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Why was the piece written for film match feelings and emotions of characters and plot the

e melancholic repeating phrase creates a feeling of sadness. to develop the story small changes in melody, motifs, phrases genre is drama and romance the title is the first indication of genre and style. The solo piano reflects the motif of the movie on which it was written the strings are used simply as a harmonic device, since the piano is playing a melody and countermelody. They are played as simply as possible, long notes, so that they blend with the melody. The music is functional not realistic. This is because the piece comments on what is happening the melancholic timbre helps to do this. In the movie she is looking out into the ocean when the song is playing, she isn't doing anything so the music functions as the driving force of emotion and feeling. There is a leitmotif in the recurring theme of the piano. Indicates the mood and theme of the film through a musical idea or phrase

To create atmosphere the repetition helps to sustain one atmospheric mood.