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wcti brochure

wcti brochure

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wcti brochure
wcti brochure

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World Class Training. World Class Consulting. World Class Results.

877.928.4472 www.worldclasstraininginstitute.com

The World Class Training Institute’s goal is to guide organizations in their creation of a continuous improvement culture where Project Management and Lean Six Sigma is core to the strategy and everyday business processes. Project Management and Lean Six Sigma are management tools that significantly improve quality. and drive cost savings with your customer’s needs at the core of the process. Our years of experience delivering results show that we will not only help you exceed expectations.About World Class Training Institute Our Mission The WCTI was established to go beyond the typical training styles of Six Sigma and Project Management initiatives. Every business strives to differentiate their products and services from the competition. You can use either tool exclusively or combine them to maximize operational excellence. Sincerely. our individuality shines in the aftermath of training efforts. While Project Management focuses on organizing and managing resources. Mark Gershon President\CEO. Our goal is to educate and coach you and your associates to seamlessly integrate a process improvement program that will become the competitive differentiation in your organizations products and services. We follow up beyond the classroom with coaching. and consulting to insure the success of your initiative. Lean Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in the process. While we continue to provide the standard certification and hands-on classroom techniques that many other consulting companies provide. Dear Professional. World Class Training Institute Why Project Management and Lean Six Sigma? DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS Dissect your processes to achieve dramatic improvements in waste reduction and variation STANDARD OF WORK Set up a standard of work that will virtually eliminate nonvalue added steps in your processes and significantly decrease variation to improve performance PERFORMANCE METRICS Create sound metrics to effectively measure every phase of the improvement process TEAM BUILDING Work in teams to improve the quality of service and engage leadership to drive continuous improvement CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Evaluate Voice of the Customer techniques that will drive customer satisfaction . WCTI provides true project implementation. you will be creating the differentiation through improved processes and overall organizational efficiency. Whether you are looking to deploy one or both of these tools. auditing. The question is how do you keep the competitive advantage? You must continuously improve your processes which impacts how you will do business with your customer. that is the business mantra we live and breathe everyday. eliminate waste. but will equip you with the right tools to ensure success now and in the future.

Interactive exercises can employ an actual work project or scenario from within an organization.On-Site Delivery Options Bring a Customized On-Site Solution to Your Organization. IMPROVE THE IMPACT OF TRAINING By customizing your training and aligning the curriculum of each session to the specific needs of your organization. TAILORED PROGRAMS TO FIT YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS The WCTI will customize training courses to fit your organization’s specific needs. Moreover. The World Class Training Institute’s expertise in process improvement spans a wide range of functional areas and activities. the learning outcomes are dramatically enhanced. change management is bolstered. MAXIMIZE YOUR TRAINING DOLLARS In-house training is far more economical than per-person training courses. By aligning the training with the strategic goals and objectives of your organization. DRAW FROM YOUR OWN PROGRAM CHALLENGES All of our senior consultants have years of experience in navigating organizational programs for specific examples to use during each training course. INTEGRATE WITH OTHER INITIATIVES Training is often the perfect complement and driver of other already existing initiatives. The most popular vehicles for accessing WCTI’s renowned training curriculum are our in-house training and certification options. . We can offer all of our process improvement trainings and certification right in your office or community! Enjoy the Benefits of On-Site Training. Single courses or an entire suite of specialized courses can be offered and integrated to suit your new or already existing process improvement deployment strategy. travel expenses and other direct costs are significantly reduced. by bringing a training program to your location.

The customer is the most important part of any process. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT MENTORING AND COACHING The World Class Training Institute stands ready to provide project mentoring and coaching through on-site. The World Class Training Center has years of experience consulting with top-level executives on such issues as strategic planning. Lean Six Sigma are often integrated to provide a comprehensive toolset for organizations to solve problems and improve process performance. organizational assessments. The World Class Training Institute has experience developing numerous overall quality management systems for a variety of public and private sector organizations. executive coaching. Organizations that live by continuous improvement are focused on flowing the service or product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection. telephonic or email support. organizational alignment and resource allocation.Consulting The World Class Training Institute has years of consulting experience in nearly every industry dealing with cultural resistance. effectiveness and overall quality has contributed to tangible and lasting reductions in cycle time. process improvement integration and leadership development. The World Class Training Institute stands ready to help you and your organization answer these important questions. We are committed to helping you drive a process improvement program that demonstrates a clear vision. rooted in strategy. Our expertise in transforming and redesigning processes for maximum efficiency. process improvement training and Lean Six Sigma certification and coaching. . to create sustainable results for years to come. project priorities. The development of an overall quality management system will provide the visibility you need to manage and sustain your process improvement efforts. The WCTI specializes in methodology-based consulting services in the following areas: ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENTS DEPLOYMENT PLAN DEVELOPMENT The World Class Training Institute’s senior consultants are experts at assessing an organization to determine Lean Six Sigma readiness. deployment plan development. EXECUTIVE MENTORING AND COACHING The World Class Training Institute experts have developed Lean Six Sigma deployment plans for dozens of organizations. performance management. quality and cost savings in numerous organizations worldwide. Each plan is developed closely with organizational leadership to determine the necessary strategic objectives and focus points for a targeted or enterprise-wide deployment.

Course Offerings .

Ultimately. an organization will be prepared to make four decisions crucial to successful short-term and long-term Lean Six Sigma implementation: 1. Improve. After covering the financial and operational reasons for using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Analyze. and learn the critical roles and responsibilities within a Lean Six Sigma organization. Who will be the Champions? 3. there must be support from the executive level. Should you do a few projects. In order to facilitate implementation. We will review the history of Lean Six Sigma management and identify the underlying key principles. You will also examine ways to maximize customer satisfaction with quality and learn to look at business metrics as a link to value and action. you will be introduced to Lean Six Sigma business strategy. The goal of this workshop is to educate executives on the technical and managerial content of Lean Six Sigma and the meaning of Lean Six Sigma thinking. a pilot or a full scale deployment? To prepare you to help with roll-out and support. and Control” (DMAIC) approach to problem solving is and how to use it Business measurements and benchmarking Six Sigma metric calculation and rolled-throughput yield Techniques to design for Six Sigma How to define values Implementation and deployment strategy Strategic planning Process management and capability Creating systems of indicators Various statistical tools Strategic and financial linkage • • • • • • • • • • WHO SHOULD ATTEND • • • CEOS Department or Business Unit Heads Senior Professionals . we will discuss obstacles to sustained growth and help you rank your organization’s values. Participants will also gain a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma. Executive buy-in and support is critical for rapidly implementing and ensuring that the Lean Six Sigma methodology creates lasting change and propagates throughout the organization. Measure. we will demonstrate how to customize Lean Six Sigma for your organization.Lean / Six Sigma Executive Overview In order to ensure breakthrough success with Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma. What projects will be tackled during the first 6 months of implementation? 2. Who will be the first-round Leaders / Trainers and Black Belt Candidates? 4. DESCRIPTION FORMAT This is a one-day workshop. You will learn how to identify what projects and organizations are best suited for Lean Six Sigma and how deployment affects your company’s business culture. GOALS SKILLS • What the “Define. We will also cover a broad implementation plan and work through the process of customizing this to the needs of your organization.

supporting theory.Lean Six Sigma To make Lean Six Sigma work for you. These individuals are not only critical for initiating the move to Lean Six Sigma. Black Belts. practices. WHO SHOULD ATTEND • • • Middle to Senior Management Project Owners Leaders who will serve as mentors to the Black Belts and interface with upper management . you need to have individuals who can drive change and create a design for implementation. improve quality. You will also learn the roles and responsibilities of Lean Six Sigma community members (Executives. Analyze. This will allow you to cascade and reinforce the fundamental Lean Six Sigma strategies. we will teach you the underlying philosophy. We will show you how Lean Six Sigma can be used to drive costs down. improve time-to-market. Along with guidance on how to select Green Belts and Black Belts. and Control (DMAIC) phase tools and methodologies Basic statistics overview Process characterization and capability Managing change Deployment planning Project selection Project review Benchmarking and breakthrough strategies Creating and analyzing systems of indicators Deployment planning Strategic linkage This workshop will introduce you to Lean Six Sigma as a management system. Champions. or can be divided into two sessions. In addition. and tools throughout your organization. three (3) day workshop. GOALS SKILLS • • • • • • • • • • • Define. set performance targets. Improve. including how to identify progress indicators. and application dynamics involved with Lean Six Sigma so you can lead the improvement of important business processes. theories. you will learn the basics of process management. In order to prepare you for the Champion role. Green Belts. You will learn the skills needed to drive a successful implementation and how to effectively motivate teams for Lean Six Sigma deployment. Yellow Belts). Leadership skills and management strategies are also a major focus of this workshop. we will provide insight into influencing the culture change within your organization. You will learn the philosophy. and increase revenue. but also serve as mentors to the Black Belts and as liaisons to the executive level. DESCRIPTION FORMAT This workshop can either be formatted as a single. These benefits will be presented along with the costs associated with Lean Six Sigma deployment. tactics. and conventional practices of deploying Lean Six Sigma while discussing organizational strategy and what it takes to establish the proper infrastructure. Measure. and maintain ongoing process control plans.

Green Belts also work on projects or lead in businesses that don’t require the advanced statistical tools of the Black Belts. GOALS SKILLS • • • • • • • • • • • • Characterize a complex problem using the Y=f(x) equation Apply statistical analysis tools to problem solving Use a selected software tool to analyze Lean Six Sigma projects Improvement Methods Process Control Methods Measuring performance Methods to measure customer satisfaction Process definition and analysis Stratification methods Cause and effect verification Countermeasure planning and implementation Team management The goal of this workshop is to train you as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.Green Belt Certification Black Belts are the Lean Six Sigma gurus for large projects. Helping to direct. hands-on approach similar to that in the Black Belt workshop. and you must complete all assigned reading. scope. and process of Lean Six Sigma. you will be taught how to identify significant performance gaps and how to use those gaps to generate potential projects. the instructor will be available for assistance via telephone. conduct. During this time. You will learn to utilize Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques including the DMAIC process and design processes. Working with process owners to ensure that project gains are maintained 3. They also need someone within the project group to support the Black Belt project leaders and to lead smaller projects. you must have a Lean Six Sigma project that supports your organization’s strategic objectives. collect data. an individual to act as a team member and partner in Black Belt projects. companies need people well trained in Lean Six Sigma throughout the organization. email or scheduling options. To facilitate project effectiveness. and analyze data from experiments and business processes 2. WHO SHOULD ATTEND • • • • • • Managers Supervisors Front-line Personnel Functional Managers Key Process Owners Support Staff who need a working knowledge of process improvement and control . DESCRIPTION FORMAT The curriculum of this workshop is divided into two (2) fiveday sessions over a two month period. The responsibilities of a Green Belt include: 1. We will also provide guidance on transitioning and closing out existing projects. There will be a week of workshop followed by three weeks of practice using your work-related project. You will also learn how to properly define. They need front-line personnel who are positioned to have a direct impact on how business is accomplished. Over the course of the workshop you will have the opportunity to work with and complete a work related project that meets or exceeds the identified goals and measures for improvement. you will be provided with a comprehensive education of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and an overview of the philosophy. Green Belts will learn to utilize the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to address work-related projects and demonstrate competency in Lean Six Sigma methods of process improvement. purpose. However. REQUIREMENTS In order to qualify for this workshop. Disseminating best practices throughout the organization Using a practical. and present projects to peers and managers.

The instructor will cover a variety of techniques for operations and leadership. and track process control systems statistically Methods for gathering and measuring customer response Statistical tools for sampling. Once you’ve completed the training. experiment design. you must have a significant. and the Y=f(x) equation. Now you need someone to lead your projects. implement. you will become eligible for certification by The American Strategic Management Institute. stratification. This workshop will cover how to analyze and validate problematic root causes and how to create an effective plan to eliminate or reduce their effect. In between each workshop session the instructor will be available to help you via telephone. you are ready to begin integrating Lean Six Sigma into your business. TOOLS You will gain experience using MINITAB 15. you may be able to complete the Black Belt certification in a shorter amount of time. In order to qualify for this workshop. and techniques.variable experiments Plan. In addition. you must complete all assigned reading. The instructor will also cover skills for leading Lean Six Sigma teams and managing Green Belts. and hypothesis testing Statistical improvement and process control methods Cause and effect analysis and verification Correlation and regression analysis Team leadership and project management This workshop is structured as an interactive. You will also learn how to properly define and scope Lean Six Sigma projects and ensure the ongoing success of existing projects. Weibull analysis.Black Belt Certification As an organization. practical workshop to train you. WHO SHOULD ATTEND • • • • • Green Belts Project Leaders Change Agents Technical Experts Engineers REQUIREMENTS . If you are already certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. full-scale project sponsored by your organization. flow charting. You will apply these skills and techniques to a work related project. During the workshop you will learn the philosophy and purpose of Lean Six Sigma and the techniques to lead Lean Six Sigma project teams. an examination and two projects. These general strategies and skills will tie into the use of the Lean Six Sigma problem solving process known as DMAIC. Value Added/ Non-Value Added analysis. You will learn how to apply a variety of Lean Six Sigma analytical tools to achieve overall process improvement objectives. you will learn to define what roles Black Belts and other team members will play during the project. GOALS SKILLS • • • • • • • • • • • • Establish and benchmark process capability Apply key statistical tools for hypothesis testing Establish realistic performance tolerances Create realistic performance tolerances Understand the principles of experimentation and how to design and execute both single and multi. Over the course of this workshop you will learn all the tools and techniques of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and problem solving process. You need someone who can take point in moving your organization to the next level of performance. tools. In order to manage and run a Lean Six Sigma group. in the skills and tools of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The course will also focus on maintaining improvements through control processes by focusing on the design process of new products and services to ensure that they have built in Lean Six Sigma capability. an expert on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. email. one of your company’s front line change agents. DESCRIPTION FORMAT The workshop is formatted as four (4) five-day workshops over a four month period. or on site.

Scheduling. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Project managers and Black Belts who will be running projects. time and cost constraints.Managing Six Sigma Projects Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope. quality. and Budgeting Progress Monitoring During the Measure and Analyze Phases Implementing Improvement Ideas Change Management Transfer of the Project New System Control . Also executives and sponsors who need to see how the portfolio of projects fit together. OUTLINE • What is a Project? • • • • • • • • • Projects as Avenues to Improvement and Change Project Selection and Project Charter Project Definition Project Planning.

Project Management Executive Overview Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope. time and cost constraints. quality. Projects. programs and project management Project selection and portfolio management The project management office Project planning .The Project Plan Project scheduling Project budgeting Project risk analysis Executing and controlling projects . WHAT YOU’LL LEARN • • • • • • • The project life cycle Basic project management terminology and concepts Your role and responsibility as a stakeholder Strategies for implementing project management Roles and responsibilities of the team Define project scope and setting expectations Build an effective project schedule OUTLINE • • • • • • • • WHO SHOULD ATTEND • • • Program managers Senior management Executives interested in learning how to implement project management successfully to make their organization more effective at completing projects on time and within budget.

. as well as project sponsors and those hoping to move into project management positions.The Basics Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope. quality. time and cost constraints. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN • • • • • What projects are about How to organize for projects How to plan projects How to schedule projects How to carry out projects OUTLINE • • • • • • • • • • Defining projects and project management The role of the project manager The project plan The work breakdown schedule Project scheduling Project budgeting Support areas in the project plan Project Execution Managing the stakeholders Project monitoring and control WHO SHOULD ATTEND Project managers and functional managers supporting a project environment.Project Management .

Project Management . OUTLINE • • • • • • • • • • • • The project environment Integration management Scope management Time management Cost management Risk management Quality management Human resource management Communications management Procurement management Professional responsibility PMP exam preparation . WHO SHOULD ATTEND Project managers with at least two years of project management experience who wish to prepare for the PMP exam. quality.PMP Certification Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope. time and cost constraints.

quality. OUTLINE • • • • • • • • Projects versus routine work Project life cycle The project team The matrix organization Input to project plans Project schedules Performance reporting Management controls . or in support of project efforts. time and cost constraints. Anyone working in an organization that conducts many projects will benefit from this course. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Those working on project teams.Project Management for Team Members Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that the project is completed within defined scope.

he began his career as a quality engineer with the Project Management office at the Army’s Armaments Development Command. Dr. Since then. An industrial engineer by training. Gershon has published widely. Dr. In 2002. Mark Gershon is the chairman of the Management Science and Operations Management department. Besides earning a Professional Engineer’s license. and has served on the editorial boards of international journals. He consults and gives seminars on these topics around the world. before coming to Temple in 1983. Mark Gershon President and CEO. he has been honored with the Lindback Award for Teaching by Temple. including two textbooks and over thirty refereed journal articles. Gershon has focused on developing and implementing new ideas for project management and quality management.Biography Dr. World Class Training Institute Dr. An excellent teacher. he holds certification as a Project Management Professional and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. responsible for software development applications and consulting projects for the minerals industry. he was keynote speaker at a conference in China. He then worked as a project manager for Control Data Corporation. .

Our Clients The World Class Training Institute experts have worked with the following organizations: Project Management NASA Defense Intelligence Agency Army Corps of Engineers BDM (Defense Contractor) PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Govt-DC) Deutsche Bank Citibank Goldman-Sachs CIBC AMTRAK Asian Development Bank Nortel Nokia General Instrument (Motorola) Invensys SportService FedEx Freight Hay Group Opel (GM) Kemper Insurance Aspect Software Joy Mining Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma Navy Aviation Supply Office ITT Riddle Hospital General Services Administration Uniform Tubes Abbott Labs Searle Drug GlaxoSmithKline .

PA 19101 877.928.4472 www.com World Class Training. World Class Results.Contact Us If you have any questions regarding the services of The World Class Training Institute. please contact us: World Class Training Institute PO Box 34715 Philadelphia. World Class Consulting. .worldclasstraininginstitute.

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