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Application form for

technical campus
Name: Date of Birth: Institute: Mobile Number: Permanent Address: Telephone Number: E-mail ID: JEE Rank: Institution/College Class X Class XII Semester 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CPI/CGPA Month & Year of Passing SPI/SGPA GRE Score CAT Score GMAT Score Board Month & Year of passing % Gender: Branch: BTech/Dual:

Projects/Summer Internships:

Extra Curricular Activities:

Final Placement 2013

Positions of Responsibility:

What are your short term and long term objectives? (Max. 150 Words)

Why do you want to work with ITC? (Max 150 Words)

What do you think is your most significant achievement? Please give reasons for the same. (Max. 150 words)

Give an instance where you put Mind Over Matter. (Max. 150 Words)

Final Placement 2013

Have you engaged with the community through development activities addressing social or environmental concern? Tell us more about it. (Max. 150 Words)

Final Placement 2013