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76099958 Teachings of the Sanctuary of Thoth

76099958 Teachings of the Sanctuary of Thoth

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Published by: André Luporini Dessimoni on Jan 31, 2013
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Issued by the Sanctuary of Thoth
On behalf of
The Great Order of the Universe

Copyright © 2009 Sanctuary of Thoth. All rights reserved.


Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Ra is the Chief God of the Sun, who has correspondence with the Invisible Sun of Kether
which beams in the Center of the Sun of Tiphareth that manifests the Sun of our Solar System. He is
rightly invoked at any time in the Great Work, and particularly on the Day of the Sun.

- Hail to you, having come as Kephra, even Kephra who is the Creator of the Gods.
- You rise and shine on the Back of your Mother, having appeared in Glory as the King of the Gods.
- Your Mother, Nuit, shall use Her arms on your behalf in making greeting.
- May you give power and might in vindication – in the coming forth of this living soul – to the Ka of
this Childe.
- The Eye has opened unto Thee, I see Thee in Thy Bark, with Horus at the helm, and Thoth and Maat
beside Him,
- I invoke Thee, Lord of the Circles, the Sender-forth of Light, who governs His Circles, the Great God

- Hail to you, Lord of All, I have come to you spiritualized and pure, the Eye of Horus is upon me.
- Allow my heart to rightly guide me in this destroying hour, descend, appear as Thou are, even as the
Great Falcon.
- I receive Thee as the Celestial Cow, who is Thy Sacred Eye, I receive Thee through my blood, I drink
to Thee in my Breath.
- Come to me, I receive you, repel the Crocodile, protect me, make way for me, safe-guard me in
- I do not fear, encircle me, make goodly the paths for me in Thy dignity and Thy power, embrace me
for I adore Thee.
- I work for Thee, my Aspiration is to serve Thee ever so rightly in the Holy Work, come now in peace
and Love O Great God who is the Sun.

- Hail unto you, O Ra when you rise and Atum when you set, your beauty is worshipped as Thy Glory
shines upon my breast.
- O King of the Gods, I greet you. Justice embraces you at all times. I am joyful in Thee.
- O Primeval God, whose images have come into being, your Voice goes forth and the earth is
inundated with silence.
- I breathe the air which comes out of your nose. You glorify my spirit. You make my soul divine.


- I worship you, and am content in Thee. Thou art in me, whose rays shine like the day and illumine
the dark.
- We are ever one, Spirit and Soul, Unity uttermost showed, the Disc of the Sun rests upon my head, I
am Thee in the hour of Death.

- I behold the Bark moving through the Celestial Sphere, from Amentet through the Duat, Atum
transforms into Kephra, and Thy Journey begins again.
- O my Lord, who is in me as I manifest Him, who passes eternity repeatedly, who shall endure
everlasting, Lord of Lords, King of Kings.
- Those who have ever existed are in your presence, you having made their seats in your Domain so
they may make praise and worship unto Thee.
- Those who come in millions and millions, they reach with you and for you, tarrying, yet you were
always there. All come to you, for you are of them.
- I am Thee. We are One. My Light shines through all of mankind. I have come in as the Falcon, and
gone out as the Benu-bird.
- From Death, there is New Life, and so the Circle is complete and begins again. I Live in Truth. I
Live in Thee. My Crown is Thine. Ra is my Name.


[Image of Ra]

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

Received by
ACh LA, as Scribe
(Brian Goldstein)
On behalf of the Sanctuary of Thoth
Die Saturnus, Sol in Pisces, Luna in Aries
Anno IVxvi in the New Aeon of Horus.
(February 28, 2009 e.v.)



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