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An E.R.A.

of Change

Rachel Stone and Jaylen Ehara Senior Division Website Process Paper Why we chose this topic: We chose our topic initially because over the summer, we had to read

Born for Liberty by Sara Evans. This novel is about the treatment of
women and how it changed over time. When we were brainstorming ideas for this project, we thought that womens rights would be an interesting topic. We conferenced with our teacher and we narrowed down our project to the Equal Rights Amendment. Our research changed our approach to our topic because we discovered that there was a vast amount of movements that happened over the course of our countrys history, and

we decided to focus on more contemporary issues that women faced. Trimming the topic down even more, we then focused our entire project on how the Equal Rights Amendment influenced women in the workplace.

How we conducted our research: We started by looking for primary sources in order find out more historical context. The next step was taking our historical context and explaining how our topic was a turning point showing change through the issue in our historical context. We learned that in doing research, primary sources are very helpful and portray a stronger message than your own words. We also learned that research is difficult to manage and it is important to keep track of all the sources used. We found our most valuable research through our teacher. She gave us helpful tips and introduced us to sources that we would have never seen before.

How we conducted our research:

We chose to present our topic and research through a website to grasp a broader spectrum of primary and secondary sources. Through our research, we have accumulated many videos: PSAs, interviews, debates, etc. that help to present our topic through the voices that actually fought for the Equal Rights Amendment. The videos of the women during that time are powerful and our audience would be more interested in our topic through different forms of media. Challenges that we encountered were trying to organize our information in an effectual way and trying to make our website as interesting and interactive as possible. Organizing our website was difficult because we had so many sources to use and we didnt know where to put it. We overcame these challenges by looking at the website as a story. We were going to introduce the audience to the historical context, and then chronologically show how the ERA changed womens lives.

How our project related to the theme:

Our project related to the theme because the Equal Rights Amendment even though never ratified, opened the doors for many women to want equal rights. The Equal Rights Amendment and the ideas the women that fought for it carried changed the rights of women forever. The change that the Equal Rights Amendment instigated provided women rights that they never thought were obtainable. The Equal Rights Amendment influenced change for women in the workplace where they then gained respect, rights, and control over their bodies. (498 Words)