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Exercise Your Body Type

Exercise Your Body Type

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Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Exercise Your Body Type

‘Body-Type’, Exercising Strategies
For Optimal Living!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type





Introduction-Why And Whom This Book Is Written For
What on earth does Body Type Or ‘Types’ have to do with



An alternative Approach To Health, Well-being, Fitness, Body
TypesAnd Exercise
Making The Most Of Body Type And Exercise



Recommendations, Suggested Exercises And Body-Type
Customizing a Personal Exercise Plan FOR YOUR BODY TYPE



Resources And Online Links


Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type



Introduction -Why And Whom This Book Is Written For

How can you make the best of what your body has to offer for fitness
and exercise, healthy living? How can your workouts give you MORE,
with some consideration for and of how you are build, your bone
structure, stature, physique, physical height/weight, presence and
distribution of body-fat, metabolic rates and MORE? Have you ever
considered these aspects as part of your overall health and fitness
assessment(s), your workout routines, types and duration of exercises
and the like?

Well, the time has come to MAKE YOUR BODY TYPE AND EXERCISE
DYNAMICS AND LINKS, work in your favor and to your advantage.

How often have you heard the phrase: “our bodies are designed to
move”? This if often used in advertising of some or other kind of new
introduction and/or advocacy of a product, service or life-altering
exercise regimen, that promises the world of success and results, (for
everyone), but yet yields little and/or at worst/best, mediocre to no
results (for some/most). Are you oftentimes frustrated by the ‘generic’
or mediocrity involved with exercise? Is it merely routine and not
effective, getting your results and success you want, need, desire and
deserve. THEN THIS IS THE GUIDE FOR YOU! You can turn and change
the tide of your exercise regimen, by making some slight adjustments
and considering aspects regarding BODY TYPE in your physical
workouts for optimal and lasting results, living and all-round well-

We are often left to ask and wonder why our exercise routines at times
can seem so highly ‘ineffective’ or uneventful, with little explanation,

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


clarification or specifics for our own circumstance, build, condition,
health, fitness, goals or frustrations!

The unique and beautiful thing here is that EACH OF US have a kind of
default body-type, frame and naturally endowed physique, which in
turn is coded (encoded/decoded) into our genetics, manifested in our
bodily appearance– into how we look and function. Our bodies and
what we do with them are uniquely defined and individually different,
bestowed and we need to unlock these inner secrets to make the most
of our body type and exercise dynamics.

This book is written for…


anyone and everyone interested in their health, well-being,
weight loss, management, fitness levels and overall well-


For those of us who are not sure our current exercise
regimen is working,


some who are interested in learning more about their
bodies, the human system, how physique can hold cues
and clues as to what will work and what not, for that
particular body type


How building and customizing an exercise plan that
actually works and addresses individual needs and specific
areas, aspects and problems,

This guide on body type and exercise, will take you from start to finish,
doing any, some or all of the above and so much more! YOU CAN REAP

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


According to online sourcing(see www.wikipedia.org,)body types,
can be defined and used in various contexts and as having several
meanings, common uses. It is mostly seen as:

-A description of any kind of human body shape. Think of it this
way – how do you define yourself and your outer/outward
appearance: slim, fat, tall, petite, wide-shouldered, pear
. it is a term used in a classifying matter, for
categorization and desscription of the human frame and
physique for example, including stature, height, weight, shape
bone-structure and so on.

-In the early 1940’s numerous practitioners and scientists used
this as a classification system and framework, a sorting=utility
of sorts. People were photogrpahed for example and sorted
intoTHREEgeneral classes of appearance OR different body
types. We find residue, legacy, influence and evidence of this
still to this day, just applied now in multi-disciplinary fields,
across the board, including health, sports medicine, fitness
and other. Compare modern weight training and exercise
regimens that utilizes BODY TYPES to customize the routines
for maximum effectiveness or the NASA (Space Program) in
the US that builds the foundation of their assessments and
training on the so-called ‘somato-types’ mentioned here.

Body types are present in many a field, especially psychology and
fitness sciences, diet and weight loss and many more/others.

There is a strong correlation and relationship between BODY TYPE
. It is inter-related, connected and in costant
interplay, more-so than the mere sum-total of its parts of putting them
together. It can be a powerful FORCE to reckon with to enable and

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


empower your life and future. More on how to make this realyou’re
your life a little later!

These elements are so much more than the mere sum of its parts! It
seems like a logical inference then, that the ONE will have something
to do with the OTHER and visa versa. The physcial properties of our
bodies, the dynamic system and its functioning, its optimal peak
performance and optimal movement, exercise regimen particularly,
will have to be related somehow in one way or another. Each of us are
uniquely designed and put together. We do not all get the same
results, even if we follow the same exercise routine. There has to be
MORE here than simply meets the eye at first glance.

It is almost undeniable that they are inextricably linked and
interconnected in a number of ways. We will be taking this bond and
commonality, under closer surveilance and investigation during the
course of these musings and unfolding discussion on BODY TYPE and
EXERCISE. So, stay tuned…

Curiosity led early students and researchers like ONE BODY-TYPE
EXPERT AND FOUNDER of one of the most commonly used body-type
classification systems (William Sheldon), to categorize humans
based on their human frame and appearance. How their bodies
‘looked’ for example. Stature, height, shoulders, dimensions,
proportions, metrics and measurments, shapes etc. and categorized
them. Additional aspects regarding temperament, personality types
and more were added and compared with each other. Through the use
of many an observational and diagnostic tool, probing inquiry into this
variations, commonalities and bonds brought into clearer focus that
there were more at play here than random occurences and similarities.
Today, the thought and beliefs buildling on this early research point
that we as individual beings each have a unique body type, DNA, build
and characteristics. We can exploit and optimize these to our own

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


advantage, and yes… even GET MORE FROM OUR EXERCISE
ROUTINES AND STRATEGIES if we closely conisder how to discover,
identify our type and use it when we exercise, eat, live and work-out!

This idea is, have and will still really be catching on. In recent years
and the near future, more and more practitoners, consumers, fitness
trainers, and other experts (even lay-people), discover that there is
not really any ONE-EXERCISE-PROGRAM-FITS-ALL type of solutions for
everybody. The answers and solutions have to be unique to every
person/individual. It is as unique as our identity and fingerprint! This is
magical and the opportunities it opens are vast and appealing to most.
You can get a customized solution and exercise regimen, workout that
is just right for you and your particular body type, variation and

We are moving more and more away from generalist approaches,
fitness programs, classes for all and closer to custom-type exercise
routines that have something to do and say with regards to different
body shapes or ‘types’. Particularly designed to bring out the best in
your body type, making it count FOR YOU, not against you or not at
all, working to your advantage, goals and outcomes BETTER, FASTER
and more reliably, getting results and success!

What on earth does Body Type Or ‘Types’ have to do with Exercise?

Our physical properties, height, weight etc. have always figured into
the picture, whether it has to do with filling out medical forms, fitting
clothes, fitness assements and health check ups! These have always
been known to be unique to every indidivual and characteristic of
ourselves, individually and collectively. There is variation and personal
characteristics, features that influences our life, future, functioning,
health, well-being, even longevity. Our DNA and pre-dispositions also
play into this equation and nature bestowed upon us so much more

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


than mere metrics and measurements! Our body types are cues and
clues as to what will make this human machine work at its optimal and
peak levels. We just need to learn to encode, decode, dechiper and
use this information TO OUR OWN ADVANTAGE! We would argue, that
up to now it has played somewhat of a subdued, background role, if it
had gotten any consideration at all. We suggest and advocate that
body type has to move to the fore-front of our plans and even fitness
regimes, workouts and routines TO BE TRULY EFFECTIVE!

For recording purposes, calculations like BMI and more, and fitness
assessments did make a note regarding this BEFORE much, until now,
but not a lot of attention has been given to it much by the field experts
and researchers. Increasingly though as consumers demand
customization, personalization and more sophisticated, Me-focused
and oriented products and solutions and medical/fitness reserachers
keep discovering unqiue individualistic traits, influences and related
issues (see YOU, The owner’s manual etc. recent medical publications
in the mainstream) that affect what we do, what happens and unfolds
for us, medically and fitness wise, for our lives and future. WE NEED
they/we are sepcifically , but how we can hone and harness, optimize
and tap into it as a resource to be utilized to our utmost advantage
and live life to its fullest.

Using body type in this fashion, actually having you look at YOUR
physical form and appearance, tissue (muscles, disgestive and
nervous systems), and consider how to optimize and use that to your
advantage when working our or getting exercise, is essential to
success, health and sustainable results.

We need to familiarize ourselves with the types and role that body
types/shapes, height/weight rations, proportions, dimensions and
physiqye in general has to play, to get a better handle on what might

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


work best for that particular shape, metabolism and person,
(individual/group), in general and specifically. Exercise and body type
and what the one has to do with the other, are what is in the spotlight,
at stake and in question here.

This is the base premise of this musing and ebook: General and
specific ‘consideration and consequence type model’ for BODY
TYPE EXERCISING, can then be translated into a customized-
tailored exercize regimen, routine, work-outs and plan, to get
results, not necessarily or exclusively for weight-loss, but also
for overall fitness, increased well-being and health.

BETWEEN Body Type And Exercise

Body Type Exercise solutions advocate MORE of a holistic-type
approach to exercise, fitness, weight loss, management and self-
preservation, even our longevity and all-round well-being. It
postulates and proposes that we intend to use what nature has
bestowed upon and given naturally, (genetics and DNA, body shape
and types, glands, muscles etc. ), utilziing and pushing the envelope
on and of the processes and dynamics of the body, to get the best
results, overall and all-round – FOR FITNESS, FOR LIFE!

Some have described and practice the science of ‘describing the
human frame and physique through categorization and classification
techniques. These all try to capture and make sense of variation in
human physical properties and appearance. It is also known as
anthropometry sciences or the ‘measuring/measurement’ of the
human being, based on physcial properties. We utilize these systems
to help us fit into a profile, that in turn will help us opt for the best
chances we have in getting the most from BODY TYPE EXERCIZING.
We do not want to waste our time, get results and know that what we

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


are doing with our bodies, actaully help keep them in tip-top shape,
performing and living optimally and ENJOY life, good healthy, balanced
living and longevity in the process!

Utilizing these bodily dimensions and then customizing products
around it, is quite a common practice in fields like ergonomics, clothing
design, even architecture. IT IS HOWEVER NOT so much so (yet) in
the field of fitness, health and wellness, weight loss and management,
and overall optimal functioning type considerations, products and

We have somehow overlooked, underestimated or not conisdered
BODY TYPE/EXECISE interactions, dynamics and influences, seriously
enough it seems. It can in fact hold and harbor some real secrets, cues
and clues, as to what to expect when we use the one to better
understand and maximize the other. Quite the thought! How
revolutionary is that?

Most of the initial findings in the anthropometry, was based on
pioneers like Sheldon’s work. He took extensive care to meticulously
observe and document these variations he found and saw in body
types and describe and classify them fully. We can tap into these to try
and dechiper what they mean for us today and how we can use them
to better get results from our exercise routines, nutrition etc.

The methods he used ceterened around taking pictures of between
4000-6000 males from different angles to CAPTURE if you will all the
different living bodily features in the human species, looking for
shared traits, differentces, commonalities and variation in the physcial
appearance or physique, sature, shape and features (front, back and
sides) categorizing and classifying them into useful, general categories
of which we still use the basic THREE he had identified earlier – the

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


ENDOMORPH–BULKY/CHUBBY, with a slower digestive system,
Individuals that fall into this category typically are prone to being
somewhat overweight. From a personality perspective they are
perceived to be more easy-going, tolerant and creatures of comfort,
routine and habitThey love food and the company of others and often
eat/exercise for the shared experience and being around/with others.
Obsesity rates tend to be higher in these categories and eating for
socializing is a main motivator. Gain weight more readily.

Certain (definitely HIGHER) occurrence and prevalance of conditions
like addiction, substance abuse, depression, bipolar and panic
attacks/related disorders, discsomforts and being overweight,
unhealthy, carrying extra pounds around, tend to all be more
commonly found amongst this group of individuals.

healthy, good physical attributes, broad shoulders, visible defined
muscle-packs, good stature and build, making a good impression,
exhuberating vitality and energy. Caharacterized as typically SOCIAL
and very outgoing, always surrounded by outdoors, company and
activity, these groups of indivdiuals are mostly considered and
described by others to be strong-willed and tempered. They are
dynamic personalities,active and extremists at times, highly
competitive. Football player-types, even body-builders will typically fall
into this category. They are the fitness fanatics!

ECTOMORPH–SKINNY/THIN, they are mostly rated and described as
smaller in stature, even underweight, thin or slimmer than most of the
other categories. Characterized as more artistic, sensitive, self-aware
and socially reserved by nature and conscious choosing!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Body type, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle can all work together to
make and get more out of life! There is a newer push to use things like
inner strenghts, talents, natural endowments, be it muscular or skinny
for that matter, to get the most from your activity and mobility!

Biometrics and measurements of the human frame even today are
closely related and modern trends and even lifestyle, fitness and other
experts/advocates try to accommodate, synergize and make the MOST
of both, for healthy, balanced living. We propose tapping into getting
to know your body type/category overall, to better understand the
needs of your body for optimal fucntioning and living. To get you
started, see if you can identify with any, some or all (even
combinations) of the following THREE base BODY TYPES:

Endomorph Body Types

Weight management is a constant struggle, uphill battle

Typically having a higher/highest degree of body fat

Sporting a round face, large trunk and thighs

Seen as large-boned structures, solidly built

Losing weight is quite the challenge at the best of times.

Body fat tends to accumulate in and around the midsection
and directly surrounding areas

Mesomorph Body Types

Lean shapely figures

Heavy, hard and athletic physique mostly

Fast metabolism would enable you to enjoy favorite foods

Easier to maintain correct weight

Built proportionately and healthy physical appearance and
Broad-shouldered, with narrow waist

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Weight control and management is no real problem for this

Very high amount of lean muscle

See muscle definition more clearly

Quite muscular

Naturally large muscles and fast metabolism

Lowerbody fat percentage overall

Less strict on dieting

Less exercise is needed to control weight

Less chance of weight regain

Ectomorph Body Types

Very low body fat percentage

Ultra fast metabolism

Thin, lean and very linear-type appearance and physique

Stays slim easily

Narrow waist, hips and shoulders

low and lean muscle weight

Lack shape

Now it is time to get down to some serious business as to how, what
and why BODY TYPE/EXERCISE can/will help you in and for your life,
your overall well-being, fitness, future and MORE!

You can ask and answer the following questions for yourself, to see if
this guide will have something of meaning to offer to you:




Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


If these are questions that have been plaguing you or that you often
mull over, have heard as part of a fitness or health check-up or
assessment, THEN this is in fact the comprehensive guide for you.

Source link: http://www.weightlossforall.com/body_type_pictures.htm

Let us continue to explore and discover together how body
type, shape or physique, can help us decipher the tell-tale signs
of what to do to make the most of our bodies and resources
and exercise appropriately for our build, condition, age, gender,
health and well-being?

When you do end up looking into the mirror, what image do you see,
what types of shapes do you observe? Do you sometimes wish you


Endomorphs: The naturally large person, round face, wide hips, big
bones, slow metabolism and high number of fat cells.

Mesomorphs: The naturally muscular person, wide shoulders, small
waist, athletic build, low body fat percentage with a fast, increased

Ectomorphs: The skinny person with a linear appearance, small muscles,
ultra fast metabolism, low body fat, narrow shoulders, hips and waist.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


looked like someone else? Do you sigh slightly or deeply as you survey
your curves and folds, want your body MORE shaped and toned like
others with less body-fat, more definition, being lean? YOU ARE NOT
ALONE IN THIS! Whether wish or frustration, obsession or merely an
observation, we all want to look good/better and live healthy and long
lives, with little concern with/for health and dying!

Most of us do not have the same body shape and up to now, exercise
routines and workouts have mostly revolved around the exercises
themselves and not suitability or custom-solutions for each individual
or by body type – that is up to now! NOW BODY TYPE EXERCISE

We quickly keep discovering that the body is/was designed for motion,
moving and being active. That is what gets and keeps it in good
shape! How are you making the most of what you see in the mirror?
Do your exercises work as good as they could? Do you consider body
type and shape when you put together your routines or workout
regularly? Does it even feature into your exercise routines at all?

There are numerous factors that affect our body type. Here are but a
few selected from online sources and medical/research documentation:

NOT ONE body type or shape is better or worse than the other.
They are all indicative of the great diversity that we have and share
around the world as the human race, as we continue to evolve, pro-
create and fill the earth.
The premise of this musing is that :If you know and understand
MORE about how your body works, it will be easier for you to
manage your resources and make the most of what nature
endowed you with! This includes knowing how to tie in your

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


exercise routines and regimen with the demands of your body and
particular “build”, physique or body type.
What do you see in the mirror? What image do you have of yourself
and what your body looks like? If you had to draw a rough outline
of what your body-shape or type looks like, what would that picture
show, tell and share about you and your body?
Your age, gender, ethnicity/race, genetics, puberty-or
developmental phase or stage in life that differs from person to
person, levels of physical fitness and lifestyle, health and more.
Your shape, height and weight is never the total picture of your
health and or physical/medical condition (conditioning), let alone
fitness level. They do carry cues and clues as to what the situation
is, might be and what we might most likely pursue to get to the
ideal of healthy, balanced living and an acceptable level of fitness,
so to speak.

What does affect what your body looks like:

The clothes you choose to wear

The food you choose to eat *what, how much, how often, size
portions, content etc.
Male or female

Individual factors and variations

Increased body weight or loss

Amount of body fat

Levels of physical activity
.. and many more!

For the most part, there are many different classifications of body
frame or body type. It refers to your outer-appearance pretty much.
How your skeletal frame and bodily build actually are and can be seen,
observed by others, from the outside.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


One of the oldest sciences of life from India, classifies the body types
of shapes into what they refer to as DOSHA types. There are basically
THREE body types, personalities or conditions to consider, namely:

ONE such body type easy assessment tool, provides you with the
information you need to determine which category you fall into. It has
you consider aspects like:

Skin (dry, sensitive or oily)

Body temperature ( cold extremities hands/feet, too hot,
just right)
Eating (can eat anytime, at mealtime, long periods
without eating)
Mind and thought (creative, intellectual, good
memory/taking longer to learn)
Energy ( spurts of energy/fatigue, always lots of energy,
good stamina – sustained energy)
Sleeping (needs to be quiet to sleep well, warm
bath/relaxing drink before going to sleep, sleep easily)
Emotions (sensitive, intense and demanding, loving,
forgiving and loyal)
Environment (long, hot summer days, cold, crisp winter
days, all weather, does not matter)

For most of us, our process of identifying what specific body we are,
starts with a reality check in front of the mirror. See if you can find
where exactly on your body you tend to put on weight first.

Ask and answer for yourself if there is any visible area that has more
body-fat than others. This will help you determine and identify an
overall and broad categorization of where you fit into in any body type
classification system.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Here are some of the key THREE body types from the Indian Science
of Life convention for health, vitality and well-being. These profiles
are ‘generated’ based on respondents answers to some of the category
questions and dimensions listed above.


getting stressed out and exhausted at times.


Imbalances lead to sensitivity to cold

like to get things done quickly and without fuss

main strengths include being artistic and energetic

meditation, Tai chi or some other form of relaxation and
less worry/stress might help a lot
nervous disorders

plagued by arthritis, joint problems


quite sensitive

slow down, learn to say 'no' and take time for yourself to
relax during the day
take on too many projects

tend to worry too much

eat plenty of warm, moist foods

Frozen foods and very cold drinks with ice should be
soups, stews, and cooked vegetablesare recommended


don't suffer fools easily

don't tend to cope well under stress

dynamic, charismatic and passionate

good planners

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Imbalances lead to fevers, inflammations and skin rashes


judgmental of others

lead and inspire

learn to be more tolerant of other people's weaknesses
and imperfections
life and soul of the party

need to control their temper

often domineering

often have a fiery temper

Outgoing and extrovert by nature

overbearing and insensitive to others

strong leadership qualities

tend to like to eat regular meals

impatient, hot-tempered

foods that help balance moods

fresh fruits, yoghurt and green leafy vegetables.

Hot, spicy foods should be avoided


A little sluggish in mind and body

Be cajoled into action

can be too laid back

can rely on them at all times

compassionate, patient, loving

don't get easily stressed.

Easily get into a rut

fairly laid back

good team players.

Imbalance can lead to depression and nausea

need to boost your energy levels

slow thinking at times

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


solid and dependable

steady workers

very loyal and forgiving of others

Avoid gluten-rich foods (e.g. wheat products) and diary/

Raw foods - fresh fruits and vegetables and light proteins
(e.g. beans, pulses and soya)

This is but one MORE example of how knowing MORE about your body
type, constitution, condition and category can help you manage your
resources, nutrition and life better.

There are many Other classifications of Body types

Body shapes and types are but ONE type of attempt at‘scientific
classification’ , to help us understand MORE and BETTER how these
aspects are related, interact and influence one another. There are
numerous suggested readings and online links mentioned at the end of
the text, even online assessments that can help you determine YOUR

Other things to remember as you set out finding out more about your
body type and how to exercise to get lasting and best results, that are
just right for you and your needs and requirements are:

Doing the right type, duration, repetitions and combination of
exercises to suit our body type default BEST, in order to optimize
what we have and can enjoy in and through life, is what it is all
about. You have to figure out for yourself how to in effect be
getting the most out of YOUR body type.
Genetics determine our body types and body shape.

Looking at physical attributes and stature, appearance and
outer looks, based on mainly physical characteristics might

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


just hold some of the basic keys to unlocking each of our
potential secrets for results and success when exercising .

Our individual body types or shapes can not be changed

Our shape and body type develops right before, from birth through
to adulthood.

Deliberate action, through targeted diet and exercises will be the key
to your success. Consideration, consequence, reward YOURS if you
take body type into your equation for fitness, health and living. Your
body, life and future will thank you.

The argument and point to be made here, is then that your particular
choice for exercise/sport or physical activity is highly correlated with
your body type/shape. Whatever you do opt to do and practice, will
have to be attuned, in touch with, customized and tailored to the
needs and requirements of your specific body type. You need to start
by asking what would be the best form and format, duration,
frequency of exercise, overall, for different parts of your body to get
results and success, now and over time, sustaining and optimizing
what your body has to give you. You are in control of these processes,
you can utilize and tap into your body, body type, shape and dynamics
to be healthy, living longer, for example by controlling weight
effectively and enabling your overall well-being.

It is within your easy reach. You can make your body type and
exercise regime work its magic for you. Every single one of us has the
physical potential, promise and inherent capacity to get and stay in
shape. If you are more in touch with what your body is, accept it,
make the most of it , it will become easier to sustain a healthy body
weight. It will almost become second nature. Your exercise routines
will start bearing fruits much earlier and regardless of your weight,
body shape/type, fitness level etc, you will start feeling better about
yourself and enjoy life MORE.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Once you know what your BODY TYPE is and how to exercise to get
the most from it, you are set for life. It is up to EACH OF US
individually and collectively to identify, discover, learn about and
master our body type and what will get us the most results when we
do exercise. Are you making sense and using your functioning body
type to your best advantage? If not, stay tuned. If uncertain, read on.
If you are – share your secrets and learning, by passing the words of
wisdom on to others.

You will need a lot of conscious effort, energy, time and commitment,
to learn how to put these elements and considerations together into an
exercise routine that will yield good and consistent results over time.
You will throughout this unfolding journey learn constantly and
everyday something new that will help you and others make the most
of your body type and exercise.

You will not necessarily get any or the same results by just randomly
doing generalized exercises. It is up to you to address all the specific
personal needs YOUR individual and specific body type/shape
demands. More detail will follow in section three, on specific sports and
exercises for each of these body types.

In commonly accepted science at this moment that are various
classification types and systems out there dealing with body types,
shapes, dimensions and physique, from different discipline fields. We
have opted for the most basic THREE-pronged system and categories
of body types, dating back to the work of Sheldon and others, namely:




Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


It is important to note that there might be instances that the
descriptions have you leaning more towards one category than
another although you might feel not all lines apply to you specifically
OR a combination of more than one type, overlap might also be
possible. This is quite normal and to be expected. Categorization is
loose and not that clear-cut, black and white, always necessarily. You
might very well find yourself with an eclectic mix of these three types
for your blended, composite and body type profile. Do not be
discouraged! This is a good thing. It will set you well on your way to
discover WHY no other exercise program necessarily brought you
lasting and sustainable results and success. This alone will be worth
the effort trying to figure out where you fit and what your body type
has to offer you and your routines. You have a specific and
individualizing expression of body type or ‘theme’, shape or even
sporting a mixture of body type characteristics, with ONE dominating
the others slightly. There are numerous online and offline assessments
that can help you determine your most likely body type/shape, beyond
your own perception and observations in the mirror. Feel free to tap
into the ones of your choosing.

Here are some things you might not have considered yet regarding
your particular body type and its link to exersize, living life to its fullest
and THRIVING as an individual and human being!

HOW YOU PERCEIVE yourself will affect your behavior, exercise,
commitment, processes and outcome. Labels, bias, filters, self-talk,
self and body image all play into how we feel about ourselves, what
we do and how we act. Body type exercise strategies can help you
capitalize on these inner strenghts to your best advnatage. It can
work in your favor, as opposed to working against you.
It is up to us and future research, practice and principle, inquiry
etc. to figure out the exact contributions, dynamics and possible
practical applications in and for people’s lives to consider their body

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


type exercise as a way of life, a necessity not a luxury for optimal
living and peak performance. Our lives are getting faster, more
complex and stress, being in balance, good health, vitality and
longevity a priority will become increasingly important to address
the basic demands of living, working and enjoying life!
More than physical appearance and stature is at stake hereIT also
takes elements of your character and features, personality etc. into
consideration as there are some general traits present (as
mentioned earlier in the description of the work done by Sheldon).
Research has already provided us with some pieces of the human
physique variation puzzle
. So far we know that every single one
of use are uniquely individualistic, even when it comes to body type
and exercise solutions. It is like your bio-exercise profile and
fingerprint. No two people are alike (not even identical twins). We
are truly one-of-a-kind, even for body type and exercise, we are
distinct and unique and our needs, programs and approaches will
vary undeniably and inevitably so. YOUR BODY TYPE IS UNLIKE
hone in on how to make this work better for you!
Research is on-going, unearthing more truths about the links of
mind, body, systems and holistic practices, medicines and sciences
keep digging to learn more about our brain, heart, muscles and how
they work together, our nerves and digestive systems, respiratory
and capilarry systems interact and enable our living, breathing,
exercising and tapping into the human energy as the optimal source
and life-force is going to be a key element for living and coping with
the demands of today and tomorrow.
We best figure it out quickly too, this body type exercise value
proposition, for what is a luxury today will be necessity and
standard requirement tomorrow and for the future! It will be more
about thriving than merely surviving – do you have your body type
exercise equation and strategy figured out to address these

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


changes, challenges and continued demands on time, resources and
We need to probe and learn, unearth and better/deepen our
understanding of our human bodies and system, how they work,
function and should be in peak condition, optimal performance.

These BODY TYPE proportions, dimensions and individual
measurements can stay pretty consistent throughout your life-span
and the more you know and are aware of them, the better you can
utilize and tap into them to optimize your exercise routines. Some
examples of these measurements used in physcial classification
systems and body type classification types and shape tools are:

-Width of head: Temple to temple
-Width of cheeks
-Stretch: Length of body from left shoulder to right middle
finger when arm is raised
-Length of right ear
-Length of left middle finger
-Length of left little finger.
-Length of left foot
-Length of left cubit: Elbow to tip of middle finger
-Length of head: Crown to forehead
-Bust: Length of torso from head to seat, taken when seated

When it comes to what you body is, looks like, measures and provides
you, tailored exercises around ranges of motion, specific exercises,
workouts, repititions, variations, both holistically and part-by-
part, can be worked more effectively to get you the results
BEST for your ‘type’ or classification category.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


You need to select exercise solutions and body type strategies,
activiteis and sports, nutrition plans and customized personal
actions that makes the most of your physical build and your
body’s related, relevant and particular needs. This way you are
in effect ensuring optimal living as well as getting the BEST
workout possible, MOST SUITED for your need, want, desire, all
you deserve and are capable of
! Making the most of what you
body and body type has to offer.

There is a lot that you can do to make this all happen. You can tailor
your workouts and routines, sports and activities around exercises that
will get, take and put the most into YOUR PARTICULAR SHAPE, TYPE
AND BODY! Combination-type, personalized regimens are the best-fit
answer for all body type exercise solutions. Make

EXERCISE and BODY TYPES work together effectively to get you
success and results– your body, life and future will thank you.

The musings in these pages that follow, propose a somewhat
unfamiliar, significantly alternative available to us, individually
and collectively to live healthier lives.

It basically states it out in the open that if we pay close(r)
attention to our physical attributes, strengths and weaknesses,
capabilities, natural bestowed talents, bio-metrics and then
practice what we learn, applying the principles of what are
revealed, even our inner strengths, talents, weaknesses and
development or target areas, we unearth and unlock the
secrets on how to capitalize on these facts and revelations
BEST! This is then done through practical, customized-body-
type exercising, to get and benefit from the best of all worlds
for and to our health, well-being and FUTURE!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


We find ourselves biased to advocate this quite different perspective,
angle and approach to fitness, movement and exercise, where…

It is the belief and premise that all and any exercise is good.

That there are specific types of exercises for specific body types tat
will be more appropriate and effective, if done correctly, frequently,
with the right intensity, repetition and approach BEST for your body

That there are life and exercises for every body type

Your needs and requirements pertaining to your body type is
also uniquely different and requires special attention.

Personal, individualistic, custom body-type exercising is what is
called for
This body-type regimen and solutions are good and applicable for
everyone, all body types, regardless of gender, age and other

The human system and body therefore is put together in such a
manner that it is at its best when in-motion so to speak and on
the move
. In order for our different body types to function at its
peak, performance and excellence, primed and top-notch, we have to
know it first of all intimately, be sensitive as what the specific needs
and requirements are (intake, burning calories, metabolism, body fat
presence and distribution, our glands and hormones and how they
affect us, age and genetics, gender, ethnicity and MORE).

All these factors interplay and influence how effective our exercise
efforts and results will be over time. Staying in shape should be a top
priority for most/all of us, regardless of these characteristics and
features. They should not be or become and excuse for ‘bad habits’
and behaviors.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Our fitness levels , types of exercises, duration, frequency, intensity,
combination and discipline all make or break and contribute to us
either tapping into our body types as a shaping-force OR NOT! Some
unlock its full potential, others just barely scratch the surface, while
some unfortunate souls never learn, discover or effectively harness
these natural inborn talents and gifts that nature had given you/us!
DO YOU KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE? That is a key question.. if not THE
FOR YOU, ONCE AND FOR ALL? How much and what do you know
about and use regarding YOUR body type?

When it comes to exercising and working out, not lots have to be said
on the merits, benefits and necessities of activity, movement, agility,
vitality and working the systems and muscles you are/were endowed
with, keeping fit and in shape – is a priority and not a mere luxury or
after-thought. This way you are enabling your life and future!

Through custom-workouts, fitness-help, trainers, work on your own,
classes and activity (formal and informal), you can tap into what
exercise has to provide/offer for the body, health and overall well-
being. This would include (FOR EVERY BODY TYPE we would argue)

Effectively harnessing what you metabolism has to offer, burning
calories more effectively for your type, shape and style, needs and
requirements, eating the right types and amounts of food, prepared
in the best way, the right portion sizes, more frequently smaller
meals and more, adjusted to what your BODY requires to function
at and in an optimal state!
Getting the most from your body in all areas and aspects of your
life (strength, vitality, health and more)
Improvement and development of your physical appearance and
health overall
Living life to its fullest

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Maintain, lose and sustain a healthy body weight or weight
Overall well-being

What to do in order to build and strengthen your muscles groups
and internal organs, systems, functioning
Ensuring variety and depth in your exercise routines to give your
specific body type the ultimate workout
Making the most through exercise of defining, toning and working
every aspect and characteristic of our body/type that makes you
unique and can be to your advantage, having you looking, feeling
and functioning at your optimal BEST!
How to make the most of what your body has to offer for now and
for years to come?





** NOTE: That is the optimal question here. Are you a combination
type? How would you tell or know?

MORE ON THIS LATER… start with the image in the mirror… (**
NOTE: see MORE instructions below to tell which body type/exercise
solution(s) might work BEST for you)

Customized fitness plans and diet/nutrition solutions and
habits are BEST based on and customized FOR and according to
YOUR individual and personal body type. These are great ways
to get and stay in shape!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Each and every one of us needs a variety and variation in our exercise
plans, a wide range, or specific types of workouts and diets, fit to our
OWN PERSONAL ‘physical’ characteristics, attributes, qualities,
strengths and weaknesses.

Making it simple and practical… YOU TOO CAN TELL YOUR BODY TYPE
(informal assessment ONLY)

If you have to look at yourself in the mirror, find the characteristics
that are the closest to what you/others see, observe and think fits you
to a tee:

Use the following cheat-sheet type summaries to help you
make sense of what you think YOUR best-fit, suited body-type
profiling would be. This is but ONE way and method to look and
include the dynamics and considerations of body type into your
exercise routines, solutions, workouts and activities. There are
various online assessment tools that can help you determine
your best-fit, most appropriate body type. Numerous
publications on the topic are also available to help you learn
more! (see the references and online link sourcing at the back
of the text for more information and some suggested additional
exploration, self-discovery and reading).


Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Now the question and attention shifts to HOW to go about it
exactly? What to do? How often? What not to do and steer clear
of and which exercises, sports and activities will make the
difference for your particular body type exercise strategy and

Each type is addressed under separate cover, with some suggested
and recommended actions, activities and exercises to undertake to get
the most from your body type and exercise routines.


YOU CAN TELL! HOW TO get to identify and know your specific
body type a little better, try to see with how many of the following
factors you can associate yourself with.

I am not able to lose any weight or body fat quickly, easily or
without concerted effort
My physical appearance is one of curvy, chubby, huggable mass!

My body fat is very visible all over my body

I do not want to exercise too much, for fear of looking MORE
bulky or heavier than I actually am
I do not want to do too much exercise

My muscle mass grows and accumulates quickly if I do work out

Others think I look and am fit – I do not necessarily agree.

I do not enjoy or want to do more/any weight training

When I look in the mirror, I remind myself of a pear – my body is
shaped like that, more rounded at the bottom!
I am soft and somewhat chubby

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type



There are many routines that will work wonders for this body type. It
is best to stick to , especially initially to routines sporting ONE exercise
per body part. They will get the most and best results over time.
Most/more effective in the short, medium and longer term.
Most trainers and experts will recommend TWO sets of each
exercise set, done preferably with a weight sticking to 10-12
repetitions for the best results.
Look for exercises that helps you with boosting metabolism

Burning calories and fat (aerobic/high cardio) should be a priority

Opt for activities like

oPriorities include building strength/muscle, changing the
shape a bit for optimal functioning
oLight weight training will do wonders for this type of
oExercise with rest periods in-between
oCompound exercises might also to the trick
oCircuit and full body strength training
oCardiovascular workout

Your personal discipline, commitment, goals and exercise regimen
priority, or even workout frequency, duration and intensity, are all
important for sustained results!

Your body-type exercise secrets will center around some

Body Shaping



Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


The secret of your body-type strategy will be persistence and
disciplined work

Recommended workout for this # 1 body-type could include:

Custom and tailored personal assessment and training fitness
programs, individualistic solutions
Weight loss Workouts

Walking Uphill

Treadmill Walking w/Incline

Tae-Bo or kickboxing classes

Spinning Class

Interval Step Class

High Low Sculpt Class


20 Minute Full-out Aerobic Body Workout

Nutrition and eating habits will have you eating less of some foods and
more of others. For example cut down on

-Complex carbohydrates

Hydration and fiber-intake are top priorities

Fresh fruits and veggies a necessity for this body type

Lowered fat intake all-round (up to 20% only of total intake)

Eating smaller meals, more often to sustain your energy levels and
keep your resources, fuel and access, functioning at optimal levels
throughout the day, despite demands and needs as they may come

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type




Most trainers and experts will recommend THREE types and
combinations of exercises per body part, 3-4 sets each with 12-15
repetitions total for maximum impact and lasting effect.
Other favorite and most effective exercise strategies and
combinations, workouts and custom sessions for this body type will
revolve around some circuit training, high-intensity cardio, moderate
weights, core and strength training

Your body-type exercise secrets will center around some

Strength Training


persistence and disciplined work

YOU CAN TELL! HOW TO get to identify and know your specific body
type a little better, try to see with how many of the following factors
you can associate yourself with.

I tend to burn calories effectively, quickly and I am in control and
demand of my weight management
I sustain my weight and then lose it fairly easily if I put my mind
to it, when I want to
Losing weight is not a challenge for me

When I look in the mirror the shape I see is proportional

My hips are typically a little smaller then my shoulders are wide

Most would consider me of medium build or even large-framed,
My clothes have to accommodate pretty wide shoulders

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Recommended workout for this # 2 body-type basics category could

-Step Class
-Core Training
-Circuit Training
-Crunch Cardio
-Rope Jumping
-Pilates and Yoga
-Any form of athletics

Nutrition and eating habits will have you eating less of some foods and
more of others. For example more and/or less of certain foods, when it
really matters, all the time!

Increase your calorie intake when exercising

Make protein intake a top priority to build and sustain strong
Healthy oils

Reduce fats and oils to 20-30% ONLY of your total intake calories

Make the most of what your body and its strengths have to offer,
maintain your stamina and metabolism. Find the balance and place
that feels right for you, both in process (as you workout) and there-
after. Stay hydrated and make active, balance living a top priority, not
obsessing over every little pound, lost, gained or wanting to show up!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type




Most trainers and experts will recommend a combination of TWO to
THREE exercises per body part, consisting of 3-4 sets of each, with 6-
10 repetitions for maximum and lasting effect.

Opt for heavy-weight workouts where all the muscles are used and
exercised, often and intensely so. Cardio-type exercising is another top
priority to stay in mint condition.

Your body-type exercise secrets will center around some

Weight training

Strength work

YOU CAN TELL! HOW TO get to identify and know your specific body
type a little better, try to see with how many of the following factors
you can associate yourself with.

-I have an extremely hard time gaining weight of any
-I do not bulk up of showcase my muscularity well at all
-I then to be described as slim, thin or of smallish build and
-I am built in direct proportion, with little variation
-Training and activity is a top priority for me
-I care deeply about my physical condition and appearance
-I want to be healthy and look thin
-I gain and lose a lot of weight – have no consistent weight

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Persistence and disciplined work

Muscle building

Core training

Recommended workout for this # 3 body-type basics category,y could

-Work on buttock and thigh area
-Martial Arts
-Kickboxing Class
-Core Training

Nutrition and eating habits will have you eating less of some foods and
more of others. For example more and/or less of certain foods really
matters for this type.

-Increase protein and carbohydrates (grains, granola, nuts,
dried fruits)

-Include Trans-fats
-Ensure that you reduce fats and healthy oils (around 30% of
total intake calories recommended)

-BEWARE of lots of or empty, hidden calories
-Avoid fried foods and skipping meals, for convenience or
because you are busy

-Avoid filling up on unhealthy, void calories drinks, junk
or fast food

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


But for all cases and BODY TYPES, it is not always that clear-cut.
There are overlap and gray areas, where combination types will better
define who and what your body type is, wants, needs and demands.

There are individual considerations and solutions that only you will
discover as you set out on this path. Be sure to discuss your ‘solutions’
for your body type and exercise with your medical practitioners and
fitness partners/experts to optimize your results and success now and
over time.

APPEARANCE, has a lot to do with what types of exercise will
actually be MOST effective for you. Remember to take into
account all aspects and influences that body type, shape and
physical characteristics and features, can have on your
exercise effectiveness and the nature as well as choices,
intensity, frequency and duration of workouts and routines

different types of body shapes, namely pear (fat stored
below, lower waist, hips and thigh areas), apple (fat stored in
mid-section, above waist) or ‘banana’ (more slender – fat
evenly distributed). Combination types are also quite
common. You have to find the ONE description and analysis
that works for you – you will know your category when you

APPEARANCE – it is about health and well-being. Make fitness

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


training, weight loss, management and overall toning,
sculpting and functioning all part of your daily routine and no
longer a luxury or option – it is a necessity and essential part
of your life.

Whether type, shapes, descriptions, pictures or appearance,
awareness and other like considerations are taken into consideration
or not, you are doing so or ignoring them at your own risk and peril.
You can opt to tap into these factors of not. That remains a personal
choice and option. BUT, what you end up DOING exactly will impact
yhour life. How do you proceed, bearing all these aspects in mind,
giving fair audience and representation to your body type exercise
specific needs and requirements? This is the next pressing question for
most to ponder as they come to learn and accept some of the truths
and inner secrets revealed about how body type and exercise is/can be
linked, even for them.

So, time for some more truths and serious questions for your persojnal

what do you do to make these aspects and considerations
count, to have, ge get and keep in shape throughout your

What are the praactical applications, contexts and
implications in question here for body type and exercise?

How can it be rewarding and have lasting effect to take a
exercises that are tailored to your body-type-specific needs?

How can you yourself benefit from a MORE hands-on, pro-
acitve and practical approach to making the most of BODY

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


There is no more denying that these two elements are closely linked
and intertwined with one another on multiple levels of your life and
existance. You need to be able to tap into it effectively to get lasting
success and results. Again, it is not like a formula or recipe, you will
uncover pieces of it as you go along and one plan will not necessarily
work as is for someone else or everybody. It is up to you, to an extent
to come up with the solution yourself over time, as you learn more
about your body and what it needs to be in that optimal functioning
state. It touches each and every aspect of our lives in some way –
each of us differently. Both the beauty and appeal of this model and
thinking of it to every individual makes it extra attractive and widely
supported. It is and offers something completely different for everyone
and anyone. It give us shared bonds, commonalities, yet recognizes
and celebrates our variety, variation, diveristy and differences. We can
learn, share and benefit from also learning from one another.

It does not matter what our age, culture, dimensions, weight,
conditioning, physique, BODY TYPOLOGY might be, you are still
HUMAN! We are more than our genes and genetics.
We need to learn to recognize and celebrate these facts and strenghts
we have and not merely overlook them.

Our own self-awareness and knowledge needs to be cultivated and
grown also in the area of fitness, health and exercise and body type.
We need to make our exercise, activities, sports and hobbies work its
magic for each of us in its own unique way. We need to be as broad or
specific as we need to be in order to get things done, now and in the
future, for each of us.
The ‘typing’ or coding, sorting systems we use might be old or
innovatively new, broad, general, or specific and inclusive, we just
need to figure it out for ourselves, one by one and keep adding to the
body of knowledge that helps us understand outselves, our bodies and

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


exercise, optimal living a litte better – enjoying of its bounty and not
get lost in the mechanics of it all.

A fellow-author on this topic and area of study, recently stated:

“We have to appreciate our strenghts and weaknesses, natures natural
bounty and not need to be something we are not likely to be or
achieve or strive to look like somebody else , which is highly unlikely
too! Being realistic in our own expectation is key too. Skinny, beefy or
ripped – it might not all be destined for you!” Internet Author, 2006.

As an indivdiual, body type you are looking for a personal, balanced
process and realistic outcome that is best of you, today and for the
long-run, future.

Yes, there are odds and pre-dispositions, but you are NOT a victim of
them or of fate. You can make them work for you, to your advantage,
stacking the odds in your favor as you go about these processes and
custom workouts to make the most of your body type and exercise

Here is an example of how these approaches can help you in your

What do I look like? What is my body shape/type? What does my body
need? What type am I?
What can I become?
What can I choose to do, not at all,avoid, opt for particularly to make
the most of what nature has given and provides me, for fitness, for
health, well-being and optimal living?
What does my natural ‘default’ body type have to offer me now,
tomorrow and in the future? Challenges, obstacles and opportunities –

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


how can I make body type exercising work for me and my personal
needs, body requirements, energy, metabolism, stamina etc.
How do I best manage and utilize my inner body type resources to my
best advantage?

For many it might feel strange off the bat to be thinking so self-
centered about these techniques, exercises and perspectives, BUT it is
essential to understand first what the need really is, before you can
address it effectively.

You require a SMART and realistic in-touch type approach with
consideration for and of your body and its unique requirements and
needs, *whether more or less is required, general of specific,
customized and/or unique approaches, sports, combinations and
routines – it does not matter. It will be personalized and customized to
your needs particularly first and foremost, which is a little different
from traditional training and exercise solutions and personal
training/trainer type programs and answers.

The next sub-section of this guide, will effectively help you
with the pracatical advice, recommendations and suggestions
for different body types.

There are various collections, combinations and types of exercises with
different types of outcomes, for different body types – that much we
have established already.

Here are just some examples from a variety of sources, corss-
referenced here that illustrates this principle of “customized exercise
routines for certain body types/shapes and builds”, each with its
related consequences and considerations.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


** NOTE: IT is not only the body type that matters – but the
type of exercise, how you engage and optimize it too!!

You want to optimize your metabolic rate while engaging in these
types of acticities.
You can opt for milder or more intense, frequent, longer workouts
that include elements of this through walking, running, rowing
The main priority would be to lose and burn the fat, get weight
down and maintain a healthier weight,
MORE over shorter periods of timewill reap you the ultimate benefit
here. Consider activities and combinations of push ups, chin ups,
squat thrusts, even power jumps and weight training.
HIGH AND FAST – impact and pushing the exercise envelope
through regular and intense workouts including cardio, aerobic-type
activities that get the heartrate up, breathing and exertion on track,
effectively burning fat and calories more effectively.
Depending on your current fitness level you can also opt for
medium to lower input and effort for longer periods
THESE PURSUITS ARE muscle toning (anaerobic exercise), This has
to do with burning complex carboydrates, It is all about improving,
developing, buidling, strengthening and sculpting.

You will find the combination that is right and most suited to you if you
stick to you guns and plan throughout putting your best interest and
optimal living in the fore-front of your mind, goal and activity. YOU

Change your view and perspective, embrace specific (person and
TYPE) BTE (body-type exercise) strategies, what, when, how and how
long, often etc. adjust and synergize the different elements and talents
you have and that your body type has to offer, to get the optimal
result and outcome from all your efforts, energy, time and exercises!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type



Somato-typing and body-type like considerations can serve you well in
your life, fitness, nutritional plan and optimal lifestyle (real, perceived,
envisioned, current and ideal! ) it is up to you to make the most of it,
whether you plan to lose, manage, maintain or sustain, build, develop
or strengthen – you need to set and get your priorities straight and
enabled, part of your life and success story!

One last look at what you can actually DO, ACT and EXERCISE/WORK

Endomorphs – characteristics, exercise and challenges

Visible and large amounts of excess body fat especially around the
waist, hips and thighs.
Seen and deemed by others as typically large and stocky, chubby
with large joints and a big bone structure
pudgy, set, fat or chubby, egg-shaped, round/rotund often used to
describe this BT (body type)
Often get discouraged if the results are not there, leading to
additional frustration and disappointment.
Letting themselves go, giving in to cravings and ravished appetites,
indulgences and extra calorie intake that they do not necessarily

Even deeming themselves heavy-set, prone to obesity at times,
struggling to keep weight down
BIGGEST CHALLENGE: losing weight and keeping fat off. Harder for
longer is the motto when it comes to exercising for results and
sustainable success in these areas of well-being, fitness, overall
health and optimal conditioning.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


To review, the classification system SHELDON used, typifies THREE
body type category descriptors – they are:

Endomorphic Body Type PROFILE - Main Characteristics,
Features, Challenges and Strenghts/Weaknesses

Charasterized by a soft body, under-developed muscle

Rotund with more body fat as part of the lower body

Outgoing and loves food, good company and eats,
socializes more than average– good excuses to indulge,
party and feast

Tolerant , even-keel, emotive, loves comfort zones and
habitual routines, patterns *even if they are bad ones, very
laid back, relaxed and needs affection and approval from
others to feel accepted and loved!

Mesomorphic Body Type PROFILE - Main Characteristics,
Features, Challenges and Strenghts/Weaknesses

Characterized by a naturally fast metabolism, with well-
defined and easy to build muscle, tone and definition

Loses weight easily and mostly appear naturally lean,
muscular and even athletic-build stature

Rectangular shaped and upright, with good posture,
carrying stature with confidence

Mostly extreme sports and quite adventurous , not adverse
to risk

Courage, bold and loves life, highly competitive sports
appeal most and best

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Have you recognized yourself so far in any of these profiles?
Maybe identified some common ground or
features/combinations from more than one profile, some

What is your natural preference or how would you describe your body
– write it down in as many words as you can and then compare
against some of the criteria provided here and in other diagnostic tools
and assessments, descriptions for and of body type, even if it is a
combination or quite unique description. Just even going through this
mental-visual exercise will help you BETTER define what it is that you
think/know yourself to be and need. You will be at the end of this, in a
much better position to judge and practice effectively BTE that works
its magic for your body type, FOR GOOD, FOR LIFE!

Variations and different degrees of body type characteristics are also
common. You might not have all of the features under one
classification, more in one type than the other and eventually a
predominant TYPE emerges that describes and captures you to a tee.

Ectomorphic Body Type PROFILE - Main Characteristics,
Features, Challenges and Strenghts/Weaknesses

Characterized by a quite lean appearance

Sporting very low body fat and muscle ratio

Slender, skinny and thin, even delicate

Tall and lightly muscled

Private and keeping to themselves, inhibitions dictate,
intense and restrained at times, artisitc and not good social

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


There are also NUMEROUS other systems that explores in-depth how
to make this knowledge part of who you are, what you do and how
you live!

Although nature and your body has certain gifts, talents,
shapes, strenghts, weaknesses, body-fat to muscle rations,
metrics and measurements DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE OR

There is not one size or category that will fit, describe and capture all
of us. There are lots of variation and variety, diverse differences in the
general populace out there. This just gives us a starting point to
appreciate, recognize, respect and acknowledge
that the different types do exist and what is good
for one, is not necessarily application as is to
another and every other! We each have to find
the equilibrium, balance and BTE that is right for

You might have heard of yet another classification
system, that is broader, less ‘restrictive’ and
more inclusive of divers types (as many as 45, on
a couple of dimension and characteristics, the so-
called RICHMAN BODY TYPE CHART (see the link
and reference listing for more details)


Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Bodily proportions, ratios and build, stature, bone structure are all
depicted and described and you find the shape that most accturately
represents YOU! The main message here is that there are no really
good, bad or ugly profiles, one is not any better than the next one –
they are all very real and very present – a reflection of natural
selection, evolution and human diversity! An attempt to capture all
these individual differences, diversity, variety and variation!

Body and self-image are oftentimes confused and you need to realize
that what is perfect for one, might be totally inefficient or unachievable
for someone else. When it comes to body-type and exercise, it is truly
a one-to-one, what is in it and best for me type solution that will serve
you best, as opposed to chasing and unrealistic body or self-image
that is not real or attainable! Most of us might still feel that these
broader categorizations are just not enough, or do not deal effectively
with our specific shape, type, challenges or body needs and
requirements. There are lots more emerging in this field of science as
we learn and understand more about the human body, system and
what contributes, helps’/hinders the processes and functioning thereof.
We will continue to see research and finding unfold in this field in the
foreseeable future and we will keep learning and evolving how to
capitalize on what these insights tell us about our bodies and how we
should be exercising and living optimally!

We need to celebrate and embrace our uniqueness and variety, our
different bodies and appearances, types and exercise solutions to be in
the ultimate shape, fit and healthy.

We need a positive outlook and appreciation for our wide range of
different body types out there and not be judgmental about what we
do not understand, just may perceive or jump to conclusions about,
based on outer appearances only – they can be highly deceiving.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Diversity and differences can be celebrated and used to learn from
each other, pass on lessons learnt, what works, what does not

There are no good, bad or ugly profiles, body types – no one is better
than the other (although some better habits might be easily borrowed
across categories or set as realistic goals as they relate to your type
needs and requirements, as opposed to chasing and impossible dream
of an image that you ight never live up to or attain, try for in vain!

ALL ARE EQUAL AND MATTER, in our own right. There is no right or
wrong, just realities and nature and no-one could tell us what we
should or should not be – it is a personal journey of self-discovery and
discipline that will make the difference in the long run.

We sometimes have and make some bad habits, choices and
behaviors, that we need to change
We need to be doing things for the right reasons and motivations – our
own well-being, not pleasing some others or chasing unrealistic goals.

Embrace who you are, plan for what you want to become and enjoy
getting there, optimizing the success along the way, celebrating who
you are, your body type, toast your life, efforts and fun along the way.
It does not all just have to be about the mechanics of the body type
classification, and/or exercises themselves. YOU CAN HAVE FUN IN

Celebrate your differentness, your unique body type and quirks! There
is afterall ONLY one of you!
We are often side-tracked, distracted, misled by advertising,
marketing, pressure, peers, for the trendy, not necessarily the right
thing to do. We need to retake our freedom from these and live our
lives and enjoy our bodies as they were destined and meant to be.
(This is also NOT and excuse of bad choices of related behaviours with

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


dire and lasting effects and risks to our health, when it comes to
eating and lack of exercise for example) The responsbilities goes and
works BOTH ways!

Other things we can do to optimize our body type and exercise

progress! Celebrate success and do not get demotivated when you do
not get/see results right away. Stick with your plan of action and be
patient, persitent, determined , making every step and insight count in
your favor, getting you one step closer to your goal.

Anyone and everyone can do this! Your body type will enable you to go
places, if you are willing to listen to the cues and clues that your body

Yes, we all have certain natural talents, gifts and blessings (even body
fat), but we do not have to be slave to it of obsess about it any longer.

Proportions, options, measurements, metrics, ratios and body type
classifications might be somewhat intimidating at first, but they
actually give us a great framework to work with to make the most of
our bodies, types and exercise. It helps us make these things tangible,
managable and helps us plan and execute our own personal BTE
strategy and plan for our life and optimal living, health, fitness and

We can then set better and more holistically speaking attainable goals
for balance and optimal living, lifestyles and overall health all-round,
not just for fitness, weight loss or maintenance and other like priorities
and activities.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Excerpts from Tom Venuto’s book: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle,
available at http://www.burnthefat.com/offer some insightful broad
recommendations, even personal BTE type advice and to do’s for
nutrition, exercise and the like to enable and empower your life. Visit
the site for more details on how to tell what to do and get the most
from your BTE regimen and approach, according to and what is BEST
for your body type category and shape.

It is up to you to personally and individually, either by yourself or in
conjunction with fitness and body type exercise specialists, customize
a plan and program, for exercise and body type, that is custom-fit and
match your needs, build and goals for your optimal enjoyment, reward
and living.

You can easily get lost in the classification or ‘type’ cycle – do not fret
too much if you find the initial identification a bit strange or hard to
do. Just get a handle and awareness of where you are today, what you
have and are and how to tap into that to improve, develop hone and
harness your strengths and natural talents, bestowed gifts and body
type characteristics and features. Then utilize and tap into them
through structured, customized and personalized exercise routines,
workouts and regimes and you will very soon start seeing the results.

Make your journey of self-discover for body type and exercise an
exciting one at that
Learn, master, discover and unearth what nature and our genes have
given us, what we can do with and through it, how to BEST exercise
for YOUR body type – making the most of its every feature, for optimal
functioning, living, health, fitness, balanced lifestyle, longevity and

One more such system is to be found at www.bodytypes.com.

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Here you will find no less than 25 BODY TYPES, more wide and broadly
categorized, with specific criteria and assessments to arrive at your
particular result (personal/individual) that will help you select and stick
to the exercises that will get you the top-notch, sustainable results
that you crave and deserve! They each have their own intricacies,
complexities, features and characteristics. Considering them,
deepening your own understanding on how these body types and the
types of exercise you can, need and should be doing to tap into these
inner strengths and natural talents effectively through exercise, can
help you better manage your energy and body, resources and
resilience. It can improve the quality of your life and overall well-
being. As our bodies requires and needs different diets, nutrients,
portions and types of food (proven now by research) we would argue,
suggest and advocate that the same rules, premises, thinking and
logic applies when it comes to exercise! You need to know and
understand (BETTER) the way you are and the body type you have,
how best to make it work its magic for you! YOU COULD very easily
be one of FOUR major grouping (of THREE depending on which
classification system of body type you are using!).
Some argue that it is our glands that dictate our body shape and type
more-so than shapes, measurements etc. For the balance in our
bodies, hormones and chemicals work together, interact, exchange
and mobilize or inhibit our functioning, processes. These glands that
dominate our ‘bio-med-physiology’ and inner-chemistry needs to be
decoded, so that we can exercise appropriately and effectively, to get
the most from our workouts.

The four glands in question, are the:

Pituitary gland


Adrenal (kidneys)

Gonads (ovaries/women ONLY)

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Energy levels, food cravings, distribution and prevalence of body fats
etc. all are hints and clues as to which body type you represent and
category you fit into. This is a personal discovery for every individual
and personalized assessments, fitness tests and more are utilized to
help you make sense of it better.

You can use the following cheat sheets for each predominant type, to
come up with Your Very Own personalized, custom, tailored action
plan to be fit, healthy and functioning optimally, making the most of
BOTH exercise and body type, with a supporting relevant diet and
nutrition, wellness path and underpinning as well.

Some, any or all of the following can be used and applied, in a
personalized BODY TYPE profile and individual workout session(s) that
will go a long way to help you make the most of YOUR body type
exercise experience, regimen and routine. Combined with the right
nutrition, balanced living and overall lifestyle, your well-being,
longevity and quality of life will certainly get a big BOOST!

In both published literature, research studies and online content, there
are some great practical guidelines, summaries, recommendations,
general tips and exercises, to get you started right away, to make
the most of YOUR body type
, combination-type and related/relevant
and powerful specifically customized and tailored BTE (body-type
exercises)– we have summarized and included some in worksheet-
type style at the back of the text to enable and provide you with a
frame of reference to start from. Good luck on your personal journey
of discovery and mastery!

** NOTE: In these summaries provided below, aone-shot, quick-
glance review is provided (by body type category), for deepening your
understanding and appreciation of/for how they affect and interact

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


(with) one another and provide you with a key starting point for your
regimen and workouts tailored to your body type/shape needs and

So, after considering all this and now that we know and have taken
notice of/task with all this…

what does it actually mean

how does it help us

what can/should we be doing with this information??

our advice – USE IT TO YOUR BEST ADVANTAGE! If you havenot
considered these aspects before, you can now super-charge your
exercise routines and boost your health with the most appropriate
exercise regimens, routines and workouts that capitalizes on your
strengths, bears and improves your weaknesses and keeps you in
optimal shape and functioning – what more could we possibly ask for
or get in return for some small considerations we so often OVERLOOK,

Always remember…

BTE is not only in the eye of the beholder. Take business with
your own self-awareness of your BT and Exercise strategy, value
and embrace your own, but also respect other variations and
types, without judgment. There is always MORE to it than meets
the eye.

Classification systems and body type categorizations are just
helpful tools and utilities to help us make tangible, grasp and
understand better the links and dynamics of what we have, see

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


and are! Which in turn , makes our plan of action more
actionable and practical – gives us direction and purpose as well.

Ask, ponder and answer for yourself what happens to your body
prior to, getting ready, while or after exercising? What changes,
what is hard, easy, gets results – write it down and discuss it
with a professional, fitness expert or your other optimal living,
holistic care partners to make the most of what you experience,
learn and uncover.

Investigate, experiment and learn some more and then keep on
going. Make it part of your life, routine and second nature, as
opposed to something else you “do” in life. Make it essentially
the core you are living from! See and enjoy the rewards and
differences it brings into your life, lifestyle and future.

Optimize nature and genetics’ gifts so naturally bestowed upon
you, but be not discouraged with what you’ve gotten – use it to
its fullest potential and get at how it can help you live a fuller,
healthier, balanced and optimal life! BTE is but one key that can
get you there closer, quicker and more readily!

Listen to and decode the cues and clues that your body provides
to help and assist you along the way, knowing what to look for,
what to do when and for how long, why and what results to
expect – educate and empower yourself on how to make the
most of your BTE for and in your life!

You can enhance, enrich, infuse and empower your exercise,
activity, sports, hobbies, lifestyle, with taking your body type
into consideration – make the most of every opportunity that
comes your way – expected or less so!

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Get to know your body better! Let is reveal its inner secrets and
characteristics, talents, shortcomings and strengths to you. This
way you will know where to focus your efforts!

To cement and apply some of what we have discovered up to this
point, regarding the links and dynamics between exercise and body
type, we take notice and matter ofresearch, finding and published
opinion on how to make the most of body type and exercise.
These insights are excerpts from insights,
as shared by
recognized field experts on body type and exercise,(see reference
listings for more details and citations provided for your convenience
and on-going research).

contoured, shapely – see it, is it or can it be you and your

IN THE MIRROR and through the eyes of ‘The Mesomorph’ or
the hour-glass figure , body type and shapely TYPES

I am characterized by a higher muscle to fat ratio than most and a
shapely bodily appearance. I need exercise that counts and makes
a difference.

I tend to focus on combinations and workouts that work and build
all areas of my body, with regards to strength, power and
endurance, agility, speed, mix of power and skill, using all muscle

Types of exercise or sports, hobbies and activities to choose for
optimal results for BTE calls for variety. Mostly ball-sense and
related skills, stamina, physical exertion, skilled precision, power,

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


coordination, high level of fitness required appealMOST and are
BEST-SUITED to the needs of this body-type. Discipline and
persistence a pre-requisite for prolonged fitness and optimal
functioning highly recommended

Deliciously rounded and soft, sound familiar, could this perhaps
describe you and your body?

In the mirror and through the eyes of the Endomorph or ‘pear-
, bottom-heavy, soft-cuddly TYPES

I have an ever-higher inching fat to muscle ration on my body,
quite visible on my lower body, rotund and soft

I prefer middle-distance or moderate intensity activities that are
proven best fro my needs. I want to lose weight, focus on toning,
using my reflexes and responses, good eye to my advantage in
sports, gaming and exercise. I enjoy the social and interactive
aspects of sports and fitness and prefer lower-key recreational
types of activities, even water-sports that keep me in shape and
good health, like golf and boating.

Ice Hockey
Ice Skating
Long Jump

Martial Arts
Springboard Diving
Sprinting Events
Track And Field
Water Polo
Weight Lifting

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


IMAGE OR REFLECTION – could this be YOU?

IN THE MIRROR and through the eyes of ‘the Ectomorph’ or
slim and trim, lean machine TYPES

I am oftentimes described by others as really lucky, skinny, thin and


I prefer stamina-type activity that asks for a little more, even opting
for grueling long-distance, marathon type events, team sports and
demanding activities that asks a lot from my body systems and whole,
making my muscles WORK!

Synchronized Swimming
Brisk Walking
Martial Arts

Scuba Diving
Middle-Distance Field Events


Cross-country running

Field hockey

Field sports

Football (running back)

Ice hockey (offense)


Pole vaulting



Swimming long distance

Track and field long-distance running


Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


Here are some final considerations and musings for you to consider:

YOU NEED TO LOOK CLOSER at what BTE is FOR YOU, what you
are, need and how exercises are contributing, addressing the
challenges and problem areas, issues and concerns that you
might have.

See your related focused, targeted and tailored, personalized
and custom activity and BTE undertakings, as a personal
investment in yourself and your future.

Get your base knowledge, BTE, body type identification and plan
together, with all your facts, needs and requirements
straightened out.

Use different types of exercises and combinations that are
considered and deemed BEST-SUITED for your body type
specifically – these could very easily include any, some or all of
the following:

-Short-duration exercises
-Moderate-intensity events
-Moderate- to vigorous-intensity
-Long-duration exercises
Gain insight, awareness, understanding on and of your BTE needs and
requirements FOR YOU PERSONALLY, generally for your category and
adjust, alter and en-act your regimen, workouts and routines

Try and find a balance, suitable exercises for your body type, set
realistic goals and put your gained insights to work.

Make the most of your personal preferences, and enjoyment. Have fun
in, with and throughout the process. Make it part of your daily

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


routines, mix it up and keep it interesting, share the experiences and
activities with others if you so choose. Celebrate success and reward
yourself for goals accomplished. Pay close attention to diet and
nutrition with exercise for better, more sustainable results and lifestyle
changes that will last and make a difference for longer, forever and for

Here are some more suggestions on how to make exercise and body
type work for you:

-Choose being active as often and as deliberately as you can.
Make your body MOVE MORE!

-Watch calorie intake and manage your diet, nutrition, food-
types, preparation, portions and frequency of meals and
snacks - maintain a healthy body weight, replacing bad habits
with better/good ones that sustain the changes you are
making and seeing in your body and life!

Listen to your body – its has lots of stories and secrets to share, reveal
and tell.

These types of BTE activities and undertaking can and will
change your life for the better and for good!

These newer habits can become second nature BEFORE you know it
and you would be wondering why you have not tapped into these
treasure troves of health, well-being, links and dynamics between
body types and exercise SOONER!

All aspects of your life can contribute and benefit, regardless of your
age, gender, race, condition, weight, height etc. . Variety is the spice
of life and there is no shortage of variation in these departments.
Individualization fits perfectly as a strategy for BTE FOR YOU!

Most of all, be YOURSELF first and foremost, not someone elses idea
or image of what you should be or look like. Make sense of your bodily

Exploring The Links And Dynamics Between Exercise And Body Type


shape, type and appearance, posture, genetics, size, shape and realize
that you are the only one that can take control of and enjoy becoming
all that you can and were meant to be!

BTE is about so much more than body image, type, shape and
appearances. It is not about or for vanity. It is about well-being, self-
insight and developing, reaching and optimizing your human potential.
You can enjoy an optimal, ultimate life – if you so choose! Our will is
one of the most wonderful gifts we have as human beings and our
capacity is truly endless. You can make and have your body type and
exercise solutions enable, empower and mobilize your life! Invest in
this and your rewards will come soon enough. There is something here
for everyone, every frame and body type under the sun.

To learn more about how these energy-driven, body-type exercises
and personalized naturally-endowed resources managementcan help
you, visit http://www.wholisticresearch.com, where lifestyle, sports,
and higher levels of body type like exercises and pursuits are
encouraged. There are many reasons to exercise and just as many
types and categories of fitness and routines to choose from.
Familiarize yourself with them, make and customize your own, for your
personal benefit, advantage, gain and reward.


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