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Bangalore Software-Companies

Bangalore Software-Companies

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Published by Senthil Kumar
Bangalore Software-Companies
Bangalore Software-Companies

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Published by: Senthil Kumar on Jan 31, 2013
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Name Reverse informatics 1 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd 2 247 Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd 3 Accel Frontline Ltd 3 Accel Frontline Ltd 4 Accel Transmatic Ltd 4 Accel Transmatic Ltd 5 Accent Consulting (A division of Accent Overseas Pvt Ltd) 6 Acme Insurance Services Pvt Ltd 7 Adrenalin eSystems Ltd 8 AdventNet Development Centre (India) Pvt Ltd 9 Ajuba Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. 10 Akmin Technologies Pvt Ltd 11 Alden Prepress Services Pvt Ltd 12 Allsec Technologies Ltd 13 Altosys Software Technologies Ltd 14 American Megatrends (India) Pvt. Ltd. 15 AmitySoft Technologies Pvt Ltd 16 Arrowpoint Technologies Pvt Ltd 17 ASE Designsoft Pvt Ltd 18 Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. 18 Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. 19 Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd 20 Bahwan CyberTek Pvt Ltd 21 Barry-Wehmiller International Resources Pvt Ltd 22 Botree Software International Ltd 23 California Software Company Ltd 24 Canon India Pvt Ltd 25 Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd 26 CB Richard Ellis South Asia Pvt Ltd 27 CES Pvt Ltd 28 CG Maersk Information Technologies Pvt Ltd 29 Changepond Technologies Pvt Ltd 30 Cherrytec Solutions Limited 31 CI.COM (P) Ltd 32 Citibank N.A. 32 Citibank N.A. 33 City Info Services Pvt Ltd 34 Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. 35 CollabNet Software Pvt Ltd 36 Congruent Info-Tech Pvt Ltd 37 Congruent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 38 Contact Singapore 39 Cordiant Technologies (P) Limited 40 Crecento Technologies Pvt Ltd 41 Cybernet Software Systems Pvt Ltd

42 43 44 45 46 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86

Cygnus Software Pvt Ltd Data Software Research Company (International) Ltd Deloitte Consulting India (P) Ltd Digital Illusion Ind Pvt Ltd Domex e-Data Pvt Ltd Domex e-Data Pvt Ltd e-Serve International Ltd. E-Softtek Pvt Ltd Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt Ltd Electronics and Computers India Ltd Element K India Pvt Ltd Emantras Interactive Technologies Pvt Ltd EMC Data Storage Systems (India) Private Limited Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt Ltd Exceed Technologies Pvt Ltd Extreme Networks India Pvt Ltd Financial Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd Firstware Software Solutions (A Division of Brilliant Tutorials Pvt Ltd) Focus Infosys (India) Pvt. Ltd. Franklin Templeton International Services (India) Pvt Ltd Future Focus Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Future Software Limited GAVS Information Services Private Limited Genesis Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Global Business Technology Services Pvt Ltd Godrej Global Solutions Ltd Harita Infoserve Ltd HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd Hinditron Infosystems Pvt Ltd HTC Global Services (India) Pvt Ltd iNautix Technologies India Private Limited iNautix Technologies India Private Limited India Comnet International Pvt Ltd India Insure Risk Management Services Pvt Ltd India Software Group - ISG (A Div. of Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd) InLogic BizCom Pvt Ltd Insoft.com Pvt Ltd Integrated Property Management & Services Ltd Intersoft Data Labs Pvt Ltd Intoto Software (I) Pvt. Ltd. iSOFT R&D Pvt Ltd ITTI Limited IVL India Pvt Ltd K7 Computing Pvt Ltd Kaavian Systems Pvt Ltd

87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132

KCP Technologies Ltd KLG Systel Ltd KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited Lapiz Digital Services (A Div. of Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd) Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd Lason India Ltd Maars Software International Ltd. Megasoft Limited Nalli Soft Solutions NatureSoft Private Limited Net Vision Cybertech Pvt Ltd NetraScribe Pvt. Ltd. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd Next Link (P) Ltd Nipuna Services Limited Niteo Technologies (P) Ltd Niteo Technologies (P) Ltd NSE.IT Ltd. NTrust Infotech Pvt Ltd OKS Span Tech Pvt Ltd Optimus Outsourcing Company Ltd OrangeScape Technologies Ltd Pentafour Communication Ltd. Perfint Engineering Services Pvt Ltd Perot Systems TSI (India) Ltd Philips Software Centre Pvt. Ltd. Polaris Software Labs Ltd. PreMedia Global Pvt Ltd PTC Software (India) Pvt Ltd Quintegra Solutions Ltd. Ramco Systems Ltd Ready Test Go Pvt Ltd Red Hat India Pvt Ltd Rising Solutions Pvt Ltd Saksoft Limited Sampoorna Matchjobs.com Pvt Ltd Sankhya Technologies Private Limited SCM Microsystems (India) Pvt Ltd Scope e-Knowledge Center Pvt Ltd Scope International Pvt Ltd Score Information Technologies Ltd. Servion Global Solutions Ltd Sherston Educational Software Pvt Ltd Siemens Information Systems Ltd. Sify Limited

133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170

SIPTECH Solutions Limited Sitel India Ltd SkyTECH Solutions Pvt Ltd Soffia Software Limited Software Solutions Intergrated Ltd. SolutionNET India Pvt Ltd SPI Technologies India Pvt Ltd SRA Systems Ltd. STAG Software Pvt Ltd Starnet Software (India) Limited Summit HR Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd Sundaram Infotech Solutions (A Division of Sundaram Finance Ltd) Sutherland Global Services Pvt Ltd Syntel Ltd Systime Computer Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. Take Solutions Ltd Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Limited TCS Business Transformation Solutions Ltd (TCS-BTS) TeamLease Services Pvt Ltd Telesis Global Solutions Ltd Temenos India Pvt. Ltd. Texas Instruments India Ltd. Thinksoft Global Services (P) Ltd Thirdware Solution Ltd. Thomson Digital (ITES Div. of Thomson Press (India) Ltd) TQM International Pvt Ltd Trimentus Technologies Pvt Ltd Tvarita Consulting Pvt Ltd Universal Legal Virtusa (India) Pvt Ltd VKC Software Solutions (P) Ltd WebEx Communications India Pvt Ltd Wipro Technologies (Wipro Ltd) Xansa (India) Ltd Athri Infotech R R Industries Ltd Aayudh Games Accoladde Soft Technologies Tel: +919962299053 AEGIS IT SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT. LTD.,





Ariel Technologies

174 175


176 177 178

Aversan Systems Bahwan CyberTek Pvt. Ltd., Bahwan Cybertek Technologies Pvt Lt

179 180

Bay Talkitec Pvt. Ltd Benchmark Gloabl Services Pvt. Ltd

181 182 183

bened consulting Biztech Softsys Bizvin Technology Group


BlueWave Technologies


Brainmagic Infotech Private Limited


Broadline Computer Systems


Business Integra

188 189 190

Chrisranjana Software Solutions (pvt) Ltd Concoct Information Technologies and Solutions Consolidated Cybernetics Pvt Ltd


Crewind Communcations Pvt Ltd

ltd 208 GODB TECH PVT LTD 209 Helios Outsourcing Pvt Ltd 210 I TECH INDIA PVT LTD . Dhyan Infotech Pvt Ltd Tel: 044-52100088 Eagle Consulting Pvt. Esquire Systems 201 202 203 Femtosoft Technologies 204 Finix Info Solution Pvt Ltd 205 206 Fulcrum Solutions GENSOFT INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED 207 Gnaritus Technology Solutions Pvt. Eccentric Software 195 196 197 Efficient Frontier Tech India Pvt Ltd 198 Efycaci Technologies P Ltd 199 200 Elixi HR eNoah iSolution India Pvt Ltd Tel: 044 30686925/30/33/43 Esberi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.192 193 194 cukra professional consultancy Dextsoft (P) Ltd. Ltd.

chennai . ICM Software Solutions Ifline Technologies 214 iLink Systems Inc 215 Imayam Info Solutions(p) Ltd 216 Impiger technologies 217 Indian Comnet International pvt ltd 218 Infycareer Pvt.Limited 219 220 221 222 Innospire Systems Innovative iPath Technolgies P Ltd Irssoft 223 224 IT Port Solutions IT-Pundits 225 ITIAN INFO LABS Pvt Ltd.210 I TECH INDIA PVT LTD 211 212 213 iBorderless India Pvt. Ltd. 226 Jadian Technologies 227 228 Jasley Cadd Service javaji systems & solutions.

Lorven Technologies 246 Maarga Systems .228 javaji systems & solutions..chennai 229 Jeevan Technologies India Private Limited 230 JKV Software Solutions 231 232 233 JUMP Project Management Consultants Kaashyap Technologies KAG Technologies Pvt Ltd 234 235 KGM SOFTWARES PRIVATE LTD KLA Tencor 236 Kokaran Technologies 237 238 239 krish IT solution Kryptos Networks Tel: 044-43915151 Leading Software Technologies 240 Leading Software Technologies Private Limited 241 Legend Software Solutions 242 243 Letzplanout Entertainment Lintelline 244 245 loomitaas technologies pvt. ltd.

Positive Edge Productions Pvt Ltd .. Ltd.247 Manthra Solutions Inc 248 249 maplesesm technologies Mastersys Tech Pvt Ltd 250 Melss Automation Limited 251 252 Micromen Systems & Software Private Limited MindZen(India)Pvt Ltd 253 MVS Softech Private Limited 254 Nectar CyberTech Private Limited 255 Netrocon 256 Nohitatu Tel: 044-42605516 Nucleus Software Exports Limited 257 258 259 260 261 262 Openwave Computing Services Pvt Ltd. Orion InfoComp Pace Automation Limited pantech solutions pvt ltd Pentasoft Technologies Limited 263 perfsystems 264 265 Photon Infotech Pvt.

265 Positive Edge Productions Pvt Ltd 266 R Square Information Technology 267 268 RAL Software Random Infotech Tel: 91 44 42772565 Rhytha Web Solutions 269 270 271 RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd RR Infotech 272 Sai Outsourcing Company Pvt.CDC . Ltd. SpectraSoft Technologies Ltd Springboard . Ltd 273 Sandesh Data Systems 274 275 SCR SOFT TECHNOLOGIES(P)LTD SESols Technologies 276 Seven Axiom Software Consultant 278 279 280 SGS Technologie P Ltd Silkfort Technologies SKL Solutions 281 282 283 284 Softcrylic Technology Solutions India Softeon India Pvt.

285 Steadfast Technology Services Pvt Ltd. Ltd 288 289 290 Techsakthi Solutions Tour de Force TPF Software India (P) Ltd 291 292 293 Transcend Technology Orbit Tychon Solutions ultramatics india pvt ltd 294 Unipro Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd 295 USA Websolutions 296 297 298 299 Vaasum Soft Tech Private Limited Valgen Business Solutions Pvt Ltd vedham india veeserv technologies 300 301 302 Ventech Solutions Vertech Software Labs Vestige Software Technologies (P) Ltd. 287 TE Software Services Pvt.A Division of Smartek21. 286 Stira Technologies. Ltd. . 303 304 VIT Consultancy Pvt Ltd Whizbytes Technologies Pvt.

Whizel Technologies Pvt Ltd 306 Yantro Software (P) Ltd 307 308 YBR Information ZANEC Soft Tech 309 Zeptoware Technologies 310 Zerobase Electronics pvt ltd . Ltd.304 305 Whizbytes Technologies Pvt.

collab.cesltd. Second Floor. # 1. Off 75.canon-asia.net 91-44-32916830 www.aspiresys.cognizant.congruentindia.com +91 44 6654 6083 www. II Trust Link Road.D Tidel Park.com +91-044-23741591 (6 Lines) www. 7.amiindia.co.avayaglobalconnect.20876930742 www.cityinfoser http://www.recruit@alden.citibank. Nelson Manickam Accel Frontline 75. 3. www.accelfrontline.php hrd@accelfrontline.acmeresource. + 91-44-24328688 www.avayagloba http://www.com 91-44-24467048/24914606 www.csscorp.co. Gee Gee Emerald No.changepon http://www.com +91-44-43542050.cat. 1D.com www. +91-44-43542060. Type II/4 8th Floor.botree. 1/D 1. 'Pottipati Plaza'.org.cbre.com/ http://www.cognizant.in careers@reverseinform majid.cordiant.bwir. Polaris House 11 Sarathy Nagar. 24322511 www.contactsin http://www.collab. 044 . Nelson Manickam 1205 .india. Velachery Main 5th Floor.com +91 44 4220-3700 www. 3rd Main Road.in + 91-44-42135588.2826 0520/21 www.24x7learning.com www.myadrenalin.botree.net (91-44) 2254 2260 www.calsoftgrou http://www.com + 91 (44) 2231-8990 / 4223-8990 www.cityinfoservices.com http://www.c http://www.com +91-44-24402315.2824 0520/21.c resume@manageengin hrd@akmin.cesltd.c http://www.com (91) 44 42200100 www.in 91-44-2254.com/ca http://www.cordiant. 12-02 Tidel Park #138 No. 46B.ciindia.com 91 44 2821 4599 www.co.asedesignsoft.accentinfoways.com www. Apex Plaza. Bishop Waller's Telephone 91-44-42226700 Website www. 1st Floor. Melnallathur.accelstl.in jobs@acceltransmatic. No.citigroup http://www.in +91 44 66540922 www.com http://careers. 377.ajubanet.co.in 091-044-52040494/95/96/97 www.c http://www. Citibank N A.com 041160-41085/41086 www. SIPCOT IT PARK.co.com 91-44-261 649 41 up to 47 www.allsectech. Level 1.amitysoft. S.com http://www. http://www.altosys.com/coe-csslabs.co.bahwancybertek. KAKANI TOWERS.c careers@myadrenalin. Block II.com alden.congruent http://www. B-Block. Lotus Tower Ground Floor (South Unit 3.com +91-44-2461 0149 91-44-66549000 www.com/base/ # 91-44-42096000 www. Nelson Manickam 37. II Crescent Park Road. hr@amiindia.congruentsolutions.com 2300050 www.akmin.in +91-44-2244 7070 www.cgmaersk. 3A.sg +91 (44) 4266-6015 www.cbre.Address 4th floor. 38/58.asecaddes http://www.in http://india.contactsingapore. 2230 1515 www. No: 58.com +91 (44) 4214 5730 / 4214 5723www.canon.arrowpointtechnologies.com +91-44-42036821.co .com/ 044 .adventnet.co http://www. 24402316 www. 20 SBI Officers ™ Colony. Dowlath Towers Floors 1 Barry-Wehmiller 37.com/ http://www.cat. Thiruvallur.com (91) 44-2431-4642 www.in jobs@amitysoft.com 91-44-28203548/49/51 www. Anna Salai.californiasw.247customer.com +91 44 2254 0410 www.allsectech.com www.com 91-44-23742829 (044) 42695043 /43 www.net/ careers@congruentindi http://www.co. Krishna Kuteera #5/535. 12.com 91-44-28330881/882/883 www. Jamals.cherrytec.com/india/ 91-44-22431115 www. 20.changepond. Smith Road.com/EN/ 91-44-52145959 www. "M A C House" Computers International. Old The Lords. 3rd Floor.aspiresys.alikhan@24x7lea 044-42252000 044-42233700 91-44-23740105 www. 18-D Marshals Road Alexander Square # 7.com (044) 2220 1405.com +91-44-6740 4000 www. 2C&D.No.cherrytec. Citibank N A. 1C.alden.co. 352/1 B.ciindia. Nelson Manickam GB Ground Floor.com/ +044 2363 0363 www.crecento. 4TH 2 & 3.bwir.

84.gavsin. 3rd Floor. 101.inautix.com/ +91 44 2747 7777 www. #113-114. 184-187 III Floor.in 91 .co.42169462 / 63 www.com 9841042400 www.focusmt.emerson.eduquity.Ambiga Unit-C.com 044-55225522 www. L. 8 th street Ms.co.dsrc.com 91 . 91-98400-78597 +91 44 2824 0200 www. Czone • Unit-2.esofttek.481.B.ipmslindia.deloitte.com/ www.extremenetworks. New "Kasturi Towers" 2nd Floor.com/ 0091-44-42104501 www.com 91-44-815 1286.emc.htcinc.com/index.co.extremene http://www.in www.domex.com +91-44-4391 0000 www.franklintempletonindia.com +91 44 5212 3376 india.godrejglobal. Ground Floor. 3. A-South.co.isoftplc. 3.harita. (old #6No.com +91 44 2262 3522 www. 114. 22350589 www.hinditron. www. 3rd floor.gbtsgroup. Tidel Service and Support KRISP IT Park.c http://www.ivlind. Baskar Colony.com/ +91 44 43931900 www.com (91) 44 4393 9393 | 2815 3515 www. OMS Court.hclbpo. 578.ftindia.hpindia.com 91-44-2262-1232/3/4 www.c https://sjobs.dsrc. Sir Theagaraya Road.com +91 44 4229 2211 www.com/ (011) 91-44-2235-4700 www.co http://www.com http://www.com + 91 44 2498 6500 www. Old No.isgn.digitalillusion. RR Tower II. E-Softtek # 15/1 (New No.k7computing.com/ +91-44-2433 0550 www. Temple Tower.intsof.42005200 www. Horizon Center. Firstware Software Focus Infosys Century Centre. HP Towers D-1.eservenet.com . 1st Floor New # 5. First Floor Dr. 743.com/c http://www.eduquity.emantras.insoft.brassring.element http://www. Phase II.com www.com/ (044) 2499 3327 / 2038 www.com +91-44-22353235. MEPZ 10-C TIDEL Park 8th Floor.com (+91) 9840847471 www. 1. Block-1.in http://www. 228152596 www. Anna Salai.co.com +91 44 42649292 .com www.deloitte. Shree Park. Ganga griha. II Street.com +91 44 4229 7100.44 . No 9. No.co. 37).com +91 (0) 44 3981 8500 www.emersonnetworkpower.focusinfotech.com +91-44-4204 0041 +91-44-446 4292 www.com +91 44 42454000 www.emantras. SDF II.indiainsure. 91-44-2829-7106 +91 44 2852 4847 +91 (0) 44 5213 1124 +91 44 2816 0304 www.genesisintl. 3rd Floor. P Venkataramana Mr V. Haddows Road # 480 .ecindiaoutsourcing. 23766039 www.futsoft.ftindia.N.cygnus-soft.com www. III floor. Surya Flats. +91-44-5211-2784 www.cygnusglob http://www.kaaviansys.M4. (Old # 3) iSOFT Product Block # K.first-ware.com 91-44-22546000 www.93 www.heliosmatheson. http://www.elementk. 4th Floor Emantras Suite 301.itti.exceedintl.in (+91)(44) 24863700 www.com 91-44-26210772 www.com 91 44 5324347 www.com (044) 24679200 www. Sri Sai Square Temple Steps. Prince Center.c http://niagara.com +91-44-4214-7988.comneti.com (044) 2836 5566 www.com 044-42023797/98 www.com 044-23765250. Satheesh Kumar Tower Victoire'. 16.44 .in 044-22540218 / 219 www. Ascendas India Comnet Flat GA.jsp (91-44) 228151063. 22354692.domex.intotoinc. 4210-3350 www. poonamallee High CHC India RR Towers III. 91-44-815 2283 www.com +91-44-5211-2783 .2. DBS Business No. 1st Floor.

net + 91-44-4266 7000 www.6600 www.kankariagroup.com/ 91. Arihant Nitco Third Floor.lasersoft.com 91 .com +91 44 39844900 / 24332533 www. Global Towers #129 A. Anna Salai Apeejay House 168.csscorp.kwglobal.com 91-044-8201533/4/5 www.in +91.sifycorp. Radha Avenue.in 91-44-4200-9450 www.kpmg.ramco. Old No 144. Taurus.optimus.philips.com +91 (044) 2822 7358 www. III Floor. Habibullah Road. 106/12.24869213 / 9214 / 9217 www. Third 38.nvcl. 0507 & II Floor.klgsystel.servion.com +91 44 2254 0020 www. Module No. Ganesh Babu Yadati "Optimus House". 8241923 www.co. 3rd Floor New #56 B. 2nd lane.Reddy Road 7th Floor. Sampoorna Computer "Jayashree".in/ 91-44-42142500 + 91-44-2461 4501 www.com +91-44-2815 5080.kcp.co.co. Megabyte.redhat.quintegrasolutions. Barnaby Road KPMG 94/95.nature-soft. 184-187.india.6654. Prince Kushal #22 Oliver Road. RR2 Building. 4803899.com 044-2374 5400 / 2374 6500 www. 6A. Eldams Road. 3B.polaris. 5th Floor.scopeknowledge.com +91 44 28334350-52 +91 44 2254 0770-77 www.pentafour.com/ 91 44 2852 4154 www.com 91-44-2432 3800 / 01 www.com +91-44-2849 0999 www.sampoorna. 4803902 www.scmmicro. 8241903.ptc.niteo.com 044-5571 4232 www. 1st Main Road. Brooklyn Business Centre NEXT 9th Floor.com +91 044 4206 0330 www. 1st Main Road.044. Velacherry Road. +91-44-2815 4959 (044) 2847 5100 / 2847 3670 www.perotsystems.52384400 www.N. RAMS .orangescape.lasonindia.com/coe-rtg. 52071266 www.com 91-44-26630693 www. 3D.perfinttech. +(91)-(044)-2467 0183 www. 96.premediaglobal.44.com +91-44-2432 8181 www. Tidel Park.com +91-44-2461 7193 / 94/ 95 www. • 36.netrascribe.lntinfotech. Polaris House.nseit.newgensoft.sankhya. 0506.com 91-44-420-58888 www.42258000 www.com +91 44 4209 4100 www. Nalli SoftSolutions # 11/20.in. VK Iyer Road. First Floor Servion Hub Sherston Educational New No 4.44.com 044-30902035.ntrustinfotech.com +91. Dr.com (+91 44) 4391 7100 www. Third Floor. II Floor. Temple Towers.in +91 44 4311 4161 www. First L&T Infotech Park No: 100-A.Corporate Office 1/1.com +91 44 2860 3900 www. 3rd Floor Romar House.maars-soft.php 044 42142400 www.19 www. Mylapore Br.44 .com 4803898.com 91-44-43560890/ 91 www. 4803900.com 91 44 24314201-03 www.sherston-in. Dr 593B.com/ 91 44 28221600/01/02/03 www.com 8511235 www. 96. Appu IInd floor.biz +(91)-(044)-2467 0182 . International CAPITALE'.nallisoft. Block D.megasoftus. 25. A-9.com/ + 91 44 22323595 91-44-2252 9100 www. No 29/30.com 8241902.in 91-44-28413236/28419327 www.com . First Floor.com +91 44 4204 0315 www. 114.nextindia.com +91 44 55501000 www.co. Dowlath Towers. 044 5577 2600 / 5577 2615 . Ali Towers. Rutland Towers.oksgroup.nipunaservices.saksoft.com +91 44 28224949 www. Temple Towers. No.

P Nagappa India Operations Support 100.tvaritaconsulting.com 10 500 Mobile Game Development and Porting Accoladde soft technologies pvt ltd was set up in January 1998 as a development Center.com/ +91-44-2820 0440 www.com 91-44-4915932 www. One company. Nungambakkam.com 91-44-42029975/76 www.wipro.tspl.com +91 (44) 4213 8656 www.com 91-44-28475556 www. St. 4328398 8267188.ssil-india.starneti. "Vukan Towers" " Archbishop Arulappa 146 Sterling Road Sterling Tower (8th Floor) #40.temenos.com www.chugh. T. Elnet Software City.sundaraminfotech.xansa. Harrington 80/81. in-depth understanding of business needs.com 91 44 4200 2700 www.com www.siptech.com + 91 (44) 26400721 www.takesolutions.com 91-44-22350020. +91 (44) 2254 1473 / 2254 1474www. based at Chennai AEGIS is a professionally managed company providing software services and recruitment solutions since the past �Proven superior processes.com 91-44 30277990 / 91 www.com +91-44 2431 2161 / 62 / 63 www. chennai 600018 139/59A Rangarajapuram Kodambakkam Chennai 600024 AD/ 2 ANNA NAGAR CHENNAI 600040 khivraj complex II.M.com/in/ +91 44 2834 1137/8 www.teamlease.G4.skytechsolutions. FF3 (!st #48.suth.com 91-99400-58451 www. new #92.solutionnet.co.com 91-44-24952683. 24611972/3/4 + (91) (44) 2822 2001 www.com 91-44-27452811 91 44 6616 2222 91-44.srasys. Thirdware Business ASA Towers 50. 8256397 www.com +91 44 43965000 www. MBC Towers Plot #2. 1st nandanam chennai 600035 15 40 . 22301103 www.syntelinc.com 4328395.sitel-india.tqmi.thomsondigital.webex.summithrww. Chennai City Centre.vkcforex.net 91 445 210 2500 www.spitech. (408) 416 3231 www. 168 54 Thirumalai Road. Thirumalai Pillai Plot#8.ti. K.com +91 44 4214 3469 / 2442 0396 www. Wipro Technologies / 2/G-2 SIPCOT IT Park.com www.com 91-44-28342040 / 55190398 / 52024230 www.trimentus.43901111 www.thinksoftglobal.com +91 44 43502201 www.in/ +91 (44) 24500200 www. I Floor.virtusa. 5th Vukan Towers Rhythems Arcade. Golden enclave. Valluvarkottam High New #35 (Old #17).stagsoftware. Arjay Apex Center 20 Patullos Road Sutherland Global Services 21 Mount Road 1st Floor. Bazullah Road. 1B-Sundaram Apt. Marys Road. and best-in-class solutions.com 91-44-42228100 www. Ford India Tata Consultancy Services #81.com +91-98409 04580.com +91 44 2852 6353 www.com 91-44-42007884 www. 132.net 91-44-6696-4200 www. 10th Cross Street 9/5 Padmanabha Nagar II The Lords "Aishwareya Complex" 112.systime.

3rd Anna Nagar Chennai 600040 62. Towers. Concoct Information Technology is a global technology solutions provider to Cybernetics has expertise in specific domains . CVR Complex. 127/4. We are an IT Consulting Company having a strong presence in the Middle East. Bahwan CyberTek is Bay Talkitec is a leading provider of digitized voice application products right Benchmark Global Services has its Corporate Office in Singapore and has Sales and Marketing teams in the USA. Technology. 3RD MAIN ROAD. oracle support.A Venus Colony. Gee Gee Nungambakkam High Chennai 41. crm Bizvin is a leading-edge solution provider and a multifaceted company providing customized solutions for various Bluewave Technologies is a global service provider that delivers information technology solutions to Brainmagic Infotech Private Limited is an Indian owned. II Floor Kaveri Complex. Nelson manickam Near Metha Nagar Bus Chennai 600029 10 30 25 30 650 150 50 10 150 Ariel Technologies is a subsidiary of Ariel Ventures LLC. Discrete Manufacturing Industries Crewind Communications Pvt. largest in the Sultanate of Oman and having $2Billion turnover. a Chennai based Multinational involved in offering B2B services on a global scale 10 20 50 100 .Chennai # 07. Asia HR Technologies was founded in Tatan is a information technology company which provides technology solution to its clients. Flash. A Software company located at Chennai. PHP. Oracle DBA We provide cost-effective and high quality IT services with a complementary balance of senior IT management.15. The Company We are a reputed IT firm in chennai. Khader Nungambakkam Chennai 600006 101 a 3rd Main chennai 600091 Saidapet. J. Ariel Technologies is an e-business solution provider. Chrompet Chennai 600044 New No:3. Chennai 600 024 No. SARDAR PATEL ROAD. Chennai . India. MADIPAKKAM CHENNAI 600091 Judge Jumbulingam Street Chennai 600004 1st Floor. operated and Chennai based web solutions and software IT Consulting. erp. Ltd. Dowlath Towers Chennai 600010 4th Floor. III Ekkatuthangal. Kodambakkam. USA. Bened software is recognized as a . We are part of Bahwan group. 2nd Ashok nagar chennai 600072 #203. First Alwarpet Chennai 600 018 2nd Floor. Asokan Street Bharathipuram. Net. Old No-3. II nd floor. New No-61.Health Care Industries. North Bogh road. 96. CHENNAI 600032 4th Floor. T95. 7. N. K. ERP.H Chennai 600034 14/ 6. We have our head office in canada. (OLD # 4) Jayammal (LAND MARK � NEAR chennai 600029 146/ 10.8 .

MS Silverlight and Esquire is a broad based IT Services Company that offers a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key FEMTOSOFT is a premier Technological Organization with a wide vision towards advancements in Information Software Consultancy. I Colony Kodambakkam Chennai 600 024 No 19. Guindy Chennai 600016 311. Pantheon Plaza. Coldfusion and ASP. Our Helios Outsourcing is a BPO. Services and Product development company involved in Healthcare. AL-102. 107/ 3. R & D Center. PHP.. Saidapet Chennai 600015 g8 baid metha complex. strategic outsourcing. . Retail. CHENNAI 600028 2nd Floor.Kences North Usman Road. TS Taramani.10?6 santham colony chennai 600101 #1 & 2. net web applications. Shanti Chennai 600040 5/11 U R NAGAR. Abdul Razack Street.T Chennai 600017 #10. Manickam Avenue. Protocol Software Solutions that work the way you want IT to!! Solutions include GENSOFT is a Global IT Company with experienced professionals. companies in Chennai "poised to be the most respected BPO company" Develops RIA/ REA applications using ADObe FLex. II Floor. 3rd Street. Marketing etc. created in conjunction with several companies in the UK and the US. 10/ 11. At Helios. Dext is guided by an eminent team of software services company offering industry-specific solutions. Eceentric Software located at chennai. Chennai 600113 Level 6. we are developing ASP. 1st Floor. we have a ITECH is a Indo-French company specialized in the development of software and Internet technologies. who understand customer needs and provide IT service 100 20 40 100 300 5 25 50 85 1200 15 GoDB Tech Private Limited is a Chennai based company providing Development Platform for wireless applications. Egmore Chennai 600008 Old No:70 New No: 7/ 1 10 30 a leading hrd consultant in chennai to have more than 50+ it firm tie up. PARK ANNA NAGAR WEST EXTN CHENNAI 600050 22/13 Nagarjuna nagar kodambakkam chennai 600024 89/ 3 TEMPLE VIEW SANTHOME HIGH ROAD. LB Road. and integration services Software development Company. little mount chennai 600015 AD 74. ITES. Pantheon Road. Chennai 600020 Elnet Software City.4th Floor. AMPA Aminjikarai Chennai 600029 Chennai 51. Chennai R K salai 4D. Ist Floor. specializing Java and J2EE technology Recruitment Company for IT. Alwarpet Chennai 6000018 25 U.. Efficient Frontier is the leading provider of paid search engine marketing (SEM) solutions. Vembuli Subedhar Alandur.

Customized ERP software development Cad/ Cam 2d To 3d Conversion. iBorderless India Pvt Ltd is an international IT specialist recruitment ICM Software Solutions founded in 1994 has all the technical competence and FLINE Technologies -A leading US based software firm at Chennai needs Freshers with basic programming skills and Technology Driven Software Services Firm specializing in creating value added solutions using Microsoft Technologies A Software development with focus on web based technologies and user friendly solutions software developement-telecom domain-web and mobile technologies COMNET International launched India COMNET as an offshore facility with the goal of using the half-day time Infycareer is ISO company having partnership with Software Engineering Institute. Our core activities include 25 50 50 5 50 25 45 . Modeling. etc. #855. Lal mohamed 3rd Chepauk Chennai 600005 211. Bulgaria. UK. Chennai 600024 10/ 2. Mathrukruppa BLDG Chennai 600083 No. Phase 1 Chennai 600045 28. anna salai(mount PR & SONS Building. 4th wing.15 Jawaharlal Nehru Salai. Europe. 2nd Mylapore Chennai 600004 Alsa towers Tailors road Chennai 600034 Unit 21. Eldams Road Alwarpet Chennai 600018 Nandanam Chennai 600035 Chennai 2.. S. Javaji is a Germany based company with operations spread over US. house. Luz Church road. ITIAN is uniquely prepared to identify and facilitate business solutions that are right fit for you and your company with Jadian provides various kinds of Business services especially Massaging system.. Animation. Jigs And Fixture Designing. Harrington Road Chennai 600031 117a. Block 3 SDF Buildings. Placement Consultant iPath Technologies� Unified Communication Solutions provide access A knowledge-driven company offering a spectrum of information technology services and solutions to clients globally IT Training Organisation We have been providing software development & consulting services to well companies in India and US. Krishnappa Chennai 600 084 6 Chennai 600041 14 wallers road chennai 600002 3C Gee Gee Emerald 312/ Village Road. 1st floor. Aarizona State UniversityInnospire Systems is an IT professional services firm focused on design. Chennai 600034 29.. MAJESTIC COLONY. Nm Road. Aminjikarai Chennai 6000029 AC-5. Anna Nandanam Chennai 600035 # 3A Corporation Colony Kodambakkam. Chennai 600026 # 13 &14. 682. N. VALASARAVAKKAM.US. 50 50 10 100 ITECH is a Indo-French company specialized in the development of software and Internet technologies.

Potters Saidapet Chennai 600 015 400 50 40 30 Javaji is a Germany based company with operations spread over US. 1st Floor. Madavakkam Chennai 600096 4. UK. Majestic Colony. Temple nandanam chennai 6000035 Ground floor. Chennai 600083 Chennai Plot No. Training. India. Trust puran. Bulgaria.N. Kaashyap is a IT service company. Old 31 2nd Nungambakkam Chennai 600006 156. GEE GEE Crystal. Annanagar Chennai 600040 286/ 1. Nandanam Chennai 600035 No:11. Lotus Notes/ Domino and Websphere .Temple Anna Salai. 19/ 6A. Ashok nagar. Prince Info City.100 . Chennai 600024 Velacherry Chennai 600042 Ground Floor. etc. Chennai 600026 1-A.. we are a 3d animation company specializing in the field of 3d animation. Domestic Softwares company KLA-Tencor Corporation is the world's leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the Kokaran technologies is an leading IT company expertise in ODC and software consulting We are an international recruitment consultant expertise in SAP. Mylapore Chennai 600004 New No 6.. Vengeeswarar Vadapalani Chennai 600026 New 22/ 1 Old 30. Satyanathan Velachery Main Road. Our core activities include Jeevan Technologies mission is to provide clients with high Quality Software Solutions. Remote Infrastructure Management Leading Software Technologies is a software solution provider with a vision to develop Enterprise Information Leading Software Technologies Private Limited. It is basically into SAP & consulting & We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Gloabl Software Solution Provider located at Chennai. Software Development and Consulting 100 60 25 25 99 20 5 15 15 30 Maarga is a leading provider of collaborative solutions using Web 2.. has been successfully doing industrial LEGEND SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Software Company based in India and has its registered An online movie ticketing company Lintelline Global services offers flexible project models to do offshore outsourcing in IT and Non-IT sectors. is into Software Development. 26 A.D Complex.Chennai 600002 9th Floor. Testing and Jkv Software Solutions Is Proud To Introduce Our Self As A Professional Organization In The Field Of Human For Project Management & Advanced Project Management in India. Kumaran Colony. Chennai 600059 G Block. Chennai 600087 Mylapore Chennai 600004 264/ 11. Jamals rajbhavan chennai 600010 26/22.R. 0. Kandanchavadi Chennai 600096 Chola Towers.

II Floor Chennai 600017 47-B/ 320-B. offering a wide array of solutions. India. 5 year old. Trust Puram. We provide our clients a broad Perfsystems is a consulting and IT services company. products. with US presence. 766 Anna Salai Chennai 600 002 3. Chennai 600008 3/ 2 ramachandra st. Nungambakkam. Kodambakkam. Bhaskaran Colony. USA and Chennai. derive solutions in Information Technology. multi-client. Chennai 600034 #811. Harris Road. off chennai 600017 25. First Main Road. Embedded PENTASOFT is a global provider of information technology services based in India. We provide Web based solutions Netrocon is a fast growing International company with offices in New Jersey. Chetty. 3rd 25 150 30 We provide turnkey software programming services in the focus areas of Application Software. MVS is committed We are a software solution/ Consulting firm with headquarters at Chennai. Second main road. Purushothaman nagar. D3eveloped Plot perungudi chennai 600096 72-J. N.30. Chennai 600024 4/ 39 Prithivi Avenue Abhiramapuram Chennai 600018 2/102. interactive multimedia. 4500 crore Build Suerfast . Jagannathan Road. Poonamallee High Arumbakkam Chennai 600106 S-2. Web based design and application development Company. Alwarpet. MELSS AUTOMATION LIMITED is a subsidiary of MEL Systems and Services Limited an associate of Rs. Georgia and Chennai. Chennai 600034 TTK Road. India. solutions and IT services provider with Openwave Computing is US based company having its headoffice in NY and IT & Business Consulting Services complete end-to-end solution developer for various vertical applications Pantech solutions. Malles Manor New Periyar Road. and learning technologies. Berachah Building. Velachery Velachery Chennai 600042 85. 3rd Cross Street. No 59. At NOHITATU SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES we provide end-to-end IT solutions to meet you technology Nucleus Software is a globally respected.ERP for the Construction industry. multi-faceted. with 57 50 25 50 100 110 60 72 50 40 1200 13 . Chennai based. India. customized for a range of Photon Infotech is a next generation internet consulting firm based out of 7. G. old chennai 600 096 #13/7. chennai 600005 284/ 1A. Chennai 600024 123. Tnagar Chennai 600017 Shakthi Towers 6th floor. MindZen delivers Information Technology Services and Solutions of the highest quality to corporate houses As the industry leader in Corporate elearning. Road. Old Chennai 600096 88. Chesney Town Chennai 600008 15. Our services Training and placement A storage and server virtualization focused company with offices in Atlanta.

providing 3yr old consultancy organization with focus on web development. Saligramam. Chennai 600 9. west chennai 600015 Softcrylic Technology Alwarpet. P. Chennai 600093 NO:2/ 268. New 22nd Street. Greams Road Chennai 600006 Adyar Chennai 600020 5 Sai Soudha. Plaza. with US presence. With the young. A. Chennai 600004 Plot Old No:494. US. with R Square is a IT services provider for Global 2000 companies with a comprehensive range of software 8 25 Application Developer in Java. Web based design and application development Company. web solutions. Neeladri. Developing & Corporate Training in Technologies such as JAVA/ J2EE. Chennai 600041 52 7. Chennai 600017 No: 236. East Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600 041 No. Kannadasan St Mogappair East Chennai 600037 89 Arcot Road. Software SGS Technologie is a leading information technology service provider. NSK Lane. 4B. R.13 Virugambakkam Chennai 600092 Jamal Fazal chambers. Selaiyur. we have achieved a Softcrylic is a global IT services company dedicated to delivering effective Software Consultancy/ Product The Company provides composite solutions including Business Springboard is a competency development centre founded by a group 250 25 . Chennai 11. consulting. ASP. 3rd Appu St. Teju House. NET. Teynampet Chennai 600018 Cathedral Rd. Chennai based. Korattur. CHENNAI-600040 5/ 14. content We are chennai based. energetic and dedicated team of players in this IT Training & Placements in Networking (courses mapped to International Our company non voice based BPO industry We are an ISO 9001:14001 Certified Private Limited BPO firm with interests in all types of BPO projects with Sandesh Data Systems has expertise in the areas of application development. Singaravelu Street. T. 5 year old. Subodaya.. 2ND AVENUE. 1st Lane. Australia Clients. and testing. Tambaram Chennai 600073 AC-12. 2nd East Street. SCR SOFT Technologies is a global software services company specializing ERP Implementation 50 20 20 5 5 100 We are into Consulting. Software companies mainly dealing with UK. Chennai 600 080 113 Ponamalle High Road Chennai 600084 Gandhi Nagar Adyar Chennai 600020 CKP Towers 72 West jones road. VB. Rhytha Web Solutions was incorporated in 2001. 3. NET Mobile Applicaion Development and Service provider to mobile operator. Nagar. Chennai 600024 57/ 2B.

Our seasoned highly experienced team brings cumulatively. 6. 34th street. We are one of the leading POS & Barcode Solution provider in ASIA Pacific. WhizBytes Technologies is a software services provider partnered with Biber . Steadfast is also a Smartek21 LLC was formed by a group of IT professionals. I. lake chennai 600034 83 Ground Floor. Shree Park.Nethaji Tondiarpet Chennai 600 081 6 / 69. No. 4th Chennai 600083 TPF Software India (P)Ltd.Dr. B Road Chennai 600041 No. In view of our growth the company has incorporated in CMMi M Level 5 assessed Global IT Business and consulting organization. We are expanding our business USA Websolutions is a dedicated offshore IT Service Provider specializing in Web Application Development & IT Consulting Valgen is a software company development providing ERP solutions to Veda System Solutions Pvt. Senthil Nagar. 4. TES is a product based company. 34th Street. which includes Project Management. Anna Landmark: Near MMM Chennai 600101 Ascendas International Chennai 600113 New no. a Successful easy to use CRM solution with over 100 installations. II Mylapore Chennai 600004 Aarthi chambers 3rd floor 189. offshore located in chennai and head quarters in oldsmar. Web Development.6th Street. started in 2007. Ashok Chennai 600083 626/ 501 5th floor. ERP. Old No. Eldams Chennai 600018 39.Vi . Chennai 600 094 T E Software Services. NSIC software ekkadu thangal chennai 600032 No. HR Staffing and IT Tour de Force is the technology trainers. JVL Chennai 600018 213. CRM. (Formerly Vedham India). Call Center. L.RadhaKrishnan Mylapore Chennai 600 004 New No. 7th cross st. Tour de Force has helped individuals Software Development company 100 25 10 150 40 10 Transcend Technology Orbit specializes in. 20 45 25 400 20 Steadfast is the Maker of "Pactus".78/103. Anna salai Chennai 600002 #11. Software Consulting company in chennai Dental Software Service Providers 200 5 10 250 12 VIT is a global provider of IT services. 62.Ka Industrial Chennai 600 032 #1. Club Road. 145. 100 ft Road. Chetpet Chennai 600 031 #11. Software We have successfully established ourselves in the market. T Colony. Anna Chennai TPF #4. Ltd. florida. Thiru .. THIRUMALAIPILLAI Chennai 600 017 chennai No. C..TVS Avenue. 27. domestic end-user product Tychon Solutions Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as Brij Datalink)is a 8 year old IT ultramatics is a software development company. We focus on creating product(s) for Business Applications exclusively for Provide IT Services.157. 578.

Founded in 2003 trading and consultancy ZANEC Soft Tech is a IT software product development company. 36. Kamaraj Avenue Adyar Chennai 600020 21/ 74.Road Chennai 600004 333. ARCOT ROAD. Beemasana Garden R. WHIZTEC is promoted by technocrats with experienceinelectronics. embedded YANTRO is an multinational IT services that delivers affordable business and technology solutions.12 Chennai 600018 96/ 104. # 107 Kaveri Complex. Karneeswarar Saidapet Chennai 600015 7 B Bharathiyar Street Murugappa Nagar Chennai 600094 10 60 15 75 WhizBytes Technologies is a software services provider partnered with Biber Founded in September 1996. If you are a product connoisseur with the design and 40 .H. Chennai 600034 No 9.

com/Allsec/bpo-jobs.asp jobs-india@collab.net careers@congruentindia.htm http://careers.com careers@myadrenalin.bwir.com/career.in jobs@acceltransmatic.com http://www.com hrd@akmin.asp http://www.botree.cat.cognizant.contactsingapore.aspx http://www.asp http://www.com/copenings.html http://www.com/base/careers.php/eng/working_investing_in_singapore/applying_for_a_job http://www.cityinfoservices.cherrytec.congruentsolutions.calsoftgroup.com/html/careers/opportunities.aspiresys.com/content/careers/search.php http://www.in/section/careers/# http://india.aspx http://www.com alden.php http://www.canon.com resume@manageengine.co.in/careers.com http://www.cordiant.com/life-careercordiant/ .co.com/careers/software-jobs.com/EN/AboutUs/Pages/Careers.citigroup.allsectech.aspx http://www.sg/home/index.co.recruit@alden.ciindia.com hrd@accelfrontline.aspx hr@amiindia.co.com/careers http://www.aspx http://www.com http://www.com/applyforacareer.asp http://www.com/careers/index.com/careers/careers/careers.avayaglobalconnect.careers@reverseinformatics.com/careers/homepage/default.asecaddesign.in http://www.alikhan@24x7learning.cbre.in jobs@amitysoft.com majid.com/careers/current_openings.aspx BA careers@changepond.

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Company 3G Labs India Private Limited 9 to 6 Management Consultants


Aabradiant systems

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Aarcade Consultants Aaren System Abele Consulting Abner Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Tel: Tel: 080 - 23655450 Acculogix Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Activa Manpower Management

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Active Selection Services India Pvt Ltd

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Aenon Consultants Agate India Pvt. Ltd. Ajax Management Consultants Private Limited Alforion Infomatics


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Amstar Technologies(www.amtech.in) Tel: 55368005 Angel Management Consultants Angel Resource Acquisitions Angel Resources Acquisitions

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AV International AVS Consulting groups Axel Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.19 20 21 22 23 24 Angel Resources Acquisitions Ans Overseas Antz Consulting Anuritha Consultants APS Management consultants Ara International Consultant 25 26 Ascro Transatlantic Pvt Ltd Asiatic Inc. 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Axheleon IT Services Pvt Ltd Axis Consultants BCS Best HR Outsourcing Services biocon Brainhunt Placement and Consulting Services Brightways Consultants Browse Consulting India Private Limited . 27 Assure Consulting Services 28 29 30 31 Atrius Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

30914806 Consulting Group 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 Cordgrass Business Solutions Corporate Buddha CorpPlacements CRV Executive Search (P) LTD.40 BSR IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 41 42 43 BSS Bullseye Consultant Cadcom Consulting 44 Capries Inc 45 46 47 48 49 Career ahead Placements Career Edge Technologies Careerpath Solutions Cartes Blanche ClientCare Solutions Tel: 65314282 CNA Global Concepts India Connectpro Management Consultant Tel: 080 . 58 CTC HR Solutions .

58 59 60 61 62 CTC HR Solutions dakshin technologies Datawise Consulting DM Consulting Services E Milestones India 63 64 65 edge hire EDUWORLD Elim Technology Services 66 Enhance Solutions 67 Ethisma Consulting Pvt Ltd 68 Evolution Corporate Solutions 69 70 71 72 73 Exobase Technologies Pvt Ltd Flex i Staffing Solutions Pvt Ltd Focus Managment Consultanats Foxjobs Pvt Ltd FYMC 74 G Associates 75 76 77 G.K.SERVICES GetIT Placement Pvt Ltd Tel: 9243071889 Giganium .

IMPULSE SYSTEM Indrani Consultants InfoExperts 94 95 96 Inspire Consultancy Services InstanceConsultancyService Intellexe Management Consultants . Ltd. Ltd. Human Resource Specialists Hyphen Consultancy Services 88 89 ICS Consultancy Services Ideas O2 90 91 92 93 Ideasurge Solutions Pvt.78 Global Consultants 79 Globuz HR Solutions Pvt Ltd 80 Han Digital solutions Pvt Ltd 81 82 83 Hatsoft Consultants Hr Grande Tel: 080-65836088.9343495989 HRdex 84 85 86 87 Human Base India Consulting Human Interface Consulting India Pvt..

New Standards 100 Java Learning Center 101 102 103 104 JLC Consulting Pvt. 111 Laven Consultants 112 113 114 Lotus Technologies LotusFeet PSC Magnet Manpower . LTD.96 Intellexe Management Consultants 97 Invika Technologies 98 99 Isher solutions India IT . jobs 2k Jobscargo Consulting JYOPA CONNEXIONS 105 106 107 Kalyanisoft Kareer Edge Technologies Kiyaah Consultancy Services 108 109 K_Konsultants Ladder Consultancy Services 110 Laurus HR SOLUTIONS PVT. Ltd.

COM 122 123 Micro Cell Computer Technologies Mind Spring Enterprises 124 125 126 127 128 129 Multi National Consultants Tel: 080 41153311 Nebula Consultancy Nest Group Nfotec Digital Engg. Nfotec Digital Engineering Nish Consultancy 130 131 132 Noble Careerz NOVA Solutionz NOVATECH 133 Optimal Placements .114 115 Magnet Manpower Magnum Consultants 116 117 ManagePro mannsys 118 119 Maxin Corporate Solutions MB International 120 121 MBM ASSOCIATES MEMS RESOURCES.

Ltd. Peoplesmart Consultants Ltd Personefinternational 145 Plakon Consulting Pvt Ltd 146 Positive Results 147 148 Primula Consulting Services Process Global Inc 149 Promentor Consulting Pvt Ltd 150 Protonzone Consulting 151 Prudential Technology Consultants .133 134 Optimal Placements Optuz Tech 135 Orange Tech Solutions Private Limited 136 137 138 139 Orion Infomatics P V Shastri Associates PAL ASSOCIATES Pat Inc 140 141 PearlFlow Technologies Pentagon HR Solutions 142 143 144 PeopleEquity HR Consulting Pvt.

Ltd.151 Tel: +918025504087 152 PUMEC Consultants Pvt Ltd -India 153 154 155 Pyramid Solutions QSource Global Consulting Pvt. Quttus Info Solutions 156 157 158 159 160 161 Radiantinfo systems REALM Groups Recruise India Consulting Regal Manpower Solutions resource Resource Bureau 162 RKHR Consulting 163 Roland & Associates 164 Sahyadri Softech 165 166 167 Samaate Samrudhi Technologies San US Technologies 168 169 SAP Recruit SapTREE Technology Consultant .

SGR HR SOLUTIONS Sion Consultants 175 176 177 Sipeva Consulting Pvt Ltd Skillstor Resources Softech Computers 178 Sollers Solutions Private Limited 179 spanco 180 SRMC 181 182 steren solutions Subhanu Consulting 183 184 Suvin Solutions SYMA SERVICES Pvt.169 SapTREE Technology Consultant 170 search solutions 171 172 173 174 Sentient Consulting Pvt Ltd SETRICS Qualisoft Pvt Ltd. Ltd. 185 186 Talent bridge india Talent Excell Management Consultants 187 Talent Intervention Group .

188 Talent Mapping 189 190 191 Target Technologies Teampro India Teamware Solutions 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 Telicis Solutions The Consulting Partnership The JobHouse Think People Solutions Toon Media Consultants Trinity Global Consulting Solutions Triune Technologies TRUGlobal Inc V-Info Systems 201 V4 TECHNOLOGIES 202 VAKS online services 203 204 205 206 Value Lanes Valuepoint Technologies Tel: 4113 8081 vcs venturepluz 207 208 vision Technologies Visionsoft Technologies .

208 209 210 211 212 213 Visionsoft Technologies Vista Infotech Visual Collaboration Technologies Vividity Consulting Xsys Software Technologies Zentrum & Makers .

18 venugopaalaswamy lsyout nadugatta Bangalore 560047 Bangalore #343. spearheading one� ]stop HR 9 to 6 Consultants. We also provide training intoIT companiessince 10 We are for placements years. 1st Floor Narayan Business Chambers Bangalore 560027 No. Currently in We are professionally managed consultants since 10 years in Human Resources. 1st floor. Angel Resource Acquisitions (ARA) is One of the Leading IT & Non IT Recuriting Firm with Very Good IT Angel Resource Acquisitions (ARA) is One of the Leading IT & Non IT Recuriting Firm with Very Good IT 10 10 . nagar Pers. 112 Arora Business Centre. 7th cross. Rustam Bagh Road Airport Bangalore 560017 111/ 1. Bangalore 560 069 Srinagar Bangalore 560050 #660.KHB Colony. Our service includes permanent recruitment. One of the Leading IT Recuriting Firm with clients in USA/ UK/ Singapore and India. 5th Main. Sumakalay Road J. 154.560 042 5. Cunningham Road. yamunabhai road . Our US based ISO 9001:2000 Certified company into IT. 042 Bangalore . We are specialised in Non�IT&IT. 2nd Floor.No.560 Dickenson Rd Westminster. KHB Main Road.16th cross II Floor. 1979. profiling and The company is into Corporate Training & IT Placements.192. 32nd Main. 10 8 Profile 3G Labs India Pvt. Ltd. P. R T Nagar Bangalore 560032 18/ 7. II Floor. Jayanagar. "Oxford Chambers".Address 3G Labs India Private Limited. West Minster Cunningham Road Bangalore 560004 no. Nagar Bangalore 560078 5 sumuka nily j. Banagirinagar Stage Banasankari III Bangalore 560085 Dickenson Rd Bangalore . Placement. incorporated in 2007. Non-IT & ITES Recruitments.Bangalore. 1st A Cross. Ejipura main road koramangala Bangalore 560 095 No 304.Kormangala.. 508.560052 madhavnagar. Next to Manipal Centre. Bangalore .IT sectors We are the consultants dealing with placements in Bangalore IT Companies. 5th Block. race course road bangalore Next to Manipal Centre Off MG road Bangalore 560 042 no. Established in Denmark in TEMP-TEAM (temporary recruitment) and ACTIVE SELECTION of the leading We are one(permanent Man power Consultants Dealing mainly with Call Centres and BPO Recruitment Consultants 20 10 18 55 20 35 15 21 we provide manpower planning to IT/ ITES/ NON. 16. BNER stands as a name that guarantees trust & quality. employee assessment. Speciality recruiters for Banking & Finance Domain only. p. Manpower Consultancy Recruitment Consultants ABNER is one of the leading HR Consulting specialists in India. Margosa Road MALLESWARAM Bangalore 560003 #589. We are into placements since 2001 and have profound knowledge in Hr activities handled by professionals geared up to Placement Consultants for all requirements in the IT domain.

bangalore #2/2. We Atrius Management Consulting (AMC) is an emerging management consulting firm. 14th Main. ITES. koramangala 8th block bangalore 560095 #540/m 4th block 3rd Stage basveshwarnagar Bangalore 560079 Koramangala Bangalore 560095 #9/ 5. In Consulting Service Based Bahrain & Bangalore Providingrunnig by 4 To hi. BehindIndian Overseas Bank. Koramangala. R Consultancy. Professionally managed by ARA International Groups . 80 feet Road. 12th Block. P. Best HR Outsourcing Services is a management consulting company based drug produsing insulinin Bangalore. We Executive Search Bangalore Basedare having an Firm Recruiting Professionls For It Sector. Bangalore 560040 Richdmond road Bangalore -560002 # 257. Pay rolling. Koramangala Bangalore 560095 Indiranagar. Apparels. Outsourcing. Axel Consulting & An International IThas developed a Recruitment Company with operations in Singapore. 2nd Floor. Castle Street Ashoknagar Bangalore 3rd Cross.10 Bangalore 560078 Reheja Arcade. " Temple Tree". We offer quality job placement services in Antz Consulting The Human Capitol Consulting Firm in IT & Non-IT field with an objective to We are into Placements at present providing in Bangalore only. 4th Main. Every consultant in Browse comes from a technology back ground 10 150 15 7 10 35 . Management and low level leading H. FMCG.Palace Bangalore 560003 Bangalore. Vinayaka circle bus stop. one of the fastest growing recruitment and search services provider for high technology companies. Vijayanagar. Koramangala Bangalore 560095 Bangalore 560047 No. isspecialists based in Recruitment & Placement company taking care of all the sectors Consulting Services is Retail Assure (IT. SJ patel complex. Castle Street Off. Jayanagar. 5th Main. Bangalore 560020 No 335. 1st cross. company Innovative consultants having an experience of more than a year in the market. Our Team Consists Of IT Browse Consulting is a leading recruitment companies in India. and We address temporary staffing. A. Bangalore 560050 24th main. we deal with all big guns of IT industries. Telecom & Service Axel Consultants is Indias leading staffing company and provides a range of Permanent Staffing to many clients. recruitment & We are a Bangalore based Placement Consultancy serving to IT. B`lore . Manpower experts of IT market. West .78. 1058.BACKGROUND We are COMPANY Employers can post a professional team of corporate recruitment a leading Asiatic Inc. II Floor. 2nd floor. Bangalore 560095 #552. S. our consultancy. 1st main.one of the leading placement consultant catering the needs of Employers & jobseekers. Bangalore -560008 whitefield. Srinagar. India #831/ 60. 9th 'A' Main. IIIrd Block. permanent staffing. . 3 rd Floor. We are serving to middle Consultants. 7th Block. (Behind corporation bank) Bangalore 560011 10 10 25 53 Angel Resource Acquisitions (ARA) is One of the Leading IT & Non IT Recuriting Firm is a Bangalore IT ANS OVERSEAS with Very Good based job cosultant. Ist Floor. Bangalore 560078 41/ 1 1st floor. Richmond road BANGALORE 560040 # 31. 2nd Phase JP Nagar. 15th Main Jayanagar 3rd Block Bangalore 560011 211 Raheja Arcade. Kumara Park Above BDA Office.

G.Jeevan Bima Nagar Bangalore 560075 No.11th cross. 02nd Floor. K.. 3rd C Main. Millers Tank Bund Roadopposite to Maha Vier Jain Landmark Hospital 560052 Bangalore No 4. 1st cross Padmanabha nagar Bangalore 560085 P-14. 5th Main. Bangalore 560018 # 4 . 1 Floor. Malleswaram. Oil & Gas Construction and Engg. 8th Main Road. 46. Indiranagar.B.Bangalore . India. 10th Main `E' Block. Road Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore 560070 Vyalikaval Bangalore 560079 309.Resources specializes in placing information technology professionals in . 2nd Floor. Bangalore 560001 984 2nd floor HAL 2nd stage Indiranagar Bangalore 560038 No. 2nd Floor. Ltd. Infantry Road. is a premier IT Outsourcing and Web Solutions Company headquartered in Bangalore. Dinnur Main Road. 1st Floor. Gottigere B. The the two Based in bangalore withcompany branch offices and catering to the many ITbasically an consultant We are Companies in Bangalore. Chamrajpet. Nagar Post Bangalore 560032 285. R. Bangalore 560083 Banaswadi Bangalore 560043 2400/67. 2nd Stage Rajajinagar.#3015. Lane. Catogory of job placements & Out Sourcing. Bohra Colony 3rd.1. 10th Cross. We are a leading organization that 10 5 6 5 12 4 45 provides excellent Recruitment Management services Career Edge Technologies (CET) is an organization formed by an experienced team of the leading Careerpath is one of IT and non-IT manpower consulting and recruitment company. Road. CADCom All IT. Bangalore 560055 CTC. Concepts India is a leading HR solutions company providing manpower services We introduce ourselves as one of the leading Management Consultant speacialising in the area of Human Resource Consulting Group hr Solutions is a talent rich organization into Consulting Services with an approach is legendry as Marvin Cordgrass as one of the leading staffing company based in Bangalore and chennai. Jayanagara560011 Bangalore #4. Engg. 3145. Non-IT. 1st Cross. and acting We're a corporate training and consultancy company that provides solutions to develop people and performance. middle and senior level placements for niche IT and semiconductor companies. provides recruitment services across all levels in major industry sectors such as Information CTC-HR SOLUTIONS . HAL 2nd Stage. 25 BSR IT Solutions Pvt. Bangalore 560010 residency road Bangalore 560001 Asra County Bangalore 560045 # 1/ 1.Indiranagar 2nd stage. Apurva Sapphire Apts. Head hunting expert. Bangalore 560047 #29/ 1. CMH Road.560038 #53. Sri Aiyappa Building. Ground Floor.T. we recruit people as and are pleased to introduce We when the requirement is ourselves as CADCom Consulting with specialization in the IT and Non-IT recruitments. Our Cartes Blanche Carters to the needs of the industry in terms of Man-Power Resourcing. company. R. & Top Mgmt. Kaveriappa Layout. Working IT Recruitment Firm 50 20 50 50 India's leading Executive Search Firm CRV Executive Search (P) LTD. 1st Floor.7th Main road. Design.8th main.

27th Cross. BPO. Bangalore 560068 #125. 3rd main. SMS Building.80 Feet Road Giri Nagar 2nd Phase Bangalore 560085 No. Jeevan Bhima Nagar Main RoadMiranda College. 11th cross. Krumbiegal Road. Placement Consultants. 10th Main. 37. we have we Mail us your updated CVs and will match the right job for you 50 12 10 10 20 18 . Hosur Main #12/ 6. Retail. frazer town bangalore 560005 Bangalore Koramangala #22/ 2 | III Floor | NJ Chambers |Shivajinagar | Bangalore 560 051 | No18/ 31. 7th Main. 2nd Road Madiwala. Catering to all the major industries including IT. 5th cross. 2nd Floor.Resources specializes in placing information technologyconsultant placement professionals in Works on IT & Non-IT 12 22 10 25 20 DM Consulting is vibrant Human Resources Consulting company withare a premier staffing search We professional executive and selection consultant with operations across Mumbai and bangalore. 9th Main. 5th Block. 1st floor. Insurance. 11th Cross. Management Consultants is a premier consulting top 25 HR Fox Jobs Pvt Ltd. Pharma. Mavalli Bangalore 560004 MS Nagar Bangalore 560033 BTM Layout. Bangalore CTC-HR SOLUTIONS . hsr layout. ETS is managed by a Enhance Solutions is a premiere manpower recruitment company catering to the complete HR requirements in the IT Ltd Ethisma Consulting Pvtand ITES 30 5 5 21 20 Premier Placement consultancy having Head Office in Bangalore. 2nd floor. HAL III Stage Opp Bangalore 560075 Bannerghatta Road Bangalore 560076 arise building. BPO etc an emerging premier Edu-World is organization in the space ofa Elim Technology Services is diversified. We have been we provide recruitment assistance in IT. G Enclave.50 Bangalore 560008 #296. A firm providing consulting firm in close partnership Recruitment & A ful fledge with fortune 500's and Training company To introduce ourselves we are an organization Head Quartered in Bangalore and involved in IT & Non IT Executive Search. GVS Complex. floor. Ltd. Bangalore Dommlur Bangalore 560071 #1. Nanjappa Circle. Call Exobase Tech Pvt. 5th Floor. Job seekers and Employers contact us for any GetIT Placement an organization providing consultancy and placements services. 2nd floor. is one of the fastest growing Information Technology services since 3years We are into Staffing suppliers in to our various clients and we are looking people with Focus Established in 1994. Hanumanthanagar Bangalore 560050 Suraj Towers. Hosur Road Cross. 22nd Cross. L bangalore Vidyaranyapura Bangalore 560097 #3/ 6-4. spencer castle. 43rd Cross. 2rd floor. 27th main. 1st Floor. 18th Cross Vijaya Nagar Bangalore 5600040 #7. 3rd floor. Madiwala. professionally managed manpower and talent search firm.. or with exp. Non IT. providing services in Bangalore. Jayanagar Bangalore 560041 #55-33/ 1. Al-Falha Complex. jayanagar 560011 Bangalore 28/ 3. ITES. Near Lalbagh Main Gate. Jayanagar. Girinagar Bangalore 560085 1647. # 35.

Centory Aprtments. Vandana Arcade 25 BSK 1st Stage. we give sevice to all segments it. Our consulting Management Consultants based in Bangalore 82 5 20 20 25 No 246/ A1. Contract Staffing & other premium HRboth Domestic and We provide consulting services International placement services. Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road Bangalore 560016 #490. Kanakapura Main Road Bangalore 560004 GANGANAGAR BANGALORE 560024 bangalore 15 we are a consultant who provide placements in Telecom & Media Leading HR Consulting firm. Koramangala.Consultancy. 05th Cross. call centre. A trusted partner for many IT MNC companies InfoExperts is a highly reputed Recruitment and Staffing organization. non-it. We Specialize in contact/ Permanent placements at all the levels both IT and non IT Sectors ISS offers total recruitment Services for both employers as wellare leading Placement WE employees. 1st & 2nd floor. Indiragar ( Oppst UTI Bank) HAL II Stage Bangalore 560038 18. 3rd Floor. 8 th Cross. Executive Search & Placement Services. Devaki Apparao Layout. Has a track record of A leading staffing company specializing in IT and ITES for CONTRACT and PERMANENT One of the leading Executive Search firms headquartered in Bangalore. Mattikere Bangalore 560054 ITPL Road Bangalore 560037 18. 10 th Main Road Off: Jeevan Bhima Nagar Main Road. 4th Block Koramangala Bangalore 560034 6. ites. 2nd Gullappa Cross Sampige Road. Akamma Layout. Bangalore 560030 Vani Shree Bldg. 80ft road.aHyderabad Human Base India is consulting company having many MNC clients. Cunningham Road Bangalore 560052 TNR Chambers.# 1. Sai Smruthi.Kullappa Circle. koramangala Bangalore 560095 220 4th Main. P. Bangalore Placement bpo. 50 Feet Road. Mathikere. 5 10 5 20 25 HatSoft framework focuses on providing high performance software services and solutions at Hr Grande is a Recruitment Firm HRdex People Solutions div of Elite ProCon Solutions Pvt. Kamanahalli Bangalore 560033 3. HAl 3rd Stage bangalore 500 085 #B26. 6 . and our ICS Consultancy Services has been in the recruitment scenario since the year 2000 and has been Known as Ideas O2 we provide solutions for our client's recruitment operations. Ganganagar Bangalore 560032 3rd Floor. Raheja Arcade. Ltd. Hanumanthnagar Bangalore 560050 22/ 1. We are into Executive Staffingin toover five years now we are for purely head hunting. 100 ft Road. which is a combination Search Firm based An Executive of services ranging in Bangalore. Park 560054 Bangalore No. Arunodaya. we (For all IT jobs). 1st Floor. Church Street Bangalore 560001 #60. Globe House 105.our corporate clients to To enable Our Forte -Information achieve more through our worldclass manpower sourcing and training solutions. 2nd Floor. 3A. is a Jobs and recruitment organization based in Vijayawada. Yeshwantpur I Main Road. 777. West Minister Building. Richmond Road Bangalore 560025 # 507. opp to J. Tivari Manor. 80' Feet Road.

Annexe Block. Mathikere Bangalore 560054. HRBR Layout. 1st Block bangalore 560042 BSK 3rd Stage Bangalore 560085 51. Bangalore 560027. rendering services to IT & Non-IT sectors.T Main Road. who are passionate for people upliftment and cover inwidesame cadence to We work a the range of Human Resources and Manpower Sourcing Activities. No 2/ 2 Basappa Road. Shanthinagar. j2ee with former employee of SUN Microsystems. 5th Floor. 1st Floor. 7th Main. Financial Services. providing Professonal consultant placement services to leading multinationals in India. various LotusFeet Executive Search & Selection is a Bangalore based GenNext professional services Started by Mr. TNR Chambers 1/A. 1st floor. FMCG. Oil and 25 56 25 Jobscargo Consulting is a leading consulting firm. Domains addressed include: BIFS. Telecom. New Thipassandara Bangalore 560075 benson twn bangalore 560038 BTM II Stage Bangalore 560076 104. 112. C5.6 Girinagar 1st Phase. ITesis a Indias IT education pioneer JLC placements. 13th cross. Floor MLA Layout RT Nagar. basaveshwaranagar Bangalore 560079 Dooravani Nagar Bangalore 560016 101/ 27. Enclave Bangalore 560082 Bangalore CITI CASA. 8th Mani. 'Chitrapur Bhavan'. Syed in the year 2003 and consistently satisfying the manpower requirements of .M. Laurus is currently established across the An upcoming placment consultancy and outsourcing sompany in bangalore 10 8 10 26 Lotus Technologies is a premier talent search firm with a focus on the demands of future. 3rd floor. in Java. 15th cross Malleshwaram Bangalore 560010 702. We work with several leading clients like Goldman Sachs. Off Airport Road Bangalore 560037 Hennur Main Road Bangalore 560077 #6. First Cross. Retail. Ram Tulsi Chambers H. Second Floor. JLC has spent over 3 years of Upcoming Leader in Recruitment. Mekhri Circle Bangalore 560032 #25. Brigade IndustrialJayanagar 7th Block KR Road. corp training. Bangalore 560 085 2nd Cross Veerabhadra Layout. koramangala WE are leading Placement Management Consultants based in Bangalore Consultancy. K_Konsultants is a Bangalore based Executive Placement Firm cateringteam ofneeds of several LCS is a to the motivated and dynamic professionals. NON-IT. 1st. Church Street Bangalore 560001 Richmond Road Bangalore 560002 #5D. IT Services 10 25 30 30 Isher Solutions is a specialist recruitment company focused in providing perfect career we play STRATEGIC PARTNER's role in getting HEAD HUNTING &RESUME search for IT. Serves all Industries (IT. 3rd Floor.EMainly have clients in the area of Commerce and Java Kareer Edge Technologies (KET) is an organization formed by an experienced team of IT and non-IT Kiyaah is a talent acquisition firm founded by IIT/ IIM professionals.

RT Plaza. 1st cross. RT Nagar Bangalore 560032 #325. non-it recruiter We recruit for IT. 8th main. Road Bangalore 560001 #34. of the leading IT/ NonWe are one IT recruitment firm in India. Jayanagar.41/75. G. 20th Main. NDE is a recently formed recruitment agency in India specialising in theis an Nish consultancy recruitment of independent and dynamic organization providing total recruitment solutions to corporate Noble Careerz is prominent Search & Staffing company providing a wide range of recruitment Nova Solutionz is a Human Resource recruiting firm established in Recruiters working We are online 2005. VASANTH NAGAR BANGALORE 560052.IT and IT domains MaxinCorp is placement firm leading in the niche industry segments. has been serving IT and non IT clients in Domestic and International sector placement consultancy Company offering Recruitment Assistance and Training Services to the Non. Non-IT. Domlur Bangalore 560071 No. 20th Cross Rajajinagar 2nd Block Bangalore 560010 5ht Phase. We place IT and NON-IT We recruit for Engineering. Bangalore 560027 17th cross. Placement Consultancy(Bangalore): Best One of the leading Placement consultant in Bangalore since 2002. Animation.Nagar. 8th B Main Road. 3rd Stage. 80 Feet Road. 6th cross Prashantha nagar Bangalore 560079 #323. J. Team of recruiters with 5 100 100 12 10 17 100 6 .P. Krishna Reddy Layout Bangalore 560071 #9. 4th Block. 10 50 10 2 7 Micro Cell Computer Technologies is into outsourcing. Construction. ITES MNC's in Bangalore. a specialist recruitment company. RAJAJI NAGAR BANGALORE 560010 #8. S.Ngr Bangalore 560078 Krishnarajapuram Bangalore 560036 25/ 1A. Krishna Reddy Layout. IT+BPO.R. Near Theater 560079 Bangalore Indranagar 2nd Stage Bangalore 560038 Bangalore M. Vasanthnagar Bangalore 560052 751. 3/ 3. 2nd Flr. 1st floor. Syed in the year 2003 and consistently satisfying the manpower requirements of Magnum consultants. 2nd Floor. 1st floor. MILLERS ROAD. 28th main. Manufacturing. We also provide spoken English traning. Malleswaram Bangalore 560003 'Shree Building'. #632. call centre MNC provides innovative staffing solutions across India and The Middle East. I main. 32nd cross. Rudrappa Complex. placement servicesrecruit IT. Bangalore 5 0 05 Started by Mr. 3rd Floor. Bangalore 560079 No. 8th Main. Pioneering in globally for many premier clients. IT & IT Recruitment consultancy offering "Quality @ Affordable Cost". 10th cross. 4th T block.2nd Floor. 2nd Block.26 bangalore 560034 . NonIT's from starting level to top mangement. 3rd Stage pushpanjali Basaveshwara Nagar. Our client base is wide spread from all kinds of industries. 21. provide we will and also ITES. 560041 Bangalore #15/ 2. 4th main.

T-401. 2nd Floor. Hoysala Appartments Cunnigham road Bangalore 560052 Koramangala. J.Bright Future** 12 5 15 30 75 5 Excellent in Manpower Placements into sectors like IT. Telecom and NonIT companies. Bangalore. 35th Cross. Bangalore 560011 No-28. Empathy and Integrity as 1. millers Road high Grounds Bangalore 560052 #867. Vignan Nagar Extn Bangalore 560037 #129. #41. Bangalore -560001 4/ 1. at to IT industry Executive Search all levels and all 20 8 20 3 We introduce ourselves as well established andaprofessionally Process Global fast growing Consulting firm Established in 2003. Girinagar II Phase Bangalore 560085 Vinod Towers Sanjaynagar Bangalore 560052 # 403. We undertake Candidate's We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Pentagon Hr Solutions. an end-end Hr solutions company PeopleEquity has over 5 years of experience in the staffing function and one of the Leading Executive It is endeavors to make its service search firm in Bangalore PERSONef International is a leading boutique Executive Search and consulting firm specializing in the Asia-Pacific region.P. 2nd Phase. Staffing Services for IT 3. VLSI. At Plakon is an organization exclusively dealing in placements for the IT. Manipal Center Bangalore 560042 Cambridge Layout Bangalore 560008 #113 1st Floor. Kodihalli Bangalore 560017 #16. If anybody global Orange Tech Solutions is ais IT consultancy with range of service offered including professional placement and talent Conducts the training for IT Companies interviews in more A HR and Career building organisation Recruitment Services **Right People . 16th Main 4th T Block. Staffing Services for BPO and Contact Centres in India 2. 11th B cross. Team of recruiters with We are in to Placement Consulting located in Bangalore and serving the industry from the last 2 yrs all over the India. Jayanagar Bangalore 560041 No 4/ 1. Jayanagar. HQ in Santa Clara.5th floor. 6th Cross. a Promentor Consulting is Chennai Bangalore based HR consultants providing complete HR solutions to IT & NON IT clients carefully Team Protonzone has across India crafted a niche for itself as a reliable HR Services provider with Passion. 3rd Floor. 12th Main Road. Madiwala. ITES.Nagare Bangalore 560078 808. Rustam Bagh Road. Bangalore Suraj Towers. Richmond Towers 12 Richmond Road Bangalore 560025 23rd Main. 23rd Main. Corporate Training 16 15 . Bangalore 560010 Bangalore S612. 3rd Cross. SNS Plaza. Kumarakrupa Road. Oxford House. CA(offices in Sunnyvale. 27th cross street 3rd Block. 6 10 25 IT Recruitment consultancy offering "Quality @ Affordable Cost".Rajajinagar 2nd Stage Subramanyanagar. 15.Bangalore #577|11th Main Road | Ground Floor|5th BlockHead Post office|Jayanagar| Near | Bangalore 560041 #4191.

HR Consulting company promoted by a senior executive with more than 18 years of Software Inductry Experiene We are mainly into corporate IT training and consulting. 3rd Block.jayanagar bangalore 530066 Banashankari Bangalore 560070 Suite #7. Hosur Main Road Bangalore 560068 68. And Development Samrudhi technologies into Recruitment agency San Us Technologies is a rapidly growing company since its inception focusing on Software Development.Div No. CMH Road Bangalore 560003 #1328. PUMEC provides all Recruitment Consultants for requirements in the IT domain. Also developing web applications. Pan India. India. Tulasi RamDass Mutt Road. OXFORD House Rustambagh Main Road. 1st floor. 1 floor. based management consultants Company. Narendra Plaza. and and staffing It is an outsourcingManpower company specialised in SAP. 16th B Main. 3rd floor. vasanthanagar bangalore 560052 # 602. Our core strength is in head hunting. No. Basement Floor.52A. 2nd main road. The company provides IT Project Management 50 100 . 10/ 2. Junior to Executive levels in sales. 1 stage. Radiant Infosystems maintaining an average annual growth rate of 200% since ITES Non IT We are in ITthe beginning of its Recruitment we cater to Management consulting staffing and executive A premier and research firms in search company that specializes in Middle & Senior level positions Resource Bureau is a start up in Bangalore. Koramangala Bangalore 560034 # 23.15 Near Kaveri Nursing Home. Opposit Sangeetha Mobile shop. Corporate TrainingConsultants Pvt Ltd is a PUMEC Bangalore. Ramanashree Chambers. Competitive Service rates and QSource is the global staffing division of Qatalys Software Technologies A Core Head Hunting firm which specifically works on searching and placing talented IT Professionals. Staffing Services for IT 3. Coles rd Cross Frazer Town Bangalore 560005 Basavanagudi Bangalore 560004 #243. Having a good clientele and SapTREE Technology Consultancy was established in 2001 and is based in Bangalore.BSK II stage bangalore 560070 4th Block Rajajinagar Bangalore 560010 Bangalore HRBR Layout Bangalore-560002 67. 5th cross.9th Main|. Victoria Road 1. West of Main Chord Road Bangalore 560086 333. Lady Curzon Road bangalore 560001 #3347/ B. 9th Cross.#2227/1. Indiranagar Bangalore 560008 #1533/ 44 7th Main 1st c cross Rpc Layout vijayanagar Bangalore 560040 . Amarjyothy layout Nagar Sanjay Bangalore 560094 Unit 001. We focus on recruitment and training covering the specialise in recruitments from We most IT giants in Bangalore. Staffing Services for BPO and Contact Centres in India 2. Mahalaxmi Layout Entrence. Kodihally Bangalore 560017 #191. HAL 2nd Stage. 13th Main Road. 2nd Cross. Indira Nagar. 2nd floor. operations and etc. 5 350 400 15 15 15 10 25 12 20 8 Consuling.

Banashankari 3rd Katriguppa Main Stage. Malleswaram West. 13th Main. T Nagar. 8th main.560 Opp: ING Vysya Bank . 1st Floor . Road. We r one of the Top IT consultants in Bangalore and Chennai. Bangalore 560055 #35/ 1 R. Vijayanagar Bangalore 560 040 J P Nagar Bangalore 5600078 Near KML BUS DEPOT Koramangala.Ltd is an IT SETRICS Qualisoft Pvt Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing Services Company. MICO Lyt. 5 c main. aSETRICS is one in the HR solutions space. search company based in India and United Kingdom. New Extention. V Block. Which is involved in placing the Best Candidates to Genuine Sentient Consulting is Rapidly growing Bangalore based Executive search firm. RT Nagar Bangalore 560032 13 HSR Layout Bangalore 654321 ANNAPURNA APARTMENTS ULSOOR BANGALORE 560008 #60.560032 Bangalore # 28/ 14. Attiguppe. # 10 AND 11 NAT Street gandhi bazar basavanagudi bangalore 560004 # 61. First Floor. OPH Road.Nagar Bangalore 560032 13/ 1. 1st Main Road. Contract staffing. Strategic HR 10 15 2 . Bangalore 560068 Richmond Town Bangalore 560025 #641. Party Hall. 3rd Main. Candidates have to First Forward their Resumes to us & Call usTalent fix TiG is a comprehensive at tele. Lingarajapuram Bangalore 560 084 Mathikere Bangalore 281/ C. R. Ramachandrapa layout. Solutions company focusing on Total HR Outsourcing. Setrics Complex. offers a range of service that complement We are one of the leading Manpower Consultants based at Bangalore for IT & Non IT requirements HR Consulting at various levels. Bangalore 560038 16 SapTREE Technology Consultancy was established in 2001 and is based in Bangalore. 3rd Cross. Ganganagar. Jayanagar. Nagar Bangalore 13. T. Carmel Villa.IT Fields. leading player SGR HR Solutions. Manpower outsourcing. The company provides IT Project a Pioneer Search Solutions is Management placement consultancy. 078 Dinnur Main Road R. IT project Placement Consultant We take up Placements in IT Fields and NON . Suvin Solutions a consultancy company wasPLACEMENT(IT & MANPOWER originated to cope ENGINEERING). #53 . Bangalore .100 Bangalore 560047 #2. Opp to R. 560067 Bangalore White Field. S. Bangalore 560095 # 17.T. II floor. Indira Nagar 2nd stage. narayanappa block. ITES staffing needs across various functions and levels in leading talent We are aCompanies. 18th Cross. 2nd Floor. 50 30 8 10 50 20 17 we are providing resource to software companies Into It Consulting & Recruitment 4 10 5 We are the leading recruitment company placed in bangalore. 1st floor. we work with differentand Non IT We specialise in IT verticals like placements. We Softech Computers Recruitment services covers IT. 17 F Cross. softskills training. 10th Main.

whereby we make it our business to provide them with Toon Medias core business consulting is an innovative HR Consulting firm delivering Quality Recruitment Triune Technologies is a Technical Staffing and IT Services firm headquartered in the Silicon Valley We are a california based companybased4firm.. we are into IT Its an US with Branches in US services. 57/ A.Mangammapalya Main Road. sreeranganagar.opposite to Salar Puria Apartments Bangalore 560042 koramangala bangalore No:-53. Kodihalli Bangalore 560008 A-2. 560042 Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore 10. Bangalore 560076 No. Bangalore 5 Talent Mapping is a leading executive search firm based at Bangalore. Staffing solutions and consultancy firm. India.# 13/A.Technologies is aMNC Visionsoft Clients Includes four years experienced organization in the market with the sole intention . 4th Cross. " KRUPA ARCADE".6th Cross. We have a very good database of experienced prof inTeamSoftware. Oxford Chambers Airport Road Bangalore 560017 Chandra Layout. To create good partnerships with our clients. JP Nagar. Gangadhar Chetty Road. Human Resources. Marks Road Bangalore 560001 #359. catering exclusively to the recruitment needs of the IT and ITES industry. corporate training Venture pluz is one of fastest growing. Bangalore Bangalore 174. We are specialized recruitment firm. providing companies with highly trained. First Floor. energetic. 438. 4th main. 5th Main. multi interest consulting firms.100 3rd Stage We are a Talent Solutions company established in 2003 with a vision to provide value added HR ValuePoint Technologies pvt Ltd. 6th Main. 33rd Main 6th Phase J P Nagar Bangalore 560078 Rajajinagar Bangalore 560001 Fraser Town Bangalore 560005 Bangalore #425-426. Sarakki. We placement ISO 9000 certified are working with consultant 25 410 00 11 80 25 25 35 20 25 25 12 15 20 24. II Floor. based at Bangalore. 8th Main Road Mico Layout. 80ft Road 2nd Floor BSk.. 7th Cross. We are into Consulting Company Manpower consulting for of the corporates. HAL II Stage. 17th cross. innovative. bsk III stage Bangalore 560085 St. Leading Placement App concentrating on Domestic and We source candidates for interim and permanent positions within Marketing. 10 Bommanahalli. 2nd stage. Sriram Layout Taverekere Bangalore 560029 BTM layout BANGALORE 560029 Bangalore I Floor. Malleswaram Rajajinagar Bangalore 560055 No. SPL Habitat. Ulsoor. partnering with a variety of WE are leading Placement Management Consultants based in Bangalore. Talent Mapping provides high the fast growing We are one ofquality End to End placement and recruitment consultants based HR consultants at Bangalore Teamware Solutions. 30th Main. 2nd floor. a global HR outsourcing firm delivering a complete range of human resource recruitment services to IT We are consultants for IT industry.

1st Main Road. Clients list includes first 20 of . Richmond Town Bangalore 560025 #9/ 1. Placement Company is into engineering viewing software product development Vividity is a premier Headhunting. We provide Recruitment Consultants in India who understands and value We are into international IT your Recruitment with HO in Bangalore. Murugeshpalya Bangalore 560017 #09. Bangalore #18/ 4. 3rd Cross Mathikere. a Banglore based company is into existence since 1996 and is into IT consulting. Hossur Road. MK Building. HR consulting and corporate training amongst the premier We are company. 1st Flr. Sampangi Ram Nagar560027 Bangalore 400 25 20 30 Visionsoft Technologies is a four years experienced organization in the market with the sole intention Vista. Madivala Extension Bangalore 560068 Off Airport Road. Wellington Street.100 Bhavani Housing Society Bangalore-85 #47.

VC++. Pharmaceutical Most non-IT Skills http://www.aspx Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre.htm http://www. Web Developer Accounts.abeleconsulting.php http://9to6consultants. ERP. Visual Basic. EDP / MIS. System admin-Windows. Networking.abnercorp.com/contact.com/currentinterviews. Dot net. Oracle. AS 400. Linux. Accounts. C++.in/candidates.Skills /Resumes of interest C. Web Design. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills. Java / J2EE.in/candidate. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills . Finance.co. PHP/Mysql. Computer operator. DBA. SAP. Mainframe. SAP. Java/J2EE.htm Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre. Embedded / VLSI. Web Developer http://3glabs.

Most non-IT Skills

Device drivers, Dot net, Embedded / VLSI, Networking, PHP / Mysql, Web / Graphic Design, Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills,

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DBA, Dot net, ERP, Java/J2EE, Linux, Oracle, Oracle Financials, System admin-Linux, Visual Basic, PHP / Mysql, Web / Graphic Design

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Most IT Skills, HRD,

DBA Civil Engg

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Networking, Telecom-Radio, Telecom-Switching,

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Oracle. DBA. DBA. Telecom-Radio. VC++ / MFC / COM . Telecom-Switching Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre. Networking Most non-IT Skills Pharmaceutical. Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Embedded / VLSI. C. SAP. Java / J2EE CAD / CAM / GIS. Most non-IT Skills. Embedded / VLSI. CAD / CAM / GIS C. Embedded / VLSI. PHP / Mysql. VC++.Dot net. Networking. C++. Computer operator. Call centre. Java / J2EE. Device drivers. Telecom-Switching. SQL server Marketing / Sales ASP. C++.

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Java / J2EE. C. SAP HRD . ERP.Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Administration.A.

S. Tel: +91-44 � 28142899 / 42124941 Amsoft Services Andre Consultancy Services (P) Limited 8 9 10 11 12 Arcus Consulting P Ltd AVID Technology Private Limited Best Choice Consultant 13 14 BloomSoft BrainSource Management Consultants 15 ByteMindz COnsultancy Services 16 17 Cache Next Generation career-movers Tel: +91-9710935803 . Company 1 A&S Software Technologies 2 3 A1 Tech solutions Aargee Associates 4 abbaconsultants 5 ACS Consultancy 6 7 Added Values Consulting Agile & Young Minds IT services P Ltd.No.

17 18 19 20 careerworld .LCS carnay Clear Vision 21 22 23 Cobra S/W & HRD Consultants cogentconsultancyservices COHERENT CONSULTANT 24 25 Covenant Consultants Crescent Consultancy Services 26 CRM Today India 27 CxO Hunt 28 DAWN CONSULTANT 29 dBESTjobs 30 dream work consultants 31 EJS Solutions 32 Ergasia Global Soltuions 33 34 EXPERTIZ Gem Consultancy Service .

34 Gem Consultancy Service 35 GIRS Infotech Private Limited Tel: 9381753500 golden opportunities pvt ltd Tel: 044-43470000 Good Relations Consultants Gramar IT Solutions GSI Hasu Infotech India (P) Ltd. 36 37 38 39 40 41 hiflier consultants 42 43 High Places International iAGE Consulting Services Tel: 04443596076 Indusbee Technology Servecies 44 45 Infeon Global Solutions 46 Infronic Solutiong Pvt.. Limited 47 Instill Consulting Services (p) Ltd 48 49 50 iVenture Consulting Job Cookies Jobs Cafe Consultants Private Limited 51 Just-In-Time Management Solutions .

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new bethania naga 6th street valsarvakkamn Chennai 600087 Plot No. Ashok Nagar Chennai 600 083 No: 17. I Floor. Pozhichalur. Teynampet Chennai 600086 C. 4th Floor. 1st Block. Raghava Nagar.Nagar. 15 50 4 40 45 3 10 5 10 5 50 4 . Chennai 600 074 E-2. 2nd Floor. Anna Nagar (West).Plot no:10. Chetty Road. 2980. 92 nd Street. Towers. anna salai Chennai 600002 East Coast Chamber -2-L. T.L. Mylapure. Galaxy Apartments. Pozhichalur. G. Pers. North Usman Road. T. Theagaraya Road. Chennai 600091 No 1.Road Adyar Chennai 600020 #158. 1st Floor.Rayala towers. 1st Street. Chennai 600004 #198/ 2. 'Mon Jardin' Thiyagaraja Street. Pozhichalur Main Road. 1st Floor.Nagar Chennai 600017 CHAMIERS ROAD. N. 12. Pondicherry Chennai 605001 112/24. 108. 116. M.B. Anna Salai. 13th Main Road Z-Block. IV Floor. Ashok Nagar Chennai 600024 #5.Address Kasi Arcade. CHENNAI -600018 333/ 3. T. Nagar Chennai 600017 3rd Floor. Madipakkam.53 street. Chamiers Road Chennai ? 600 018. Kundan Complex. 3rd Main Road. 2nd Avenue Anna Nagar Chennai 600040 plot 155. R. Radha Krishnan Salai. Chennai 600 040 Dr.

Chennai 600 078 16/ 19.4 Chennai 600017 672. Kodambakkam. Chennai 600041 Chennai 24 sarvanastreet nungambakkam chennai 600034 57/ 25 North Boag Road. Periyar Salai. Nagar Opp to Residency Towers Chennai 600017 New# 61. Chowdri Nagar Valasaravakkam. G.Old# 52/3. Temple Tower. west mada street thurumalizai Chennai 602107 No:3/75. chennai 600024 11. jobs@ejssolutions. Nandanam chennai 45.Laxmana Swami Salai. Yadav street. Pulla Avenue. Coimbatore Chennai 641001 P H Road Velapanchavadi Chennai 600 077 No-339/97. Street. Ground Floor. Pallavakam. Adambakkam Chennai 600018 1/ 2 Leela Apts Ponniaraja Puram. Shenoy Nagar. Ashok Nagar 25 5 5 200 5 4 12 7 7 15 10 30 6 5 . S. Annapoorna Appartments. Annasala. 9th Street. 5th Street Andavar Nagar. Chennai 600030 94. Chennai 600087 16A. Anna Salai. Teyampet CHENNAI Chennai 60 10th Avenue. T. KK Nagar.com chennai 600014 58 Sriman Srinivasan Street Alwarpet Chennai 600018 Commerce Center.

5 Chennai 600083 No: 61 / 29 K B Dasan Road. Marshalls Road .Sterling Road 2nd Cross Street. 3/148. Chennai 600 018 v6. Solai Apartments. Chetty Road Chennai 600 006 6/ 336 valayapathy salai. Teynampet. 4th Main Road. First Floor.12thstreet. 129 Plaza Centre G. Vasu Street. chennai 600040 3 TP ROAD T NAGAR CHENNAI #2. chennai 600089 46/14 . #808. Kilpauk Chennai 600010 #3/2.. 1st Floor. 3rd Floor. Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 Second Floor. #216. Nungambakkam. Calve Chateau.(oldv43) . Velachery Chennai 600042 C13. �Kabini Centre� Opp. Kilpauk Chennai 600010 49/ 3B Ram Nagar North Extension 6th Main Road. Poonamalle High Road. Kottur Gardens Chennai 600085 West Tambaram chennai Hasu Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd. Mount Poonamalle High Road. mogappair east chennai 600 037 99/ 4..N. Link Street. MGR Salai. Chennai 600034 6 50 25 5 25 20 10 10 22 4 35 40 10 10 . Ramavaram. II Floor.Chennai-600008 no:27. 22 josier street Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 22/ 12 Welcome Colony Anna Nagar West Extn Chennai 600101 3A. annanagar. SIET School. kodambakkam High Road. Mathi towers. Real Enclave. Numgambakkam. Old No-31. Chennai 600034 G5. Egmore .

Judge Colony. velacherry chennai 600042 10/4. Door Number 3.Vasudave Nagar. Porur Chennai 600 116 Chennai 600041 3. Chennai 600014 Ashok Nagar Chennai 600083 12/ 12. Mount Road Chennai 600002 Old No. 2 St. Arcot Road. 8 15 10 50 6 6 30 5 12 120 2 16 5 . Broadway. 43. Saidapet.9. Periyar Road T.30. 1st Floor Abhiramapuram 4th Street Chennai 600018 No. Gandhi Nagar. 2nd street. Chennai 600047 No 9 kamakoti nagar sanatorium chennai 600047 No 69 AF Plaza. 3rd Main Road.AGS colony (Beach Layout) Kottivakkam Chennai 600041 Plot # 18. Rangarajapuram. Contact:044-42163706 Chennai 600001 37 Whites Road.17/3 New No. cholan Nagar TmVoil chennai 600109 c7 paramount park. Chennai 600015 No.East Jones Road. Sanatorium. Officers' Colony. First Street. Arya Gowda Road West Mambalam (Below SSI) Chennai 600033 MAVARA HR SOLUTIONS #10/21. Janaki Avenue.3rd cross street ext.1st floor. Royapettah. nagar Chennai 600017 #34. Thayar Sahib Street. Lakshmi Nagar 9 th street. Malles Manor 19. 3rd floor. Nanganallur. Saidapet Chennai 600015 1. Adyar Chennai 600020 32. Xavier Street. Chennai 600 061 S-2. Dr.

thangam Colony. spencer Plaza chennai-600002. Vasudevan Nagar Chennai 600083 F43 a. 19. Annanager West Chennai 600040 75/ 30. 4/ 2. off Conran Smith Road. Santhome High Road. Chennai 600034 6/ 3.156.90 26. India 20 10 5 4 300 5 10 10 3 15 100 15 .40 B 16th Cross Street Besant Nagar Chennai . Poonamallee High Road . 3rd street. Krishnamma Road. 11th Avenue Ashok Nagar Chennai 600083 2. CHENNAI-600024 No. Mylapore Chennai 600004 15. Sardar Patel Road Adayar Chennai 600020 19/ 3 Ashok Nagar Chennai No. 66/ 510.5 Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600041 Montieth Court. Lakshmipuram Chennai 600045 93 ARCOT ROAD LAKSHMI TOWERS IV FLOOR KODAMBAKKAM CHENNAI 600024 Old No 2. �D� Sanatorium Chennai 600047 #34. K N St. nandanam colony. Ground Floor. RITCHIE STREET. Chennai 600035 T . C-4 Ravi Ram apartment West Mambalam chennai 600033 #19. New No 3. 64. Arya gowda Road. Home Road. Chennai 600014 Virgambakkam Chennai 600092 4/ 1. Ist Floor. SPS II Street. Royapettah. Kilpauk Chennai 600010 23-B. Nungambakkam. Church Street. Egmore Chennai 600008 C-3 Doshi Towers . Montieth Road.

Herumba Appartments 100 Feet Road. Rangarajapuram Kodambakkam Chennai 600024 No 4 Cathedral Appartment Cathedral Garden Road. 2nd st nehru nagar. 7/ 2b. ADAMBAKKAM. Mogappair Chennai 600 037 Kodambakkam Chennai 600024 10 10 12 10 2 8 10 2 65 4 5 10 50 15 . SURENDER NAGAR. Sheethal Arcade. 4TH STREET. Chennai 600020 9/ 5. No. Thiruvanmiyur. CHENNAI 600088 50/ 22. Vadapalani Chennai 600026 C-1BHARAT APARTMENTS. Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 AG-1/ 1:Shanti Colony: Annanagar West: Chennai-40 No 31. adayar Chennai 600020 G1. Manicka street. TNHB (HIG flats). Varun Apartments. LB Road. First Floor. 124. Numgambakkam Chennai 600034 Chennai Chennai No. choolai chennai 600112 Shastri Nagar. Adyar Chennai 600020 Mylapore Contact Tel:(044)65298603 Chennai 600004 16/3 West Mambalam Chennai 600033 403. Janaki Ammal Street.Kilpauk chennai 600010 no 98 west namasivayapuram Choolaimedu Chennai 600098 s2. Real Enclave. Ganga Nagar Kodambakkam Chennai 600024 22. Venugopal street. 1/ 1.

4th Main Road Kamaraj Nagar Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600041 86/ 82. Chennai 600049 U. Mylapore Chennai 600004 165. Chennai 600108 4/ 3. t. Kutchery Road. First Floor. 1st floor. Mylapore Chennai 600004 No. T.N. Taramani. 5. No 85. Chetty Street Saidapet Chennai 600015 No 5 Venkatesh agraharam street Chennai 600004 23/ 11. 2nd Street. Saligramam Chennai 600 093 No: 5. opp chennai silks. mahalingapuram.f4. Madipakkam 5 5 10 10 15 15 10 4 15 45 . PORTUESE ROAD. Kumarappa Street Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 DHANISH MAT. SEC SCHOL. Elango Adigal Street. nagar chennai Chennai 3 rd floor. 106. Venkatesa Agraharam Street. C Colony. HR. Aiyaswamy Street West Tambaram Chennai 600045 6/37. Kamaraj Avenue. 66. saraswathy street. ch34 chennai 600034 33 Murali Street Mahalingapuram Chennai 600034 17 A. INDIA. Broadway Road. Adyar Chennai 600020 1&2 Sun plaza Chennai chennai 324. AYANAVARAM. Taramani IT corridor. Karrampakkam Porur Chennai 600116 New No. Bharathi Salai. Ponni Nagar. usman road. CHENNAI-23.

Thaangal Street Virugambakkam Chennai 600092 4E. Chennai 600 042 2.Nagar. Mandira Apartments. Kodambakkam. Triplicane Chennai 600005 #7.Lake View Road. 3rd Main Road. Velachery. 3rd Cross Street. North Boag Road. Fakhir Sahib 3rd Street. 1. Srinivasa Enclave. Jaganathapuram. 23A.Chennai 600091 Triplicane Chennai 600005 # 50 l b road. 2nd floor. thiruvanmiyur chennai 600041 No. West Mambalam Chennai 600033 XOVER Technologies Chennai 600032 khivraj complex. Chennai 600017 19/8. Chennai NO: 84/ 15A . nandhanam Chennai 600034 10 4 10 24 42 14 12 8 9 5 25 . T. Shakti Nagar. chennai 600024 Anna nagar.

Staffing related services to the IT sectors in India. IT services company having office worldwide. ByteMindz take immense pleasure in introducing us as a leading management consultant specialized in dedicated permanent recruitment services. USA based Consulting firm. BrainSource Management Consultants is a manpower placement company located in Pondicherry. The company provides placement services to companies in India. Offering services: Offshore Development/ Software Development/ Ecommorce develpment/ Applicatin Maintenance/ Staffing Solutions/ Placement Consultant/ IT Training Amsoft Services is one of South Indias leading staffing companies and provides a range of Temporary and Permanent manpower solutions to over 100 clients in Insurance. BPOs and all entities of IT. Logistics. Banking & Finance. with a wide breadth of services across the entire Information technology. Our Service rates are most competitive and our client list includes many major IT MNCs & Indian Companies.Profile A Software Consultancy/ Software Development Placement Consultants for all requirements in the IT domain. Staffing. Infrastructure. Manufacturing. It is an Leading Consulting in Chennai. Healthcare. Working for all major IT companies in India.Exclusively Cater to IT & Service Industry. Executive Search Firm . Consulting and Corporate Traiing services IT Staffing & Small Talk Consulting Mainly into manpower consultancy BloomSoft is a leading IT services provider. HR Outsourcing it consultations and revruitment firm Founded in 2004 with its India HQ at chennai. IT Professional services company Placement. RPO. . Search. ACS Consultancy provides customized & innovative HR. We currently provide placement services in areas of Call Centers.

Covenant is headquartered in Chennai. (IT. Entire management team can be sourced. we are manpower consultants. EJS got an excellent track record in HR activities. Crescent Consultancy Services is committed in providing leading edge HR Services support and exemplary customer service leading to improved performance of an organization. Keeping and Training the Right Staff is the main critical success factor for any company. BPO. VC funded and other corporates. . Environment of India. Media) WE are an IT and ITES provider and also doing hr consultant providing various hr soltions for IT and Non IT related jobs. Expertiz � Human Asset Management is a high technology recruitment firm with industry experienced professionals in several domains in VLSI. with skills and expertise equivalent the best and brightest in the industry We would like to introduce ourselves as Carnay Make it simple. IT and Non IT and etc. Semansys is specialized in Human Resources Services and Consulting company. A Leading manpower recruitment consultant servicing to all type of industries (Auto. Let us introduce our self as one of the lead consultant Providing Tech and non tech placement.Exclusively Cater to IT & Service Industry.. CRM Today is a specilized IT Recruitment company for major MNC Clients Very focused executive search firm. we provide IT and non IT jobs in india. Some of the area EJS preferred to work with. Banking. Engg. ITES. Limited bandwidth and hand picked profiles. Cobra . Highest quality. provides consultancy for its clients spanning across the globe. India and offers HR services to customers across the country. specialists in the areas of Human Resourcing HR Services-Training and Recruitment in the areas of Sales and Marketing also for Pharmaceutical Companies in recruiting Medical Representatives & Managers and also in to BPO. Finding. Telecom and Chip design companies. Areas of operation in NGOs. active hr outsourcing company for it industry We. COHERENT CONSULTING is one of the Top Consulting Companies having strong corporate clients in the field of IT and NON IT placing motivated technical & Non -technical people in Fortune 500 Companies nationwide. Animation.s/ w hrd consultants. Telecomm. Manufacturing.Executive Search Firm . Hardware and IT. It is a professionally managed consultancy with a proven commitment to deliver quality services. ) dBESTjobs is one of India�s leading Executive Search Consultancies dedicated to serve IT. We have an extensive network of offices servicing more than 650 clients. Call Centers.

retail & pharma. automobile & garment manufacturing. Semansys is specialized in Human Resources Services and Consulting company. Instill Consulting Private Limited is a professionally managed recruitment solutions service provider. iVenture Consulting is a Chennai based multi-interest enterprise aiming towards prospective business propositions. we do only within country placements and we do not charge any fees from candidates. Just-In-Time is a placement firm catering to the needs of BFS. Telecom sectors in India & overseas. based out of Chennai city in India. Staffing. FMCG. Executive Search to MNC. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients by delivering value-added services of high quality we are a placement company catering to the needs of of our clients. Supply chain. IT and ITES. . construction.Environment of India. BCP � IT Hardware � IT Software Executive Search Serving The Top It Companies In India Gramar IT Solutions(GITS) is a Human Capital Resources Company with the aim of providing Recruitment. CMMi Level IT Companies in India. We are also into Event management services. clientele. Staffing (Permanent and Temp) and BPO services for the IT. selection and advertised recruitment services for our clients to fulfill their recruitment needs. Infeon Global solutions. We are professionals dedicted to IT/ NON IT recruitment. UK and Singapore. BPO. ITES -Training and Placement. USA. It is an IT-Consultancy. We Leading Job placement iVenture specializes in recruitment solutions and solutions to the niche serve FMCD. Keeping and Training the Right Staff is the main critical success factor for any company. Currently consulting firm focusing on providing recruitmentEvent Management. Training & Development. Finding. � Customer Services � Accountancy & Financial Services � Human Resource & Administration � Sales & Marketing � Manufacturing & Production � Procurement. founded in 2004 with its India HQ at Chennai. currently provides customised & innovative HR. we provide staffing to our prestigious clients. we do placements for all levels across the board for for all industries We are a Global Executive Search Consulting firm We are Placement Consultant for IT/ BPO/ Call Center HR Service Provider: Recruitment. Doing recruitment services We provide a range of search.

Highly Experienced team of professionals in differnt functions serving a wide range of verticals for placements. providing quality skilled personnel for IT and other Industry. from the shop floor to the boardroom & are tailored to suit every client. FMCG. C jobs. Aeronauticals Domain by offering Permanent. HR consulting and business process outsourcing. IT Services and learning solutions We. We provide service to leading Companies in India & abraod MultiOp Placements . Ethical and Efficient Service to both Client and Candidate is their forte. We work on all industry needs IT. we are dedicated to placing IT and Finance professional talents with our reputed client based consultant company the careers of our candidates It is a chennai companies and enhancing OrangeMind helps Business units to hire right talent at the right time and readily focussed towards offering the expected result. Manufacturing and Retail sectors. At Niche Consultancy ServicesTM. We are a recruitment and placement services provider based at Chennai. Manufacturing. Telecom. LOGON is a private limited company specializing in recruitment. BFSI. staffing.A Recruitment consultancy. L&T Venture specialise in catering to the Human Resources requirements of organisations in IT/ Non-IT We at Lilly Career Management. HR consulting. Singapore & Middle east NectarSource is quality driven one-stop solution for IT. ITES. Our clientele base in chennai is vast and now we are broadening our base to wider horizon. BFSI. Providing services in business consulting. specializing in IT & ITES. program management. We undertake search of professionals at all levels. strive not only to secure employment worthy of individual needs and requirements. We also have branches at Bangalore. We are one amoung leading consulting firms in chennai and we are retained by leading global software houses in India. We are from Live Hyderabad and Mumbai. MANUFACTURING. Healthcare. specializing in middle and senior management. Telecom. MbMS is a reputed HR Search & Recruitment firm in Chennai & Bangalore. USA. India. but also to create careers for each of our candidates and to provide them with a complete and successful life. contingent Staffing and Corporate Training Services. We are a Consulting firm with headquarters at Chennai. a 12 year old search agency based at Chennai. Banking & Financial Services. We are Management and Executive Search Consultants operating from Chennai in India from 1999. specializing in the field of organizational human resource development.our recruitment services cover all industry sectors & all elements of the workplace mix. ITES. Regards Vineela Business Development in recruitment and HR consulting A company specializing A Software Consultancy Firm MAVARA HR SOLUTIONS is one of the fastest growing HR Solutions Company based on Chennai. PRODUCTION and also into cross border recruitments. training and other HR services . from small business to large corporates. operating with young & talented team.

IT placement companies in Chennai. It offered clients a comprehensive Executive Search and Consulting service PSS has offices at 5 business centers � Mumbai. training and other HR services Panache has built a strong reputation for a systematic and hands-on approach to Human Resources Consulting. Qusol is a private limited company specializing in recruitment. organizational set-up consultancy as per the clients? interests. A company with a 9+ years of combined leagacy in App SW Development. Placements given to students in india and abroad . infr astructure. bangladesh.. UAE. we provide full time and contract placement services to companies in India and Abroad. Recruiting & Staffing. Singapore. Play Ideas. HR Outsourcing.IT Professionals to US. staffing. Consulting Services We also provide new age recruitment solutions to our clients in IT/ ITES/ Non-IT/ Manufacturing/ Pharmaceuticals industries. We are also placing It and Non. Japan. Banking. HR Consulting Services and contract staffing for leading Multinational Organizations in all sectors. started as a sourcing firm that deals with human resource for its clients in InfoTech and Telecom industries. uk. Retail. Malaysia and Newzealand A leading Management consultant in chennai providing the services like recruitment. Banking & Financial services. Insurance and Telecom Industries. A HR CONSULTANT COMPANY FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF SOFTWARE PROFESSIONALS IN INDIA Pavan Consultancy is marked by a strong preference for thorough understanding of the clients needs and its context. Delhi. Bangalore. telecom. Presently focussed in training and implementation of Information Security.Highly Experienced team of professionals in differnt functions serving a wide range of verticals for placements. career guidance. We are a search firm based out of Chennai with offices in Pune. Manufacturing. creating a shared commitment on the path forward H R AND RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS Personnel Search Services (PSS) has been a pioneer in Executive Search in India. security management and teaching students of MBAs Place First is a HR Services Organization focusing on' End-to-end HR functions like Placements. We predominately operate in IT. srilanka. malaysia and singapore. You may Mail Your resumes Involved in IT and HR Solutions to MNC and PCMM Level 5 clients. has expanded its operations into Marketing. training and development. Pharma industry. Auto. pakistan. usa. ITIL. HR consulting and business process outsourcing. Recruiting & Staffing. Leading Marketing facilitators focussed in Pharma operating on a global basis We offer consultancy services in Sales and Marketing. Finance and Operations for BPO. Offshore Development. catering to major IT majors in India and One of the Hyderabad and Chennai overseas. Kolkata and Madurai. Established in 2003. leading IT and Non. Education and placement public limited company Around 5000 students grduated from india.

We are delivering business values through the combination of process excellence. Insurance Cos.We are a recruitment consultants offering suitable placements as per the requirements of the organization. innovation to clients across different vertical industries. The company provides comprehensive services in the areas of IT Staff Recruiting. ITES/ Manufacturing/ Engineering/ Oil. Sri Soft Solution is into head hunting for IT solution Providing Company. Temporary Staffing. Consumer Durable. Taxation & Accounting Services It is a non IT Consultancy mailnly focuses on Banking and Financial Sectors. manpower firm with Offices in Bellque and Chennai. HR Consulting We are recruitment consultants to nearly seven firms based in Overseas and India. we do all kinds of professional sourcing. outsourcing. Spider Infotech provides a range of tailored solutions for customers. We hire out Semi skilled. A Private Ltd company engaged in providing Recruitment. NBFCs. Contracts are closed with selected companies and resources are made available as per terms and conditions of contract. Executive Staffing. FMCG. recruiting from middle management to executive level positions. Ours Is A Placement Consultancy Firm And We Cater To Placements In All Fields Company is specialised in recruitment solutions for Non-IT and IT (and ITES). We understand our clients need and culture and map it with the skills and aspirations of potential candidates. recruitment consulting firm focussing on middle management positions in Engineering/ Automotive/ We are a Construction/ Banking/ Financial Services/ Consumer Products industries across functions. IT and ITES. Our clients includes market leaders in their respective industries like Banks. in India. industry.Staffing and Training Services We are a placement consultants doing placements in top companies in India A Leading Auto OEM & Tier-1 specialized Search & Placement Consultant. Thats how we ourselves growing dramatically from a nucleus of talent to a centre of excellence working as an extended arm of your business to make the employee solution smooth and hassle-free IT Consulting Services . Manufacturing. We provide solution to the IT and ITES market with the right choice of manpower with the right attitude. We cater to the placement needs to many Auto OEM's & MNC Tier-1 Companies across India & are known for our dynamism & Quality of service. quality framework and service delivering. . and Job Placements for leading technology companies both in India and outside. placement consultants for the IT. supervisors & engineers. Gas &Petroleum Refineries/ Overseas Project Services Sectors.

Recruitment Leading Job consultancy in Chennai doing HR recruitment for IT/ Mechanical/ Banking/ BPO/ Electrical industries. Now In Chennai. we Valuewing Enormously providing HR recruiting and Staffing solutions With Delightful delivery capabilities through our Client group companies in India. We are one of the leading placement consultants for BPO in Chennai.. Hyderabad. exceptionalIs US our clients industry specific PSDI. assessments and learning solutions. it is big organisation Provide Recruitment Services since June 2002. Denmark. Radical Solutions to Demanding Changind software development environment. PR-Media. A Recruitment Consultancy offering suitable placements as per the requirement of an organization. Trojan provides the complete range of HR services and solutions to clients Ultimate Hr Management-with A Track Record In Placement In B'Lore. AMS. Our aim is to remain committed to deliver quality services to our clients by adequately understanding their needs and sourcing the right candidate. placement. Reliance etc Provides search. Education. We are manpower consultants. The7Pro Management is a wing of VETRI MANAGEMENT in chennai.. Texas. Vijayawada. Construction & Interior Contracting Trojan is one of the fastest growing recruitment firms in India.internatiaonal educational consultancy We are a chennai based recruitment consultant. results through are AT&T. and the undisputed market leader in IT. We are a professionally managed HR consultancy and we work with several blue cip companies like Robert bosch. SurgeForth�s predictive analysis engine delivers CBSI. ensuring that suitability and eligibility analytics are leveraged and harnessed by all stakeholders.. etc. Singapore and Dubai. China. HCL. We specialise in Outsourcing also. makes the job seekers to get it done We are third Binary a next generation human resources solutions provider. for IT. TCS. This consultany has several clients all over India. IT Enabled Services and Financial Services sectors. staffing and resume services in the HR domain. Placement consultancy. CTS. Globe Inc. South Africa & Malaysia. consultants with focus on IT specialists. competency models. NBFC. Our partial client list included leading IT companies like. Systole promised to set the objective to derive the Solution in the area of Management. HR Consulting Company . we are doing consultancy for US and UK. Systole is one of the best founded Consulting Group by Acumen Professionals to Share a vision and common experts value system. Pharma. Offices in Chennai. We address these questions in everyone's life when we come across them.

We have started April 2006 and we have a very good client list. energetic innovation organization committed to create a revolution in staffing and recruitment solutions in human resource services. xSquare works with hiring organizations providing placement services on an interim. Calcutta and across India. We hire for IT. We are providing resources to IT. Telecom.Since Aug 2007 X LOG provides IT services and solutions to clients globally leveraging its technology and business expertise acquired and shared over the years. Delhi. Vesta Management Services is a young. Non-IT We are a highly acclaimed recruitment and executive search firm providing discerning talent recruitment services to a strong and large list of clientele in Chennai. Coimbatore. Hyderabad. and enhance net worth of the human capital of the organizations. We proved ourself as the Best with our clients. Bangalore. . XOVER Technologies is a blend of enterprising engineers mentored by seasoned professionals with an objective to provide Simple solutions for complex industrial challenges. Placement Consultancy . project and permanent basis in the information technology fields. Non IT and ITES industries. Mumbai. Vetri is into recruitment for the past 8 years.HR Consulting Company The hub of BPO jobs We at VCONNECKT undertake overseas and domestic placement for Information Technology and Nont IT professionals at various levels and fields. ITES. VT Manpower is one of India's fastest growing 'HR Solutions' Companies in India. WCS has evolved into an integrated human resources services company with a commitment to provide people and people-related services.

Most IT Skills Accounts.Skills /Resumes of interest Most IT Skills. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills. Administration. HRD. Most non-IT Skills. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills .

Banking, Finance, Front Office / Receptionist,

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

ERP, Oracle Financials, SAP, Sebel

Call centre

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills


Civil Engg,


ASP, Dot net, Java/J2EE, Marketing/Sales, Teaching,


Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills,

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

PHP / Mysql, Web / Graphic Design, Web Administration, Front Office / Receptionist,

Most non-IT Skills

ASP, Dot net, Networking, Oracle, Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Call centre, Networking Accounts, Banking

Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills, Most IT Skills HRD, Manufacturing

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills,

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills,

AS 400, Mainframe, C, C++, DBA, PHP / Mysql, VC++ / MFC /


Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Marketing/Sales,

Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills,

CAD / CAM / GIS, Call centre, Computer Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Networking, VC++, Visual Basic,

Software testing

Most non-IT Skills,

Most non-IT Skills

Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills, Most non-IT Skills, Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills

Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills


Accounts Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Web Developer. Banking. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Manufacturing. Marketing/Sales .

HRD.Manufacturing. System adminElectrical. Marketing/Sales CAD / CAM / GIS. Marketing / Sales Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . Linux.

2nd Floor. HSR Layout Bangalore 560034 #139. Brigade MM Industrial Enclave. Garden. K. K.R.co. 5th main. Jayanagar Bangalore 560 082 Electronic City Bangalore 5600100 99. Nandi House Bowring Hospital Road. 19th Main HSR Layout Bangalore 560102 #4. 10th main HAL 3rd stage Bangalore 560008 # 101. 56. Annexe Block. 6th Sector. Company 1 Absolute Infotech Pvt Ltd 2 Access Automation Pvt Ltd 3 4 Acclaim Software Adept Solutions Address 1545. Banashankari. Koramangala Bangalore 560095 1st A Main Road. 12th Cross.S. Shivajinagar Bangalore 560001 B 13 Rema Sky View KR Gardens Bangalore 560017 289/A. 4th floor. 22nd Cross.adeptsolutions. 21st main .Oxford towers.Road. 1st cross. Richmond Road Bangalore 560025 # 23 3 A cross 18th Main 6th Block Koromangala Bangalore 560095 No. Ideal homes township. near BDA Complex www. R.7th floor. Rajarajeshwarinagar Bangalore 560098 S-520.Kodi Halli. 2nd stage. 8th block. eshwar towers. 7th Block. Dickenson Road Bangalore 560001 Pers.No. 1st Floor.in Bangalore 560070 #776. Disha. Airport Road Bangalore 560008 80. 10 40 70 37 5 ADPS CONSULTING 20 6 Agiline India 50 7 Ambujex Technologies (P) Ltd 40 8 Apara Enterprise Solutions pvt Ltd 225 9 10 ASM Tech Ltd AZTECSOFT 500 3500 11 Baba9 Web Software Private Limited 12 13 bfsi software consulting pvt ltd Big Ben Solutions 5 20 14 BLIS 100 . Manipal Center.

peddanna layout.ltd 22 Clockwork Business Solutions (P) Ltd.15 BLOOM Software Solutions 16 Briskon Software Consulting Private Limited 17 18 19 20 Caddons computer services pvt ltd Callides Technologies Cctpl Cerulean Information technology pvt ltd #91.. srilakshmi complex st'marks road bangalore 560001 #1. R. Bangalore 560070 BTM Bangalore 560078 btm layout BANGALORE 560029 45. Bangalore 560025 #156.Ramaiah Hospital. Rhenius Street. Off New BEL Road. Vasanthnagar Bangalore 560052 2 floor. 6th Block Koromangala Bangalore 560095 Sri Kanva Pride. Bangalore 560043 #154. outer ring road of banaswadi. BSK II Stage. 2nd stage. No. Bangalore 560 054 #513. 4th B Cross. 6th Cross. 115/ 48. 40 23 CMC Limited 300 24 CMS Computers Institute 50 25 26 comat technologies Compu Systems Inc Tel: +91 80 25452545. East End C Main Road. 25450700. behind East 75 of NGEF. Ltd 300 500 27 150 28 Cross-Tab 29 Cueflux Technologies Pvt Ltd 445. B Wing. K. Koramangala Bangalore 560095 #504. 2nd Floor. horamavu. 2nd phase Mahalaxmipuram Bangalore 560086 Bangalore 18 07 50 10 60 21 Chimera Technologies pvt. IInd Floor. Road. Kasturi nagar. 25450600 Cosmic IT solutions Pvt. 6th Main. 2nd main. Near M. 3550. 5th Block. AG's Layout. Bangalore 560043 .S. Jayanagar 9th Block Bangalore 560069 11/ 2 Palace Road. Mittal Tower M G Road Bangalore 560001 No.

3rd stage.T.7th Main. 3rd cross.. ltd.1st Floor. J.Channasandra. Bangalore 560082 34/4. 2nd Floor. Bangalore 560047 843. 203 #76. HSR Layout. Ltd. 3rd main. HIG . 38 Enterprise Patterns 39 ERM Infotech 5 40 Esika Infotech Private Limited 75 41 eSpark Infotech Pvt. 1st Floor. BEML Layout RR Nagar Bangalore 560098 # 94. Frazer Town Bangalore 5600 05 # 102 A. Jayanagar 25 300 50 34 35 e-3dimesions EAFT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Stage Bangalore 560 094 #135. 15 36 EDRC Technologies Pvt Ltd 58 37 EDS Technologies Pvt. Second Cross. 5th Block. Mahalaxmilayout bangalore 566086 54. Koramangala Bangalore 560095 # 305/ 66. 8th Block. BSK Ist Stage. 4th B Cross. III Phase. Santa Clara. 20 Kengeri-Uttarahalli Main Road. Ltd. 75 42 Evangelsoft Private Limited 43 Excella Software Technologies 44 Fomax Information Technologies Pvt.. 2nd Main. 30TH CROSS. Bangalore 560050 #318. Jayanagr 4th T Block Bangalore 560041 5 45 Fouress Software Pvt Ltd . Promenade road. 40th Cross. Bangalore 560034 APT NO. 9th Main Road. 1st Cross.30 DECO Infotech 31 32 33 Delonti IT Services P Ltd Dhanush Infosol Pvt Ltd Digicom Systems (blr) Pvt Ltd 26. B. 1st Main.M 2nd Stage. 6th mian. Bangalore 560076 1552/ 66. 20 7th Sector. 2nd Stage. P.. Nagar bangalore 560078 Bangalore # 562. Infantry Road Opposite " THE HINDU" Bangalore 560061 No 143. 22nd Main. RMV. Intermediate Ring Road. 2nd phase . D block Rajajinagar Bangalore 560010 #172.Near RNSIT college Bangalore 560061 #2910.

2nd Floor. Above Canara Bank. 1st Cross 2nd Main. Ltd. Old Madras road. Bangalore 560078 #154.P. 21st main Road 24th Cross. 1st Floor. 'Saptagiri'. Jayanagar. Adams Corner. koramangala inner ring road. Gokul 1st Stage 1st Phase Bangalore 560054 No. 1st floor.46 Friendly Advanced Software Technologies 47 Frontier HR & Payroll Pvt Ltd 48 Galaxy KM Solutions Pvt. Bangalore 560011 # 37. 2nd Stage. Near Trinity Cicle. Infantry Road 70 15 50 50 35 5 10 30 50 6 25 Bangalore 560001 60 ICGC Software Technologies Pvt. 2nd Phase. #27. 60 Feet Road Shivanagar Bangalore 560044 Bangalore Indranagar Bangalore 560038 438. 30 61 Impulse Technologies 5 . 1st Floor. Ltd. Bangalore 560008 #21/4. J. Dollars Layout. gundalapa garden. Bangalore 560086 E203 BRIGADE MILLENNIUM. Off MG Road. viveknagar post. 31. Nagar 4th Phase. 2nd Floor. JP NAGAR 7TH PHASE Bangalore 560078 #51. 6th Main. 6th Cross BSK 2nd Stage Bangalore 560070 #2469. 14th Main Road. 1st Floor. 4th cross. 52 GoldScape Solutions Tel: 41575733 Gosys Infotech 53 54 55 56 GRAFIXION Greypath Solutions Growthbox Consulting 57 Hasten Technologies Pvt ltd 58 HIBISCUS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Hunolabs Communications Pvt Ltd 59 169/ 53. BSK 2nd stage Bangalore 560 070 Indiranagar Bangalore 560008 114 Ulsoor Road Bangalore 560008 # 53/B. Ltd 49 50 51 Gaze IT Solutions Geo Info Solutions Globals ITeS Pvt. 1st Block East. Coles Road Frazer Town Bangalore 560 005 #77/ 1.

40th CrossJayanagr 8th Block. (above food World) Rajajinagar. 200 near BDA Complex. 8th cross. 6 M. Mittal Tower. GVS complex. No. 24th Main 2nd Phase JP Nagar Bangalore 560078 55/ c-42/ 1. industrial town bangalore 560044 # 732. 75 Mindlogicx Infotech Ltd 100 76 neologik india . Banashankari 2nd Stage. Bangalore 560082 Banaswadi Main Road. Nandi Mansion. basaveshwarnagar main rd. MANIPAL CENTER. 'B' Wing. 66 ixploresolutions 67 68 JMJ Technologies Jobsolutions4all Bangalore 560047 S-310. Jayanagar. bangalore-86 952. bangalore 560078 # 177. Bangalore 560082 10/ 1B graphite India Road Hoodi Village bangalore 560 048 #329. 1st Floor. Ltd.. 8th Floor. Banswadi Bangalore 560043 Sri Krishna Arcade. 70 Knowx Innovations Pvt Ltd #628/ 1 1st floor above canara bank. New BEL Road Bangalore 560054 Bangalore 10 10 30 4 5 60 69 Kals Information Systems P. 44th cross. DICKENSON ROAD. 1st Stage Bangalore 560038 #723. 12th Main. 2nd Floor. 819. No 18. 2nd floor.Road Bangalore 560001 #378. Near Sangam Circle. 8th Block. K R Road.61 5 62 Tel: 08040920193 infosat datalink services pvt ltd 63 Innosoft Datalinks Private Limited 64 Invictus Technologies 65 ISQT Process & Consulting Services Pvt. Indiranagar. Ltd. Ltd. Bangalore No.G. opp to cosmo clum jayanagar 3rd block bangalore 560011 71 72 mentor labs Mentorware India Pvt Ltd 12 20 73 Merit systems private limited 60 74 Microsys Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Rajajinagar 3rd Block Bangalore 560 010 #`4013.

Main Road. 1st Floor.S. 143.77 78 Nichi-In Niovo It Consultants & Solutions 79 NIVANSYS Technologies Private Limited 80 81 82 83 84 NLP Labs Pvt Ltd omkarsoft opensols infotech Tel: 9972318180 Optotech Systems Osprosys Software (P) Ltd 85 Peertone Technologies 86 87 Peopleplus Professional Services Precies Software 88 Priority Software Solutions 23 Muni Bangalore 560070 No. Near Indiranagar Bangalore 560008 #33. 10th 'A' Main. Bangalore-10 50 10 5 20 100 89 90 Qaguild QCON 25 35 91 Quest Informatics Pvt Ltd 120 92 Tel: 080-23206670 Radius Infosystems Private Limited No. bangalore 560042 11 A MALASADAN 1ST FLOOR 100FT ROAD. 480/17. Ist Floor. indiranagar 2nd stage Bangalore 560038 No.M. Vidyaranya pura . 943. 1st Floor.Jayanagar 8th Block. HSR Layout Onkar Plaza Bangalore 560104 #960. 11th Main. Bhansankari bangalore 560070 328. IV th Block. A. II Stage. H. Jayanagar. Bangalore 560082 20 . 3rd block . 8th Main. 4th Block. Indiranagar Bangalore 560038 6/ 1. 1st cross. Aga Abbas Ali Road. 2nd Main. Koramangala Bangalore 560034 koramangala 8th block Bangalore 560095 BSK Second Stage. Rajajinagar. Ulsoor. 2nd Floor . Bangalore 560097 #5. BTM LAYOUT. 1st Block. L. 45th cross. BEL Layout .S Towers. Bangalore 560011 #720 . 10th main. 5th Cross. 1ST STAGE BANGALORE 560068 Krpuram Bangalore 560016 #177. BTM Layout Bangalore karnataka #46.

Opp Airtel Office Bangalore 560038 B 3. 99 100 shakthi resource Shresta eTechnologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore 560040 #A2. Ltd. Tata Sherwood. new BEL road.93 RMB EWS-66. ELM Tree. S.560 037 #78/1. Koramangala 5th Block. Basavanagar. Bangalore 560079 #02&03. 1st CROSS. Austin Town. 2nd Block.MIG.Nandan Grounds. jeevan bhima nagar main road. Rajajinaga bangalore 560010 #4. 3 A ROAD. SISOL India Cunningham Road Bangalore 5600051 80 ft rd. HEBBAL BANGALORE 560032 2nd Floor. SNS Arcade. KHB Colony. HAL 2nd Stage. Basaveshwara Girls High School. Chamundi Arcade. 29th Cross. Gavipuram Extension. Leela Mansion 90 Mathikere Bangalore 560 054 A13. Airport Road 101 siliconedge technologies 150 102 Sinertel Solutions Pvt Ltd 250 103 SISOLIndia 1500 104 105 Skelta Software SLK Software 100 106 107 SLN Technologies SM Netserv Technologies P Ltd 50 100 108 Snyxius Technologies 15 . Sanjaynagar Bangalore 560094 No:887 100ft road Indiranagar Bangalore 560008 1200. hal 3rd stage bangalore 560075 # 71. S. 2nd stage. Bangalore . 100ft Road. 3rd cross. koramangala. bangalore 560034 niran arcade # 563 564. Bangalore 560047. RPC Layout. Bangalore 560095 #3420. Service Road. Palm Groove Road. Chetan. 3rd Cross. Opp. 1st floor. 3rd Floor.D&F Block. APURVA EXQUISITE. CHOLANAGAR. 20 Bangalore 560019 #72/ A. Opp. Vijayanagar 94 Ronanki infotech Pvt Ltd 25 95 Sagacious Software 22 96 Sakhatech Information Technologies 97 Satya Technological Solutions 98 SDSOFT Solutions (India) Pvt.

BTM Layout 1st stage. Ltd. Jayanagar 4 Block Bangalore 560041 23. Bangalore 560094 Spherehead Communications (P) Ltd. 112 113 114 115 116 #175. 39 A Cross. 4th Block Koramangala Bangalore 560034 6011 West CourtyardDrive Suite 300 40 15 5 100 117 Systems 118 TechJini Solutions Pvt.Bangalore 15 110 SoftwaresHouse 500 111 Source(N) India Pvt Ltd. 4th T block Bangalore 560041 Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd # 20. Rustam bagh 6th layout Bangalore 560017 26. 6th Main BTM Layout 2nd Stage Bangalore 560076 BTM 1st Stage Bangalore 560068 R.108 109 Snyxius Technologies Software Pundits India Pvt Ltd Bangalore 560008 Prestige Meridian M G Road Bangalore 560001 #4. 1st floor. 6 Main Road RMV 2nd Stage. Ltd. T Nagar. Ganganagar Bangalore 560032 #25. Sangeetha Towers. 35th cross. Indiranagar Bangalore 560 038 Stragure Software Technologies Private Limited 11. #8/ 9 II Main 5th Block Rajajinagar Bangalore 560010 Starmark Services 3. bangalore-68 No 5. jayanagar. 13 119 120 121 122 123 Techno Heitz Thinkways Software Technologies Pvt.12th A main. 2nd Main. 15th main. 1Flr. Bangalore 83 bomnahalli. 7 Hills Garden. Horamavu. Basavanagar. Marathahalli Post Bangalore 560037 Studio greenand software design pvt ltd 130. Transworks Tricon Infotech 10 55 10 70 124 Trilogy Software . KEB Layout. Ramaswamypalya Main Road. AVS compound. 18th Cross. viratnagar. ltd TouchWeb (India) Pvt. 80ft Road.

East Wing. Near Reliance Mart.GR Queen�s Amber. Bangalore 5600061 No 6/ 81. Uttarahalli. 60 133 VIT InfoTech 150 134 Volen Software Services Pvt Ltd 135 VTECH INFORMATIC PVT LTD 10 136 VTSK Solutions 14 137 YUKTHI DATASOFT PVT. Krishna Kamala Enclave. Arakere MICO layout Main Road.124 Trilogy Software Bangalore 011 33. Jayanagar. MIG Ist Stage. 13th Cross Vasanth Nagar Bangalore 560052 # 571/ 1. Indira Arcade. KHB Colony. Byatarayanapura New Extn.. 3.tasker town Bangalore 560051 #72. Janardhan Towers Residency Road.curve road . 6th Cross. Ltd.1st & 2nd cross. Mysore Road Bangalore 560026 #2006/ A.Omkar Nagar. opposite to Bishop Cotton Boys School Bangalore 560025 Cunnigham Road NearChandrika Hotel Bangalore 560079 suite 321 binndu anmol apartment nagarbhavi main road Bangalore 560040 11. New No. 705. Rajkumar Road Rajajinagar Bangalore 560023 133-1. LTD. 4 th main. 3rd Main Road. 120 . Basaveshwarangar Bangalore 560 079 #301. V4 Complex. 3rd Floor. 2. Bangalore 560076 #16. 2nd Main Xavier Layout Bangalore 560047 Whitefield Bangalore 560001 16 . 2nd Floor. Dr. Bannerghatta Road. 3rd Floor. 5th Floor. Bangalore 560069 125 Ubiqtech Software Pvt Ltd 20 126 127 128 unigain Software (P) Limited V I Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd VapsTechnosft Pvt Ltd Tel: 080-23484344 9 20 60 129 Varista Software Pvt Ltd 18 130 Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd 15 131 Virtual Logic Systems Private Limited 35 132 Vision Catalyst Software Services (I) Pvt.

11th cross malleswaram. 3rd Main.138 139 Yukti Infotech Zframez Technologies 140 Zues Software Technologies Pvt Ltd 2/ 5.3rd Main. 10 Cross. CBI Road Ganganagar Bangalore 560032 35 75 . bangalore #11.Indiranagar 1st Stage Bangalore 560038 133/ B. 8th main.8th Cross.

java. . Acclaim Software and MNC in Bangalore is subsidiary of Acclaim Games Inc USA product development in web technologies. Ltd. apache and mysql. Web Developer We are one of the leading IT company. testing and training services An information technology company that has domain expertise across a wide variety of fashion industries � Apparel. Our software enables Banking systems implementation. Leather and more.Profile Our primary business strategy is to provide tailor made services to our customers. It was started in 2004 by a professional team with over 25 It is an IT based Organization Skills /Resumes of interest Java / J2EE Dot net. the industrys leadingspecialist in Outsourced Product Development (OPD) and Quality Engineering. IT Service and Solution provider Networking. Telecom-Switching ASM is a pioneer in providing world Class Enterprise Solutions for the Packaged ERP Aztecsoft Limited (Aztecsoft). An end-to-end business strategy consulting and information technology solutions company. Administration. Web Developer. we are into staffing solutions for IT companies adn about 25+ people are being outsourcing by us for differnt technologies. We are software development company providing best solution to our clients in the field of e-commerce. php and Linux. Java / J2EE. Web Developer Web Design. ADPS Technology Consulting is part of ADPS Software Solutions Pvt. Networking. Corporate Training and Software Development company. Web / Graphic Design. Footwear. We have developed expertise in System We are a ISO certified IT Consulting. We have four offices in India and one Marketing office in USA. j2ee. Java / J2EE.

C. a SAP business partner and EAI (Enterprise Application Integrator) Gold Partner/ Distributor for iBOLT from Magic Software.A.Bloom Software Solutions is a development partner for multiple business units. Comat is a social enterprise committed to providing citizen centric services for rural CompuSystems is a business and technology solutions company excelling in providing Information Technology. Web Developer. A 30 years old IT training company. Soft Skills Training. Dot net. Engineering. Established in mid 2005. our domain is Embedded solutions. helping develop new products and technologies. Visual Basic Accounts. ceruleaninfotech. We mainly work on microsoft technologies and cater to a vast Clockwork. Briskon is a Bangalore based one source of Web based IT Application development and complete web The company was established with an ambition of providing one stop connectivity. Front Office / Receptionist Marketing/Sales . Dot net. We are software developers. More information pls log on http:// www. Non.. is an integrated business CMC Limited [ A TATA ENTERPRISE] Networking Marketing / Sales Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills DBA. Callides Technologies specialize in IT. and Risk Cosmic IT services(P) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and also proud members of CSEZ (Special economic Zone by Government of India) where in our company is treated an Cross-Tab is an ICICI Venture backed start-up providing specialized marketing services to dotcom and brick & mortar clients. We will utilize the speed & cost-effectiveness of the web to provide services that enable clients take better decisio ns. Testing Dallas Based It Company an ISO 9001-2000 Company. com We are a software development company based in Bangalore.IT recruitment.

DECO Infotech is a leading Company specializing in ecommerce Web Application Development. Oracle. System admin-Linux. Software. Telecom-Switching. E-Commerce and EProviding Software support services for Banking Industry Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Content / Copy Writers. Webdevelopment & Other IT Services DBA. Java/J2EE. Front Office / Receptionist . Software Solutions for Healthcare. eSpark is Software development and consulting company. Device drivers. custom web application IT Services and Laptop Manufacturing Company Dhanush provides full fledged convergent company providing IT infrastructure and specialised solutions over all the IT IT infrastructure provider Most IT Skills Networking. Excella Software Technologies is a 6 year old IT firm in Bangalore A Global Software Application Development & IT Services Company Providing Software Application Development & IT Service Delivery. an engineering services and consultancy company head quartered in Bangalore. System admin-Linux Most non-IT Skills EAFT Technologies is a start-up based in Bangalore working on exciting products for home networking and converging digital EDRC. Software Development Company Dot net Call centre Most non-IT Skills Esika is a provider of top-of-the-line solutions in the areas of Talent Acquisition and Staff Augmentation Our objective is to understand eSpark is fast growing embedded systems company established in year 2000. Enterprise Patterns is one of the fast growing Organizations in the market with Offshore Software Development. INDIA and. Consultancy. has established as a EDS Technologies is primarily a CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ PDM solution and service provider. Oracle Financials. HRD.

Combining proven Grafixion is a 6 year old company. SQL server. IT Resourcing & Soft Skills Training ERP. is a IT Multinational Company headquartered at Mountain View. Dot net. Software testing. Administration. Front Office / Receptionist ASP. IT Consulting. SAP.Software Development. Dot net. Web Developer Administration. high quality Software Development.we are into erp solution and sap b1 implementation with different partners. Our strengths We are a growing firm offering its services in the areas of offshore application We provide solutions on Microsoft Sharepoint Solutions. Most IT Skills HRD. Hotel software etc. CA.. Impulse Technologies as an IT pioneer has built innovative solutions on a framework of cutting-edge R&D. Web / Graphic Design. OpenSocial. Technology Research Teams for We started operations in Jun 2008. Web / Graphic Design Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills ASP. MS SQL Reporting. We are have clients all over the world. customized application Gosys Infotech Pvt Ltd is a global software developing company providing IT solutions to enterprises worldwide. PHP / Mysql. Web / Graphic Design. PHP / Mysql. We are currently working with customers in the US and India in areas like mobile application 8 year old company located in bangalore dealing with Enterprise level solutions for African and European clients ERP Software and Website designing and development and other software solutions like SMS software. ERP. robust methodology. SQL server. Networking. Visual Basic. SQL server Marketing / Sales ASP. Teaching ASP. Marketing/Sales Geo Info Solutions a Bangalore based company which is into the field of ERP & IT Globals Inc. Custom. Microsoft Infopath Services. Custom Community Hasten Offshore Outsourcing Services provides profiled Offshore Programming. Web Developer . Frontier Software is one of the world?s leading payroll and human resource management software providers with a user IT Solutions . Dot net. USA with offices in more than 11 countries IT solution provider having its knowledge spectrum spanning across product development. NET/ AJAX development. Most IT Skills HRD.

Telecom-Switching mentor labs are serviceing more than 65 clients from past 6 years.Impulse Technologies as an IT pioneer has built innovative solutions on a framework of cutting-edge R&D. Export office in the far east. Representing a US based Multinational(Standard & Poors Comstock ) and selling real time market information IT Solution providers for the Hospitality Industry in general and the Hotel Industry in particular. embedded product We are into very high Training and Process Consulting services Building Software tools & applications C. Device drivers. Web / Graphic Design. a Middle East based New Media Agency. integration. Embedded / VLSI. and Leading E-Commerce developer. C++. S. Planning expansion in U. and India. C++. robust methodology. PHP / Mysql. Software testing JMJ Technologies is the business partner in India for Commuweb Interactive. Linux. India. C. in 1995. Java / J2EE. Web Developer Marketing / Sales Most IT Skills AS 400. Estuate is a global technology services company with proven Enterprise in product development. Telecom-Radio. Knowx is a embedded software development company. high quality Software Development. Java / J2EE. Software company Software testing Marketing/Sales leading training institute in bangalore from past 10 years with excellent lab facility and etc. . our services are website development. Invictus is an young & dynamic Software development company. Mentorware specializes in Web-based rich media communication solutions that enable customers to seamlessly connect and Merit Systems was established in Bangalore. Our vision is to develop software products that would enhance We are a training organisation and we do training for IT corporates and corporate induction batch. Mainframe.

training Content / Copy Writers Web Design. software development and outsourcing company Opensols Media helps advertisers reach out to their target audiences on the web. Web Developer. Net application development. We are an integrated business ASP. In Professional Placement Services(PPS). Implementation and Training etc. serving global clients RADIUS INFOSYSTEMS is a global software solutions and SAP services provider based in Bangalore. Osprosys has over 7 years vast experience in developing applications in the areas of knowledge based customer support systems. SQL server. Software testing. Electronics . we provide Man Power to clients that arise in the form of Nivansys is a leading offshore software development company with specialization in the areas of offshore software development. The agency specializes in the search. Osprosys is a global management consulting. We software development. selection and placement of IT professionals. Administration Quest Informatics is a fast growing ISO 90012000 certified company engaged in IT Solutions . Outsourcing. PHP R&D software product startup based in Bangalore. on the software tools. technology services and outsourcing company based in US. network management We have the privilege of being Resourcing Partner to a number of the top-tier high 4years heritage in providing domain-intensive technology solutions and a solid delivery backbone with industry leading credentials An innovative global recruitment agency. Web / Graphic Design Accounts. Visual Basic. which helps corporates find the right people. VC++ / MFC / COM. Microsoft. Dot net. Most IT Skills Accounts. and works Our core competence lies in the areas of Information (Signal/ Image/ Data) Processing.Software development & BPO activities since 1992. Most non-IT Skills. Call centre. Qaguild is into Consulting.Japanese Company NOVO is a IT Consulting House with its corporate office in Bangalore.

Web Design. Administration. ERP. Nursing. Oracle Financials. technology consulting. Dot net. Web Developer . HRD. is a Bangalore based software solutions provider established in Jul 2000. VC++. Sagacious Software is premier provider of Human Resources to augment and assist new age companies. It has been deploying human Sakhatech is a software services company specializing in IT solutions and consulting committed to helping clients across diverse industries improve their speed to market. Web Developer. DBA. VC++ Dot net. development and manufacture of SM Netserv is a global software solutions provider with the goal of delivering technology solutions. Call centre.Located in Koramangala. Java/J2EE. TelecomRadio. Corporate Trainings and Placement services in various technologies SDSOFT Solutions sole focus is on software development. SEI CMM L4 Company. PHP/Mysql. sTs is an IT services firm. open source technology expertise and outsourcing IT consultancy Shresta eTechnologies strategic direction is to define and penetrate new and emerging markets through innovation and cutting edge SiliconEdge Technologies is a software development and outsourcing firm based in Bangalore-India in all domains Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills ASP. SLK SLN Technologies specializes in the area of design. HRD. Accounts. ERP. which provides unparalleled consulting services like end-toend IT Solutions. Dot net. Linux. PHP/Mysql. Marketing/Sales. Visual Basic. Java/J2EE. doing this from 5 and half years We are basically into a telecom s/ w. Java/J2EE. Ltd. System adminWindows. Java / J2EE an enterprise Software Development Company in India promoted with a vision to provide integrated software solutions and SAP Technical Consultant Java / J2EE It specializes in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) workflow SLK Software Services Pvt. SQL server. offerings lasting Snyxius Technologies is an IT services provider focussed on providing strategic business DBA.

PHP / Mysql. Be it the web. Nissan. Softwares House is a Master and a thought leader in the field of software development. Web / Graphic Design ASP. We deliver industry expertise. flash Sumeru provides worldwide IT solutions for Global 1000 corporations to stay abreast of the changes in todays environment. one of the most trusted names in Offshore Software Development. TouchWeb is a fast Troubleshooting and supporting Apple computers. Tricon Infotech. TechJini Solutions provides software product engineering services and builds bespoke software for its customers. Ltd.Snyxius Technologies is an IT services provider focussed on providing strategic business Software Pundits helps growing companies leverage technology to be more competitive. British Airways. etc) Web Design. We (SourceNIndia Pvt. 0 Company Thinkways is a leading provider of E-Business and Wireless solutions and services. a Software company) are jointly developing the product with RainingData Corporation. A Web 2. technical "knowSoftwares House is one of the leading global providers of Information Technology services and business solutions. PHP / Mysql Most IT Skills . Spherehead Communications is a professional recruitment firm specializing in permanent Cmm Level 3 Co Located In Bangalore Administration Enterprise Scale Open Source Web Application Development company website design. Web Developer. provides software development & support Enterprise Software development for the Global 2000 (Ford. Our areas We are a software development centre focussing on project delivery. Dedicated to develop break-through solutions in e-paper commerce. Linux. USA. joomla.

We are a company specializing in providing quality data services. Development and Testing it is an consultant firm Most IT Skills. We are a dedicated Team of qualified professionals who believes that Innovation is the essence of our business.Enterprise Software development for the Global 2000 (Ford. etc) UbiQTech builds info security products and has been listed 100 IT Innovators by Nasscom. Visual Basic Web / Graphic Design VLS provides Virtual Reality technology solutions and product engineering (Mechatronics) services to clients as partners in progress to conceptualize and implement technology driven initiatives. Products are Unified Threat Management unigain Software (P) Limited is a Technology & Manpower solutions group headquartered at From complete virtual instrumentations systems that deliver precise and dependable We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the fewest companies involved in development of high-end technology solutions. our business is one of building software. We are into software services with a huge differentiator!! We also provide staffing to our clients. Most non-IT Skills. Nissan. Ltd. Primarily. Based in Bangalore. with expertise in the . British Airways. + Software Development and Services Embedded / VLSI We are in to BPO Consulting. our strength Varista Software Pvt. We are an innovative company providing endto-end Business Solutions. SQL server. DBA. Our platform is the internet. is a young and energetic company in the business of providing web technology solutions. IT bespoke solutions ASP. Dot net.

Oracle. Web Design Marketing/Sales . Ltd is a technology company offering cutting edge solutions and services to our clients worldwide. specializing in Web Technologies. has its prime interests vested in Network tools Zues Software Technologies Pvt. ASP.Yukti Infotech is a recruiting firm based in Bangalore Zframez Technologies is an software products and services firm based in Bangalore. Java/J2EE.

3rd Stage. R T Nagar Main Road. Creator Block International Tech Park #1. Jyothi Nivas College Road Koramangala Industrial Layout Koramangala. ˜Surya Prabha ™ 80 Feet Main Road SBM Colony BSK I Stage. Sarjapur Marathhalli Outer Ring Road.R.560029 Karnataka No.560 068 224/16 Ramana Maharishi Rd Bangalore 560 080 Level 2. 2/2. Bangalore 560032 Salarpuria Ascent #77.560 079 Cherry Hills Embassy Golf Links Business Park. 4th Block. & 5/1.560 071 3rd Floor.No. 15 ANZ Information Technology Pvt. Bangalore 560 078 #37.560 052 # 37. First Floor. Bangalore . Infantry Road. 3rd Floor Maruthi Complex. Ulsoor Lake. Bommanahalli Hosur Main Road Begur Hobli Bangalore . Banneraghatta Road Bangalore .com Pvt Ltd 11 Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd 12 Altair Engineering India Pvt Ltd 13 Altosys Software Technologies Ltd 14 Antares Systems Ltd Address Survey No 2/1. Above Food World. Monarch Chambers. Colony. Challaghatta south Bangalore. 5th Floor. Domlur. . K. Off Intermediate Ring road.S. Bangalore 560 095 Mercury 2B Block.560 001 No:5 . Bangalore 560 050 #24. Prestige Tech Park. Bangalore 560 042 71 Cunningham Road Bangalore . Sudha Complex. 122. Basaveshwara Nagar Bangalore . Salarpuria Infinity Ward No: 63. Bangalore district No 20.319/1. Annaswamy Mudaliar Road. Ltd. Name 1 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd 2 247 Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd 3 Accenture Services Pvt Ltd 4 Accord Software & Systems Pvt Ltd 5 Acme Insurance Services Pvt Ltd 6 Adaptec (India) Pvt Ltd 7 Adea International Pvt Ltd 8 Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd 9 Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd 10 Ajax. 2/3. Domlur Layout. 1st Floor. Bangalore .

Bangalore . 16 Arowana Consulting Ltd 17 Artech Infosystems Pvt Ltd Ascendas Property Management Services 18 (India) Pvt Ltd 19 ASM Technologies Ltd 20 Aspect Technology Center (India) Pvt Ltd 21 Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd 22 Axes Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd 23 Aztecsoft Ltd 24 BAeHAL Software Limited 25 Bahwan CyberTek Pvt Ltd 26 Bangalore Softsell Ltd 27 Bells Softech Limited BEML Technology Division (A div of Bharat 28 Earth Movers Ltd) Bangalore. Richmond Road. Prestige Meridian II. III A Cross 18th Main. . R. 100 ft.560071 887.15 ANZ Information Technology Pvt. No 8 Palace Road. Ring Road. 6th Block Koramangala Bangalore . M. India. Bangalore (ITPB) Whitefield Road Bangalore 560 066 Karnataka 80/2 Lusanne Court. Murgeshpalaya Bangalore 560 017 9/7 Hosur Road Bangalore. 2nd Floor. HRS Chambers Level . Road. 2nd Floor.560 095 "HAL Estate" Airport Lane. Ltd.17. NAGAR. India PIN Code . Koramangala.560017 #30. 80 Feet Road. 4TH MAIN S.1. Airport Road. Bangalore 560095 3rd Floor.560 001 No. Bangalore. Unit 701 & 702. 3rd Floor 124. HIG. 3rd Phase. 560085 # 91. Bangalore . BANGALORE 560027. Airport Road. 14 A Cross Indira Nagar 2nd Stage Bangalore 5600 38 #50. Bangalore 560-052 Surya Chambers. BSK III Stage. KHB Colony. BANGALORE .560 0025 Embassy Star. G. Richmond Road Bangalore-560 025 BEML Technology Division BEML SOUDHA 23/1. Second Floor. Discoverer Building International Tech Park. Karnataka 560 029 # 23. 6th Block. Kathriguppe.

560 034 40 Canbank Computer Services Ltd. # 100/1. 560 066 2nd Floor. Jayanagar. Airport Road. RMZ Ecospace Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Bangalore 560 037 Anchorage. 33 Coconut Grove. Richmond Road. 16. 351/5 . 496. Kadubeesanahalli. Ranka Court.560011. MG Road. Bangalore . Bangalore . Naveena Complex. 18th Main 1st A Cross. Outer Ring Road. Karnataka (A subsidiary of Canara Bank) 7th Floor. 18 Cambridge Layout. Pattalamma Layout. 7th Main. 3B Building. Block 'A'. Singasandra. Salarpuria House No.560-008 Unit 2(B). Hosur Main Road. 4th Block. 138. 2nd Block. Ltd 37 CADES Digitech Pvt Ltd 38 Cambridge Solutions Ltd 39 Canarys Automation Pvt Ltd Maruti Towers. Bangalore . Bangalore . Ulsoor.560 025 Scandent Group.560 034 2nd Floor. Salarpuria Annexe. 7th Block. 18th Main Road. 6th Block Bangalore 560095 #135. Ground Floor.29 Bharti Telesoft Ltd. 15/3. Bangalore-560 038 Salarpuria Hallmark. #7. Bangalore. 41 Capco IT Services India Pvt Ltd Capital One Attn: Customer Relations PO Box 503 Scarborough STN D 42 Capital One Services (India) Pvt Ltd . Bangalore .560008 20-21. Bangalore-560 087 211.10 Luskar Hosur Road. CMH Road Indiranagar. Creator Building International Tech Park Whitefield Road Bangalore . Bangalore 560 001. Koramangala.560 068 Salapuri Centre. Bangalore . 30 Blue Chip Computer Consultants Pvt Ltd 31 Blue Star Infotech Ltd 32 Borland India Pvt Ltd 33 Business Process Outsourcing (India) Pvt Ltd 34 C1 India Pvt Ltd 35 Cable and Wireless (India) Ltd 36 Cadence Design Systems India Pvt.

India 560 100 Consultants Pvt Ltd No. 560052 Citrix Systems India Pvt Ltd 102. Rajmahal Vilas Extension Bangalore 560080. 1-A Peenya Industrial Area. Old Madras Road Byappanahalli Bangalore . Richmond road Bangalore 560 025 CITEC Information India Pvt Ltd 102.42 Capital One Services (India) Pvt Ltd 43 Caritor (India) Private Limited 44 CB Richard Ellis South Asia Pvt Ltd 45 CCG (India) Pvt Ltd 45 CCG (India) Pvt Ltd 46 Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd Centre for Development of Advanced 47 Computing (C . Bangalore 560094. M. HAL Aeroengine Division No. 2/21. Bangalore. Millers Road Bangalore. 1st Main. G. 'E' Wing. Hosur Road. Road. Karnataka 560 005 CLI3L e-Services Limited .560 038 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 'Kushal Arcade'. RMV Extn. Block II 9.DAC) Scarborough. Mittal Towers. 1st Cross.O. 7 th Cross. City Info Services Pvt Ltd ITC Infotechpark Campus Pulikeshinagar P. 1. 2nd Stage. 12 "Richmond Towers". Lavelle Road Bangalore . Ontario M1R 5L1 100. Bull Temple Road Basavanagudi Bangalore 560 004 The Hulkul # 81/37. Bangalore 560029 C-DAC Knowledge Park Opp. Bangalore . Shantha Complex. Naganathapura. Road. 'E' Wing. M. Citigroup Information Technology Operations Bangalore . Karnataka Prestige Blue Chip.560 001. 111. G. Karnataka No. Mittal Towers. and Solutions Ltd #69/3.560 001 No.560 001. 2nd Phase Bangalore 560058 CG-Smith Software Pvt Ltd #38/1. Electronic City Post CGI Information Systems and Management Bangalore.

Ltd. Bangalore 560 095 Dharma Systems Pvt. 47th Cross. Essae Chandran Institute. . Service Road. 56 CoreObjects India Pvt. Langford Road. Alpine Arch. 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 Digite Infotech Pvt Ltd . Bangalore 560027 Crossdomain Solutions Pvt Ltd 3rd Floor. 57 Corpus Software Pvt Ltd 57 Corpus Software Pvt Ltd 1199-63/1.560 004 Oxford House •5th Floor. Ward No 73. Langford Road. 18th Main. A • Wing. Crossdomain Center.560 071 58 Cranes Software International Ltd #124. #50. Residency Road Bangalore 560025 Cranes Varsity. 9. 139. Vani Vilas Road. Bangalore . Datamatics Financial Software & Services Ltd Bangalore 560 025 Datavision Software Solutions Pvt Ltd #705. 6th Floor Surya Chambers. Bangalore . Ltd. Bangalore 560 025 Dawn Consulting 4th Floor. SF3.560 017 CrimsonLogic India Pvt Ltd # 34/1. Rustam Bagh Road. Domlur Layout. 5th Block. Bangalore GA Alsa Glenridge. Prestige Poseidon. Hosur Road.560 010 Karnataka Brigade MLR. National College. Off Airport Road. West Wing 404.560 017 Level II. Bangalore . Bangalore . Tower 150. Andree Road. 560 008 Bangalore Deutsche Network Services (P) Ltd # 94. Raheja Towers M G Road Bangalore-560001 Dell Computer India Pvt Ltd Diamond District "A".55 Comat Technologies (P) Ltd.560 068 Datacons Pvt. #17/1. Ltd. 5th Block Jayanagar. Bangalore . Digité Inc. Murugeshpalya Airport Main Road. 5. Rajajinagar Bangalore . Shanthinagar. 2nd Floor. 4th B• Cross Industrial Layout. #15. Basavanagudi. 32. Opp. Divyasree Chambers Langford Road Bangalore 560 025 Cyrca Data Security Solutions (P) Ltd "Shanthi Shree". Airport Road. Koramangala 5th Block.

560001 Subramanya Arcade. 71 e4e Application Services Pvt Ltd 71 e4e Application Services Pvt Ltd 72 e4e Labs Pvt Ltd 72 e4e Labs Pvt Ltd 73 Easiprocess Pvt Ltd 74 Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt Ltd 75 Edurite Technologies Pvt Ltd 76 Electronics For Imaging India Pvt Ltd 77 Elitecore Technologies Ltd EMC Data Storage Systems (India) Private 78 Limited No 410. Manipal Center. No. 100 Feet Road.12 Bannerghatta Road. Koramangala.560 Divyashree Chambers. Bangalore . 3rd Floor Langford Road Bangalore 560 025 Maruthi Chambers No. 17/4C Rupena Agrahara. Bangalore . Behind Hutch Showroom 7th Block Extension. Hosur Road. 79 EmmayHR Services Pvt Ltd .560 57 HMT Layout Behind R T Nagar Police Station R T Nagar Bangalore 560032 Karnataka No. 17/9C. Koramangala Bangalore 560 095 Divyashree Chambers. 1st C Main. 133 Kadubeesanahalli Outer Ring Road Bangalore. Bangalore . India 560037 3rd Floor. Infantry Road Cross Behind Medinova Diagnostic Centre. 17/9C. Tower B.69 Digite Infotech Pvt Ltd 70 e-Infochips Ltd. Third floor Raheja Arcade 80 feet road 5th Block.433. 17/4C Rupena Agrahara. Bangalore-560085 Karnataka Salarpuria Hallmark No. Hosur Road. Bangalore 560 095 Karnataka "TECH PARK". Bangalore .560 029 S-709. Banashankari III Stage. 19/1. 3rd Floor Langford Road Bangalore 560 025 Maruthi Chambers No. IV Block Koramangala Bangalore . PESIT Campus 100 feet Ring Road.560034 U-347.

Bangalore . UGF Whitefield Road Bangalore-560 066 5th Floor. Bangalore . Tower B. Unit # 1.560100 Niton Compound.Power Control. Level G.560093. Palace Road.560 066. Bangalore .Y. #47. 85 Fortune Infotech Ltd Franklin Templeton International Services 86 (India) Pvt Ltd 87 GCI Solutions Pvt Ltd GE Consumer & Industrial .V. Explorer Building. 3rd Cross Kormangala 6th Block Bangalore .46(P)& 47(P) Nr. EPIP Zone 1. Block A. Ltd. Dickenson Road.Raman Nagar Byrasandra. Bangalore . SJR ˜i ™Park. Level 6.No. C. Electronics City Phase II Hosur Road.560042 2nd & 3rd floor. Whitefield Road. Tower 3. # 1 & 2. G. 11. 80 FCG Software Services (India) Pvt Ltd 81 Fiorano Software Technologies Pvt Ltd 82 First Indian Corporation Pvt Ltd 82 First Indian Corporation Pvt Ltd 18/1. Koramangala Bengalooru . International Technology Park (ITPL) Inventor. International Tech Park (ITPL). 84 Focus Infosys (India) Pvt.E. Lake View. Bagmane Technology Park. Bangalore 560 052 777 18th Main. Whitefield Road.560 034 Karnataka S. Bangalore 560 066. Outer Ring Road.India Innovation 88 Center (A Div. Bangalore 560 087 83 Flextronics Software Systems Ltd #72/32. Murphy Road. Panathur Post. of GE India Exports) .560 095 GE Consumer & Industrial The Millenia. Green Leaf Layout 80 Feet Peripheral Road 4th Block.79 EmmayHR Services Pvt Ltd South Block.

Ltd. Bannerghatta Road Bangalore 560 076 Software Development Centre Royal Arcade No.560001 Number 123. 100FT Road. Block 2.560 008 # 33-36.GE Consumer & Industrial . DSL Software BPO Division Second Floor. 29. 90 Global Edge Software Ltd 91 GXS India Technology Centre Pvt. 3rd Floor. Export Promotion Industrial Park. Electronics City Phase-II Hosur Road Bangalore 560 100 24. Vajpayee Nagar.560 068 Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL) 151/1. 5th Block. Ltd. Infantry Road Bangalore. Ejipura. Bommanahalli Hosur Road. 218 Sampige Road Malleswaram Bangalore 560 003 841/1. Ashwini Layout. 4th Floor. of GE India Exports) 89 Genisys Integrating Systems (I) Pvt. India 560 038 TechAxes #121 Hosur Main Road Madiwalla Bangalore 520068 Ozone • No. EPIP Phase 2 . Salarpuria Arena Adugodi Hosur Road Bangalore .560 066 39/40. Bangalore 560 066 JP Royale. 80 Ft Road Koramangala.560 047 iRely Solutions Empire Infantry. Bangalore . Doraisanipalya.6.560 030 HTMT House No. Bangalore . Whitefield.India Innovation 88 Center (A Div. 4. 92 Harbinger Techaxes Pvt Ltd Ulsoor. 3rd Main Road. India . Binnamangala.10. Road No. Whitefield Industrial Area Bangalore . Indiranagar Bangalore Karnataka. Shivalaya. Bangalore . Industrial Layout 93 Harita Infoserve Ltd 94 Harris Jayanti Technologies 95 HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd 96 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Ltd 97 Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd 98 Hinduja TMT Ltd 99 Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd 100 Human Base India Inc. 614. .

Phase 2 kundalahalli. 3rd Floor. International Tech Park. International Tech Park. Varthur Kodi. Off Airport Road Bangalore .) #8. 2.12.29 Sigma Soft-Tech Park 9th & 10th Floor Delta Tower. Koramangala Industrial Area Bangalore 560 095 13th Floor. 5th Cross. Bangalore 560 066 157. Kempegowda Road. Residency Road.560066 158-162(P) & 165(P)-170(P). 110 Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd 111 Infineon Technologies R&D Centre 112 Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd 113 Infomart (India) Pvt Ltd . Bangalore . Centre Point 303. Mother Theresa Road. 1st Stage. Bannerghatta Road.100 Human Base India Inc. EPIP Phase II. EPIP.560 066 228. 5th Block. Bangalore . Discoverer Block.560047 56. Austin Town. Bangalore 560 095 132/133.560 037 (A division of i2i Enterprise Ltd. Whitefield Bangalore . Bangalore . Whitefield Main Road. Mahavir Shopping Complex. Whitefield Road. Whitefield. Koramangala Bangalore . Discoverer Building. Whitefield Road Bangalore 560 066 10th Floor. 3rd Floor. Koramangala.560 009 No. Bangalore-560066 Infomart Tech Park 99. Bangalore . Bangalore-560025 No. Rahaeja Arcade. #7. Bangalore 560 095 # 13. Subramanya Arcade. DivyaSree Technopolis Yamalur Post.560 095 101 i2 Technologies India Pvt Ltd 102 i2i Enterprise Ltd 103 IBM India Pvt Ltd 104 IDEB Construction Projects (P) Ltd 105 iGATE Global Solutions Ltd 106 Impact Solutions (P) Ltd India Insure Risk Management Services Pvt 107 Ltd 108 India Prepaid Services Pvt Ltd 109 India Satcom Ltd.

RMZ Ecospace Marathalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Bangalore 560 037 124 Intuit Technology Services Pvt Ltd 12 New BEL Road. 80 ft Road 4th Block. 3rd Cross. Electronic City.I.114 Infopac Software Pvt. Ltd IonIdea . Bangalore 560 095 121 Intercope (India) Pvt. Rustam Bagh. Behind Manipal Hospital Bangalore 560 017 3rd Floor. Road. Embassy Chambers.38. 51 J. 3rd Cross. Ltd No. Hosur Road. 9th Floor. Inc 111/112.P. Bangalore 560 007 128 Ishoni Networks ITC Infotech ITC Infotechpark 129 ITC Infotech India Ltd . 1st Cross. Road.560025 123 Interwoven Software Services India Pvt Ltd No. 2nd Floor.G. 67. 5th Block. Hosur Road. 4th Cross. Ltd. Bangalore 560066 126 IonIdea Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd 109. Electronic City. Discoverer Building International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPB) Whitefield Road Bangalore 560 066 44&97-A. 17 M. Residency Road Bangalore . Bangalore 560 001 120 Intel Asia Electronics. 7th Block.C.India Operations #38-40. Koramangala Industrial Layout. Du Parc Trinity. 5th Floor. Prestige Towers. 1st Main. Bangalore 561 229 # A-306. 5. Bangalore-560095. Koramangala. Bangalore 119 Ltd 9th Floor. Whitefield. AVS Compound. Bangalore-560034 122 IntersoftKK (India) Pvt Ltd # 99-100. 1st Block. 302. 127 iSeva Systems Pvt Ltd Stock Exchange Towers. Ltd. Building 3A. STPI Complex. Bangalore 560 100 115 Information Technology Park Ltd 116 Infosys Technologies Ltd 117 InKnowTech Private Limited Integra House. Jayanagar Bangalore 560 011 118 Integra Techsoft Pvt. RMV II Stage Bangalore 560 094 125 Ionic Microsystems Pvt. E.P. Integrated Property Management & Services 103/104. Vittal Mallya Road.

Bangalore 560 001 133 IVL India Pvt Ltd 134 J. 105.129 ITC Infotech India Ltd Pulikeshinagar P. Kasavanahalli Main Road. Husto Centre. 3rd Block. 19th A Main. Survey # 34/1. Cunigham Road. Ground Floor. Road. 25 . Konena Agrahara. Basavanagudi.560 004. MG Road Bangalore-560 001 No. H. Armugam Circle.560017 KPMG Maruthi Info-Tech Centre 11-12/1. Bangalore 560 011 104 B. Bangalore . 143 Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited 144 LEC India Software Centre Pvt. Santosh Complex.560 082 1/5.30. 171 (old 4414). Ltd . 107. 12th Floor. Millers Road Bangalore 560 052 Plot No. Bangalore Vanguard Rise.M. 163. Inner Ring Road Koramangala Bangalore 560071 43. Whitefield. EPIP 1st Phase Industrial Area. Ltd. M. Geneva House 14. Bangalore . 17. Sandeep Complex. 9. 137 Kasshku Information Technologies Pvt Ltd 138 Kinfotech Private Limited 139 KLG Systel Ltd 140 KMG Infotech Pvt Ltd 141 KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited 142 Krone Communications Ltd. Off Airport Road. Thimmaiah Road. Junnasandra. ''B'' Wing Mittal Towers. Bangalore 560 004 No. Sagar Associates 135 J235 Software India Pvt Ltd 136 Kals Information Systems Pvt. 106. Bangalore-560 052 44121/B. Bangalore. 28th Cross 7th Block Jayanagara Bangalore . HAL II Stage 801. Off Sarjapur Road. Bangalore 560066 Du Parc Trinity.O.G. 130 Iteamic Pvt Ltd 131 ITTI Limited 132 ITTI Pvt. 6th Cross. Ltd 1/5. 4th Main Road. Miller Tank Bed. Santhosh Complex. Armugam Circle. Bangalore 560 035. 11th Main. Karnataka 2nd Floor. UNI Building. First Floor. Near 15th Bangalore 560 055 Site # 8.560005 209.

# 25/5c. 1st Cross. Tower . Wind Bangalore 560 017 LGSI Cherry Hills Embassy Golf View Links Business Park. Outer Ring Road. (Kormangala-Indiranagar) Bangalore-560 071 # 3540. 5th Block. Industrial Main Road. 5th Block. Bannerghatta Road. Bangalore . Bangalore 560 004 126. HAL IInd Stage. Ltd. Bangalore 560 095 'Pearl House'. Golf View Homes. 5th Floor. 1st Main Road. Meridian. Museum Road Bangalore 560 025 150 Liqwid Krystal India Pvt Ltd 151 Logica 152 Login Infotech Private Limited 153 Logix Microsystems Ltd Manipal Control Data Electronic Commerce 154 Ltd. 148 Lifetree Convergence Ltd 149 Linc Software Services Pvt.B.S. Bangalore 560 095 #63. Indiranagar. 9/3. Domlur 2nd Stage Bangalore 560 071 A. Bangalore . Golf View Homes. Koramangala Bangalore 560 095 Mindtree House. 6th Cross. Bangalore-560038 309/1. 1st Main Road. 157 Navayuga Infotech Pvt.560 052 5th Floor. Doopanahalli. 158 Nelito Systems Limited 159 neoIT. Koramangala. Tower-B. 156 Mistral Solutions Pvt. Museum Road. 1st Floor. Seshadripuram. Bangalore 560 017 19/1.145 LG CNS Global Pvt Ltd 145 LG CNS Global Pvt Ltd 146 LG Soft India 147 LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd. 155 Mindtree Consulting Pvt. 6th Block. Bangalore 560037.560 020 Karnataka 177/2C. Wind Tunnel Road.Com Pvt Ltd . Marathalli. Bangalore 560 076 512. 88 Gandhi Bazar Main Road. 16 & 16/1. Ltd. 104 Mota Chamber Corporation No 9/18 Sampangi Ramaswami Temple Road Bangalore 560 052 No. 1st Main Road. Ltd. 5th Floor Phoenix Towers. Sair Bagh Cunningham Road Bangalore .560 001 310/2. Ltd.

Sigma Tech Park. 1st Main Road. 7th Mile. 171 NuMark Software Pvt.G. BSK II Bangalore 560 070 Nirvana Tower One. Challaghatta Village Varthur Hobli. Mahadevapura Bangalore East Taluk (Off Intermediate Ring Road) Bangalore . Bangalore 560 001 Brigade South Parade #10. 10 Langford Road. Bangalore . M. 15th Cross. Elephant Rock Road. Karnataka NEXT 23/24. Koramangala. Shivajinagar. 166 Nirvana Business Solutions Pvt Ltd 167 Nous Infosystems Pvt Ltd 168 Novell Software Development (I) Ltd 169 Novell Software Development (India) Ltd 170 Nt5 Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Electronic City. Bangalore 560066 #1. 80 feet Road.560 034 160 Neosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd 161 Netgalactic 418. 2nd Floor Infantry Road Bangalore . Koramangala. Hosur Bangalore 560 068 49/1 & 49/3 Garvebhavi Palya 7th Mile. 3rd Block. NDIA 162 Network Appliance Systems (India) Pvt Ltd 163 Newgen Software Technologies Ltd 164 Next Link (P) Ltd 165 Nich .560025. Road Bangalore 560 001 120A. Alpine Arch. 10/03. Ltd. 80 Feet Road Koramangala 4th Block Bangalore 560034 #49 Rama Arcade Bowring Hospital Road. 1 Main Road.In Software Solutions Pvt. Bangalore-560 100. 7 Whitefield Main Road. Ltd.560071 FF-2. Bangalore 49/1 &49/3.# 1. No. Hosur Road Bangalore. Ltd. 5th 'A' Block Koramangala. Omnesys House. Garvebhavipalya. Bangalore 560 034 Survey No. 172 NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd 173 ObjectWin Technology India Pvt Ltd 174 Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd . Jayanagar. 1 Block. Bangalore . India 560 068 #623. Hosur Road.560 001 1060. "Lalithadri" 25th Main. 4th Block. 55/B.

185 Progress Software Development Pvt Ltd Proteans Software Solutions #30/3. Alpine Arch Apartments 10 Langford Road. Vani Vilas Road. Ltd. 1st Floor. Bangalore 560 001 5. Fairwinds Embassy Golf Links Business Park Intermediate Ring Road 186 Proteans Software Solutions Pvt Ltd 187 Prudente Solution Pvt Ltd 188 PSI Data Systems Ltd. Raheja Towers M. 12/1 & 2. Malleswaram. Ltd 218. . Sampige Road. Shobha Alexander Plaza. 5th Cross RMV Extension Bangalore 560080 Golden Square. Road. 3A & B. Jakkasandra 1st Block Sarjapur Main Road Bangalore 560 034 SF1. Bangalore 560 004 146. Patricks Shopping Arcade. N S Palya Banerghatta Road Bangalore 560 076 607-610. Bangalore -560003 Commerce@Mantri Level 4. Bangalore-560025 2nd Floor. "Shivalaya" EPIP Phase 2 Whitefield Industrial Area Bangalore 560 066 Unit No. Brigade Road Bangalore. East Wing. Bangalore . Union Street. Eden Park 20. Ltd.175 Optimus Outsourcing Company Ltd 176 Oracle India Pvt Ltd 177 Paragon Solutions (India) Pvt. Karnataka 560001 178 Perot Systems TSI (India) Ltd 179 Persistent Systems Pvt. Commissariate Near Bangalore Central Mall. Basavangudi. 102.560001 2/2. 16/2. 26-27.G. 3rd & 4th Floor. 10th Floor C Wing 47/6 MG Road Bangalore. 182 Picopeta Simputers Pvt Ltd 183 Pramati Technologies (P) Limited 184 PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd #14. 180 PharmARC Analytic Solutions Pvt Ltd 181 Phoenix Global Solutions India Pvt. St. 3rd Floor. Bangalore 560 001 Plot No. 560 025. Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560 001 Lovelock & Lewes\Price Waterhouse Mittal Tower. No.123.

Karnataka # 59. Bangalore-560 055 I Floor. Museum Terraces 29. 52/34. Reach Sewn Technologies & Consulting Pvt. Level-1. Sigma Arcade. 18th Cross.Road Opp. 4th Block. Museum Road Opp: Raheja Chambers Bangalore 560001 #104 (122). Bangalore 560 025 Level 2.188 PSI Data Systems Ltd. 199 Ltd. BTM Layout. 200 Real Soft (Intl) Pvt Ltd 201 Realtime Techsolutions Pvt Ltd 202 Red Hat India Pvt Ltd Bangalore .V. Ground Floor. No. HAL 2nd Stage. Vijaya College Bangalore 560 004 787. Bangalore. Marathahalli. Bangalore . Koramangala. Adam Chambers. Castle Street. Lavanya Tower.560 005 QuEST Towers No. 1st Cross. 4th Main. Bangalore 560038 No.560 078 227/70. Bangalore . Cox Town. R. Third Phase. Second Floor. 195 Radiant Infosystems (P) Ltd 196 Ram Informatics Ltd.11.560 025 Karnataka 1206. Malleshwaram. Bangalore . JP Nagar. 100 Feet Road.560 071 Embassy Classic. Indiranagar.560008 No. Nagarjuna Castle. Bangalore . West Wing. 197 Rapidigm (India) Limited Rational Software Corporation (India) Pvt. 189 PTC Software (India) Pvt Ltd 190 Pyramid IT Consulting Pvt Ltd 191 Quadra Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Quality Engineering and Software 192 Technologies Pvt Ltd 193 Quantum-Link Communications Pvt Ltd 194 Quintegra Solutions Ltd.560 037. Ulsoor. 12th Main. Wheeler Road. 1. 1st Floor. Bangalore 560 034 49. 1st Cross. Cambridge Cross Road. III Floor. Richmond Road. Bangalore 560 076 I Floor. Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore India 560 001 Pyramid IT Consulting #102 B.40. 16th Main. 55 Whitefield Main Road Mahadevpura Bangalore 560 048 # 7. 4th Floor #11. Ashok Nagar. Airport Road. 198 Ltd. No 148 EPIP Zone 203 Regus Business Centre (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd . First Main.

66/1. Ltd 217 Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd .560 002 #09 3RD Floor . Industrial Layout. Discoverer Block.Whitefield Bangalore 560066 203 Regus Business Centre (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd #47/1. Level 08.com Pvt Ltd Samsung Electronics India Software 213 Operations (SISO) 214 Samsung SDS Co Ltd. Bangalore . "A" Block. . Jeevan Bhima Nagar. Jalan / Saibal Mitra Lakshmi Complex. Bangalore South Taluk Whitefield Main Road Bangalore 560066 204 RelQ Software Pvt Ltd 205 Repcol (India) Pvt Ltd 206 Robert Bosch India Ltd 207 Rolta India Ltd. Innovator Block. Byrasandra. R. Bangalore 560 095 SNS Arcade. Sarakki Industrial Area J.M 1 st phase.V. Friends Colony ST Bed.K. No. 40. KR Road. Raman Nagar.560 038 Bagmane Lake View. Frontline Grandeur. 215 Sanyo LSI Technology India Pvt. International Bangalore 560 066 Vaswani Victoria No. Behind Bakson's Homeo Clinic. Bangalore 560 075 Sampoorna Computer People #482. 100 ft Ring Road 27 th Main Road B. 2nd Floor. 208 S R Nova Pvt Ltd 209 S7 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd 210 Saastha Infotech Pvt Ltd 211 Sage Design Systems (India) Pvt Ltd 212 Sampoorna Matchjobs.Nagar 3rd Phase BANGALORE . Victoria Road Bangalore 560 047 Bangalore Salarpuria GR Tech Park 6th Floor. "Sri Krishna Arcade" 1st Main. 14.30. 309.560 078 Unit 2. Ltd. Koramangala Bangalore .560068 #6. Bangalore . First floor. 216 SAP India Pvt. "VAYU" Block #137. HAL Airport Road. 2nd Main. C.T. Unit 03. Indiranagar-2nd Stage. Bagmane Tech Park. 2nd Floor 80 Feet Road. Near BDA Complex. 9th Cross. International 123.560093 1A. Walton Road. Bangalore .P.560047 Karnataka George Thangiah Complex (E). 8th Main. Madiwala Post Bangalore .B'. 'Block .

Kundalahalli. Magrath Road. Near Satellite Infotech Services Pvt Ltd #14 2ND MAIN.G. South End Road Basavanagudi Bangalore 560 004 Siri Technologies Pvt Ltd Skelta Software 80 Ft Road. New BEL Road. INDIA 560003 Corporation (SAIC) . Sanjaynagar. Bangalore 560 034 Simplex Solutions #38/C . HAL II stage. 'A' Wing #11.23.Road Bangalore 560001 Seaton India IT Pvt Ltd Divyasree Chambers 7th Floor. Bangalore . 1st Main Road. Karnataka Pvt Ltd Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt Units 3 & 5. O'Shaugnessy Road (Off Langford Road) Bangalore 560 025 Sequoia Capital India Advisors Pvt Ltd Plot No 23 & 24 EPIP Ist Phase KIADB. 1st Floor Langford Road City: Bangalore SCT Software Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd 1305.560094 SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd Sobha Renaissance Information Technology SRIT House. Ltd 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 . Kodihalli BDA Layout. White Field Bangalore 560 066 Silver Software Pvt Ltd 985. Side lane of Hotel Leela Palace. 5th Floor. SANKEY ROAD SADHASHIVANAGAR Science Applications International BANGALORE. 13th Upper floor Raheja Towers East Wing 26-27 M. Koramangala. Bangalore-560025 Sarnoff Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd 139/25. Bangalore . ITPL Main Road. 4th Block Koramangala. Domlur Sasken Communication Technologies Limited Bangalore 560 071 "Vidya Shree" Bungalow No. Ring Road. 80 feet Perpheral Road. Bangalore 560 034 Skelta Software Pvt Ltd "Niran Arcade" #563-564. 1. 4th Block. A-Block.India Branch Office Divyasree Chambers.217 Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd Asha arch. #113/1B.560 037.

6th Sector. Vijaya Bank Layout Behind IIM.560076 Flat No. Road. Du Parc Trinity. Bangalore. 7th Main. 3rd Floor. #192 Airport Road. 1st Floor. Skylark Palazzo. J.L. 3rd Floor. Nagar II Phase. Bannerghatta Road Bangalore . Bull Temple Road. 247 SupportSoft India Pvt Ltd . Whitefield Road. 7th Main. 2nd Floor. Tasker Town Shivajinagar. HSR Layout. next to Kemp Fort. 24th Main. Bangalore 560 034 11th Floor.R. Bangalore 560 078 L-174.560 094 #803.55. Sarjapur Road. Boopasandra Main Road Bangalore .G. Bangalore 560 086 372.560 019 1/4 APS Trust Building. Bangalore 951. Ltd. ITPL. Kormangala Block 8. No. 17 M. 2nd Stage Indira Nagar Bangalore . Bangalore First Floor.16. Royal Park Apartments 34 Park Road. Colony. Koramangala III Block. Bangalore-560 034. Bangalore . Domlur. Mahalaxmi Layout. 238 Speck Systems Limited 239 Spheris India Pvt Ltd 240 Spike Technologies India Pvt. Bangalore .P. Basappa Road Shantinagar Bangalore-560 027 one Spheris Plaza. N.Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt 231 Ltd 232 SoftPro Systems Ltd 233 Software Data (India) Ltd Creator Building.560 017 721. Bangalore 560 019 15. Bangalore 560051 1/4 APS Trust Building Bull Temple Road. 1st Cross H.560071. Ltd 241 Srishti Software Private Limited 242 STAG Software Pvt Ltd #98. NTI Layout RMV IInd Stage.A. Airport Road. Bangalore 560 001 APAC Headquarters 243 Strategic Career Networks Pvt Ltd 244 Subex Systems Ltd 245 Subex Systems Ltd 246 Sun Microsystems India Pvt.560 038 #697 8th B Main Road. 234 Software Quality Center Pvt Ltd 235 SolutionNET India Pvt Ltd 236 Sonata Software Limited 237 Sonata Software Ltd.

Varthur Hobli Bangalore. Koramangala Bangalore .560 034 1st Floor. No. . Airport Road Bangalore .560 008 248 SVB India Advisors Pvt Ltd 249 Swiss Re Shared Services (India) Pvt Ltd DBS Business Center 26. Indiranagar 1st Stage. 1st Cross. Unit No 301 178 HAL Second A Stage Indiranagar Bangalore 560 038 9/2. (I) Pvt Ltd 254 Synergia Consultants Pvt Ltd 255 Synopsys (India) Private Limited 256 Syntax Soft-Tech India Pvt Ltd 257 Syntel India Ltd 258 Syntel Ltd 259 Systime Computer Systems (I) Pvt. Dhondusa Complex 250 Sybase Software (India) Pvt Ltd 251 Sykes Enterprises (India) Private Limited 252 Symbol Technologies India Pvt Ltd 253 Symphony Services Corp.247 SupportSoft India Pvt Ltd Tower B. 18th Main. 4th Floor Sarjapura Outer Ring Road. Prestige Loka Brunton Road Bangalore 560 025 1st Floor. Ltd. 3rd Floor. Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore . 3. Devaradisana Halli Bangalore East Taluk 560087 Symphony Innovation and Excellence Center Outer Ring Road. 7th Cross Mico Layout HBCS BTM 2nd Stage Bangalore 560 076 RMZ Ecospace. Leela Galleria Leela Palace 23 Airport Road Bangalore . 5th Floor.560 001 Tower A. Unit No. 11th Cross. Bangalore 560 038 Sanata Clara. 4th & 5th Floor Municipal #3. 560 087 Synergia Life Sciences Embassy Diamante 34. 34. Cunningham Road Bangalore 560052 IND 802. Diamond District. Old Madras Road Benniganahalli Bangalore. Block 3B. India 560016 #147.560 008 3rd Floor. 3 rd Block 8th Main.

404. Commerce@Mantri. Ltd. Hoody.259 Systime Computer Systems (I) Pvt. 264 Tarang Software Technologies Pvt Ltd 265 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd 266 Tata Elxsi Limited 267 Tata Elxsi Ltd. Ramanamaharishi Road Sadashivanagar.12. 96 EP-IP Industrial Area.560 038 No. Koramangala. Bangalore . Bangalore 560 066 TeamLease House • # 26. 260 Talisma Corporation Pvt Ltd Residency Road. Palm Grove Road Off. 4th Floor. Bangalore 560 066 Whitefield Road. Plot No. Bangalore 560 095 No. Bangalore . Hoody. Bangalore . Koramangala. Bannerghatta Road. Bangalore 560 095. Victoria Road Bangalore . 3rd Floor. Ltd. Bangalore . 263 Tandon Information Solutions Pvt. 29 Bangalore 560 052 261 Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd 262 Tally Solutions Pvt. Karnataka 560 029 Prestige Meridien I. CSRIE-II.560076. Raheja Arcade. Whitefield Road. Mahadevapura Post. Bangalore 560 080 Karnataka Level 2. TATA Consultancy Services Abhilash Building. Unit No. Ltd. Hafeeza Chambers KH Road (Double Road) Bangalore 560 027 Tarang Towers #400/2. 96 EP-IP Industrial Area.560 048 George Thangiah Complex (West) 80 Feet Road Indiranagar. Whitefield Road. 331-336. Guava Garden. Whitefield Road. 268 Tata Technologies Limited 269 Tavant Technologies India Pvt Ltd 270 TCGIvega Information Technologies Pvt Ltd TCS Business Transformation Solutions Ltd 271 (TCS-BTS) 272 TeamLease Services Pvt Ltd 273 Tech Mahindra Ltd 274 Techspan .560047 9/7 Hosur Road Bangalore. TCGIvega TATA Consultancy Services Abhilash Building. 111. 5th Block. Plot No. 1st Floor Richmond Circle Bangalore 560025 214/6.560048. Whitefield. Bangalore 560 048 ITPL Road.

Bangalore . 72. RMV 2nd Stage Bangalore 560 094 Tholons Knowledge Management Pvt Ltd Thomson Corporation (International) Pvt Ltd Pinnacle. Golf View Campus. Bahai's Bhavan Road.560 093 Texas Instruments India Ltd. Ltd. #10. 5th Block. Bangalore . Bangalore . Bangalore 560 017 Texas Instruments India Pvt. Bangalore 560 008 Thinksoft Global Services (P) Ltd Appek building . BTM 1st Stage. Corporate Block. C V Raman Nagar.First Floor Large Wing 93/A. 15. 2nd Floor 80 ft Road. 4th B Cross. 3rd Floor.G. Tower C.560 068 No. #54. Millers Road Bangalore .275 TechSpan India Ltd. 30 M. Bangalore 560 001 No.G 02. 100 Feet Ring Road. Bangalore 2nd Floor. 1st Cross Residency Road Bangalore-560025 Think Ahead Advisory Services Pvt Ltd 264 / 265. Wind Tunnel Road. VI Block. 80 Ft.560 008 ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt Ltd #6. Diamond District. Koramangala. Byrasandra. Road. 276 TekEdge 809. Industrial Area. JP Techno Park No 3/1.560 025 Prestige Meridian I. Road Koramangala Bangalore 560 095 TIBCO Software India Pvt Ltd Timken Engineering and Research India Pvt The Timken Company G 01 . # 66 / 3. 18th E Main. "Salarpuria Pearl" Civil Station Residency Road Cross Bangalore IN-560 025 277 TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd 278 Telelogic India Pvt Ltd Bagmane Tech Park. Prestige Garnet 36 Ulsoor Road Bangalore 560042 TPI Advisory Services India Pvt Ltd 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 . Bangalore Thirdware Solution Ltd. Airport Road. 10. HAL 2nd Stage.

319/3. 7th Block. 100 / 1 Richmond Road. HAL II Stage Bangalore . 1st Main. Infantry Road Bangalore . HAL 3rd 3. 3rd Cross. Bangalore 560 095 Khanija Bhavan First Floor 49. 1st Floor. Bangalore 560 029 No.560 030 Indecomm Global Services Ganesh Building #5. 27/7. 295 Trilogy E-business Software India Ltd 296 Trimentus Technologies Pvt Ltd 297 TriVium iCOPE Technologies Pvt Ltd 111/112. 80 feet Road. 7. Airport Road Kodihalli.5.560 038 No. Bangalore 5650 086 UB Anchorage. Laskar Hosur Road Bangalore . EPIP Area Whitefield Bangalore 560 066 Karnataka Embassy Icon No. 292 Trianz Consulting Pvt Ltd 293 Tricon Infotech Pvt. Bangalore 560 095 Indecomm Global Services East Land Chambers #30.India (STP Division of 303 Unisys India Pvt Ltd) . 15th Cross.290 TQM International Pvt Ltd Transfleet Global Services Pvt Ltd (TESCO 291 India) AIMIL. Outer Ring Road Nagawara Bangalore . 3rd Main. Michael Palya 80 Feet Road. 3rd Block. Bangalore . Race Course Road Bangalore 560 001 No.560 011. Bangalore .India 298 TRRS Imaging Ltd 298 TRRS Imaging Ltd 299 TTK Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd 300 U&I Scotty Computers Ltd 301 UBICS Technologies Pvt Ltd 302 UL India Pvt Ltd Unisys Global Services .560 017 Unisys Global Services . Koramangala. Jayanagar. 5th Floor.Naimex House 88/1. # 135. Salarpuria Infinity. 8th Block. Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Road. Ltd 294 Trigent Software Ltd. Professional Court.560045 # 81 & 82.560 025 Titanium. West of Chord Road. 11th Cross.India Unisys Global Service . Bangalore . Bannerghatta Road. 3. Koramangala.560 001.

8th and 9th Floor H M G Ambassador Residency Road.India (STP Division of Bangalore 560025 303 Unisys India Pvt Ltd) UNIVERSAL LEGAL # 302. 3rd Phase J. II Phase.560 025 305 USi Internetworking Services Pvt Ltd 18A/19.560 079 Karnataka 316 Winfoware Technologies Pvt Ltd 30 Mission Road. Bangalore . Tower C. 560070 307 Utopia India Pvt Ltd Maas Unique . 24th Main Road. 71. Nagar Bangalore . 1431 3rd Floor 22nd Cross Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore. 1/1. Bangalore . 1st Main.R. Nagar.560008 313 vMoksha Technologies Pvt Ltd No. Off Hosur Road. 314 VXL eTech Ltd Wind River International #19/1 Vittal Mallya Road. 1st Main. Bangalore . Bangalore 560 311 Vinpack India pvt. Bangalore . Doddanekundi Industrial Area.P. Airport Road Bangalore . S.135/1. Millers Road.17. Bangalore 560 027 317 Wipro Global R&D Solutions .30/A. 3rd Stage.P. Residency Road Unisys Global Services . 1st Floor Bangalore 560001 315 Wind River Systems. 2nd Bangalore . Electronics City. 114. Bangalore 560 100 312 Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd 6th Floor. Regency Enclave 4.560 048 306 UTL Technologies Ltd.560078 308 Valtech India Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Vee Technologies Sona Towers. Inc Knowledge Towers.560 052 309 Vee Technologies Pvt Ltd 310 Vinciti Networks Pvt Ltd 1109. Magrath Road Bangalore 560-025 304 Universal Legal #137. Raheja Arcade. 1st Main Road Industrial Suburb. #1/B. Mahadevapura Post. Ltd 43. 1st Phase J. Electronics City Phase-2 Hosur Road.Nagar. Corporate Block Diamond District.560 100. Koramangala Industrial Area.

Residency Road. 17 M.560 055 Karnataka Wisdomleaf IT Technologies Pvt Ltd Sigma Soft Tech Park Gamma Tower 8th Floor 7 Whitefield Main Road WYSE Technology Sales & Marketing India Pvt Bangalore .G.2 / HP Entrance.G. EC Entrance No. Bangalore . Road. 2nd Floor. ICICI Bank ATM Malleswaram. No. Bangalore .560 035 Wipro Technologies (Wipro Ltd) # 71/1. Xyka Software Pvt Ltd Zenith House. Bangalore 560 095 Zenith Software Limited . 4. Road. Bangalore 560 001 88 M.560 100 XSYSYS Technologies Pvt Ltd # 133/1. Electronics City Post.560 025. Margosa Road Opp. Industrial Layout. Sarjapur Road Bangalore . 17th Cross.318 Wipro Group of Companies 319 Wipro Infotech 320 321 322 323 324 325 Du Parc Trinity.560 066 Ltd 92/1A Doddathogur. Bangalore 560 001 Wipro Technologies Doddakannelli. Janardhan Towers. Bangalore .

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Pune. 5 Pallavakam. Tropez.19 Aspects Consultants Pvt Ltd 10 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Mumbai 400093 AT TATANMAIL SOFTWARE 127/4. Capricorn Human Capital 207. Mindspae Malad Mumbai 400067 BPOjobs online bpojobsonline Pattabiram Chennai 600072 BrainSource Management 12. IInd floor 15 Ltd. 3RD MAIN ROAD. 75 Solutions) Pocket 'A'. 'Mon Jardin' 10 Consultants Thiyagaraja Street. Suite 300 300 Troy 48083 Clear Vision No:3/75. Rly.7 411027. SCO-5. C-902. 25 SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED SADASIVAM NAGAR. sec-17. INDIA Market. New Delhi C-Cubed Solutions Pvt. Chennai 600041 CMC Manpower Consultants B/ 9. Manikyam. bhawanipore 8 kolkata 700020 Bombaybee 1st Floor Opp Magnus Towers. Vardhaman VASHI Navi Mumbai 400705 CCI Company 1607 E. Floor 17 Racecourse 100 Annexes.. Gurgaon Delhi 122010 Cyber Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Cross Roads. # 3 & 4.60 Vidhyapati. Big Beaver RD. Off 80 ft 550 Road. Ltd. Near Shilp Navrangpura . Platform No. Periyar Salai. MADIPAKKAM CHENNAI 600091 Azimut Design Muthayalu Naidu Street 10 Chennai 600015 Basil Communications (P) Koramangala 50 Limited Bangalore 560 034 BIZZMIND 28/ 1 Allenby Road. Sector 17. 239 Wakad. Ltd. III Opp Samudra Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd 2. Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited 307. 1st Floor. Koramangala Bangalore 560035 Callides Technologies BTM 10 Bangalore 560078 Calscal Systems Pvt. Raj Darshan Bldg. V. R Layout. Pondicherry Chennai 605001 Bungay International C-34. Sector-10A Gurgaon 122001 Comp Care (ITES & BPO 167. Nr.1 400602 Thane Coalescent Technologies Pvt. Malviya Nagar Basement. S. 10 Dada Patilwadi.

Suite# 405. Mumbai EJS Solutions 11. 2nd floor. malad jobs@ejssolutions. Rajarhat NewTown Kolkata 700156 Evolution Corporate Solutions #55-33/ 1. Sec-5. Global Employment 30/2 wakdewadi. Hanumanthanagar Bangalore 560050 Excel Callnet Pvt. MPJ chambers. Near Hero Honda Highway Delhi-Jaipur Chowk Gurgaon 122001 Gcmspl 103. link G. B/H Veemurti Complex 100 39 40 41 42 100 10 35 10 43 14 44 5 45 46 47 48 49 250 2 10 25 50 51 52 10 25 53 8 54 55 56 4 30 1200 57 58 52 800 . Hyderabad 500082 Helios Outsourcing Pvt Ltd 2nd Floor. Egmore Chennai 600008 Hi-Calibre IT Mahavir Lok. 5th cross. Zamrudpur Ltd Behind Blue Bell School New Delhi 110048 Grey Radical 1021. Dwarakapuri Colony. (West). 24. 24/ 3. Sunrise Building.street No-10. S. 3rd main. Bharat Kunj Society Pune 411038 Futurecalls Technology Private Nungambakkam Limited Chennai 600034 Gandhi Infotech Pvt Ltd Deepika Square. Industrial Area. Pantheon Plaza. Ltd. Hyderabad 500 029 Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services Hi-Tech House. Near Mata Chintpurni Mandir. Phase -II 160002 Chandigarh Focus Consultancy New Delhi Fusion Consultants No 67. 2nd floor. Ltd. Green Field Heights.near jog center. East of Kailsah. New Delhi-110065 Road edge hire Bannerghatta Bangalore 560076 Edgesys Software Palmspring complex suite # 808/ 8. 37 Milestone. Vishwas Nagar. Himayat Nagar. 2nd Floor. Bombay pune road. Plot No. . Opposite to Commissioners Office Pantheon Road. road. Placement Services Delhi 110032 Gobananas Human Wealth Pvt 203. Street.com chennai 600014 Emacct Consulting Pvt Ltd 1C Sandhya Tara. Gurgaon 122001 GsJobpoint Sanjay Gandhi Puram Lucknow 226016 harshuconsultants 6-3-347/ 22/ 2. 87. Opp. Punjgutta.38 Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad 380009 DARTS IT Networks Pvt. Shamol.

Infantry Road Bangalore 560001 156. Malad (west). Sakinaka. 1st Floor . rd.0072 Mumbai 400 74. Tower#5. Navi Mumbai 400703 #35. J-202. Majestic Colony.T . MG Road Gurgaon 121003 3H-105 BP . Calve Chateau. Malviya Nagar New Delhi 110017 Shop no.BPO ) 128 400 250 . iREC Soluions ITCONS e-Solutions Pvt Ltd ITJobZone jeevan yapan 10 30 5 15 71 Job Avenues 7 72 Jobs 4 Nation 73 74 75 76 JTS INSTITUTE PVT LTD JUMP Project Management Consultants kanachurtechnologies. Off Andheri Kurla Andheri East. Valasaravakkam Chennai 600087 kanachu technologies.58 Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services Nr Drivein Road Ahmedabad 380052 204/ 205 Samruddhi commercial complex Opp Magnus Tower. 2nd Floor. Lathia Rubber Company. Sonawala Lane. (W). Mahalaxmi Silk Mill Premises. Dr.Rd. 42. Nr. Kilpauk 600010 Chennai 8-3-1013/ 1. Chincholi Bunder. Bellary Road.com Kirloskar Computer ServicesBPO ( KCS . Lotus House. 3rd Floor. Faridabad B-93B.G. Poonamalle High Road. G. Mumbai 400013 2nd Floor. M. Arcade. Vashi RailwayInfotechComplex International Station Park.C. Goregaon (East) Mumbai 400069 GANGANAGAR BANGALORE 560024 3A. #808. Chembur Colony Mumbai 400074 J4N. 800 59 60 Human Touch Staffing Solutions I2C World 500 61 i4 Video Analysis Pvt Ltd 50 62 63 IMPULSE SYSTEM Infeon Global Solutions 10 64 65 Infinite BPO Private Limited Infovisiongroup 160 66 67 68 69 70 INOX Global services Ltd. Sector -2 Noida 201301 Malad West Mumbai 400064 T 74B. peenya bangalore 560058 #102/ 3.I. N. Mumbai I2C World. Khirki Extension. Vashi. Udyog Bhavan. Tower B GBP. Srinagar Colony main road Hyderabad 500073 Mathuradas Mills Compound.

leadon 250 Kodigehalli Gate. MNO Comples. NEW DELHI -Praneel Apts 503/ B 110070.BPO ) KKR INFOSOLUTIONS LTD Kumaran HI Ltd. Sahakar Nagar .I st. I Floor. Udyog Vihar. GROUND FLOOR. Borivali Mumbai 400103 Rajarajan Mansion.cross cut road. New Delhi Bangalore 2b 1107 brindaban poonamnagar andheri east mumbai #34. Greams Road. Ground Floor Gunrock Enclave Secunderabad 500009 221.76 Kirloskar Computer ServicesBPO ( KCS . Royapettah Chennai 600014 725. Chennai 600006 2. Sector 14 Noida 201301 Shivalik Malviya Nagar Delhi 000000 983. Krishna Reddy Layout Bangalore 560071 223-224 Udyog Vihar Phase 1 Gurgaon 122002 A 81. 4th Floor. NEW DELHI C-1 / 1211. Lalitha Puram Gaudia Mutt Roa.gandhipuram coimbatore 641012 Greater Kailash 77 78 79 20 80 81 Linx Executive Search Macvin Consultancy Private Limited Magus Customer Dialog Manipal Education 82 83 3500 50 84 85 86 87 Marvel BPO Massif Futuristic METAQUEST MNC Software Solutions Private Limited Navigant Technologies Nebula Consultancy netsyscon Nfotec Digital Engg. VASANT KUNJ. Phase . Kamarajar Salai Madurai 625009 10-3-76/ 9 MEHDIPATNAM HYDERABAD 500053 G-37. LAJPAT NAGAR . Pondicherry 605001 #149. NIITSmart Serve Ltd.V Gurgaon 122016 Dwarka Delhi Sector -29 NOIDA No:72. Ocean Human Resource Services One Source Solutions 11 12 5 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 15 100 900 10 8 95 96 orange consultancy pvt ltd Pacific Consultancy Services 20 6 . Okhla Phase III. 68/1. Bangalore 560092 143/ 2 Neb Sarai Ignou Road NEW DELHI 110030 118. Opp. Eswaran Koil Street.

Pune Quadrant Consultancy Plot no. Sector 8A. Tower # 3. First Floor. Recruitment Solutions India Sushant Estate Gurgaon 122002 Recruitwell Consultants C1A/81C. Sector V Salt Lake Electronics Complex Kolkata 700 091 RCG IT Solutions Pvt. Adambakkam Chennai 600088 Pravritti placement 26. Navi Mumbai 400708 PARAMOUNT GROUP Paramount Group. Ambawadi Ahmedabad 380015 Proverge (Formerly Refel#79. Ramalinganagar. Politechnic. Flat No 513. First Main. !st Floor. Bangalore. off Conran Smith Road. Bharath Nagar. Ltd. SPS II Street. 2nd Floor. Janakpuri NEW DELHI 110058 Rhombus Technologies Andheri East Mumbai 400059 6 25 98 99 100 49 25 5 101 8 102 103 3 100 104 9 105 106 107 20 21 108 109 9 110 65 111 112 113 114 115 14 150 6 1 50 .560 078. Hall Village. International Vashi Station Vashi. Sheraton House Services Pvt. First Floor. JP Nagar. Opp TM Mindway.O Coimbatore 641002 Pulse network solutions e-20 2nd floor sector-8 noida QTS Kothrud. Ltd.96 97 Pacific Consultancy Services New Delhi 110048 Panacea Multiservices Pvt Ltd Shri Guru Datta Complex. Chennai 600014 Progressive Corporate 101. Royapettah. 5th Phistream Consulting Limited floor. 343/ 1. Gothavari Street. Topaz6building. Third Phase. g 47 sector noida 201301 Pinnacles Placements c1/ 8 bramha estate nxt to jyoti restaurant kondhwa pune 411048 Pixel Soft Solutions No:14. Block GP.S Puram P. Services Kurla(West) Mumbai 400070 quadraple technologies #B-19. !st main road. India. Navi Mumbai 400703 RADIANCE SOFTWARE (P) LTD Plot # F5. Woraiyur Trichy 620003 Quest HR E-219. Punjagutta. Verivada Layout. Delhi New Delhi 110085 Reach technologies 49. Above InfoTech Park. Airoli. source) Near Gurudwara Temple R.

Karthika Mumbai 400070 smart career b-106. H. Kalapatti. 4th stage.com Delhi 110052 SMS Recruitments Khairatabad Hyderabad 500004 SourceMind Inc. Ltd Magadi Main Road Basaveshwarnagar Bangalore 560079 Sharp Group SCO 161-162. School Rd. 3/148.. Ltd T. Chennai 600089 S N Nanda & Co. phase-4. Singaravelu Street.co. Panchshrishti Complex. 035 Coimbatore 641 SKG Technologies 10. 3. Madhya Marg. C 43. IInd Flr. ashok vihar resume@smartcareerindia. Mount Poonamalle High Ramapuram. Nasreen C. Level-2. Red Cross Market Hisar 125001 SKILLSOFT 4.uk Chandigarh 160018 Sharp Info Solutions Pvt Ltd Point Aarcade. Cabin No. Borivali West. Next to friends colony. old rajinder nagar.C. Behind S M Shetty School Hiranandani. Chennai 600017 Samyak Online 11A/ 13. Sitra Road. 3rd floor Delhi 110060 New Sapience Exults New Delhi Saviance Technologies Pvt Ltd 501 Millenium Plaza Suhant Lok Gurgaon 122002 Scriptacom BPO Systems (P) 24/ 39. Solai Apartments. 13 .116 RICHMOND TECHNOLOGIES 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 301 PSG STEP Software Park II.14 email id: sharpgroup14uk@yahoo. 4th block. Sector 8. Pamposh Enclave. Peelamedu Coimbatore 641004 RightMatch 401 Lancelot Bldg. 16 Panchvati.600085 Sai Outsourcing Company Pvt. 10 25 100 50 15 6 10 50 127 15 128 129 130 400 25 5 131 05 132 133 . S V Road. Subodaya. Powai. East Coast Road Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600 041 RV Infotech A4. Kurla(W).Mumbai 400092 RR Infotech 57/ 2B. No. S. Sharp Nagar. New Delhi 110048 Sacred Infocom Private New no 34 Old no 42 Ponni amman Limited Koil street Kottur Chennai . Nagar.

SECTOR A. Dist-Darjeeling Siliguri 146. OFFICE NO S-2 G T ROAD GHAZIABAD 201001 12. 400 120 149 TELSCAPE HR SOLUTIONS 30 150 Thaya consultancy 15 . Ltd. urmikunj Mumbai 400009 No. Mumbai 400001 #1. H. 1/ 5. Chennai 600108 134 SP Technologies 135 Spectrum BPO Pvt Ltd 150 136 137 srivari Tech Star Touch India Private Limited Stratbeans Consulting sure and certain placement consultancy Suth Placements Swasthik Sahits Solutions Private Limited Swastik Solutions . Hyderabad 500082 Sainikpuri. ZONE B. Fort.Banaji Street. Mylapore Chennai 600004 Arambh Complex. Broadway Road. 2nd floor. Challa Chambers Kapadia Lane. Habibullah Road Chennai 600 017 Shree Mahavir Chambers. Mandhani Buildings. Mumbai 400072 101. 1st Floor. Ltd. Venkatesa Agraharam Street. B. L. First Floor. Dlf City Phase 5 Gurgaon 122002 160.133 SourceMind Inc. Dr Thirumurthy Nagar Main Road Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 Guindy chennai 600034 #2. Raj Bhavan raod. BTM First Stage Bangalore 560068 C1. CG Road Ahmedabad 380006 4th Floor. Complex 3rd Floor 100 Ft Ring Road. Raj Bhavan Road.HR & Recruitment Consultancy Symphony Corporation 50 138 139 140 141 9 28 8 142 143 5 350 144 145 146 Synergy Placements Talent Pro Tarang Infotech Pvt. Somajiguda Hyderabad 500082 7.C61 . BALA JI COMPLEX 2nd FLOOR. B Road Chennai 600041 669-670 Udyog Vihar. 10 10 147 148 Techsakthi Solutions Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. 5. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE BHUBANESWAR 751010 No: 5. Phase 5 Gurgaon 122001 # 212 D.

We are in the business of providing human resource and staffing solutions leading provider of fully ADVENTITY is the for the service sector. providing manpower to various organisations in India. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . aok In-house BPO Services Ltd based simultaneously from New Delhi & Mumbai carrying out the profile of one of the largest Indian providers of Outsource IT Enabled Apex management consultants(Bangalore): Best Services at very reasonable rates. Call Center. Access BPO is an UK based staffing solutions provider. Guatemala & India We are in the business of Resource Management and Resource Planning. Most non-IT Skills. Banking. Philippines. For all jobs leading softwaresector. leading BPO Company IT Resourcing & Marketing front-end offers a single window gateway to India in the field of: Web Technologies. 4KMs IT. Australia Centers In recruitment for Call and Canada. BPO(Voice). We recruit candidates for our clients in USA. Printing & Publishing Services. As a in IT/ ITES/ BPO development and BPO company (100% EOU). Banking. we execute challenging projects for our global clients in we are leading recruitment company based in mumbai with focus areas IT. FMCG. IT Infrastructure A Professionally managed HR Consultants based in USA. Canada. Pharamaceutical. International Contact Centers (outbound). Call Center. BPO. We have experience with most processes available today as we have successfully managed our own Call Center with processes from UK. AgogZen is located in in various fields like from Airport.Profile Skills /Resumes of interest 2020 Consultancy is active in the placement consultancy. Administration Most IT Skills. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills PHP/Mysql. Manufacturing. Health Care. Web Developer. US. Sales Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre. We are the leading provider of information technology and personnel with Adept Consulting is a staffing company its operations in Mumbai. The . with We are into placement consultant for IT. integrated strategic Knowledge Process Outsourcingof the leading Man power We are one (�KPO�) and Business Process Consultants Dealing mainly with Call Centres and BPO group of professionals engaged in We are a Companies. We specialiseCoimbatore. The BPO services are KPO. and provides resources to a number of companies (both Indian as well as 24/ 7 Customer is a Top 5 BPO company headquartered in the US with offices across UK.

Most IT Skills. HR/ Recruitment (CIS) a 100% Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited Training & export oriented STPILtd. IT/ Non IT. EDP/MIS. Testing Services. Pharma. Call Center. Current jobs of leading bpo companies are found in this site. we specialise in Hospitality The Company recruits professionals in the field of Call Center. the company Calscal Systems Pvt. Telecom-Switching. Web development and Web design IT Most of our clients are in Europe. Capricorn Human Capital is HR Consultant specialised in the area of Call Center Industry and Center International (CCI) is a US-based Call ITES situated in mumbai. Java / J2EE. Sales Tatan is a information technology company which provides technology solution to its clients. ASP. Business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the advertising industry. HR. Web / Graphic Design. call centers and BPOs. BrainSource Management Consultants is a manpower placement company located in Pondicherry. Testing training. including Computer Hardware.we are leading recruitment company based in mumbai with focus areas IT. First client in 2000 2001: Expanded into Collaborative online selling 2004: Expanded into IT. DBA. Our COMP CARE is one point source for ITES & BPO Solutions. Non. is a leading offshore Cygnet Infotech Pvt registered company has software development company which deals in Customized Software Development. catering to Banking/ Finance. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . The company provides placement services to companies in basically dealing in Business process India. it is a canadian based bpo company and handle in data conversion/ processing. Networking. of highly dedicated professionals aiming at client's satisfaction. Computer operator. BPO team We are aetc. Quality Assurance. Web Developer Call Center Training. solutions. We deal in strategic staffing & staff augmentation services for our clients. Medical. Call centre. isBPO and Website working in IT enabled fields like data mining. Ltd. The Company provides software products and IT services (Managed (BPO). Dot net. Web Most non-IT Skills Call centre. Accounts. Pharmaceutical. Teaching Telecom-Radio. Engg. Soft Skills Training. Most non-IT Skills. Basil addresses the need among agencies across india placement consultants in easternthe globe to catering to all profiles except insurance. Administration. Headquarters in Los Angeles. Bank & Technology Sectors rigth from the Executive to the CEO Job site specifically created for BPO job seekers. Web requirements.IT Callides Technologies specialize in Call recruitment. inbound and outbound telemarketing company that provides multilingual HR Services-Training and Recruitment in the areas of Sales and Marketing also for Pharmaceutical Companies in recruiting Medical Representativesmanpower and CMC one of the popular & Managers consultancies in Mumbai. Implementation support. Software. HRD.

Retail. We have grown over the past 5 years to employee strength of 250 and Call centre. BPO etc We are company base on New jersey. is a leading offshore software development company which deals in Customized Software Development. EJS got an excellent track record in HR activities. Globemps is an upcoming placement firm catering to the field of information technology. the first Most IT Skills. BPO. hiring for TELECOM & BPO domain all over India One of the leading Turnkey IT/ ITES Infrastructure Project consultants specialized in Call centers. Premier Placement consultancy having Head Office in Bangalore.Bpo. Most non-IT Skills. Call Centre and the privilege of being Excel holds other Support Staff. BPOs. Inbound & outbound call center . BPO. Our Service Provider solutions address the specialized BPO. Center Training & Placement. CTI. consultant Providing Tech and non tech placement. Finance. Catering to all the major industries including IT. At Helios. Staffing and Outsourcing services with focus on Call Center applications using IVR. We specialize in catering to the human resource requirements of organizations in a variety of fields talent Gs Job Point provides best quality like IT. Grey Radical is a professional recruiting services company. Pharma. Software Developmentarea Business Transformation. Insurance. We are operating BPO.Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd. LOCAL PLACEMENT AGENCY . insurance. Quality Assurance. created in Helios Outsourcing is a needs of the conjunction with several companies in the UK and the US. Non IT. We are a group of Hr Consultants and provide searchfast-growing Harshu Consulting Services is a at all the company. General Placement Services-Lower/ Middle/ Sr. Level . pool to the employers. Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services (ISO 9001:2000) provides outsourcing services to clients worldwide.with the most reputed clients in finanace.center with over 100 An International Call Completed more than seats in two locations. Hi-Tech provides value added Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills BPO in Chandigarh. Sales. with expertise in recruitment assistanceUnified we provide Network security and in IT. We have 750+ professionals. Call Most non-IT Skills. Implementation support. We are talent acquisition partner of Leading BPO�s in India. Some of the and EJS BPO. LPO KPO as one of the lead Let us introduce our self Insurance. We are specilized in developing ERP for SME sector. specialising in outbound telemarketing process. Among fastest growing Networking Cos. ITES.Marketing / Sales We are one of the leading Placement Consultants in Pune. Marketing. we have a very strong team of people who are fully committed to An IT services company providing Consulting.

Most non-IT Skills. A 250 seater BPO offering voice and non voice process assistance to its international clients such as is a complete Service from iREC Solutions USA. Media. R.Global solutions. currently provides customised & innovative HR.Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services (ISO 9001:2000) provides outsourcing services to clients worldwide. We provide recruitment & training the pleasure to introduce J4N as We takeservices for International BPO's. Hyderabad. Finance and Legal services along with of the largest InfoVision Group (IVG) is one specialized independent IT enabled services companies in India. a one-stop provider to all recruitment needs. KPO/ BPO � formed in Year 2001 to offer services like software development. Mysore. CRM. IT. we give sevice to all segments it. DBA. FMCG. Management services to IT. Kanachur Technologies provides Kirloskar BPO is an outbound call centre with campaigns in UK/ US/ AUSTRALIA.accurate in our with Infeon we are fast and founded in 2004 its India HQ at Chennai. 200 employees are focused on delivering solution in running call centers. E. Insurance. UK. Office Automation. For e. Hi-Tech provides valueaadded HUMAN TOUCH Staffing Solutions is staffing company with its operations in Mumbai. company that provides Project A PMI Hubli and Vizag. KPO/ BPO/consultancyEnd n Education We are a premier HRO-Back for all the leading International & Domestic BPO's across Mumbai. ITES. Telecom. Visual Basic. Networking. We have 750+ professionals. Holiday packages etc. DBA. System admin-Windows. Call center ITJobZone is a specialized recruitment and training consultancy committed to provide requisite staffing andto industries like Real jeevan yapan serves training needs Estate. BPO arm of Kanachur Timbers. PHP/Mysql Accounts Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre . Staffing (Permanent provides BPO & Consulting Infinite BPO and Temp) and BPO services for Services in the Healthcare. ites. BPO. non-it. Australia etc. we have clients from various domains such as Finance. Pharmacuticals. As a recruitment consultancy we exist in various sectors of the industry. New York. UK base BPO that is doing market research related video analysis we are in to purely head hunting. P. Kochi. call centre. Call centre Most IT Skills. Telecom. Based in Bangalore. BPO companies TECHNOLOGIES is the IT and KANACHURand training to individuals. Organization with specific objective to functione-Solutions Pvt IT �an organization ITCONS in areas of: � Ltd. We are in the Call Center based in We are an Internationalbusiness of providing Andheri and having offices in Manhattan. Device drivers. Asia's #1 Call Center Training Institute with branches in Bangalore. g. bpo. With 3. Auto mobiles.

Construction. Company is engaged in software BPOs. Back office services and BPO Consulting we are Training Recruitment. specialis4 Domestic Call Center We are Manipal Education�s We are focused on imparting skill based training & placement to graduates and post graduates from non-creamy layer. Outsourcing./ vp/ GM recruiting for IT+BPO. Accounts. Deal with HEAD HUNTING in FINANCE SECTOR. ITES. support projects. in operation for three years. A India. Accounting & Finance outsourcing Firm from Mumbai. Manpower as voice based BPO company with Corporate Sector. Humanwell Resources(HR). Project tied up A BPO recruitment solution provider. Gas Turbine. HR process TechWe are seater.Kirloskar BPO is an outbound call centre with campaigns in UK/ US/ AUSTRALIA. Provide Contact Center services. Visual Most non-IT Skills. Banking. LaunchPad Tech commenced operations Solutions Of All Kinds For: Mnc'S. Manufacturing. Aerospace. VC++. The primary focus of the company is on the open Call Center Placement Consultancy(Bangalore): Best ServicesIT recruiter contractrates. Call centre. management in IT/ Non-IT. with the best BPO organizations in Delhi & NCR. 24*7 LaunchPad etc. Retail. Support. Middle and Sr. Administration. Energy. standards looking for people for inbound & outbound processes We do back office This is a BPO company. global operations Animation. It Related. BPO. HRD Call Center Training Pharmaceutical. For all jobs leading at very reasonable staffing senior management staffing for positions like CEO. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . in sunrise sectors A revamped international BPO at Gurgaon. We recruit for Engineering. Telecom. we have clients from various domains such as Finance. with both domestic and international clientele. Computer operator. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Call Centers Etc. FMCG. presently in the fast-track expansion mode with engaged We are a group of professionals an open in providing manpower to various organisations in Professionally managed HR Consultants IT. Dot net. Holiday packages all international 104 seater call center with etc. Finance. development and BPO operations. PHP/Mysql. we cater to Corporates and SMEs in the areas of IT. is a 50 looking for international call center located in the hearth of the city. We specialise in various fields like based in Pondicherry. Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills ASP. Staffing. Data conversions. We would like to introduce ourselves as a small yet professionally managed Manpower placement Agency that provides resources to a number of companies (both Indian as We Provide Consulting./ CTO.

Data Conversion. Banking. Form Filling. Financial institutes and consultancy Jobs. Oracle. Insurance. BPOs. Banks for We offer services like Web & Application Development. Domestic and InternationalBPO. Retail. Dot net. tied up with the best BPO organizations in Delhi & NCR. with good experience in full-time placement of professionals. Java / J2EE. Insurance. Web / HRD. banking etc. We provide the best training for candidates and support for clients. Computer operator. Experienced in placing candidates IN SECTORS for: Tele callers We provide candidates SUCH AS IT. Media & ITES (BPO/ KPO) industries. fast growing offshore provider.A BPO recruitment solution provider. Email Verification. offersBPO. Oracle. A BPO Organisation with recruitment branch. Finance and Operations for BPO. Placement consultant handling IT. ITeS. Non Voice Process) and Software Development (Java/ in Sales and We offer consultancy services J2EE. We deal recruitment for BPO Engineering software developement IT. We provide BPO Recruitement/ Training for Call Centre BPO's. Call centre. extending high quality Contact Center Services from our 500 seated Call Center based in Technologies ProvergeAhmedabad. Computer operator. Marketing / Sales CAD / CAM / GIS. ITES. Pharma. ITES Consultancy Placements in Call Center and KPO and training for voice and communication skills Provide the Solutions for BPO (Data Entry. Inks. preKPO. with a Solutions of interest in Consulting. Career Consumer Durables. Call centre. we r in this field from We are an Executive Search firm rendering our services to various industries like Banking. We are a Insurance and Telecom Industries. Non-IT. Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Call centre Call Center Training. Front Office / Receptionist Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . is a Staffing Solution. a leader in IT Solutions for the global soft goods industry. IT. Quadraple technologies is a 50 call center we r currently running us uk and aus process. Paints. and resources opportunities in FMCG. We also market our own Software Products & Call Center services with ASP. Panacea is a young IT development company in the field of BPO Back office and Web design and development. Chemicals. LAMP Marketing. RCG IT repertoirea non-hierarchical Software Development and consulting firm delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to REACH Technologies. is a wholly owned Radiance Software (P) We are focused solely subsidiary of UK based Gurg Consulting. ERP. Ltd. It is a one-stop Information Technology Company.

Domain Registration. Web Hosting. Call Center Training Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Medical Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills ASP. Pharma. We are the leading Hiring Partner for some of the largest International & Centers and 1. I. Limited BPO firm with interests in all types of BPO projects with extensive networks in the major cities of India. MT. with web application development. in the early days of BPO industry. Call Center Recruitments and Data Processing. Now The company plans9001:14001 Certified Private We are an ISO to start a BPO as a new wing. Web Accounts. Administration. We are Outsourcing We are a professionally managed Search Engine l Marketing SEM. PHP / Mysql. outsourcing (HRO) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company that aims at serving Banking. Java/J2EE. FMCG. established of SMSclients. We are pleased to introduce you to Sapience Exults. BPO. Specialising in Limited deals Sacred Infocom PrivateBPO. Web Developer Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills Most IT Skills. energetic and result oriented ambitious youngsters. It has grown well and is Group is aas one of the significant Sharp emerging renowned recruitment agency and dealing with Bank.We are into Software. System admin-Linux. System admin-Windows Accounts. Broking & Insurance 5. Most non-IT Skills. Our company non voice based BPO industry Call centre. Consumer Durable. Advertising. Finance. We are part of the 4-decade experienced SHARP Business group and in the fields of pumps. Insurance. Marketing/Sales Most IT Skills. T. a Fast Growing BPO companies providing vide range of services to the international clients. Retail & Customer Service 3. Banking & Finance 4.. IT Requirements (Contract & Permanent Position) for Different Companies. & senior level executives for recruitment in India & abroad. Garment & Textile. Most non-IT Skills. Finance. MediaCallInternet 2. Computer operator Most non-IT Skills Call centre. Linux. PHP / Mysql. Placement is located at Chennai. RV InfoTech is started in the Call Center Industry with highly motivated. Real Estate. with few years of Talent Acquisition & Management experience in variousIT & Non Strategic Staffing Firm. We provide Human Resource Skillsoft is provides cost effective services in Solutions. Have a The Company was started by hardcore professionals with a small base in1998. we work with diverse range in the year 1999 is truly a pioneer in the field of Human Resources Development process Sourcemind is a human resourceconsulting. working for verticals. Web Development. Web / Graphic Design. Linux. foundry. Manufacturing. Our head officeConsultants for middleTamilnadu. Financial Services and Call centre. Web / Graphic Design. focusing on growing HR needs. we provide tailormade solutions to our Recruitments Pvt Ltd. food-waste disposers. IT and Retail verticals providing dynamic resourcing solutions at all levels. Our executive search smart career is professionally managed placement consultancy. We source for BPOs. Java / J2EE. Dot net. Telecom. .

HR Staffing and IT Consulting the Call Center and Help desk Solutions for including Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). BPO. Email support and other IT Enabled Services. Web Developer Accounts. Swastik Solutions is an Ahmedabad based HR and Recruitment consultancy firm providing staffing and placement services mainly to IT Symphony Corporation is a global technology services and BPO company. This consultany Networking.is a Hyderabad based Sp technologies Financial Services and company. We offer end � Job end Recruitment solutions. ERP. Web Development. Housekeeping. IT Outsourcing and Training & Development company of India.Sourcemind is a human resource process outsourcing (HRO) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company that aims at serving Banking. Predictive and Progressive Dialers. Hyderabad. Consultant of ISP. We provide innovative IT products. UK and Australia. Telemedicine SolutionIT Services. Symphonys prime focus is in healthcare. Voice Logger. Provide Provider. Manpower. It is an Bpo based in chennai StarTouch is a full fledged BPO center with state of the art Technology for inbound and outbound operations. IT services/ trainings for Services provided are Right Management. Security etc Suth Placements is a company into the job placement sector and we are basically dealing one BPOs leading Centres We are withof the and Callplacement consultants for BPO in Chennai. We are an International Call Center and we do telecalling to US. insurance and logistics Placements is well as state and Synergy industries. Marketing / Sales Call centre Most IT Skills Electronics. Call Center and BPO. CRM. We also do datamanagement. Consulting Company. Marketing / Sales Most IT Skills Most non-IT Skills . Call Center. Leadingto �consultancy in Chennai doing HR recruitment for IT/ Mechanical/ Banking/ BPO/ Electrical industries. BPO and CAD. Labour Contract. as a placemnets consultancy operating from Siliguri in West Bengal and actively into BPO and NON BPO International BPO Specialist in Live Audio and Video Conferencing over IP and ISDN. SMS Alerting Solution. a leading Consulting. Our core areas are software development. We specialise in Outsourcing also. Hr TELSCAPE HR SOLUTIONS [THRS]. We offer a full portfolio ofconsulting is a Management StratBeans services across industries.

com/ EGB Systems http://www.com Tech Trend Solutions http://www.co.net/ Esquire http://www.seventhsense.com/ .mirafra.egbsystems.in/ Mirafra Technologies www.reverseinformatics.com/ Seventh Sense Networks ttp://www.Reverse Informatics http://www.in/ h Career Plus http://www.techtrendsolutions.com/ Photon Infotech http://photoninfotech.careerplus.esquiresystems.

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044 . No: Main Road. Sardar Patel Road Computers International. Vijayanagar. 'Pottipati Plaza'. 3.1st Floor. 20. 1205 . IT PARK. 2. II Trust LinkChennai) +91 44 66540922 + 91-44-42135588. 184Anna Salai. 91-44-261 649 41 up to 47 Barry-Wehmiller International Resources 37. 1/D 1. Nelson Manickam Road. Nungambakkam High S. 91-44-28203548/49/51 77. Nelson Road Frontline Accel Technologies 75. No. No. N A. 3rd Main Road. (044) 2220 1405. +91-44-42036821. Jamals. 24322511 +91-44-6740 4000 +91-44-2461 0149 Mandaveli. NorthVelachery Main +91-44-2244 7070 46B. 2230 1515 "M A C House" 4. steps. 7. B-Block.I. 20 SBI Officers ™ Colony. Anna Salai. Ramaniyam Apartment. Apex Plaza. 3rd Floor. Citibank N A. Kalaimagal Nagar. Block II.20876930742 4.Address 4th floor. 352/1 B. Village Road Egmore Alexander Square 91-44-52145959 2300050 III7. 1C. 5th Floor Type II/4 #1. II Crescent Park Road. 12. 24402316 # Floor 34/35 Gandhinagar. Nungambakkam Dowlath Towers Floors 1 & (91) 44 42200100 2. Second Floor. Manickam 75.V. PO Box # 4830. Nelson Manickam Road. Temple Smith Road. Teynampet. Adyar. 18-D Marshals Road No. Usman Road. Thiruvallur.D Tidel Park. #5/535. 12-02 Tidel Park 4. Arumbakkam. The Lords. Chennai-602004 2C&D. +91-44-24402315. Canal Bank Road #138 Telephone 91-44-42226700 044-42252000 044-42233700 91-44-23740105 91-44-23742829 (044) 42695043 /43 044 . # 1. Krishna Kuteera Apartments.2824 0520/21. 17. Gee Gee Emerald 91 44 2821 4599 151. Kumaran Nagar 38/58. GB Ground Floor. +044 2363 0363 First Street. Polaris House 244 Anna Salai 11 Sarathy Nagar. T Road. Citibank Church Road. 91-44-24467048/24914606 152 A. + 91-44-24328688 +91-44-43542050. Canal Bank Road. SIPCOT Siruseri (near Road. 5th Floor.S. V. First58. Nelson Manickam Road. 041160-41085/41086 Melnallathur. 377.2826 0520/21 +91 (44) 4214 5730 / 4214 5723 91-44-22431115 +91 44 2254 0410 91-44-32916830 13th Main Road.No. Off No. +91-44-43542060. Estate 091-044-52040494/95/96/97 # 91-44-42096000 +91 44 4220-3700 (91-44) 2254 2260 . 3A. Mail Room. +91-044-23741591 (6 Lines) 91-44-2254. 37. Dr. Jagannathan Road. Chennai 600 91-44-66549000 1D. Old Mahabalipuram Road.

743. Bishop Waller's Avenue (East) M4.34. Haddows Road +91 44 43931900 Chennai-600006 +91-44-2433 0550 # 480 . E-Softtek X 15/1 Second Avenue # . SDF II. International Tech4TH Park. 91-44-815 2283 D-1. 044-42023797/98 Flat GA. KHADER 2 & 3.41.Floor RR Tower II. 3rd floor.+91-44-4391 0000 d). 101. 228152596 (+91)(44) 24863700 +91 44 4229 2211 (044) 2499 3327 / 2038 Solutions +91-44-4214-7988. (91) 44 4393 9393 | 2815 3515 T Nagar .B.42005200 No. Anna Salai. MEPZ 20. First MENA KAMPALA Arcade. 3rdDBS Business Suite 301. 114. 34. +91 44 2852 4847 "Kasturi Towers" 6 Smith Road 2nd Floor. (old #6.Wellingdon (044) 24679200 3. Nandanam. Anna Salai.(91) 44-2431-4642 Ground Floor (South Wing). Satheesh Kumar ('Satheesh') Tower Victoire'. T. L. 4th Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Emantras #35/1. 044-55225522 Unit-2. 4210-3350 Focus Infosys #53. Ground New No. T. Dr. ChennaiCHC India "Sai Business Point" RR Towers III. Block-1.N. Indiradevi Apartments. 3rd Floor. FLOOR. Floor +91 44 2816 0304 #113-114.N. Chennai-600 91-44-22546000 10-C TIDEL Park 4 Canal Bank Road 8th Floor. Century Centre. Sri Sai Square No. Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Czone • 91 44 5324347 (011) 91-44-2235-4700 +91 44 4229 7100. 23766039 +91 44 42454000 91 . No. Level 1. Baskar Colony.44 . Firstware Software 91-98400-78597 +91 44 2824 0200 91-44-26210772 (+91) 9840847471 044-23765250. 2nd Floor. II Street. HP Towers Harrington Road 91-44-815 1286. Sir Theagaraya Road. Street. Kilpauk. (044) 2836 5566 No. +91 (44) 4266-6015 Unit 3. 91 . 91-44-28330881/882/883 KAKANI TOWERS.44 . Prince Center. Virugambakkam. CentreOMS Court. Road. +91 44 2262 3522 Tambaram. Developed Plots. Lotus Tower 85 Mount Road. (New No.2. +91 (0) 44 5213 1124 672 Anna Salai.+ 91 (44) 2231-8990 / 4223-8990 8th Floor. 16. 45 G. 94 TTK Road. 84. Chennai . 34 (Old No. 153 Arcot 184-187 Temple Steps. Temple Tower. Ascendas International Tech Park India Comnet 91-44-2262-1232/3/4 International Floor. P Venkataramana ('Venkat') Mr V. poonamallee High Road. New +91 44 6654 6083 91-44-2829-7106 No 248. No. Greams Road Ganga griha. 26). Phase II. Chennai 600 III Floor. 1. Chetty Road. 37). IInd Cross Street. Road Anna Salai. Nathamuni Street.42169462 / 63 +91 44 5212 3376 (91-44) 228151063. + 91 44 2498 6500 Horizon Center. No 9. Surya Flats.481.

+(91)-(044)-2467 0183 +91 44 4204 0315 91. 25. Theyagaraya Road. NEXT III Floor. +91 44 28224949 (+91 44) 4391 7100 . 3rd Floor +91-44-2432 8181 CAPITALE'. 22354692. Road. 4803899. Heavitree Complex. 15/9 Jagannathan Road. #22A 1st Floor. Radha Avenue. East Wing.24869213 / 9214 / 9217 No: 100-A. Haddows Road 168. 8 th street Concorde Textile Building. 3rd Floor. Floor. 5th Floor. Shree Park.Ambiga 4th floor Sorrento Building 9841042400 Unit-C.93 Anna # 5. +91 44 4311 4161 184-187. Pinjala lane.House Apeejay 600015 12. +91-44-2815 4959 New #56 Salai T. Old Polaris House. and Support Service Office IT Park. 8241923 8511235 91-44-2432 3800 / 01 +91-44-2461 7193 / 94/ 95 044-5571 4232 91-44-26630693 91-44-43560890/ 91 044-30902035. AnnaB. Radhakrishnan Salai Nalli SoftSolutions No. Dr. Brooklyn Business Centre 5th Floor.Nagar. +91-44-5211-2784 New Salai Teynampet. KRISP Vandalur . #129 A. TTK Road D. 1st Street +91 (0) 44 3981 8500 iSOFT Product Development Centre Block # K. 91 . Anna Salai Chennai. 114. 8th to 12th Floor. Nagar 96. Global Towers 79.30. 52071266 + 91-44-4266 7000 Tech Park 3B. 27. (Old # 3) +91-44-5211-2783 . 2nd Street IInd floor. 22350589 +91 44 2747 7777 044 5577 2600 / 5577 2615 . +91 44 55501000 Temple Towers.44 .600018. Chennai . 1st Floor +91 44 42649292 . Habibullah T. RAMS . 4803898. Floor. Velacherry Road. 4803902 United India Colony 91 44 28221600/01/02/03 3rd Floor Romar House. 91-44-2252 9100 L&T Infotech Park Mount Poonamallee Road. 1st Main Road. 3. 555. 7th Floor. First Floor. III floor. Taurus. Barnaby Road Kilpauk KPMG 0091-44-42104501 044-22540218 / 219 +91-44-22353235. Chennai-600017 (044) 2847 5100 / 2847 3670 7th Floor. +91-44-446 4292 Ms. 1st Main Road.+91-44-4204 0041 Old No. Eldams Road. 6A.19 91-44-28413236/28419327 91-44-420-58888 +91 44 39844900 / 24332533 Wescare Towers. A-South. 4803900. III Floor. 106/12. 1st First + 91 44 22323595 Floor 94/95. J International 9th Floor. +91 044 4206 0330 A-9. Old 578.52384400 8241902.044. 36. No 476. Srilakshmi Nagar. 8241903.N. V L Plaza +91.44. 91 44 2852 4154 244 Anna Salai. Dowlath Towers. Arihant Nitco Park. Ganesh Third Towers Babu Yadati 7-C. RR2 Building. Tidel Park.Reddy Road +91-44-2815 5080.Kelambakkam Corporate Office Ramakrishna Buildings• 1/1. West Cott Road. Block Annanagar East. Appu # 11/20.42258000 91-44-4200-9450 Chinnamalai. Ambattur Industrial Estate. Prince Arcade. Saidapet. New No 672. +(91)-(044)-2467 0182 . Century "Optimus House".

No. Old No 144. Iyer Road. No. FF3 (!st Floor)Thirumalai Pillai #48. Third Floor.6654. 91-44-42228100 Thirdware Business Solutions 50. +91 44 4214 3469 / 2442 0396 I Main Road. Chambers 80/81. 91 44 24314201-03 II Floor. Ali Towers. No 29/30. +91 44 2860 3900 +91.43901111 #81. +91 44 2834 1137/8 #40. "Vukan Towers" Thirumalai Pillai Road. 91-44-4915932 Old No: 17 Center 91-44 30277990 / 91 Arjay Apex New No:2 I Floor. +91 44 4209 4100 Servion Hub 12. Anna Salai. Dr Mylapore Br. 3D. 044-2374 5400 / 2374 6500 +91 (044) 2822 7358 #13/2. Tata Consultancy Services 91 44 6616 2222 415/21-24. 24. 91-44-42142500 Rutland Towers. New No Mahatma Gandhi Road. 5th Chennai City Centre. 168 Eldams Road.6600 Mylapore. Road. VK Mandaveli. Apt. 0506. Chennai 600 Megabyte.44. 0508 Temple Towers. Central Avenue 100. Towers Vukan 4th & 5th Floor Rhythems Arcade. 1B-SundaramGandhinagar. I Floor. MBC Towers 91-44-6696-4200 6th Floor. RadhaKrishnan Salai.4.M. Velachery 91-44-22350020. 24611972/3/4 + (91) (44) 2822 2001 Nungambakkam Sterling Tower (8th Floor) +91 44 43965000 327. 1st 91-044-8201533/4/5 Sherston Educational Software 4. + 91-44-2461 4501 38. Ford India Supplier 91-44-27452811 Park. First Street. Kumaran 91-44. Raja +91-44-2849 0999 593B. 8256397 +91-44 2431 2161 / 62 / 63 91 445 210 2500 +91 (44) 4213 8656 Road. Centre India Operations Support No. Greams Road. Road. T Nagar. 96. T. 22301103 21 Mount Road Saidapet Harrington 1st Floor. New #35 (Old #17). 91-44-28475556 + 91 (44) 26400721 91-44-28342040 / 55190398 / 52024230 . II Floor.0507 & +91 44 2254 0020 Module No. Third Floor.P Nagappa 132. Taramani.2Valluvarkottam High +91 44 28334350-52 +91 44 2254 0770-77 +91 (44) 2254 1473 / 2254 1474 +91 44 43502201 4328395. floor. Computer Sampoorna People "Jayashree". Alwarpet. First Floor Phase-II. Wallace Garden. T " Archbishop Arulappa Towers" 146 Sterling Road 91-44-24952683. 4328398 8267188. Spencer Plaza. College Road +91 44 2852 6353 20 Patullos Road Chennai 600 002 Sutherland Global Services 91-44-42007884 # 383. Prince Kushal Towers #22 Oliver Road. Nandanam. Elnet Software City. 044 42142400 55. Plot #2. G4. CPT Road. No 184. Canal Bank Road. 54 Thirumalai NagarK. Tidel Park. ASA Towers Dr Radhakrishnan Salai Golden enclave. Bazullah Road.

2nd Floor. 150 GUINDY CHENNAI 600032 4th Floor. West Road. Gee Gee Emarald.Dr. St. AGS 9/5 Padmanabha Nagar II +91-98409 04580. 3RD MAIN ROAD. (408) 416 3231 Street Adyar 91 44 4200 2700 The Lords No. BPO 2/G-2 Siruseri. No. singaravelu SADASIVAM NAGAR. MADIPAKKAM CHENNAI 600091 Judge Jumbulingam Street 30 Chennai 600004 1st Floor. SARDAR PATEL ROAD. Marys Road. 127/4. Nungambakkam High Road. 151. 480. Anna Nagar Chennai 600040 62.Plot#8. 112. North Bogh road. 1.A Venus Colony. Kelambakkam (off new #92. mount road nandanam chennai 600035 8 . First street Alwarpet Chennai 600 018 2nd Floor. 1st floor. 1. High +91-44-2820 0440 Rd +91 (44) 24500200 Wipro Technologies / Wipro SIPCOT IT Park. Chennai 41. Nungambakkam. 1 & 2. 10th Cross Street 91-99400-58451 6th Main Road. Northern 91-44-42029975/76 "Aishwareya Complex" No. Alwarpet chennai 600018 10 139/59A Rangarajapuram 500 Main road Kodambakkam Chennai 600024 AD/ 2 ANNA NAGAR CHENNAI 600040 khivraj complex II. Dowlath Towers 650 Chennai 600010 4th Floor. nagar. T95. Chennai chennai 600072 50 30 25 10 40 15 . nagar Ashok T. CVR Complex. 3rd Avenue.

Adyar 30 10 50 20 10 150 10 . New No-61. 7. Alwarpet Chennai 6000018 25 U. Khader Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam Chennai 600006 101 a 3rd Main road. (OLD # 4) Jayammal Street. 3rd Street.R. (LAND MARK � NEAR M. Shanthi Colony. AMPA 107/ 3. Old No-3. Towers. Sundarnagar Ekkatuthangal. 1st Floor. HOSPITAL ). AL-102.H Road 600034 Chennai 14/ 6. III Avenue. N.#203. K. J. chennai 600029 146/ 10. Asokan Street Bharathipuram. Nelson Manickam Aminjikarai Chennai 600029 Chennai 51.Anna Manor. Chennai 600 024 No.Chennai # 07. Guindy Chennai 600016 311. II Cross Kodambakkam. LB Road. II nd floor. Chennai . Zackaria Colony. Chrompet Chennai 600044 New No:3.15. Vembuli Subedhar Street Alandur. Ist Floor. Nelson manickam 100 Road Near Metha Nagar Bus Stand 600029 Chennai 10?6 santham colony annanager west chennai 600101 #1 & 2. I Colony Kodambakkam Chennai 600 024 No 19.Madipakkam chennai 600091 Saidapet. 96. II Floor Kaveri Complex. Manickam Avenue.

North Usman Road. Block 2 & 9. Egmore Pantheonto Chennai 600008 Old No:70 New No: 7/ 1 Heramba Apt Jawaharlal Nehru Salai. Purasaiwakkam Chennai 600 084 6 Chennai 600041 14 wallers road chennai 600002 3C Gee Gee Emerald 312/ 151 Village Road.T Nagar 600017 Chennai #10. Krishnappa Street.Kences Towers. Chennai 600113 Level 6. PARK 25 ROAD NAGAR WEST EXTN ANNA CHENNAI 600050 22/13 Nagarjuna nagar second street kodambakkam chennai 600024 89/ 3 TEMPLE VIEW APARTMENTS. 183 Mount road little mount chennai 600015 AD 74.PURAM CHENNAI 600028 2nd Floor.4th Floor. SANTHOME HIGH ROAD. 100 Saidapet Chennai 600015 g8 baid metha complex. Vadapalani Chennai 600026 # 13 &14. TS 140.A. Abdul Razack Street. Shanti Colony. 1200 Opposite Road. Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 50 50 15 85 50 . Anna nagar Chennai 600040 5 300 20 40 100 5/11 U R NAGAR. Pantheon Plaza. 10/ 11.Chennai 600020 Elnet Software City. Module Taramani. R. II Floor. Chennai Citi salai R K Center 4D.

Phase 1 MEPZ 600045 Chennai 28. Luz Church road. anna salai(mount road) PR & SONS Building. Eldams Road Alwarpet Chennai 600018 Nandanam Chennai 600035 Chennai 2. 4th wing. 682. Block 3 SDF Buildings. Chennai 600002 9th Floor. Lal mohamed 3rd cross Street. Mylapore Chennai 600004 Alsa towers Tailors road Chennai 600034 Unit 21. Anna 50 salai Nandanam Chennai 600035 # 3A Corporation Colony 25 Street. Nm Road. Near Power house. GEE GEE Crystal. VALASARAVAKKAM. Harrington Road Chennai 600031 117a. Chennai 600024 10/ 2. Aminjikarai Chennai 6000029 AC-5. CHENNAI-600087 #855. Mathrukruppa BLDG Chennai 600083 10 100 25 50 50 5 No. Chepauk Chennai 600005 211. N. Kodambakkam. Old 31 2nd Floor Khader Nawaz Khan Nungambakkam Chennai 600006 45 . MAJESTIC COLONY.29. house. 2nd floor. 400 # 91 Dr RK Mylapore Salai Chennai 600004 New No 6. 1st floor. nelson towers. KK Nivas. S.

15 vasu chennai 600010 street. Ashok nagar. nandanam Annai Salai chennai 6000035 Ground floor. . Prince Info City. Temple Tower. 19/ 6A. Vadapalani. Nandanam Chennai 600035 No:11. Chrompet. 1st Floor.R. 25 Second main road. Potters 30 Street. 26 A.Temple tower. Madavakkam Main Road Madavakkam Chennai 600096 4. Velachery Tambaram East Chennai 600059 G Block. Jamals rajbhavan building. Chennai 600024 Velacherry Chennai 600042 Ground Floor. Valasaravakkam Chennai 600087 Mylapore Chennai 600004 264/ 11. Chennai 600026 1-A. 15 15 25 25 60 100 30 40 50 . Main Road.D Complex. Trust puran. Chennai 600083 Chennai 20 Plot No.100 99 ft road.156. 26/22. Purushothaman nagar. Anna Salai. Old mahabalipuram Kandanchavadi Chennai 600096 Chola Towers. Saidapet Chennai 600 015 30. 672. 5 5th Street. Vengeeswarar Nagar First Vadapalani Main Road Chennai 600026 New 22/ 1 Old 30. Majestic Colony. Kumaran Colony.N. Satyanathan Complex. Annanagar West 600040 Chennai 286/ 1.

off 72 north usman road. N. Poonamallee High Road Arumbakkam Chennai 600106 S-2. II Floor Periyar no 8. Chesney Town House. old mahabaliburam road. Harris Road. Berachah Building. 30 1st Cross Street. Malles Manor New 19/ Old Road. Chennai 600024 123. Kodambakkam. Tnagar Chennai 600017 Shakthi Towers 6th floor. TTK Road. T. Chetty. Velachery Main Road. nagar 25. III Floor. First Main Road. Velachery Chennai 600042 85. chennai 600 096 150 #13/7. Alwarpet.25 chennai 600005 284/ 1A. Road. United India colony. Chennai 600034 #811.Nagar 600017 Chennai 47-B/ 320-B. Chennai 600024 4/ 39 Prithivi Avenue Abhiramapuram Chennai 600018 40 50 110 100 50 25 50 57 60 . Chennai No 59. Chennai 600008 15. Pudupet 600008 Chennai 3/ 2 ramachandra st. Ethiraj Salai. Kodambakkam. 766 Anna Salai Chennai 600 002 3. Jagannathan Road. chennai 600017 t. Nungambakkam. G. Romar House. Sterling 600034 ChennaiRoad. D3eveloped Plot estate perungudi chennai 600096 72-J. Trust Puram. 3rd Cross Street.

Chennai 600017 No: 236. Kannadasan St 25 Mogappair East Chennai 600037 89 Arcot Road. Bhaskaran Colony. Subodaya. A. NSK Lane. Old Mahabalipuram Road. R. 4B. 22nd Street. Velachery Main Road. Mylapore Chennai 600004 Plot Old No:494. Teju House. Chennai 600093 NO:2/ 268. East Coast Road Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600 041 No. Saligramam. Chennai 600024 57/ 2B. Appu St. 26. Chennai 600096 1200 88. Korattur. New No:25. Plaza. 3. 1st floor Greams Road Chennai 600006 Adyar Chennai 600020 5 Sai Soudha. Tambaram Chennai 600073 AC-12. 3rd 13 Street. Nagar. P. 2ND AVENUE. T. Selaiyur. 3rd Floor. west saidapt chennai 600015 5 5 20 50 20 8 52 . 1st Lane. Singaravelu Street. Chennai 600 080 113 Ponamalle High Road Chennai 600084 Gandhi Nagar Adyar Chennai 600020 CKP Towers 72 West jones road. ANNANAGAR CHENNAI-600040 5/ 14. Virugambakkam Chennai 600092 Jamal Fazal chambers.2/102. Kodambakkam.

4th Avenue. Chennai 600018 213. Neeladri. Chetpet Chennai 600 031 #11. 34th street. Teynampet Chennai 600018 Cathedral Rd. Guidy032 Chennai 600 #1. Senthil Nagar. 38/16. I. Chennai TPF #4. Anna Sali. Chennai 600 094 T E Software Services. 7th cross st. 6. 2nd East Street. Chennai 11. Chennai 600 018. NSIC software technology park ekkadu thangal chennai 600032 No. II Main Road Mylapore Chennai 600004 Aarthi chambers 3rd floor 189. T Colony. Alwarpet. JVL Plaza. Teynampet 150 40 10 100 25 20 400 . C. Club Road. Mylapore Chennai 600 004 New No.3rd Floor. 6th Floor. 45 2nd Floor. chennai 600034 83 Ground Floor. Shree Park.Softcrylic Technology Solutions India. No. 27. Aalam Center. 25 MCM -TechKa Industrial Park. Anna salai Chennai 600002 #11.RadhaKrishnan 20 Salai. L. Kamaraj 600041 Chennai Nagar. Ashok Nagar Chennai 600083 626/ 501 5th floor. 34th Street. 100 250 25 78/103. 145. Chennai 600083 TPF Software India (P)Ltd. nungambakkam. Ashok Nagar. 100 ft Road. Old No. lake area. Anna salai. 9. B Road Chennai 600041 No. 4.Dr. Thiru Vi Estate. 578.. Choolaimedu. Eldams Road.

TVS Avenue. # 107 Kaveri Complex. Chennai 36.H. Adyar Chennai 600020 21/ 74.157. Nungambakkam High Road Chennai 600034 No 9. Unit 3. 62. THIRUMALAIPILLAI 200 ROAD.Road Chennai 600004 333. Anna 10 Nagar West Extension Landmark: Near MMM Hospital 600101 Chennai Ascendas International 250 Tech Park. Karneeswarar Kovil 40 St Saidapet Chennai 600015 7 B Bharathiyar Street Murugappa Nagar Chennai 600094 15 75 60 10 10 . Kodambakkam.6th Street. Beemasana Garden Street R.40 Chennai 600018 39. Tondiarpet Chennai 600 081 6 / 69.Nethaji Nagar. chennai 5 No. ARCOT ROAD. T 600 017 Chennai nagar. 12 Abiramapuram 3rd street Chennai 600018 96/ 104. Kamaraj Avenue Second street. Ground Chennai 600113 New no.

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