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six sense

six sense

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Published by: ashmitashrivas on Feb 01, 2013
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Kyle Rafferty Biomedical Engineering University of Rhode Island

 Developed by Pranav Mistry  Research assistant/PhD candidate MIT   Portable device that is worn around neck Consists of:     Camera Colored Markers Projector *a smart phone .

Projector: Projects stored data onto most any surface.    Camera: tracks the movement of the colored markers using movement algorithms. and yellow tape worn on the users fingertips for tracking purposes. blue. Colored Markers: Red. green. Smart phone: needed for internet connection and computing power .

  Recognizes hand movements Examples from online demonstrations: Make frame with hands: camera takes picture  Google map onto wall  Draw circle on wrist: projects digital clock  Movement of text book/web info onto page  Airline ticket updates  Draw @ symbol: check email for you  Many more capabilities (it’s on youtube or TED website)  .


 Cost: ~300$  Software will be open source  Many possible medical applications using the technology   Surgical procedures (using tracking capabilities) Rehabilitation techniques .

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