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8 PARTS OF SPEECH: Study Guide NOUN Person, place, thing, or idea

Singular One person, place, thing, idea Plural more than one person, place, thing, idea Collective a word that even in its non-plural state names a group Common/Proper proper nouns are specific, and have capital letters Concrete can be recognized by one of the 5 senses Abstract is an idea or an emotion cannot be sensed
Exercises: Find the nouns in the following sentences. 1.) These teams then met to decide who would become world champion. 2.) The United States put up a good fight against Brazil but lost by a score of 1-0. 3.) The film followed a herd of cows through a typical day. 4.) The coach reminded his players of the necessity for good sportsmanship. 5.) Sunee has empathy for Roger because she has gone through a similar experience.

PRONOUN A word that takes the place of a person, place, thing, or idea
Personal Pronoun refers to a specific person or thing. Possessive Pronoun Shows ownership Reflexive Pronoun indicates that the same person or thing mentioned earlier is still involved Intensive Pronoun puts emphasis on a noun or another pronoun Interrogative Pronoun is used to form a question Relative Pronoun forms a clause and relates the information of that clause back to the subject. Demonstrative Pronoun Points out a specific P, P, T, or I (that was a major issue) Indefinite Pronoun Generally names a P, P, T, or I
Examples: Label each pronoun appropriately. 1.) The large book about Alaska is hers. ___________________________ 2.) I had never seen anything so amazing! ___________________________ 3.) The coach gave the speech herself. ___________________________ 4.) She watched herself in the mirror as she practiced.__________________________ 5.) What is the longest river in the United States? ___________________________ 6.) The Missouri, which flows 2540 miles, is the longest river. ___________________ 7.) In fact, the Missouri is one of the longest rivers in the world. __________________ 8.) These, along with smaller rivers, help make up the Mississippi Basin. ___________

VERB A word that expresses action or state of being

Action Verb tells what someone or something does Transitiveaction verb which answers What? or Whom? after it. Intransitiveaction verb not followed by words that answer what or whom. Linking Verb Joins the subject of a sentence wit a word or expression which describes it further. Verb Phrases main verb plus all the auxiliary verbs. Auxiliary verb =s Helping verb

Exercises: Find the verbs in the following sentences. Put a T above transitive verbs, I above Intransitive verbs, L above linking verbs, and Underline Verb Phrases. 1.) The members of the chess club elected Janelle president. 2.) The dolphin turned quickly and smoothly.

3.) I turned the pages of the old book with care. 4.) Ireland was a country with a large population.
5.) Many Irish felt hopeful about the endless job

ADJECTIVES A word that modifies a noun

Articles are the adjectives a, an, the Definitethe Indefinitea, an
Exercises: Circle the adjectives in each sentence. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) The hungry boy ate a juicy hamburger and a tossed salad. The designers changed the basic design of the popular model. Whose car is parked in front of your apartment? Wooden tent stakes have been replaced by plastic or metal ones. Probably the hottest new sport in town is in-line skating.

ADVERBS A word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb

Negatives are the adverbs (not, nt, nowhere, hardly, never)
Exercises: Underline the adverbs in each sentence. Draw an arrow to the word it modifies. 1.) Fry these Chinese vegetables quickly. 2.) I have not seen that show yet. 3.) Somewhat unhappily, the basketball team left the court. 4.) The rank of Eagle Scout is not easily achieved. 5.) Ill probably never get this chance again.

PREPOSITIONS A word that shows the relationship of a noun to some other word in the sentence
Exercises: Circle the prepositional phrases in each sentence. 1.) He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. 2.) He played with them until 1953, when he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. 3.) Clemente played on twelve National League All-Star teams during his career.

4.) Like Jackie Robinson, the first African American in the major leagues, Roberto Clemente changed the attitudes of baseball fans across the country. 5.) When an airplane carrying supplies for earthquake victims in Nicaragua crashed into the Caribbean Sea on December 31, 1972, Roberto Clemente was aboard the plane. Conjunctions and Interjections will be on your final exam as well. Refer to your notes. Label the following sentences with the part of speech the underlined/bolded word is acting as.

________ 1. The United States has hundreds of important historical sites. ________ 2. Our national monuments include both natural and structures built by people. ________ 3. Millions of tourists visit these monuments every year. ________ 4. Some of the monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty, are located in urban areas. ________ 5. Others, including Yellowstone, the first national park, are located far from cities. ________ 6. One of the most popular national monuments is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. ________ 7. On the wall are the names of more than fifty-eight thousand Americans who died. ________ 8. The nations capital is also the site of memorials to many outstanding Americans. ________ 9. High points of a visit to Washington, D.C., are the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. _______ 10. Massive images of these three presidents, along with one of Theodore Roosevelt, are included in the Mount Rushmore National Monument. _______ 11. Not all of our national monuments honor famous people. _______ 12. If you visited Southwestern Colorado, you could find there Mesa Verde National Park. _______ 13. Mesa Verde is a collection of Native American cliff dwellings. _______ 14. Here is an ancient apartment building with 217 roomsall under one roof! _______ 15. The countrys highest mountain, Mount McKinley, is in Denali National Park. _______ 16. Surprisingly, the lowest point in the United States is also a national monument. _______ 17. In fact Californias Death Valley is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. _______ 18. Other national monuments honor groups of Americans, among them the Womens Rights National Historic Park and the Civil Rights Memorial. _______ 19. Seneca Falls, New York is the site of the first large meeting held in 1848 to plan a

campaign to bring equal rights to women. _______ 20. The Civil Rights Memorial was built in Montgomery, Alabama, where Martin Luther King Jr. led a boycott of the city bus system to protest racial discrimination.