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: Traducción, Interpretación y Ciencias de la Comunicación : Taller de Interpretación V : Marisa Mantilla Suárez :X : 2012-II

Interpreter Training Resources Preparation - what do you already know?
The following text is taken from Claudia Monacelli's excellent book Messaggi in codice. Analisi del discorso e strategie per prenderne appunti". The book offers lots of great ideas on consecutive interpreting, but the table below is equally as useful for simultaneous preparation. This extract was kindly translated into English and sent in by Claudia herself. Before you try and interpret any speech, consecutively or simultaneously, don't just research the subject matter, research the speaker as well. Try answering some of the questions below for each speaker. Has the speaker written anything on the topic before? Are there any articles/books already published on the topic? Does the location have anything to do with promoting literature on the topic?

Publications Past

a p p e Have you ever seen ar the speaker before? a n c e s Will the speaker be alone or speak on a panel and how long will each person speak? Is the speaker in any way related to the place housing the event? Why has this person been chosen for this occasion?

Is the speaker linked to Where does the speaker any special causes, events, generally voice his/her etc.? opinion?


Is this a keynote speech? If Are the premises open all so, will it be followed by a year round or do they house question and answer special events on a seasonal session? basis? Will the location influence Is the location to be the speaker’s words in any commemorated by the way? speaker? Will the speaker make opening remarks, introductory statements, or closing remarks? Is the occasion incidental or of relevance to the location?



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