The Ghost in the Courthouse Window

By Elton Camp Only the most gullible believe in a ghost Alabama has one of which folks boast Pickens County Courthouse burned to the ground Soon, a convenient person to blame was found The courthouse was built back right away But the fire was arson, the townsfolk say The Civil War had been over for many a year But black persons still had very much to fear Henry Wells lived in shack outside of town Due to prejudice, he seldom came around For having a dangerous temper he was noted “He carries a razor blade,” was an idea promoted Whether any of this talk was actually true or not, Henry Wells soon found himself put on the spot It was on a charge of arson the man was arrested Although his innocence he strongly protested “Turn him over to us,” a drunken, angry mob bid But in the courthouse attic, the man was hid “Stay there until the mob will finally disperse” The sheriff ordered, as they meant the worst They intended to lynch Henry and had a noose “Give that man to us. For a trial there’s no use.” Out of the attic window, Henry Wells peered From the clouds, a bolt of lightning appeared The guiltless man’s face was etched into a pane Where, to this very day, it still does remain Tourists come and look at it with great awe Astonished at the ghostly face that they saw