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Hayward Man Arrested and Pleaded Guilty for Felony Grand Theft

Rajendra Nath was a Travel Agent for Raj Travel, Inc. from 2008 until 2011 when he
admitted to the alleged embezzlement. Rajendra pleaded guilty to 1 count of Grand Theft Felony charge in Alameda County Superior Court on Feb. 1, 2013. A plea bargain of $25,000 restitution with 3 years of probation and a Felony record in-lieu of jail time was awarded due to his 1st offense. Rajendra Nath will be sentenced on June 26, 2013 at the Hayward Alameda County Superior Court at 9am in Dept. 503. In California, felony grand theft is codified under Penal Code Section 487, which states that grand theft is the unlawful taking of anothers property, valued at above $950. In order for the prosecutor to convict a person of grand theft, they must prove, that the accused took the property of another, with the specific intent to either permanently deprive the owner of that property to temporarily deprive the owner of that property for a substantial period of time. Such that it denies the owner a major portion of its value or enjoyment, and that you physically took possession of the property and carried it away. Rajendra Nath worked for Washington Mutual Bank before joining Raj Travel. He was also a part-time Real Estate agent working for Intero Real Estate in Hayward. Rajendra was accused of embezzling several thousand dollars by using fraudulent credit card transactions, and using his checking account to funnel company funds and issuing inaccurate receipts to pocket company profits. District Attorney Matt Beltramo with Alameda County District Attorney together with Hayward Police Dept. detective John Racette successfully prosecuted the case. US Fiji Times contacted Fameeza Singh, owner of Raj Travel, Inc. to ask her for comments however she declined to give specifics except said that Rajendra was someone she trusted for a long time. She added that a breach of trust is a serious crime and that Rajendra had all the reason to avoid this crime. Raj Singh who is also owner of Raj Travel said I even allowed Rajendra an opportunity to redeem himself however he decided to use the legal system to fight this crime. Justice Prevailed at the end as always! Said Mrs. Singh. Rajendra Nath has also been accused of assisting another suspect Sonia Samra who is on bail for several counts of Grand Theft involving tickets issued by Raj Travel under Rajendras supervision. This case is still pending. According to sources close to Raj Travel, US Fiji Times found that Rajendra Nath was also arrested in Fiji during a recent trip in 2011for reasons unknown. He previously worked as a Travel agent at Phoenix Travel in Suva. In late 1990s Rajendra Nath with his family visited Canada and then entered United States to file for an Asylum for a permanent residency.