BayLighter™ Series


High Bay
250-400 watts MH | HPS | PS


Steel Housing Open Air Ballast High Power Factor Ballast Slide-on Mounting Box Twist Lock Bracket Safety Chain Included High Efficiency Reflector Mogul Base Socket Factory Installed Options Unit Pack



Suffix # 1 2 R 4 5 T E F S I U V X Y Z Description Single Fuse Double Fuse Quartz Restrike 480 Volt Ballast 5-Tap Ballast 120V Cord and Plug Installed 208V Cord and Plug Installed 240V Cord and Plug Installed 277V Cord and Plug Installed 480V Cord and Plug Installed 120V Cord (No Plug) Installed 208V Cord (No Plug) Installed 240V Cord (No Plug) Installed 277V Cord (No Plug) Installed 480V Cord (No Plug) Installed Modular Cable Available See page 110

Catalog # METAL HALIDE *BK1625MQ-P BK16G25MQ *BK1640MQ-P BK16G40MQ HIGH PRESSURE BK1625HQ BK1640HQ PULSE START *BK1632PQ-P *BK1635PQ-P *BK1640PQ-P Description 250 watt 250 watt 400 watt 400 watt SODIUM 250 watt 400 watt MH MH MH MH HPS HPS Optics Aluminum Aluminum/Glass Aluminum Aluminum/Glass Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Volts Quad Quad Quad Quad Quad Quad Quad Quad Quad Ballast CWA CWA CWA CWA CWA CWA CWA CWA CWA Lamp MH250/BU/P MH250/U MH400/BU/P MH400/U C250S50 C400S51 MP320/BU MP350/BU MP400/BU

320 watt PS 350 watt PS 400 watt PS

*2005 NEC will not allow a standard lamp in an open fixture. Must be Protected or Enclosed. 480V / 5-Tap Available Upon Request

Approx. Weight: 25 lbs. (add 2 lbs. for Glass Lens)
Fits 3/4” NPT 4.45” 2.23” 1.1” 4.4” 12.67” 1.12” Adjustable 8.89”

Catalog # SM4 OM4 280-090 SC5 SCH5 WG16 290-015 290-013 290-014 290-016 140-041 Description 4" Square Box, 3/4" Conduit w/ 1/2" Reducer 4" Octagonal Box, 3/4" Conduit w/ 1/2" Reducer Hook (Only use with Atlas fixtures) 5' Safety Cable 5' Safety Chain 16" Wireguard 15amp Twist Lock Receptacle, 120V 15amp Twist Lock Receptacle, 208/240V 15amp Twist Lock Receptacle, 277V 20amp Twist Lock Receptacle, 480V 16" Polished Aluminum Reflector Std. Pkg. 25 25 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 See Pg.# 108 108 108 108 108 108 108 108 108 108 109

Atlas Atlas Atlas Atlas Atlas
1.12” 3.92” 6.34”

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