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1) If I maintain freight in condition FRA1 or FRA2 or in info record, then

subsequently if I choose planned delivery cost in miro, it will show, correct?

Ans: Yes.

Planned delivery cost --- Maintain FRA1 and FRA2 in PO Details with same or
different vendor.

Select Goods receipt/service +planned delivery

2) Planned delivery cost in miro only show freight? What about other cost?

Ans: If you want to see other costs, then choose Goods items+planned delivery costs

3) What is unplanned delivery cost and where to define?

Ans: In MIRO, after entering PO as a reference, choose delivery tab in header and
enter any unplanned delivery costs amount in the field Unplanned dely costs. You can
customize to post the unplanned dely costs to separate G/L Account or stock account.

Enter MIRO --Header details ----Enter unplanned delivery cost.


Planned delivery costs, if you want to capture for different vendor in PO than go to -
Conditions in item level, select the delivery condition to be captured and go to
condition detail wherein you can mention different vendor to capture delivery cost,,

In MIRO Transaction Select Delivery tab.

If you are posting the Delivery costs & Other costs as Unplanned delivery cost.

Unplanned delivery costs are posted in a separate line. You must enter a specific tax
code for the posting.

Maintain in MIRO ---Transaction Enter unplanned delivery cost.

While doing MIRO, in the header ( details tab ) there is a field for Unplanned delivery
cost ( Unpl. Del. Csts ). Here you can enter extra delivery charges that are not in the
conditions on the Purchase Order.


Unplanned delivery costs are delivery costs that were not specified in the purchase
order and are only entered when you enter the invoice. They are posted in exactly the
same manner as subsequent debits/credits.

For a material subject to moving average price control, unplanned delivery costs are
posted to the stock account, provided that there is sufficient stock coverage. For a
material subject to standard price control, unplanned delivery costs are posted to a
price difference account.

Unplanned delivery costs were not agreed on in the purchase order and are not entered
until the invoice is received.

You can enter the unplanned delivery costs in the invoice document alongside the
costs incurred. You can post unplanned delivery costs as follows:

Distribute them prorated to calculated invoice items

Post them to separate G/L accounts

You can use the Business Add-In MRM_UDC_DISTRIBUTE to define your own
rules for distributing unplanned delivery costs. For more information, see the
documentation for the Business Add-In

You want to distribute unplanned delivery costs prorated when you post the
document. - (Incoming Invoice-- Posting Unplanned Delivery Costs).

You want to post unplanned delivery costs to a separate G/L account. - Incoming
Invoice ® Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes.

Planned costs are costs which are entered directly in the PO.

Planned delivery costs are agreed upon with the vendor, a carrier, or a customs office
before the purchase order is created. You enter them in the purchase order.

Planned delivery costs can be differentiated as follows:

y Origin of Costs

y Freight charges

y Customs charges

y Calculation of Costs

y Fixed amount, irrespective of delivered quantity

y Quantity-dependent amount

y Percentage of value of the goods

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