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Software Testing Made Easy

Software Testing Made Easy


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Published by: vijay.er123 on Feb 13, 2009
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The application would contain several program files for it to function. The version of these files
and a unique checksum number for these files is a must for change management.

These numbers will be generated for every program file on transfer from the development
machine to the test environment. The number attributed to each program file is unique and if any
change is made to the program file between the time it is transferred to the test environment and
the time when it is transferred back to the development for correction, it can be detected by using
these numbers. These identification methods vary from one client to another.

These values have to be obtained from the development team by the test team. This helps in
identifying unauthorized transfers or usage of application files by both parties involved.

The responsibilities of acquiring, comparing and tracking before and after soft base transfer lie
with the test team.

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