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Toward Understanding the Neters

Toward Understanding the Neters

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Published by Amaterasu_Japan

Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Science

Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Science

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Published by: Amaterasu_Japan on Jan 31, 2013
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Toward Understanding the Neters

The neters (nefers) had their origins in the Super-civilization of Sirius and Orion. It is a multidimensional Cosmic Beings -Spirits, ho are a!le to !e in different dimensions simultaneousl". On the planet #arth, in our Solar S"stem the" had their origins in the prehistoric mists of the tri!al cultures of each nome. Certain pharaohs held an affinit" for particular nefers, perhaps the nefers of their forefathers. $nd their forefathers considered them as their progenitors. %Our &ods- is Our 'rogenitors(. There is an ancient cosmic legend, hich tells a!out ho the nefers first visited our Solar S"stem in )ight!odies and made the !lueprint for the future human race. That(s h" e can proudl" sa" a!out ourselves as %descendants of gods.( The Sirius s"stem is a 'ro-*other of our Solar-+$ S"stem. Neters in the physical body ,ot onl" do the neter (nefers) operate in the intellectual realm of mathematics and ph"sics, !ut the" manifest themselves as ell in the level of the !od"- that is the !odil" functions are the functions of universal spiritual principles. The $scendi *asters of #g"pt reached the level of full merging ith ,eferus (&ods of )uminous Beaut"- from this etimologema comes the name of the .ueen-&oddess ,efertiti/,eferu-means )uminous Beaut"0lightBeing). Some #g"ptian priests consecrated different parts of the !od" to different neters according to the god(s s"m!olic actions. There ere neters for ever" part of the !od"/(!ut it is more s"m!olical conception, than actual).

.Ancient Mysteries of Neferus The $ncient *"steries of . so a god is at once a principle of order. or simpl" rela4 and en2o" the perfume of the entire )otus. the formation of civilization in the shift from . $ m"thic narrative or1s through a s"stem of correspondences. a dancing mesure. $na-Stasi 5ennell.eferus are multidimensional as their Consciousness. It is not nessesor" to !e a!le to distinguish all the nefers. In the )ight of the &reat *other of &ods ith Ten Thousand $rchit"pes. a mantram (sacred phrase). a geometrical figure. the seasonal movement of planet and stars. One singal m"th (m"ster") can !e a narrative a!out the formation of the solar s"stem. the transformation of the central nervous s"stem in the "ogic achievement of illumination. 2ust the onces that spea1 to "ou particular". One ma" name and admire the individual petals. The important thing to remem!er is that all neters are the aspects of the &reat 3ivine )ight. and finall". a num!er. The" are the !rilliant multiformed petals of a single lotus. a special planet.eolithic matriarch" to the patriarchal state. the development of consciousness in the emergence from the &reat *other to the full" individuated !eing. and a heavenl" !od".

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