AUM Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of Men

, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God, ye will not be able to overthrow them; lest haply ye be found to be fighting even against God. - Acts V. 38, 39.

UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. XIII April, 1898 No. 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HYPATIA: A TRAGEDY OF LENT by Alexander Wilder "THIS was done during Lent, " says the historian Sokrates. "There is as a woman in Alexandreia named Hypatia, a daughter of Theon the philosopher, so learned that she surpassed all the savants of the time. She therefore succeeded to the Chair of Philosophy in that branch of the Platonic School which follows Plotinos, and gave public lectures on all the doctrines of that school. Students resorted to her from all parts, for her deep learning made her both serious and fearless in speech, while she bore herself composedly, even before the magistrates, and mixed among men in public without misgiving. Her exceeding modesty was extolled and praised by all. So, then, wrath and envy were kindled against this woman." Little record has been preserved of Hypatia beyond the mention by her contemporaries of her learning, her personal beauty and her tragic fate. That little, however, possesses a peculiar significance, setting forth as it does, the history of the period, and the great changes which the world was then undergoing. Since the time of Augustus Caesar, Alexandreia had ranked as one of the Imperial cities of the Roman world. It excelled other capitals in the magnificence of its buildings, and in its wealth, created and sustained by an extensive commerce. Its former rulers had been liberal and even lavish in every expenditure that might add to its greatness. The advantages of the place had been noted by the Macedonian Conqueror, when on his way to the oasis of Amun, and afterward, acting under the direction of a dream, he fixed upon it for the site of a new city to perpetuate his own name. He personally planned the circuit of the walls and the directions of the principal streets, and selected sites for temples to the gods of Egypt and Greece. The architect Deinokrates was then commissioned to superintend the work, he had already distinguished himself as the builder of the temple of the Great Goddess of Ephesus, whom "all Asia and the world worshiped," and had actually offered to carve Mount Athos into a statue of his royal master, holding a city in its right hand. Under Ptolemy, the royal scholar, the new Capital had been completed by him, and became the chief city of a new Egypt, the seat of commerce between India and the West, and the intellectual metropolis of the occidental world. Its celebrity, however, was due, not so much to its grand buildings or even to its magnificent lighthouse, the Pharos, justly considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Earth, as to its famous School of Learning, and to its library of seven hundred thousand

scrolls, the destruction of which is still deplored by lovers of knowledge. The temples of --- 4 Memphis, Sais and Heliopolis had been so many universities, depositories of religious, philosophic and scientific literature, and distinguished foreigners like Solon, Thales, Plato, Eudoxos and Pythagoras had been admitted to them; but now they were cast into the shade by the new metropolis with its cosmopolitan liberality. The Alexandreian School included among its teachers and lecturers, not only Egyptian priests and learned Greeks, but sages and philosophers from other countries. The wall of exclusiveness that had before separated individuals of different race and nation, was in a great measure, broken down. Religious worship heretofore circumscribed in isolated forms to distinctive peoples, tribes and family groups, became correspondingly catholic and its rites accessible to all. The mystery-god of Egypt, bearing the ineffable name of Osiris or Hyasir, was now Serapis, in whom the personality and attributes of the other divinities of the pantheons were merged. * "There is but one sole God for them all," the Emperor Hadrian wrote to his friend Servianus: "him do the Christians, him do the Jews, him do all the Gentiles also worship." Philosophy likewise appeared in new phases. Missionaries from Buddhistic India,** Jaina*** sages, Magian and Chaldean teachers and Hebrew Rabbis came -----------* The great image of King Nebuchadnezzar, which is described in the book of Daniel, was evidently a simulacrum of this divinity; and the Rev. C. W. King further declares in so many words that "there can be no doubt that the head supplied the first idea of the conventional portraits of the Saviour." - Gnostics and their Remains. ** "The Grecian King besides, by whom the Egyptian Kings, Ptolemaios and Antigonos (Gangakenos or Gonatos) and Magas have been induced to allow both here and in foreign countries everywhere, that the people may follow the doctrine of the religion of Devananpiga, wheresoever it reacheth." - Edict of Asoka, King of India. *** This term is derived from the Sanskrit jna to know; and signifies well-knowing, profoundly intelligent. The designation of the new doctrine of that period, the Gnosis, was from this origin. ------------to Alexandreia and discoursed acceptably with philosophers from Asia, Greece and Italy. From these sources there came into existence an Eclectic philosophy, in which were combined the metaphysic of the West and the recondite speculation of the East. The various religious beliefs took other shapes accordingly, and expounders of the Gnosis, or profounder esoteric knowledge abounded alike with native Egyptians, Jews and Christians. In the earlier years of the third century of the present era there arose a School of philosophic speculation which brought together in closer harmony the principal dogmas which were then current. Its founder, Ammonios Sakkas, was, according to his own profession, a lover and seeker for the truth. He was in no way a critic hunting for flaws in the teaching of others, but one who believed that the genuine knowledge might exist in a diffused form, partly here and partly there, among the various systems. He sought

accordingly to bring the parts together by joining in harmonious union the doctrines of Plato and Pythagoras with the Ethics of Zeno and the reasonings of Aristotle, and perfecting it with what is sometimes termed the Wisdom of the East. His disciples were obligated to secrecy, but the restriction was afterward set aside. Plotinos and Porphyry extended the sphere of his teachings, giving them more completely the character of a religion. Iamblichos went further, adding the arcane doctrine and the mystic worship of Egypt and Assyria.* The Alexandreian School of Philosophy, thus established, included within its purview the esoteric dogmas of all the Sacred Rites in the several countries. A new Route came into existence on the banks of the Bosphoros, and a new religion was proclaimed for the Roman world. The changes, however, were far from radical. The earlier Byzantine Emperors were too sagacious politicians -----------* Reply of Abammon to Porphyry. -------------- 5 to permit revolutionary innovations. Religion and civil administration were interwoven in the same web and the subversion of either would be fatal to the other. Constantine himself was a "soldier'' or initiated worshiper of Mithras as well as a servant of Christ.* His successors encouraged an extensive intermingling which should render Christianity more catholic and thus more acceptable to all classes of the population. Meanwhile there arose other diversities of religious belief, violent disputes in regard to ecclesiastical rank and verbal orthodoxy, often culminating in bloody conflicts. The older worship was finally prohibited under capital penalties. Persecution became general. Nowhere, perhaps, was it more cruel and vindictive than at Alexandreia. The modern city of Paris horrified the world with its populace overawing the Government, destroying, public buildings, desecrating cemeteries and religious shrines, and murdering without mercy or scruple. Similar scenes became common in the capital of the Ptolemies. The dissenters from the later orthodoxy, followers of Clement and Origen were driven from the city; the Catechetic School which they had maintained was closed, the occult worship of the Cave of Mithras was forcibly suspended, the temple of Serapis sacked, the statues broken to pieces, the Great Library, the glory of Alexandreia, scattered and destroyed. With these violent procedures there came also a wonderful transformation. The temples were consecrated anew as churches, and the rites of the former worship were adopted, together with the symbols and legends, under other forms, as Christian, Catholic and orthodox. Even mummies were carried from Egypt as relics of martyrs. Learning, however, was still in the -----------* Sopater, who succeeded lamblichos as head of the School at Alexandreia, had been employed by Constantine to perform the rites of consecration for the new capital; but the Emperor afterward quarreled with him, and sentenced him to death. -----------

hands of the adherents of the old religion. They continued their labors faithfully, giving as little offense as they were able. Theon, Pappos and Diophantos taught mathematical science at the Serapeion; and some of their writings are yet remaining to attest the extent of their studies and observations. Hypatia, the daughter of Theon, was worthy of her name* and parentage. Her father had made her from early years his pupil and companion, and she profited richly from his teaching. She wrote several mathematical works of great merit, which have perished with the other literature of that period. She was also diligent in the study of law, and became an effective and successful pleader in the courts, for which she was admirably qualified by her learning and fascinating eloquence. She was not content, however, with these acquirements, but devoted herself likewise, with ardent enthusiasm, to the study of philosophy. She was her own preceptor, and set apart to these pursuits the entire daytime and a great part of the night. Though by no means ascetic in her notions, she adhered persistently to the celibate life, in order that there might be no hindrance to her purposes. It was an ancient fashion of philosophers to travel for a season for the sake of acquaintance with the greater world, and to become more thorough and practical in mental attainments. Hypatia accordingly followed this example. On coming to Athens, she remained there and attended the lectures of the ablest instructors. Thus she now gained a reputation for scholarship which extended as far as the Greek language was spoken, Upon her return to Alexandreia, the magistrates invited her to become a lee------------* The same Hypatia [script] signifies highest, most exalted, best. In this instance it would not be difficult to suppose that it had been conferred posthumously, or at best as a title of distinction. This, in fact, was an Egyptian custom, as in the case of the native kings, and now of the Roman pontiffs. --------------- 6 turer on philosophy. The teachers who had preceded her had made the school celebrated throughout the world, but their glory was exceeded by the discourses of the daughter of Theon. She was ambitious to reinstate the Platonic doctrines in their ancient form, in preference to the Aristotelian dogma and the looser methods which had become common. She was the first to introduce a rigorous procedure into philosophic teaching. She made the exact sciences the basis of her instructions, and applied their demonstration to the principles of speculative knowledge. Thus she became the recognized head of the Platonic School. Among her disciples were many persons of distinction. Of this number was Synesios, of Cyrene, to whom we are indebted for the principal memorials of her that we now possess. He was of Spartan descent, a little younger than his teacher, and deeply imbued with her sentiments. He remained more than a year at Alexandreia, attending her lectures on philosophy, mathematics and the art of oratory. He afterward visited Athens, but formed a low estimate of what was to be learned there. "I shall no longer be abashed at the erudition of those who have been there," he writes. "It is not because they seem to know much more than the rest of us mortals about Plato and Aristotle, but because they have seen the places, the Akademeia, and the Lykeion, and the Stoa where Zeno used to

lecture, they behave themselves among us like demigods among donkeys." He could find nothing worthy of notice in Athens, except the names of her famous localities. "It is Egypt in our day," he declares, "that cultivates the seeds of wisdom gathered by Hypatia. Athens was once the very hearth and home of learning; but now it is the emporium of the trade in honey!" Mr. Kingsley has set forth in his usual impressive style, the teaching and character of this incomparable woman.* He depicts her cruel fate in vivid colors. He represents her as being some twenty-five years of age; she must have been some years older at the period which he has indicated. Synesios, her friend, had now been for some years the bishop of Ptolemais in Cyrenaica. This dignity, however, he had accepted only after much persuasion. He was of amiable disposition, versatile, and of changeable moods. He had consented to profess the Christian religion, and the prelate, Theophilus, persuaded him to wed a Christian wife, perhaps to divert him from his devoted regard for his former teacher. He refused, however, to discard his philosophic beliefs. He had been living in retirement at his country home, when he was chosen by acclamation, by the church in Ptolemais, to the episcopal office. He was barely persuaded to accept upon his own terms. He pleaded his fondness for diversion and amusement, and refused inflexibly to put away his wife or play the part of a hypocrite in the matter. He explained his position in a letter to his brother. "It is difficult, I may say that it is impossible, that a truth which has been scientifically demonstrated and once accepted by the understanding, should ever be eradicated from the mind. Much of what is held by the mass of men is utterly repugnant to philosophy. It is absolutely impossible for me to believe either that the soul is created subsequently to the body, or that this material universe will ever perish. As for that doctrine of the Resurrection which they bruit about, it is to me a sacred mystery, but I am far enough from sharing the popular view..... As to preaching doctrines which I do not hold, I call God and man to witness that this I will not do. Truth is of the essence of God, before whom I desire to stand blameless, and the one thing that I can not undertake is to dissimulate." ----------* HYPATIA, or New Foes with an Old Face ------------- 7 Singular and incredible as it may appear, this disavowal of doctrines generally regarded as essential and distinctive, was not considered an obstacle that might not be surmounted. The patriarch of Alexandreia had been extreme and unrelenting in his violent procedures against the ancient religion. He was, however, politic in his action, and knew well the character of the man whose case he had in hand. Synesios had as a layman, exhibited his ability in diplomatic service, his efficiency in the transacting of public business, and his utter unselfishness in matters relating to personal advantage. Such a man in a province like Cyrenaica, was invaluable. It would be more difficult, therefore, for a person who had been reared and schooled in the ways of modern times to apprehend intelligently the motives of Synesios himself. He certainly found it almost impossible to overcome his reluctance. Seven months of preparation were allotted to him previous to engaging in the new duties. He prayed often

for death and even thought seriously of leaving the country. He was permitted to retain his family circle, and to hold his philosophic beliefs, but only required to give a formal acquiescence to what he considered mythologic fables. Under these conditions he consented to receive baptism and consecration to the episcopal office. Yet in an address to his new associates he expressed the hope that by the mercy of God he might find the priesthood a help rather than a hindrance to philosophy. He did not, however, break off correspondence with Hypatia. He had been in the habit of sending to her his scientific works for her judgment, and he continued in great emergencies to write to her for sympathy and counsel. His brief term of office was full of anxiety and trouble. He administered his duties with energy and rare fidelity, not shrinking from an encounter with the Roman prefect of the province. But misfortune came and he found himself ill able to meet it. A pestilence ravaged Libya, and his family were among the victims. He himself succumbed to sickness. In his last letter to her whom he calls his "sister, mother, teacher and benefactor," he describes his sad condition of mind and body. "My bodily infirmity comes of the sickness of my soul. The memory of my dear children overpowers me. Synesios ought never to have survived his good days. Like a torrent long dammed up, calamity has burst upon me and the savor of life is gone. If you care for me it is well; if not, this, too, I can understand." It is supposed by historians, that his death took place not long afterward. He was spared, then, from a terrible grief, which he might have considered the most appalling of all. For it was not many months after that his venerated teacher herself fell a victim, under the most revolting circumstances, to the mob in Alexandreia. We are told that Hypatia taught the Platonic Philosophy in a purer form than any of her later predecessors. Her eloquence made its abstruse features attractive, and her method of scientific demonstration rendered these clearer to the common understanding. Like Plotinos, she insisted strenuously upon the absolute Oneness of the Divine Essence. From this radiates the Creative Principle, the Divine Mind as a second energy, yet it is one with the First. In this Mind are the forms, ideals or models of all things that exist in the world of sense.* From it, in due order, proceeded a lesser divinity, the Spirit of Nature, or Soul of the World, from which all things are developed. In abstract terms these may be represented as Goodness, Wisdom and Energy. In regard to hu-----------* Reply of Abammon to Porphyry, VIII, ii. "For the Father perfected all things and delivered them to the Second Mind, which the whole race of men denominate the First. - Chaldean Oracles -------------- 8 man beings it was taught that they are held fast by an environment of material quality, from which it is the province of the philosophic discipline to extricate them. This is substantially the same doctrine as is propounded in the Vedanta and the Upanishads. Plotinos tells us of a superior form of knowing, illumination through intuition. It is possible for us, he declared, to become free from the bondage and limitations of time and sense, and to receive from the Divine Mind direct communication of the truth. This state of mental exaltation was denominated ecstasy, a withdrawing of the soul from the

distractions of external objects to the contemplation of the Divine Presence which is immanent within - the fleeing of the spirit, the lone one, to the Alone. In the present lifetime, Plotinos taught that this may take place at occasional periods only, and for brief spaces of time; but in the life of the world that is beyond time and sense, it can be permanent.* Synesios makes a declaration of the same tenor. "The power to do good," he writes to Aurelian, "is all that human beings possess in common with God; and imitation is identification, and unites the follower to him whom he follows." Much of this philosophy, however, had been already accepted, though perhaps in grosser form, as Christian experience. The legends of that period, abound with descriptions of ecstatic vision and intimate communion with Deity. The philosophers taught that the Divinity was threefold in substance, the Triad, or Third, proceeding from the Duad or Divine Mind, and ruled by the ineffable One. Clement, of the Gnostic school, deduced from a letter of Plato that the great philosopher held that there are three persons, or personations -----------* I sent my soul through the Invisible Some letter of that After-Life to spell: And by and by my soul returned to me, And answered: "I myself am Heaven and Hell" - Omar Khayam -----------in the Godhead, and now in a cruder shape, it became an article of faith. To this the Egyptian Christians added the veneration of the Holy Mother, and various symbols and observances which belonged to the worship that had been suppressed. This was the state of affairs when Cyril became patriarch of Alexandreia. Hypatia was at the height of her fame and influence. Not only the adherents of the old religion, but Jews and even Christians were among her disciples. The most wealthy and influential of the inhabitants thronged her lecture-room. They came day after day to hear her explain the literature of Greece and Asia, the theorems of mathematicians and geometers and the doctrines of sages and philosophers. The prefect of Egypt, himself a professed Christian, resorted to her for counsel and instruction. Cyril was endowed with a full measure of the ambition which characterized the prelates of that time. He was not a man to scruple at measures that he might rely upon to accomplish his ends. Like Oriental monarchs, he was ready with pretexts and instruments for the removal of all who might stand in his way. He was not willing to divide power, whether ecclesiastic or secular. A course of persecution was begun at once. The Novatians or Puritans, a dissenting sect of anabaptists, were expelled from the city, their churches closed and their property confiscated. The prefect strove in vain to check the summary procedure; the mob at the command of the prelate was beyond his authority. The Jews were next to suffer. "Cyril headed the mob in their attacks upon the Jewish synagogues; they broke them open and plundered them, and in one day drove every Jew out of the city." The efforts of the prefect in their behalf only served to turn the current of fanatic fury upon him. Five hundred monks hastened from their retreats to fight for the

Alexandreia was for the time at his mercy. He was thoroughly skilled in the art of exciting the passions. clear eyes.from man to God. She stood by the high altar. do quickly. the anniversary of the murder of the greatest of the Caesars.' And when he went into the passage." says Kingsley. On every side were men howling with all the ferocity of hungry wolves. Recounting to his wife the distinction to which he had been promoted. he said: "Yet all this availeth me nothing. Her lips were open to speak. soon induced him to recall his action. and the principal obstacle to his ambition. Mr. but the words that should have come from them reached God's . Cyril at once declared the man a martyr and a saint. 415. appealing . . "She shook herself free from her tormentors. He was a prince in the Church. and one of them hurled a stone. ready to do or die. except from Mordecai the Jew. beneath the statue of Christ.patriarch. while the long train of chariots continued to assemble daily before the door of Hypatia's lecture-room. and the offending monk was put to death with tortures. He had but to give the signal and an army of monks would hurry to his call. I heard him say to another: 'That thou doest. he resolved to put an end to his mortification. so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate. But all this did not avail.and who dare say in vain? . Like Haman. At this period the city of Alexandreia was crowded by multitudes from other places. This was the ancient Caesar's temple. the other long. desirous to participate in the religious services. but the ridicule which followed upon this proceeding.the fatal Ides. Kingsley has described the occurrence in dramatic style. springing back. They were then ready to carry into effect what he purposed. "and. Her dress was now torn in shreds by their ruffianly violence. Hypatia set out as usual in her chariot to drive to the lecture-room. She was forced out of the vehicle and dragged along the ground to the nearest church. He needed only to indicate the School and its teacher as the great obstacle to the triumph of the Church. Cyril had been zealous to substitute Christian observances for similar customs of the old worship. He had not been able to close the Academy." The patriarch of Alexandreia appears to have cherished similar sentiments. with power exceeding that of any official south of the Mediterranean. "The thing was done during Lent.'" It was on the morning of the fifteenth of March." says Sokrates. Meeting the prefect in the street in his open chariot. He was advanced above all princes and received homage. but not a stain of fear. and this was one of them. white arm was stretched upward toward the great still Christ. which had been dedicated anew to the worship of the Christian Trinity. which wounded him in the head. but he could make an end of her who was its chief attraction.9 him with being an idolater and a Greek. We have read the story of Haman at the court of the king of Persia. snow-white against the dusky mass around shame and indignation in those wide. rose for one moment to her full height. "I heard Peter (the reader) say: 'She that hindereth will hinder till she be taken out of the way. they taunted --. She had not gone far when the mob stopped the way. and he was surrounded by men who knew well his bent and how to do what he wished without a suggestion from him to involve him directly in the responsibility. They were speedily dispersed by his guards. Here she had been denounced by Cyril and her doom determined by his servitors. With one hand she clasped her golden locks around her. naked.

often find the Rounds and Races very confusing. and having consumed them. it is unnecessary to dwell upon the question of their importance to the more advanced student. Beginners in the study of Theosophy. . By H. instead of getting a clear idea of the first steps in the labyrinth. and then wail on wail. and the careful study of two important diagrams in the Secret Doctrine.10 pet of avenging angels through Philammon's ears. . *** Idem II. Then gathering up the bleeding remains they ran with them through the streets to the place of burning.10 THE SEPTENARY CYCLES OF EVOLUTION THE SEVEN ROUNDS AND THE SEVEN RACES A Study from the "Secret Doctrine" * by Katherine Hillard MANY persons find the history of evolution. 200. ear-piercing. very difficult to follow. on account of the many digressions and illustrations which enrich. because they plunge. Blavatsky. Some of the general points to be remembered are: I. and thrilled like the trum--. III. and must carry out his evolution on these triple lines. That all evolution." --------------. and having firm hold of a clue that is to guide them to the end. . ** Idem I. limb from limb and after that. the condi-----------* The Secret Doctrine. wild. in this solar system. or cycles of evolution. one representing the Rounds. the Synthesis of Science.** and the other a diagram of the Fifth Root Race. The rates of vibration. "The thing was done during Lent. the dark mass closed over her again. . the assailants in a mad fury tore her body like tigers. soul. and spirit. who is a septenary being. Religion and Philosophy. as presented in the Secret Doctrine. is septenary. they scraped the flesh from the bones. P. bringing oyster-shells from the market. are also septenary. That clue will be found in the remembrance of a few general laws. but encumber. long. the direct line of narration. rang along the vaulted roofs. at least. II. and the states of consciousness. therefore.*** As the whole book is an exposition of the Stanzas given in the beginning. into the middle of things. References are to the old edition. 434 -----------tions of matter. and that. That man. for in an instant Peter struck her down. so to speak. is spoken of roughly as composed of body." While yet breathing. threw the ashes into the sea.ear alone.

belongs. That is fully treated in the book itself. 768 ------------- . which is the most material of all. apart from a union with Matter. and vice versa. while treating principally of the Fourth Round. 431. ** Idem II. This is not the place (nor would it be possible for other reasons) to go into the question of authority or historical evidence. to the 5th Sub-race of the 5th Root-race. Each Root-Race is divided into seven Sub-Races. but allegorical. --. by the journey of the Monad or Unit of Life. we are told. That the purpose of what is called the "Cycle of Necessity" (i. or infolding. of Spirit into Matter. Because there can be no individualized existence for Spirit. The present predominant Aryo-European "Family" race.e. The Secret Doctrine. individuality and experience. nevertheless gives many glimpses of the remoter past. To begin with some general statements: Every new cycle of cosmic ------------* Idem II. or minor cycles."* and that the Puranas give accurate."** as they call the processes of evolution during the seven Sub-races of the first Root-Race of mankind. called the Fourth Round. consists in the involution. and each of the seven great Races. and some hints as to the future. and man is therefore past the lowest point of matter. will help us to understand our own. and each of these again into seven Family-Races."+ For this reason. as from them spring all the rest. 187 **** Idem II."*** but that "there is a perfect analogy between the 'great Round' (the Manvantara). and out of these spring numberless Nations. and on the ascent towards Spirit. guided by Karmic law or destiny. through which it manifests. The process of development then. 615 + Idem II. 254. or complete cycle of evolution consists of seven Rounds. in which the Monad (or Unit of Life) functions in the seven states of consciousness and seven conditions of matter before mentioned. We are given to understand that "the whole history of the world is recorded in the Zodiac.11 The Secret Doctrine concerns itself principally with our present cycle of development. being at the bottom of the arc of evolution. A Manvantara. V. and in each Round there are seven Races. called Root-Races. Now we are told again and again that there is the closest analogy between all these various cycles. back to its starting-point. *** Idem I. and that not only "every Round repeats on a higher scale the evolutionary work of the preceding Round. the reason why we live) is the acquirement of self-consciousness.. repeat unconsciously the first steps of their respective mother-races. from the spiritual state (or the Divine Unity). or Mind.IV. through all the conditions of matter and consciousness.''**** and that "the Subraces also. each of the seven Rounds. having gained by the way. the hints that are given here and there of the processes of evolution in other Rounds and Races. and the evolution or unfolding of Matter into Spirit again. accounts of "the seven creations.

began as soon as "the midway ------------* ldem II. as the present reptiles and ferns are very much smaller than even those of the Secondary Period of geology. and thus become subject to the differentiating agencies now operating around us. The forms of men and mammalia previous to the separation of the sexes.*** The present contention of biologists is over the question whether to agree with Weissmann. that is. and while agreeing in the main with Weissmann's theory of "the eternal cell. *** ldem II. 730. and consequently smaller. Then the higher Ego.activity. the nous or mind." .** For esoteric science has long ago formulated an answer to the biological problem now agitating the world. so everything in and on it grows denser. which was on the astral plane. 756.* Before this. the action of these agencies of natural selection. takes hold. who maintains that every possibility of future variation is contained in the potentialities of the ever-dividing original cell. As the globe changes from a soft mist of radiant matter to the solid earth.12 point" just mentioned was passed. at the middle of the third Root Race. ---------------. digest. etc. and species. then the "Solar Ancestors. which eat. and as soon as it has become a perfect instrument. drink.. furnished the forms of the primeval Root-types of the highest mammalia.**** Physical causation." the . the astral shadows of the lunar ancestors were the formative powers in the races. on the individual and the race as well as on the cell. harder. which are all becoming perfected and materialized with the environment. wherein the mineral Kingdom has reached its densest point. and then the laws of evolution as known to modern science began their work. brings with it a renewal of forms.* These types of the Third Round repeat themselves in the Third (or Lemurian) Race of this Round. ** ldem II. **** But there is a "spiritual potency in the physical cell that guides the development of the embryo. who agree with the occult theory in considering such variations as largely the result of external agencies. etc. types. The organs of the physical body were almost entirely woven out of the astral after the seven Root-types began to pass into the physical during the midway halt before mentioned." differs from him in acknowledging the effect of external influences upon the germ. "The midway point of evolution" is that stage where the astral prototypes definitely begin to pass into the physical. with a fully developed brain and organs of sex. having become Spiritual Intelligences.** That is. the perfected men of the last great cycle of evolution. but the previous cycle or Round. gradually build the physical body of man out of astral matter which passes into the grosser physical condition.ldem I. were woven out of astral matter. This period of course belongs to our own cycle. 219. and the incipient humanity of the present cycle. 736. and possessed a structure utterly unlike that of our present organisms. which took place on the Moon. or with Hertwig and others.

------------* Idem I. and through all the human shapes during the two following Rounds." Because. From that time on. the most ethereal luminous shadows represent the coming form. allegorize the seven evolutionary changes. the forces are gathered and set in motion. and can make or mar it as it will. the now responsible Entity is given the direction of its own destiny. we are told. the vegetable. 182. In any case. become terrestrial. as the future oak sleeps in the germ of the acorn. "during the second and third Rounds. does that radiant cloud which is to be the body of man. though very ethereal human beings towards the end of the third Round." That is. 736. the Monadic Essence that is to become man. or rather his Monad. and its protoplasmic phantom. man having been on earth in some form. ** Idem II." enter the human tabernacle.** "passes through all the forms and kingdoms during the first Round. *** Idem I. front the beginning of this Round. or what we may call the sub-races of the First Root-Race of Mankind." we read again. to pass through "all the human shapes" (there must therefore have been many). "The most developed Monads (the lunar) reach the human germ-stage in the first Round. so did man. remaining on the globe during its 'obscuration period'*** (as the seed for the future mankind). embodied itself in the mineral. the scaffolding. of the future human being. -----------The "Seven Creations" of the Puranas. till it reached the human-germ stage at the end of the first Round. 159 --------------. and the animal kingdoms." preceding the animals (as in the second account of Genesis. 110. is but faintly outlined at first.13 "since the Monad has passed through the mineral. But even the mineral and vegetable kingdoms which preceded man in this Round.''**** -----------* Idem II. vegetable. gradually increase in density and shapeliness. and decrease therefore in size."Mind-born Sons. the fourth Round. devoid of selfconsciousness and therefore of individual existence. and only by slow degrees and by processes enduring through unknown ages. and endow it with mind. and animal worlds. Arrived on our earth at the beginning of the fourth Round. which refers to this cycle of evolution). *** The period of rest between two cycles. 191 ** Idem II. which possessed all the divine possibilities folded within it. so to speak."* "Man. MAN is the first form that appears thereon. in every . and thus become the pioneers of Humanity at the beginning of this. "have to develop and continue their further evolution through his agency. of fiery dust. "As the solid Earth began by being a ball of liquid fire.

by re-absorbing into his system that which he had given out."** And just as the soft bones of the child harden and consolidate as it grows to manhood. will be ever tending to assume its primeval of the three states of matter (except the last degree of the third. and the Mind is installed in its new dwelling-place. The fourth. In the alembic of his frame the physical atoms are transmuted to something finer and finer. and physical constitution of man. . the materials. of which it takes possession and straightway begins to transform and transmute into something less material and more spiritual. and then GOD. as he grows more spiritual. But we must be careful not to confound this "densest point of matter" with the "midway point of evolution. 180 ** I. Our present humanity forms the fifth Sub-Race of the fifth Root-Race. that of a Dhyan Chohanic host. as he grows less material. in the third the formative process is completed." *** During the first two Rounds."**** "During the three Rounds to come.. while in the fourth Round the reverse occurs. so to speak. like every other atom in the Universe. which it reached only at the 'mid-point of evolution'). were produced the first mammalforms. so that from the drops of vital energy which he scattered far and wide. and the stronger physical man became. 169 **** I. (the 5th. . during the first Round. man's influence is to change not only his own body. 455 *** II. ----------* II. . and the scaffolding set up.. But as mind has been given dominion over matter. or solid state. "is the sphere of final evolutionary adjustments. Humanity. from a luminous shadow to a solid material form. so the physical body changes with the Races. to put the idea more briefly.. psychic. and "the degree of materiality of the Earth changes pari passu with that of its inhabitants."* Or. but his earthly environment. the more powerful were his emanations. and we have therefore taken many steps towards our dematerialization."** Man grows more physical. 6th. and 7th). for the future edifice are gathered together.*"** Man and his environment reached their densest and most material point in the middle of the Lemuro-Atlantean Race. 182 ----------like the globe on which it lives. Man tends to become a God. from a cloud of radiant mist to a solid globe. bearing all the children of men upon its surface. . where the balance is struck which determines the future course of the Monad during the remainder of its incarnations in this cycle.) ."* For "every Round brings about a new development and even an entire change in the mental. it is but logical and natural that at the beginning of the fourth Round Man should be the first to appear." (To be continued. spiritual. and also that his frame should be of the most tenuous matter that is compatible with objectivity. our present round. animal atoms were gradually "drawn into a cohesive human physical form. or cycles of Evolution then. all these principles evolving on an ever-ascending scale. the Earth changing with it. or in the fourth Sub-Race of the fourth Root-Race.

Wagner's State and Religion. The individual who is called to the throne has no choice in the matter. OF the glorious Prelude to this drama." erroneously translated in the New Testament as "Faith. as a reveille. The first Act opens with a solemn forest scene in the domain of the Grail. PARSIFAL. 68 **** II. He is the trusty companion of the suffering King Amfortas. While he is enquiring after the King's wound the wild figure of the woman Kundry enters on horseback with balsam from Arabia. Hope.'' he adds.-----------* I. there is not space to speak here in detail. saying she is a watchful messenger. and cast him into sufferings.) "The King's aim is an ideal aim. 250 -------------. "She lives here now. Amfortas. (Continued. representing Intelligence and faithful devotion without the fire which urges either to sin or to lofty spiritual aspiration. ready ever to serve yet never looking for thanks. as if from the Castle. or rather Mystery-Play. and must fill a lofty station to which only high natural faculties are adequate.FAITH . suffice it to say that it is described by Wagner as expressing the great trinity "LOVE . then will the very claim which is made upon him by his rank. and if he desires them not. he desires Justice and Humanity." In it we hear the gentle voice of loving Compassion.HOPE. Thus to him is allotted a superhuman destiny which must needs crush a weak nature into nothingness. the first theme of the Prelude: [[Love-Feast Motive score]] At its sound the old but vigorous Gurnemanz awakes and rouses the Esquires who are sleeping around him." . He is a similar character to Wolfram in Tannhauser and Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger. which have ever been the main subject of the inspiration of the tragic poet in his oft-told tale of the fruitlessness of human life and human action. make him the betrayer of the idea which he represents. perhaps regenerated. and the Hope of Redemption. From the distance. Charity. who is brought in on a litter. and which permits none but ideal interests. and it is through him that Parsifal is brought to the Temple of the Grail. accepts the remedy and passes on to his bath. 162 *** II. but Gurnemanz reproaches them. comes. the strong hymn of Faith. the agonized cry of the stricken sinner.14 RICHARD WAGNER'S MUSIC DRAMAS by Basil Crump VIII. "that she . he cannot listen to the voice of his own inclinations. if he desire no more than that which the individual citizen desires.* The Esquires look askance at Kundry and suggest that she is bewitched. 159 ** I.

"Close beneath the fortress. he laid a guilty hand upon his body.15 story of the fall of Amfortas. which he now turned to account. and his fury disclosed to him that his infamous act could give him counsel in the use of black magic. Klingsor vanished." continues Gurnemanz. the Lance dropped from his hand. At this he was enraged. laughing. Now mark the words of the drama: "Powerless to kill sin in his soul. I fought to cover the King's retreat . This power of Titurel to exclude those selfish and evil forces which would do the community irreparable harm is the prerogative of that being who has risen to the height where she or he can work consciously with Nature's laws. and Herodias of the New Testament. Its Guardian spurned him scornfully. in her arms he lay entranced. and there he lies in wait to lure the Knights of the Grail to the pleasures of sin and the pains of hell. Gurnemanz now proceeds to tell the ------------* Many details must be omitted here and elsewhere through lack of space. in the magnetic sleep imposed on her by Klingsor she is used in the service of evil. and . Klingsor strove hard to enter. a cry of deathly agony! I rushed towards him. the utmost benefit to the community results. --------------. Gundryggia the wild serving messenger of Asgard's heroes. only to fall an easy prey to the transformed Kundry. and many there are who have met this fate. but a wound was burning in his side. but Titurel knew he was not fit and refused him. Amfortas piteously implored for a token of redemption: whereupon a holy radiance floated from the Grail. It is easy to recognize in her the protean force of Nature which can be used alike for good or evil by the will of man. Where such a being is recognized and called to the place of King or Ruler. Titurel when he founded the Grail Brotherhood permitted none but those with pure motive to enter it. He transformed the desert into a wondrous garden of delight peopled with women of diabolical beauty.the Will from Wisdom .may expiate the unforgiven sins of a former life. who spared no effort to end this magic scourge. An example of this is shown in the power given to the Leader and Official Head of the Universal Brotherhood an organization formed at the commencement of a New Cycle in the evolution of Humanity. in the true mystic sense meant by Wagner. "the young monarch was separated from us: a woman of appalling beauty had bewitched him. Now when King Titurel grew old he conferred the lordship upon his son Amfortas. the wound that will not heal.Amfortas foolishly went forth with it alone to overcome Klingsor." In Kundry Wagner has united the characters of Prakriti (Nature in the Hindu Philosophy) from his sketch of Die Sieger. "Prostrate before the plundered sanctuary in impassioned prayer. those who are entrapped fall into his power. Awake she is the humble servant of the Grail. he had carried off the sacred Lance. and this hand [[music score]] he again stretched towards the Grail. becoming a delusion and a snare to him who is not strong enough to resist her." Forgetting that the Lance should never be separated from the Grail .

The dead swan is borne reverently away. but now I remember none of them. Inspired by the sight he followed but could not overtake them.there shone forth the vision of one who spoke these words: ---" * As Gurnemanz concludes a wounded swan flutters to the ground with an arrow through its breast. Not man's alone." They were the first glimpse of those higher powers which drew him in the direction of the Grail's domain." -------------." who all "learnt to fear the fierce boy.16 Gurnemanz shows him the helpless wing. This belief in Rebirth he held in common with Schopenhauer. An accepted translation of the lines is: . His mother's name was Herzeleide. the dark-stained plumage. the English word "Fool" conveys the wrong impression. We now learn from the colloquy between them the story of Parsifal's birth and up-bringing. it dawns upon his feeling (though not yet upon his understanding). The French ''Pur Simple" is perhaps the nearest equivalent for "reine Thor". and other intuitive thinkers who sensed the deeper truths of life. beautifully expressed by Edwin Arnold in his " Light of Asia": The bird is mine By right of mercy and Love's lordliness. and it will be remembered that exactly the same incident occurs in the life of Buddha. And be a speechless World's Interpreter. For now I know." Alas' he . Parsifal is now asked his name and replies. bow in hand. Notice that here. as in Lohengrin. as with Kundry. and exactly the same musical theme is used. Wagner indicates that Parsifal has lived many times before under other names. and the youth Parsifal appears. Emerson. the swan precedes the coming of the Deliverer. But once he saw in a forest "shining men on beautiful animals. which means "Heart's Affliction. passing over hill and dale and using his bow against "wild beasts and great men. Walt Whitman. as -----------* Gurnemanz here uses the ''Thoren-motive" afterwards sung by the celestial choirs with such wonderful effect. and Parsifal. the dimming eye. then. That I shall teach Compassion unto men. the stainless Fool: Wait for him. Parsifal is bitterly reproached by all for the cruelty of his deed." and she brought him up in the desert unsophisticated and ignorant of arms lest he should share his father's fate. my chosen One. I give the original German words. of which at first he seems unconscious. Abating this accursed flood of woe. "Many have I had." Here again."By Pity enlightened. Gurnemanz and Kundry are left alone. It is perhaps deeply significant that this first lesson in sympathy should come from the animal world. as it did upon that of the youthful Wagner when the dying hare he had shot in thoughtless sport crawled to his feet and looked into his face. Like Siegfried and Tristan his father Gamuret was slain before his birth. by what within me stirs.

Gurnemanz places Parsifal at the side where he can watch. as in a state of dreamy rapture. under the influence of the accompanying music. this knowledge will not be concealed from you. was drawn into the domain of dramatic performance. or traverses vast distances in the twinkling of an eye. Parsifal. however artistically carried out. but. one goes through a life's experience in a few seconds. and if you are a Fool. the Knights march in. The contrapuntal movement in the music grows more and more complex as the sanctuary is approached. as shown in Mr. for she feels the terrible magic of Klingsor beginning to assert its sway over her." "You see my son. and his grief and self-reproach are terrible to witness. that they are passing into a higher state of consciousness where the ordinary conceptions of Time and Space do not obtain. Just as. To Parsifal's artless question ''Who is the Grail?" he replies.) The pathway to the Grail leads not through the land. denoted by the following theme: [[music score: "Black Magic Motive"]] Gurnemanz now has a first faint intuition that this seemingly witless boy. "Time changes here to Space". but if you are chosen to serve it. and yet I seem already far. "That may not be told. of course. And see! I think I have recognized you aright! (for they begin to pass towards the Temple. indicating. to be led imperceptibly along the trackless ways to the Castle of the Grail. accompanied by the deep-toned bells themselves. and take their places at the semi-circular . "I hardly step." Here the rhythmical theme of the bells of Monsalvat is heard and the scenery begins to move while Parsifal and Gurnemanz appear to walk: --. in dream. was emphatically not intended for decorative effect alone." explains Gurnemanz. for those who are not called. singing a solemn chant. the only light being shed from above through the lofty dome. Kundry brings him water from a spring and then crawls away wearily to a thicket. at the same time. we were. it is devoid of windows. Machell's picture in the last article. and determines to see if the Law will let him witness the ceremony in the Temple. is the promised Deliverer. nor could any one find it save he whom the Grail itself directs. let me see what knowledge and wisdom may be given to you. saying: "Now pay attention." As the scene proceeds Parsifal remarks in surprise. by which learns from Kundry that Herzeleide has pined and died since his departure.17 [[score]] Concerning this extraordinary masterstroke in scenic illusion Wagner wrote: "The unrolling of the moving scene. its traditional inaccessibility. until it culminates in the heart-rending wail of anguish associated with the crucified Christos and the wounded Amfortas: [[score]] Parsifal and Gurnemanz now enter the mighty hall where the ceremony of the Liebesmahl or Love-Feast is about to be performed." To the rhythmical music. and pure.

after a long silence. that he may look upon its radiance once more and live. Gurnemanz now approaches him ill-humoredly and asks if he understands what he has seen. go your own way!" He pushes him through a door. braving every danger.18 once again floats down from the height. Amfortas being placed immediately behind on a raised couch. as he turns to follow the other Knights. the divine Promise --. transform it anew into the fiery blood of life. During all this time Parsifal has stood motionless in contemplation of the scene. faithful unto death. Gurnemanz is now quite angry. into the hollow of the other foot. "Rejoicing to fight in comradeship. Passionately the wounded King prays that he. calls from the vault behind Amfortas. boldly transform it into bodily strength and power. faithful as Brothers. "You are. after all. bringing the heel. almost unconscious. before passing out. Next appears Amfortas on his litter. may die and that his aged father may fulfill the sacred office. and." The ceremony ended. In the next Act we shall see how he battles with and overcomes the powers of evil . the symbol of our Love. the golden shrine is opened. take unto you My Blood. waves it gently about and then blesses the mystic Bread and Wine which are divided among the Knights. From the mid-height of the dome comes a chant of youthful voices followed by a still more ethereal choir from the extreme height. "Get out there. A mysterious darkness fills the hall. at each pace. But Parsifal has had his second lesson in sympathy. For answer the youth only shakes his head slightly and again clutches his heart. The choir again invite the partaking of the Liebesmahl. this time from a fellow human being. while the choirs in the dome sing the following words to the motives of the Liebesmahl: "Take unto you My Body." Now a blinding ray of light descends upon the uplifted chalice which glows with crimson lustre. the impure sinner. and the Knights reply: "Take of the bread. Then. transfigured. the brethren rise and. and Titurel repeats: Unveil the Grail! With an effort Amfortas obeys. a single Voice from the heights of the dome reechoes the Promise. in front of him four Esquires carry the shrine of the Holy Grail covered with a crimson cloth and place it upon the altar. embrace one another in a peculiar fashion. He had paid no attention when requested by Gurnemanz to join the others. and he bends in silent prayer over the ancient crystal Cup. Amfortas. as if to remind him of his forgotten intuition concerning Parsifal: By Pity enlightened. nothing but a Fool!" he cries. as if from the grave. requesting him to unveil the Grail. but at the loudest cry of agony from Amfortas he had clutched his heart convulsively and so remained as if benumbed. clasping the right hand and passing the other over the shoulder. with holy courage. "Take of the wine. the altar being in the centre. the stainless Fool. but as he sinks back. to perform the works of the Saviour. the voice of the aged Titurel.tables under the dome. They proceed by regular steps.

it is after the victory that the peace will come. who can rise so high. as they swell and rise towards the clear and cooling moon of pure intellect." says Wagner. the future Divine Ruler of regenerated Humanity. and through terror must they pass. thrill to it. and particularly that misuse of its divine gift upon which Wagner has laid his finger! And Titurel! Does he not speak to us from out the glories of a golden past when man walked with God and had not yet fallen a prey to the delusions of his lower nature the enchanted garden of Klingsor? What. to be taken by the soul into its bosom? Where is the soul with its light undying? Before the sunlight comes. and . and shadows in the animals. The Lance in the possession of Klingsor represents the weapon of the Will of man used in the service of self instead of compassionate Love. of the Future? "It is not thinkable. for malice." As with Siegfried. (To be continued. as if to change their sighs into a race and flight towards their distant goal. part of the vesture of our soul. for revenge. . seared and weakened with the consequences of its own misdeeds.small lives. Though the first acquaintance is made with tooth and claw.) ---------------. red shadows must precede the dawn. and by it feel their Source. Only he who can forget self utterly in sympathy for others will be able to wrest the Will from the clutch of self and restore it to its true place as the weapon and servant of Divine Wisdom. Pain must they suffer. the misty images on the clouds of the reflected red sunrise. imprinted. then.19 THEOSOPHY AND UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD by Zoryan (Continued) SO. For this is no Deliverer of the "Sweetness and Light" order. who can fall so low. and distill their flavors according to the ebb and flow of the selenic tides. yet it was made. But the Sun did not reach them yet. as the plants did turn their leaves and petals. the hot and boiling sea of brass. the red. colors. expression of our hopes and sighs. What a touching and faithful picture is Amfortas of the humanity of today. felt so suddenly. then. and. They feel. and the first friendly grasp is at the same time the grasp of death. who have legs and wings. and themselves become the shadows of all they feel. they move. he is essentially a Warrior. O! when that vesture will become a part. "except as stipulated by the Past. In minerals the great Mother has touched the atom-sparks in plants . forms. No! innocent are the animals and brave. yet till they reach the mark. as it feels them. like his prototype of the New Testament. he comes ''not to bring Peace but a Sword. sigh for and chase it. though they are now running to it. so that they might live a life and see what is around. there streams upward her harmonious unifying power through these steps of the stairway of the angelic sheer purity of heart and the fire of his own heroic will.are not they ours. so strongly. and wave their tops. The animal fires must crowd the sea. Steadily rising. how many terrible battles must be fought." Therefore we know that in Titurel we have the promise of Parsifal. Gehenna of the birth of powers. those gorgeous vegetable aromas. that there is no time for hate. the sublime punishment of a responsible man.

never more will he trifle again with that which means the Mother's touch. restful. the tiger's burning breath seems to be in memory like a fiery kiss of some wonderful being of gold and black. so that the pure and unselfish part of man. human. pure. Then the red terrific shapes of dawn will lead him into sunlight. and trace it through all evolution. no! it will turn into a welcome fuel for his spiritual flame to feed upon and grow in mighty energies. that the light may shine. themselves the shadows and the dreams. which at such moments becomes ours. of the Fourth Round of our renovation. full of quiet power and serenity of the great cyclic essence. These were the first men. Then only our Angel approaches to the power to take his ancient dreams into himself. of insects and birds. inside of that ray of the Great Divine Soul. but. rests in its shadow world. Who has not admired the beautiful colors of sea shells and fishes. the sleeping. whose heart is open to see and know the great Inner Life everywhere and feel that all creatures are not outside but inside. vibrating lightnings of his soul. And so they did at the twilight of the Gods. and by which the flesh and bones of apathy are torn to shreds. merciful because of the destruction done. for instance. and after pain is past and a victim. Who can explain the first origin of the kiss? And if he can see something in this symbol. of some power mercifully tearing the apathy of existence. movements and sounds? Who did not find some secret told. Then the gigantic passions. will be simply helpers to tear the clouds. instead of frightening back into the night. as they merge into the dawn. to open space toward the rising sun of Spirit. tender.their feelings are rather awe and admiration and interest aroused and the throbbing of the blood. Those. Obeisance will they show. that will tear to shreds the earthly caller and its selfish hopes. whose mind is eager to learn the great self by the smallest selves. to gather himself from the four corners of the world. at the sight of new and wonderful possibilities suggested. and in them plants and animals of the new cycle.20 creature?" and did not receive some answer? Who has not seen his soul expressed in those million forms and colors. might be set free and bright again. grand. . tender. Thus every animal is a symbol of an idea. those will get themselves into the Karmic tiger-teeth. so full of soul and harmony? Who has not asked: "What have you to say to me. perfect in their way as some aerial glories.yet dreams sublime. bright. destroying darkness with flashing yellow streaks of fire. of a tiger. The Lords of the sublunar kingdom came from above. half-divine and yet mortal. some good example given? Who has not in his bright moments felt one with nature and a friend of all creatures? Let us then follow the footsteps of those. not inside of our personality. . whose dim clouds of selfish passion and the crafty builder of their house will dare to call their joyous light of Mother. pure and luminous in the morning of their descent. and their great sport and glee will turn into the power of the marching order and they will grow themselves more transparent. flashing in sunlight as some celestial speech of tints. and that which was to be gladness above all. to clear the sky. whose every moment is so bright. dear --. Then the animal Gehenna of the boiling brazen sea of evolution will not scare him any more. will seem to turn into a black and yellow monster. and the first wonder of clear sky was the morning moon appearing.

-----------------. is the sacrifice offered up by God unto himself. the beings were fresh and clear. red and wild. for us to be a sort of firstoffering of his embodied beings. is Life's Pioneer in all worlds imaged in Space by the Thought Divine. Look up from thy gross and suffering body to their diaphanous shining shapes. pure and cold as virgin snow. the whole grand path of lunar evolution is their past. and know that they are thine. (To be continued." has this article: "I believe that the human soul essentially contains . he is the pattern of all things that come into existence. and do not worship them. the archetype of all Ideas. when thus entranced with the vastness of the skies. and Man is the first offering laid upon the altar. but only learn how thou camest into the world. then thy Moon's face will grow so tenderly tinted. yet their knowledge is outside. and that the soul of man. as if thy dearest love would beam upon thee from the Universal Mirror of the World. when thus made transparent. from thy soul's sky that thy moon may shine in the clear morning heavens of thy endeavor and that its heaving sigh of the aerial tide and winds keep the air cloudless. but that Life is vibrant in every minutest particle of the boundless whole. will-born of God in the World of the True.21 LIFE'S PIONEERS .They know. They are not earth-born. 100. and become a Son of Will and Yoga. so trembling with the inner light. and looked up high full of ecstasy and contemplation. It is the tragedy of the Crucified. Life's messenger. If thou wouldst meditate like them. for they are thy Fathers. do not speak lightly of them. so rosy warm. yet their love is dual and knows the meeting and the parting ways. he gave birth to us by a Logos of Truth. When thus uplifted to thy Fathers' plane. Thomas Taylor. with all its ever-shifting states of joy and sorrow. the model of all forms. and without that sacrifice there could be no universe of existing things.* when all thy nature becomes an enraptured longing toward that glorious approaching Morn which will warm thy heart and illuminate thy soul. himself unto himself. This universe of palpitating Life. the uttered Thought of God. Man is himself the Logos.James. fresh and breezy with such a power that no red monster-cloud endures.) ---------------* Secret Doctrine II. 18 IT is a teaching archaic and true that all beings and all things are embodied souls. O mortal man. that there is nothing inanimate or dead. its radiant heavens and its murky hells. they love. Pryse [[Greek]] "Having willed." in his "Creed of the Platonic Philosopher. I. Yet in those times the outer coat of skin was slight and just forming. the selenic rest and the radiance of a cycle. first dispel the clouds. in ages future. in ages past. whom Emerson calls "a Greek born out of time.James M. for Man is God sacrificed. murky. and that thy present hard and restless form was built by lower earthly powers around thy lunar glory. .

He who clings to some petty religious creed. It is want of faith that causes men to wall themselves about with religious "beliefs" and execrate as a heretic every one who levels down as useless obstructions whatever limits freedom of thought or hinders the soul from exercising its divine powers. or of the religionist who feeds on the stale scraps of faith his forefathers have bequeathed him. and arrests the inflow of ideas emanating from that infinite Mind which is the only source of inspiration and revelation. and in conjunction with divine natures governs the world. He who treads only the well-beaten paths. No man who bravely thinks for himself. and is as boundless as Deity.22 the real Self of man. can possibly go astray from Truth. but lacking in faith. Now. The interior mind. and has forgotten that there ever were any books or any religions. for he is treading Truth's own realm. with a perilous rim projecting over a bottomless abyss. in the current religious belief. who accepts unquestioningly the religion inherited from his ancestors." It is only by using the free and unfettered power of thought that man can know Truth and return to the realm of true being. Sorting out and rearranging other men 's opinions is not thinking." For he held with Platon that "when the winged powers of the soul are perfect and plumed for flight. mirrors the whole universe. The world of Truth. . Truth is God's own self. or of the mere student of books who makes his mind a museum of thoughtimages. but the heretic. as a pioneer in thoughtregions. does he really begin to think. The world's saviours have therefore ever been accounted heretics. relying solely upon the resources of his own super-sensible consciousness. and fears to investigate any fact in nature or to think out any problem of life. needs neither faith nor courage. The interior mind should be kept unsullied by the things of sense. refuses him his true place as an instrument of God's will in fashioning the worlds. must have faith and be fearless." and that "it the province of our soul to collect things into one by a reasoning processing and to possess a reminiscence of those transcendent spectacles which we once beheld when governing the universe in conjunction with divinity. Of it the Sibylline Oracle says: "Do not drag it down into this muddy world. nor will the mere investigation of the phenomena of existence ever lead to perception of the noumena of being. practically denies his innate divinity. she dwells on high. and which discipline evocates from its dormant retreats. and no one ever found God save through seeking Truth. it does not hold true of one who merely reasons about the things perceived by the senses. Religious "faith" is usually the worst form of unfaith. Then out of the Eternal he draws Thought unto himself. is not only cowardly. and by limiting man to the narrow confines of a formulated creed. and that whatever knowledge she acquires in the present life is nothing more than a recovery of what she once possessed. which is --. in that it fetters mind and soul. But this holds good only of one who thinks independently. and devotion kindle his soul.all knowledge. exploring the vastness of his own inner being. is likewise flat. and mariners dared not venture far from the coast for fear they might sail off into space. Only when a man has for the time closed the avenues of the senses. There was a time when men believed the earth was flat.

A perfected humanity would need no organization. We are astonished because those documents were formulated and that . it will have its peculiar defects. and without the knowledge or consent . but is of the nature of a compromise with principles necessitated by the conflict of individual interests and the discord of the whole. and is never more than a temporary adaptation of conditions so as to reach a desired end. At best they are but resting-places for feeble souls." The outer life of man has become degraded. they inevitably have to endure misrule. when it perceives that dogmatic theology has no foundation in any part of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution for the structure which it fain would raise and has so often since tried to erect within and upon the government. and does not rest upon principles. Whether democratic or despotic. The measure of freedom is the ability to discern Truth. the form of government is of small consequence. All formal religions. and forms of organization. In an age when men have lost the insight necessary for an unerring selection. The only home of the soul is the Eternal. or far as he knows . The fanaticism with which men cling to religious dogmas is born of weakness and blindness. In electing a ruler. are necessarily impermanent. in the world of change and time. its sad and black kingdoms. for only the Truth can make men free. for it would be like a living organism. and the expedient of giving their rulers only short terms of office safeguards them to a small extent against their own lack of discernment. Sombre hideous hells. for minds in which the divine light is dimmed by the smoke of desire.of the adepts who are in general terms therein referred to. having harmonious interaction among all its members. categorical statements of belief. as if there were something sacred about churches. societies. Form is subservient to Life. The reflecting mind is filled with astonishment upon reviewing the history of the rise of the United States of North America. for every form of organization is arbitrary. and "orthodoxy" is a sort of soul-death. though it prevents their enjoying the wiser rule and broader freedom to be had under a "benevolent despot. and must change constantly to be expressive of the varying phases of Life.Into its deep gulfs. The Gods and Heroes are not elected to their positions." If the spirit of justice and the love of liberty animate the breasts of the subjects and their ruler. entirely peopled with phantoms. and the price of mental freedom is perpetual heresy.23 THE ADEPTS IN AMERICA IN 1776 * by An Ex-Asiatic THE following suggestions and statements are made entirely upon the personal responsibility of the writer. it can have no fixed abiding place. The soul requires the breath of freedom. rigid systems of philosophy. --------------. the inner life has to be kept distinct from it to escape being polluted. but hold them by divine right. they are more often traps for the mind and prisons for the soul than anything else. men only try to select and put in his right place the man who by virtue of his abilities and qualifications naturally should be the ruler. Still blinder is the devout adherence to particular forms of organization.

In 1774 they influenced him. Thomas Paine. and was the main instigator of the separation of the Colonies from the British Crown. the general good and liberty. And in the concluding sentence the signers mutually pledge each other to its support ignoring all appeals to God. Vol. VI. Although the Puritans and others had come to America for religious freedom. At the suggestion of Washington. They oversaw the drafting of the Declaration and the drawing of the Constitution. against the rights of man. for tranquility and defence. In the constitution of 1787 the preamble declares that the instrument was made for union. he wrote "Common Sense. The king is spoken of as being unworthy to be "the head of a civilized nation. so that if we found in this fundamental law much about religion and religious establishments. In the second and third paragraphs the natural rights of man are specified." which was the torch to the pile whose blaze burned away the . and today America rejoices at it and has thereby found it possible to grow with the marvelous growth that has been the wonder of Europe. p." nothing being said as to whether he was the head. against justice. ------------* Reprinted from The Theosophist. The great Theosophical Adepts in looking around the world for a mind through which they could produce in America the reaction which was then needed. whose minds through the teachings of the symbolic --. He came here. the declaration says the appeal is "made to their native justice and magnanimity." All reference to religion and Christianity or God's commands are left out. or worthy to be. In appealing to their English brethren. to come to America. Franklin and other Freemasons. V. we would not be surprised. and the 1st Amendment prohibits an establishment of religion or restraint of its free exercise.government established at a time when dogmatism of one kind or another had supreme sway. says no religious test as a qualification for office shall ever be required.24 degrees of masonry were fitted to reason correctly. ------------In the declaration from which freedom sprang "nature and nature's god" are referred to. The nullification of those efforts made by bigotry in 1776 was due to the Adepts who now look over and give the countenance of their great names to the Theosophical Movement. they were still very dogmatic and tenacious of their own peculiar theories and creed. found in England. and that is why no foothold is to be found for these blatant Christians who desire to inject God into the Constitution. But in vain do we look for it. This was for the very good reason that for 1700 years religion had battled against progress. liberty and the pursuit of happiness. against magnanimity. Art. and to reject theological conservation. for justice. in vain did the supporters of the iron church attempt to lay the needed corner-stone. through the help of that worthy Brother Benjamin Franklin. 16. Jefferson. of a Christian one. such as life.

or at least I thought I saw. And as if to give point to these words and to his declaration that he saw this vast scene opening itself. but was actually intended to symbolize the building and firm founding of a new order of ages. and it appeared to me that unless the Americans changed the plan they were then pursuing and declared themselves independent. I have always made it a rule to treat these voluntary visitors with civility. Washington says: "Can nothing be done in our assembly for poor Paine? Must the merits and services of 'Common Sense' continue to glide down the stream of time unrewarded by this country? His writings certainly have had a powerful effect upon the public mind. ." That he had in his mind's eye a new order of ages we cannot doubt upon reading in his "Rights of Man. command my best exertions with freedom. . 1783. and if it is in my power to impress them. It was putting into form the idea which by means of a "voluntary visitor" was presented to the mind of Thomas Paine. George Washington wrote September 10th. to reform the political condition of man. Your presence may remind Congress of your past services to this country. and it is from them I have acquired all the knowledge that I have. they would not only involve themselves in a multiplicity of new difficulties. 49 ---------Theosophists. to Paine: "I shall be exceedingly happy to see you." These "voluntary visitors" were injected into his brain by the Adepts. Africa or Europe. a vast scene opening itself to the world in the affairs of America. the Constitution for America. and those that bolt into the mind of their own accord. but shut out the prospect that was then offering itself to mankind through their means. Seeing that a new order of ages was about to commence and that there was a new chance for freedom and the brotherhood of man. who they knew could be trusted to stand almost alone with the lamp of truth in his hand amidst others who in "times that tried men's souls" quaked with fear. "no beginning could be made in Asia. they laid before the eye of Thomas Paine. this new order of ages." while underneath appears the startling sentence "a new order of ages. "the heavens approve. ----------* 9 Sparks." which he wrote in Paris several years after. Ought they not then to meet an adequate return?"* In "The Age of Reason. 2. above it are the words. the beginning in America "of a new order of ages.a "vast scene opening itself to Mankind in the affairs of America. as they will be rendered cheerfully by one who entertains a lively sense of the importance of your works." The result was the Declaration." The "design of the seal" was not an accident. For "Common Sense" he was often publicly thanked. in a letter to Madison." And. "I saw. 1784.bonds between England and America. the design of the reverse side of the United States great seal is a pyramid whose capstone is removed with the blazing eye in a triangle over it dazzling the sight. . again in June. but for the world." Part 2. She (America) made a stand not for herself alone. of a vast scene opening itself. there is a waning of reason rising upon men in the subject of Government that has not appeared before." Further on he says: "There are two distinct classes of thoughts. "The case and circumstances of America present themselves as in the beginning of a world . those produced by reflection." That side of ." In Chap. Paine says. and looked beyond the advantage she could receive. 4. Chap.

1883. he holds only six. Which turned.S. inspired their pens and left upon the great seal of this mighty nation the memorial of their presence. ------------- THE ROD OF IRON by L.M. or the possession ------------*See U. Emerson. state Dep't archives. (Selected) * READING the promises of Revelation.'' . with questioning wonder. which could be pure from the dross of dogmatism.F. will not the new order of ages have actually-been established? More then is claimed for the Theosophical Adepts than the changing of baser metal into gold. In the spring of 1841. Jefferson.R. June 25. ------------"Everything good in man leans on what is higher. they cleared their minds. They hovered over Washington. "To him that overcometh" "Power over the nations" held my thought. and at this day the side in use has not the sanction of law. They watch the progress of man and help him on in his halting flight up the steep plane of progress. ------------of such a merely material thing as the elixir of life.* When the other side is cut and used. but the cause for it is unknown. Not only was this change unauthorized.25 [[portrait of Thomas Paine]] --. .W. to the words: "Them with a Rod Of Iron shall he rule. and all the other brave freemasons who dared to found a free government in the West.New York. a new seal was cut." .26 when Daniel Webster was Secretary of State.the seal has never been cut or used. --. and instead of the eagle holding in his sinister claw 13 arrows as intended.

A crowned head arose before me.How with a rod of iron? Can this be the redeemed? The rule of sinful man is like a rod of iron. Wrought on the uncrowned brow. suddenly. far away! A monarch stood. Behold the crown! unjewelled and bent Changed to a cross! that lay. Too keenly wrung. The change wrought in the crown. unconquered. and tried again to read the Revelation. Uncrowned. On looking closer I beheld the face . And a form majestically grand. At length the king arose in patient meekness. along.27 . But long I sat and pondered on the meaning Of it all.How can this be? What is the mystic sense? May I yet read its deep significance? Then. Hard as fate.alas! Disfigured. The vision quickly faded from my sight. with empty hands. glittering. ------------* From the Journal of American Akademe ------------Following the line of light The falling jewel made. The great form swayed In agonized despair. The strong hands seized the diadem From off the wrathful brow. A look of deeper pain. a vision hid the letters from my sight. But fashioned like the one the Saviour wore. And essayed to take the precious emblem That his Master bore . for aught but silent prayer. . And hurled it. and fell upon the face. --. with a look of torturing hate. lo! another change The crown was still a crown.when. In meek simplicity.

the rod of iron Reaches everywhere. and felt the very iron In his soul. all powerful. And rule.RIGHT BEHAVIOR The fourth is Right Behavior. Like threads of silver seen through crystal beads . Let each act Assoil a fault or help a merit grow. through the living cross of love. "Them with a rod of iron shall he rule. Obedience is the secret strength of all. "Like vessels molded of mere potter's clay. and I read. As rigid as the iron of the rod.) THE FOURTH GOOD LEVEL . Only the just man dares be wholly just. (Continued.a light shone on it. He who is most obedient rules the world. And through that justice which the State Is ever-functioned to employ. them only shall ye rule. that he may reach and save." Whom ye can serve. N. "Power o'er the nations shall he have. Servant of all." Thus." --------------- THE LARGER WOMANHOOD by C. Are broken to shivers."Them with a rod of iron shall he rule" But now . Has borne the heaviest cross. the whole. "Who keeps my works unto the end. through love. M. In the selfish greed of power Shall wear their crowns in trembling and in fear. And nations that do put their trust in these. And represent the One. Yea! even in torture and in hate. 'Tis thus the right of ruling is divine. And they whose rule is earth-born. All rule depends on discipline.

We should not be content that our actions assoil a fault. Our behavior will be the final test as to how well we have learned our past lessons. "I did not think" is not a valid excuse for the thing we should not have done. is to be taken into account by an unceasing and steady self-mastery. "Yet there is much to be thought of in connection with this. "Self-gratulation. They must help a merit grow. And as in right purpose and right discourse. Our right behavior is not to be spasmodic. RIGHT Doctrine. Surely it is "The Devil's darling sin. must start with and spread from the individual. Will we therefore need to be forever finding faults and pointing them out or always preaching goodness? No: our lives are to be the sermons. how many we find." Self-mastery is required here.28 Still there are especial ways in which we may assoil a fault or help a merit grow. we should be very careful that the reproof is just and is gently and lovingly given and that our actions speak louder than words as a means of help. --. and having discussed the former three there would seem to be little left to say on this subject. we are not simply to take care for the (seemingly) important actions that are to be seen and known by the world. but each act is to be cared for and controlled. we must have and keep a positive line of right behavior. We should be very careful also that that trait of character which we wish to help some other to correct is really a fault and not merely a mannerism that does not meet our approval. The pride that apes humility. and that faith without works is dead. The faults in ourselves are the first which should receive our attention. This leaves no room for thoughtlessness and careless action. We should teach by practice even more than by precept. we must begin at home. They are to be so ordered that each act will make for the general upbuilding of all merit and the down pulling of all fault. Each act. All reform to be successful. is like unto a lofty tower. be it in the family or among our friends. the outward expression of the former three. Thereon he sits in prideful solitude and unperceived by any but himself. It is not enough that we abstain from doing evil. up which a haughty fool has climbed. Neither can we depend entirely on a negative goodness for our onward progress. at home and abroad. Each act is to do one of two things. O disciple. And another crafty foe is that pride in our own humility when we are willing to admit we have a few faults. "Let each act. And when we honestly look for them.Let love through good deeds show. Then we realize the necessity for bringing in each act of our lives to help on the warfare. This is a much more pleasant side of the question." If we have occasion to speak of the faults of others. And then those faults we are so sure we have not. assail a fault or help a merit grow. Showing in our own lives the beauty of right behavior will do more to arouse a wish for and love of it in the hearts of others than any amount of speaking could do without the added force of a good example." We have great need to be watchful that it does not come upon us unawares. Right Purpose and Right Discourse lead up by a natural progression to Right Behavior. It is pleasanter for us all to look . We are told that actions speak louder than words. Oh! those are the worst foes of all. When we give this good advice it should be followed by practice.

29 sent to our minds continuance in love. Like all great privileges it requires self-mastery and self-sacrifice. so full of right purpose. thoughtfulness. so our love if living and real will prove itself by good deeds. The crystal beads will lose their beauty and the silver threads will tarnish so soon as we attempt to display these jewels for the admiration of the world. from deed to deed. and keep them with the greatest care. if we have in our hearts an earnest aspiration for better and higher things. so on the other hand we must string our silver cord full of good deeds. We should sow with seeds of merit the fields of future harvests. "Like threads of silver seen through crystal beads Let love through good deeds show. a royal adornment for any woman. noble purpose in the action. nor anything easily won." Steadiness or stability of character is the great lesson of life and for that reason it comes up everywhere. It is not a gift from any one. charity." All this is true unless one is very wise and cautious. We should most carefully nurture all the merit that is to be found in ourselves and our friends. let our silver threads repre--. and all the kindred virtues. Each day we should plant the seed of one merit and uproot the weed of one fault in our lives. Faith without works is dead. "But it is not wise to tell one of his merits. cheerfulness. It is a mother's especial privilege to so live that her life may be a continual inspiration to her children: that the very fact that mother did so shall mean to them that there was a loving. Therefore. Right . never a tinsel cord of self-aggrandizement or sooner or later the crystal bead will show the tarnished cord of selfishness. kindness. upon these silver threads will appear one by one the crystal beads of unselfishness. This string of jewels. as to be a continual tower of strength to those around us and to exert a continual energizing force upon all that is meritorious and to be a standing reproof to all fault. If on the one hand. We must earn them one by one. but we should not stop here. Our good deeds should be strung upon the cords of love. through all we do. If the love of humanity runs through our lives. We must show our love by our good deeds. but our actions can help the merit grow that we do not call to mind by a spoken word. will not come to us complete. Little by little. we must have the silver cord of love running through our good deeds. Some one says. but the victory is worth the battle a thousand times and though we may not succeed at the first trial we shall gain a step each time and persistent effort assures ultimate success. Our love must not show now and then in good deeds but must run from day to day. in the silence of our own hearts is our character builded. Equally bright and shining in the seemingly insignificant deed as in the great deed and only a cord of love in each. Every action should be so unselfish. satisfied with the good our present characters show. especially if he be a child. so nobly done. for there is danger of making him conceited and arrogant.for the merits in ourselves and our friends than to point out the faults. nor can it be too often repeated.

when the time comes for the effort of the twentieth century. is ever stronger than its weakest link. if we would be firm and strong to scale still more rugged heights. and last. and their outward manifestation. devotion. healthy body. If. on the amount of knowledge and wisdom possessed by those members. set up hard and fast dogmas of its own.Doctrine and Right Purpose must start from the heart. Right Discourse and Right Behavior. if we would climb the uphill path and stand on the fourth good level. succeeds better than its predecessors have done. . it will break down racial and national antipathies and barriers. then the Society will live on into and through the twentieth century. will fail us and our friends at the most critical point. "Its future (the future of the Theosophical Society) will depend almost entirely upon the degree of selflessness. we must not lose from our consciousness that great commandment. will do well to read what Madame Blavatsky has to say upon this very subject. Duty. sooner or later. The following is quoted from the last chapter in the "Key to Theosophy. then it will be in existence as an organized. like silver threads. and there remain a stranded carcass to moulder and die. however golden. because.B. If we would have love. Every such attempt as the Theosophical Society has hitherto ended in failure. will not stand the stress of every day's needs. having conquered all below us. and to direct the Society after the death of its Founders. but not least. that all are more or less of their generation both mentally and physically. at the Chicago Convention. of social and caste prejudices.30 BROTHERHOOD OR DOGMA. and will open the way to the practical realization of the Brotherhood of all men. No chain. . Slowly but surely it will burst asunder the iron fetters of creeds and dogmas. the result can only be that the Society will drift off on some sandbank of thought or another. earnestness." -------------. living. "I do not refer to technical knowledge of the esoteric doctrine. I spoke rather of the great need which our successors will have of unbiased and clear judgment. You must remember that all our members have been bred and born in some creed or religion. be it seemingly never so fair. "If the present attempt. CHOOSE! by G. then. must have their foundation stones laid deep in a right heart or the superstructure. on whom it will fall to carry on the work. and so lost by imperceptible degrees that vitality which living truth alone ran impart. in the form of our Society. and consequently that their judgment is but too likely to be warped and unconsciously biased by some or all of these influences. "Keep thy heart with all diligence. Thus we see the necessity for guarding each act. The general condition of men's . they cannot be freed from such inherent bias. though that is most important. . It will gradually leaven and permeate the great mass of thinking and intelligent people with its large-minded and noble ideas of Religion. THOSE who are more or less upset in their minds because of the radical departure from old methods that was inaugurated on February 18th." It was written in 1889. it has degenerated into a sect. show through good deeds.G. or at least taught to recognize it instantly and so avoid being led away by it. for out of it are the issues of life. "But if this danger be averted. and Philanthropy.

" without frightening away anyone with Sanskrit words and purely-technical terms. united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth " in case the Society should be able to weather the storms that would mark the closing years of the old cycle? Why did she italicize the word "united"? More than that. an organization awaiting his arrival. B. P. Think how much one. to some extent at least." more necessary to the future of the Society than "a technical knowledge of the esoteric doctrine". Not only so. be loyal to her. He will find the minds of men prepared for his message. Judge. considers "selflessness and devotion. Was it an accident that H." that it will "break down racial and national antipathies and barriers. inclusive truth for which the Universal Brotherhood stands today. I say. B. only to be stranded upon "some sand bank of thought or another"? The words in which she says that the Society will "burst asunder the iron fetters of creeds and dogmas. and will open the way to the practical realization of the Brotherhood of all men. For she is unmistakably "the new torch-bearer of Truth" to whom H.minds and hearts will have been improved and purified by the spread of its teachings. as a hidden germ.P. material obstacles and difficulties" that stood in the way of further growth." Read these statements carefully. . obstacles and difficulties from his path. P. material. Measure it by comparison with what the Theosophical Society actually has achieved in the last fourteen years. That is not possible. Let us be loyal to our Helper. and many times. which will remove the merely mechanical. --. B. the next impulse will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. should foresee "a numerous. at least. Katherine A. without any of these advantages. She saw that it would be necessary and possible for the new leader to use "a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths he brings. as I have said. is it not significant that H. Tingley. and the divine. their prejudices and dogmatic illusions will have been. the very principles which have recently blossomed into the objects of the International Brotherhood League. in case it lived until the close of the cycle. The principal object in establishing the Theosophical Society was "to form a nucleus . They are pregnant with prophecy. and surrounded by hosts of hindrances which would not hamper the new leader." Let us. if the Theosophical Society survives and lives true to its mission. P.tell me. to whom such an opportunity is given. if I go too far in asserting that earth will be a heaven in the twenty-first century in comparison with what it is now. but besides a large and accessible literature ready to men's hands. and. referred as being the one to take up the work "after the death of the Founders. It is true today no less than four years ago. removed. Let us help her in every way that opens to us. of social and caste prejudices. There is no hint that the leader shall put the new wine into the old bottles." herself and William Q. to sacrifice the "merely mechanical.B.31 Consider all this and then tell me whether I ant too sanguine when I say that. to its original impulses. that "the real issue is around H. that she fears the Society may degenerate into a mere sect. a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths he brings. through the next hundred years. to widen and deepen this channel that the "new truths" which she brings to us may flow through unimpeded. she foresaw the loyalty which would make this organization willing. In the light of recent events." contain. could accomplish.

Nothing can destroy it. goes forth with her child into the world. but since your daily consciousness is far below. though all things seem to conspire against you. . Hold your purpose and your ideals clearly and steadily before you." --------------- GOTAMA THE BUDDHA A SKETCH OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT by Rev. "The doubt is a maya. . for you have no conception of the power of meditation. . especially if you think much on them. intending righteousness you shall surely so perform. and helps him. The wise mother places the picture book in some top drawer where it is accessible for reference. He would transform the whole world into books and pinafores if he could. Desiring truth you shall surely have it. It would be no more possible to do the broader work for brotherhood "along the old lines. listen not to its voice. How is it possible to lock universal brotherhood within the shell of a doctrine? How is it possible to expect a movement that is universal in its sweep. to that diviner. his spiritual brothers. although for twenty-three years the subsidiary objects have been first in the eyes of the world and first in the hearts of many theosophists. when he has appropriated all the culture that his own yard and his own playmates can give him. when he begins to feel the limits of the gate which locks him away from the great world. which whispers low. Vex yourself not with contradictions. unlocks the gate. broader love which sees in all creatures of the universe. to continue along the grooves of a specific and particular track? When the child has outgrown his picture books. . you know. are symbolic of the condition of affairs today. The nucleus of Universal Brotherhood has been formed. . But that is not growth. Williams . "If you have patience and devotion you will understand these things. It is only the abnormal child that weeps over the "sacrifice" of his picture book or pinafore. you know that you must stand alone. it is simple heresy to go outside? No.. The nucleus has been formed. that is not yourself. . If you are the Higher Self you are all that is great. stand therefore.. working on your lack of self-confidence." This was neither a mistake nor an accident. look at the matter frankly and impartially." than it would be possible to fit a man for the ministry with the "Child's History of England" as the point of departure. Kill out doubt which rises within. cast it aside. and the object for which the Theosophical Society was originally founded has been accomplished. make a careful study of Wilhelm Meister. after being satisfied with the book and the little playground all these years. by all the power and insight at her command. shall we remind him that..32 grow out of that narrow love which includes only his physical brothers. If you wish to see the danger of clinging to an old ideal after the soul has grown into the need of something higher. to --.of Universal Brotherhood. W. Poor Wilhelm and the stress that was his because his father denied him the chance to outgrow his youthful dream of the puppet show.

'' His faithful nephew went to a neighboring stream and returning said. comforting the afflicted. they had resolved to ignore and treat him with silent contempt. with Gopa and his young son as also his favorite nephew Ananda." said he. he was seized with a sudden illness accompanied with great pain which so exhausted him that he was compelled to recline himself under a tree by the roadside. A short time after.33 pariahs. when considering them fully instructed in his doctrines he assembled and thus addressed them: "Go forth. Inculcating the equality of all men and their equal rights as members of a common brotherhood. outcasts of society that Truth is no respecter of persons and is the common saviour alike of rich and poor. acknowledged him as their spiritual teacher and guide. whatever the religion they profess. he traversed India." said he to Ananda. his followers amounted to sixteen in number. "I thirst. whatever their color. unmasked and Gotama's pardon and forgiveness were his punishment. At the end of five months. consoling the wretched and sorrowing. Gotama struck at the roots of caste and though priestly Brahmans rose up against him and brought all their occult powers to bear upon him in order to confound and nullify his great work. He had to contend with the opposition of the envious and jealous of his fame and amongst his own immediate followers was found a Judas who plotted against his life. yet felt so drawn and attracted towards him when he addressed them. they eventually retired and gave up the contest. Yet though so truly great. acknowledging his greatness and power as a Buddha and thus for a period of forty-three years. "Master. of high and low. was he not without his troubles and trials. Let noble and peasant alike become imbued with it. when on a journey to Benares. making known the true law of life. received him with open arms and after listening to his discourses. All classes wherever he went. He unfolded to them his doctrine and teachings and went with them to the holy city of Benares. Gotama first sought out the five costudents who had turned their backs upon him and though as they beheld him in the distance approaching them. but the Buddha in great pain renewed his . and the young and vigorous be taught to trust no longer in the illusions of the world. teach and instruct them in the law. Returning to his native city his aged father. a caravan has lately crossed the stream. "Bring me a little water. Thus Gotama lived and toiled till his eightieth year. Let Brahman and pundit delighting in logical subtleties and learned controversy be initiated in simple truth. he spoke to his followers. let them renounce extortion and teach also sudras and --. "and proclaim the true doctrines to all nations. who in tears conjured him not to leave them. feeling his end approaching.PART II (concluded)." The fame of Gotama and his teachings began now to spread like wild fire throughout the length and breadth of India. and healing the sick and suffering. when. Let the aged filled with regrets of the past be comforted. that they fell down before Gotama and acknowledged themselves his disciples. however. RECOGNIZING that he must be up and doing. enrolled themselves as his disciples. The wheels of the vehicles and feet of the elephants have caused the water to be muddy and unfit to drink. Let proud Rajah and stalwart warrior feel its subduing and softening influence and avaricious merchant and tradesman. The traitor was.

34 Not down behind the darkened west. This night. Ananda on going the second time. by which you may live pure and blameless lives. "When" said he." No sooner was he arrayed with it when Ananda exclaimed. but through a manly discharge and performance of the common duties of life.request. found the stream clear and pellucid and filling the utensil gave it to Gotama. hasten then and lose no time. we see depicted the great and silent conflict between the antagonistic principles of light and darkness which from the earliest ages has been and still is being waged on the plane of human nature. he spoke to them for the last time. "is thus transfigured twice in his earth life. that this gold has become dim. the precepts I have laid down. and second. charged his servants to bring two cloth-of-gold mantles. PART IV. to be faithful in few things. in acquiring freedom from Self. first when he attains to supreme knowledge. "and let the other be for Ananda. In it. It teaches us that victory over self is to be acquired not by separating ourselves and living apart from our fellows." And then and there the brethren surrounding him. is to become ruler and victor over many things. "Master! such a light emanates from thee. some of you will perhaps think. They set. the Buddha is silent now." "A Buddha. every thing that is born must perish and pass away. as sets the morning star. who became quite refreshed. Ananda." These were his last words and Now his eyes grew bright and brighter still. a rich merchant passing by and catching sight of the reclining form of the Buddha. Too bright for theirs to gaze upon." said the merchant. Think not so brethren. The doctrines I have enunciated. "I shall be no longer with you. at the third hour I go hence. when he is about to enter into eternal rest. as the sun dawned bright and resplendent above the horizon. "refuse me not the favor of accepting these garments. nor hides Obscured among the tempests of the sky. At that moment. The field of action is not far to seek. In bringing to a close this sketch of Gotama's life and career. we would make it more complete and finished by briefly enunciating a few of the lessons which such a life is calculated to impress upon us. which goes --. "behold in me the proof of what I have taught you." responded Gotama. and Gotama the Buddha. for they are Truth and that is Eternal. will remain when I am gone. But melts away into the light of Heaven.'' Pausing a moment or two. we have no longer a Guide and Leader. entered into Nirvana. for it lies within us and in the sphere of social and domestic life and therein.'' replied Gotama. suffused With tears and closed without a cloud. "Master. Most of us have doubtless heard of the legend of the Sangreal or Holy Cup which at one time was thought to be hidden in some unknown place and the possession of which would impart eternal . again he spoke. "Brethren!" he cried." "Give me one.

and hearing the dismal story of their wrongs. more or less. and even before permitting himself to be attended on. and wearied as he was. In finishing this somewhat imperfect and fragmentary sketch of the spiritual life of Gotama. as they are the presages of that ultimate triumph which will secure for Humanity an entrance into a loftier and diviner existence. There can be for us no neutrality. which alone he cared to behold.happiness to its finder. when we are beginning a new cycle in the history of humanity. and after unfolding the several stages of inward development through which he passed. The Conflict has been long and protracted through ages of weary effort and ceaseless endeavor. had dragged themselves thither for shelter and succor. he found crouching beneath it a group of starving wretches who. he provided them with food and comforts and vowed a solemn vow to lose no time in redressing their wrongs and punishing the evil lord. which have not altogether proved futile --. the history of each individual soul. "Hasten to acquire deliverance from Self. as he raised his arm aloft in noble enthusiasm. one by which the deliverance of humanity from those baneful and mortiferous influences to which it has so long been subjected may become more speedily accomplished.'' These words are as applicable to each one of us as they were to the immediate disciples of Gotama. seeing that it has been the necessary education whereby Humanity has been qualified and fitted for the reception and enjoyment of higher truths. After undergoing incredible dangers and hardships in a manner that stamped him as a hero of loftiest prowess. bright and throbbing with beams of rosy light. of worldly ambition and self-renunciation in which is reflected. in presence of issues pregnant and fraught with either weal or woe for our race. he dared not lift his eyes from the ground to meet the loving glances which were ever gazing for him from his castle windows. with their attendant mental struggles and conflicts between the opposing influences of duty and interest. and only by comprehending and realizing in our inward daily lives Gotama's admonition. without having been vouchsafed a glimpse of that. The future presents to us two avenues of activity. In this great Contest we must all take a part. the other wherein. It is related that a knight once set forth from his home. flying from the tyranny of a neighboring lord. for he saw the heavens opened and the Sangreal. Seeing their misery. Then he knew that he had been urged on his far and venturous quest rather by the spirit of a selfish devotee-ism than by that of a sympathetic humanity. to swear his vow. Reaching his gateway. his compassion strove with his indignation for expression.35 and in vain. its duties and delights. and ere taking leave of a character which when . in quest of the Sangreal. descending towards him. his haggard face became transfigured with a glory. Upon our own individual activity and efforts depends whether we be counted worthy to become enrolled in the band of those great and unselfish souls of all ages who have labored and toiled in the service of humanity. we can help to strengthen those powers and forces of evil and selfishness which have been the great obstacle and bane to Man's spiritual regeneration and advancement. And so he learned that his happiness and his blessing lay in his duty and that his duty was not so far to seek. to acquire deliverance from self can we become endowed with that militant state of spiritual power and moral vigor which are the essentials. he returned home. and especially so at this moment. In his dejection at his failure.

and learning that progress is the necessity of existence. a more spiritual and diviner plane of existence. prevail now as in the remote ages in which he lived and which will result in the final redemption and regeneration of Humanity. Nature. is distinct from the Theosophical Society in the same sense as a performer is distinct from his instrument) the world is witnessing the progressive unfolding of great spiritual laws.stripped of the incrustations of wondrous and incredible legends. though with many an apparent retrogression. we recognize that each world family is becoming wiser and better. though with many a grievous backsliding we perceive each individual soul manifesting its inherent divinity and growing up to virtue. Slowly and surely. and animated by the same hopes and aspirations after a higher life which we all experience in that intervening period which separates the cradle from the grave. until with mental and spiritual faculties expanded. which raising him beyond the pale of ordinary mortals have transformed him into an object of divine worship and adoration. To affirm that Nature on all planes. purified through suffering. nobler and happier. and in all diversities of manifestation is one. which when clearly grasped and realized. and the result of such action in the slow birth and growth of a new social order. Assured of this. perplexed by the same fears and misgivings. Nevertheless. our lower natures enfranchised from the thraldom of the senses and blended with our higher selves. for from the Divine have we come forth and unto the Divine must we return at last.36 THE WORK OF THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT by Charlotte E. is but to repeat a Theosophical axiom long ago passed into a truism. We see in his life the same process which is now operating within every human heart. Slowly and surely. Noting all these things and meditating on the lessons of a life like that of Gotama. the law of the Universe. We observe that he was not exempt from those common afflictions and trials which are incident to all mankind. the secret of human life and destiny. by the way. like Gotama. shall attain Nirvana. we arrive at this great truth. in order to understand the full scope of the Theosophical Movement we have to examine it in the light of this hoary and indisputable truth. The world of men is fashioned on principles and by processes analogous to those which prevail in the world of matter. Woods IN the Theosophical Movement as it is today (which. and troubled dream. as he stands revealed before us. that he was troubled by the same doubts. swayed by the same conflicting motives and emotions. our immortality becomes revealed to us with all its infinite possibilities of thought and activity. the great Architect alike . wholly human. ----------------. human life becomes transfigured with a light and glory which has never been seen on land and sea. calm and unperturbed and in the enjoyment of that inward peace and calm which mark the terminus of life's long and weary pilgrimage and the awakening out of its fitful. ennobled and glorified by the divine within us. the beginning and entering on to a higher. An illimitable vista of a Diviner life stretches out before us. that the same unalterable and all-pervading laws of spiritual evolution and progress. one of the greatest paragons of Humanity the world has ever beheld. the goal of human perfection to be attained by us all through a series of births and rebirths. we. makes our lives divine. we behold him in his true proportions. the growth and accretion of centuries. their action on human hearts.

strife. and under cyclic impulse. the striking of a perfect balance. The whole long record of human history is but a manifestation. History is the great object-lesson in the secret of self-development. and harmony. the child Humanity has learnt something of its high destiny. a reflection of the stages which lead us on our way. all the triumphs of a people or race. Hence. in other words. we have to acknowledge the presence of Forces operating with as direct an aim. then the struggle of atom with atom for balance and coordination.37 Future. in the Theosophical Movement a Force has arisen whose effects are to play a vastly important part on the history of the world. the setting of Nature's seal upon a finished work. A new Humanity. as that which changed. the face of external Nature. in all the chaos and violence. restless. finally the harmonious co-working of unit with unit. and the wherefore of the strange career by which it has been trained. when we witness and participate in a new Impulse working straight to the hearts of men. In reading history on philosophical principles. towards whom the surge of history has rolled. a race. of the same eternal laws that make for harmony. or rather a Humanity at a new and advancing stage is about to dawn. in divers forums. and the Theosophical Movement is its harbinger and nurse. They would become conscious of a vast tide of Spiritual bight flowing steadily and surely into the dark crevices of human thought. a unit of transforming Force as great. contest. however humble." Man it is. and still is changing. and as far-reaching an effect as those which condensed our Planet from the Fire-mist. Were it given to the many who now pass us with closed eyes to see behind the surface activities that work under the name Theosophy. Nevertheless. the stage of shock and agitation needful to the firm blocking of the new order. its birth and foundation and chaotic and alien conditions. they would witness a great thing. . the steady operations of the same triune Force. First. in its entirety. recapitulating the old stage only for the better consolidation of the new. undaunted. and ushers in the --. "Man the worker. Her laws are as invariable and eternal as the unexplored Spiritual Depths whence they issue. or lifted our Continent from its sleep on the ocean-bed. all the immaturity. We assert this on the testimony . And by such affirmations we are not claiming more for our Movement than can be claimed by every activity that has left its mark on human thought and character. Today there dawns for it the beginnings of that final stage of full and harmonious being. in ceaseless ebb and flow. demolishing only to rebuild on higher lines. ever building something new. or a humanity. ignorance and unrest.the bringing about. since time was. by force of individual effort. working slow but exceeding sure. In every soul who essays to realize the Ideal in himself that Force is manifesting which built the Past. ever striving towards a higher and unrealized type. and his perfection. That which he has done but earnest of the things that he will do. In all natural processes we notice the triple stages of upheaval. for which all its previous trials have been a preparation. and by eons of varied experience. Herein we see. as in a mirror. Slowly. They would recognize in each sincere worker. of the ideal condition prefigured in all movement towards progress. whether of mind or matter. one is brought to see. traces the growth of a planet on the same lines as that of a nation.of world-systems and social orders.

Foremost as is our Society among the manifestations of the great Spiritual Will. whom none heeded save to mock. throughout the whole course of Nature. united under one great now included spiritually.of the principles by which that movement is guided. S. we may frequently include in the Theosophical Movement. and a believer in the Esoteric Philosophy. . the eager call upon Life and Death to yield up the secrets of their nature. It inaugurated a necessary but direful period of transition. the wild search for change. prolonged. of causes hidden far deeper.though silent. stages overlap. unrest. . speak. and still is. and demolition. At the same time. save by the longer vision of the few. or operates in one direction only. Watch the trend of the world today. so with the Theosophical Movement.. and the work it seeks to do. The rapid growth of modern civilization has occurred at a time and for a purpose which the study of the law of cycles renders luminous. Old things began their inevitable disappearance from the arena where once they had served a needed purpose. S. was active in innumerable forms throughout the length of the civilized world. . its leavening permeated so far as to gain for it a recognized place among the most important agents in 19th Century development. But by degrees. The dawn of this universal Impulse towards change and progress was an initial phase of the Movement which. that the Present Day was. And that which made 1790 the beginning of a memorable decade for France. In the latter half of this century the hour had struck for the Western world to participate in a Revolution as great in reach and importance. and gave a decided and special trend to what before was vague and general. Under the new Constitution this point has received the emphasis it deserves. will take their place as sections of --. All these things . religion. and by the removal of customs that had long ago become obstructions. the growing dissatisfaction with what once passed for good in manners. The Lodge has its agents in quarters least suspected by many an "orthodox" Theosophist who. then. thought. S. and an early element in growth may be found coexisting with a later. amusement. The Past was rapidly dying. and satiety. It would be the height of narrow-mindedness to suppose that the flood of Divine Energy at work in our midst today confines itself to one channel. Henceforth Theosophy. it comprises but a small part of the real Theosophical Movement. deplored by those who fail in the understanding of signs. and the T. Indeed. is often in danger of passing a comrade unawares. The birth of the New was heralded from afar by a gradual breaking-up of ground that for ages had lain fallow. the phases changed. the great Movement which had incarnated a portion of itself in the T. was born. Within its ranks will one day be included.38 one all-embracing Brotherhood. distraction. ways of life. It is very necessary to keep ever in mind the distinction between a Theosophist. . and ask what impulse is prompting the vague unrest. The one may or may . in the blindness of a too great exclusiveness. or a worker for the advancement of humanity.the outward result of increasing knowledge and growing means of self-gratification. Small wonder. workers who would take it ill if they heard themselves so designated. After an initial period of uphill warfare against the bigotry and materiality of the age. at the same time. and the Future had not yet been sighted. and visible only by its effects. took shape under the name of Theosophy. The Forces working through it are working both for destruction and regeneration.all who work unselfishly for another's good. The T. later on.

and we who hold to the testimony they left behind in those of their Race who per--. above all. Its methods. and mental development. but it is nearer at hand than we wot of. Different workers will view it from different aspects. mind. then. a movement of any sort is unthinkable without a definite trend and idea. is it to be a member of the Theosophical Movement. prejudice. . but the name is the property only of him who fulfils the conditions implied therein. and locality. We may write and think for a lifetime without exhausting all that is contained in that tremendous idea. and materiality remain to be overthrown. . which aims at lifting a portion of the human race one step beyond its present level. Those of us who believe in Reincarnation as the law of the Spirit's progress through matter. in the widening of the means of recreation. but the time is now approaching when such happy fancies will be transformed into still happier facts. Let those scoff who may. and spirit. greater religious toleration. in which peace and good-will shall cover the earth. will recognize them when they come. have been. as the waters cover the sea. as its name implies. but on one general principle all will be agreed. first of all. And more than this. be every worker whomsoever. is an integral part of the work of the Movement. a movement Godwards. as an .not include the other. know of a time before the birth of historic humanity. that God-like Race. a deeper insight into natural laws. The cycle has again turned when those Great Ones seek a new incarnation in new prepared conditions. creed. regardless of race. a race of god-like beings laid the seeds of wisdom and progress for their successors in distant ages. the Movement which has lately taken on the simpler name of Universal Brotherhood? To put it simply. that time is not only fixed in the immutable decrees of karma. in hygiene. and lend a willing hand to the building of conditions that shall be worthy of their exalted Presences. in a more rational relationship between the sexes. They come again. a keener appreciation of Art and Polite Literature. destructive. and the dissipation of wide-reaching ignorance. in the better housing of the poor. Every dreamer has had his Utopian vision. to an extent. with the consequent establishment of a Brotherhood such as the world has long dreamt of. as we have seen. Every effort. That to which we belong is. What. in the spread of culture. will still be so. We trace its influence today in the development of new and improved ideas on Education. on lands now passed from view. under many names.39 sisted for the guidance of the new Humanity. soul. in simpler and more rational modes of living. Certain sects of Christians have long been foretelling the speedy arrival of a Millennium.a principle significant of the final stage upon which the Race. when. in the growth of mystic thought which. as long as ignorance. The development of man is a theme which inspires many an ardent vision of realization beyond the grave. So much for the objects of our Movement. in improved diet. then. in greater liberty for women. and. but never thought to see. But surely the right place for the consummation of a Race is that on which the training and experience have been undergone. in more liberal thought. For its establishment forms the sole rationale of the Theosophical Movement.that the God-state implies the perfection of man in all parts of his complex nature body. is rapidly permeating the religion of the day with the true spirit of its Founder. But another principle is growing daily more prominent.

are but weapons we allow . or the founding of deep systems of thought. and unliving conventionalities. Nature. The only faith is the knowledge of man's inherent godhood. is better than believing. It is good to be alive in these days. as new and much needed today as when. To love one another is as great as the establishment of many religions. spiritual unity behind it. to whom that cry comes. they do well to be careful lest they crush one vital spark among the lingering ashes. Only. or religious. at the present juncture. but which pass out of existence as permanent factors in the perfected life. Never in the history of the world. It is difficult to see how uniformity of thought can exist apart from mental stagnation. Now a new commandment has gone forth again among men. ---------------. we have done all we can. but the "all" comprises hard and unceasing activity. on the single principle "that ye love one another. and no Movement." will be the finishing task of a Race grown strong and wise by the self-discipline of countless weary years. This work. be it philosophical. kindly acts. Indeed. but it is not the highest. too. brotherly thoughts and wise. crowns her highest growth with peace. and with each new worker comes the hastening of the Dawn.Entity. All can do it who will. It is for all to remember. . ethical. and those who have that may depict that godhood to their brains in whatever terms they find most helpful. that the stage of destruction is passing. it is supremely good to put one's self in line with the great World-Forces which make up the true Theosophical Movement. To plant a great Society whose fruits shall be felt in the carrying out of wide-spread reforms is a grand and needed work. upheaval. and their only warfare now is with dead forms. Being. for perfection throughout the ages. Every grade of Nature must feel the thrill of that promise transformed into actual fact. This is all. jealousy. Even here. yet on the inner side. violence. I doubt if the ideal humanity will be found united under one form of thought and faith. For by so doing. for any man. has motive grander than that. On the mental plane there must be diversity. To form the basis of all International Brotherhood. for it is the plane of differentiation. ambition. the battle is practically won.40 A FALSE NOTE OF INDEPENDENCE by Burcham Harding LET us be guarded lest we sound a false note of independence. Struggle. The foes of mankind are watchful at all times and seek out our weak spots for attack. the distinguishing feature of the Theosophical Movement. Although on the outer side much remains which may take centuries in the doing. in the grand future which is coming. It is not enough to rest on the prospect of a promised victory. so that the harmony of Nature's inner life may be reflected on the surface. than the sowing of broad. did the cry for toleration sound so clearly as it is sounding today. which is discordant with the true harmony of brotherhood. diversity will be harmonized by a living. has entered. it must never be forgot.has begun today. and our highest. vanity. All that is now wanted is to complete the touch between the interior and exterior planes. and Brotherhood become a completed fact. as I have shown. it was uttered by the Reformer of the Mosaic Dispensation. The making of converts to the Esoteric Philosophy is of less importance. are stages which have their early use. 2000 years ago. By such methods we help to arouse the Self in every man. The rest lies with That which is aroused.

" that spirit of helpfulness which springs spontaneously from the heart.and was found later cooking and making their own meals. and could not be interfered with. and your limbs claimed their independence and refused to carry you. those of the husband. Similarly. we seek to curb the feeling of independence and transmute it into interdependence. In "Esoteric Buddhism" one chapter deals with the "progress of humanity. Nature teaches it in every direction. and without the help of every element.41 Being independent. each marketed separately. From the central . The individual is an independent be used against our own interests. and sitting on the bread. The two paths of right and wrong are open to all. as to commit suicide. and in fact their duty was to live independently." and it is there stated that progress depends upon spirituality being able to dominate the intellect. and possessed a right to act without reference to the others. He can even go so far. water. we sharpen the weapons and give them a keener edge and wider play by permitting them to linger in the mind. a mutual dependence of every part from the innermost centre to its outer body. reminding you of Robinson Crusoe. Is independence compatible with Brotherhood? It seems to me. the household was a chaotic pandemonium. mental and physical shipwreck. and causes help to be rendered to all in need of it. for unless man were free to commit moral. could you expect that great things would result from that mutilated body? Or if you wish to visit a friend. if he has the courage. unless all the bodily organs work in harmony. sickness or death takes place. The very genius and spirit of the Theosophical movement is brotherhood. lapping the milk from the pitcher. not a seed will grow. able within certain limits to determine his own course. licking the butter. no growth can take place. he could not learn to control that instrument the mind. . but in our present stage of evolution. that as the desire to help others imbues our nature. even when walking over the tea table. Consider for a moment what would happen if the heart were removed from a physical body. heat. and the soil. Even the cat was independent. and that duty is based upon the interdependence of all creatures. The present false note of independence is but one more phase of this contest with intellect. where the mind is the point of development. To insist upon independence seems therefore to be a step backward in evolution. and acquire the power to exercise perfect self-control. --. Independence can only rightfully be asserted in the fulfilment of duty. who was not a tailor. air. Unless all parts of the tree cooperate. An amusing story was told the other day in relation to this question: a family agreed that each of its members should be independent. which alone can fit him to be entrusted with greater powers. Each of them made their own clothes. To an ordinary human being. It is well to recollect that the basic ideas in "Esoteric Buddhism" were furnished by a Master hand. and put himself in opposition to his surroundings. bespoke the fact at every seam. and is a direct harrier to progress. the hardest fight is to make this independence subservient to the general welfare. or if the hand asserted its independence and refused to carry out your wishes! All such insistance upon independence but cripples the individual and paralyzes his efforts. He can assert his independence at every step. Probably all the readers of this paper will agree that the true path for mankind is summed up in the word "Brotherhood. It is true we can be independent. That brotherhood involves interdependence is obvious.

" In completing the details of the organization the Constitution confers upon Katherine A. in the conviction that there is a wise hand and a clear head directing. There are many and weighty reasons why there should be one supreme executive . In every organization. Similarly with man. to the humblest individual whose heart has been illuminated with a desire to help suffering humanity. and can receive guidance if they choose to work in harmony therewith. and too well guided for such to occur. there is a head which directs all who are engaged in its operations. whom it denominates the Leader and Official Head. It is immediately asked: "Why does an organization so humanitarian in its purpose and so unselfish in its object vest so much power in one individual?" It is because its objects are unselfish. deprive the body of its mind and you have an idiot.Founders. even in a business house. the higher principles are ever contending with the lower. training and helping them. the animal helps the vegetable. if the lower are to progress. such powers and prerogatives as are usually termed Autocratic. Tingley. and assistance given by the higher to the lower. A very superficial study of the philosophy. There are no emoluments connected with the office and its only perquisites are unremitting toil and ceaseless effort for the good of others. In our present phase of evolution it is spirituality endeavoring to raise the intellect to its own level. who are unknown to us. The system displays throughout a constant interdependence. but the higher must control and direct. each in his position has his duty to perform. would it be wise to make the body of the Theosophical movement separate from its heart? Every analogy of nature and common sense clearly proves that such an untoward condition must end in utter shipwreck. and what is left? All parts have their office and function. If this be so.42 WHY ORGANIZE THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AS AN AUTOCRACY? by Ellis B. The office is not a reward but an actual Leadership. --------------. Would we consider it in accordance with common sense that the office boy should assert his independence and demand to be consulted in every operation? No. shows how the higher kingdoms are assisting the lower to reach a higher stage in evolution. Guild THE Constitution of the Universal Brotherhood is ordained and established "for the benefit of the people of the earth and all creatures. We have to obey trustingly. and are interdependent. which is based on Nature's law. In the Theosophical movement. the vegetable raises the mineral. Fortunately the movement is too well guarded. but each is given his special work. Extract the soul. and man is given power to assist all the kingdoms below himself. its adherents are fortunate in possessing a direct link with its very heart. Sometimes the intellect rebels and refuses to allow the inner light of spirituality to guide it.but in such a case progress is arrested. Take away the heart from the body and a corpse is the result. . The head is not expected to divulge the whole of his plans to the subordinates. and it suffices if that be done well.

They follow because he demonstrates his ability to lead and because that instinct winch is animal wisdom persuades them to obey for their mutual good. and instinctual laws which are fitted to his complex nature and follows a leader. It is a spiritual movement organized to bring about the realization of a brotherhood of all men without any restrictions. all men have a common origin. directed their forces as a unit. each marking the cycles of time in obedient revolution about its self-appointed central sun. Let us back to earth and seek the analogy in the laws that govern all animated beings . The "Iron Duke" bound together the .and they choose to follow.43 sal. All the solar systems and universes which make up the Kosmos are themselves in turn revolving in stupendous majesty about the great Cosmic centre. We hold that the real man is a soul and as such. The real man is divine and the conscious knowledge of his divinity is the only power that can raise him from the personal life to the real life .the life of the soul. The birds of the air wisely choose to follow their self-appointed leader. The movement which would bring about a realization of the universal brotherhood of man to be most effective upon the hearts and lives of men must operate through an organization concentrating the will and directing the thoughts and efforts of its supporters. strength. It is his genius and skill and his power to converge their will to and through himself that makes him leader . In every herd of animals one is leader because of his strength and endurance and his ability to defend the common welfare.even the little brothers of our humanity. How unhesitatingly we accept the statement that the great occasion brings out the great leader. The planets of our solar system move in orderly sequence and in majestic harmony about the central sun. Let discord arise among them or let aught disturb the perfect poise of cosmic equilibrium and the instant crash of worlds will follow. undergo similar experiences. Napoleon organized the impetuous Frenchmen. bringing order out of discord. Its object is not so much to improve the material conditions of men and add to their comforts as to make men fit to make proper use of better conditions. endurance and bird wisdom. Man himself obeys the Cosmic. and have a common destiny. and conquered Europe. What form of organization will render it most effective? Let us look for the answer in that universe of which man is the epitome. There must be the ONE in whom converge the thought and wish and effort of the many and through whom the great force of the many may find expression. Obedience is a Cosmic law. Through and from that sun go out the lines of force that hold them in that obedience which alone permits their being.power in such an organization. the focus of their endeavor and he directs their force to the point of their attainment. Beyond our own universe are solar systems and universes innumerable and of magnitude beyond our comprehension. He is the centre of their effort. univer--. and how unavoidably men follow and obey that leader. It is neither political nor social either in its methods or purpose. The one Supreme and paramount authority holds the universes in all the Kosmos in one united whole. He leads because he has the qualities of leadership. Obedience to the mighty power of Cosmic brotherhood makes possible their existence.

There is no catechism. -------------. and the only incentive to its membership is the good not of persons. because of his qualities of leadership. Man is not moved only through physical desire and mental unrest. harmony of effort and concert of action are necessary. It is said that the great palladium of English liberties is the town meeting. There is no such thing as democracy. It is to bring "Truth. There is no personal equality among men. Abraham Lincoln centred in himself the mighty forces of brotherhood vibrating in the hearts of a great people. Men differ as to power. but because in him inhere the qualities of leadership. His fellows choose to follow. There is a truth beneath the doctrine of the "divine right of kings. It is simply reflecting back upon all men the Light of Love and Brotherhood which has shone alike into the hearts of the Leader and the followers. That power extends only to the organization. Obedience is rising to the plane of and acting in harmony with the ideals and motives of the Leader. Napoleon assumed the Dictatorship of France. and these can he attained only through organization and Leadership. founded his Empire and controlled the destinies of Europe because he was a leader of men. and the leader must be free to act and have power to combine and synthesize every force and effort in behalf of the one great purpose . and that is devotion to the cause of Brotherhood. This movement for Universal Brotherhood is a great spiritual movement. The occasion demands the leader.Universal Brotherhood. but of the whole of humanity. There is perfect freedom of act and thought within the lines of Brotherhood. He must manifest in himself ideals and motives above those of his fellows. yet one.wish and will of Europe and the indomitable perseverance of England." To accomplish this. as to aspiration. Obedience here is simply rising to the plane of and acting in harmony with the motive and spirit of the Leader. directs the wish and will of his fellows. When that plane is reached. This is a spiritual movement. and in a terrible war conquered selfishness and freed millions of his suffering fellows from the shackles of unholy greed. another who manifests within himself higher ideals and purer motives becomes the leader in his stead." No man is a leader of his fellows because he is chosen to be such.44 UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD * by Pluma Brown . There is no creed. and conquered Napoleon. The divine spirit within him impels to aspiration. and to give to men the larger freedom of the soul. and that to effort. Light and Liberation to discouraged humanity. Wellington deposed Napoleon because he converged to himself the forces of a higher manhood and of nobler motives. as to attainment. There is only one requirement from the membership. Even in republics a leader is leader because of his right to leadership. Its success at this point in the evolution of humanity depends upon its ability to overcome the powers of the lower nature and to loosen mental bonds.

The value and stability of this work depends upon the degree that it recognizes the fundamental basis underlying the profession of Brotherhood. This is true. unless there is scientific reason for its existence. not against it. and presentations. old and new. The day is past for unquestioning acceptance of any theory of life based on authority or assumption. place or individuals. and it was intelligent study into the depths of its possibilities that made its harnessing an achievement. some Great First Cause. Jackson. The heart doctrine is to supersede the eye doctrine of the past. anarchy and license without law. Minn. and is the result of our past ideas of Brotherhood having been fostered by "isms" and societies. philosophies. This unity of brotherhood existing in the lower kingdoms is evidenced by the laws of nature. This is unphilosophical. theologies. It is generally accepted that all impulses to right thinking and doing come from some Supreme Wisdom. . This is the law in the human kingdom as well. All work or evolution through the mineral. Universal Brotherhood is a never to be realized "will o' the wisp" unless it have its base in sound philosophy. But the fact must not be lost sight of that the Great Cause never suspends established order to work out what may be a benefit to some special ------------* Reprinted from the Jackson County Pilot. and therefore. the Universal Brotherhood of Man is a fact in nature. Many raise objections to this broad teaching. is threaded through and through with institutions professing to be founded upon Brotherhood. The immense power gained from Niagara is obtained through working with the natural laws governing the great torrent. and in the measure that we work intelligently with divine cyclic law will be the success of our endeavor. ------------time. each one trying to force its special doctrines upon humanity to the exclusion of all others. unreasoning judgment. and intensities according as humanity develops unselfish thinking. it will seem evident to all thinkers that the unusual prominence given the idea of Brotherhood now. and as such we are but divided portions of that Great All. runs the vital law or fact that those creatures of creation taking the human form are bound together by something more subtle than the reasoning faculty can analyze: . At present. There is a law of unity pervading and underlying all nature that is recognized even in the material world of scientific research. the whole social fabric woven from the needs and aspirations of human life. The wave now starting shall roll high over creed and dogma in the centuries to come and he who would ride on the crest must drop the burden of inherited prejudice and superstition under which we were born. must be a tidal wave. but with this difference: The individual must choose whether he will work in accord or at variance with law.a something that quickens their interest in each other's welfare. The thought of fraternity underlies all social organizations and much of the religious and political work. Therefore. but this cooperation is compulsory. due at its own appointed time. He must begin to think for himself. Every analogy in nature points to our origin in the one essence of the Absolute.THROUGH all the changing schools. vegetable and animal kingdoms is cooperative. claiming that it only leads to socialism.

and then declaring that all about the science of anatomy has been accomplished. it is like dissecting a man's finger. and if we desire to remove some obstacle that is a stumbling-block to our advancement. When Universal Brotherhood shall once more live in the hearts of men. will be given to mutual helpfulness. that parcels out unfortunate humanity in bundles and "job lots" will be exchanged for the love that is now too often but a far-off vision. creeds. But only as we feel that these experiences are equal. We are each having just the experience most needed for our development. the division between capital and labor will have ceased. Don 't be afraid of being called inconsistent. and look from the central standpoint where is no large.Infallible Revelation Requires Infallible Understanding to Interpret the Revelation . The truth in it is relative to what has gone before. . Who wants to accept a ready-made and finished man-made scheme about God? We are here to grow toward God. How to study the Bible . The object of religion is to become one with God. we absorb and assimilate as much or as little as our condition permits. no poor.A Word about "Masters" . What seemed to us the proper way a few years ago. Charity. may not now satisfy us. no rich. brown. This most visibly lessens the feeling of separateness that is the base of most of the seeming difference between masses and classes today. that impurity and inharmony manifest. these depending upon our evolution. Mankind has not existed for long periods prior to the history of the Bible without truth.--. When we study the bible by itself. largehearted. black. long enough to recognize that on the spiritual side we are divine. or may not be ours tomorrow. or the wisdom to which we have attained. brothers equally pure.Memory of Past Live Possible TO study the bible it must be compared with other and older religious books. Therefore.45 Like air. and that activity now so noticeable in strife and competition. our souls were breathed out into existence and there will be no sense of separateness when we are indrawn to that from whence we came. in whom could exist no shadow of injustice or wrong. proceeded forth from the one great Father of us all. White. It is only upon the fleshly side. There are no mistakes in the divine plan. do so. we cannot say that the experience of one seemingly far removed from us may not have been ours yesterday. color or condition. Humanity needs to turn aside from the insane pursuit of material ideas. Watson CHAPTER SIXTH.45 THE KINDERGARTEN OF THEOSOPHY by Marie A. with no difference in caste. We must each learn the way and go that way by ourselves. --------------. and sects. yellow. no small. Truth is ever present with man. J. If it is necessary that you should run the whole gamut of religious systems. an appearance temporary. can we be broad-minded. we have the right to do it. and all necessary to the fulfillment of some Infinite plan. and this cannot be done by any religious pap served to us by a clerical robe and a white tie. if you learn anything by it.

. that grey. and both would he useless. Modern Science has been accused of making an inroad upon religion. changeable. or will you turn a deaf ear and cheat yourself into a belief that you can secure happiness in the old ways? This spirit of unrest is portent of good. We must either face. stifling the growth of sweeter blossoms that may dare to lift their heads. it is the sign of action. to banish the speculative doubt which has entered the mind. outside of the physical plane. if you do not care to disturb that deadly calm. but all mirrors are not equally clear. God is revealed to man thus only. heed the voice. it is true. awful waste of waters. No one can interpret an intellectual subject unless through the medium of his own consciousness. Godless and alone. For he has that power within himself.46 pronounce to be a steady Christian gait. Geology has proven that the story of creation as taught by theology is false. if he expects to put his finger on God outside of himself. so to speak. in vain. whose horizon is eternity. the mirror in which he is compelled to behold what shows itself. which is. without an infallible understanding to comprehend the interpretation. and man seeks in vain in all the books of history. Man cannot apprehend God without recognizing and using the God power within himself. Let us also remember that there must be differences of opinion regarding the meaning and interpretation placed upon the words of any writer or teacher. remembering that it is the product of man 's brain. unless be has come into its possession by the awakening of his own spirituality. which gives birth to that stage we call faith. teacher. but if there is that within you that bids you awaken. --. book. Some of our poets have been greatly astonished at the meaning of certain passages that the critics assign to them. science and religion. well and good. yet this faith is based upon experience. This is the celestial visitor that knocketh. it is possible that error may have slipped in alongside of the truth. after all. with the search-light of the past thrown upon it. for it scientifically shows the method by which faith may become knowledge based upon experience. If the old things are good enough for you. Spiritual truth comes to us through spiritual illumination. All this must be taken into consideration when we study any writing.the honest soul tries. may only be the well trodden. It is selfevident that no one can employ any spiritual power. Nothing but a certainty of where we stand can satisfy this unrest. And then. will you admit him. with no star in the infinite night. or we must get a better understanding of religion. stony path of indifference and selfishness hedged about by weeds of self-conceit and prejudice. and no hope of a haven of rest.wavering. Dare to stand up and say what you think. Don't let policy seal your lips. what many people. whereby he can know. for. infallible revelation requires an infallible interpretation. too. But does this prevent man from having religion? Does it hinder him from proving unto himself that God is? Never. for it is the voice of God in your soul. we must study it as we would any other work. Man can cultivate the perception of this inner power. however latent it may be. The men engaged in the pursuit of this knowledge have been branded as infidels. and that. Who wants fidelity to a lie whether that lie was taught from the bible or elsewhere? What does all this mean except that we must study the bible. but Theosophy proves how faith need not be a blind attribute. therefore. of life and its object. or system of religion. It is as useless to seek otherwise as it would be to seek to see the . This method embodies the development of the sevenfold nature of man.

or by aid of the light that issues from it. The existence of these masters or Adepts is a reality. matter too etherial for the finest instrument of material science to discover. how many of these owe their origin to the powers behind the throne? In fact the Masters are ever operating to help forward the advance of the race. but to extend our knowledge we look to those abroad. there is no such thing as accident in the Universe. we must study the masters of these arts. for this reason we should study religion intelligently and reverently. Theosophy claims to have such masters in Religion and Science.47 plane of life but the physical. Now. by their own effort and will-power have advanced in the scale of evolution to such a state of consciousness that they know the origin and the destiny of mankind. for in many instances interference would retard man's progression instead of enhancing it. that we cannot fathom them by the shallow plumb-line of our opinions and judgments. Theosophy takes up the "missing link" of Science and carries it into other realms of matter. that they must regard Karmic limitations. when developed. Modern Science teaches the evolution of the physical body. There are living witnesses to this fact. who. before it can be made subservient to the Spirit. Theosophical history teaches that there are men. it stops there. The esoteric or spiritual meaning. that this inner perception can be developed. we do not restrict ourselves to those at home. of experience and knowledge. fashions her own instruments adapted to the planes upon which she wills to function. everything is governed by law. but there exists within man himself a lens of such delicate mechanism. and each query could be met with a fit reason as to why it is not done in the way that appears best to our judgment. however. This can only be done when man first recognizes the fact that it can be proven by himself unto himself. it does not touch upon any other --. If we admit one accident. we study those of reputation. we must not merely take for granted that which has been asserted. There are failures. Second. or music. Our object in life should be to learn the best way in which to obey the laws of God in the universe. but no accidents. we can readily see how our own conditions limit the Masters from coming into personal contact with us. we must penetrate beyond the superficial.sun. inventions that better the material conditions of men. except by the means of the sun itself. Do you say why do they not come forward and show themselves to the world? Why do they not change things for the betterment of humanity? A number of like questions could be put. painting. We come nearer the truth when we think of . for the iron of the lower nature must be burned to a white heat. The soul of man. where shall we draw the line? But the Masters have no desire to be praised or worshiped. living men. Through the teachings of the wisdom religion. the lowest and least portion of man's nature. we become acquainted with the truths embodied in Christianity. but we must prove all things unto ourselves. If we want to know sculpture. their motives so far transcend our little concepts of what is worthy. We learn that the basic idea in all religions is one and the same. which enables him to perceive beyond the domain of physical science. First. How do we know how often the Masters help mankind? How much is due to their help in philanthropic and beneficent works in every country and every clime? Improvements. does not lie on the surface.

health is the result. however wild and absurd in his theories of medicine. The surface of the body receives the closest attention. and disease is supposed to be owing to a disagreement of these two elements. a .48 CHINESE MEDICINE by Huldah T. and as they do not represent the status of the medical profession in our own country. as it is a peculiarity of the race to conserve and transmit. the female principle in nature. and the various physiological changes is very defective. Gunn. predicated on the dual theory of the yin and yang. suggested by the relation which they suppose it bears to the internal organs. Great parade is usually made by the practitioner in examining it. They make the "yin'' and the "yang. and the yang. but in all departments of learning they are unscientific. Theories are furnished in great variety to account for the nourishment of the body as their knowledge of the circulation of the blood.D. The brain is said to be the abode of the yin principle in its perfection. But as medicine is the most unscientific of all the sciences. just for the look of the thing. and in spite of his profound ignorance of the anatomy of the human body. They have collected with great care and patient research a great variety of facts. fortune-teller." those universal solvents of Chinese philosophy. and when they are in perfect harmony in the body. and are as impersonal as the very light of heaven itself. D. and spirit-rapper. if I may be allowed the paradoxical expression. fairly abreast of the times in practice. M. -----------------. A CHINESE medical doctor has been described by a facetious writer as "a happy compound of pedant. M. perhaps the same might be the case in the Flowery Kingdom." As I read this definition I thought it was not necessary to go as far as China to meet with M. I find John Chinaman. of absorption. What I have to present is meagre indeed. but are still authority for Chinese practice. With this idea in view I determined to look up what I could find on the subject of Chinese medicine. D. The pulse is very carefully studied and its condition regarded as the index of every condition of the body. like unto the sunlight going out in all directions.. The yin they claim is the male. account for everything they cannot understand. speculations and theories. and the yang is located in the heart. Consequently they have very vague ideas concerning the internal organs. and there is not a square inch without its appropriate name. They are numerous and very ancient. their relative positions or their functions. flavored with a dash of Confucian priest. from the fact that very few of their medical works have been translated into English.'s of a similar sort. Plasters and lotions are applied to these places according to the diagnosis of the disease. They abound in traditions. and each heart-beat dispensing rays of feeling. but lack that cautious and candid spirit of investigation that we call scientific study. Dissections are interdicted by law in China and discountenanced by public opinion. invented many arts and brought a few to a high degree of perfection.them as one great Heart throbbing in sympathy with all that lives. the people having the idea that a mutilated body will enter the world to come in a dismembered state and remain so forever after. quack. rather than to investigate and originate.

with his limited knowledge of anatomy. For instance. The Chinese doctor attributes to the pulse an endless variety of nice peculiarities and subtle indications. it indicates the heart. lungs. all derangements of the heart must proceed from excess of the principles of heat and dryness. I imagine. Chinese medical men prefer to extract the active principles of drugs by careful and repeated boilings. symptoms and pains. and are said to effect wonders. and seventy-eight animal. following the course of the radial artery. Both terms are very vague. or "three passages. which he has reduced to a classification termed inch.tonics. When the "bar" is lightly pressed. metal. The practice of Dr. wood." and the ming man.combination of solemn nonsense and unfathomable wisdom. very much the same thing as we do when we talk of nervous prostration. Tea is the grand exception to this rule. I dare say. and upon the amount of pressure in determining it. and by experience and close observation of cause and effect. There is a Chinese theory that every organ of the body is allied to one of what they term the five elements . he is enabled to combat pathological conditions for which he can give no reasonable explanation. a process." Sometimes the very wise doctor finds it necessary to feel all these pulses at once. When they direct a decoction to be taken hot. The "cubit" lightly pressed sounds the state of the urinary bladder. fire and that we barbarians delight to emulate.49 ternal organs which serves to indicate the nature of the disease. spleen and two imaginary organs. they do not mean it shall be drunk warm. and so on. . Hot infusions are given in the acute stages of diseases where sweating is called for and spirituous tinctures are employed in chronic diseases. Discrimination is made also as to which side of the body the pulse is taken. astringents. The heart. They put great stress also upon what they call the disturbance of the equilibrium of the vital spirits. which means. Chinaman. being allied to the element fire. meaning the "gate of life. Out of the four hundred and forty-two medicinal agents enumerated in one of their popular dispensatories three hundred and fourteen are vegetable. Bread pills are an old and favorite remedy with them. Browned wheat flour is used in fluxes. which they call the san tseaon. The bowels being allied to the element earth. when the left hand "inch" is lightly pressed. resolvents. The right wrist when examined in the same manner indicates the condition of the intestines. The element of heat is very properly taken into account by the Chinese doctors. the state of the gall-bladder is indicated. purgatives and alteratives of poisonous humors in the blood. for which they employ baked clay vessels. and consequently the state of the pulse is principally depended upon in diagnosis. physiology and biology. is far in advance of his theories. stomach. fifty mineral. the inch being nearest the hand. become deranged through an excess of wind. and considerable guess-work is resorted to in the treatment of each. they say. and his methods in many instances are perhaps less harmful than some of our so-called scientific ones. and the bar and cubit further up the arm. however. when heavily pressed the liver responds. These medicines are ranged under six heads . bar and cubit. resembling very much the fingering of a type-writer. There is supposed to be a sympathy between these different points of the pulse and the in--. They enjoy tea drinking too well to spoil it by boiling. and heavily pressed tells the condition of the kidneys.

supported by two men. perhaps. with more science. Under this infliction he was consoled by being told by the doctor that the sudden hard breathing would restore the rib to its natural position. there was not much that is absurd. As a rule. faith cures and Christian scientists flourishing throughout the land? As for medical mountebanks and charlatans in China. which caused him to draw in his breath with great vehemence. And when it comes to invoking the aid of the supernatural. soothing effects in small-pox and other serious eruptive diseases of children. Wild honey is used largely as a household remedy for its pectoral. if not as disgusting . While walking. scorpions.A pillow stuffed with fresh barley bran is credited with having cooling. but do not our own pharmacopoeias contain many remedies equally useless. he had unexpectedly a basin of freezing water thrown on his chest. their name is legion. hartshorn shavings.and obsolete . They also use it as an emetic in cases of opium poisoning. persimmon tops. spotted lizards. the Chinese employ few mineral or metallic substances in the treatment of internal diseases. The poisonous effects of lead are well understood by them. bad sore eyes. sea shells. or "dragon's gall plant. Many popular writers would lead us to believe that Chinese remedies consisted entirely of such substances as dragons' tusks. Wells Williams gives an account of an instance where an English traveler fell from his horse and dislocated his ribs. In their efforts to reduce fractures and dislocations they present a strange mixture of folly and sense in the procedure. that we employ daily in our practice. mixed boiled and brewed after the manner of the witches in "Macbeth. The flowers of henbane (hyosciamus niger) in combination with henbane (aconite) root. Ginseng is a very old and popular remedy with them." and administered with much necromancy. ointments and plasters. have we not our clairvoyants. It would he strange indeed. and so is our own profession honeycombed with them. it is applied as a powder to chronic ulcers. if among the eleven thousand eight hundred and ninetysix formulae to be found in one of their ancient books on medicine. It is used as a salve for chapped hands and roughness of the skin. ignorant and superstitious.50 and is used as a tonic. and then. asses' glue. --. they use topically when they wish to benumb the tissues for opening boils or abscesses. the Chinese doctors have no proper ideas of surgery. but so long as they are dubbed "regular" they live and thrive. made to walk in the open air. Prickly ash (xanthoxylum) berries they use for indigestion and dysentery. stalactite. Gentian. Oil of sandal-wood is a favorite remedy in many specific diseases. laxative and emollient properties. especially where there is a loss of virility. Sulphate of copper is in general use. and the bite of a mad dog.. and many other agents with the bitter principle. rabbits' milk. They use it only in making liniments..of course. silk-worm moth. The doctor who was called caused the patient to be stripped to the waist. they set down as eminently anti-phlogistic and anti-rheumatic. the ." as the Chinese call it. and seldom attempt it. but with no better results. lotus seeds. etc. etc. and is also applied in inflammatory conditions of the eye and as a vehicle for unpleasant drugs in making up pills. incantations and invocations to the gods of the healing art. I might go on enumerating scores of drugs from the Chinese Materia Medica. In consequence of their ignorance of anatomy. This method failing.

unless the mantle of Chint-sung. for sprains.D. and the propitious seasons for the operation. The procession of the morbific influences is marshaled in the following order: "The nose is the external orifice of the lungs. and that was healed by being stuffed with burnt cotton. and many other ailments.'s of the Occident. and the dose is from two .51 power is very general and often entails great suffering. as they termed operation was to sit the patient on the ground. The custom of applying caustics and cauteries of various degrees of --. a fever is like a pot boiling. Indeed. Leeching and cupping is employed to remove blood in some inflammatory conditions." Now I doubt if Koch himself can give a more lucid explanation of the occult workings of his famous consumptive cure. if we wish to cure the patient. Acupuncture was invented in China. When. but when it receives the impression from the inoculation it manifests itself and breaks out externally. and transfers the poison to the spleen. by causing a violent heaving of the chest will be sure to force in place the dislocated rib. They puncture for syncope. The practice of inoculation or planting for small-pox. when the lymph is placed in the nose its influence is first communicated to the lungs. originated in China. This said the Chinese Esculapius. and puncture it indiscriminately. the doctor held a cloth over his mouth and nostrils till he was almost suffocated. the lungs transfer the poison to the heart. and jealously guarded. the heart governs the pulse. which governs the hair and skin. for swelling of joints. and it did. and not diminish the liquid in the vessel. and remains concealed till it has developed through the agency of some external exciting cause. the kidneys govern the bones. for dry cough. for it was handed down to them from the Sung dynasty. the supposed originator of the theory of inoculation has descended upon him. Their composition is a secret in the possession of a single family and is transmitted from generation to generation. being careful to avoid the 11th and 15th day of the moon. they often treat the human body like a huge animated pincushion. 1014 years before Christ. The victims to this barbarous practice are the babies. Their theory is that the poison of small-pox is introduced into the system ab utero. They are homoeopathic in size. are spring and autumn. Had this philosophy of the Orient been recognized earlier by the M. it is hard to estimate. by the assistance of two men. but venesection is discountenanced. the spleen governs the liver. and transfers the poison to the kidneys. among many bad ones. The gentleman had also received a scalp wound. the liver governs the tendons. many a valuable life might have been spared that has been a victim to the barbarous practice of bleeding. The obstetrical branch of practice is almost entirely in the hands of women in China. The modus operandi is to impregnate a piece of cotton-wool with the variolous lymph and introduce it into the nostrils. no man knows how many centuries ago. and is still largely practiced with some good results. and it is requisite to reduce the fire. In Peking they have a prodigious celebrity and are unanimously extolled as a universal panacea for all the ills a Chinaman is heir to. especially in fevers: for says the Chinese leech. the poison of the small-pox lies hid originally in the marrow of the bones. for deep-seated pains. and then. I cannot leave the list of Chinese remedies without noticing the celebrated red pills of which we have all heard.

their mode of living is simple. there are none. Whiskey. and the juice of sorgo. They depend. Lockhart ascribes the prevalence of diseases of the eye to the practice barbers have of turning the lids over and clearing their surfaces of the natural secretions of the eye. which reads as follows: "When one who shall practice the profession of medicine or surgery without understanding it. which are soothing. however ignorant the Chinese may appear in the eye of the Western physician of the science. the reported inventor of spirituous drinks.52 tarsal cartilages contract and entropion (turning in of the eyelids) is the result of this barbarous practice. invigorating and healing by nature. If a pinch does not make a man sneeze his case is hopeless. millet. has been handed down with opprobrium. cutaneous and gastric. and in time conjunctivitis supervenes. except that embodied in section 297 of the Chinese Penal Code. and breaks out into a profuse perspiration. A single pill is powdered and applied to the nose like snuff. they must know something by experience and traditions. to suspend work. Hope revives and grows in exact ratio to the number of sneezes and the vigor with which they are delivered. that the whole body protests. is not in lack of good doctors.and these lessons are very near the truth. Dr." But the people are taught that the habitual use of it "injures the gall bladder. In China we use chiefly vegetable remedies. Their custom is when ill from colds or fever. and this affirmation is warranted by my personal experience. In regard to the laws regulating the practice of medicine in China. Shen Woon." The Chinese are also a temperate people. Brandy is used in the collapse stage of dysentery and cholera as a dernier resort and is called the "life-prolonging draught. the practice is persisted in till the lids become granulated. if he sneezes but once he will live but one day. are mostly from the vegetable kingdom. go to bed and stop eating food of any kind. as he was banished by the great Yu for his discovery. where I am from. the central part of China. which they distil from corn. shall adminster drugs or operate with a piercing or cutting instrument in a manner . They are perhaps the most active sudorific known to the Chinese medical world. He says: "If the person's eyes are examined after this process they will be found to be red and irritated. which provokes such a succession of sneezes. but as their dietetics is not pertinent to this two dozen according to the gravity of the case. in spite of the assertions of some travelers to the contrary. as I have said. ex-Consul to New York city. in a letter I received from him in reply to an inquiry on the subject. This is corroborated by Mr. and their moralists have always inveighed against the use of spirits." In general the Chinese enjoy good health. ruins the stomach and rots the intestines" . and the name of I-tih. He says: "My opinion is that. Intermittent fevers are also common. in some cases the --. The classes of diseases which most prevail in China are ophthalmic. Their medicines. which in most cases allows nature to work her own cure. which is principally vegetable. too. I cannot dwell upon that subject. more than 2000 Years before Christ. upon this wonderful pill in prognosis. they use principally in preparing their tinctures. which being considered proof of insufficient cleansing. Canton is a province where medical practice is most deceptive. but the mode of administering them is most remarkable. is wholesome and nutritious. and their diet.

but philosophically dismiss it with the theory that it is to the interest of the sick millions to see to it that the doctor of their choosing understands his business. Through all space thrill the magnetic and electrical elements of animate Nature. male and female. and without injurious intention. active and passive. The dual is in all. if he wishes to be anything above a hewer of wood and drawer of water. the creative Force makes sketches and spiral lines in the shape of a serpent. the magistrate shall convoke other men of the profession to examine the nature of the remedy such practitioner shall have administered.53 THE SERPENT SYMBOL by Sarah F. and if he does not. If he can pass the competitive examinations that every Chinaman is subjected to. The emblem of Eternity is a Serpent with its tail in its mouth: a circle. It watches and conceals itself. a high spiritual essence whose influence pervades the realm of matter. Neither emperors nor mandarins nor literary chancellors. -------------. The Siphrah Dtzenioutha speaks of primeval chaos and the evolution of the Universe after a destruction (pralaya). the symbol of endless eternity and of cyclic periods. The nearer to the heart of mother Nature man keeps. . for life on one plane is death on another plane." No medical "faculty" has the making of a Chinese doctor. . the life-giving and death-giving. he has the right to choose the medical profession the same as any other calling. and which has been followed by the death of the patient. nor imperial commissions charge themselves with any concern in the matter. Gordon MYSTICS see in the Serpent the emblem of Cosmic Force. or the wound he shall have made. obtain the remission of the punishment inflicted on a homicide. its tail in its mouth. though with varying meanings according to that which . Spirit and Matter were opposite poles of the same essence. II. or rather terrestrial life. licensing and prohibiting.contrary to established rules and practice. but such physician or surgeon shall be compelled forever to quit the profession. It also represents the Astral Light or Universal Soul from which all that exists is born by separation or differentiation. it says: . the head twisting on its neck."That 'Mystery of the Serpent' was this: Our Earth. I think their system is rather an improvement on our laws for making and unmaking. it is enraged and angry. On the whole. he may by a certain payment. comparing it to an uncoiling serpent: . It holds its tail in its mouth. Section 297 of the Penal Code is his protection. In the Kabala. In the Secret Doctrine. A symbol once adopted is kept by its sacredness. is often referred to in the Secret Teachings as the great Sea. which are becoming more and more complicated and arrogant in our free America. 'the sea of life' having remained to this day a favorite metaphor. in the manner established for cases of killing by accident. never ending. 504). .'Extending hither and thither. If it should appear that the physician or surgeon has only acted in error. Every Thousand Days it is manifested'" (Secret Doctrine. and shall thereby contribute to cause the death of a patient. It is held that the ancients believed more in the spiritual or invisible powers of Nature than the men of the present day. the more he comprehends spiritual truths. never beginning.

--. at the same time it is the ever revolving circle with its opposite poles. which is the fructifier of the seed or germ sown in its depths. alas. independence. love of country. "By the Divine Power of Love all Nature becomes renewed. "Be ye wise as serpents. Jesus acknowledged the great wisdom and prudence of the serpent. active and passive. are the fundamental principles of every better religion. we fear. light and darkness. With heat comes expansion and consequent disintegration into new forms of life. Human passions correspond to the earth. but for abusing these powers. Within the closed shell evolved a living creature apparently self-created. are opposed to thought. Both emotions prompt action and. the symbol being accepted as the thing itself. It is owing to the serpent being oviparous that it becomes a symbol of wisdom and an emblem of the Logoi or the Self-born." The Occultist believes that the spiritual and psychic involution proceed on parallel lines with physical evolution. life and death. It is only through sentient manifestation that man can rise to the plane of life immortal. Every people revered the symbol. to that extent. sex-love. The egg was chosen as the universal symbol on account of its form and its inner mystery. life. magnetic element which fascinates while it causes ruin the alluring of the spiritual force into the vortex of sentient existence. not the result of sin. The serpent is the symbol of the Adept. liberty. The creative powers in man are the gift of Divine Wisdom. Religion rests on a mental want. progress. . that the inner senses were innate in the first human races. thought. Hence a knowledge of the soul life of races is the only true guide in the explanation of symbols."Out of the furnace of man's life and its black smoke. It is in the experience earned through the tortures of mortality that man may evolve a God. Develop very strongly any of these forms of love and it will concentrate whatever religious' aspirations a person has. It is the emblem of wisdom and prudence. The symbolic hieroglyphics of the ancients were based upon the occult science of correspondences. light. By the symbol of the serpent the ancients represented fire. All point to one high form which can become a passion for truth. Religion has been through all the forms of self-love. because we desire. the sense of subjection to a higher will which rules the course of events but which we do not fully comprehend. while in each is the germ of the highest love. Man is born." This is the secret which underlies all the symbols. "Right thought is the path to Life Everlasting: those who think do not die. The curse was not pronounced for seeking natural union. Often. struggle. Goethe said "Confidence and resignation. The serpent represents the sensual. Thus arose good and evil." The serpent also symbolizes the creative power. we hope. effort.54 of his powers of Divine uppermost in the mind of the user. No spiritual and psychic evolution is possible on earth for one who is forever passive. They defended symbolic teaching on the ground that the symbol left so much unexplained that thereby the intellect was stimulated and trained to deep thinking. pleasure and pain. Occultism teaches that the possible in thought is possible in action." is an old philosophical axiom. love of humanity. heat and cold. This is the real curse alluded to in Genesis. That would be failure on this material plane. he has to evolve the angel by long and repeated lives on earth. the reverse is seen. consciousness. civilization. As the Voice of the Silence says: .

To reach Nirvana's bliss but to renounce it. shunned by the Bodhisattvas of the "Secret Heart. (disciples) translated and annotated by H. O beginner. mankind. "Shangna robe" means. New York. thy soul as limpid as a mountain lake. is the supreme. follow the wheel of duty to race and kin. To don Nirmanakaya's humble robe is to forego eternal bliss for Self to help on man's salvation. P. No longer can the perfect Buddhas. robe sublime. the acquirement of Wisdom with which the Nirvana of destruction (of personality) is entered. The selfish devotee lives to no purpose. the way to selfish bliss. Edkins states that this "grass cloth" was brought to China from Tibet in the Tong Dynasty. flames purified. THESE vestures are. The man who does not go through his appointed work in life has lived in vain." "Follow the wheel of life. Literally.55 THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE * (Continued." "Inaction based on selfish fear can bear but evil fruit. unto the weal of units? Know. Both action and inaction may find room in thee. it also kills . Nirmanakaya." as the Orientalists called the hierarchy of the thirty-three Arhats who spread Buddhism." says the Chinese. Know. *** To "practice the Paramita Path" means to become a Yogi with a view of becoming an ascetic. The Shangna robe. B. -----------fection. soaring onward 'neath the Karmic eye. O Disciple. and Dharmakaya." ----------------." Published by The Theosophical Publishing Company. the "initiation robe" of the Neophytes.winged flames arise. To live to benefit mankind is the first step. Alas! shall SELVES be sacrificed to Self. it stops rebirth." the Buddhas of Compassion. can purchase light eternal. to friend and foe. and close thy mind to pleasures as to pain. the third great Arhat or "Patriarch.** 'tis true. help man's salvation. ** The Shangna robe. The Shangna robe alone gives the Nirvana of destruction. 41 Madison Avenue. who sacrificed the SELF to weaker Selves. To practice the six glorious virtues*** is the second. selected by the Buddhas of Per-------------* "The Voice of the Silence and other Chosen Fragments from the Book of Golden Precepts for the daily use of Lanoos. this is the Secret PATH. "When an Arhan is born this plant is found growing in a clean spot. O Lanoo. who don the Dharmakaya glory. Sambhogakaya. from Shangnavesu of Rajagriha. that. as also the Tibetan legend.compassion. but. thy body agitated. metaphorically. weave in the end the fabric glorified of the three vestures of the Path.) THE TWO PATHS. . thy mind tranquil. the final step the highest on Renunciation's Path. this is the Open PATH.

Both are now servants to Nyima*** left in his absence silent watches in the night.. to friend and foe. if thou art debarred from flaming like the noon-day Sun upon the snow-capped mount of purity eternal.. The pilgrim who would cool his weary limbs in running waters.Yet. if the "Doctrine of the Heart" is too high-winged for thee. ** Precepts of the Prasanga School. be warned in time: remain content with the "Eye Doctrine" of the Law." it is within thy reach "tomorrow. who out of fear of Mara refrains from helping man. Follow the wheel of life." In the "Great journey. Take then as much as merit hath in store for thee.has lived in vain..however does the evening star to those who tread their path in darkness.. nor the sweet jessamine's silver star to thorn or thistle turn.'' and they will act for thee tomorrow. Inaction based on selfish fear can bear but evil fruit. the karmic progeny of all our former thoughts and deeds..can vanish from the world of causes.. Such is thy Karma. if thou needest help thyself and fearest to offer help to others . The selfish devotee lives to no purpose.. The man who does not go through his appointed work in life .''* Learn that no efforts.then. the destiny of those who. thou of timid heart. chained to thy previous actions..56 . Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas. Be of good cheer and rest content with fate. If Sun thou canst not be. For if the "Secret Path" is unattainable this "day. risks to succumb from heat. To perish doomed is he. "A harsh word uttered in past lives is not destroyed. ----------* "Tomorrow" means the following rebirth or reincarnation." or the whole complete cycles of existences in one "Round.. and close thy mind to pleasures as to pain. that springeth the sweet fruit of final Liberation. follow the wheel of duty to race and kin. and may in future "Days" again become . it brings to mortals lives of weal or woe. *** "Great Journey. Thou canst create this "day'' thy chances for thy "morrow."** The pepper plant will not give birth to roses. yet dares not plunge for terror of the stream. Hope still. in their pain and sorrow. Aye."*** causes sown each hour bear each its harvest of effects. then choose. lest he should act for Self. "Act thou for them today. Behold Migmar. Behold the fiery aura of the "Hand" of Lhagpa** extended in protecting love over the heads of his ascetics." 'Tis from the bud of Renunciation of the Self.. are born along with thee. With mighty sweep of never-erring action. a humbler course. but ever comes again. then be the humble planet." ------------. E'en wasted smoke remains not traceless. rejoice and weep from life to life. and lost among the host .whether in right or wrong direction . O Neophyte. not the smallest .* as in his crimson veils his "Eye" sweeps over slumbering Earth. Exhaust the law of karmic retribution. Point out the "Way" . the Karma of the cycle of thy births. for rigid Justice rules the World. Gain Siddhis for thy future birth.. O thou of patient heart.

57 STUDENTS' COLUMN conducted by J. ----------* Mars. without a Teacher. far away. still lays his patience and submission to the Law as a sweet flower at the feet of Shakya-Thub-pa. and he may gain the eye-sight of the mountain eagle. that true devotion may bring him back the knowledge. and . The deva-sight and deva-hearing are not obtained in one short birth. *** Nyima. Give light and comfort to the toiling pilgrim. To send receipts in full to debtors refusing to pay would be only an encouragement of injustice. or the ruin of his credit.let him hear the Law. cleaving to existence. --------------. like them. that he who makes of pride and self-regard bond-maidens to devotion. but the first step is taken. justly due. that he who. Justice is . and it is therefore right for one to protect himself in his lawful ownership.**** becomes a Srotapatta+ in this birth. O Candidate." **** Buddha. Would it not be better to lose than to stir up bad feeling. ** Mercury. the hearing of the timid doe. the stream is entered. Fussell "Would you consider it wise or Theosophical. Migmar or Mars is symbolized by an "Eye. Such are the falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature. Usually a Chela is said to begin the ascending effort in one life and end or reach it only in his seventh succeeding birth. *** The Sun. who in his wretched desolation sits starving for the bread of Wisdom and the bread which feeds the shadow. O Aspirant. or right to enforce the collection of a debt by law. and what is wise and Theosophical must be right.H. + Sratapotti or "he who enters in the stream" of Nirvana." and Lhagpa or Mercury by a "Hand. hope. or consolation. O Lanoo. whether it be a suit at law. Under the present organization of society ownership is necessary. and seek out him who knows still less than thou. can rarely attain Nirvana in one birth. the Sun in Tibetan Astrology. but rather a desire for justice from the debtor. To collect a debt. The Siddhis of perfection may loom far.two Suns. Tell him. Be. unless he reaches the goal owing to some exceptional reasons. Tell him. pitying our debtor rather than hating him? "Would it not be Theosophical to send a receipt in full to all our debtors who show themselves unwilling to pay?" In the first place what is wise is Theosophical. that knowledge which was his in former births. If a debtor is able and refuses to pay a just debt he should he compelled to pay. by process of law does not indicate hatred of the debtor by the creditor. He who justly owes and refuses to pay brings upon himself the karma of that refusal.

it is a principle. The majority of men and women in the Western world both desire meat." published in Theosophy. 1897. Yet it is only by viewing the question in all its aspects that we can hope to come to a correct solution of it. Mr. the animal nature more controlled and there will no longer be a desire for meat.58 are opposed to vivisection. It is of no avail to say that some can maintain health without meat-eating or that all could do so if they went about it in the right way. (See article "A Great Unpunished Crime. that too the body requires food but that life can be supported without meat-eating. tastes will become simpler. We are thus hindering rather than helping him. . In my judgment the test of right and wrong and of consistency in this as in all matters is duty. but it is folly for us to pretend that we have yet attained to that point. the fact remains that as at present constituted the majority of men and women cannot maintain health without meat-eating. but for all people and all creatures.more than a sentiment. and some of the most eminent physicians deny that any good has come from its practice. will you continue to breathe when you learn that with every breath you draw you destroy myriads of creatures? Every vital process of the body implies the destruction of living forms. I fully believe there will come a time in the evolution of the race when meat-eating will no longer be necessary or desired. . Surely the natural and right way to bring about this condition is to transform one's nature and elevate one's life." Do we eat for the sake of enjoyment and gratification of the palate or with the view . If the performance of duty requires bodily health and if in certain cases this cannot be maintained save by meat-eating then. eat meat by all means. Yet as the ideas of Brotherhood spread. I say. To "forgive" a just debt and allow it to go unpaid because of the refusal of the debtor is to make ourselves the agent for deferring Karma. gradually the present conditions will change.) Meat-eating and vivisection do not come in the same category. which might have been entirely exhausted by the payment of his debt. has it advanced science? The great majority of the medical profession --. Is this practice essential to the performance of duty? Has it benefitted man. July. as men and women begin to realize that they live not for themselves alone. and cannot maintain health or perform their duties without it. Apply the same test of duty to vivisection. It may be thought that this is going to extremes and you may say that breathing is essential to the maintenance of strike at the cause of the desire. but of how we eat.Paul "Is it consistent for a meat-eater to be an anti-vivisectionist?" Suppose we grant for a moment that it is not consistent. not at the effect. Forgiveness is a sentiment only. Judge once said "it is not a question of what we eat. But why should we draw the line at meat-eating? Is it right to take life at all? Then where shall we stop? Plants and vegetables have their life too! Why cut down a plant or uproot a vegetable if in so doing you destroy its life! Will you any longer pluck flowers and cut short their beauty and fragrance that you may adorn yourself? Or will you refuse to destroy vermin? Then go a step farther. as we purify our thoughts and ennoble our lives.

and therefore a wooden spoon can also be proud in its heart. made of fine juniper wood with carved foliage on the handle. yellow. "Dear Mistress. that you almost could feel its little heart beat in the handle. all minor questions such as that of meat-eating will fall naturally into place and find ready solution. ------------ YOUNG FOLKS' DEPARTMENT THE WOODEN SPOON by Onkel Adam ONCE upon a time there was a wooden spoon that was as fine and neat as ever could be. "Oh. it complained to the mistress saying. I am rather too good to be a mere wooden the handle.of fitting ourselves to perform our duties? The primal question is one of duty. but were I a silver-spoon I dare say the king himself might eat rice-milk with me out of a silver-dish. I ought to be up-stairs. the tea-spoons calling it aunt and the silver-forks cousin." replied the mistress. that I was a silver-spoon. it always was left in the plate-basket. Moreover. Dear Mistress. Being only wooden I will have nothing but mealporridge to wet myself in. as I look much brighter than all of them. so that it shone as bright as the sun and it felt so happy. they are so clumsy and use me so badly. and every one praised the spoon saying: Oh. help me to be a silver spoon." "Well. who promised to silver it. "Please tell the maid that I am silver-spoon just as good --. my dear." Wishing to do as the little spoon wanted the mistress took it to a silversmith. and red.59 as anybody else. although it never saw it before. calling it grannie. so it was not its fault that it was not taken out with the others. "so it is not only from the brightness outside a real silver spoon is distinguished from a wooden one?" "No. how pretty you are! Then the spoon grew proud. it counted kindred with a soup-ladle." stammered the wooden spoon. for pride clings to all created things. "for now there are only servants who handle me. silver is much heavier than . And he laid it over with silver. You never could see anything neater than the pretty wooden spoon with its veins flaming between white. the weight. I can't understand why she makes any difference between me and the others. "from the weight she knows you to be only a silver-plated wooden pin. I cannot bear servants. If this be followed." the wooden spoon thought. I just feel I am not fitted for the life down-stairs. which is in the midst of its crooked waist . "The weight. This having happened many times and it always was left. though it put itself on the top not to be forgotten. When at home again it was laid in the plate-basket and was allowed to call the silver-spoons by name." But the spoon said to its mistress. But when the spoons were to be used.

"sorry to say. and that you can see outside and feel from the weight too. I will see." "That 's impossible without casting lead into the handle." "Well. After that we will be purer and better than we were before.. that's the matter." . and knowing it had to be thrown in it. it ran through the heart and stiffened within. got quite frightened and began speaking to the other spoons about the tyranny they exercised against the poor defenseless things." Well. but still I am not of the same kind of silver as the others. But the poor wooden spoon would not be consoled." But all the silver was sold and was to be recast. "To be sure." the wooden spoon thought. "Take away the silvering. they will kill us. I am of a finer sort. He cast lead into the bored hole." "Oh no. and when they were going to throw it into the melting-pot it said with trembling voice: "Dear Sir. certainly I am a silver spoon. "Oh. it felt great pain. and now only wish to be so.everything for the glory. so well was it silvered and so well was the weight weighed out. and it would have enjoyed it. and new-silvered it returned into the plate-basket.wood." said the master and would have bent the handle. make me heavier then. I insist on being as good as the others. were there not a lump of lead in its heart. "now my glory is strengthened. they may very well melt us." And the silversmith bored deeply through the poor wooden spoon's heart. but that prevented it from being happy with its glory. quicksilver. "please make this spoon as heavy as a silver-spoon. you are not quicksilver. but it suffered that too . dear. "Only a wooden spoon then. I am a wooden spoon. The mistress being the only one who knew the truth the spoon nearly enjoyed her death. dear sir. but tin perhaps?" "Oh dear." "Yes." said the silver spoons. then I will tell them how foolish it is of a wooden spoon wishing to be of silver." Wishing to help her little spoon the mistress took it again to the silversmith. but we must suffer everything for the glory. that we should like to have burnt away. "then he is obliged to pierce my heart . I can't bear this shame. seeing the melting-furnace." she said. which can't stand the fire but ends in smoke. But then the mistress died. can I only be regarded as a real silverspoon. "Oh no. but crash! it broke. At last it was ready." it thought. what do you think of me?" "Or lead perhaps. "Ah. as I am very quick to understand. we have a little copper within us. He may pierce my heart and cast it full with lead. The poor wooden spoon." "Good Gracious. For a year it was thought to be a real silver spoon." said the wooden spoon. "Now nobody knows anything else but my being a silver spoon. surely you can see that I am not lead." said the smith. "yes." it said. that's clear. But now the maid took it for a real silver-spoon. they will burn us up. which getting rid of the lead felt quite light and happy... but it was silent and suffered." "Are you quicksilver then?" "Yes. glue me together and put me downstairs together with the other spoons. and the lump of lead fell out of it.

steps not imperceptible or merely postulated.60 REVIEWS Progress* has for a special course of instruction (beginning with the September number). lives and has a soul or spirit.----------------. Association Building. The Eskimos thought that the soul could leave the body in the night. Max Muller is rather too confident in asserting that we now have "accurate knowledge of the actual steps that led from every lower stratum to a higher one. Asiatic. He asks the cause of his existence. . Max Muller. and recognized in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason." and "afterwards it was driven for a long time to poetical. . . Mason frankly admits that "the question is mooted whether certain phases of culture are the productions of a people moving upward. both the extent and limits of its powers. the subject of "Universal Religion. metaphorical. Max Muller does. . F. The belief in the existence of a human soul seems to have been universal in America. . or of one moving downward. and the array of facts which they present are sufficient in themselves to show that the theory is erroneous. what makes the stars to shine. the flowers." None of the other writers of the series carry this evolutionary theory to the extreme that Prof. there are higher spirits or souls. dancing or visiting. . the stones. . Even the trees. . how he came into being." His theory is that "the human mind in its endeavor to apprehend and to comprehend the world by which it found itself surrounded. the plumage of that bird? And he has an answer for all these . To the American Indian all nature is not only animate.75 per year. as of nearly all primitive peoples. But higher still is the pantheon of souls or Gods who dominate the universe. Among most of the American tribes it was held that the soul could detach itself from the body and wander about more or less at will." In the lesson on "The Religions of ------------*Issued monthly by the University Association. $3. But his belief in souls is not confined to the material objects of this earth. go hunting. . or Comparative Theology" by Prof. . both animate and inanimate. Dorsey says: "The fundamental belief of Americans." presented in a series of lessons by eminent scholars. George A. Otis T. but can be explained. that every object. till it finally reached the stage of abstract thought. all objects of nature. . mythological and religious expression of the surrounding phenomena of nature. The first is an essay on "The Principles of the Science of Religion. Thus Prof. New York. to the Indian think and feel. how was the earth created. The voice of nature is to him something real and tangible. is that all nature is animated. ------------North and South America" Prof. Prof. proceeded naturally from mere percepts to more and more general concepts. Though displaying a broad and tolerant spirit. University Building. what means the peculiarity of this animal. Chicago. but steps clearly perceptible and definite by which the human mind has risen from the lowest elementary conceptions to the higher and more complex thoughts of the present time. There exists a Spirit World from which revelations are received at times by means of dreams. European and American. . .

The writer truly says of this Letter: "It is the natural expression of a lofty soul touched by the atmanic ray from the super-spiritual planes of being. and referring to Paul's Letter to Philemon as being "a gracious tribute to Brotherhood. has a ring of exultation.61 "Viracocha was placed above and beyond all other Gods. as "hierarchical impulse. but omnipresent. B. The mythology of America is extremely rich and beautiful." and makes many slips." The sentiment is excellent." by Miss Anne Bryce. P. their lofty conception of the Supreme Cause. are presented. At times his answer is very long. ." He quotes Dr. and that they were not a loan from Christian theology is conclusively shown by the fact that the very writers who preserved them often did not know their meaning. and graveyard dust.. the Supreme Deity of the Quichuas. The adjectives which were applied to this divinity by the native priests are still on record. Ryursula N. The whole series of "lessons'' on Universal Religion is superficial to the last degree. The editor gives a clear and convincing explanation of the reasons for the action taken at the Chicago Convention. The article on "Jesus of Nazareth. who says of Viracocha. invisible. India. The religions of China. How We Master Our Fate. older than the beginning. infinite. etc. The Pacific Theosophist. is by no means based upon the "newer criticism. Wilson. mummies. and is well worthy of close study. entrance into which is possible only after long ceremonies of initiation. Rome." He also states that reincarnation or transmigration was one of the tenets of the American Indians generally. "the Ancient Cause": --. it is a tale or myth. . there is more real knowledge of the phenomena and noumena of nature than is possessed by all the scientists and theologians of the modern school. such as Revelations for Revelation. and in their marvelous mythology. M." and "self-conscious entity". P. . The more interesting. his life and doings as a man among men." . is also slightly blemished by the use of technical phrases. but as skeletons. above the sun. and rejoices that so great a step forward has been made. are too strong to allow of doubt. "The Cause of Discontent. while containing much that is interesting. besides being a beautiful example of classic English.* Because there is so much that . . M. yet it is tersely written. Gestefeld. Brinton. accessible. the essential First Cause." The English translators certainly deserve praise for the beauty of their version. incorporeal. and the living proof of language. but the wording is a little too technical. and not one of the learned staff of contributors shows the slightest appreciation of the vital truths contained in the old faiths he tries to analyze so "scientifically. The testimony of the earliest observers. Allen Griffiths writes in the same strain.J. for February-March. Greece. . In some of the Pueblo tribes there exist mysterious secret societies among the priesthood. in view of this lofty ideal of divinity they had attained. whom they called Illa tucci. and Dr. The simple fact is that in the beliefs of these so-called primitive peoples. but the same praise can hardly be bestowed upon Paul's unclassical and very crabbed Greek. become the Peruvian myths of the incarnation of Viracocha. Babylonia.questions." by W. too elevated a notion of God for a race whom we are accustomed to deem gross and barbaric? I cannot help it. . not as living faiths. beneficent. Does this seem too abstract. .J. and sets forth many helpful suggestions in a fearless way. Egypt. and translated them incorrectly.

Mayer on "Woman". and the argumentative and the authoritative. Pryse on "Esoteric Christianity". the abstract and the concrete. Now. jerky. 459 Boulevard. Gunn of New York on "Some phases of Insanity". Mrs. riding up and down in an elevator does not strengthen the muscles as exercise in a gymnasium does. H. more readable. On Sunday evening. March 20th. Dunlop on "Liberality . that the reader gets the impression of being hauled around in an unfriendly way. Co. E. and Mrs. making him shrink back in dread of being impaled. and seating 1200 people. Meetings will be held in this Hall every Sunday morning at 10. . it was not a magnetic but an electric meeting. James M. ------------* New York: Gestefeld Pub. Dr. he follows a close line of reasoning only to run up against an utterly irrelevant biblical quotation. the speakers were Iverson Harris of Macon. a meeting was held in Chickering Hall. A. Robt. usually addressed to the second person. J. Ga. Basil Crump on "Art".is really excellent in the work it is to be regretted that the literary form is not smoother. and for this reason it is sometimes difficult to get at the author's real meaning. but his climbing ability is not increased. at the next he hits the solid ground with a thump. a pure purpose. Patterson was Chairman. Gestefeld sets forth many cogent reasons for this independence of thought and freedom from the bondage of outer circumstance. reason things out for themselves. centrally located on 5th Avenue. Fussell on "The letter killeth but the Spirit maketh alive". B. Dr.45. C. there was a large and enthusiastic audience and as two strangers remarked afterwards. All this is true philosophy. ----------------. E.63 MISCELLANEOUS NEWS NEW YORK. The man in the elevator may be uplifted. D. the method of treatment of the subject is not coherent. and noble aspiration. Brotherhood meetings have been held every Sunday morning in Lansing Hall. The style is so disjointed. on "The Universal Brotherhood Organization''. no one can be made to do his own thinking by compelling him to accept a ready-made system. H.. T. become rulers of their own destiny. thus she makes constant use of the word "create" where the whole force of the word is opposed to the very line of thought which she is elucidating. Nor is a consistent terminology developed. N.Since the organization of Universal Brotherhood on January 13th. The object of the book is to convince people that they should think for themselves. The book reveals clear and vigorous thinking. and very didactic. Again. --------------. The meeting on Sunday evening was most successful. being incongruously combined: at one moment the reader is in the empyrean.62 but in her over-enthusiasm in advocating her ideas she thrusts them at her reader on the point of a lance. Guild on "Autocracy".

" Selections of music were given by Mrs. and San Diego. Sacramento: "We have not had a single secessionist from our local ranks over action of recent convention. Some few of our brothers have left us. Neresheimer. giving their musical lectures on Wagner's Music Dramas. S. S. also sent in formal resolutions endorsing the action of their delegates and supporting the new organization unqualifiedly. the new order of things has aroused great enthusiasm and members seem to have taken a new lease of life. B. Immediately after the Convention Mrs. the work of the office has been overwhelming in all departments but everything goes steadily forward. On Saturday evening. some are fighting against us. They also visited Point Loma and spent a day and a night there. 12 seem to realize that Brotherhood is a fact in Nature." One member from the West writes. Cleather and Mr. Judge in Thought.. though they seek to tear down. Iverson L.64 building a guardian wall which shall for ever keep back the evil forces that seek to impede the progress of humanity. On every hand the members feel that the work they love so well has been safeguarded from all attacks. --. Cleather and Mr. 1895: "A great difference exists between the Theosophical Movement . Letters from individuals expressing loyalty and devotion are received every day. S. we go ever forward. On their way back they stopped and lectured at Macon. Basil Crump accompanied Dr. A. This is certainly the case at headquarters. A. Q. Everywhere they received most favorable newspaper notices. He reports that everywhere with hardly an exception. A. and arousing much interest. L. rearing a temple whose stones are the hearts of men. "This seems like a return to the old days of H. Crump gave an illustrated lecture on Richard Wagner with musical selections and stereopticon views. A great many strangers were present and several enquiries were made after the meeting in regard to the Universal Brotherhood. building up. Alice L. A. All members of Universal Brotherhood Lodge No. returning to New York on Wednesday. Over 130 charters have been issued to lodges of the Universal Brotherhood. Harris after the Convention made a tour of the Central States and visited 24 Branches. But." Another says: "I wish to say that I am very much encouraged and feel a great hope for the future of the Society and its work for Humanity. Los Angeles.. J. J. and arrived in New York March 18th. at the Waldorf-Astoria Assembly room Mrs. A. As an example of the letters received the following is of interest from the New Century T. March 19th." Every member in the T. P. Alas! that there should be any so blind as to seek to hinder us in our work for humanity. Many of the Branches of the T. The lecture was well attended by a very appreciative audience. Ga. Cleather and Basil Crump and two songs by E. should read the following words written by William Q. Anderson to the Pacific Coast and visited San Francisco. Never has there been such a spontaneity of effort which however does not flag but seems rather to become greater and more effective as day by day passes. On Monday evening they lectured in Boston. and W.

. 39 . Griscom. C. Tingley and stayed until midnight talking about the Chief and the work. is no longer a member of that body." On the evening of March 21st. 1898. P. . which the T. Others present were Elliott B. The Movement is moral. invisible. A society formed for Theosophical work is a machine for conserving energy and putting it to use. Paris.. Jr. and as the great underlying spiritual movement compels such alterations. . and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men. Neresheimer was unable to attend. ethical. of Buffalo. D.Acts V. Harris. Applications for new charters and diplomas under the Universal Brotherhood are coming in from England by every mail. the second anniversary of the death of our beloved Chief.Joseph H. to make legal claims to theosophical names. symbols. . Indeed. and to become the slave once more of that . thinking it to be all in all. .and any Theosophical Society. It is not Theosophy. is to fall down before form. A. . Page. A." Enthusiastic letters have also been received from Holland. William Q. . . and Mrs. Organized theosophical bodies are made by men for their better cooperation. but enlarged it. and the other. . F. U. it will be overthrown. Stevens. . and seals. All are delighted with the new order of things. will continue to worship form and to sacrifice brotherhood to a shell. lest haply ye be found to be fighting even against God. save in effect. . We have not changed the work of H. universal. Fussell [A. several of the members met at the house of Mrs. Tingley's health continues good. Iverson L. as the times change. nor conducive to its spread. B. but if it is of God. B. S. It will be gratifying to the members to know that Mrs. Some members have worshiped the so-called T. E. Tingley the other day the word "Triumphant. of Macon. All the members of the original Council . . Ga. spiritual. One can see that to worship an organization. . . Sweden cabled to Mrs. Those who do not know true Theosophy. A.which so many know about . W. H. . the contrast being very great when compared with the state of her health at the time of that memorable first meeting of the Council at her house after our Chief's death.. W. It is the year one of Universal Brotherhood. S. I A. ye will not be able to overthrow them.except two were present. if possible. . The Heavens approve! . nor see the difference between forms and the soul of things. she looks quite able to make another Crusade around the World. S. and not properly perceiving its de facto and piecemeal character as an organization. so as to prevent. Australia and New Zealand. others from using them. even though it be the beloved theosophical one. P. was meant to overthrow. Cape.] ------------------------------- AUM Refrain from these men.the New Order of Ages. 38. Judge. . herself declared that it were better to do away with the Society rather than to destroy Brotherhood. but being outer shells they must change from time to time as human defects come out.

" Why does this wail go up from the people? Whence comes the unrest. desiring the good of his fellow-man. as in the depths of a storm-tossed ocean all is still.68 he finds that he is tilting against a force so mighty. the antagonism. 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PEACE by Adelaide A. that man has but to carry peace in his heart and the issue is assured. Somewhere in enumerating certain conditions. but there is no Peace. Deen Hunt AND the cry we hear is "Peace. an invading attitude. We see the surface. One is irascible. aggressive. harmonious. which he creates and blinds himself with. carries with him wherever he goes. 1898 No. "In war. The other. then in place of existing conditions in which man wars against his fellow-man. strewn. What man thinks. while every staunch and trustworthy ship comes safe to port. Mr. utter disharmony and thorough impossibility of seeing any good in another. but that the holy time may speedily arrive rests entirely within man's own self. an intolerant criticism. We may take two persons as emblematical of differing worlds. That is a condition brought about by man's self-delusion. If he understood himself. unselfish. not realizing that the storm will pass. As it is with nations so it is with organizations and individuals. seeing no good in any other. But how many have girded on this armor? There are those who know that such a force would be invincible. if he really desired peace. the clouds break away and show the sun still shining. he alone is responsible for them. Judge says. dominating the lower nature by the Higher. earnest in all helpful work. it may be with the wreck of many a seemingly noble craft. quiet. torturing him until his cry rises to heaven for help. dispassionate. that nothing could stand against it. He has made the conditions. self-controlled.UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. the sword would be sheathed and peace reign throughout the earth. and so long as he arrays himself against the law of Brotherhood. just so long there will be wars and rumors of wars. and through it all the depths have remained unstirred. Peace. quells the wrath of the misguided and wins a moral victory without recourse to warlike measures. so powerful that. a warped judgment. races. a disrupting force. and nations gird on their armor to battle for the it is evident that the thoughts of the great majority of humanity at the present day are not in harmony with the law that rules the Universe." That seeming paradox remains for man to solve. Peace. . unquiet. and we shrink from the saddening sight. then it would become an accomplished fact. It does not matter that conflict may exist on the material Plane. a force that stills the tempest. a strength. that he is. Were they. for the analogy will hold good. the desire to hurt? From man himself. looking only to the betterment of his own material condition. until --. and every . or lesser groups. Deep within the real being lies perfect peace. and what is the result? Feverish unrest. if he would save himself he must lay down his arms. That it must eventually be so many believe. XIII May. nations.

In the present condition of things. As centres of force it is necessary for all to be sure that the force is unselfish. When he has himself somewhat in hand. Just what this drill is. Such peace. as a rule. It is not so much what man does as what he is. opposition and antagonism must cease. or of stirring nations up to armed interference: courts might be closed. and rightly directed.has he attained Peace? If not. No great movement for the world's benefit was ever yet set in motion that evil forces were not aroused. We know that to some already the golden light is shining. what today seems to nearly all men a visionary dream. in the aggregate learned patience. or how carried on. through this cause becomes rent with discord for a time. beneficent. and this can only be done by each individual attaining the right attitude. especially those so favored as to be enlisted under the banner of Universal Brotherhood. and what should be perfect harmony. is already to have gained the victory. A utopian dream. the attitude of mind of all mankind must be changed. then he will indeed become a useful atom of that beneficent force that shall carry help and hope to suffering humanity.yes . Most people are too anxious to do and not sufficiently anxious to be. To do the duty of the hour. but what is true on the physical plane is equally true on other planes of being. . when he has caught a reflected gleam of that peace which passeth understanding. as they stand now. but man allows himself to drift into such conditions until . in battle array if need be. no reasoning. such joy lies within the reach of every one who sincerely and unselfishly desires to attain it. To condone a wrong is to share it. "the light that never shone on land or sea. with strength and steadfastness and yet with humility. then he has plenty to do. Light and Liberation are to reach Humanity. --. Did mankind. It is a man's own fault if he is not doing something every hour. none can say. self-restraint.hour he who earnestly desires his brother's welfare draws nearer to its true solution. every moment of his life. If Truth. and to wait must prove very effectual discipline and lead on to the one path to peace and so to greatest usefulness. when he has learned obedience to the Law. when begun. and it appears that the initial step towards it is to accept one's conditions be they what they may. for no one is fit to command till he has learned to obey. trifling or insignificant it may seem. even if no especial task for the aid of humanity has apparently been allotted him.but the seed has been sown and a thrifty plant is already growing apace that shall fructify until. but it is even more necessary. When that hour strikes and those so enlisted act as a unit. to stand firm.69 No one really likes discord. laws. How many are sure beyond a peradventure? There comes a certainty which admits of no doubt. silence . Has he. "Why are we not doing something?" is a question often heard in these days. but it fills the soul with profound joy. The drill in the latter case differs in kind. become dead letters and peace would reign throughout the earth. will be said by many. No army yet was ever formed that soldier and officer did not have to be drilled before they were ready to take the field against an opposing force. will become a realized fact. to argue about it is to waste energy." while to others an occasional gleam only may be granted. understand and accept this. there would be no need of standing armies or naval forces. but in the end the harmonious utterance and action must prevail. but is an absolute truth to him who has power to perceive it and that is a point all need to attain. however small.

Now in this opening golden cycle it is given to those who may be neither musicians nor poets to do the same." and "the kingdom of Heaven is within you. true notes in that grand chord that shall waken a responsive echo in the hearts of all peoples. and there by unceasing effort. It only remains for those who have these issues at heart.'' It is the Place of Peace.the true vibration is lost and he may even forget that it exists. The doctrine of humanity has been hidden in the centre of Heaven.. the harmony is perfected and peace undisturbed by any outward clamor is his. raise your eyes to their Divine source.. . to fit themselves to become pure. In the midst of this let a strong. Humanity is too human for any form of religion hitherto propagated in the world. --------------. the sound is ever the same. all out of tune. in dignity and sweetness. Its action is on inner planes.70 IAMBLICHOS AND THEURGY: THE REPLY TO PORPHYRY by Alexander Wilder In the Lexicon of Suidas we find the following brief sketch of the subject of this paper: "Iamblichos* the philosopher. all one. by constant vigilance. of Peace to all men. unhappy throng peace will fall with all its restfulness. He who wants the Truth finds the Truth. He drives himself and his audience into a frenzy without either recognizing it. Deep down into his own nature in which is reflected the nature of every other human being must man go." . who wish to see peace prevail. disciple of Porphyry who . increasing the clamor until the din seems to contain no note of sweetness. then can he hope to aid efficiently in the great work of Universal Brotherhood. and inbreathe the glory. true of the individual. pure note be sounded. of the group. of the family. if they are honestly in search of it. but it is now descending and will become the centre of the new earth. but there is much to be done to accomplish it. but the keys are being struck with false chords.there is something wrong with the performer.From Children of the Age. He goes on using this instrument. he who longs for the Supreme goes to the Supreme. This. Then go forth to your calling.for a time the discord may seem to prevail. but the notes are all there. Musicians and poets have found it and given forth the tone or the word to move and raise the people. but little by little the harmony will become dominant and on the restless. a native of Chalkis in Syria.. drop your lower self. . let your thoughts and desires run up through all the heavens. "Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you. steadfastly front the Divine glory. by earnest endeavor must be overcome until the true note is struck. It is music that must come from the heart to reach the heart. must be true of the nation. let full chords of perfect sweetness and strength be opposed to it." ----------"Enter into the closet of your central nature. all nations. the base upon which must be built all actions that shall accrue and be useful "for the Benefit of the People of the Earth and all Creatures. till you are filled and clothed with its beauty and strength. seething.

wearer of the purple. Many of the works of Iamblichos are now lost. and listened to him with profound veneration. was a part of the system. This may have been the case. The science denominated Mathematics. The philosophy of Pythagoras was modeled from it. He lacked the eloquence of Plotinos. ------------* There are several persons of this name mentioned by ancient writers. One was a king of Arabia to whom Cicero referred. a treatise on the Soul. as well as at Alexandreia. flourished about the time of Constantine the Emperor (basileus) and was the author of many philosophic treatises. and there were schools where they lectured in Athens. and received the most liberal education that could be obtained. The original term is Malech or Moloch. and Porphyry was with him there. as the affairs of the Roman world were then greatly disturbed. with other pupils and associates. The religion of the Chaldaeans was largely astronomic as well as mystical. He is described as scholarly. Students thronged from Greece and Syria to hear him in such numbers that it was hardly possible for one man to attend to them all. They sat with him at the table. It was applied by all the various Semitic peoples as a title of honor to their chief divinity. probably the bishop of that name who had himself delivered philosophic lectures at Alexandreia as a follower of Aristotle. A second was a philosopher who was educated at Babylon and flourished under the reign of the Antonines. followed him wherever he went. The subject of this article employed simply the Greek form to his name. signifying king. Pergamos and other places. including geometry and astronomy. He pursued the study of mathematics and philosophy under Anatolios. ------------however. Part of a treatise on the Pythagoric Life is also yet --------------. were not circumscribed to one region. It has been repeatedly suggested that the Mosaic book of Genesis was a compilation from the same literature.was himself the pupil of Plotinos. The philosophers. Alypios the friend and colleague of Iamblichos remained at Alexandreia. was derived from it in the remote periods. but not original in his views. and succeeded to his place in the School. It is said that he probably resided in his native city. His manner of life was exemplary.71 . yet excelled him in popularity. lamblichos also wrote a Life of Pythagoras which was translated into English by the late Thomas Taylor. and another to demonstrate the virtues and potencies existing in the statues and symbols of the gods. Plotinos spent his last years at Rome and contemplated the founding of a Platonic commune in Italy." He belonged to a noble family. The loss of this is much to be regretted. Another work treated of the Chaldean Theology. and all problems of genesis and evolution were wrought out by it. but Longinus translated the designation of his own famous pupil. afterward marrying and living in Sicily. He wrote Expositions of the doctrines of Plato and Aristotle. and published in London in 1818. and he was frugal in his habits. and capable of being interpreted accordingly. Porphyrios. After this Iamblichos became a disciple of Porphyry. with all its antiquity. and its creed could be read in the heavens. Late researches indicate that the Egyptian. and the Rabbinic learning was Chaldaean in its origin.

But there is said to he a scholium or annotation in several manuscripts in which Proklos declares that this treatise on the Mysteries was written by Iamblichos." This work was also translated by Mr. Eunapios. and Theological Discourses respecting Numbers. He exhibits a comparative indifference to the contemplative discipline. but for authors themselves to give the name of -----------* The writer himself prepared a translation several years ago which was published in The Platonist. It contains an account of the Pythagorean Sect. The most celebrated work ascribed to him. his friend and former teacher." and is itself described as "the Reply of Abammon. -----------some more distinguished person as the actual writer. who taught the other doctrine. is the Logos. are almost hopelessly difficult for others to understand. his disciple. or the Admirable. and notes are added to explain the frequent references to scenes and phenomena witnessed in the Autopsias and arcane ceremonies. the Egyptian Priest. it was a common practice at that period. as truth is only for those who are worthy and capable. Taylor desired the sense to be obscure. Iamblichos made a new departure in the teaching of philosophy. which. Julian the Emperor considered him as in no way second to Plato. He would need to know the Greek text itself. but unfortunately. There is a profusion of unusual terms. explanations of the Pythagorean doctrines. perhaps then absent front Egypt. to the Letter of Porphyry to Anebo.* The genuiness of the authorship has been strenuously disputed by Meiners. and has introduced procedures which pertained to Magic Rites and the Egyptian Theurgy. Taylor and published in 1821. Proklos habitually designated him the God-like. leaving the whole meaning more or less vague and uncertain. It is prefaced by a "Letter of Porphyry to Anebo.* It was natural therefore that Porphyry. the Teacher. It is now undergoing revision with a view to make the author's meaning more intelligible to the novitiate reader. he addressed them to Anebo.. the Profounder Mathematics. and the book abounds with allusions to occurrences. so that it would be difficult for all general readers to understand it. The translation was thorough and faithful. a Discourse upon the Mysteries. it is difficult for a novice to understand.extant. and spectacles in the Initiatory Rites which are nowhere explained. his biographer. It has been said in explanation of this that Mr. and as is well-known. Iamblichos was greatly esteemed by his contemporaries. and those who lived in the ensuing centuries. and defended with apparent conclusiveness by Tennemann. and reverenced him as one of the greatest among mankind. should desire to know the nature and extent of this apparent deviation from the accepted philosophic procedures. besides other divisions which have not been preserved. not only for copyists to add or omit words and sentences in manuscripts. and others actually credited him with powers superior to common men. the Arithmetical Science of Nikomachos. however. styled him Thaumasios. and Solutions of Questions therein contained. however plain to the expert and initiated. who held the office of . and that he had merely disguised himself under the name of Abammon. It is certainly somewhat different in style from the other works. Uncertain whether his questions would otherwise reach the Master.

perhaps." . For example. and are circumscribed by no specific distinction. but modifies it by the views better understood by the Greeks. in other words the Essential Good and that Absolute Good that is prior to it. concluding with enquiries and a -----------* "Theurgy. he begins with "the Good . and the gods are so many agents or intermediate beings only worshiped as servants of the Divine Creator. this work may be read with fair apprehending of the meaning of the author. and indeed seem to denote qualities rather than personalities. He did not assume to blame or even criticize. as affording a key to the whole system.. and finally asks whether there may not be after all a path to eudaimonia.. In defining their peculiarities. who have grown up in another age and received a training in other modes of thinking. demons. and explains some of their distinctions. They are very similar to the higher gods. the casting of nativities. sacrifices." the Monad and Duad of the philosophers. like the Amshaspands in the Zoroastrian system. but are subordinate to them. diagrams. talismans. the efficacy of sacrifices. Before concluding he introduces three other orders from the Assyrian category.. He proposes to base the classification of Spiritual Essences upon the doctrines of the Assyrians.. Standard Dictionary -------------. In the work under notice. his statements and descriptions may appear visionary and even absurd.prophet or interpreter in the sacerdotal order. the Egyptian belief in respect to the First Cause.. heroes or demigods. He did this so successfully that Samuel Sharpe did not hesitate to declare that by the explanation given of them the outward and visible symbols employed in the Arcane Worship became emblems of divine truth. oracles and divination. but asked as a friend what these Theosophers and theurgic priests believed and were teaching in respect to the several orders of superior and intelligent beings. and doubtless the same as the Yazadas of the Avesta. that the Egyptian religion becomes a part of Platonism. and evocations.The art of securing divine or supernatural intervention in human affairs. The reply of Abammon is explicit and admirable.72 discussion in regard to guardian demons. bear in mind that they did not appear so to those for whom he wrote. With this conception in mind. the reason for employing foreign terms at the Mystic Rites. especially the magical science practiced by those Neo-Platonists who employed invocations. . he enumerates the four genera of gods. After them come the angels. however.. etc. the author plainly endeavored to show that a common idea pervaded the several ancient religions. occupying distinct grades in the scale of being. and should respect the convictions which others reverently and conscientiously entertain. making seven in all. or the true felicity other than by sacrifices and the technique of Theurgy. We may. The archangels not carefully described. They are there enumerated as seven.both the good that is superior to Essence and that which is with Essence. the causes of things. To us. The gods are supreme.. and souls. This may be because they belong to the Assyrian and not to the Egyptian category. The Seven Kabeiri or archangels . of whom Mithras was chief. These are likewise of the East.

and are the means of communication between them. will go entirely wrong. receive the divine inflowings. Nothing which pertains to us as human beings is thus efficacious. coming into the consciousness by joint-sensation and keeping in line with the thought. This union is not effected by the superior knowledge alone. one in common with the body. voices are heard. which may be regarded as God-sent occur generally when sleep is about leaving us and we are just beginning to awake. and those that rule over the material world. the Yesdis or angels rule over the universe in a subordinate way. except we detach ourselves altogether from it by pure principles in thought and understanding. however. Indeed. In sleep. when . or to causes of a psychic or physical character. the catalepsy resembling lethargy. or it may have them in concert with the body. all parts alike. by the reasons that precede them. sometimes only the intermediate. however. as teaching that the soul has a double life. These. and make the communication complete from the Absolute One to the inhabitants of the world. and attributes the faculty of divining to secondary assistance. encompasses the recumbent individual in a circle. On the other hand the peculiar sleeplessness. imperceptible and unbodied. however. and the other separate from every thing corporeal. The heroes or demigods are intermediate between the more exalted orders of spiritual beings and psychic natures. Sometimes the sight of the eyes is held fast by a light beaming forth bright and soft. The other senses. Either the soul enjoys them by itself. although these are necessary auxiliaries. The demons or guardians carry into effect the purposes of the gods with the world and those that are inferior to them. The result of this communication is to sustain the lower psychic nature and exalt it to union with Divinity. They impart to the latter the benign influences of those superior to them and aid to deliver from the bondage of the lower propensities. when they had been wide open before. nor by the action of the higher intellect. Souls are at the lower step of this seven-graded scale. and precede divine manifestations. or the whole of the individual.73 In regard to oracles and the faculty of divining. and remains so. When we are awake we use the things pertaining to the body. are totally unlike the dreams which occur in ordinary conditions. the condition between sleep and waking. Dreams. and the recent awaking or entire wakefulness. or to some correspondence of these things to one another. therefore. --. There are many forms of entheastic exaltation. a spirit. Sometimes. These are described as of two species: the cosmocrators or rulers of the planets. This is explained subsequently. also. they are conditions sent from the gods. Sometimes we share the innermost power of Divinity. The human understanding. are all divine and suitable for the receiving of the gods as guests. There must be a more potent energy.preside over the planets. The soul is cognizant beforehand of coming events. Any one who overlooks primary causes. Abammon quotes the Chaldaean sages. the holding of the sight. we are in a manner free. sometimes the first alone. or it may be that during the period between waking and complete repose. so as not to be present to the person's sight. Another race that Abammon names is that of the archons or rulers. are watchful and conscious of the presence of superior beings. Sometimes we have in them a brief discourse indicating things about to take place.

and others are superior to it. and their dead bodies presented as sacrifices. If. sacred melodies and contemplation develop the entheastic condition. after she came into the body and heard such of the Choric Songs* as retain the divine traces of harmony. This he declares to be by no means an ecstasy. she gave them a hearty welcome and by means of them called back to her memory the divine harmony itself. he is often Aristotelian rather than Platonic in his philosophy. but foreknowledge reaches even things which have not yet begun to exist. Syria and Greece. they are likewise present with it. and if they bring a retribution by reason of the supplication of some who pray to them. It is not because of these divinities themselves that animals are slaughtered. and chanted the Sacred Odes. is utterly repugnant. they do not inflict it beyond what is right. but will hardly be appreciated by many at the present time. Some of the gods. deem it not just to be obliged to encounter the vicissitudes which they suffer. is not affected. or withdrawing from one's own selfhood. but from the gods that inspiration comes. it is not from them." His explanation of the utility of sacrifices is ingenious. Accordingly. It is not possible for essence to be developed from any thing which does not contain it already. Divinity. they aim at the sins impressed on the soul in former lives. he must employ a mode of worship which is of that sphere. which fact human beings not being conscious of. The Theurgic Rites. The susceptible condition is only sensible of what is going on and is now in existence. ---------------. that the Buddhistic teachings had been promulgated in Egypt. at the Mystic Rites.74 are employed in the art of divination. before she yielded herself to the body. for ecstasy and mental alienation he affirms indicate an overturning to the worse. But to the divinities who are above the realm of is controlled by demons. Here Abammon seems to diverge from the doctrine of Plotinos and Porphyry. Abammon explains the doctrine of "Karma" as readily as Sakyamuni himself. he explains. the world of real being. But the offerings are made because of the matter over which they are rulers. a person shall desire to worship according to theurgic rites those divinities that belong to the realm of material things. "The beings that are superior to us know the whole life of the soul and all its former lives. was a hearer of the divine harmony. This shows what King Priyadarsi declared. Thus she is attracted and becomes closely united to it. The Soul. belong to the sphere of the material world. and in this way receives as much of it as is possible. the offering of any material substance in Holy Rites. then. Nevertheless. and enable the soul to perceive truth as it exists in the Eternal world. He explains himself accordingly. it is insisted. It is an exaltation to the superior condition. though they are in essence wholly apart from matter. The choir danced or moved in rhythmic step around the altar facing outward with hands joined. . and though they take hold of it by a supra-material power they exist with it. On the other hand. and he exalts Theurgy above philosophic contemplation. is not brought down into the signs and symbols which -------------* The chants of the Chorus. Indeed. These divinities are in their constitution wholly separate from any thing material.

the Absolute God radiated forth. which placed Emeph or Imopht at the head of the celestial divinities. Abammon is by no means equivocal or indefinite. For nothing thinkable is commingled with him. and one with them. is noteworthy. These are therefore the oldest principles of all things. from whom proceeds Brahma the Creator. is most suitable for religious matters. In the most perfect form of prayer the arcane union with the gods is reached. but as a person preexistent in the order of the divine beings. The First Cause. and when translated they lose much of their power. and imparts to us power from the gods. not as one using the faculties of a human soul. not intelligible to the hearer. the Unity from out of the One. For this is the First Cause and God of Gods. the Truly Good.75 ural to them. says Abammon. The close resemblance to the Brahman of the Indian system. "The gods have made known to us that the entire language of sacred nations. nor to hold any one making use of it in any great esteem. For he is the Being greatest and first. enabling our souls to repose perfectly therein. In short it makes those who make use of it the intimate companions of the divine beings." This is perhaps as plain and explicit as this subject can be made. and as a result there come gifts from the gods to us before a word is uttered. is apparent at a glance. the Origin of all things. It attracts our habits of thought upward. which results in dense ignorance." Names are closely allied to the things which they signify. therefore. Hence it is not proper to accept an artificial method in divining. Abammon cites also the Tablet of Hermes. It is easy to perceive. hence he is the self-fathered and self-sufficient. the God Unknowable. For from him are both the quality of essence and essence itself . prior to Essence and the First Cause of Essence. and give to each other the sacred initiating power of the Holy Rite. that these two. every certainty is assured. He declares that it joins the Sacred Art in an indissoluble union with the divine beings. "Before the things that really are and universal principles is one Divine Essence. From this One. greater conciseness. and the foundation of the primal ideal forms which are produced by the Higher Intellect.for which reason he is called the Chief Intelligence. such as the Egyptians and Assyrians. is indicated in graphic language. are established by means of each other. nor anything whatever. The explanation of the use of foreign terms. It leads the worshiper to direct contact and a genuine knowing of the divine nature. prayer and the other rites and offerings. This is a blending of the higher nature with corporeal and material quality. see in this the ulterior reason why Brahmans choose the . and less uncertainty of meaning. and ----------* We may perhaps.In regard to the efficacy of prayer. and we must believe that it behooves us to carry on our conferences with the gods in language nat--.* The foreign names have great significance. He denies the possibility of obtaining perfect foreknowledge by means of an emotional condition. and our efforts are perfected before they are distinctly cognized. self-produced. but he is established the antecedent of the God self-fathered. A bond of harmonious fellowship is created. prior even to the First God and King abiding immovable in his own absolute Oneness. sole Father. The Theurgos commands the powers of the universe.

it is manifest that all things existing. The latter follows the motions of those worlds. It is true. that every thing is bound with the indissoluble bonds of Necessity. and being full of vitality. and the Soul is led back again to the natures superior to itself. nature and nativity. and with the body. which nobody can pronounce intelligently." In regard to nativities. The Chaldaeans and also the Magians taught a similar doctrine. then it becomes entirely separated from every thing that held it fast to the -------------.beginning with the One and proceeding to the many. that there is the lord of the house. a term falsely literated in place of the Assyrian divinity Yava or Raman. Through this principle we are able to set ourselves free. and therefore is not held by fate or allotment. that is divided and apportioned to all the spheres. saying nothing of the "unknown tongues. abandons entirely the former order of things. Even the Polychrome Bible transmits this idle whim by lettering the word as J H V H." the use of which in religious services was so much deprecated by the Apostle Paul. are from them . through which the soul descends into the genesis or objective existence. which are combined with the changeable order of the universe. That the astronomic predictions are verified by results. Man.76 conditions of nativity. There is another principle of the soul superior to all being and becoming to all. The lowest natures only. It is not true.obsolete Sanskrit. the Latin in their religious services. -----------named a First Intelligence as before him and to be worshiped in silence. It being established that the Supreme Mind and the Logos or Reason subsist by themselves. But they do not relate to any recognition of the guardian demon. and participate in the life eternal and in the energy of the gods above the heavens. he remarks. We observe the same notion or superstition in the attachment witnessed for the word Jehovah. but the former is above them. and the demon bestowed by him. and another. observations prove. There is a personal allotment in us individually from all the universe. rise above the established order of the world. and one from the astral worlds." Abammon has taken a view of Fate which though in many respects acceptable seems also to relate to the ruling of the nativity. has. stands aloof from inferior natures. and so. through which we can be united to the gods. For when the better qualities in us are active. But the demon is not assigned to us from one part of the celestial world or from any planet. are thus subjected. he insists. being evolved from the spiritual substance. the life and corporeal substances in it. an indivisible One in the universe. "materiality having been riven from essentiality on its lower side. and gives itself to another. . There is a Trine: a pure Intelligence above and superior to the universe. Abammon admits that the divine oracular art can teach us what is true in respect to the stars. the universal Life. but declares that we do not stand in any need of the enumeration prescribed by the Canons of astrology or those of the art of divining. exchanges this life for the other. the spheres and all living things are created and organized therefrom. as mathematicians or astrologists declare. Jews the Hebrew and Roman Catholics. two souls: one that participates of the First Intelligence and the power of the Creator. so to speak. Matter is also introduced into the circle. however.

that this knowledge of Good is the first and supreme path to felicity. Divine inspiration alone imparts to us truly the divine life. and by others the Place or Abode of the One Supremely Good.* endowed with perception. Let it be understood. to know God truly as the guardian and leader. was thus united with Divinity in the beforetime by the epoptic vision of the Gods. however. uniting it with the one Eternal Reason.) THE FIRST ROUND Each cycle of Evolution develops one of the compound Elements as now . Evil demons have nowhere an allotment as ruling principles. and when it has descended into the corporeal world. gives it into his keeping and separates it from every thing material. it becomes completely established in the Godhead. In short. in the Book of the Dead. or becomes in some way subordinate to God as his Overlord. When this has been accomplished. the Theotos. This is what is meant by the Egyptian priests when they. and through it became in bondage to Necessity and Fate. affording to souls a mental abundance from the Divine One. and after these. When. the demon retires or surrenders his authority. by the sacred initiation. nor are they opposed to the good like one party against another. as though of equal importance. -----------* The Beholder or Candidate looking upon the spectacles exhibited at the Initiatory Rites. wisdom.The demon is placed in the paradigm or ideal form. and. but he entered into another kind of soul or disposition which was conformed to the human idea of form." * (Continued. as the idea of evil exists with the forgetting of the Good and with being deceived in respect to evil. then. with such modifications as the changing forms of the various faiths have made. He immediately takes charge. it may fairly be said to be the accepted creed of the religious world. and its release from every thing of a contrary nature. is called by some the Gate to the Creator of the Universe.THE SEVEN ROUNDS AND THE SEVEN RACES A STUDY FROM THE "SECRET DOCTRINE. union to the Gods. he acts as the guardian genius. -------------. and the soul takes him for a leader. then it leads the Soul to the Universal Creator. the bestowers of all benefits. Abammon insists that there is no path to felicity and permanent blessedness apart from the worship of the Gods as here set forth. filling the soul with the qualities of physical life. It first effects the unifying of the soul. Man. For the idea or fundamental principle of blessedness is to apperceive Goodness. and Creative power.77 THE SEPTENARY CYCLES OF EVOLUTION . There can be no release and freedom from these except by the Knowledge of the Gods. The "Last Word" includes a brief summary of the whole discourse. This bestowing of felicity by the sacerdotal and theurgic ministration. then the restoring of the understanding to the participation and vision of the God. represent the Lord as becoming identified with Osiris. endowed with its energy. we come.

The particles of this primeval type of light and heat. the beginning of atomic vibration. including mankind. are "fiery lives. luminous fire. came the first of the three great classes of monads. of the next Element. and we are beginning to study the nature of the fifth element. Air. Akasa. cool. **** Idem II. 259."** "The globe was fiery. we see in each the dawn. P. which are probably still on the astral plane. *** The One Element in its second stage. the purely formless and invisible Fire concealed in the Central Spiritual Sun. proceeds the Universe of lives. in some of its seven forms at least. It was in fact. Fourth. Then the life-germs produce lives of another kind which work on the structure of our globes. are falsely called creation and creatures. of some sort. the septenary Fire to our own. 252. for this "devouring" means "a differentiation of the fire-atoms by a peculiar process of segmentation.**** The first belongs to the spiritual plane. It was only towards the end of the first Round that the simple Essence of the first Element became the fire we now know. which aggregate according to the laws of cohesion and affinity. Blavatsky. polarized cells. and with it a nature and humanity in what may be called "one-dimensional space. they are the development (or evolution) of the discrete (or differentiated elements. References are to the old edition.*** second. ** Idem I. the most developed Entities from the Moon. from these life-germs. Religion and Philosophy. the Fire of the manifested Kosmos. By H. -----------* Secret Doctrine I. so to speak. the first. Therefore they are ------------* The Secret Doctrine." says the Commentary. 140. 250. Water. ** Idem I. the cold. 241 ------------named the "Devourers. producing motion and therefore heat. And there are two "fires" spoken of in occult science. animate and inanimate. formless and uncreated. through which process they become life-germs.)"+ Into this fire-mist world. The genesis of life appears to be this: First. The First Round developed but one element. (or "Aether in its purest form") on the plane of manifested being."* But they are also the Builders.**** "Terrene products. 250.recognized. the Synthesis of Science. Fire."** "From the One Life. We are now in the Fourth cycle or Round. . and as we go on. Ether. and radiant as its ethereal men and animals during the first Round. come the life-germs of the mineral kingdom. And fifth. *** Idem I. to form the structure of the earth."*** The mention of cool fire indicates that this primeval "fire" is not what we now understand by the term. or Aether in its purest form." Idem I. these segments become life germs. because they are subject to the laws of cohesion and affinity." which live and have their being at the expense of every other life that they consume. and we know Fire. which is septenary. and third a segmentation of the particles of the fire-mist. which is (metaphysically) spoken of as triple. the second. and Earth. the characteristic element of the next cycle. therefore called the Lunar Ancestors.

but sets on fire all that it touches. and animal kingdoms. LIFE-GERMS Which produce the mineral essence afterwards solidified. most ethereal stages. and they are to lead and represent the human element during the second Round. which never burns.** and so it is said that this Air may have been simply Nitrogen. in order to clothe themselves in and assimilate the nature of the newly formed chain" (of globes). but super-spiritual***. was ------------* Secret Doctrine. In truth.* But we must remember that none of the so-called Elements were in the first three Rounds as they are now. ---------------. THE SECOND ROUND.78 "whose function it is to pass in the first Round through the whole triple cycle of the mineral. I. a Lunar Dhyani. 7. -----------adapted to this condition of Nature. filmy.**** He was sexless. ** Idem I.**** Idem I. composed of 2. 188 ++ "The Spirit which is invisible Flame.Fire and Air.. They become the 4.+ We may tabulate the evolution of the life-germs thus: 1. and gives it life and generation. 259. "the breath of the Supporters of the Heavenly Dome. FIERY LIVES. and rudimentary forms. most ethereal stages. 174 *** Idem I. 5. The second cycle of evolution brought forth and developed two Elements . Mineral Life.Idem I. and its humanity (if we can give the name to beings living under conditions unknown to men). 626. .** Man in the first Round and first Race was an ethereal being. non-intelligent. 188 **** Idem I. he developed monstrous bodies correspondential with his surroundings. most ethereal stages.. in their earliest. 242. they have passed through the filmy shadows of the lower kingdoms in the first globes of the Round. Animal Life. vegetable. 175 + Idem I.++ or pure Akasa. during this Round. FIRE. but only his prototype or dimensionless image from the astral regions. and like the animal and vegetable. man was no man. Vegetable Life. + Idem II." as the Mahometan mystics call it.*** And again: "The second Round brings into manifestation . in their earliest. and have reached the human-germ stage with the seventh and last. FIRE-ATOMS. 174. 6. in their most ethereal.They differentiate the fire-particles into the 3. in their earliest.." .* As already stated.

its second principle. and more like physical man. and even yet can hardly talk of man. but growing firmer and more condensed in body. it had developed individual sentient life. pure air. if separated alchemically would yield the Spirit of Life and its Elixir. which. "For all we know." And the Commentary speaks of the watery condition of the Globe during the third Round. according to Moses. arrived at a perception of the third Element. not only all the elements of man's physical being. the great natural philosopher. In all the old religions water is shown to be the origin of all forms. (we read further on) this WATER was simply that primordial fluid.began its real existence. 260 and 144 + Idem I. "Earth . 159 +++ Idem I. maintained that water was the principle of all things in nature. AIR."+ "Man 's process of development changes entirely with the second Round. The ozone of the modern chemists is poison compared with the real universal solvent which could never be thought of unless it existed in Nature. It is still the lunar Ancestors who lead and represent the human element. 142 *** Idem I."**** And again. is meant the noumenon of that which becomes nitrogen on earth.the second Element. This ---------------* Secret Doctrine I. "Yet still less intelligent than spiritual. to make a living soul." Water.*** . There have been two occultists only in Europe who have discovered and even partially applied it in practice. and this is why Thales. though its composition has always been known among the highest Eastern Initiates. also signifies astral Matter. that element.** "destined to develop into humanity as we know it. WATER. This primordial substance is said to contain within itself. 254 **** Idem I." we read. 453 --------------. vague and general terms are still used to designate humanity. ready to be awakened. as a synonym of the Great Deep.79 humanity.++ And like man. 260 ++++ Idem I. 626 ++ Idem I. the purity of which would ensure continuous life to him who would use it. in a latent state. for mind is a slower and more difficult evolution than that of the physical form. by Nitrogen as we call it. for during the earlier stages of this Round. and "serves as a sponge to carry in itself the breath of LIFE. if the term be allowed. but even "the breath of life" itself.hitherto a foetus in the matrix of space . "The centres of consciousness of the third Round. or the Eternal Mother. 125 ** Idem I."++++ At this stage the second hierarchy of the Manus appear." says a Teacher."+++ the "first shadowy outline of self-hood. a much more exact phrase than man for beings still living under conditions unknown to men. was still gigantic and ethereal."* THE THIRD ROUND We have now reached the third cycle of evolution. and the third Globe on the astral plane. which was required. the Dhyan Chohans who are the origin of Form.

in the shadows of ponds. like the rest.* "All the forms which now people the earth are so many variations on (the seven) basic types originally thrown off by the MAN of the third and fourth Rounds. The third Round astral prototypes were the shadowy sketches. or rather cunning. an indefinite amount of modification ensues. but everything upon it. the Lunar Ancestors were already human in their divine nature. Still he becomes a more rational being.In this Round. "The zoological relics found in the Laurentian. which gives."** and one of the most interesting diagrams in the Secret Doctrine is that on page 736. For on the downward arc he has now reached a point where the dawn of the human mind begins to overpower the spiritual element in his nature. 712 **** Idem I. as the "unknown root" of science. --------------. at first the form of a giant ape. and is now more intelligent.** The Sons of Will and Yoga owed their being to the exercise of conscious . "The fish evolved into an amphibian.80 as tabernacles for the less progressed monads. 188 All this is almost exactly repeated in the Third Root-Race of the fourth Round. Man has now (towards the end of the Round) a perfectly concrete. compacted body." Some of these astral forms of the last Round have consolidated with the Earth itself.. 683 *** Idem II. then. and his body improves in texture. a frog. as it were. and were thus called upon to become the creators of the forms destined to serve ------------* Secret Doctrine II. first reptiles. which at first astral. his Fourth Cycle" (in physical forms). 357 ** Idem II. his stature decreases. fishes. and man passed through all his metamorphoses on this globe in the -----------* Secret Doctrine I. volume II.* These "Forms" are called the Sons of Passive Yoga. than spiritual. and appear to us as hard fossil shapes.*** But when the prototypes have once passed from the astral into the physical. and Silurian systems (of the Primordial Epoch) are relics of the third Round. of the future forms.**** But by the end of the Round. was in an astral condition. because produced unconsciously. the densest point that matter had yet reached. whose turn it was to incarnate. etc. consolidated and materialized step by step with the new vegetation of this Round. not only the globe. "one of the seven primeval physico-astral and bisexual root-types. 345 -----------third Round" (in astral forms) "as he did in the present. though he is yet more of an ape than a god. Cambrian. The veils of matter are growing thicker over the ray of the Divine within his soul. in a state of meditation. 252-3 *** Idem I. 188 ** Idem I. Such are the fern-forests.

Occultists are thus at no loss to account for the birth of children with an actual caudal appendage. -----------life. and prepares himself to employ his most subtle arts to lure his victim to destruction. the Adytum of the grandest.H. but also of the third Round. by Basil Crump VIII ." . double the length of the nascent legs. at one period." leads us further back in the processes of evolution than Haeckel or Darwin ever dreamed of going.. Blavatsky "The name of Hall the second is the Hall of LEARNING.Voice of the Silence. which epitomizes not only the general characteristics of the Fourth. The diapason of type is run through in brief in the present process of human foetal growth.165." . Stop not the fragrance of its stupefying blossoms to inhale. 275. Beware. When the curtain rises the magician is seen in the tower of the Castle of Perdition surrounded by necromantic appliances.the microcosm of the Macrocosm. Klingsor perceives the approach of Parsifal. nay. is the temple of the Holy Grail.. for of course they were confined to the geological and biological history of the present cycle. who is to be his chief instrument of allurement. Notice that he conjures her by the names of some of her past incarnations: . P.PARSIFAL (Continued) "Verily that body. or for the fact that the tail of the human embryo is. so desecrated by Materialism and man himself. Disciple. and were a later development.. IN the second Act we are transported to the evil and delusive realm of the black magician Klingsor. terrestrial -----------* Secret Doctrine II.Will.. lest dazzled by illusive radiance thy soul should linger and be caught in its deceptive light. of all the mysteries of nature in our solar universe. but under every flower a serpent coiled . and what Darwinists call "reversion to ancestral features. on his head is the red turban which has always been the distinguishing mark of evil sorcerers. In it thy soul will find the blossoms of life. The stormy Prelude prepares us for the weird and terrible scene which is to follow.. 207. is needed but for thy probation. (To be continued) ------------------ RICHARD WAGNER'S MUSIC DRAMAS..* He now causes a cloud of bluish vapor to arise and calls with imperious gestures on Kundry. This Hall is dangerous in its perfidious beauty. 115 ** Idem I. He is watching the progress of events in his magic mirror. for well he knows that the "Pure Simple" is his most dangerous enemy. The potentiality of every organ useful to animal life is locked up in Man .

But Klingsor tells her that she -----------* Since Wagner's death Klingsor's turban has been altered in color to white. so long as he himself prevails and gains his end. "Art thou chaste?" Enraged. The sorcerers of the East are called "Red Caps. loudly laugh and mock me through thee the Devil 's Bride? Beware! One man already has repented of his scorn and contempt. Kundry. Quickly decking themselves as flowers they cluster around him seeking eagerly for his favor and caresses. but terrified. and what beside? Gundryggia there! Kundry here! As the wretched one rises in her ethereal or astral form in the vapor she utters a piercing shriek of pain and terror. This is Parsifal's first contact with the temptations of the senses. This garden is the Hall of Learning referred to in the extract from the Voice of the Silence which heads this article. we shall wither and die. Parsifal now stands on the wall looking with wonder at the garden of flowers. who once spurned me.I shall be guarding the Grail myself. It is indeed high time that the performance of mystery-dramas . nameless one! Eternal she-devil! Rose of Hell! Herodias thou wert. however." But already the young hero is at the walls.even of his own retinue . but while admiring these beautiful appearances he is not attracted by them. transformed into a woman of extraordinary beauty. changes to merriment when they discover that this handsome youth does not wish to harm them. and quickly grows impatient of their attentions. he mutters darkly: . which I forced to silence within me. He is about to escape from them when a voice calls from a bower of flowers: "Parsifal! Stay!" It is the first time he has heard his name since his mother uttered it in sleep. For this awful incarnation of selfishness cares not who ." they cry. and he stands face to face with the temptation which lured Amfortas to his fall. and those of the Grail Knights from white to red! Frau Wagner has thus completely reversed the symbology intended and has shown her entire ignorance of Wagner's mystical use of color.I sometimes dream . for the shaft strikes home. Their distress. and Kundry is hastily dismissed to her work while the sorcerer watches with uncanny glee the prowess of Parsifal. as right and left he strikes down the guardians of the ramparts who bar his way. that proud one.Arise! Arise! Come to me! Thy master calls thee. unredeemed shall the pious guardian pine. strong in holiness. They are the personifications of the sensual appetites which are fostered by indulgence: "If you do not love and caress destroyed.81 is obliged to obey his will because she has no influence over him. in which numbers of young maidens are running about bewailing the wounding of their lovers. The maidens leave him. and soon .Terrible extremity! Can the torment of irrepressible longing. and calls for sleep or death rather than she shall be forced to such devilish work. is .as of old . the fiendish impulse of terrific desire. "Ha" she cries with a mocking laugh." -------------.was under the control of occultists who know what they are about. his race succumbed to me.

Parsifal starts up in horror and clutches his heart. . as --.' thou pure foolish one. as it had done in the first Act. were I to forget my mission for one hour in the embrace of thine arms! For thy salvation also am I sent.'' she repeats. attempts to renew her caresses. the love which Herzeleide bore to Gamuret his father." replies Parsifal. how the heartbroken Herzeleide laughed too.82 Amfortas did.seen reclining on a floral couch: "Twas thee I called."* "Was it my kiss then which revealed the world so clearly to thee?" pursues Kundry. unendingly through my existence! . Let me be united with thee but for one hour. heave and throb in sinful lust! . She thus enchains his sympathy and introduces her theme in its most innocent and pure form: "I saw the child upon its mother's breast. . "foolish pure one. The consolation which shall end thy suffering. . "Then would the embrace of all my love make thee a God. "Amfortas: . rising to his feet. .the Holy Blood glows.'" This vision only fills the youth with "a strange foreboding". Kundry then cunningly offers him as consolation. through death and life. though God and the world cast me off. the divine and most gentle rapture of redemption palpitates through every soul far and wide: only here in my heart the torment will not abate. whose amazement has changed to passionate admiration. the hot dew of a mother's tears awoke it in the morning. but Kundry at once begins her work by speaking to him in most pathetic accents of Herzeleide. "if thou showiest me the way to Amfortas. 'Fal parsi. Oh! . Foiled in this direction. salvation will never come to thee until that fountain is dried up within thee." Kundry. are fixed on the Sacred Cup. But instead of falling a victim to her charms. he thrusts her from him with horror. in thee I shall be saved and redeemed!" "For evermore thou wouldst be damned with me. . Kundry instantly tries yet another device: He is the Redeemer she has sought through the ages and whom she once mocked as he hung upon the Cross. . 'Parsifal. wildly." and ." Love and redemption thou shalt have." Accompanying all this is the sorrowful motive of Herzeleide: [[music score]] Once again the painful recital of his mother's grief and death plunges Parsifal in selfreproachful distress. replies the Chosen One.Torture of love! How all things vibrate. its first lisp laughs still in my ear. if thou dost refrain from desire. she kissed the lovely babe sweetly to sleep. when the delight of her eyes shouted in response to her sorrow! Tenderly nestled among soft mosses. is not drawn from the fountain whence that suffering flows. . from herself. (Rising into a state of complete exaltation and terribly quiet.The wound! . pain and laughter tortures me. and then.The wound! .Oh! Wail! Wail! Terrible Wail! It cries to me from the depths of my heart. its slumber was guarded by the fear and trouble of a mother's yearning. and her tender love for him. . Can he not feel for her sufferings? Oh! .Didst thou but know the curse. ever steeled to fresh suffering. which through sleeping and waking. his mother. but in them all Parsifal sees only the causes of the downfall of Amfortas. and.It burns in my heart. and twining her arms around his neck she at length imprints a kiss upon his lips. crying.) My eyes as in a trance.

like to the worm that fattens on the blossom's heart. the burning wound is healed. Kundry curses Parsifal's path and calls on Klingsor to wound him with the Lance. Klingsor now appears on the Castle wall and aims the Lance at Parsifal." -------------.with these words we hear the splendid motive of Parsifal as Hero: [[music score]] Enraged at the defeat of all her arts. while Kundry falls to the earth with a loud cry. In the wanderings which the divine hero has to undergo. been regained from the clutch of self by purity and selflessness. corresponding to Klingsor. for this is an abomination inspired by Mara (the Great Ensnarer. I here give the former motive. so may it overthrow thy illusory splendor in sorrow and ruins!" With a loud crash the castle falls to pieces and the magnificent garden becomes once more a desert -----------* In Light on the Path the following passage was condemned by Madame Blavatsky as an error of the writer's (not the author's): "See it (the way) by testing all experience. E. he makes the sign of the Cross with it.83 waste strewn with faded flowers. by utilizing the senses. which was lost through yielding to desire. Copeland IT has been written more than once that during the last twenty-five years of each .. But immediate redemption cannot be obtained. in his search for Amfortas.) It is by feeding vice that it expands and waxes strong. but instead of striking him it remains poised over his head. Wagner clearly shows us that the results of sin have to be worked out ere the Temple of the Grail is finally attained. the weapon of the Will.. The last sounds from the orchestra are the wail of disappointed desire and the heart-rending cry of the wounded Amfortas. and the Redeemer-Ring is set upon his throne. May he wander through the world and never find the path he seeks. saying: "With this sign I exorcize thy magic: as I trust that this shall close the wound which thou hast inflicted with it." The true teaching is here given by Parsifal and in the Voice of the Silence by Madame Blavatsky as follows: "Do not believe that lust can ever be killed out if gratified or satiated. the latter appeared in the previous article: [[score]] Thus has the Sacred Lance. W. (To be continued) ------------- CYCLES OF INSPIRATION by Rev.. Grasping it.

then came Mystics from various parts of the world and the teaching of Oriental philosophy to the people of the West began. whatever that church may finally have degenerated into. a philosopher teaching a lofty and spiritual philosophy. This was the famous Augustan Age. Then gathered at Rome the priests of every religion prevailing in the provinces. fraternity and equality. four or five. using the name Jesus. these conquests were completed during the last twenty-five years of the century. who attracted the attention of all the Roman world. Whether the Christian Church was an outgrowth of Buddhism. sometimes a great movement in the social or intellectual world is made manifest.84 Christianity and that the Gospel stories were historical romances. historians and philosophers. in place of Apollonius. The century before the Christian era witnessed the final conquests. if not ten years before the year one of the Christian era. and therefore it was in the last quarter of the century preceding the Christian era that Jesus was born. a genuine mystic. so competent scholars assure us. Thus ending the tendency strong among the early Christians to make of the new movement another Jewish sect. In the latter part of this century lived Apollonius. In the last quarter of the century we witness the destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jews. thus making it easy to carry the new thought and the new . either sending a messenger. sure of finding fellow countrymen. Then lived her great poets. Indeed the Stoic School of Philosophy adorned in a later century by Seneca. The movement in the social and religious world called Christianity was at first a movement in the interests of universal brotherhood and a mystical religion. which made Rome mistress of the world. the golden age for Roman literature. and the ultimate conversion of the then known world to Christianity possible. used much the same language with which the Gospels and Epistles have made us familiar.century the Helpers of Humanity are able to influence the human race as at no other time during the century. an ascetic living a pure and blameless life. intellectual or social world. it is certain that he advocated a similar system of morals. In this series of papers I shall try to see whether this statement is true. a wonder worker. which means Savior. its corner-stones were liberty. The first century is full of interest from first to last as we have the Christian movement beginning. and ending my first paper with the fifth century. statesmen. of Tyana. Whether Apollonius had any connection with Christianity or not. not being able to obtain histories of China. and placing in all the principal cities of the Roman Empire a body of Jews among whom Christian Jews could go. But the special event which marked the work of the Masters was the birth of Jesus. Some have imagined that Apollonius was the real founder of --. Events described as occurring at the time of the birth of Jesus took place a number of years before the date usually assigned. Sometimes a religious or intellectual genius appears. or arousing a ferment in the religious. and was a movement in the same direction. Having access only to the ordinary libraries. Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius. India or Egypt preceding the Christian era. a similar theory of human nature and may well be regarded as one of the messengers sent out by the Great Lodge with every recurring cycle. which occurred. yet in the beginning the movement was for truth. light and liberation for distressed humanity. I begin the study with the year preceding the Christian era.

After the infamous council of Nice. in the Serapeion was the grandest library of ancient times. which was devoted to philosophizing. Orthodoxy began to rear its hideous form. much like a modern political convention.85 crowd to hear. In the last quarter of the third century we hear much of Neo-platonism. comprising some 900. While at the close of each century the powers of light endeavor to influence the world. Neo-platonism was a mingling of Greek Philosophy and Oriental Theosophy. many of them members of various brotherhoods. In its early part Constantine made Christianity the state religion. Neo-platonism was almost identical with Modern Theosophy and was the popular belief in a city. and made its headquarters at order to all parts of the then known world. The destruction of Jerusalem seems to have been the only evidence of the great Helpers work in the first century. So it was in the 4th Century. Philosophers and Christian teachers all spoke on the streets. which were pure Theosophy. Marcion and Basilides lived in the middle of this century. Life was easy. There is no doubt that the Gnostic teachers were the most intellectual men in the church and their teachings have affected the religious thought of Christendom down to our own day. whose people were more interested in a new "ism" than in anything else in the world. So powerful was this tendency that it seemed at one time as though it would altogether control the young church. the simple teachings of Jesus. written in every alphabet or hieroglyphic known to any nation.000 manuscripts. and which was enforced by the power of the State. both were overturned for the formal and mechanical creed which has been known as Orthodox. the profound and beautiful system propounded by the Gnostics. These priests. and they grew with great luxuriance. Valentinus. became current in the Christian Church and affected many of the Church Fathers. So deep an interest did many of the Emperors in both the West and the East take in the creeds. That little was quickly obtained and the rest of the day was spent in philosophizing. During the last quarter of the second century Christianity takes on a new character and all the Church became interested in what the German historian Neander calls "Oriental Theosophy. and more heathen than Christian. To Alexandria came the priests of every religion and the Magi or learned men of various nations. it took but little to feed and clothe the people. They teach much the same scheme of Evolution as is outlined in the Secret Doctrine. Magi. which their subjects accepted. that the whole power of the . then the most remarkable city perhaps in the Roman World. Madame Blavatsky recognized this similarity and advised students of Theosophy to include in the list which they were to study. until the controversy between Arius and Athanasius involved nations in war and we hear much of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy. and there was never lacking a --. To Alexandria came teachers of all philosophies and all religions. so there was fertile soil for new ideas. the writings of the Gnostic Christians." a system of Secret Doctrine closely resembling the Theosophy of the present day. who still initiated into the Ancient Mysteries. for in that city. thus beginning the movement which should destroy the liberty and fraternity so noticeable in early Christianity. but in the last quarter their ideas. and in some centuries what is most noticeable is their victory. the powers of darkness are stirred up to an equally great effort. which was a Theosophic movement on broader lines than Gnosticism.

more interested in advancing Orthodoxy than in defending the Empire from incursions of barbarians. In the last quarter of this century was born Hypatia. Hypatia. and all my life is bliss. (To be continued) --------------. and in the last quarter of the century. so long mistress of the world. conserving much of the old spirit but never letting it become active. The Goths took possession of Rome and Italy while the Vandals conquered much of North Africa and most of Christendom passed out of the control of Italians into that of the Goths and Vandals. M. were let loose upon the Roman Empire. and tribes of Asiatic barbarians. who thereby honored and glorified their God. and both Emperors and people as well as Bishops and Priests. all directed by the Great Lodge. save the love of God. a mother's love. at the instance of Cyril (now called St. in 476. who. are intent on securing conformity.state was used to compel conformity. the inspired priestess of Neo-platonism. or Theosophy. was torn to pieces by a mob of Nitrian monks. which fell heir to much of the power belonging to the Roman Emperors. Under the same guidance which had brought Christianity in the century before the Christian era. and makes it possible for the whole of Europe to be influenced by the remains of civilization still lingering in Rome. Odoacer. These barbarians became at least semi-civilized and carried their civilization back to the rude tribes of which they were members. In the fifth century the Christian community has changed to an Orthodox Church.86 THE LARGER WOMANHOOD by C. sinking into such utter corruption. the incarnation of a divine spirit in flesh. thus preparing the way for other movements in later centuries. the Germanic tribes. and for the next ten centuries was content with formalism and Orthodoxy. The Western Empire became Orthodox. N. the human soul. What can we say on such a subject? There was a time when from every mother's heart would have gone up the grateful cry that rose from Sujata's: "Now I have my son and all my life is bliss. This School did not flourish in all its glory until the next century. In Alexandria. and also is made possible the establishment of the papacy. conquers Rome. (Concluded) MOTHERHOOD "And now I have my son." and over the future . had in the Serapeion a large school of students from all parts of the Roman Empire. when the power of darkness became too strong for the great scholar and teacher. but Hypatia was born in the third century and prepared for the work she was to do in the next century. and gradually faded away to a mere shadow of its former greatness. the most remarkable woman of antiquity. Cyril). the Visigoth. The Christian movement had lost its regenerating power. Oh! love than which none other is purer." OH! mystery of all mysteries. who we may believe was one of the messengers from the Great Lodge. that recovery from within was impossible.

If this first picture were true to the great majority of cases now. added to the sunshine of her baby's smile. We must look farther back than this generation. In such a home there is a loving lord. --. rather. whose grace. Such is the ideal picture. if we would be able to say: "And now I have my son and all my life is bliss. Many a happy heart beats faster at the thought of the little life that is protected and nourished by her life. nine times nine. This is the source of the social impurity and moral unsoundness that is honeycombing civilization today. stands trembling for its safety and cannot say in her heart that its coming has filled her heart with bliss but that it has. Yet must the temple of God be freed from the money changers and all his altars be made clean. and later many a mother has prayed earnestly. In such cases the little stranger was accepted as a gift from God. It is recorded of Sujata: "Wherefore. with many prayers she had besought Lukshmi: and many nights at full moon gone Round the great Lingham. placed at the disposal of his will. We have been working to cure the effect while we left the cause mainly untouched. we would not need to be studying the subject. go to the heart of the matter. Let us. And while we earnestly work to suppress it now we must. enabled to recreate or form matter into a fitting habitation for a human soul. All kinds of reforms and remedies are being tried. All sorts of causes have been assigned for the trouble. Such we would all have our homes and for such a state we all humbly pray our Gods. humanity has degraded and debased his powers and has loaded what should have been the altar of the Gods. that he would be manly and strong and that his possession in all the years of her life would fill the mother's heart with bliss. Earnest and careful was the training of the child and there was reasonable hope for his future. as yet so far beyond his comprehension." Entrusted with powers fit for Gods.years would have stood out the beautiful bow of promise. It would not fall within the limits of this short paper to discuss them. sisters. To many mothers of today this is a picture easily recognizable. makes the loving summer of some happy woman's home. But we are fallen upon troublous times and the very fountains of manifested life are being polluted." In those days a son was a gift from the Gods. the home itself. with unspeakable filth. But the picture has a companion more common than itself. Praying a boy. We are upon sacred ground and must tread reverently. if we would hope for . and many a woman loses all sight of personal suffering and danger in loving hopes and plans for her child that is to be. and through long months of weariness and pain has looked longingly forward to the coming of a son. filled her with anxious care. and the relations existing there between husband and wife.87 having these great mysteries of nature. Vice and social impurity are abroad in the land until the mother to whom a child is a welcome guest. with gifts Of rice and jasimine wreaths and sandal oil. and nearer home than the brothel for the cause.

physical and mental. Is it any wonder humanity is an easy prey to vice? Is it any wonder that in children we often find this part of the nature abnormally developed at the expense of the higher faculties? None of us who have had any experience in life can pretend to believe that unwelcome children are rare cases. It is an evil deeply hidden in the hearts of our homes. Still more deeply hidden are other evils which have a terrible prenatal effect on the child.ultimate success. When a child comes into the home as the lamented result of the indulgence of the animal desires of its parents. Nothing but holy and pure influences. for each impression on the mother has a tremendous effect on the child. by the lack of control of those who had no thought for its future moral welfare when their own beastly nature was in question. Yet how often is this sanctity violated. which perhaps he has never given any consideration. root and branch. is it possible to hope that the animal nature will not grow stronger with each passing generation. Many an honest physician has looked with alarm upon the results of the past and with dismay as to what the future will be if children are not brought into this life under purer and better conditions. in our pride. are pleased to call the lower classes. but it will be the most effectual. should be brought to bear upon her. and part of her work will be to teach him. The remedy is to take out the cause. How often upon the sacred mysteries of Nature are intruded the lowest passions of human animal nature. or by any means confined to what we. I hear some sister say: "Woman cannot alone alter these conditions. While Nature is busy with her great mysteries the person of the mother should be sacred. It cannot be done in a day. lovingly. And the helpless offspring comes into the world handicapped by unnatural tendencies. and it is the true root of social impurity. sisters? Perhaps so. has had occasion to weep for the soiled mind and sometimes the impure habits which have come to her little ones from the contaminating influences from these other sources. but the need is very urgent and too long has mistaken delicacy held us back from discussing these things. Think of it sisters. --. but very widespread.88 patiently help him to conquer the lower man and let the higher rule his being. and many a mother whose own children have come to her as welcome gifts from above. lay broad and firm the foundation in the home. The cause of the trouble lies in the very heart of our home life. . to bring to his busy mind this subject. and loyally. it will not show so great results on the surface as some other forms of work for social purity. nevertheless. She must have the help of her husband. Many a sister has eaten her heart out with remorse as she has watched the little one so dear to her and learned a bitter truth too late. Trust me. Is it strong language. through association in the public schools." No. almost foredoomed to a life of impurity. Many an earnest teacher in the public schools has felt herself powerless to stay the tide of impurity there when her search has revealed to her eyes the source of the trouble in the home life of the parents. what will the child be? Can we hope that it will have little of animality? And generation after generation adding such experiences.

that the body may be the servant. we have it mainly in our own control what sort of children we will have. purity and chastity.sisters. been fully appreciated in the past. Instead of a tendency to all material vice and a strengthening of all animal desires. better circumstances in the future. It is almost two o'clock and the people are going to the matinee. Had these lessons been thoroughly taught. but we can make a beginning. The value of self-mastery over the physical. Street into the Opera House. --------------. we can set in motion causes which shall have a tendency toward better things. all influences may tend upwards. and should arm them anew for the struggle. then we might pray with reason for pure souls in our children.89 AT THE MATINEE by Nancy Boyd Miller IT is a January day and cold for Washington. The beautiful trees in the Square and in the White House grounds are etched in delicate tracery of grey against the white walls of the White House and the blue sky above. Every reincarnating Ego goes. But as the law of natural selection rules these matters. not the master. It is an evil that has not sprung up in a night. The row of magnificent elm and linden trees on the "H" Street side of the Square lift their tall wide-spreading branches in a charming network of varying shades of grey against the blue sky or floating white cloud. we should have today a very different race of people. second. by unalterable law. in that every effort to keep pure here will add to the certainty of the Ego being reincarnated in purer. A stream of warmly-clad women flows along from H. A trickle of the same kind drops in from the Square and a little ripple or two from "the Avenue. into that family where the sum of virtues and vices of the parents most nearly fits his present state and offers the greatest chances for his future development. The beauty and necessity for the highest purity in the closest relations of life. had the tremendous force of thought as a molding power. Again. both on the present and coming generations. we should have had self-control. that pure spirits may be attracted. This should be a comfort and strength to those who find themselves in circumstances where personal purity is hard to maintain." When the varying streams have all . reincarnation furnishes a second motive for purity. Thus will be seen the importance of absolute purity in the parents if one would have pure children. and trust never-failing Karma for the rest. Then she may teach her sons and daughters these lessons. Reincarnation has a great bearing upon this subject. neither can it be overcome in a day. The subject is a wide one and only a few thoughts can be given as starting points for the earnest study we all must do in the quiet of our homes. If each soul were new created upon its birth into this life and sent out into varying conditions by the will of some being. that having been brought to the family. the loving wife can accomplish much in this direction if she will try. And the sanctity of the condition of Motherhood. first.

I wondered if a long line of sad-eyed oxen could . and robs him to trim a dress or make a cape! This afternoon it seems to me all the matinee women are well-fed looking. encouraging her in her monotonous maternal duties. rosy cheeked . and a dead bird with outstretched wings. The exquisite song hushed forever.rather aggressively so. taken in! I think shudderingly of the two large thick slices of "rare" red roast beef. as it would do. As I saw her disposing of the bloody flesh. mud. I drop in myself and take my seat in one of the mezzanine boxes and look about on the sea of humanity which the little streams have formed." birds. chicken. which must have been beautiful in life. and incidentally giving pleasure to any one who will listen. a sparkle of life and color. a bright plumaged. swift-winged creature. he flits to a limb near by and sings to her. dead.90 wilderment of the civil engineer. turkeys. the rich. with glass eyes and sewed to a hat! Aigrette plumes rise from many a hat and bonnet all over the house. skillful little engineer. pathetic little bunch of feathers. but I cease to regard them in a "watery light. by any possible means. on the heads of the women. all placed with wonderful accuracy by the hard-working. flitting from tree to tree. The too suggestive furs and feathers have set me thinking vaguely of the other animals in their make-up. a trapper or hunter knocks him on the head or shoots him or kills him in some other way. away down in the water where it stays. which they have both taken such pleasure in building. beaver-skins. or other dainty bit.flowed in. just when be has cut down a good sized tree and has cut it into the length required and quickly placed it. pretty velvet almost entirely hidden by waving ostrich plumes. "rare roasts. each in a little puddle of the life-blood of the slain creature. as she sits on her pretty little nest. Everybody knows that one aigrette plume signifies a family of young birds dying in the agony of slow starvation. crabs. fox-skins. with ghastly bead eyes. Such a collection of seal-skins. mink-skins. The "God-like speed of those beautiful wings" destroyed." suggesting indeed all kinds of flesh. Hundreds of tons of stone. I do not like to think how many beavers it did take to make that cape for those broad shoulders. My eyes come back to the beaver cape on the shoulders of the fat woman and I wonder if. and joyously busy perhaps about his housekeeping. his duties as husband and prospective father. otter-skins. and. perhaps. The juicy steaks. I think of what he was in some fragrant shady wood. taking to his wife a delicious worm or bug. glossy. the stout lady could be made to comprehend that complicated piece of engineering . birds' wings and whole dead birds. All the bright joyous life gone. on the plate of a young woman opposite me at the table at dinner last evening. On her head is a big velvet hat. ermine on the women's shoulders! Such a waving of feathers. logs of wood. ducks. Her broad shoulders are covered with the soft pretty skin of several beavers." They are too solidly human and "fleshy. I assure you the civilized matinee girls have left the savage red man away out in the cold in the clothing of themselves in the skins of animals and the feathers of fowls.a beaver's dam. instead of floating. if placed by a mere man and civil engineer. rabbit-skins. A poor. My eyes rest on a fat woman with firm red cheeks and bright eyes. to the be--. all kinds of feathers. fish. But he is a doleful enough object now. and leaving her with a loving and musical adieu. astrakhan.

All eyes. Dim. and the ghosts of his own creating. pretty little partridges. shadowy figures float away from each woman's face. and as I go I am pursued by the wails of the violins and I think shudderingly of how awfully we are indebted to defunct cats for the sweet soul-stirring strains of the violin music. even after her fat hands have settled comfortably into her lap. crabs. whose plumage shines faintly brilliant. hovering. terrapin. rabbits. the sheep and their lambs. A growing horror and fear in every line of his face and every movement of his hands. listening for the phantom sleigh-bells. gazing into the rose-colored sky and listening to the cheerfully pathetic voice of the little colored boy . which might be. dim. Presently the dim sad eyes and funny little nose of a vague. My eyes grow accustomed to the dim light. ducks. mother-eyes gaze reproachfully into the eyes of the matinee folks. watching.not claim a large share of her.I mean the beaver cape. chicken. But my attention is called to the stout lady of the beaver cape. I cannot stand the reproachful gaze of my own long line of ghosts and I find it so intensely unpleasant to be regarded as a sepulchre. In the dim light the cape seems to have a curious movement. and out of it glimmers another sad-eyed little face. against which the wide-spreading branches of the beautiful trees in the Square are etched in varying tones of grey. though shadowy. A shadowy movement of ghostly wings floats softly about the woman's hat. All the western sky --. attracts my eyes. I am glad to get out and into the out-of-door world. sad. pushing back the beaver . soft little lambs. I strain my eyes through the dim light and watch the softly undulating movement of the fur. about the melancholy little bundle of feathers and bones. The sun is setting in great magnificence. dimly radiant. the ghostly faces of pretty little calves. but is not. all gazing sadly into the sepulchres which have received their bodies. A little newsboy goes by crying in soft southern accents. Dim ghostly lines stretch out behind the cows and their calves. are fixed on the stage. young and old. She unbuttons the cape at the throat and pushes it away a little. fear to see what the approaching sleigh may bring. from among the aigrette plumes rise a group of the yellow mouths of fledglings. opened appealingly. A gentle-heaving of the silky fur in front. The lights are turned low. the fine." I take my way across the Square. birds. except my own.91 is ablaze with rose-colored and golden lights. The movement of the stout lady. shadowy outlines of gentle. that I flee from the Opera house. and the sepulchre of such a bewildering variety of bodies. the breathing of the stout lady. On the hat of a pretty young woman. The Sleigh-bells tinkle through the snowy distance and the matinee women dread to see the ghosts of Mr. cheerfully yet with a strangely pathetic little ring "Star yer! Eve-nin Star yer. ghostly little beaver slowly take shape on the shoulder of the stout lady. faces of cows whose mild. in whom they have such large shares. Long lines of vague. plump even in ghostdom." ------------- . fearfully listening. Irving is alone on the stage. indistinct figures seem to float about the house. Did I say that these well (?) dressed people had come to see Mr. fish. turkeys."Star yer! E-v-enin Star yer. long lines of the devoured. Irving's conjuring. Irving play "The Bells"? Mr. watching for the phantom sleigh.

and was in what Dr. He was staunch and true to his convictions. Dr. and the same regard was transferred to her successor. then he fell in with Colonel Olcott. while others dropped away satisfied with their old level. at his residence in Boston. He was one of the oldest members of the T. four of whom served as bearers. who at that time had taken a step beyond spiritualism.. in 1876. S. It is needless to say that Dr. on August 11th. B. and was tersely. B. the world's evolution --. AMI BROWN by M. Tingley. as it held one hand out to the spiritualist and psychic. Then when William Q. He was loyal and friendly towards H. P. His funeral was held on March 8th. for even Isis Unveiled had not yet appeared before the public. one of whom was a founder and the other a member of the only organization that offered them satisfaction in this regard. the little that was learned came orally from H.93 demanded still greater administrative changes. Of course. and it was without effort that he adapted himself to them." that is. and he has always remained loyal to the movement and to its successive leaders. Judge.. simply called The Theosophical Society. Dr. Brown grew with the organization.92 [[portrait: Dr.. as was necessitated by the crude condition of the enquirer. on the morning of March 6th. . As in those early days the T.DR. read some appropriate selections and made a few suitable remarks. the President of the Boston Branch. which the more developed finally reached. Mass. our brother. Brown was among the foremost in the society's ranks. and Robert Crosbie. Brown termed his "Elemental stage. Ami Brown was born at Ipswich. towards whom he felt also a loving personal attachment. Many hearts are saddened at the loss of so worthy a brother. as it existed in New York City when it was so young a tree that as yet it had no branches. and he easily recognized the fact that as a great cycle was drawing to a close. Ami Brown]] --. joined the original body. He saw no reason to turn traitor because of a natural and necessary change of method and administration.. many and long were the discussions held by these two enquirers after truth. After investigating mesmerism and kindred subjects.B. having. had no literature. Dr. Many of his fellow Theosophists were present. and pointing with the other hand to a vantage ground above and beyond them. a stage in which he ingeniously made elementals account for all phenomena. William Q.J. He felt that he had at last found a philosophy which offered a solution of life's problems as nothing else had ever done. Judge passed away he found no more difficulty than before in transferring his loyalty and trust to still another leader in the person of Katherine A. given forth. Brown floundered for some years in spiritualism. P. which he had joined. but always with a logical mind unsatisfied with its attempted explanations of phenomena. and sometimes obscurely. 1825. Dr. Ami Brown. S. leading them upward on their own ground. companion and friend. passed away from this life. AFTER a lingering illness.

an extreme lameness . Many members can testify to the immense help they received from his kind heart and clear mind.J. That home has been bereft of the sweet presence known as Lady Malcolm. Brown and we. He seemed not only to fulfil the duties of a brother to humanity at large. as they frequently did. brighten with the subject until he became his own clear headed and always amusing self. ready to be of service in talking to strangers and others who dropped in upon him. a land of mist and heather. in their first wrestlings with the philosophy. yet our hearts will sadden at the removal from our midst of that personal presence that was so dear to us. B. room. The accompanying portrait is a copy of a sketch of Dr. His last Theosophical act was to sign our branch protest against the present conspiracy working to remove our leader from her rightful place. have worked harmoniously together in this life. and what is still urged upon us by our present leader. and mountain torrent. which specially endeared him to the loving wife and two children who now mourn his loss. picked up a stray piece of paper and unconsciously to the doctor. sound judgment united with good common sense. for he had a fund of quaint humor in his nature that was irresistible. One day the two were sitting in the Boston T. S. P. and shall do in many a future one. and W. Constitutionally delicate. his comrades.his work for others was individual and never public.perhaps partly because of his lifelong infirmity. J. Dr. but in many an humble heart she lives . and in addition to this. The family homestead is a fine old place. when W. made the sketch referred to.. After his illness became so severe that he was no longer able to leave home. as if that were the only interesting centre of action in the world. Brown's career as a Theosophist was somewhat unique. which is by some considered the doctor's best likeness and which original. and would ask what was going on now. in the midst of pain. the doctor's massive head and striking profile temptingly presented in bold relief.Q. as we undoubtedly worked together in many a past life. He possessed to an eminent degree what was so lauded by H. and that journeying to the west of Scotland.94 "LADY MALCOLM OF POLTALLOCH" by Eleanor Dunlop You can visit Poltalloch . S. is now in the possession of the Boston T. as he was. Q. ---------------. he had a heart as tender as a woman's and the simplicity and unpretention of a child.Lord Malcolm's estate . . J.a bright and lasting memory. He would. of lonely hillside tarn.a kind of feudal castle where the Malcolms for generations back have lived and died. and extremely modest and retiring in disposition . Brown taken by W. Lady Malcolm possessed . S. he was always eager to hear anything pertaining to the welfare of the Brotherhood. As long as his health permitted he delighted in spending some hours a day at Headquarters. Although we know that there is no death.Dr. meaning in the ranks of the T. harmoniously and pleasantly discussing some philosophical question. but to answer conscientiously all the demands of closer ties. Q.

A. A bond of deep sympathy existed between her and our dear Leader which needed only the quickening of her presence ." Lady Malcolm. Judge President for life . In imagination we can fill in the future of Lady Malcolm's life story . dark and inscrutable yet withal tenderly compassionate.leaving them as before. sweet face. R. Not till death quietly took hold of that hand. which she felt was a beacon light towards which all discouraged souls might look for comfort. the refuse from the wheat!" Such a process took place in 1895 at the Convention of the "European Section. dinners for press men and social gatherings. attended the convention. and dignified. she wrote letters full of suggestions. born of loyal zeal for the Cause of Truth and Brotherhood. her fragile hand scarce able to hold the pen. and plans for the work . who visited --. homely of speech and manner she won the entire confidence of all who met her. Lady Malcolm was one of H. Q. Propped up in bed.but this is neither a time or place for such a portrayal.cheery letters . W. Judge. in London. not born of sea or land shone fan into an abiding faith and trust. as is also her warm hearted reception of the Crusaders.all that she had and was. "The useless chaff it drives from out the grain. L. although at that time an invalid. faithful to her as to her successor . when little more than a child. M. Blavatsky's pupils at Avenue Road. Q. During this time Lady Malcolm threw open her house to receptions. during these memorable ten days.W. single-handed and isolated. with the drink she could not take." and so thought Lady Malcolm. were gladly given to the work. then passed . so seldom seen of late. where a new society was organized which elected W. with that old-world air. to stop working for humanity would be awful.many of the peculiar qualities of the Gael . one of her carriages was set apart for Mrs. Time. did it relinquish its noble work. Q. joining in all. in whose dark liquid depths the blue of heaven is reflected. S. when the doctors had whispered "We can do nothing more for her. entering Lord Malcolm's ancient home as its youthful mistress a bride of twenty summers. Let us look long and earnestly at Lady Malcolm's strong. with an enthusiasm. Judge has written "To fail would be nothing. This is now a matter of history. for the . stately.thus showing to all the world that Brotherhood was not only a theory but a fact to stand by.95 London whilst on their tour round the world. to her house in Cumberland Place. or running races with the wild sea horses who lash their white tails in fury against the resisting rocks. thought. We can see her. what she accomplished. ever lit by the Beauty of the world. her eyes look to us like one of her own mountain tarns. At times a light. who invited all who had thus left. we can best recall the happy memory of a strong unselfish soul who "did what she could" for the Cause of Brotherhood. "A lady every bit of her. As a proof of this Lady Malcolm bequeathed a considerable sum to the S.that mysterious race whose last heritage seems to be a perception of life's infinite weeping. she was graceful as a fawn." simple and unaffected." whilst the nurse wet her parched lips. was founded. and money .rather a call to arms than a bugle note of retreat. The "Great Sifter" has been kept busy since the T. And now let us consider Lady Malcolm's life work. and with many others testified for Brotherhood by withdrawing from that scene of intolerance.P. pausing to hear what the ocean murmurs to the fairy of the shell. it was she. or saying of farewells . We can see her as a child playing on the dimpled beach. Tingley's use.

needs strong souls . the writings of those who. A mind attuned to the harmonies underlying life's discords ." replied his mother. She wrote on an average five long letters a day. Lady Malcolm of Poltalloch died on Monday. I will quote a few sentences from the Irish Theosophist of November. realize to yourself your correspondent's hopes. dear. turn back to extend a helping hand to those who need it. before you sit down to write. not to speak of those "isolated members" who were all of them known to and helped by Lady Malcolm. we read the following statement: "The Theosophical Society has lost the visible presence of one of its very best and most devoted workers. borne without murmur or complaint. whether they be powers of good or evil.demands them. bearing messages of loving counsel. So this wise soul bought countless books and scattered them broadcast through the land . Sheldon liked to have her boy think out his own problems and after a glance at Jack's face went on with her sewing. whose heart was a well-spring of Compassion. Mrs.M. in which Lady Malcolm gives a few "Hints on Theosophical Correspondence'': "Let your correspondents know that their confidences will be respected. Such books are earth's priceless treasures.this epoch in life's history.just a quiet unselfish worker. at 1 A. Tact and tenderness are necessary. after a three months' illness of terrible pain.books suited to all ages and conditions.." Shall we mourn for her who has gone? Nay. fears." said little Jack Sheldon with a very earnest look in his blue eyes. never as a person. approve. The host of heaven and hell. 1896. In the Theosophical News of November 23. To use her own words she wrote "As a soul. nor a literary genius .Cause of Brotherhood. rather should we rejoice that "the pilgrim'' is at rest if only for a little. ------------- JACK'S PROBLEM by Charlotte Abell Walker "HELPING and sharing is what Brotherhood means." Thus she wrote. east and west flew these white birds. making the darkest outlook seem like a game of hide and seek. Such was Lady Malcolm. and thus daily fresh channels were found through which the lifegiving currents flowed. She always strove to awaken in each soul she wrote to a belief in their own Divinity. Let us raise a song of victory. in their own inherent power to conquer and subdue. and through all she said and wrote ran a vein of sparkling humor which brightened the dullest fact. 1896. Parcels of these were sent to Lodges and Centres throughout Great Britain. . confront each other as the iron gates of the 19th Century close. she sent books. Ever appeal to their better nature. of light and darkness. Neither an eloquent speaker. more than blame. having passed thro' the struggle. of hope and abiding faith in the Soul of things. to public libraries and reading-rooms. a full harmonious note of peace and good will. quietly and painlessly. To those who were beyond the reach of her pen. a heart." North. This age . environment. daily life. south. October 12th. "Yes.a voice speaking of what it knew in the language of the heart.

"I understand." Jack was silent a moment and then he began whistling softly "Brothers we. It is such a help. and if he is clean. We all must learn to decide our own problems. dear. Self-control is your most important lesson to learn. it is your way. I've settled it!" he exclaimed. but it was soon succeeded by one of boyish determination. but we often find splendid characters under the dirt and rags and that is what counts most." she had said to a friend one day. "Do you know. doesn't it. things will come right somehow. I think a Motherhood League would be a pretty good thing."It means a great deal. only you did not happen to see it so plainly at first. mamma. or must not. as he lovingly squeezed his mother's hand. so I'll just look for the boy inside. Jack. "Women have higher privileges than the right of Suffrage can give them. I think you are the very funniest mamma a boy ever had! I always think I am going to have my way about doing things because you hardly ever say I must. It is awfully bothersome to think out things for myself. and to teach them the brotherhood of humanity before they are given the right to help make laws for the people. not control you. I want to guide." "But. it is so much easier to do things when you say I must. the dirty. but we can be helped by asking older and wiser persons than ourselves for advice. don't you think that these mothers would re--. of course I do!" said Jack." "Not my way exactly." "What kind of work?" asked her friend. Jack. "Well. "You always do understand me. don't you. "I just wish some of the boys in my class had mothers like you." said Jack. almost too earnest for one so young. Don 't you think so Jack?" "Why. his face flushing a little as he met his mother's eyes. but his mother's heart ached as she thought of the great responsibility of motherhood and of the little preparation made for it in the lives of most women. my son. with a laugh. Mamma?" "A great deal. springing to his feet." Five minutes later Jack was playing in the street just as happily as though there were no vexatious problems in the world. mamma?" "The best thing in the world." With a sigh of relief the boy flung himself on a low seat at his mother's side. "If we all are brothers. mamma." His eyes had a far away look. a little dirt on the outside doesn't matter much. mamma dear." "Well. Jack.97 sent our interference even if we should be brave enough to visit them in their homes. my darling. ragged boys I mean." "And it is very helpful to me Jack that you let me share some of your heart troubles." "Well." "Older persons than you have found the same difficulty. I think my problems are easier than yours anyhow. but somehow you always make me do your way." "I don't think I could be a brother to some of the boys in my class. how can we do that. "That of helping ignorant mothers train their sons to be more obedient. "The enormity of woman's work is appalling. I don 't like dirty boys either." said Jack. and try to inculcate our views for their good?" .

I am Sure you will do your part. Sheldon put away her sewing with a sigh.98 FRAGMENTS by Adhiratha EVERYBODY looks out for something. they should not expect to do much themselves towards purifying the government. and inasmuch as we will never know the soul if we deny its existence." Let us call this real and the sheaths unreal. We should strive instead to get these mothers to be coworkers with us. Can we expect Reformers in a few weeks of electioneering.* too. during a Mahamanvantara. if we in twenty-one years have failed to teach them the great principles of the Brotherhood of mankind? We must learn to be less sentimental in the education of our sons and give them sound practical advice that will stand the tests of business life. Internal vision has to go into Pralaya. We have the training of the men who make the laws and if we show such a lack of wisdom and judgment. I feel like crying from every hilltop. Sheldon. But on the road which lies in this direction there are many things and real things. it seems to me." softly murmured Mrs. in the way of most reforms. If women will not awake to their great responsibilities as mothers.*** What the seeds of sound are in the Absolute is beyond creatures to know. most people look around them as far as their eyes carry them and then stop."That is the stumbling block. and keep their little ones pure while they are yet in the home nest." ----------------. as far as real may mean "lasting through one great age of Brahma.**** We know the methods of investigation of the physical. the real begins. of which the physical is the utmost illusion of all. "Dear Jack. when their natures are in a plastic state that we cannot mold them into fixed principles of right and wrong. 'Mothers awake to your higher life! Be no longer creatures of weak impulse! Arouse yourselves to the grand possibilities of your power to rule your homes wisely and well and you have only to lift your hands and the world will obey!'" Mrs. some look within. in that darkness sound yet prevails. to teach our sons honesty and loyalty to the best interests of their country. because we have evolved . we had better set ourselves to learn our duties and responsibilities as mothers before we demand the right to meddle with the laws they have had to frame without much assistance from us. but the real will stand when beyond inverted sight there is unfathomable darkness. We cannot investigate that which we do not believe to be really existing. we stop and bow down in deepest reverence. into that unlimited space. He looked up and smiled as he saw his mother. where. "Helping and sharing is what Brotherhood means. So we have to work up from the very bottom of the ladder to which we have descended. We had to descend. or we should never have known it. we could never have known the physical world without believing it to be real through the power of Maya. We want to inculcate our views and utterly ignore theirs. we had to believe it to be real. Jack was among them. than which there is no greater illusion. when vision ceases. to get their views on the subject and see if from a consensus of opinion we cannot do greater good for all the down-trodden and oppressed than by obtaining the right of suffrage for our sex. But internal vision is more real than external vision and it lasts as long as the Monad** lasts as such. and then stood at the window a moment watching the children who were playing in the street.

and as a carpenter builds a house and not the house builds itself by the carpenter's hands. the "Hall of Wisdom. or wisdom. in the physical we can only learn that we are ignorant. but at the same time we must learn the real thinking. but may lead to advancement. Doing a thing consciously means to master it. it is only what any reasonable man should do in order to be really somebody. . for an entity having freedom of choice. But even this is not introspection. even with the best intention to do this. Thinking is doing work on the thought plane. belongs already to other planes and only appears physical. we can only find out that our pretended knowledge here is not knowledge but ignorance. sometimes very little. and the obligation to still act on the physical plane in order to work out past karma. The forces of both states act on it. he may begin to learn to do his own thinking and finish by dispelling all ignorance by the mastery over his whole thinking system. the persisting unit of consciousness. earthly aspect is ignorance and illusion. but automatically. These senses and faculties however.99 this first.Editor. Blavatsky calls this earth the "Hall of Ignorance". a great period of manifestation. Unless we do that we do not think self-consciously. illusion. ** Monad.Editor. oh. **** Maya. Beyond the "Hall of Wisdom" stretch the "Waters of Akshara" ." The first of those two appears like a critical state between ignorance and wisdom. H. and we do not really think consciously as long as we do not master by will and knowledge every thought of ours. If he understands this well. how long it takes a man. . If we try to do our best to overcome the first of these obstructions. form and name as the Hindu philosophy says. one way or the other. but the thought-plane is that of the conscious performance of thinking as such. ------------and take it in. we cannot unlearn unless we learn. each set responding to the plane to which it belongs. a period of activity.senses and faculties which respond to it -----------* Pralaya. . and think such thoughts only as we have willed to think. learning. as the critical state of water before turning into steam. and it does not know which way to go. and not as a physical disturbance. But. which is but entering extraneous thought-currents.Editor. it is no advancement in itself. Much that we do and think however. P. at each moment of his mental activity.Editor. Learning in fact means the taking of a decision. P. Truly H. a cyclic period of rest alternating with a Manvantara." and the third. so we must perform thinking as we will it. Thus a man as a thinker is in ignorance. . night alternating with day. *** Mahamanvantara. and we cannot learn unless we unlearn. All men think. the unit life. Thinking from a physical. So now the first thing to do is to find out our habit of not thinking. We have to learn --. Two difficulties obstruct the way: The habit of doing otherwise. and if we want to do this we must evolve others. we do all we can and must leave the rest to karma. do not hold good for investigating other planes of consciousness. Blavatsky calls the next hall the "Hall of Learning.

but who masters himself so as to reach the pure mind plane where the Master is ready whenever the pupil is ready.(Continued) BUT to believe in the existence of the Masters. or else it will always be a disturbing element. that Jesus was conscious of and had realized his sonship with God. the beyond-thought. then there ensues a fight between our will and the acquired force of habit. The materialist or worshiper of protoplasm holds no ideal. --------------. If we do not formulate them but oppose them. that is you see its movements. give them strength and allow them to get hold of us more easily the next time. and thus entering into the insect's mind you see by it.J.P. who does not look out for him in the physical. since all men are the sons of God. gives the clue to the existence of such perfected souls. says nothing. We may study the books on Yoga. but. We know our habit of thought and we can feel habitual thoughts creeping up to us. They are not miraculous meteors. and we must have an ideal and contemplate it daily. he will not progress beyond it. unguided we shall fail. Ordinary man has self-consciousness. trying to enter into our consciousness. as we are told. It is only when we have vanquished the latter that we can do our own thinking with less difficulty. but thought has to be mastered first before it can be left. so we build up our thought world by thought representation and mastery of same. until it becomes conscious upon all planes in nature. that we may grow like it. Reincarnation alone. and seeing by it. You see a beetle crawl in the dust. There are always two ways of viewing a thing. Happy he who reaches his teacher. It is only after we have gained this freedom that we may begin to try what Patanjali calls the arrest of the "modifications of the thinking principle. who is not deceived by the astral. but it relates mostly to the . and by arresting the latter no more mind-pictures are produced and the consciousness may go beyond. flashing from some equally miraculous throne located in the land of superstition. looking at it. Watson CHAPTER VI. We must have some definite thing toward which to strive." By giving form to thought the thinking principle is modified. but ordinary man knows it not and has not realized it.the infinite. exemplified to us. Blavatsky says. The Buddha and the Christ are types of perfection. . Thoughts on the thought-plane are like objective things on the physical plane. and perfect man is Godlike.100 THE KINDERGARTEN OF THEOSOPHY by Marie A. then we formulate the thoughts and so to say use them. that. and so long as his thoughts keep him in this state of consciousness. and at last mastery will give us freedom of thinking. as H. When we enter them. then you observe where the insect wants to go and for what purpose. and we know so little of it. This is so different from our every-day habit. To say Jesus is the Son of God. as we build up our physical worlds around us by the power of representation and will. the distinction lies herein. we must believe in the possibility of an ideal state of man. we see them but we do not as yet enter into them. we have to look out for our teacher in the Hall of Wisdom and on no lower plane. they are perfected men. With our thoughts it is the same. The Ego must return again and again.

Take our physical-brainconsciousness. Such knowledge will enable us to understand our conditions and surroundings. Our Karmic . do we know anything thoroughly until we have given special study to it? Memories become obliterated from the mind even in this one short life. just as we say instinct is an attribute of the lower mind which the animals share with man. where before it was receptive. Can we believe that man passes away from here after one short life. is sufficient to recall experiences of years long past. as in any other line. becomes more receptive to truth. while intuition is an attribute of the soul. sometimes the odor of a flower. we must by mental effort force the conditions and ideas together which constituted periods in our former lives. We see that by bringing together the conditions and the ideas that centred about that certain period. The function --.physical plane of being. It is by this same process that recollection of our past lives is brought about. and which relates only to the animal or physical plane.the modifications of the mind. evolving physical man up to his present stage. we regather these experiences. We hear much of intuition and intuitive knowledge. scarcely knowing how or why he breathes? You may say. until it has acquired the power of freeing the mind from obstructing causes. but must this ignorance be permanent? You can develop out of this unconsciousness into the consciousness of former lives. and reaches out on all planes. there is union between the lower and the higher mind. and then the physical brain becomes conscious of past experience. because there must have been a preparatory training through many lives before this method could be applied. then is effected the resurrection of the higher Ego. a picture or a word. Whence come they? It is not that some particular person is favored and receives such knowledge by mere abstraction. each successive physical brain evolved through successive incarnations. for all in nature proceeds by natural law. Thus we see that there is a slow up-building of the physical brain." When this is accomplished. the physical brain becomes active in the possession of knowledge. a strain of music. "hindering . you have no remembrance concerning any other life. we must work for success in this. meditation or concentration. Now this higher power gives to the physical brain its receptivity for knowledge and. There is no royal road to knowledge in anything. and we recollect facts which enable us to locate and determine their relation in proper sequence. How is this to be done? Only by exerting your will power. has had for its object the mere giving to man the privilege of flitting for a few short years upon the scene. and by persistent effort to recover what you have forgotten. from the tombs of earth life. When it is active. The physical brain must have evolved up to the stage where it has become receptive to truth from its own higher mind. for example. Here we have a lesson. by repeated efforts of the will. how do we regain them? Often by association of ideas we are enabled to remember facts that were buried in the long ago. this is only relatively true. leaving his work unfinished? Is it reasonable to suppose that the stupendous task that has been accomplished through millions of ages.101 the counterpart of that which in the lower brain mind we call memory. this power in theosophic parlance is called. and they become realities once more. until at last. we are able to penetrate more deeply into the dim regions of the past. to return no more.

analyzed. substituting one dogma for another does not help man. A mere idle faith in the belief that something outside of our own efforts shall lift us out of our present consciousness. is fruitless. but do not flatter yourself. What is philosophy but the experience. science and art and to investigate the laws of nature and the divine power in man. Also to study ancient and modern religion. during each of which collective mankind gradually reaches the culminating point of the highest civilization. no injustice. studied. tolerance and love. When we come into true sympathetic relations with man and nature. It does not by harsh denouncement. has come to us from the past. for. It ever encourages man to greater and nobler effort. as such should not be gainsaid. Man must grow into the knowledge of the truth. It further proves to us that there are no leaps in nature. It has for its principal object the forming of a nucleus of a Universal brotherhood. no favors. until it finally blossoms into the perfect flower of spiritual life. its view from the mountain peaks. no partiality. by employing all these means. rooted to the earth. --. now sinking. By research and study. must come from the present. it teaches that human life has its wave-life. you can persuade a man to worship in your particular form. sustained. THE OBJECT OF THEOSOPHY . and the results have become consciousness itself. to tread the waves of passional life triumphantly. compared. theosophy endeavors to do. this. each adapted to the particular class of worshipers. therefore. as Peter walked the waves toward his Master. Let us make the present profitable. stimulates to new courage and new endeavor to help ourselves and others. we learn most about them. and to make its beholder understand that something else is better. You cannot make a Christ or a Buddha of a savage. there must be multifarious forms of religion. its pastoral life of peace. it treats mental blindness as it would bodily blindness. but that whatever has been gained has been earned. philosophy. there is no room for dissatisfaction. after all the idea behind the form of worship will fit exactly to the focus of his conception. its wider range upon the hill tops. by reason and spiritual insight. The period of human existence is divided into cycles. that it inhabits new physical bodies. Whatever is. The world stands at the beginning of a new epoch.record unfolded. that you have made a convert. tear down what has been laboriously built up through the ages. even in a measure. and how it is an error. The facts of human experience have been observed. All men are attracted to that which seems best to them. the history of humanity condensed and formulated into a system of order. with compassion. It is not of vital importance to add another form of religion to the already long list. hatred or jealousy.102 now. that it is. CHAPTER VII. in fact. and .THE LAW OF KARMA REINCARNATION What can Theosophy claim for itself that causes its followers to believe it to be their duty to present its teachings to the world. man may prove for himself the immortality of the Ego. so shall we learn in time. helps us to accept our life more bravely. The only way to destroy error is to know that it is an error. If evolution for the soul is true. and its still higher winged-life of glorious visions. until it outgrows its necessity as it climbs ever to higher and higher planes. and. by new effort. and what shall be. and the future must become so.

but a selfish regard for one's own feelings. W. and when the human stage is reached. so that taking a retrospective glance. The current doctrines of the forgiveness of sins and the atonement are as ordinarily understood pernicious to human development. the wise and the ignorant. ---------------. and by a careful and accurate comparison of them with present existing religions. not God himself. The problem to solve the origin and destiny of man will ever agitate the thinker. developed. a dislike to be disturbed out of this rut of mental ease. since I am of his substance. to do our own thinking. that it gains experience through all the lower kingdoms. This gives a satisfactory explanation of the inequalities existing in the conditions of men. Comparative Religion has been able to translate and express in scientific terms. and reach their highest point of thought. the historical development. then commences the battle between the lower and higher natures in man. how in the nature of things and according to law can sin be forgiven? That every cause has its effect is apparent to every one. So it behooves us to study these ancient philosophies. the divine soul. is a matter of personal endeavor. in man is a spark of the One Life. By its patient investigations amongst the wrecks and fragments of past and almost forgotten religious systems. The effects will be manifest on the physical plane and in a physical body. and all progress from this time on. between the rich and the poor. our knowledge of them has been considerably enlarged. that have reached us. "What a man sows that also shall he reap. The first step on the path of wisdom is to exercise the mind. using them as a ladder whereby we may ascend to the heights which their originators have already scaled. Paul say. By the aid of Comparative philology it has tracked Religions in their migrations. followed them in their numerous ramifications and explained the causes of their chief distinctive features .then again with the same gradual process it recedes on the downward arc of the cycle. the strong and the weak. and compel him to seek and investigate all means available towards its solution. So are philosophies born. Did not St. mentally and spiritually.103 THE ANCIENT DRUIDS THEIR HISTORY AND RELIGION by Rev. has already won for itself a recognized position in the domain of positive knowledge. William THE Science of Comparative Religion originating out of the philosophic spirit of the age. To merely believe with a blind faith in something that has been taught us. Availing itself of the doctrine of evolution and its teachings. All religions teach that the spirit. and like him too I must be free. Take the first of these. And who can atone for me. is not only a sign of mental laziness. the good and the evil. the Absolute. and can make or mar my destiny. we are able to realize the inner life and comprehend the thoughts and ideas which have swayed the minds and molded the characters of mankind in all ages of human history." And this reaping must be on the plane where the sowing took place. but they do not teach as theosophy does that this spark has to win selfconsciousness. and they are left as a legacy bequeathed to the coming races. as also the laws of growth and decay which govern the religious principle in man's nature.

a somewhat clear and vivid outline of a subject which to the theosophical mind is fraught with great interest and at the same time is calculated to become to the general reader.and even fixed the locality from which they first radiated as a common centre. In order to avoid confusion in treating of the Ancient Druids and that the reader may obtain a clearer idea and conception of the subject. a dis--. becomes a subject requiring deep and prolonged research. invested with tremendous powers and possessors of a secret knowledge of Nature and an occult philosophy which caused them to be regarded with sentiments of the deepest reverence. retiring into that dark oblivion. they disappear. have gathered round them and which have hitherto hindered and prevented us from obtaining right and adequate conceptions and views of their character as elements and factors in the religious life and development of Humanity. Out of the dim and mystic Past. after a general review and calm consideration of the many interesting facts and data presented before him. But few writers and historians have directed their researches in a field of knowledge which though limited and contracted in area. a source of instructive knowledge. HISTORICAL SKETCH The history of the Ancient Druids owing to the scanty details and meagre imperfect traditions of their religious and philosophic teachings that have been handed down. In the collection and marshaling of these various details. . we hope to present. of climate and natural scenery .that their differences are mainly due to the influences of environment. Thus they appear on the stage of human life. the Druid Bards loom up as beings of a commanding and awe-inspiring character. fact and fiction which in the course of centuries. we shall first sketch their history and . so that the philosophic student.104 criminating analysis. This is particularly noticeable and perceptible in the history of Ancient Druidism. calm and self-contained in their deportment.the chief instruments in exciting intellectual thought and meditation that have entered so largely as formative elements in religious development. and after discharging their functions and playing their parts in the world's drama. the grave and cemetery of all that is mutable and human and in the minds of posterity exist no more. inadequate though it may be. one of those old-world religions whose origin is shrouded in mystery as dark and impenetrable as the groves and forest recesses in which its rites and ceremonies were celebrated and performed. In the unfolding of the great panorama of History they suddenly appear begirt with a power and authority more than kingly in its extent and influence. and arrayed in all the splendid robes and glittering insignia of a lofty and learned priesthood. as also in piecing together the scattered historical data and placing them in their natural relationship and order. save and except as umbra nominis magni shadows of a great past. the expressions of his spiritual growth. is rich with the relics and fragments of a race. with brows encircled with golden coronets. that all of them are but the reflections of man's faith. arrives at this conclusion that the same fundamental truths and ideas lie at the basis of the many and diversified systems of religion. the knowledge and details of which constitute a most interesting chapter in the universal history of Nations. and a clear intuition in the separation of those incrustations of truth and error. majestic in form and feature.

left their homes and after wandering across the wide plains of Asia Minor. In their hearts was an innate love of liberty and freedom. It was an eventful period in their history when they went forth in quest of new homes. the descendants of a common ancestry. The remainder proceeded southeast and entered that part of India known as the Punjaub. Persian and Hindoo. and contests with foes --. through some unknown causes. Nowhere in the countries through which they passed could they settle for any length of time. The first were the ancestors of the Celts. the latter were the progenitors of the Greeks and Romans. leaving traces of the route they took in the Celtic names of places where they settled and of the rivers on whose banks they dwelt.then present an outline of our investigations into their religion. was inhabited by a large number of tribes of the same origin and united together by the same manners and customs and modes of religious worship. they entered Europe at length. The tribes that remained at home. while others forced their way into Italy and Greece. wanderers from the same homestead. They were chiefly agriculturists and possessors of large herds of cattle. Though to acquaint ourselves with the history of the wanderings of these various tribes is a subject of great interest. some of them settled in northern Germany. the fording of broad rivers and rapid streams. their numbers became so much increased that their territories were finally unable to supply them with the necessaries of life. Greek and German. As they wended their way westward and traversed the extensive plains over which they had first to pass. Accordingly a large body consisting of those who were headstrong and of fiery temperament. and as the dim outlines of the mountain peaks and summits of their native country faded from view. Briton and Arab are all brethren. They were a tall. it was decided that certain numbers should emigrate and form settlements for themselves and their families in lands that lay toward the regions of the setting sun. whilst their natures vibrated with those religious sentiments which form the basis of all true manliness and earnestness of character. its similarities to and differences from old-world faiths and systems of belief. It involved the clearing a pathway through dense forests. Calling together a council. carrying stone battle-axes on their shoulders and horn bows at their backs. These facts in the early history of the Aryans are beyond question and constitute what a learned German has described as the discovery of a "new world" and we now know that Icelander and Roman. for they were buoyant with hope in the future. muscular race of men. we are compelled to limit and restrict our investigations and follow in the rear and wake of the Celts who were the first to leave their fatherland. their courage abated not. essential in the achievement of lofty aims and purposes. for they were hurried forward by an ever-increasing wave of numerous hordes of . By their indomitable energy and ceaseless perseverance. . whose descendants Julius Cesar found in Britain when he invaded it. probably on account of climatic changes and a consequent dearth of the means of subsistence.a hazardous enterprise entailing upon them great privations. Living at peace amongst themselves. Thousands of years ago the country of Bactria situated to the east of the Caspian Sea and stretching to the borders of northern India. were compelled to relinquish their homes when part of them settled in Persia.105 ever on the alert to oppose their advance and thwart them in their enterprise.

Pliny the Elder. the Druids held the mistletoe in the highest veneration. Augustine. They painted their bodies with figures to distinguish their families and rank. the word Druid was used to designate a class of priests and philosophers corresponding to the Brahmans of India. the heads of families discharged all priestly duties and were termed Rishis. and involved supreme authority over all others. the derivation and meaning of which name is still a matter of dispute and uncertainty. According to Pliny. The name given to the mistletoe signified in their language All-Heal. admission to their order was eagerly sought after by the youth of Gaul. in order that they might be better able to attend to the means of self-preservation and provide for their respective families. the church fathers Origin. the Celts. However this may be. where youths committed to memory certain maxims in verse. Like the Persians. they were not an hereditary caste. The Moon Plant was held in great reverence by the Druids. two white bulls being sacrificed on the spot. Groves of oak were their chosen retreat. they held idolatry in abhorrence and overturned and destroyed the images and temples of the vanquished. Desultory references and brief notices of the learning of the --. They became fond of hunting. but several Welsh scholars maintain that it comes from Derwyda.emigrants who were on the same quest as themselves and never found rest until they reached Brittany. as also to the hierophants and scholars of ancient and modern people. extending over a lifetime. Amongst classical writers Caesar in the sixth book of his De bello Gallico. unlike the Brahmans in India.106 Druids are met with in the writings of Aristotle. as also by the Hindoos. As. a province in the north of France. Whilst in their native land. Diogenes Laertius. covered with the skins of animals slain in the chase. derives it from the Greek word drus. and enjoyed exemption from military service as well as payment of taxes. a wise man. respect to chastity of women and implicit obedience to Druids. an oak. The course of training to which a novice had to submit was protracted. These verses . extending over twenty years. a noted Roman author. Here they found their home and also in the island of Britain. When thus found. more especially the mistletoe. The Druids had schools in the forests. the Magi of the Persians. by whom were composed most of the hymns forming the Rig Veda. it was cut with a golden knife by a priest clad in a white robe. a vaticinator or prophet. the Celts formed amongst themselves for purposes of mutual defense vast confederations of warlike tribes. Clement of Alexandria and St. of which they felt so proud that in the most inclement season they preferred the dispensing with any kind of clothing. The office of Arch Druid was elective. inculcating the worship of the gods. the old British form of the word. a compound of derw. and its virtues were believed to be great. their distant relatives. esteeming as a gift from heaven whatever grew thereon. bravery in battle. but owing now to their altered conditions and circumstances of life. expert and skillful agriculturists and dwelt in conical huts formed of the branches of trees. relegated and intrusted the discharge of all priestly functions to certain individuals who have become known to us as the Druids. In process of time. becoming settled and established. resembling in this particular the system of education still in vogue in India. magistrates and parents. whose praises of its occult virtues are dwelt upon in many of their most ancient writings. is the first who states that the Druids were the religious guides of the people as well as the chief expounders and guardians of the law.

surrounded by admiring neophytes. the exploits and deeds of daring and valor of past chiefs. their functions and duties. They were divided into three classes. whose choral strain embraces the whole human kind. they were given to drink of the waters of inspiration. The color of their garb was green. For the present we must leave them in the seclusion and silence of their forest groves. (To be continued) --------------. either in ancient or modern times. the waters as so many tints and shining notes of the one joy of Brotherhood Eternal. Such is a brief outline of the history of the Druids. which breaks the barriers of the night. and why they were able to wield an influence which in its extent and power has never been paralleled. They had to undergo a novitiate-ship of twenty years.** The Lords of the Immortal Wisdom came down to dwell in human souls. the inner heat of action by the indwelling everlasting Right.sometimes contained an allegorical meaning which was explained under an oath of secrecy to those educated for the higher orders of the priesthood. like the Brahmans. philtres and medicines. The subject of their religion and philosophy will receive a separate consideration when we come to deal with them. the skies. which we are inclined to think was the same as the juice of the soma plant amongst the Hindoos. They were dressed in white robes. the new Ideal ever-present. The third class was that of the Vates or Diviners of omens and all the phenomena of nature.107 THEOSOPHY AND UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD By Zoryan (Continued) WHAT is this grand majestic sound* risen so suddenly in the sweet and tender morning hour? The first rays of the Sun have touched the Memnon's statue. the flight and song of birds. as far as those were ready. and takes the moon. the earth. The second class were the Bards. The lunar beauty of the twilight skies and its selenic image are now flooded with the ubiquitous singing light of the Sun. which awoke with daylight from out the Immortal Regions and brought the warmth of heart. This happened when humanity reached the middle of the Third Race and had gathered enough of power and intensity of aspiration to respond in the terms of . presided at the sacrifices and were the instructors of the novitiates. the beatific glory. and as the last echoes of their mystic teachings resound in our ears. who were the sole judges and legislators. After passing the customary ordeals and examinations. they were said to be twice born and were henceforth held in the highest respect and veneration by their countrymen. we divine the reason of that reverence and veneration with which they were regarded by all nations. during which they committed to memory the traditionary songs. who accompanied chiefs to battle and sang hymns to the god of war. They were also skillful in compounding herbs. after which. which dissolved the lunar sighs and longings into perpetual heart-notes of its song. the Druids proper. and wore a blue and white colored robe.

not that unity of being included in the large square. as the Secret Doctrine expresses it . on which it gazes.their Flame . of the square divided and subdivided into smaller squares. Blavatsky. . third ed.D.consciousness known to it and in synchronous vibrations to the consciousness of the Immortal Egos. the Three-tongued Flame of the Four Wicks.108 back. and even more. which hangs to the literal sense. Set and immovable is its face. No speech proceeds from its lips. light and all." * The fiery Pyramid on the watery base. for mystic natures. ** The colossal statue of Memnon in Egypt greeted the sunrise with a melodious strain. Even when we say that the Divine Hosts and Hierarchies of the Triangle are divided and undivided at the same time . Little can we say. which is symbolized by the triangle. of the presence of that Divine Triangle as touching with its lower line the square of earthly life and knowledge. giving its Rays to the reflections of its Moon.who can understand the mystery. ---------ings. The Wicks are the Sparks. gathering them into itself. P. . who has it in himself? Perhaps that Sphinx. so deeply meditating in the still vastness of the desert. its eyes do not even look upon us. where no amount of classification will give unity. being more within. that draw from the Three-tongued Flame shot out by the Seven . as no description will avail. because our earthly terms of expression are all pertaining to the world of separateness. just as sound is superior to other senses. so that two might become one. but in our contemplative silence there springs the upward fire and then we can see how the Pyramid reminds one of "the Root that never dies. reflections. as if the light of Eternity. Changeless Truth. and not as an objective vision. which was constructed by the Teachers to commemorate the important event of their presence. . Yet its lips do not move. *** By H. poetical. 65. Let us then turn our eyes to the great pyramid of Egypt. through which act the forces of Angelic Mind. produced by vibrations of molecules of the stone in the first rays of the solar heat. but the real conscious inner unity of the higher world.the phrase should be understood mystically. perfectly void of opacity. had enraptured it above all earthly visions. This great truth is spoken only in symbols."the undetached sparks" in the One Flame. and then withdrawing them ----------* S. and superior to it. p. which is different from mortal mind of men. the Eternal on the passing. The Sphinx has a human face. Surely it will speak.the Beams and Sparks of one Moon reflected in the running waves of all the Rivers of the Earth. each note being complementary to another and founded on the Unity expressed in the keynote. and purposely crude for the crowd. Descriptions it could not give. I. ubiquitous. The Secret Doctrine*** gives many hints as to the nature of these Celestial Be-------------* Sound corresponds in Indian philosophy to Akasha. ------------.

ordered. merged into the divine. who is but another expression of that secret himself. which is above all moments and outside their revolving sphere.unless that divinely human face is that speech itself. which is now the face of the divine and manvantaric Sphinx. and not any occasional interchange. after its outer visage has been cheated by passing joys and torn by illusions and woes. What then. as it feels itself alone. from the first boiling chaotic depths. --------------. even in our special and exceptional sub-race of our modern times. but its branches and leaves descend from its head to all its body. ruled. into the mystery sublime of the Eternity's Great Breath.when the descent of the Divine Mind from the Celestial Hierarchies produced undreamt------------* According as we take the narrower or wider meaning of the Sphinx. the Root of its life. of which his body is a symbol. which it gathers into One Love. becomes silent and rises above itself. but for all nature. that one grand moment. helped on their ascending path. through which we all shall gaze into the Fount itself of all our Unity and Brotherhood. silent. . life-giving streams his light feeds all men and creatures of the earth. a divinely-golden glow and the radiance of the immortal glory of the soul to all unselfish earthly loves. yet each one of us has a Sphinx-like Inner Face. and arisen and immortal. By whom was it reared. when the higher senses were active and the soul was not buried. his enraptured face and his silence suggest how the questioner must search for the answer. all sparks and reflections it gathers into another higher Moon. conscious of naught save the harmony of silence. which. And yet this Sphinx has not lost itself in that mystery. Not for himself alone has man risen even above himself. And yet we have a germ of this true unity in our souls. . and all lower selves and their heaving plane of interchange of forces in human kind. ever remains with us. Explaining the different parts of his body will avail nothing. of which all ages speak and cease and speak and cease again. ** On some sculptures.draws all its light inside. it was when the first self-conscious men at the close of the Third Race were as "the towering giants of godly strength and beauty" . Thus stands this lonely sentinel of the Pralaya of his country. symbolizes those lower and incipient kingdoms of nature which necessarily must follow and depend on the superior kingdoms. perfectly regulated. In pure. . The Sphinx's serpent tail** emerging from the primeval genetic sea of evolution. giving deep hue to the blue skies. Can we understand this Voice of the Silence? Though it is above all understanding. wisdom and bliss is there above all play of Maya and above all woe. by whom understood? He alone knows what the Great Pyramid is. His heterogeneous body is only a symbol of what will happen after the mystery is found. And though we return again into the world. He pours his light from the mysterious selfless heights upon the millions of selves and lives in them. led upwards. This dependence arises from an organic unity. True unity is not on the lower planes of existence. The lion-body of the Sphinx symbolizes the natural forces in man. spiritual.and this is why the Sphinx is often sculptured with a woman's breasts.* They are also the smaller centres of evolution. as it is .a holy symbol of sacrifice.109 of civilizations.

its shadow forms and reflected fires in animals. Infinity of Life in the final consummation of Brotherhood Eternal and the mystery which is in its inner depth. and to give them part of their life. If it is destined to me to become one with it. perhaps in children's gleaming eyes we get the flashes of the past. my brother men. when he renounces his bodily existence and his soul starts off like some great winged bird freed from torture. and the great day: "BE WITH US'' must come at last. whether it was a day. and it cannot contact a limited personality. when all the stars came upon the skies and none was lacking. if they entrap the man in their wide and streaming net. (To be continued) --------------. fear or doubt? No poet has depicted those times satisfactorily yet. aye. it is because there is a hope. others were in them. or it can in its blindness seek to identify the soul with the objects and run after them. in a living casket of flesh and bones. its joy. doing so. the soul even on this plane sees nothing but its eternal essence. And indeed as they were in others. my immortality would be lost. externalized only for a time and desirous to return. their blood (in the sense spoken of by Jesus). It was best and clearest. if I had none to know. it is its sunny fragrance in the small lives of plants. With the help of the higher mind. ye imperishable stars enlightening my lonely star. and if we wish to read the story. which without you would not be more than naught. where it has got in by long and long thoughts of identification. or in some martyr's open gaze. present and future within the cycle's limits all at once. and thoughts considered. all this is 'I. which is knowledge. limpid lakes of inner truth and inner bliss. anger. no matter what led to it. say or even think. Their souls were as self-luminous. "It is my sphinx-like shape in my brother men. It is its self-assertion of hardness. full of the bliss of contemplation. words said. like clouds light or dense. placid. greeting to you. the earth and skies and myself are there. and revealing to me this grand eternal flaming space. in the soul's bright sky. or a glorious night. that I shall be one with you and one with all. it was not limited even by a myriad of thoughts and passing and flickering as they were. for the real immortal soul of man is the presence of All-thought of the whole present great cycle of a monad and embraces past. desire. my knowledge would be dark. Therefore mind is called higher or lower. when there were no such clouds in soul's bright shrine. but through mind.110 . I should be blank and void and my heart would be cold if I had none to love.' for without seeing this I could not see myself. reflecting them in its sweet. The soul-presence was not limited by a thought. when they floated. shoreless waters. without losing themselves in the least. It is comparatively omniscient and omnipotent on its own plane. where he really is that which he so much does and speaks and thinks? But in those past ages men knew that they were a million times more than what they can do. if I had no immortal friends. what avails that so many deeds were done. "All this is mine." Thus speaks the human soul to the host of stars. can take rightly all objects as shadows of the soul ideally as parts of itself. their joy and thus live in them. All things for it appear from the standpoint of ideas. which at every touch they were too glad to distribute to those who needed. its sorrow. which stones manifest in their inertia of velocity of revolving atoms. They are its ideas. "my objects of perception and my essence of knowledge." says the soul. hatred. its love. Now Mind. that if there is a reflection of the All. instead of leading him. there must be the real All. Poor indeed is the modern age.

he saw fresh forms and figures. and as he did so the circle grew apace. THE [cube] And on the fourth day having the head of a Cube. "Great Scott! what is that. he communed with himself. and the Devil deceived him into thinking he was a plane of Consciousness. So that when he ran up against a plane of Consciousness he was very much surprised. and he said to himself. He had not the least idea that there were such things as planes or solids or any of those things about.EVOLUTION IN BRIEF A GEOMETRICAL FAIRY TALE FOR THEOSOPHISTS. but when he walked right into it and his centre of Consciousness coincided with that of the plane it suddenly became invisible. not being of a timid nature. and Music.Plato. and so he went home to think it out.and all the regular solids are to this day known as "Platonic" forms. --. CHAPTER II. But that seemed to be rather weak minded so he pulled himself together and cautiously advanced.Plato. and his amusement was so great that he completely lost his head. However. were compulsory subjects of study . "The Universe was created not by numbers but Geometrically. [[small illustrations throughout]] IN the ancient schools of Philosophy Geometry.and being all by itself was rather lonely so he went for a walk. the first was the form of an equilateral triangle and on going nearer it changed into a . COMPLETE IN SEVEN CHAPTERS by W. but. but the Devil persuaded him and he went and stood in it and he thought he became two planes. he went out again and this time the moment he came into contact with the plane of Consciousness he saw a line straight up and down and he thought it was rum. CHAPTER IV." for the plane of Consciousness was invisible until he ran up against it. THE O There was once upon a time a centre of Consciousness. when suddenly he saw an apparition in the form of a Circle. but. as it seemed friendly." . he advanced. Why? Nobody seems to know. CHAPTER III. Mathematics. saying it was indeed the Devil and now he has got me as sure as Eggs is Eggs. "God always plays the Geometer. THE I The second day. CHAPTER 1." . or that he had such a large sphere of existence around him. THE + And the next day he had further and different experience going home in the following frame of mind. he advanced a Step. expressing his surprise. I think I'll go home again. Jehoshephat! he said. But although he lost his head he did not lose Consciousness or faint or do anything foolish or undignified. still believing himself to he a plane. that must be the Devil.

may be divided into The Body. or expresses itself.and as before he went and stood in it. and he believed it was so. or organizations of any character. or organization. but he was rapidly becoming possessed. and we can always pretty fairly judge of the progress of any organism. built upon a sevenfold division and it has been pointed out.111 seemed to fit him. THE ---The next time he went out he saw the following shape which as he went nearer became ---. may be studied from these sevenfold aspects. and his wits began to woolgather. but how a solid cube could fit a flat hexagon. I've-got-a-head-on this time and no mistake. CHAPTER V. reflect this sevenfold division which in Theosophical parlance are termed Physical Body. by noting which of its seven principles is the dominating one. seemed to again turn into a solid and he said. we are taught. And he went and stood in it as before and somehow it --. THE ---And he tried to get home. in its development. said he. with which we have to do. Not that there are hard and fast divisions that can be separated each from the other. such as the Theosophical Society.. CHAPTER VII. etc. Well. He quite lost all memory of his former self and was completely in the toils of the Demon of Illusion. etc. . THE [dodecahedron] * ----------* The universe has been likened to a dodecahedron. he could not make out and then as he stood there he seemed to see the equilateral triangle which preceded the hexagon and then it all seemed to turn into a solid and not a flat figure at all. so long as it exists. the shock turned him completely inside out and he became a dodecahedron. Herbert Bridle UPON whatever scale other universes may be built the one to which we belong is. but what he meant was I-cos-a-hed-ron. and as he jumped about it. that all things.hexagon. and in his stumbles he fell.. but this unity manifests. The sum total of the seven is a unity and always remains a unity. Astral Double Kama. Thus a Society. CHAPTER VI. for this is not the case. If we look with sufficient care we shall find that all organisms. this beats everything. -------------- THE SEPTENARY NATURE OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY by M. And this time it gave him a queer feeling in his feet that made him jump. in a sevenfold manner.

112 tion." it ignores and contemns this light." If now we apply all the above to the Theosophical Society. If Manas has learned well its part and duty to the whole.has arrived at this point. So the true T. by experience. bright light of Buddhi . . Catching from the Lodge of Light.Intuition . and which are mainly devoted to maintaining the particular form to which they are attached. the true light of Theosophy . in a moment of (lower) self-forgetfulness they gain light from a higher principle that enables them to "reason aright. pure.powers. it begins to look and listen for the "illuminating Buddhi. If. its "high development.. surer light. becomes then in fact and in truth. for they will be more advanced intellectually. it looks above for a higher. as it were. trouble and distress. the plans the Buddhi light shows to he wise and good.Intuition . and who desire to retain the forces of the whole. and provide means whereby the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom may spread through and irradiate the whole organization. S. debating Manas having come to a point where it recognizes its limitations and the necessity for something beyond its mere reasoning faculty to take charge. if the organization is ever to become anything more than a reasoning animal: the "doubting manas having reached this stage. The Astral or Design Body is represented by the tendencies of the Branches and Lodges.which will be represented by the whole membership. S. in whose illumination doubting manas can throw aside its doubts and. call it by what name you will. A few of these will constitute the Kama Manasic element of the organiza--. using their reasoning powers for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Society as a society merely. which constitute the organs of sensation.for both are the same . The doubting.Wisdom Divine . we shall see that those who today. attained to the point where the Intuitive Faculty can act and take control of the organization. or Desire Body. are they who care more for the whole than a part. led by the clear. and done a God's ." The Buddhi has been there ready to act and control all the time. S. will be made up of the passions and desires of those whose efforts are all of personal tendency." its "independent judgment. teaching it the true value of its lower power. then does the whole organization become naught but a reasoning animal. chiefly in the principle they represent. it generally leads them astray unless. has. constituted the true Divine-Wisdom Society. while the kind of vitality these manifest will represent the Prana or Life Energies of the whole. it heeds this light of Soul-Wisdom and reasons and acts from that standpoint alone.until. subordinated to Intuition." attentive to its fair process of putting two and two together and as often making them five as four. but the "doubting manas. Their great forte is "an appeal to reason" alone and as unfortunately their reasoning begins from a personal Kama-Manasic. and always have. alas! proud of its sends forth into the whole organization this illuminating ray of Intuition. and when any organism or organization . has practically ignored the light of Buddhi .the Atma of this true T. They seek to guide the growth of the Society in harmony with the spirit that pervades the whole. or Kama Rupic bias.follow and act its part. Intuition begins to speak. where else it might have been a God. The Kama Rupa. the Head and Leader of this true T. so that with unfaltering steps it can follow out. by reason. This Centre of Intuition. and in order to exploit their own superior mental powers.

We see him now. "He of the great heart.still on they come.and yet this dauntless soul journeyed as far as Egypt to get instructions from the Priest Initiates. Thus stepped forth Buddha in the far off East. hope. We touch heaven when we lay hands on a human form. And thus the lowly Nazarene came unto his own .work midst human kind. one by one. How often have we seen foolish ones of good parts. as we grow older and stronger nature will remove. On arriving in Europe Pythagoras went to reside in Crotona .113 AN ELDER BROTHER by Eleanor Dunlop "There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st But in his motion like an angel sings. Doth grossly close it in. Time and space seem like veils by which the tender mother protects her infant from the light. Liberators of the Divine Forces of love and harmony. who see their lack of wisdom. Here Nature taught him his a b c and much else besides.but being of them rejected turned to the Western world with his Gospel of Peace and good-will. Plato. and deep seeing eye" appears on life's arena to do battle with Its Ancient Foes.lest it be a warning unto all.which was then a fashionable Italian resort. Emerson. as he sets out on his homeward journey. Lao-Tze.the body of man. Pythagoras left his island home. equipped by nature to do a man's work well. Blavatsky . Eager in his search for truth. had they but less conceit.Merchant of Venice THE World's Need has never yet cried in vain for a Champion. Pioneers of truth and liberty. we cannot hear it. What founts of wisdom to drink at! . --------------." God Incarnate in the flesh is still a divine mystery which few can penetrate. Novalis has truly said of such. bringing to his downtrodden countrymen light. live to no purpose. the wrappings of our childhood.yet we are told that about 500 years B. Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubim Such harmony is in immortal souls! But whilst this muddy vesture of decay. Shakespeare. whose inhabitants were notorious for their luxury and . his earnest face lit by a new light. . Can it be more than 2000 years ago that Pythagoras lived and taught? He seems such a familiar spirit to me . Forth from the Lodge of Light the Great Soul emerges at the appointed hour. Traveling was a very slow business in those days . and liberation.still there was a higher source for such as he. Right down the ages these Great Souls follow one another in quick succession. Pythagoras. fall far short of "what they might have been" and like the selfish devotee." . Pythagoras first looked into his mother's eyes in the fair isle of Samos.C. "There is but one temple in the Universe . From that old land of occult knowledge Pythagoras took what he could receive and then started for the East to visit the Persian and Chaldean Magi and the Sages of India.

with the Gods who inhabit them. then melted. The primal element of us." Pythagoras taught orally as did Jesus 500 years afterwards. The Greeks fabled of sphere harmonies." Pythagoras taught the immortality of the soul. I recognized my shield hanging up there among the trophies. it was the feeling they had of the inner structure of nature. now that. move round a vast central fire. The greatest teachings the world has yet received. Music and rhythmic motion lie at the root of all things. for we find him saying in one of his essays: "All inmost things are musical. and dwelt amongst us.the adaptation of each to the whole. and there was light. "The distance of the heavenly bodies from one another corresponded to the proportions of the musical scale. uniting their property in one common stock for the benefit of the whole.114 goras taught his followers." when the inception of this world took place."Promising to aid each other in the pursuit of wisdom. These followers formed themselves into a society .'' The first lesson this brotherhood had to learn was Silence. nothing perishes. though possibly he would have been the first to deny it. of us. according to the rate of vibration is the form produced. In the midst of this depravity. As wax is stamped with certain images. and of all things. The central note of his teachings was harmony . that the soul of all her voices. or human souls. See deep enough and you will find music. "The morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.'' As numbers proceed from the Unit. Lately being in the temple of Juno at Argos. he says. Let us see what and how wise Pytha--. and discord from the reverse. until about six hundred men and women recognized in him their Master. The heavenly bodies. were given by the soul through the medium of sound.licentiousness. and fell by the spear of Menulaus. the son of Panthus. then stamped anew with others. I myself can remember in the time of the Trojan War I was Euphorbus. sending out rays of light and truth."He said so. By intuition alone the probationer could hope to advance . The heart of nature being harmony if you can but reach it. Only the advanced pupils. "The relation of the notes of the musical scale to numbers. but always on quitting one abode pass to another.without this guide he was virtually disqualified. God said "let there be light. Carlyle was a Pythagorean. The soul passes hither and thither. all deep things are song." "The Word was made flesh. so the soul being always the same. and utterances was perfect music."Souls never die. Numbers." led Pythagoras to apply the word Harmony to the visible Universe. the Great Soul lived and worked. "Ipse dixit" . the principle of life. occupying now this body. after years of devotion and service. different forms.the elements out of which the Universe was constructed." was sufficient for his followers.pledged to secrecy and practical brotherhood . Ovid represents him as addressing his disciples in these words ." Thousands of years have passed since these words dispelled the doubts and fears of our brothers in Crotona. yet is always the same wax. "He said so. whereby harmony results from vibrations in equal time. yet wears at different times. demons. all things change. Whether they be Gods. are the essence and root of all things . were allowed to ask questions or raise objections. so Pythagoras considered this Central Fire to be the source of Nature's forms. no proof whatever being granted." .

as it were. They had attended but a very few meetings and had read very little of the literature studied generally by the members. Wilding were two new members of the Club. the nature becomes purified. How some people ever got into the Club is a marvel to me to this day. but by fighting against these. the lower tendencies are. Superficially at least this was the case. but from my limited point of view I think that some had had an unlimited amount of chance and had got to the end of their rope and their chance long ago. asking the reader's pardon. loyalty and devotion. When I arrived I found several of the members had assembled and were in little groups discussing the situation. sloughed off and sifted away. I was invited to have a cup of tea and join the group around Mrs. If the individual takes a step forward in his development.-----------------. Wilding. they are to be transmuted. This does not mean however that these qualities or those representing them in an organization are to be encouraged. interested in the humanitarian work carried on by some members of the Club.still served a purpose in the organization to bring out in others the noble qualities of unselfishness. by persisting in the upward course. and that which is not capable of being transmuted must be gotten rid of to be used up by nature and purified in her great workshop. Mrs. Moore and Miss Alice Holdy who. will become evident from the conversation which took place at the meeting. I once asked the Professor about this and he said that this view was correct. This explanation by the Professor made clear many things to my mind. but instead have taken up the serious side of the matter. In the little group around Mrs.disintegrators and ambitious though they were . the tendencies of his lower nature assert themselves more strongly as if to bar his way. What the character of some of these circulars was. but I have slightly digressed from my account of the Club's doings. as occurs in the human constitution. so. the higher gains strength and new qualities of the soul are revealed.115 THE SOKRATIC CLUB by Solon (Continued) A VERY interesting and in some respects amusing meeting of the Club was held in the ladies' reception room shortly after the members of the Club had been deluged with circulars issued by a few who were trying to sow dissension in the ranks and to disrupt the Club because they did not have direction of its affairs. I couldn't help laughing inwardly as I was paying my respects to the hostess to hear . They thus serve a purpose in the life of the individual and their correspondences in the life of an organization. had expressed a desire to help in that direction and so had applied for admission as members. by the very conflict between the higher and the lower natures. The Professor once said that everybody must be given their chance. In the process of sifting. that exactly the same process occurs in any organization which is not one merely in name but a living body. and yet on looking beneath the surface it was evident that even these people . who was hostess that afternoon. I again take up the thread of my story. he immediately comes upon new difficulties. I intended to relate a somewhat amusing conversation.

and had on an old green bonnet. and the books say it is the same kind of body you have when you visit places in your dreams. Mr. She is over there. But I have no patience with some people.116 I knew this was one of his traits but every time I heard him talking in this strain it made me smile."Oh. you know."What a lot of questions . . don't let me interrupt. just come in." Miss Holdy was almost laughing outright and had difficulty in restraining herself. Alec praising Miss Holdy's hat and dress and discussing the dress of several other ladies in the room. Wilding broke into the conversation and asked Miss Holdy what she had been reading lately. R. Fulsom. I can't say I know anything about it myself. Alec? They might appear as very humble and lowly. But what is a mayavi rupa. on the other side of the room.I don't know whether that is pronounced right. I didn't see a Mahatma. . It was in the Occult World and it tells all about getting astral messages and making teacups grow in the roots of trees and all sorts of queer things. Fulsom. Alice. as did Jesus. and didn't you see any Mahatmas there or have any messages from them? How long did you stay in India. Alex.she may be a good woman but she has positively no taste in dress .that it made me quite sick and I had to come home. Miss Holdy. R. Rev. However. the word means an illusion body.I really cannot answer them all at once. (who had just come in and heard the last remark) .I don't know what that means. or some other un-get-at-able place. Alex. --. No.who should come in but Miss Y. they do have the most wonderful things."But haven't you been to India.the only meat one could get was chicken . I was only in India a very short time. I do not consider myself worthy of entering into their August presence."Don't be foolish. so to save the situation Mrs." The Professor. such an interesting book. but I mean the wise men who taught Madame Blavatsky. Moore. and then she was dressed in an old gown . I do wish I could meet a Mahatma. You know the Mahatmas live in Tibet or the Desert of Gobi. Fulsom?" Rev. . Miss Holdy. One's stomach must be attended to. Mr. but Madame Blavatsky says so .perhaps it is a kind of airship. Fulsom."Well. it is perfectly ravishing. ."Well they might come in their mayavi rupas . no different from other men. Moore. I . Fulsom. But that doesn't mean anything to me and I'm afraid I cannot help you. . and did you go to Tibet?" Rev. that it quite spoilt the harmony of my conversation with Mrs. and I had to say that this was my very busy day and would they excuse my attending to my letters.she has such a soft melodious voice . It was so hot and uncomfortable and there was nothing to eat . and perhaps to ordinary eyes." Mrs. all about the Mahatmas ."Would you know one if you saw one. or dream body." Mrs. she always dresses in such excellent taste. The other day when she called to see me at the office and I was having the most delightful conversation with her . so how can you expect them to come here? " Miss Holdy. Hasn't she a lovely bonnet.(to Miss Moldy) "Did you see Mrs.the Rev. or that one would come here. . who always has so many questions to ask and wants information about books and work and everything else. .

"I haven't seen the circular. Folsom."That is my view too. Solon. Alex. . for you sent out two circulars and wanted the members to follow --. why don't you say that the second message was practically a contradiction of the first. Fulsom. I honestly believe somebody was fooling you. I certainly will. . but act deliberately and maliciously. of course you are entitled to your own opinions. haven't you. You know I don't understand these things and only want to learn." Miss Holdy. for I do not refer to you. would." The you know anything about that queer circular which Mr." Solon. . Grover. Miss Holdy. Do you know. ludicrous in the extreme but unfortunately some people cannot see the humorous side of it and then what makes it worse."But do come back again soon." Mrs. --." Mrs.''Yes. Mr. however. but it does seem strange ."Oh. I do not know. I cannot explain it."Yes. Wilding. but you will understand that I cannot go into any detail in regard to them.117 some advice given in the messages. Folsom." Rev. Wilding. but apart from the pity of it all. might. I simply accepted them as they came to me. . I don't remember much about it. . or should be directed. . . but . Professor. So. is it possible that anyone would act like that? How dreadful! But do tell me . some of these pretenders are not simply deluded.' . I thought you knew all about the Mahatmas. Solon. Berger who I see has just come in."But Alec. sent out. --.must go over to speak to Mr. Wilding and I looked at each other and it was evident to both of us that unless something were said there would be a misunderstanding on the part of others. Mr. though perhaps mistakenly from mine .it does seem strange that anyone should use the names of those great Helpers of Humanity to bolster up their personal claims." Miss Holdy. by what process of ratiocination you arrive at such a conclusion. for you have had messages from them. it is true that I received two communications which I believe to be from the Mahatmas. Wilding. goodbye for the present. Mama had one of these queer circulars and she couldn't understand it at all. there is something so ludicrous in the feeble attempts made by the poor deluded fools to gain notoriety and position by such means. for some had been misled by these so-called messages. in a very short time. Folsom.Mr. Fulsom. Mama thought it was shameful to break a promise like that.pardon me. . what was it all about? " Miss Holdy. Alex."Why."Well. . not to speak of his conduct in printing those letters at all which hardly seemed the part of a gentleman. for I think you acted quite honestly from your point of view.what is his name? Oh."Well that was a long time ago and nearly everybody has forgotten about it.I acknowledge that apparently there was a contradiction between the two communications. ."But Mr. . . He talked all the time about his being directed and there was a lot of personal correspondence in it that he had promised to keep private. but it was all 'I am directed' and 'As I may."Oh yes. At least Mama said that you had.all written in that style. I remember." Rev." Mrs. could." Rev. Indeed I do not think they could be so used by one who really believes in them. And then ." Mrs.

I am sure his Master cannot be one of those who have attained human perfection or he would have a better knowledge of the world. Grover himself. The Professor and she stopped a few paces from where I was sitting and I heard the Professor say to her: "The boy has had a great opportunity. Wilding. if any real Mahatma sent that message. . and there's Mrs. Grover a piece of my mind. I don't know who his Master may be. Wilding. the colors which people wear are symbolic of their natures and general attitude of mind. perhaps the poor young man doesn't quite know what he is writing. Mr. . because of the shameful way in which he broke his own promise as shown in his own words. But here is the Professor just coming in. she'll keep him talking all the evening. provided you would listen. giving me always the idea of restlessness and ambition."The very idea. Fulsom." Mrs.I think. do come. to understand the great helpers of Humanity. and ask them both to come and have a cup of tea. She was a very entertaining talker. She used to dress rather gorgeously. We have been expecting you such a long time. yet they do not help us very much. After all. writing-masters.'" Mrs.there was such a funny message. --. perhaps some fair face has disturbed his day-dreams. Do go.dancingmasters. Moore. Moore has been in politics for thirty years and he has never been known to break his promise." Mrs." Mrs. Keaton just going to speak to him. . I'd just like to give this Mr. if at all. that many a one would have willingly cut off his right hand for. generally doing all the talking. I have always had a theory that entirely apart from any love of display common to so many. dear. post-masters. Grover or whoever wrote that message must be having some very bad dreams and be continually haunted by having things staring him in the face. Why to politics. and now he has lost it through his ambition. and every force you send out against them will be a boomerang and return to you. but you know there are all sorts of Masters. She also usually made quite a display of jewelry. do ask him to come over here. making a striking but not always harmonious appearance. Mr. I'd like to know? There are just as honorable men in politics as in any other walk of life. circus-masters. . Oh."Professor. If evil listening is bad."Well. Mr. be a little charitable. Perhaps they may serve to show what the Helpers are not. nor to listen to evil nor speak evil of others. but the way in which she would contradict herself at different times was most amusing. but let me warn you both to stop this business right here for your own sakes.118 evil speaking is much worse and I imagine Mr. he must have meant it for Mr. And that if anybody thinks this absurd they had better devote themselves to politics exclusively. a magnificent opportunity. Keaton had been a member of the Club for some time and was a very interesting character and clever writer. though with some rather remarkable combinations of colors. . something about civilized people not being able to keep their promises. But the funniest part of the message was about 'evil listening' and about these words standing out and staring people in the face to haunt them in their dreams. Fulsom. Oh. although it may be necessary to understand what is going on around us and we must always use our discrimination in regard to these matters. for you cannot harm the work or those whom you are attacking. . You helped him in his course and will have to suffer with him.

" Miss Holdy. and I think Miss Holdy has been waiting for you. .' The presence of the great Helpers of . . opium and others which induce a form of hallucination and complete the work begun by ambition."Yes. Alex. 'Be humble if thou would'st attain to Wisdom. no. Wilding. Think of the harm that such a one might do if not checked and exposed. All have had repeated warnings and can plead not one excuse for their conduct. verging on chaos. and when the game fails leaving them in the lurch.even in my own experience I have met seven Marie Antoinettes. the ludicrous side comes uppermost all the time. seriously. What a civilization we would have if everybody had such children." The Professor. so that such a one may actually come to believe he really is that which at first he only pretended to be.119 mens of the species you refer to are extant .we should soon have a fine state of things. and after a time by constantly dwelling upon this idea self-hypnotization results. But as I have said. ."Such a state of mind may be clue to several causes. I must beg to be excused this evening. and as for Mary Queen of Scots . Professor. the mind being previously set in this direction becomes completely enslaved by this idea.probably born of an excited fancy. "Then there are other causes that ultimately lead to this self-delusion and hypnotization.if he is a fair sample . while I recognize the pity of it all. won't you join us too?" Mrs. ."The fact of the matter is. playing on others' ambitions for place and power. Bear in mind that no one can play at these things with impunity. ."Many thanks. Keaton. using others as cat's-paws to work his ends before the world. Fulsom. but I cannot stay."Oh. hasn't he answered all your questions?" Rev. cocaine. the present tempest in a tea-pot affords an admirable object-lesson and one that should be a warning to all not to play at occultism or pose before the world as possessing peculiar powers. Mrs. Fulsom."I thought you were going to ask Mr. such as the use of drugs. all may seem to go smoothly for a time." The Professor.she is to be met with in every large city. If you could go into our insane asylums today you would find many who imagine themselves to be Christs and Napoleons. judging from the only one I ever heard of . But for my own part. the law does not fail and at the last the lightning strikes. It may be due to ambition and the desire to pose before others as a sort of savior. that we have been discussing that unfortunate affair of Mr. . but the lightning though it tarry long never fails to strike when the time comes. . How does it happen that people get these ideas that they possess extraordinary powers? I should call it a form of insanity." Mrs. and pity the poor fools who are deluded by him. chloral. . I think it is a very good thing that there are no more 'mind-born' sons floating around." The Professor. Moore. Wilding. I think we are to be congratulated that no more speci--. Professor.Mrs. I have been taking the part of a listener today. But. but one thing puzzles me. be humbler still when Wisdom thou hast mastered. He may work very subtly and keep himself in the background. Keaton. there are such a lot of things we want to ask you."I don 't know very much about these matters. Such people entirely ignore the injunction of the ancient sages. . I fancy." Mrs. Grover's circular. especially if unscrupulous."Oh.

helpers ."I am very sorry to leave you. And." --------------. ready for development in the present life. that in this fancy we easily lose sight of the actual surroundings. consequently it is easier to drift into a groove than to pick up a new and untrodden path. I have an important engagement to attend to. goodbye to you all. the human Ego being a too many sided and conglomerate entity." (To Miss Holdy). A. In the light of the theory of repeated births on earth and the progressive evolution of the human Ego it is easy to conceive that we ourselves must have been the makers of our present conditions by our conduct in the past. The entire past of individualized existence is focused. also.Humanity is not to be entered by heeding the vaporings of a diseased mind or by following any one who may declare himself to be 'directed. Miss Holdy. building castles in the air. . but which that person has long since forgotten. . tickling the emotions with prospects of sensations of future indulgences. Humanity. So. but I must go. Neresheimer BOTH the Past and the Future are contained in the Present. injurious. Wilding. the past is the progenitor of the present and the future is the child thereof. that what is in store for us in the future must largely depend on what we do now. Although the present conditions in which we live are entirely the outcome of the past." Mrs. . contemplating to vent them on unsuspecting individuals in revenge for certain supposed unpleasantnesses which some one has perpetrated upon us. Meantime the . but I hope it will not be long before we meet again when I shall be delighted to talk with you. wasteful. In the meantime let me suggest that you read very carefully the letters which are published in The Occult World.' but by unselfish work for others and by humbly striving to be like them. Another phase is to dwell in the future.120 LIVE IN THE PRESENT by E. the future is always in the hands of the present so far as the use which we make of the present is concerned. It is another thing to consciously and determinately enter upon and live over again an experience. the whole of that past evolution is not expressed or manifested in any one life in the physical body.of the Great Orphan. There is a desire in the mind of every individual to repeat again and again pleasant experiences. But the temptation is so great to paint to one's self the most improbable far-off situations relating the same to precious personality in delightfully magnified proportions. Likewise the tendency to permit the welling up of spite and anger. Professor. If this desire is much indulged it breeds indolence and folly. your questions will still have to remain unanswered for the present. but never is fully manifested nor can it be entirely objectivized for want of an appropriate vehicle which would respond simultaneously on all planes."I fear."But you are surely not going so however small degree . in such instance the act is not a repetition but a positive step for the purpose of gaining knowledge." The Professor. which are again similar only to the pleasing experiences which we have already had. All these phases of day-dreaming are futile.

whoever listens so attentively to a conversation as to hear every word that is said and gives it sufficient consideration to understand its purport? Or.present becomes the past. The mind is so constituted that the consideration of either the past or the future crowds out the wholesome contemplation of the present moment. emotions. are the very book of nature. that is to say. emotions and ideas of others are to us what they interpret to our consciousness in terms of reviving memories of past experiences which are already our own. and active measures with full knowledge of the responsibility must be adopted to discharge the same. Although the thing dreaded never comes to pass exactly in the way it is imagined.121 Adepts become such by introspection and by the universal application of the principles which are garnered at this fountain-head of all knowledge. it proves in reality never as bad as was feared. joy. Obligations and duties must not be lost sight of in the least. sorrow. and we have missed the chance to live it or to learn from it our lesson. Were we to observe more closely on own natures.the pattern of the carpet in their room. is more or less fixed and is often accompanied by fear of what others will think of a change in affairs which circumstances may compel us to face. thus it is that worry over the events of the future often agitates us to no small extent. aspirations. Happiness. the exact position of or even the objects that adorn their table or mantelpiece. the more responsive are we towards like experiences of our fellow men. souls. when it does occur and one is in it. are the elements of expression of soul-life. indifference. The source of this failing is the want of elasticity to accommodate ourselves to involuntary change. it is unwise to contemplate trouble about the future at all. thoughts and actions. we would learn more from them than from all the books in creation. never to be recalled. Having once experienced this. the feelings. our own bodies. --. in fact. Our attitude towards the customary mode of living or certain surroundings. the deeper we have tested the experience of each of these. These are the only standards by which we can measure what is going on within the souls of others. Notwithstanding. much less to dwell on it and paint a trouble-picture in detail. Life is full of burdens mainly because we permit it to be weighted with thoughts of the past and with fear of the future. It is true that we can only appreciate in others what we know about ourselves. How many people know or remember the simple things of their surroundings . prudence dictates vigilance over possible future events so far as the same are involved and growing out of the obligations from previous actions. If that be done the dreaded future misfortune will never come. who observes the cyclic functions of his own body so diligently and correctly as to draw from it the knowledge to obtain perfect health? These important functions are heedlessly passed by for indulgences in trivial sensations. If attention and diligence be applied to momentary duties with full regard to observation of details in all directions and calmness and concentration on the present be . minds. All that is of permanent value in knowledge comes from within. It is clear that few people possess the power of living in the present from lack of concentration and observation.

H. For the sake of the general reader it will be well first of all to define the technical terms used in the question. the reasoner. that which endows man with selfconsciousness. Blavatsky in one of her writings states that two courses are open to the soul. is a natural force which belongs to the present period of evolution. higher manas. The thinking principle or Manas in its higher aspects cannot come into direct contact with the physical plane and hence.practiced. the man as we ordinarily know him becomes soulless. the thinking principle as we ordinarily understand it. When this happens does manas reincarnate? H. and on the other by the allurements of sensuous existence. the personality is cut off from the soul and at death is destroyed. Every duty presents in each instance a new and never before experienced field or observation. doing.what becomes of them? . the brain-mind. -------------. P. it is said.122 STUDENTS' COLUMN Conducted by J. Fussell When Manas loses its ray by the destruction of a personality. they must run their course and the lessons which they have to teach are to be found only in the full appreciation of the present moment. B. The ray is lost. does Manas reincarnate? If so. or the rational thinking principle. But these are the ways of nature! By allowing us to transgress the limits she teaches by hurling back the offender. the personal man. The restlessness of the mind to be constantly doing. This ray or lower manas is during incarnation attracted on the one hand to its parent. Manas is that aspect of the nature of man winch is usually denominated the mind. If unguided by knowledge or by spiritual aspirations it runs unbridled beyond the limits of balance and then becomes the inevitable producer of painful experiences. it sends forth a ray from itself which incarnates in the physical man and becomes the "lower" manas. bereft of the guiding light of higher manas. Man in his aspect of Manas is the thinker. by means of which the personal man guides and controls his actions. This must express itself in some way. Whatever the effects of our past lives may be which express themselves here and now. it remains to be well studied and trained in order to recognize its power and turn the same to good account. then there is no time nor leisure left to fall into grooves of repetition or to indulge thoughts of an impossible future. whence does the new personality get its Karma? When at the middle of the fifth round such a number of Manases or individual egos are not able to reincarnate on account of being unable to get sufficiently spiritualized personal existences or vehicles and consequently are unable to gain sufficient experience to become Gods . Should it become so immersed in sensuous existence as to utterly break away from its parent. then we have the key to our own mystery. If that be understood aright. returning to the great reservoir of nature. It either enters upon a long period of rest until a new cycle of manifestation comes around in which it again takes up its task of .J.

the latter must mean. 1887 years 1 month and 17 days and we get 4989 years .C. I can see no escape from this.. and would like to know if any other date than 3102 B. as it were.C.123 repeatedly to carry out its destiny and achieve its glorious purposes. the soul will be attracted to that environment and personality which provides the best conditions for the working out of its Karma. Whence comes the Karma of this new personality. vol. F. counting months at 30 days each.J.C. So.the moment of choice for the whole race. but in that equation we include the whole of both years. is known for the death of Krishna and the beginning of Kali Yuga. "On Individuality and Personality") and since Karma is recorded in the Soul itself. and must ultimately attain to a conscious recognition of its own divinity. is 3101 years 10 months and 13 days. though it may fail --. As to the other question concerning the middle of the fifth Round . H.which reaches to February 17. to February 17. For the soul has. 1888. -------THE NEW CYCLE. that the year beginning February 18. to December 31. For. 1887. to complete the first 5000 years of Kali Yuga . and reckon from January 1.C. D. to be correct . No soul is ever lost.we must include the whole of the year 1898. mathematically and astronomically." And on page 72 (69) of same vol.those egos who can go forward enter upon a period of spiritual evolution that leads up to the divine. But since the Ego or Soul "is held responsible for all the sins committed through and in every new body or personality" (Key to Theosophy. ii: page 454 (435) it is said: "The cycle of the Kali Yuga is said to have begun between the 17th and 18th of February in the year 3102 B.. I think it must be that the Karma of the new personality must be very similar to what it would have been had not the thread between the personality and the soul been broken in the preceding life. including the whole of 1887 and part of 1888. or it immediately incarnates again in a new personality.a great period of rest . Add for time A. while those who have not reached that point of development which would enable them to enter upon this higher evolution drop out and pass into pralaya. It is true that 3102 + 1898 = 5000. 3102 B.conceding the date given above from the S. forfeited its place in the present evolution and has to win it back. and in any case with the load of Karma of that and the other past lives the struggle must be terrible." If these two statements are consistent. but it is in essence divine. is the year 4989 of Kali Yuga. . Section VIII. 1898. Doc. So far as merely personal Karma is concerned I think this will be derived from the elements and sources from which the component parts of the personality are derived. the time backward from the year 1 (the end of the year 1) B. . and the second 5000 years will begin February 18. . and ending February wait until a new period of human evolution.incarnation. 1888. is said: "The year 1887 is from the commencement of Kali Yoga 4989 years.D. . In the Sec. and January and the first 17 days of February in 1899.C. 3102 B. fighting against all the accumulated evil of its past personal existences. 1899.

and too much stress must not be laid on exact dates or exact computations. I: 27 (XLIV). The paging in parenthesis refers to the old edition. the date of Krishna's death. but we may take its statements as true prima facie. If this date depended on records alone. C. has had its golden age. either by computation beforehand or by observation at the time. See also I: 68 (36). It must be remembered. II: 555 (527).D. Every sub-race and nation has its cycles and stages of evolutionary development. II: 314 (301). 4. -----In reference to the question about the beginning of the new cycle.124 coming sixth sub-race . and practically the exact date may be unimportant. IX: 234. Statements in the Puranas about the Kalpas must be taken in different senses. VII: 205. several of them have reached their Iron Age. of course. We are at the very close of the cycle of 5000 years of the present Aryan Kali Yuga. and also in a quotation from the French astronomer. according to their references. The Forum. In the following places reference is made to the close of the first five millenniums of Kali Yuga. 413 (395). and 4986 + = 5000. first series. B. 3. an age black with horrors. The whole of Sec. Every nation and tribe of the Western Aryans. and that cannot be done. 1. Bailly." I: 396 (369). that we have. expressly disclaimed for that work either infallibility or authority.will be in its Satya Yuga (golden age) while we reap the fruit of our iniquity in our Kali Yuga. "There are some details which may not be explained. I: 706 (645). "Thus these ages relate. A Brahmanic Calendar whose figures "refer to the evolution beginning on Globe A and in the First Round. perhaps. questions 13 and 37. From that day the Kali Yuga began for mankind. for "Nature does nothing . I bears on this subject. I: 671 (612). 2. VII: 115." is given at II: 71. III: 17. . for secrets of the higher Initiation would have to be given out. etc). it would be too uncertain for serious discussion. See also articles in the Path. I beg leave to call attention to a few points gleaned from the Secret Doctrine. In about nine years the first 5000 years of Kali Yuga will end. . but the time that has elapsed since the occurrence of an astronomical event can be accurately determined. that H. See II: 149 (140). in the same language to both the great and the small periods. and as the best evidence. The year 3102 B. II: 54 (51).Of course all changes in Nature are gradual. The forth---. V: 114. is also given as the beginning of Kali Yuga. and 580 (550). the Kali Yuga. P.which may begin very soon . VII of Vol. II: 155 (147). A Brahmanic calendar for 4986 Kali Yuga compiled in 1884-5 A. Five thousand years ago. etc. See I: 713 (650). Fourteen years from 1885 ends in 1899. is given as the beginning of Kali Yuga in the places quoted in the question." II: 55 (51). The general conclusion is that the exact turning point of a cycle cannot be known. that the Secret Doctrine was published in 1888). The last word about cycles has not been given out. (Note. like their Eastern brethren of the Fifth Race. at I: 722-30 (658-67). Theosophist. (68. II: 322 (3o8-9).

they may never be begun. but as she thought more about it she said to herself. "how I wish" . and then have 'silent moments." So that was settled.(here she looked at her own penny).and to wait. "Guess after all a pep'mint stick. and said "Good Luck!" Susie didn't feel happy. "Oh dear." she thought to herself. "no. wending mysterious ways." She still held the penny in her leaps. " . and she thought it grew brighter every time she looked at it. and if laudable enterprises wait for the edict of the astrologer. you are just like a circle!" and she turned the penny over and over in her hand as she hummed. "Let us then be up and doing. When she came . "they'll sing the Circle Song and Tiny Buds and Happy Sunbeams.'' she thought to herself. "Wish I had a stick of butter scotch.' and then take up the pennies" . you will have to stay home today. and she sat down in a corner with her Lotus Song Book. But today she had a had cold. would taste the best." thought Susie. see the great circle's even span. thinking of all the other children singing together. jumping down after it. Still achieving. So she sang: "I am the Spirit of Thought. "Yes. still pursuing.A TRUE FAIRY STORY by Elizabeth Whitney SUSIE was nine years old. "Never begun and without end." said Susie." Resolutions taken and enterprises commenced when the movement of a cycle is favorable will no doubt be more successfully carried out. chewing gum would last longer. but if good resolutions occupy the mind at all times. "Little girl.and she gave such a wriggle that the penny slipped to the floor and spun round in a circle.G. favoring influences will not be lost. Make in your sweet heart a pure home for me. With a heart for any fate. the same as usual. you funny penny." Then he gave her a penny. and it had begun to snow outdoors." Then Susie thought about the Rainbow Fairy Play they were to have the next week. so her papa said. And then she thought of the candy store on the way to school. a-ring-a-round-red-one. I'd rather have that". Susie's color was indigo for she was the "Spirit of Thought." and she thought she would practice it. "How round you are. Learn to labor . "Oh. Marshall --------------YOUNG FOLKS' DEPARTMENT PENNY BRIGHT . and she went to the Lotus Group every Sunday. I am very sorry about it. "It's a very bright one. A." thought Susie. I will enlighten your days.

harp and violin and put them together into a new sound! "I didn't hear anything." "Well. she knew right off what children thought. only the tune that keeps me together and my inside name. 'Brothers we." then the next words kind of slipped away. and I've danced and sung myself almost to pieces. Giant Selfishness comes after me.--. as far as "to and fro as we go.." ." she went on to say. you know.I will ever be a Loyal Guide and Light Giver (L. None of this could happen. anyway." thought Susie." said the fairy. "the Happy Sunbeams go darting through the blue. as though you took the loveliest sounds you ever heard in a piano.'' said the fairy (for being the Spirit of Thought. and I will enlighten your days." as the fairy stood bowing and smiling at Susie. Opal. The handle was as blue as the sky and yet it was as bright as light. though. and it made Susie think of "Happy little Sunbeams darting through the blue. it shone out with a big white light. "why. in your heart you have been making a pure home for me." The end of the wand Susie thought was just like her mama's opal ring that turned into all the colors of the rainbow at once. as it stands for all). They all know my color. "Music. but they keep mixing it up with red and green.that's my note in the Great Song. "You found my color too." "L.' To you ." said the fairy. well. "This wand. "Yes." said the fairy (knowing what Susie was thinking). "you called my outside name." said Susie. "Because you did it. it stands for Lotus Group too!" "So it does. you . with a crown all of gold that seemed to have a diamond on top. G. you know) at once. They all know my outside name. "There's another thing. before they had time to speak). to open all the doors (the colors." said the fairy. "Brothers Liberator . so she just made up to fit the tune. for right before her stood the cunningest. penny bright. color. they were simply bee-yew-ti-ful! as though you put violets and pansies together and made a new flower! and there was a kind of smile in the fairy's eyes that made Susie sing to herself. too.'' she sang it all right. G. each of us is a note. for short." Now Susie had been looking at the wand as much as she could for it dazzled her eyes like sunshine." "Oh." As soon as Susie found her breath she said. we are wise and fair to see. "Why. And the fairy's eyes. You see. for Susie looked puzzled. saying "At your service." "And that isn't all." and then finished up all right with "the white light of unity." said Susie. but they keep putting me in a dungeon and every time I escape." said the fairy in the sweetest voice." said the fairy. teentiest fairy you ever dreamed of! The fairy was all in blue (dark blue)." Then she stopped short with surprise. how did you get here?" "Came at the call. that isn't all. by note. outside name and tune altogether! "You found the lost tune. "La La La . "one thing more . I never saw it before. "Happy little sunbeams. for I am the Indigo Fairy from the Rainbow (Spirit of Thought).125 to the chorus.'' said the fairy. and. have been lost! "It is a perfect golden age since I've been called out. "of course. with delight. All the children in the world know my note."La La struck the right tune. organ.

saying: "Little daughter.126 from the way the fairy spoke she knew the name and place in the tune was this way: Help me. we can start any time. please" But Susie had been thinking hard and --.Cutter in the character of Uncle Sam. Now you must find my secret name.know. but if you want to use this wand. Penny-bright will always bring me. "Yes. it is important. The pictures illustrated the growth of this country and its history. Pictures were shown of Columbus."Why. In New York an entertainment of stereopticon lantern-slides formed the main part of the programme. singing: [[ends]] ----------- MISCELLANEOUS NEWS THE most important event of the past mouth was the Children's Celebration on the 13th. which greatly delighted the children. open all. and of events in their lives. La La La. come to supper. Don't forget it. we can go on our travels. but oh my. --. then it came in a flash . Now this wand may be little. All the Lotus Groups and most of the Branches kept this anniversary in memory of our beloved Chief and his work. is a short way of saying.ah. "You have it. Washington." And Susie ran to take his hand. "Now. all being related to the great Brotherhood Movement which has culminated in the Universal Brotherhood Organization. and Susie's papa came into the room. to find its name and right place in the tune. Purple Pence! I never knew before what it was!" and she finished the tune joyfully. you must think hard. joyfully." said the fairy. the story being interestingly told by Mr. "Right!" said the fairy. It is the way to the heart. The pictures concluded . then . Lafayette. please! It belongs to the lost tune and if you want help. at the call. of course. it will help you to see the White Light of Unity. and then she happened to look up into the fairy's eyes. Purple Pence help me see The White Light of Unity. please To do right." Then in a flash of white light the fairy disappeared. Judge. Franklin. then we can go on our travels!'' Susie thought and thought. the anniversary of the birthday of William Q. to the Purple and Gold (my inside name is there).

Q. January 13th.America of Universal Brotherhood.. which consisted of songs and marching by the children and stereopticon views. woman and child who believes in the Brotherhood of Humanity. followed by the words: "This organization wants the assistance of every man.) Inside is the following: As the purpose is to keep this periodical in constant circulation. Mr.: The Preamble. A. R. 1898.. and an entertainment was held and gave great delight to the children. Article II.. 3. and in Fort Wayne a Brotherhood supper was given to a large number of poor people and children. On the outside is printed "This magazine is prepared for free circulation by Lodge No. Mr. The magazines are sent to Hospitals. We may mention. to which the public were invited. The Secretary of the Universal Brotherhood Organization reports that 17 new Lodges have been formed since the Convention. Will each reader please write below the name and address of the friend they hand it to" (followed by columns for name and address). however. the grown-ups having to stand in the doorways and aisles. founded by Katherine A. a supper was given to the children. A new Lotus Group has recently been formed in Omaha. after which were shown portraits of H. On the other outside cover are printed "Extracts from the Preamble and Constitution of Universal Brotherhood. Many reports have already come in of the celebration of the 13th from Branches and Lotus Groups." (Then follows address of local Lodge. W. An idea which originated and is being carried out in Buffalo is worthy of being put into operation by every Universal Brotherhood Lodge. L. A stiff paper cover is made for the magazine Universal Brotherhood. etc." Then follow notices of meetings of the Lodge and below are given the Objects of the International Brotherhood League. Readers will please use it carefully. Sec. and states that he has found the news--.). 2. Already much interest has been aroused in this way and they have proved a godsend to many in prison and in the hospitals. The newspapers in Fort Wayne were very interested in this work and gave excellent reports. Tingley. Prisons. In Boston." viz. Ohio. Rooms open from (time. Burcham Harding is making a tour of the Pacific Coast Lodges giving lectures and also showing the stereoptican views of the Crusade. Sec. and Katherine A.with views of Point Loma and the flag of the S. The Aryan Hall was simply packed with children. Tenement Houses and lent to anyone who may desire to use them. 1.even the very smallest taking part gave tableaux representing all the nations. J. Sec. B.. In Cambridge the children . the entertainment at Youngstown. The word is proving to be a magic "open sesame" and attracts many to the meetings. --. day of week. and that applications for diplomas are received every day. Article XIV. but cannot be given here for lack of space. Tingley. Neb. and when read hand it to some one who will be interested in it or return it to the Lodge room when another will be issued. Harding reports splendid work being done everywhere on the Coast. M. P. 2. after the entertainment. For further information on . A very successful and interesting entertainment was also given in Providence. 2.127 papers much more willing to open their columns to notices of Universal Brotherhood meetings than formerly to notices on Theosophy. Article X. which were first shown at the Bazaar in New York. 1.

Sandham said that the meetings were like the Crusade Meetings held on the arrival of the Crusade in 1896. 500 Lafayette Avenue. and pledge to her our loyalty and unswerving support and to follow her without cavil or delay in all action by organization and otherwise. In London the work is going on steadily as usual. All communications relative to this organization. Vice-President and Alice L. also all money. the Rev. A Neresheimer was unanimously elected President with great applause. These were so well attended and such enthusiasm aroused that it was as though a convention were being held. Stevens. Cleather and Basil Crump in Liverpool after their visit to the United States. that she may deem necessary to bring Light. Cleather. 1898. Much good work is being done throughout England by the Crusader issued twice a month and copies of which are sent to the various Lodges in Europe and to India and Australia. Under the auspices of the International Brotherhood League special work is being done among young people. we do hereby proclaim Katherine A. Buffalo. that at this Convention of the Theosophical Society in Australasia. a short stay was made and meetings held. A. Fussell IMPORTANT NOTICE. IN AUSTRALASIA. 144 Madison Avenue. dues. Bro. members should address Mr.128 always well attended and results are very encouraging. The new organization of Universal Brotherhood has united the members more closely than ever. Australia. of New Zealand. Pierce. S. W. The report of the annual convention held March 13th has been received and gives a glowing account of the proceedings. assembled at Sydney.H. Recording Secretary and International Representative. J. otherwise delay and confusion may result. meetings are --. This paper is for the purpose of carrying forward the work done by the Crusade and must therefore be of great interest to all members in America. E. Tingley as Leader of the Universal Brotherhood Movement throughout the world. As the members in England have but small financial resources. General Secretary. . T.J. Neill. the whole audience standing and giving three ringing cheers for the Leader of the Movement. The following resolution was moved by the Chairman of the Convention: "Resolved. on the date known as the 13th day of March. N. contributions for the organization should be addressed to F.this matter. fees. S. All money is turned ." The resolution was carried with tremendous enthusiasm. Members should keep these directions where they can be easily referred to: The Universal Brotherhood Organization. On the arrival of Alice L. It is requested that the following directions be implicitly followed. it is only by their great devotion that this valuable work is kept going and any help or subscriptions from the United States will render much assistance to the band of Brothers across the water. M. Y. Truth and Liberation to the Human Race.

over by the Secretary to the General Treasurer. The Theosophical Society in America. Address all communications to E. A. Neresheimer, President, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. The E. S. T. Address all communications to the Secretary E. S. T., 144 Madison Avenue, New York. Purple Pence. The old Purple Pence plan is being revived and new boxes will be issued very shortly. The Purple Pence Committee consists of E. A. Neresheimer and Clark Thurston. All contributions should be sent to E. A. Neresheimer, Treasurer, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. The International Brotherhood League. Address all communications to H. T. Patterson, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. The New Century. Address all editorial communications to The Editor, New Century, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. All money and subscriptions should be sent to Clark Thurston, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. The Universal Brotherhood Magazine. Address all editorial communications to the Editors, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. All money and subscriptions to the Magazine should be sent to the Theosophical Publishing Company, 144 Madison Avenue, New York. Important. Please always state when writing to UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, whether the Organization or the Magazine is meant, and address "Universal Brotherhood Organization," or "Universal Brotherhood Magazine," as the case may be. THE THEOSOPHICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY The Theosophical Publishing Company is now under the full control of Mr. E. A. Neresheimer and will be carried on on a larger scale than heretofore. Several new books are in course of preparation and will be issued before long. We hope that all our members and friends will give their support to this work which was begun by William Q. Judge. All profits accruing from the Theosophical Publishing Company are used to further the work for Brotherhood. ---------------------------

AUM "There is no purifier in this world to be compared to spiritual Knowledge; and he who is perfected in devotion findeth spiritual knowledge springing up spontaneously in himself in the progress of time." - Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter IV.

UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. XIII June, 1898 No. 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE NEW ORDER OF AGES by Alexander Wilder

ALL human progress is in circles, and never directly in straight lines. Such is the course of events, the order of the seasons, the career of the stars in the sky. After all advancing there is an apparent going backward all growth has its periods of retardation, all ascent its descendings likewise. We find this abundantly confirmed by example in the brief space of human activity of which we have been able to obtain historic records. Where it has been imagined otherwise, we can find it only apparently so. Where there is evolution and manifestation, there has always been a prolific seed to set the development in motion. The fragrant Nymphaea, the creamy pond-lily, or the sacred lotus, may have sordid mud for its birthplace and maintenance, but it began with a rudimentary plant. The like is always engendered from its like. We may be content, therefore, to contemplate ourselves as having a human ancestry all the way to remote ages. We are perfectly safe in relegating the simian races to their own, with the assurance of the Creed - "as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end." The origin of human beings may be counted as from the source to which their nobler aspirations tend. The oak and the pine grow toward the sky, because the effort is instinctive in the seed. We have good reason to presume as much in regard to ourselves. In regard, however, to conjectures about dates and periods we do not care to speculate. The point in the past is yet to be found at which a memorial of human beginnings may be set. Indeed, it is a matter entirely beyond our power of thinking. We do well to rest content with deducing what we may from the facts at our hand, and from the intuitions with which we are endowed. There is innate in us all a desire and aptitude to learn what is beyond the scope of our present knowing. Our animal wants come first, and are peremptory, but the gratifying of them does not set us free from unrest. We are conscious that we are something else than brute animals, and it is manifest in the passion to know, and possess. The infant child will cry for the moon, explore the flame of the candle with his fingers, and pull the doll to pieces in order to find out the mystery of its construction. He even becomes curious about existence. I have heard a child that had attained to vocal speech discourse extensively and as from actual memory, of his residence and employments in the years before he was born. When, likewise, the phenomenon of dying is beheld, children become inquisitive about it, eager to know what has actually oc--- 132 curred, whether it is all or there is still living and being in some mode and form not plain to them. They are not willing to admit that the person is no more. In this eager passion for more perfect knowing, and in these curious conjectures, are manifested the instinct of that life which is beyond time, and scintillations of the grander truth. The mind seems to exhibit the reflection of some concept, some memory of the Aforetime, and to have caught with it as by refraction from the other direction, an impression of the life continuing. From views like these the poet Wordsworth was prompted to write his memorable verse: "Heaven hangs about us in our infancy." There has been in every people having as such a worship and literature, the memory or conception of a primitive period of felicity. "The races of men were wont to live as gods," says Hesiod. "Their life was devoid of care, labor and trouble; no wretched old age hung imminent over them, but with hands and feet always vigorous as in youth they enjoyed

themselves without any illness, and when at last they died it was as though they had been overcome by sleep. They are now benignant demons hovering about the earth, and guardian spirits over human beings." In the Aryan records of India are similar traditions of the Hiranya or Golden Age of righteousness, in which was no labor or sorrow, no priests or sacrifices, and but one God and one Veda. The Yasna, or Book of Worship of the Parsis, also describes the happy reign of Yima, in which there was neither cold nor heat, neither decay nor wasting disease, nor malice inspired by the devas;* father and son walked forth each like ------------* Deva, which in Sanskrit signifies a divine being, here means a devil. The ancient schism between the two great Aryan peoples is indicated in these conflicting definitions of characteristic words. Thus Yima, who is described in the Avesta as the ruler set by Ahurmazda over living men in the Garden of Bliss, is changed in India into Yama, the first man and sovereign in the region of the dead. There are many other of these counterparts. -----------the other in the freshness of fifteen years. "Men enjoyed the greatest bliss in the Garden which Yima made." Akin to this legend is that of the Garden or Park of Eden depicted in the Book of the Genesis in Hebrew story, copied apparently from that of the Grove or Park of the Gods in Babylonia. We may perceive a striking resemblance in the outcome. The serpent came; Yima beginning to desire the wrong, the celestial light withdrew. Long ages of evil followed, ages of silver and copper and iron, full of trial and calamity. Yet the Divine One has by no means wholly abandoned the children of the Earth. Here and there along the succession of ages, the "kingly majesty," or radiance unites itself with heroic men and gifted sages, till the circuit shall be completed. "That which hath been is that which shall be," and not absolutely new. The Golden Age, the Treta Yug, that preceded all, comes again as the cycle returns upon itself. "Now comes again the Virgin Astraea, the Divine Justice," sings the poet Vergil; "the reign of Saturn returns, and there is now sent down a new-born child from on high." The "kingly splendor," the light of the ages, now attaches itself to the new prophet Sosianto, the greatest of the sages and to all who are with him, in order to accomplish the restoration of all things. "The world will now continue in a state of righteousness; the powers of evil will disappear and all its seed pass away." (Zamyad Yasht) A very similar culmination is set forth by early Christian teachers. It is related that the Apostle Paul was brought before the court of the Areopagos at Athens, by several Stoic and Epikurean philosophers, to explain certain of his doctrines which they accounted strange and alien, He protested that he was simply describing a Divinity whom they were worshiping without due intelligence of his character. He is the Creator and Disposer of all things, the apostle de--- 133 clared; and does not dwell in temples or depend upon offerings from his worshipers. Nor, is he far from any one of us, for in him we live and move and are, as several of the poets

have affirmed: "We likewise are children of God." The former want of intelligence, however, is not regarded, but now a superior way of life and truth* is announced to all mankind everywhere: inasmuch as he has set a day or period in which the habitable earth will be ruled with justice and the Right hold sway thereafter. This expectation has been a significant feature in subsequent history. It was not confined to any single religion. Not only was it general in the Eastern world, but it was also current in the new Continent of the West. The natives of Mexico greeted the coming of Cortes as the promised return of the "Fair God," Quetzalcohuatl, which would be followed by the establishment of a new reign of peace. The Mayas of Yucatan exhibited a similar confidence. These illusions were speedily dispelled when the Spaniards began to manifest their insatiable rapacity and merciless cruelty, but the belief is still cherished in many parts of that country that Motzuma himself, who was in some unknown way, adopted in place of the other, as the primitive hero of the people, is now living in a celestial abode, and will yet come and restore the Golden Era. The Peruvians had also a tradition that Viracocha will come from the region of the Dawn and set up his kingdom. Other cities and tribes have similar beliefs. Christianity began with a like conception of a happier era for mankind. The epistles of the Apostle Paul mention it as an event near at hand, and even in the Evangelic writings are many sentences affirming the same thing. The ------------* Greek, [[script]], metanoein. This term is translated "to repent," in the authorized version of the New Testament, but I have taken the liberty to render it as a noun, by the phrase here given, considering it as meaning etymologically, to go forward to a higher moral altitude, or plane of thought. ------------prediction is recorded in them that "this gospel of the reign of heaven shall be proclaimed in the whole world for a testimony to all the various nations, and then the end will come." The Apostle supplements this by the emphatic statement that it had been proclaimed in all the created world beneath the sky, and thus gives his sanction to the general expectation. The unknown author of the Apocalypse seems to have been somewhat less catholic than Paul and covertly denounces him. He sets forth the concept of a new Jerusalem, which he describes as the holy city, complete in every respect, with the names of the tribes of Israel inscribed on its foundations and of twelve apostles on its gates, descending out of the sky from God, and illuminating the Gentile nations with its light. The beatific vision failed of being realized but the expectation remained all through the Middle Ages as an important element of Christian doctrine. At the beginning of the Tenth Century this appeared in conspicuous form. This was a period of calamity almost unparalleled, war unceasing, years of famine, frequent earthquakes, and pestilence rapidly supervening upon pestilence, as though the human race was doomed. The belief was general throughout Europe that the present order of the world was about to be dissolved. The augurs of ancient Etruria had predicted that the time of national existence for their country would be a thousand years and it had been verified. The duration of Christendom it was supposed would be for a like period. The coming judgment was at once the hope and the terror of that time. Under this conviction the Crusades and

wars of extermination against heretics and unconverted peoples, were undertaken in rapid succession. The Pontiff at Rome claimed divine authority over the nations. The Emperor of Germany followed by assuming to be Prince of the Holy Empire to whom all kings and rulers owed alle--- 134 giance, and the attempt was made by force of arms to plant peace perpetually in the world. Frederick Barbarossa perished in a crusade, but his faithful people continued for hundreds of years firm in their belief that he was only sleeping in the tomb, and would yet awake to realize the hope of the nations. In these days of repression and violence it did not seem possible to divest men's minds of the persuasion that the expected reign of justice would be a dominion of external state and magnificence, and to show them instead that it was to be a brotherhood of charity, in which the pure thought, pure word and pure deed are prominent. Yet several writers in the New Testament appear to have declared this very distinctly. Paul affirms that the reign of God consists in justice, peace and joyfulness in a holy spirit. It is also recorded that Jesus himself described it as not of this world to be supported by war and violence, or to make its advent with external manifestation, "Lo, the reign of heaven is within you" - such is the explicit statement. But men looked for the star, not in the sky over their heads, but rather in the pools that were beneath. Some juster conception, however, was possessed by clear-seeing Mystics who flourished during the Middle Ages. There were gifted men, devoted to the profounder knowledge, who sought to escape persecution by the use of a secret speech with a covert meaning intelligible only to one another. Perhaps they were a fraternity like other sodalities. Some thought them illuminated from above; others, that they were dabbling in forbidden arts. What was not easily understood was accounted as magic. When the Renaissance came, the dense cloud began to dissipate, and men began to apprehend more clearly. The early Reformers had some distincter perception, but the obscurity was still too dense for open vision. And thus the centuries passed. It is said to be darkest just before daylight. This figure is employed to indicate the woeful period that often precedes a happier one. The Sixteenth Century was characterized by crime and calamity. From that time has been a steady bettering. It was as the slow coming of morning. There were no changes to be considered marvelous, no miracles except as every event about us, if we might but see more deeply, is a miracle. There was, however, a gradual unfolding of higher principles of action, and a broadening dissemination of knowledge. For those whose eyes were open there was much to be descried; and those who had ears to hear caught the sounds of the harbingers of the new day. Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish Illuminate, looking into heaven like the Martyr Stephen, beheld it opening to reveal the winding up of the former order of things, and the evolution of the new. We may interpret him as we are best able, but the intrinsic verity of his revelation may not he denied. The world of thought is enlarging itself as never before during the historic period. There is no Holy Office or Star Chamber with its tortures to repress and punish dissenting beliefs. There is greater freedom in regard to religious faith, and a wholesome increasing

independence of formal creeds and dominating teachers. Yet while perhaps drifting more widely apart in speculative opinion, there is evidently an approximating to a closer unity of sentiment and a higher standard of duty. We are nearing the end of the period when conquest, slaughter and rapine are honored as glorious war. There is a public opinion maturing among the "plain people" that all controversies can be determined justly without such recourse. In this the self-interest of the selfish and the conscience of the conscientious concur as one. The reign of God is the reign of justice, and the reign of justice is the reign of peace. --- 135 Nevertheless, we may not expect any speedy developing of Eutopia, or an ideal commonwealth of nations. There is an infinitude of preparation necessary, not merely in teaching, but in doing. The mills of the gods grind slowly, and there are hundreds of millions that people the earth that are not in condition to realize a very hopeful development. They require other discipline than that described by the Zulu chief: "First a missionary, then a consul, and then an army." The century that is about to open has in store for us, we trust, better things than have marked the long array of ages in the historic past. It is not enough that scientific learning is widely extended, and mechanic arts developed to greater perfection. Civilization, properly understood, means something more vital and essential. It embraces life as a whole, a knowing how to live. In it the strong uphold the weak, the greatest serve the humblest, the wisest are those who dispense the most benefits. It implies a moral development, aiming to realize a perfect society. The century now about to close, despite its shortcomings, made a long advance in that direction. In many respects it has also retrograded toward the former estate, both in ethics and legislation; but the Twentieth Century taking up its work will doubtless set out anew toward the ideal civilization. ------------

THE LAW To the pure there is no taint, Peril comes not nigh the brave; Free man dreadeth no constraint; Truthful living shuts the grave. Will and work and fate, alway In a certain cycle run: Eastward gaze brings dawn of day; Battle given is battle won. Waking dreamer! shut thine eyes That thou see more clearly this,

Deep in time own being lies Heaven's expanse or Hell's abyss. - John Mills, 1864 -------------------- 136 RICHARD WAGNER'S MUSIC DRAMAS by Basil Crump VIII. - PARSIFAL (Continued) "All (his lives) are cast aside at last, and he enters the great Temple, where any memory of self or sensation is left outside, as the shoes are cast from the feet of the worshiper. That Temple is the place of his own pure divinity, the central Flame which, however obscured, has animated him through all these struggles. And having found this sublime home, he is sure as the heavens themselves. He remains still, filled with all knowledge and power. The outer man - the adoring, the acting, the living personification, goes its own way hand in hand with Nature, and shows all the superb strength of the savage growth of the earth, lit by that instinct which contains knowledge." - Through the Gates of Gold. "The perfected 'likeness' of the noblest work of Art should, by its arousing influence upon our feeling, point us the way to find the archetype whose 'somewhere' must perforce reveal itself to our own inner life, set free from Time and Space, and filled alone with Love, and Faith, and Hope. . . . "What untold gain could we bring to those who are on the one hand terrified by the threatenings of the Church, on the other driven to despair by the physicists, could we fit into the lofty building of 'Love, Faith, and Hope' a clear knowledge of the ideality of the world, limited as it is by the laws of Time and Space, which are but the fundamental conditions of our perception. Would not, then, each question of the vexed spirit, each 'when' and 'where' of the 'other world' find its answer in a happy smile?" - Wagner's Religion and Art SINCE the time when Parsifal left the ruins of the Castle of Perdition on his long and weary quest, the condition of the Grail Brotherhood has gradually become worse. Amfortas has refused to again unveil the Grail, and the Knights, deprived of its miraculous sustenance, have ceased their noble deeds, each seeking in the forest for himself the common sustenance of roots and herbs. The aged Titurel, whom only the divine light of the Grail could keep in being, has at last pined away and died; while his faithful armorer and companion, Gurnemanz, has retired to a hut in the forest to prepare by meditation for his end. All this, together with the weariness and sorrow of Parsifal's wanderings, is depicted in the Prelude to the third Act, which opens as follows: [[music score]]

so also does Kundry.137 spiritual regeneration. the . It is the dawn of Good Friday and Gurnemanz is roused by a groaning from a thicket hard by. but brings it back undefiled to the Grail's domain. "The Light has never faded and never will. Let us remember that she represents the material forces of Nature now about to awake with the Spring and the dawn of a New Cycle . Then. Parsifal lives for the world instead of dying for it. Rising. for he recognizes Parsifal and the recovered Sacred Lance. Questioned by Gurnemanz he answers only by silent movements of the head." But the curse laid upon him by Kundry had caused him to be continually baffled and to engage in many painful conflicts. Going to it he discovers Kundry. . for the funeral ceremony of King Titurel is to take place. "Awake!" says Gurnemanz. until requested to put off his weapons in honor of the holy day. he suffers many a wound. the wounded brother "whose bitter wail I listened to once in foolish amazement. and the Higher Self or Christos in man has to endure the results of that sin in its effort . hesitating manner and seats himself on a knoll with an air of patient but intense weariness. Notice here that Titurel does not entirely depart until the new Messenger is ready to undertake the sacred trust. Gurnemanz assures him that will be so. then he thrusts the lance upright into the earth. While Kundry loosens his greaves and washes his feet. and laying his helmet and other weapons beside it. he greets the aged Gurnemanz tenderly. but how different now is her mien! All the wildness has vanished. he sprinkles his head. kneels before it in silent prayer. at Parsifal's request. that divine promise which now announces the coming of the Regenerator. and Amfortas has promised once more to unveil the Grail.We also hear the Thoren-motive. Now he hears from Gurnemanz that his wanderings are at an end. One may ask how it was that Kundry had the power to do this? Because in her evil aspect as temptress she represented the misuse of Nature's forces through selfish desire. . to redeem the lower self. Gurnemanz is overcome with emotion.a Cycle of material and --. he asks if today he will be led to Amfortas. guarding the sacred Lance. Humanity is never completely deserted by its Elder Brothers. The stranger approaches in a dreamy. . revealing beneath a garment of pure white. who gazes calmly and intently upon him. "Awake to the Spring!" He chafes her hands and brow and at length arouses her from her torpor. but the recital of the sad events culminating in Titurel's death fills him with distress and self-reproach that his blind foolishness should have permitted all this misery to come about. clad in the coarse garb of the first Act and apparently rigid and lifeless." Parsifal is now conducted to a spring where Gurnemanz removes his dusky armor. which he might never wield in his own defense.must I wander further?" Then he tells him that it is Amfortas whom he ever seeks. and the only two words she utters in this Act are "Service . to whom I may now consider myself as chosen to bring salvation. Or .Service!" Setting about some useful work she presently draws the attention of Gurnemanz to a figure in the distance clad from head to foot in black armor with closed helmet and lowered lance. and to his question whence he came. answers: "By paths of error and suffering I came. am I to deem my wanderings over and feel that my struggle is at an end. although through its own folly it may have to pass through dark cycles of error and suffering. That redemption is deferred until those results are worked out under the law of Cause and Effect.

the Knights call upon Amfortas to be mindful for the last time of his office. then. storm." So Gurnemanz performs the solemn and touching rite. saying to her: "You have anointed my feet. as Gurnemanz explains. her eyes filled with tears. nor ever spoke to me with such loving confidence." and bending down he kisses her gently upon the brow. Grasping the Lance he follows Gurnemanz." and Kundry. advancing as the Knights . so sweet and tender. "How beautiful the meadows seem today!" says Parsifal. that today he may yet hail me as King. "so do I bless thy head .bows her head to the earth and weeps for the first time. see. [[score]] The Temple is veiled in gloomy twilight. Thou . drying them with her hair. the wounded son prays that the peace of death may descend upon him. only in the reverse direction." he says reverently. Taking the phial gently from her he hands it to Gurnemanz. now let the companion of Titurel anoint my head. as before. the flowers. and baring the bleeding wound to their gaze calls on them to "kill the tortured sinner. And she . he rushes amongst them in a paroxysm of despair. the shrine of the Grail. her representative. gazing in quiet rapture upon the sunlit landscape. but never saw I the grass. nor ever smelled they so childishly pure. and the Knights enter in two trains. looks up at her conqueror and deliverer. "Thy tears have also become a dew of blessing". and rage . the meadow smiles. he says.) As thou hast borne the sufferings of the redeemed one. The bells of Monsalvat are now heard. The scenery moves as in the first Act. Setting down the coffin in front of the altar. saying: "My first duty I fulfil thus: be baptized and believe on the Redeemer!" His first act of kingly compassion is to receive forever into the holy community the one who tempted him and then cursed his path.and hail thee as King.who through many lives could only laugh. As Amfortas wearily replies that he would more willingly accept death.pure one . the coffin is opened and at the sight of their dead Master the Knights make a sign of horror and utter a cry of lamentation. and they hasten to invest Parsifal with his Knight's mantle.following motive accompanying this act of baptism: [[score]] --. Meanwhile Parsifal has entered unobserved with Gurnemanz and Kundry. which climbing up to my head eagerly sought to clasp me. as the Knights press around him commanding him in Titurel's name to unveil the Grail." and then the Grail will glow for them of its own accord. and this time Kundry comes also." Meanwhile Parsifal unobserved has taken water in his hand from the spring and now sprinkles it on Kundry's head. "ransomed nature gained this morn her day of innocence. enlightened deliverer! (The Thoren-motive is heard. so now take the last burden from his head. the accompanying music taking the form of a most impressive Death March in honor of Titurel." For. one bearing Titurel's coffin and the other Amfortas. "thou weepest. before whom is borne. and blossoms. folding his hands upon his head: "So was it promised to us. Addressing the corpse.compassionate sufferer.138 Kundry now takes a golden phial from her bosom and anoints Parsifal's feet. "I once met with magic flowers.

A STUDY FROM THE "SECRET DOCTRINE" * by Katherine Hillard (Continued) . the embodiment of compassionate Love. Wagner once said of his Lohengrin drama that all that was needed for its understanding was "a healthy sense and a human heart. the "living link" between them and the fount of Divine Love whose light and power now radiate upon them from the Cup he holds. purified and redeemed!" continues Parsifal. saying. Desire is dead. -------------." Marching with stately steps towards the centre of the Temple he raises the Lance. as Parsifal elevates it. Gradually it begins to glow with a soft light. and the gloom in the Temple deepens as the light from the dome grows brighter. "Only one weapon can avail! Only the Lance which opened the wound can close it." The face of Amfortas glows with intense rapture and he staggers healed but fainting into the arms of Gurnemanz. he takes the Cup of the Grail from its shrine and kneels before it in silence. "For I now perform thine office. This last and truly inspired effort of a noble life-work speaks with such clearness and simplicity to our hearts that we must deem any further attempt at interpretation unnecessary. and not by any intellectual process that we shall grasp its true significance. while the celestial choirs and the Knights join in one great paean of joy and wonder: Miracle of Highest redemption! Redemption to the Redeemer! A ray of light descends upon the Cup which glows with an intense lustre. Kundry with eyes ever fixed on her Redeemer falls lifeless to the earth. which gave the highest power of pity." and if the great lesson of "Parsifal" is Sympathy. and. and the deceptive. before the adoring Brotherhood. and the strength of purest knowledge to the timid Fool. so it is by that power. emblem of the Divine Spirit. Be whole.139 their distracted king he touches the wound with the point of the Lance. mounting the steps of the altar. the White Dove.recoil in fear from --. No grander figure was ever depicted than that of Parsifal as he stands. floats down from the dome and hovers over its latest Messenger. illusory powers of nature are dispelled by the light of Truth. and with his eyes fixed upon its point he calls the Brotherhood to witness that he has restored the sacred weapon to its sanctuary. Then.140 THE SEPTENARY CYCLES OF EVOLUTION THE SEVEN ROUNDS AND THE SEVEN RACES. Blessed be thy suffering.

it is only in the Fourth Round. so the blending of the Animal Soul. and leads the soul towards the Divine. And as man develops with the globe on which he lives. Religion and Philosophy. the middle principle. We have now got beyond stages and steps in the development of a nascent humanity. And as there are no sudden transitions in Nature. and solidity. -------------tive force. were in the three preceding Rounds as they are now. and with the next. With this cycle. but this informing force. described more or less perfectly as they are more or less material. the real animal centre. least of all the human body. (or the emotional nature) with the Intellectual Soul (or mind). But it is not molecular matter itself. It is what Jacob Boehme called "the astringent quality. "Bhumi" (the Earth) has reached her fourth principle. and in its highest aspect it is aspiration. forms what is called Kama-Manas. we reach the solid state of matter and the centres of consciousness of the Fourth Round have added earth as a state of matter to their stock. the grossest and densest condition of matter. It is the special characteristic of this last half-cycle. as well as the other three elements in their present condition." or the principle of all contrac------------* The Secret Doctrine. sometimes spoken of as the human Soul." "From the time of the Fourth . 253. but all conditions and states of consciousness shade into one another.''*** That is the principle called Kama in theosophical parlance. "Intellect has had an enormous development in this fourth Round. But as everything in nature has its two sides. for none of them as we have already heard. or the lower mind. Blavatsky. for without desire in some form we should have universal stagnation. and the early Races resemble in character the earlier Rounds. 260. P. which forms the fitting vehicle for the Fifth principle. the Synthesis of Science.THE FOURTH ROUND AS this is the cycle of evolution to whose second half the present humanity belongs. because from it spring the animal passions and desires. we shall develop the Higher Mind. for in each Round the experience of the former cycle is repeated on a new basis. crusted. which is Mind. as it partakes of the human and of the divine elements. grossly material sphere we are living on. "and the world is teeming --. the middle-point of the life allotted to our earth. *** Idem I." says a Teacher. References are to the old edition. By H. and have to deal with the seven well defined Root-Races of the Round.** The Fourth Round transformed the gaseous fluids and plastic form of our globe into the hard. which is the grossest of all our principles. ** Idem I. which is desire in the soul of man. that he completely develops in himself this corresponding Fourth principle. which produces hardness. it is of course described more fully than any of the others. this principle is the motive power that keeps the universe going.141 with the results of intellectual activity and spiritual decrease. cohesion in the kingdoms of nature.

" * We have seen that the differentiation of the primordial germ of life (in the fifth globe of the first Round. and the human atoms thrown off during the life of man. 455. a man may condemn every atom of his lower principles to become attracted by and drawn into the bodies of lower animals by virtue of the magnetic affinity thus created by his passions. This is why the fifth Creation called that of "the sacred animals. B. we find that the characteristic Element and the characteristic "Principle" of the coming Round are already beginning to be foreshadowed in the present one. each with its 7 Sub-Races. man is the dominant note. "Then came still huger animals. (the Fifth Principle) which is to be fully developed in the next cycle."*** And from its initial period. P. and two Root-Races. human evolution. and are . physical form."* "The form of the gigantic Ape-man of the previous Round. and for the same reason animal creation has to precede divine MAN on earth. "By his own evil acts. in Five Years of Theosophy." For in the Fourth Round. and knowledge increases." precedes the sixth." says the Commentary. or Fifth Root-Race of the Fourth cycle of evolution. and transfigured into the parent form in the modern anthropoid. the hitherto dumb races acquire our present human speech. are drawn into animal forms according to magnetic conditions developed during life. human. that of "the divinities. the half-way point of the Round. For this Aryan Race. was reproduced in this one by human bestiality. For we are already endowed with Mind. and last of all the dumb man who walks on all fours. language is perfected. the human kingdom branched off in several directions.'s article on the Transmigration of Life-atoms.Race. will continue to be in it for 427. At the half-way point of the Fourth Race. "all in nature tends to become Man. Man is the alpha and the omega of the objective creation. 189 ** Idem I. of course. humanity passed the axial point of the minor (Manvantaric) cycle. and from its very beginning.000 years longer and then there are two subRaces. or the fifth Creation) has to precede the evolution of the Third Hierarchy of the Forces of Nature before those (so-called) "gods" can become embodied in their first ethereal form. ----------creation. In the Fourth Round the reverse occurs. may certainly be spoken of as the "remote future. which is. which is now in its Dark Age. *** Idem II. or Fifth Round.** as explained in H. to follow before the Fourth Round comes to an end." and it is no wonder that few glimpses can be given us of conditions of existence so far ahead of our own. 170. as it is properly a sub-division of the main subject." In the First Round the animal atoms are drawn into a cohesive. -------THE FIFTH ROUND We are now only in the Fifth Sub-Race of the Aryan. This is the real meaning of metempsychosis. and therefore the next cycle. Man was the first and highest (mammalian) animal that appeared in this ----------* Secret Doctrine I. ** This topic will be more fully treated under the head of Races. But owing to the often mentioned law of the overlapping of cycles.

and in conjunction with radiant heat. sub-divisions (343 in all. cool. the latter would be better named Cosmic ideation** . as air conveys the vibrations of sound. This fifth. it is defined by occult science as "a radiant.** This is not the Ether of our scientists. plastic matter.the DESTROYER. even this mysterious Akasa. the Alpha and Omega of Being are but the two facets of the one Absolute Existence. Cosmic Substance . with their 49. it is the Soul of the World. 12. 147 **** Idem I." And this Primordial Substance is the vehicle or medium of Divine Thought. in its lower. It is in the Fifth Round that the full development of Mind as a direct ray from the Universal Consciousness will be finally reached. permeability ------------* Secret Doctrine II. 730 *** Idem II. 257 --------------. or Akasa. are but conditional modifications and aspects of the ONE and only Element. will. . mental.142 will become so manifest a characteristic of matter. while the 5th Element is a subdivision of astral matter. that is but a higher form of physical matter. and those higher senses whose growth and development it subserves. whether physical. the former. it recalls 'dead worlds to life. will become visible in the air. one of the lower principles of what we call Primordial Substance."*** ---------* Secret Doctrine 1.Spirit. This condition of things is admirably illustrated by a Roentgen-ray photograph of a booted foot. 257 *** Idem II. 13 ---------But all the elements. the stocking.' In its higher aspect." we read elsewhere.*** For as we are told elsewhere. semi-material element Ether. It is the medium which conveys the vibrations of thought.* It will then be as familiar to man as air is now. immutable in its higher principles. which is to be the Fifth Element. but perfectly defined form. and therefore is said to "correspond" to the human mind. become susceptible of a complete expansion. one of its seven subdivisions. is the vehicle of every possible phenomenon. diathermanous. 288 ** Idem II.*** Ether. a ray unimpeded by matter. correlative in its grossest aspects and portions. towards the end of the 5th cycle. during that 5th Round. called Akasa in its highest form. ** Idem I. These. we are told. or the Astral Light. In the former condition it is called the Sub-Root.diligently trying to get at the nature of Ether. "Ether is the Astral Light. the nails. that its densest forms will seem like a thick fog and no more.Matter. which is the Source of them all.**** with the next Element added to our resources in the next Round. the flesh and the bones like layers of fog of different densities. or psychic. where you see the leather. Cosmically. . creative in its physical nature. "In modern language.* "To put it plainly.**** And every one of the seven Cosmical Elements each.

Japanese. that the principle we call Life. 330 + Idem I.with about 70 of which chemistry is acquainted) is. Action and Reaction. preserves and kills it. or its inner side is no . in all cosmogonies. Of these our familiar "hot-cross buns" is a Christianized copy. resting on the most beautiful of all the Church traditions comes to us instinct with the living poetry of Spring breezes. It is. ** Cosmic Ideation being the origin of human Thought.+++ ------------* Secret Doctrine. that everything has its good side and its bad. 398 --------------. may be healing agent or a deadly poison. the North and South American tribes. The time-honored "Easter Egg" is also glaringly Pagan in origin. and opening. the Christians . Ra. . This season. Siamese.Greeks. Brahma. That they were also alive to its more occult meanings we cannot. The occult fact that in Spring new spiritual forces are awakened into activity may account for the original placing of the Easter Festival in the early part of the year.+ For occult science shows. to whom offerings of cakes were made. On this account. in the suggestion that the egg. and furthermore. of course. A gleaning or two of helpful thought lies. the Dawngoddess. Space forbids to enter at length into the seven-fold meaning of the "Easter Egg. Health and Disease. 261 +++ Idem I. and Resurrection. the Christians make their Festival a continuation of that celebrated by the Pagans in honor of Eostre. 13 **** Idem I. perhaps. Osiris. and spiritualized it into a commemoration of Eternal Life. Itah. and reveal some of the vital truths which father and support it? If so. *** Idem I.143 THE SEASON'S MESSAGE by Charlotte E. perhaps. underlies and is active in what we call Death. Phoenicians. It carries also the higher poetry of a deep. as is well known. uniting to reverence in this symbol one of the great ground-facts of the Universe. back to the Hiranya Egg of the Puranas we can trace the egg-symbol repeating itself in every ancient cosmogony. Romans. Dionysus. however. brings forth a god. flowering life. Hope. I.especially the Greek and Latin Churches fully adopted the symbol. spiritual significance. are all egg-born Divinities.++ And so lunar magnetism generates life. at one and the same time Life and Death. 326. 347 ++ Idem I. In Britain. From the "Anguinum" of the Druid. as our modern chemistry begins to teach. Woods IS It part of the work of our Movement to remove the scales from the eyes of blind custom. sufficient for us to realize that the Resurrection." even were such a disquisition within my power. Hindus. savages of remote islands even. determine. a few words on the symbolism of Easter may not be out of place.

Come it must. The soul may have its Easter. even when exoterically determined. Still I am inclined to stand up for the occult basis of times and seasons. The . The God in the Egg is the message of Easter both to the barren earth. Man is at present subject to the laws of nature because he has not yet learned his supremacy. is ever repeating itself within appointed limits.144 the man fallen into the tomb of matter. Francis Edgar Mason LIFE is a science and can be demonstrated on scientific principles as infallible as the science of mathematics. and a divine hope. the man triumphant through matter. If the Future is big with promise for the world. "For since by man came Death. Life has been placed on a religious instead of a scientific basis. The resurrection-forces in man need aid from his will. though periodic in manifestation. Religion has kept man in Adam's shoes for 6000 years and fed him on hopes that mature only in the skies. . Ignorance alone makes him subservient to her laws and decrees. Matter is not a cosmic entity. by man came also the Resurrection from the Dead. but his contracted sense of himself has minimized it to a planet. and strive with confidence of faith for a resurrection of all that is best and noblest in ourselves. Not yet have we reached the stage of full and unhindered abandonment to the inner life. We may boldly go forward in a spirit of reverent expectation. when the very Heavens are proclaiming a new birth for humanity. it is big with promise for us also. The external world is thought phenomena. shall be ours again. and prostitutes the present. for the time is nearly fulfilled. knowing that the Dawn comes quickest to those whose eyes are on the East. and the weary soul of man. And of this present juncture particularly. --. the external conforms to the renewed mentality. Her peace and wondrous beauty of growth was ours once. though that inner Festival is timed by no human calendar." The first Adam and the Second.both are complements of nature's greatest Fact. Commensurate as man's mind improves. on each human heart the Dawn-goddess sheds her light. we may look for the breaking of the Son-God from this egg.myth but a divine fact in occult nature. and so our Easter symbols become pregnant with spiritual meaning. -------------- THE SCIENCE OF LIFE by Rev. He makes the future the storehouse of his ignorance by relegating thither all that contributes to make life harmonious. which makes external nature an embodied Harmony. The universe is man's true realm. and man has become a pensioner upon hopes and a vassal to traditions. Each spring renews the hidden forces of life on all the planes of being. cooperation by heart-belief. and the Son-God waits to break forth in glowing radiance upon the lives of men. but the phenomena of mind. Not one of us but may feel the stirring at his heart of new forces working towards a resurrection that is perhaps nearer at hand than we dare to realize. Life Eternal. and intellectual assent. Our chief drawback lies in not expecting and demanding enough.

Man is the counterpart of God. put any value upon his neighbor's good or bad opinion of himself and his work. in the sense of desultry orations and fine talk.moral and physical.. within and around the areas of every Branch of your Society. The true religious foundation is also philosophic and scientific. Let every Theosophist only do his duty. epitomized in theoretical dissertations. that which he can and ought to do. . Sin and discord originate with a false conception of man and continue only so long as concessions are made to the belief. therefore. Intelligence alone conquers the world. the spiritual and psychic blending of man with nature. and the task will become an easy and a light one for you. His achievements are within the possibility of all. expects and demands from the Fellows of the Society a great mutual toleration. so long as he himself knows it to be useful and beneficent . ungrudging mutual help in the search for truths in every department of nature . and it has. The possibilities of an Infinite alone mark the circumference of his powers. a bundle of metaphysical ethics. "Theosophy should not represent merely a collection of moral verities.Editor. will be found visibly diminished.. ----------* So-called religious. And this ethical standard must be unflinchingly applied to daily life. but not of mysticism in its true sense. which by revealing the fundamental truths that lie hidden under the objects of sense and perception. for the mind of man is the climax of divinity. Man is all he can make himself. The "fall of man" is the substitution of physicality for the spiritual facts of life which is the fact of being. There is no favoritism in living economies. If man would utterly repudiate the religious* foundation of being and affirm his present and intrinsic perfection he would resurrect himself out of the tomb of ecclesiasticism. and become the sovereign of the universe. Theosophy.Adamic hypothesis of life starts from an effigy and keeps man in the dust of ecclesiastical ignorance. The God of mysticism** is the acme of ignorance.. and charity for each other's shortcomings. Theosophy must be made practical. therefore. Man assumes an imperfect hypothesis and imposes upon himself conditions compatible with his thoughts. The realization of his divinity gave the Nazarene power over the world.145 SOME WORDS ON DAILY LIFE * WRITTEN BY A MASTER OF WISDOM "IT is divine philosophy alone. striving to become a Theosophist. for as is the premise so is the conclusion. Forget SELF in working for others. ---------------. ** Of mysticism as popularly misconceived. and very soon the sum of human misery. Why should any member of the Theosophical Society. can promote a spirit of unity and harmony in spite of the great diversities of conflicting creeds. Editor. to be disencumbered of useless digressions. A god in the sky is merely a mental idol and the superextollation of the Nazarene is the prostitution of the human family. reaping the thorns and thistles of misconception. "Do not set your pride in the appreciation and acknowledgment of that work by others.

------------* Reprinted from Lucifer Vol. succeeding another fetish just overthrown. and others which were published in the early days of the T. therefore. and ever placing the approval or condemnation of your own Inner Self higher than that of the multitudes. Put without delay your good intentions into practice. The majority of the public Areopagus is generally composed of self-appointed judges. I. and inseparable from you. to find you unmoved by either. Reward and acknowledgment are in yourself. Let. therefore. the masses.. so long as they imagine you a faithful image of themselves on the pedestal or altar which they have reared for you. meanwhile. -----------to other people? Human praise and enthusiasm are short-lived at best. . the laugh of the scoffer and the condemnation of the indifferent looker-on are sure to follow. far less condemning. whether they humble you or exalt you on a pinnacle? "They will never comprehend you one way or the other. heed only the praise or blame of that Deity which can never be separated from your true self.expecting. 344. as it is verily that God itself called the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. whether the former condemn or praise. neither reward nor even acknowledgment for the good you may have done. those weaker than themselves. P. never leaving a single one to remain only an intention .. Your Western Society can no more live without its Khalif of an hour than it can worship for any longer period.whose sentence is the only one without appeal. as it is your Inner Self alone which can appreciate them at their true degree and value. Seek communion and intercourse only with the God within your own soul. For each one of you contains within the precincts of his inner tabernacle the Supreme Court . They may make an idol of you. Do not despise the opinion of the world.prosecutor. S.Editor. who have never made a permanent Deity of any idol save their own personalities their lower selves. B. and followed in your turn by another idol. and which it has . "Those of you who would know yourselves in the spirit of truth learn to live alone even amidst the great crowds which may sometimes surround you. condemn your outer selves according to their own false lights. and who ought. defense..your higher --. since none can know you better than you do yourself. nor provoke it uselessly to unjust criticism. which can never know your true selves. You cannot expect to be anything for them but a temporary fetish. it is not the model. Let..146 Consciousness. and whenever it breaks an idol and then besmears it with mud. p. What does it matter. and generally to outweigh the admiring praise of the friendly. therefore. those who have created that idol destroy it whenever they like. Remain rather as indifferent to the abuse as to the praise of those who can never know you as you really are. It is intended to reprint from time to time some of the early articles written by H. jury and judge . when once you have learned to judge that self by the never wavering light of the inner divinity . casting it down with as little cause as they had for setting it up. then. but the figured image created by its own foul fancy. for those who try in their walk in life to follow their inner light will never be found judging. and while you amuse or benefit them.

It has to throw all the light it can from the torch of Truth. first of all. and as such must leave no obstruction on the paths leading to that field. without thought or fear of evil consequences. Do not indulge personally in unbrotherly comparison between the task accomplished by yourself and the work left undone by your neighbors or brothers. Theosophy. In the fields of Theosophy none is held to weed out a larger plot of ground than his strength and capacity will permit him. unless performed with the utmost discretion. and second. the modeling of these conceptions for their adaptation into such forms of daily life --. through its mouthpiece. thoroughly impregnated with the spirit of mutual tolerance. have individually no such right.147 as shall offer a field where they may be applied with most equitableness. and centre rather his attention upon his own shortcomings. dreading neither reproof nor condemnation. that Society dethrones and breaks. and to set at defiance calumny and threats. As an association. the working out of clear. first. the absence of a like ethic unity and singleness of purpose in other associations or individuals. with which its servants are entrusted.. hidden under the mantle of hypocrisy. But its Fellows. and can be dealt with justly by that all-seeing Law alone. It must do this without fear or hesitation. Do not be too severe on the merits or demerits of one who seeks admission among your ranks. prejudice. but the duty to uncloak vice and do its best to redress wrongs. he has to turn away his gaze from the imperfections of his neighbor. in order to correct them and become wiser. but it must lead you insensibly to progress. No Theosophist should blame a brother. to beard the tiger in its den.. You are the free volunteer workers on the fields of Truth. or simply a fellow man. it has not only the right. but. whether within or outside of the association. has to tell the TRUTH to the very face of LIE. "Theosophy can only find objective expression in an all-embracing code of life." . to set the example of a firmly outlined and as firmly applied morality. unequivocal conceptions of ethic ideas and duties. such as shall best and most fully satisfy the right and altruistic feelings in men. Its Society. before they obtain the right to point out. and will require strenuous and persevering exertion.. Theosophy has to fight intolerance. neither may he throw a slur upon another's actions or denounce him. as a body.. the Society.making its accusations. or Members.. however. lest he himself lose the right to be considered a Theosophist. For. Even the simple presence amidst you of a well-intentioned and sympathizing individual may help you magnetically. It is a laborious task. "Such is the common work placed before all who are willing to act on these principles. ignorance and selfishness.endowed with its own vices. and leave you no room for any selfish aspirations outside the limits traced. as the truth about the actual state of the inner man can only be known to Karma. a neighbor. "The problem of true Theosophy and its great mission are. will cause the world of the indifferent and selfish to rise up in arms against it. Its followers have. has a task before it which. as impersonal as possible. Let him not show the disparity between claim and action in another. even in a spirit of kindness.. whether in the case of a brother. charity and brotherly love.. let him rather ever help one weaker than himself on the arduous walk of life. whether through the voice of its chosen lecturers or the printed word of its journals and publications . as such.

Materialistic science has with giant strides reached her Ultima Thule. let blossoms rise.Emerson. until with one accord the mind of science has acknowledged them to be only forms and appearances. and have given no opinion on the times. If you act. by William E. declared them evil. on parties and persons. The most fugitive deed and word." ------------"Human character does evermore publish itself. expresses character. shall give place. Spiritual Laws. and demanded Reality in life . has rebelled against their emptiness. which is his spirit. but steady.and has found it. The nearer your approach to the goal contemplated the shorter the distance between the student and master. on the college. of search for light through such despair that society has been almost brought to a revolution as the only means whereby to break its chains. has misunderstood himself and them. wherever it is planted. like an Aaron 's rod. to be one of transition. form and convention. as they will constitute the barriers placed with your own hands between yourselves and those whom you have asked to be your teachers. . you show it. It hates darkness. and your fellow-men have learned that you cannot help them. oracles speak. Gates "OUT of suffering let sweetness spring. Our history for a thousand years has been one of deep suffering and struggle. her next step has found the unreal to be instead the Real. for. or felt. your silence answers very loud. It will not be concealed. man has failed to recognize the true divinity of his nature and powers. and the great unknown. is becoming rushes into light. on slavery. and man's consciousness. So keen has been the agony that many have called for social death rather than this continued bondage. Impelled by the upward necessity of progress men have scratched the surface of things. the X of nature. you show character. the intimated purpose. you show it. You have no oracle to utter. Far otherwise. the mere air of doing a thing. that your verdict is still expected with curiosity as a reserved wisdom. on the church. and .148 SIGNS OF THE TIMES. the True and the Potent. to which the old one. except the ever underlying wonder of nature's being. No miracle is being wrought. ---------------. rather. and if one must use a crutch.--------"The degree of success or failure are the landmarks the masters have to follow. passing. This advance towards Reality has not been sudden. the Love which finds its way. You think because you have spoken nothing when others spoke. Even when science had come to her final conviction that she was forever fixed in the bondage of matter. if you sit still. Doth not wisdom cry and understanding put forth her voice?" . if you sleep. Finding no other plane on which to act than that of matter." The period through which we have been passing has in every direction been understood. Over all the world men have looked forward to the new order.

yet because they have been true to this principle at bottom. economic and political life we lead. and unfoldment taken its place. burst into blossom and become the shady trees of the new region we are entering. on the other. seem but the converging lines to one great focus-point of unification and demonstration.utterly missed glories with which the chaos of our social life has been pregnant. inner order of being. but which are now destined. Almost in our own lives we have seen science. A new continent for habitation. nor the life of humanity. For all this suffering. spiritual crutches which we have hated and wished to break. and a confirmation to the longings of the heart. mental. circumscribed as their too petty field has been. which furnishes the key to the seeming chaos. born of bondage to material life and objects. on the one hand.149 underlying all forms and conventions. The very name has magic in it. For even as we have worked. and all our is itself that past born into a new life with wider meaning. but at this distance we can see that mankind was but working out the needs of its external destiny. and the impulse of humanity streamed across the sea. our growing conviction of the emptiness. transfigured. but the weapon they forged to break the shackles of superstition was freedom from hard and fast conventions of thought. out of which now extend into a new life and a new time all the forces and qualities which twisted and tangled in their former narrow quarters threatened to destroy themselves and the race. symbolical of the new life in store for humanity upon it. as the scales drop away from our eyes. impelled by the same force. impelled by the inner desire for a broader life. the manifestation of the inner and real on the part of nature. Our men of science have devoted their lives to the denial of a spiritual world and tried to confine life in a chrysalis of matter. the deadness of the lower plane of life and our enlarging appreciation of the Reality --. with realization. planted even unconsciously under the constraint of the upward striving of the race. lay prepared by ever-responsive nature to crown the yearnings and faith of her children. Man's nature is not changed. only to come face to face with a deeper. set out with seeming intent to destroy every possibility of any higher life than the material. but only unfolded. and the widening of that environment. To one in the midst of the rush for land and gold four hundred years ago the world may well have seemed a chaos of ambition and lust. Four centuries ago the land of Europe bounded a society where life had lost its zest. Out of our suffering sweetness springs. . There seems a new birth to have come for everything. The part of America in the advent of this new order bears the deepest interest. has been but the motive force developing within us those qualities by which we might break through the crust. And so too with all this complex social. to take their place in the economy of a divine society. they have themselves been forced to devour and dissolve to nothingness the very prison they built. we hated and called evil. And in like manner down to the present time do all our struggles and mistakes within our environment. and finally. and the present has no quarrel with the past .and found it. a land buoyant with inspiration. to seek the fountain of youth . however unwillingly. with discovery. and we begin to see the meaning of all those elements in human life which. Ponce de Leon like. the term transition has ceased to be most descriptive of the day.

our spiritual crutches. ever weeding out by the sheer force of its nature and of events those who allied themselves to the principles of form and selfishness. But separate the men from their bargaining. The system is cruel. and the very ones who struggle most fiercely to do something within it would hail another order with the greatest joy. crushing out of sentimentality. it is the work of the Universal Brotherhood to exalt. . a profound and frank belief in the human heart. directness. since if it ever was necessary for sufficient production it now is so no longer . a fitting instrument.among the great mass of men you find an infinite weariness of their service at rolling the stone of Sisyphus. brought men a thousand miles apart within sound of each others' voices. The harshness of all these things is but the incident to be sure of the present economic system. I do not mean alone the great fact that in its pursuit of wealth our civilization has bound the whole world into one great family. and going on. all those qualities in which we have developed and which have made us seem so cruel. hardly excepting even the thousandth man. merciless pruning of superfluities. That organization stands as the crown of a movement whose keynotes have been reality and unity of life.150 on them by the Frankenstein's monster they have evoked. and for that reason out of all our sufferings will sweetness spring. Our present communal organization is that of a business world. and you will find among all but a few with whom accumulation has become monomania. their innate altruism. their idealism.It seems all chaos and contest. while the union and interdependence will remain. and men there have no choice. this encouragement of striving humanity. almost coextensive with the physical. awful. And when the system is once removed. their deep belief in Man? Our sins are many. instant adaptation of means to ends. another way of saying social drones . in its rage for power has subdued great material forces. ebbs and flows as in a single body. degrading. and our social life bows to that. Go further. seemingly bought at so great a price as a foundation for the new temple of humanity. and in every one. and transfigured by their enlistment under the opened heart of man. there is far less evil in the present life of humanity than we are wont to believe. and will drop off under a new it must be. the promptness. Ever since the formation of the society in 1875 it has passed through steadily successive siftings. making them economic pirates. will again prove our redeemers.into the lives of nations . so that under the stress of urgent necessity to hold one's own in business. every iota of brotherhood is crushed out .the Brotherhood of Humanity. at the same time that the body itself . a pleasure in kindness . but they are the errors of necessity. preserved their motions and speech for other times. a galling of the chains placed long as it does not interfere with business. in its efforts for commercial dominion has woven interdependence anew . you find a ready recognition of brotherhood. the activities that now seem destructive will become business. But I mean that apart from this physical unity. loved by no one. This sifting out and working through seeming trials to the establishment of an environment.what may we not expect from the enormous energy of the American people. not crimes of the heart. for business is necessity.has produced a great vampire called international finance in obedience to whose laws the life blood of the economic world. leaving them to show their own colors. This inspiration to brotherhood. build up a world-wide kingdom for the one universal ideal . but a very little below the surface we find its real meaning .and it is here not bad but good.

Judge wrote: "I wish very much that you had your branch started. P. As I said. 1889. On July 7. Q. The Masters have said this is to be a Universal Brotherhood. It is constantly being represented as man being born into the world . You seem to tend to too much detail and spinning out. Judge. Laws and Rules are useless if men are not fixed at least on something. in which H. but any Branch can if it chooses make itself one --. this is a critical time. Follow a plain model and the rest must be left to the members. or any one they like. for the world needs a change of heart and not a change of scene.was trained up to the point of fitness to use it and to the establishment of interior trueness and freedom to see the divine work to be done. or . but I have alluded to this in the Path before under cover for those who might be able to see. This crisis is not apparent to us in the West for the reason that it exists in the East. but as the T. he wrote again: "Constitutions should be plain and direct. W. S." ------------- THE KINDERGARTEN OF THEOSOPHY by Marie A. because a crisis has arrived in the T. have been for the entire history of the society so identical and single in their character that this fact cannot be better shown than by extracts from two letters written at a similar period to the present.William Q.151 that demands of its members a swallowing of the particular Theosophy of H. As a matter of fact we are also in a period when THE REAL CHARACTER OF ALL THEOSOPHISTS IS TO BE UNVEILED WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT. for a thousand constitutions will not in themselves make a good theosophist and long By Laws are only means for making trouble. All constitutions are so much wasted paper if the human beings in the Branch are not (1) Earnest. as a haven and protection to the movement in the sifting time. It is therefore better that you should begin with five who have an enthusiasm for her than it would be to start off with a lot who at the very first fright would fly off. (3) United. You cannot define Theosophy to be this or that thing. is a living body it feels everything just as a man does what happens in any part of his body. and (5) Studious or thoughtful. Judge. (4) Direct. . 1888. (Continued) Throughout the whole tenor of the writings of the New Testament the doctrine of reincarnation is implied. Q. P. and these in writing They have declared to be our proper work. 8. And it is noteworthy that these letters were written just before and after the formation of the Esoteric Section. . and how the work now outlined for the Universal Brotherhood was even then really offered to members. B. (2) Brotherly.J. You can read this where and when you like and to anybody. They are interesting as showing too how clearly all that has taken place was a part of the original plan of the founders. Blavatsky wants the cooperation of the American branches. by W. Such are my sentiments. Watson CHAPTER VII. . The something provided by Masters is the ethical and philosophical aspect of theosophy. only they could not see it and had to wait. S." And on Feb.

emerges into new life. shedding the personalities. a law. He knows that past errors can only be blotted out by right knowledge. The clematis of last year withered and died. refusing to act upon a certain desire necessarily represses this particular desire. but with return of Spring. if not from his own acts? If it does not mean this.under a load of guilt and sin. the thinker. when the physical body of man rests. Whence its origin. and weakens all . Every tree that puts forth flower and foliage each year bears witness to this law. yet within this tomb it lives. Then why not carry out this principle in the permanent and only real part of man's nature. so in the larger cycle of man's life the soul rests between each incarnation. by the same law that the body sheds its atoms. if not in a preexistent life? From whom did man inherit his sin. new conditions. and every seven years. and the will to conform to that knowledge. or desire. and accept ready-made religious food on blind faith. is an impulse. or Karma and Reincarnation. either those who do not think. so starving the spiritual nature. but in man there is the will to decide what the nature of his desire shall be. or by the other class who like to shift the responsibility of their misdoings upon a Saviour who is to atone for them by the sacrifice of blood shedding. To the just man. sometimes not until the next summer. So there is a preexistent life demonstrated by the principles of reason. or Devachanic interlude between the death and birth. the soul. and we have abundance of evidence in nature herself of this law in the Universe. and again not until seven years. transferring punishment on the innocent. and contradicts every principle of common sense. comes between each day of activity. as the night. hence they called the butterfly Psyche. and when old age advances we do not therefore say that --. when comes the last and glorious transformation. the same old root sustained it before and nourishes it now. sometimes in a few days. and thus have opportunity of prolonging experience until it becomes ripe for transplanting into other spheres? Even during this one life our bodies are continually changing. now a winged butterfly soaring into the its new element. There is always the subjective state. and chaos is introduced into the moral order of the Universe.152 the man is other now than he was in his youth. The one-life theory is only accepted by two classes. makes its own coffin. the doctrines of the law of Cause and Effect. that not an atom composing our bodies but what has been decayed and restored by other atoms. comes like a beacon shining upon the dark waters of human life. new blossoms adorn the vine. or that man can act without existing. science tells us. so we see that even in this one life the soul inhabits many bodies. So alone can the character become perfected. is another witness to this law. in that guilt can be contracted without action. in the Universe as it is in man. Why should it be thought incredible that the same soul should inhabit an indefinite number of mortal bodies. or what is called the reincarnating Ego that wears out its bodies. The Greeks found in this change the type of the liberation of the soul. The transformed caterpillar. The caterpillar casts off its skin seven times before its final metamorphosis. his trinity. of which it had no knowledge in its caterpillar state. so may duties. the air. it means nothing at all. Desire is the basis upon which all character is formed. If punishment may be transferred. To satisfy a desire strengthens it. The Kama principle. the worm spins its own shroud.

is again sub-divided into two principal divisions. that the results become mixed up with the productions of the brain-mind itself. but the consciousness within man is the same and remains permanent. or if the soul brings back anything from its wanderings it is not reliable because it impresses the brain so feebly. "Unto him that overcometh is salvation" are the words of one Master.153 it finally has trained the lower nature into obedience to the laws which the Ego has learned in its vast round of experience. man can become conscious on these planes as he develops his seven-fold nature. illness. In nature there are seven planes or states corresponding to the seven principles in man. by the overcoming of the evil or selfish desires of the animal man. and these desires repeatedly expressed in action develop character. It has lost the power to act for evil in the same proportion. and just in the degree in which repeated acts for good have reacted upon the will. but as one does not enter upon these other planes voluntarily. although his body has entirely changed. and the spiritual triad or trinity. It is evident.similar desires. which is responsible for the deeds done in the flesh. the latter is responsible for permitting the lower to rule it and therefore suffers. by putting his own will into action. does the will spontaneously act for good. then. of evolution. the reincarnating Ego. have experience in all these states while in the physical body. ye shall reap. when the physical machine is at low ebb. A desire never satisfied must die of inanition. that choice strengthens some desires and weakens others. This must encourage desires of a like kind. dropping into decay and being shed. But this lower quaternary has inherent in it the potentiality of the spiritual nature which represents the individuality. The four lower principles make up the gross physical body which represents the personality and which is subject to decay. The Ego sinning in conjunction with one personality. and error and confusion must affect the testimony. trance. called the lower quaternary. the sinful or evil nature is in the lower quaternary. until --. integrity. that it may so train the physical organs that they shall become perfect instruments to be used by the Ego on all planes in nature. Thus. the real consciousness. he cannot impress his lower brain mind with aught that the soul has cognized while temporarily absent from the physical plane. when an Ego expresses in his character. morality. and in each successive incarnation the Ego shares both the good and the evil. Man when studied as a septenary being. the man of seventy is convinced of the same conscious identity he had at thirty. but as that is a part of the whole which includes the Ego. That there are planes of consciousness other than the . The higher and lower natures continually act and re-act one upon the other. That part of man which sows and reaps." came from the same lips. The object of reincarnation. since it is made up of substances which are changeable and transitory. may in another receive punishment through that other as a channel. and "As ye sow. charity. this beauty of soul has not been given him by any power outside of his own effort. clear judgment in distinguishing between the finest shades of right and wrong. We know that the atoms comprising our bodies are continually changing. is. is the personality. that the Ego shall become conscious upon all these planes. whether of a selfish or unselfish nature. but by repeated struggles in many lives with the lower nature. The soul does undoubtedly function upon other planes than the physical during sleep.

154 THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE * THE TWO PATHS. Arhans and Sages of the boundless Vision+ are rare as is the blossom of the ------------* "The Voice of the Silence and other Chosen Fragments from the Book of Golden . is the plane of experience of mediums and sensitives as they are called. and self-sacrifice through many incarnations. They represent different degrees of consciousness. Be humbler still. That way begins and ends outside of Self. Now there are those who have developed their inner powers. The way to final freedom is within thy SELF. The adept can shift his consciousness from one plane to another with equal ease. Restrain by thy Divine thy lower Self. (Continued) BE humble. it is therefore dangerous to the morals. Withal. He has developed faculties. no inconvenience to penetrate gross matter. that the astral body of man finds no hindrance. in whom the Self Divine has slain the very knowledge of desire. they are the result of long training. Be like the Ocean which receives all streams and rivers. empty the human form though filled with Amrita's sweet waters. --------------. and the health of the individual who enters it not knowing the law. nor comprehending the nature of the elements making up this plane.material whereon the Ego now functions we have abundance of evidence given in a great deal of the literature of today. but of a far finer grade of matter. if thou wouldst attain to Wisdom. and the psychic or astral plane. etc. Guard thou the Lower lest it soil the Higher. both are material. The astral body of man corresponds to this plane. These powers are not miraculous. which are still latent in ordinary human beings. is honored by all men. physical plane. in the sight of fools. and because they are not so is the reason of their slow and gradual attainment. This plane is largely influenced by the emanations of the gross. it feels them not. hence the coming and going of apparitions through closed doors. Restrain by the Eternal the Divine. Aye. Still greater he. ** Unpraised by men and humble is the mother of all rivers.**** and he who Wisdom hath. The Ocean's mighty calm remains unmoved. and many have had personal experience of this fact. the second and nearest plane to this. and who can and do consciously enter these various planes in nature. There are those who remember these experiences. the birth-place of the sacred rivers is the sacred land. great is he who is the slayer of desire. and of all times. compared with the gross physical body and plane. when Wisdom thou hast mastered. in Tirthika's*** proud sight. All these planes are peopled with beings. both plane and body are of so subtle and ethereal a nature. and have become acquainted with the forces and beings who live on these planes. some inferior and some superior to man. and knows how to control these forces.

Tibet.the lower personal Ego. Before he casts his shadow off his mortal coil. Yea.** not one recruit can ever be refused the right to enter on the Path that leads toward the field of Battle. the glorious state of Absoluteness. At one end . no warrior volunteering fight in the fierce strife between the living and the dead.*** let not the fruit of action and inaction be thy motive. two-fold. footnote No. or he shall fall. Disciple. e'en then he does not fall in vain. For. But if thou wouldst Nirvana reach. But Path the second is . B. Marked are its stages by -----------* See page 33. Thus the first Path is LIBERATION. ----------Udumbara tree. and the "dead" . the enemies he slew in the last battle will not return to life in the next birth that will be his. heights that are trodden by no sinful foot. **** The "Secret Life" is life as a Nirmanakaya. 3." ** Meaning the personal lower "Self. **** Tirthikas are the Brahmanical Sectarians "beyond" the Himalayas. O thou anxious one.'' . foot-note No. either he shall him will men a great and holy Buddha honor. the second to Self-Immolation.Nirvana. called "infidels" by the Buddhists in the Sacred Land. and at the other bliss deferred. Arhans are born at midnight hour.RENUNCIATION. The PATH is one. and vice versa. Shangna plant.155 four and seven Portals. superhuman sight. -------------. ** The "living" is the immortal Higher Ego. the prize is thine: the drop returneth whence it came. visiting holy shrines. No Arhan. O Lanoo. + Boundless Vision or psychic. the Bliss past human thought. *** See page 75." *** An ascetic Brahman. especially sacred bathing-places. O thou of dauntless heart.Precepts for the daily use of Lanoos (disciples) translated and annotated by H. Both are of merit the reward: the choice is thine. if he conquers. becomes one in that birth when for the first the Soul begins to long for final liberation. 2. out of the pure dew and on the frozen bed of snow-capped heights. Nirvana shall be his. And if he falls. When to the Permanent is sacrificed the Mutable.bliss immediate. The one becomes the two. An Arhan is credited with "seeing" and knowing all at a distance as well as on the spot."**** is called "thrice Honored." O thou candidate for woe throughout the cycles. and therefore called the "Path of Woe. the Open and the Secret.* the holy flower that opes and blooms in darkness.* The first one leadeth to the goal. P. The Open leads to the changeless change . Yet. together with the sacred plant of nine and seven stalks. Know that the Bodhisattva who Liberation changes for Renunciation to don the miseries of "Secret Life. or cast the prize away. yet in the end. that pregnant cause of anguish and illimitable pain .

Thy mind is clear.. will lead thee to reject the Bodhisattvic body.the pure state. the exoteric and the generally accepted." no sooner hast thou reached its goal. . and the other the Secret Path . O aspirant to Sorrow." He who becomes Pratyeka-Buddha* makes his obeisance but to his Self. as the great tidal wave. In Northern Buddhism a "Pratyeka Buddha" is a synonym of spititual Selfishness.. ** Men ignorant of the Esoteric truths and Wisdom are called "the living Dead.. who holds the prize within his palm... Renunciation for the sake of others. Behold! The goal of bliss and the long Path of Woe are at the furthest end. Thy time will come for choice. A SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD is he. by stopping at the threshold of Nirvana .. of suffering fellow men." The "Open Way. .disappear from the sight and the hearts of men. the ripple of effect. Thou canst choose either. O thou of eager Soul. Unveiled stands Truth and looks thee sternly in the face. when thou hast reached the end and passed the seven Portals. the Teacher of Perfection." Samyak Sambuddha.That Secret Path leads the Arhan to mental woe unspeakable. . For it is written: "Teach to eschew all causes." -----------But it is said: "The last shall be the greatest.. Nirvanas gained and lost from boundless pity and compassion for the world of deluded mortals. She says: "Sweet are the fruits of Rest and Liberation for the sake of Self.. and make thee enter the thrice glorious state of Dharmakaya which is oblivion of the World and men for ever. woe for the living Dead.. thou shalt let run its course. the fruit of Karma Sages dare not still.. No more art thou entangled in delusive thoughts..... -----------* The "Open" and the "Secret Path" . Thou hast the knowledge now concerning the two Ways. gave up his SELF for the salvation of the World. The Bodhisattva who has won the battle. Aye. but sweeter still the fruits of long and bitter duty... they enter Nirvana and .accomplishes the greater Renunciation.. for thou hast learned all. yet says in his divine compassion: "For others' sake this great reward I yield" .or the one taught to the layman.but at the close of Kalpas without number. The "Secret Way" leads also to Paranirvanic bliss . throughout the coming cycles! OM VAJRAPANI HUM ----------* Pratyeka Buddhas are those Bodhisattvas who strive alter and often reach the Dharmakaya robe after a series of lives.the nature of which is explained at Initiation.** and helpless pity for the men of karmic sorrow. but only for their own bliss. Caring nothing for the woes or mankind or to help it.

to all those who had ears to hear." In thus seeking to revive the wisdom of the ancients. conventionalized schools of thought.P. they are understood by but few in their own times.157 HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY by James M.Luke xii. Pryse [[Greek script]] "I came to cast a fire into the earth. if straightway it is kindled? Now. and in the far past was the only light by which the future could be illumined. For the present was shrouded in the darkness of materialism. and all were lost in wonder at its beauty. inspire and enlighten others. the long-forgotten truths of which humanity now has need. In this age of complaisant orthodoxies. and are appreciated fully only by the generations that come after. mysterious as Ezekiel.------------. like an old-time prophet. she hurled scathing Jeremiads at the puerilities and hypocrisies of the nineteenth century. Thus ever. If H. Blavatsky was sent. 49. who were fast falling into materialism and concerned solely with the things of earth. the rejected one was finally elevated to the place. and the gleam from its polished surface only confused its outlines. was the mission on which H. for its rough surface kept the outlines clear. She did not belong to the present age. and she delivered it not to the present but to the future. "the living are born from the dead. grandiose as Isaiah. perhaps be understood. she was not so erratic and out of place as she seemed to the unthinking. Blavatsky appeared rough. boisterous as Elijah. For she proclaimed. her own heroic soul was enduring the ordeal of purification through the mystic lustration of fire. but when each of the perfectly finished statues had in turn been placed aloft only to be taken down because its details were indistinguishable at so great a height. The truly great stand far in advance of their fellows.156 [[photo: H. She bore . of commonplaces hackneyed and inane. To kindle anew the spiritual fire in the hearts of the men of this generation. Not from the living-dead present but from the dead past will the living future emerge. as the wisest of the Greeks has said. and how am I constrained until it be accomplished!" . and what am I to choose. P. unfinished and angular. Near scrutiny is only for small things. She was a forerunner shouting loudly in the wilderness of beliefs. it was only because she had been cast in a titan mold. yet while she strove to arouse. I have a lustration to be lustrated with. In times to come she will be remembered. that which is big has to be observed at a proportionate distance to be judged adequately. P. and distance softened its rough-hewn curves. Blavatsky]] --. exciting the ridicule of the judges. It is told that among the statues presented in competition to be placed on a temple in ancient Greece there was one that appeared rough. she seemed strangely out of place. Her message came from the mighty past. crude and even uncouth to those about her.

while admitting their own ignorance. which in times of old was the "good Shepherd" of mankind.'' let them waken long enough to count the number of their sects. Sleep and waking are but life and death in small. When man sleeps. yet it was an odd flock that came together. to doubt . wolves in sheeps' clothing have often crept into the fold. P. The Christian's professed belief that death is but a door giving entrance to eternal bliss does little to lessen his dread to pass through that grim portal. The soul of him who is dead traverses .witness of the Gnosis to an age that had become agnostic. was part of H. only knew of a summer-land and a winter-land where the Shades of the dead are neither happier nor wiser than people are on earth. And the scientists. The church became the necropolis of the --. In an era when the mysteries had perished. should he return. and death is the returning inward to that centre of rest. If Christians dream that they are still "one flock. Existence is the going outward from the Eternal Life. the divine and changeless Peace. and the one is no more mysterious than the other. P. many have gone out in the desert again." and restoring for a season the arcane rites. untameable. and felt the fang of wolves. the realm of ghosts.a crime. To call the many and to choose the few. Blavatsky was that of the ancient philosophy. Faithfully she discharged her duty. and understand. superstition became an elaborately organized system. For she is one of those over whom death has no power. For every faithful disciple she seems to have had eleven Judases turn against her. Humanity had no more a shepherd or a fold. It was not mere idle fancy when the old mythology made Sleep the twin brother of Death. it is the nature of death. If any imagine that men are capable of shepherding themselves. But success has already crowned her efforts. Religion developed into a gigantic "trust". announcing himself as "that good Shepherd. which to question was a sin. and to discover that the wilderness in which they are wandering is not the pasture of their Lord. Blavatsky's work. the prop of a falling State. and left it as cold and empty as is a church on week days. and even denied the existence of the forlorn Shades. Yet until the problem of death is solved. degenerating into unclean orgies even as corruption disintegrates the body after the spirit has fled. one Shepherd. refused to receive the testimony of the ghosts. Jesus took the place of the mystic Hermes. He no longer can take comfort in thinking that the wicked unbelievers will be eternally roasted in the hereafter.158 new-born spiritual hopes which this vilest of Herods had slain. the true home of the soul. But later his Society became only the tool of a Roman Emperor. and it is simple enough for even the unlearned to understand it. and the future will know her again. that of life remains incomprehensible also. The solution offered by H. If there is any one thing of which the men of this age are constrained to admit their ignorance. but the ghosts. though wiser than the Theologians. let them study the history of the past twenty centuries. while every man has in his own interior nature the means to ascertain its truth. and thence into the world of spirit. Both teach the same lesson. insubordinate. The Christ. She brought tidings of the great Lodge. for she held the key of death and its mysteries. his soul passes into the Underworld of the Shades. The Spiritualists had eagerly questioned the ghosts about the secret of death. bringing them again into the Masters' fold. for reason and a Revised Version have drawn the fires of hell. would have ninety and nine to seek for every one remaining in the fold.

it is to be hoped. and takes its rest in the same abiding-place. into which Karma forces it to incarnate.the same regions. and the only altar of the God of Life. Mark how the man who is striving to recall some half-forgotten event closes his eyes and abstracts his senses from the things about him. up to the very threshold of Paranirvana. so does our spiritual individuality. many parts such as may be unpleasant to it. will be better prepared to recognize and welcome Truth's messengers. are limited in their can --. to read the records written on the brain. As all who live must die. it unites all these into one whole and emerges from its chrysalis as the glorified Dhyan Chohan.H. Collecting from every terrestrial personality. But as the bee collects its honey from every flower. A longer rest it has. Blavatsky is one of those who live a conscious spiritual existence throughout the ages. and then the past becomes no more a blank. but a living record. in the deep recesses of his own soul? All memory is an introversion of the mental vision. knowing that she has but departed for a season. whether we call it Sutratma or Ego. I have given you once already a familiar illustration by comparing the Ego. Then. the spiritual pilgrim is eternal. scorning to drink of the Lethean waters of the Nether-world. so all who die must live again." . illusion and reality. and pays worship only to a God whom he conceives to be a being apart from himself . which to the soul is as a change of raiment. leaving the rest as food for the earthly worms. has its beginning and its end. on the other hand. Blavatsky. Will you call these parts or their costumes the individuality of the actor himself? Like that actor. ----------"The spiritual Ego of man moves in eternity like a pendulum between the hours of birth and death. yet there is no need that man should thus forget.159 he remember that which is treasured within. the nectar alone of the spiritual qualities and self-consciousness. They do not look upon her as one dead. That H.thus looking always outward .160 . then will he gain self-knowledge and attain that changeless Peace which is the true centre of man's being. and the spheres of sleep and of death are the same. and like the soul of the one who slumbers it must return to the outer life when its repose is ended. P. Key to Theosophy --------------. or the individuality. the conscious life of the man remains ever unbroken. her true followers are assured. . whether the body be living or dead. to an actor. the consciousness turns back upon itself. Death and sleep are the in-going of the soul. and seek for the light within his own soul. Let a man cease to worship idols. P. the Ego is forced to play during the cycle of necessity. As long as a man lives almost solely in the things of the outer senses. continuous. marking the periods of life terrestrial and life spiritual. But if these hours. and wakens in an outer form purified and renewed. . as of the day before. and if the very number of such stages in eternity between sleep and awakening. It is only deep forgetfulness of the past that makes death seem a thing of terror. and its numerous and various incarnations to the parts it plays. waking and life are its out-going. to return at some time when humanity. . To remember past events.

solemn thanks And supplication. in Cornwall. fill the minds of all beholders with . those Cyclops of Antiquity the wrecks and ruins of whose Architecture. that swayed at once All their green tops. he knelt down And offered to the Mightiest. They were hunters and agriculturists and the exigencies of their modes of living. Ireland and part of Scotland became peopled by Celtic tribes who were accompanied by their Druid priests and bards and formed the great strongholds of Druidism. as Nature herself had provided them with structures and temples fairer.ere he framed The lofty vault to gather and roll back The sound of anthems." The existence in America and Africa of structures similar to those of Stonehenge tend to show that they were rather the erection of the Atlantean race. Ere man learned To hew the shaft and lay the architrave. have been we think erroneously attributed to the Druids. their numbers increased to such an extent. stole over him and bowed His spirit with the thought of boundless power And inaccessible majesty. W. Wales and Ireland. Owing to freedom from the incursions of surrounding nations. their extensive forests with their leafy dells and shady groves mainly contributed. of which they had no need. It is more probable that these megalithic temples and betylia were already in existence on the arrival of the Celts. The Celts were not builders like the Suryas or members of the Solar race. to the spread of which. that the country of Wales. the Isle of Mona.THE ANCIENT DRUIDS THEIR HISTORY AND RELIGION by Rev. from the stilly twilight of the place. dolmens and menhirs. The existing remains of such enormous structures as Stonehenge and Avebury. Williams (Continued) IN our preceding remarks on the Ancient Druids. left them neither time nor leisure to attend to works of architecture. For his simple heart Could not resist the sacred influence Which. And spread the roof above them . in the darkling wood Amid the cool and silence. more enduring and grander in their proportions than those upreared by human arts and skill. we gave a short sketch of the wanderings and migrations of the Celts from their native land until their final settlement in the northwest of France and the neighboring island of Britain in which the system of Druidism attained to its highest development. and were made use of for their annual assemblies and the celebration of their sacrificial ceremonies with which they were inaugurated. and from the sound Of the Invisible Breath. of huge cromlechs. And from the gray old trunks that high in heaven Mingled their mossy boughs. "The groves were God's first temples.

as also the causes of their decline and extinction. India and Christendom. Appealing to peculiar mental and spiritual faculties. of moral and physical causation and speculations which crystallize into dogmas on the nature and ultimate destiny of man. Sporadic in origin. as we have stated. have been transient in duration. until. upreared on any other principle than that of humanity. Religions. a great Druid adept. like empires. in course of time. become influential means and powerful agents in developing and molding national character. teachings of Metempsychosis or Reincarnation. a graft from that old prehistoric Aryan Religion whose vigorous offshoots attained to marvelous developments under the influences of more southern climes. caused them to become subjects of the highest reverence. It has been observed by students of Comparative Religion. like these they were short-lived.feelings of wonder and admiration. they bring out and incite to activity latent powers and forces which result in the evolution of those religious systems which have prevailed from time immemorial throughout the world. that all systems of belief possess in common certain fundamental ideas and conceptions which according to the prominence given to them. The doctrine of the unity --. Those in which the principle of humanity has been the ruling element. and contained within them the seeds and elements of their own decay and annihilation. their altered circumstances and newly acquired modes of life necessitated a change which resulted in the relegation of religious rites and ceremonies and their celebration to certain individuals characterized for their learning and holiness of life. who instructed him in the doctrine of the Abred or Circle of Courses. which. and tradition states that Pythagoras himself was indebted to them for the doctrine of Metempsychosis. The religion of the Celts. who henceforth became known by the name of Druids. like the Aranyakas in India. Confirmatory evidences of this fact are amply furnished in the rise and progress of religion in Arabia. the fame of their extensive learning and the vast stores of knowledge which they accumulated. was patriarchal in its character. for the development of those high spiritual states of ecstasy in which the whole realm of knowledge and the secrets of nature became unveiled and revealed to their wondering and inquiring gaze. as we shall presently see was the case with Druidism. and. like the Gilgal . It is admitted by Greek writers that he was a disciple of the Celtic sages and acquainted with Abaris. to which become attached. withered away and became extinct. In silent forest glades and groves. like all other ancient religions.161 of the Divine Being lies at the basis of all their cosmogonies and systems of philosophy. The rumor of them spread throughout all lands. so that students from all parts of the world flocked to them for instruction. There is also an embryological law which governs their development by which we can account for the many and differing phases of growth which they exhibit. have attained the greatest longevity and become the most active and universal agents in the progress of civilization and the advancement of the Arts and Sciences which ameliorate the conditions of life and enable man to utilize the forces of nature and make them subservient to his welfare and enjoyment. disastrous rather than beneficial to the human race. having no root in human nature. they had ample opportunity. China. as luxuriant in growth as tropical plants. and so long as they were unswayed by ambition and remained content to be advisers and teachers. This.

the possession of all knowledge. to whom they frequently refer. in whose language it is a familiar term meaning The Contemplative One. they ultimately aspired to become spiritual autocrats and reigned with absolute sway in the domain of conscience to which the impressive and imposing character of their religious rites and ceremonies. or as we would now say. Vast multitudes from all quarters assembled at the appointed place where they . human and divine. groves. whilst the Roman poet Lucan goes so far as to declare that the Druids alone were acquainted with the true nature and character of the Gods. of priests and bards arrayed in magnificent robes and bedecked with the glittering insignia of their rank and office. Arrogating to themselves like the Brahmans. taking into consideration the scattered notices of him in other Greek writers. which were situated eastward behind the temple of Diana. in honor of their memory. We gather from the fragments of Hecatoeus. that Pythagoras had visited the Druids. which. deposited it on their tombs. a great authority with ancient historians. an ancient Greek historian and traveler. informs us that it was the common opinion that he had been instructed by the Celts. temples. as also the Brahmans. all these tended to invest them in the midst of spectators with the aureole of a regal majesty wielding mystic and direful powers. Iamblichos. were the Celtic inhabitants of Britain. and Aristotle especially affirms that Grecian philosophy was not of indigenous growth. The Philosopher. Taking a general review of all these scattered references we are able to form some idea of the widely prevalent influence of the Druids and the vast power they wielded over the popular mind. natural and supernatural. but derived its origin from Gaul. climate. in the centre of which arose like rounded domes majestic oaks of great antiquity. The splendid spectacular display of their annual festivals. their August assemblies in the midst of deep forests together with their mysterious and secluded mode of living greatly contributed. Herodotus relates that a deputation consisting of two young Hyperborean virgins visited Delos. This fact receives additional confirmation --. is intimately connected with the doctrine of Reincarnation.162 from the description which Hecatoeus gives of the geography. where they were received and entertained with great honors. mentions in his book of Symbols. harvest capacity. As the time approached. their stately processions accompanied with strains of awe-inspiring music. This was especially the case at the yearly festival of cutting the mistletoe which was celebrated in the depth of those sombre forests in which the Druids had their retreats and principal sanctuaries. cut off their hair before marriage. in his life of Pythagoras. and rolling it around a distaff. their solemn invocations to the great Deity and invisible Gods. bards were sent forth in all directions to summon the people to the great religious ceremony of the year. priests and harpers or bards of the island of the Hyperboreans. and their no less awful curses and dread anathemas and formulas of excommunication thundered forth against offenders.Nishmoth or revolutio animarum of the ancient Kabbala. clearly demonstrates that the Hyperboreans. which plainly indicate it to have been Britain and no other country. after which the young women. Diogenes Laertius expressly states that the philosophy of Greece came originally from the Celts. In these immense primeval forests existed vast openings. and who continued to reside there till their death. that Abaris was a Hyperborean. Polyhistor. Stephanus Byzantius relates that the name of Abaris belongs to the Cymry or ancient inhabitants of Wales.

Suspended from his girdle by a chain of precious metal hung a pruning knife of gold. Let us beware of mean indignity To Him who deals in bounty. when a Druid cast upon a fire lighted at each of the angles of the altar a slice of bread on which some drops of wine had been poured and as the mystic flames serpent-like darted and flashed upwards. allowing it to fall upon a white linen cloth.stood waiting the commencement of the long looked for ceremony. In profound silence portions of the sacred plant were distributed amongst the crowd of spectators. having the form of a crescent. In his hand was a massive golden crosier and on his breast --. Behind him marched the nobility and others of inferior rank. Light his course and active. Is Hu the Mighty. the four corners of which were held by young Druidesses. Ere the strains had ceased to echo through the forest. A feeling of awe and dread seized hold of the vast crowd as the echo of a choral chant first resounded amidst the forest glades and the dim outline of white robed priests hearing lighted torches emerged from out of the darkness leading the sacrifices. undisturbed by the flapping of the night bird's wing. Greater than the worlds. as the world judges. And our mysterious God. The greatest we can conceive. headed by three venerable Druids of highest rank and dignity and crowned with ivy. Great on land and on the seas. which had never been used. on which were inscribed mystic letters signifying God the Father. Principle of Life to the World. the Arch Druid by means of a ladder ascended the tree and cut without touching it. the August procession came slowly on. suddenly the weird stillness was broken by the choral strains of the Bards as they chanted a most impressive litany. But the greatest of the great to us. the remainder of the night was spent in . great care being taken that it should not touch the ground. the third holding a sceptre of ivory the characteristic mark of the chief Druid. On arriving at the centre of the grove. a triangular altar of wood was constructed around the oak from which it seemed to rise (unity in the circle and trinity in the altar). the branch of mistletoe with his golden falchion. A circular tablet was then appended to the tree. another bearing a vase filled with holy water. crowned with a garland of oak leaves. Two white bulls were then offered. The smallest of the small. Amidst a solemn silence unbroken by the rustle of a leaf. The ceremonies completed and the Druids returning again to their sombre retreats and sanctuaries. Then followed the high pontiff whose office it was to gather the sacred plant. one carrying bread intended for offering. Sovereign Light. The glowing sun is his car.163 a large ruby flashing forth rays of a strange and wondrous light. and arrayed in a magnificently embroidered robe aglow with the lustrous emblazonry of mystic symbols.

the idea of plagiarism may be dismissed from the mind as absurd. its magnificent rituals and imposing ceremonies aided by profound learning and occult knowledge appeared impregnable to the assaults and ravages of time. There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. V. V. He that believeth on me.164 PARALLEL PASSAGES by H. exercising a sovereignty and sway over the popular mind that brooked no dispute. --------[BG:] Chap. equaling in its grandeur and magnificence that famed city of which its monarch and founder said in his heart. out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. . they built up a system of Religion which with its stately priesthood. hedged about with a sanctity and divinity greater than that of kings. but considering the religious pride of the Hindus and their scorn of depending upon outside sources. He whose heart is not attached to objects of sense finds pleasure within himself.. renowned and respected for their learning.feasting and revels. and when he has become acquainted with the Supreme he loseth all taste for objects of whatever kind. 6. 38.. In all cases the quotations from the New Testament are taken from the Revised Version. In the absence of direct evidence to show the higher antiquity of the Gita. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. [NT:] John VII. and thus we leave it. II. B. "Is not this great Babylon. Percy Leonard READERS of the Bhagavad Gita have often been struck with the thought that they have met with identical teaching in the Christian Scriptures. N. Having now finished the sketch of the history. [NT:] Matt. We leave them in the possession of fame and power. it has sometimes been claimed that the author of the Gita has copied from the New Testament. centres of law and religion." (To be continued) --------------. Thou shalt forever burst the bonds of Karma and rise above them. [New Testament:] Romans VIII. as also of the rites and ceremonies of the Druids we shall next deal with their Theology and review the causes which led to their final overthrow and extinction. ------[BG:] The hungry man loseth sight of every other object but the gratification of his appetite. [[reformatted below]] [Bhagavad Gita:] Chap. The cynosure of nations. that feared no rivalry. and proof against all the elements of decay. and the following is an attempt to assist such comparisons. that I have built by the might of my power and for the honor of my majesty.

IX. V.--------[BG:] Chap. . Both of them are old staunch supporters of the principles of our Order and with Dr. I know how to be abased and I know also how to abound. Whether therefore ye eat or drink . 12. do all to the glory of God. I. in pain and pleasure. 31. ---------------. bring it back and place it upon the Spirit. and many warm and lasting friendships date from that day. One day is with the Lord as a thousand years. Erik Bogren. Taking control of my own nature I emanate again and again this whole assemblage of beings. and is unsolicitous about the event of things. XI. 45. Whatever thou doest . as the friend forgives the friend. not of its own will. and Mrs. VIII. Together with Mrs. I am the same to all creatures. 20. in everything and in all things I have learned the secret both to be filled and to be hungry both to abound and to be in want. VI. For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good. Hedlund and Brother Harnqvist and Mrs. . but by reason of him who subjected it. [NT:] Rom. 12. I have learned in whatsoever state I am therein to be content. and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust. . Harnqvist they attended the European Convention held in Dublin in August. Know that the day of Brahma is a thousand revolutions of the yugas. whose portrait we gave in the February issue. VIII. 8. by the power of the material essence. ---------[BG:] Chap. whatever thou eatest . To whatsoever object the inconstant mind goeth out. 1896. to whom praise and blame are as one. XII.165 FACES OF FRIENDS [[Photo: Torsten Hedlund]] OUR two Swedish friends whose portraits we give are Torsten Hedlund and Dr. 5. And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors. Forgive O Lord. ----------[BG:] Chap. well known to all the members in Sweden and also to many of English and American members. X. [NT:] Phil. [NT:] II. Matt. [NT:] Matt. he should subdue it. For the creation was subjected to vanity. He is also my beloved servant who is equal minded to friend or foe. Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Zander. Cor. . Cor. Scholander and many others have helped to spread Theosophy in Sweden and have held the Fort through all difficulties and trials. IV. . commit each unto me. VI. the year of the Crusade. I know not hatred nor favor. There a link was formed between . . X. [NT:] II. without their will. the same in honor and dishonor. ----------[BG:] Chap. ---------[BG:] Chap. Peter III. in cold and heat.

The annual Convention of the T. which connects us with the Greeks and Romans. as a whole it was an agent of Mother Church to . W. having attended the memorable Convention of February 18th of this year in Chicago. monks and nuns of many orders throughout Europe. For several centuries there had been monks and anchorites and even collections of monks presided over by an abbot. an event having almost as great an influence on the history of civil and religious liberty. those works would have perished. transcribed. IN the 6th century we find in the last quarter very plain evidence of the commencement of a wave of influence which has affected the whole world. Mr.E. Greek Fire was a terrible missile of destruction. destined to do much for civil and religious liberty. White Friars and Gray Friars. and has again and again broken up the crust of conservatism. [[Photo: Dr. Ljungstrom. Brother Tonnes Algren and others came to meet the Crusaders and which has been kept firm and strong and is the promise of the progress of the work in the future. Brother Bogren has also become well known in America. the Koran disputes with the Bible for the allegiance of savage races and as a missionary religion in some respects Islamism surpasses Christianity. however. in Sweden is to be held the last week in May and we send Greetings and a friendly hand-clasp to all the faithful hearts in that ancient northern land. In the sciences we should have had all to create. Without those religious men. Mohammed was born in the year 569. How great this influence. Erik Bogren]] -----------------. in peace the fire of Greek literature has ever been an agent of progress. we cannot learn until we study some of the succeeding centuries. studied and imitated the works of the ancients.America and Sweden which was further strengthened when in Berlin where Mrs. The thread.166 CYCLES OF INSPIRATION by Rev. would have snapped. and this was kept smouldering in the monasteries to blaze out every few centuries and illumine the world! While monasticism afforded in its cells a refuge for many a radical scholar. Scholander. as the birth of Jesus some six hundred years before. In war. Today. but this century was made notable by the establishment of the Benedictines at Monte Casino. which was to do much on the one hand to foster religious liberty and on the other to rivet the chains of Orthodoxy over the minds of Europeans. S. Copeland II. was also at the Convention and remained in this country until May 14th. Monasteries during the stormy times of the Dark Ages were the asylum of science and letters. From this time forth monastic orders flourished. Another of our Swedish Brothers. to welcome them into the Universal Brotherhood. Black Friars. where he became endeared to all who met him. who in the silence of their cells. During this same period arose an institution in Europe.

threw away the Bible and accepted the Koran. He was giving to the nations of the West some kind of order and was teaching obedience to law as well as the value of study. Once more the flame of learning burned brightly and had an influence potent in succeeding centuries and all this because in the Koran it was written "The ink of the scholar is more precious than the blood of the martyr. Hither came Jews. which had once powerfully influenced the Christian creed. Just as Jesus was born in the century before the first of the Christian era. Algebra and Arithmetic. Egyptians and Hindus. remembering that sometimes by peace and sometimes by war that cause is advanced. and in France ruled by Charlemagne we find centres of light. and Egypt with all Northern Africa. Chemistry and Philosophy. which by and by should make itself known throughout Europe. Islam encouraged study. He could not do what Haroun al Raschid easily performed in Bagdad. we always find its leading characteristic to be a desire to overcome barbarism and to advance civilization. where scholars could study Astrology. Herculean in body. .for everything in a word. We see this conspicuously in his foundation of schools. were encouraged. Yet in France Charlemagne was forming another light centre. most of the Western world is shrouded in densest darkness. The most remarkable of European sovereigns was the great Charles of France. he was equally strong in mind. Persians. In the eighth century. In this century. ruled by Haroun al Raschid. so Mohammed was born in the sixth century. Greeks. sometimes by the pen of the scholar. Medicine. In Bagdad were established schools. wrote the Koran in the early part of the seventh century.167 tronomy. once the centre of Christian thought. in his gathering about him the learned of all countries. . in his collecting of libraries. whence was to come much that would aid future civilization. In the seventh century the work of Mohammed began to have its effect. Researches into every department of Science. As--. we regard the reign of Charlemagne. but in the Califate of Bagdad. as Emperor of the West. sometimes by the brush of the artist. and sometimes by the sword of the soldier. in the favor he showed towards the influence of the Church. We may well regard him as one of the great souls of that period and that he furthered the cause of humanity. for he had the conservatism of the Church in opposition. and at the close of the eighth century he had made ready to have the crown placed on his head. some to teach and some to learn. Christianity put a premium on blind faith. Africa and a part of Asia were converted to Islamism. indeed. Writes Guizot "In whatever point of view. replaced the cross with the crescent and declared that Mohammed was the prophet of God.compel conformity. which seemed likely to operate beneficially on society in general or the individual man. Surgery. but he worked well to make ready for the coming of the light in the later centuries. by the power of the sword." thus placing Islamism in direct opposition to Christianity. During this century the Moors made conquests in Europe and founded the Moorish kingdom of Cordova in Spain. preached in the early part of the first century. Syria. became Mohamedan. We also find evidence that the Great Charles was interested in Occult matters and knew something of the Occult side of Nature and of Man. especially the Occult. in the latter part of which century Islamism was firmly established. in the last week of the century. and just as Christianity was firmly established in the closing years of the century.

when the earth should he purified and made ready for the Saints. the people of Europe very generally expected the end of the world. In their schools and colleges. of which Coleridge writes. and perhaps he did as much for the progress of human thought as did the great Charles. which is next to godliness.168 mark. In Spain we have the light centre of Europe. 500 A. The tenth century witnessed a remarkable sight. freed man from the shackles of tyranny and subjected his action to the decision of twelve of his fellow countrymen.. To Toledo. estates and landed possessions becoming fixed. the beginnings of science were studied and much attention was paid to the mystical and Occult. If Charlemagne in France may be regarded as a worker for humanity in the eighth century. population becoming fixed. . which. were driven into a small province on the north. Even the common people knew how to read and write. free and intellectual people of the world. 1 A. with the usual effect of stimulating thought. Again the wonderful literature of Greece was opened for the reading of the people. prevailed throughout the Califate of Cordova. Cordova. which solved the difficult problem of universal liberty. the first dawnings of the restoration of Science.D. and 1500 A. with 500 B. "I gaze upon it as an immortal symbol of that age. The pearls of wisdom were offered to all who would accept. The architecture and legends bear witness to the presence in this favored land of men far advanced in the arts of civilization and the science of life.C.In the ninth century we can see no particular event in the last quarter which indicates the marked progress of humanity. Everything was being prepared for the next century. They had no conception of the fact that through the efforts of the Moors the old dispensation had ended. Cleanliness.D. The Saracens did a vast deal for the civil and religious liberty of the world. never again did the people of Europe become enwrapped in such dense darkness after once the light was kindled in Moorish Spain. writes Guizot. taught by Jews and Orientals of various religions. many were led to enter upon that path which leads to oneness with the divine. Then was established in England trials by jury. The Goths. Seville and Grenada came scholars and artisans from all the world. Yet in 872 Alfred earned his title of the Great. while Christian Europe had no conception of the value of soap and water. poems and plays of Ancient Greece than in any other collection of recorded thought now existent in the world. . while Christian nobles and kings could only make their --. or Christian people of the peninsula. While the Moors in Spain were making ready for a new dispensation.. but they were expecting a physical dissolution..D. . There seems to be more power wrapt in the essays. as king of England." In the last quarter of the century we see wandering life decline.but how could that age be considered dark. and many were instructed in the mysteries of the higher age called indeed dark. are the noticeable centuries during the last 2500 years. we may look upon Alfred of England as also a worker in the ninth century. all the rest of the country was in the possession of the Moors. Mystics abounded. and the influence urging men to a higher life was plainly felt. We trace. The refinements of modern society were in common use among the Moors. then the most civilized. Interest in the Occult everywhere prevailed. Again and again interest in Greek thought has aroused the thinking world to take another step forward on the Perfect Way.

The matter in the universe is neither more nor less than at the beginning . then we should reason that the human form had reached its limit of differentiation. or humanity is now in the stage of the evolution of mind.169 EVOLUTION AND MIND by T. why is it that so many infants do not have a chance to come under its sway? If life is not an advantage why is it that so many are compelled to live to old age? Assuming. Just as the earth had a beginning in space as a vapor.hence it has been used over and over again for these bodies of ours. The vapor from which has differentiated our earth came from space . is in the doctrine of biogenesis. The difficulty modern science meets with. as on solid. separated from all other bodies and yet held to all other bodies. The human plane is a plane for the manifestation of matter under a different rate of vibration of force as compared with the planes just mentioned. by a process of differentiation. came all that belongs to the earth. a philosophy that will aid in solving the problems of psychic phenomena. as it is to wait until after the earth has been formed and then attempt to account for the first germ of life. where came the first germ? It is just as reasonable to consider man as involved and evolved in nature and as passing through the same stages as did our earth in early time. The universe and the whole of creation is eternal. Pasteur has shown that spontaneous generation is not a fact in nature. in the sense that our scope has been extended. Thus it is that science is hunting for missing links that will never be found.the regulative law of all life. so had man a beginning. And now that mind is the study of the hour they sadly lack a proper basis. Assume that the earth and all its accompaniments existed in the plastic state and . When we fully appreciate the universality of intelligence or consciousness. we are enabled to understand both man and nature. Matter displays itself on different planes. it can do it again. If force can express itself through matter in the form of humanity once. as all thinkers must. WITH the development of mind in man it is not necessary for a changing form of the physical body. S. then the many problems raised by the foregoing questions are cleared up by the application of the law of reincarnation. and the view assumes grander proportions. and as well for other purposes. etc. Hence a vaporous earth and a filmy man. Evolution is regarded as the law of life . This vapor was ages in condensing and out of that gradually condensing vapor. that the Universe is under law. If life is an advantage and evolution is its process.----------------. that the form of man has not changed since the post-tertiary period and all animal forms have changed. give it the proper conditions and the manifestation follows. M. because plastic life had no skeletons to leave in the mud of prehistoric times.that is the potency for its formation was inherent in space. as do De Quatrefages and other anthropologists. liquid and gaseous. Else. We are evolving on the mind plane in nature. as well as the universality of matter and force. Admit. hence potentially man must have existed in the vapory condition of the earth. As man is evolved in and from nature. life from life.

for all our missing links are in our knowledge of nature and not in nature itself. A line midst twain. One sound. Where fastened.what we see is the unfoldment of in--. Upon My harp they sing. Its end. no cloud The chanting stars may shroud That hear in choral strains Eternity. and then extend the same reasoning to man and his attributes. Each one is not alone And each in all is found Boundless and free. O Serpents of the deep! Till even dreams shall cease Forevermore. Though many a tone. Enchanted sleep. The chains Are riven. -------------- SONG OF THE MAID IN THE SERPENT-CAVE by Zoryan In peace. Each serpent now a string Sound. It will not take long to show that the missing links are gradually filled in. A soundless Absolute. mute. and work out the problem of evolution along that line for a while. With whom it doth ascend .170 herent capabilities. Spirit and the son. Afloat On waves of song Your soul shall glide along Till gains the solar boat The farther shore.

Though stretched upon the cross. . Radiant and free. So reading Emerson with inquiring.With Him to reign. Where borne on Music's tide Each takes the Mother's kiss With love replete. ------------ STUDENTS' COLUMN Conducted by J. hastened to criticize what they could not understand. I think there must be great unanimity of opinion among them. Universal Brotherhood and Man 's Divine Perfectibility. but in regard to Emerson. Below. Reincarnation. It is an open question whether he gathered this Philosophy from Eastern Sources. Infinite Eternal Cause. The Theosophist seeks Truth in all her varied forms and pays small heed to the label which the world attaches to a man or to his ideas. as always. With joy are all aglow. and he is named Pantheist. Transcendentalist. the reign of Justice and Immutable Law. In short. sympathetic mind. notwithstanding the fact that the world at large cannot agree upon his rank or place. The bold. She gathers to her fold The One to meet. but he continually . he finds him teaching One. Sciolist and even Charlatan. Your shadows gross. from Plato or from that "Centre in himself. the Unity of Soul." He was a student of ancient Religions and Philosophies. Orthodox believers in Creed and Dogma feared his free thought that repudiated all religious forms. where Truth abides in fullness. The ignorant and materialistic. Fussell "How do Theosophists regard the writings of Emerson? Is he looked upon as a Great Teacher?" IN most cases one would hesitate to venture an expression of belief for Theosophists as a body. he finds him teaching pure Theosophy. What bliss On that far side. This. And round The Harp and Cross combined Sweeps the Eternal Wind The Great Breath's silent sound Of Harmony. Those brothers who disperse The vibrant Universe. Idealist.Karma.H.

e. ." . faithfully following the fluctuations.V. table. Clara. pinwheel papers of rainbow colors. . powerful or weak. lamp. the stern and implacable law of Karma takes its course. origin and fount of all other laws which exist throughout Nature" (Key.). F. of which we just begin to sense the rising. In so far as these effects are evil. box of candy. That he came here from pure compassion for the world."Wonder where Mama is!" Julia. the law of Universal Brotherhood. so we might see to what grand height and gracious majesty man may attain.172 NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW A DIALOGUE by Elizabeth Whitney Scenic effects: Interior of room. 201. . and Karmic law adjusts the effects. Karma is both "cause" and "effect. Bessie and Julia come in from school with hats and books. The terms "use'' and "abuse" apply to the actions of beings whose nature. Characters: Mother. whether it he good or evil. whether it be high or low. piano. Bessie. ."Guess she has gone out. but universal harmony ever tending to resume its original position. so that he grew and blossomed in the full Light of that Sun. The higher and more powerful the condition the greater the responsibility." In our present condition." There cannot well be doubt that he was one of the world's Great Teachers. or to use them for the highest and greatest good." My own opinion is that Emerson was born far to the east of other men. throw off hats and unstrap books as they talk. our opportunities. Karma gives back to every man the consequences of those actions. His power of stimulating thought in others is most marked and his optimism is a continual inspiration to the "weary and the heavyladen. without any regard to the moral character of those actions. sisters. we represent the "effects" of "causes" produced by ourselves. Every human condition. It is within our province to abuse our interdependent divine nature. In either case. has its responsibilities to humanity and all creatures. a friend. . Time.R. It is man who plants and creates causes. o.affirms his reliance and dependence on the "Inner Light. the question must be answered in the negative. which adjustment is not an act. ---------------. small basket. individually and collectively. our responsibilities. PART I. C. the interdependence of humanity. they arise from the ignoring of the essential divinity of all beings. Bessie and Julia. the source. ------"Is it possible to abuse the law of Karma?" Karma being "the Ultimate Law of the Universe.Afternoon. depends upon Karma.

) "I knew it! it is a marshmallow. and walks toward window. don't it? and that chocolate one. no one will ever know. ."What's that on the table?" (walks to table. .) "Elegant! um-um . even if it is meant for us. isn't that pink one delicious! um! it looks fine. ." Bessie. . where she has heard the conversation ."Oh no." Julia.'' Mother.) Julia." Julia.(looking in box. don't it look good!" Julia." (She passes out same door as Bessie. .) "Oh there come Clara and Bess! I must finish that old practicing."But it hasn't been given to us. . . Mama don't like us to touch things unless we know. reads name on box. then sits at the piano and plays a few chords." Bessie. . as soon as you finish. . I just know it has a marshmallow inside.) . isn't it." Bessie."You look like a rainbow." (Julia plays softly as the others sit down by table together. What's the difference.(jumping up from piano." Julia." (She pops it into her mouth.) Bessie. Bessie."It's a nice big box. . there is something very pleasant for you and Bessie to do. we mustn’t touch it."I thought we might as well be working while Julia is finishing. some way it don't seem right." (Goes to piano. only a piece of candy!'' (She walks around the room as she talks. do you suppose it really is for us?" Julia. Then jumps up. (From adjoining room. ."Oh Julia.better have one. Mama. Goodbye.) "I wish we had let that old candy alone!" (Looks out the window." (Takes a piece of candy and goes to goes.) "Candy!" (lifts cover up high and looks in. Julia.(runs to her side) "Oh my." Bessie. . It is just like that mama bought last week." --.) Bessie.) Enter Mother. and takes a bite. . no one will ever know.) Enter Bessie and Clara.Bessie. how I love 'em! Oh dear.173 Enter Mother. We met Mama just now and she says we are to drive with her to the hospital to see the children when you are through.(turns. (With basket full of colored papers." Bessie."Pshaw! candy is different. do hurry up with your music. to practice. ."Let's have a piece. Wonder if she heard us? Oh well.she stops by the piano and says:) "My dear. it's for everybody." Clara."Oh no. Julia walks round the room. . Let's have another. . .) "My."That orange one is mine anyway ." (Bessie goes out the door."Aren't you hungry? I am.) "Gracious! Mama was in the other room all the time."It must be meant for us anyway. ." Julia. looks longingly and picks up quickly a big chocolate. stops at box of candy and says:) "Pouf! what's the difference."It looks as though it was going to be fun instead of work. it wasn't anything wrong anyway. While you are doing your practicing I'm going to see Clara.

Green ."Now."Oh. if we wrap each piece in a different color?" (Takes a piece of paper and fastens up a candy. when I think about the stars I feel something like that. seems to be The-Feeling-That-Knows. Don't you think it will be more fun for them.the faithful messenger." Bessie. and kind of spread out into everything . That also goes everywhere and is in everything.) Julia." Bessie. let's sing the one about Thought. . ."Girls. It seems as though I went up inside myself somewhere. ."Well." etc. "Brothers We" (all sing." (Julia plays and all sing. I like the indigo and yellow to go together. It makes things shine so when we are singing it.) Julia."That red ought to go to some one who is very sad. girls." "Don't you love the one about Nature . The others join and Julia plays the song on the piano.Love. giving the paper a twist. . ."These are getting low . surely that is ."Girls.) "My. so it seems as though one's heart could beat for the whole world and feel everything and yet remain your heart all the time. and looking up sings "Look to my shining blue star. and dance gracefully forward and back during the second verse.this way it looks more interesting. and it's the best of all ."This candy was sent to me for the little children at the hospital. don 't it?" Clara. while Julia counts the candies and puts them into the basket."It is a beautiful one.Rainbow Series Lotus Song Book." (All sing.) Clara. I think it would be lovely. .the green color?" (She starts the song and the others join. It goes everywhere and is in everything.) Clara (tips the box and looks in).) Chorus.I'm so tired sitting still for (jumps up.Mother. please go and play the song for the yellow color. The two sing together the second verse of the Orange color. isn't it pretty!" Clara. ."Oh what fun! It will be like a grab-bag. I love that is all so light and lovely and feels so nice. Did you ever feel as though your heart really was the whole world? Just as a star shines out with light for the world and yet remains a star."And it will he such a surprise when they open it. We seem to keep thought in our hearts. . singing) 'I am the spirit of Life'" (dances around the room and catches hold of Bessie. you haven't sung the Violet yet. Mother pins papers left over together into a circle. Orange .) Julia. When the children choose their colors wouldn't it be nice to tell them about the meaning and sing the songs about them?" Bessie. Julia.) "Here is Red ." (Jumps up with a piece of light blue paper.) Mother. . .the spirit of Wisdom."They always like music. the shining light. there seems to be something alike in all those rainbow colors that I never thought of before.the spirit of Life.I am the spirit of Love.) "See . etc. .) Mother (at close of song)."My time is up. (Holds up the wreath.the spirit of Nature. ." (rises from piano and joins the others. . Clara and Bessie illustrate the song by standing with arms around each other during first verse." (All sing. ." "Isn't that red one a lovely shade?" (Holds up a piece and sings . Yellow . which is in everything. yet we can send it out to all the world. held above her head. We can put the candies in the basket and the children can choose their color.

of course we must be made of all the colors. what fun! I guess that must be why we all seem to be just the same. is over everything.the shining cover. But really and truly we have the same kind of bodies. ." Bessie. but put all together. and we can learn to read and write. like putting them asleep and waking them up."Why." Mother. we want to have everything there is in the world. each color seems to be everywhere at once. I feel as though I was when I sing the yellow color."We think we are different. then we would blend and find out that really we are one thing. like the sky.) . . in order to carry out the perfect plan."Perhaps we are. if it lets the force work through it.--. That means each part is doing its share in the great plan."It seems queer to think of the world being like a big rainbow. and dressing and feeding them. Life and Love and Light. Violet . . we want to be happy and we like well enough to give pleasure when it don't interfere with our own comfort." Julia.' I shouldn't wonder if the whole world was like the rainbow. when we don't have to but just because we want to. the White light of Unity. that has no beginning or end.the faithful messenger . of course! The faithful messenger surely can go everywhere."Do you suppose each of us is a real rainbow color."Like this circle. "Each of us is a part of this plan and we have to learn that we must follow the Law . These three things."'And we make for truth sake. each one in its right place. If so. If each part follows the Law. I don't see why it is that way." Clara. and yet each stays its own color just the same!" Mother (holds up wreath and quotes). and yet we all seem to be very different some way. they all blend or melt into each other and make one thing . and do the same things with them. the world is a perfect thing in itself.the spirit of Thought. then we have Harmony. and keeping them clean. Blue . and I never get tired of seeing it. "If each of us is like the rainbow. and sometimes we give up our pleasure for others. . The force which holds each part in its place in this perfect plan. or Brotherhood. It is a perfect plan of harmony. . seems to be everywhere at once." Mother. And we all have the same desires.the White light of Unity. and we can all love.174 everywhere. but each of us must be the whole rainbow as well. but people and things that happen. don 't seem like that. all being really one thing. with no beginning or end. each part fitted to every other part. Isn't it funny. The difference seems to be that we don't all do the very same thing at the very same time. really each one of us can do everything that any one else can do. Indigo . and making them comfortable as possible. made up of many things that seem to have no connection if you think of them alone. then each of us is not only a special color. . Then we can all think. And we all have Life. If each of us would find our right place in the big rainbow of life."Oh." Mother.'' Bessie. though we seem to be only one. . we call Law. make the one thing we call Law which is the force or power which holds things together and builds up the whole world to fit the perfect plan. We can think of India and California (the extremes of the world) in the same thought. It is helping the Law to make a perfect form in which Life and Love and Light can be expressed. (holds up circle. A rainbow is all so smooth and beautiful.

Julia. If we had known there was to be a new child. But the Law can't be broken.awfully!" . and we make discord. What is that verse about the embroidery that you girls recite?" Clara."How nice it is to be alive when you think of all the things in the world we can all do. we would have given to her first. I'll never forget how that little girl looked! Her face was so sad and she didn't make a fuss at all. but all we do is to get out of step with the others. We try to break the Law of Harmony. taken patiently and the pattern will come out all right like the embroidery.175 Mother. which is the perfect plan." Bessie. for the others have had so much since they have been at the Hospital. Then we are going against the Law. It is such fun to see the colors all coming out into a real thing in the pattern." Bessie. then we are not in our right place. It seemed as though she was so used to being left out of things.Evening.) (Julia carries basket of colors gracefully on her shoulder. . but we can't help it this time. Next time we will be sure to have extra pieces."Because the perfect plan is not finished yet.just . We don't care for the pattern by itself.of Harmony." (All rise. Then each of us will know that we are not only a part." Clara. Oh."Never begun and without end. we only use it to go by.and if nothing interferes. . Time. one stitch at a time. so as to make a perfect flower. let's get our hats. it made me feel . Each of us is following in the great plan of the world in the same way. in order to make the world beautiful. Bessie. when we put in the different colors."But why don't we know it now?" --." Mother. Life is like that. our perfect Plan will be finished.) . We are not following the great Plan of Harmony. .(Walks to window. Julia. and work at your pattern . .a pattern ."Oh Mama. Enter Mother. but sometimes we don't follow the pattern."Well girls. Bessie puts wreath on her head."The carriage is here. . they come out perfect."Take your needle my child. . but we are trying to pull the plan into pieces. but we are the whole thing."That is why we like to watch things growing. . We pull and push and try every way we can to break it. (Take off hats. They are all following a plan . for it is the one thing that is under everything." (Takes the wreath of colors and dances around in circles singing. and that the world is a beautiful great circle of rainbow colors. and all sing as they go out." PART II.) Mother."Oh I see how it is! The world is a kind of pattern and each of us are stitches in embroidery that are put in to make the real thing come out.) "Colors bright all unite in a heavenly harmony. to hold things together. We put in wrong stitches and wrong colors." etc. After a time we learn to work with the Law and when each part learns to do this. ." Bessie. . The Law of Harmony directs what each of us is to do. and the good Law works and works until things are made straight again.) [Circle Song] . it was certainly a great will come out a rose bye and bye. that it didn't make any difference to her. .

So it was only a faint whisper Bessie heard. but that poor little sad face girl does know. it was not your share." (turns to Bessie.(Puts handkerchief to her face as she throws herself into a large chair. . If I only hadn't eaten that big chocolate! (gesture of despair. I'm going to save my money and buy a whole box of candy just for the little sad faced made her feel that the world was unfair and cruel and she had no share in it. and Oh dear. the greatest gift in the world . So instead of leaving the merry little companion Joy behind you. who made us break the Plan. But that grinning little imp ."But it was my fault. but that horrid imp .(Who has stood thoughtfully leaning against the back of a chair. I'll never. and you did the opposite and took away pleasure. The Plan was for you to give pleasure. never. and I'll get some flowers and then we'll tell her how it was she was left out. . in the very centre of which the Feeling-That-Knows can be found. next time." Julia. it certainly was not your fault. . I know what you mean now by the Feeling-That-Knows.Greed.) Mother.only a piece of candy! no one would ever know the difference. Oh dear!" (Walks around the room unhappily." Mother. Mama." (Throws herself in chair as before. felt they were lucky to have been first. whispered it was wrong."Oh Julia. no matter how small and useless it seems. Guess I'll listen to the Feeling-That-Knows. (jumping up.) "I don't see how it is. you broke the Plan by taking what was not intended for you.) . . She felt it wasn't right but I didn't see why . Mama. that such a little thing as a piece of candy should make such a big difference. crying. Mama.) "Julia. head resting on her hand. and we will try to make up for it next time. and the next time they will be sure to crowd and push to get their share and not be the one left out."Well dear. kept saying it was right to take the candy. then turns to Julia. now steps forward. because it was breaking the Plan of Harmony.(Greed. The other children who noticed she was left out. I know she does.) Bessie.) "I can just tell you this thing for sure.) I felt it was wrong for we only supposed the candy was meant for us. never feel happy again. That little imp . now that you think about it don't you see that some one did know all the time? The feeling Bessie had. It wasn't Bess' fault anyway. saying forcibly. All because of that imp . isn't there something I can do to help the Good Law Harmony?" (she walks around the room excitedly. how lovely! and let's take just gold paper to wrap it up in. "The good Law of Harmony uses every single piece of candy in the plan.) --."Oh Mama. the grinning little imp .Greed." (Sits down at the piano. with the candy. jumped into the way and blocked up the door that leads to the inside place. is ever left out. . nothing.Greed is there and now the Good Law Harmony will have to work and work to keep the beautiful Plan from being spoiled by discord."Well dear.Hope .'' Bessie.Greed. you said that no one would ever know the difference. shall not make me break the Plan any more. Instead. for she never would have touched the candy except for me. for instead of taking to the little sad faced girl. and if we tell her all about the beautiful Plan the . for I felt it when you came into the room and I hoped you had not heard Bess and I. The Plan was for you to help make the children at the Hospital happy and glad.176 Julia.) "I tell you what it is Bess.

This little novel is on occult lines. The contributed articles are of a helpful kind. The International Theosophist for May is the Internationalist under a new name. dear." diplomatic language in saying that "the fourth Gospel comes from the Apostle John. But the wild energy of the poem carries it triumphantly through these irregularities of versification. and then the Plan will be all right again.). Dick on the editorial staff in place of Mr. perhaps she will help us chase him away from the Hospital.of being accurate in its statements. the little imp . and mesmerism. And that will be the very best way to help the Good Law Harmony carry out the beautiful Plan.of the inquisition. F. or indirectly. . Russell. Watson has handled the subject skillfully. It is as nearly orthodox as a decent regard for modern scholarship will allow. While admitting that the Gospels are "compilations. after his master's death. ." (All sing "Circle Song. Anderson. T. and has the merit . J."Babylonis Imperatrix. all have place in its pages. except "Was it Memory or Prophecy.. trance. will disappear so suddenly.* by Marie Watson. Progress for April deals with the various phases of Christianity. In Theosophical literature they have never been a success. if you can only get all the children to work together. Only literary skill of the highest order can present a vision in suitable language. The Pacific Theosophist for May." by Dr. but Mrs. The editorial.177 REVIEWS The Two Paths.D. W.Good Law Harmony is making. Clark. avoiding incongruities and things improbable. In this respect it is to be hoped that she has set a pattern for those who write romances on these subjects.") ----------------. F. G.Greed.) Mother. and. astral bodies. S. though some of the lines have too many feet for orthodox scansion. and shows how diplomatic Theology can be when driven to the wall. and has many fine lines. etc. It is full of fervid enthusiasm." explaining that it comes from him either directly (about 80-96 A." and that the Gospel of Matthew is by "an unnamed author. It is difficult to combine occultism with love and the other elements which go to make up the modern novel. ----------unswervingly maintains its literary individuality and high standard of excellence. It is readably written. no one will ever know where he went. A. visions are not wholesome anyway.or rather a nightmare . "Selfish or Selfless. and that it was all a mistake about our leaving the imp Greed behind us. collected certain characteristic material from the apostle's ." (Walks over to piano. is a scathing denunciation of orthodoxy. on the whole. But despite its change of name the magazine ----------* Alfred C." which is the narration of a "vision" . J. .rare in works of this class . and with Mr. publisher. clairvoyance." sums up the present state of affairs in energetic prose. through some disciple of his who. Chicago. and are somewhat heterodox in the matter of caesuras."Well.

H. Fussell and James M. Pryse. Having presented Christianity in a most wooden way. . What we call the soul does not survive death. P. Laotze had a profound God-consciousness. Elizabeth C. May 8th. . In New York the Universal Brotherhood meeting held in the morning was given over to addresses on H. The National Intelligencer (Weekly). the Universal Religion. There is no better way of appealing to the hearts of the sick than by a flower given with sympathy and love." The fundamental weakness of Buddhism is that it denies all reality. and in this way it is possible to reach many who would otherwise be overlooked. B. the speakers were H. Pryse and selections were read from the Light of Asia and the Voice of the Silence.J. Patterson. was kept by the Lodges throughout the country." by James M. the anniversary of the death of H." Apparently the modern Christian expositors seem to think that authors of their sacred books. and in the true spirit of Brotherhood. the speakers were Dr." This is what the University Association calls "the study of universal Religion!" .178 stimulate the God-consciousness. Lodge to commemorate the day. New York. Connecticut. but he did little to --. B. an essay is given on "Christianity. Brother Todd writes from New Britain. literal and materialistic to the last degree. M. T. The Aryan Hall is now beautiful decorated with the Crusade flags and banners which our Leader has kindly lent. P.J.teaching and put it forth under John's name (about 100-130 A.'s life and work. reprinted from the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. B. Mayer.D. Dunlop. Brahmanism is said to have "no basis for a fundamental distinction between morality and immorality.).edited by George P. but condemned the active philanthropy of Confucius. Guild. Keeney has recently printed several articles on Brotherhood. . P. H. The purpose of the work is to distribute flowers to the sick among the poor and needy. had no higher notions of literary honesty than they themselves have." "Brahmanism denies the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Crooke and D. The Lodge was tastefully decorated with flowers. . N." "Confucius went about doing good. H. E. Thus. and in this way much real help can be given in other directions." followed by others on "Christianity Compared with other Religions." in which the "other religions " are misrepresented and decried outrageously. F. Among these was "Brotherhood. of a nucleus for work being formed in Willimantic and says "I shall make an effort to get centres started in all the important places in this part of the State. J. B. On Sunday evening a special meeting was held at the H. ------------- THEOSOPHICAL ACTIVITIES WHITE Lotus Day." In connection with the International Brotherhood League. According to it there is no God and the supreme aim of man is to cease to be . P. a Flower Mission has been started at 607 East 14th Street. Notices have also very kindly been given of this magazine and the literature connected with our work.

Liberation for Discouraged Humanity" and with the T.------TO THE BRANCHES OF THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA AND LODGES OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. June 13th. And this is the real significance of the Crusade. the present troublesome times and the war would have made it impossible. Lodge of New York celebrated the occasion with great success and it had the effect of reviving to memory the achievements of this venture and its bearing on a possible international unity among all the nations of the world. A special meeting should be called on that date in each year at which appropriate addresses should be made bringing out these facts and their application. Light. The observance of this anniversary should give opportunity of realizing the magnitude of the undertaking which was brought to an unequivocally successful termination by the wise conduct of our Leader. no fringe. Her vigilance to accomplish this result never for one moment relaxed. when the Crusade of American Theosophists left the shores of this country on their arduous journey around the world should be fitly celebrated as an event of great importance in the history of the movement. The Banner should be of purple silk with gold letters and seal. Katherine A. S. All great things have small beginnings and the seeds which were scattered along that mystic cable tow of Brotherhood will spring up in due time. P. plain edges. B. In 1897 the H. Mrs. the beneficent forces who are engaged in helping Humanity in its onward course have been afforded a point of contact for exercising their influence which shall not only awaken the ideals of Universal Brotherhood but which will also provide a vehicle for intercommunication between all souls who have awakened to the point --. 1896. Nor should it be forgotten that it required most extraordinary foresight. The anniversary of the memorable day. In the central position of the decorations should be a Crusade Banner similar to that taken around the world by the Crusaders and inscribed with the words "Truth. It will be observed that had not the Crusade been accomplished just at the time of its completion. a beginning [[banner]] . height 60 inches. The flag decorations will serve a very important purpose in the course of time. seal arranged as below. flowers and decorations with flags of the nations visited by the Crusade should be provided wherever possible. music. width 44 inches. tact and power on the part of the leader to hold and to keep together the body of workers as a unit considering the diversified elements which were represented in their characters and dispositions.179 where they can be useful to the progress of Humanity. The dimensions are. CRUSADE MEETINGS. Tingley. and while it is not expected that each branch will at once be able to procure these flags immediately.

The primary object is that these flags will form permanent decorations of a very unique character of the meeting rooms of our organization which will serve as a constant reminder of the international character of our work. But the collection of the flags of these nations should go on one by one until it is completed. yet each one can help in the distribution of literature.A. with a clause that they be forwarded to Headquarters when so demanded where they will be preserved for those who carry forward the link unbroken. has simply taken up a more specific work as stated in its objects. With fraternal greeting I remain. The T. "The subsidiary purpose of this Society shall be to establish and build up a great library. S. S. Brotherhood. A. A. A.180 HINTS FOR WORK IN UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD LODGES THE T. the T. S. A. S. held in Chicago. as it existed prior to the Convention. Branches then and there accepted the Universal Brotherhood Organization. ---------------. 1898.. S.A. Neresheimer.A. THE following is stated for the information of members. The T.S.S. thus affording a protection for all time of a symbol of identification for those who are in the right spirit which is connected with the real heart of the movement. by becoming members of the Universal Brotherhood do not cease to be members of the T. Also all new members joining the Universal Brotherhood thereby also become members of the T. It should be understood from the beginning that these flags shall be the property of the Universal Brotherhood organization. and hence. adopted the Constitution of the Universal Brotherhood Organization and became an integral part thereof. S. no matter whether this will take short or long time. and although all the members cannot write. S. By act of the Convention of the T.. suggestions for which will very soon be sent to all members. in which shall be gathered ancient and modern literature of value to the great cause of Universal Brotherhood. E. but still remain and are kept on the books as such. S. sciences and arts. so that they cannot be claimed at any time by any dissenting faction in the branches. President T. Aug. A. The Universal Brotherhood is a Universal Organization whose objects are to carry out in a broader way than before possible the aims and objects heretofore followed by the T. ancient and modern religions." It should be clearly understood that members of the T. It should be borne in mind that by the action of the delegates at the Convention of the T. as a department of the Universal Brotherhood now has the following specific objects: "The principal purpose of this Society shall be to publish and disseminate literature relating to Theosophy. philosophies. there was no necessity for any ratification of delegates' actions by the different .might be made at once with the flag of our own country and as many more as is convenient. February 18th. A. in A. S. A. they should therefore be voted as belonging to that organization.

) Then follow any notices of meetings as desired. letter paper where used.Branches. etc. . AND THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD LEAGUE. X. (Address. B. . Advertisements and notices. Secs." "Extracts from the Preamble and Constitution of Universal Brotherhood. Art.. and signs outside Lodge rooms should be: UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. B. Art. XIV. L. Sec. I. S. It is also an excellent plan to send a short. Where the Lodge uses printed letter paper the above should be printed in a column on the left hand side. which visitors are permitted to use. Any inquiries as to the others have the right to the name T. I. can then be answered fully and their objects and relation to the Universal Brotherhood distinctly shown. Sec. and if a standing advertisement is kept in a paper it helps towards a friendly relationship with the press. This is one of the greatest possible advantages to a Lodge. I. UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. ADVERTISE. A. S. 2. should be given the following information (this should be followed literally).) Two of the departments of the Universal Brotherhood are: "THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA. but the very fact of the announcement each week will have its effect and may be the means of calling the attention of many to the existence of the Organization. if possible. A. except the members of the Universal Brotherhood. Secs. Lodge No. Where the Lodge has a Library. 1. followed by the objects of the I.181 and wherever possible a reading room should be provided which can be open to the public if only for a few hours each week. L. 2. --------LODGE NOTICES It is suggested that on syllabuses of meetings. 2. concise synopsis of meetings to the newspapers. At first there may not seem to be any return from advertising. Art. 3. Also . --(Theosophical Society in America. It is best as a rule to send this by mail." . --. Lodge No. SYNOPSIS OF MEETINGS.) (The International Brotherhood League. reference should also be made to it. II.Then follow: Art. Advertise. saying it possibly may be of interest. it keeps the name before the public. and the I.

182 relating to the organization have to be brought before the Lodge . All can help at the meetings. Constitution . Lodges should use discretion as to holding closed meetings for members only. and at regular intervals. Sec. A. but members should try to always bring in something of the Heart Doctrine. who will ask different members to answer. By having extra questions always on hand the necessity of using any personal questions or any liable to arouse antagonism may be avoided. Copies of the Syllabus and invitations to meetings should also be distributed and in small towns where the Lodge is only small and even if meetings are held in a private house. SUBJECTS FOR DISCUSSION. for discussion and questions should all relate to Theosophy. Addresses should not be simply for students. This plan was originated by Mrs. but some public meetings should be held by all Lodges. The public meetings should always be conducted for the benefit of visitors. E.this should be done in a closed meeting for members only. invitations should be given to attend. B. When. or perhaps find some short quotation apropos of the subject and read it in the meeting.special stress being laid upon this. . Questions should be put in writing and handed to the Chairman. These should be read at every meeting. and particularly Article X. however. S.or any explanations to be made . magazines. any matters --. The Chairman should always use his discretion. Gates. even if only one be present. The meetings are opened by reading the objects of the Universal Brotherhood and of the T. of Cleveland. being ignorant of the purposes of the Organization. The subjects. as heretofore. B. I heartily endorse the plan adopted by the Buffalo Lodge for distributing and loaning literature. and the rest of the time filled up by Questions and Answers. Ohio. but the very presence of members with sympathetic attention and the desire to help the cause is a great factor in the work. Magazine or the New Century. 2 of the U. INVITATIONS TO MEETINGS. CONDUCT OF MEETINGS. Some may feel diffident about talking or reading a paper. Then one or two short addresses or papers should be given or an appropriate article read from the U.Keep sending these regularly even if not inserted. but can at least write down a question. The use of Questions and Answers has been largely adopted by many Lodges and has been found of great value and interest. Private conversations may always be held with them afterwards and fuller explanations given if needed. but for enquirers. Also it has been found to be an excellent rule to permit visitors to ask questions in writing but not take part in discussions. Always have some questions prepared and some one ready to answer them. DISTRIBUTING LITERATURE. E. many people can be reached by personal invitation who would not attend otherwise. etc. and was fully described in the May issue of this Magazine.

A flower given to a poor sick little child is of far more real value than a costly work of art. More attention should be paid to social intercourse and to bringing out the kindly instincts of our natures. The Chairman should always use tact and discrimination. far more than is generally supposed.we are not asked to tolerate that which would disrupt or disturb the work. Another important factor that has a great influence. ANNIVERSARY CRUSADE MEETING. I suggest that works on History. Flowers and plants are received every Friday and distributed every Saturday. This is one of the best ways of reaching the hearts of those who are sick and in distress. but the influence of its beauty may have touched the heart and be a lasting benediction throughout life. and tend to produce discord in the meeting. Always try to have flowers at the meetings or growing plants. societies. Most of the Lodges have had study classes for the study of Theosophical literature. and much good done. It is not necessary that . STUDY CLASSES. It is a great harmonizer and Lodges are requested to make great efforts to have it at all meetings. Always try to have it good. in order to remove misconceptions. and especially when the flower is given in the spirit of love and true Brotherhood. Music is a great factor at all times and especially helpful now. It is not a bad plan to occasionally talk of things which we do not believe in or uphold. even if the members themselves cannot provide it.Any one trying to disrupt the organization or disturb the meetings should be discouraged . A. Many people. A. If we give our ideas and present the truth. etc. There is great need of working along practical Brotherhood lines and of showing by our active sympathy that we indeed realize the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity and all creatures. and opens the way to rendering practical help in other directions. I heartily approve of the suggestion made by Mr. can be interested in this way. Neresheimer in the present issue of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD of commemorating the anniversary of the starting of the Crusade on June 13th. breaking down for a moment the separation that divides us one from another. and by forming boys' clubs and girls' clubs. however little you may have. and especially young people. S. afterwards the flowers can be taken to poor sick people and help to bring a ray of light into their lives. and what Theosophy is not. had so large a part. by giving from the heart to the heart. A flower mission has been started in New York for the benefit of the sick poor. churches. But it would be entirely out of place and contrary to the principles of our work to unkindly criticize other organizations. Poor music and bad vibrations are detrimental. The flower dies soon. This will be a constant reminder of the work that was accomplished through the loyalty and devotion of members all over the world and in which the members of the T. and general literature be also taken up and studied from a Theosophical standpoint and with relation to Brotherhood. is the use of flowers. MUSIC AND FLOWERS. Friends will often assist in providing music. An effort should be made to interest young people as above. Many young people can be reached in this way. Bring the suggestion of nature into all your work and meetings. this will of itself help to remove error.

L. New members are not accepted by Lodges but by the Leader and Official Head and do not become members until their diplomas are received. but any one who has not received such diploma ceases to be on such committee. It must be plainly seen that this is a protective measure. they are --. ADJOURNMENT FOR SUMMER. and let us help them to understand and realize it. BYE-LAWS. should be retained as they are save to declare the adoption of the Universal Brotherhood Constitution and that they are part of the Universal Brotherhood Organization.any effort should be made to get them to join the organization. L. but it must be understood that such persons are not antagonistic to the Universal Brotherhood. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD LEAGUE. Present Bye-Laws of Lodges . DONATIONS TO THE WORK Members have often sent money to one or another of the workers at Headquarters requesting that it he placed where most needed. B. L. Some of the Lodges adjourn for the summer. many persons having at various times sought to come into our organization representing other bodies and seeking to gain a foothold and to represent their own views instead of desiring to help on the work.183 our young brothers and sisters now. previously appointed will continue to act provided the members of the committees have received their diplomas in the Universal Brotherhood. others keep up their meetings throughout the year. B. A SUGGESTION TO SPEAKERS. This is left entirely in the discretion of the individual Lodges. NEW MEMBERS. We must work in harmony in order to do any good. it is one of the ways in which members who take part in meetings may become more ready to help in the work of bringing the truth to humanity. when the matter will be fully presented. The temporary committees of the I. B.formerly used as Bye-laws of Theosophical Branches. and should not be neglected. can do so without joining the Universal Brotherhood and may apply for membership in the I. should pass through the President's hands before being sent to the Central Office. Applications of membership in a Lodge of the U. Hereafter all members are requested to . B. It is well-known that a well-written paper or well-prepared address is often spoilt and loses half its value because of bad delivery. At the same time strangers or others not members of the Universal Brotherhood but wishing to help the practical work of the I. More attention should be given to this. This is only a temporary arrangement until the next annual Congress of the Universal Brotherhood..

Mr. Members should consider some means by which funds can be raised to help on the work which is increasing all the time.state in which department of the work they wish their donation to be placed. IMPORTANT. but he is fulfilling what he considers to be his duty and we hope will be back again with us in the future. From what I hear the lectures are not worthy of the attention of our members. M. If it had not been for the help given to the finances by the Bazaars held last December in aid of the work. and we are sure members will not be misled into thinking that they are. R. stating that they are from the College of the Mysteries have been at San Diego lecturing on ''The Mysteries. and thus awakening the interest of others. Copeland and the other members of the Omaha Lodge hope to make arrangements for a Theosophists' Day. L. at Point Loma on the grounds of the S. A. A .. Jr. the T. Webster.half the proceeds to go to the local work of the Lodge and half to be sent to the Central Office for the general purposes of the organization.184 cause no strain on members and by providing some entertainment for the public. . L. A. S. All the officers of the Universal Brotherhood have entered heartily into my plan to hold the next annual Congress of the U. A. S. members and the funds on hand at the time of Convention are still the property of the T. their attendance and help can be obtained. L. and by giving this information thus early it is hoped that many may be able to make arrangements to go.Katherine A. and please pay attention to the directions given in last issue. has joined the army. A. As one of the workers at Headquarters. B. Brother Lucien B. A Mr.. The Universal Brotherhood will need funds to continue its work as no dues have been asked for from the old T. A. similar to that held at Nashville. At the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition to be held in Omaha. It is with regret that we lose him for a time. Fuller and a Mr. from June 1st to November 1st.. no papers or money for the work should be sent to him. when a presentation of Theosophy will be made. Nebr. as this would lead to much delay.. M. Conger. Special rates will be arranged for and the proceedings will last one week. It is therefore suggested that preparations be made to hold some kind of entertainment in December for this purpose . If this is properly attended to it should --." It is hardly necessary to remind members that they are in no way connected with the S. Tingley --------------------------------------- . In times of stress should any one department be in more need than others information of this will be given. S. would have been seriously in debt and the work greatly hampered. For whatever department of work money is sent be very careful to properly address it. R.

just and true. astrologists and fortunetellers. and its Society human nature trying to ascend to its divine parent. Its origin is in the higher department of our being. visible and invisible. In this way it has become a fashion to dispose of everything outside of accepted theory by such sweeping terms as superstition. love. and whether they were moving in error or wisely. and meant no less than a stand- . It once had a place among angels. and wisdom reflecting its radiance on the earth. It is not. I have known avowed disbelievers and agnostics who consulted professional clairvoyants. names are applied as being actual descriptions of things. it passes often as deciding the whole matter. XIII July. They seem to forget when they adopted this epithet that they had degraded it from its pure meaning in order to make it serve an unworthy purpose. that they conceived that they held converse with others who moved and even existed outside of physical bodies. and enabled them to know. the intrinsic qualities of the nature are to be estimated rather than the incidental manifestations. The beam in the eye of the critic serves to aid in the survey of the mote in the eye of the brother. After all. P. THERE is said to be a vein of superstition in everybody's constitution. Their faith. Theosophy is divine nature. It was no marvel then. Yet I would not scoff at them. or presume to pass judgment upon it. 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LUCKY AND UNLUCKY DAYS by Alexander Wilder. We do well to heed the utterance of Steerforth in David Copperfield: "Think of me at my best. To be scientific is accounted better than to be clearseeing. and never was wholly visionary or absurd. M. was nevertheless of that mountain-moving character that brought them face to face with the things that are.AUM "Theosophy is the shoreless ocean of universal truth. I do not set myself against this declaration. and that they learned of periods. B. If an opprobrious epithet is given. and shaped their action by what they were told. childish and irrational as it now may be regarded. they were none the less genuine and sincere. for they were acting out a principle of their being. UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. that they became cognizant of facts and events known and planned in that world where thought is action. while the Theosophical Society is only a visible bubble on that reflection. 1898 No." . In these days when classified conjecture is honored as science." Even superstition has its excellences. D. days and hours in which it would be fortunate or of evil omen to undertake any enterprise.H. When human beings were more simple and their spiritual faculties were not overlaid by dense coverings of grosser thinking they felt more certain of their relations to ethereal natures. where we reach out from matters of sense and conjectural reasoning in quest of some higher truth which mere logic and sensuous faculties are not capable of apprehending.

twelve of which were in the Path of the Sun." The current notions that certain days are propitious and others unfavorable." There were propitious and unpropitious seasons. This conceit has drifted down to the present time. or in other words. and belief in the direct agency of supernatural beings. In this way superstition that once meant the cognition of sublimer truth is now only known as over-scrupulous exactness in religious matters. which he describes as having been fixed . and that we are moving forward in the company of the noblest and purest minds of all ages. Hence Hesiod advises: "Observe the opportune time. and as the "lords of the houses" in their respective turns. The old mythopoeic theogonist of ancient Greece has given a very complete record of the auspices of the several days in the month. to meet the behest of scorners. or in singular or extraordinary events."* It was believed anciently that these divinities of the sky took part in conflicts between nations and between individuals. There are other notions of the same category." the prophetess Deborah sings. not even excepting the various forms of Christianity. are doubtless generally derived from tradition and superficial observation. when any belief has been generally entertained among the several races of human beings. as the months were reckoned. which is from truthful witnesses. In like manner noble words were perverted from their proper meaning. the superstitious person could communicate with Divinity and perceive the future. That the stars were set in the firmament of the heavens for signs or foretokens. with reasonable assurance.188 ing above. and are warranted in crediting what we hear of a like character. In so doing we may be sure of the approval of our own conscience. those who were "While in. were in authority. Some of them originate with ancient astrologic beliefs. accept the notions and traditions. and they were styled by the astrologists houses. But gods were dethroned to supply religious systems with devils. a surviving when the external frame was dead. to contemplate or consider. Under these definitions every religion would be included. "From the heavens they fought. and the growing inclination to discard such things are likely to sweep the sentiment entirely out of existence. for example. above the world. and in all ages. false religion. an exaltation of the soul above things of sense. The ancient temples were plots of ground marked off with religious formalities primarily for observation of the sky. It was a prophetic condition. The mind is not capable of thinking a thing that does not exist. which he took in his yearly journey. or in omens and prognostics. the first chapter of the Genesis distinctly sets forth. Nevertheless. but the change from Old to New Style in the computing of time. that have come to us from the past. to consult the stars.--. there is very strong presumption that it is substantially true. We may therefore." The month of May. The vault of the heavens was mapped out in constellations. has been regarded from unremembered antiquity as being inauspicious for the contracting of marriage. as having in them a living seed of truth. and it is still entertained by many. "the stars from their orbits fought against Sisera. They are mentioned as such in the Assyrian Tablets: "He made the mansions of the Great Gods on high (twelve) in number.

a day in which quarreling and misfortune were likely to occur. but the twelfth is far more so than the eleventh. First of all the first. to be the most suitable for the contracting of marriage." says Hesiod. which was done by including them in this way in one system. treacherous speaking. -------------. and began at the middle of May. the fourth was sacred to Hermes and Aphrodite. In other respects. The eighth and ninth days are suitable for the transacting of business and the performing of necessary work. therefore." The tenth is a fortunate day for the birth of boys.a day characterized by raillery. and Plato on the seventh of Thargelion. Upon the seventh day of the month Thargelion it was said that Apollo was born. "lucky indeed is this day for planting and for being born. Whoever. and clandestine wooing by fond discourse. must bide the chances of their harmonizing with the present dates. that in this arrangement the month is regarded as consisting of thirty ------------* Lepsius says that the Great Gods of Egypt had not an astronomic origin." It is fortunate also for . but were probably distributed on an astronomic principle when the kingdom was consolidated. "The first ninth is entirely free from harm and ----------* According to the Symposiacs ascribed to Plutarch. The first had observances in commemoration of the new month. The seventh day of the month was esteemed as holy beyond other days. and was considered. though it is proper for the setting of plants. both in respect to birth and marriage. is for the curious individual to determine for himself. It may be well to remark however. it was adverse . but it was auspicious for the birth of boys. The sixth was unfortunate for girls. Socrates was born on the sixth. It was necessary then to preserve the divinities of the several former dominions. and fervent supplications. fourth and seventh days of the month were all esteemed as holy days. Whether the eleven days which have been eliminated from the reckoning in the transition to New Style are to be considered. is disposed to accept this classification and arrangement of lucky and unlucky. it is never a day that is altogether unfortunate.189 days. The priests of Apollo at Delos used to affirm that the goddess Artemis or Diana was born on the sixth. Thargelion was the eleventh month of the Attic year. It is a suitable day for housewives to begin important work in the household. to man as well as to woman. The eleventh and twelfth are both propitious to industry.* This day was observed accordingly at the oracle-temple of Delphi and other places sacred to this divinity by the singing of hymns of praise. "The fourteenth is a day sacred above all others. falsehood. The thirteenth is a day to hold back from beginning to sow. ----------evil omen. The fifth was unqualifiedly unlucky. when the omens were propitious. and that in the Grecian calendar it began about the third week as computed by us. pious the all-counseling Supreme Zeus himself.

" and the caution is given to avoid gnawing the heart with grief. and more directly within the province of the understanding. Zirat-banit was the Succoth-Benoth. that was supposed to have a marked influence upon the fortunes of individuals for that space of time. as well as "the Sabbath or rest-day. are able to indicate the days that are really propitious." The seventeenth is a good day for the man in the country to thresh grain or to cut timber for implements or furniture. and attached a magic significance to particular periods. It is best in its omens at early morning. Sathor-day. Dies Jovis. The others are harmless and without omen. The ancient Assyrians also divided their months into weeks of seven days each. The distinguishing of days and periods as sacred and profane. a Skythic people whom they had supplanted in the Euphratean country. and to his consort." The twentyfourth is emphatically pictured as "in truth a very perfect day. The number was fixed at seven and might conform to the number of planetary worlds and divinities. Thor's day. Nor is this accounted to be orginal with them but to have been adopted from the Akkadians. as fortunate and of ill omen. nevertheless. but becomes worse as the evening approaches. Zirat-banit* ----------* Merodakh. is older than any record of history. to some of them good omens. As poet and as the counselor of the industrious and thrifty. . Perhaps this is praise enough. The cycle of the week appears from early dates to have been regarded as more directly influential in human affairs. These divinities. Thus far Hesiod. The nineteenth is quaintly described as "a better day toward evening. and to others auspices which were less fortunate. Freyja-day. Woden's day. We thus have Sun-day. The Romans had also named the days in corresponding order: Dies Solis.190 he was truly wise and thoughtful. Few. Dies Martis. was the Amar-Utuki of the Akkadians and Khitans of the Upper Euphrates. The Assyrian month was lunar. He is the lucky one who distinguishes the omens and avoids the mistaking of them. A day is sometimes a mother and sometimes only a keeper. The days which have here been indicated are those which are significant. --. Dies Saturni. Dies Mercurii. the god of Light. while another is as positive in belief that some different day is better. This is no caprice taking its rise within any time comparatively recent. One person esteems some particular day as most auspicious. The seventh day of the first week was sacred to Merodakh. Dies Lunae. Perhaps this has been the case because it is a matter more familiar.the birth of girls. who guides his conduct intelligently with reference to what is boded and promised by the immortal ones. yet on the other hand it is a day not propitious for a girl either to be born or joined in wedlock. A name has been given accordingly to every day of the week to signify the divinity or patron genius of a planet. Tuisko's day. extending from the first appearing of the new moon to the period of its utter disappearing from the sky. or Suku the Mother of the Babylonian and Akkadian pantheons. He appears to have been recognized and worshiped by Cyrus as the Mithras of the Persian worship. but auspicious for the birth of men. The ancient belief assigned to each of the days a virtue of its own. The sixteenth is described as "very unprofitable for plants. or anything of moment. Dies Veneris. Monen-day.

a day of good fortune. holding court. and from taking medicine for a bodily ailment. The fourteenth was regarded as sacred to Nergal and the goddess Belat. It seems to be due to the fact that in the general arrangements of business inci--. The days of Saturn and the Moon were considered inauspicious beyond others. Nevertheless. -----------and it was observed with a solemnity that was full of terror.** . It was the Sun of the Underworld. and Saturn being the oldest had been sent forth farthest into the outer region of darkness.passed to the Semites from the Akkadians. The beliefs respecting fortunate days and unlucky ones have been extended to later times. It was denominated sulum." a gala day. It bore the name of Khus or Cush. We have also observed a like experience with others. had emanated from the sun. The thinkers of far-off times had implicit reliance upon the decrees of fate. but for common purposes the reason which has been suggested appears to be a sufficient explanation. Perhaps there are sprites in the region almost contiguous to our physical senses that have a hand in effecting all this. the utterance of the purpose of Divinity. It was accounted a "white day. creating more or less of obstruction of effort. or transacting business with others. The strictest sabbatarian of modern time was outdone by the rigid austerity of the Akkadian and Semitic Sabbath. Their movements affect the plans of others. By no means. and the beautiful goddess Gula was its patron." as we are assured by Professors Sayce and Tiele. do we suppose that there is any specific magic or occult influence in the matter. and the twenty-eight to Hea or Nisrokh and Nergal. Saturn was always regarded by the astrologers of Babylon as of malignant aspect. the unlucky day. however. however. changing his clothes. the general belief must be accounted for by proofs of a more recondite nature. and to be regarded. The nineteenth day of the month.191 dent to the cessation of employments on Sunday. The planets. putting on new garments. if not generally found both Monday and Saturday untoward in the way of taking any new step. We have frequently. in Erebus or the remote West. The planets. which are dominant over the days of the week are significant in such matters. and are recognized in the records and literature of different peoples. There were similar conditions for every seventh day during the entire month. the Sun and Moon. beginning a work. and from performing any act of religious worship. the son or emanation of Ham. was a joyful exception. If we attached significance to this persuasion we would be disposed to agree with it. driving in his chariot. having determined upon something gives oracular signs. the sun. by way of making it known to human beings. Upon the Sabbath the king was strictly enjoined from eating cooked food. Their influence thus extends to a remote distance. it was believed.* The Superior Power. the twenty-first to Shamas and Sin. many persons are obliged to contract their sphere of action upon the days immediately before and after in order to accord with this practice. a term which signifies dies nefastus.

and the popular belief in omens and auspicious days has only been changed. except as folly. bore the title of Ra-t-Amenti (Radamanthos). prohibiting every act not absolutely necessary. He was the son of Seb. it seems to have been considered necessary to break the charm. invoking them with the significant open hand. the Mother in every ancient faith. misconduct or accident happens to make it so. in olden times. ceremonies. It was a --. Modern fancy has designated Friday as the inauspicious day of the week. Others whom we would suppose were more intelligent are equally credulous. and Osiris. Friday. We are aware that the moon has borne an evil reputation for malignant influence on plants. but the objects . was the day of good fortune above others. till the odium and accumulated terrors led men to curse the day as fraught with direst evil. however. A vast part of suffering is thus accounted as due to its malefic action. the Siva or Kronos of Egypt. or the West. however. but they have never been imputed to the day of the moon. So deep is this impression that sailors are unwilling to begin a voyage on that day. Its influx is represented as imperceptibly undermining the vitality of the bodily organism. the lord of death. but are confident when they set out on Sunday. even if actually true. There has been no increase of faith. lest it should entail evil upon them. When. In this case we have an example of a perverted tradition. the one who gives delight and success. In their Theogony. however. ** This concept was also entertained in Egypt.This seems to explain the reason of the awe or terror with which the Assyrians regarded the seventh day of the week. The result. the Demiurge or Creator was the genius of the planet Saturn. It was sacred to the benign goddess. The Gnostics did much to perpetuate ----------* The word fate from the Latin fatum means etymologically. the old worships were superseded. has been as might have been foreseen. Other devices were employed in like manner to eradicate confidence in other good omens. show conclusively why the day of Saturn should be regarded as productive of misfortune. and the Evil Potency that seeks to mislead and injure mankind. This does not. We must suppose that Monday is not specially unlucky. as well as on the atmosphere. as the ruler.192 day propitious for every important undertaking. ----------this impression. Their influence was probably active in the religious change by which Sunday was made the sacred day instead of Saturday. Various disorders of mind and body have their names from the baleful influence exerted upon individuals. The Assyrian Kings always on the evening of the day presented an offering to the divinities Merodakh and Istar. and lucky periods are as much a matter of belief as before. Fetishes. It was accordingly set apart for capital punishments and inquisitorial tortures. that which is spoken. The region of the dead was denominated Amenti. We may make the same appeal in the case of Monday. Astrologists have generally described Saturn as the most potent and most malignant of all the planets.

which was and is still. A number of other compounds of these elements are also called alcohols. and neglects to take the current that serves. All days are alike fortunate and alike sacred. The fortune of a month is not influenced by an accidental first sight of the crescent moon. that in one way and another impart to us conceptions of what we should do. nor are the events of a day affected by the casual pointing of a sharp object in a certain direction. The individual is his own star. In order to do so intelligently. is liable to lose the object aspired for. The word "alcohol" is derived from two Arabic words." and kohl "antimony. to aid us to shape our action wisely. It has long been known that the liquid was produced by the fermentation of saccharine solutions and subsequent distillation. the same name "alcohol" was given to it by Europeans. as the Arabian cosmetic was among powders. Carbon. used by the ladies in the East to color their eye-brows and lashes. and. which is known as "ethylic" alcohol is the one with which we have to deal. D. Yet we confidently believe that there are auxiliary agencies in the universe about us superior to our common ken. wisdom in our thought. M. however. We do not question that there may be a difference in their serviceableness for specific purposes as there is in regard to humidity and temperature. carry them off. but this one." and the name was applied to that metal reduced to an impalpable powder. Gunn. it will be well to say a few words about alcohol itself. Because the Spirit of Wine was as fine and volatile among liquids. But amid it all. like Samson. the wise and the heroic will storm the very gates of apparent misfortune. Pure alcohol is a colorless liquid of agreeable taste and color. al.have been modified. in the proportions of 24 ounces of Carbon. "The kingdom of the heavens suffereth violence. On the other hand." said Jesus. but it is little over two decades since the phenomenon of fermentation was . and charity in our motive are essential to a true insight. it may safely be borne in mind that good fortune is attendant on Friday as on other days. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I have been requested to speak to you for a few minutes on the subject of alcoholism. We may hope little from the days as they are marked in the calendar. and by it we may not be overborne. Yet whoever lingers unduly for opportunity to manifest itself. his own destiny. Justice in our action. That is a fact. "the. composed of the elements. and they who are truly intelligent will apperceive it. "and the violent take it by force " As the purpose inspires to effort so the day is made lucky. These are notions derived from former usage.193 ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLISM * by Robert A. its causes and treatment. This liquid is the basis of all stimulating beverages and is the ingredient that gives to all such beverages their intoxicating and narcotic properties. We may not count one day secular or profane more than another. ----------------. There is a time suitable for everything in its order. 6 ounces of Hydrogen and 16 ounces of Oxygen. Hydrogen and Oxygen. his own fortune.

The fine. --. and very injurious if it is not needed in the human economy. and to exist in the human body.explained on a scientific basis. Though alcohol is thus found to be so universal. Alcohol is a constant product of the digestion of sugar and fats. and the microscope has demonstrated that the activity used to ferment. and the formation of the various acids of the body depends upon the production of alcohol as the first step in the process. . The saliva. through succeeding ages turned into coal. When starchy substances are employed for obtaining alcohol. which belong to a species of fungus. It is present in minute quantities in water. The absorption of Oxygen and the giving off of Carbonic Acid gas by these organisms so changes the chemical composition of the solutions of sugar (or starch converted into sugar). and even the bread we eat contains a small portion. and the pure alcohol is obtained by the distillation of this remaining liquid. in the body as well as out of it. 1898. Experiments have proved that 40 two-pound loaves of bread will produce as much alcohol as is contained in an ordinary bottle of port wine. water. and the Carbonic Acid gas found in coal mines and caves is undoubtedly the residue of this gas formed in far distant ages by the fermentation of organic matter. which has been. It is now known that this process is caused -----------* Abstract from an address delivered at Chickering Hall. after the process of fermentation has been completed. that the remaining liquid is composed of alcohol. it is also found in the human body. before the Universal Brotherhood Organization. to which scientists have given the name of mycoderme cerevisiae. and thus the preparing of the food to nourish the body also depends upon the phenomenon of fermentation and the production of alcohol. absorb oxygen from the saccharine solutions and give off Carbonic Acid. These little bodies imbibe nourishment. yeast is added to hasten fermentation. and in the atmosphere. pancreatic juice. beginning with the action of the saliva in the mouth. it produces effects that may be beneficial if required. similar to that found on the grape. it is also known that the decomposition of sugary particles in the earth produces alcohol. white dust found on the skins and stems of ripe grapes is made up of myriads of these little bodies and were originally unintentionally introduced into the grape juice. intestinal juices and bile are so many ferments.194 growing plants. gastric juice. May 15th. -----------by the presence of organized vegetable cells. It may surprise many of you to know that alcohol is one of the most universal agents found in nature. and is produced there even when no alcohol is taken into it. The digestion of the food we eat consists of a series of processes of fermentation. coloring matter and flavoring substances. thus causing fermentation. and ending with the absorption of the digested foods by the amaeboid cells of the human body. the product of which was wine and spirits. composed in a large measure of little organisms similar to those above mentioned. is a little organism. Alcohol exists in fruits. when taken into the system in its common form.

but incapable of realizing adequately the distant pain. and even before the days of Egyptian civilization. Greeks. Still another ingests. in one or another of their innumerable forms. but nothing of its origin. is to be done? Here logic is soon at fault. and knew the effects of intoxicating drinks. Babylonians.Some years ago I gave this subject much attention and wrote a little book entitled "The Truth about Alcohol. before Babylon was built. is soon found to be himself involved in something not very unlike what he so zealously condemns . The pages of Egyptian papyri. When the Romans invaded Britain they found that the Britons used a liquid made from barley. is not a local. inspired by the stimulus of concentrated potions of tea. or handles them. called curmi. tastes. who were in the habit of drinking the expressed juices of fruits. Capable of appreciating the immediate pleasure. Another counterblasts tobacco content with abundance of strong coffee. for the headlong reformer. and all the peoples of Europe used some kind of stimulating beverage which had alcohol for its base. It is this deep basis of the propensity of human nature that gives to the subject its mystery and perplexity. He leads a life of high and complex feeling. unusual.195 of influencing his emotional states. who fixes his attention on some special phase of evil and would eradicate it. which at times had undergone fermentation. then. He therefore seeks those agencies which act to arouse pleasurable emotion. before Moses lived. "The rationale of stimulation is indeed not so puzzling. Medes. were all given to the use of alcoholic stimulants.he. contain accounts of drunkenness. too. but there can be no question that it originated among primitive races. the Physiological Effects of Alcohol as a Food." In this treatise I discussed the subject under three heads. Food builds up and maintains the vital activity of the whole animate creation in its working state. but that is not enough for man. Jews and Romans.: The History of the Use of Stimulants and the Theory of Stimulation. root and branch. Regarding the theory of stimulation I would like to read from this little book the following extract: "Long before the days of Rome. before Greece was dreamed of. "It is certainly true that the Egyptians. but a rooted and universal passion of human nature. and use runs into abuse. the pipe will do for him. viz. "The craving for stimulation and for stimulants. and never touches. early man had discovered the use of stimulating beverages. One thunders against the whole tribe of alcoholic stimulants. while his intellect furnishes him with the means --. and the Remedies best calculated to correct the evils of Intemperance. Persians. a Medicine and a Poison. and these are stimulants. from ethereal wine to acrid whisky. 2000 years old. and the more modern records of Herodotus. is an object of reformatory solicitude. arbitrary or statutory thing. Another decries all these together. the habit is formed. Assyrians. "What. and thus what was first produced accidentally soon came to be made intentionally. perhaps only vegetables . and their gods who presided over their drunken revels. subject to wide fluctuations. The pleasurable sensations experienced were undoubtedly soon associated with the drinking of the juices that had stood for some time. and that most of them had their own special kinds of stimulants.

let us propose to the temperance fanatics to take away from the human family all the luxuries that make life enjoyable. but that they are all marked by a common character . and thus know little or nothing of the troubles or sorrows of life. and there are very few individuals. the large mass of our population. carried to a pitch of excitement that ends in reaction more or less exhausting . is less harmful than ordinary narcotic stimulants. by forty-five millions. stale and unprofitable. have no home enjoyment.stimulation of pleasurable feeling. newspapers. "6. there is a demand for something more than excitement of the mere individual. Now. or the religious revival may be the equivalent of a drunken spree we will not pretend to say. some obtain this excitement in one way and some in another.' Others get from music. and as I have before stated. snuffing or chewing. The man who seeks pleasure from alcoholic stimulants is often denied pleasures that would make alcohol unnecessary could he but enjoy them. which though often running into dissipation. and that are unnecessary for its maintenance. or travel a quieter form of excitement. Unfortunately. China tea is drunk by five hundred not to be denied. by fifty millions.196 are so situated that they can have pleasures that satisfy their higher lives. "5. for barely enough money to keep body and soul together. Cocoa. "2. either in smoking." I read this simply to show you the universality of the use of stimulants of some kind or other. and when we speak of the use and abuse of alcohol. theatres. and see how many would sacrifice these and continue the fight.and water. and to point out the conditions of human society which make the use of alcoholic stimulants so prevalent and so injurious to the human race. . They go to work early and work all day in the worst places and at the hardest kind of work. and fulminates from the pulpit or platform against all these gross material indulgences. Coca by at least fifteen millions. "7. "3. and without which life would be 'flat. pictures. In the complexities of human life and in the conditions that surround human activities. Hasheesh is eaten or smoked by three hundred millions. Opium by four hundred millions. Paraguay tea by ten millions. novels. especially in cities. "9. yet is lifted into the seventh heaven of enjoyment by the stimulating incense of flattery and applause which comes up from admiring auditors. "1. How far the ball-room. "These are facts that no one can gainsay. "4. A few --. pure or mixed with chicory. Coffee bean. fashion. the political campaign. either as chocolate or in some other form. we must not forget that it is only one of the many stimulants that are used and abused every day. All known nations of the world are addicted to the use of tobacco. "In fact. who do not make daily use of stimulant narcotics in some form. See if each one would not have some special luxury or enjoyment that he would cling to as tenaciously as the moderate drinker does to alcohol. "8. They do not see a ray of sunshine from morning till night. there is no nation. Coffee leaves are taken in the form of infusion by two millions of the world's inhabitants.

and this condition affects not only the individual cells but through them the entire body.When they go to their cheerless home of two or three poorly lighted. that both are the result of the evils of our social conditions. Naturally they go there and while away a little time and indulge in liquor. including the brain and nervous system. we must go to the very bottom of our social superstructure to find the cause. and there would be less craving for artificial stimulation. which is prepared by the various processes of digestion and assimilation. --. called amoeba. is the saloon. secure for them places of social entertainment and cheap instructive amusement. The depression is so marked. instead of temperance lecturers. When we see the condition in which the masses of our population live. they have nothing of cheer or comfort to make them forget their hardships. let us strive to improve the conditions of the poor. so as to keep up life. but as soon as this passes off it is followed by a corresponding depression. and know the hardships and sufferings which they endure. and a sensation of over-stimulation is the result. even to excess. Instead of crime being largely due to intemperance. with five or six small children. Instead of spending our energies in fighting the liquor traffic. so change our educational system that all children shall receive a good physical and moral education as a basis for intellectual training. When alcohol is taken as such into the system it is directly absorbed by these little organisms. That this may be understood. we often have not the heart to blame them. and what they have already done to improve the condition of the masses of the people is an earnest of what they will certainly do in the future.197 The first effect of a stimulant is that of excitation. such as the poor can only get from liquor. and many times this excitation is pleasurable. where they can enjoy a little social life. Every tissue of the animal body is made up of myriads of little organized cells or bodies. I contend. and if we ever succeed in rooting out either. The only place open to them. It is these conditions of life that cause the prevalence of intemperance among the masses of the people. engage speakers and singers to amuse and instruct them. Do these things and the masses of the human race would be made purer and better. As my time is limited I must now pass hurriedly to the consideration of the effect that alcohol has upon the human system. and until they are righted we can never get at the root of this evil. for a short time the hardships of bread winning at starvation prices. and sit down to a meal of bread and butter. especially in those addicted to the continued use of . if they do resort to stimulants as the only means by which they can experience a little pleasure and relief from care. I am glad to say that it is just such work as this that the International Brotherhood League has been organized to do. illy ventilated rooms. and these are constantly reproducing themselves and dying. provide for them more comfortable homes by regulating the building of tenement houses by just legislation. it is necessary to commence with the consideration of the cells of the human body. I suggest that every tenement house be provided with a public reception room and a play room (the latter on the top of the house) which shall be furnished and cared for by the owner of the building. for the purpose of enabling them to forget. even for the moment. They are sustained by nutrition that is taken into the system in the form of food. create among them the desire to appear well in public places.

stimulants. but of course. and habitual drinkers. which in many cases resembles coma or death. the nerve cells become habituated to this stimulation. Thus it is that without aid a person is certain to yield to the desire for drink and again continue until the nerve cells are paralyzed by alcoholic poison. This condition is the final stage of a single drunken bout. and this habit continued produces a diseased condition of the cells. The nervous system is so affected that the functions of the brain become disconnected. a man is said to be drunk. he cannot be satisfied with a moderate use of the stimulant. There is one peculiarity about persons who drink. instead of being a vice for which the patient must be blamed. when once used. but is obliged to repeat it over and over again until it becomes a habit. and there is really quite a marked difference between the two. so that a larger amount of alcohol is required to produce this effect during repeated sprees. our habitual drinkers find it necessary to keep up the use of stimulants continuously. after a protracted spree they will stop and seem to be free from the craving for stimulants for a considerable time. but sooner or later the nervous system --. the quantity must be increased to meet the demands of the diseased nervous organism. and after a time an obstruction of the circulation to the brain results in a profound sleep. but as they gradually regain their tone to a certain point. At first they may go five or six months or longer. is really a disease. and for a time may be able to continue their work under this false stimulation. Nothing will aid him. but the intervals shorten with each outbreak. and then. a condition that is nothing more nor less than acute mania. Gunn]] . just as we would treat a person suffering from any other disease. and should be treated as such. and we have the condition of intoxication or drunkenness. first. and consequently a diseased condition of the entire body. After a period of abstinence. and finally. They become accustomed to the stimulation. This condition may be accounted for by the fact that the nerve cells become so exhausted that they can no longer be excited by the alcohol. the nervous activity is resumed and the system being weakened by previous debauches. which is the last effect of large and continued doses of alcoholic poisons. that they cannot tolerate it longer. This condition. the narcotic stage. that they are obliged to keep up the stimulating effect by frequent imbibition of alcohol. the intoxication of the cell which leaves the person in various degrees of stimulation and excitation. the craving for stimulants becomes so great that they find it impossible to resist the temptation to drink.198 [[photo: Dr. Periodical drinkers will continue to use stimulants to a certain point and until the nervous system and the brain cells become so saturated with alcoholic poison. They are made up of periodical drinkers. excepting to treat his body as a diseased organism. On the other hand. When we get to a certain stage of excitation. In this manner we have. and will drink one or two ounces of some strong alcoholic liquor from three to six or even from thirty to forty times a day. and thus when a person depends once upon any narcotic to produce pleasurable sensations. As soon as this acute mania reaches a certain point the nervous system becomes excited by the excessive flow of blood to the brain. and like all other narcotic poisons. varying from a few days to many months. the nerve cells demand some stimulation to keep up the wear and tear of every day life. Robert A.

When properly treated along these lines the craving for alcohol is destroyed in from three to five days. when asked to take a drink. Then we must direct our attention to the elimination of the poisons from the system. When this is accomplished the next thing to do is to build up and tone the nerves so as to get it back to its normal condition. and so tone up the vital organs as to bring about a healthy action of the digestive and nervous systems. we must let him see that we are willing to extend to him a helping hand and that we consider his condition a disease instead of a vice or a crime. especially if they have been unfortunate and have lost their position through liquor. and the nervous force so destroyed. not because he craves the alcohol. and it is often the case that a person of this kind will begin the drinking habit again. Many persons have not the moral courage to refuse a friend. in the majority of cases. that they hardly realize a conscious existence. for any crime he may commit in such condition.199 becomes so saturated. The patient is the victim of a diseased physical condition and becomes entirely irresponsible. and is entirely irresponsible for his actions. as well as medical. will become normal. and such remedies must be administered as will eliminate the alcoholic poison from the system. and overcome the conditions of the system that make the craving possible? I answer that our treatment must be moral and physical. for fear of being laughed at or ridiculed. It is now that moral influences must be brought to bear to prevent the possibility of a relapse into former habits. In a word. the cares and worries of life press hard upon some men. To be successful in the treatment of alcoholism. The tissues of the body all become abnormal and the brain cells so changed as to result in general paresis and other forms of insanity. not only for his habits but also for his actions. When we do this we find our work greatly simplified. It is useless to attempt the treatment for drunkenness unless the patient can be kept under restraint for the first few days. The first thing to be accomplished is to get control of the patient and see that he is comfortably situated where he can have no opportunity to procure liquor. which leaves them almost helpless from physical weakness. If they fail of success in their efforts to gain a livelihood. If they stop the use of alcohol even for a few hours they suffer from nervous tremors and exhaustion. because he feels that some one is interested in him. The practical question that confronts us is.--. and in about. Again. and thus the craving for artificial stimulants is destroyed. I contend that an intoxicated person is suffering from a condition of acute mania. The starved tissues of the body are supplied with healthy nutriment which takes the place of the alcohol. Right here I desire to say that I believe our laws are defective in the manner in which they deal with persons under the influence of alcohol. they will often become discouraged and may deliberately resort to the . and it is important to impress upon him that we are interested in his welfare and are anxious to help him reestablish himself in the position in life which he should occupy. and the patient at once becomes anxious to help himself. healthy digestion is restored and perfect nutrition speedily follows. but in order that he may appear sociable. and I further believe that the laws should be so changed as not to hold him responsible to the full penalty. three weeks' time the general vitality of the system. This done. the supply of alcohol must be cut off at once. what can we do to destroy the craving for alcohol.

Boston. From these causes the drinking habit would naturally grow upon them again. just as they acquired the habit in the first place. --. until they have reestablished themselves in the sight of the world. will become one of the leading factors in solving the liquor question. Let them realize that some one is interested in their welfare and they will be far more likely to persevere in their good intentions. when properly understood by the public. finds ample space in which at last to . but to drown their troubles. thus adding moral aid to the medical treatment essential to building up their physical condition. while at the same time they are reclaiming those who have already fallen victims to the evils of intemperance. and are anxious to help themselves. not because of the craving.use of alcohol again. ----------------. and with their minds occupied by healthful endeavor they cease to regard artificial stimulants as essential to their existence. should be taken into consideration. When properly managed I am satisfied that 95% of all the cases of drunkenness can be radically cured. I wish simply to say that the work of the Universal Brotherhood. Buffalo. which takes the place of all desire for the use of alcoholic beverages. the only way in which he can be managed is to place him under proper restraint where he will be obliged to take the medicines until the craving is destroyed and the nervous system built up. in behalf of the poor who have become slaves to alcohol. They not only care for the patients but furnish them medical treatment and do all in their power to improve their home lives and social conditions. cannot fail to receive the commendation and support of all lovers of humanity. and I believe that the day is not far distant when the work they are now doing in reclaiming the unfortunate victims of alcoholic beverages. I am glad to say that the work now being performed by branches of the International Brotherhood League in this city. especially if the patients are made to realize their condition. is producing splendid results. because of the inequalities that have ever existed in our social conditions. When once interested in the duties of life and surrounded by influences that keep them away from the evil associations of the past. so that they can hold up their heads among their fellow men. By interesting and helping the poorer classes. Deen Hunt "And he who still with strict Compassion lives. they are supplying that pleasurable excitement of a social life which is the natural form of stimulation. then he can be made to realize his condition and the moral influences will go far towards helping him in his regeneration.201 COMPASSION by Adelaide A. Where there is no disposition on the part of a patient to overcome the craving for liquor.200 until finally they become slaves once more to alcohol. In conclusion. and elsewhere. They should be made to feel that they had friends who were willing to help them and they should be encouraged in their efforts to help themselves. For these reasons the social conditions and surroundings of those who have been cured of the alcohol habit.

It is not intended either that he do it to have it done. the hearts of those who go on. and like Arnold of old be deemed a foul traitor to his cause. as Mr. but glowing with the golden light of love and bearing the precious balm of mercy. Compassion is no weak. Compassion is strict. girded with the sword of justice. simply because he had known and loved him before relations had become strained. while Andre. momently into his life. In these days of actual war with another nation. . It must be just to be Compassion. and that drill comes hourly. the outcome of man's evil passions. wailing.die. It is to do cheerfully the small duty that looks so trifling. The initial step toward reaching the Higher Compassion is sacrifice. because in no true sense is it maudlin sentiment. like our raw recruits in camp. It is that which he most needs. and that whatever inheres in this material plane is limited. unable or unwilling to progress themselves. had become an active or even a seemingly passive opponent? This pseudo-sentimentalist would probably through the judgment of a military court share the fate of the spy. then must he take and perform that which presents itself. had the sympathy of those even though they might not condone his crime or spare his punishment. may feel sad. without a murmur. and through that very necessity of justice may hurt the ministrant of Compassion. it may be. but ever progressing toward the new light. being honest so far as his convictions is merely a yielding to the weakness of one's own nature that cannot bear to be hurt. revolving through clouds and angry flames. a false sense of duty to those with whom his lot was cast. what would be thought of the common sense of one who would bring a spy into the camp.202 suited to him. drop away into the darkness and are left behind. that may even be distasteful. he must be drilled to be of service in striking an effective blow for the help of suffering humanity. but. every act more positive in its effects. In that same Wheel of Life are millions looking longingly for the Light. It is intended that he . "He must work and if he cannot have the sort he desires or seems best --. floppy damsel wearing her heart upon her sleeve. from. every good and evil desire accentuated. seeing it already dawning for them. may ache for many who have been pulled away by those who." WHAT is the meaning of this apparent perversion of words? Why should compassion be strict? Metaphysically it might serve to show that whatever takes on form is not the Real. Can the wheel pause for these? No. and none may strive to arrest it for the sake of those who have fallen away and who must wait until it again reaches them in its cyclic round. more than him who needs its benign influence. have dragged the weaker ones away with them. before this antagonist. unable to bear the rapid motion in which every impulse is quickened. and this means that from the moment one has turned toward the path that leads to final attainment he must be ready every instant of his material existence to yield himself for the good of humanity. as yet. but even in the very depths of his sorrow man may not pause. Judge puts it. Everybody must see that there is no true Compassion in such condonation . glorious Angel of Light. many.nay. In this closing cycle when the Wheel of Life is turning rapidly. but a strong.

the help must assume the form of a tonic rather than an emollient. Each one of us will have all he can do to reach true Compassion by drilling ourselves into small acts of sacrifice that come to us hourly. in overcoming our own material tendencies. It is said of the Knight of the Holy Grail. and fit ourselves to follow on in that Path where have gone before us the Masters of Compassion. and its reflection may be made visible in our present condition. at the threshold of Peace unspeakable. and wait throughout the aeons of manifestation to aid their suffering brothers. by our dread of being pained. and in aiding with every little helpful act those about us who need them. but it does mean that we are not to be carried away by our own hysterical emotions. though we may not be able to lift a finger in apparent help.203 . There are always wounds to heal. with strength to go on. These are only some of its outward forms of expression and perhaps not of so much account as many of us imagine.'' They who have attained. It fills one with courage. utterly regardless of the swaying and urging of our personal desires. can exercise true Compassion though he seems not to move in any way. because it would be far easier for us to apply the temporary alleviation than to use the helpful but harsher scalpel or cautery. true. ." Thus only do we exercise true Compassion in our small environment. though having --. Not by taking another's work when it is his duty to do it and he is able to perform it." .the will of the highest within as if it was the object of his life. a pillar of strength? He may say no word. They. often. hearts to bind up. to bear a cross perhaps that seemed crushing one. who. Even a look of love and sympathy into another's eyes may help him to go on with a task that seemed more than he could accomplish. it is not even keep the heart pure. but have turned back from the glory. He. weak ones to strengthen. silent. having "overcome the self by the Self. of Bliss inconceivable. steadfast. of equal mind. who. having attained the point of balance. This does not mean that we are to constitute ourselves censors of our fellows. weary ones to aid. "His strength was as the strength of ten. because his heart was pure. doing our simple and always manifest duty if we put our own predilections aside and listen to the inner voice. Divine Compassion implies that the point of balance has been reached on inner planes. but by helping the overburdened and the weary. by any perverted idea of Brotherhood into slurring over or condoning acts or thoughts that tend toward the injury of real Brotherhood and the cause of Humanity. to stand firm when the very foundations of life seemed rent away. It is our first effort toward divine Compassion. but (the form is immaterial) the presence is enough. and if." Behold the text from which to write the sermon of our lives. through many long lives of sacrifice and love have won the right to bliss eternal. and see no longer "as through a glass darkly but face to face. so that our strength may be "the strength of ten" when called upon to oppose evil forces leveled against us. if it should have been sullied by evil contact. "Not my will but thine be done. to purify it. And such a Compassion are we daily and hourly environed by. Who has not felt the restfulness of one who stands firm." have lifted the lid of that too long closed eye of discernment. unswayed by the fluctuating emotions of those about him. or. it is not alms-giving. it is all the nearer true. as if his whole heart was in it. Compassion is not benevolence.

" . It is that which keeps us One.the advance step in that Order of Universal Brotherhood organized "for the Benefit of the People of the Earth and all Creatures. Lord. until the night is gone. And hidden snare. And . and true Brotherhood no longer be an altruistic dream. and memories that pall. Sweetness that failed. Strait is it. and man himself be a living exponent of the highest Compassion possible to him. yet struggle up and on. Light and Liberation for Discouraged Humanity as its motto. and subtly woven net. .eyes we see not.stirs some vague sense of Blessedness. Ever I fall. Better in such high quest o'erworn to cease. Thick Dark encompasseth the narrow wynd. with pitfalls everywhere.somewhere . strive again. for thus was the keynote struck for that true Compassion whose echoing vibrations shall ring clear and sweet throughout all time. flying many banners. And thorns that cling and tear.there is LIGHT. No going back to Youth's fair morning bow'rs. trusting. On to press Despite disheartenment and wounds and night.of failure. And "they who seek shall find. Weary? O. ------------ THE PILGRIM by Isabella Grant Meredith MY faltering feet upon the Path are set. but a fact harmonizing with all of Nature's laws. tired feet. but each in due time coming to array itself under that banner that went forth with the Crusade." This cannot be too often repeated. There is no other Way. yes . vanquished in the fray! Yet must we rise and. No rest. The goal is One . keeps together the nucleus of an army that is gathering from all quarters of the globe.all! There is but this remaineth. bearing Truth. Press on. Than in life's joyless mirth a cycle wind. Deep the pain Of ever falling. And . till Dawn ye find.there only dwelleth Peace. The pleasures of those debonaire glad hours Were but Illusions .

Thus a city.204 SOPHROSUNE by James M. is one of purest beauty. The sole inhabitant of a planet. unexampled and marvelous.and-knows-how-to-use-it.his-mind . or state. and whose observance brought man into harmony with divine Law. and this sophrosune was one of the four cardinal virtues which were summed up in right-conduct. Pryse AN Indian. it is not too harsh. not having eyes to see that "The earth is crammed with heaven. And every common bush afire with God. Concise expression requires definite knowledge. so that he may work in unison with the divine will in every realm of nature. True civilization is the regulation of human affairs in accordance with nature's laws. forces and qualities. nor have they developed refinement of language and nicety of expression. learned in the language of his tribe. The Theosophist. meant a grouping together in orderly arrangement of people representing all the various departments of life. states that the name Hiawatha means "He-who-has-found . the semi-civilized modern carries on his perfunctory worship in the expectation of a post-mortem heaven. a wifeless God whose family consisted of a single son whom he sent to this earth on a bootless errand. he was insphered by . thus forming a miniature universe. a seventh-day worship of a laconic deity who communicates with his creatures only on rare occasions. finds that each letter of it apparently expands into a paragraph of English. and the semi-civilized Anglo-Saxons have not as yet gained insight into the verities of philosophy. they are poetry of the noblest kind. who had found his mind and knew how to use it. to say that the modern peoples are but semi-civilized. The old Hellene. had a single word to express that soundness and wholesomeness of mind which comes from a perfect control of one's longings and desires. Content with fables regarded as divine inspiration. Their notions of psychology are too vague to require a definite terminology. but the ancients had a knack of expressing definite ideas in single words. True religion is knowledge of man's faculties. The modern city is a congeries of conflicting elements. as when he spoke to Moses from a burning bush. Modern religion is a war of sects. therefore. with the ancients. But their poetic imagery when theologized becomes grotesque.that same Breath which moved upon the waters of the spatial Deep. and wakened the worlds and made suns and stars to shine. the mysterious inner life breathed into it . The story of Adam. as told by the archaic writer.---------------. and that even a lengthy paraphrase is too vague to be understood without an elaborate commentary. their classification of the virtues is as loose as their practice of those virtues. and the attuning of these with nature both material and divine." This seems a long statement to be contained in one word. Imagination is awed by the vision it conjures up of that first man." Not that the religious fables are in themselves absurd. in attempting to define the word karma. the outer form of clay fresh from the great potter's hand. on the contrary.

Robinson Crusoe is a feeble romance. and it is out of these gross elements that the physical man.205 and accursed than to dwell forever in dread solitude. which was penned in imitation of it. and the still stupider Paradise Lost. But it took the semi-savages of the Middle Ages to travesty these charming tales of old times. Without the sound body there cannot be the sound mind. he was one of the poets of all time. causing contagious insanity. and God's love welled up in his heart. set afloat mental microbes enough to poison the whole solar system. the ancient philosopher was a lover of nature.solitude as vast as the brooding love of God. He contended that the European peoples were collectively insane during the Dark Ages. nor can any one who is a slave to the animal passions. Under the inspiration of such a philosophy. and the Sun of Truth illumined it. also they took into account mind in itself. May all her sins be forgiven her save the stupid Aeneid. science was the reverent unveiling of nature's secrets. is molded. till even the Eternal pitied him and comforted him with deep sleep. though convalescent. corresponding to the three worlds." and of four degrees of knowledge. and that the emanations from these decaying and dying nations poison the mental atmosphere. A clever medical man once wrote a book advocating the theory that the naturehating element in certain religions is an actual disease which comes upon old nations when in their dotage. But it has to he recognized that the blind forces inherent in the gross elements are inimical to the divine potencies. for the mind was clear as the cloudless sky. had no tendency toward nature-hating: its God was the universe as a divine One. and worship was an overflow of joyousness. which ever seek to express themselves in the outer universe. with the death-rattle in her throat in the days of Constantine. that oddly dressed people who pound drums and rattle tambourines as they parade the streets howling about the salvation of the soul can hardly be regarded as having well-balanced minds. it were better to be outcast --. making the primitive couple sermonize at each other like two sanctimonious parsons. which is utterly apart from the body. the Adam of clay. Ancient philosophy. art embodied the loveliest forms. Therefore they speak of four "minds. or swayed by longings and . and they located in it three great centres of mental action. and that the world. has not yet recovered its normal mental condition. Compared with this archaic tale. religion was spontaneous. with which even now schoolboys are tortured. but exalting himself in ecstatic contemplation of the all-pervading Spirit of Beauty and Truth. Not humbling himself before a distant and dreaded Deity. While the moderns look upon the brain as the centre of thought. the Beautiful and the True. the ancients knew that the whole body thinks. and the attributes of the One are the Good. and even the Iliad reads tamely. Whether it was Moses or another who wrote it. and senile Rome. not inferior even to those later dramatists who followed it with the lovely romance of a Redeemer's birth. however. He pointed out. from which he woke to find a maiden by his side. Then to think was to know. and only an unsoulful barbarian like Milton could caricature them in ponderous verse. No matter if the maiden proved to be his undoing. and expanding the fine old myths into an epic as solemnly ugly as an Alaskan totem-stick. perhaps unkindly. turning them into a dismal Theology. Certainly a verdict of temporary insanity would he the simplest way to dismiss the countless religious crimes of the Middle Ages.

desires, or blinded by religious fanaticism, have perfect mental health. To be of sound mind, one must practice the four virtues: manliness, the fortitude which remains unshaken by all the trials of material life; self control, the equilibrium which is undisturbed by the emotions and desires of the psychic nature; discrimination, the acceptance of truths and the rejection of irrational dogmas and opinions; and, as the syn--- 206 thesis of these three virtues, right-conduct, the full performance of duty in every department of life. The attainment of each of these virtues led to its corresponding degree of knowledge or wisdom; and the fourth was followed by spiritual illumination. This was the path pursued by the ancient to make himself a man among men, in the expectation of becoming a god among gods. -------------

OUR HOPES by Marcus WHEN the disciple obtains his first momentary glimpse* of transfiguration, it is because the character of his hopes has changed. Coexistent with desire is hope, for hope has its rise in dissatisfaction. Who is satisfied and at peace? Only he who has transformed hope into faith, as he transmutes desire into Will. But let us not belittle the office of desire, for were it not for this, the universe could not be. Because desire is the expression of an impulse originating in the one Centre - that "from which all proceeds, to which all shall return" - there must always be unrest, but through unrest comes growth. The ordinary man is forever unsatisfied. Money, distinction, novelty, he may possess and enjoy each in superlative degree, yet fail to find satisfaction. Having money, he finds that it only turns to ashes, but still he keeps on accumulating, hoping with greater riches to gain happiness. Having social position, he still strives for the highest, and attaining it, is disappointed. He turns from sensation to sensation, but in the end cries out in "vanity and vexation of spirit." This is because he has sought to reverse the method of the Centre. He has tried to turn back, unchanged, that -----------* Light on the Path, I. Note 6. ----------which it has already thrown out. He has given the Prodigal Son the husks that the swine did eat.

The divine energy, which is itself Compassion, has been, by its conductor, deflected and reversed. It has been attracted from without. Hampered by its instrument, its effect has been acquisitive. It has reached out through the lower mind to acquire, to enjoy, to increase. Its object has been personal ease, comfort, commendation, prosperity. Yet these are but necessary steps.* Man learns all his lessons by the hardest methods. He refuses to learn them easily. This is why the daily life and experience of each of us is calculated to show most glaringly his weakest points. He constantly strives to cover his weaknesses, but is never forced to conceal his good points. Rather he has often to drag virtue into the open, and label the exhibit, in order to convince people of his possession. He has worked and toiled for gain, desiring that which men call of value, hoping that with its acquisition would come satisfaction - hoping that the cry of unrest which arises in the soul itself, could be stilled in this way. But the soul cannot be defrauded. In time, perhaps after many lives of disappointment, when he has exhausted all that men call dear, and still has not silenced the demand of the soul, he -------------* Light on the Path, I. Rule 20. ---------------- 207 stops and asks himself the meaning of it all. Heretofore he has asked the question only of that which is outside of self. At the moment when he puts the question clearly to himself, disentangling it from the network in which all his consciousness has become involved - the soul replies. There may fall upon his hearing at first only a faint echo of the reply.* He may not realize that he has heard even this, but now there springs into being within his heart a hope that is quickened into warmth and life by that answering current from the soul. And whether he realizes it or not, there has begun a subtle change in the character of both desire and hope. He has hoped to find peace through the satisfaction of desire. He now hopes simply that peace may be found, but trusts not himself to say how, nor when, nor where. When the thought has once been directed toward the one Centre, it is more easily guided at the next effort,** and as he questions himself again and again, as he looks deeper, he sees clearly that that which he has so carefully and laboriously garnered and guarded, has never nourished him. He has cultivated desire, but now the object of desire has lost its value. Still he hopes. Something must be which can and will satisfy, and together attracted by the inner warmth and light, desire and hope turn toward that. -----------* Light on the Path. Comment II. ** Ibid. Comment I. ------------

When desire and hope turn inward, he begins at last to believe that the way can be found, and when he institutes this condition, the soul again responds. Belief that he may hear, has made hearing possible. Still faintly comes the response, but its gently harmony once heard and recognized, can never again be wholly ignored.* And now he finds within himself a kingdom that he has not suspected to exist. The long dynasty of personal hope is overthrown. The outward-going energy which heretofore has been able to manifest only as a pleasure-seeking instinct, finding no longer an outward magnet to which it is attracted, now yields to an interior current, and follows a new line of least resistance. It finds a broader channel, and although in the lower nature, there may be for a time some pain in loss, there must also be such gain that Desire, as such, no longer exists. It ceases to act and to be, being transmuted, by Spiritual Alchemy, into Aspiration. It has become a compeling power in the interests of the Real and the True. It is now guided from within, and coming to the aid of the Will, is made one with the Will, thus uplifting - evolving - accomplishing, to that extent, the purpose of Being. That which was first hope and then belief, is now faith: faith that is one with knowledge. -----------* Light on the Path. Notes 5 and 6. -------------- 208 THE PHILOSOPHY OF MARRIAGE By The Late A.C. Lindsay THE question of The Philosophy of Marriage is coming daily more and more to the front; men have of late years bestirred themselves to consider the subject, not always from any very high motive, but because if not their own children, those belonging to other people are getting to be inconveniently numerous. That is to say, selfish man has had his own way, and does not find it a success. To the Political Economist is due the credit of having found out that there are too many children, he finds them too numerous to feed and keep clean, and therefore says "don 't have them." Whereupon kindly disposed folk have considered what can be done or suggested to alter this very sad state of things, and the results of their considerations are various plans for the limitation of progeny. I have a general idea as to what some of these systems are, but must confess it is a subject from which I recoil as from something unclean, but a knowledge of detail is not necessary in judging as to whether they have started on the right path, and I clearly and unhesitatingly say they have not. Thanks be to the Allwise we cannot disobey His Law and yet escape from the consequences of so doing, otherwise indeed we should quickly run down the steep to destruction. Nature, the sweetest of friends, the most strength-giving of Mothers, becomes an implacable foe to those who have the temerity to set themselves in defiance of her obeying the voice of her Author, who says, "Thus far shalt thou go and no farther."

But others are troubled on higher grounds than those of the Political Economist, their ideas of purity and refinement are shocked by the state of things in the midst of which they find themselves, the worst feature being the complacence with which that state is tolerated by the majority. The standard set up for general attainment is lamentably low, and the first thing to be done seems to try and arouse the consciences of those capable of being awakened to a higher ideal. At the present time, Man is looked upon as a creature unendowed with the instincts of the lower animals and acting of his own free will, and yet, except theoretically, he does not act of his own will but is more or less the puppet of his lower passions, by the action of which latter he is often brought into circumstances far removed from what he would have wished, bringing upon others anxieties and trouble for which perhaps they are unprepared. The Natural Guardian of men's morals, namely the Church, sanctions marriage, that of Rome reserving the higher (as she thinks) state of celibacy for her Priests, and the Anglican allowing the same freedom to clergy and laity alike. They each advocate practical purity in the unmarried of both sexes, and expect it to be found amongst women of nurture, but are somewhat hopeless as regards men. Faithfulness to the one woman is all they ask or expect of the married. And here we will pause to notice the difference plainly to be seen by those not wilfully blind, between Divine and Human teaching. Christ when asked on these subjects said that "All men cannot receive this saying save they to whom it is given." An answer admirably calculated to disarm the insincere, at the same time allowing endless possibilities --- 209 to those really seeking light, and putting no stumbling block in the path of the mediocre, by ideas which though as high as they could at that moment grasp, were not so high as should be hoped for. On the other hand, St. Paul in answering questions on the subject, after explaining that he had "no commandment of the Lord" gives palliative advice, whereby showing that the moment man essays to speak without the "Command of the Lord" he is likely to lower the ideal. This would have been plainly seen by the Church had she kept her own eye single, and employed all her energies in maintaining Truth, instead of using them in trying to prove her own infallibility and authority: but the Church has never led the people as she might have done had she humbly followed in the footsteps of the Master, but has assisted in perpetuating, and in some cases originating error, and it is only when her doings become intolerable to the consciences of the people, that they are roused to insist on reformation. Undoubtedly at the present time a very beautiful idea of marriage exists silently in the hearts of some, but the ideas of society in general are such that the subject is shunned by common consent, and our women are brought up in absolute ignorance of it, as it is not supposed they could maintain the purity that comes naturally to them and yet look forward with equanimity, still less with pleasure to what awaits them once passed the Hymeneal Altar. It is true that with a true woman the joy is great of loving and being loved, supplying as it does an absolute need of her nature, and this joy goes far to reconcile to what seems to have become the inevitable, but alas! that her own sweetness and large heartedness

should only have proved the means of leading to a decided drop in her moral status, which deplorable fact, she sees clearly only when the glamour of delight at being so intensely loved begins to wane; for love (by which I mean love in the popular sense) dependent as it is, at least to some extent on physical conditions, cannot last a joy for ever, and rarely lasts long on the man's part, although much more enduring on the woman's. But to think of the general state of things as they are, and then turn to what they might be, is enough to make angels weep. Why will not man learn to know himself and respect the God-implanted powers that are within him, instead of being content to remain actually living in a less rational manner than the brute creation. Want of faith in himself is greatly the cause of his moral progress being so slow as to seem almost like standing still. He will not allow that there is a spirit within him requiring first to be recognized and then to be nourished and strengthened; and yet there are times, in the lives of many of the more cultivated men at least, when they seem under a holy influence, and when to indulge in passion would be an impossibility. This is generally when the higher nature has been deeply affected, as on the death of a dear one, or the more delightful state of loving deeply a pure woman. Those who have had these feelings will be ready to consider the reason why the animal passions have at other times so undue a power, and in considering this subject we might search back generations and still find causes that are bearing effects in the present; but as we cannot undo the past we will content ourselves with glancing at things as we find them and begin by noting the code of morals generally adopted in preparing our youths to battle with the world. They are taught to be truthful, and honest, brave, industrious, courteous, and many other good things, all of which subjects can be talked about, preached about and written about, but on the all important subject of chastity --- 210 little is done or said, and how unreasonable this is. If our ideas of honesty were so obscure as for it to be allowed that the wish to possess could not be controlled, and that we were justified in taking what belonged to another whenever opportunity occurred, should we not find coveteousness and greed very much on the increase? or if we considered the habit of drinking stimulants rather a manly virtue than otherwise, should we not succeed in training up a vast number of uncontrollable inebriates? What grounds then have we to hope that, having left the sexual instinct of youth not only untaught but open to any vile influence that may have come in its way, the results would be as near perfection as they might with better training become? I do not overlook the fact that with regard to the vice of impurity we must remember that it comes in direct contact with strong physiological laws, and although training can do much, do not for a moment assert that an ordinarily selfish man could be educated into complete control of his passions, but it is the very fact of his being possessed of these that makes it the more necessary that he should be reared in a morally pure atmosphere and have every advantage that education can supply. But too often the reverse is the case. Public School Masters and others seem to feel the matter of uncleanness is beyond them to deal with, that if an inkling of wrong comes to their ears they must take no notice, partly because it would seem as if the boys told of each other, and also it would be like prying into

the boy's inmost soul. The boys 'code of honor should certainly be respected, although I could wish it were a little more respectable, but they have got their ideas from somewhere and even their code, conservative though it be, might improve if sufficient influence was brought to bear upon it. I feel convinced that the true reason schoolmasters and others are powerless, or nearly so, to deal with this matter is a much deeper one than those usually given. The real reason is that their own position is illogical. I once heard a fast young man reply to a friend who was trying to point out the wrong of immorality: "Oh, morality! as for that, morality is only a matter of degree"; and according to the teaching of his church and society in general his position was unanswerable, but he was wrong. Morality has no degree, immorality has many degrees; just as there is no degree in honesty, but many in dishonesty, no degree in truth, many degrees of untruthfulness; and so with purity. Purity like truth is not to be tampered with, and we must put ourselves in a safer position if we would impress others, and not say, "I may be impure to a limited extent, it is natural, but you must not be more impure than allowed by the standard I have set up." We do not say it in so many words, but rather gloss over with conventionalism, and try to hold up our heads as though our consciences were all right, but they are not all right, neither ought they be. And with regard to parents, let me ask why it is that they cannot bear to touch upon these subjects even with their own children, when they know it would be so much to their children's advantage? Having asked the question I will answer it. Because their own lives are not sufficiently pure, and they are constrained to throw the fig leaves of ambiguity over the entire subject, leaving to others who have not their delicacy the opportunity of poisoning the minds of those who would, in many instances, be just as open to receive good as bad teaching. Bad influence brought to bear on the young mind produces passions and feelings for which nature is in no way responsible, and which being awakened prematurely lead to all kinds of evil, not the least of which is the fact that men have come to look upon what is, as what must be, and confuse the natural ins--- 211 tincts with the abnormal growth produced by a faulty civilization. The mind like the body develops according to what it feeds upon, and the moral atmosphere must be pure if our youths are to grow up pure, not necessarily ignorant, for in the present state of society, ignorance often means danger, and although the less a child's mind is burdened with subjects in advance of its growth the better, still a child would be happier and healthier if acquainted with the physiological laws of his being, before he leaves his mother's side, than allowed to mix with his fellows whilst still ignorant of any of those laws, and receive his first knowledge on so momentous a subject, through the distorted medium of an unclean mind. These latter thoughts apply chiefly to our male growth, and although a much more guarded plan is adopted with our girls, there is still great room for improvement. To keep every fact from them seems to be the aim, and the result is pitiable in the extreme. Sometimes total ignorance, more often a mixture of crude knowledge and ignorance, brought about by the attempt to keep the young mind in the dark being but imperfectly carried out, and accidental facts becoming known without any chance of proper explanation, and at the root of the matter is the bare fact that the mothers cannot tell their

daughters the truth, - it is not sufficiently chaste and they shrink from speaking. A general dissatisfaction with things as they are is growing on every side. Many fathers recoil from giving their daughters in marriage and many a mother dreads parting with her daughter knowing what grave reasons there are for doubting her future happiness. The physical side of marriage has received attention and importance out of proportion to its deserts, or necessities, inasmuch as it has been considered the summum bonum of marriage; neither has the placing of it in this position been to ensure the perfection of the race, or in accordance with reasonable conclusions which might be arrived at even on physical grounds, but because man loses control of himself having called up that within him that masters his will. Although the perpetuating of our species is a very important duty, and when the result of willing to do right, a very ennobling one, two souls can exist in complete harmony, even if circumstances negative their having children. I know of a case of two people who married before their worldly position was sufficiently established, in their friends' opinion, to warrant their doing so. But the girl was overworked, having taught in a school for several years, and the man craved for a home, and her society; so he resolved to have no children until their circumstances improved. The great love he bore that woman prevented passion ever assuming a higher place than God intended it should, and their happiness was greater than "The Many" could understand. Unfortunately it is only "The Few" who can believe in the utter and complete mastery to be attained by man 's higher nature over the lower, but it needs only the longing after purity to once take possession of his heart for the power of self-control to grow, soon to develop into a power, to lose which would be to lose all that he most prizes. Nothing on this earth can surpass the ecstacy felt by men and women thus standing free from the thraldom of the lower self. The mind may then be allowed to reason on the subject without fear of being worsted or of having to tolerate the inward discord between the "still small voice" and worldly wisdom, a disagreement seldom alluded to, but which, from the fact of the "still small voice" being smothered in the controversy, is continually sapping our spiritual vitality, bringing as a consequence a state of depression and joylessness affecting both mind and body, and defying all efforts to cure. --- 212 Owing to self-sufficiency and love of ease, those in the foremost ranks have not recognized the imperative need for them to move onward, but nevertheless the need is there, and those in the van of civilization will have to acknowledge that they must lead reform by first reforming themselves. ----------------

FEAR AND FEARLESSNESS by Poeri THE average mind, thoughtless and careless excepting as relates to the externals of life, fails to observe the overpowering influence which fear, and the lack of it, exert on human life.

He emphasizes his ignorance by embodying this fear in a revengeful personal Devil. . During this period of illusion. with fear and trembling. and provides the opportunity for the "blind guide" to attain to temporary prominence by posing as a "great light. and semispiritual (the semi-spiritual is emphasized to distinguish it from the truly spiritual. and questioning. he is still in the snare of illusion. he offers them propitiatory sacrifice of everything. man has tried to discover hidden behind the ever visible Effect. act as his tools. as the latter is an absolutely fearless plane of action).these. they seek to hold men in ignorance of the cause. brave. to them represents. by flattery." and the poor unfortunates. If a friend cautions them of their danger. but his selfish desires. and in his own image. who has tried to strengthen them by never yielding to nor indulging their weaknesses. and consider only. With these objects in view. intelligent. the unprincipled power-seeker plays upon. This leads to doubt. he often turns. Cesar said. fear plays the important role. but is not understood. or at best. and leads. or reason for what is observed. The "First Cause" has ever been the great mystery which. as an enemy. by those who seek control and power. are lured to their destruction. the earthquake. and praise of their "marked ability and fearlessness. Men seek to embody this invisible something. in blissful ignorance. "fools rush in where angels fear to tread. based upon almost absolute igno--. which the visible." People who possess a sort of fearlessness. Which has the advantage in point of honesty and consistency? Both are governed by fear of the unseen. man yet dimly senses some great cause concealed within the storm. . set for the self-sufficient.and the raging sea. and a wrathful personal God.fear of the unseen. . make for it a mental form before which they fall in trembling adoration. masquerading in the guise of a friend . the higher mental. is held up to them and the public. . and curses both. to be frightened! absurd! The friend. in his despair and desperation. This fact is recognized and taken advantage of. yet he has not freed himself from fear." The force of this statement will be better appreciated when we consider the attitude of the human mind towards the Law of Cause and Effect. as the moth is to the candle. until finally." He places them in positions of prominence where they. and the resulting abject fear. wandering in the darkness. There is another class of people who are best described by the old saying. in mock a dangerous person.they. in a form visible to the physical eye. In his dense ignorance. they are promptly warned against being influenced by fear. man-imaged God. who has stood by and helped them through good and evil report. thinking men and women. The African savage falls prostrate before a wooden God made by his own hand. for selfish purposes. let us at once raise ourselves above the lower plane.213 rance and over-mastering self conceit. the intangible. Governed largely by his unreasoning fear.In order that we may be placed on a common basis of understanding. the inexperienced and unwary traveler. His more evolved brother does the same before his own mind-made. "the unseen most powerfully affects the minds of men. who is seeking control and power by prostituting the sacred relationship of friend and .

to judge his fellow. learned while traveling the apparently barren wastes of life. by their awakened dupes. They had "slain the slayer. they had stepped out into the light.Independence from self ." has paid dearly for these lessons. These fearless ones then saw the Moses who had led them up out of the wilderness. Now the dark places were made light. and the whole universe was to them made gloriously radiant in the light of the Spiritual Sun. and in its place stood the Fearless God-Man. but in the Law of right action . and allegiance to such an one. "The great orphan humanity. through the practice of Brotherhood. bold and fearless. not by the spoken word.214 THEOSOPHY AND UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.landmarks of human weakness and folly. ------------------. transformed by the fire of past experiences.they had learned to discriminate between the "worthy" and the unworthy" brother . be it good or evil. The Devil of Fear had disappeared. The whole field of history is strewn with such lamentable wreckage . haply found many of these weary pilgrims. but by the work accomplished. on its toilsome return march towards the dawning light of Truth.between the children of light and the children of darkness. the highest expression of Deity. left to warn the oncoming brothers to use Caution and Discernment. they had made the acquaintance of all. with great joy they recognized an old friend. comrade and Leader who had helped and led them many times during their fierce battles and weary marches of the past. devotion. by Zoryan (Continued) AFTER reading what the Secret Doctrine says of the Third Race. and the hearts of men were to them as open books. What had they to fear. to learn that it is one of man's highest duties. equipped and ready to march into the New Cycle .into the New Order of things. In finding the oneness of all things. that they were possessed by an overwhelming desire to return and help those brothers who were yet lost in the darkness which they had left behind. not from. The Great Cycle just closed. into warriors.the true and the false guide and teacher. one could dream . that finally. In the past some have raised themselves to positions of prominence only to be ultimately hurled down into shame and oblivion. regardless of the warning cries of those whom they had met many times in the realms of darkness out of which they themselves had passed? They had "paid the price'' . They had found Freedom." and banished the great illusion of self. strong. By such methods do unprincipled men seek power and place.Autonomy with the Universe. to discriminate between the "worthy" and "unworthy" . Would they not hasten to renew their pledge of trust. thoughtful only of the great fact. and by doing this they had discovered that Humanity is Divine and should be. They had dared to entertain the mental conception that God is Human. without questioning or doubt. now that the landscape.counselor.

which really concern us in our geometric relations with this world. unconfined. though invisible. the Fire which has no limits. the resting films for the eye are necessary between which we see the space as interspaces. . from which it is never divided. which is the Divine Fire of the Heart. all including omniscient Fire of the radiance of the unity of all ideas resting in one Bliss . golden. for it is within and without all limits. when they descended with the First Race upon this earth. Well it is to know. just as a man cannot cut space with a knife. Then again the glorious Swallow of the interspaces of the Radiant Stars of the Heart. reflecting it in a thousand ways in every atom. clear.and dream through ages about the grandeur and the beauty of those beings. and as much of it again as informs a man is called his Spirit. on which the whole Universe is hinged and in which it floats. that inner core. and that this state will foreshadow the future after the primeval purity is regained. . as we know it. the Heart and free ideal Mind are of the same substance as that living. we see only as limits to our sight and limits to those invisible inter-spaces which give breadth and depth to the universe. lines. this is the Divine Fire. the inner Fire. man and world.interpreter. ever the same. . as informs a planet is called the Logos. breathing and changeless Truth. that our ethereal bodies were free. Yet the inner core of every Spirit-Ray between the defining mattershadows (for every limited idea has its limits and its shadows in itself). and they are really the same. Thus this great Fire of the core. . that lotus flower opened to the celestial sunny dew and whose prison of matter is pierced by the divine shafts of light. But infinitely better is it to know that the core of our Being. the only treasure which keeps the soul ever fresh and golden and like unto one of the immortal gods. the space remains as ever unchanged. so is the allembracing divine spirit to every manifestation of matter.and this is the great. the only things we see physically. superficies and solids in their exhaustless and yet harmonious combinations. as darkness to color. for even the limits hang in It and can not cut it. untrammeled. As much of that Truth.but in order to see this vacuity. just as in geometry the great. invisible and unprovable space becomes visible by its numerous dividing and subdividing films: points. whose defining films. these films. and as silence to sound. understanding all. therefore above all. the pure celestial dewdrop in the opened lotus of man's soul. pure. whose numberless ideal Rays are defined by their shadowy ends. luminous and dew-fresh. the Secret Doctrine says. Yes. is void of matter. And again the manifestations are different because ideas can be manifested only imperfectly and in part. container and expounder of its own spacious changeless Self.the second Fire. Then the soul itself is that vehicle. As space to form.215 radiance of Love to all that lives and breathes. under the impact of this expansive tender force become more and more clear as some roseate gauzy clouds proclaiming the glory of the Sun. And yet these floating fragile films are really dividing themselves. It has mystic breadth and depth and is of the same nature as Divinity itself. whose ideas are sunny rays escaping from their prisons of finality with the --. and which are the only things. though difference in vehicles makes the manifestations seem unlike. unmoved and undivided. and it is always invisible and seemingly vacuous in itself.

sounds but still the joy of the eternal silent Breath . the beautiful. Thou hast awakened? Then know: with me. All loves seek only me in all the husks of shadows. which are its collective speech (the Third Logos). Where are the words. formless. thus understood. the Light-bearer. what it has lost in the past.216 . that all the ripples of the water sparkle. that the beguiling current of events ceases.the third Divine Fire. as if to say: "It is of me that all dreams strive to say. the dark Son of Radiance dissolved in the skies. 173. and in it is all the blessed lustre of the Heaven-World. But simply. timeless and causeless in thy own inmost depths. unseen. These are the three Stars of the Eternal Radiance resting on dreamy mortal man and awakening his dreams to the consciousness of that great gleaming Self of Wisdom and of Light which needs no fuel to feed upon. the crystalline translucency visible to its endless end. the Bird which dives into the depths to save. where are the colors. and with my Golden Heart and my Star of Truth in its Divine Bosom thou shalt forever abide. and with my flashes. when the many cease to speak. The Eternal alone remains. the Angelic Mind. . "the inner sound which kills the outer. All ideas are but symbols of the great Truth of mine. the same above. Those moments lived on earth when it flashed through the shadowy curtain of man's life. those dreams dropped from Unity and Truth. is the only means of opening the way. where is the music to relate the greatest mystery of life? Words but confine that which opens our prison-house of time and space.their Messenger and Ray from each to all. the daring Liberator and Regenerator of Mankind. the Builder of the moving systems of the manifestations of the Radiant Truth. and though I am a seemingly different Being. that is seen everywhere and in all forms. alone." Brotherhood. the Light in transit. like summer lightning flashes through the gauzy film of fleecy clouds. No! by no outward means comes the great initiation of the human Race. born of thy own divine and undying radiance and of all thy past. the destroyer of the dark limits. All forms in a different way express my endless form. yet am I a Ray of the same Eternal. so self-sufficient. ---------------. then he completely forgets his power of the outer seeing and the shadow of its form. and as the golden mountains loom beyond its view and glorify the beauty of the scene.where no sound is first and no sound is last and the great harmony is only heard. those moments never cease in the still air of the -------------* Secret Doctrine. therefore. for that smile is so enchanting. the One is heard. so the Radiance of the Heart Divine shines from beyond the dreams and makes them true. And though I speak to thee in a different way than to others. that all the runners chase. true. around. for it remains the same forever. Dreams upon dreams pass before the soul. II. and after me. victorious. colors but darken the pure. for it is itself the fiery Fountain of all life. When a Son of Will and Yoga* begins to see in his clear rosy skies the dearest smile of the Eternal. and everywhere. the knower and container of all things." And what if a man dies? The radiant smile of the Eternal yet remains on the soul 's glorious skies. ideal.

in particles. And because the great majority would not go their way. within which every man's particular being is contained and made one with all other.Heaven-World. traveling at the time. In the musical stillness. to be hypnotized. I was naturally anxious to hear some account of the proceedings for I had known beforehand that some radical changes were to be proposed. and in those others it hears the echo-music of the Universal Heart. in division. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole. growing upside down. and the only prophet of that which must be. bright and clear.217 THE SOKRATIC CLUB by Solon (Continued) THE next time I visited the Club was shortly after the annual Convention. and which evermore tends and aims to pass into our thought and hand. that Unity. to which every part and particle is equally related. a mere handful of people. whose melodious plaint whispers so sweetly its accord with the victorious song of the World-Soul's ceaseless waves. being away. that Over-Soul. For they are now radiant dreams. the universal beauty. The Over-Soul. and to the earthly dwellers they seem as some strange and fanciful plants. as the earth lies in the soft arms of the atmosphere. and beauty. to be worshipers . So this heaven-world is not a phantasm. These I found had been adopted by an overwhelming majority. that common heart. where are the echo-murmuring sea-shells with their imprisoned sprites. that overpowering reality which confutes our tricks and talents. and become wisdom. Their roots grow in the golden soil of the heart. the wise silence. and constrains every one to pass for what he is. is that great nature in which we rest. the minority declared the majority to be all in the wrong. As I had been unable to be present. though a few. (To be continued) -----------------The Supreme Critic on all the errors of the past and the present. and power. and the fiery fountain of life leaps high into the balmy air and its waters are fragrant. and learn the depth of its own powers. thought they had been very badly treated because they couldn't have control of the Club. Here at last the heart may send forth its radiance undisturbed. and to speak from his character and not from his tongue.Emerson. the eternal ONE. in the electric freshness of the HeavenWorld the soul holds sway. yet it is not itself. --------------. but others that it sees. but recognized a leader in the work in which the Club was engaged and had accepted that leader with supreme power in the highest office in the Club for life. . and so prepare for the next battle in the earth-world. but rather the great shore of the infinite ocean of Life Divine. We live in succession. to whom I have already referred. the thought-flowers of the Angelic Mind. though it is all wrapped in its sweet dreams. of which all sincere conversation is the worship. their flowers wave towards those brothers whom they help. in parts. to which all right action is submission. which was attended by members from all over the country.

of receiving one of these messages turned the poor fools' heads. Hadn't they been members of the Club for so many years and it had always been run in a certain way and it always should be run in just that way? But there was one other little scheme they worked for all it was worth. I can count among my close friends almost a dozen on whom this little game has been tried. all so gratifying to the vanity and conceit of the participants. anyway." Mr. Grover receives his directions."Oh."I think you forget one thing. though where it comes in following a dark horse."Absolutely nothing. In fact the Universe would be run much better if the Almighty would but take our advice and profit by our wide experience. "isn't it absurd. briefly. .sense than our young friend credited them with. the mysterious unknown and unknowable." I said. that they had a great majority and wrote to many in the country we shall win and they. Wilding. ludicrous. We do so like to be consulted. They sent out the report that all the important members favored their plan. to support them in their claim?" Mr. . Wilding. . he will find that the American public are not so gullible as he evidently expected. Well.not horse .of a person. Moore.' He is certainly very fond of talking about it." Mr. ."Why. Grover contrived to persuade even the few to cast in their lot with him. . They did not accept the bait however as they had a little more common human . Mr.the few ." Mr. Moore. to have given up all freedom of action and in fact to be altogether deluded. Wilding.very question--. if some of the minority began to investigate this 'dark horse. yes. . All these people thought they ought to be consulted. Though rather an unknown quantity I imagine. their mainstay and great support. . I wonder. Moore. was what I learned in conversation in a very few minutes after I arrived at the Club Headquarters.would still uphold it and carry on its work."A sort of dark horse in fact."But I imagine they somewhat overreached themselves for their electioneering circular was finally signed by only seventeen names some of whom I never .' It is a marvel to me how the much-directed Mr."That is just it. dontcher know! " Mrs. I should say ."Perhaps I can throw a little light upon it. will lose." Solon. But in other cases flattery and the honor . I thought that at least Mr. meaning us. Moore."What is that?" Mrs." Mrs. though his few faithful followers may be. Wilding." Solon. from whom Mr. But how did he manage it?" Mrs. These people love mystery and it is really surprising what a little red chalk and a few mysterious messages judiciously distributed among the worthy will accomplish. "But. for a small minority to take that attitude? By what sort of reasoning do they presume to hold this position? Have they possession of these Headquarters and Club-rooms or the archives or anything that would entitle them to call themselves the Club? What have they. I can't say. . So the three or four chief dissenters with their handful of followers met in solemn conclave and solemnly declared that the majority were no longer members of the Club but that they . This. . Moore."What would happen. .218 able. Penta prided himself on his 'horse-sense. Then there were one or two hurried journeys and private consultations.

"But it is religious in the true sense. In some funny sort of way the minority of the old governing committee representing the ridiculously small minority of the members elected him to three offices."But. And an organization which aims to elevate humanity must also have and recognize a spiritual basis if it is to accomplish its aims. He held his chin so high and was so puffed out and had such an air of importance that the sidewalk really wasn't broad enough." We all agreed to this and Dr. of the divine nature within each."Ah! that accounts for it. I do not understand what you mean by a spiritual basis to the society. I met him the other day and I couldn't understand what was the matter with him. Vice-President. All religions claim to have a spiritual basis but while this organization is for the purpose of helping everyone it isn't religious in the ordinary sense. Then another writer of the New Testament says in effect that pure religion is to do good and keep one's self unspotted from the world. --. The Convention must indeed have been a sad awakening for her."Suppose we now go and join the Professor at the other end of the room. which used to be his favorite conception of himself. just a little more patience. Berger have been talking for the past half hour and I am sure they must have struck some very interesting subject. . But if it gratifies Mr. If it were a religious organization it would be all right. Penta. . And poor Mrs. Wilding." Mrs.. At last the one dream of his life has been realized. But I understand it now. He and Miss Holdy and Mr. but doing the will of the Father. To paraphrase Christ's words. at least not as I understand it. What an awakening it must have been to Grover and Penta to find out of over three hundred members present only fifteen or twenty supporting them." . They had evidently been talking about the new Universal organization of which the Club had now become a part."But there is one man who is happy and that is Mr. I really pity her. Wilding. and Treasurer. Miss Holdy as usual had been plying the Professor with questions with all the enthusiasm of a young and earnest member. i. though I always thought a line slightly bent suited him much better. religion is not saying Lord. Roberts coming in at that moment also joined the party." The Professor.219 Miss Holdy. Perhaps he is experiencing some of the dreadful Karma he prophesied for others. Acting President. It is a sort of harmless delusion.heard of before.e." Solon. . But I do not think our President's actions will be at all affected thereby. and I suppose he told her they would sweep the country. No one can truly be said to live unless he has and recognizes a spiritual basis to his nature." Mrs.' I guess they will have to wait a long time. it can't hurt anyone and it certainly is a considerable source of amusement. Acting President and Treasurer of the Club why should we deprive him of the pleasure. Poor Penta! To what lengths will not horse-sense drive a man! And poor Grover! By this time I imagine he regrets he is even so much as a point in space. Penta to consider himself Vice-President. . 'Wait just a little longer. . Keaton who dreamed that her mind born son was the idol of the Club. something of the same order of a man's persuading a half dozen people to agree to call him President of the United States after the whole country had elected another man as President. Lord. It must be a great care to have such a son. You remember what he said to some of the devoted old ladies. It does seem funny though. Professor.

but we must go a step further. or even a world." Mr. . Look at man. . his body composed of myriads of individual 'lives."Well. What we call the laws of nature are but the varied expressions of this central controlling force or life and are the means by which it acts." Dr. I grant that. animal and man. the mental world and the spiritual world. There is a central controlling force governing this earth and all beings upon it to which man is completely subservient in his present state of evolution. And this is true not only of an individual man but of races. I can understand a good solid material basis but I confess a spiritual one somewhat puzzles me." The Professor."I must say that your ideas. In fact it is the central. seem very far-fetched and visionary. There are laws governing the psychic world.' each having its own life. love and selfsacrifice. but I cannot see that your theory applies to a body of people."Yes. controlling."Suppose we take one fact that concerns the whole human race. . And as man progresses in evolution and --.Dr. hence his greater responsibility which comes with knowledge. What we call the man himself is but an individual 'life' on a higher plane of development who is able to synthesize these myriads of 'lives' into an organism. Doctor. The whole of humanity tends to become an organism. We are subject to these laws willy nilly and cannot transgress them without paying the penalty. It may be seen in the hypothetical molecule. but perhaps I don't quite catch your meaning. Roberts. . What would become of the freewill of the individual?" The Professor. this very fact would link them together.220 begins to live consciously with knowledge of the law his power increases to act with or contrary to the law. in a world and in a system of worlds."Then you will be able to follow me when I say that there is a central controlling force on every plane which man cannot escape from."That is all very well in regard to man. plant. It seems to me if you grant that man has this spiritual nature which links him to the divine in all men and in all Nature that any organization which seeks to aid humanity and evoke these qualities in the lives of men must have them represented to a greater or less degree in its own ranks. thus helping each individual life while as an instrument they furnish him with the means of further development. In every association and community the need . Berger. The Professor. guiding life that makes this universe a Kosmos and not chaos. . Professor. One of Nature's great purposes in evolution is to build up more and more perfect organisms and the distinguishing feature of an organism is a central controlling force or life. "Now suppose a number of men and women awake to some knowledge of themselves and their responsibility. or a plant. in a crystal." Dr. its own consciousness. Roberts. . you have at least heard the spiritual nature of man spoken of as being the very essence of man's life. Roberts. and of which the very highest and noblest qualities are but reflections and manifestations such as compassion. . Physically considered man is confined to the limits of the earth's surface."Yes. Please explain what you mean by a spiritual basis. But even though they came together and formed an association still another factor is required to make of that association a living organism.

THE THEOSOPHICAL VIEW OF DEATH . The government of no nation nor community nor even city is perfect today.J. and for the progress of humanity . and at last nearly all the members have awakened to the fact. and upon this depends its continuance as a living body." The Professor. and who can and will guide and direct this work of uplifting humanity. Watson CHAPTER VIII. its heart and various organs. It functions on the lower plane when it attaches itself to the lower quarternary.that for true progress there must be a central controlling life."Well. the life of sensation. I have some more questions to that extent will it become a true organism. it is going on under your very eyes. But neither in the case of hereditary rulers. I am not a metaphysician. . as I do not want to monopolize your attention. THE MIND AND ITS DUAL POWERS . which is the main object of our organization. each of its parts being as intimately related one to another and to the leader as are the various organs and cells of the body related one to another and to the heart. . Doctor. but a little too Utopian. and no election nor hereditary right can confer upon anyone the qualities of leadership. but will defer them until another time. When the mind functions on the higher planes. whether it be national or some society or club."Doctor. . and being linked through its heart to the higher spiritual powers in nature." The Professor. Au revoir. ACCORDING to the theosophic enumeration. . I imagine. Roberts."As you know. Then granting such a person with the qualities of leadership there will be those who recognize him or her and who not giving up their will or their freedom yet exercise both will and freedom in following that leader. . I must say it sounds all very well. The organization is thus becoming an organism. Professor. I mean that the controlling force must be represented by and centred in a person.of this is felt and various are the means by which it is attempted to supply it. mind in man is the fifth principle and is dual in its character. Now. and happily they have recognized the one in whom that life is centred.though some always recognized it . just as man is an organism.221 THE KINDERGARTEN OF THEOSOPHY by Marie A. nor of rulers or chief officers elected by the people or in any other way now in use among nations or communities can this factor be so supplied as to insure the highest good. As has been so often shown in times of crisis in the history of the world a leader is such by virtue of his own powers and because of his focusing and representing certain powers in himself. Roberts. when its desires are only to seek the gratification of the personality." Dr.THE FREEDOM OF THE SOUL THROUGH CONQUEST OVER THE LOWER NATURE. it attaches itself to the higher . It is quite a beautiful conception. having its outer and its inner nature. but I must leave you now. don't think of that. if its purposes be along the lines of nature." Dr. for it to be accomplished even in a hundred years. as I have other duties to attend to. This is the basis of its true life." ------------------."Oh. but of a very materialistic frame of mind. The history of this Club is the history of the formation of an organism. if the association thus formed.

who was born within himself. we get lost in the jungles of sense-life. then all experiences that pertain to the higher nature. all the good we have done. which only the breath of the spirit can dissolve. or of any limitation of Divine love. The mind represents the midway point. it is heaven. This state is called Devachan. They are few. we insistently limit to our material uses. and often wholly obscured. the disclosures of nature. This state is an ideal reflection of the late personality.principles and so becomes the triad. the only permanent part of man." with which the new personality is tainted. --. to furnish it with a body adapted to its needs. or turn back like Lot's wife. Being turned into a pillar of salt has an esoteric meaning. tolerance. "Many are called. are embodied after death within the astral form. All the selfish desires. a force. has another opportunity of making good former deficiencies. but when it becomes again entangled in the new personality this knowledge becomes dim. whether we will march on. the selfishness left behind? The physical body and the astral body are now disintegrated. Thus takes place the crucifixion of each unto his own saviour. it seeks that channel which offers the best opportunity for its further development. Jesus said: "The truth shall make you free. that is. the Ego refreshed. To overcome this condition is a difficult thing. this is the load of sin it must take upon its own back. and when these are exhausted. and by longing and desiring not to part with these delights of the animal man. and dwelling upon the material planes. Our spiritual insight must be awakened to the divine truths in which she manifests the Father's Love." Freedom not from the world. charity. but the production of mind cannot perish. is now ready to start anew into a life of activity. this is the "original sin. The lack is in us.222 What has become of the evil. in the journey of matter returning to spirit." The chosen are those who have received the truths into deeper soil. and the mind becomes crystalized as it were. it is an entire submission of the lower self to the higher. . The Ego before coming into material life again knows itself. where all its aspirations are realized. and rests in a state of supreme bliss. but few are chosen. The Ego selects its physical parents. Nature is not silent regarding the spiritual life. The spiritual life has the discipline of discipleship. which lives on its own plane. it means to cultivate patience. love. it is the time of choice. and every good is strengthened and ripened. are separated from the selfish and evil. Now what has Theosophy to say upon the subject of death? It teaches that when the soul leaves the body. The Ego assimilates the experiences relating to the spiritual nature withdrawing from the lower mind principle. knows just what progress it has made. it is a rest for the soul just as sleep is a rest for the body after a day of toil. all the unselfish thoughts and deeds. these collectively form an entity. Necessarily this states varies with each Ego. This selection is of course always limited by Karmic law. The duration of this period would be in proportion to the spiritual experiences of the Ego. the evil conduct. and dwell upon what we have left behind. it retires from a life of activity into a state of subjectivity. the impure thoughts. not because of any arbitrary selection. but from the power of the worldly. rewarded for all the good. It now. which may be read thus: That by continually looking back. each man makes his own. The Ego emerging from the blissful state ready to incarnate is attracted to its bundle of errors by right of ownership. as it were. however. It lies within the power of each one of us. All the experiences of one lifetime. in a fixed condition.

setting up a force of its own. Like Jesus. if we bury ourselves in the damp cellars of materialism. not because of the sorrow and burden of life. over that which must die. we must gain the victory over death. characteristic of the animal nature. its nature is to forego all thought of self even of the most ideal state. we can never be transplanted into the kingdom of heaven. when the desires of the personality have become one with the desires and aspirations of the Ego. It knows itself as a part of the great Self. but because of its joy. By deeds of kindness. Yet it dimly feels the power above it. and while one soul still remains in need that help is not withheld. It forgets all knowledge of the existence of its own higher nature. how can this be annihilated? But the Ego realizes that it is no longer an entity apart by itself. it is planted in us. the thread that links it to some superior force.223 To be one with God we must first be one with humanity. by love for our neighbor do we irrigate the soil of the lower nature and prepare it for the seed of the tree of life. and thus are we dead indeed. but because of our faith and knowledge. It would be as if the sun stood firmly fixed at noon. they function upon the higher planes in nature. Therefore must a man be born again ere he can enter the kingdom of Heaven. the warmth of the spirit cannot touch us. forever preventing the larger illumination of his setting. In its material combination it thinks only of its own personal comfort. Selfishness is not a plant grown from Theosophy. in a purer state than where the rays are filtered through the denser planes of matter. The lower self must be trained until it comes into complete harmony with the higher.the consciousness which has grown and expanded into Godlike power. not because of our pessimism or despair. then is man regenerated or born again. then has she earned eternal rest. it is forced by its own nature into the desire to help the rest of mankind. It must conscientiously . It may rest within the bosom of its Father for it and the Father are one. it is by the Ego's own effort that it advances. The divine light shines for all.The personality. This state is not annihilation. So we welcome death. When the knowledge of the Higher nature has been born in the lower mind of man. These teachings are put forward by individuals who belong to a brotherhood composed of men who have devoted their lives to the study of spiritual things. --. by charity. but we must draw nigh unto it. a prison house of the soul. and so it fashions in its lower and limited mind a God outside of itself. They are nearer the fountain-head of truth and receive its divine light. act. separates itself in thought from its own Ego. Then she needs no more experience in matter. We thus welcome Death that life may be more full. It teaches that when we work for others we do most for ourselves. the spiritual soul of man. if we enfold ourselves in the cold hard shell of selfishness. which higher self is a part of the one spirit. composed of the old selfishness and ignorance. It is not that death translates us from one place to another. which in Eastern literature is termed Nirvana. It has earned Eternal rest. the personality. So we see that Theosophy considers that life without death would be like an endless day. and feeling. but the compassion and great love of such a divine soul is one with the divine love. the All. The accomplishment of this work is the object of reincarnation. When the soul has attained complete power over the body then she becomes free. It has come into conscious recognition of the oneness of its own will with the Divine Will. The Ego is not hindered from exercising its own will power . in thought.

and will become known in the 6th and 7th Rounds respectively. Theosophy comes not as a destroyer but as a builder. the Earth will become the "mother Moon" of a new world. To begin with. to know that for it there is no death.** The elements now known have arrived at their state of permanency in this 5th Race of the 4th Round. ALL that can be said of periods so remote. it embraces all science. and conditions of existence so utterly different from the present. a regenerator. This is a direct appeal to each reader to think for himself. as yet. physical. when the "living fire of Orcus" (Darkness) will dissociate the most irresolvable and scatter them into the primordial One again. inducing men to practice what they preach. They have a short period of rest before they are propelled once more on their upward spiritual evolution. Theosophy covers all grounds. only after the 7th Round. To waste no time in regrets. -------------. but an opportunity offered us to equip ourselves with better ways and means wherewith to further our development. to reject these teachings if they do not appeal to his reason and to his higher nature. It furnishes the need of the heart. Yet we must aid one another wherever and whenever opportunity offers. appear as presentments (presentiments?) during the 6th and 7th Races (of this Round). Immortality has to be won. and the last two Rounds are usually spoken of together. we are told that the sixth and seventh Elements are. to push on. "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" The teachings of Jesus pure and simple. begins. and spiritual. and the soul of man. No one can do the work for us. This is the soul's harvest. Jesus said. is necessarily very general. it is immortal when it knows its own source of life.*** The Earth will reach her true ultimate form inversely in this to man . absolutely beyond the range of human perception. the mind.224 THE SEPTENARY CYCLES OF EVOLUTION. He can investigate these truths.+ And when the next great cycle.her body shell. mental. when it is quickened by the eternal spirit. . I. to do better. It is therefore welcomed by all who truly seek to become better and wiser. both mentally or otherwise. to know ourselves. A STUDY FROM THE "SECRET DOCTRINE" * by Katherine Hillard (Continued) THE SIXTH AND SEVENTH ROUNDS. toward the end of the Manvantara (or great cycle). to be better. however. Death is to be considered not as an evil. truly.**** Before the Earth reaches her 7th Round her mother Moon will have dissolved into thin air. THE SEVEN ROUNDS AND THE SEVEN RACES. The dwelling too much and exclusively on material things corrupts the soul. unadulterated by theologic and church infusion are identical with the teachings of Theosophy.perform every duty on every plane of life. or Manvantara. the law of love as taught by Jesus and by every great soul who manifests the Christ spirit within himself. thus only can we become masters of ourselves. On page 572 of Vol. They will. the consciousness of immortality can only be ours as we reap it from the field of experience. he can verify them by his own experience.

the 'Seed-Humanity' for the next great cycle. So the Beings. only upon a higher plane. 543. This impulse from the Moon-chain has started the corresponding centre of nascent force in the Earth-chain from the laya. *** Idem I. we shall perceive her astral body with our astral eyes. We see the dead body of the Moon. and the Earth-chain to be. the Synthesis of Science. into the active state. -----------there is a diagram of the Moon in her 7th Round. to be. finer form around which Nature builds physical the most intellectual of the animal kingdom. The "Lunar Ancestors" (or Pitris) have to become "Men" in order that their Monads may reach a higher plane of activity and self-consciousness. They will reach to the verge of humanity only at the close of the seventh Round. And furthermore we are told that "the next great Manvantara will witness the men of our own life-cycle becoming the instructors and guides of a mankind whose Monads may be still imprisoned semi-conscious. ushered into a new chain . 180 -------------. "Those Monads still occupying animal forms after the middle turning-point of the fourth Round. while their lower principles will be animating. the highest specimens of the vegetable world. who built up the astral body of man from their own substance. perhaps. By H. Now we can only see with our physical eyes that which is physical. our former selves. ** Idem I. and will create those who will become their superiors. will become the "Terrene Ancestors" of a new world (or "planetary chain"). and become intellectual as well as spiritual entities. 260. 155."** This corresponds with the statement that our "ancestors" reached the "human germ stage" only at the close of the minor cycle of the first Root-Race. "the subtler. the plane of the "Sons of Mind. P.------------* The Secret Doctrine."*** This is why it is said that "the 'Door' into the human Kingdom closes at the middle . .* That is. in the 5th Round. Blavatsky. When we reach the astral plane. has received its primitive impulse from a similar condition and state in the Moon. even though it exists. which may be compared with the diagram on p. but we cannot see it now with our physical eyes.after pralaya* . which has not yet dissolved.225 instance. or passive." have to go through all human physical experiences in order to develop self-conscious Mind." (or the Solar Ancestors). in their turn. older pioneers. In the same way the human Monads (or Egos) of our 7th Round. + Idem I. 200. for -----------* Secret Doctrine. so that all visible planets must exhibit to us only their physical form. each condition of matter and state of consciousness known as "one globe" of the seven-fold Earth-chain. 12. same volume. **** Idem I. Religion and Philosophy. will not become men at all during this Manvantara. References are to the old edition.

The only exceptions to this rule are "the dumb races. the highest mammals after man." whose Monads are already within the human stage. with which his spirit shall be identified. as these half-animals are later than.** These. 173. . kings and queens are made to stand in parable for the dual nature of man. ** Secret Doctrine. would find themselves so far behind humanity in general that they could reach the human stage only at the close of the seventh and last Round"* as before stated. **** Idem I. and then God. being the anthropoid and other apes. -----------the human stage at this point. 263. 183. for instance. wise men and their wives. which had not reached -----------* Period of rest and inactivity between two cycles of activity.226 PATIENCE A CHINESE FABLE by Herbert Crooke THE other day when looking over some children's books my eye chanced to light on the following story. 182. their last descendants again. + Idem I. because "the Monads. as we have already said. Who.*** The apes generally will be extinct before the seventh Race develops. *** Idem I. But it is said in the Sacred Slokas "The thread of radiance which is imperishable. I. are destined to die out during our present (fifth) Race. 184. ** Idem I.**** But man. It is only by the use of this key that many of the ancient writings of the East and elsewhere can be understood. or the story of Noah and his wife of the Bible? As an allegory they are alone valuable when we have the key to unlock the mystery. . and then into the lowest human forms of the next (fifth) Round. and pass into the astral human forms (or highest elementals) of the sixth and seventh Races. and on one side descended from."+ -----------* Secret Doctrine. to be absorbed into the Infinite ocean of the Divine Consciousness. when their Monads will be liberated. that is a divine being. Musing over it I was reminded how often gods and goddesses. I.of the fourth Round". 267. and dissolves only in Nirvana. *** Idem I. tends first to become a god. nowadays believes in the literal Adam and Eve story. re-emerges from it in its integrity on the day when the Great Law calls all things back into action. man. foolish as they read and seem to be to the etymologist or the collector of folk-lore without the use of such a key. 80 -------------. which has its parallel in the lore of many nations.

as in many others of the lands of the Rising Sun." But she impatiently pulled up his line and. the divine nature of man is typified as the sage. Nothing good is done in a hurry. The emperor is the embodiment of divine law which rules in all the kingdoms of nature. becomes forever divorced. remarking: "The general who can wait will always achieve victory!" .227 not live with such an idiot.Now in the following story. impatience as it were troubles the waters which cast many broken reflections. persistent working while waiting." "Women never know what is passing in a man's mind. Tai-ko-bo was a very learned sage who dwelt in the town of I on the Isui. Tai-ko-bo replied in his usual fashion. The lesson of the story is the value of patience. "You have been making fun of me all the time." After vain endeavors to induce her to be patient. instead of trying to do what is impossible? You have fished here for several years. why do you not work and make some money. seeing the sage. As of the individual man so of organizations and nations. and have not even caught a little minnow." he replied. exclaiming. he had but a straight piece of copper wire at the end of his line. none of them true. Please divorce me." The emperor talked for a long time with Tai-ko-bo. if stupidly foolish in not acquiescing in his wider knowledge of men and things. whereupon the emperor questioned him. became very angry. day after day for a long time. One morning. and replying. the soul governed by such a mind becomes hopelessly lost and in despair brings about its own destruction. Tai-ko-bo finally did what she requested and henceforward she was no longer his wife. the little nature. I have been five years watching for your Majesty to come this way and to ask me this question. One day his wife came to him and said: "Honorable husband. asked what he was about. then took him to his palace and gave him charge of the troops. The mind that is not steadfast becomes impatient. though the ignorant know it not while the wise become its administrators. The Story of Tai-ko-bo. lower mind or normal mental intellectuality of man is the sage's wife who is married to him but does not understand his purpose and. Although learned he was very poor and spent his time fishing in the river. And these old world stories are left for us as beacons in the darkness of our ignorance that by the exercise of our own divine powers we may guide our barks aright. This he steadily did. the emperor came by and. but instead of using a barbed fish hook. on examining his hook. To the frequent inquiries of the people who saw him he replied that he expected to catch a big fish. not a patience which is sleepy and indolent but a steady. not long after the separation. I will catch a big fish. This virtue can only be practiced where there is trust and steadfastness of purpose. he said: "I am showing the people the wisdom of waiting. The pages of history are strewn with the wrecks which are terrible monuments to the wilful folly of men. "wait. I will --.

is this liable to last five minutes or twenty-five?" "Don't know. As she started out of the front door. With the love of comrades. filled a cup with water and bade her take it. saying: "Empty that on the ground!" The amazed woman obeyed and asked: "Now. great sir. How grumpy he was! His face alone was sufficient to block the line. I will make divine magnetic lands." he sternly answered. DEAD-STOP! One-two-five-seven-nine cars in line. and all over the prairies. I will plant companionship thick as trees along all the rivers of America.and she was tired! Well . With the life-long love of comrades." she said. I will make the most splendid race the sun ever shone upon.Walt Whitman. the motor-man remarked "Have to get off. what do you want of me?" "Honorable Tai-ko-bo. I will make inseparable cities with their arms about each other's necks. How tiresome. I.228 PASSING EVENTS BY AN EYE-WITNESS." He looked at her sternly. . By the manly love of comrades. I will make the continent indissoluble. By the love of comrades.a lot of mud to wade through if she got off the car . "I am your divorced wife. Have pity upon me I pray you. ''Can you tell me. and along the shores of all the great lakes. No L. will you receive me back?" "I will. Leaves of Grass -------------------. He sent her to his mansion and on his return had her brought to his presence and thus addressed her: "Woman. and take me back! You are now rich and I repent ever having given you cause to put me help for it." gruffly answered the guard. when she was in such a hurry to keep her appointment! Accosting the guard.ON THE TROLLEY-CAR. .When Tai-ko-bo was once riding in state surrounded by his soldiers a beggar woman requested permission to speak with least a tenminute walk . station . "when you can put the water you have spilt back into that cup!" -------------Come. please. .

kindly motorman. "what do you think of it? Will we stay here very long?" "No countin' on 'lectricity.Lady?" "Well. for it really is a unique thing. the car was moving why didn't she know? A voice called "Lady." "It's the principles it represents that delight me.come right in here." "Dear me. she met a look in his eyes that re-called. It doesn't seem like vanity.Ah. "you paid your fare. and the words "kind hearts are more than coronets. THE LILY OF KILLARNEY Prelude.'" "Yes." --. that bait catches! In future we will know how to claim your attention. We may move in a minute. this certainly is a well-appointed theatre. Not because of the name itself. and we may be stuck for an hour." "Can't you drop that absorbing old Brotherhood work just for one afternoon?" "It is worth your while. where he says something to the effect that under all the inanities . we won't go into that point with this mandolin quartet inviting us to listen. The Lady smiled. "Lady.'" "Ah. "The name is attractive. Looking up at the big.the commonplace . I want you to hear it. our souls are nodding to each other. They seem to lose themselves in their melody. I imagine. I'm going to make a 'special request." "Sort of on the order of thing you call Brotherhood." and off she went. After walking some distance. She walked towards it. Elevators? Well. I think they feel real pleasure in giving pleasure. ." "No." said the motor-man. . Pleasure-loving friends. II. as she sat down. Lady. you have a right to ride . 'American Theatre.see the others as he tells them! How appreciative they are." he added cordially." flitted through her mind. Stand by the palms a few moments." The Play.come. The car stopped. opening the door. to Earnest Worker." Turning she saw the motor-man making frantic motions to her.of life." "Ah. They play 'Lucia' delightfully. but the Play awaits us. I thought it would please you. . how pleased he is. well. You have such a fad for Americana." "The mandolins and palms are entrancing. I can't risk that.'' The Theatre. she heard a jangling of bells ." she replied.229 "Who would have supposed there were so many people in New York! How they stream in. Lady." "Oh. one of Maeterlinck's essays. "Do come to the theatre with us.

Then you pay for. or let it go as you like. as in the case of most critics. Every Wednesday the entire house is open at twenty-five cents. You see all sorts and conditions of men here. All are not made subservient to the Leading Lady. it is a pleasure to find so well-balanced a performance.the clear water . 54. The person down on the East side has the same privilege as yourself. It must seem worth while to try to do one's best when all have an even chance. Jackson. what do you think of it?" "I think you were right about its being on the order of Brotherhood. pastor of Eastwood (Texas) Congregational Church. and claim your seat. Every man an equal chance and every one a share. it is extremely interesting. indeed. or is it because this is Irish?" "Oh. Is it always so good.H. The following extracts are taken from a newspaper report and we have to thank the preacher for the attention he has given to Theosophy.and the dainty blending of color in the foreground in the costumes of the chorus. tossed to . and are always expecting to find the real thing when the curtain rises?" End of the Act. That scene at Lake Killarney is enchanting."What is it that makes theatres so fascinating? Do you suppose it is because people have a dim sense of life itself being a play.'' End of Play.230 STUDENTS' COLUMN Conducted by J. yes . he has apparently not read deeply in the subject and treats it entirely superficially." "Don't you think the costumes and scenic effects are excellent?" "Yes." "Perhaps that is why there seems more spontaneity than usual. though we regret that. Perhaps because it doesn't cater to a distinct class.the sunny sky .' but every one first-rate. iv." "Yes.That here is given a practical illustration of the principle of Universal Brotherhood. the fact remains . "Well." -----------------. 'That we may be no longer children.excellent every time. "How good the chorus is." "Yes. reserved seats. Fussell WHAT IS THEOSOPHY? THIS was the subject of a sermon recently preached by Dr. "The text was taken from Eph. No 'stars. J. For no matter what the motives of the financial managers may be. The prices are never higher than seventy-five cents. with the purple hills in the background ." "It shows what can be done if people do not grab so for the mighty dollar. You can reserve seats as far ahead as you like and they are held for you till the week of the play. C. There is such a free atmosphere about it all.

which Theosophists claim is possible for all men . "Tonight we are to answer the question. Does the reverend gentleman mean to infer that these did not have trained minds and does he infer the same of H." Later on he refers to the Neo-Platonists and to Paracelsus. It is an ancient system of philosophy and religion combined. and its processes in material and spiritual creation. Theosophy enables a man to study Christianity intelligently. but I leave the reverend gentleman to answer for the intelligence of his cofreres) in the Christian faith and are still Christians." We are glad that he makes "no attack on anyone who has become infatuated with these delusions as individuals". Jacob Boehme and Swedenborg as Theosophists. nor have they stores of knowledge by which to test them. . Others make no such pretensions." Does . As for the possibility of exercising a higher range of faculties . but if Theosophy be "Wise about God" would to God there were more Theosophists in the world and more people seeking to become Theosophists as do the members the Theosophical Society. If so I would request him to read their works which stand out like beacon-lights in the literature of the whole world.and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the slight of men. (2) they have not been apprised beforehand of the character of the theories or doctrines which mislead them.' "He spoke in part as follows: "Among the causes conducing to persons taking up with what Paul so appropriately calls 'winds of doctrine. as the source of their deeper insight into the divine essence. "Some of its adherents profess to call into exercise a higher range of faculties than are ordinarily possessed. We would recommend to Dr.has the lecturer forgotten the words of Christ: "Be ye therefore perfect. though "Wisdom from God" is a more correct meaning of the word Theosophy. with a claim of special insight into the Divine nature.' are these: (1) They have not been intelligently instructed and devoted in Christian faith. When they hear of these novelties they cannot bring a trained mind to bear upon them." We have not much fault to find with --. or else they claim a supernatural revelation. There are many who are better and truer followers of Christ today because of their study of and belief in Theosophy. What is Theosophy? It means literally 'Wise about God' . P. And as for the rank and file of Theosophists. . in craftiness after the wiles of error. Jackson that he make an intelligent study of Theosophy before he criticizes it further and classes it with "religious fads and fakes. and we do not object that "the authors of the systems and the leaders of the movements ''should' come in for their share of legitimate criticism. the great exponent of Theosophy in this century. in fact Christ's teachings are Theosophy pure and simple. even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Blavatsky. though we Theosophists draw a distinction between Christ's teachings and the theological dogmas which the Churches have woven around them. but promulgate theosophy as the best speculative form of wisdom. how many of them has the gentleman met? Has he read our publications? Is he not making a grave charge upon very unsubstantial grounds? In answer to (1) it is sufficient to say that many of our members have been instructed (and supposedly in an intelligent manner." But we demand that it shall be legitimate criticism and that implies a knowledge of that which is criticized.231 this definition.

Eternal. Boundless and Immutable PRINCIPLE. Let me refer him to the following statement by H. conditioned being. where it is stated that John the Baptist was Elias come back again. But as a philosophy for today it is nonsense and as a religion for those who can have Christianity it is like returning to the log huts of our pioneer fathers would be from the beautiful. it recognizes material and moral evils and miseries and perceives the impossibility of escaping the consequences of sin. not from the spirit and the teachings of the Christ. since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. one absolute Reality which antecedes all manifested.' . It assumes to know the Infinite at first hand. the wretchedness and vice to be found in all Christian . comfortable and healthful ." Quite the words of Mandukya. ." If the Infinite be the Infinite it would be interesting to learn how one may know the Infinite in any other way than at first hand.he think that Christ meant it? If so. It is beyond the range and reach of thought . It is an innocent sort of a lunacy.far better than nothing. Where did he get the statement that Theosophists claim to know the Infinite. "For the heathen who had nothing superior it was a valuable religion . and thus encourage its practice. Theosophy does not deny the existence of evil. Matthew xvii. then the power and knowledge which God possesses man may and will possess also. supposing that knowledge of the Infinite is possible. What of the great masses of the people in the crowded tenement houses of our big cities? What about the poverty. Theosophy does not deny the existence of evil or that the consequences of sin can be well as heathen lands? Has Christianity lessened all this in the 2000 years in which it has been taught? Is there not something lacking. on which all speculation is impossible. comfortable and healthful homes" is not a happy one.14. But I fear the lecturer is again not very sound in his knowledge of Theosophy. through consciousness. Blavatsky: "The Secret Doctrine establishes three fundamental propositions: . But it goes further than do the teachings of the Churches in showing through Karma and Reincarnation that man may rise above evil and progress ever onward towards that perfection which Christ spoke of. "Theosophy differs from other forms of philosophic thought in discarding the process of going from the known to the unknown. P. I. -----------Testament (St. comfortable and healthful homes of today. but from the Churches and the systems of theology that have overlaid these teachings until they are almost forgotten? But even if we compare Christianity to the beautiful. 10). The simile of the "beautiful. .(a) An Omnipresent."* Then the lecturer objects to reincarnation but possibly is not aware of a case of reincarnation recorded in the New -----------* The Secret Doctrine. Then summing up he says: ''I cannot say that there is anything particularly harmful in it [which is certainly very kind of him]. 'unthinkable and unspeakable. .

let me again thank the reverend gentleman for bringing Theosophy to the attention of his congregation. Some people cannot bear to contemplate the sublime immensities of space. In the New Testament (Col. shall know of the doctrine. he said. These are the teachings which the Theosophical Society and the Universal Brotherhood Organization are promulgating and practicing throughout the world today. and yet profound Truths. It is perfectly plain that Christ was not troubled about beliefs. but nowhere is it stated that man was made in the image of the one God. dwelling in houses. the truest religion? The main purpose of Theosophy and the Universal Brotherhood Organization. "He that willeth to do the will of the Father. I. creeds. (and among these I count the simple. the lecturer did not mention the fundamental teachings of Theosophy . 27) man (adam) was made in the image (tselem) of the Gods (elohim). they are not strong enough to breathe the purer air of the mountain tops. and yet profound teachings of Jesus) must be likened to the blue vault of heaven. Are not these the soundest philosophy.232 and knows no bounds. each being required to show that tolerance for the opinions of others that he expects for his own. organized for the benefit of the people of the earth and all of today." Will the reverend gentleman inform me what religion is higher. Jackson a further study of Theosophy. and dogmas. sun-lit and star-lit. help those in distress and keep one's self unspotted from the world." or of St. is "to teach Brotherhood and to make it a living power in the life of Humanity." In conclusion. more Christ-like? It surely is not necessary for me to inform him of Christ's own saying: "Not he that calleth me Lord! Lord! shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. is said to be an . I earnestly recommend to Dr. 26. where the soul of man reaches out to the Infinite --. its many creeds ane sects.that of Universal Brotherhood and the essential divinity of man. After all a house very correctly describes Christianity today with its many dividing walls and compartments. Jackson to read the following clause in the Constitution of our Society. Fussell ---------"If man is made in the image of God. 15) the Christ. ." The Theosophical Society holds that every man's belief is his own concern.Joseph H. in fact. will break down the barriers that confine it and pass out into the free open sunlight of life. As for Theosophy's being nonsense.then Theosophy with its simple. But the soul will at last assert its divinity. "Every member has the right to believe or disbelieve in any religious system or philosophy. James' definition of "pure religion and undefiled" . or Logos. and so must needs tarry a little longer in the plains. this is "a valuable religion far better than nothing. how do Theosophists say there is no personal God?" According to the Old Testament (Gen." No doubt for the heathen who has nothing superior. and also the Editor of the newspaper (I regret I have not the name of the paper as only a cutting was sent) for giving so full a report. all that we desire is that men should seek the truth and do their duty as men and brothers. . but he that doeth the will of the Father who is in heaven. It may interest Dr.

but there can be no "image" of the Absolute. In thy hearts keep cheer. by the latter word the Logos or "second God" is intended. little ones. a long. 10). The Logos. M. long. To rise again. when he has "put off the old man and put on the new" through regaining the inner consciousness (epignosis) "is renewed according to the image of him who ensouled him" (Col.into bed you must go. for summer was like a beautiful. for their summer clothes were very thin. 9. Sleep. Theosophists do not "say there is no personal God". for Winter is here. .image or manifestation (eikon) of the invisible God. and Mother Nature's children shivered. To conceive of the Deity as a person is simply the worst form of idolatry. . which they had nearly forgotten. can he make another God so big he can't lick him. on the contrary. pretty ones . at the dawn of day. P. as the sum-total of the conscious spiritual universe. and soft . but deny that Absolute Deity can be regarded in any sense as a person. And Winter laid a snow-white coverlid over their heads. and the human being. "Little ones. iii. they admit the existence of innumerable per--. and man is an image of the Logos. and man. for personality implies limitation. and winter. and began to talk of their soft warm beds. This is the Flower Children's way. and while it is said that men have come into existence according to a likeness (homoiosis) of a God (Jas. To bring Life and Love . as a mikrokosm or little world containing in himself all that is in the makrokosm or big world.sleep. sunny day. To ascribe omnipresence and omnipotence to a personal being is only to use contradictory terms. may reasonably be regarded as a personal God. 10). to these Flower Children. Sunbeams guard thee as into the deep They send their message of love. They were getting tired of frisking about. little ones.and Mother Nature sang a sweet lullaby: "Sleep. sweet dream of sleep." The Logos is the image of the invisible God. so warm. Now Winter is here.233 sonal Gods.Light above.J. iii. Then Mother Nature called her children. ---------------- YOUNG FOLKS DEPARTMENT A SPRING SONG by Elizabeth Whitney THE wind blew very cold. as shown by the shrewd question of the irreverent small boy: "If God can do anything. come . is truly an image of the latter.

life's sweet song. we are perfectly clean. their happy. lovely world. Their summer clothes were all outworn! Sadly they gazed on one another And felt forlorn." said Mother Nature.AND ." But this was a matter about which Mother Nature was most particular . and became full of life! There was something magi--." And the Flower Children smiled. in the lovely. One little heart did her share so quickly. So. the sweetest buds you ever saw. and were fast asleep! What rosy dreams they had! All about Sunbeams.)" And presently. as when a lot of you hear that "Circus is coming. my children. and smiled. bother. and Humming-birds. And they worked. they heard the voice of Spring. "there is a great deal of work to do. briskly. pretty ones.up . dear. Up . splash! And out they came.234 cal about Spring is coming" .when - . "Children. and the gay West Wind." Ah! that was it.(just the same way. but.'' Then. mother.Sleep.thy ." or "Christmas is coming. "This will never do. would it be the same . where was the lovely color. until. for Spring is coming!" How the children jumped. and the gentle South Wind. sweethearts. The hearts of the Flower Children swelled and swelled. "Now.very firm.sleep. Just look at your clothes. How eager she was to meet the Sunbeam! In her heart she remembered. and the Twinkling Stars that told them such funny stories.arise! Sunbeams greet thee From the skies.these Flower Children lived over and over again. she was always helping out the others. and the pattering Raindrops. with eager longing to rise to the Sunbeams (had they not dreamed of them all the long winter?). rosy and fresh. Spring is coming. the Sunbeams were the very loveliest. do we have to take a bath?" "Look. The Sunbeams! Of all the loveliest things. Sweet ." Dear. Fill with gladness. singing as she glided over the earth: "Rise. "Each must set to work at once. joyous life. into the tub they went. each one as hard as possible to help Mother Nature transform things (they knew that was the only way they could rise to the Sunbeams). Mother Nature's voice called." said Mother Nature. Well . how they scrambled out of bed! What a hurry they were in! "Oh. to meet the dawn. by and by.

dear little Spring Beauty?" And the little eager heart. sweetest Spring Beauty." And the little Spring Beauty knew. Life's rich treasure thou wilt bring To all who find the Light. and are so full of joy.How long it seemed! They could hear Spring's sweet voice more clearly every day. -----------------. what is that! Kathy was on her knees in a second. and it meant that Life. little. eager heart. that showed that they really were rising. Ah. For she had met the Sunbeam. for this is Easter .Love. In her dreams she talked with them. Aren't you glad. sweet little thing. to bring Light and Life and Love. was filled with the Spring Song of Joy. they would take a walk into the woods . for she knew their language . and some day . with sparkling Sunbeams everywhere. "you have sunlight in your heart." said Kathy.perhaps --------Little Kathy loved flowers. little sick girl I know. dear.235 FEAST OF THE ROSES by Gertrum Mason The little buds were fast asleep when June the sweet Rose month came in and sang to them a little song: . who will love you and love you . brushing away the snow and saying in a loving voice. Too early for flowers. root and all. and it had whispered in her heart: "A song of Love is thine to sing. that had worked so hard to rise to meet the Sunbeam. dear little Spring Beauty? and sing to her the Song of Life. so as to get here on Easter!" Sure enough! there was the sweet. I am going to take you. how brave you are to push through all the snow. And the Sunbeams knew.and you will love her.and that is why you have come little flower. and Life and Love had come. "You dearest.because it was Easter. to a poor. that had worked so hard to rise. She knew that Easter was a beautiful Spring festival. Well. nodding and smiling at Kathy! "Oh. Well. you lovely. for Light. (What all the Lotus Group children know) Heart-Light makes Sunlight. for there were still a few patches of snow on the ground. And Kathy knew. and Light and Love had come again to make the world glad. It was Easter morning and Kathie's heart was full of the Spring Song of Joy. won't you. a day of rejoicing. How sweet and fresh the air was.

None there are so fair as we. This sweet melody called all the roses to the feast.awake. First came the stately Hot-House beauties that had been blooming all winter in conservatories.the colors red and yellow."Ah . white and red Pink ones too . arise! Open now your little eyes. merry tune: Joyfully we dance and sing. All may gladly join our set. We have made the ballroom gay. Our virtues last throughout the year. Spring has passed and Summer has come. To all the world we send good cheer. they bowed before June and said: "We are earth's fairest flower. ." Then came a whole flock of Garden Roses . Roses yellow. Alone we stand without rival. as they sang to June: "Chemists make of us perfume. Dinners.hundreds of them . In confections rich we bloom. Greet we thus the Sun our King. June's special pride we'll surely be. And at this feast will June decide Which is her especial pride. parties. Poets sing in praise of our power. gayly danced around sweet June and sang a happy. We will ask of him a boon To crown as Queen the Month o' June.little buds . Joy give we." Then Apollo the Sun God.and very jolly were they. Then will we a grand feast spread. in the sick room. Away we will go to the Land of the Sun!" Then did the little buds arise and rubbing hard their little eyes. and when he struck all the colors at once it made white. began to play upon his lyre of seven strings . (people say) Are not complete without us.we'll not forget. Every rose upon the earth We'll invite to join our mirth.

I was often accompanied by a large yellow cat. bright.Nature's own child It lives to give And it gives to live For the best of living is love. and after he had made sure I was all right. and was confined to my bed for some weeks. He sat there quite a time and we talked.why. and a very loving look I thought it was. Sitting there one day and enjoying it very the God of fear. for I love them all). Kramer Some years ago I lived in the country. then two little green hands. Every morning I used to go out to attend to the flowers. big. too. This went on for a long time until I was taken sick. and sent by the birds a message above .C. By highways and hedges you'll find June's pride Shy little Sweet Brier . but when I was getting better I would sit just inside the kitchen door.with silvery sunlight . So I went every morning to talk to my little friend and always found him waiting for me. yellow eyes.June told me so! --------------MY FRIEND FROGGY by E. where the sun came in on me. he hopped off again.June's special pride are we . and then the whole body of my little friend Froggy was sitting looking at me. powerful being as I must have seemed to be to little froggy? .236 so I went closer to him and he did not move. He did not seem to be afraid of me.June turned aside. And Love sent forth his shining dart quivering into Nature's heart . I heard a little noise outside as I sat looking down at the doorsill. when what do you think I saw! .rosy flame from the dawn ." Then from these roses filled with pride . One morning I stood looking around as usual.thus Summer's sweetest child was born. straight in the face. --. we had quite a long talk and came to a good understanding with each other. you know. a little green head raised itself just over the sill of the door. as if he was trying to find out if I looked as though I would hurt him. but looked at me with his great. who would sit beside me and seemed to take quite an interest in what was going on. At last I got quite close to him and commenced to talk to him (as I do to anything I meet. Now no doubt some of you can tell what made this little creature come to look for such a great. then two large yellow eyes. and in the garden were several lilac bushes (one being right between the stoop and a window). when what should I see but a large frog sitting right under this lilac bush looking at me. And the reason I know .

On the float were twenty-five children of the Lotus Group. L. and placed them high up as I could reach out of the way of harm. Pierce. The closing public meeting will be to celebrate the anniversary of the departure of the Crusade. flag). So I put my hand flat on the ground. Williams will be present. for he had his nose close to the ground. I could not see anything for some time. in white on a yellow ground. The other children were seated each holding two small flags. DECORATION DAY. F. H. a girl dressed as Liberty in the American and Cuban flags and holding the Banner of the I. and on looking closely at them I found that the bee that was being carried had been hurt in some way. for he walked directly on it with his burden on his back. the Stars and Stripes and the flag of the U. and his brother bee was taking him home or to a place of safety. M.Meetings of the Aryan T. W.. L.237 THEOSOPHICAL ACTIVITIES NEW YORK. I went to see what was the matter with him. This will give an opportunity for our workers to enjoy a little relaxation during the hot months and to begin work again in the fall with renewed vigor. L. Lodges in New York. (the S. B.----------- LITTLE BEE BROTHERS by E. and the U. a social gathering for members only is to be held and is understood that a very attractive programme with music has been arranged. the other a boy in a naval suit holding the American Flag . . the latter having the letters I. Tingley. . when I heard the dog barking furiously. Kramer I was sitting on the stoop one day sewing. . close for the summer June 12th. in the Aryan Hall. B. all the Lodges and Branches in New York participating. but kept turning round and skipping about as if he was crazy. S. On account of going to press earlier this month the report of the meeting will appear in next issue . On June 13th. 1896. but on looking close to the ground I saw a large bee carrying another bee on his back. one. R. Patterson and Rev.the Stars and Stripes. Mrs. I thought they would be able to find something to eat on the tree till the sick one was able to go to his home. B. B. I wonder if some one can tell why the dog did not keep his nose close to the ground? And why he kept turning round? And where the bee got his brotherly instinct from? ---------------. M. June 13th. This will be held Sunday. A. and the bee seemed to understand what I wanted him to do. he did not keep it there long. two of whom stood on a raised platform. to resume in September.the present date of writing being the tenth.C. The wheels were one mass of yellow and white chrysanthemums and also the dashboard. The Hall is to be decorated with the Crusade Flags. T. June 12th. and I carried them to a large tree.In the parade on Decoration Day in New York the International Brotherhood League was represented by a large float beautifully decorated with the Crusade flags of the nations and flowers.

AUSTRALIA.' To recognize the first there were but few. was entrusted the introduction of the philosophy and science of the true nature of the Universe and man. . The following extracts are from the letter referred to: "This was the third and complete establishment of the sublime ideals and objects for which this institution was founded at New York. S. SWEDEN. to recognize the second there were some hundreds. His work was preservative. .238 tralasia. T. This representation of the International Brotherhood League in a military parade is of great significance. in Australia (N. P. Brothers Crump and Herbert Coryn attended from England by request of the Head of the E. H. All members should secure a copy. March 13th. S. .the Mayor taking part. A. B. in 1875. in the midst of a materialistic age. the 'friend of all creatures. to bring Light. many who have never forgotten the stern lesson that the death of the second Leader was directly caused by want of recognition and the weakness of some of his intimate supporters. giving an account of the Convention of the T. represented. S. our second Leader and Teacher. . . February 18th. . S. but 'for the people of the earth and all creatures.There was also a Lotus Group banner held by one of the children. L. P. Mayor Jones of Toledo has devoted to the use of the public. . CINCINNATI. A photograph was taken of the float just before starting and has been reproduced in The New Century of June 11th. . at the Convention held in Sydney. and declare the T. in which they accept the Universal Brotherhood Organization. not for one Race alone. held in Chicago. but to recognize the third there is a well-organized army situated in all parts of the world. to carry out the sublime and beneficent purpose of Brotherhood. known to his friends. Mr. These Three form an unbroken triple cord . "The third step was taken by our present Leader. in Aus--. The float was accorded an excellent position in the parade and the Grand Marshal expressed great pleasure in having the I. Judge. preserved by the Helpers of Humanity through all ages in their archaic purity and integrity for the present and future races of mankind.Cable reports from the recent Convention held in Sweden state that the Universal Brotherhood Organization has been adopted by a great majority. and Liberation to the Human Race. B. W. To that wise and heroic heart.The President of the T. in Australia to be part of the Theosophical Literary Department of the U.) has issued a very interesting letter to the members in Australia. . He also visited Toledo and lectured before several hundred people in Golden Rule Park which the Hon. The subject of the lecture was "Brotherhood" and several questions were afterwards asked . Burcham Harding has recently been visiting Cincinnati and as a result a new Lodge of the Universal Brotherhood has been formed in that city. and also copies of the Resolutions adopted by the T. S. . who carried for so long the weaknesses of his untrained associates. Her work was creative.' William Q. but since laid bare to the world by their own deeds. B. Truth. Blavatsky. S. All along the line it received great applause and was the cause of much appreciative comment. and who preserved at the cost of his life the purity and sacredness of the gigantic task of H. "The next step was taken by the martyred successor..

and so choose their own fate. and the application was -------------.239 forwarded by the outgoing mail to America that day. and those who fail to grow and expand to the new environment will cling to the disintegrating shell of the past. Mr. Miss Wood. "The first public meeting convened by the Local Committee of the International Brotherhood League. The following interesting account has been received: "On April 15th at the usual Friday evening meeting of the Waitemata T. S. on Thursday evening. (N."The work of the third is that of Regenerator. in Aust. right away. Clair spoke on "The necessity for practical Brotherhood" and showed how selfishness and the want of brotherly feeling caused all the misery and suffering in the world. W. B. Hickson contributing. Willans. "The glorious forces of the Sun are liberated and overpower all obstacles that would madly seek to stop its masterful power. "The work of the Regenerator must prove destructive to old forms." Bro.T. For the work of the Regenerator dispels the darkness of the past that has so long shrouded the divinely human being. T. Mrs. and that if man would but live up to the high ideal of Brotherhood there would be no need of war and the suffering and poverty in the world would cease. "A number of friends remained behind to give in their names as members. "White Lotus day. S. Miss Evitt gave an excellent paper on the "Sorrows of the Poor. Wilcox read the objects of the I. Neill as Delegate from the two Thames Lodges presided. Z. Clair and Mr. Accordingly an application was written out and signed by members present. B. President of the T. "The proceedings were opened and interspersed with musical selections. and form a branch of the U. the first day of a new cycle well-known to many. The Rev. S. W. St. and the last hour of a long cycle of spiritual darkness. Mrs. was held in the Tailoress Hall. several who were absent came into town and signed next morning. All hail to the rising sun of righteousness never more to be dimmed from the memory of man. Cook Street. St. John St. " . Bro. and other interesting information from the New Century. May 8th being Sunday was observed in the usual way in . S. May 5th. L. the depth of whose degradation has been witnessed by those who were prepared to see during the last six months the darkest hour that comes before the dawn of the New Day and the New Life for Humanity. and Mrs.). Jackson. Davy. in Australasia (N. Clair.S. J. Thousands of hidden souls have sprung out of the dark to proclaim with irresistible force the new-born spiritual life of humanity. particulars of the "Universal Brotherhood" organization were read. it was unanimously resolved to adopt the new constitution.) NEW ZEALAND. Pres. Her crowning act was the establishment of Universal Brotherhood on the 18th day of February.. and so delighted were members with the movement that on motion of Bro. The Chairman explained the objects of the meeting and traced the history of the Theosophical Movement up to its unfoldment into Universal Brotherhood.

" THE SEARCH-LIGHT.. St. Hon. and Universal Brotherhood promises to meet a want long felt in this Colony. we are able to have music and singing at each meeting and the little sunbeams are charmed with the songs in the Lotus Song Book. St. Members joined in singing 'The White Lotus' from the Lotus song book and the meeting closed with an organ solo. Clair. "Lotus work is carried on regularly at the Thames. Y.. The meeting opened with an organ solo by Mrs. Dr. "Regular public meetings are to be held at which music will be a special feature. 114 Madison Avenue. Anderson for the loss he has sustained. Sec. Jerome A. and other stuff to the Boys of the 65th in camp at Falls Church. This publication is for members only. and the Public Library made an appeal for books to go along at the same time. THE LITERARY STAFF OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA. however.Fanny St. P.M. Tingley Lodge. --. They have a new book shop in Mary Street where T. Thames. THE PACIFIC THEOSOPHIST. P. The work of this department is being rapidly pushed forward and by Fall will assume large proportions and through its means thousands will be reached. S. Vice President of San Francisco. Judson. Thanks to Bro. B. and K. Clair and was followed by readings from the 'Voice of the Silence' and reminiscences of H. continue active work and are making good progress. Pryse is also writing a new book for students and has already prepared the first of a series of pamphlets which will be issued under the auspices of the T. where heretofore only hundreds have heard of Theosophy or the work of the Society. N.commemorating the anniversary of the departure of H. ". Marine Chambers. Lodge. conducted by Mrs. The children meet every Sunday morning at 11. Thames. Clair. We hope. and at Headquarters. Anderson. also some of the plates of Dr. A. B. James M. Mr. S. who has kindly lent us his American organ. BUFFALO. B.240 Anderson's new work. It is with much regret that we hear that the offices of the Pacific Theosophist were partially burned and much valuable matter belonging to the magazine destroyed. has nearly completed a new work. both met with the hearty cooperation of the Buffalo public. Search-Light. No. A. "The H. the Literary Department of the Universal Brotherhood. that the magazine will soon resume publication and extend our regrets to Dr. literature and magazines can be obtained. and Lodge No. DEAR EDITOR:The Buffalo Evening News has fathered a scheme for sending a car load of provisions. II of this interesting publication has been issued and may be obtained by members sending 10 cents to the Editor. June 9th. P. 80 of Universal Brotherhood took . Va.30 A. The pictures of the New Century causing the passer-by to halt and look in. The following letter is of interest as showing how the Buffalo Branch keeps ever up with the times. 1898.

Essay on Friendship UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. if it don't. S. . and the extracts from the Preamble and Constitution and By-laws.H. One of the first companies of Volunteers to leave this port went equipped with Brotherhood literature. nor expect to accelerate births of the eternal. "there was to be no freedom for human thought. HISTORIANS seem to have regarded the murder of Hypatia as the death-blow to Philosophy at Alexandreia. M. The orthodox Homoousians had been engaged for a century in a mortal struggle for supremacy with the heretic Homooisians. however arbitrary. to engraft their notions upon the Roman world. Mme. at present visiting in Tampa. Men murdered one another . . writes as follows: "There has been considerable interest among the soldiers and I hope good work for the cause of Brotherhood. all nicely covered with our special cover. Stevens TAMPA." Certainly the Patriarchs at the Egyptian metropolis had spared no endeavor.J.Emerson. and I am inclined to think it will create more than a little talk on the subject. New Century and such other reading matter as was at our disposal. W.. S. with all the leisure that the boys have at their disposal in camp it will be strange if at least half of them do not get a sight of that "cover" if nothing more. New York. . we have made our effort just the same." Several hundred leaflets have also been sent for distribution.D. de Santos. and to bring about uniformity of religious belief. stating who and what we are. why. Through the efforts of Mrs. the literature being eagerly read by many. 1898 No. Fussell --------------------- AUM "Leave to the diamond its ages to grow.W. A. Abbott. This is excellent work and is having good results. "Henceforth. They sent a messenger for it the day before embarking on the transport. a member of the Aryan T. The doctrine of the Trinity had been officially promulgated by the Council at Nikaia. of Tampa. Professor Draper characterizes it as a warning to all who would cultivate profane knowledge. Florida. copies of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD and the New Century are on sale at the camp and many have also been given away and find much favor among the "Boys.advantage of the situation by sending along about 200 copies of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Every one must think as the ecclesiastical authority bade him. FLORIDA." he adds. XIII August. 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PHILOSOPHY AFTER THE DEATH OF HYPATIA by Alexander Wilder. the time of our meetings.

The distinction of clergy and laity which was before unknown. Another dogma was hatched from the --. and made Sunday the sacred day of the newer faith. Such Egyptian customs were also adopted by the priests as the shaving of the head. and her murder was the one infamous act which placed a lasting stigma upon the reputation of the unscrupulous ecclesiastic. Mary the Mother of God. Relics of saints were exhumed with which to work miracles. Theodosios the Emperor had proclaimed Christianity as the religion of the Court and Empire. a person in shape like a man. The course of affairs in Egypt at this period was in strict analogy. the "Great Mother" of the former faiths. Setting aside the spiritual conception of the Supreme Being. repudiated utterly the learning of the teachers at Alexandreia. which was sure to be better fitted to his purposes. The Egyptian learning was denounced and interdicted. and after that the Jews were driven from Alexandreia. desecrated the temple of Serapis and destroyed its magnificent library of seven hundred thousand scrolls. The next step to be taken was to put her out of the way. The nitre-fields abounded with monks as numerous as frogs. The Catechetic School. His whole career was characterized by kindred enormities. Cyril succeeded to Theophilus and maintained the same policy. Egypt surpassed all other countries in religious fanaticism. The Arians who were suppressed at . The break with "paganism" was thus made less marked. and Gregory of Nazianzen praised it as the most Christian of all.244 slime of the Nile. and her worship established beside that of the Trinity. were transferred with the necessary modifications into the creed and liturgy of the church. The patriarch adopted the new doctrine. The former worship was forcibly suppressed.upon the religions issue of homoian and tauto. the celebration of Twelfth Night. and teaching the doctrine of the Trinity in its truest form. The learning of the city was now in the hands of the adherents of the former worship. and Hypatia was teaching in the School of Philosophy. which had been established and sustained by Clement. one faction had been no sooner exterminated than another as formidable appeared in the ranks of the victorious party. and seems to have enforced its general acceptance by the aid of an army of soldiers and monks. was now introduced. became Mariam Theotokos. The ignorance and fanaticism that reigned in Upper Egypt and Mount Nitria. The Novatians were first assailed. and ready at summons to seize their weapons and do any violence to promote the cause of the Prince of Peace. In the French Revolution of 1793. The patriarch took sides with the larger party. Origen and others of superior scholastic attainment was in the way of the new form of religious progress. The patriarch Theophilus closed the Cave of Mithras. the burning of candles around the altars and robing in white surplices. The goddess Isis. the Catechetic school was closed. but such Egyptian customs and notions as had been deeply infixed in the regard of the illiterate commonalty. it was taught that God was anthropomorphic. who drove the other party from the country. He had no sooner seated himself in the archi-episcopal chair than he set himself at the suppressing of rival religious beliefs. The attempt was made to substitute burial as a Christian usage for the ancient practice of mummying the bodies of the dead. and the Arian church-buildings were seized by the partisans of the patriarch.

They dedicated a church at Babylon to their murdered bishop. of which there is a Latin version. the old worship had been effectually suppressed. have been left untranslated. Large numbers of monks. This separated Egypt from the Catholic Church. and controverts the objections of that philosopher. He was a zealous Platonist. and the various peoples and tribes from Northern Europe swarmed over the Southern countries. Under such conditions a high degree of enlightenment was not easy to maintain.Alexandreia. and then risen from the earth erect as ever. however. that of the Logos incarnate. Like --. His works. by incessant rivalries of the clergy. This was all within seventy years after the decree of Theodosius. it sprang up anew. found protection in the camp of the army. After Vandals. He was learned and profound.245 the flexible reed. and produced extensive expositions and commentaries upon the doctrines of Plato and Pythagoras. and the country abounded with pictures on the walls of the churches representing him as slaying the Dragon of Athanasian error. and sometimes with Aramaic or Chaldean. however. and others who had professed Christianity. Isaac. Severe as was the shock from the murder of the daughter of Theon. either politically or morally. The Egyptian church took up the controversy and was condemned by the Council of Chalkedon. Now. The ill-governed provinces revolted. and even into Africa. the Nubians overran Upper Egypt. there were others to occupy the place acceptably in the lecture-room. and flourished for many years. and innumerable religious broils. the patriarch of that country and Mesrobes. writing had been done sometimes with Greek letters. all of which tended to weaken the imperial authority. There were troublous times over the whole Roman world. The School of Philosophy at Alexandreia had still continued its work. The extinguishing of one luminary had not utterly darkened its sky. and two others from Armenia. now took part at the rites of lsis and Serapis. The Alexandreian text of the Bible was . While these things were going on. Syrianus was the principal teacher. Heretofore. it had bent as the storm passed over it. had planned the forming of an Armenian alphabet after the plan of the Greek. The change of religion had by no means strengthened the Empire. He wrote a commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle. Goths and Allemans. aid therefore his body was not like that of other men. and less than forty years after the death of Hypatia. It had been confidently affirmed that under the forceful measures that had been employed. There he died in the year 453. of Constantinople. a statesman of great learning. sometimes with Persian. a partisan of Cyril. About this time Eutyches. Attila carried devastation close to the walls of Constantinople and then into the heart of Italy. and at the same time he regarded the writings of Plotinus and Porphyry with a veneration similar to that which he entertained for Plato himself. but only served to reveal the presence of other stars that had not been observed before. George of England. and his lectures were frequented from all regions of Western Asia. came the Huns. and brought the religious war into geographic lines. It had been followed instead. He was an indefatigable writer. was excommunicated by a Council for teaching that Jesus Christ had only one nature. Among the students who attended his lectures were Moses. of Chorene. now St. most terrible of all.

His endeavors to establish a new Lyceum. doubtless. This certainly was the fact in Egypt. But there had been set up partisan lines at Alexandreia between adherents of the old worship and the new. Very little of the literature of that period has been preserved to the present time. There were eight different kinds of this article. Another was the increasing indifference to classic learning and literary attainment. at which Hypatia and Synesios had been students. and Alexandreian Christians were hardly willing to sit at the feet of a teacher. and these have since been in high --. but they extended their labors to the writings of different classic authors. Shortly after this. The Saitic papyrus was of inferior quality and was sold by weight. Under his tuition they made remarkable proficiency in the several departments of Greek literature. Syrianus left Alexandreia. and several other works that are now lost. who did not subscribe to the formulas of doctrine promulgated by the Council of Nikaia. a treatise upon the Sacred Art of Alchemy. was now enjoying a fair degree of prosperity. and from this time the later Platonism made its home in the city of the former Akademeia. a native of Upper Egypt. The skill in preparing of papyrus was almost wholly lost. The Platonic School at Athens. He possessed excellent literary ability and composed several works. The arts in which that country had formerly excelled were now passing utterly out of knowledge. It was true that after the closing of the Catechetic School. and likewise admirers of the Patriarch. Olympiodoros. They were too sagacious. who required all books to be destroyed which they did not approve. was the founder. They resolved to have a new Armenian version from the text which they regarded as the genuine original. a history. not to be aware that the knowledge of the Greek language in its purity was not to be had from Cyril and his ill-taught associates. They accordingly joined the Platonic School and became pupils of Syrianus. among them commentaries upon the writings of Aristotle. As a result of this. however. were not very successful. Not only were they able to make the desired new translation of the Bible. and was written in Aramaic letters. One cause. There were . The history of Armenia which was written by Moses of Chorene is a monument of learning and accuracy. The young men. Alexandreia was fast losing its reputation as a literary metropolis.246 favor it the Roman Church. of course. Its conductors extended an invitation to Syrianus to remove to that city and become its leader. The translation in their possession had been made from the Hebrew or Aramaic. as being the first school of learning in the Roman world. and was used for the sacred books at the Temples. and there were two cheaper kinds sold in Rome. however. It held this distinction until the next conquest. In the meanwhile a vigorous attempt was made to establish a Peripatetic School of Philosophy at Alexandreia. was the bigotry and intolerance of Emperors and prelates. equal to it in value. and for the scrolls in the Great Library. Armenia became a seat of learning. The hieratic was the best. there had been a turning of attention to the doctrines of Aristotle. Moses and his companions were accordingly sent by them to Alexandreia. were devised in the reign of the Emperor Octavianus. were Christians. Two more kinds. however excellent.regarded by them as the authentic version. The invitation was accepted.

Every book written upon it has perished. There was really an agreement. He inculcated the harmony of all truth. one distinguished pupil in the School of Olympiodoros who was destined to outshine those who had gone before him. He omitted no opportunity to perfect himself in liberal other kinds made at Alexandreia after what were considered improved methods. By the conjoining of these two the cosmos or universe emanates with all things that pertain to it. the Commentary on the Timaios of Plato. Proklos. and endeavored accordingly to show that there was a direct and vital connection between every teacher. a treatise on the Platonic Theology. So broad and profound was his learning that Syrianus named him as his own successor in the School of Philosophy. however. except those which were written upon vellum or parchment. a native Egyptian of sacerdotal lineage. He was also in familiar relations with the principal men of learning at Alexandreia. immovable in ever-being. but consisted in an arresting or constraining of energy in its legitimate action. Proklos was thoroughly proficient in the Oriental Theosophy. and Eighteen Arguments against the Christians. There was. in Lykia.the Active and Passive. Only five books of this work remain. He appears to have been unfavorably impressed by what he witnessed of the social and religious influences prevalent in the city. and one to Athena. nevertheless. the latest of the men set apart by Hermes. No book which was written between the third and eleventh centuries of the present era has remained. through whom. Hence we know little more of the philosophers of Egypt. He regarded himself as the last link in the Hermaic chain. the Monad. and excepted to Christianity because it was unphilosophic in respect to this subject. Theologic Institutes. Proklos. He removed to Athens. At the age of twenty-eight he produced his masterpiece. A literature which cannot be preserved becomes speedily a dead literature. to the Muses. however much they might seem to differ. He also wrote a Commentary on the First Alkibiades. came to Alexandreia to pursue his studies. by perpetual revelation. He had the deepest confidence in his own sacred calling and office. the Positive and Negative. one to Hekate and Janus. the son of an Asian of the city of Xanthos. rhetoric from Leonas. a Grammatic Chrestomathy. he affirmed. He could not conceive of the Creation of the Universe by arbitrary fiat. he manifests himself as Two . and in the Latin language at the Roman College. He considered the Orphic Hymns and the Chaldaean Oracles as divine revelations. was preserved the occult knowledge signified in the Mysteries. between the Chaldaean Oracles and the Western . general knowledge from Orion. like the cheap paper of our modern time. --. and a people without a literature is barbarous. the daughter of Plutarch. soon fell to pieces. also Hymns to the Sun. did not teach that evil was of or from matter.the Duad . between the Dialectic of Plato and the Reasonings of Aristotle. which. he also received instruction in mathematics from Hero. the others are lost. the essence of Mind and the principle of Matter. Besides attending at the lectures of Olympiodoros. however. By projecting his own essence.247 He believed the utterance of the Chaldean Oracles in the matter: That prior to all things is the One. and became the pupil of Syrianus and Asklepigenia. two to Aphrodite.

overcoming the mundane life. Like the Rabbis and Gnostics. all the activity and all the forms that are so much admired in it. do they move together. made by the writer from his treatise entitled The Later Platonists. and star-like. the soul takes this picture to itself.'" Perhaps no philosopher of the ancient period was more broad. the metempsychosis or superior life is thus explained by him: 'After death the soul continues in the aerial till it is entirely purified from all angry and voluptuous passions. He even taught that there were symbols or tokens that would enable a person to pass from one order of spiritual beings to another. Wherefore. which has happily escaped the wreck of Truth amid the rocks of popular error and poetic fables. the dharma of India. which is immortal. moon and stars. We are forcibly reminded of the confession of the audience on the day of Pentecost. or each its way? Why do we see and feel them as the one beauty? The eyes of the child-mind open with blissful wonder. till he arrived at the absolute Divine. the ancients say that there is a celestial body always joined with the soul. rendered the individual an organ of the Divinity. A spiritual substance [Mind] is the Cause of the Universe and the source of all order and excellence. The First Principle. 'There are many inferior divinities' he reiterated from Aristotle. ---------------. All must be led up to this Primal Substance which governs in subordination to the FIRST. invented to instruct the common people and secure their obedience to wholesome laws. but only one Mover. this physical world of ours. many are the attempts to fathom its mystery. and becoming the utterance of a Superior Will. All that is said concerning the human shape and attributes of these divinities is mere fiction. everlasting? In deep reverie. Unity seems to pervade all: the one sky blazes with sun. "He [Proklos] elaborated the entire Theosophy and Theurgy of his predecessors into a complete system. The following summary. Proklos comprises in a single concept. nor anything that is the object of sense. beyond a doubt. the "good law" of Zoroaster. them it doth put off by a second dying of the aerial body. the ." "The state after death.248 A FRAGMENT by Zoryan ADMIRABLE and beautiful is the outer plane of existence. that everyone however remote and alien in personal affiliations. presents a fair delineation of his views. would make one the possessor of this talisman. as it did of the earthly one. the gnosis and intuition of Western mystics. however. the oracular wisdom of the Chaldean sages. a moment seems eternity. "This is the general doctrine of the Ancients. higher and higher. which. nor Water. he inculcated. Faith. "His Theology was like that of the others. and yet so comprehensive. Why do these ever-shifting beauties seem to strike the soul as something ever present.' and he believed with lamblichos in the attaining of a divine or magic power. he cherished a profound reverence for the Abraxas. the 'Word' or 'Venerable Name. more catholic and liberal in his views. luminous. speaking a wisdom that he did not comprehend. meteors and bows of wondrous colors. ideal. is neither Fire nor Earth. heard alike the utterance of the apostle in his own language.Philosophy. with clouds.

whence the origination? Surely it must be. to earth. . it must be. he sees the order of Nature everywhere. it always will be. close your eyes again. how do they move unerringly in space and take cognizance of their coworkers. Yet all forms speak of this form. Motion is. Who will lead out of this astral world of real phantoms? If the spectator has faith and is not bewildered. and the meaning of all. But a new wonder springs.249 jective form of thought. and all solid things speak of this dream. then once again opening your eyes. lo! a third picture is on the sky. And what speak they indeed? They speak of the one form of space. heat and sound. Then when the soul is perfectly satisfied. till he stops at the threshold of the Unknowable and becomes silent for a while and bows before the ineffable mystery. He sees a power of strength and a beauty of form beyond the crystal. He brings forth a truer philosophy and lifts up the thought of men.and veils of the beyond. to star. wonder of it! Why do things move and stand at the same time. Now he craves for numbers to count his modes of motion. the dweller of the middle plane.where is the centre. that is true! But who moves. But his outer eyes are too open. You can protest. Who has ever seen matter? Colors we perceive. Light. purpose of all. He studies sciences. Without it all would be solid and we could then touch nothing. or they know themselves? Are they the microscopic Gods? Then the investigator returns back. Now he sees the One expressed in the many. and without admixture of which no relativity could exist. Again he turns to man. is silent. move in the world and stand in the soul. O. glad and content. yet dreams are unknown as long as they remain but symbols . the skies are shifted. Then he returns with a new message to his world. his inner powers too sleepy. Though the world now is a double field of dreams. In the outer world alone he tries to find the Law. Who has ever touched space? Some even doubt its existence and call it a sub--. Thus he vibrates from one extremity to the other. He makes many calculations. it is well for him. he imagines that his chase after the shifting things is ended. another is in its stead. wherefrom many forms do spring. he sees vitality beyond the plant . So then things speak of dreams. . the picture is gone. . says the spectator who is now trying to search it out. . . return to it in perfect surety. just as the seasons of the year and the birth and death of planets. and that his mind will vibrate with perfect harmony with the sequences of things.all are waves for him. the one seemingly so hard and unyielding. where the circumference? What is this middle space? Where is a refuge. who lives? Then in his search he dissects the things to find the molecules in their perpetual dance. again he listens to what the many speak of the One. without which no color could be seen. How do those small things feel the presence of all their comrades throughout the world. and the darkness beyond. the other . and so on he goes. Who has ever heard force? All forces speak of silence. but satisfaction is as far away as ever. no matter how far away? Does space speak to them.picture is. and returns back to the physical eyes. Out of these innumerable points he builds his world.

Let us then bow our heads before the awful Mystery and keep our song of life in perfect harmony with that one divine keynote and all its overtones which are in ourselves and everywhere. The mind ceases to serve the passions and becomes the lord. The world has its origin in the mindstuff. and much of the world sank into man. It discovers the new. the rosy dawn of life congeals into the red clouds of passions. it enjoys the beauty. one and the same. . Having it in himself. The great dragon of mystery now turned into the silent and meditating Sphinx. for such "working for others" is not a reasonable thing to do. the spectator began to create a world of his own and was satisfied. It becomes friend and enemy in turn. no matter how faint and incomplete. It is within man himself. --------------."otherism" . When anyone talks of "working for others" and "living for others. which are One Voice . If the unity is within. though the reality is hidden. and in that life he feels.250 WORKING FOR THE SELF by James M." I consider his phrases to be meaningless cant.apparently so transitory and elusive. Pryse TO the word "unselfishness" I have an unquenchable antipathy. It gives the keynote. In it are all voices. It is the Universal Chant of Glory. it is full of harmony. what is that power that can perceive it? The Heart is that power.the Voice Divine. And as he feels so. it sounds forth the sweet chord. And yet he feels that it is for the sake of dreams that the chase goes on. let us listen intently. and smile a bright a pernicious doctrine. . The original plan and unity for the first time appeared understood as much as man could imitate them in the creation of his own civilizations. Different shells on the seashore of mystery gather it and re-tell it in different ways. This middle period is the most illusive. sounding as sweetly in the heart of my brother man as in myself and everywhere. but has forgotten to dissolve after the thought was ended. the Heart of the World is speaking. yet he lives. and has become hardened by desires. Issued from the Unknown Cause of Being. and in its voice are the eternal voices of the living and the departed. In that period of life all the world around him takes a very hard and perishable aspect. it knows what is best. yet it is the same story everywhere. O! what sweet privilege to find our place in the universe and to be part of the All. and to "live for others" is wholly impossible. The mystery is nearer. it stands as an Eternal Witness. Every child will recognize the note. and it conforms and arranges the mind creations. The word "altruism" is offensive alike to philosophy and to etymology. We stand now on the threshold of the new race. At every right place and time let us add each his own clear note. . It is its voice that we hear at the gray dusk and in the silence. Symbols and dreams turn into dragons full of life and implacable power. It seems that much of man was absorbed in the world. I regard altruism . the negation of true . Between the touchable things and the untouchable dreams he chooses the things and separations. Where to escape? The human mind creates in thought the better world.

but only selfishness through another. for there would be no impelling principle. sometimes even vitiated. how can he lay claim to others. He would be like the newly "converted" maiden who. After all. but merely the self-satisfaction of regarding them as possessions. And why should "doing good to others" be any more meritorious than doing good to one's self? Equally in both cases it would be doing good. Now. of his own volition. the incentive must necessarily reside in himself. does so because it is his friend. wells up from the depths of his own being. but pride of family. nor can he retain possession of it. put forward by people whose intellects have become so warped by the dogma of a personal Deity that they declare him to be the only self-existent Being and deny the self-existence of man. still they do not constitute unselfishness. The fontal energy. becoming contracted. is only self-conceit on an enlarged scale. or who is related to him by --. Again if it is wrong for a man to work for the advancement of his own personal interests. However noble and praiseworthy such deeds may be." I affirm the Self. no matter into what channel it may be diverted. whom they declare to be merely a "creature" or created being. If he cannot retain the outer form which he calls himself. he can only hold things in trust. otherwise the act could not be originated or performed. of longing or of desire. and there is nothing that he can claim as his own. but which is impossible to be performed with the individual Life. nor can we conceive of any other possible source of action. of class. it is not actual unselfishness. The mother sacrifices herself for her child because it is her child. whether of will. Denying that man is a creature.251 family ties. It is not appreciation of the good qualities as such. for a man will perpetrate unjust acts to further the interests of one whom he loves which he would scorn to become guilty of in the furtherance of his own interests. even his body is borrowed from the elements. A man who appreciates the good qualities of himself falls into self-conceit. Yet man never really possesses anything.self-existence. Death deprives him of it. when the revivalist persuaded her that her jewels and finery "were weighing her down to hell. where is he morally the gainer if he takes to "working for others" in order to further the personal interests of those "others"? There would seem to be less excuse for him if he went out of his way to aid and abet others in their "selfish" efforts than if he had merely been "selfish" on his own account. It is quite evident that all action arises from self-interest. of race. by the notion of possessing. Each individual must necessarily act from his own centre. To "live for others" one would have to cease existing individually and become merged in those "others. for always they are blemished. mean and detestable. Often the love for another is narrower and more pernicious than even self-love. and not in the other. A person who is becomingly modest about his own attainments may be the veriest braggart about the accomplishments of some one on whose friendship he prides himself. Every act is preceded by an incentive or motive." a useless transfusion such as may be accomplished with dividual life-forces. any act for the benefit of another person. and in order to shift that centre of action he would have to transfer his individuality along with it. when one does." went and gave them all to her younger sister. and rejecting the dogma of "otherism. Who lays down his life for his friend. calling this one "my . and restores it to the elements whence it was derived. and that usually for but a brief season. of sect. He is the world's beggar. consequently he is in reality acting for himself.

even if his intellect has not been trained to philosophy. the real basis of ethics. He becomes spontaneously "unselfish" just to the extent that he becomes ministrative to his real Self. Morality is philosophy applied to human conduct. generous and benevolent. is apart from the universe. the self-reliant person forced to accept the favor shrinks from this suggestion of his inferiority. but is the changeless spirit of Truth. the many are illusory manifestations of the One. every attempt to solve any problem in life necessarily leads to a reductio ad absurdum. and actuated by a vague feeling of hostility may do him an evil turn. one's friend may monopolize him so tenaciously as to arouse yearnings for the less oppressive society of a mere acquaintance or even of a stranger. it is eternal. Broad sympathies. he should work solely for the Self. and therefore in its fullness known only to the . philanthropy." and that one "my friend"? This mistaken notion of ownership may make parents so tyrannical in attempting to control the destiny of their child as to cause their hapless offspring to wish that somehow he could have been born an orphan. A rational system of morality cannot be up-built on such a fictitious foundation. and without which they could not exist. while the servile person.252 word as "altruism" could a professed philosopher make use of so absurd a title as "the synthetic philosophy. for there is in the mental realm of each man an element of intuitive. His reasoning may be a mere process of revolving in his brain-pan the concretions of thought. in his covert resentment at the superiority of his patron. for it is an assertion of the separateness of human beings. upon which they are dependent. Right action comes from referring all one's thoughts and deeds to this ever-present. A man should not work for himself nor for other selves. it will be equally as fallacious as the religions of the past. yet usually the lives of men are nobler than their creeds. is the oneness of all living beings. becomes an ingrate. Starting with this error. all-pervading Self. and the universe had to be created out of nothing. Now. That ingratitude is so common is due to the patronizing spirit with which favors are usually bestowed. the corpses of ideas. Only in an age when this unity is so far lost sight of as to render possible the coining of such a --. generosity and helpfulness spring from this recognition of the unity of life. unformulated thought from which he derives his inspiration. and that the numbers are derived from zero: God. vibrant with impulses from the Self universal. Altruism is a wrong philosophy of life.child. The dogma of a personal God is in effect an assertion that the unit has no relation to numbers. and science is but the particular application of it to the different departments of nature." Philosophy is synthesis in the highest and most inclusive sense. and which is more potent than any formulated beliefs in prompting him to be virtuous. If there is to be a religion of the future. that he becomes. the initial point of all true philosophy. Altruism is a moral arithmetic that ignores the unit. and that every being and thing in the multiform universe derives its individual existence from this unity. There is but the one and only Self for all beings. People speculate as to what will be the religion of the future. Every good man is a philosopher in action. It is clearly evident that before there can be the many there must be the primal unity. It is true that what a man thinks. the One. True religion does not belong to the future or to the past. but always the free and living ether is there. hesitating to appear grateful lest that be taken as an admission of a claim against him.

or becomes guilty of suicide either by intentional violence or by sinful perversion of the bodily functions. whoever profanes it. becomes "mediumistic. it is simply the divine Love irradiating among men. however wide his influence. It is indeed Christian to look after the orphans. He who acts from personal motives. in "working for others. that they do nothing of themselves. The human individuality is Deity focused in man. as freely and ungrudgingly as the sun sends its light into space. And it is a desecration of that interior Self to seek merely "to do good" on the outer plane of activity while at the same time ignoring the Good and averting the eyes from the Beautiful and the True. no notion of separateness from "others''. is not well equipped for humanitarian work. It is unsafe to abandon one's own individuality. he may be excluding the dictates of the One Self. opens the door to these lower psychic forces. Even the physical body is sacred. for it is the God-self within him that performs the deed. And in such actions there is no thought of merit or of reward." he persists in regarding them as really other than himself. more eloquent than all the bibles. is more than man. thus losing the guidance that alone can render his effort effectual.253 left hand usually has a detailed report of what the right hand is doing. Every good deed performed by any individual for the benefit of his fellow-beings is a revelation of God through man. but that through them the One Self is the doer. to be devoted to the purposes for which the individuality takes upon itself the outer existence. Too often there are Judases who have the carrying of the box. A man may do that. or to go astray from one's own duty in seeking to assume the duties of others. lf. If men would but turn their eyes toward the . It manifests through the lives of men. Public "charities" are largely a failure. and does not perceive the inner causes which are outwardly manifested in suffering and sorrow. is merely a man. and that only after the sacrifice of their self-respect. like the Galilean. but whoever acts from universal motives. has no grasp of the real purpose of living. meets with heavy penalties.Immortals. the fires that burn but give no light. In such work the --. It is not enough that a man should love his fellow men. not through their professions of belief. and deadening his intuitions. even though his life is pure and his labors unselfish. a God-man. They only are Christians who tread the path that the Christ trod. he is. even in the minor affairs of life that have seemingly little importance. and it is not to be thus rashly cast aside. and even to bring about his own destruction. To repudiate the supreme source of individual strength is to call in the lower elemental forces." and is preyed upon by astral influences. shutting himself off from the source of true inspiration. and the poor get but a small share of what is thrown into it. a Theanthropos. but only to accomplish more harm than good. A man who does not understand his own nature. to which his purity of life makes him all the more vulnerable. the earth-bound souls and nameless creatures called into existence by the evil thoughts of men. And the divinity of the Buddhas and the Christs is in this. none are Buddhists save those who follow in the footsteps of the Buddha. but it is most decidedly unchristian to herd them in asylums and to array them in uniforms of satanic ugliness. But to destroy one's outer life is as nothing compared with the abandonment of the inner life. and toil with seeming unselfishness in his philanthropy. however great his deed. Thus it sometimes happens that the philanthropist whose purpose is not sufficiently high.

there would no longer be this futile striving in the darkness. but redeemers and benefactors. inaugurated by its mighty apostle of perversion. Nowhere else can we more certainly detect his dire work than in the history of the Essenes. predominating in all their being. let us advance and advance on Chaos and the Dark.Light which is within themselves. is that which relates to the ancient sect of the Essenes. immortal in beauty. M. Essay on Self-Reliance. not cowards fleeing before a revolution. If they would but work for the Self which is within them. and so traduced the sacred writings in order to usher in a timeserving system of beliefs. culminating in the destruction of that flickering light of occultism as it was struggling in Alexandria. Beale. and the prime cause of human misery would be done away with forever. and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny. distinctly teaches over and over again that in those days there were three sects of the Jews. goodness triumphant. ONE of the most interesting and romantic pages in history. no notion of helping others. the society of your contemporaries. white-robed. star-crowned. the time-honored Eusebius. as they existed at any rate in the early years of our era. this hopeless groping with helpless hands. working through their hands.254 THE ESSENES by Arthur A. . ---------------." . and not pinched in a corner. till the paralyzing touch of Rome killed the last of the prophets. We trace. for then the great Self would be working through each and for the whole. truth incarnate. pious aspirants to be noble clay plastic under the Almighty effort. the glorious onward march of their mighty organization to that dreadful gulf when the chain was snapt and a dark blot fell on Humanity.Emerson. betraying their perception that the Eternal was stirring at their heart. Great men have always done so and confided themselves childlike to the genius of their age. from whom perhaps we can best gather information regarding this curious people. mankind in a divine unity will be God's own Son arisen.'' ------------ "Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. humanity will itself be the work of the ages perfected in the divine Selfishness of the One Self who says. there would then be no need of charities. B. burnt the great library. That cause is the Satan which beguiles men into the belief that they are separate from God and from their fellows. the connection of events. "Thou shalt worship no other Gods but me. Josephus. And we are now men. no delusion of self and other selves. with interest. Accept the place the divine Providence has found for you. and when that Satan of separateness is dethroned. and holding in his hand the keys of Death and of the world of Gloom. and one that tells most vividly the changing evolution of an occult movement.

They had many Buddhistic ideas and practices. The passage runs: . whose name was Banus. Diana (Bhavani). had condemned him to the cross. a hellenized word. and continued with him three years. Blavatsky tells us is respons--. the descendants of the Benim Nabim of the Bible. those that loved him at the first did not forsake him. says in her Glossary: "Essenes. The title 'brother' used in the Early Church was Essenean." Now if. with ninny breasts. P.255 ible for this interpolation. if I were once acquinted with them all. I imitated him in those things. and underwent great difficulties. Nor did I content myself with these trials only. said by Pliny to have lived near the Dead Sea per millia soeculorum (for thousands of ages). as the paragraph is. which may be the true theory. Jesus. at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us. and when Pilate. But of the Essenes. as Josephus tells us. these three sects of the Jews existed in his time. He was (the) Christ. for he was a doer of wonderful works. they were a fraternity or a koinobian or community like the early converts. for I thought that by this means I might choose the best.a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. since the whole act is so clumsy and so independent of context that his hand is shown at once."The first is that of the Pharisees. obliged by a fear of a profanation of the sacred mysteries to seek refuge amongst the Hermetic fraternities." Another passage from Isis Unveiled speaking of the remnants of the Ancient Egyptians says: "Their sacred scribes and hierophants were wanderers upon the face of the earth. lived in the desert. Pharisees and Sadducees? How is it that Eusebius is so careful to associate the Essenes with the Early Christians only? This was part of the plot to destroy the occult movement and to utilize the force for the sectarian ecclesiasticism.. was not so clever as we are led to believe. and had no other food than grew of its own accord. This is quite consistent with the well known interpolation into the writings of Josephus. in order to preserve his chastity. there was about this time. so named from him. and used no other clothing than grew upon trees. Some have supposed them to be extreme Pharisees. and others. as the divine prophets had foretold. and went through them all. but when I was informed that one. and the tribe of Christians. He drew over to him both many of the Jews."Now. a wise man. and the seduction of Paulina in the temple of Isis at Rome. if it be lawful to call him a man. viz. known later as the Essenes. P. how is it that not a mention is made of the Essenes in the New Testament whilst frequent allusions are made to the other two. and think that they were 'Kenites' and Nazarites. from the Hebrew Asa a 'healer. sandwiched. so I contented myself with hard fare. between the description of Pilate's system of water-work in Palestine." This makes one believe that Eusebius who H. and it is noteworthy that the priest of the Great Mother at Ephesus. their esoteric knowledge was buried . the second that of the Sadducees. both night and day. and bathed himself in cold water frequently. and many of the Gentiles.' a mysterious sect of Jews. are not extinct at this day. . H. B. where Jesus is mentioned that gives the thing away at once. for he appeared to them alive again the third day. these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. and the third that of the Essens as we have frequently told you. were also so denominated.

These Essens reject pleasures as an evil. and restrain their passions. before the old Egyptian temples were desecrated and ruined in the incessant invasions of Persians. but in all things under the dictatorship of their curators "only these two things are done among them at everyone's own free will." "They dispense their anger after a just manner. Greeks. the descendants of the Egyptian hierophants." A probationer who seeks admission is prescribed strict living for one year. They neglect wedlock. They are eminent for fidelity. and they esteem it worse than perjury. whatsoever they say also is firmer than an oath. saying grace before and after meals. Herod remembered this in after years and so respected his order. but choose out other persons' children and form them according to their own manners. and the Essenes had their 'greater' and 'minor' mysteries at least two centuries before our era. the Essens "were excused from this imposition. "And as for their piety towards God. they speak of nothing profane before sunrise and supplicate the rising sun. and seem to have a greater affection for one another than the other sects have." "These men are despisers of riches" and considered all property of members "as common to the whole. of the second the Sadducees. and the third sect. "They think oil is a defilement. and other conquering hordes.deeper than ever." there being amongst them no appearance of poverty or excess of riches." and he explains this from the fact that he respected them for the sake of Manahem. They eat their meals with great ceremony. probably. in whose country they had been settled for several centuries before they were converted to Buddhistic monasticism. but esteem continence and the conquest over our passions to be virtue. The hierophants had their atonements enacted in the mystery of Initiation ages before the Gnostics or even the Essenes. and they existed. when a child. The followers of the first of whom are the Pharisees. only weapons to protect them-----------* Josephus always spells it in this way. it is very extraordinary". for they say that he who cannot be believed without (swearing by) God is already condemned. to assist those that want it. are called Essens. had appeared." but consider sweaty bodies and white raiment good. before he . These last are Jews by birth. but swearing is avoided by them. They dwell among all cities and in traveling carry no luggage." Turning now to Josephus we find a number of interesting facts about the Essens. he says: "For there are three philosophical sects among the Jews." And again in Isis Unveiled: "The Gnostics entertained many of the Essenean ideas." They also study diligently the ancient writings and "inquire after such roots and medicinal stones as may cure their distemper. by the missionaries of King Asoka. who pretend to a severer discipline. had prophesied that Herod would be raised to a great height of princedom although he was only a private gentleman. who many years previously.* It seems from this authority that at the time of the wholesale persecution of the Jews by Herod. and to shew mercy. the Essens. They were the Isarim or Initiates. and are the ministers of peace. Josephus tells us the Essens lived the "same kind of life as do those whom the Greeks call Pythagoreans. which are. They occupy themselves during the day with various crafts. -------------. concerning whom I shall discourse more fully elsewhere. and amalgamated later with the earlier Christians.256 selves from thieves.'' Again in his Wars of the Jews.

and his soul from unlawful gains. "There are also among them who undertake to foretell things to come. and will equally preserve the books belonging to their sect and the names of the angels (or messengers)" (here the translator in a footnote suggests that the mention of angels was suggestive of "'worshiping of angels' blamed by St. for "his temper is tried for two more years" and if worthy he is admitted. especially those in at all admitted. if it will be for their glory. and went through all kinds of instruments of torment. by reading the holy books. They recognized four classes of division amongst themselves. "yet could they not be made to either blaspheme their legislator or eat what was forbidden. 8. they esteem it better than living always. They honored the name of their legislator (Moses). II. as expecting to receive them again. whilst not embracing entire celibacy. when he is presented with a small hatchet and girdle and white garment. "For their doctrine is this 'That bodies are corruptible. no. If successful he partakes of the waters of purification. or any other finery. but smiled in their pains. often reaching over a hundred years as the result of their simple diet and regular course of life. that he will be perpetually a lover of truth" and reprove those that lie "that he will keep his hands clear from theft. and are above pain. and using several sorts of purifications. and the . Paul as superstitious and unlawful in Coloss. and that they come out of the most subtile air.' etc. although they were tortured and distorted. as one of rest on which day they will neither prepare food or remove any vessel from its place. They were long lived. and continue forever." There was a certain order of Essens who. and the corruption that was involved in the compiling of Paul's writings so called): but to return to Josephus. but is not yet admitted. and indeed our war with the Romans gave abundant evidences what great souls they had in their trials. either in his garments. and will shew "fidelity to all men. and are united to their bodies as in prisons. continence being required. that he will hate the wicked and assist the righteous. permitted marriage for the purpose solely of propagating the race. into which they are drawn by a certain natural enticement." and laughed those to scorn who inflicted tor--." which seems to be both a mark of ignorance as to its import on the part of the translator. not though anyone should compel him so to do at the hazard of his life. and they stringently observed the seventh day. taking tremendous oaths of piety to God and justice to all men and that he will do no harm to anyone. and that the matter they are made of is not permanent. but that the souls are immortal. wherein. "They contemn the miseries of life. that he will not abuse his authority nor endeavour to outshine his subjects. nor discover any of their doctrines to others. He contrasts all this with the Pharisees who represented the letter and stereotyped Ecclesiasticism.257 ments upon them and resigned up their souls with great alacrity. not being permitted to partake of food from strangers. by the generosity of their mind. burnt and torn to pieces. either of his own accord or by the command of others. preparing everything on previous days with scrupulous care in all details. and that he will neither conceal anything from those of his own sect." He "will abstain from robbery. And as for death. Anyone culpable of any heinous sin was cast out of the society and compelled by their own vows to starve themselves. to blaspheme whom was to die.

but Josephus. and it would seem that De Quincey studied the account rather of Philo than Josephus. but only to smash itself against a wall of scepticism. Germain. B. for although for a century or two it enjoyed a robust activity amongst the Gnostics and Pythagoreans. and the last fruits of ancient wisdom were gathered in. and later that of Plotinus and Iamblichus between the 3d and 4th centuries. says that their teachings were Hermetic. P. though one regrets his exoteric style of description. Philo especially emphasizes their abhorrence of marriage and the great love of peace and truth and their disinclination to indulge in any occupation that might by any possibility be interpreted or converted into a channel of war. Eusebius and the Cyril fraternity had done their work and the glorious inquisition was heralded with pomp." they were under very severe vows not to divulge these secret writings. who himself was brought up in the Egyptian schools. They came like a rolling flood into our own era. and that their sect was the recipient of the teachings of the latest exiled hierophants and scribes of Egypt. Egyptian and Buddhistic. the link between the two great schools of occultism. History repeating itself in complicated cycles within cycles. broke into glorious flame to light a lurid world by Theophrastus Paracelsus and later on by Count St. injustice and misery. himself probably being of an occult dynasty. and in a very crippled way the truth filtered down to the 5th century. where they had existed for thousands of ages. So the tragedy of life worked out then. Cagliostro and .258 in that glorious outburst of mysticism of the first water at Alexandria under the leadership of Ammonius Saccas in the 2d century. whose teaching at any rate was essentially Essenean. told. as we know. when the real rule of the ecclesiastical terror was ushered in with the discreditable and cruel murder of Hypatia by the infamous Saint Cyril. and maybe Chaldean. the Gospel stories being probably nothing more than the pictures of the Essenean mysteries in the very act of emerging from their esoteric secrecy into exoteric manifestation. for contrary to De Quincey. who aspired to be himself an Essene. So there stand the Essenes. before mentioned. and that as told by Philo is similar. is the most reliable authority. in a more racy way and evidently the writings of a misogamist. This is made more probable by the fact that their great legislator was Moses. H. Such is a picture of the Essens as depicted by Josephus. materialism and ecclesiasticism. and fanned the ancient flames of occultism in that land. especially Ireland. These missionaries extended their tour probably to these islands. and Josephus himself describes such a Yogi in Banus. exactly as it does today. this falls in with the probability that their origin was Egyptian. if not a misanthropist. but even taking it at years. The wave rolled into our era. That they overran the whole of the coasts of the Eastern extremity of the Mediterranean. perhaps. nor the names of their Adept Masters. They became powerful about a century before our era (when Caius Caesar was born). about which time this district was greatly worked by Buddhist missionaries sent out by King Asoka. This may be a slight exaggeration. But the fires smouldered and.Sadducees (the out and out materialists of those days). Pliny tells us their home was in the neighborhood of the Dead Sea. culminating --. Jesus himself supposed to be an Essene. who says "they made no mystery of their doctrines. but especially settling in the districts of the Dead Sea. and so their philosophies and teachings became strengthened by various asceticisms distinctly Buddhistic.

backed up as it is by entire ignorance of the esoteric teachings of the Essenes or Rosicrucians. W. when the Crusades altered the destiny of Europe." Referring to this criticism of De Quincey. is doomed with an ever lasting desolation. but denies any origin to either Rosicrucians or Free Masons previous to the commencement of the early years of the seventeenth century. -----------------. Astrologers. It is curious that about the sixteenth century there was amongst the then Cabbalists a general belief that in the seventeenth century there was expected a general reformation which would affect the whole human race. And that now the fires are relit. in his article on Rosicrucians and Free Masons.others. that the occult wave that comes pouring down through the ages. and another bold statement. when Protestantism shook the old church to its foundations. Certain centuries stand out above others. first because he could not know the full esoteric teachings of the Essens. Woe unto ye. the first century when Christianity was being planted. the eleventh century. the girdle and the white garments. confutes the idea of these bodies having any relation to the Essens and Theraputae but finds no difficulty in associating the ragamuffin crew of Theosophists. woe unto ye countries that worship a mock sovereignty when the fountains of living water have become unsealed and the Light of the Throne of Love and Light has risen for all time. idolators and time servers. and prefers the superstitions of its Theologies to the open hearted love of man for man. These centuries are separated from one another by about 500 years. the Gnostics and Neoplatonists. made no mystery of their doctrines. For even in his reasons for dissociating the Free Masons with Essens he makes one blatant mistake in saying they. whilst acknowledging the possibility that no organization existed by the name of Free Masons or Rosicrucians.E. But what we do maintain is. "Paracelsus having represented the comet which appeared in 1572 as the sign and harbinger of the approaching revolution. long continuous. Theurgists and Alchemists of the 16th century. the sixteenth century. when Greek literature was forming. in the mystic Rosicrucian and other lodges. and are the important epochs in the history of human progress in modern times. when the religion of Mohammed was taking shape. that does not recognize the call of human hearts. Cabbalists. that the fires of occultism have ever been burning behind. the sixth century. the Essenes. the beacons are active and shortly will be seen such a blaze of Brotherhood and Love that every temple that does not respond to its eternal impulse. we are not prepared to participate in his sectarian bias and prejudice. such as the hatchet. Egyptian and Indian mysticism. Copeland III. each recording a distinct effort . TOWARDS the close of the eleventh century occurred one of the great movements. and through the Therapeutae and Essenes. when he says they (Essenes) had no symbology.259 CYCLES OF INSPIRATION by Rev. beginning in 1096 and exerting its full influence during the next century. is the same. through Chaldean. whilst what we do know teems with symbology. De Quincey. as those in which humanity has been most influenced for good or ill: the fifth before Christ.

their visible object was. and they would no longer accept for truth all which the priests told them. and in its burning light the visible shrunk as a scroll. only after a severe testing did the aspirant for knighthood succeed in winning the highly prized spur of gold. and then began what has come to be known as European civilization. and the Albigenses. had learned that there were Christians far superior to themselves in culture. By the Crusades was at length broken that long reign of darkness which had threatened a total ending of civilization. that the followers of Mohammed were cultured. But the seed of progress had been planted by the Crusades. they were to result in an awakening of men's minds. Chivalry attempted to bring life and light to a dead and darkened world. invisible world that was laid bare in the imagination. and mingling with strangers. engaged in hand to hand contests a large part of his time.. Indeed. Nothing tends to broaden men so much as travel. after a sojourn in the Holy Land. "The Crusades.'' While the Crusades were started purely in the interests of the Roman Catholic Church. worth nothing. yet cherished an ideal. Serving seven years as page. The Waldenses or Poor Men of Lyons. while he was ever at war. Liberty. Fraternity and Equality were proclaimed with enthusiasm and the church at once began to persecute these heretics. the long-forgotten teachings of Jesus and the practices of the early church are brought to the front. Only in cities is it possible to obtain the highest . which were to germinate in later centuries. Provincials from all over Europe were thrown together and learned that there were other nations than the one to which they belonged. which in the last part of the century became a great power. obedient and ever ready to defend the weak and oppressed. In 1095 was held the Council of Clermont. Italian and German cities are beginning to obtain power and to protect the citizens against the Robber Barons. both in civil and religious affairs. The Crusaders had also come in contact with the Saracens and had been surprised to find the followers of Mohammed cultivated. In the thirteenth century there is a great awakening all over Europe." writes Carlyle.260 home of heresy and the headquarters of chivalry. which should finally overthrow the dominion of the church. In sunny Provence gathered magicians and scholars of the Occult. Chivalry was pure mysticism. of which ideal the troubadours were continually singing. it lifted many out of dead materialism into a living idealism and sowed seeds of progress and human sympathy. the chivalry which exerted so great an influence in succeeding centuries was largely a plant of Saracenic growth. chaste. Fraternity and Equality. they also learned. seven as esquire. the knight. as the will of God. The Crusaders had met with Greek culture in bring men into Liberty. "took their rise in religion. and under the burning eloquence of Pope Urban II. both practiced Universal Brotherhood. here was the --. people were awakening from their long sleep. the assembled multitude with one voice welcomed the Crusade against the Saracens. commercially speaking. From the time of the Crusades we have a Europe. In the twelfth century we hear much of Universal Brotherhood. refined. He was to be temperate. good fighters and thoroughly chivalric. educated and chivalrous. It was the boundless.

practicing occultism in their priories. Dante. of Raymond Lully on the continent. but when first appearing productive of much which was materialistic. the church was publicly derided. was condemned. at least with the noble born. The first helped to bring about reform in the church. John." In England Wycliffe broke away from a church in which rival popes were hurling anathemas and curses at one another. vanishes and is replaced by commercialism. Germany and England. affecting Religion. and several secret bands of brothers among the Germans. Froissart and Petrarch flourished. They were imitated by the Knights of St. Chivalry. was brought from its long seclusion and again aroused intellectual life. but for the intellect to reach its height there is needed the clash of mind with mind. ever active. which proclaimed a dispensation whereby men could be religious without priest or church. the Arts and Sciences. especially in Germany we have many Mystics. France. Chaucer. Social Life. In this century was preached the Everlasting Gospel. In Bohemia. and alchemy finds many students. and extinguishing that light which for centuries had made Spain the light centre of Europe. The Spanish Catholics succeeded in expelling from Spain the Moors and Jews. In various parts of Europe mysticism flourished. which have given permanent and increasing light down to the present day. who profoundly affected the people of Italy and who taught a purely spiritual religion. the famous Dominican friar. that great mystic movement of the Dark Ages. Knights of Malta. ever alive and active. and they too are more active towards the close of each century. In the fourteenth century Mysticism gains further power. and light prevailed over darkness. who were destined to prepare a social state in which Freedom and Brotherhood were to prevail. then occupied by a cultured people. and by this action lighted fires in Italy. on mountain top or ocean side one may attain great spiritual development.intellectual development. who say as said John Tauler. Jerome of . lowering the tone of society. which in the succeeding centuries was to bring the races and religions nearer the one to the other. This century records the life and travels of Paracelsus. those powers are ever on the alert when the triumph of light is near at hand. "I was led to a new view of religion. In solitary caves. and such religion as prevailed. started the Inquisition in the hopes that the kindling light might be extinguished and the stirring of new life be smothered. But the work of the preceding centuries had been well done.261 the second to make England the greatest power among the nations of the earth and prepare the way for the new continent and the new people. we hear of Friar Bacon in England. In Florence during this same century appeared a mystic. The Knights Templar were at the height of their power. who more than any other mystic has affected the people of Europe. Greek Literature. The latter part of the century witnessed the two great events which were to change society throughout Europe. and practically independent of the Church of Rome. the discovery and utilization of the Art of Printing and the discovery of America. Yet all is not bright in this century. an Occultist. when we have the Renaissance. Savonarola. of life and of the Universe by a master. whose name I never knew. In the fifteenth century the light burned still brighter and the springtime came. Poland. which under the influence of chivalry had been lifted to an unusual height. but who brought me from darkness to light. and --. that yeast of the ages. The powers of darkness. The scandals of the church had become so great as to attract very general attention.

This is as certain and as obvious as that a stone thrown into a pond will. then without a name. In 1876. so it is in the social and religious world. -------------. Key to Theosophy." He read it critically and without partiality. Psychologic Science and Magnetic Therapeutics in the U. Dr.(a) All men have spiritually and physically the same origin. metaphysical. therefore. . and is one of the best Greek scholars and writers on Platonic and Neo-platonic philosophy in the country. can affect one nation or one man without affecting all other nations and all other men. philosophical. He come from Puritan ancestry. Col. -----------THE COMMON ORIGIN OF MAN. With the 15th century ends the 1000 years of darkness from which it seemed that Europe could never recover. S. Evening Post from 1858-71.Prague and John Huss headed an important revolt from the Roman Catholic church. by demonstrating on logical.nothing. " . through his own efforts he acquired a knowledge of Hebrew.263 FACES OF FRIENDS ALEXANDER WILDER. and even scientific grounds that: . but during the Dark Ages all things were made ready for the new dispensation in the 20th century. not yet was the flower of perfected humanity to appear. Medical College. M. The Dark Ages were needed that the seeds of Universal Brotherhood might germinate. Wilder's hands the manuscript. Wilder later met Madam Blavatsky. Blavatsky. (b) As mankind is essentially of one and the same essence. DR. P. and though he had but little education except common school. set in motion every single drop of water therein. then he became editor of the New York Teacher. and counseled its publication as certain to make a commotion among curious and thinking persons. Latin and French. it needs that they be buried in the earth away from the sun. at the instance of the publisher. Greek. Y. Wilder describes her as follows: . For the seeds to germinate in the vegetable world. whether we call it God or Nature . and that essence is one . yet during all of which forces were at work charged with bringing Light and Liberation to a darkened and enslaved people.infinite. also of the College Journal. uncreate and eternal. ALEXANDER WILDER'S name is very familiar to our readers through his interesting articles.262 [[Photo: Alexander Wilder]] --. She was then living in New York City. which is the fundamental teaching of Theosophy. sooner or later. Dr. of "Isis Unveiled. He was on the staff of the N. ." . In 1854-5 he was a clerk in the State Department of Public Institutions at Albany. D.H. and from 1878-84 was Professor of Physiology. Olcott placed in Dr.

and. was broken up. a man and the Sivaic triangle. where the gazelle starts in the quiet noontide at the footstep of the solemn-eyed Brahmin. where man for the first and last time declared and determined to himself what was eternal truth. One could discourse of races." "Life Eternal. I found some of these things in 'Isis. e. a lion.. like that of Shakespeare. and no two facing. however." "The Soul. I might speak much longer of the sentiment of the East.' I did not write them for that purpose. but of course they were at her service. acute powers of discerning. unasked and unwitting to me.264 THE VALLEY OF SOULS * WEARY of the misery songs of the Western World. In that glorious India which gave to the world a glorious drama. She was. where the King Dushmanta wooes Sacoontala under palms. I think. and she seemed at home in them all." "Ganglionic Nervous System."She had what I considered a Kalmuk physique. opinions. Col. "Madame Blavatsky did me the honor of procuring from publishers of periodicals everything I had ventured to write and to ask me to write out my views on a variety of topics. wrought ingeniously with the gayly-colored leaves of trees gathered in autumn. take refuge in India of the olden time . etc. which lies before me and which I translate.birds.g. We used to have amusement at this. a curious decoration was placed in the diningroom." "Mind. Cerebration. She appeared to have a wide fund of knowledge on philosophic and religious subjects. aftersongs. It consisted of the figures of several tropical animals. In the infinitely deep. ethics. I think. "The second season that I knew her.. I rescued the elephant and the triangle. and original ways of thinking. and have them in Newark. Believest thou not? Read and find in it the grand primeval epic of which the Iliad and the Song of the Nibelung and all Norse and Finnish Saga Cycles and Slavonian Rukopis are reflections." Dr. if there was nothing else.' as some of the profane called it. Thought.a poem before which the highest flight of Milton is trifling and the genius of the whole West feeble. very intense in arguing. one after the other. I do not know but it was the procession of the Book of Genesis. Personally I found her entertaining. in the Maha-Bharata . two favors of great importance to me which relieved me of much embarrassment. trusting that it may prove . all solemnly marching toward the Ark. When the 'Lamasery. has disfigured them. sublime poem ever written. That. weary of polemics and wire-drawn romance and faded sentiment! Art thou weary of all this? When that hour comes." etc. always something to say that was worth hearing. an elephant. would make me careful not to injure her in reputation or otherwise. The wind. ancient and modern. however. But I will not venture that opinion. and the most perfect. but what I now have in hand is one of its legends. To me she was always courteous and obliging. She did. was generous with money. ----------------. "Later Platonists. Olcott called my attention to the circumstance that the creatures were placed all in procession. solemnly joyful India. and in that faith lived and died. I remember some of them . a lively expression. weary of its air and steam and pain. these were all cast out in the rubbish. echoes. discoveries and the India of Kalidasa. Wilder is the author of several brochures.

the protectress of children born or --. Often man is born to occupy a body not to his liking. and met before the gate Scheetala. Any earthly being would die there. in phosphorescent light on the trees. half-lighted or ever in strange twilight." The minister of Yama. and I come to declare his order. "Comest thou again to importune us with griefs. there lies a vast valley. the lord of hell. but with a solemn bed of white vapor. and Chiva. after having been reconciled to Brahma. burst into god-like laughter. to obtain his souls for the earth. At times they leave it and wander or flit along the silent shore. are ----------* Reprinted from a very old magazine. Across the vapory sea flit pleasing to the reader as it has been to me: According to an Indian tradition." "And that?" "Listen. daisies of diamond. the angel of green hue and six-winged. strangely formed.for they are the souls which await a new existence on earth. they await births on earth and new lives. their flowers are wildly expanding gems. all gleam and wildfire and mystery and change! In the midst of this strange twilight all is silence. One day Chitra Goupta. not of flesh and blood. the base of promontories. and he has granted it. sounding water. fills the lower portion of the valley. Then again silent. the Destroyer. From this time he will be made aware of his future destiny. There is heard neither the song of a bird nor the murmur of a bee.265 about to be born. and to demand for thy nurslings gifts which only the superior gods can accord?" "I demand nothing more. in the second sphere of inferior heavens. ----------only crystallizations of different colors. A great lake. Chitra Goupta. not life. below the earth. fed by no source. the Preserver. came as first minister of Yama. The green angel lowered upon her. author unknown. he said: . After having been judged by the terrible and incorruptible Yama. the plants. at once the Pluto and Minos of the Hindoo hell. leaves of emerald and topaz. Such was the prayer I addressed to Brahma. what are they? They live between their past life and a new life . There are unearthly bluish foliage gleams. and may accept or refuse it. Chrysopras and garnet. lotuses of all marvels. not death. lost amid a real unreal. for he saw in her a rival. which bathes without wetting the feet of mountains. whither sunrays never pierce. But there is movement in this silent world. dreaming ever. after having been duly punished for their bad or rewarded for their good lives. Dreaming." said Scheetala "for I have obtained of Brahma what I desire for the benefit of all humanity. or winds like a gleaming scarf around shining islands. Even the wind is never heard to murmur among those motionless trees. and be proud to aid me in so great and holy a work. not with bounding. calyxes of amethysts. but almost of the same substance as the lake in which they continually sink and rise.

"Folly is found even in seeking heaven. then a shadow shot upward and slowly passed to the shore. a light ebullition appeared at one point of its misty silver surface. sending out such a sigh that all the air-light souls were blown before it over the lake like foam before the wind. Her loveliness had made her one of the chosen ones of the temple.die an infant. "What! make man the master of accepting or refusing his destiny! The excess of kindness oh. a favorite of . Rejoice!" "Rejoice doubly. with --.'' "Let us try!" said the goddess. in future there will be no souls to furnish. I have tasted the joys of heaven . did he dream when making this promise?" For answer Scheetala drew from her scarlet robe the decree from Brahma. carefully wrapped in the sacred leaves of lotus and of cusha. and. "Thou. whose voluptuous dances and grace had been admired by all Benares. As each name was pronounced the lake quivered. removed equally from the honors which disturb reason and the misery which depraves it. They swept together toward the shore through the silent land "Where the cock never crew. reading to them also the final clause: "The soul refusing to occupy the body predestined for it must remain here in the Silent Land among the shadows so many years as it would have passed in that body. I will wait. he called the next soul. Where the sun never shone and the wind never blew. save to the rich and powerful." said the angel. "for I have been allowed to watch thee even unto the end." "Die a child!'' exclaimed the old saint. Before half a century.I wish to taste those of earth.still wrapped in the robe of innocence . This time thou wilt obtain the triumphant prize without having striven. has made thee weak. ancient mother." Then he summoned the first soul . the Summoning Angel read aloud from the register of fate the last names on earth of six souls. "The world is coming to its end!" murmured Chitra Goupta." said Chitra Goupta. he plunged again into the lake. The next was a beautiful Bayadere. After having just reached the sweet consciousness of the light of the sun and the kisses of thy mother thou wilt . and Brahmins will preach to the deserts. without having suffered. kings will he born without subjects." As he approached the lake."Dreamest thou." added Scheetala. intoxicated by the soft perfumes of Camalata.266 a gesture. and gave it to him." And with a gesture indicating refusal." said Scheetala. "Excessive virtue is subject to remorse as well as vice. Mother! Did Brahma himself. or the sweet liquor of the Amreeta cup. "wilt be born again in an honest family of merchants. Then Chitra Goupta made known to them the decision of Brahma.see the gates of life again on me and pause at the threshold! Better not to be born. who had left behind in Mysore the tradition of a life passed in holy austerities and the most cruel self-torments. "What! put my lips to the edge of the cup without half draining it .that of an old Yoghi or saint. while the diamond gate opened of itself before him.

He will lavish on thee every treasure.she glanced like a fawn. a god. King! I had rather be born in the humblest hut of a Pariah than in the golden halls of the monarch of Delhi. as with rapture . "Rejoice!" said Chitra Goupta. This time I shall not fail." "'Tis well. is capricious as ever. a woman. and then thou wilt marry again." said the minister of Yama. The beautiful shadow advanced. the next is a man . "A sad and cruel trade is that in these days. Man. when one has merited the wrath of heaven and the scorn of man. To be the executioner of one's own family in order to maintain a firm hold of the people and then." "The danger is greater even than I feared. to become the pensioner or the prisoner of the iron armies of the Western world! Never. herself young anticipates giving birth.the Brahmins while on earth. Brahma. has deigned since the first day of creation to share with her the creative power." The Bayadere was at once in deep misery. who were seated on a rock of malachite deeply veined with gold. as if anticipating that these in another life would be regarded far differently than here. moves all his kind." said the messenger of Yama. Scheetala. but we are in danger of not finding a soul willing to quit this valley.and ambition. leaving thee his wealth. as he came upward . but who would be enormously rich. almost from infancy she thrills with the aspirations of maternity. "and thy beauty will make thee the wife of a wealthy lord. shall I be a mother?" "Thou wilt not. thou knowest not the mystery of maternal feeling. fearing that I might supplant him.I well understand her refusal. 'Sterility is a disgrace. Thy sex. one who will be young and beautiful. murmuring as she vanished in its shades: "To live without children is to be ever dying. even in the Realm of Shadows. while suffering much at the same time from bad health. but will soon die. on the strange wealth which adorned the Land of Shadows. and of the gods after death. My uncle was the powerful ruler of the Dekan."rejoice and thank the gods. to the feet of the divine pair. "Thou wilt be beautiful.Oh. he put out my eyes with fire. Chitra Goupta. mother of the newly-born? All refuse what all on earth covet. bounding as in a dance. the divine. But we are only half advanced. Onward!" Of two other souls summoned." "And I. "Without children! Disgraced again! No children!" And turning away she sank deep in the lake. The other . around on the endless millions of gems. it would reply.oh. But before assenting she asked: "Will the Nabaub be young?" "He will be thrice thy age." And with a gesture he called the next soul." "If the tree condemned never to bear fruit could speak . gentle goddess. "Didst thou expect all this?'' ." The messenger of Yama smiled grimly. "since even wealth and kingdoms are refused.' For woman it is worse still. the great thirst for honor. Well. one was to occupy the body of a banker who would be most unscrupulous in acquiring wealth. and he died a wretched servant of the English. Thou wilt be born a king!" "King!" cried the soul. Rejoice!" The soul of the Bayadere thrilled. Poor Bayadere! .

" said the other. led by the goddess. she had perished the day before her nuptials. floated away over the portals of eternity toward the world. Thanks to the prayer addressed by thee to Brahma. Two souls have just refused wealth and health.for I have only to offer thee a new existence of pain and suffering. but gifted with strength and health. --------------- SOME WORDS OF WILLIAM Q." "Blessed be the holy name of Brahma . and decline. but finally. there are now five poor mothers who are weeping for their children born dead!" And the good goddess bowed her head low in shame. "accept the privilege accorded by Brahma. for no soul will again venture on the road of human life. after a life of harsh field-labor." But the girl's soul asked." he added. "Believe me. as of rapture.I accept. "Poor daughter of suffering. and when at last she was about to be married to one who loved her well. Wilt thou accept?" Without retiring. while Chitra Goupta rose to the seventh sphere where the decree of Brahma was registered by Indra. and leave it to his choice to live or not to live? On this condition." Unfolding the register. "Feeble child of a fatal destiny. thrilled through all the silent land. "To be miserable and healthy. Scheetala. the shadow rested silent. JUDGE . I will not say to thee as to others rejoice .yes. as if a gleam of future happiness was at last gleaming on her dimly. In his golden book of the chosen names of those who were in future lives to reach the highest bliss." "Riches in company with suffering. thou wilt be burned with thy dead husband. and the pale soul. Not only will poverty pursue thee and weakness and pain overtake thee. A stranger to pleasure. Indra wrote the name of the peasant-girl of Patna." said the latter. It was the shadow of a poor girl of Patna." And so both refused! "Well. "will be to have a good stomach with the devil of hunger lodged in it. stung in the foot by a serpent. he was about to erase the six names inscribed. "is a garment of gold over a corpse. Thou art to be poor and in suffering. but the last soul still lingered near.267 was destined to be a poor working man." A throb. as I say. hopefully and almost with joy: "But will he be my beloved? Will he love me then as he once loved .--. whose only lot on earth had been that of suffering." said the Angel of the Green wings smiling proudly. she had lived for years only for her aged mother. the world would soon be depopulated.he for whom I am to suffer so much?" "For a time . power or fortune. the shadowy lives to be threw their pale forms upward to the twilight." exclaimed the kind goddess. "dost thou still believe it to be right to show man his future life. "go no further. making no reply."said the angel.

by G. That comes from rajas. have nevertheless proved tremendous obstacles to effective effort. Request or pray your Higher Self also to help you. So that to them there may have come sometimes a temptation to run away for a time from all and everything. Turner. It will do no good. a foe. or by not letting yourself do it. and Mrs. Dr. and try to arouse confidence." . Mrs. either by undoing at once what you did in that way. Solon. very devoted and attached to the work. a great friend of the Professor's. strive for calmness. if not so subtle. L." -----------------." and it is to be hoped all have. Miss Holdy. Wilding. Moore. "As to temper. it is due to irritability. an elderly lady. This will induce a calmer habit. may be overcome. "Anger may be felt anywhere in the body and sometimes only in one centre. but anger is for many a far more formidable. "But seize every small occasion for conquering. Some are liable to entire anger. Nowadays most of the earnest workers in the Movement have ceased to think much of their own progress. . And possibly such have grown to realize with discouragement that active work. or at least held in check. Mr. Many such have grown to see that feelings of anger or irritation. You have to conquer in all the small instances by force and by trying to keep up a serene and non-contemptuous state of mind. Mr. To such the following words of Mr. even though forbidden expression. and much liked by all of us. H. Roberts."So Mr. by measuring ourselves with the great Helpers of Humanity rather than with our fellows. Pride. Judge there lays on the destructive power of pride and anger. There is no specific road. until mastered.269 THE SOKRATIC CLUB by Solon (Continued) PRESENT. THOSE who have read the "Culture of Concentration. Mr. but they are struggling all the harder with their lower nature that they may give as much help and as little hindrance as possible to the Great Work. which has been their salvation on all other points. Penta and his few friends who think they are the real and only Sokratic Club and that we don't belong to it have had their little Convention and are going to do everything along the original lines. It will simply put off and that is no progress. Judge's. It is increased by action. cannot have failed to be struck by the great stress Mr. very quiet but well-informed. meditate on the unity of all. "Despise no one. which nearly all have in a greater or less degree. M. Judge will doubtless be of as much help as they have been to the original recipient. Each time you despise any one you add to your own irritation. has seemed on the contrary to increase irritability. Best way is to hold on. Miller. "At the same time read as discipline and aid some heavy book such as the Kapila Sankhya Aphorisms or Patanjali's. The italics are Mr. "Do not go alone. Moore.

Turner. how do they manage it. . of all they don 't get back. It very gradually and slowly loosens itself from the shell and first one part and then another emerges until at last it is entirely free."Well. and whenever the time has come to take another step forward and to enlarge the work. Mrs. . freer sphere of work. But in the case of the Club a new and. and it immediately begins to form a new shell for the purpose of protection."Well. I think. . . please now tell us the interpretation. but it is still the same crab though with a larger view and greater possibilities.Mrs."In fact."No. first. Roberts could tell you a great deal more in detail about the operation.''Well. What do you mean?" Mrs. ." Dr.well. Moore. Wilding." Mr. Turner. and no doubt Dr. a shell and that is all. I was down at the seashore the other day and saw a crab just coming out."Perhaps after all they are working a little more along the original line than they imagine. Penta. . More's the pity for them. that somewhat surprises me to hear you say that. And Mr. Turner. it is of course very tender and any rough handling would kill it. but I want to use it simply as an illustration. it is obliged to do so in order to grow." Mr. Roberts. . very cast-iron shell was already provided beforehand. we have left our old shell and have entered upon a broader."So far. Those who see only the shell may think it very foolish of the crab to leave it and may hold on to the shell and think they have the real thing." Miss Holdy. Roberts. . not able to see beyond the end of their noses. . that is the reason for its leaving its shell." Mr. I think that is easily enough seen. Wilding. but the reason is that we are taking our illustration from . It was one of the most interesting incidents of natural history that I have ever witnessed." Dr. ."Oh. The crab operation is nothing more than what has been go--. Mr. and afraid that in the larger work they themselves would be of less importance. not strictly. Turner.270 ing on in the Club. simply that there has been opposition to the work from the start. strenuously opposed everything that was not strictly according to precedent. Wilding. . there have been some who. I imagine it must be a very painful process for the crab and just emerging from its protecting house. that would be impossible." Miss Holdy."Have any of you ever seen a crab come out of his shell? It is an exact illustration of just the process the club has been going through. they grow a new one and the old one is ."Why."So." Mr. so you see it could not get back again. I never heard that crabs ever come out of their shells. I cannot give you all the technical terms. Your analogy doesn't hold good there. and how do they get back?" Mr. Grover and Mr. so good. I think. Turner. The most interesting point about the matter is that the crab is larger when it has left the shell than when it was in it. that is your little crab story. and their friends have certainly acted along the original lines of opposition laid down by the original opposers to the work. But the living vital part is growing all the time and so continually leaves the old forms and builds new ones better suited for its purposes.

There is another who also likes to play the power behind the throne and I have often won--. he wasn't satisfied and nobody ever dreamed of his wanting to be the President of a small disconnected fraction of the Club. Miller. and at the convention of course he did the grand act. Grover? Wasn't he at the Convention? Why wasn't he made President?" Mrs. However. . . . ." Mrs. Moore. No doubt it will all be done in good time. Moore was going to tell us about Mr. ."No. That a protection was needed against certain elements has been amply shown by the past history of the club.a lower plane of nature and in the world of men there are other factors which must be taken into account and one of these is the power possessed by some to foresee and to provide for the future. none of which however have proved true. The cast-iron part of it is simply for protection just as the crab's shell is for protection and again it has enabled us to discriminate between those who follow the mere form and those who look behind the form and see the spirit. He has left it to the tender care of his dear colleague and co-worker Dr. Dr. I thought everybody understood that who had watched his career."Oh. In fact he wanted to make the Club a puppet show and to pull the strings and prognosticate funerals and so forth. Doe would be elected anyhow. You know that Penta . yes! That was perfectly plain long ago and when his little plans didn't work. No. he is partly consoled by still being Vice-President and Treasurer. Mr. When he was President of the whole Club some little time ago. I think you will agree with me that there never was so much freedom or such great opportunity for work in the club or such harmony and fair dealing as now." Mrs. but I know this much. Grover. Wilding. Grover accept the Presidency of a small organization like that. you don't understand Mr. Doe was elected. Grover aimed at bigger game."As for his frigid sense of duty. Certainly he is too smart a man to take that office again."He wanted to be the power behind the throne. . . no. Penta's convention." Miss Holdy. Acting President and Treasurer only from a sense of stern. cold-blooded duty."But Mr. it is well known to all at the Headquarters of the club who were at all intimate with him that he has worked cold-bloodedly for office ever since long ago and for some time before the Convention he circulated the most pessimistic reports and prognosticated the most dire results about the affairs of the Club. Purple ." Solon.accepted the offices of Vice-President. he deserted his post by resigning from the Presidency and even gave out that he had joined the Club and become connected with the work for only a time. Miller."The impudence of the fellow! But what was it he aimed at and why did he resign?" Mrs. Purple who had the facts did not throw the flash-light on that person too.271 dered since the flash-light was thrown upon the doings of certain people who had obstructed the work why Mrs.or at least this is his version of it . As for the new organization's being apparently so cast-iron in character."But where was Mr. . Was he elected President?" Mr."What! Mr. no doubt still cold-bloodedly for perhaps he suspected that Dr. He is the only one of the old governing committee at the headquarters who has left us." Miss Holdy. Doe. that Mrs.

." Mrs. Grover and some other members were in Europe.272 . The writer imagined herself to be acting in our Director's place and when they returned it was sent to the latter accompanied by a letter urging that it be sent out to the members. The club has such a wide field of work that it is essential that its members should study human nature. . . Miller. She speaks direct from the heart to the heart. In other words. . pride. .' beware the oracle. love of power." Mr. The physician and medical professor point out to the student the disease."Oh. Miller."No. I know now whom you mean."Yes. Grover nearly always stayed. Wilding. Purple and Mr. transpose or change a word here and there and use it in his articles and correspondence so that he might appear as a great sage." Miss Holdy.what is the Latin? . and always avoids mystery. Doe will know his own mind any --. It was there that the four who have been so often spoken of as being the chief instigators of the disaffection. Miller. by some one in America. Moore. Miller. Wilding. But what became of the document?" Mrs."No. So must we study the diseases of the personal nature. .well. we must learn discrimination."Well." Mrs. . ambition.' only in this case the warning ought to read 'cave ' . Wilding. 'cave oracle.received a document purporting to have been written by some high authority while Mrs. ." Mr."Ha. was to take some passage from some old book." Miss Holdy."What a task and what an awful responsibility to keep up the deception and not be found out. if some of the disaffected ones do not wake up soon I shall be very much surprised. and both have repeatedly warned the members against these things."Oh. and I am sure none of the members would encourage her to join. and pose before the members."Oh yes! wasn't it written by some one in England?" Mrs. where many of its kind had previously gone. Without such study it would be impossible for the student to learn and to acquire the knowledge necessary for him to cure the disease. at whose house Mr. Moore. Moore ." Mrs. selfishness. our Director threw it in the waste basket. and always with such a sweet spirit of compassion." Mrs. Whenever I think of that house I am reminded of the warning that the old Romans used to put at the entrance to their villas: 'cave canem."I have been thinking during this conversation that it is very necessary to talk over these matters. . not since its organization. and we must not be debarred by false sentiment from looking facts in the face. ."I wonder whether Dr. so different from the autocratic and exclusive oracle just referred to. But for the sake of suffering humanity we cannot shut our eyes to the doings of those who would hinder our work. ha. a great many did find him out and one of the reasons why I love and respect our Director so much is that she always takes especial pains to put everything in the simplest way possible. used to meet privately and consult the oracle."Is she a member of the Club?" Mrs. and show what steps must be taken to eliminate it. This foolish desire to have remarkable documents sent out simply impedes the work and deludes the unwary. ." Mrs. though ever ready to stretch out a helping hand to all. The Professor saw this some time ago and also our Director. and the plan adopted by a certain young man whom you know and who wanted to gain power.

it's an old story. let him not act until he is willing to stand by his action. but I do say."But Dr. as one by one these oracles failed and especially after so much money and energy had been spent in carrying out their plans. And it didn't come. the Doctor got up and began talking about peace. vigorous word from Dr. such as our Director took to prevent the subtle forces of selfishness and ambition eating out the spirit of our organization. and eulogized the Professor's accusers. Miller. ." Solon. his first voting for the resolutions and repudiating them afterwards. that affected him."But how could that have been? I thought everything was done that could be. But in spite of his professions of peace. that those accusations were not knocked clean on the head at the time." Solon. vigorous action."I believe very strongly in that verse in the Bible ."It was when the Professor went over to the European headquarters of the Club because of these false accusations and Dr. and excuse me . or still say one thing and repent it afterwards. showed that he was anything but at peace with himself. don't follow oracles or run around after people who write mysterious documents. Doe to do the right thing at the right time. Wilding. It was at a private council meeting. and we all looked to Dr. Well." Mrs.something about there being a time for all things." Mrs. One strong word of direct support of the Professor. which only ended in failure and ridicule."He told everybody before he went to the convention that he was going there to act the part of peacemaker.' But one may expect strange contradictions in one who follows the erratic oracles that issue from the little suburban town not far from here. having this great idea of his own importance and mission. as he did at the convention. for you know he is very sympathetic. Doe to have settled the whole thing then and there forever. but it explains much that has happened since. Doe could hardly have been expected to act otherwise than he did. Doe went with him. He tried to patch up a false peace between the Professor and those who so falsely accused him some years ago. The Professor couldn't say this word. Wilding. according to one report I heard. You must have heard that the Professor refused to defend himself."The moral of which is. he tried again. But please tell me particularly what you refer to. and his accusers would have been absolutely alone and without power. I don't mind a man's taking time to consider anything if he is in any doubt about it. but it was just because the Professor was not supported at one particular time and by the one who should have done so. Penta & Co. and then later when those who opposed the Professor had formed a club of their own. though he knew they had not at all departed from their old attitude. But there is also a time for strong.talked mere sentimental rot." Solon. . However. Our Director was backed up and we have succeeded. as his language also testified when he characterized an alleged statement of someone as a 'living lie. It had to come from the one who was sent over by us to defend the Professor.better now he is President. and of course." Miss Holdy. . . The Professor made his statement. he fell an easy prey to the flattery of Grover. Instead. Maybe it was the tears of the women. There's a time to talk peace. the right time came." Mrs." ."Yes. and all that was needed was one strong. I must say it surprised me when I heard that he voted for the resolutions in Committee and then refused to accept them afterwards. . said how much good work they had done. . . no doubt. I can't imagine what must have been the feelings of himself and others.

The organization is not universal. and is so easily influenced. . Penta and Mr. A child will eat anything and is usually most fond of those things which are most ruinous to its digestion. but the wise man eats only those things which will nourish the body and which will keep him well and strong." Dr. certainly. which Mr. because he could not accept the constitution. Turner."No."To the latter question I answer."Then." Mrs."By the way. . does it not kill all self-reliance? And does it not require implicit confidence in one's leader?" Mr." ."This would mean then that your organization was after all not Universal. but is he not wise after all? And is he not able to do better work in the world? Is he not more free than the foolish man who does not control himself? Now I claim that the action taken by the Club is exactly similar to the action taken by the wise man." Dr. and pure. . . Penta. and I certainly cannot see how anyone can fail to understand the wisdom of our course. and as the wise man will admit to his body and mind only just such food and thoughts as are in keeping with the purposes of his life and work. Mr. and I am sure did not act wilfully against the Professor." Mr. to the former. . so our organization admits only those members who are worthy and well qualified and who will carry out the purposes and aims of the organization. Well."Ah. Turner. and to be run strictly along the lines of horse-sense. quote an old saying."But. unqualifiedly no. Turner.Mrs."I remember when the Professor came home.' and now officered by Dr. if you like to describe it in that way ." Dr. he could not do so honestly. let me give you another illustration. Penta described in one of his circulars as 'officered my myself. Turner. he would not seek to enter.273 felt this lack of support and how disappointed he was."You mean you would exclude him. but was simply carried away by sentiment. naturally." Mr. You might say perhaps that the wise man had hedged himself in with cast-iron rules. but the wise man guards his mind and thinks only those thoughts that are good. since there are some who cannot or will not enter it". Roberts. As for its constitution being iron-bound. Wilding. I should have said that the crab I spoke about was a horseshoe crab. how keenly he --. But it is universal in its aims. . Doctor. yes.well and good."And suppose one did not have this confidence in the leader?" Mr. Turner. Doe. This illustration ought to appeal to you. and true. so the little incident of crab evolution will perhaps appeal more strongly to Mr. but after all the Doctor is a good man. . The foolish man permits all kinds of thoughts to make a playground of his mind . it is in fact for the benefit of the whole human race and all creatures. Penta's horse-sense than if it had been one of the ordinary species. that would mean that all humanity belonged to the organization as an organization. he would not seek to join the organization. does not the new Constitution which the Club adopted by becoming a part of this Universal Organization. ."It certainly makes one smile to think of the prospects before the socalled original Sokratic Club. tell me. . Roberts. . Doctor. Roberts. . Roberts. Miller. and no less for those outside than for those within its ranks. Turner. Mr." Dr. I am afraid you misunderstand the sense in which the word universal is used.

. for surely government of any kind whether auto."Well. Roberts." And Barnstorff in his "Key" says: "Shakespeare in his Sonnets gives us simply . Penta and Dr. the cast-iron rules apply only to the organization and are simply for its protection."According to this philosophy. both in following the guide and in refusing to admit the others to their company. Self-reliance does not consist in rejecting the guidance of one wiser than ourselves when we are able to recognize such a one. so good-bye until we meet again."Please do not think I oppose it. and as you knew I have heard so much from the other side. his mind and his other parts around him in a semi-circle and hold converse with them making up a very respectable 5 o'clock tea party all by himself. . D." That a person may analyze and hold converse with his principles and glean wisdom from the process is to be seen by reading E. ." Solon. requires some degree of wisdom and common sense. They need a guide and they follow the guide's --. Hitchcock's "Remarks on Shakespeare's Sonnets."I wonder how Mr.Dr. ." Mrs. And if some other travelers should come and ask to join them but at the same time expressing lack of confidence in the guide and that they would judge for themselves and would reserve to themselves the right to follow his directions or not as they saw fit. and also showed their self-reliance in following their own calm sober judgment. a man may sit in his bare soul and lay his body."In my opinion the party of travelers showed by their action that they fully appreciated autonomy and exercised it too. Besides.275 CONVERSATIONS WITH OURSELVES by Eva F.there were only a few points that were not quite clear. However it is getting late and I must go home. when I hear them talk about autonomy and self-reliance I always think of a party of travelers crossing a mountain range. Doe and the rest of that ilk reconcile their individual autonomy with their acceptance of the constitution which they and their few followers have adopted. would it not be the only sane and proper thing for the party of travelers to decline to permit the others to go with them? The others might talk autonomy all they wished but in my opinion they would be following but a shadow.274 directions implicitly but no one would therefore accuse them of lacking self-reliance. The individual is free as ever and I am sure no one would wish to coerce any member to remain in the organization who did not desire to do so but preferred to follow his own sweet will and conform to no rules or regulations. Wilding. Wilding." Mrs. for I certainly do not ." -----------------. or not auto. And to come back to the Club the members in the first instance had to rely on their intuitions and their own higher nature in accepting the changes which have been made. Gates A NEWSPAPER writer giving a light sketch of the theosophic concept of man's nature says: .

to Knowledge. of the civil and social man to his genius and his art. This Unity as "Beauty's Rose. the affections. of the time when men "were tongue-tied by authority. which belongs to time and circumstance to his higher self. Sir Philip Sydney." as the poet's conversations with his complex self. but it appears to be more reasonable to regard them as "soul studies.Sonnet 144. with which his consciousness has to battle and from whence proceed the tribulations of life. A sense of this unity was the secret joy of the poet. Thus are personified the reason and the affections." . for the guidance of which Chaucer gave mystical rules in his "Court of Love. of his external being. he says: "Is it thy will thy image should keep open My heavy eyelids to the weary night? . The better angel is a man right fair. which belongs to humanity and eternity. This is the meaning of the love literature of the Middle Ages. taking the name of love." the spirit of humanity . where it is called the "Master-Mistress. Love represents devotion to the Divine. The affections may pass into the passions when they are not balanced by reason and harmoniously adjusted. the reason.'' These sonnets are supposed to be addressed to persons. Hence comes the double nature of man. regarded as a soul struggling with a double nature by which he is linked to earth and heaven. the witnesses to the Truth who carried the torch through the dark ages. Which like two spirits do suggest me still. The worser spirit a woman colored ill." Plutarch. "Two loves I have of comfort and despair.intuitions of the soul. to Humanity. so to realized as double in its manifestation in man. spiritual personality under the form of appeals of his mortal to his immortal man.276 science in the 61st Sonnet. Spenser. Addressing his spiritual nature or con--. wrote sonnets addressed to ladies personifications of ideals." The master. have permitted that torch to cast some gleams of light into the darkness of that time. invocations. to Religion." quick to penetrate disguise. In the 146th Sonnet he advises himself to sacrifice the passional side of his nature to feed his soul. for one interpretation. The joy of a part for a whole which it was just beginning to recognize as itself. Under the disguise of the language of love. And beneath the surface meanings of the "fables and fairy toys" the real meaning is to be looked for by those who have "lover's eyes." The Sonnets of Shakespeare show the spirit of man to be one with God and Nature. he depicts his own ultimate. to Beauty as the representation of Divinity. Love is the esoteric devotion to God. the mistress.

is not so great. No shape so true." The lower self in its pride and faults. into my deeds to pry. For thee and for myself no quiet find. '' The idea that the soul of man is free during sleep to commune with the Over-soul is beautifully expressed in the 27th Sonnet. And all my soul. For thee watch I. And for myself mine own worth do define. The dear repose for limbs with travail tired. from far where I abide. do mock my sight? Is it thy spirit that thou sendest from thee So far from home. Which. It is so grounded inward in my heart. Mine own true love that doth my rest defeat.Dost thou desire my slumbers should be broken. and the change to the contemplation of the Higher Self as that to which praise alone is due are expressed thus: "Sin of self-love possesseth all mine eye. Save that my soul's imaginary sight Presents thy shadow to my sightless view. no truth of such account. Methinks no face so gracious is as mine. like to thee. To find out shames and idle hours in me. Self so self-loving were iniquity. To work my mind. . But then begins a journey in my head. Beaten and chopp'd with tann'd antiquity. though much. Intend a zealous pilgrimage to thee. thus by day my limbs. And keep my drooping eyelids open wide. Makes black night beauteous. whilst thou dost wake elsewhere. It is my love that keeps mine eye awake. like a jewel hung in ghastly night. For then my thoughts. But when my glass shows me myself indeed. with others all too near. by night my mind. Lo. As I all other in all worths surmount. To play the watchman ever for thy sake. when body's work's expir'd. From me far off. Looking on darkness which the blind do see. and all my every part. The scope and tenor of thy jealousy? O. and her old face new. And for this sin there is no remedy. Mine own self-love quite contrary I read. While shadows. "Weary with toil I haste me to my bed. no! thy love.

like the Great Unity which they reflect. until. So on the other hand. THE ATTITUDE OF THEOSOPHY TOWARD SPIRITUALISM. or soul. If all the elements constituting a person were good. The error made by spiritualism is that finding something which exists and persists after the death of the physical body.277 THE KINDERGARTEN OF THEOSOPHY by Marie A. That this vehicle shows intelligence is not strange since it contains a memory of the just-closed earth life from its long association with the physical brain. Abundance of evidence having accumulated of strange phenomena. for the real and permanent part of man and not understanding his complex or sevenfold nature. just as a glove will retain the shape of the hand when the hand is withdrawn. ------------------. composed also of matter. is an eternal power. physical plane. IT would seem that since Modern Science has condescended to place far-sighted spectacles upon the nose of the "Psychical Research Society. all is order and symmetry in the little world as in the great. that which is good and perfect therefore can alone continue to live. as it is rightly classed by theosophy." thus endeavoring to get a glimpse beyond the gross. THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF IMMORTALITY MUST BE BORN WITHIN THE SOUL ITSELF. but it is not the hand itself. that which is evil or imperfect must be transformed. Such a being would be a full "septenary" or one who had evolved upon all planes. which animates the form. Watson CHAPTER IX. is doomed to disintegration which takes place as a natural process when not interfered with. if there were nothing good in the person. that for myself I praise. THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL NOT DEMONSTRATED BY SPIRITUALISM. as it represents nothing more of value as such in the economy of nature. and consequently be compelled to postulate an inner Ego. Painting my age with beauty of thy days. All forms are subject to annihilation. refilled in the crucible of nature. to which it belongs. it mistakes this second body. myself. nothing . Nothing can be united with eternal and perfect life but that which is eternal and perfect. TO UNDERSTAND THE PHENOMENA IT IS NECESSARY TO STUDY THE SEVEN-FOLD NATURE OF MAN."Tis thee. the soul. yet Science being completely unable to formulate a solution thereof. it can be brought into contact with matter but it cannot be permanently united therewith.'' Thus by skimming the mere surface of these sonnets we see it is not at all impossible to converse with the various aspects of our natures and learn to balance and harmonize the different parts. or spirit. one of the mere vehicles of the soul is thus confounded with the soul itself. and naught of such elements could manifest in the seance room. it would seem as if all clear thinking minds would admit consciousness to be possible apart from the physical organism.J. This astral shell. What does manifest is obvious to the illuminated thinker. but the will. that person would be wholly immortal.

it is not the mere puppet ready to dance to the mediumistic piping of the curiosity seeker or even to the earnest but misguided mourner. unprejudiced mind. Animal man is the son of the animal elements. he will know that the pure. Man therefore should ally himself to the Divine and not live in the animal elements of his soul.. he becomes like a god. If he is like the Divine Spirit shining through the animal elements. the good will live and the evil finally perish. but may be drawn thereto by the desire of friends of its late earth life.278 stincts and ascend as high in nature as their position will admit. but animal man may sink below the brute. to make the error known. the animal soul is derived from the animal kingdom. and when this is accomplished it withdraws to a still higher plane where it belongs by essence of its nature. another portion evil. the result of church bigotry on one side and cold materialism on the other and though it seems to be thriving it yet has the peculiarity of a "spreading green bay . having shed the physical body. such animal attributes die with the animal elements to which they belong. and in the interest of humanity. Theosophy recognizes whatever may be good in the teachings of Spiritualism but it cannot therefore be silent on so grave an error which involves so much injury to incarnated and disincarnated souls alike. The Ego just retired from active earth life. physical plane without a physical body wherein the Ego can have opportunity to gain more experience. setting itself up as an authority upon all questions concerning the life of the soul. The attitude of Theosophy towards spiritualism is as towards any system of thought that teaches error. Spiritualism is an illegitimate child. the truth will be demonstrated concerning the phenomena he witnesses. nevertheless practice sorcery and Theosophy warns against it not only because it hinders the progress of the departed soul. not in a carping spirit but in that of true brotherhood. So we see that the astral body after death belongs on the astral plane and has no business on the physical. Spiritualism made its advent into the world when Materialism was rampant. being purged of the lower principles or vehicles. Animals follow out their annual in--. Spiritualists who are ignorant of this law. If his reason is absorbed by his animal instincts it becomes animal reason. the good. to win a victory over some shortcoming. they do not sink below that position. viz. For such personalities there can be no immortality although they can and do manifest in the seance circle. the spiritual do not manifest on this lowest. and which it cannot do except on a plane where temptation exists. and if man is like his animal parent he resembles an animal in his instincts and desires. but all that is merely elemental or animal in him is subject to dissolution. The divine in man cannot die.could be saved but all must be transformed. It speaks with no uncertain voice concerning these dangers and if the spiritualist will investigate with impartial. is now busy endeavoring to rid itself of the astral body likewise. the animal instincts and desires existed before the divine spirit illuminated them and made them into man. out of which his animal soul was born. Man has an Eternal Father who sent him to gain experience in the animal principles. but because it also works injury to the medium and to all who participate. if it rises above his animal desires it becomes angelic. If a portion be good. but not for the purpose of being absorbed by them as in that case man becomes an animal while the animal principle would have nothing to gain. thus hindering the soul from escaping from one of its vehicles and thus actually holding it a prisoner in Kama-Loka or Purgatory.

for this will is not the person. From each plane something is contributed to the make-up of man. that the Universe is one. and as such they but deceive. The will or Ego that informed that personality. and at the dissolution of the personality. The whole attracts the parts by the inherent nature within each. and yet are they not convinced. and many others before it. exists. we find that he is correlated to all known forces in the Universe. . Is this true? Not so is the soul convinced of immortality. In the first --.tree" that it appears healthful and green after it is dead. CHAPTER X. Does the recognition depend upon a body or form of any sort? Even here on the physical. The consciousness of immortality must be born from within the soul itself. and when it is dissolved. limited sense-plane we have other means at our command by which to recognize friends. the spiritual part of man is less informed than the lower. or in the four lower principles. the personality consists of personal qualities that are represented in his form. it will continue as a conscious entity and is then immortal. born from the higher planes are the permanent part of man. this is the legitimate way. On the soul plane soul will recognize soul according to the law governing that plane. that no act or thought occurs without affecting each portion of the great whole. CONSCIOUSNESS ON VARIOUS PLANES When we closely investigate man's nature. the four lower principles go back from whence they came. and man may use his free will to identify himself with the one or with the other. and that everything within it is connected with the whole and with every other part. not by any outside evidence. The will of a person retains its own qualities or attributes after the death of the person. the permanent. and when it has become illuminated by the divinity of its own spirit. "I and my Father are one" may be translated thus. he ever seeks fresh phenomena hoping for more convincing proofs. that all the various substances in existence are congegrated and concentrated in him. doubt still preys upon its victim. the trinity. We also know that the parts cannot know the whole or the unknowable until the fraction becomes again the whole member. Spiritualists claim that the demonstration of the immortality of the soul rests with spiritualism. The objection of Spiritualists to abandon the idea or belief that that which manifests is not the real self lies herein: that if the astral form is also to be lost there is nothing left to identify the soul. and if the personality is to become immortal it has to become united to this in its long pilgrimage. some witness it a life time. Such reasoning is childish in the extreme. there is an end to that personality. We now see that there is perforce something incorruptible and eternal in man as well as something corruptible and temporal. whether the physical or the astral. all other means are but spurious imitations. the three higher. surely on higher planes the power will not be diminished. transitory nature. yea. nor can we think that the real.279 place that the astral body exists after the dissolution of the physical does not prove that nothing also exists beyond the astral. Spiritualists seek the phenomena over and again many years. nor can we think that the higher development of man results in his knowing less. that they cannot then recognize their departed in the other life.

we must evolve consciousness upon the soul plane. upon any plane in the universe is a possibility open to man. has finally enlarged and become one with the Divine consciousness. But to exercise this power voluntarily." We may view this subject from various aspects . We may understand things intellectually from books and study. and to do this. how do we impress them. but it involves effort. Are we not verily our "brother's keeper" in this sense? The atoms we discard. The power to do is latent within. The Universe is in fact consciousness expressing itself on various planes. nor does it function upon any other but its own plane. is better than not doing so at all. for the atoms composing our bodies are continually being cast off by us. the earth. The lower states of consciousness manifesting in the mineral. that the consciousness expressed in these lower kingdoms is not capable of aspiring to the higher planes. vegetable and animal kingdoms cannot be appreciated by man until he learns to know himself. But this we do know. for when he truly knows himself. thinking good. to be at limited consciousness which has been growing and evolving through long periods of evolution. a foundation is ours upon which we may truly build immortal character. is simply the universal mind principle differentiating and individualizing. however. to do a kindness as impulse dictates. receptive to suggestion. To occasionally think a good thought. We must come into sympathy with everything that lives if we would understand Life. We must know the soul of a thing if we would truly know it. but to make much headway man must acquire and evolve the habit of doing good. he knows other selves. We can then become conscious builders in the Universe. must be receptive to intelligence. until it has become natural to him. Then will the "lion lie down with the lamb. and if this is true we can see how great is our responsibility. Thus is evolution car--. and if conscious. evolving into self-consciousness when man comes into being. as it were. In the physical world. the planets. That man does exercise this power involuntarily is an established fact. Are we not in this sense the arbiters of our own destinies? Do we not make our environment? These lower or lesser "lives" make up the physical and intellectual man. but yet be very far from knowing things truly.280 ried on. Man must unfold his seven-fold nature to enable him to become conscious on the various planes of the universe. we try to change the results without attacking the cause of the disorder. Our Philosophy teaches that every atom is intelligent. labor and the will to cultivate one's whole nature. and intelligent. and the brotherhood of man? So long as the atoms that compose the man are selfish no reformation is possible. Man can hasten or retard his evolution. then the principle of love will be conscious on all planes. How else is the "Golden Age" to be brought about. individually and collectively. The first differentiation of consciousness is in the universal mind principle. that is another matter altogether. and . or are we indolent and cast them off no better informed than when they became one with us? When we once know this truth. We begin at the wrong end of the line to better man's conditions. are all of one matter. we. which manifesting upon all planes. with good or evil impulses. To exercise this power is only possible to man. To be able to shift the consciousness at will to one plane or another. by the aid of the will. the stars. and new ones taken up. when this has become the rule instead of the exception.

But the man who develops rationally. neglecting the cultivation of his spiritual nature . Love for the orphan humanity alone must dominate our thoughts and actions. since he will attract them by the selfishness within himself. but as man does not generally enter upon this psychic plane voluntarily. for the one who persists in selfishly cultivating his latent powers. then does he open the door to influences more evil and selfish than himself. awakens that faculty latent within his own soul. and knows the laws governing these planes. and so may draw help and courage from this divine source. what method must I pursue?" Now. to have knowledge of all planes of being. and there is also an abnormal and unhealthy method which. more spiritual in his aspirations. easier and more complete than on the physical plane. what is thus communicated may often be misleading and unreliable.which would protect him always from malign influences .281 lead finally to destruction of the spiritual power in man. Humanity as a whole draws help. and to be god-like is to become unselfish in the whole nature. In fact. Naturally the question that presents itself to the earnest student is. and thus likewise comes under the benign influences stronger and more potent for good than he alone is. strength and inspiration from the same benign influences just in proportion as individual men and women uplift their consciousness upon the planes where oneness is the law. more unselfish. the means of communication between the physical and the psychic planes are necessarily defective. matter is more subtle. for some mightier force controls him to his own doom. aspiring to know other planes beyond the physical. in the end fails. and so he would become but the tool of these stronger forces in Evil. fortitude. there is a legitimate and healthy means whereby this can be accomplished. for to become gods we must possess attributes of gods. it becomes more than selfconsciousness. of life itself. will --. sets up vibrations on higher planes corresponding to the thought waves from his own brain. and thus become god-like. This is the object of evolution. Nature's laws are wise. To study one's self with a fervent aspiration. and how can we have this wisdom unless we become conscious on successive planes? Thus can we work on all planes. intelligently. to desire to know because of the good we can do for the world. and so with all the various planes in the Universe. . Now. If he hastens the process of his evolution by physical means. "How shall I learn to develop consciousness upon other planes. The more spiritual the plane the less of separateness is manifest. Nor does this mean annihilation. yea. striving to live unselfishly. neglecting no part of his composite nature. It is simply consciousness beyond self. Man must first seek to become more pure in living. for in the evolution toward perfection powers are gained. but they are the accompaniment of the cultivation. to desire no powers but such as are born from the unfoldment of the higher nature.through this oneness of material are we able to communicate. ere he seeks to become conscious on other planes of being. can alone obtain knowledge from such a source which is complete and reliable. never less. whereas in his selfishness he would but learn to control elemental forces for his own use and pleasure. if pursued. on the psychic plane the psychic bodies are also of one matter and through this oneness of material we are again able to communicate. To do this is a stupendous undertaking. and as on that plane. so communication is swifter. The one who enters this state of consciousness voluntarily.if he neglect this.

who still cherish and retain many of the Druidic traditions. The Barddas one of the great occult books preserved in the bardic college in Glamorgan has been published. chiefly in Wales that Bardism attained its highest development and continued to exert a powerful influence even after the introduction of Christianity into that country. This was also the case through the middle ages. and contains a vein of teaching and thought clearly which may certainly be regarded as of Druidic origin. . symbols and emblems. THEIR HISTORY AND RELIGION by Rev. however. apothegms. There are clear evidences of their existence in all these countries. and we therefore most reluctantly limit ourselves to giving short extracts in which are expressed some of the chief teachings of the Druids and a translation of The Circles of Existence which we trust may not prove devoid of interest to the student and general reader. yet the spirit of it survived in its order of Bards who. THEOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY Three are the Circles of Being. these festivals are celebrated not only in Wales but in America.(To be continued) --------------. In Brittany and other parts of France still exist ancient customs and superstitions of Druid origin which have utterly repelled the eradicating influence both of the Catholic and protestant clergy. and many parts of Britain. now scattered throughout Wales. Scotland. To do this in an adequate and satisfactory manner would swell our remarks into a volume. and after the conquest of Wales. and reverenced as the sole survivors of an age of freedom and liberty. To this day. W. At stated intervals great festivals or Eisteddfodaw were held at which the most famous bards from various districts met and contended in song. with all its fame and prestige. It was. the umpires . became wandering minstrels and sole depositories of Druidic philosophy and learning.The Circle of Space. Ireland. for they gave poetic expression to the religious and national sentiments of the people which have never become entirely extinguished. the number three being held in great esteem by the ancient Druids. Australia. They were treated with the utmost respect and exempted from taxes and military service.282 THE ANCIENT DRUIDS. New Zealand and wherever Welshmen abound. had now passed away. the traditions of which are still cherished in the heart of every true Celt. Cyleh y Ceugant . For the better understanding of them we would observe that the Bardic theology is expressed in tercets or verses consisting of three lines. Williams (Concluded) THROUGH Druidism. Editorial exigencies preclude us from pointing out at great length the many similarities and interesting analogies and correspondences with the religions and philosophy of the East which are presented in the above-named work. Through these Bards has been handed down what knowledge we possess of the theology and philosophy of the ancient Druids.being generally the most learned of the princes and nobles.

of the Friends of Humanity. The state of liberty in Abred. the destitute nothing rejoiced into being a thousand times more quickly than the lightning reaches its home. soul. --. Three are the phases of existence: Commencement in the Abyss (Annoufor). and yet one particle of light is the greatest of all great things. As supplementary and forming a commentary on these circles. being no less material for all materiality that can be understood and perceived as within the grasp of the power of God. that is. and their existence is in God. and God in every particle. by union with goodness. that is from the fundamental and absolute life. whilst a man. "With the particles of light. for there is no preexistence except in God. Souls that are sullied with earthly impurities are refined by repeated changes (incarnations) and probations till the last stain of evil is worn away and they are ultimately ripened for immortal bliss in a higher sphere .Cyleh y Abred . by its melodious sweetness. that is. and nothing is one imperfect co-existence but what cannot be two. and no derived existence except in God and from God. On that account every light is one. which are the smallest of all small things."* With reference to the evolution of men we give the following: "It is necessary that every living and animate being should traverse the circle of Abred from the depth Aunwn. to goodness and godliness. when in or out of itself.283 The state of existence in Annouln. motionless shiver warmed into living existence. Transmigration in Abred. no coexistence except in God. which was scarcely heard when. and then there can be an end to the life in Abred. for there is not and cannot be less than God in every particle of light. until they become man. And in every particle there is a place wholly commensurate with God. nevertheless. we give the following extracts . Completion and perfection in Gwynfyd. God is only one in number. or earthliness. and the non-entity which had neither place nor existence flashed like lightning into elementation." "But no man at death shall go to Gwynfyd (Nirvana) except he who shall attach himself in life. both their pre-existence and derived existence. The man who does not thus attach . the extreme limit of what is low in every existence endowed with life.the abode of the Blest . that is from God uniting himself to the dead. that is. With respect to the creation of the Universe we learn that this grand event took place "by the voice of the Divine energy. and they shall ascend higher and higher in the order of gradation or life." One of the Masters being asked.The Circle of Happiness. lo! dead matter gleamed into life." How were animation and life obtained? "From God and in God they were found. Three are the successive states of animated beings.The Circle of Evolutions. Cyleh y Gwynfyd . with what material did God make all corporeal things endowed with life? replies.Souls when purified ascend to still higher spheres from whence they can no more descend. The state of happiness in Gwynfyd. hence motion and mind. and rejoiced into life and the congealed.of the Sages . And every animation and soul are from God.

p. the privilege of sharing in divine love. . whence he shall return to the state of man as before. And then according as his attachment be either to godliness or ungodliness. They are the three victories.increase of moral power. all in equal balance.knowledge . mortality and death. and attaches himself to it.himself in godliness shall fall in Abred to a corresponding form and species of existence of the same nature as himself. Three are the things inevitable in Abred.the primordial origin of life. refusing and resisting good .(HAPPINESS) .love and moral power. Three are the alternatives offered to man. reincarnations in Abred. man being able to attach himself to one or the other.good and evil. growth of spiritual life. that of the development of the bodily structure of every animated being. THE CIRCLE OF GWYNFYD . By three things man falls under the necessity of Abred.preferring the evil.the adjusting of evil and good. the protoplasm of all things. that of the attainment of universal knowledge. the transgression of law (natural and spiritual). These are necessary in the working out and accomplishment of human destiny. Abred and Gwynfyd (heaven and hell) necessity and liberty. also that of moral growth in order to triumph over the spirit of evil (Cythraul) and obtain selfdeliverance from evil (Droug) for without these there could be no progress. And thus shall he fall for ever. 257. Divine aid without which there could be no consciousness. and harmonious action with the Divine in order to attain the end and object of their destiny.liberty of choice giving rise to judgment and preference . deliverance by death from Droug and Cythraul. -----------* Barddas. giving rise to comparison . shall he ascend to Gwynfyd (Nirvana). in Gwynfyd and reminiscence of past experiences.284 Three things shared by every animated being whilst in Abred. Three necessary causes operate in the circle of Abred. ceasing to strive after knowledge. These cannot be acquired anterior to the human stage but through the exercise of liberty and free choice.liberty of choosing. calm endurance of change. by which he can determine his own destiny. or fall in Abred when he dies. . until he seeks godliness. Three are the essentials to man's triumph over evil. They begin with humanity and attend it through all the cycles of the ages. Three are the privileges incident to humanity . in consequence of these he descends in Abred to the place for which he qualifies himself and begins again his pilgrimage through the circle of evolutions. . -------------." THE CIRCLE OF ABRED (EVOLUTION). Three necessary things are there in the circle of Abred.suffering. . when there will be an end to the Abred of necessity and to every necessary suffering of evil and death. Three principal things to be acquired in the stage of humanity . Three essentials are there in order to obtain perfect knowledge.

the infringement of which was visited with the punishment of death. too. Three are essentials to universal knowledge . Druidism throughout its whole career kept itself perfectly pure and uncontaminated from those vices and phallic impurities which have so shamefully degraded most of the great religions of the world ancient and modern. the reciprocal sharing of benefits.his primordial love and memory of past incarnations without which he cannot attain to perfect happiness. --. and I joined with the others in regarding it a sort of .an individuality absolutely distinct. freedom from death. . These constitute the personality of every animated being. there were my friends X and his wife. darkness. . Three things attainable by man in the circle of Gwynfyd. error and death. Knowledge and Justice.the memory of each incarnation and its experience . . Three are the things which daily become weaker. five all told. there were just offices enough to go around and I was put in President on the plea of the leisure at my command.transmigration through the stages of being . his primordial genius.and natal genius. . When we concluded to enter the fold. Three are the beatitudes in Gwynfyd. Love. inculcating chastity in all the relationships of life. . and Mrs. Hate. Its moral teachings were pure and healthy. and Ignorance. freedom from care. Three are the Divine gifts to man. fire or light.the power of passing at will into previous states for the enlargement of knowledge and experience and these are attainable in the circle of Gwynfyd. ------------- MY KINGDOM by David WHEN I was last born into Theosophy. X was made Secretary for a similar reason.Three are the principal blessings in the circle of Gwynfyd. to be self infinite. were understood and grasped with that clearness of apprehension so as to make them facts of the Universe. the ultimate result of which is the rule over all things when the circle of Abred (evolution) will terminate. and a very little Branch it was. and my two chums Y and Z. . Injustice.freedom from evil. From this outline of Druidic teaching we learn: that in those remote ages.intelligence or truth. . I came in as President of a Branch. Three are the things continually decreasing.spirit or life. to become finite in the finite and unification with all the various states of existence in the circle of Gwynfyd. Three are the things which ever become stronger. Besides myself.a life complete in itself . the doctrines of reincarnation and Karma.285 Three are the prerogatives of the Divine. Three are the things of endless growth.the willing recognition and ready acknowledgment of individual genius and Universal Brotherhood based upon the love of God.

President" took on a more serious meaning. and made all clear as a well-trained lawyer could. hard cash. and --. President. and the narrow vistas of my life began to widen out as I applied to them the broad bases of Theosophy. caught a whiff or two of things occult. Soon I noticed that X began to blossom out as a clear-headed essayist. and felt virtuous and quite deserving of any notice that might be taken of me at Headquarters. however. when he complained that while I had taken on outwardly the wisdom of the owl. though any reasonable one might see that it would never do to have two of a family at the head. touched a button there. myself. I and Theosophy were to awaken the world.286 Mrs. we took the home train. and oblivious altogether of the Heart Doctrine. I. and I straightway proceeded to reinforce Their powers and preference by all my own business acumen. and attended strictly to business. My personal importance being thus emphasized. when addressed with mock homage by them as "Mr. full. cabalistic words let fall in our presence. and to fully appreciate my merits. had to back up Theosophy as well as everything else. but he hadn't a particle of enthusiasm. poor fellow. and when we hired a long room near the centre of the town and placed the official table and two chairs upon the little platform at one end of it. and when the town's people began to crowd in and fill our seats on all extra occasions. hadn't a penny to spare for the work. Why. they would run the whole thing and leave nothing but hard work for the rest. I noticed that Madam the Secretary dispensed with all the quips and quaint sayings that before had characterized her reports of our proceedings. and made a "cinch" wherever I could. and imitating the curt and preoccupied manner of the sphinx-like official workers. and when Mrs. whose outcome. gave me so scant a majority over X that perhaps I was not as courteous to him as I ought to have been. I was the one appointed by "Those who Know" to do this work. and cash. I felt ready for the ordeal of the election. especially I.pleasantry. X confirmed his opinion. really Y would do better than that. X must be retained as Secretary. all of which was of great use to me and redounded to my official glory. but I met two or three other fellows on an errand similar to my own and we got together and exchanged confidences as to what we had "caught on to" and retailed mysterious. which alone tells in Theosophy. and a benevolent expansion to my gestures that expressed an amiable patronage of all humanity. and also that the term "Mr." But gradually a change crept in with additional numbers. that Y talked wisely and from notes only. I excused them both in my . and finally took a trip to New York where I found all at Headquarters too busy to get really well acquainted with me. and that Z was on his feet with a spring at any specially puzzling question. but was too discreet to reveal. as the workers rushed by on nameless errands. and Z. I pulled a wire here. I proceeded to set everybody in the home Branch on the qui vive to learn of the wonders I was supposed to have seen. Clearly. then wrapping this new cloak of mystery and prophesy about us. was sensibly impressed with the importance of my position. Theosophy had taken all the old jollity and goodfellowship out of me. to whom I gave my spare time and all my pocket money. which thought immediately added an inch at least to the dignity of my stature. and was coldly intellectual. but the annual election approached and I wondered if X's increasing popularity might not suggest a change in presidents to some shortsighted members. round tones to my voice.

and I saw so plainly that my efforts were not appreciated. This passion for place and power was in possession of me. X to the proper business methods of keeping them up. At last I realized that the desire for recognition and justice that I found within myself. In one wild illuminating flash. to awake with a start in the middle of the night with a firm conviction that my whole being was in the grasp. I gave liberty to the youth whom I had so bound to me by self-interest and intimidations. I decided. and the whole thing wore on me so. interior voice to reassure me. and so many were dropping out that I had no time for restoring harmony within the heart of the circle. frictions and discords began to rage fiercely. I threw wide to the sunlight the prison I had made for the timid. for though many offered their help in the Branch work. to that brain's finest convolutions from which had emanated the commands that had ensouled selfishness. on account of the defeat just sustained. I found that many individual needs could be supplied within the society by discovery of the acquirements of each. of an octopus whose purpose was total destruction. to make them content and happy. as the least carelessness might reduces the averages. I saw the whole evil of my being. for the long exiled poor. Then. where they would be a credit to the Branch. was native to every heart and only needed the proper kind of encouragement to become a healthy. and when I asked myself. all hearts happy. deceit and all uncharitableness. "What is it all for?" there was no soothing. and when at the next election I was made president unanimously (though against my will) . helpful source of brotherliness. and applying them to the wants of the others. whose only dole has been reluctant bounty.287 ing upon me. and what is so easy to give. and on noiseless wheels. requiring but a watchful eye and kindly hand to avert any serious friction. with uncompromising industry I tore away the roots that had been feed--. of superstition worse than dogma. too. just the recognition of their common humanity that they are one of us and welcome to share in our common labors and mutual recognitions. and I well remember the night when these conditions reached their climax and I went to sleep with a glaring red interrogation point flaming before my inner sight.own mind. I felt that the reports and returns were most important. that I felt deserted by my nearest friends. fibre by fibre. in her share of the work. and till daylight. and not I of it. in my anxiety to get new recruits to fill the vacancies. must be hard enough to endure of itself. That peculiar fever that attaches itself to the selfative. require so little. and should appeal to the magnanimity of the friends of the sufferers who ought to pass it by in considerate silence. But I had little time to waste on trivial things. and taught them to seek their truest manhood outside of the bonds of intrigue and self-seeking and on the basis of uncompromising truth. I had some trouble in reconciling Mrs. indeed. and rose weak and wan but a sane man and light at heart through relief from the burden that had lifted from my shoulders. A good half of my second year still remained in which to undo the mischief I had done. and. thus we formed schools within schools and scotched the serpent of favoritism till all hands were willing. from the limbs that had done the errands of the brain. and the fact dawned upon me that the Branch was running itself. and their consequent psychic condition.

and to the lowliest brothers in the Branch through whom alone it might reach outwards and become a part of the Universal Brotherliness that is to leaven the world. the Logos. THE serpent and the dragon are used by different nations as symbols of Life and Wisdom. 549. that is a grand cycle composed of smaller ones. Both the serpent and the dragon symbols.K. 403. 216).288 STUDENTS' COLUMN Conducted by J. For further information see Secret Doctrine (old edition) I. Fussell THE SERPENT SYMBOL. When Ennoia and Ophis are separated. 528. 230." and coiled within and following the spirals lies the serpent . 472. or Wisdom. 236. but must assimilate. and therefore the patron of all the Egyptian Initiates. is an explanation of the Gnostic symbolism of the Serpent as the Logos. The sloughing of the serpent's skin suggested a perpetual renewal of life to the primitive peoples. 442. In Isis Unveiled. the Ophis) represents the Shadow of the Light. the Unity manifesting itself as the Logos. A careful study of this Gnostic symbolism will explain all the serpent myths. II. like all important myths. the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. and therefore we have the two serpents. --------"It is often said that suffering is Life's great teacher. 504. non-eternal." and thus became the salvation of mankind (Secret Doctrine II. 363-4. 202. the light and the dark. H. but the greatest divine light on our plane.emblem of Wisdom and Eternity . teaching mankind to become creators in their turn. a double principle of Good and Evil. 364. that twine around the caduceus of Mercury. according to the Gnostics was figured by a serpent standing on human legs. Therefore we find Ophis urging the first human couple to eat of the forbidden fruit. p. II. and therefore signify also the Masters of Life and Wisdom. etc. or the soul of the world. and the serpent with its tail in its mouth formed an endless line. 410. Vol. Chnouphis was the Spiritual Sun of Enlightenment. but can we not also learn and progress through that which brings pleasure and happiness? Should we not take each as it comes and endeavor to learn its lesson. . 356. 280. have their septenary significance. etc. the perfect circle that symbolized Eternity. The solar Chnouphis. Because all things must have their opposites. Life involved Death.the dual Androgyne. service in any capacity. or should we always turn away from pleasure?" Pain and pleasure are not things in themselves. ---------------.H. From the unfathomable Abyss (the veil of the Unknown). one is the Tree of Life (spiritual). ranging from that cosmic force which we call physical life. or the great Teachers. The cycle (or circle) represents the Divine Mind (Ennoia) a power which does not create. and may be taken in many senses. issues a circle formed of spirals. The Cross was an evolution from the "tree and the serpent. That is. but are perceptions of transitory . the origin of life and Wisdom. This is the "Spiritual Sun. 214. and the serpent (the Agathodaemon. to the Logos itself.I caught a glimpse of my real kingdom and knew it lay in the realm of service. 213. 208. or the bearer of divine creative wisdom.. 381. the power to heal implied the power to slay. 253.

courage and inspiration to faithfully pursue the work that must ultimately cause the ways of the world to be those of pleasantness. is an index of the experience and knowledge of the soul." and does change through growth and unfolding." it follows that incarnation leaves a mental deposit. learning from the pleasure that comes to us. or "perceiver. Pain and pleasure are relative to the experiencer. speak. then. and finding in its sunlight." being "conjoined in the body with the organ of thought. Q.Mary F. in the sweep of universal harmonious conditions. . but remains the same from the cradle to the grave. It is the sum of past "mental deposits. and brings about a conflict of purposes which makes it impossible to maintain any one condition. but also for use. Is this a correct view? Does it not imply the doctrine of fatalism and destroy all free-will?" Let us answer the question on the basis laid down by that most delightful reasoner. not only through use. even though that be local and transitory. and all its paths to be peace. which is the basis of experience in subsequent lives. true harmony lies in the line of the ideal progression of humanity. the beauties of harmony in the present and its great promise for the future. but that harmony must be that of all souls. Book II. but it also leaves its impress upon matter. Selfishness gives rise to the seeking of --. and equally teachers. There is no possibility of fatalism in the matter. C.. .the power which enables "the real perceiver and knower" to evolve. and this tendency. There is. The Soul seeks harmony. The soul. in and through which only the spiritual monads can attain their development. is the ability of the soul to use present environment. The use of personality and personal environment as an instrument. as the conditions which exist were established by ourselves individually and collectively. Character. Lang . then. Our work then should be to think. The soul gains experience from matter. one result of incarnation is experience gained through matter. acting through the physical basis common to all sentient beings. Just as many operations are accomplished by utilizing the force of gravity. But evolution is twofold in its results. --------"In a Lodge meeting the opinion was advanced that character does not change during life. we can take as much as merit has in store for us. commenting upon Aphorism 9. says W. and in the meantime. and as such are equally a part of Life. hence succeeding incarnations provide it with instruments refined and perfected. pain is disagreeable because of its disharmony. so enlightenment is reached by utilizing the "self-reproductive power" of spirit . is extremely powerful. conditions that give pain to some will give pleasure to others. Pleasure is agreeable because of its harmony.R. and continues through all incarnations. An operation performed with a surgical instrument is an index of the surgeon's skill.289 congenial personal conditions. Patanjali." Clearly. "a natural tendency to manifestation on the material plane. J.conditions of harmony or disharmony. and act understandingly for Universal Brotherhood. merely unfolding.

290 and the whole universe be but an automaton. as this in turn is attuned to that greater unit. so that for the time we forget it and also during sleep. and if there is no progress for the man or the race. it is inconsistent and contrary. so must also it be with the universe. the soul is free from the body temporarily. Man's ultimate character is divine. higher realities. but only elaboration of existent causes and conditions. without escape. to a crass fatalism. . and this at first sight seems to lead. and spiritual quantity. and if we find an actual limitation to its expansion in manifestation. G. and this very effort to escape is evidence of a wider truth existing somewhere. the spirit of the race. And this is more than unthinkable. But if the life of one man is so. Man's failure to rest satisfied with fatalism as a theory is an argument against it which cannot be philosophically ignored. unless the whole nature has been purified and complete knowledge of one's . without question. that limit is determined not by lower things. the less limited and purer it becomes. which attend such separation. and the farther in we get. instead of an infinite. and the spirit of progress is one attribute of the great First Cause in the manifested universe. who uses the astral and physical bodies and the other parts of the nature as instruments. To hold that life is merely the unfolding of what existed at birth does imply. self-sufficient. every time we think deeply when our attention is taken away from the physical body. mental. The soul is the man himself. or whatever it may be called. for we find evolution and progress as vital principles." But with her we seek to escape this prison. be separated from the physical body. The trouble lies in the vicious circle of our argument. We have so restricted our thought to the material that we limit our idea of causation to some finite thing precedent in point of time to its effect. E. The central. and definitions settled. and manvantara after manvantara repeat the same useless show. a very circle of necessity. The inner nature is not simply endowed with freedom .The fixed points of every proposition should first be clearly understood. astral body. and what the necessary conditions are. working reality in every man is infinite in its potentialities. and we reach with George Eliot "the imprisoning verdict that one's philosophy is the formula only of his personality. But there is still a greater obstacle. It is possible to separate the astral body from the physical. --------"Can the human soul. the planetary system. but is in obedience to the harmonies of yet interior. which they could not he in an automatic universe. also whether or not it is possible to every one to acquire this power?" In the first place the human soul and the astral body are not identical. but it should not be attempted owing to the great dangers. moral and physical. In a sense. divine. --. temporarily and projected whither the owner wills? Can you tell me how this is is free determination itself. The character which unfolds we also regard as a sort of limited personality. manifesting itself in orderly sequence according to its own nature. fatalism and destroy progress.W. and this to the all. Our first absolute point here is the axiom that nothing comes except from a sufficient cause. so is the life of the race. the inner real being.

What is it that is to be saved. the personality. Vol. to become so immersed in material life that all connection with its parent source may be cut off.self has been acquired on a sure foundation of philosophy and the practice of the highest ethics. Here we find that man is made tip of a higher and lower nature. then. Therefore all the noblest elements of our nature will endure while that which belongs to the lower and personal will fade out in its appropriate time and place. more easily understood. how they work. so to speak. How is this done? By purifying the thoughts and living nobly and unselfishly. They compelled the disciple to abjure all occult practices until such time as he had laid a sure foundation of logic. darkness may so usurp the place of sun. What is the meaning of Christ's statement: 'What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul. V. is man himself?" The question must be made clear to our minds before it can be answered with any degree of satisfaction. I understand Theosophy to teach. The Divine Soul can only attract back to itself that which is of its own nature. to spiritual aspiration and to true devotion. p. Judge. and only then was he permitted to go further in that strange country from which many an unprepared explorer has returned bereft of truth and sometimes despoiled of reason. and the present Leader of the Theosophical Movement and all advanced students of Theosophy discourage all psychic practices as leading to no good results but on the contrary doing much harm.291 "The statement was made recently in the Students' Column that all men would be saved eventually.Aries --. The statement of Jesus quoted in the question is. . and what is it to be saved from? To answer such questions satisfactorily we must turn to the most comprehensive and rational of all philosophies . published in The Path. for nothing but that which is in its essence divine can inhere in the eternal. The higher always seeks to manifest through the lower. In connection with this subject of acquiring psychic powers. In it occurs the following: . the permanent and impermanent. 112. While it is true that the Divine Soul by its very nature is immortal throughout eternity. the Divine Soul and the personal man. physical and psychical characteristics. and H. philosophy and ethics. This too is the old practice enjoined by the ancient schools . moon and stars in our firmament that no light of the divine . and become united with its parent. therefore."Devote yourself. No true progress can be gained in this way." The personal man is composed. What is needed is a study of the philosophy and an endeavor to realize the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. in the light of what has been said. It is the personal man. It is possible for the lower mind. William Q. of all the mental. It is not likely therefore that information should be given how to bring about such separation of the astral from the physical. the personal man has to win immortality. . . Does not this conflict with the 'death or loss of the soul' spoken of in Isis Unveiled. who has to "work out his salvation. or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?' How can a man lose his soul which. which will be the means for you to learn the causes that operate in nature. students are recommended to read "True Progress: ." . and other theosophical writings. P. the Divine Soul. and what each one works upon. .Is it aided by watching the Astral Light?" by Bryan Kinnavan.THEOSOPHY. Blavatsky. and it is the task of the lower mind to overcome the limited perception of life which is the only real death.

292 "Do animals reincarnate.)" This is a very important and clear statement and according to it there is a spark which ascends in an unbroken line through all forms of life from the lowest to the highest. checked by its Karma. in other words. no purely spiritual Buddhi (divine soul) can have an independent conscious existence before the spark which issued from the pure essence of the universal sixth principle . and made possible its union with the divine. but whether we can apply the term ego to the divine spark manifesting in the stone. Let us see to it that the efflorescence of each life is made up of eternal elements and we shall have gained immortality for the human soul. 17. depends on our definition of terms. during the whole term.the personality . heroic. and in some cases." there to be remembered no more.can reach us. the spark is continually reincarnated or reimbodied in new forms.has (a) passed through every elemental form of the phenomenal world of that Manvantara. the human soul . p. If by egoity is meant that state or condition of consciousness in which there is knowledge on this plane of the individual self and recognition of self-persistence. or the animal.the Divine Soul. in accordance with cyclic and Karmic law.a spark of the former . at least. N. --. or necessity. is really the "loss of the soul" as I understand it. good and true is by its nature immortal. from mineral and plant. the latter being itself an aspect of the Unknown Root.or the Oversoul . that everything that is worthy. (new ed. It should be well borne in mind.through the cycle of incarnation. ..D. I. It is an old saying "that while there is life there is hope. thus making possible the "salvation" of human souls. and the obligatory pilgrimage for every soul . beautiful. the third fundamental teaching is given as follows: "The fundamental identity of all souls with the Universal Oversoul. first by natural impulse. the human to the divine. what is in fact universally admitted. Eventually harmony must be restored throughout the entire Kosmos even at the loss of many personalities. thus ascending through all the degrees of intelligence. 45). it is through the eating of the fruit of the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" that we approach "the tree of life" eternal. With this in view we begin to realize more fully our responsibilities as members of tile Universal Brotherhood organization. By a strong spiritual appeal we may arouse and fan once more into flame the smouldering fires of divinity in the hearts of men and women. or the plant. To partake of the immortality of the Divine Soul. that while man is in a body the feeblest aspiration upwards forms a "thread of union" with his "father in heaven" . brought about by a long course of persistence in evil.must be purified through the pain of experience. for all that is of the purely personal life must pass at some time into the "sea of forgetfulness. In other words. for that indeed is the purpose of life. This severance from the higher during lifetime. D. otherwise evolution and progress would be impossible. Vol. up to the holiest archangel (Dhyani-Buddha. The persistent principle is assuredly there. p. help to build anew the bridge which leads from the lower to the higher." In the Secret Doctrine. and then by self-induced and self-devised efforts. do they possess a reincarnating ego? It seems to me that there must be some spark or unit of consciousness which ascends in a continuous and unbroken line through all the lower kingdoms up to man and beyond. from the lowest to the highest Manas. and if we take reincarnation in a general sense. then . noble." and it may be applied in this connection. and (b) acquired individuality.

and I was quite certain that if I did I should need a doctor. almost. "How do we do?" said one of them. They swung around and faced me. they swung me around in such a swift and giddy dance that the flowers and the grass and the sky and the clouds all got tangled up in great coils of red and green and white and blue ropes." said one. the other my left. I ran after them and shouted. F. "Why do you laugh like that?" I asked them. "He doesn't do a thing." said the other. Smythe FOUR. and as I had not yet seen anyone who could tell me anything I wanted to know. "He thinks we have no manners. "Why do we laugh?" they shouted.J. It did not seem right to laugh so much." said the other. and is one stage in the evolution of its powers on this plane. ." "Oh. Generally one of us laughs . I saw two of the quaintest fellows I had ever dreamed about. They stood beside me and laughed so much I felt sure they could not have any ribs. They were some way ahead of me. "We do it all. I was even afraid I might get over my indignation and begin to laugh also." said the other. and immediately went into such an uproarious fit I was afraid something might happen. and I was puzzled to see that they always kept a little distance apart. "Please don't then. "Isn't it jolly?" they both shouted. TWO. "Neither we have. and one catching hold of my right hand. as mine always ached distressfully if I laughed half so much. I was so dizzy when they stopped that I staggered about and had to sit down. represents one of its modes of manifestation.egoity cannot be applied to the kingdoms of nature below the human and perhaps not fully even to all members of the human family. we won't. "Nor laugh on the other side of our mouths. and then laughed so much that I grew quite red in the face and thought them very rude. but with always the same distance between them.S. indeed. " they replied. we were crying just a little while ago. AND ONE. whirling and spinning in endless circles. AS I went on my way through the Enchanted Land. and the animal form is a vehicle for its manifestation.293 YOUNG FOLKS' DEPARTMENT by Albert E. In order to gain all experience in this mode of being it is reasonable to suppose that the soul or divine spark must pass through all animal forms and in this general sense we may say that animals do reincarnate. as if. H. "Of course we do. ---------------. each held a hand of the same invisible companion. But the divine spark is present everywhere. "How do you do?" I said." they both shouted. "Do you cry as badly as you laugh?" I asked. THREE." said one of them. "He hasn't seen us cry.

" said the other. I am Mister Cause." "And you can't see that. we were crying then. "Yes." And so they continued until they seemed to have named and represented all the things and all the ideas I had ever heard of. and so we had to laugh when you came here.while the other cries. "I am everybody's Sonnyman. Didn't you feel miserable when you were climbing the Far Hills?" "Yes." "I am Past." "Which of you is Two and which is Three?" I inquired." I said." "And I am Death. But you are always Four. And so they began such a chant that I cannot remember the tenth part of it." "And I am Master Consequence. all of them arranged in couples and all of them apparently interchangeable." "And I am Future. you stupid. At last they stopped with a repetition of the names they began with. --." said his fellow." "What's Number One?" I asked. and perhaps you can learn to see Number One. "I am Mister Cause. Or if you like I am Master Consequence and he is Mister Cause. "I am Day." said his quaint companion." "And I am Past." "Have you no other names? I have another name than Four." said one of them. For they seemed to exchange places and characters with each response." said one of them. "You were dancing with Number One just now. and One is always one.'' said the first. But if you will try and tell the truth we can show you lots of things. You are number Four." "I am Future." "Well. "I am everybody's Daddy." said the other. "And I am Day." ." "We are both each other. "And I am Night. "I am Birth. you're a silly. and couldn't see Number One. Can't you see Number One between us?" "No. and this is Master Consequence.'' I said." ''And I am Birth." I replied. and they assumed so many and so various forms and appearances that the whole world seemed to pass before me in a vision. and my head quite reeled with the confusion and the extent of it all. "Either you please." said one of them. but that never occurs except with strangers. "dreadfully." said the first. "And I am Night. We are Two and Three." "And I am Death. "Oh.294 "Sometimes I am Two and sometimes I am Three. and far more that I had not. "I can only see the air.

You must just go with us and see it all." said one. you see." "I am the Daddy." I said. And one said." he replied." I admitted. no! We are the Twins of May.295 "When the First is Last and one lives for others. "You are a queer couple. and can only be found between us. "Well." "And Life and Beauty are two of the names?" ." he said. "There is the ever unfolding Beauty." "Have you quite finished?" I asked when they ceased." they told me. "Sometimes people can see Number One in the dance. though I felt that I would like to see everything change into coils of colored rope again. "We have no desire. That is what Number One keeps us for. Still. Love and Justice." answered one." remarked one of them. and to it belong Peace and Eternity." "But you have better names?" I persisted." "And I am the Sonnyman.'' "And does Number One go with us?" I asked. You remember we told you that we did it all?" "Yes. and Mercy. We can show you everything. " And the other said." "And I am the Sonnyman. and a host of others. '' "Is that the only way to see Number One?" "No. and The Law." they said." "And I am Mister Cause. "I told you he was between us. But those who speak these names often forgot that Number One always holds our hands. "If we didn't. and Fate. "Has Number One any other name?" "Yes. many others. it was. "for there is nothing to tell. "For all it will be. "There is Life." cried one. I never was quite sure which of them spoke.'' said they." "What is it?" I enquired. if you can tell me something about the Enchanted Land I shall be very much obliged. and longed to look on the face of this Invisible and Silent One. "You must become a Number One yourself." said the other." "Don't mention it. "But is that possible?" "For some it is." "And I am the Daddy. for I was strangely curious. "Not when you laugh as you did?" "That was a most serious matter." "And which of the Names do you like best?" I asked them. ''but I wasn't sure if you were not joking." "We never joke. there is another way. Number One takes our hands and we take yours."And I am Master Consequence. "And how can it he so?" --. and Karma. We go on forever. "Oh dear. and Providence. If Number One wasn't here we couldn't be together. Would you like another dance? "Not just yet. "We see with clear eyes." I conceded. we would be suspended.

S. some little distance from New York and it will interest the members to know how she usually spends the day. L. and before breakfast takes a walk. and Mrs. Her summer home is hilly and beautifully wooded. and the over --. T. Our Leader is now in the country. And I went forth with them. there being no meetings held during the summer. A little thought and care on the part of members would often greatly lessen the work. Tingley keeps a stenographer well occupied. . Then letters are received from some who are not satisfied to do their own duties that lie before them but write about the duties of others and devise plans for the work. especially beautiful in the evening at sunset . P. Letters come . This takes until 1 o'clock. There are many organizations with good aims and it has often happened that members of these organizations have sought admission into the T. or the U." they said. All these have to be separated and sent to the various departments. or advocate their special theories. ideal place to rest and come into close touch with nature. She is always bright and inspires hope and courage in all who meet her. -------------- THEOSOPHICAL ACTIVITIES New York. and in the same letter sends an order for books from the T. B. She is up at 7 A. etc. The afternoon is spent in matters pertaining to our large organization and in arranging and looking over articles for The New Century and the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD Magazine.296 enthusiasm of some T. and a communication for the E.. Number Four with these three. and three of us are shadows. for it often happens that some member writes for information in regard to the I. Co.. members has led them to almost adopt the aims and theories of these societies and to turn the energies of themselves and fellow-members of their Lodge in support of them. so there is plenty of shade and at the same time a fine view across the valley towards the west. A telephone message or telegram may at any time arrive and necessitate a change in the routine of work. S. M. and I dwell in the Enchanted Land. After breakfast she attends to her correspondence which is very large. thus causing a great deal of extra labor. B."These are two of the names. but the work in the different departments goes on the same and the stream of enquirers and applicants continues unabating. All these things have to be attended to by our Leader and it may take a day to straighten out some tangle which a member has thoughtlessly caused. There is another matter that she wishes to be brought to the attention of some. Our Leader's work sometimes continues until two and three o'clock in the morning. with the purpose of aiding their own societies. It is of far greater importance to build up our own organization than to seek to get other societies to affiliate with ours.. and U. There is always an extra heavy mail when letters come from Europe and Australia.In some respects the Central Office is very quiet. Yet her work goes on as ever.. S.

. It is twenty-four years since H. H. In the E. men are separate units. The organization grows continually and of course this growth entails more work. She is deeply attached to India and although the natives saw her for so short a time. another if a lesser. We all felt that our Leader ought to take a rest but the only way in which she could reconcile herself to do so and to go away from the city into the quiet and peace of the country was in realizing that it was in order to gain more strength for the enormous work in the fall and the more easily to finish up what must be done at once.J. six since their conclusion. have been compressed. Blavatsky. rhythms.AND NOW by Herbert Coryn "My spirit has passed in compassion and determination around the whole earth .Emerson. almost hour by hour. pursuing their myriad ways of life. of those "torch-bearers'' of the century whose work yet awaits an acknowledgment surely coming. Measured against centuries. T. Come into port greatly. 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THEN . twenty-four years seems but a little span. yet within the limits of these last inches of time. XIII September. P. From this each draws. we who knew what to expect. never strike sail to a fear. day by day. Fussell ----------------------- AUM "O friend. times of general bent this way . P. just as with the air they breathe." THAT might justly be the claim of H. B. on earth as we see them. yet also they have their being in one atmosphere of their collective thought. or sail with God the seas. We could see. . Though. Because of this there are cycles. the work. but the words are Whitman's." . some for only an hour or two yet they are most devoted to the work and have as clear a conception of the purpose and spirit of the work as most of the members at Headquarters.continually from Sweden and India begging her to visit those countries and this she herself longs to do. S. epochs of general thought. began her public labors. Essay on Heroism UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vol. alone several persons could be kept busy all the time (only trained workers can be of service in this department) and in every department there is an increase in the work. 1898 No. the changes of centuries. to it each contributes. the altering color of public thought and feeling.

But hitherto they have failed. and to those who only know of her as the target for ceaseless accusations. taking root in the hearts of men. So with the nations. Her work was to sow the idea of Brotherhood into the soil of mysticism. To say what we know of her. This must seem absurd to those who now hear. He looks into and attends more closely to his own soul. and others when they will fall sterile and be no more heard of till their season comes. let us see that those who drink of it know whose hands first struck the rock. and men seize them eagerly. B. the never-failing Leader will try to cast far and wide into the air ideas which. he may root some gained power of soul in that selfishness. The furrowing against the spring-coming of a new era was the voluntary task of H. to couple her name with her enduring work. but. in its good time complete and final. the impulse or atmosphere of mysticism develops in the general consciousness.or that. So here is the old question . is answer enough. manifesting as a desire to search into the hidden deeps of nature and man. to those who have no other picture of her than that drawn by her enemies or by those who saw her blindly. infinitely varied. then comes the sower with his opportune seeds. What was this work. So the Leader is seed-sower. the new ideas for the times. for the first time. --. But if his aim be or become impure and selfish. by following the teaching and example of some one higher than himself. and who thereby get touch of her living power. From time to time in western history the color of mysticism develops in the general consciousness. or he may break reactively from his quest and plunge back lower than ever into his former way of life. infinite good will result. at its cyclically returning season. and the light of mysticism in the consciousness of men has gone out. no sower of fit grain appear. and what is her place as a maker of history? Her work endures. standing almost alone in the grey fields. would secure the swift coming of that golden age both prophesied and remembered by every people. For that which she taught in its outline to a few will in its fullness constitute the future religion of all humanity. or who have assumed it since her death. The state of preparedness prevails among all minds in the conscious atmosphere. charges that never stayed her for a moment. died in the inhospitable soil. The collective mass of men resemble the individual man who is stirred to look within himself. and before that work can begin he must tear the hard ground into furrows for his seed. his intent pure. the summer can but cover the fields with weeds. in the hands of such are the keys of the future. If in this attempt his aim is high. even when they follow an ancient custom and revile the sower. times when ideas will bear fruit. or does the movement call forth and crown the Leader? The movement is like the coming of spring.. When. P. it become high and pure. and the seeds of her sowing have taken root. if when it is come. For all future generations we can thus secure that her name and repute shall be as was her life. throughout the years of her public work. and men collectively. of this woman. no man can create or hasten it.does the Leader create and compel the movement. leaving always behind it a deepened gloom. its results widen day by day. We stand near to the source of a stream flowing outward to all men. Then . to lead henceforth a life that shall manifest his inner nature.300 with those to whom it was confided in her life. or if. to all the charges that fell about her feet through all those twenty years.

when this is no part of it! It is one of the deliverances of the mystical consciousness. its absolute life. rooted (consciously or not) in mysticism. Every mysticism is imperfect. interlaced. to thieve collectively the property or rights of others. P." known to be so by the spiritual or mystical consciousness. Every soul "sees indeed" . in the degree of its clearness. whether intellectualized or not. B. one false. so these highest intuitions. The mystic is he who sees. Just as common sensations may serve as food upon which the intellect may work to the extent of its ability or which it may leave undigested. According to the one or the other case. scattered this idea and formed the Theosophical Society to go on with her work. systematized. "occultism. Taking advantage of the general atmosphere. the life lived will be base or noble. or expressed. H. This consciousness. and ultimately involving its own --. it affords a complete guide to practical life. so these highest intuitions. its divinity. one real. The other Brotherhood is real. reasoned themselves into materialism and applied to its blind creeds the sacred name of philosophy. "a fact in nature.of the mystical consciousness. spiritual. that the false "Brotherhoods" and false "philosophies" would go down before the true. Mysticism therefore consists in the being aware of certain great facts of which the totally unmystical person (a rarity) is not aware. where men are banded to mystical .the freedom of the soul. it is a part of those other deliverances . the base and even every step of the ladder.when it sees or feels this. rank overgrowth of weeds would wither as the fruit-trees rose. hope could not soar too high of the glory of the immediate future. the physical sensations may constitute the whole spring of action. impermanent." had become for a period more subjective. to gain for themselves at the expense of others. She did not argue. it is the others. not touchable by death. knowing well that if when men's minds had swung toward mysticism. and the immediate knowledge or consciousness of these facts has no relation to the clearness or vagueness. is mysticism: for the man in whom mysticism is perfectly absent there is no consciousness save what is rooted in the sensations and emotions of his body. and not he. This second is the "Brotherhood" of thieves or of assassins. perhaps the highest. the elaborateness or simplicity with which they are intellectualized. thought have run riot in reaction. she proclaimed her message of many truths. Mysticism is the consciousness in the soul of its divinity. . A gleam of it is present in nearly all men. Two forms of Brotherhood may exist among men. it is easily apprehensible by the intellect.301 destruction. related to common science. or utterly evil. it is the readiest mounting-step to all the other spiritual truths. she knew that in this case the farspreading. Of this "Brotherhood" today affords us many types. And as. broken out into bloodshed. its relation to the ultimate spirit of life . and would at the same time let fructify the seed-idea of Brotherhood. But in the end the "Brothers" and "Comrades" and "Citizens" must turn upon each other and pursue towards each other the policy which formerly they pursued towards their opponents or victims. sunk back upon sensation and lust. spiritual. who walk veiled. Such has hitherto been the history of mysticism in Europe. the awareness of itself as a Light now free or hereafter to he freed. of the promised spring-time.

We have learned that Life is not limited by years nor by time. and in denouncing it to include its Leader and leaders. in the near future. sometimes taking also far subtler and far grosser. intuitions. we are already immortal. but reap what we have sown." Much materialistic intellectualization is but an attempt. But all were useless and the principle of Brotherhood reigns over wider and wider areas. Brotherhood has even made itself felt at last in the dealing of nation with nation. who. for tomorrow we are no more. quickly tired of the growing intensity of the real inner life. applied to "all creatures. had come to a belief expressed by the words and practice "Let us eat. quitting the greater companionship we have begun to feel. and turn vengefully upon whomever ventures to call attention --. the souls of men can "drink in wisdom on every hand. meaning that by that principle. . turned violently about. And this growth has been achieved against opposition. in nearly all countries. drink and be merry. and in that peace itself a promise of a higher and grander future than we have yet dared to picture.And so it is. not ceasing when body and brain must cease. hate. It is done against the warnings of the real soul which knows that "tomorrow" we do not die. touching the hearts of all. waking impulses. there has been the opposition and hate of reactionaries from our own ranks. to justify a life of sensuality. the young leaves and treasuring buds are already under the sun. Here and there on the earth its peace already rests. even a little hope. they feel to be true." But twenty-four years. In 1875 the Theosophical Society was founded. and yet worked again. Knowing this. of pain and bloodshed. in denying. and whatever the settling of some old accounts may bring about. and so immeasurably great a work! Let another twenty-four pass. another fifty! We can feel the breath of all those who in ages past worked for this hour. There has been the opposition of those who. on the other side of the cloud is the glory of the new day. worked and waited. And beyond these there were other and subtler sources and methods of opposition. unfelt for ages. resting on love is its power. a willingness to slip loose from old moorings these are all we need. Much of the opposition. slander. Our lecturers are welcomed and their lectures reported. They are irritated by the presence of this constant and ancient Witness. The spirit of the age is with us. in 1898 it had earned and assumed the title of Universal Brotherhood. in thought as in fact. We have taken place in the public mind and have colored the currents of public thought and action." the world should be henceforth ever more and more completely guided. were driven to denounce without measure that to which for a moment they had been attached. has in reality been based on deeper foundations than intellectual dissent. The seed has struck root. A little trust.302 to what. that the will to work for man. We need no more forget ourselves into mortality. Beside the opposition of bigotry and of the established order in all its forms. sometimes taking intellectual forms. Now there is a membership of many thousands and the ranks spread in many countries. consciously or not. such as perhaps no other society has ever had to face. ridicule. instinctively shieing at the very thought of self-restraint or self-denial. unconsciously made. The pulpits repeat the ideas and even the phrases of our magazines. and in self-defense against even self.

to represent this Apostle of the Pure Law as a religious impostor and made much account of the theory of Two Principles. are preserved by the Parsis of India. and in pure religious rites. came upon a retreat of the Brachmans. is veiled in uncertainty. the remains of which sadly interpolated. but the spirit is set free. penetrating into Upper India. and goes to and fro returning to its place again. A similar curious indefiniteness exists in regard to the great Oriental sage and teacher of a pure faith. P. and many identify him with the Persian King. SEVEN cities are named as claiming to have been the birthplace of Homer. a pupil of the prophet Daniel. and the learning of the wise men of Assyria." . until the pain that caused it is removed. who had been made governor of Media by Nebuchadnezzar. Zoroaster. Mr. THE FATHER OF PHILOSOPHY. but a large number of Logia or oracular utterances which have been transmitted to us by writers upon ancient Grecian philosophy and mythology. His body appears as dead." Zoroaster is compelled by him to forego the warmest wishes of his heart. Dareios Hystaspis having become the "Great King.303 ZOROASTER. The Eranian monarch Vistaspa is several times named in the Yasna and other writings. His great poem is the classic above other literary productions. The conjecture that Zoroaster flourished in the reign of Dareios Hystaspis. There have been credited to him not only the sacred compositions known as the Venidad and Yasna. as evidence of his perversion of the true doctrine. like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. Having retired to a Cave. Thus he attains the intuitive comprehension of knowledge. These he . is chiefly based upon two ancient memorials. and to the merging of the soul and higher intelligence in the one universal and divine essence. M. and becomes an ascetic. but the personality of the man. the father of Dareios. a most learned prince. Ammianus the historian declares that Hystaspis. "Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. to the understanding of natural laws not perceptible by the corporeal senses alone.H. nor ever brush it off. The Voice of the Silence. and passes into trances. "But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain. ------------------. he performs the various rites of religion. by whom he was instructed in physical and astronomic science. as well as the period and place in which he lived. Blavatsky. Marion Crawford has presented him to us in the character of a young Persian Prince. by Alexander Wilder. D. He is described as learned in all the wisdom of the prophet himself. He did not scruple. however.-----------"Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain. The late Dean Prideaux propounded somewhat of a similar statement many years ago.

Ro-t-Amenti. Brown in Poseidon. The Zagros mountains were inhabited by the Nimri and Kossaeans. This place is situated just within the border of Media on the thoroughfare from Babylon to Ekbatana. and Micah v ." he affirms. says Mr. Berossos reduces it to two thousand years. had also the title. however. The monarch proclaims his pure royal origin." For the ancient Susiana is now called Khusistan.8. and his worship was carried from this part of Asia. This name Zagros is strikingly like Zagreus. Osiris. 11. This was -------------* Occult symbolism. On the tomb of this king he is styled the teacher of the Magians. Some countenance for this conjecture appears from a reading of the famous trilingual inscription at Behistun. The rock is seventeen hundred feet high.) The term nimr signifies spotted.transferred into the creed of the Magi. and Apuleius mentions the report that Pythagoras had for teachers the Persian Magi. and belongs to the Zagros* range of mountains. and the worship. The Kings before him. In his reign the temple at Jerusalem was built and dedicated to the worship of the "God of heaven. the Egyptian Bacchus. Ktesias . It should be remembered. (Genesis x . the guess of Crawford and Dean Prideaux appears plausible. the leopard skin or spotted robe was worn." or Shamas (the sun-god) judge of mankind. did not so honor Ahur'-Mazda. has frequently availed itself of two words of similar sound or of one word of manifold meaning. "I rebuilt the temples. "I restored the Gathas or hymns of praise. In an inscription of Nebuchadnezzar. apparently a translation. Assyria was called the "land of Nimrod. gives him a similar period. The Kretan Rhadamanthus. and the recovering of the throne by himself. we find the name "Shamas Diannisi. the Persian and the Assyrian. and found it to be a record of Dareios. and was in three languages. Sir Henry C. 10. the judge of the West. who had read his writings. who read the Medic inscription. that other writers give the Eranian teacher a far greater antiquity.304 engraved about three hundred feet from the foot. and then describes the conquest of Persia by Gaumata the Magian. and especially Zoroaster. Porphyry the philosopher also entertained the belief that Zoroaster flourished about this period. which reminds us of the text: "And Cush begat Nimrod. Rawlinson first deciphered it." Doctor Oppert. and was the former Aethiopia. Aristotle assigns him a period more than six thousand years before the present era. the suicide of Kambyses. So far." and Bab-el or Babylon was his metropolis." thus indicating the Mazdean influence. and from this period the era of philosophy took its beginning in Ionia and Greece.4. ------------. Dareios extended his dominion over Asia Minor and into Europe. a leopard. asserted that it contains the statement that Dareios caused the Avesta and the Zendic Commentary to be published through the Persian dominion. We notice many examples of this in the old classics and in the Hebrew text of the Bible. Plutarch to seventeen hundred. the Skythic or Median. He distinctly intimates that he was first to promulgate the Mazdean religion in the Persian Empire. Hermippos of Alexandreia. the adept in every divine mystery. he declares. doubtless here got his name. and it is a significant fact that in the Rites of Bacchus. therefore. the Bacchus or Dionysus of the Mysteries.

. and again the agricultural and gregarious Eranians divided from the nomadic worshipers of Indra. Forlong translates Zarathustra as "golden-handed. therefore. Very properly. and we have the declaration of Augustin of Hippo that Christianity existed thousands of years before the present era. we have no data for guessing intelligently. from zoro. however. but like the name Caesar. There were those. or Astarte. seems really to be Semitic. The Yasna seems to place him at Ragha or Rai in Media. Hence the whole religion of the Avesta revolves round his personality.* The resemblances of language and the similarities and dissimilarities exhibited in the respective religious rites and traditions are monuments of this schism of archaic time. ------------. Some write it Zaratas. or whether the several places named were his abodes at one time or another. A little examination of ancient literature will be sufficient to show that Zoroaster or Zarathustra was not so much the name of a man as the title of an office. We may bear in mind accordingly that there have been many Zoroasters. Zoroaster Spitaman himself belongs to a period older than "Ancient History. or chief Zoroaster. however. Buddhism was prior to Gautama. before vague and indeterminate. Gen." The Yasna describes him as famous in the primitive Aryan Homestead . These dates. the seed or son."AiryanaVaejo of the good creation. Where he flourished. or it cannot itself exist. It may be here remarked that the world-religions are not really originated by individual leaders. the Parsi sacred books while recognizing a Zarathustra* in every district or province of the Eranian dominion. indicates the need of intuitive intelligence. where is now Bamyan with its thousands of artificial caves. But polarity is characteristic of all thinking." Once Indians and Eranians dwelt together as a single people. ascribed as to one for the sake of enhancing their authority. it became the official designation of all who succeeded him. Intelligent Parsis consider it to mean twelve hundred. have little significance. and Istar. the positive necessarily requires the negative. to know him as the accredited Apostle of the Eranian peoples. or were the homes of other Zoroasters. superior. not far from the modern city of Tehran." which has a high symbolic import. the Assyrian Venus. Islam to Muhamed. That fact as well as the occurrence that the present volume is simply a transcript of sixteen centuries ago. however. Dastur of dasturs. One tradition makes him a resident of Bakhdi or Balkh.** How long this division had existed before the rise of the Great Teacher. to discern the really valuable matter. chief. had it as his own. the Zarathustrema. from nazar. and made a literature by which to extend and perpetuate them. It may be that the first who bore it. taken from men's memories and made sacred by decree of a Sassanian king. or as the Parsis now style him in Persian form. is by no means clear. Thus the Aryans became a people apart ----------* It is not quite easy to translate this term. We must be content. and infer safely that the Avesta was a collection of their productions. This was done by Zoroaster. who gave form and coherence to the beliefs. The name Zoroaster. to set apart. with which we are familiar. Indeed. place above them as noblest of all.305 from the Skyths and Aethiopic races.

and sets forth prominently the simple veneration for the Good. constitute philosophy in the truest sense of the term. Professor William D. we are told. from which conies indra. and therefore that theology. At least the translations by Dr. He styles himself a reciter of the mantras. I believe. With Zoroaster prayer was a hearty renouncing of evil and a coming into harmony . Measured by such standards. the life of religion is the doing of good. Whitney adds that if we were to study the records of primeval thought and culture. The man must marry. we should find little in the Avesta to meet our purpose. and a life of fraternalism. The Gathas or hymns are said to contain all that we possess of what was revealed to him. The most meritorious was the subduing and tilling of the soil. the bodily senses closed. to circumscribe philosophy to the narrow definition that many schoohnen give it. and the mental ears open. The agriculturist roots out the shepherd.Emanuel Kant affirms positively that -----------*The name of this divinity curiously illustrates the sinuosities of etymology. This would be a fair representation of the visions of Emanuel Swedenborg himself. and the compounded taame Aithiopia. but only a single wife. which in Sanskrit becomes inda. from the seven Amshaspands or archangels. and as Swedenborg aptly declares. from the Punjab to Arabia has borne that designation. ----------there was not the slightest trace of a philosophic idea in the Avesta from beginning to end. the burning or shining one. puts away entirely the sensualism characteristic of the left-hand Sakteyan and Astartean worships. good neighborhood and --. It was regarded as impious to foul a stream of water. instead. to glow or shine. however. It sets aside the cumbrous and often objectionable forms with which the ceremonial religions are overloaded. All that really is religion. to learn religion or philosophy. It is therefore no matter of wonder that all Southern Asia. the wisdom and learning which relate to God and existence. the sayings of the prophet of Eran are permeated through and through with philosophy. It is from the Aryan root-word id. with the mind exalted. but an addition to the whole power and volume of goodness in the universe. that God is the ground of all existence. I am reluctant. with Aristotle. Zoroaster appears to have been a priest and to have delivered his discourses at the temple in the presence of the sacred Fire. "Every Mazdean was required to follow a useful calling. the supernal atmosphere. The same radical becomes in another dialect aith. Haug so describe the matter. I have always been strongly attracted to the Zoroastrian doctrine.306 usefulness. It was a cardinal doctrine of the Zoroastrian religion that individual worthiness is not the gain and advantage of the person possessing it. and a maretan or listener and expounder of revelation. He learned them. His personal condition is described to us as a state of ecstasy. a duta or apostle. pertains to life. from which comes aether. and by preference she must be of kindred blood. ** Ernest de Bunsen suggests that this schism is signified by the legend of Cain and Abel.

The druksh or "lie" is the odious object denounced. the earth was joyous and became prolific. which --. The picture represented the period of the sun in Libra. Then the Bull was slain. in Dr. I do not question that the Anhra-mainyas or Evil Mind mentioned in the Avesta was the original from which many of the Devils of the various Creeds were shaped. nevertheless. When the vernal equinox was at the period of the sign Taurus. "As is the will of the Eternal Existence. It is a favorite notion of many that Zoroaster taught "dualism" . Hence in the Yasna. The concept of a separate Evil Genius equal in power to Ahur' Mazda is foreign to his theology. and is to Ahur' Mazda the power which gives sustenance to the revolving systems. The Seth or Typhon of Egypt. With the ensuing spring the bull revives." he says in the Yasna. never mention Auhra-mainyas as being in constant hostility to Ahur' Mazda. But the human mind cannot contemplate a positive thought without a contrast. But evil as a negative principle is not . taught pure monotheism. The latest translation which I have seen exemplifies this. It was." But for the defeat of the Persians at Salamis it is probable that the Zoroastrian religion would have superseded the other worships of Europe. a degradation of the Zoroastrian system. "I beheld thee to be the universal cause of life in the Creation. Zoroaster. Whether. the Baal Zebul of Palestine. It is a significant fact that many religious legends and ceremonies are allied to this symbolic figure." which is paralleled by the sentence in the book of Isaiah: "I make peace and create evil. A conspicuous symbolic representation was common. and the whole is enacted anew. the Gathas. Yet we shall find as a general fact that these personages were once worshiped as gods till conquest and change of creed dethroned them. however. the prayer of prayers. delineates the most perfect completeness of the philosophic life. The existence of a north pole presupposes a south pole. however. but a recognition of goodness and Supreme Power.307 are the most unequivocally Zoroastrian. Nor does Dareios in the inscriptions name Auhra-mainyas at all. that are deities in India and devils with the Parsis. The Ahuna-Vairya." Significantly. so energy through the harmony of the Perfect Mind is the producer of the manifestations of the Universe. This is forcibly illustrated by the devas. the Eranian "liar from the beginning and the father of lying. It was in no sense a histrionic affair. however. the slaying of the Bull. Yet there was a god Aramannu in Aethiopic Susiana before the conquest by the Persians." With this manthra is coupled the Ashem-Vohu: "Purity is the best good. the Diabolos and Satan of Christendom." was ever regarded as a Being of Light and Truth may be questioned. Haug's version we find mention of "the more beneficent of my two spirits. the sign of Mithras. the blighting scorpion and the reversed torch denoted winter approaching to desolate the earth.with the Divine Mind. a blessing it is . After the conquest of Pontos and the Pirates the secret worship of Mithras was extended over the Roman world. the Sheitan of the Yazidis and the Eblis of the Muslim world are of this character.a blessing to him who practices purity for the sake of the Highest Purity.that there is an eternal God and an eternal Devil contending for the supreme control of the Universe.

Through the Frohars.always opposing yet always succumbing. passing the barriers of race and creed. Grecian philosophy obtained here an inspiration. You must choose the originator of the worst actions. the apostle of Oromasdes. Thou art he. there is a spiritual and invisible world which preceded.also fullness. or the true holy spirit. "produce the devas by their pernicious thoughts. in whom the last cause of these is hidden. the light of Ahur Mazda is hidden under all that shines.308 . Thus they are allied to everything in nature. is associated in its time and order with a human body. which contains the cause and reason of its existence.the Good and the Base in thought. they are ancestral spirits and guardian angels. Every being. . both man and woman. or fravashis. O Mazda. Truly. and true in word and deed. . prosperity and understanding. supports the earth. Every world-religion seems to have been a recipient. In the beginning there were two . In the Zoroastrian purview. has its Frohar." says he. In the early Gathas he made no mention of personified archangels or Amshaspands. and keeps pure and vivific the waters of preexistent life. word and deed. It made everything subjective and spiritual. living before our birth and surviving after death. prototype and upholder. the ideal forms of all living things in heaven and earth. Even the body. as shade to light. others adore the Most High by means of faithful action. No wonder that a faith so noble has maintained its existence through all the centuries. and remains about this material world as its origin. Thales inculcated the doctrine of a Supreme Intelligence which produced all things. "he produced the Good and the Negative Mind. In this sense it is necessary. They are the energies in all things. They are the immortal souls. Choose one of these two: be good. Zoroaster cries: "Let every one. "In his wisdom. Herakleitos described the Everlasting Fire as an incorporeal soul from which all emanate and to which all return." The upright. They are stationed everywhere to keep the universe in order and protect it against evil. . as night to day ." says the Yasna. "He gives us by his most holy spirit." In like manner the evil spirits or devas were chiefly regarded as moral qualities or conditions. therefore. led by Mithras. when by decay or disease it becomes useless and an enthraller of the soul. on the other hand destroy them by good actions. though mentioned as individuated existences. but names them as moral endowments. You cannot belong to both. rather than formal and histrionic. "the good mind from which spring good thoughts. Plato tells Alkibiades of the magic or wisdom taught by Zoroaster. Innumerable myriads of spiritual essences are distributed through the universe. Though so --. in the words of the hymn. long life." the Yasna declares. which is created or will be created. Some may choose the worst allotment. "These bad men. to permeate the later beliefs. Their origin was in the errant thoughts of men. and each of them. Here is presented a religion that is personal and subjective. which charges all to be just in conduct." The religion of Zoroaster was essentially a Wisdom-Religion. is separated from it by the beneficent destroyer. says the hymn. this day choose his faith. These are the Frohars. attracting human beings to the right and seeking to avert from them every deadly peril. words and deeds ." In his great speech before the altar. the Divine Being upholds the sky.essentially wicked. not base.

and to which man is related by corresponding faculties. of the gentle Christian Mystic Jacob Boehme. just three hundred years ago this very time was being persecuted by the church for daring to believe and to teach the innate divinity of Man. That he speaks a language which some are utterly unable to comprehend. assurances of a realm into which he has entered . turning back in the . indeed. indeed. yet it survives as the wisdom which is justified by her children. Perhaps the light. There can be to my mind. and a host of others. and the dialogues of Zoroaster with Ahnr' Mazda constitute the sacred literature of wise men of the far East. with loving acknowledgment. "triumphing over the hateful and striking down the cruel. "I march over the countries. Millions upon millions have been massacred for adhering to it.ancient that we only guess its antiquity.a world in which he has lived. in this closing nineteenth century. than its denial by those who cannot understand his message.a world in which we may live. No man can speak or comprehend the language of the inner life without having entered therein. distinct from one another. we find it comes up afresh in modern creeds. over and over again. ------------do the conditions to which they relate him. no stronger evidence of the fact of its existence. will we but take up the claim already preempted for us by our own divinity.points with grateful recognition to those whom he knows as Companions. Lang STRETCHING down the ages is a luminous chain. Emerson . Jacob Boehme. is that of Ralph Waldo Emerson. each of the links of that luminous chain . The Dialectic of Plato has been the textbook of scholars in the Western World. Marten. It has nobly fulfilled its mission. has shone the brightest." It has survived the torch of Alexander and the cimiter of the Moslem. differing as widely as ------------* Matt. who stood above his contemporaries." says the Gatha.14. introduces us to the goodly company of Claude St. retaining the essential flavor of its primitive origin. and flashed its rays to the greatest distance. realms of consciousness. of Plato. of the greatly misunderstood Paracelsus. the links of which are messengers whose office it has been to bring us tidings of a kingdom which may he ours for the asking . and even above the most enlightened men of many subsequent centuries. "The few philosophic ideas which may be discovered in his sayings. "show that he was a great and deep thinker. Haug." says Dr. is proof that there are. xxiv ." ------------ "THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM" * by Mary F. and. who. It is found everywhere. who has offered us.

relates him. we may trace the shining chain. If there is." . and himself is judged (discerned) of no man. which.St. But the spiritual man judgeth (discerneth) all things. in man. Here is another whose enjoyments are of a higher order. --. in which we may live. till we reach the ancient Sages of whom Narada was one. who evinces none of the unrest incident to changes of belief. This very philosophy has been the Gospel of all of the Apostles of "Sweetness and Light. Here is yet another whose utterances are all affirmative. direct cognition of Truth? "The natural man. What constitutes the difference? Is it something so mysterious that we can never understand it? Must we relinquish the problem as impossible of solution? The materialist cannot solve it. link by link. who reasons slightly. and so must reason himself into belief. The solution is only found in a philosophy which recognizes Man as a being in process of becoming God. Back still further. what faculty. for Consciousness is one.a philosophy which recognizes in every kingdom of Nature. And the Spirit knoweth all things and revealeth them unto the man. to which attaches a "but. no man knoweth save the Spirit of God within the man. inherent in the uncontrolled lower nature. The adherent of orthodox dogma and creed dare not attempt it." from the time of the ancient Sages to the present." Consciousness manifests in the lowest forms of life as affinity." And again: . an element of divinity.309 That this is indeed a part of our birthright. . or can give him. drink. hearing from them each the same story of the world in which they lived."What man knoweth the things of a man save the man himself? So likewise the things of God. and who has no force with which to make himself felt. Paul and of Jesus.assurance given by the very fact of understanding. passion. turmoil. is only opinion."perceiveth not the things that are of the Spirit." and a "therefore". and he cannot know them because they are spiritually discerned. What is the meaning and the cause of the wide difference in men? Here is one who lives only to eat. with what less than this can he gain spiritual perception? If he have gained the condition of spiritual conception. This is but molecular activity in human form. for they are foolishness unto him. for he does not know. at best. and this because of knowledge that is one with interior experience. except when crossed in desire. In vegetable life. or essential element of his nature. Paul declares . an identical spiritual basis. or organ." and an "if. and be merry. who rages when the senses are cheated of enjoyment. who has ideals apart from personal pleasure. leads us to the mystical Comradeship of St. but whose mental vision is bounded by a horizon which includes . with strong affinity for certain conditions.with singular inconsistency . and is only apparently subdivided by that through which it manifests. . For such a temperament there never can be peace. none of the irascibility.less than the soul itself . as . with gradually yielding limitations.only that to which attaches uncertainty.same simple fashion. is the assurance given to him who understands the mystic language .

a condition utterly relentless in its inflexibility. reinforced with more or less of mind. how near is God to all things! Nevertheless. but today we hear more and more often and clearly. nothing can comprehend him unless it be tranquil. it is intuition. and its gateways are wide open to all. in thoughts." The testimony of all mystics is to affirm the simplicity of the truth. It is this potentiality which makes possible inspired utterances."There is guidance for each of us. and surrenders to Him its own self-will. like the sun that acts throughout the whole world. the ultimate goal of which is spiritual life. and hast revealed them unto babes.310 rectly upon ideas. not in figures on a dial."The Soul is the Perceiver. Says Emerson: . but we cannot see them.his real Self. And this must be reached by degrees of growth . belief that this divinity is the cause of evolution. Its realization is a part of that process of becoming which is itself the purpose of life. the Christ. -------------"We live in deeds. have no existence."Oh. . In some few of the human race. or ." Says Patanjali: ." These are but steps upon the ladder of evolution. there is then established an effect which opens to our perception the "dim star" that will one day become the infinite light. and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word. In the animal kingdom it is conscious selection focused in the principle of St.the new birth. If this is accomplished. not years." But while this kingdom is a fact.affinity expanded into conscious selection. is assuredly vision itself pure and simple. and looks di--." Says Jacob Boehme: . which Jesus declared to be the only means of entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven. But given the password of belief in man's divinity."Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent. yet so slight that its existence is unsuspected until after it has been complied with. it seems mere words. For us. not breaths. The spiritual principle. there is a certain condition attached to entrance therein.not by sudden transition from gross physical experience. The Seer or Mystic has direct cognition. its gateways may stand as wide open as always. Until we do believe that it exists. or the dawning perception of the Oversoul to which man is related by his Higher Nature . has been long crucified."He enters into the closet of God and sees causes. the testimony of those for whom the stone is "rolled away'' whose eyes are no longer "holden" . Yet its statement is so simple that to him who does not realize it. In feelings. they and the realm within. ."sees face to face" the truth to which he gives utterance.and we welcome the dawn of the Renaissance of spirit ." Says Jesus: . To quote Emerson: . unmodified. In man. Paul puts it . then will God be acting through the instrumentality of everything. for it is only that we must believe in the existence of the Kingdom. it is desire.

by its predecessors' well-directed energy. However. Copeland THAT history repeats itself is a truism which requires no special exemplification at the present day . can perhaps.the first attitude to claim attention would naturally be that of parent to child.311 MAN'S RELATION TO POSTERITY by Lucien B. --------------.and while one may regret the relegation to obscurity of certain things and constant are the evidences . it may occasion the loss of what is desirable if not of even what is due. It occupies a field by itself and. Festus. but this is a relation too exclusive to give comprehensive results. What may have been especially meant to the people of Corinth by Paul's allegation that "Old things have passed away" is possible of varying interpretation. if not solely." and while actual disregard of such high ethics cannot rob posterity of the products of industry. be best overcome by a flank movement. we are beginning to regard coming humanity in new light and to bend closer investigation upon our relations and possible obligations to the younger generations. thanks to reason and a something all but unconscious which prompts to kindly things. but in the present transitional age the familiar words recur with new and definite meaning. posterity does unavoidably profit. yet is it a fact that only a beginning has been made in mastering the tremendous potency of intellect. Many customs of even a quarter century back are now gathering dust in the realm of abandoned antiquities. . feels the noblest. sole regard for self. unintended though it be. It has been tersely said that "man's only inalienable right is the right to do his duty. In attempting to determine then the needs of children . to say nothing of being weighted down with precedent and therefore prejudice. which unfortunately cannot be included in the general order of change. He most lives Who thinks most. being as it is a continuance and even accentuation of the hoary past. but with the possibility that this transitional tendency may too closely resemble the swinging pendulum. if objectionable in the manner of its occupancy. . to ancient days. Another strong tendency of the present day.and the signs of this phase of the times include a realization of present truth in sayings which are popularly supposed to apply particularly.James Bailey.for in no other way can we determine our own relation and obligation thereto ." .for it shapes the future . and the adventurous spirit of progress seems disposed to make even broader strides. acts the best. Through some unknown but beneficent law. only to react in its former direction. which goes from one extreme to another. that of plain words.We should count time by heart-throbs. and while cosmos may contain stronger and more farreaching search-lights. yet is there room only for rejoicing that the order of change is sufficiently comprehensive to include improvement in the use of the chiefest faculty recognized in man's possession. like other seeming impregnable positions. but its seeming right to such fruits closely resembles right of ownership in a derelict. Still the present and its proper employment is of more immediate concern . is the purposing of events for the exclusive benefit of the one purposing.

"As a twig is bent the tree is inclined. seems to have been ignored. as an individual. and one would naturally be desirous. so to speak. and this good business policy would require that the needs of children have our closest attention and most careful consideration. for the profit and advancement of all. The superficial observer may be inclined to echo the "cui bono" of old in the modern parlance. but the study of hygiene has already very clearly defined what is advisable for proper preservation of health and. when applying the adage to the human race. Without extended mention of cooperation and other socialistic theories so rapidly gaining advocacy. but also the child's merit and what it has a right to expect from its elder brothers in the great human family. a view which is most comprehensive of all: . One view. and even as I care for every portion of my physical body and personal environment. does it behoove every member of the larger unit. the statement being so manifestly axiomatic. so must I. and in considering this position there should be taken into account not merely our indebtedness. Thus then does it appear that the child's needs are my needs. a desire to help. "Am I my brother's keeper?" Of the truth of the saying. so close in fact that suffering and want of every kind. to plan and intend every act. extend my environs until I include therein all of which I can conceive or form a cognition. yet it is a matter which has already acquired such momentum. and for that matter the entire universe. however. humanity. seemingly without reason." and thereby does he voice a question which can only be answered by ascertaining the mutual interrelations of mankind. it also appears from even brief examination that the invisible bonds which connect all humanity are of a very close character. when broader vision is attained. even as in the physical body each member only prospers when the entirety prospers and every member suffers when any portion suffers. for in so doing is he but bettering himself. of directing the development of the .A second aspect would be from the standpoint of that which is too frequently treated as the real individual. why should one regard another's welfare from any but a personal standpoint? Why should not the spectator be absolutely indifferent unless his own preserves are in danger of encroachment? These are fair questions and thus far have been satisfactorily answered only in one way: that a law of unity invests humanity." no special proof can be required.that in which everyone regards himself. in the right direction. even from selfish motive. although this field of in--. that an attempted spur to further investigation is unnecessary. the physical body. Wherefore does it follow that the condition of the individual must be directly dependent upon the condition of the entire human fabric and vice versa. especially in view of the fact that their immaturity makes them so almost entirely dependent upon their elders not only for material necessaries. resolving into a single unit all that is. Thus. but also for mental and spiritual pabulum. In this new relation to humanity we view the coming generations in another light and the nature of the heritage we shall bequeath will be largely determined by the correctness of our answer to the biblical question.312 vestigation is far from being exhausted. occasion. even to his inmost thoughts. "what is there in it. and yet. a human unit.

It therefore appears that commencing with very birth we each and all are respectively posing as centres for the reaction of impulses engendered at some prior time or times. Illustration after illustration of the sad results of this forcing process. therefore that his characteristics and disposition generally are his own. in other words. however. the suggestion naturally presents that possibly less bending. a more disastrous error is manifest in the so-called orthodox teachings. it seems that cause must ever have its due effect and that every effect can properly be ascribable to its adequate cause. Did man possess the full development of all his potentialities. The result is often apparent in the spoiling of a good farmer or mechanic and the production of a very poor lawyer or physician. in other words. the latter weakness being ascribable only to laws of human origin. against whose dictates it is folly to contend. the would-be teacher is apt to presume that the needs of the child are similar to his own. degree and character of development are concerned he is singular.and no one can or would believe otherwise . A certain confirmation of the existence of such law appears in the scriptural statement that "whatsoever a man soweth. ." for nature's laws are universal and know no exceptions. the twig be not bent then the tree perchance will not be inclined. and attempts to supply the same with materials acceptable to his own inclinations. yet it is a fortunate plan of nature's which hinder some from doing another's duty. for each individual necessarily must grow and evolve in his own way and. else could there be neither true development nor credit for the same on the part of the one assisted. If. might result in benefit to the subject-matter.313 portunity for its due and full operation. though perhaps short-sighted parental ambition may be partially responsible for the undesirable accomplishment. Owing to the fact that each individual develops in his own way. Such seems to be the problem with which finite man is confronted in assuming to teach the young idea how to shoot." and reason must add confirmation of its converse. therefore again. readily afforded in every-day follows that every individual is what he has made himself. If then we are responsible beings . that he shall also reap. so to speak. the tendency of nature being to produce correct growth and development if not disturbed by foreign and outside influences. however. on lines of least resistance. it would be comparatively easy to direct a child and minister to its needs. as a close approximation toward the truth. show how greatly the needs of children are both unapprehended and disregarded. Then too.child in such manner that the mature growth may show symmetry and true progress. for any other consideration must make of man nothing but the puppet of a superior power. Making a further analogy to man. with whose purposes he has nothing to do. on the other hand. which is the child. that he must also have surely sown. that for the best further development no general formulation of rules is adequate or suitable. There are those. justice demands that we also be responsible for the initial causes. Acting on this innate tendency. and that so far as his plane. that "whatsoever a man reapeth. who do not recognize this truth and the result of their efforts is often lamentable. it happens that our own point of view naturally appeals to us as the one most to be preferred. attempts at direction. else is right endeavor and purpose useless. and if we are chargeable with bearing the consequences. Taking into consideration the law of cause and effect and the necessary op--.

and with faculties thus morbidly quickened retain with deeper effect the impressions received. is indeed a thing to be esteemed. but of necessity must include every plane upon which the original sin operated. embracing a theory of irresponsibility and a possible avoidance of the righteous reward of unrighteous conduct. or Who is of such finite foresight that mortal prayers may turn Him from a predetermined course of conduct. of the thousand and more weird ideas which go to make up the present-day ethics called revealed religion. Looking back over our own childhood and early days we readily recall the esteem and confidence with which the parent was regarded. but also by the would-be practical. as the most deserving of attention. volens. Through experience and that alone do we gain our knowledge. actuated by motives varying from sincerity to ambition. "My mother said so. which in the present instance is the domain of the real man. Therefore does it seem particularly advisable to lay stress on ethical teachings.which are forced into the juvenile mind at the impressionable age in similar manner as our ancestors of a few generations back administered sulphur and molasses without regard to actual needs. presumably disregardful of the fact that true correction should begin at the fountain source. in fact. evidently believing it might be a good thing. or field of results. who evidently deem the objective. and when the father or mother teaches the child of a personal God. or a seething Hell. when a parent teaches of a gold-paved Heaven. it is barely possible that the future may reveal a certain narrowness. Copious waters however sweet can never purify an already brackish stream. Orthodoxy. The foregoing treatment of the subject may be criticized not alone by those who advocate the present system of theology. but when a code of ethics.314 indelible. dogma and belief is formulated by fallible man. instilling them into the mind in early days. is then embraced under a blanket-cloak of theology which is claimed to be orthodox and of divine revelation. and ofttimes at the closing hours of day. is labeled "Christianity" and then forced into the human brain when its condition is so plastic that impressions are well-nigh --. Who can be swayed by human action to either mercy or wrath. and difficulty be experienced in learning the truth and recognizing the real. if it be orthodoxy." is to the child an always unanswerable argument. arbitrary policy. but are we not today paving the way for its repetition? Are we not actually imposing on the confidence not only of our children. Therefore do we do well to examine religious history for the purpose of ascertaining and discarding the false as well as . His words were not considered infallible. prejudice and actual weakness in the victims as the products of this nolens. when maturer reason brought greater discernment. therefore everybody required it. In reading history we are often surprised and horrified at its numerous records of fanaticism and actual crime resulting from so-called religious zeal. they were infallible to us. of an atoning Saviour or an insatiable personal Devil. and later on. when the parent teaches the child such ideas. it is hardly strange that in after years the early thoughts and impressions should retain their full virility. with what a shock did we first realize that the father and mother might at times possibly be mistaken. but of our children's children to many future generations? That the sins of the fathers bring disaster to their descendants does not apply to the material and physical only. which in due season may blossom into wisdom. when youthful fancy can without effort people the darkening corners with strange and horrid goblins and other creations of vivid imagination.

discovering and retaining the true. even as a child cannot be expected to perform a man's work. many would be irretrievably scorched and withered. and in doing it for ourselves are we doing it for all. for instance. of the importance and difficulty of the duty is the first step towards its accomplishment and. in his surveys for a prospective canal ever has in view the nature of water and never does his completed work show an up-hill grade. whatever the field of action. In other words. Nor in such course can one particularly be charged with experimenting. try to work with and not against nature. An analysis of human effort to reach a particular goal. when discovered. for a treatment efficacious in one instance might be too severe or even too mild in another. however. is there one essential which has been almost . So then does it appear that our obligations will and can only be completely discharged and the task of human existence fully accomplished by the avoiding of methods which experience proves to have been futile or weak and the substitution and resubstitution of other methods as the same present themselves and appear desirable. we ever try to find the manner in which development can most easily and efficiently be had. through countless experiences or experiments. reveals one --. but food and material best adapted to its needs. so to speak. yet a good horticulturist does not for that reason insist on placing all his plants at all times in the full glare of this mighty orb. and the question arises "How can man perform this duty when so sadly embarrassed by his own imperfections?" The recognition. in buying his stock. for all life is nothing but one grand experiment. but not injecting the same with. In thus realizing the responsibility of our relations with the young and the necessity thereby created for proper ministration to their needs. considers what his patrons need or may desire. however. offering the same for acceptance and assimilation. and on these lines of least resistance apply. an intelligent physician does not arbitrarily prescribe the same treatment for every patient even when suffering from the same disease. not a lever. The civil engineer. man 's finite limits and mortal weakness seem to enervate our purpose and cloud our hopes for success. One seldom. but he studies the needs of the individual and humors the latter's cravings in his prescriptions. is a most excellent benefactor and has rightly been called the giver of life. an ever-seeking after an unknown something which is deemed desirable. Let us then apply in our conduct toward children a little of the commonsense we employ in everyday life. the individual child. With such criteria would we not he justified in adopting similar means in the rearing of our children? Would we not be best fulfilling our duty both to them and to ourselves in first studying the subject matter. for while some might thrive. hydraulic pressure? Above and beyond all. The merchant.315 curious and almost invariable fact: the repeated adoption of wrong methods until experience suggests the right. reaps success with the initial effort and the lesson becomes plain that wisdom is a matter in the gift of no one and is reduced to possession only through constant and unremitting effort. In every-day business matters we ever seek for the lines of least resistance and. Then again. learning its tendencies and proclivities. if ever. even so the man may be pardoned if his efforts are not without imperfections. which are adopted because for the time being they seem propitious means for the main accomplishment. The sun.

and the fault lies largely in the manner of early education. and the making of this criticism will undoubtedly meet with staunch denial. It is such methods which result in credulity and weakness. of truth. The very fact that the child so highly regards a parent's dicta is but added reason for encouraging inquiry as to the reason for any injunction given.entirely disregarded. It may be claimed that the child is incompetent to exercise such judgment. and yet we have evidence of the child's willingness to become competent. The method almost exclusively in vogue is to tell that which is believed to be the WHAT. that only should be accepted which is voluntarily received and that too because to the individual it bears the trademark. it is but natural that hearsay evidence should find acceptance. The child's "Why?" should be answered to the very best of our ability. but the present purpose is to indicate. not merely destroying the ability to distinguish with any degree of certainty between the true and the false but even dwarfing almost to a nullity the power to recognize truth when unmistakably presented unless authenticated by that which is considered authority. but seldom is it attempted to show the WHY. even though it be the absolute truth. not in detail but in general. but in reality of puerile weakness. at least do we fail to assist in its development. which must be traversed by young feet. that reasoning man should deteriorate to a human phonograph. A comprehensive view would not require that particular attention be given the materialistic side which must and ever will shape itself to . on someone else's authority. whether it be by a child or mature person. Thus becoming accustomed to accepting another's authority. so to speak. In attempting to assume our responsibilities many changes in our methods of teaching and in our conduct generally toward the young will be necessitated. but by man. that mere belief should masquerade as knowledge. and that dogmatism and fanaticism should find exponents of seeming strength. may I add laziness. nevertheless is it a deplorable fact that not only children but also the large majority of adults do not know how to think. Such are a few of the paths indicated by even brief inspection of man's relation to man and to his children. and that evidence lies in its constant query "Why?" The short-sighted parent may answer "Because I say so " but is the child satisfied? Not for a single moment. and reason dictates that the journey cannot be too speedily begun. and furthermore would it indeed be more advisable to stimulate a desire for further and more frequent "Whys?" than to ruthlessly destroy or injure this craving for truth. and we in our blindness. is always weakening. It is only silenced.316 fail to see in the child the budding of that faculty which outrivals in its accuracy the most delicate balance in determining between the true and the false. as well as old. Learning by rote is very well for a parrot. and by our treatment of its query do we permanently or seriously impair the ability to recognize the truth. that which concerns the real man and the permanent rather than the mere temporal environment and immediate future. Unity and the necessity as well as the right of duty point plainly in a single direction. and while it may be flattering to the parent that its word is law and above question in the mind of its recipient. the noblest work in nature in that he is endowed with reason. which our own ignorance on the subject perchance disqualifies us to satisfy. --. nevertheless is it a fact that the acceptance of an idea.

conform with the ever-changing and shifting objective theatre of action; but it does demand that the more enduring, which lies back of and occasions all else, shall receive more certain regard. The ship of life may swing this way and that in the turmoils of earth's stormy existence, yet its changeful course cannot and will not be left to chance; but the compass, which is the true individual and purpose, must ever point steadfastly to the positive pole of human potentiality which marks the haven of complete development; and woe must be his who either intentionally or through neglect causes that needle to swerve and lose its infallibility. ----------------- 317 THEOSOPHY AND UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. by Zoryan (Concluded) AND what if a man lives on earth u again? Above the surging waves of life a sweet note arises, which all the waves catch, echo, and repeat, - and thus the never ending song of Brotherhood Eternal proclaims of that one dominant voice, which in all is heard. Inside the deepest laws of nature the same great breath divine, the fiery spirit of man's soul and its changeless self shines as mover, keynote, and the starry germ of life, passing through many re-embodiments of matter. Throughout the vistas of the time and their harmonious change it darts and flits as some swift daring bird, achieving hope and carrying the glorious message of the endless ages, whose sufferings are to be consoled and