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One More Day

One More Day

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Published by Katie
...This is about death...I must be reeeeealy depressed...Lol
...This is about death...I must be reeeeealy depressed...Lol

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Published by: Katie on Feb 13, 2009
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One More Day

It’s the first and last The sunrise and set The only part of fate That we truly know is real And the part that we most dread It’ll rise and fall With a rainbow in the rain The sky’s always blue You don’t know what to do Try looking behind the pain Will you grow up strong? Will I need your protection? We are my tears Lost over years My thoughts in oblivion Is it sun? Is it snow? Do I care? Will I go? These questions bombard me Like moths to a flame But my marks will never show Give me one more day Give me one more day To know that this child Will be safe in my arms And this moment will always stay I know that you’re gone And your soul’s runaway But just give me one more day

-Katie 

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