6. which helps to reduce its production cost and tries to maintain its overall cost as low as possible.3.   Metro is a group of companies. Metro has its own website this website is updated timely. it has its main office in Lahore. it also provides after sales service to its consumers. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 59 .    Metro has low prices as compared to other motorbikes companies. 000. These are as follows. Karachi etc.  Metro has good relations with its dealers.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. because I.  Metro has now introduced a new system for taking suggestions from the workers which work on the plant. 6. The workers who work in the Paint shop of metro are much suffered from diseases because the spray goes in their body through breath. the working of all executives and managers is done through computers and they rely upon the I. Although the workforce of metro is working 24 hours but still it is unable to meet the target and cannot produce the product according to demand. In which the workers give suggestions to reduce the working time. Some of them are as follows.2 Weaknesses:- Weaknesses are those characteristics of metro that are harmful in achieving its objectives.T department is one which provides computer and network services in Metro.  The great weakness of metro is that it purchases the raw material and other material which is used in the production of Bikes. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 60 .    Another weakness of Metro motorbikes is that it is not international firm due to which customers of motorbikes at international don’t know it.T department.  A great weakness of metro is that it has fewer WORKSHOPS in all the cities of Pakistan due to which consumers hesitate to purchase metro motorbikes.   There is lack of proper administration of workers and the workers try to complete the work according to their own.T department of metro does not work effectively. The Health and Safety rules which are applied in metro are not standardized. It is a great strength of metro.3. and that system is called KAIZEN. cost and increase the overall productivity. The I. at relatively high cost which increases the total cost of the Motorcycle.

Metro has the opportunity to open its branches also in the province of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah as well as in Baluchistan and provide its motorcycle at relatively low prices.3.  Because metro has a good loan reputation so it can get loans very easily and quickly it also can raise capital through funding due to its better goodwill. they have much capital that they can throw metro out from the market by lowering prices and providing standardized products. then there is a great opportunity for metro’s management to hire another worker because there is much availability of workers and the management hires them quickly.3 Opportunities:- Opportunities are those external factors that are considered helpful in achieving the objectives of metro.  As metro has its own website so when there is any job vacant in metro.vs online. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 61 .4 Threats:- Threats are the external factors which could damage the performance of the metro. in publishes it in its website and receive c.3. and it is a great opportunity for those who are in search of any job as well as for metro. It has low capital comparatively to HONDA and YAMAHA.  Metro has its branches only in the province of Punjab and Sindh. 6. 6.   Metro has great threats from multinational organizations like HONDA and YAMAHA.  When any of the workers leaves the company due to some reason. surely people will buy it. Some of them are as follows.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. They can produce the products at low prices than metro. And they are as follows.

  The big organizations can hire the skilled and qualified staff of metro by offering them relatively high salaries which is also a threat to metro. The company should try to integrate both internal & external hiring techniques in order to attract and select the best available employees They should not use only Interview method for job analysis because it may lead to the distortion of information. They should not outsource the executive level persons from other companies They should take different tests while selecting the new employees so that it may be proved helpful for choosing best suitable person for the job. They should conduct structured interviews as well other than unstructured interviews so that there might not be the possibility of neglecting any kind of question. job enrichment because they are the main stream of modern day HRM HR Manager of Metro must investigate about the past of a candidate before hiring.  It nowadays the electricity problem is very much disturbing the business. Recommendations: I have some recommendation for the Metro Organization:    There should be proper future planning. 7. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 62 . Multiple techniques should be used to obtain correct and proper information      There should be the concepts of job enlargement. They can overcome this problem to give a person full time responsibility to switch the energy source. so overcome this problem companies are using generators as Metro is using itself. The cost of this person will obviously less than the cost of workless situation.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Metro is also in cut throat competition with EAGLE and ROADPRINCE. When shifting process of energy there is an interval of workless situation the company must overcome this problem.

it must be according to the performance of employees. company must keep strict monitoring on the employees in order to minimize the time wastage. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 63 .  There are many areas in the Pakistan that are not covered by Metro for selling purpose. Company must create a payroll system that pays the employees according the market. Number one company should increase their salaries and involve them in decision making.  During my internship I felt that employees are very not motivated because of the salary issues.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. this will feel them that they have create this goal and they have to achieve it.   The bonus strategies should not be in accord to the ranks.  The lead time is very high company must reduce it by bringing quality workers in the production process. Company must try to create its dealership setup in that area. The company should improve their Performance Appraisal System by conducting Appraisal Interviews along with the current system. This thing can also be reduced by two things. As a result its competitor are enjoying in that areas.  Another thing that I notified was the wastage of time by employees. If the lead time will be reduced the company can also reduce the delivery delay. they feel that the salaries given to them are not sufficient.

8.soople.htm http://en.htm en.com/articles/ http://managementhelp.org/ops_mgnt/ops_mgnt.com Google Searches:         http://en.org/wiki/jdres http://rapidbi.org/wiki/Outline_of_business_management Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 64 .managementheaven.wikipedia.com www.org/wiki/Organizational_structure www. References: Metro HR manual Web sites:    Metro website: www.Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.com.unizg.wikipedia.pk www.org/wiki/Organizational_structure Google images en.wikipedia.metrogroup.hr/tempusprojects/glossary.wikipedia.

Metro Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. Twitter @ZeeshanAsghar FMAS 65 .

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