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Published by Kieran James Hole

Earth is DEAD! And apparently God is too. So on a Spaceship where the Captain hasn't been seen for 1000s of years, how do you know he existed in the first place?

Earth is DEAD! And apparently God is too. So on a Spaceship where the Captain hasn't been seen for 1000s of years, how do you know he existed in the first place?

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on Jan 31, 2013
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For no one, as no one inspired me Fucking cunts

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Tovoy then peered at the artificial fire that remained burning and cackling at the two men. which was silly because it was a table for coffee. not for Tovoy or anyone else for that matter to sit on. like everyone else‟s in the Medical Bay. Leevey.” Leevey said miserably. a trade long extinct but long recorded in archives. A knock at the door distracted him from his tea. Leevey had long straight blonde hair that shined on the artificial light from the ceiling. and Tovoy thought “I am sure glad it‟s not real to burn me!” For he too would not need the heat. He had just come from working with the sick and elderly so his clothing was still the uniformed blue scrub shirt and trousers with plain white shoes. “Hand watches. “The Supplies have been bringing over all of their self pity gossip. Tovoy looked quizzically up at the lights again. Why is that Tovoy? Why do we. Tovoy was confused. Tovoy gestured for Leevey to set down in his cabin. “Doctors have much more important jobs than Suppliers do. . and looked up at the artificial lights which had been built in by the ancient Shipwrights. His face was clear and smooth. Now a lot of the guys at work have been speaking of odd things.” Tovoy concluded. so we need to relax more and have more inept technology. as it had been proved millions of years ago that God was dead. Tovoy stood still in the doorway. The door swung open by the pressing of the button that when pressed swung the door open. the Doctors. It‟s customary for Suppliers to have such primitive technology.One Tovoy sat in his lounge drinking tea whilst watching the simulated fire. Leevey sighed and his head collapsed into his palms.” He explained. How could Leevey be so upset? In their perfect easy comfortable lives who would have a problem? They had no one that looked down on judgement on them. “That‟s what the Captain decides. “Odd things?” Tovoy asked as he sat on the coffee table. have such more advanced technology?” Leevey asked. “What ever is the matter Leevey?” Tovoy asked curiously. “The Suppliers have hand watches. He sighed. all over the Medical Bay. Leevey stood outside Tovoy‟s cabin. what would happen to the elderly and sick?” Leevey then asked.” Leevey explained. looking at his best friend. and he had bright blue eyes.” Leevey started. Tovoy thought for a moment. “Without the Suppliers. The lights were questionable. The Doctors paid no tax to the lights but they remained on and off whenever. His watch on the left arm was digital. Leevey strolled in slowly and sat down on the chair that Tovoy was previously on. The bluest of blue. and Tovoy pressed the same button which when pressed closes and opens the door. “Hello Tovoy. the entire ship was heated. so he placed it down in order to answer the door. The fire cackled and burned brightly.

” Tovoy sighed. He bit his lip and looked up for the third and final time at the artificial lights that protected them from the dark voice of Space. Tovoy‟s watched beeped at him and informed him that the safety-cautious oven had cooked his SPAM turkey. A grin turned up on Tovoy‟s face. a plain white shirt and white trousers with white shoes. Lizzian explained to Tovoy that the Suppliers had brought over some sort of unopenable metal box that was not supposed to be brought to the Medical bay. like you and I. there is Tovoy and Leevey looking confused and surrounded by several sick people. and Tovoy was rather peckish at this point. he lay in his bed listening to an audio book on his room‟s speakers reading ancient Earth literature. Are you present?” She asked. you know.” She said in a formal voice again.” She giggled in response.“They would be cured by the Doctors. at least two weeks worth of travel away from where Tovoy lived. and sighed over the line. Tovoy then sat alone at his smoothly made white table for his SPAM turkey from the safety-cautious oven. Later that night. Imagine the circle is a clock. A familiar voice rang through his ear drums. Lizzian and Tovoy both suspected that Tovoy was selected because of Marxo‟s bitterness. even though there were no windows in Tovoy‟s cabin. It says “dead” above them. Leevey called “goodbye!” as he realised he too had to have dinner now. there is Leevey scratching his head at the border between the Cargo bay and the Medical bay. At four o‟clock. (To himself of course. Tovoy turned away from him and folded his arms. from Attending Physician 834. But without the Doctors. Tovoy shook his head and dismissed the thought. He labelled the circle in his head. Stephanie Meyer‟s works were considered to be works of art. “Why do the lights never flicker or dwindle?” Tovoy asked as he turned to face Leevey. Marxo had Lizzian tell Tovoy that he would be the one to return it.” Tovoy replied cheerfully. At seven o‟clock. and vanished out the door without another word. He moved one hand onto his chin and pictured a circle. Tovoy was wearing his casual clothing.” “It‟s me Tovoy. there are sick and elderly people. He then thought of the lights. “But how would we without our supplies?” Leevey questioned again. At One o‟clock.) Lizzian giggled again. because there are no Suppliers bringing supplies. He hates me. the elderly and sick would die regardless of the Suppliers. He understood now that without the Suppliers the Doctors would not be able to do their job. “I‟ve orders for you. as was all ancient Earth literature. “Tovoy Foreightious. Lizzian was not present. “Present ma‟am. we‟re friends!” He smiled. His ear built in ear piece phone suddenly triggered his consciousness and took him from sleep paralysis. Lizzian Twoforon. “You don‟t need to sound so formal with me Lizzian. “What do you mean?” Leevey asked again. . “Marxo Ninonous. which never flickered or dwindled. The return address was on the far side of the Cargo bay.

or people from other bays. let me detail the ship for you. Because they are often moving they do not get the chance to reproduce. and the majority do not know their fathers because the Suppliers are always moving across the ship supplying things. There is of course the Cargo bay which is quite big. like Tovoy. Specifically people from the Cargo bay (the Suppliers) or from the Production bay. This is where the detailed drawing that Bella (hopefully) will do. with white shoes. They are geniuses. This bay is the easiest to get to because it is in the heart of the ship. and because of it are incredibly cultured and intelligent. They get one month off after each job. Doctors covered everything. because no one is left handed anymore. and the elderly are still waiting to go above or below the bays. with train lines leading directly to it. in this story. They have a digital watch on their left arm. Operating the train lines are the Trainers. like I am British or you may be French.The next morning Tovoy reported to the Medical bay‟s main office where the patients were cured of their ills. and because they lived on this bay their nationality was a Doctor. Lizzian.) Doctors do not have a very wide knowledge surrounding the other bays. who aren‟t considered people as such. for the sick are foolish and weak to get sick in the first place. where the Suppliers live. (But neither Britain nor France exists anymore. for the people on the ship so rarely got ill that there was no need for nurses and surgeons. but they are not given the chance to flourish. for they handle all the shops here. Though the title of a Banker is slightly misleading. which may sound amazing to Earthlings but they work from periods up to two weeks to two . They are cyborgs who meet people from almost every bay. Basic apparel for a Doctor was sky blue t-shirts and trousers. Some Doctors are stubborn and do not like treating the sick or elderly. (Bankers live here) which was the biggest bay on the entire ship. They were known all as Doctors. They can range from actual bankers to cleaning up in a small shop in the huge shopping centre system that is the Economical bay. Doctors typically have a lot of money to spend on things in the Economical bay. These tough strong men are low in population. (The Producers) Before I continue describing the events of Tovoy‟s experience. Leevey and Marxo are all incredibly well educated in the science of medicine and biology. The inhabitants of the Medical bay. They were annihilated years ago.

It burns them every time they touch it. They rely on no one. They are essentially the historians. but their job is to keep the human race as normal as it ever was. below all the other bays was the Engine Room. clothes. The thinkers all live here. but they are flawed and have probably lost their money. The Literates prepare ancient film. and are simply known as Students. This is where the unemployed. They‟re hired as detectives from time to time. The people here are the most old fashioned and never question the system. Alternatively. as they do not get their material from the Producers like the rest of the ship. so they can get a job there. They are very rich. we have the Dump bay. musicals and even games. but several inappropriate shops and casinos. and there is usually a party when they return. . The people who live here are Farmers. On the day of your eighteenth birthday. the Producers are low in population. They live in even worse conditions than the Suppliers. The Production bay is next to the Cargo bay. which means more money. There are no police here. They believed that when they died. They get their food from themselves because they make it. They‟re labelled with a cryptic S in a circle on their right shoulder.years at a time. and will die before they can reach any Doctors. They question the world. plays. They live in not great conditions. and tend to have a lot more children than the other bays because the more children they have. the more land they claim for farming. and often lose their way. If they fail. but only because they‟re so busy they do not need to spend money. No one has ever been to the Engine Room since the ship launched. thousands of years ago. tools and equipment is made. but they do not get much outside contact like the Suppliers do because they work 120 hours a week. Nobody really knows what their main job on the ship is. All the children of the ship are in the Educational bay. and tend to wander a lot without a care in the world. They are cautious of outsiders. obviously. There is the Mechanical bay. there were two others bay that existed also. Most people thought that no one had ever reached the Deck before.) This is where they would help for eternity to fuel the ship. but they do not reject them. and rebuild them as cyborgs for life on the Deck. (which is a rare occurrence) they end up in the Dump bay. toys. and are often killed in vents too small for them. Despite the entire ship being oxygen protected the deck was inaccessible. Similar to the Suppliers. or are beaten to death by miscreants because they‟re in the wrong place at the wrong time. However it is because some technology is dangerous and many people are killed operating them. which is essentially the library. The unemployed and drug addicts here are nicknamed Sinners. Above them is the Cultural Revival bay. Navigators (the inhabitants of the Deck) would fly out into space and find the good men and women. and it is here that all the film reels. doomed to never buy their way back into a civilised bay. This is where all the bad men and women were converted into cyborgs by Engineers. Lastly. Whilst no one had been there. the Student takes an examination tailored to the bay they were born in. There is also the Farms and Frozen Foods bay (FFF bay for short). where the Literates live. This bay is unique. All food from the ship comes from here. books. Children do not see their parents until they return home. Not everyone there has a heart of black. and do not make much money for what they do. They make average money. and once a sinner always a sinner. for it is the sin centre of the ship. the Mechanics. homeless and sinful go. This is because they are so far away from the Medical bay. (The inhabitants of the Engine Room.

because of the Sinners they share a home with. This was the border between bays.” Tovoy sighed. His black spiked hair on either side represented a fake demon from the ancient days of Earth. They were late for work at the office with the sleek.. As Tovoy drew close Marxo grunted and pushed the 4ft book towards him. The man signed for Tovoy to come over the line. The room had loose pipes of black metal and copper with steam fuming out. The border room for the Suppliers was completely different. Anyway. with small panels for Mechanics if need be. His hazel eyes were the same colour as his hair. laddie. excess waste and things along those lines.. with clear shining windows. The trio walked and talked to the main office of that district in the Medical bay. “Hello. White. scruffy. he could not recall. The mirror reflected his image and how he felt perfectly. The workers and born here. It was considerably hotter. They usually had blue eyes. whilst unlucky.” The man bellowed. being one of the few men of the district to wear a lab coat. especially for the Medical bay. Their population is forcefully low.” Tovoy replied. reacting to serve and help all who needed entry to the sleek. It had been placed on wheels for Tovoy‟s convenience. The office there was sleek and silver. and in the dead centre of the room was a black and yellow border line. a little dim. tired and nervous. strong. as it was with the Suppliers that simply not anyone could come into their bay without permission. “Name‟s Faro. They were gruff. silver design and the automatic doors designed to serve people who needed entrance.” Tovoy muttered in response. but he had no choice in the matter. “Nevermind. but remembered that Lizzian said “Tovoy‟s bed hair is cute!” to another girl in a conversation one day. .” He started. He went to comb his scruffy brown bed hair. to end the awkward silence as they walked through the Cargo bay. Tovoy had only been there once or twice. Outside his cabin Lizzian and Leevey were to send him off. They are called the Garbagemen and deal with disposing of the deceased. “It‟s. Marxo walked away into the office. They were sleek and silver. silver main office in that district of the Medical bay. He did not want to go for two weeks without Lizzian. “What‟s „at? You‟ll „ave to speak up laddie. His journey was only to the Suppliers north side. whilst avoiding eye contact. and called for Lizzian and Leevey to join him. The building was overly impressive. “You Tovay?” He asked. and that is why Tovoy did not react when he saw it. The doors were silent and automatic. do receive average pay and no ugly scar on their shoulders. Marxo stood tall outside. His stubble was rare on the ship. “You‟re pretty quiet. Nervous?” Faro asked looking down at him. but organised and cautious.and if they manage to fix their life they must constantly live with this ugly scar on them forever. Tovoy had prepared himself that morning. A tall gruff man stood on the other side of the border. which was uncommon for a Doctor. The corridors in the Medical bay all looked the same. Tovoy. wearing blue denim overalls and a denim cap.

“Didn‟t mean to offend nobody. we all hear talk „bout how you fink you‟re better than everyone. seemingly more interested too. hoping for an example of a story without asking.” Faro sighed. Tovoy looked up at him.” Faro nodded and explained.Tovoy nodded and gulped. I‟m sure the stories of how Suppliers are killers an‟ that are big round your parts. and make it out like you don‟t care „bout nobody but yourselves. They passed by another Supplier putting things into a box.” Tovoy responded. but that ain‟t the way we live here. Tovoy‟s eyes widened and he looked forward. without replying. cautiously thinking about using the phrase “your kind” was appropriate or not. Tovay.” Faro explained. “No need. . This piqued Tovoy‟s interest. and we do all these impressions o‟ yous. and this time Tovoy was cautious not to look into his eyes.” Faro replied. “There are no stories like that about your kind. “You don‟t say? Helluva lot of stories „bout you Doctor folk. “Well.

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