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The future of touch screen technology at your fingertips

Let your fingers guide you with the HTC Touch™, Highlights
the world’s first phone to feature intuitive touch
screen technology. • Feel the difference with intuitive TouchFLO™
screen technology for finger and stylus input.
Featuring an easy-to-use touch screen and simple user • Simple user interface for quick dialing,
interface, the HTC Touch with TouchFLO™ makes navigation and launching applications.
quick dialing, navigation and selection a breeze. • Surf the web with ease with Internet Explorer
Stylish, smart and versatile, it opens up a world of on the large 2.8” touch screen with
media, communication and social interaction. TouchFLO™ scrolling.
• Enjoy music and movie clips with HTC’s
Audio Manager and Windows Media® Player.
Surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive
email from web accounts like, Yahoo!® , and even get • Chat on Messenger, send and receive 
Hotmail® and send photos to Windows
Push email from Hotmail ® and Windows Live Mail .
Live™ Spaces.
Chat on Messenger and send photos to your own web
space through Windows Live™.
Key Features
Optimised for entertainment, the HTC Touch lets • TouchFLO™ screen technology
you enjoy your favourite music and movie clips through
• Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
the integrated media suite. You also have the versatility
• Direct Push Outlook® email
to upload, store and share your media files with
microSD™ removable memory. • Compact at H: 99.9mm, W: 58mm,
D: 13.9mm and lightweight at only 112g
• Tri-band GSM with GPRS/EDGE
With Windows Mobile® 6, the HTC Touch also provides
instant access to your Outlook® email and the most • 2.0 mega-pixel camera
popular Microsoft® Office applications. • Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 and Wi-Fi®
• 1GB microSD™ card and stereo headset
Experience a whole new sensation. The HTC Touch. included