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Rev no: ESA04/01 Date :25/03/2006

Enriching Engineering Education



1. Optical elements :- (field diameter 90mm). This consists of two polarizes, Quarter Wave assemblies on the common frame coupled with gears for synchronous rotation. The analyzer is independently ratable for fractional fringe measurement using Tardys method of compensation. Quarter wave plates are indexed in two position so that, they can be optically inserted or removed from the field to obtain circular or plain polariscope arrangements of elements. Analyzer is fitted with graduated scale with angles and fringe fraction values for Tardys Method of compensation. 2. Light Box :- The box is forced ventilated/ light weight and compact. This contains intense white light source. 3. Heavy Duty Tripod for laboratory use and handgrip for portable use is provided. SPECIFICATIONS 1. Field diameter :- 90mm Approx. 2. Polaroid and Quarter wave plates sandwiched between stress free acrylic sheets. 3. Maximum weight for portable use :- 1.75kg. 4. Graduated scales for measurement of angles and fraction fringe order in Tardys method of compensation. 5. High intensity white light source. SENSITIVITY 1. Strain direction :- +/- 2degree. 2. Strain magnitude :- +/- 0.05 fringe. 3. Operating voltage :- 30 VDC. Sensitivity depends upon the coating material properties and thickness. Instrument is useful for Stress analysis of any stressed components of machinery. INSTRUCTION MANUAL A technical Manual is supplied which gives details of the apparatus and procedureof experiments.

1. A. C. 230 V single phase stabilized supply with earthling connection. Space Required :- For complete arrangement of the apparatus of 0.5x0.5 mtr approx .is required.

Note: 1. Since research and development is an on going activity, the specifications mentioned herein are subject to change without notice. 2. Photographs / Illustrations are only indicative in nature and will change with the exact model / specifications of the client.



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