NAME : ____________________________________________
DATE : ____________________


Then complete the sentences.A. Read the information below. 10 ~wa@ppkismkmj102012~ 2 .

Latifah’s (4) ____________________ is planting flowers. Her _________________________ ________________________ is is reading sweeping the the dead newspaper. Her Latifah’s (1) (2) (3) ________________________ and her elder brother are cutting the grass and bushes. 3 1 5 2 4 Latifah and her family are in the garden. Fill in the blanks with the correct answers. leaves. Look at the picture. Her youngest (5) ________________________ is riding her bicycle. Latifah is watering the flowers. 20 ~wa@ppkismkmj102012~ 3 .B.

Then write the proper nouns and common nouns in the table correctly. 2. Lin Dan is coming to Malaysia.C. Common Nouns Proper Nouns 20 ~wa@ppkismkmj102012~ 4 . 5. Read the sentences below. Mr Nathan drives an old car. 3. The National Library is organising an essay-writing competition on Saturday. 1. 4. Please give me some water. I got a bicycle from my father for my birthday.

A. Girl B. A. A. knife C. dres 2. story B. mango B.D. My sister has three new _________________. A. 1. Andy bought two suits of __________________ from the boutique. dress B. stories C. fox C. mangos C. dresses C. foxs 7. Cats and ______________ are examples of domestic animals. watches C. cloths C. __________ usually loves soft colours. A. Girles 9. cloth B. She puts the _____________ into the drawer. A. A. Girls C. mangoes 3. knifes 4. A. My mother bought many ________________ from that shop. A. clothes 5. Circle the best answers. loaves 6. A. doges 10. foxes B. Put those _______________ in the drawer. watchies 10 ~wa@ppkismkmj102012~ 5 . There are three white _____________ at the zoo. knives B. loafs C. dogies C. I need two _________________ of bread to make enough sandwiches. storys 8. watchs B. Mei Lei enjoys different types of _______________ books. loaf B. dogs B.

_________________________________________________________________. 4.E. 3. Mr Tan gave the expensive pen to his son for their achievement. I bought many bookmark for my friend. 2. Lily puts the box in the corner. Amy bought ten orange and three big mango from that shop. _________________________________________________________________. _________________________________________________________________. 20 ~wa@ppkismkmj102012~ 6 . _________________________________________________________________. 1. 5. The church is beside those two school. Rewrite these sentences by changing the underlined words into plural. _________________________________________________________________.

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