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thesis calendar outline

thesis calendar outline

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Published by Mani Nilchiani

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Published by: Mani Nilchiani on Feb 01, 2013
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Mani Nilchiani - Thesis Calendar Outline Continuing analyzing current EMR and EHR Systems: a - First hand empirical

observation b - Interviewing caregivers and receiving their feedback and their analysis about their personal experience with EMR’s, comments about shortcomings and strengths of current EMR’s Laying out detailed Task cycle for my project 1 - How users achieve their goals 2 - Layout detailed User Scenario 3 - Consulting professional caregivers and confirming accuracy [iterative] Wireframing and paper prototyping 1 - Prototyping the EMR interface a - The doctor’s view b - The Nurse’s view 2 - Prototyping the collaborative platform a - The doctor’s view b- The nurse’s view 3 - User Testing Development Front End: 1 - HTML/CSS/JS - User Testing Backend Development: - User Testing

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