1. Enter your families names below. 2. Agree on what activities you can enjoy and when. 3.

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Let’s work together and keep 2013 healthy


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Who’s most active in your family?


Track your fun activities using this chart
1. 2. 3. Fill in name under 1st column. Family Fit Champion? Use coloured stickers, different colours for each family member. Write activity completed, eg, swimming, in top orange box and a sticker on box below for each person who completes it. Who will have the most at the end of the month?
Colour Who’s going to be the



Who’s most active in your family?


Here’s some Ideas
Activity Hopscotch Description A simple game that challenges your brain and your fitness! What you will need to do  Mark out a court numbered 1-10 with chalk.  Once drawn, throw a marker onto the court (A dice is good)  Each player tries to retrieve it by hopping and jumping. Mark an area with lots of place to hide Get a group and have one person as the seeker The seeker counts to 30 as the others search for places to hide. The first person that is found by a seeker is the seeker for the next game! Find an area large enough to run One person tries to tag the others in the game. If you are tagged, you are now ‘it’ and will have to chase to tag another runner. Discuss with your child a sport they would enjoy. Individual clubs: Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Cycling Team clubs: Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Use a Frisbee, a ball, or both. Make sure you use a large area away from breakable objects!

Hide and seek

This game allows you to see the  surrounding area in a different way. Where  will you hide to keep out if site of the  seeker?  Similar to hide and seek, but you will need  a bigger area to allow you to run and avoid  being tagged.   


After school sports club A great opportunity for your child to build

confidence by learning a skill and making friends. This development is transferable in to many aspects of your child’s life.

 Often only played in the height of summer,  but throwing a Frisbee or a ball can still be  fun down the park this time of year.

Who’s most active in your family?


More Great Ideas
Activity Description What you will need to do Enter a family fun race There are many races throughout the  Search online for one near you that can get all the year that are family friendly. Fun runs family involved. range from a mile upwards, and can be  Prepare work several weeks before the race to an opportunity to raise money for raise your fitness level. charity. Gardening One of the most challenging and  rewarding activities, gardening allows the family to exercise with nature’s  fresh air, as well as and learning about the local environment.  We are lucky to have plenty of wind in  the UK, so flying a kite can be done at  many times during the year!  Gather gardening tools and ensure any used by Children are safe to use. Make a plan of what you want the garden to look like. Work together to gradually make a garden that will be the talk of the local community. Get a kite and an area with plenty of room. Take turns to guide the kite through the air. Ensure that the kite is kept away from any power cables or lines.

Kite flying

Trip to the local park The local park is a great area providing  open fields and play areas for the family to enjoy. 
Swimming Going to your local pool is one of the  best ways to exercise. It also helps that  it is great fun!

Take a long stroll and observe the local plants and wildlife Set up an obstacle course for the kids to complete
Find a local pool Ensure that younger children have support for safe swimming

Who’s most active in your family?


And some final great ideas
Activity Jump rope Description This activity is something you can pick up and do both indoors and outdoors. It takes practice, but you will be hopping around in no time. For some, the hula hoop is one of the hardest activities to master. You can be sure that those calories are burning whilst in pursuit of the perfect hula! What you will need to do  Locate a skipping rope  Use an area that will allow for the full height of the skipping rope.  HOW TO: o Place the hula hoop just above your waist. o Shift your waist and belly backwards and forwards with the momentum of the hoop Remember it is not easy and takes practice. A great challenge for the family! Remember walking gear such as boots, a backpack, snacks and water. A good sense of direction (or keep the route simple to start with!) Take a first aid kit to be safe! Find a route that will be safe for all riders Wear all safety gear needed to remain protected. Pack a bottle of water Get a fitness title such as Wii Fit or Xbox Kinect’s Your Shape Fitness Evolved Use the games you enjoy to improve your basic fitness and flexibility



Spend a few hours walking around the local area, or drive to a nearby park and set out a route to follow. With the right clothing for the weather,  you can cycle all year round. It is a great  way to see the local area, and is fantastic  to improve fitness levels.
and Xbox 360 have become popular in the last several years. They can be an option to engage the whole family in exercise whilst having a lot of fun!

Bike Ride

Console Fitness Fitness software on platforms such as the Wii

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