-------------------------------------------------------------------------05. August, 2002 Version 1.


- Many users reported me wrong black areas in certain NTSC games. Thanx to Cobra95, by using his Spyro3 save state I was able to investigate and fix that issue. - Lewpy suggested a small trick to prevent FF9 from crashing when framebuffer access is activated. I have followed his suggestions, but still I advise NOT to use the FA options with that game (it will not crash anymore, but glitches in battle will happen). Well, it's up to you :) - I've removed the "FF9 mdec mask bit" special game fix, hopefully now all mdec polygons and mdec texts will be fine without. Thanks to Dimitri for reports and Yazoo for his save state. - Since Lewpy did a very nice dynamic loading of the kernel funcs for disabling screensavers/power saving modes in the P.E.Op.S. soft gpu plugin, I couldn't find any more reasons against a 'disable screensavers' option (without Lewpy's piece of code such an option would have crashed with Win95/WinNT in the past). So, if you were tormented by suddenly starting screen savers while playing a psx game before, you can now easily disable them in the gpu configs. - I've found a small bug in the D3D plugins with the "Unfiltered framebuffer updates - faster mdecs" option. I don't know what games suffered by that bug, but I've decided to fix it nonetheless ;) Oh, btw, I did notice that this option does not (and never will) work right with emulating the psx mask bit. So, if you are seeing flickering displays, or missing stuff, try to turn that D3D option off (OpenGL will always be ok, though). - Finally I was able to find out what was going wrong with the 'Monkey Hero' game (that one was really messed up with all of my gpu plugins), and yeah, I've fixed it. Will be interesting to see what other games will also run better because of the fix (and I hope that speed will not drop much because of it... at least on my system I didn't notice any slowdowns). "Life is the future, not the past - it's the Wizard's Seventh Rule" - "The Pillars of Creation" by Terry Goodkind -------------------------------------------------------------------------10. July, 2002 Version 1.64

- While the last releases were mainly bug fixes and compatibility stuff, 1.64 has only one purpose: to improve the graphics (yeah, we all love that :)) - Ok, the first change takes care about some unwanted texture shaking that was happening in my hw/accel plugins. That doesn't mean that now all psx texture wobbling is magically gone, only some issues caused by the internal texture alignment has been improved. Thanx to Shadow Lady for the 'shaking Lara' save state :)

- And now for the real graphical boost (note: if you don't want to read (maybe boring) background informations, you can skip this part): I was long time no friend to special texture filtering ideas. I always did see big problems arise when the original psx texture data gets changed by filters, and it's already hard enuff to render the original unfiltered psx textures on hw/accel APIs without glitches. Anyway, last week there was a small ngemu forum discussion about filtering again, and to proove E}I{ wrong (who was telling that 2xSaI filtering on textures should work well), I downloaded the latest OpenGL plugin from NickK, to make some screenshots with that texture filtering method. NickK always is a pioneer when it comes to interesting new ideas (like his full screen smoothing or... tada... 2xSaI texture caching), but this time I wanted to use his plugin to show the various problems which will occur with pre-filtered textures (shame on me ;)) Anyway, I've tried all kind of games with his plugin and 2xSaI textures, and yeah, I did see glitches caused by the filtering, but strange enuff not the problems I have expected to see (only some texture alignment gaps and garbage, and big slowdowns, but not the expected texture distortions... good work, NickK, btw :). So of course I had to do two things: a) to apologize to E}I{ for prooving _me_ wrong (tststs, ehehe), and b) to drop a mail to Derek Liauw, the creator and copyright holder of the 2xSaI algorithm, asking him for permission to use his func in my (not GPLd yet) hw/accel plugins. And yeah, Derek happily allowed me to use the 2xSaI func (since he is enjoying epsxe and my plugins, too :)), and I have to admit it wasn't difficult to add to my source... I had to change it somewhat to handle my texture color depths and alpha values, and to avoid problems at the texture area borders, but that was all... - So, a new option in the gpu config is available, called "Hi-Res textures (2xSaI)". You can activate it with all available texture color modes, and of course you can even combine it with filtering, smoothing, whatever. The option will improve the textures in many games, making small fonts more readable, and most textures will look sharper. It even will help the standard bilinear filtering, less 'blocky' look that way and not much black borders. On the other hand some rendering techniques (like multi-layered 2D backgrounds) will cause glitches (thin lines appear, for example, or small gaps between textures), and that is nothing I can fix! So mailing me issues with FF7/8/9 or games using a similar rendering style is useless and will get ignored (well, maybe I will flame a few mailers, depends on my mood :))... and if you don't believe me, feel free to code your own psx gpu plugin and add 2xSaI textures... good luck :) And also be aware of the following: a) your gfx card has to be able to handle 512x512 textures. Otherwise you will get no textures at all. So, for example, no Hi-Res textures on V2/V3 cards and prolly some other older brands as well. b) Hi-Res 2xSaI textures need 4 times as much vram as the 'normal' textures. That means for example that your 32 MB gfx card can handle the same amount of 'hires' textures as an 8 (!!!) MB gfx card with 'normal' textures. And that's not very much, and prolly will cause slowdowns... users with 64 and 128 MB cards will not encounter much

speed problems, though... runs great on my 64 MB GF3 with most games :) Finally some tips for using my Hi-Res texture option, if you are having speed problems: - use a lower display resolution, for example 640x480 in 16 bit color depth - use a lower texture quality mode, for example 4-4-4-4 or 5-5-5-1 textures - turn off the 'mask bit' emulation option, that saves some vram as well - don't use the 'screen smoothing' option, and absolutely turn off FSAA in your display properties. - I have seen strange autodetected vram size values in the DX6 plugin with my nVidia GF3 card (I am absolutely sure that I don't have over 80 MB vram, ehe). The exactly same func reports the correct size in the DX7 plugin, though. So maybe a generic advise is to set the 'vram size' value manually to the correct value in all plugins, just to be sure. On the other hand, maybe it will help if you set the 'vram size' option manually to an higher value (for example to '64 MB' even if your card only has 32 MB). Will depend on the game, your hardware and the phase of the moon, though ;) Have fun! - btw, I've decided to keep the D3D-DX6 plugin alive. The 1.63 DX7 changes did help a lotta cards (thanx to all users reporting their results), so the DX6 plugin isn't that necessary anymore, but I've nearly forgotten the poor WinNT 4 users, who can't use anything above DX6... thanx to DarkWatcher for reminding me :) - Ah, and a final note: I've added an extra FAQ file with this release, covering many standard questions. Check it out if you are having problems. "Du musst glauben, du musst wagen, denn die Goetter leih'n kein Pfand..." ah, bah, enuff text for this release, listen yourself: http://www.dhalia.de/musik/sounds/daten/sehnsucht_dhalia.mp3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------23. June, 2002 Version 1.63

- The nicest change in 1.63 (imho): no more "short dmachain" game fix, no more "Ignore dmachain 0" game fix... the handling of bad dmachains is now done automatically without much speed loss. That means you can now play Tekken3, Tekken2, Syphoon Filter, Ghosts'n Goblins, Persona2, MetalSX and prolly some more games without any special options. Ehe, I really like that :) - Another internal change: correct support for write vram wrappings. I've noticed missing textures in a soccer game (can't remember its name, but the players looked funny without heads), that one at least is fixed. - And some more internal adjustments: I've was able to reduce the garbage frames which can happen after/before a 24 bit mdec is displayed. You can see that with FF9, for example. - Also some flickering issues (for example in FF7 after a battle, or in some Wild Arms1, BOF4 and Silent Hill splash screens) are corrected. The same code will also help drivers which are doing page flipping

try the new DX7 one. and combined them together with the old "Full vram primitives" option into a new main option called "Framebuffer access". called "gfx card buffer & software".62 mask bit handling can cause slight problems. still a lotta cpu power will be needed."Dark Iniseoghain" by Dhalia/traditional . motion blur) right. for example). 1.Last but not least I've changed my texture handling in the DX7 D3D plugin.NTSC games can have a border at the top/the bottom of the display.63 can't remove that borders (as a matter of fact the borders are right and needed). That way you can control framebuffer effects more easily in the gpu in-game menu.in fullscreen mode.Some additional splash screens/menus will get displayed with the highest Offscreen Drawing setting. Still I suggest to use the highest setting only if you are missing some gfx screens. I will stop the DX6 plugin. and mail me if it works correctly on your system. Thanx to Gary for some save states :) .. The new mode (which is working like in Lewpy's Glide plugin) will help users with slower gfx cards.A new mode for the framebuffer texture option. So please: if you used the DX6 plugin. but 1. but on other systems the results may vary. try it yourself. Otherwise the new option works exactly like the old game fixes. . Compatibility note: sometimes the new "gfx card + soft" mode will display certain effects more correctly (for example blurring in ChronoCross. and use the option which makes you happy. For example the pure "gfx card buffer" hardware mode is much faster on my GF3 compared to the new mode. I decided to add two fixes in that release: one for FF9 polygon mdecs (it seems that the 1. and turn it off if it causes problems (FF9 will crash. or the "enter battle" effects in Legend of Dragoons).I've removed the the "framebuffer read" and "framebuffer read on move" special game fixes. use the framebuffer access only if it's needed (Xenogears.63 will now display the borders most times correctly with a black color instead of a fancy color.By removing the "framebuffer reads" and "dma chain" special game fixes I've now some free slots for new fixes. since it isn't needed anymore :) "The maidens of beauty and swains so forlorn that carelessly wander away from their home I am off by the moonlight and break of the morning I'll be found in the mountains of Dark Iniseoghain" . and they are harder to emulate in hw/accel gpu plugins. ehehe. . No. It should now work fine with cards which needed the DX6 plugin in the past. . and the other game fix is only for the bad polygons in ChronoCross Fort Dragonia (thanx to Nave for a save state). Never use it with FF8/FF9 :) . Framebuffer textures are needed to get some special effects (swirls.. for example) . If I don't get negative feedback for a month or so. so you can now turn the special handling on/off with the new game fix).

you have to enable the new game fix.-------------------------------------------------------------------------29.S. for example). So V1.Most fixes and improvements in this version were only possible because of nice feedback and save states from active psx emu lovers. So now you can enable it by turning on scanlines and setting the scanline blending to "-1". You will need the 'mask bit' option for it. Thanx to all of you :) .60 worked well with all of my games.Black areas in Bloody Roar 2 are fixed (well. that means you don't have to turn off Offscreen Drawing anymore to play that game).62. . I noticed that polygons which were drawn on top of mdecs looked upsidedown. and actually found a solution for it.The radar in Ace Combat 3 is now visible. Jumping Flash) are fixed by it (and I hope that speed isn't going down much).and first I didn't like the idea (because I usually see new problems arise with any filtering). many annoying flickering effects (like in Rebel Assault 2. hopefully other cards will not screw the texel alignment (otherwise the filter will look . but if you want to get the "Ranma 1/2" menu screen right.Last but not least: some new eye candy (if you like special screen filtering effectst). you simply have to enable the 'mask bit' option to correct the problem. . Everything should look fine in V1.Speaking of Jumping Flash: that game was always really slow in my plugins since it uses a (imho) stupid offscreen rendering technique with lotsa repeated textures (aka texture windows). I've checked the filter only with my GF3 card. giving a nice speed up in that game :) . soft plugin V1. I think.6). 2002 Version 1.62 is now using my newest soft plugin functions (the same I've added to the P. V1. May. . I always thought that it's prolly a main emu bug (sending the polys in the wrong order to the gpu).A new special game fix called "Ignore DMAchain '0'".In the Chrono Cross battle menu the small dots will blink again (I screwed that somewhen in version 1.62 . . but of course it's just a matter of taste :) Btw. "grahf" from the ngemu message boards suggested to try a new filtering mode.5x). but I got a big feedback from "Persona2" lovers (sadly I don't have that game).When I played (and finished) FF9 with ePSXe one year ago.Op. . The best results you will get with 2D games. The dmachain address checks I've introduced in 1.60 (that means that Persona 2 will work without any special option). DW7.E.62 is doing the same checks as the versions before V1. but now I've investigated the issue more closely. But after I've looked what the suggested "Monitor dot matrix" mode is exactly doing (the Kawaks emu is offering such a mode. because it stopped to work with the new funcs.I've improved my Offscreen Drawing detections. I didn't find it very hard to add it to my existing scanline functions. though. Since the dots are very small I'd never noticed the bug :) .

61: I was able to remove the "Adjust extreme coords" special game fix. The new detection is enabled by default.60 .. soft gpu. eh? :) "Spark in the nothingness Heat of creation Make the ice start to melt Life wake up in the void.The first change is the least important. . Rally Championship. added on request of some users: while the gpus are running they will prevent the activation of screen savers. funny.Re-coded some of my C texture caching funcs in pure asm. That will squeeze out a few more frames per second. since the pad actions will not count as user input.. Lucky Luke.kinda distorted). you can turn it off by activating the "Disable coord check" game fix if you are having troubles (missing polygons."Ginnungagap" by Therion -------------------------------------------------------------------------31. changing me forever" .. and I will reply how to proceed. deleting every mail with attached files... Deathtrap Dungeon. there are still a few games with problems (like the big polys in one level of Chrono Cross). at least in games using lotsa textures. March. but there has to be some work left for the next versions. Colony Wars.Op. nevertheless I think the new code is worth an update.E.I didn't had a lot of time for emu coding in the last weeks. But I checked a lot of games. but now I dunno what else to write about it :) . and therefore the saver will kick in after a while. and it's ok here).. ." .S. and the results were very good: no more big poly glitches in Metal Gear Solid. Well. replacing it with a much better detection of weird running wild polygons (btw.. big thanx to calb). so V1. Mmm. If you want to give me save states. I will not even see them. I needed most of the time for this new functions."Never Satisfied" by Judas Priest -------------------------------------------------------------------------28. to name a few. asking if I need the files.61 has just a few changes. Fighting Force 2. Seems to be needed when you are using USB pads and an activated screen saver.61 .. please send me a pure text mail first. for example). we will see how it will work (I've checked it on my Win98 and WinXP systems. I am using a different approach as syo's code in the P. so try it and give me some feedback. April. Timecrisis. pictures or whatever. Speaking about feedback: _don't_ try to send me emails with attachments. 2002 Version 1. "Where do we go from here There must be something near Changing you.The nicest feature in 1. The latest email worms were very annoying. 2002 Version 1. so I use a filter right now... imho.

Faster sign checks. use the highest Offscreen Drawing setting. thanx to E}I{ for very helpful infos and save states :) . Thanx to Lewpy for infos and calb for the save states :) .First of all: the FF7 battle swirls are now working (they should have been working in 1.. that will prolly not give a noticable speed up in my hw/accel gpus.Improved dmachain checking.59 . and the water effect in one stage of "Sould Edge" is now fine as well. A small config bug in the ogl plugin has been repaired (a wrong text did show up when pushing the 'nice'/'fast' button in the gpu config). the gpu plugin can't repair it.Support for "textured lines" (that means 1 psx-pixel wide textured triangles).. But it's fine on my GF3 .58 already.) is now displayed correctly. too. That will repair the black screens when entering a house or .. "Doom" will now look perfectly. but a last minute fix disabled them). and no. . The performance of the effects will (as always) depend how good your card is supporting framebuffer accessing. plugins as well.The "moon" symbol in "Devilsummoner Soul Hackers" (wow. Tekken2 is not playable right now (streched polys).. 2002 Version 1. ehe :) Thanx again to E}I{ for suggestions.Yeah.Interesting internal adjust of Texture Window coords. Ok. what a name."Isn't it?" by Wild Silk -------------------------------------------------------------------------23. Ah. the easter release :) It contains mainly small fixes. thanx to gunshinn for a save state :) "It's just the same as imaginary snow in summertime Never able to make winter come. and the clouds in a special level of "Wild Arms" are now fine. but it's looking nicer in my source code." . March. You have to enable the FF7 special text border fix. and this time the linux archive _really_ contains the right plugin version.The Lunar1 special game fix is now available in the hw/accel.. let us have a look at the fixed glitches: . correcting all kind of gfx glitches with certain games (luckily no new config options were needed for the fixes) and speed will also be more or less the same. That will fix garbage glitches with "Tales of Destiny 2" as well. . . That's needed for some "Tales of Destiny 2" graphics. but that's a confirmed main emu bug. but I've noticed that now Tekken2 will need the "short dma chain" special game fix (otherwise you will have to wait a long time until the game starts up).Improved sprite texture coord wrapping.) . That will make the start menu of "Ranma 1/2 Battle Renaissance" visible (thanx to tatunoko for the save state). enable the "gfx card" frame buffer textures and the "Framebuffer read on move" game fix is also needed (oh my). thanx to everybody reporting that issues.

a menu in the same way as in the P.E.Op.S. soft plugin. Ah, and talking about special game fixes: I've decided to combine the nVidia FSAA fix with the ATI subtract blending fix in the OGL plugin. Since both issues are bugs in the drivers, (hopefully) fixed somewhen with one of the next driver releases, I didn't want to waste too much of my (up to 32) possible game fixes ;) - A few games were showing wrong MDEC colors due to some lines of code I've included for doing screen centering. None of my games had shown that glitch, so I can't be 100% sure that this issue is completely fixed, but there is hope ;) - A new texture option, called "Faster palettized texture windows". Well, texture windows (mostly used in psx games for text box background gfx, or in some racing games) are having a separate cache in my hw/accel. plugins, and that one is working fine for most games... I have seen only one game (Ghost In A Shell) which is stressing the cache so much that the game crawled at 40-50 fps on my system (quite unusual). The only solution I've found for that game was using pal textures, causing a fine speedup (2 - 3 times faster). So, if your card can handle pal textures (like GeForce cards with newer drivers), you can safely enable the new option, otherwise (TNT cards for example) you cannot use it at all (a filled Smiley sign in my gpu menu will show you if the option is working). - Biggest change: improved "texture garbage collection" option. When I introduced that option in 1.58, I just did an easy approach to reorder the internally used texture space, to check out if the function is working okay. Well, the new version does a much more complicated job to optimize the texture usage, we will see how that code will work on less powerful cpus/gfx cards (it's very fine on my Athlon 1.2/GF3 system). Still: the cleanup will only kick in, if it is really needed, most games will not activate it anyway. Games needing the garbage collection _may_ stall the game for a short time (while doing all the texture optimizations), depending on your system's power. "Schäume nur mein wildes Herz, in des Zornes Wehen Bin aus leichtem Stoff gemacht, muss wie Luft vergehen Ohne Schiffer treibt mein Kahn, auf des Meeres Spiegel Niemals fesselt mich ein Band, riegelt mich ein Riegel Suchte meinesgleichen, fand nur Sünder ohne Zügel" - "Lebensbeichte" by In Extremo -------------------------------------------------------------------------16. February, 2002 Version 1.58

- Damn, since the release of 1.57 I couldn't stop gpu coding... so it took only two weeks for a new release this time. Well, enjoy :) - To help gfx cards with slow texture uploading speed and/or a very limited vram size, I've coded additional functions which will optimize the texture usage even more. Of course that will mean a little bit more work for the cpu, but hey, somebody has to do the job... Ok, so, if you have encountered irritating slowdowns in your game (caused by the gpu, NOT by cdrom accessing ;), you should give the new "Smart texture garbage collection" option

a try... even my GF3 does like it in some games (well... it doesn't matter much for me if a game runs with 100 or with 300 fps, but if it does help my system, it should help slower ones even more). Oh, and one more hint about the texture caching: some users reported a big speed up by selecting "64" Mbytes vram on their 8 MB cards... - Hurray, hurray... one "special game fix" has been removed: The "no sprite transparency" one for the Oddworld games. Those formerly "special fixed" glitches are now confirmed main emu bugs, so the option will be useless with the next epsxe release anyway. And since that fix did cost a lotta additional testing in the soft funcs, I've decided to remove it as soon as possible... and that's now :) - Hurray, hurrraaarrrggg: Oddworld fix is gone, and a new fix has taken its place instead (in the OGL plugin). nVidia is well-known for their good and fast OGL ICDs, but there is a stupid bug (at least) in the W9X 23.51 drivers: if you are using FSAA with OGL, the driver will reset the alpha testing state each frame, causing black areas and other glitches in my OGL plugin. Well, the 21.xx WinXP driver is doing FSAA fine, as far as I could see, but if you want to use FSAA in W9x you should enable the new special game fix... or pray to nVidia to release drivers without that bug. - Improved psx vram moves, that will fix glitches with a few special effects in FF9 and BOF4 (seen in certain magic effects during battles). Mmm... and most times "full vram prims" and/or a certain framebuffer setting is needed to get such effects right. - Wrapped sprites will work perfectly again (they were broken in 1.57), so the glitches in (for example) Tales of Destiny 2 are gone (thanx to expert464 for the save state). - Oh my... some optimization I've done in version 1.20 (or so) of the OGL plugin caused missing tires in "Driver", screwed hair in "Blaze&Blade" and prolly it was responsible for some more screwed textured polys. That issue is fixed as well. - Improved the Offscreen-Drawing detections. Much cleaner now, and as far as I remember the FF8 "distant hill flickering" will be fixed by that... mmm... and the FF7 swirls should be visible with hw/accel. FB textures, using the highest OD settings. - And finally: screen smoothing. This new option will blur the whole screen, so especially 2D games will look less pixelated. It will need a good gfx card, though (something in the Geforce class should do the job), and the higher the used resolution, the bigger the slowdown with screen smoothing. Activated smoothing will cost around 1.5 - 3 MByte vram (no big issue with my 64 MB GF3, ehehe), and your gfx card must be able to use textures bigger than 256x256 pixels (well, that means for example no smoothing with 3dfx V2/V3 cards). Anyway, if the option does work fast enuff on your system, and you like the smoothed look, use it... if I did everything right, there will be no emulation compatibility issues at all. Oh, a small hint: of course you can combine the old texture filtering

with the new screen smoothing, the results are really nice most times. Oh, and another remark: yes, motion blur would be also possible. But, no, I will not include it in my gpu plugins. I will leave that effect to NickK's NextGL/Next3D plugins, his gpus are getting better and better with every release, so go and check them out :) "Those are the pictures of what was of what is of what is to come We are the people the rolling people the why people the waiting people the wanting people..." - "Altamont" by Aphrodite's Child -------------------------------------------------------------------------04. February, 2002 Version 1.57

- Let's start with the biggest change: I did a big cleanup in my texture caching code. Now you can't select between different caching modes anymore, the plugin will work with a slightly optimized "dynamic" caching method. Still there is an option in the gpu plugin config window, which is controlling the behaviour of texture caching: "Gfx card vram size [MBytes]". Here you can select "Autodetection", which will work without problems on nVidia cards, or enter the size of your gfx card's ram manually (needed for example on 3dfx cards in OpenGL mode, but prolly it's safer with other vendors as well). A wrong big value can cause heavy vram <> system memory swapping, you will notice that when the game speed is slowing down without a reason, and a much too small value can cause an heavier cpu usage and constant texture uploading, so it's up to you... :) Well, some examples: - with D3D, all cards should be reporting the correct vram size, so you can set it to "Auto" as long as you don't want to make some experiments ;) - with OGL, nVidia cards will report the correct vram size as well (at least they did the last time I've checked it =), so you can use "Auto", too - Other vendors may need some tweaking in OGL: Gfx cards with 64 MByte (or more) will always be fine, you can set the vram size to "64", enable FSAA or whatever, and be happy. With gfx cards less than 64 MBytes you should be more careful, try first to enter your real gfx card vram size (for example 16), and if you notice slowdowns you can try to lower the size (15, 14, 13...) to get better speed. Ah yes, and if you have an onboard gfx card you can try to set a much bigger value to get the best speed.

.56b . January. Thanx to Matesic Darko for telling me about the problem. this time it's a goodie for all Capcom 2D fighter fans: you can enlarge the screen area at the right side of the display. glitches can happen.S. I know. no. no need to get sad. Still some adjustments have to be done with textured windows.Op. yes.Op. now certain games which were showing black screens before will be running without problems (for example The Mummy or T'ai Fu). .E. . soft gpu 1.A new special game fix has been done as well. For example the battle menus in FF4 are ok."Welcome to the other side" by RAGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------06.OK. January. finally it seems to be working without any problems.. Not a big deal. . Therefore version 1. and some of the filtered textures will not look as blocky as before (yes. . and see all the background gfx without any cut-off (well. it helps a few games showing weird polygons running wild across the screen. sorry). And. It's the same fix I've included in the P. no.. With just one mode left. maybe even the red/yellow cards in Winning11 will be visible again? We will see :) .OGL/D3D plugins: I've also included all new soft funcs (for Offscreen Drawing) which I've changed in the P. I can't do nothing about it. it wasn't caching the transparency bit. it doesn't fix Tekken 2. ah. there are tile edges in the filtered modes. . though.OGL/D3D plugins: the fullscreen/window toggle blending fix screwed sometimes the transparency mode on startup.3. soft gpu 1.56 . though. but that's for another day and release.3.S.Improved some dma chain checking.And some more small changes :) "I've been searching everywhere Looking for the final freedom Where there are no boundaries When you never need a reason Well.Changed (again) my MMX palette code.E. try to enable it if a game is having polygon troubles.56b fixes the fix :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------05. but don't use it as default setting (because games which doesn't need that option might get screwed). I was able to improve my texture alignment further: now FSAA will work better. you are warned :) . it has been taking me some time 'Till I've got it what I've tried to find" . 2002 Version 1. So. 2002 Version 1. so the different caching modes are gone.OGL/D3D plugins: New special game fix: "Adjust extreme coords".OGL/D3D plugins: my texture caching on 15 bit psx textures had a small bug. too.

.. and the bkg graphics will not be animated anymore. some games (FF9 for example) will not work if the options are turned on. December.E. Still my old advise: activate the FB options only if you really need them.OGL/D3D plugins: smashed a sprite Offscreen Drawing bug which has been crept in with version 1.. and the text boxes are using the psx mask bit as well (sure.OGL/D3D plugins: repaired a small scissoring issue and coded a new special game fix. . try to turn off the "mask bit" gpu option. that will emulate the text boxes more accurate.OGL/D3D plugins: improved my MMX color lookup table code. Thanx to JNS for kicking my ass until I've fixed that .. but at least the flickering is gone. You can find newer versions of the soft gpu (renamed to P. but if the rest of the game is coded like the text boxes (using a third display buffer for uploads. Blaze&Blade water) are finally working perfectly. since the text boxes will not get semi-transparent if the fix is enabled.. .55 . and it can be used with Dragon Warrior 7. that will help gfx cards which don't like my mask bit emulation."Mystical End" by Iced Earth -------------------------------------------------------------------------02. two additional filtering modes. The Medievil 1 gravestone menu is now fine again.. .. it's up to you :) I only had a save state. so I can't tell you if there are more issues with DW7. That's fixed.. The Guardian's Crusade in-game menu is correct now. if you have a powerfull cpu. I am sure there will be more problems .. 2001 Version 1. this time it's an option called "Lazy upload detection".. simple pseudo triple-buffering would be too easy .) "On the day of the night things were always well But on the night of the light all night things fell" . well.54.. not the full game. . Some color rotation effects (Vagrant Stories.S soft gpu) at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/peops .The SOFT gpu has gone Open Source and is not part of the archive anymore.OGL/D3D plugins: tadaaaa.... you can also turn off the fix and turn on "Full vram primitives".) So if you don't see any text boxes at all..Op.) Oh. It's not a 100% fix.. but the bkg gfx will get ugly low-res. well.OGL/D3D plugins: repaired a small texture window sprite overlapping issue. bah). to repair the flickering effects with text boxes in that game..OGL plugin: the "Framebuffer read" and "Framebuffer read on move" special game fixes were giving a yellowish display some times. .OGL/D3D plugins: sometimes blending was screwed after toggling between window and fullscreen mode. .

. that one only was needed in the old PSEmu Pro emu to repair some of the GTE bugs.. but since all newer emus can play the game without the fix. Speed is fine on my GF3 in OGL. and it will produce glitches with other games (like Legend of Dragoons or FF7). or if you want to try to remove similar glitches in other games.. Well."And then there was silence" by Blind Guardian -------------------------------------------------------------------------04. Of course it will not help games which aren't using sprites at all (for example Wild Arms). and kinda slow in D3D. to be honest. and I removed the special game fix for Tomb Raider 3.54 . and there it is: a new special game fix called "framebuffer read on move". plugins before. yup. Btw.. you can get the GPU Test app at: http://mrdario. my advise: use the new option only in Xenogears. Polylines were only supported in dma chains before.OGL/D3D plugins: Xenogears. yes. since most games are using sprites for the bkg scenes. I haven't seen any game using them outside of dma chains. . that game is using a hard to emulate framebuffer texture/framebuffer move combination in cutscenes and transition screens. Well. and I hope it will not cost too much speed on an average system. including FF9). So. so I dunno how it will perform on average systems. so I have used that one to check if all is working fine. Matesic Darko's great GPU Test Windows application is using polylines without dma chains. My new advise: use "filtering with smoothed sprites" :) Sprite smoothing will work fine with many games (yes.com in the "Tools" section.most of you will know the problem with filtering pre-rendered background graphics (the gfx will have a tiled look if filtering is enabled).. "Since we've reached the point of no return We pray for starlight... Still it's a good choice for many sprite-based games and rpgs. XG needs the new FBOM option with activated "gfx card" framebuffer textures and don't use the highest Offscreen drawing setting! Oh. so I've looked if I could do an option to let the gfx card do most of the work.All plugins: finally I have added psx polyline support to the "WriteData" interface funcs. well. .. and. we wait for the moon The sky is empty Alone in the unknown We're getting nowhere" . November. 2001 Version 1. FVP tends to need a lot of cpu power. Btw. Unfortunately reading the gfx card framebuffer is also slow with most nowadays gfx cards. I don't think that it is needed anymore. which only could emulated properly by using "Full Vram primitives" in my hw/accel. my advise in the past: use "filtering without sprites". and personally I think it's better to have a pixelated display than staring at annoying box edges.tripod.

Therefore also the Offscreen drawing and FVP options of the hw/accel. too :) "Pissing in a river.54 was the last release of "Pete's Soft GPU"! Why? Well. but I don't want to label a plugin with "Pete's whatever" when (hopefully) a lotta more people beside me are working on it.Announcement: 1..) still I don't want to force any freeware coder to go Open Source himself.) improvements in games I don't own myself.) the name of the plugin will change.. now the OGL one has it. Another nice thing with the new soft funcs: g-shaded quads are now rendered in the real psx way. OK. if a) the project is freeware b) credits are given c) any improvements in the open source funcs are reported back to the Open Source project. for example the proper usage of the gpu interface. . We will have to wait and see how often a new release of the OS soft gpu is happening. during my tests I didn't notice anything bad.. plugins will go Open Source. So. but if you encounter some new glitches. but now the chances will be higher that another coder is able to fix the problem. preventing nasty crashs.) more features I never cared about. the soft drawing funcs themselves. I will allow the usage of the soft gpu funcs in closed source projects.54: all software drawing funcs have been redone (lotta work).. and I think the time is right to go Open Source :) So. too.. drop me a mail.. if he is using parts of the soft gpu source in his work. I've noticed that the D3D plugins had a bigger security psx vram area. 2. not a big deal.. check out the quad polygon in the first Sony BIOS screen (hi Galtor :) On the other hand there is a very small chance that little g-shaded textured quads get slightly distorted.) the plugin will not get bundled in my "gpupete" archive anymore. of course. And what does it mean to the psx emu/gpu plugin coders out there? There will be much informations in the source.. . watching it rise Tattoo fingers shy away from me Voices voices mesmerize Voices voices beckoning sea . I can't investigate some issues if I don't have the game. I have done all I wanted to do with the soft gpu plugin. 3. in a few days the Windows & Linux sources of the soft gpu plugin will be released.All plugins: the biggest change in 1. but what does that mean exactly to the users of the soft plugin? 1. chances are high that my hw/accel.. I hope that way everybody will be happy :) And if the OS way is working well. so: 1.. maybe a smarter frame skipping? or a native FPSE interface? some special gfx modes? Dunno :) 4.) the license will be GPL 2. fps handling and. too. I think. OK. gpus have gained more speed..OGL plugin: while adding the new soft funcs in the OGL plugin. and the new soft gpu is now up to 20% faster than before.

.. Thanx to Lewpy for suggestions :) . (The royal. too. and to the 'Use PC fps calculation' option. the Soul Reaver (demo) menu will get displayed and the Aeronauts (demo) language selection is shown.52 fps limitation bug fix for special chipsets seems to work fine (thanx to all users reporting it).OGL/D3D plugins: if you are using the "gfx card buffer" frame buffer textures option..All plugins: I've improved all triangle soft drawing funcs. what about it. you prolly will have noticed shaking screens effects in some games (for example sometimes in ChonoCross battle screens. .. in Alundra2 underwater levels/cutscenes. the cry me a river) What about it. If you are feeling bored.Come come come come back come back Come back come back come back .All plugins: the 1. the throne.53 . Should I pursue a path so twisted ? Should I crawl defeated and gifted ? Should I go the length of a river.) . what to say? It's fixed :) "And what have started long ago Is heading towards the end There's no easy way out . for example the GT1 main menu will be fine now. in some AITD4 effects. If there is garbage in the screen border areas. play with the Offscreen Drawing settings. Well.OGL/D3D plugins: again small adjustments in the screen upload detection. OS."Pissing in a river" by Patti Smith -------------------------------------------------------------------------07. The text boxes in Star Ocean 2 will now pop up fine with the D3D/OGL plugins. play with the Offscreen Drawing settings. what about it ? Oh. so I've added the fix also to the displayed fps rate. etc. . only the pure settings and the name of your gfx card. October. you will get a small speed increase with the Soft gpu in games using lotsa triangles. I'm pissing in a river. a small speed increase can happen with them. A simple mouse click will now transfer your current gpu settings to the clipboard." .. play with the Offscreen Drawing settings .. As always the advise: if you are missing some menus or screens. . Unlike Lewpy's similar func I don't include your cpu speed. you can paste them into bug reporting mails or forum messages. in Megaman Legend 2 water/desert stages.All plugins: added a "copy settings to clipboard" button to the gpu config dialogs.All plugins: fixed a small scissor problem which could happen on very rare occasitions (if the game was using strange screen centering values). 2001 Version 1. Since the hw/accel. yawn). gpus are using the same funcs for offscreen drawing and full vram primitives.

That way you have a bigger choice for the gpu fullscreen modes (and I don't have to add more and more resolutions in every gpu release . look at: http://support...) . GF1) speed usually doubled. If you want to know what MS is saying about that bug. August. so I had a kind of 'fast forward' function..). Please note: toggling between the window/fullscreen mode (ALT+ENTER) is still unstable..com/support/kb/articles/Q274/3/23. "limit manual setting" and "limit autodetect". On my old system (P3-550.52 . if your desktop color depth is not the same as the desired fullscreen mode. so you can try to adjust the manual value within the game to a framerate which suits you. on my new system the 'fast forward' tends to be a 'hyperspeed forward'.All plugins: Lewpy told me about a bug with high performance counters. 2001 Version 1.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=g .There's blood on my hands But I am sure in the end I will prove I was right Runes of a long forgotten time Ancient spells in endless rhymes Soon the other world appears Roam to the ghostly river Rhine Leave the misty shades behind I can feel I'm getting near" .microsoft.OGL plugin: changed the "InitFullScreen"func. of course. and press SHIFT + HOME or SHIFT + END. On each keypress the manual value will in/decrease by 1 FPS.. that's fine. Well. . so it's hard to check by myself.All plugins: I've added some code to list all available desktop resolutions of your gfx card. and with the W2K OS. Our plugins are using such counters to calculate the framerate and to do the fps limitation. and if some (boring) scene happens. or check out if your chipset is known as buggy. that way I can toggle between "auto" and "manual" (I set the manual value to 120 fps). I just turn off the fps limitation in the gpu menu. but it also brought me some troubles: usually I play psx games at the 'auto-detected' speed (50 or 60 fps)."Blood On My Hands" by Demons & Wizards -------------------------------------------------------------------------26. so I've now enhanced the old "limit on/off" switch in the gpu menu into "limit off". let us see if it helps (no problems on my system. GF3) is very fast.. or if I have to do some (uneventfull) walks in the game.All plugins: if you are running a game at a "manual" limited framerate. . The bug will show up only on certain chipsets under heavy PCI bus load.2C.) . until I enabled the fps limit again. I hope it will now work better with certain cards. I've tried to make a workaround for that issue. and now I am happy again .All plugins: my new system (Athlon 1. you can change the manual value in the game using the gpu menu: set the menu arrow to the FL option. and it can cause weird speed behaviour with our gpu plugins. making walking around nearly impossible.

Use it.. of course it also depends of the used resolution and your personal taste :) . higher values will make the scanlines brighter (blended over the image. I suggest to try a value of 200 to get a nice smoothed display. dark display). .) Ah. the only way to get around that problem (beside a fix in the main emu core. the battle hand cursor will also be fine now. pfff. they may become faster if it is activated. if you like it. the "Swap front/back detection" special game fix. I stumbled again over the scanline func. if the gfx card driver is reporting it can do it.. well.. I should have guessed that some vendors will report they can do the feature. it's not really a game fix. so don't be surprised if some games are running at a wrong speed in FPSE. 0 is like it worked before (black scanlines. the result: you can now set the scanline brightness in a range between 0 and 255..) I am not sure if I should code that option in the D3D gpus as well (it's really lot of work) . So I've double-checked the demo with FPSE. in the hw/accel.OGL/D3D plugins: some small changes in compatibility: when you play FF7.. Btw. In version 1. Btw.. part 2: the psx vsync is very important to get the 'right' FPS limitation.SOFT plugin: oh no.. or turn it off (like I do .50 I did that option for the soft plugin. gpus Pandemonium2 needs also an (already available) option.. promising that all requests for 25% or 50% scanlines will get ignored :) While looking for new ways to improve the image quality.. if your OD mode is 3 (enhanced) or smaller... it does a 'ratio correct' stretch in x/y. I didn't . not just simple lines in one color). so use it with care.OGL plugin: and another special game fix. After a little debugging I've pinpointed the problem to wrongly called psx vsync signals from ePSXe. using the special game fix for the text box borders. Also I've tried to remove some screen garbage which showed up occasionally in some games (usually between splash screens). .. of course. for example). Of course it can also cause unwanted side-effects (missing parts of the screen.OGL/D3D plugins: in december 2000 (version 1.42) I made the black scanlines option. It's called "Lazy screen updates". now it is available in the OGL plugin as well.OGL plugin: "keep psx aspect ratio" option..) You can now force the gpu plugin to ignore the OGL extension for subtractive blending by the new game fix. in FPSE the vsync comes at a wrong time AND far too often.. but in reality they just screw it (did I say S2000? no. and if you want you can try the option also with other games. "It's not the end . and played a bit with it.. a glitch! In my 'oh-so-compatible' soft plugin! While checking out a few game demos I've noticed a wild shaking screen in the Pandemonium2 demo. in version 1. . it's more a 'bad OpenGL ICD' fix. and to my surprise the vsync calls were even worse (in ePSXe the vsync comes at a wrong time with that game. causing lotsa screen borders ..51 I've introduced a perfect "subtractive blending" mode.. to get around the bug I made a 'special game fix' for P2. well.. of course) is to set a manual FPS limit until the game 'feels' right (the new in-game "manual FPS limit adjust" as described above can help you with that).. Well.

if autodetected fps limitation is enabled." button).) 1.. . Well. but the gpu dll size was doubled and the code was a really big mess.OGL/D3D: added some mmx asm to squeeze out a few more frames per second. and enable that special blending mode. well.10 more fps (depends. fixed. The gpu ingame-menu will show a little 'moon' symbol. Quite easy.. 2001 Version 1. Of course the gpu plugin will fall back to the old blending func. but somehow I've forgotten to add the 320x240 and 320x200 D3D modes. The optimizations were done in my texture caching funcs. or with darker shadows and lighting in CC. giving me around 2 additional fps. :):):) . one of the psx blending modes is hard to emulate in hw/accel. on the game and your pc specs). most of my games are PAL ones anyway :) . gpus.51 of the OGL plugin will check your card's opengl capabilities.All plugins: _Demo_ suggested to use a 59. I don't know if it is supported on other cards as well.94 fps NTSC timing (instead of the old 60 fps one). if it's not possible to use it. done. No mmx was added to the soft gpu (main reason: most time in the soft gpu is used up in the per-pixel blending funcs... though.. the distant wanderer Call of the wild In me forever and ever and ever forever Wanderlust" . and that ones are very mmx-unfriendly right now. Prolly all GeForce cards can do it. (don't ask me if that will improve anything. and luckily my GeForce1 DDR card can do it without problems.Not the kingdom come It is the journey that matters.. the speed increase will be in the range of 0 .. But lately I've found an OGL extension to get that mode right. July.50. . and now let me answer some new FAQs _before_ they have a chance to get FAQs . tsts. Oki.51 ... so I've dropped that again). . I've checked out some other optimizations in the soft gpu. Q: Would it be possible in a DX8 D3D plugin? A: Yes 3..D3D plugins: I wanted to add a few more fullscreen modes to the D3D plugins in version 1.. as always. Oki. at least not in the near future :) Ask Lewpy to do one. Q: Will you code a DX8 D3D plugin? A: No.. Version 1."The Wanderlust" by Nightwish -------------------------------------------------------------------------06. if the extension can be used.OGL plugin: the best is yet to come: 100% perfect subtractive blending! Well.All plugins: it is now possible to redefine the gpu hotkeys in the gpu config windows (look for a small ". because that kind of blending was not supported on older pc gfx hardware. Q: Is it possible to do the new mode in the DX6/DX7 D3D plugins? A: No 2. if it is available. no special option needed :) You will notice the new blending mostly with correctly faded menu backgrounds in FF9.

keep aspect ratio". Why? Well. Well.. the yellow character selection rect in battle mode will be displayed.9! I did think alot about it. who did send me her original RRT4 game cd. who has developed that fix :) Btw. enable it ONLY with FF9. If it is activated. . maybe it will help with some more 'black-screen-only' games. I've noticed a problem (crash. 2001 Version 1.OGL/D3D: Thanx to Gabi. the wrong colors are caused by fpse. if the aspect ratio doesn't match your window size.. we will see :) . too.. And if I would do a special fix. and maybe the next emu team would decide to display the mdecs up-side-down. and I think in terms of compatibility it was a bad decision by the fpse team.. . and it can cause glitches! . but maybe I will do that in a later version. hey. May. if I should do a 'special fpse game fix' or something like that.OGL plugin: because of PSEmu Pro I always had to do a delayed gpu init (otherwise the screen would stay black in this emu). and I would have to add another bunch of useless convert funcs. not by the gpu plugins.50 . No other game will need it. but in the end I've decided against it. nonono .All plugins: there is _no_ new option for the wrong mdec colors with fpse 0. boom.. That option is much harder to do on the OGL/D3D gpus (because many of my funcs are relying on a fully rendered window). of course you will get black screen borders. That one will keep the original psx screen proportions. Now my XPloder demo cd is working. That . All cudos are going to Lewpy.D3D plugins: sometimes there were disturbing lines in unfiltered mdecs on Matrox cards."Necktie" by Michelle Shocked -------------------------------------------------------------------------24.. maybe the fpse team would never correct the colors. don't worry :) "There was a man found hanging in a jail cell And they said it was suicide A man was found hanging in his jail cell And they told me it was suicide Now you can blame the social system But I still say it was his necktie" .SOFT plugin: a new stretch option: "scale to window.OGL/D3D: a new special game fix for FF9: "G4 polygon cache".) And one fpse member already told me that they want to fix the mdec issue themselves. so I do now some more 'init' checks. I could investigate (and fix) some more glitches: * disabled screens are now handled more correct. .. Fixed. bang) with one demo because of that delay. so hey.OGL/D3D: a workaround for horizontal wrapping display positions.

attributed to Lord Mangore Kiramin.) The disturbing bottom menu boxes in the RRT4 menus are gone.. but hey. all requests to reveal it will be ignored :) Oki. try to find it. . Because of that bug sometimes only a part of the screen got updated after switching to fullscreen mode... so some garbage borders (like the ones in Legend of Mana) are now history. 2001 Version 1.. kind of an online help :) . we are prepared :) You can still check out that feature. * clipping areas with a width/height of 0 are now fine. so now there is a better description for most options. a description text of the selected option will be shown instead.. If the fps menu is enabled.OGL/D3D: fixed a wrong clipping area which was caused by toggling between fullscreen/window mode. rider on the storm. I will tell no more. and no fps menu is displayed. Sword-bard of Aramaelle and Warder to Caraighan Maconar. Don't get shocked when you are opening the config window for the first time :) In the D3D/Soft plugin you will also find some more fullscreen resolutions (added by user requests). .. wearer of a crown of swords. "Master of the lightnings."The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan -------------------------------------------------------------------------28. though. though: when you hit the "INSERT" key. RIP :) . into what was then called the vulgar tongue ( circa 300 AB))" . a very slow one. Who thinks he turns the Wheel of Time. you will already know about the new "save state pic" feature.com.OGL/D3D: I've hidden an easteregg. and right now there is no released emu with that ability yet. you will see a nice pic with the gpu version number.. may learn the truth too late. It seems that sometimes I do too much checks . * Changed my line offset code a little bit.D3D plugins: while doing the above mentioned improvement. I've noticed a wrong clipping on block fills in the D3D plugins..All plugins: Well.. Result: less disturbing dots/lines in RRT4 (most times while driving below bridges). Of course the main emu has to support it... spin ner-out of fate.. yup. if you have visited www. .. .All plugins: I've changed the gpu config dialogs. (From a fragm entary translation of _The Prophecies of the Dragon_.OGL/D3D: improved my screen clearing detection. April.49 . just one thing: somewhere I've placed an _obvious_ hint how to activate it..means: less garbage with some games (like the garbage in RRT4 before/after mdecs).psxemu.

and btw: some changes in the OD code is causing wrong lines in the FF8 intro screens. turn it off and use the new FBR option.. giving that data to the emulated cpu.. Conclusion: never forget to remove debugging code. FBR and FBT (framebuffer textures) is a bit tricky.All plugins: Lewpy suggested to do some more coord checks like the ones needed for the silent hill maps. if you are missing something important in your game. if the game is reading screen data. The interaction between FVP. Disadvantage compared to FVP: a) the FBR "read back detection" can guess wrong. The new code works not too bad in games like Spyro (intro screens). set FBT to "emulated vram" and disable the new FBR. well.The OGL plugin was fine. 2.32 glide plugin. and it doesn't seem to hurt. it will convert the needed screen part of the OGL/D3D display into the psx format. so lemme try to explain the best combinations: 1.. I've fixed it in an earlier version of my gpus. so the "read back" is possible). Currently the screen detection is a real mess.. So I decided to leave the funcs in the current state. still.. you can enable FVP. some games are reading back the currently displayed frame to the psx main memory. causing either glitches or also unwanted slowdowns.. tststs . Lewpy fixed the lines in his 1. so I think most cards can do it). and upload the changed frame data again to the gpu. and just to add a few more or less clever lines of code if the "Offscreen Drawing" mode is set to "4: extended".OGL/D3D: I've tried to get more game menus/splash screens to work.. eh? :) .. b) the gfx card driver has to support the screen reading I am doing (it's not as complex as the "gfx card framebuffer textures" option.OGL/D3D: a new 'special game fix' called 'Framebuffer read'. The D3D plugins only worked because of some strange kind of luck . Advantage compared to FVP: it only has to jump in if the game is really trying a read back (my FVP has always to be activated to do its job right. if enabled FVP is too slow on your system.) .OGL plugin: a wrong ZBuffer init caused troubles with some games. My advice: use it only. The new 'framebuffer read' (FBR) option can be used as a FVP replacement in most games: it tries to detect. but always when I've started to recode the funcs. so we give it a try. and honestly: I don't care :) . producing additional garbage and/or flickering. Spiderman demo (intro screens). too. changing it. if the mask bit detection was enabled (for example: wrong shadows and missing texts in GT2). What's that? Well. and if yes.. causing a slowdown _all_ the time). Such effects could only emulated in the past by activating the (slow) "full vram primitives" option (FVP is drawing everything in the emulated gpu memory. well. FBT has to be set to "emulated vram" or sometimes . I've ended up with the same zillions checks.. now it's magically back. Batman demo (special kind of mdec at the beginning of the demo). Oh. though .. it's done.. if you have a very fast cpu. the extended OD can also act too eager.OGL plugin: fixed a stupid bug which caused the gpu to crash after a race in GT2 when offscreen drawing was enabled.

Don't ask me why.. Tomb Raider TLR (bkg gfx while pausing).. But if your cdrom is a bit slow reading psx cds. Maybe . Star Ocean 2 (battle transition). That bug could have caused crashings in the SoftGPU and black screens in the OGL/D3D ones. The D3D plugins were doing it fine.. if you simply set the FBT to "gfx card buffer" and disable FVP/FBR.. the skipping will be still there (well. though. so I don't recommend it anyway).. ..OGL plugin: fixed a small bug in the "filtering without sprites" modes.. you can guess why. and it worked fine on Spyro 1 (bkg gfx in the option menu).. Aim beyond the stars. yup." ."Lunar Sanctum" by Kamelot -------------------------------------------------------------------------07. ChronoCross (bkg gfx while pausing/item menu)..1") . frame skipping can cause all kinds of problems. . Many games will run best.All plugins: the Silent Hill maps will now be displayed.All plugins: I've tried to make mdecs less skippy if frame limitation and frame skipping are turned on at the same time. that description is getting far too long): DON'T USE IT WITH FF9!!! FF9 is also reading back data after a battle. catch a glimpse of gold A planetary chart where the stories are untold. Another thing: all framebuffer read effects will look 'low res'. . Prolly more games will also show up additional stuff which you have missed before if you haven't used FVP.OGL/D3D: improved the mask bit detection. . if you have read the above text carefully. April.little do I care Little would it help if I knew and was aware. should be now handled exactly like the SoftGPU. And if you are looking for speed only. 3.. maybe FF9 doesn't like what I am giving back (copy protection? bug in my code? mmm. but that's all..All plugins: added code to get negative display positions to work. Still: complains about problems in FF9 with activated FBR will go to my personal NULL device :) "Little do I know . speeds up most transitions (they will be black. 2001 Version 1. and if the new FBR option is enabled. Blaze&Blade (bkg gfx and transition). but I don't think that you will notice it much.. A final note on the new FBR option (wow..All plugins: faster "MoveImage" func.. Of course not much games are using it (I've seen it just with "Tobal No.48 .. In some games (using textured windows) the sprite filtering was not turned off. disable FVP/FBR and set FBT to "Black". I've checked the new combination #2 (using FBR) with a couple of games."gfx card buffer". ePSXe will crash with an unkown opcode. There's a piece of truth for everyone.. of course). Legend of Mana (entering town transition). have to do more investigations). Maybe you will miss some (unimportant) bkg gfx or battle transitions.

You don't know what you're missing now. 2 (standard).OGL/D3D: there are now 5 OD option modes: 0 (none). the auto detected limit value was lost. 3 (enhanced).46 versions in the fps limit autodetection. most users didn't understand that the option did activate line a-a.. with FF8 you should use the "enhanced" mode to get all character stats in battles. glitches in splash screens/game gfx can happen 1 (minimum): takes care of most splash screens 2 (standard): does an easy check.. That's fixed. I wrote in my ogl readme that the line a-a is NOT supported by most cards... ehehe . not FSAA.. causing big slowdowns with most gfx cards (yeah. . 0 (none): fastest mode. March. there are always some 'wise' ppl knowing it better). or the new offscreen drawing one). I like the new func.All plugins: a small bug krept in my 1. If you did stop and continue a game.OGL/D3D: fixed the smeared background in Castlevania by doing a more lazy "clear on next swap" detection. if an option is offering more than two modes (like the filtering option. People won't you listen now? Sing along..) . so I am kinda proud of it. Any little song that you know Everything that's small has to grow.All plugins: faster "Line offset" func. A short overview: OD is used to detect drawings which are outside the front/backbuffer..47 .. Belmont for giving me a chance to investigate the issue :) . It's like the "END" key. .All plugins: Improved the screen centering funcs. 4 (extended).some splash screens/background gfx in other games will appear as well.. and adds some additional buffer swaps (can cause flickering with some games) Usually the "standard" mode is enuff to get everything to work. . ..All plugins: you can now use the "HOME" key to step down the available option modes in the in-game gpu menu.. if software drawing/coord tweaking is needed 3 (enhanced): does a more complicated check for soft drawing/coords 4 (extended): does the "enhanced" check. not much to say about it :) . 1 (minimum). just in the other direction. And it has to grow!" . Thanks to R. yup. "Hear my song. I had to do a lot of thinking until everything worked as planned.. 2001 Version 1.OGL plugin: removed the anti aliasing option. but of course that didn't help much."The Song Remains The Same" by Led Zeppelin -------------------------------------------------------------------------17. of course it's only helpfull. it's a very easy (but still accurate) approach. doing such stuff in software (or by tweaking polygon coords). and the manual one was activated.

Its smoke was highly praised. but "Silent Hill".. though (it will cause a wrong MDEC timing.. we decided it's a main emu bug (ehehe). so don't worry. be happy :) . Please note: the PC fps rate is most times just half of the PSX one (30/30 or 25/25). because it gave sweet dreams to all human beings. which is based on the PC framerate. check out "Tombi" :) All credits and a big "thank you" to Kazzuya and especially Taka. the a-a option is dead and buried. Well.. one of the few games which is using mask bits.. it must be noted that the following section is included only as a matter of historical documentation.All plugins: yeah. though. so only turn it on. now you can activate Lewpy's old FPS calculation again. To fill the missing space in the config window. and sound can be out of sync)... .." . The author takes no responsibility for anyone who may attempt to practice magic based upon the information .And now. I am off to play Gothic :) "They made a living by growing Swampweed. really great job! I hope "Dragon Quest 7" will work fine for you :) "Before anything further is written. Some hint: activating the option eats away valuable texture vram. and I think I've finally solved the riddle :) At least Silent Hill is now working fine.. if the fps display is showing less fps by activating the fix. I always thought it's a main emu bug :) My plugins should now handle such transfers without problems. not the PSX one. mostly for some soccer games... The use of magic has long been proven to be unreliable and the suspected cause of mental deterioration. Well.. pfff.All plugins: some games seem to have problems with the main emu vsync timing. It's a special game fix.46 .All plugins: the biggest improvement. I don't suggest to use it generally.. Lewpy's and my plugins already had a mask bit option in the previous versions. I've added the old funny "Lines only" mode again..... it's possible to transfer image data in the dmachain.. but now I've tried my luck again.. was still screwed. because I've got some nice mails asking for it..translated from the manual of "Gothic" by Piranha Bytes -------------------------------------------------------------------------25. I don't know how many games are also using mask bits. if you really need it. So.. . causing strange speedups/ slowdowns even if the FPS is shown as 60/60 (or 50/50). 2001 Version 1.. February.Well...SOFT plugin: the soft plugin supports now cards which are using a 5-5-5 16 bit desktop color.... new mask bit detection. it should finally work without problems. if your card is supporting it. if you had troubles in the past (green/yellow lines or something like that). use FSAA. .

but you should disable that fix in other games..OGL/D3D: new "special game fix" for Legend of Dragoon. Less glitches will happen in such text boxes.. without any option. it was a lotta work. 2001 Version 1..45: a new optimized dmachain handler.taken from the manual of "Ultima 7" by Origin -------------------------------------------------------------------------09. February. the new version will not only ignore sprites.OGL/D3D: and another new special game fix..SOFT plugin: fixed a small issue with the FF9 'pause' screen. feel at ease" ... It works like Lewpy's "short dmachain" option.44 . the new fix will turn the blue glitches into (much harder to see) black ones :) . .OGL/D3D: if you are using a filtering mode w/o sprites.SOFT plugin: a new option called "unstretched display".OGL/D3D: the old "Texture alignment" option has been removed. The new func works similar to the "Texture correction" option in Lewpy's Glide plugin :) . and there will be not much speed increase (if any). That game needs an incredible high pixel accuracy.OGL/D3D: you have noticed a small vertical line in the right area of MDEC movies? Well. called "short DMAChain check".. It is working without problems in version 1. try it with FF9 :) . cockerels cry Soft breeze blowing in the trees Peace of mind. only my soft plugin can display it without blue pixel trash... "Red sun rising in the sky Sleeping village."Sleeping Village". ." . . the plugin will now correct the texture alignment automatically.. The display will be shown in the original psx resolution. Well. but I like the new function.. too. You can use it to repair the pause in Tekken3 after a fight.All plugins: new ODDLINE bit handling. but also textured windows (most times used as background pattern in text boxes). centered into the plugin window.contained herein.45 .All plugins: biggest change in version 1. 2001 Version 1. More games (like XMen) should be working (fingers crossed :) . January. and it will handle corrupt dma chains even better.. by Black Sabbath -------------------------------------------------------------------------21.44 . that's fixed.

OGL/D3D: added three more menu items in the gpu menu: Dithering (DI).OGL/D3D: biggest improvement: a speed boost in games which are using textured windows as main texture type (like Spiderman). Enjoy :) "In diz lant hat er gesprochen einen angeslichen tac. it will give you the effects in nice looking hi-res.. . should give you a better speed (in some games) and less garbage glitches. der hie vergalt!" . But.OGL/D3D: lotsa small fixes. Special game fixes (GF) and Framebuffer textures (FB). with good speed. da diu witwe wirt gerochen und der weise klagen mac und der arme den gewalt der da wirt an ime gestalt.. The first two just toggles the option on/off. are hard to emulate using hw/acceleration. The info file contains all the current plugin configuration settings.) to get a reasonable speed.. wol im dort.OGL/D3D: Framebuffer textures. January. .. MediEvil intro and Bust-A-Move are fine now.42. it will show you most special effects/blurring..) Some special effects (mostly before entering a new screen).. or if the effects are slowing your game down..43 . * "Black (fastest)" : that's a setting which turns the special effects black. * "Gfx card buffer" : that's the new one. though (because of the stupid 'auto-blurring' nVidia is doing on stretched blits in D3D). so you don't need to write them down anymore. Three settings are available: * "Emulated vram" : you can use this setting in combination with activated offscreen drawing and full vram primitives. As always: I only can hope the new stuff don't screw your favourite game ."Palästinalied" by Walter von der Vogelweide -------------------------------------------------------------------------06. my personal nightmare .) . 2001 Version 1. you can use it if you don't care about the effects. but of course you will need a very fast cpu (1 Ghz... yeah. . nVidia cards will still show some small line with unfiltered MDECs in D3D.All plugins: if you are doing a screenshot (F8 key with most psx emus). it's the same as the special game fix "Black framebuffer texture" in version 1. there is a new option in the gpu config called "Framebuffer textures".. IF your gfx card/driver can handle it. if you want to post/mail your settings.. there will be created an additional info text file in the sub-directory "snap". . hey.SOFT plugin: fixed a small bug with wrapped sprites coords.... . nothing is impossible! :) Ok. while FB is a new feature.Unfiltered MDECs should be fine now in OGL... or things like motion blurring.

Here is some technical info concerning the "Gfx card buffer": 1. pfff.... will not work. depends on the driver (maybe nVidia will fix the D3D bug with GeForce cards somewhen. wow :) * "Palettized" : most times slower than the "Dynamic" mode. I did some tests on my girlfriends P2-400 with a TNT1. dunno :) 4. here is a small caching mode overview: * "Standard" : usually the slowest mode. Resolution/color depth : the higher the resolution/color depth. with 5. Well. but there were big glitches in the D3D plugins.) 6.... Matrox... Vagrant Stories. resolutions up to 640x480 will take away 1 MB of your cards vram.. whatever cards. dunno if that's a bug or a feature. though .. .xx drivers the effects crawled.. the effects will always take 256 KByte of vram. BOF4. while a whirl/blur effect is happening.. fingers crossed). 3DFX cards with D3D. try it. slow.... such games can run smoother in "palettized".. though.. FF9... 3.42 ."I'M SO CUTE" by Frank Zappa -------------------------------------------------------------------------25. if speed gets too slow. I'm so cute!" . giving me time to do more useful things :) .. though. you are lucky :) Use at least the Detonator drivers 6. "Ugly is bad And bad is wrong And wrong is sinful And sin leads to eternal damnation An' hot burning fire .xx was faster. well. 2. but hey! At least the speed should be better than using full vram primitives . which are stressing the "dy namic" one. my V2 can do it using the DX6 plugin. It even tweaks the textures for a better filtering/alignment. some games (like Blaze&Blade). December.. at least faster than "Standard" * "Dynamic" : best mode for most games... OGL is a bit slower using the "Gfx card buffer" option. the slower the effects. not a bad one for some games. Known games working with "Gfx card buffer": Crash3.... but some games are doing big blinking/color rotating effects. though :) . Well.. you have to play with different window/fullscreen settings.. TNT cards. that way I have to write only one version info. Yeah. 5. to get a good speed.31. but speed will also go down on high resolutions.. causing a lotta texture uploads * "Heavy" : will store up to 10 palettes per texture. It optimizes the used textures and stores as much palette stuff as possible in your gfx card vram. no matter what the window/fullscreen resolution. but it will give you an even better image quality than the D3D solution.The Windows gpu plugins are now delivered in one zip archive. MGS. if a game is using procedural textures. if you are owning a GeForce..Merry christmas.) ATI... Keep in mind: if you are using scanlines and/or dithering. strange things can happen. it's fun to see the menu sucked into a whirl. 2000 Version 1. 3DFX cards..OGL/D3D: I've improved the "dynamic" caching mode. GeForce cards can use it with OGL.. Wild Arms1 (extended OD needed). 6. TNT owners can't use it (neither in OGL nor in D3D).. well.. Using OpenGL... Higher resolutions will cost you up to 4 MB vram! Using D3D. or the gpu menu is displayed.

The soft gpu contains two different scanline modes. turn it on. and I finally decided to satisfy your hearts desire . if you like it.Ah. if you really want to see such framebuffer tricks. That doesn't mean.Scanline option in all gpus. . Well. Also a small issue with the Analog/Mouse display in the soft gpu menu has been repaired. if you are getting a very blured display (nVidia cards mostly). that the special psx effect will be repaired and shown perfectly.. and like in Lewpy's 1. enable the second mode only. well. giving you a less blocky display with filtering (NOT a perfect filtered display!). there is a great new surprise hidden within all plugins. but if you are lucky. I don't pull in coords of filtered textures in that caching mode anymore.OGL/D3D: Small changes in the dynamic caching mode. Scanlines will NOT give you more speed. .. though)... but you will have to wait. too.) Not much to say about that option.. and you have to deactivate the new "black framebuffer texture" option.OGL/D3D: I've added a new "special game fix" called "Black framebuffer texture".OGL plugin: the snapshot function (F8 key) is fixed with mdecs (older versions didn't capture mdec frames). Still gaps/garbage can happen if you are enabling filtering (it seems that OGL is a little bit better with that.. thanx to GreenImp for tests). I've got many mails concerning scanlines. it will not get slower. it's not up to me to tell you more about it :) "Maybe all I need besides my pills and the surgery is a new metaphor for reality. but the new option gives you a fast alternative to get rid off disturbing glitches without using the slow "full vram primitives"."DIS CON NEC TED" by Queensryche ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .23 Glide plugin. garbage in games like BOF4 (before entering a battle) or Vagrant Stories (motion blur) will disappear. you still have to use "extended offscreen drawing" and "full vram primitives"(very slow)." . . any mails begging for a 25% or 50% scanline option will be ignored :) .SOFT plugin: fixed a bug which caused flicker sprites on the left side of the screen (mainly with scrolling background graphics. making certain games more playable :) . Oh.. turn it off otherwise. If you activate the option. btw.

if you select "Standard" offscreen drawing. must be a GTE bug" . It will fix games like Tony Hawk 1+2.49 drivers). I've tested the new funcs with many games and demos and it seems to be pretty compatible. but hey . Apocalypse.-------------------------------------------------------------------------. The new function will finally work fine with FF8 battlemenus/world map.) . .41 .OLD OPENGL VERSION INFOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------09. and produce less garbage on mdec top/bottom (see the FF7 mdecs) . Some small manual about Offscreen Drawing: * "no" OD will be the fastest mode. and most of the battle menus/special stuff * "Extended" OD is like the "Standard" setting. 2000 Version 1. That will show some stupid coded "pause" menus.Last but not least: a new way to handle polygon coordinates."aaarggg") Well. but it also forces the plugin to update the screen more often if the game is drawing into the psx frontbuffer area. gpu can fix it" .. So. it will not give you lotta more speed. it's a CPU bug" "no. No known problems if your desktop has the same color depth as your chosen fullscreen mode.New rgb24 (mdec) upload detection. try enabling TA. toggle between window/fullscreen mode. Spiderman. It can cause flickering displays. if you try to change from a 16 bit window (desktop) mode to a 32 bit fullscreen mode (or from a 32 bit window mode into a 16 bit fullscreen mode). and you will need a fast cpu to use it. Beware: there are small troubles with some gfx card drivers (at least with my GeForce and detonator 6. for example.I could kill some shift/and operations with each drawing primitive. * "Extended" OD + "Full vram primitives".ALT-ENTER.Improved the "texture alignment" option. The new TA will give better results with "Warriors of Fate". ."no. Driver 1+2 and so on :) Thanx go to Galtor & Calb from epsxe for their suggestions. tests and chats ("it's a GPU bug" . but still. try disabling the new funcs in the "special game fixes" option. but some splash screens and special effects (like Crashs shadow in Crash3 or menus) will not appear. . Of course that way the gpu has to do twice the work (acting like a soft gpu and doing the hardware drawing).41 in your favourite game.I've changed the Offscre en Drawing/Frontbuffer rendering detection again. if you are seeing vertical garbage lines in your game. December.. That one will finally show most special psx framebuffer effects (typically used for motion blur or those nifty level entry efftecs). if you are seeing big flashing polygons with 1."Nope... * "Standard" OD will show most splash screens. that one will be faster with some mdecs. though. for example. .

Usually this register values are used to fine adjust the game display on the TV screen.Small speed improvement with unfiltered MDECs.. and the new FPS detection helps to limit even the MDEC speed propery. ah.. "If I could I'd slow the whole world down I'd bring it to it's knees I'd stop it spinning round But as it is I'm climbing up an endless wall No time at all No time this time" . you have reached full speed. no 'A' means digital pad mode . so if a game is running at 50 (PAL) or 60 (NTSC) FPS. 2000 Version 1.. isn't it? Well. Previous versions were only calculating the really drawn frames.40 is just using the vsync signal for doing the calculations.40 .The new 1."Gloria" by Van Morrison -------------------------------------------------------------------------23.) Of course there is also one drawback with the new functions: you can't compare the new FPS values with the ones of my previous versions or with the plugins of Lewpy. very easy. if a game is using the screen centering bits . Segu or Kazz. so games were running 'right' at different FPS speeds (mostly 50 or 25 FPS in PAL mode or 60/30 FPS in NTSC).Fixed an issue with ePSXe which was causing a crash if you stopped a game by hitting ESC and continued it again."And the tower bells chime. on my P3 550/GeForce DDR system nearly all games are working fine.Biggest change with the version 1.39 . .. sono disturbing noise is happening while playing the XA sound anymore (fingers crossed . Version 1.New info in the in-game menu: if the main emu is telling the gpu that the pad emulation is running in analog mode.40 gpu core: New way to calculate the FPS. October. 2000 Version 1. also fixed a small bug with uploading screens.39 core is my first try to emulate the screen centering bits. November.. 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine.'" ."No Time This Time". 'ding dong' they chime They're singing. but sometimes games are using it to make . The Police -------------------------------------------------------------------------29.. a small 'A' will appear.

I've also squashed a small bug in my offscreen drawing funcs.. The same demo did a stupid way to update the screen. just less glitches with a few games (see for example Dead or Alive with version 1.Changed the BlockFill function a little bit.E. it 'feels' better now (I didn't see any differences in my games. Modesitt.Ah. The east wind loves sunshine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------08.Found and removed a bug which caused flickering effects in 'Horned Owl'.. too. so you will not get better speed. All errors I've found with the soft gpu are fixed in the OD stuff used by hardware accelerated plugins. because I didn't want to cause bigger black borders around the game screen. by L. October. the drawing area wasn't always detected properly.big position offsets or to clip the display output. The north blows alone.It's a small update this time. just killing some bugs I've detected while doing a new kind of psx gpu plugin :) The fixes are all clipping-related.37. Hang you head over. "Down by the seashore. . do you fear me ? You've got the message. it's also fixed (sigh). . "What's the worry. you need the glory. .The offscreen drawing funcs have been cleaned up. I hope I've been successful :) Yeah. Ain't it easy to be afraid. You want the power.Polylines are now supported in the offscreen drawing functions. yeah. though) . dear. So you thought you had it made. Jr.38 . Here it comes again. take the bait. . 2000 Version 1. Do you hear me. Raiden 1. Raiden 2 and the Alundra2 movie sequences will work better now. Hear the wind's flight."The Order War". you read the story. Feel the pressure." . Well. what's the hurry. I've tried to do a careful approach. urgh) . And I fear the light. . And the west wind loves night.A special new game fix for 'Speed Freaks' can be enabled in the 'game fix' config options. I've noticed a demo using them." . where the waters foam white.

so check out my SoftGPU version 1. Ah. who want to know me. yes. 2000 Version 1.And finally some small repairs with 4 bit palettized sprites in the offscreen drawing funcs.. September. You still can toggle the special fixes with the 'INSERT' key.Something unique in my gpus right now: improved auto-detection of the game's FPS limit. September.Yup.37 . of course my goal is to to make a nice psx gpu emulation with as little glitches as possible."The Spiral Dance. .-"What's the hurry" by Marianne Faithfull -------------------------------------------------------------------------24. Those fixes will only work with certain games. I've skipped the 1. . A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess. September.' window. If I find a way to 'do it right' I always include it without options in the plugins..34 core from my SoftGPU and made a new one. "And you. My older versions did an easy check on the interlace bit.For infos about the 1." by Starhawk -------------------------------------------------------------------------17. but . the FF7 menu border fix and the lighting fix (both gitches are caused by the main emu.36 core please read the 'version.. The new option gives you more control to activate the desired internal gpu patch... imho) were already available in previous versions by hitting the 'INSERT' key. but sometimes the only way seems to be to code some special workarounds. called 'No sprite transparency'. Well.35. be aware that all of your searching and wanting will not help you at all. if not: 25/30 FPS (PAL/NTCS). you will never find it anywhere outside. but some annoying stuff will always happen. but only the ones you have enabled in the 'special game fixes. so I've changed that to a safer behavior. That checking is easy.Some 'primitive position wrap' from the 1.36 core caused glitches with a few games . if set: 50/60 FPS.New 'special game fixes' option. too :) . 2000 Version 1.35 . You have to know the mistery: if you don't find the truth you are searching for within yourself. all other games will get worse. 2000 Version 1.." .36 . and a new one. eliminates the 'trails' in the Abe's games.txt' of the D3D DX7 plugin :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------03. Well.

I just use 'standard' OD. the timing is important. Well. My 'standard' OD is checking. So I've done some research. D3D. but (because the primitives are not painted in the vram). and my new functions (examining the game's vsync usage) are working much better in most cases.Some smaller changes were done to some psx state bits and interlaced screen uploads. but I've learned (again). All the changes (lotta work.I've taken all my new SoftGPU funcs and added them in the OGL plugin. so you will need a most powerful cpu to use it. Glide) it is using. I know. The 'Extended' OD does even a bit more: it detects if painting is going on in the actually displayed area of the vram (something I call frontbuffer drawing. "I think therefore I am.35 D3D gpus (for all non-nVidia users) will be ready in a couple of days. I've also killed all of my old OffscreenDrawing detection stuff and coded some new (hopefully better) routines. I also wanted to speed up MDECs.My version 1.) . that the fastest way to paint 2D screens with OGL is to use textures. that can happen). and if that happens it will use the soft gpu funcs to update that part of the vram correctly. but if you want to have correct game music. for example.. some popular games are doing that for displaying battle screens) and adjust it to get it (nearly) right. and some older options like 'texture windows' simply vanished (all those options are now fire proofed. familar to most? .. in my age I can't handle Spyro at double speed . sigh). And I made a new option: full vram updates. Oh well. Only a few games (like Vagrant Stories) will need 'full vram' to play without glitches. I will try to explain it in simple words: the real psx gpu is able to draw polygons and sprites _everywhere_ in the vram. That's an hell of a job to do (because the gpu has to act as a soft gpu AND to handle the 3D accelerator as well). Oh yes. yup. so I removed the new (slower) code and did a new option instead: 'Unfiltered framebuffer updates' will be a little bit faster with mdecs (not using texture filtering). if the psx is painting outside the visible area. But on the good side: you will get nearly all funky effects (like whirling screens and motion blurrs) if you are using full vram updates and extended offscreen drawing. if combined with an OD mode. .. a hw accelerated gpu plugin usually has to detect if the game is drawing into the next visible part of the vram and do that drawings with the 3D API (OGL. some special gfx effects are not right with some games. some ppl will not understand why they should do FPS limitation at all. I hope (I just need some time. it will paint _any_ polygon in the psx vram. no need to turn them off). . And. but if a game is flickering (yup. in Wild Arms (PAL) you will get 50 FPS in towns and 25 FPS in the battle screens. By doing that things will be faster and looking much better. And what's new 'full vram update' option? Well. that's the way it should be. of course. Well. Hint: usually I am using 'extended' OD without 'full vram'. keeping the vram content as fine as possible. boah) are related.also bad with many games. So..

by Terry Goodkind "Honestly. by Robert Jordan "The Wizard's Fifth Rule: Mind what people do.I've rewritten the whole code for detecting screen uploads (you know. mail to: BlackDove@addcom. but not many. Because of the new functions it can happen that even "too much" will be displayed causing some garbage when the screen should be black. 2000 Version 1. "Hehehe" ..This is my first gpu version with sprite mirroring enabled. because that name fits better than the old "Pete's TNT Driver" one."spOOL" by Queensryche -------------------------------------------------------------------------30.. one game using mirroring is the "GD010" shoot-em-up demo. Reason A) It's not for TNT cards only (for example I use the plugin with my GeForce) Reason B) It uses the OpenGL API.." . .Sean Kauppinen. but a real mess. not only what they say. .dll). but hey :) ..). still hatred brings as many tears.How long did we eat the seed planted by our host? 4 billion years between our ears. I feel that we have a great product in the market and that the vast majority of users are happy with bleem!" . why when we're only looking for the same high?" .de "An Aes Sedai never lies but the truth she speaks may not be the truth you think you hear" . but of course it was just a little bug in my code which caused the bad behavior. surprise . Communications Director of bleem! Inc.Last thingie: my email address has changed: if you have suggestions or problems or whatever.The Sword of Truth.dll" again and copy it over the old version. Still we judge each other. Well. I thought that the standard psx gpu is not capable of sprite mirroring (and when I coded that feature I noticed glitches with some games). I think (if you are enabling offscreen-drawing.Attention: I've renamed the gpu to "Pete's OpenGL Driver" (gpuPeteOpenGL. some screens will still be missing. for deeds will betray a lie.. I was not happy with my old code (it was not bad. for game titles and loading screens and such). May. just copying will _not_ work this time (of course you could rename the file to "gpupetetnt.) Reason C) <insert any reason that satisfy yourself> But keep in mind that you have to reconfigure PSEmu Pro to use the new file. yup. that one plays fine now. though).33 .Saying concerning sisters of the White Tower. The new code is leaner and does its job even better (in my opinion)..

. so I just did a short check on Tekken3.emuforce. Sigh. the Stones. this version repairs things again with a better dma handling. just don't got nothin' to say . Got people here down on their knees and prayin' Hawks and doves are circlin' in the rain Got rock and roll. May. 2000 Version 1..I've done a lotta testing if the V1. but that demo is hard to emulate with a 3D API gpu. "Hawks & Doves" -------------------------------------------------------------------------22.com/' for getting infos about this new promising psx emulator :) "Ain't getting old." Lyrics by Gwenllian Gwalch'gaeaf . might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire..And again a small update. they carved stone.. moulded hill and channeled stream That we.31 . April.31 dma handler could cause any troubles before I did the release. "Stones" -------------------------------------------------------------------------30..Support for flat and smooth shaded 2-point lines in offscreen drawing. Check out 'http://pcsx. and of course that game was the reason for the 'emergency break'. March. so T3 _and_ the demos will work. ain't getting younger though Just getting used to the lay of the land I ain't tongue-tied. This version is emulating the PSX ability to mask out special polygons. The 'Space Lemmings' demo is working fine.. Thanx to the pcsx crew for putting the demos on their page..Added some code for games/demos which are using the MoveImage command for erasing the framebuffer.. you just don't know what you're sayin'" by Neil Young.. That one caused troubles with many psx demos.32 . Have to think about that issue first :) "Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream And the heart and the will and the power They moved earth. . some games I didn't check (there is a point in every man's/woman's life when he/she can't stand another fighting game). It's needed in the 'Bad Funk Stripe' demo..Removed an 'emergency break' from the dma handler.30 . got country music playin' If you hate us. and all looked fine. so it still doesn't work right. so they . 2000 Version 1.Pete -------------------------------------------------------------------------01. 2000 Version 1. Well.

And again: no speed gained. Feb. "Encumbered forever by desire and ambition There's a hunger still unsatisfied Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon Though down this road we've been so may times" . turn em off if you hate it. Noldor -------------------------------------------------------------------------19.) Just one more note: If you enable mask bits.28 . so I couldn't do much tests. eh? If you find some other game which is using mask bits. Of course some games are having strange graphics with that mixed mode. Jan. the '3D glasses' option will also activated.will not be overdrawn by following primitives. just send a mail to psswitch@online.de BTW. "I know where the stars glow And the sky's unclouded Sweet the water runs my friends But Noldor Blood is on your hands Tears unnumbered You will shet and dwell in pain" . so what is new? Two more filtering options: you can now configure filtering to leave sprites unsmoothed. standard without sprites. standard. that's simply because my mask bit emulation also is doing the ZBuffer trick.29 . too. you don't have to report that issue . . so you can make different PSEmu settings for your different games :) Thanx to Q'tro for the idea to filter everything but sprites. let me know. Well.I've tried it again: out of order drawing to minimize texture and shading state changes. Sigh. 2000 Version 1. there exists just one game (Silent Hill) which is using that feature as far as I know. I know that Silent Hill still doesn't work perfectly with PSEmu. Oh.At the moment I don't do much changes on my PSEmu OpenGL plugin (I am busy with some other project) but I've added a small new option and I want to release that version even if it contains no big surprises. thanx to Lewpy for testing :) And yes. but I think it will not hurt to try the new 'Enable mask bit detection' option in the gpu config dialog window with any game you own. while text and health bars will be looking sharp. 2000 Version 1. Small suggestion: use my PSSwitch configuration utiliy. I don't have Silent Hill. but hey. that's the reason why options exist: turn em off if you like it. extended without sprites. That will look nice on some games: all 3D stuff will be smooth. Maybe some other games will be fixed by it.Pink Floyd -------------------------------------------------------------------------28. extended. Ok. one last word: the in-game menu toggles now between all five filtering modes in the following order: none.Blind Guardian.

27 . . related to o-o-o-d. .. try it and send me an email. Jan. I hope that TNT(2) cards will be fine. I don't have some for testing.) and luckily I could finally tweak my texture matrix so it should be fine with all cards.. Very interesting psx ability. that game seems to use nearly _every_ feature of the psx gpu).... If you have a TNT based card and you are detecting some small thin lines with version 1.Optimized some of my asm texture uploading code. so I've decided they are not ready for public eyes :) But another option.. but I think the Asus glasses come with tweaked nVidia OpenGL drivers. christmas time.. Dec.Maybe I have to play a bit more with that funcs. can be activated in the gpu config dialog: support for 3D VR glasses... I've tested it on my GeForce and Voodoo2 card. sigh) I've detected a small bug with smooth shaded polylines.Optimized 'Dynamic caching'. I didn't want to wait until nVidia is willing to fix that glitch (if ever.28.The GeForce is handling texture sow/tow coords slightly different than TNT or 3DFX cards. All caching types beside the dynamic mode produced small gaps between textures on some occasions with the current GeForce Detonator drivers. too. Faster that way. right now all the o-o-o-d stuff is disabled (there are still some small glitches and offscreen drawing isn't done in the new funcs yet.While re-writing my gpu for o-o-o-d (nearly all gpu funcs had to be changed.. That one is fixed. again in BOF3. so they should be working. . It will be slightly faster (less cache thrashing). Well. Maybe some other games will also be repaired :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------28.Yeah.Support for sprite wrapping. and because I was such a nice guy the last . 1999 Version 1. Please note that most 3D glasses are working with D3D only. please send me a mail. . in that case I will do some config option. 2000 Version 1. so everyone will be happy :) "The elves and gnomes have to hide when the moon is showing its face and raging orcs will set their traps and all forests will burn they hate green trees and love the dark they don't understand that they're caught and left alone they feel the magic in the wind they just fear the old man's song" . I've seen that just once in one game (yeah.Blind Guardian -------------------------------------------------------------------------09. so I can only hope it will work.26 .

sometimes it runs fast like hell (try Spyro. for example). So some games (like Tekken3) will loose some frames compared to heavy caching.. be aware that it will cost you valuable vram that can't be used for texture caching. if a driver is telling lies. but goodies like very fast vram data uploading mean a lot. 'Heavy caching' just keeps up to 10 different palettized copies of the same texture area.) And maybe I can speed the 'Dynamic' mode further up in the future. as always in life there are some drawbacks (nothing is ever easy): a) Full vram usage for textures: if you like to play at high resolutions or you like to use 32 bit textures and/or 32 bit desktop resolution.. of course. sometimes it's slower (Tekken3) and sometimes it makes no difference at all (all other games. it's really fast. sounds good.. even in OpenGL.. c) Psx games using lotta palettes will work better because now _all_ different palettized texture parts will be cached (if your card has enuff vram. Well.year.....So. so less texture state changes will occurr. hey.. compared to my old TNT1 it's slightly faster... the game runs just fine on my GeForce'. most likely the game will be getting slower as longer as you play it. c) Palette caching: game depending. else 'Dynamic' will be more efficient d) Security border: well. of course). the 3dfx drivers for my V2 (8 MB texture vram) are reporting enuff texture ram for 32 MByte.23 really worked :) But because of the V2 hack I had to do . It also 'repairs' the problem I've seen with the detonator drivers uploading 1 texel wide texture parts. as a matter of fact I think it's the best consumer OpenGL card right now. hey. Hey.. :) It's true. I call it 'Dynamic caching'. that one is taking also some cpu and uploading time. It has some benefits compared to the 'heavy cachig' mode: a) It will use your video cards vram to the fullest. but.. It will try to detect how much free vram could be used for textures on game startup. . because I don't have to pull the texture sow/tow coords as much as in the other texture caching modes. we will see. why should I work on optimizations anymore. the GeForce supports palettized textures. Conclusion: well.Back to my new baby. hehehe.. the GeForce... And don't worry if you have an older video card like the TNT1: I won't lean back and think 'hey... no more texture swapping! b) It will sort psx texture parts by their usage. of course it takes more cpu time to do that. heavy caching will be working fine. And I hope that most OpenGL drivers tell me the truth about how many textures could be resident in vram.. d) Some 'security' border will be generated on every texture part. My PSEmu OGL plugin don't use the GeForce T&L features (not much transformation and lighting stuff are needed emulating the PSX gpu). Santa Claus brought me a GeForce256 DDR :) Well. b) Sorting: well. That means bilinear filtering will be looking slightly better. the main issue of this release _is_ about speed :) . so all textures used will be vram resident. and it was in my mind for some months now. just kidding.. what's new? Generally just one new texture caching type. just joking . So my 'Palettized texture mode' from version 1. if just up to 10 different pals are used on the same texture part. Of course I will try to to get even better speed in the future. tststs. for example.

. so I really suggest using the block transfer)! And another hint: if you enabling 'Anti-aliasing' in my GPU config. If you use 'page flip' or 'auto select'. Bill? Well. the OpenGL specifications can be found at www. no more wrong blended stuff.Where to start? Well.. making pal textures useless. Much better in Extended mode :) You can toggle between all three modes in the in-game menu in the following order: no filtering. extended.) I've finished the game using PSEmuPro :) . but some small black borders can appear and sometimes text is hard to read.Improved extended color check: previous versions missed some color cycling effects (I've noticed wrong Blaze&Blade wave effects..org .. filtering is much better now. because it didn't change any desktop settings at all.25 ..) But it seems also nVidia has some troubles with pal textures: the 3.. If speed doesn't get significant better (for example just 1 or 2 FPS). and a choppy BOFIII combat selection). 1999 Version 1. my MS compiler screwed it. tststs OK. You can choose between two filtering modes: Standard and Extended.. Nov. and some more 'GeForce inside' infos: be sure to use the 'Block transfer' buffer flipping mode in the GeForce OpenGL display properties. of course. fixed.(uploading the palette data on every primitive) it was slow.. Nov. and if a game is slow. the ChangeDisplaySettings() func worked much faster in version 1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------21.Tststs. Standard is slightly faster. you have to go for the 3.. Noticed in BOFIII with a special monster type (some wizard guy). that's all this time.. you need good eyes to see the difference :) Some good news: after one year playing BOFIII (I have to admit I did more coding than playing . Oh well. Well.62 drivers contain a bug. you can do an easy quick test. I've changed that. thanks to all who reported me that issue. sometimes bad flickering can occurr (and I've noticed no differences in speed. Well. So. I wish you luck trying the new mode whatever card and game you are owning. if you want to try em. that's what you call 'optimizations'. the GeForce falls back to software rendering (_very_ slow).24.. 1999 Version 1. But most time the 'pal texture' mode is slower than my new 'Dynamic' mode on the GeForce. to be honest: I don't care! 3dfx should fix their drivers. Yeah.53 detonator version. standard. and because I didn't touch a line of code in that function.24 .Fixed a small thingie that could cause even smaller glitches. than it points to the core and no gpu option will be able to fix it.. just a few games (like Blaze&Blade) will be smoother... I never thought to test it).Well.opengl. . Oh well. it's fixed.. if it's because of the gpu or the PSEmu core: just activate frameskipping. so the V2 has now some troubles in that mode. . -------------------------------------------------------------------------19.. and less alignment problems. But. I didn't notice that bug (I don't use the 'change desktop settings' option very often.

. The newest 3DFX OpenGL drivers can do palettized textures with alpha values. Sometimes a slight flickering can occur with the extended mode. So I've decided to do a small fix if you activate 'Texture Alignment': I will always upload at least 2 texels...Last issue: I've noticed that the Detonator drivers (both 2.. V1.20 additional FPS with this version. so you will get 1.... ... because they are faster with OGL. 1999 Version 1. it makes no difference on my TNT card and it is causing some glitches with my V2. so all is looking fine again (and it is even faster than before :) ..23: the tennis game with the unspeakable name (Anna Hsgfnxbhsb tennis) was screwed up. it's less frustrating..23 did it right and all previous versions just worked by accident :) Well.... I've looked hard and detected that version 1. if I get a better performance using the old ones (2. Why? Well. 3DFX and OpenGL. first I want to say: if you really want to play FF7 (or FF8) on the pc. oh yes. magically all text window borders will look fine (and some flashing hand cursor in the battle menu will be fixed. some nice games are psx-only (like BOFIII....Offscreen drawing: now there is a 'Standard' and 'Extended' mode. no game running on a psx emu can beat a proper pc version of the same game. but if you have a choice. . I don't see a reason to use newer drivers (3. If you activate 'Extended'. go and buy the pc version..FF7. Well. of course. standard OD and extended OD using the in-game menu.08). why? Well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------16. Enjoy :) . Wild Arms or Spyro) and I really like it to play them with PSEmu... you can't have it all :( Like the filtering you can toggle between no OD. tststs).08 reference drivers for my TNT card. but I have to upload the palette data with every primitive (oh well.. no player animations anymore. mmm. back to business..Palettized texture support is back! TNT/TNT2 cards don't support that texture type. well.08 and 3. for example.. two different worlds). too). Main reason I wanted to do pal tex support: the new nVidia GeForce256 should support it :) . if you want to play FF7. so I had to do the tests on my Voodoo2 card. so this mode is not very fast by now. FF7 battle screens are now working :) You have to activate the standard offscreen drawing to get them (flickering will occur using the extended OD). . if it is turned on. you have to try it by yourself.. But.Baddie in version 1. .... you will see some additional stuff with some games (mostly splash screens).. And activate my special 'PSEmu Core Fixer' mode by hitting the 'INSERT' key.. take the pc version..53).24 does it even more right (right-ier? hehehe).. that's only true for my Elsa TNT card. I agree fully with Kazz.... Try it and tell me if it works..Anti-aliasing option. That fix helps to display the 'Tarzan' demo right on TNT cards. oh my. Oct.. I've done _many_ optimizations.23 . Yeah.I've changed the color of my in-game menu to black.53) sometimes have troubles to upload texture parts using width or height of 1 texel (biggest surprise: the 3DFX OGL drivers do it right. Mmmm. Talking about Detonator drivers: I switched back to the 2.Speed :) Well. missing battle screens.

lesson learned: optimizations are _not_ always good.Speedup in my texture cache management. friendly BLACK :) Have fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------17.Improved tile offscreen drawing.20 causing a hard crash with some games :( Yeah. friendly colors. FF7 battle menus. 1999 Version 1.This version is using Lewpy's optimized func for reading/writing GPU data. because the remaining baddies are mostly caused by weird PSX front buffer drawing stuff and I _really_ have to take a very close look what's going on. and there is nothing better than a happy. speed is same as Win98 on my PC. -------------------------------------------------------------------------18. Fixed. 1-3 FPS). I know.....22 .. Seems to be stable at last :) Mmm. Sept. but on the other hand it couldn't hurt . 1999 Version 1. maybe I should do no optimizations anymore . why? Well. .. you will see a small speedup in MDECs or uploaded screens (well.) but I need a game/demo showing the effect to fix it. 1999 Version 1.) . Now PSE (and my GPU) runs fine with W2K. . August. if you have a PII (or better) you won't notice the improvement. main reason is that I am running out of baddies that I can fix :) Well. Fixed! .. I've tested W2K RC1 with some beta nVidia W2K TNT drivers.I've noticed that the texture window mode wasn't turned off in the RC Stuntcopter demo causing a strange display.20 .) .Fixed a problem with Windows 2000..If you are using a 16 bit texture quality mode (4-4-4-4 or 5-5-5-1).I love happy. maybe it helps some non-nVidea OGL drivers. Well. . The demo is still unplayable slow. this update did take nearly a month.A small bug caused transparent pixels in movies or menu screens in rare occasions. of course.21 . August....Changed my window mode drawing code.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------14. Well... so the menu of Aeronauts (demo) is fine now.Small goodie: the old Gradius (1995/96) game now works. Turn on 'Offscreen drawing'. .A bug crept in with version 1. and your OGL driver supports packed pixel formats. Repairs some baddies I've seen in several demos. I know there _are_ still things to do (yeah.. But I am not using the new MS-OS very often with PSEmu because I have no W2K drivers for my sound card :( ..

And even more non-nVidia compatibility: Now the 3DFX OGL beta2.. . best to use this option with the 'Heavy caching' option. strange. Should be less confusing and it _really_ makes coding this GPU a bit easier :) When you go to the config dialog. If you disable it. card could use that mode so I decided to do a major cleanup: there are no selectable texture modes at all in this version of my GPU. Some users seem to use that to change cheat codes while playing. They now support the 'desktop changing' very nicely (no more problems noticed)..DLL'. so my file size increased. What's that? Don't know. the more compact modes (R4B4G4A4 or R5B5G5A1) should be faster.. you will see a new 'Extended color check' option.) . Well. just to be sure). just kiddin g :) Mmm. will not result in much speed increase..For all Voodoo users: I've got the newest Win98 reference drivers for my Voodoo2 card (well. but hey! I've removed all MFC stuff from this version. at least on video cards with 16 MByte VRam. well..... Without 'Heavy caching' the texture prios should be more or less useless. but it seems that those modes are not optimized with the new OGL driver... . he? Removing stuff means increasing file size... If you have a card with less Ram.. To get a better speed select 'Don't care' as Texture quality. it can even make things worse because of more internal calculations. but all in all.. hehe. it will _really_ help.).. you will get the old 'SubTextureUpdate (good)'.. Yup. but hey!) and I've found a way around that :) Wasn't my fault. easy explanation (hope so): OpenGL drivers are trying to establish a working set of textures in your cards VRAM.1 can handle the PSE devkit mode (no more crashs).. of course. repeating myself. you can leave a game with ESC and re-enter it by hitting the 'Run' button again.. I haven't updated my V2 for awhile .. . best thing to do: check 'Heavy caching' and 'Texture prio' in union... that's the replacement for the old 'SubTextureUpdate (best)'. but they come with a new OpenGL ICD! After installing the drivers. nevertheless fixed: if you are using the PSE devkit mode. August.I've noticed that the new Voodoo OGL drivers doesn't work with my 'Paletted textures' mode anymore.Some loop optimizations.DLL' into your PSE main directory (NOT into the plugin dir) and rename it to 'OPENGL32. oh.. Nobody did report that his Matrox/ATI/S3/.New option: 'Texture priorities'.19 . The ICD is not bad.. of course. two modes survived the cleanup.. To get a better quality you should enable 'Dithering' and it's better to disable 'Advanced blending' else things will be slow again... copy the file '3DFXVGL.Not very important.... of course slower than the TNT driver. maybe it helps some other non-nVidea drivers as well (kinda deja-vu?) . . but.. . But (yeah... When the option is activated the GPU will help them to decide which textures are more important than others ..Not very important. 1999 Version 1. such changes do never hurt :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------01. try to figure that out . they are not really new. you can give it it try. As a small gooddie I could track the reason why my GPU was crashing on PSE exit with the 3DFX drivers (not a bad crash..

It doesn't help with the battlemenu in FF7.. 1999 Version 1.R. Working fine here :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------19. All the honor goes to Lewpy. if your OGL driver can handle this correctly! (no problems with the nVidia 1.. it doesn't help with FF7 battle menus yet... Now the text in the S... June. though :( . . small help for OpenGL drivers which can't do drawing to the front buffers (normally such drawing is really stupid..Fixed: the Tekken 3 flashing polygon bug.0.The internal pixel format color depth now depends on your selection in the GPU config.88 drivers and the new Q3 OGL drivers for voodoo cards. I really need the game to fix that :( And don't forget to activate 'OffScreen drawing'. causes a speed-up even if Offscreen-Drawing is enabled and more thingies will be displayed. In the previous versions the 'Color Depth' option (16 or 32 Bit) was only used for the 'Change desktop settings'.. Maybe that one will help some OpenGL drivers for more speed/compatibility/qual ity. If that option is enabled I try some nasty FrontBuffer rendering.. so some games will be faster. even on the PSX. at least I haven't noticed any bad side-effects.more speed: I could use a little trick in my SubTexture update modes. . but it makes no difference for nVidia TNT drivers. so you can't see Lara's face or the inventory. if you have a TNT/TNT2 card. Hail to the King (or God save the Queen.. but the polyline code still doesn't 'feel' right. if you are using the fullscreen mode it can happen that the screen stays black (at least with the nVidia drivers). he found a way to get around that problem.S demo will be OK.faster and more compatible: complete rewrite of my on-screen detection. well. Oh.18 . try to turn on offscreen-drawing. Gran Turismo now jumps from 12 FPS to 20-25 FPS :) . try nVidias new reference drivers 2. the demo version works fine :) .8. or something like that.C..Small changes to my polyline function. oh my.1) So the menu from Soul Reaver is now displayed and I've noticed some splash screens appearing. 1999 Version 1. got it. no chance with the 3DFX OGL beta 2. my Tomb Raider 3 demo plays fine..). .A.. Thanks to SEGU for the hints :) But.) . July. sorry. PSX game developers?). to switch the desktop in the wanted color mode. I've found a . -------------------------------------------------------------------------23... Now the GPU tries to set the selected color depth even if you don't want (or simply can't) change the desktop. If you were seeing some missing stuff in your game (hehehe.Some hidden gooddie.Mmmm.Corrected tile offscreen drawing: try Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis. but some stuff is too black. Just quit and enter again until the display is fine....17 .Even more special handlers for FrontBuffer drawing. it's hard to see if something's missing .

no fun.. at least Wild Arms will run much better! . you are warned.. too.At last I've found a way around those flashing black rects I've seen .. Testing the various games/demos will take some time.. well. so if your video card has less than 16MByte RAM. so you can turn it on/off and look if this game is looking better..way around that (no other GPU I've tested can handle TR3)..Complete re-write of my texture window funcs. :( Oh.16 .. That's because the new nVidia OGL drivers (and the newest ATI drivers. No sun.88)! They give an overall speed improvement with my GPU on TNT cards (sometimes up to 10 FPS) and are including new OpenGL extensions... I don't think TWs could be done better with OpenGL. it will be most of the time a 'Heavy swapping memory slowing things terrible down' option. .. Window size can be from 100x100 up to 16384x16384. The new funcs repairs most of the wrong looking stuff with Ridge Race Type 4 (I hope some things with FF7 will be repaired. if something is looking wrong it is _your_ fault . The GPU will auto-detect if the OpenGL extension is available in your OGL driver and use it with activated 'Advanced blending'. You can see if it works. but not included in 'official' release. but turning on that hidden option can cause wrong looking polygons within other games.) The window size can only be changed in the GPU config.. it is a special fix.) Well. 'Slow blending' instead. and things will look nicer (no more wrong double-blended.. Should cure some baddies... . -------------------------------------------------------------------------05. so I've been told) can do PSX-like blending in one pass. but I have really high hopes to find the last oddities... try 'Spyro' with the new blending. As a result turning on this option will not cause such a big slowdown anymore... 1999 Version 1.) Well.Window mode: If you want to play and type your homework at the same time .. very special debugging funcs that (hopefully) will reveal still missing stuff in my GPU. intersecting stuff). I don't know if there is a general PSX rule for it. For easy testing: my GPU in-game menu now also has the option 'AB'. June Version 1..nVidia released the new detonator drivers (version 1. So I could improve my blending func :) If you look into the GPU config dialog you'll notice that 'Slow blending' has changed its name into 'Advanced blending' again.15 .. Hey..Done. Includes stretching for non-power-2 texture windows. in the GPU menu a small shining sun should appear. and I don't know if the full game is running with PSEMU. yup :) Hit it again when you can't stand Laras face anymore .. Per. What do you have to do if you want to take a look at Lara? Hit the <INSERT> key.. wish me luck. June.. it's more stable that way.. Some notes to my 'Heavy caching' option: 'Heavy' means 'Heavy'.. send me a mail about it :) . So you have to do it manually.Improved (hope so) polyline funcs... -------------------------------------------------------------------------12..

bad luck. so it isn't the PSE core.If you are wondering if your card is running OpenGL in Software only (without any hardware acceleration).. available for the SubTexture update modes. but it did freeze occasionally with my card..Added two buttons in my GPU config dialog to choose quickly a 'nice'.. May. you can be sure it IS the Microsoft OpenGL Software mode.. so there is no need for any config option :) .. . But. good looking setting or a 'fast' one... The buttons will help all the newbies which were a bit lost with all the settings the GPU is offering. the option is called 'Heavy caching'.in the Tekken3 demo fighting against Lei. ... isn't it? Last hint for Blaze & Blade players: You can also try the 'RGBA texture' mode! B&B is one of the few games which will run very fast with it (30 FPS). that's done internally.. hit the <DEL> key to display my GPU menu.. speed.. If there is a sad smiley (I wonder if you can call that one smiley at all. Note: don't use a higher resolution if your monitor doesn't stand it.. So if your machine hasn't the requirements.14 -> -> -> -> 25 20 40 30 FPS FPS FPS FPS . sometimes nothing...Also changed (again) the 'Change Desktop settings' option. 1999 Version 1. my GPU could only run it with 6 FPS on my TNT card :( B&B works fine on my V2 (Lewpys GPU) with >20 FPS. the black dove flies. Well. else things will be very slow.. Why 'Heavy'? Because it will need some system resources. 16MB additional system Ram and _really_ more texture memory as without this cache. sometimes you may even loose some speed.. But then I stopped crying and typed until my fingers bled . So you . turn the option off :( What will you gain? Depends on the game.) at the end of the menu line. kinda challenge. We all can be glad that I've tested this mode _after_ I've written the 'Heavy caching' option else it wouldn't exist . maybe it will work better with non-TNT cards.) I've created a whole new set of caching funcs. Try to get the newest OpenGL drivers for your video card and install them properly..) -------------------------------------------------------------------------30. Highest resolution I can run on my TNT card is 1600x1200 with 16 Bit colors.. I'll keep on trying.. Here some FPS (PAL demos/games): Blaze & Blade: 6 Treasures of the Deep: 9 G-Darius: 20 Spyro: 25 Nice. I've got Blaze&Blade yesterday and it runs fine with PSEmu. I call it my 'fuzzy adjustment'..Added more (higher) screen resolutions.And here it comes.. .... so it's disabled until I'll find a safer and better way (I hope it is not a bug in the nVidia TNT drivers). you can activate them in the GPU config... Also wanted to do a Window mode.. but sometimes. a new GPU option for the SubTexture update modes . I've looked _very_ hard what's going on and found out (again) that it's very bad for PSX emulation if you have a card without paletted texture support...

my optimizations are not finished yet.. be sure to check the following: > >If in your Windows registry the following key is set: > >\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\RIVA TNT\NV4Tweak\PowerUser=1 > >you will be able to change more settings in the Windows display properties.12 . . No. bad luck. >You have to TURN IT OFF. So the next versions will not be released as fast as the previous ones :( But there is also some good news: nVidia wants to include new OpenGL extensions in their next driver release (the newest ATI ICD's already have them. if it's fast/nice for me it doesn't have to be the same for you. things can only get faster with them :) Next: Well.. May. May. always nice talking to you on IRC :) Yeah. but I am always skipping that number in my progs (kind of tradition). Thanks to Lewpy. I aint superstitious. now it's done: BF without those annoying black lines.) Of course you still should try turning on/off different options. ..13. If you are seeing _new_ glitches while using BF. > >There will be an option called "Enable buffer flipping for full screen applicat ions". There's no (officially released) Version 1.. some racing.). it's very tiresome to try to speed up a func.. if you want to sell software to make a living you have to be sensitive about the feelings of your customers :) My OpenGL GPU does a heavy flickering in all of your games? Here's a note I posted to some messageboards just in case you've missed it: >If you are seeing rapid flickering within all of your PSX games using >a TNT card with the nVidia Detonator drivers.13 Missing that version in your wonderful GPU collection? Hehehe.don't have to send me mails. That's the default setting and that's the way things w ill >be working fine without any flashing.. I can't wait to get the new nVidia reference drivers :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------??. so I hope I can speed up my blending modes in one of the next versions of the GPU.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------20. 1999 Version 1. > >Look for a tab named "OpenGL" in your TNT display properties. 1999 Version 1. Sometimes only a few words are needed to set your mind on the right track. asking for the 'best' settings for your hardware . fighting or jump'n'run games will be looking really nice :) But keep in mind: the PSX doesn't support BF :( so all a GPU can do is trying to minimize the side effects which creep in with filtering.The usual internal optimizations.... Don't hesitate to try this feature. doing benchmarks and searching new bugs or strange effects with my testing games.Biggest change: improved Bilinear Filtering...

Well.Ooops. And I can only hope the new changes don't make things worse in other games :( . Now those important health bars within some games (Tomb Raider II demo) will look right. As always it depends how a game is coded.For all users who were reporting some "blinking" displays: I've changed my screen clearing code a bit. If speed is falling below the FPS limit a frame will be skipped. or textures seem not to fit smoothly together * some blending modes are too bright * blurr effects * unreadable texts Maybe I do some BF fine tuning in the future. many games will look great :) .More speed even without FS :) if you are using SubTexture update modes (best with TNT cards).Improved screen uploading after disabled PSX displays (thanks to Lewpy). skipping will speed things up while limitation tries to smooth things. biggest problem seems to be that killing one means often to create two new ones in other games :( Still to be done: speeding up the offscreen drawing funcs. That blinking stuff is hard to fix. every time I am looking on that part of my code I find something more important to do .Another chapter of the book "1001 stupid things PSX game developers can do": using Gouraud shaded primitives without wanting to shade at all. the FPS limitation and the frame skipping option.. Frame skipping and Frame limitiation. You can also try to turn on both. Strange.. so you will get twice the speed max.Added frame skipping. . Done by some optimizations and a smarter Texture invalidation func.11 . The GPU will just skip one frame in a row. It was detected with the 'Asterix' demo (causing wild flickering colors) and it's fixed with this version. May. So the FPS limit value will be used by both. just go on and try it.Known BF effects with some games: * gaps between textures. ) Just 'forgotten' to set some color infos with Gouraud shaded lines. so more startup/loading/title screens will be shown .. -------------------------------------------------------------------------13.. maybe it will work better with your games.. .. 1999 Version 1. I spent much time testing if out-of-order drawing using Z-buffering coul d speed things up with OpenGL. because I haven't found a game/demo showing that effect.. . increased experience for my person :) Next version: There are still some glitches I am hunting.Slightly speeding up some funcs.. More skipping would really be looking ugly. You can turn it on in the configuration dialog or in the in-game menu (FS). the next one was from the book "1001 stupid things GPU coders can do" . That one will give best results with games which are using frequently data to vram uploading for animations . but for now.) But you can always turn OD off for better speed. Sad but true: speed wasn't really higher and I di dn't even try to implement correct blendings :( Waste of time for the GPU.

Next on my to-do list: Frame skipping.. this mode has to make more color table checks and (depending on the game) more texture uploading. Nevertheless most of the funcs are done 'blind folded'. If your game doesn't need OD. May. Oh. Either way it will be a lot of work :( On the heights. ...drawing a box beneath the in-game menu for fixing unreadable FPS results with some games...9 :( so I've changed it back to normal.. but I think in most games you don't see any difference. 1999 Version 1. . . .9 A whole lotta changes.Got 'Wild Arms' (thanks to Rene).Added more Offscreen Drawing functions.. seems to be the most wanted option. I've tried to speed up my 'SubTexture' cache a bit.. well.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------07. got some new demos yesterday.Improved 'Texture alignment' option.. so I could improve Texture Windows. 1999 Version 1.. so perhaps I can increase compatibility with the next version.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------01.Fixed small prob with switching dithering (DI) in the in-game menu . window borders will be displayed correctly now..Added caching of texture windows.10 . .New way to set the original desktop resolution when leaving PSE (the old one caused problems on some cards).J.Func for drawing rects and fading screens didn't work well in Version 1. Hope that more missing stuff will show up. . Will speed up certain games.(mostly 2D games).let's start with the minor ones: . I will try to speed it up with one of the next versions.Do you use 'SubTexture (good color table)' as texture mode and some glitches or wrong color cycling occurs in your game? Try the new 'SubTexture (best color table)' mode.. Don't know.. That's for all Breath of Fire III fans. still not perfect :( . Maybe it kicks the GPU to a higher level.. maybe it's just a waste of time. . But what I want to do most is to speed up things further.. don't know why . if it will help. Well. Wait and see.Old Seanchan saying (R.Fixed bug that causes a GPU crash in very special cases (I've never heard of a PSX TextureMode No 3. turn it off.. seems some games are coded a bit sloppy) . meaning I couldn't test it because I haven't found a game using them. May. so I will try to do some more complicated stuff. all paths are paved with daggers. Also 'Offscreen drawing' will be a bit slower yet. so don't expect it to be faster.

But what's that smiley in the menu? When is it shown and why? That's related to the second major change within this release: Texture quality.1) ignores all quality requests. If you have found a setting that suits your game just hide the menu by pressing <DEL> again. higher means better :) FL : Frame rate limiter OD : Offscreen drawing AM : Alpha multipass TA : Texture alignment FI : Filtering DI : Dithering TW : Texture window * : Smiley (read next section) < : Arrow for selecting Below every option there is a small box. so texture colors are not as fine.. It looks like: 'FPS XXXX. * 'don't care' is how the previous versions of my GPU were working. But... we are talking about 2-5 FPS. a new option in the config dialog. so turn it off if you don't need it. small loss of speed while it is dislayed. If game speed is OK within that mode on your PC. the smiley will tell you if it works. You can move a small arrow with the <PAGE UP> or <PAGE DOWN> keys to an option you want to toggle. 'R4 G4 B4 A4'. though. and if you have a non-3DFX card I think you should check it. So if you see it. because (depending on your card) I can do the special trick again. I will show that smiley mentioned above. . be happy :) But don't expect to much.. at the cost of speed. Just hit the <END> key to switch the selected option on or off. 'R5 G5 B5 A1' and 'R8 G8 B8 A8'... * 'R5 G5 B5 A1': texture colors are getting better.X FL< OD AM TA FI DI TW *' What does it all mean? Here's the legend: FPS XXXX. if the box is filled the option is active. you can see how the framerate is affected if an option is on or off. you will ever get 'R4G4B4A4' and I can't do my special .X: frames per second. Many games don't need AM (Spyro. You can choose the following texture qualities in all non-paletted Texture modes : 'don't care'. How it works: Hit <DEL> and the Framerate und the menu will appear.. so selecting it means no gain and no loss. * 'R8 G8 B8 A8': Best colors your PC can offer. depending how a game is coded.. eh? I don't store changed options permanently. Nice. just to be sure * 'R4 G4 B4 A4': Every color info has 4 bits. I can use a special trick causing less memory transfer to the video card which speeds things up :) If your card can do that special trick. Changes will be done immediatly. This mode is as fast as R4G4B4A4. Why did I mention 3DFX cards above? Because the 3DFX OpenGL (Beta2. Tekken) so you can select this mode for better colors. use it! No smiley will appear. but. empty box means inactive. but the 'Alpha Multipass' mode can't be done with just one alpha bit.Now the more important things: added better frame rate display and a small option switching menu. It will work with all OpenGL drivers (even with 3DFX OpenGL) and no more flickering at all. if you are having a newer video card (TNT). you have to do that still in the main configuration dialog....

. some objects in BOF III). Just press <DEL> to show it and <DEL> again to hide it! Oh. So far so good (so what?) -------------------------------------------------------------------------25.. no speed gained.. I knew the PSX ability to draw opaque texture areas within transparent blended texture parts when I started to code this GPU. but who cares? It's readable. April.6. but hey! (I am hoping no new bugs crept in) . too). but I've seen no problems with TNT or 3DFX OpenGL drivers. My personal nightmare.7 . you have to turn off this option.Ooops. I've rewarded that OpenGL extension. forgotten to remove some debug code in 'SubTexture update' modes with version 1. 1999 (again) Version 1.But. status display in MediEvil. turn Alpha MultiPass on.A small gooddie: found a save way to show up some of the missing startup screens of some games (Spyro... BOFIII). -------------------------------------------------------------------------25. maybe you'll loose some speed. I fear. OK.smiley trick with them (if you want to see the smiley with 3DFX.Some loop optimizations done. I will do more testing before the next release! .Alpha MultiPass option. Texture colors are the same in both quality modes.. no pain no gain. but speed is higher with smiley.. Press <F8> and a nice looking bitmap will be generated in . Your OpenGL driver has to support Alpha bits to do it right..7 (see below) was messing up my framerate limitation. all will be fine. Until now. but I couldn't find a way to do it with OpenGL without losing a lot of speed.. than the smiley will be your own face. it's flickering alot. April. now I've found a way to display the FPS rate without loosing much speed.Fixed bug in the 'SubTexture update (good color table)' mode. Maybe some cards can change the texture quality but doesn't allow my smiley trick (no smiley shown in frame rate display).. fixed now . :( -------------------------------------------------------------------------25... .. not much speed gained. bad luck.. and it will not work with 3DFX OpenGL.The gooddie of version 1. but it could be much worse. Most of the reported glitches in that mode should be vanished :) Also fixed a bug in the 'paletted texture' modes..Screenshots. If you have 'Spyro' or 'Tekken3' disable OD and AM and select 'R5. Last tip for TNT users: don't select 'don't care' quality. bad luck.' quality for best speed.. change to the 'paletted texture' mode. even Lewpy's GPU doesn't display Spyro's startup screen (yet).' at least.. If you see black rectangles around objects.6 Added: . 1999 Version 1. . go for 'R4.8 . Or go and use Lewpy's GPU. :) If you have seen transparent looking stuff in your games where it was supposed to be solid (for example: Apples in Crash III.) Version 1.. sorry. But all TNT cards should have the ability and I believe the newer ATIs and may be the newer Matrox cards can also handle it. hey. 1999 'last but not least' ... April.... now it should be nearly as good looking as the "RGBA Texture" mode.. fixed! I swear.

What's next: .3 Added: . 1999 Version 1.Added some inline assembler functions to speed things up (but I believe the cache fix mentioned above will consume most of the speed gained). searching for bugs (oh yeah) -------------------------------------------------------------------------11. Ridge Racer 4 (demo). but that option slows down the GPU heavily. April. sorry. you wont need it any more (in most games). find more speed (as always). Tested with BOFIII.5 Added: .Some internal bug fixes Things to come: . That bug caused wrong colored textures in certain games. disable this option for a bit more speed.Real Textured Windows support. turn it off! I have renamed the "Advanced blending" option into "Slow blending". it is still there if you want to use it (some texture colors could be a bit brighter).Fixed cache in "SubTexture update" modes.. It 'repairs' some wrong looking stuff.Most important: improved the standard blending mode..Cleaning up the GPU source (as always). . If you don't see any graphical mistakes (but who doesn't?). -------------------------------------------------------------------------19.6 but I have seen unwanted effects. April. . Should be fixed. To be honest: I wanted to include that within version 1. Works fine as far as I can see. -------------------------------------------------------------------------18. April.the 'Snap' sub-directory of PSEmu Pro. Please: don't mail me any unwanted screenshots if you are seeing some glitches in your games.Some transparent areas were displayed black.Slight improvement of texture colors I hope that some more flickering will stop because of this fix.Caching of textured windows. If I have the choice to do something right or to do it fast I will ever take the 'right' way (as far as I can see what is 'right')..4 Added: .Off-Screen Drawing (Lewpy TM). .some research on clearing the screen (flickering) and maybe a new texture handling mode (I have some ideas. Treasure Of The Deep (demo). we'll see). so I disabled it again by now. . If you were using "Advanced blending" to get right looking blendings.. first ask if I want to take a look at the bitmaps. so turn the config option "Textured Windows" on :) . Speeds up games like Ridge Racer 4 and Deathtrap Dungeon. Deathtrap Dungeon (demo). . But feel free to mail them to the compatibility page :) What I am doing next: .Fix for nasty non-shaded textures bug: no more color flickering with Ridge Racer 4 and LBA (reported by panos). . 1999 Version 1. 1999 Version 1.

that option will repair things....Frame uploading.0 Version 1.maybe some hotkeys. April..OLD D3D DX7 VERSION INFOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1. sorry) .fixed offset & clipping function. could speed things up in certain games fix for color function. 1999 To be done: ... If you are still seeing wrong colored textures with version 1. hope I could fix that in the next release . 1999 Added: .Change desktop resolution & color depth as configured in the GPU config . Lewpy explained me what that feature is doing in his GPU.3 in your game... so intros and MDEC will appear (there are still some modes I am not supporting.. (oh my) -------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Alpha blending modes are not 100% correct. and I am hoping to include it in my next version... better but slower alpha blending (and still not 100% right) . so Tekken3 displays shouldn't be black anymore automatic filtering on screen uploading. find more speed. but I want also to include a frame rate limiter for games that are running to fast. April. 1999 Added: RGB24 frame uploading."Advanced blending". most MDECs should work fix for clearing screen enhanced clipping tests. stay tuned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. should be OK now To be done: . so please leave your keyboard at peace.. some of them are just some fast hacks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------7.2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------5.real textured windows support .1 .. .as always.desktop resolution & color depth can be changed within the GPU .... April. .and surely a lot more not mentioned here..Framerate limiter .. there are none at the moment. please be patient. its not on high prio) .Offscreen drawing.MDEC (but because PSE doesn't support it right. looks fine handling of "PSX Display disabled" mode Version 1. It's a lot of work.

if you try to change from a 16 bit window (desktop) mode to a 32 bit fullscreen mode (or from a 32 bit window mode into a 16 bit fullscreen mode).49 drivers). * "Standard" OD will show most splash screens.New rgb24 (mdec) upload detection. but some splash screens and special effects (like Crashs shadow in Crash3 or menus) will not appear. .ALT-ENTER. for example.) . It can cause flickering displays. That one will finally show most special psx framebuffer effects (typically used for motion blur or those nifty level entry efftecs). it's a CPU bug" "no..Last but not least: a new way to handle polygon coordinates.I've changed the Offscreen Drawing/Frontbuffer rendering detection again.Support for the gpu snapshot function. toggle between window/fullscreen mode. tests and chats ("it's a GPU bug" . you usually can press the "F8" key.09. if you are seeing vertical garbage lines in your game. but it also forces the plugin to update the screen more often if the game is drawing into the psx frontbuffer area. Beware: there are small troubles with some gfx card drivers (at least with my GeForce and detonator 6. though. and produce less garbage on mdec top/bottom (see the FF7 mdecs) . .Improved the "texture alignment" option.."no. December. The new TA will give better results with "Warriors of Fate". That will show some stupid coded "pause" menus. The new function will finally work fine with FF8 battlemenus/world map. No known problems if your desktop has the same color depth as your chosen fullscreen mode. that one will be faster with some mdecs."aaarggg") Well.I could kill some shift/and operations with each drawing primitive. for example.. must be a GTE bug" . Of course that way the gpu has to do twice the work (acting like a soft gpu and doing the hardware drawing). I've tested the new funcs with many games and demos .41 . So... . but hey . gpu can fix it" . it will not give you lotta more speed. and most of the battle menus/special stuff * "Extended" OD is like the "Standard" setting. * "Extended" OD + "Full vram primitives". 2000 Version 1. Driver 1+2 and so on :) Thanx go to Galtor & Calb from epsxe for their suggestions.. It will fix games like Tony Hawk 1+2. try enabling TA. you can skip that. Spiderman."Nope. and you will need a fast cpu to use it. Some small manual about Offscreen Drawing: * "no" OD will be the fastest mode. if you select "Standard" offscreen drawing. if the main emu is supporting making snapshots. and a bitmap in the emus "SNAP" directory will be done (some big sized 24 bit RGB bitmap :) It will not work with the first release of ePSXe! The following list is taken from the OpenGL readme. Apocalypse. if you have read it already :) .

Small optimization with unfiltered MDECs. November. the game is running at full speed. if you are seeing big flashing polygons with 1.You can change the brightness (gamma value) in fullscreen modes. because he wanted the gamma control so badly :) . the results are now nearly as fine as the OpenGL plugin. but still. or the ones done by Lewpy. of which some of the most popular are 'Why are people born?' 'Why do they die?' 'Why do they spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?'" ."Gettin' In Tune" . 'Analog pad mode'. 2000 Version 1.. the gpu plugin doesn't care about the pad emulation :) .40 versions. October. if you are having 50 FPS (PAL) or 60 FPS (NTSC) now.41 in your favourite game. That's an information given by the main emu core. less pixel flickering will happen in some games. Of course you can't compare the FPS results with my previous plugins anymore.Talking about FPS: the FPS calculation is done completely different with the 1. stands for 'Anarchy'. which could cause garbage rows on the bottom of the screen.. eh.. 2000 Version 1. . of course. But now the frame limitation will be much better with some games and mdecs :) "There are of course many problems connected with life. Also fixed a small bug with unfiltered MDECs. . yup.Tweaked the texture coords a little bit.39 .40 ."The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams -------------------------------------------------------------------------29. using the scrollbar in the 'Select device' window..and it seems to be pretty compatible. he even did send me his D3D code. Full credits are going to David Walters. try disabling the new funcs in the "special game fixes" option.New info sign in the gpu in-game menu: 'A'. that one is giving you a few more frames per second in 16 bit color modes.The Who -------------------------------------------------------------------------23. Segu or Kazz. "I'm singing this note 'cause it fits in well With the chords I'm playing I can't pretend there's any meaning here Or in the things I'm saying" .

" -"The Death Of Chaos". Modesitt. well. dark is bright as fire. offscreen drawing polylines and drawing area). We will form the circle. . and my new option 'special game fixes'.37 . Happy is our family. kind of 'maintenance' update.Ah.A new fullscreen mode (400x300) has been added.. Well. because of a nice request.E. without it the game compatibility will be improved. . by L. so I suggest to all users to deactivate that option in my gpu config. "Never shall darkness nor light prevail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------08. . October. Now it will be saved. but the balance will destroy all who seek the full ends of darkness and light.. 'Horned Owl' fix. and I am in a 'faithfull' mood today :) "Shall I see tonight sister. I've installed my old 3DFX V2 card again to do some checks."Witches' Song" by Marianne Faithfull -------------------------------------------------------------------------24.. Jr. yet many of light will seek to banish darkness. bathed in magic greet Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet.38 . hold our hands and chant..I've also did a small trick to avoid problems with fullscreen modes in the same resolution as the desktop. I don't use it. 2000 Version 1. of course. all the new features of the OpenGL plugin can also be found in the D3D ones (screen centering. using the latest V2 drivers I've found that the V2 doesn't need the 'fullscreen flipping' mode anymore..Thanx to anyone reporting that the 'Frame skipping' option wasn't stored in the registry. September." . but maybe users with less powerful gfx cards want to give that mode a try. . and a multitude shall seek to cloak the light. 'Speed Freak' fix.Well. Let the great one know what it is we want. Danger is great joy... same as the OpenGL port. lonely is the ward.Same as the OpenGL plugin: fixed a position wrap glitch. yeah. improved offscreen drawing with 4 bit palettized sprites.And again. 2000 Version 1. .Well. for one must balance the other. .

as always: if this dx7 plugin doesn't work. and some good news for all 3dfx V2 users: you can use my D3D plugins again (I screwed the support with V1.35 . September. using the blitting _could_ cause flickering with some games. Just enable the 'Fullscreen blitting' option in the 'Select device' window..35 are now available in the d3d ones.Mmm. I've removed some (now always activated) options.txt' for further details. should I do some copy. September. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin'" .txt' of the D3D DX6 plugin :):) -------------------------------------------------------------------------11.nu> if you like some honest guitar tunes :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------17. Thanx to Fredrik Staaf for doing the V2 tests (and check out <http://enchained."The times they are a-changin'" . it can happen that not all cards are able to use the new 'unfiltered' option. For more details check out the OpenGL version text 1.35 .35).rajraj. simply turn this option off.Oh yeah. so only enable it if my gpu will not work without.For infos about the 1. though. I've tested it on nVidia and 3dfx cards. new Offscreen drawing funcs and the full vram update option. because I can access the buffer in a more direct way with DirectX. cut and paste from the OpenGL readme? Basically all new features from the opengl plugin V1....36 . Some difference compared to the OpenGL port: the 'unfiltered framebuffer' option will give you a bigger speed gain in d3d as in opengl. 2000 Version 1. .Bob Dylan -------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Well. 2000 Version 1..36 core please look at the 'version. . too.The configuration dialog is now a little bit easier to use..Look at the OpenGL 'version. Matrox and ATI cards should also work. The new features include: improved auto-detection of the game's FPS limit. try the dx6 plugin :) "The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin'. but if you are having troubles.

though. there will be no black areas when you enable the "Alpha multipass (opaque stuff)" option. Generally I can say: a) D3D is slightly slower on nVidia cards than OpenGL b) D3D is a lotta faster on 3dfx cards compared to their OpenGL stuff Of course I am hoping that D3D will also help all ATI. so both plugins should run at nearly the same speed. All three options are not important.. maybe that's a vsync issue (I have disabled vsync in my display properties)... it's sometimes used for in-game menus. * I have removed some options from the d3d plugin: Wireframes.You need DirectX 7. the d3d version will not work as fine as the ogl one.Well. Using this plugin.Differences between the OpenGL and D3D plugin: * With D3D you can select the gfx device if you have more than one gfx card installed.. I don't think that less vram will work.33. if the opengl version is much faster. . 'extended' OD is trying to display those nasty frontbuffer stuff a game coder can do with a real psx.. That's because this plugin is at the same level as my opengl 1.12. That's because I can use color keys with D3D (hi Rasky :) for doing transparency effects. and the 3d glasses support will be automatically enabled with the "Enable Mask bit detection' option. Well. .. the readme contains important infos about the plugin configuration. so I coded an alternative.. do the same about the d3d support :) . * The 'extended' offscreen drawing is working different.. even the texture caching and all other options are doing the same job as the opengl version (well. 2000 Version 1. See also the readme file. Without it the plugin will not be listed in the emu plugin selection dialog...Yup. because such cards can't do 32 bit (8-8-8-8) textures.33 plugin. there are some differences. and yes: more vram will help. June. * Something I really like with D3D: when you select 5-5-5-1 textures. . though. Matrox. Have to do more checks to be sure.. I couldn't find a way to do it exactly as with opengl.de Oh.33 .. if the d3d version is much faster. but it's better than nothing.I have tested the plugin on my GeForce and Voodoo3 card. the version number is 1. * The 'extended' filtering modes are just working perfectly with the 'Dynamic' caching mode. even if it's the first release. Modern cards let you enable anti-aliasing within the d3d display properties. That's not possible with OpenGL. So the best choice for 3dfx cards (up to v3) is the "5-5-5-1" texture mode. * I have noticed flickering splashscreens sometimes using d3d. even if you are familar with my opengl plugin. S3 and Intel gfx card users. finally I've decided to do a D3D psx gpu as well. Please read also the included 'readme' file. anti-aliasing and the 3d glasses option are not available with d3d. which means: all 'basic' functions are the same. see below). you can easily check out how good (or bad) your gfx card opengl drivers are working: I've tried to replace the OpenGL calls with the D3D ones as close as possible. mail your experiences with this plugin to: BlackDove@addcom. . you should have at least an 8 MB card. flame your card vendor for the bad opengl support.

41 . pfff. Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebels ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. * There are three "Advanced blending" settings with D3D." .txt file? Tststs -------------------------------------------------------------------------29. You're a brain drain. Or turn it off. 2000 Version 1. Just let me tell you that it's not too late.. I know that you're tired of living this way.) "I been writing a song We all been singing along It's like a wild schizophrenia wondering where we belong! Sling it all out the window Start all over again. why am I still doing this version. no notes here (check out the other plugins readme files for infos). just more quotes to test your faith . The walls are all empty. Well." .. We've been trying to get high without having to pay. so I can do better tests what's wrong with my code (there are some flickering texture effects on my v3 with pal textures). of course . it will not work fine. 2000 Version 1..) "Well. I am still waiting for nVidia GeForce D3D drivers which can do pal textures.Please check out the DX7 plugin release notes for version details.Yeah.Please check out the DX7 plugin release notes for version details. tell me. though.39 .38 . October.Psychomodo. 2000 Version 1. December. Some cards can't do that modulation in hardware (3dfx). it's not a permanent state...OLD D3D DX6 VERSION INFOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------09. November."Brain Drain" by Marianne Faithfull .I think you know where you can find the release notes :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------23. -------------------------------------------------------------------------08. You can activate the (slower) "Software" blending.. you will get no textures when you select "Hardware" blending with them. 2000 Version 1. October. you go on and on like a blood stain.40 .* The 'palettized texure' mode is just a hack.

September.Same as the OpenGL plugin: fixed a position wrap glitch. Well. September.35). plowmen dig my earth. There will be a version 1. so only enable it if my gpu will not work without.oh my.. so it is exactly behaving like the 1. they drink my wine..36 core please read the 'version. the hour is getting late.36 of all plugins in awhile. 2000 Version 1.Oh yeah. 2000 Version 1. Just enable the 'Fullscreen blitting' option in the 'Select device' window. 2000 Version 1. and my new option 'special game fixes'. improved offscreen drawing with 4 bit palettized sprites. and this is not our fate. Bob Dylan -------------------------------------------------------------------------19.. But you and I. of course :) 'There must be some way out of here'.rajraj.txt' for further details. and some good news for all 3dfx V2 users: you can use my D3D plugins again (I screwed the support with V1. said the joker to the thief 'There's too much confusion.37 Oki. just a small copy and paste from the dx7 plugin (mmm..35 .for all user which already have got a private version 1. Businessmen.35 dx6 plugin. the thief. he kindly spoke. use it. not another version file containing the same notes as the opengl and dx7 plugin . 2000 Version 1. using the blitting _could_ cause flickering with some games. .. 'There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke. I think I am getting to the point where I have to pack all gpu plugins together. Thanx to Fredrik Staaf for doing the V2 tests (and check out <http://enchained.33 .' . September.For infos about the 1. we've been trough that.35 opengl/soft/dx7 plugins. July. I can't get no relief. Look at the OpenGL 'version.' 'No reason to get excited'."All along the watchtower".36 . . so I have to do just one readme) : . So let us not talk falsely now.nu> if you like some honest guitar tunes :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------17.-------------------------------------------------------------------------24. For versions sake I've crippled this public release a little bit.txt' of the Soft GPU plugin :):):) -------------------------------------------------------------------------11. None of them along the line know what any of it is worth..) Check this files out for infos.

. too :P "Well.Gamma (brightness) control in fullscreen modes (see the D3D version. November. 2000 Version 1. So on and on I go. Driver 1+2 and so on :) (see the D3D version. many stories told me of the way to get there.On The Road To Find Out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.34 core is on its way :) The next gpu plugin release is not far away.. December. this version is still using my 1. 2000 Version 1.ALT-ENTER.txt) .. you don't need this one. . and I am on the road to find out. ooh. DX7 D3D or DX6 D3D gpu.txt) -------------------------------------------------------------------------23. telling me I have to hurry. So on and on I go. Apocalypse.No readme file this time.. Just look into the d3d dx7 readme file for further informations how to configure and use this plugin.. but the 1.txt) .41 . Spiderman.New way to do FPS calculation/limitation/skipping (see the D3D version. there's so much left to know. ooh. ooh. and no GLide one. I hit the rowdy road and many kinds I met there.New way to handle polygon coordinates. but on the way I wonder Through descending snow.40 . in the end I'll know.33 core. toggle between window/fullscreen mode (see the D3D version..txt) .Analog pad display (see the D3D version.. so try it if you are having troubles..OLD SOFT GPU VERSION INFOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------09. If you don't have any problems with the dx7 plugin.. . But some none-nVidia/3dfx gfx cards (like the Matrox g200/g400 ones) will work better with this dll. Well..Well. the seconds tick the time out.txt) . I think and it's no OpenGL. the seconds tick the time out.. It will fix games like Tony Hawk 1+2. I listen to the robin's song saying not to worry. it uses the dx6 d3d interface and has a slightly different texture handling.This version is a special port of my d3d (dx7) plugin. and through the frost and thunder I listen to the wind come howl." Cat Stevens .

I've just forgotten to code that with the soft gpu. 'But enjoy the bread.Fixed a clipping bug with poly4 primitives. :) "A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing What he Reads.' 'They never do. ' I suppose I should try to find out what else is happening in the world. October.And a big improvement: no annoying "FRONTBUFFER" activities anymore. Jr.Started to improve the "Horizontal/Vertical Display range" command. Fifth Commandment of the Pentabarf -------------------------------------------------------------------------29. though. I've supported such wraps a long time on my hw accelerated plugins. It's not perfect right now (such commands are usually used to center the screen on your tv set). by L.. the FPS display behavior changed a little bit by doing the necessary fixes. . October.Bug fix for sprites wrapping the texture coords (well. Modesitt. the 'frame skipping' option will also be stored now.39 .. causing black areas with Crash3.Cool quote. I hope the fps limit option is not too much screwed by it (I was fighting hard to get it working again). -------------------------------------------------------------------------08.The screen positioning is emulated like in the hw accelerated plugins."Principia Discordia". 2000 Version 1.... see D3D version. the 'Delayed fontbuffer update' option has therefore vanished from the gpu config window :) Well. but the loading screen of Alundra2 is much nicer now :) . too) "Justen took a large chunk of the warm bread.. Activating "Frame skipping" can (and will) cause bad effects. ah. 2000 Version 1.E.38 . The special 'Speed Freak' fix is not available. . all the games which are using stupid frontbuffer tricks should be working without troubles.. no.Fullscreen issues are solved like in the D3D plugins.Tests on my V2 with the latest 3dfx drivers were successful :) .txt. Warm bread is better than cold gossip.." . because the soft gpu already works fine with that game :) ..'" .' said Murina. . Not that I expect things to have changed very much."The Order War"..

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school. some primitive position-wrappings are handled right."Working Class Hero" by Marianne Faithfull -------------------------------------------------------------------------24.txt for details. A working class hero is something to be. Mmm.36 core please read the 'version. just sent me a mail :) . September. You can all say a big 'thank you' to GreenImp for doing nice reports :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------17. I've also applied the latest cpu patch on my MSVC6 before compiling the plugin dlls.txt' of the OpenGL plugin :):):):). Check out the OpenGL version.All of the gpus are having a few new dll interface functions.. If you are coding a psx emu and want some details about the new funcs.) ." .Yeah..Ah.."As soon as you're born they make you feel small By giving you no time instead of it all Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all. I just can hope I screwed none of the already perfectly working games with this new core . The new gpu core contains a lotta fixes for several games. A working class hero is something to be. joking :) My holidays are over.. Let us pray. too.A small bug with 4 bit palettized sprites caused disturbing effects (most times with 2D scrolling games).. 2000 Version 1. 2000 Version 1. A working class hero is something to be... certain games will not crash if something stupid is happening with the dma chain.. September.36 . yes. so today is a big plugin release. some intro screens are now working better.. A working class hero is something to be. :) "I was spending my time in the doldrums I was caught in the cauldron of hate I felt persecuted and paralysed I thought that everything else would just wait While you are wasting your time on your enemies Engulfed in a fever of spite Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades Like shadows into the night . .For infos about the 1. for getting higher speed at data reading/writing. naaa.... the SoftGPU contains the new 'special game fixes' option.37 . They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules.

34 .Yup. . stupid coded battlemenus and everything else what is hard to emulated with nowadays 3D APIs like OpenGL or D3D. There was no problem with PSEmu Pro. sprite mirroring. mask bits and all the Offscreen and Frontbuffer drawings). Yeah. etc. stay tuned :) .34? Because the next versions of my accelerated gpu plugins (currently version 1. ." ..Why version 1. window borders.. the Kazz SoftGPU is somewhat faster than this one.To martyr yourself to caution Is not going to help at all Because there'll be no safety in numbers When the Right One walks out of the door Can you see your days blighted by darkness? Is it true you beat your fists on the floor? Stuck in a world of isolation While the ivy grows over the door So I open my door to my enemies And I ask could we wipe the slate clean But they tell me to please go fuck myself You know you just can't win" ."Some people fly" by Queensryche -------------------------------------------------------------------------06. polylines. Well.. Yup. 2000 Version 1. and some of us worry of touching the sun with wings. August. but on the good side this gpu has all the psx features which the Kazz gpu doesn't support (like texture windows.34.Added the new auto-detect FPS limitation functions. It's designed to be very compatible with the real psx gpu (hope so at least).. if I try I'll get where I'm going keeping my eyes on the sky. I am still thinking its a bug in the main emu . Mmm.Some psx gpu register bits are handled more exact (I think) . So you will see every splash screen.. should be working better.35 . 2000 Version 1. a psx SoftGPU. I know.Workaround for a strange bug in my dma function causing a crash.Fixed a issue with the fullscreen modes if the main psx emu is having menus.. though. ."LOST FOR WORDS" by Pink Floyd -------------------------------------------------------------------------03..) "Some people fly.33) will use some parts of this SoftGPU to get better compatibilty and even more speed. version 1. See my OpenGL plugin for details. September..

hobbit rhyming ." . Now far ahead the Road has gone. And wither then? I cannot say.. the world is waiting for the next version of your Glide plugin :) "The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Pursuing it with weary feet. if I can. And I must follow.JRR Tolkien. Where many paths and errands meet. All the plugin options and the in-game plugin menu are explained in this readme.Please also take some time and look at the readme file. tests and anything else. .. Until it joins some larger way.. support.Special thanx to Lewpy for ideas.