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Governor’s School of North Carolina

GS Alumni Association Alumni Impact Survey March 13, 2012

What is Governor’s School?

The North Carolina Governor’s School is the nation’s oldest residential summer program for academically gifted and talented high-school students. Opened in 1963 on the campus of Salem College, Winston-Salem NC, the Governor’s School has invited students from all across the state to explore the latest developments in one of ten artistic and academic areas. Governor’s School expanded to 800 students in 1978, but due to budget constraints has dropped to 550 students in 2012.

What is this Survey?

The 2012 Governor’s School Alumni Impact Survey is a snapshot of where our alumni are, what they are doing, and what impact they have on their communities, particularly those in North Carolina. Commissioned by the Governor’s School Alumni Association in 2011, the survey was conducted from January to March, 2012. There were 769 respondents from across the state and the world.

Abstracted Results
 Governor’s School has a positive impact on the students who attend, helping them gain entrance to and pay for higher education.  GS alumni gain educations far in advance of the NC norm.  75% attend college in North Carolina.  Most alumni (70%) stay in North Carolina after college.  Alumni become active members of their communities as leaders in religious, social, and political organizations.  Alumni assist in social programs and disaster relief.  97% of alumni in North Carolina are registered voters.

GSAA Alumni Impact Survey

Who We Are

When Did We Attend Governor’s School?
The 60s The 70s The 80s The 90s The 00s The 10s 0% 10% 20% 21% 30% 40% 5% 10% 15% 16% 34%

Where Do We Live Now?
North Carolina * 70%

Other US State


Outside US







* 56% of those who stay in NC returned to their home county.

What Did We Study at Governor’s School?
Math Natural Science English Social Science Foreign Language Instrumental Music Choral Music Theater Art Dance 0% 16% 14% 12% 11% 4% 14% 13% 7% 5% 3% 5% 10% 15% 20%

What Education Do We Have?
Current Students 3.28% 1.34%

High School Only
Associates Bachelors Masters Doctorate 0%

47% 28% 20% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%

Based on highest degree attained.

Where Did We Get Our Degrees?
Bachelors NC Public Masters NC Private

In and Out
Public/Private Outside NC








In and Out: Respondents received multiple degrees, from universities both inside and outside NC. Public/Private: Respondents received multiple degrees from both public and private universities.

Notes on Education
 95% of GS Alumni have college degrees, compared with 27.8% in the overall population*.  48% of GS Alumni have advanced degrees, compared with 9% in the overall population*.  75% of all GS Alumni received at least one of their degrees in North Carolina.

*Overall population numbers from 2010 US Census.

GSAA Alumni Impact Survey

What We Do

Where Do We Work?
Education and Library Services Management, Business, Finance, Sales Health Professionals, Therapists, and Technicians Architecture, Engineering, Computers and Mathematical Sciences Artist - Performing Arts (Dance, Theater, Music) Artist - Literary and Fine Arts (Authors, Playwrights, Artists) Legal Professions Life and Physical Sciences Social Sciences and Psychology Community and Social Services, Clergy News Media, Television, Radio, and Sports Office and Administrative Restaurants and Catering Personal Care and Services Construction, Production, Manufacture Farming and Forestry Military Transportation and Material Moving Building and Grounds Maintenance

140 95 80 73 43 38 38 34 34 24 23 20 19 8 7 2 2 2 1

20.5% 13.9% 11.7% 10.7% 6.3% 5.6% 5.6% 5.0% 5.0% 3.5% 3.4% 2.9% 2.8% 1.2% 1.0% 0.3% 0.3% 0.3% 0.1%

How Do We Contribute?
I have run for public office.
I have held a public office. I am a leader in a religious organization or church. I am an active member of a religious organization or church. I have been an officer or served on the Board of Directors of a civic organization, educational organization, or charity other than a religious institution. I have volunteered to help a civic organization, educational organization, or charity other than a religious institution. I have donated to a civic organization, educational organization, or charity other than a religious institution. I have worked for or volunteered for a government program that provides services or support for the poor, either at home or in other places. I have volunteered for disaster relief efforts in NC. I have volunteered for disaster relief efforts in other places.

10 95 308 251

1.3% 12.8% 41.6% 33.9%

602 266 99 99

81.4% 35.9% 13.3% 13.3%

Notes on Contributions
 97% of 18+ year old GS Alumni living in North Carolina are registered to vote.  92% of post-college GS Alumni are employed.  Median income of GS Alumni is in the $50-$100,000 range. This compares to $38,050 for the overall population*.  Nearly one in ten GS Alumni own their own business. Many of these businesses provide jobs for other North Carolinians.
*Overall population numbers from 2010 US Census.

GSAA Alumni Impact Survey

Rating the Governor’s School Experience

Looking back, how do you rate your GS Experience?
Highly Negative Negative Neutral Positive Highly Positive 0%
98.1% rated as positive or highly positive.


0.78% 6.68% 91.42% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

How Did GS Help?
 95% of GS Alumni say that GS helped them gain entrance to the college of their choice.  80% say that GS helped them secure scholarships and other funding.  46% say that they could not have attended GS if there had been a $500 tuition (adjusted for inflation).

How Did GS Help?

99% of GS Alumni state that the program changed their lives for the better.