Robin hood Background

                           In late 12th or the 13th century Myth-Folklore Middle Ages and early modern periods of English History Setting: Sherwood Forest (North of Nottingham, London) Little John-closed friend Wil Stutely and Wil Scarlet (shaddock): two other famous members of Robin’s band Allen-A-Date: Singer of Robin’s band Sheriff of Nottingham- Robin Hood’s arch-enemy Bishop of Hereford: One of Robin’s regular targets Sir Guy of Gisborne: Another enemy of Robin Robin Hood are of rhymes on songs The Merry men led by Robin Hood consist of a variety of colorful character including Friar Tuck, Much the Miller’s son, Alan a Dale & Little John Main enemy-the Sheriff of Nottingham Prince John, ruler in absence of Richard the Limheart, was imposing high taxes on the English population England was ruled by the Norman Conquerors Supporter of the late 12 century King Richard Lionheart Outstanding skill as Archer Anti-clericalism He is a Yeoman Portray in Early Ballad Lived in Sherwood forest in Nottinghamshire Member of Saxan nobility called Robin of Loxley Legend-he hides from the Norman as an outlaw in Sherwood forest wearing clothes Lincoln Green Many other oppress English men join his band of outlaw in Sherwood forest Motto-rob the rich pay the poor Robin hood fall in love with Maid Marian and show her how bad the Normans treated Saxon English All these tales were written down before 1550