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From the desk of Alex Coulson Friday, 9th of April, 2010. I’m proud to welcome you to our brand new program “Phone and Text Game - how to turn phone numbers into dates, relationships and sex”. Why did we create this program? Our most popular dating program has always been the Street Dating Revealed membership site. Which features real videos of men approaching, meeting and getting phone numbers with women in the day time (at the mall, café, park, the street). Recently, quite a few members emailed me saying … “hey, I watched your videos and I got a woman’s number, but when I called / text her she didn’t reply. What should I do?” I wondered if more guys had the same challenges. And so I surveyed my newsletter readers and asked “What is your biggest challenge with using the phone and text messaging to succeed with women” The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of guys replied, passionately explaining their problems and frustrations. I was surprised. And then it dawned on me. My videos have always taught guys how to approach, meet and get phone numbers from women. But I’ve never taught the next step. Which is, how do you turn that phone number into a date, a relationship and even sex? And so I contacted eight of the worlds most experienced dating coaches, and persuaded them to help solve and explain the biggest challenges guys have with using the phone and texts to communicate and succeed with women. I even persuaded them to raid their own phones and share the word-for-word text messages they send women that get amazing results. Plus exactly what they say on the phone to have stimulating conversations with women.


A collection of interviews with the worlds top dating coaches on how to turn phone numbers into dates.The result? “Phone and Text Game” ebook and audio training program. starting right now! To Your Success. relationships and sex. April. Alex Coulson South Coogee Australia. 2010 4 .

He's the author of several best selling programs that teach men how to approach women and build attraction. I like to make this text NOT end in a question. This one should not be too close to the one you used to test her phone when you met her. That's how you "test" the number she gave you. That would just look dorky. The good thing about this is that she'll see that text on her phone and it will be a reminder of you. There should always be some kind of "in-joke" that you two shared that was something funny about her. In this section. He's been featured on several TV news programs and is an in-demand speaker at seminars.The 1980's called and they want their leg-warmers back from you" 5 . "Hey Flashdance .com Text Game Questions: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? The first text happens when you get her number . Instead. You can find out more about Carlos at http://www." or "Stop watching those kinky vampire shows!" I try to relate the text to something we talked about that night. Now the NEXT text is the one that guys are usually thinking of as the "first" text. something that women won't be offended by.right there on the spot. make a funny comment. That's the "reconnecting" text. I usually send her something like: "You're a dork. It's a light tease.Carlos Xuma is a dating and attraction advisor. Because if she responds when I haven't asked her anything.. Carlo's teachings are called "REAL GAME" because he shows you how to use your genuine personality to attract the opposite sex and enhance your entire lifestyle.. black belt martial artists and a life counselor. it's usually a pretty good sign. I've had plenty of times where the girl texted me the next day just because she saw the teasing/flirty text I left her from the previous night.carlosxuma. It hangs there like a reminder that she's got "unfinished" business. Carlos gives away his best techniques and advice for using the phone and text messages to succeed with women.

Your attitude is "What can I send to her to let her see what a cool guy and a cool life I've got?" Your texts should all be fun and light hearted. and you have a woman that you can actually REACH on the phone. Tell your dad I said hello & hug him for me.. you're already setting up a "Needy" vibe. In fact.. She won't be able to resist this one.. "Let's dance... she won't lose interest in you because you didn't respond right away." What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? The best thing to do is bait her into it.. and good text game will win this war! What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? Again. Texting should NEVER be serious! Stuff like: "Who's your daddy? Okay. I still feel that it's a social cop-out in a lot of ways. but also relevant to something you talked about with her. you can send her: "Beavis and 6 . Make it funny." and then text her a capital "O" every couple of seconds (just a few). yeah! That cool dude!" But even more important than your actual text is the mind set you have about it." or "I gotta GET her... Whatever you text a woman. that's another BIG rule of texting. then you really should call her.. I love polkas. watch... And that means that it's a good way to get women to open up to you and connect with you. but you know what? Texting is natural to women. Texting should NEVER be serious! Read that again. In other words.. Make sure you respond at least a couple minutes after her questions. definitely NOT me. But never overlook the ability to keep your face in her mind by just sending out a text in the middle of the day." "Knock knock?" And then play out a knock knock joke with her."Mr.. If you have good phone game. Don't worry. you should send. you look like a wuss.. If she uses ANY word that could be turned sexual. I was one of those guys that HATED texting because it seemed like such a cop-out.. Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? I used to feel this way. You're in a battle for her mind space. and then put your phone away for at least a half-hour. T is here and he says 'You a fool!' I told him you'd beat him up." or you're going to have that scary needy wuss vibe." "Hey. It has to remind her: "Oh. your mindset can't be "I gotta MAKE her. I learned how to juggle. If you respond right away.. It gives them a method of sharing their "stream of consciousness" with their friends and girlfriends. if you have a need for her to respond back to you.

Another one is the "we're already married" game.Uh oh..Thank you..) ." Or you can do the: "Heheh... Start by accusing her like this: "Oh my GOD! You're so dirty. realize that you have NO IDEA what she's doing on the other end. then you probably needed her to respond TOO MUCH.. look inside.Are you always such a pain? .Ha! I’m still hotter than you .. Here are some examples..I’m not sure if you’re what I want in a woman . You're getting needy..This isn’t helping your chances to get with me . That's my favorite technique right there. . ...I don’t know if you can handle me .." Never talk about sex WITH her.You’re out of practice. I got your number off the wall.I’m too much of a bad boy for you . (This works great to get her to respond. These are ones that I use.. in addition to the ones I gave above.Butthead are here laughing at your text message.You might be too "nice" for me.) Some great role-playing techniques are to pretend you're a private-eye from some old movie.' Heheh. Best way to do this is to pretend you're the husband that's afraid to come home because his wife is a sex addict.Hey.) . (I use a lot of old 1980's song references) .I think you’re a player. The key is to create a role that allows a woman to express and play on her sexual identity without feeling "slutty" or judged. never mind." Then she'll say. (This one works in the same way... you're going to come across as needy. Do you feel that hollow sting of rejection? If you do.... . bad news. Perv.Hit me with your best shot . Then.. And she's the hot blonde that walked into your office.How much do you miss me? ." And leave her hanging for a bit.. . and your best bet is to step back and get some air... Use "chick lines" first . Your only goal should be to get her going.Can you afford me? .. dork.Hint: Stop looking at my boobs . dork.I don't want to be used as a sex object. I call it a pre-emptive strike. she said 'hard.. (This technique should be used as much as possible.What’s your real hair color? . If you keep trying to push her into responding more.. . What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? First. "What??? What did I say?" Then you text: "Oh.. This guy is GREAT with text game.. and a couple I originally learned from "The Pimp" in Vegas.Nice try. ..I hope you can do better than that..Jenny.before she does.. . What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? (Mention any role-playing or games you have played)...Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful .. and we both shared our best texts with each other..You need a “nice guy” not me . She could be in 7 ..

then look at her and smile and say: "Oops."to GET" . you know what? We might want to continue this conversation sometime. and spur-ofthe-moment. You have to hear what she's saying and HOW she says it. and it's lame. Big no-no! Why? #1 . Then you just start by saying the area code there. How do I let her down easy. or in a meeting. you don't have to spring it out of the blue. Give me your number. we're over at Donny's Pub on Fourth St.think about it this way: What could you say that would GIVE her such a great feeling about you that she would BEG you to take her phone number? What could you say to make it INEVITIBLE that she gives it to you? First of all.It comes across as chickenshit. Taking it personally is tempting.the bathroom. But if you're out one night and you think it would be easy for her to come join you. just text her: "Hey.If you do manage to set it up via text.. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? This is one thing you do NOT do via text. it feels very insubstantial and WEAK." Pretend to say that to yourself.. you can use my tried and true guaranteed closer: Pretend to start walking away. Get over here!" It has to be very matter-of-fact. and she won't feel like it's a "serious" plan. Remember: Your overall attitude is FAR more important than whether or not any one girl responds to you. It's like handing her a note that says "do you like me? check one: __ yes __ no" #2 . but you have to let it go. Wait a few hours. You need to be willing to drop any woman in a heartbeat if it starts to pull you into a negative or supplicating frame of mind. You need to hear her voice so you can catch anything weird in her tone or her words. then turn back to her and say: "Hey." Then you get your phone out and stare at the screen." Break the conventions! By joking about it like this. Instead you call her up and talk to her. you expose the "elephant in the room" and you can both have a laugh. Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number?' Instead of thinking about it this way ." And wait for her to give you the rest. You should set it up with something like. and then try again. 8 .. another girl that's going to want my number. you weren't supposed to hear that. or talking to someone in her family that just gave her some bad news. "Oh. And go out and get ten more numbers from women so that you don't get all wrapped up in a scarcity frame of mind. Don't look up at her. man. "Six five zero. It's like you couldn't do it any other way than in a text. But if you need to spring it on her..

"Hey. I'll acknowledge her for it. "Hey.WAIT. the worst thing you can do is to treat a silence as some kind of kiss-of-doom.. wasn't it? Cool! We got that out of the way. that was one of those awkward silences. Only call when you feel you could totally screw it up and it wouldn't make a difference to you. and the conversation will keep moving forward. just act as if you've known her for years. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting.. Got time for it? Okay.. Don't be a try-hard... Done deal. I had to move to another room. I want to show her my expectation that she's got to have something interesting to say." And then I launch into some dumb joke. "So what earth shattering cool things have happened to you today. Call her when you're A) in a good and upbeat mood. That you can be confident and secure enough for the BOTH of you. One of the keys to making fast friends (and fast lovers out of women) is to demonstrate an openness and vulnerability about your character that will connect with her on a deep level. I've got a really dumb joke for you. girl. I thought you'd have a ton of cool stuff to share Start out by reminding her how fun and cool you are.Ba-da-bing.. Or jokingly blame her for it: "C'mon. You wouldn't be so reserved and cautious about what you say. Now tell me about your day." If a silence happens on the phone. Because that's what a woman wants to hear in your attitude. When should I first call her? Don't call her the same night." Really. you can also pretend it didn't even happen just by saying. no matter what. Here's a rule to live by: If you feel the IMPULSE to call her and you almost can't control yourself . but she shouldn't feel like your complete focus is on her or that this conversation is even remotely serious. "Sorry. How would you talk to someone you've known for a while? You'd immediately assume some familiarity with them. This is important. mundane stuff. And no matter what she offers. She will laugh and I'll go straight into. Chances are you're responding to a neediness and you'll communicate it if you call right then. Share something interesting and revealing about you to her. I couldn't hear you. But anything at least 12 hours later generally works. recognize that you can't avoid them. How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? Instead of trying to avoid them. That shows that you're already insecure. Just fill in the blanks with questions. and then go. You should be able to pay attention to her. and it's a better strategy to be OKAY with them.?" 9 . make fun the and See what I'm doing there? I'm setting up a qualification for her. you can do pretty much anything. The best thing to do is CREATE a silence spot. If she senses that you're being genuine and open. and B) when you're on your way to somewhere else. Don't talk about boring. I like to start out with. unless it's REALLY lame. girl.

I guess I should have called moviephone instead. and 90% of the guys that call her can't resist to slam her with the needy "Hey let's go on a date" script." The next time you call her. You going to be around tomorrow?" (Don't tell her why. But it was really cool talking to you again. And always remember: If she's interested.." Just keep it light hearted. Sigh. Ciao!" And leave her wondering.. Or. Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Your first call should NOT be to setup a date. be 10 .badly. And there's no better way to do that than leave her wondering when you will be able to get together with her next. You immediately get her more interested when you just end the call with: "Hey. And she'll WANT that date .) "Cool! Talk to you later. as they say in show business.with me. She knows it's hanging out there. too. Your first few calls should not be over 5 to 10 minutes long . It's not 100% up to you. she'll put in some effort. I've gotta get going. "Always leave them wanting more.MAXIMUM. she'll anticipating and waiting on you. You can hint at it. You're just as fun as I remembered. Keep the call short and sweet and you won't have problems with silences. but I always use the first call to drive up her interest and curiosity.

Hook up worthy. Brad is not a professional magician. Do I think she's "dateworthy. laughing … and attracted! In this interview. Brad explains how he uses his phone and text messages to hook up and date the many women he meets out on the town.Brad Jackson is a dating coach and the founder of Puma Skills. You can find out more about Brad by visiting his website: http://pumaskills." or just "hook up" worthy. I call her. she might think it's cute or say thanks. generate attraction and have them all competing for your attention … by using magic tricks (like Mystery). smiling.I don't text her first. but with amazing results. Often times if I get the number right then and there I will send a quick text which gives her my number in return and allows me to know it was real. I'll do this right in front of her.. Brad uses magic sparingly around follow up with "Chivalry isn't dead. the text I'll send to her is "@-. It also depends on what I want from that particular woman. He specialises in teaching men how to captivate groups of women. He believes walking up to woman and asking “hey. will you accept this rose?" 11 . I just say either: YOU: "Don't say I never got you anything nice" said with a wink. She'll look down and assuming she knows what that is.---" it's symbols for a rose. And he never uses magic tricks to approach women." YOU: "It's my get out of jail free card. wanna see a magic trick?” is lame.. If I really like her. I'll drop a text the next day or so just to let her know that the line of communication is open. WHAT FIRST TEXT? Right after I get a girl's number. We're going to get in A LOT of fights together" said with a big grin YOU: "It's my version of The Bachelor. Like crowds of women around him.html?AFFID=29293 Text Game Questions: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? WHEN? Depends a bit on the situation.

What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? I always prefer being witty. It's campy but gets better results that you'd imagine and NO guys will say that shit to her.-P " Or. YOU: "You ever had your belly button licked?" Her: "Ummm. short and campy.THIS one is cheesey. uhh.. want her girlfriend-style attraction will be and funnier or complimentary.. but why? Me: Cuz it might lead to an. Legitimate.-) Talk later" Another fun text is "what color socks are you wearing?" She'll answer or ask "Why" You then respond: "I don't really care but I thought asking what color your panties are might be too much. I'm also practicing my compliments to you for when you're in a bad mood.. back rub? And then it's downhill from there :-) What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? (Mention any role-playing or games you have played). This also depends on what kind you're going for. how's yours? YOU: One of those stressful days." This one is old but great. You might need a foot rub Her: LOL Ok.. Younger girls (and guys) seem to only know how to text these days and the art of phone conversation is lost.. of attraction or Sexual to be your less sexual know what shoes I'm wearing" most of the time. Unfortunately I just ran out. why" YOU: "From the INSIDE? . Sorry . Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? I personally DO think that the phone is better. Women will read too much into a long text and you don't want her to think you're too available that you have time to type out a novel.. yeah.. But most chics love that show and fantasize about getting a rose from a handsome bachelor. I love foot rubs..a classic of mine : YOU: How's your day? Her: Bla bla bla. This makes her wonder WTF. I've never really played any role play games on text and fun and interesting conversations crappy What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? I'll text something like." I will have sent this while she's at work or somewhere else.and she'll respond "What? How do you 12 . YOU: "Just thought I'd say those shoes you're wearing make your legs look really hot. ummm. Legitimate attraction. It won't make sense because I'm not there and I have no idea what shoes she has on. I usually respond with … YOU: "I just figured any shoes you wear would make your legs look good. I think texting is best used for escalating sexuality and dirty talk that normally wouldn't happen because you or she would be too embarrassed.

I tell her to look at her phone and tell me what it says. Don't dwell on short texts. turns the conversation into an unexpected tone and makes her laugh.. So bring your A game. I'm calling you tomorrow if the boogey man doesn't get me on the way home" I KNOW this is intricate. Her jaw will be on the floor and say "how did you do that?" I tell her to reply to the text and tell me how much she liked it..Ok ok.this is key.come meet me" or "Cancel your plans tonight" she asks "Why" and then you CALL her. YOU: Look.yet." I then proceed to do my magic effect where I do a prediction of a single card that I have her name like the 3 of Diamonds from an imaginary deck..... but I'm up for an adventure if you are. Text dates are like: "I'm me end up being situational and take on a life of their own.. screws with their head...snorts and all. http://pumaskills." Then. this has been fun but I'm sure it's got nowhere to go but downhill.. I don't have anywhere to write it down so I ask for her cell phone and say I'm going to text her the number. call her and start talking. That's what the phone is for.I'm sure I'm going to get to know you and find out that you snort when you laugh or eat with the wrong fork or God Forbid hog the remote control.. *She WILL Laugh or play along if she's cool..and follow up with. most fun and effective method is called the Destiny Number Close and it's impossible to explain here but I have created a 13 . My favorites 1. BUT it's funny. Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? There are so many techniques. What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? Call her. Say..then you'll be able to tell what she sounds like on the phone with you..."You won't stalk me after this will you?. I have 2 magic tricks that I do which are perfect for getting numbers.. let's get on with it. She gives me her number.. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? I think only casual or sexual dates should be set up via text.html?AFFID=292 93 One is called Magician's Choice where I make a prediction of a certain number. Texting leaves the ball in her court and if you think she's pulling away. It's hard to describe in detail here. I'm going to call you and we're going to try this one more time to see if we can't scare each other off. The last.. Then I say: "Pretty sneaky way of getting your number right?" SMILE. 2. but I teach them at PUMA Skills. I text her my prediction and I tell her NOT to look at the you want me to delete your phone number or should I give you a call so we can hang out again?" Like a charm.. Don't reward her crappy short texts with more texts. Most importantly it shows her that she doesn't know what to expect next. YOU: Give me your number. She might not be a big texter.."Now..

. Every interaction is different so it's a little too difficult to say..answer a couple hours later the next time. That shows her I'm decisive and take action and when I call her she knows she can rely on me... tell her something fun and positive going on in your Mix it up. Take 2 hours. If I like her and want to get to know her a lot better.. Tomorrow afternoon. Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Depends on how the first meeting went and how interested she seems on the phone. Set those expectations early! http://pumaskills. YES. the things you have in common and what kind of short history you have together.. Girls still want to be pursued.. an hour a half an hour before you return.. Let them know you're busy and if you don't jump at everyone of their calls because later they'll EXPECT it. If there's too much silence.get off the phone.html?AFFID=292 93 When should I first call her? Depends on how the first interaction went and how much you like her. make fun the and This depends on you. How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? 14 . This is especially true for me because I hate just blathering on about stupid little small talk.. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting. Not pursued like you're desperate but they respond to a guy who knows what he wants and asks for it.I'll probably wait 2-3 days MAXIMUM. Get to the point. Show her you don't have time to sit around and talk for hours UNLESS the conversation naturally goes that way. If it's just a random girl I'm thinking about having sex with some day but not worried about taking her on a date..don't stay on too long. tell her you want to see her again and set up a date.I usually tell her when I'll be calling. If you answer right away one time. In the beginning have a reason you're calling..if she's interested...grow a pair of hairy ones and ask her on a date or some other guy will. Addendum: In the early stages TRAIN them that you're not available on the drop of a hat when they of it here: Be direct and have a purpose for being on the phone... ask how she's doing. how you met her.

who mentored and coached Jack in the art of “day game”. Jack is a featured expert in several of Succeed At Dating programs available at: http://www. then I will text her later that day. If I met her in the middle of the day. then I will text her later that night. Maybe what she said. seeing (or planning to see) soon.” His iPhone is full of girls he is texting. totally clueless about how to meet and talk to women in most situations. Your facial expressions really got my attention! How has your weekend been? Jack” “Hey Eliana. talking to. café – literally everywhere! Jack is also very skilled at “Text and Phone Game. her clothes or her jewellery. Sometimes women won’t respond to a text.SucceedAtDating. “Hey Susan. Jack can be found talking to attractive young women (and making them smile) at the supermarket. Great meeting you.After splitting up with his girlfriend of four years. he became friends (and business partners) with Alex Coulson. even though you were stalking me all night ☺ How’s your weekend going? “Hey Rebecca :-) great meeting you at Cargo Bar last Friday night. it’s Jack from Beach Bar last night. because there was nothing to respond to. Luckily. Jack was found himself thrust back into the dating scene. How do you make it playful? You comment on something you noticed about her during the interaction. usually on my way home. And nowadays. at the mall. 15 . If I met her at a bar or Text Game Questions: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? I text women right away. Here are some first-contact text messages straight out of my phone. You didn’t prompt her to reply by asking a question. on the street. It could be anything you find amusing. The first text I send her is almost always playful and lets her know I’m interested. great meeting such a famous French actress tonight ☺ Maybe we can meet before you go home to Paris?” Notice how I usually end my text with a question? This makes it easier for her to respond.

Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? Actually. If she doesn’t. etc). and asks YOU a question. Move on. and do you have rapport with her? I wouldn’t send a full on sexual text message to a girl who I only spent 5 minutes talking to on the street. In my opinion. What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? Obviously. with a text message. Some women won’t text. Is she forward. If there is still no response. My day-to-day texts I send are playful and random. I use both. your words. something I saw on the news. You cannot use any of these powerful tools. If she doesn’t answer the phone. I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend ☺” ”Knock knock …” What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? I use texting to show women I’m playful and fun. probably once every few days. Instead. her sexual nature. show her I’m playful and fun. and to exchange information. and your touch to generate attraction. and have already kissed her. that’s almost always a sign she is interested in you. It’s a quick. If she is responding. “Hey. they prefer the phone. When you can use your body language. I’ll wait for her to call back. then I’ll get over it by meeting more women. Here are some more real life examples from my phone. What’s a great gift to get for under $5?” “Hey dork. attraction is best generated in person. It could be something that just happened. then I’ll phone her and setup a date (I’ll cover how to do this later). than make her want to see me sooner.Also. Firstly. I also use texting to exchange specific information (like to setup a time and a place to meet. then I might text her a week later. when you’re sitting across from a woman. or a question I need an answer to. you have to be careful doing this. Sending sexual texts and getting a positive response (i. and I’m really interested in her. then I’ll continue texting her. But if she DOES reply to my initial text. Doing that is more likely to creep her out. she sends one back and flirts with you) depends on two important things. I almost always text a woman soon after meeting her. If she doesn’t reply. outgoing and flirtatious? Or is she a prude and easily turned off by sexual suggestion? Secondly. if a woman responds to your text. But if you DO have rapport with a woman. easy and fun way to communicate. how much time have you spent with this girl in the real world. I send texts to keep in touch. And that’s why I don’t rely on texts to build attraction. but in different situations. my best friend’s birthday is coming up.e. You don’t always need a reason to text her. then I’ll probably call her the next day. your voice tonality. Here is a text 16 . I won’t leave a voice mail. then you can send her a subtle yet sexual text.

I approached her with “Hey. Your facial expressions really got my attention! How has your weekend been?” And she replied with this … HER: “Hey Jack. But that’s cool too. So give women time to respond. you were making the funniest facial expressions when you were playing!” She laughed. thank you very much ☺. women are not sitting by the phone. then give her a call. I noticed a cute girl playing. and I eventually got her phone number. the next day I sent her this: ME: “Hey Rebecca :-) great meeting you at Cargo Bar last Friday night. Meaning. It makes you look needy and desperate.” What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun conversation? (Mention any role-playing or games you have played). and is probably busy. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? 17 . then you need to realize she might have lost interest in you. Here is an example … HER: “Oh god. So an easy way to make the conversation interesting is to playfully tease her. That’s not good for your inner game. or changed her mind. Now if she doesn’t respond to your phone calls or texts at all. Where do you work again? ☺ Another great way to make the conversation sexual. You want to be the guy who has so much going on in his life. going to bed now” YOU: “Whoa. I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight. it was nice meeting you too. When she finished. and enough women around. She has a life. I just had to say. Anyway.message I sent to a woman last week that resulted in us hooking up again … “Was just thinking about storming into your office. I believe the best way is to make comments about things you know about her. My weekends been good. then don’t send another one. What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? Remember. Wait a day or so. You don’t want to be the guy who agonizes and stresses about some women who has replied to your text for 30 minutes. I don’t know you that well. Maybe she doesn’t like texting. For example. pushing you up against the wall. Everyone was playing and it was really fun. who made these funny facial expressions every time the ball came her way. If she doesn’t reply to your text right away. waiting for your call. and passionately kissing you. I went to a bar one night that had a ping pong table. is to use innuendo or misinterpretation. spent lots of time practicing not making animated facial expressions ☺ How about you. had a fun weekend?” Now that was a fun conversation! And I met up with her the following weekend. because you can stop wasting time pursuing her. and go meet some women who are interested in you. that he doesn’t care if a woman doesn’t text him back. you purposefully miss read what she text you as being forward and sexual. I’m so tired.

make fun the and Start by asking about her day and what she did on the weekend. I say the exact same thing when asking a woman out on the phone. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting. you’re assuming that it’s only natural she would give you her number. who has a life. and will politely end the call. then we’re going out. do you wanna hang out sometime?” Because both questions sound needy and you’re giving her the option to say “no”. Another great phone number getting technique. I’m enjoying this conversation. but only if you’re fun. A much better. and make plans to see her. Avoid negative and depressing topics like politics and death. I’m busy Thursday night. 18 . in-demand guy. My mother wouldn’t approve of me talking to you”.Here is a real life example straight out of my phone.” It worked. You text or call her and say the party got postponed or cancelled. that works especially well if a woman is in a group. light hearted and fun. You’re not asking her for it. You don’t need to play silly “waiting games”. Say “you’re a bad girl. we’re having a house party in 2 weeks. Notice how I said I was busy on Thursday night? I mention this because I want to show her that I’m a busy. I met her for a drink on Friday night. Keep the conversation short. tried-and-tested way to get a woman’s phone number is to simply say … “Hey. and sabotage your chances once you’ve left. If you enjoy the conversation. what night are you free this week?” And if I’m free the same night. you guys should come. is to say … YOU: “Hey. We should continue it over coffee sometime (then pull out your phone) what’s your number?” By pulling out your phone and looking at her expectantly. If she says “Sorry. But if she says “I’m not sure” then I’ll assume she’s either indecisive or not interested. I don’t see the need to wait 2 or 3 days. you’re expecting she’ll give it to you. Make fun of things she says. Are you guys fun?” GIRLS: “Yes!” YOU: “Alright. but I’ve got to go in a minute. and you don’t want to make her friends jealous. Then playfully tease her. Don’t talk for hours. Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? I think the two worst things to say are … “can I have your phone number?” or “hey. we’ll type in your number (handing your phone to the girl you’re interested in) and I’ll text you guys the details”. “Hey Mary. When should I first call her? If you’re interested in a woman. I’m busy on Friday” then I’ll respond with “Oh okay. Call her a dork. then make plans to see her. Call her the very next day and talk to her. but was wondering if you would like to meet up for a drink on Friday night.

if there are lots of pauses because you don’t have much in common. However. I actually enjoy a woman who can pause and shut up for awhile. then if you enjoy talking to her. or you simply don’t feel comfortable around her. so we can both relax and think.How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? Awkward silences are only awkward if you allow them to be. then it’s probably a sign to NOT continue with this woman. Spend the first few minutes getting to know her a little better. How do you feel about this woman? Do you feel like you “get along” with her and enjoy her company or is talking to her a bit of a struggle? Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Set up the date on the first call. 19 . ask her out.

author and speaker.yet always direct When Should I first text message a woman. His funny -. I might have met her at the supermarket when she was buying something very interesting for dinner. "How was your meal?" If I meet a woman at a video store. his advice has transformed the dating lives and relationships of hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the globe. Say that you met a woman at a bar. Texting is just so simple. to me. "Hey.davidwygant. Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? Texting is great to just check in on what's going on in someone's life. sex and relationships has revolutionized how people meet and interact with the opposite sex. I will not. how was your night with your friends? Did Mary ever show up?" or "Hey. I took a picture of it. That. you're 20 . and you want to text her later in the evening to see if she had fun with her friends. or as a quick way to remind someone that you're out there. "I just saw this really cool statue. Sometimes you should text message a woman immediately. Texting is great to say a quick hello. To find out more about David and all of his dating and relationship-building products. how was your night? Were you ever able to connect with your friends and see that show you wanted to see?" I always text based on a conversation I had with the" That way. visit him on his website at http://www. I'll say something like "How was that movie?" I'll text very simple things based on the initial interaction I had with that woman. and what is a good text message to send? When you should first text a woman depends on the situation. Say you're traveling somewhere and see something very interesting. text a woman I've just met and ask her out that way. is being very lazy. What I like to do sometimes is text a woman right after I first meet her. and I'll show it to you when I get home.David Wygant is an internationally renowned dating and relationship coach. so I might text her and say. however.approach to dating. Through his coaching and his website (www. You can text someone and say. Using the phone is better for having long conversations or asking someone out on a first date. I love to text to keep a great conversation going that I had been having with someone. because women are always intrigued by men who pay attention to details. So a good text to send is always one that is based on what you spoke about when you met the person. I would say.

21 . What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? When it comes down to sexting. "I can still taste that kiss on my lips :)" You could also text her and say. It's very much like what I talked about in the answer to Question 1." What you did there was let her know you had a great time with her and confirmed the second date. kiss. you can take the conversation further via text. plus you will really be able to judge where she is at and where you need to go from there. "Were you able to fall asleep last night? Last night's conversation was so much fun." These make things very playful. What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? Texting is not about manipulation. is to follow up on conversation you were having. you're going to get her to respond. once again it goes back to saying something related a conversation you were having with her. "Forget about texting. I can't stand guys who think there are five or six specific things they can put into a text to automatically make any woman attracted to them. I have a question about it. To make a woman attracted to you. you have to text about a conversation you had with her. "I just Googled that town you said you love to visit. . and that you're a strong and secure guy who is not afraid to put it out there. By telling her that you have a question about something you were talking about. "I was thinking about you today . though. Say that a woman you met in the market told you about how much she loves Italy. then she either (a) does not like to text or (b) is not interested. What do you do the next day? You text her and say." That's it. Looking forward to the next one. but you haven't been to the town there she said is her favorite one to go visit." She will then ask what you were thinking about her. had a great time. So what you do is text her when you get home and say. and ended the night with a really good kiss. Some people find it to be a nuisance. before you can be sure that this is the case. and you can text back "I was thinking about that really great . Sex to me is playful. What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? If she's only sending you short messages back or doesn't respond. When she does respond. So if you had a great conversation with her the night before. She may not enjoy texting. You love Italy too. I would text her and say. What I do at that point is get on the phone and say. Some people can't text because of work or other situations. It looks amazing. then she's not really interested. Say that you went out with a woman. What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? Well. so you want to make your sexting texts very playful as well. . Looking forward to hearing some jazz with you on Thursday. . So if she's consistently sending you short text messages and you have texted her at different times of the day." Text something that tells her that you're interested in her. I would keep it very subliminal. I'd text her the next day and say.saying something that relates back to their world as they are relating to yours. Doing it that way won't scare her away. Not everyone likes to text. There is something you need to know. So say you went out on a date with a woman and had a great time with her. Another way to turn a woman on if you're newly dating her. . "Last night was a blast.

"Give me your number. I'm really afraid to ask her out. Everyone always wants to text. Always. Don't play games. So stop acting like a kid. You also don't say. So you don't ever say. so I'll just text her and see what she says. I like to get on the phone." Then you've found out she's just not a texter and is more of a phone person." Always ask for a woman's number by saying. it was so funny. because you've already established a relationship with her. "Hey.and only one -. They want you to call them up and ask them out "properly" on a date." "You have got the funniest way of telling stories." I always bring someone back to a moment we had together or a moment we shared. and he said the food was amazing." "Hey. "Can I have your number?" When should I first call her? Always call a woman within 24 hours. For the first couple dates. and call her within 24 hours.a strong man and not a wimp. It turns out he actually went to the restaurant at which you were meeting your friends. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting.It's ridiculous. it was really great talking to you about sushi today." Saying that shows that you're a guy who knows what he's going after. are you dating anyone?" You need to say. It tells a woman that you're a proper man . "Hey. That way. fifth and sixth date via text. just to make sure they picked up the phone and so that they have my number in their phone. I sometimes will call right after I meet them. That you're a guy who is really secure. I really want to find out how the rest of your night was. I don't know if she is going to say yes. I really enjoyed talking to you today. Take this example. "Hey. "God. "Hey. call a woman within 24 hours. I ended up running into that friend I was telling you about. If she doesn't respond positively." Now. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? I don't like to set up dates via text messaging. I really don't like texting either. what's going to happen is that she is going to also play games. Really. however. Let's check out that restaurant you were talking about. Phone Game Questions: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? There is one -. "give me your number" because that is what a man says. then you've found out that she isn't interested and you can stop wondering about it. you know the other night after I met you. I have got to listen to you next time when you tell me the food is great somewhere. It's almost like saying. Give me your number. "Can I have your number?" That is wimpy. Texting is just kind of a wimpy way to ask a woman out. you need to call a woman to ask her out. You don't want to set yourself up for failure by saying. Give me your number. It drives me crazy. If she responds positively and says. Women want you to get on the phone.thing you should say to get a woman's phone number. 22 . Here are some examples. Give me your number. though. make fun the and Always bring her back to a moment you were in together or to a conversation you were having. but I figured we could try an old-fashioned phone conversation." See how she responds. you can set up a fourth. If you wait four or five days to make it look like you have so much going on in your life.

it means that you're really nervous and really not listening. instead of listening to what she's saying. business acquaintances. Think about all the conversations you have with people you know -. only to realize when they meet the person that they don't really like her that much anyway. That way. How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? If you have awkward silences on the phone with someone. So the quicker you meet the person. 23 . and you won't worry about catching her on the phone and playing phone tag for two weeks. the quicker you can see if she's worthy of your time.friends. There is never any awkward silence when you're listening. Why do you want to call back again? Do you want her to be your new friend? Do you want a new phone buddy? Call her up and ask her out that very first time on the phone. you can see each other in person. Set that date up. You want to set up that date right are always continuing a conversation instead of starting from scratch. You don't have awkward silences in those conversations. So how can you avoid awkward silences on the phone? By listening. A lot of people will spend three weeks leaving messages and playing phone tag. Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Always ask a woman out on the first call. because you want to see whether you really like her or not. The reason you do when you're talking to women is because you're thinking about what to say.

But enough about ME How are YOU doing? :)” Worked like at charm and at least 50% would respond. Next. isn't it about time you played SMART GAME? 24 . Let me introduce you to ABCs Certified Coach Gareth Jones and iGame expert. and then I would set up a date with the final 2 or 3... And Gareth Jones is one of the leading coaches within the company. You can find more about them by visiting: http://www.. From developing and improving game to changing one’s manner of dressing to convey sexuality. Those sexy “Those beautiful eyes. The ABCs of Attraction has helped thousands of men worldwide improve social skills and lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. The company offers a wide range of events.. it worked! I would ALWAYS be busy dating beautiful women on ALL my days off I had before I had to jet off to another exciting adventure in some exotic city. I didn't start to master phone and text game until I saw how a TRUE master did it. tools and techniques specifically designed to help men woo. However. The most beautiful of walks. court. it was the LAZY path. And because of my schedule. the ABCs of Attraction delivers full proof methods to help men of all ethnicities improve their love lives. I'd suggest a fun activity. So then 10 girls would hit me back.Asian Playboy is the founder of ABC’s of Attraction. From there 5 would respond..abcsofattraction. date and seduce women. What is iGame? In the age of smart phones..

thanks to the guys at Succeed At Dating. you'll be able to download the free iGame ebook that will explore the most advanced in phone and text. you want to get back to your friends to see how they’re doing. solid interaction for 30 or 40 minutes and.. I can out game anyone using the phone.. I have the most solid and proven text and phone methods out there and. Gareth Jones and it's pleasure to make your acquaintance. This stuff is my life. I very rarely go on first dates and prefer to simply turn a girl on so much that she will just come over to my place and release all that tension (sexual or otherwise) that has been built-up. Just wanted to make sure you’re not still spilling drinks on people ☺” Often times. While back with them. Take it away Gareth! Empower Yourself. the Internet is full of bad phone and text advice. I am going to share a few of them with you. A well-known founding father of the seduction community even teaches that texting is a waste of game(!?!?!). After getting a girl’s number. she’s going to reply right away. I’ve always been a huge phone and text guy and. Anyway. while solid in-set. a quick text over to her identifying yourself with a silly quip or an inside joke will ensure that she saves your number and. after #closing. I’ve spent hours online comparing what I know and what I’ve had great successes with to the stuff that people have put online and what I’ve found may shock some of you: IT IS ALL CRAP. sending it in the club right after you’ve met her is a great way to anchor humour and spontaneity to your texts. it’s Gareth. …If she checks her phone while talking to some douche after meeting you and she sees your text. So stop using phone & text pick-up tech that's over half-a-decade years old and graduate to this new decade's iGame. YOU: “Hey. JT the Asian Playboy Hello all.0. and I see absolutely no reason why you can’t benefit from that devotion. And soon. we teach an initial text as soon as you get the number. everything you know about phone and text game is wrong! Having hosted my iGame seminar and opened Casanova Crew’s 2010 Ultimate Text and Online Game seminar. sexting. Though it’s perfectly acceptable to text the next day with a quick hello with funny call-back humour. you should introduce texting early on in the relationship. and SKIPPING the first date with the ultimate in Phone Game2. I’ll tell you that. unfortunately. After having seen all this stuff.Enter iGame. At the ABCs of Attraction. It's 2010. the new technology of flirtexting. let’s get down to business! Questions about Text Game: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? Just like with kino or erotic undertones. Ever been running bad game on a girl and had her 25 . To be honest. Imagine you’ve had a good.

pull out her phone? Now we can use that response to our advantage! We’ve all had that blow to the ego before. for example). but over text. he can use his special hypno-phone-game to get her over to his place. but there are additional rules specific to phone and text also (like only sending one text at a time). YOU: “This dude at Starbuck’s just dropped three trays of 11 drinks on a girl’s entire set of notes! Get me out of here!! ☺” I’ve found that these are the best ways to build her initial attraction. there are some times when being with a girl or calling a girl just isn’t appropriate or an option (in class or at work. YOU: “How’s that guy doing?” or YOU: “Does it hurt? It looks like he’s hitting on you pretty hard. I warn you. it is a shallow and short-lived attraction. it’s important to remember that the same rules of gaming a girl apply. “Call me after class. Maybe next time. however. Why bother using the phone? Isn’t gaming in person better? Yes. Sorry. She does this and everyone else gets the shaft. so using BT spikes. You could end up looking like a big jerk if you don’t evaluate the situation properly! Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? To be honest. yes. You can tell a long DHV story that flips many attraction switches in person. Make sure. Delivering DHV stories becomes more of a practice in “Keeping it under 140 characters”. which is a very attractive quality to women. gaming over phone and text follows the same structure and rules. What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? Like the process of pickup. This will not only show that you’re playful. mPUA. I paint this little scenario: Imagine a girl is in class and both he (the prominent. Over text. but there are various processes (like telling DHV stories or spiking BT) that will result in a woman becoming more attracted to you. yours truly is going to spend that two -our class using text (the only available method of communicating with her) to turn her on so much that she can’t think of anything other than driving over to my place after class and spending the rest of the day in my bed. He says. simple routines and telling DHV stories will still work.” These are great texts to send after you’ve received a reply to your initial message when you are watching HBTexter get hit on by another guy. it is better. using the phone is better. that the guy isn’t one of her friends. Meanwhile. or to simply poke fun at her. but it will also show that you’re perceptive. Gaming 26 . after class. I have something interesting to tell you” so that. exploring the previously uncharted waters of multiple orgasm. itself. To one very prominent mPUA that says texting is a waste of time. you’ll find it more effective to stick to short stories that are more humorous. However. though. There are no singular sentences that make a woman attracted to you. non-texting mPUA) and I are both vying for her affections. but now we know we can use it as a great opportunity to ‘save’ her from the new PUA (that was once you!).

old telegraph companies used to charge by the word. or sentence with a sexual connotation.purely over text is very difficult and I don’t recommend it. 27 . “Why don’t you come get in bed with me?” What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? (Mention any role-playing or games you have played). run with it. Stop. Must make dinner plans. Some silly things to do over text are: composing a “Three word opera” where you both tell a story by each exchanging three word lines. Stop.” ME: “HBTexter! Stop with that foul language! You have to get to know me before I will feel comfortable with you telling me how horny I make you! . what was the name of that club last night?” Or if you’re obviously a regular patron at that particular venue. i. so telegraphs would be necessarily brief and contain funny language. Stop.g. quick question. Full stop. Much like text messages. One game that I invented. This is a lot of fun and almost ALWAYS turns out sexual. Very hungry. What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? Getting the conversational sexual is extremely important in any aspect of the game. “Telegraph talk”. Inserting ‘erotic undertones’ into the conversation is a tricky art. jerk!” If she responds to it positively. I’ll ask. I will and then I’ll playfully reprimand her for it. Just like how throwing out a high-five requires a response (social obligation). Respond with ideas. is where you speak as if it were an old-timey telegraph (e. by all mean. YOU: “Hey. I operate using a principle of “Getting sexual and making it her fault”.”) This always gets a laugh and maybe even a themed response. HER: “…and now I’m all wet. I haven’t left the house yet. Starting a conversation over text is often as easy as providing something that she is socially obligated to respond to. using routines and BT spikes to build attraction.)” This also works (in a more advanced way) if you type a deliberately sexual sentence. YOU: “What was the name of that movie/band/tourist attraction you were talking about last night?” That will provide a risk-free opportunity to initiate contact. But these are great ways to use Erotic Undertones to sexually charge the conversation and make her more receptive to actual sexual advances. but can be mastered with a little perseverance. you can continue to game as you would normally. Favourites of mine are. that could be intended platonically. This is to say that if I can interpret anything she says sexually. you’re such a perv!” Me: “Excuse me? I’m just trying to find out what the weather is like there/outside.e. My favourite is: ME: “What are you wearing?” Her: “Ew. “Gareth. give her something that she must respond to. Once you’ve got something started.

and a girl that you talk into going on a date with you that has an amazing time. assume that since she is free and you have a good plan. YOU: “Great. if she’s not responding to you. Frankly. finding out when she’s available before trying to set a date will drastically reduce the risk of her ‘being busy’. I’ve got some time on Saturday. that it’s in her best interest. I will do a bit of playful reprimanding. too. you ask her if the plan you’ve described sounds good. if she doesn’t respond to that. you don’t ever want to give a girl a chance to reject your idea. 2) Describe the plan in a way that up sells the date and then confirm with logic. I will a) make sure she’s getting my texts YOU: “Hey. What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? If a girl doesn’t respond to you. just wanted to make sure that last one went though. what’s your schedule look like this week?”). When she answers in the positive. The best way to set up a date over text is a 3step process. 1) Find out her schedule (“Hey. Dress nice and I’ll talk to you before then. ☺” Unfortunately. YOU: “That’s great. There’s an amazing vegan raw food restaurant I want to check out. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? 28 . Don’t ask her if she wants to do it. Sound good?” 3) Assume the plan. Amazing presentation and great view. i. You down for Saturday?” And.Any kind of stylistic talk or role-playing always builds a private connection between the two of you and will further serve to attract her more.e. YOU: “I thought we were a bit old to be playing hard-to-get. I’ll pick you up on Saturday at 8pm.” Not giving her a chance to say no is going to be the difference between someone on the fence that doesn’t want to commit. Unless you have a specific date in mind. so you don’t ask her if she wants to do it (which would be a yes or a no). ask her if it sounds good. She’s Just Not That Into You and it’s probably better to just move on.

more often than not. I generally wait two or three days to give her a non-needy impression and try to call mid-afternoon to early evening. exciting. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting. Style and Asian Playboy all have their patented number closes and even I have a youtube video of a great and lengthy BT spike that gets her number. These are going to be the times when she is the least occupied and most receptive to talking.There are a million gimmicky number closes you can use to varying degrees of success and they are all easily accessible on the Internet. We all screen our calls from numbers we don’t know or people we might not want to talk to. Teaching her how to give a perfect high-five over the phone might be more of a challenge than it’s worth). BT spikes. most people say “no”. gaming on the phone is very similar to gaming in person. “Did I wake you up?”. so keep that in mind when you call her.e. Even though it really doesn’t affect the conversation either way. Routines and DHV stories are all going to be just as effective over the phone. That being said. 29 . Try to keep it at a decent hour (Noon-8pm) and she’ll get back to you when she can. Remember that you want to find her when she’s free of distractions and able to communicate with her undivided attention. so you’re not going to ask for it. you’re interesting. “Give me your number” not “Can I have your number?” You’re a man. and then to tell her to give you her number. We want to use dominance and confidence at all times in our interactions with women. You’re fun. When should I first call her? There’s much debate as to when the perfect time to call is. but I always recommend that you avoid times when she may be sleeping. or actually out with her friends. I call this “Gareth’s Magic Number Close”. but anything funny. you’re confident and there’s no reason she shouldn’t give you her number. she is going to auto-pilot to that response. or heart-wrenching will be great over the phone. That being said. Mystery. the most solid way to get a number is to express interest in her and seeing her again. so don’t worry too much about the timing. make fun the and Luckily.” This is one of the most powerful frames you can operate in. Think of when you’re at a store and a salesperson asks if you need any help. 90% of your first calls will go straight to voicemail. Every time you give her a chance to say “no”. getting ready to go out. If she’s a professional. you’re going to open up the point in the conversation where she can give it to you. There may be some differences between the two mediums (i. The best example of this is when someone calls you and your ring tone wakes you up and they hear the grogginess and fatigue in your voice and say. you automatically reply “no” even if you do. This operates under one of my favourite principles: “Don’t give her a chance to say no. so telling her that you think she’s a riot and you want to hang out with her should be followed by. she’ll be getting up early and going to bed in the same fashion. While these are all fun and great.

If the silence is awkward.eventbrite. Good luck. Remember that you deserve her and. Having a general date in mind and suggesting that you two make a day of it is a great way to end a good conversation and is perfectly acceptable during the first call. as long as you make the effort to be the most fun. – Bootcamp Info For the free iGame ebook. sign up for the iGame newsletter here: http://www. and cool guy in her life. and keep gaming! Gareth Jones For more information: http://www. she will want to spend as much time with you as possible. Remember that the goal of all phone and text interactions is so you can actually meet up with these women and decide how much time you want to spend with them. just the simple concept of preferring to talk to her in person will be enough reason for her to go out with you. as soon as 30 . but silences come from someone not – iGame Information OR http://igame. so always make the effort right off the bat. Sometimes.How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? Keep talking! I’m not trying to be trite here. keep talking! Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? It is absolutely imperative that you at least try to set up a date ASAP.igamefromtexttosex.abcsofattraction.

Greg Dean has been a core leader in the ever evolving dating Text Game Questions: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? The same night you meet her. Forward this to her! Create a personal joke between you both and never ask for a date. Never send a naked photo of you.” Or “We should go for coffee sometime. Not shy. The texts that you send should never validate her.10attractiontriggers. And by the way. She finds it random and funny. Dig into your phone where a friend sent you a funny joke. Example: “You look perfect together.” Both translate to her as “I will roll over easily. he has taken a photographer along to workshops to document proof of just how powerful his advice can be. You can find out more about Greg Dean at his website: http://www. Greg Dean is one of the few leaders in the dating industry who provides you real proof of his success. Sometimes. including The Game: The Day I Became a Prince and Dating Evolution Mastery. (Also a subtle AMOG). It could be she is talking to some random guy and you make a funny comment about him. I’ve sent them to a woman who I just met and she has always texted me back. you can begin texting inane and funny texts. but in different conversations with other people. and buy you coffee ONLY with the prospect that I can sleep with you. Never ask for one. I have some hilarious jokes my best friends have sent me that made me laugh. I can see hot. Here you are building an “us against the world” mentality. if you are at the same bar. Greg Dean has published several books. You are creating a personal running joke between you both. steamy nights of you both playing Dungeons and Dragons. NEVER write “So great to meet you. Women love randomness. I am definitely NO challenge” All your texts need to be funny. Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? 31 . holding cutting-edge dating workshops/courses every weekend around Australia and regularly holds dating seminars on attracting women internationally.

You should have found common interests when you first met her.. you can thread 32 . So you text “Hey I’m going for a naked run on the beach tomorrow morning.. sexual conversation needs to be funny.. relaxed. Phone game requires different rules for different times of day. I always hold onto jokes that I am sent. You then get more sexual but hold back. and provided they WERE interesting to you both.” The next description you give her will be on the phone. The humour you create shows her you are not creepy and NOT needy.. send her a joke. It could take 5 or 6 texts of random. You are becoming a new friend that she wants to get to know. The phone IS better. I just wanna. is what I call “I wanna.. eaten dinner and are sick of watching tv.. You should join me! We’ll even do the Baywatch slo mo” Of course. During the evenings.” She will generally text back.. During the day there are short conversations. I never know when they will be useful. When I think of you. If her friends are sending her funny texts. over your chest. Text messages will only grab her interest if they are different from all of the others she receives. I just have this feeling when I think of you now. a little more direct. and you say “You seem to have hijacked my mind. “Well. “Wanna what?” She knows you are having sexual thoughts and she wants validation so she will try to draw more out of you. It’s a regular habit. and then. this is only after she is laughing at your jokes and you have that text connection and a few phone calls out of the way. You are leaving out details and this builds sexual tension. lay you on the bed. I wanna take you somewhere. but in context. safe. then you should be doing that too. Another. Send her a joke that’s a bit rude but very funny. calls should be made after 8pm when they have relaxed.” Here you are going to a direct method. What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? Be careful using the word attraction with the use of text messages. You write.” Leave it there. warm and soft.. kiss down your neck. She will become pliable.. But NEVER text “Why don’t you text me back?” She doesn’t know you. Tell her something random you are doing or that you had a strange thought of her doing something crazy that makes her laugh. down your stomach. If she is interested she will type back “Then what??” She is getting turned on here. You are easing your way into her life.Texting is a great tool to warm a woman up.. It costs her money to text you.. because you are not being obvious.. Once again.. What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? (Mention any role-playing or games you have played). funny stuff until she hooks. when she is in her room. Did you build enough value with her that she wants to spend her text money on you? What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? Firstly.

” What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting. you could say “I love body art. Look back on your interaction and figure out where you went wrong. If she loved to paint.” Then follow up with another tease.” You then say “hey. The idea is that you are putting her on a list with the other people you forward the joke to. It’s weak to set up a date by texting. It conveys weakness and fear. by the way. women will flake at any given moment. you should send a text with some strange fact that she never knew about one of the actors. As you mentioned friendship. It’s a simple bridge between first meeting. It could be anything she found interesting in her life. 33 . this won’t creep her out. Example “My friends and I have a bet. sorry. A quick phone call the next day to ask her a random trivia question. teases her senses. I just wanted you to know that. she will text back “What is it?” Now it is time for the personal joke. For example. Remember.. to the first phone call. IF you are not texting. I love to be painted. “I thought you had beautiful eyes when I met you. if you both loved a certain movie. After teasing her. you should know now that I have a very strange fetish. This could take quite a few texts. make fun the and Tease her. Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? Simply ask her … ‘How do you suggest we keep in contact?” When should I first call her? The next day. You should know”. But I’d love to chat with you later in the week. Texting is not real.into this in a text. Even if you did manage the impossible. Be an interesting guy! Be strong! Be real! Tease her! No negging. if she’s not texting you. when I can give you more time. Generally. “Think of something she told you when you were first talking. He’s Australian isn’t he? Me and my friends have a bet going.. Who sings that song ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony” or “The guy who starred in Avatar. I don’t know why.this is very funny. You can text “If we’re going to be friends. I don’t have time to chat.” What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? Send another joke a day or so later. Teasing. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? There isn’t. you could say. it is because you failed to attract her enough to get her invested into you. The next time you are texting for a meet up is once you are dating her already and you are going to pick her up from work! Texting for a date in place of a phone call does NOT convey elusiveness. Change from teasing to being personal and conveying interest in her that is NOT needy.

Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Never on the first call. Always during another call 34 . Silence is a great way to test whether she is invested into you. If she is not responding.How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? Silences can be great in context. Don’t feel the need to keep talking once you have built attraction. Don’t be frazzled by silence. either caught her at a bad time. you . or you failed to initially attract her somewhere in your routine. briefly. But always call the next day.

Questions about Text Game: When should I first text message a woman? What is a good first text to send? Message her the SAME day (she may give her number out to numerous guys) so you want to be fresh in her mind. then by all means. “Squirt” things like that… The premise of the first message is NOT to setup a date just a ‘courtesy’ message to remind her you met that day that’s all. instead of calling. Stick with the phone (or in person) to build attraction … What text messages can I send to make the conversation sexual … without going too far or scaring her away? I personally do this on the phone (see above for my answer). or even better. you should do that over the phone. If anything. intonation. the best way to be “sexy and funny” is to pretend that she is trying to be sexual to YOU. It’s basic role reversal. But be careful. “Hey great meeting you today : ) you seem fun and a bit dorky : ) LOL but I love dorks! Catch you later <insert your name>” Cute Nicknames include things like “Bubbles”. So when we speak on the first call. What text messages can I send to make a woman attracted to me? I don't believe you can generate attraction by sending texts ALONE. in person. not you ☺ It might go like this … 35 . Message her something along these lines (depends really on what the energy was like and what you think is suitable). I might make some sexual jokes (and normal jokes too). etc conveys endless feelings and emotions that could be used to build attraction. It’s needy to ask her out or try to arrange a date on the first message. So tread lightly. Some women will be into it. How do you do this? Well. call her. If you guys hit it off when you met. Why bother texting? Isn’t using the phone better? Some girls prefer to text message if they don’t know the guy too well or if there was a lack of rapport when they met. Your voice inflections. It would be strange if you messaged her. and CALL them the following day. modulation. I personally text message women the same day. Now she is the pervert. When she hears your voice there is so much you can do that you can’t do over text. some will not.

And if she isn’t “getting” the humour and is reacting negatively. anything!) HER: “Me too. That’s it. or she doesn’t have a good sense of humour. like a coffee shop. NOT at your apartment”. Think this way. So you can either call her (I would personally do this) or you can send her messages that evoke her interest and get her texting you back. IF we do meet. HER: “What? Haha. and the words will come. anything!) YOU: “Stop copying me! You always do this. I’m keeping the money and cars. say … “yeah the love hospital my feelings were really hurt because you didn’t return my messages and I started getting the shakes. “Hey what you doing at 1pm today? Nothing? great! lets meet for coffee at 12pm? 1pm you 36 . then I couldn’t feel my legs …yeah right! (laughing)”. Examples: “You’re not going to believe what happened” “I just saw the most amazing thing … ” just If the girl is NOT answering ANY of your messages … use this: “I just got out of hospital” When she calls you about this. but don’t get any funny ideas. I love (music. I like (music. once you get into the mind frame of SHE is trying to hit on you. I didn’t mean it like that!” YOU: “Yeah. I’ve found these work for me nicely: “Hey <Insert cute nickname> I’m heading out today to do some grocery/clothes/furniture shopping I’ll be at the shopping mall around 1pm wanna grab a quick coffee?” The above seems casual and you’re meeting at a busy place during the day with plenty of people so she won’t be intimidated or afraid of meeting you. I then make sure I know what suburb she lives in (for logistic reasons) so when I call her for the 2nd call I know where to setup the date. sleep with you and make sexual advances. What is the best way to set up a date via text messaging? There are a few ways of doing this again it depends on the vibe you had with her when you met and what you think is appropriate in the circumstance. sushi. You keep the dog”. it will be at a public place.. What text messages should I send a woman to start a fun and interesting conversation? I like to keep the messages short and sweet and convey most of the attraction and rapport over the phone call. sushi. Say this in a mocking tone. we are getting a divorce. Move on. It’s easy to come up with many “sexy and funny” things to say.HER: “So I live in an apartment in Brunswick” YOU: “Okay. Remember. always be sarcastic when you make jokes. not to text her back and forward and have a texting war … What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back? This means the girl may be turning cold on you. then either you’re doing it wrong. My goal is to get her ON THE PHONE.

say? Alright don’t be pushy. Period. How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone? If you want to be really smooth on the phone and get more dates. text the girl the same day and call her the day after. So I have a favourite routine I like to use. Ever. she’s your Indian twin sister! you guys share so much in common I think. It’s important that the calls you make are interesting and engaging because these are like ‘previews’ to the girl on how the date will go if you meet up. see you there!” Be sure you texts you back before you go to the café though : ) and when she meets you bust / tease her for being so pushy and needy to meet with you. i. she likes tandori I’ll make an introduction when we hang out next… ” This will get her laughing and in a good mood.. she likes shoes. “ Just ASSUME she’ll give her number to you. And say “I’ll SMS you later” rather than “call her”. “Hey <insert her name> you’re not going to believe who I just met? I’m at the mall and I just met your twin sister!” “I don’t have a twin sister?” “No this will freak you out in a good way. If you hit it off well call her the next day. make fun the and Questions about Phone Game: What should I say to get a woman’s phone number? You want to appear casual and aloof when getting her number. 1pm it is at the <name of café> then. I used to have a ‘cheat sheet’ of funny banter lines and cocky/funny things to say by my phone when I call my numbers in case I did run out of conversation and there was an awkward silence. (get out your phone and open ‘contacts’) how do you spell your name?” (keep looking at your phone ready to enter it).e if there’s a lot of awkward silences on the phone then there will 37 . always put the phone in her hand. “Hey you seem pretty cool. prompting her to enter her phone number. You like shoes. You can try this when you’ve been in conversation for 5-10 minutes and there is rapport. When should I first call her? This depends on the interaction of course. As you say this. you like chicken. NEVER ASK. You should also say “DIGITS” rather than phone number. she looks exactly like you and speaks like you and she’s Indian. Examples: “Hey I’ve got a house party coming up and I’ll shoot you the details… here… (put the phone in her hand) enter your digits and I’ll SMS you the details. What should conversation memorable? I say to interesting. I usually I love starting the conversation on a funny/ good tone. This will work at least 50% of the time. then it’s a matter of being prepared and practicing.

probably be a lot of awkward silences on the date … she’ll rationalize and probably won’t want to put herself through it. If she says no then just chat. Thursday (evening): Call her in the evening (around 6pm) -Mention hanging out during the day on the weekend. I’d wait for the second time you call her.. “I want to do a LITTLE shopping”. don’t arrange another day. I spent the whole call busting her chops and teasing her and she ended up closing ME for a date! Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later? Never ask a girl out on a date on the first call as it comes across too needy. Always somewhere busy and say something like “grab a QUICK coffee”. Lower commitment dates are best for the first date. Make it a small commitment so she won’t feel she has to stay the whole day with you. just call her two days later. also tease her for being so ‘keen’. I remember when I got a call from this girl that stood me up over a year ago and we hadn’t spoken since. The idea of phone game is wetting her appetite and making her want to hang out with you. But if it’s interesting and funny then she most likely will. If she suggests you guys meet up then by all means do it. 38 . Saturday: Got her digits (send a text message) Sunday: Call her in the evening (around 6pm) – don’t suggest a meet up Tuesday: Call her in the evening (around 6pm) – Suggest meeting on Thursday.. So anything you can say that’s funny. cocky or teasing her … definitely say it.

connecting and succeeding with beautiful women.Here are the dating programs offered by our company. supermarket. at the café.conversationmasterclass. Visit: http://www. meeting and getting dates with attractive women on the street. you can by visiting: Inner Game Blueprint How to eliminate fear. the mall and dozens of day time situations! Visit: To Contact Us … If you would like to contact Succeed At 39 Conversation Master Class How to approach and talk to hot women in any situation Visit: http://www. anxiety and negative beliefs stopping you from approaching. Street Dating Revealed Watch real-life videos of men approaching.

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