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strategies to help ELLs be successful in the classroom.

what makes a student an ELL ?
• (1)  "Student of limited English proficiency" means a student whose primary language is other than English and whose English language skills are such that the student has difficulty performing ordinary class work in English. Sec. 29.052. TEC

the best strategies are simply best practices.
Predictable and consistent classroom management routines.

what does that look like ?
• Using a warm-up every day can help to strengthen all students’ test taking skills.

it can be said that this is a meta- cognitive approach ( thinking about thinking)

steps to the warm-up
• separate the question into identifiable parts. • 1. Title
QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

steps to the warm- up
• 1. Title • 2. question

QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

steps to the warm-up
• 1.title • 2. Question • 3. information

steps to the warm-up
• • • • 1. title 2. question 3. information 4. options

steps to the warm-up
• • • • • 1. Title 2. Questions 3. Information 4. Options 5. Identify the cognates

steps to the warm-up
• • • • • 1. Title 2. Question 3. Information 4. Options 5. Identify the cognates • 6. Answer the question

• Once the prompt is answered the student should defend their response with a short sentence. • “I know this because” • “The answer is __ because”

• Scaffolds, such as graphic organizers, make the lesson accessible.

It is as easy as 3, 2,..
• the standard look of a text is somewhat daunting
• It is the year 1633 and Italian scientist Galileo Galilei faces a life-or-death dilemma. The Roman Inquisition, a court of the Catholic Church, has condemned him for holding and idea-that the earth revolves around the sun. The court asks Galileo to publicly deny this idea. If he agrees, the court will show leniency. If he refuses, Galileo will likely face torture or a painful death. The idea that the earth revolves around the sun had been put forth almost a century before by the Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus. Galileo is firmly convinced that Copernicus was correct. Galileo has been looking through a telescope at the planets and stars. What he saw with his own eyes is proof enough of Copernicus’ theory. The Inquisition has denounced Copernicus’ theory as dangerous to the faith. The idea that the earth is the center of the universe is part of church teaching. Church leaders have warned Galileo to stop defending the new theory. But Galileo has written a book that explains why Copernicus’ idea makes sense. Now he is on trial.

• •

1. click table, 2.insert 3 columns 2 rows
with a template the learner has the ability to compartmentalize information without veering from the reading.

Using columned reading templates allow the educator to place a lens on the material presented to the learner. Identify, Clarify, and Highlight difficult words and passages, amplify don’t simplify.

acquiring an intrinsic learner
The ELL who understands the importance of language acquisition can walk away from the class with a sense of accomplishment.

looking past the gist
Focus on accessing prior knowledge and building schema when presenting new content. Specific knowledge about topic of the text General world knowledge about social relationships* Knowledge about the text’s organization (genre) **

*knowledge about social relationships*
Spiral essential information throughout unit of study. Who are the actors in this problem? What is the relationship that is played out in this unit of study? What part of speech can be used to further understanding?

the verb is the word
Participant Verb Recipient message

Arraign Believe Hold Defend

Verbs carry the weight of a sentence. Therefore, verbs are the key to a text.

• I, Galileo… of Florence, aged seventy years, arraigned personally before this tribunal… of Most Eminent and Reverend Lord Cardinal having before my eyes and touching with my hands, the Holy Gospels, swear that I have always believed, do believe, and by God's help will in the future believe, all that is held, preached, and taught by the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But whereas -- after an injunction (command) had been judicially intimated to me by this Holy Office, to the effect that I must altogether abandon the false opinion that the sun is the center of the world and immovable, and that the earth is not the center of the world, and moves, and that I must not hold, defend, or teach in any way whatsoever, verbally or in writing, the said false doctrine… I wrote and printed a book in which I discuss this new doctrine already condemned, and adduce (present) arguments of great cogency (logic) in its favor, without presenting any solution of these… • •

Spiral essential information throughout unit of study. Can the learner identify a recurring conflict in the study?

in essence…
• Make time to have them practice English; errors and mistakes are part of the learning process.

Did Galileo truly renounce his ideas? Yes or no. What evidence from the text do you have to support your opinion?

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