For each of the sentences, fill in the blank with the most appropriate word: 1. I didn't hear you. What did you ___________? say tell talk 2. George and I ___________ for three hours. talked told said 3. I'm going to ________ to him about this. talk speak BOTH ARE CORRECT 4. I'm going to ________ him the truth. talk tell BOTH ARE CORRECT 5. She always knows the right thing to ________. speak talk say 6. Don't ________ to your grandfather in that tone! speak tell say 7. I ________ her that I loved her. told said spoke 8. She and I ________ all night. told BOTH ARE CORRECT talked 9. Hi, this is Robert. We ________ on the phone last Tuesday. told said spoke

Do you ________ English? talk speak tell 15. BOTH ARE CORRECT say tell 16. You should ________ her that we're going to be late. tell say talk 12. talking saying telling 17. spoke talked said 13.10. ___________ up! I can't hear you! Speak Talk Tell 11. told said talked . I don't know what to ________ to you. Let's ________ over lunch. He has been ________ lies to everyone. tell speak say 14. Let's ________ sports! = Let's talk about sports speak talk BOTH ARE CORRECT 18. We weren't ___________ about these new requirements. Some of the things he ________ worry me.

said told BOTH ARE CORRECT . You'll have to ___________ to my manager about that. that's not what I ________ to him. No. say speak tell 20.19.

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