I dig my way out of the grave. The casket’s wood is old and rotten but still
manages to break off a finger of two from my brittle undead hands. My funeral attire is
covered in dirt and filth but iell my relatives did their best to dress me for death. I am
having some trouble seeing through my dry wormed eyes.
I need brains.
I begin to slog away from my cracked headstone through the graveyard. The trees
blow in the wind, whistling as I give the harvest moon a zombie gaze.
I haven’t seen my hometown in ages. How long has it actually been? How long
have I been dead? Living in hell was difficult and there’s no way of keeping track of
time. It literally feels like eternity. Thank God Satan gave me this second chance. But
I’ve been warned: I’ll need brains. If I’m going to last I’ll need brains, and I’ll need to
avoid being slaughtered.
I turn around slowly like a sick hungry animal as several others behind me crawl
out of their respective graves. I lead the way to the gate. Looking back again, holding the
steel, I see they are following me.
I’m leader of the pack.
I hobble down the asphalt, the mud and dirt crumbling off my shoes, leaving
tracks as I slide along the street.
“Brains!” I scream.
“Brains…!” We chant.
Then, a three legged dog runs up to me.

At first it looks appetizing, but it only takes me a moment to realize it’s useless,
he too is undead. I kneel down and give him a pat on the head while looking at the pack
of zombies behind me. The dog gnarls at me growling then barking, jaws drawn.
I give him a good hard kick to the gut, and he whimpers off.
Worthless mutt.
I’m getting frustrated as our pack is demanding in droning command. There is an
unsatiated hunger. Then a man comes out of his front door onto the street and I stagger up
to him trying not to be noticed, but with the pack behind me it’s near impossible. Luckily
he just stands there in shock when he sees us.
I grab him with superhuman strength and take a huge chunk out of his skull with
my teeth and pull the brains out. The fresh blood and brains drip from my mouth as I
feed, with the man collapsed on the bloody asphalt.
More satiating, satisfying, and quenching than anything I’ve ever known.
The pack is furious and fights for the remains, picking pieces off the pavement
and one licks the inside of this dead man’s skull which he’s broken off the body.
I feel my awareness sharpen as my undead body absorbs the brains.
I start walking down the street again.
“Brains!” I shout, pointing ahead where in the distance there is bright lights in the
The zombie licking the skull and those picking off the ground stop what they are
doing and begin to follow me.
We break through the auditorium doors and all hell breaks loose. Our pack is one

of many now because all the packs have ended up here under the bright lights.
It’s chaos.
I’m no longer the only leader. There are a few of us now. Two tall males and a
striking female in a once beautiful red dress. Herr eyes are bright red and her flesh is
veiny and blue.
We all of us, hundreds, feed on the scattering humans, tens of thousands of them
running for the exits and trying to fight back.
Some of us are dropping.
Some of us are broken in half, literally crawling on all fours or just hands,
sputtering out of existence, begging for brains. One of the feeding tries to hand a halfbodied zombie brains, sticking his hands out.
“Brains!” The female in the red dress points, commanding him to eat them his
own self, not to feed the dying one.
He listens, frowning at the now limp zombie fallen apart on the concrete stadium
floor. Then he chews the rest of the brains and hands some to the female.
She holds the brain out in her hand in a pause, looking into my eyes before
devouring the gray matter.
I’m clinging to the living, felling well fed.
I look up at a new light in the sky. It is moving and pointed at us. It’s letting out a
loud noise and there’s a loud voice screaming directing the living.
“Do not panic. Make for the exits. Work together.”
Human screams and zombie howls of death as we get mowed down by the
helicopters gun turrets.

A bellet hits me and I go down screaming for more brains. I quickly stand up
undying as a gasp escapes my throat and hate “BRAINS!” I snap. Another bullet hits my
skull and I spin in the fury of bodies, blood spilling from my cranium. The last thing I see
is the giant explosion as the bombs drop throughout the stadium. Body parts fly every
which way.

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